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2023.06.07 04:21 Sensitive_Bedroom_67 I can't keep going feeling like this

How. Just fucking how.
Last Sunday (May 28), I decided to quit my summer job because part of me felt that all too familiar pit beginning to form in my stomach. I knew it was going to be the right choice because I had been dealing with suicidal ideations for the past 7-8 months. Sunday morning I had officially quit and began my 5-hour drive back to my parents' house. At about the 4-hour mark, I got a call from my mom to tell me that my family dog (that I had spent the past 12 years with and basically grew up with) had a seizure. Ten minutes from my parents' house, my fucking bumper fell off my car. I am a car guy and have an alright SUV with an ok offroad rig. I also had a steel bumper that managed to vibrate the only bolt out of the frame. The bumper fell off and I got lucky (for once) that I pulled over and stopped before my bumper got pulled under the car and fucked more things up. Can’t replace and can’t repair. I got home and unpacked my shit and went to bed hoping to start tomorrow with improvement.
Boy was I fucking wrong
At around 11 am on Monday, my family and I made a trip to the emergency animal hospital because my dog had a second seizure. This one was different, she seemed very out of sorts and even compared to the previous seizure, she was worse. At around noon, I held my dog one last time as the dog I knew and loved for all those years became a memory. I cried more than I ever had in my 20 years on this planet. Thanks to substance use being my only coping mechanism, I buried the feelings and kept going. I don’t remember Tuesday. It was alot of sitting and trying to ignore the dog bed in the corner.
Wednesday was much of the same until that night. I have been/was/am an emotional wreck. It can’t get any worse, right? Life said fuck you and shot my other leg off. My girlfriend and I broke up/changed the label. It happened because my (ex?) gf needed to distance herself from being emotional support to support herself. I wholeheartedly blame myself and I can’t even find a reason that it isn’t my own (I have no idea which mental issue that’s from). We were quite literally one hour shy of 15 months. It ended very amicably so it hurts so much more but the only positive is that there is a chance of us getting back together. It is probably a high chance if I think it's low or a low chance if I think it's high. Regardless, I fell further to a point of apathy and other numbness. So I smoked some more and went to bed.
Wednesday I got invited to drink with my buddy at a celebration I won’t get into for privacy (yeah I'm starting now) so I left Thursday. My emotions and alcohol mix quite well in my personal opinion. I drink and I forget. I don’t remember most of that night. I left Saturday (6/3) hoping to get home. I dissociated too hard or I stopped caring but I got pulled over speeding in a county 2ish hours away. Mind you, I am unemployed and a dead-broke college student with barely enough to even pay the fines. Sadly the fine is all I can cover because I wouldn’t have gas money if you catch my meaning.
This isn’t some elaborate setup for a punchline but here we are. My two possible ones are either “I quite literally have 0 bitches now (I’m not calling my gf a bitch, I still care about her)” or “I’m living life like a country song: unemployed, girlfriend just split, my dog is dead, broke and drinking/smoking to be sane.”
Ramble over. All in all, I am living and that’s more than I asked
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2023.06.07 04:01 notacop97 CPL

How long did you wait for your CPL in Michigan? I know varies by county. I am starting a new job soon that requires my CPL, and it’s been about 3 and a half weeks, and the county clerk says still processing. I’m in Van Buren county, and they said typically it’s only a 2-3 week wait max.
I do have a past record (nothing serious or violent or firearm related, it was a pot thing) but it prohibited me from owning a firearm for a few years which has now since passed and I have bought a few firearms.
What’s your personal experience?
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2023.06.07 03:40 Confident-Lynx8404 I have to laugh to keep from crying.

Last week of school, obviously not going anything because, middle school. Anyway. We’re reflecting on the year and high points and low points. Things they liked about my class, and didn’t like. One student asks “our class was so bad this year, why do you even want to teach?” I said, because it’s really the only skill I have and I need money.
He looks at me, stares down at his Chromebook for two or so minutes. Then interrupts a conversation I was having with another student and shoved his Chromebook in my face. And I kid you not, here are his exact words.
“Okay, hear me out. I looked up the average salary of a teacher in _____ County. And then I looked up the average salary of a trash man. Look! You could make more money doing a job that doesn’t really require any skills, since you don’t have any other ones. I bet you could just listen to music all day and not have to deal with us. Plus, make more! You’re welcome.”
The sad part is, he’s right. 🥲
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2023.06.07 03:33 The_Arrogant_Samurai Rengoku-san done by me IG @the_arrogant_samurai located in Ventura County California

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2023.06.07 03:32 The_Arrogant_Samurai Rengoku-san done by me IG @the_arrogant_samurai located in Ventura County California

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2023.06.07 03:23 Seeuzin Thank you letter

Hi everybody, I don't know if anybody remembers me, but i had made a post a couple years ago thanking police, and wanted to update that a little. Thanks to police presence, I got my first paid job while struggling with mental illness two years ago. It was food delivery, and it was in the most dangerous town in my county. Granted, i'm in the country, so that's not as bad as it sounds, but i was still scared. If there weren't police, i would have been too scared to try. But because they were there, i was able to apply myself to my job and not worry as much (while still remaining wary of course).
That job had huge domino effects for me. I kept improving my people skills and now i work 50ish hours a week on the regular, at two different jobs, plus help my friend with her website a little. One job is at a grocery store and the other is being a personal care assistant for a sweet elder gentleman.
If you guys hadn't been there for Pittsfield where i delivered, i never would have even gotten started and learned how employable i am. Thanks to him and you, now I know I have worth.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🧡🧡🧡
Sincerely, Susan
(If anyone's curious, here was my post from 2 years ago.)
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2023.06.07 03:22 camposdav Getting charged $2200 for PREP

I'm married to an HIV positive man and I'm negative so I take PREP. I was layed off from work a few months ago and my health insurance through my work was paying for my prep. But once I was layed off my Health Insurance went with it. the pharmacy charged my insurance while I wasn't covered anymore thus the bill. Now I have a bill for $2209.98 for PREP for that month. I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do or do I have to just pay it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I already missed the 60 day window for re-enrollment for a qualifying event to get healthcare and my new job wont give me healthcare until two more months. I live California, San Diego if that helps. I posted the letter in case anyone wants to see it.
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2023.06.07 03:05 mirandac858_ CalWorks/CalFresh phone interview?

How long can I expect the phone interview to be? They of course scheduled our interview during a time that is inconvenient for us. Ugh.
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2023.06.07 03:02 CharizardJ10 Relocating for a job opportunity

Been struggling to find a decent starting job in Central Valley Cali. A union company was leading me on saying they had interest in hiring me but ultimately never got a call back for a job offer. Potentially have a job lined up near the San Jose area where the pay is going to be north of $31/Hr. Would the relocation be worthwhile to gain the field experience and get started in this trade?
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2023.06.07 02:52 Raeann_Haggard Looking for Rock buddy/mentor

Hello! I moved to southern Maine a year ago with my 3 kids to be with my partner for their job. Pre pandemic I was a geology major but I had to switch as our program was not able to go to an online program effectively and I lost all childcare for two and a half years. I now am finishing up a BA in Biology and will be student teaching soon for teaching HS and want to pursue masters in geology to teach earth science/geology to HS students as well.
All of that to say, I know little to nothing about the regions geology and would love it if there is someone who is willing to help me along or point me in the direction I need to go to learn the basics to prepare. A friend would be nice, but if you don’t wanna be my friend that’s okay too. We can keep it all things Geology that’s fine by me.
I live in the Cumberland County area.
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2023.06.07 02:51 Seattleite_Sat "Spirits" and their "Biology": (Buckle up, this one's weird!)

Spirits are the least conventional lifeforms in Gnosis and the people of its worlds really don't understand what they are or how they function. As they are so highly unconventional, I'm looking for a little feedback on the core concept. I'll keep it as quick as I can, but this is a big complicated topic and spirits are weird so I may need to explain a lot.
From the Outside:
Let's pick a common spirit for an example, in fact the most common spirit species, fey. From the outside, they look like a tiny winged humanoid of some description. We'll go right to the one of the two contenders for least common of four subspecies because they'll require the least explanation, fairies. They basically look like miniature glowing humans with large butterfly wings, coming in every imaginable color for their skin although some are more common for each part than others and that means they're glowing those colors. Fey have some size-changing going on but in their smaller default form fairy women typically range from about 45-50cm and fairy men about 35-40cm in both height and wingspan, and in their larger form they go up to 1.5x scale. Spirits don't need to sleep, can if they want to and there are reasons they might even if usually only for a couple minutes to fix some recent major injury.
Most species of spirits are 75% female and fey are in that group, so let's look a bit closer at a fairy gal. The first thing you'll notice about her is that she is very colorful her surface has zero texture, but you may not notice from a distance because her surface is using artistic tricks to imitate texture without actually having it. Her various features are simplified, yet either exaggerated or understated. Her usually quite a bit of head hair is usually also a pretty loud color but it's also actually just part of her head which is one rigid piece and if this gal has long hair you'll notice it only bends at the top of the neck one time to keep the rest "hanging" where it "should be", and trying to change her hairstyle is painful and fruitless. Her jaw stretches and twists to imitate an actual joint being there but there also clearly isn't one if you look closely. Spirit hands and moreso heads, especially their eyes, are larger while their legs are slightly shorter relative to their height and their feet are tiny, meanwhile secondary and tertiary sexual characteristics are exaggerated overall but with a larger standard deviation from the average in each area between individuals to the point where they still reach 0 if less often. They're not a very convincing imitation, to put it lightly, they should be well on the "less human" side of the uncanny valley.
Spirits are regenerating shapeshifters, in the case of fey it's mostly size-changing, but all spirit sophonts also have the ability to imitate clothing, weapons and equipment even if the imitated gear is not nearly as good as the real thing. It and the body part it's on are not separate and the false gear cannot be taken off or set down except by shapeshifting it out of existence, nor can they imitate chemicals or complex machinery like the magitech in nearly all proper melee weapons, which of course means imitating any sort of ranged weapon or explosive is off the table. It also means they aren't rendering their body underneath the gear, if she's wearing a shapeshifted knee skirt and you were to look up it you'd see an opaque void the same color as the skirt which her knees are sliding freely along the surface of, there's nothing between it and where the shapeshift gear ends, everything from hem to waist currently IS the skirt. (Of course if she's wearing actual clothes this does not apply.) Same if she shapeshifts a sword into her hand, the sword and hand are a single piece so it only looks like she's holding it, like a cheap action figure. It also needn't be a sword, most hand tools can be imitated effectively, from hammers and saws to ladles and spatulas, just note that it's part of her and smacking it on things or getting it too hot will hurt even though shapeshift gear is not very sensitive.
Fey also can control the brightness of their glow or generate spotlights, generate and manipulate magnetic fields, of course fly and pretty quickly, they swim fine too which is extremely odd for fairies given their apparent butterfly wings, and all but pixies have easy if slow contact healing albeit the fairy's healing is stronger and pixies have their own benefits (stealth, sensors and a 3-day forecast). Healing is a fairy's main ability, when in water it's strengthened (as is a nymph or ghillie) and in emergencies fairies can massively drain their energy reserves even to the point of depleting them in order to staunch more severe wounds than they would be able to normally, although that's something they can't do more than once or at most twice without a refill and it's still got its limits, "already dead" is beyond those limits, "decapitated" also counts, if somebody's heart got bisected that's somebody they're not fixing, but this burst of frenzied automatic medical treatment is just the thing for some poor sap who's just taken multiple bullets to the chest and head. They're pretty good at self-repair and generally have less downtime than some fey when the poor things get severely injured very easily. (Not because they're little, being a spirit makes that difference often less than it appears, but because they're spirits.)
But what if you touch her? Well, then you'll discover her textureless surface isn't actually a surface at all. You'll start feeling resistance just before you make contact, like trying to touch like poles of two magnets. This is pretty mild, but intensifies as you go on and once your finger passes through her stomach miss fairy will scream and hit you but more importantly you'll contact something solid not far beyond it, many somethings solid spaced apart, teeny-tiny balls and stands. That's odd, so let's put on a mask with goggles and stick our face in this fairy who hopefully agreed to that but it seems unlikely on account of how much this is going to hurt. (Maybe for science. And food. ...And a hug or five or six.)
On the Inside:
What you'll find in the little lady is exactly what it felt like, many less than one millimeter thick strands connecting hundreds of millimeters-wide orb-shaped nodes and thousands more nodes no bigger around than the wires leading to them. Most of the spirit's body is empty space, covered by a gradient forcefield and projected light. These internal structures are brightly colored, in the case of fey blaze orange and notably each part of their facade is most commonly an orange/brown of various hues, brightnesses and saturations (including super dark brown or super pale orange for their pupils and sclera), but if broken open are transparent or translucent white/grey inside. For ages there was no even vaguely comparable material to the unusual lipid-derived organic stuff these nodes are made out of, but the Drachentäller invented a very similar one half a century ago called "plastic" (though only they make it right now so it's still pretty pricey). The nodes have openings on them of different types which differentiate their function, but these aren't well understood, except the biggest ones outside the core that are just storage tanks for slurries of liquid nutrients. The wires feel like normal rubber-insulated wires but super thin, but under a microscope they look to be another bioplastic and if split open will reveal themselves to actually contain both piping for transporting material between nodes and actual copper wire that carries a current too low-gauge to be powering anything so it's speculated to effectively be her nervous system.
This explains her shapeshifting, seeing as her body's not real she just needs to re-arrange her wires and nodes, alter the shape of her outer fields and the image she's projecting. To grow from 50cm to 75, she just increased the distance between her nodes by 50%, her "surface area" by 125% and her "volume" by 237.5%, her mass and weight are completely unchanged. This also explains how such giant variations can exist within one species or even subspecies, they aren't really nearly as big of a change as they externally look to be. Fairies can project light and generate powerful magnetic fields, those are also being done by her nodes, with the very projectors that create her outer fields and holographic "self" which she doesn't know isn't real unless you tell her (she probably won't believe it). It also explains why they feel pain when you attempt to penetrate their fields, for starters they think there's actual physical flesh you're pushing into except for how it visibly doesn't react like it once you've started (and that confusion's only going to make them freak out more), and it makes sense if this imitation is a defense mechanism for a pain response to exist to reduce the odds of you or them discovering what's inside or either of you being able to make sense of what little you do see.
Of course, passing through their fields doesn't always hurt, only if they're expecting it to, the field projectors will even roll inwards to create an opening if one is expected in that spot. IE she bites things by rolling her face fields inwards to "open" her "mouth", then uses them to apply pressure, but as she has no actual teeth this is blunt and often she'll need to yank at it with her entire head, neck and even engage her torso to, for example, tear a chunk off a steak and swallow it. If you were to observe this hunk of steak you'd watch it get passed by repair nodes down into the woodchipper-like opening of one of her digestive nodes in her core, where it will be broken down into proteins and lipids and sent to storage through her piping. We know that because people have in fact stuck periscopes inside spirits to see what goes on inside them. As she uses energy, you may notice a tiny bit of fine dust descending from around her, this is ash and it's all that's left of the nutrients she efficiently consumes in exorbitant amounts to power everything she does. As she repairs damage, her repair nodes can produce the plastic of her tubing her core production nodes print complex components, even required metals coming out of what she eats.
The Core:
The core is the center of a spirit's being, a series of seven dreamcatcher-looking rings large nodes and thicker wire in rings stacked front to back with cross-crossing wires notably devoid of metal instead having silica fibers and flashing lights on each node for signalling between them, making sure every one in each ring is directly connected to each other for redundancy. Here you'll find, in her notably female case, from front to back, half her reproductive system, forward core nutrient storage, forward core cognitive ring (memory and motor control nodes are scattered throughout the body), central digestive and manufacturing ring, aft core cognitive ring, aft core nutrient storage and her other ring of reproductive nodes, and notably there is lots of tubing running between rings 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7. If she was male instead both reproductive rings would be at the back as the purpose of them is different.
In a fey, any humanoid spirit really, this is in the chest where you'd expect the heart to be. Some spirits have two cores, the second will be lower down, in a humanoid it'll be in the pelvis and/or abdomen, as low as it can be at its size and still fit without blocking the leg tendrils. These nodes require more exotic materials less common in food or that are more difficult to work with and even with recycling as much as possible are usually significantly harder to repair and replace. Losing digestive and manufacturing nodes is a big hit to regeneration rate, enough that they usually start by replacing those if at all possible. The way spirits die is by receiving too much core damage, or losing too much mass overall, to the point where they don't have the manufacturing nodes to fix themselves despite all being multiple redundant, or they lack both material in storage and the functionality to go get them. If starved, they will eventually enter an inert state and be left laying as a bundle on the ground until somebody revives them or they decay which takes a very long time even though their plastic is biodegradeable as it is coated in a preservative (in this case orange) chemical that takes years to corrode and is frequently replenished during normal activity. Even then, if you go grab the bundle and drop them into a bunch of loose resources like a bowl of ground beef and fruit preserves that'll solve the lack of resources and if they didn't lose all the required nodes they'll start fixing themselves up.
Damage control and repair:
As mentioned, spirits regenerate. As also mentioned, this is an internal repair system with distinct parts performing distinct tasks, which when they are unconscious gets all of their energy and resources allowing it to work significantly faster, whether they're unconscious because they were nearly destroyed or because they decided to go lie down for a minute because they just saw their wires and nodes for the first time. You may think this could be defeated by severing a part, since they wouldn't be able to reach out and grab it, but what'll actually happen is microwaves will be emitted by the repair nodes on each end of the breach and it'll fly right back into place to get fused back together, and if a node is is destroyed that node'll be replaced a part at a time which will take longer than patching a wire and it won't be working until it's fully reconnected, but the bioplastic that makes up most of it is pretty easy to print and paint if they've got proteins and fats on hand. If she takes too much damage, though, to the point where she's at risk of being destroyed she will involuntarily bail on this entire situation, dropping her outer fields and image, curling her wires into a tight ball, coating herself in a much denser forcefield, rocketing into the distance in a direction with nobody (detected) in it and as clear of a shot as possible. This launch is very forceful, reaching hypersonic speeds in a matter of seconds before the thrust stops and she cruises ballistically to a different post code and at quickly slows to a gentle landing. (Assailants: Brace for the backblast, or it may knock you on your ass.) She is semi-conscious during this process and once she's landed will fully lose consciousness in order to dedicate all her energy to self-repair until she's either back to 100% or as close as she's getting without getting up and finding something to eat. Significant damage to her core, whether it's that "enough core cables are cut to defeat their redundancy" or "a core node is destroyed", will usually result in her blasting off right away, as will her ending up in a situation where destruction otherwise seems unavoidable. Take a moment to absorb the implications of this while you imagine how much worse her being swallowed by a giant frog or something is going to work out for it than her even if she has to clean that mess up. Spirits actually dying due to violence is a rarity because of their remarkable ability to bail in the nick of time, although it does happen. They get hit with a 7-ton naval shell they're absolutely donezo, but dropping them in a volcano won't work because they'll blast off into the sky.
Reproduction and Development:
In her core, this fairy has two rings dedicated to reproduction, one at the very front and one at the very back. These are rings of dedicated manufacturing, wire-printing and assembly nodes, which create and keep in stock a set of redundant nodes, enough to make 1/2 of a new spirit minus their core. If we look in the chest of Sir Mothwing next to her he has none of the assembly or wire-printing nodes but he's got a bunch of dedicated manufacturing nodes in two rings at the back of his core and between them is kept the fruits of their labour: One entire spare core, in addition to half the nodes needed for the rest of a spirit stored stored between the reproductive rings and the back of the spirit which these nodes also manufactured. All they need to do is keep their cores together so a single opening through both their fields can allow them to interact. The actual internal process is unconscious, any activity that'll align their cores and press their bodies together will do the job. They mimic humans generally, but they don't always know how humans do it so this might just be hugging.
The spirit man will pass his spare parts into the spirit woman's chest, one at a time as she needs them, that's his entire job in the actual reproductive process. Granted, those are hard to replace parts, especially all those core cognitive and manufacturing nodes, so he can't do this nearly as often as she can and that puts the bottleneck on the side of the less common sex, giving them a slow reproductive rate. (Then again, they're massive resource hogs for their size, have indefinite lifespans and are hard to kill. Maybe slow reproduction's a good thing long-term.) As for her part she'll be externally paralyzed and unresponsive while her unconscious works as fast as it can making wire and connecting these parts together. In the mean time, he'll be semi-conscious, cuddled as close as humanly possible, only able to move if it's strictly necessary (if a coyote's wondering if they're edible he can go deal with that real quick and come back). The rest of the time while this process is going on, both of them will be tripping balls. No, that's not doing it justice, they're having a life-changing psychedelic experience. Why is unknown, only they're seeing the same things, communicating somehow and by the end they usually claim to "feel" the newborn's presence before they're born, if their estimates are right seemingly a couple hours after the core's done being assembled. Some think it's how the newborn's consciousness is formed, some think it's how all the child's various traits superficial and meaningful alike are determined, some think it's a deep spiritual experience meant to make them reflect on and prepare for the life-changing thing they're doing bringing another tinier person into the world, some think it's just meant to keep their conscious mind entertained while their unconscious does all the actual work. It's also notably intensely euphoric. Regardless, after about one day in 5d technicolor dreamland, the new infant spirit will be assembled and will exit the mother however makes sense to her. They may just pop right out of her chest as a little rolled-up ball, unfurl and form their facade mid-air before any of them wake up, only provided nobody's there to witness it (as far as any of them know).
The even littler one will as usual typically resemble hehis parents in many ways except often with several completely random minor variations like a ginger and a blue-haired parent may have a violet-haired child and have no idea why even if most of the time most of their traits seem to be inherited from their parents. Mutations that large shouldn't be occurring that often with biology as we know it, but this is not biology as we know it. Their sex is determined by how their mother assembles their core, whether they left room and connections at the front and back (female) or all at the back (male), and their facade matches their core in what may be a "natural" metaphor. As the father donates the core nodes the child will always be their father's subspecies, in fact this is how subspecies are classified because it's that reliable. ...And the exception is there are two species of hermaphroditic spirits who all have one male and one female core and each parent provides one of each and this means that if they are of different species you get actual hybrids, for example an ant myrmidon queen and a bee myrmidon queen make a wasp myrmidon queen with one ant core and one bee core. (Myrmidon queens look like little half-meter anthropomorphic insect queens, they make even tinier autonomous frameworks called "workers", "soldiers" and so on who are full-fledged sophonts. They have a limited cast of minions, a bee queen has six workers, four soldiers and two drones whose minds, memories and personalities are backed up every night in the queen's caboose in case they get smashed and they have to print a new copy. They usually don't understand the original is actually permanently dead and has not come back.)
A newborn fairy is already about half the mass of their parents despite looking externally like the infant they are and being the right size relative to them. The extra weight goes into thicker wire and fitting just as many forcefield and repair nodes into the way tinier body. At birth both sexes are always of identical actual mass, even if there's an apparent size difference, and will not appear to age externally despite accumulating actual mass as they go until suddenly overnight they appear to age years all at once complete with a change in their otherwise permanent hairstyle that seems to be subconsciously or even unconsciously decided and only usually has any continuity with the last style. This will first happen at 2, then at 5, then at 10. Their reproductive tract will grow in during their equivalent of puberty, until then there's just empty space, and even once it's there (age 14-16) it'll need just as much time to generate the parts as will be needed between kids later. If the kid's a girl that's only about six weeks, but for boys it's about two years, notably roughly coinciding with one of their overnight metamorphoses episodes when they turn 17, the previous having been at age 10, and they will suddenly go from looking like a kid in their pre or early teens to somebody vaguely in their late teens or early twenties, as they usually appear to be about the middle of the age group they're in, but it is while they are asleep on their exact birthday that these visible changes occur, all at once, exactly at midnight if they're already out. There is no upper limit on their age, after the "adult metamorphoses" at 17 they stop gaining actual mass (except they can always make more storage nodes if they need to) and their final visible change is at 82 at which point they look about a hundred years old indefinitely.
Combat Performance and the Framework:
Spirits aren't very strong, tend to be sent flying to the next county over from the next county over with one swing of a sword and their nutrient stores aren't much for how fast they can burn through them. That itty bitty fairy eats as much as a human toddler who appears to be several times her size and is many times her mass. Most of that normal operating cost is her facade, its fields and holograms are not cheap and she's not nearly as dimly glowly as other spirits even if turns it down as far as it'll go she will illuminate dim surroundings rather than only truly dark ones so that's more energy spent. All of that's coming from food eaten, and although their metabolism is more efficient and only leaves a fine ash she's still eating several times her actual mass on a daily basis. She also only has at most a couple days of nutrients stored, far less than if she spends that time, say, on a battlefield repairing damage to herself and others and shooting electro-lasers out of her wizard's staff in which case she'll be eating nearly as much as a physical folk-sized caster and more than any of the non magic-using soldiers. Thankfully, all spirits are omnivorous and not super picky about what they eat. Fat's got the most calories for them to use, sugar's the quickest to burn, carbs are sugars with extra steps and they need protein for their bioplastics that's most of what they'll need. They need other organic materials and minerals sometimes too, sometimes they'll eat rocks and even they can't have no explanation to give, but anything even vaguely edible to the least discerning and most voracious of goats will work just fine for them and they don't seem to be subject to poison or disease. (Corrosion is a different matter.)
They're really resistant to projectiles, they're mostly empty space after all a bullet could potentially go right through them and hit nothing, their forcefield does well against explosions, heat and corrosion, nor is cold really very effective, but a sword with good edge alignment faces comparatively little resistance from the forcefields and will cut them right in half straight through the core. Also, blunt impacts work fairly well, as although the force transferred through the fields is distributed between multiple projector nodes an impact can still jolt them hard enough to snap the wires they're connected to, it's not like they're spread across the entire facing side of the spirit's body like a blast wave and the forcefield is good at deflective most of the force of a blast wave away. This amounts in total to a significant melee weakness, especially since regeneration takes time and melee combat tends to be more short-lived than ranged combat. Although they are very hard to actually kill and all have interesting abilities, they tend to lose fights with physical sophonts pretty hard and may have issues with creatures that a physical sophont would demolish, since physical sophonts are stronger than they are, are capable of faster reaction times and can dish out a hit after taking one in a way a spirit won't because they'll probably be in the stratosphere. Of course, all of these people are probably wearing armor and that complicates this entire subject considerably, as does the fact that direct one on one duels are not exactly common.
Frameworks are their built-in attempt to make up for this, vaguely resembling a "wicker man" in the shape of one specific form of theirs complete with any and all shapeshifted gear as actual solid pieces. It's actually made bioplastics and glass as usual with them and it's articulated, it's got nutrient storage tanks, more forcefield and motor-function nodes, more holographic nodes too so their appearance gets more detailed (her hair even becomes a seperate piece from her head and flexible along its length) and they generally look more life-like with slightly less exaggerated proportions. Once in a framework, they can't shapeshift until they get back out, but while they're in it they're more protected, faster, stronger and have room for considerably greater reserves. They're both too metabolically expensive to manufacture and take up too much space to keep one of every possible gear variation, and while frameworks can be re-configured this is also metabolically expensive despite recycling as much as possible and being way cheaper than a whole new framework, so usually frameworks use shapeshift gear only if absolutely necessary even though framework gear is much more effective than normal shapeshifted gear between stronger fields and backing them up with various plastic and glass. Instead, spirits who have call for them tend to cap out at one framework for each of their major forms and not waste resources or space making more. Little miss fairy probably has a 50cm and 75cm framework, for example, and if she's not in danger often they'll last her until she outgrows them, and even then she can recycle them to mitigate the cost of the new ones. They last despite being made of bioplastic because thankfully, the framework is coated in a preservative coating just like her insides are that takes anywhere from months to decades to decay and is constantly being replenished when she's in the framework, it'll also take about as long for the bioplastic to degrade, and it can still be saved for a little while because her own repair system can also repair her framework. Of course, when you compare plastic and glass to actual armor and weapons it comes up short, but once forcefields are added to the mix... They still do in the balance, but only because the real armor and weapons can have internal magitech or be a different kind of weapon that couldn't be replicated, the framework weapons and armor tend to directly deal more damage and provide more protection by weight although that's "more protection" compared to lighter armor and "lighter weight" to denser armor.
What the IU Meat-People Think:
As you may have guessed, a common early "hypothesis" was that spirits were ethereal beings and their internals and frameworks were believed to be some sort of congealed ectoplasm and their connection to the corporeal realm. That belief died pretty hard when they were clearly reproducing, except to the kind of religious nutcase to whom reality is always irrelevant. Actual scholars who study things that exist are currently arguing as to whether to settle on "mechanical lifeform", "semi-physical lifeform", "holographic lifeform", or something like that except they all seem to think only their suggested term is acceptable and everybody else is WRONG BECAUSE (17 paragraph diatribe here). Still, they're at least seen by the scientific community as being an extremely bizarre lifeform. You might think they'd have a little issue accepting them as a lifeform because of all the plastic and metal wiring, but there's one important background detail I should mention: Spirits first came from the Otherlands.
In the Otherlands of west Sohei, meat grows on the ground, plants get up and walk around, animals come from spores, giant clonal colonies of sedentary animals grow throughout forests seeping caustic sludge, meteors sometimes fall from the sky followed by crystals that forge themselves mecha made of the ossified remains of what died in the blast, you get in too deep and all electronic sensors are jammed, electroreception is hit with a signal so overwhelming the sense goes completely dead to keep the creature from ripping its sensory organs out, concrete buildings grow on their own by millimeters per day, random paved roads with painted lines exist and change shape so slowly you don't notice until you're hopelessly lost, usually after running into a vertical loop or something unreasonable like that which those among us overly prone to antropomorphising might attribute to spite, sometimes broken glass falls from the sky, you get giant lightning storms where the strikes are so powerful they produce enough ionizing radiation to create a secondary electromagnetic pulse, the wind sounds like an unintelligible modulating electronic tone, people swear the clouds are watching them.... My point; Spirits are only debatably the strangest thing coming out of that place, and they're definitely not the most artificial-seeming thing that seems to be occurring there without outside intervention. At this point the answer to "Could spirits be natural creatures?" is "Uh... Oh I don't know, why the hell not?" or sometimes "Insufficient data; Please define the term 'natural' within the context of The Otherlands.".
But what do YOU meat-people think of them? (And what term would you choose to describe them?)
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2023.06.07 02:35 smileyfangs [Thank You] For all of the wonderful cards!

Making my way through some cards! :) Thank you to everyone that has sent happy mail my way <3
u/LaCuntessa Thank you for the pretty clock postcard from St. Kitts – it looks like a beautiful place to visit :) I loved all of the stickers and stamps that you used – especially the 3D Doctor Strange sticker! Hope that you have a great day!
u/rennbrig Thank you for the gorgeous nautical card! I loved the artwork <3 And the card arrived in perfect condition :) I love visiting the beach and looking for seashells. Tidepools are another fun thing that I like visiting at the beach. Loved hearing your fishing story! I once caught a crab when I was trying to catch a fish lol. Hope that you have a wonderful day!
u/rura_penthe924 Thank you for the cool agricultural card! I studied that as part of my undergrad degree – so much planning involved! It was fun hearing that this card was from your local market :) We have a lot of parks around here too – Smiley’s Park is near me (around a 15min drive), which is funny because it matches my username. Though I picked this username a long time ago since I had high eye teeth that looked like fangs (now my teeth are pretty straight). Have a wonderful summer!
u/littlemermaidxx Thank you for the adorable succulent postcard :) I also loved the stamps and kitty sticker! That’s awesome to hear about your upcoming trip! I’ve never been to Disneyland before but it looks like fun! This summer will actually be my first time to the US – heading to a festival in PA for a few days in August. Hope that you have a ton of fun!
u/StrawberryForestLady Thank you for the beautiful purple botanical card <3 I loved how you decorated it!!! Super happy to hit the 200 flair – now to make it to the next one :) I loved hearing about your pets. And their names are fun to say too! Luna is currently sitting in the windowsill watching some birds outside. She’s happy because I haven’t had it open the past few days – first it was too hot and then we got a bunch of rain. Hope you have a great evening! And give your cats some cuddles from me :)
u/Fancykiddens Thank you for the cute San Francisco postcard :) Since you love the Victorian homes there, you would definitely love it here in Nova Scotia! Lots of gorgeous homes here :) Our house was built in the 1860s and there are many built way before that. And I love how colorful the houses are here – check out Lunenburg – it’s a popular film spot for shows like Locke & Key. Hope that you have a wonderful day!
u/KeyCar367 Thank you for the pretty 3D card! I didn’t know that Easter clothes were considered good luck – that cool! Hope that you have a great day!
u/brittybear94 Thank you for the amazing homemade botanical card! I loved all of the monstera stickers – one of my favourite plants! And love the cat stickers too :) You did a great job with all the puns :P Deff got a good chuckle out of me lol. My fave was “Life is succulent, embrace every prickly moment”. You were on point with the puns and cat jokes! Such a great piece of happy mail <3 Hope that you have a wonderful evening!
u/morumotto3 Thank you for the pretty purple and shiny card! And thanks for the adorable kitty postcard <3 I love anything to do with cats :) It was so cool how you decorated inside the card like a scrapbook <3 So creative!!! Definitely adding those songs to my pump-up list :) One of the ones that I like is “engravings” by Ethan Bortnick. I’ll check out the Hank Green books – thanks for the recommendation! I’m about to read Firefly Lane since I really liked the show. I hope that you have a wonderful summer!
u/jubilanthello I loved the book themed card <3 And the extra sticker goodies were amazing too! Loved the shiny DS sticker a lot! Lately I’ve been back into playing Animal Crossing on my 3DS :) Nice and relaxing at the end of the day. Can’t Stop by RHCP is a great choice! I haven’t listened to the other song recommendations yet but put them on my list :) It was fun hearing about your hobbies too. Hope that you have a wonderful evening!
u/TyeDyeAmish Thank you for the pretty space themed card :) I totally feel you about looking forward to the end of the week lol some weeks just feel so long. Otherworld sounds really cool! I’m heading to Musikfest in August – maybe I can make a trip to Otherworld while I’m there :) The pictures look out of this world (pun intended lol). Thanks again!
u/sad-storm6692 Thank you for the cute dog themed card – I love how it folded and tucked into a dog bone :) And thanks for the awesome stickers! My favorite was the avocado butt lol. I’m happy that you enjoyed the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse webcam. We do get a lot of fog here lol. But when it isn’t foggy, the lighthouse makes for some beautiful photo backgrounds. I think that you would really like it here in Nova Scotia. The people sound as kind as the ones where you live and we have a lot of parks here too. Lots of places to hike and camp :) My thesis is about a few different threatened lichen in Atlantic Canada, predicting their population sizes and habitats, and how it may change over time using algorithms and digital mapping software (GIS). Lots of work but I’m really enjoying it so far – one more year to go. Hope that you have a wonderful day!
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2023.06.07 02:31 fitnessjobs_global 📲 New Job: Fitness Program Coordinator at HealthFitness in San Francisco, California, us 💪

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2023.06.07 02:30 Click-Beep I have a lot of extra USB drives & SD/Micro SD cards. Is there anything cool I can do with them?

I get materials for my job on USB drives and SD cards a lot. A LOT. I’ve probably got a hundred USB drives, and probably 200 SD & Micro SD cards. Most of them are junk, but I just got six or eight SanDisk Industrial cards, and a bunch of USB 3 (probably 5Gbps) USB drives.
What’s something cool I could do with them?
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2023.06.07 02:26 kn0x33 I have qualifications, no experience, no degree. Not sure what to do with them

I won a scholarship a couple years ago for the SANS technology institute, and will be finished up with a bachelor's degree in January. Since I started I've earned the GSEC, GCIH and GPEN (I'd ideally like to get into penetration testing). I've been working at restaurants since 2021 just because they're flexible with scheduling around school, but recently my advisor was baffled as to why I wasn't already working in the tech field for experience. I immediately wrote a resume and started applying, but realized that even entry level analyst jobs need 2-3 years of experience and a degree. I rapid fire applied to a bunch of these types of jobs in hopes that certs would carry me at least a little, but no luck. So my question is, should I be applying to low level help desk positions to gain a little experience before I get a degree, or just wait? What kinds of jobs should I be looking at other than help desk?
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2023.06.07 02:16 GeneralGrievous66383 Am I wrong for telling my wife her job sucks and is unnecessary

my (32m) wife (30f) got a job at the end of last year doing corrections at our small rural county jail. It was supposed to be a 3 or 4 day a week ( day shift l part time gig. Just something to make a little extra money and get her foot in the door ( she wants to join the sheriff's department ). The schedule worked well because my job has super crazy hours and our kids school schedule is a little weird.. I do traffic control and my hours are anywhere from 10-16 hours a day usually starting at 4AM. For most of our marriage she's been a SAHM and she was so awesome in it. Having 3 kids all under the age of 11 made her working difficult. So I was happy for her when she got a job that worked around that and something she seemed genuinely interested in. However, her job has become such an intrusion into our lives and I hate it. About 3 months ago they randomly stuck her on 12 night shifts working 3 or 4 days a week ( they'll even call her to work a day shift on her off days if someone calls off ). So she's working full time hours without the full time pay or benefits. And it's gotten to the point where I'm left doing nearly 100% of the household chores. I'm not mad about doing the chores. I'm peeved that she doesn't help with ANYTHING anymore. I've become Mr Mom on top of working 60 hours a week. I don't have an issue picking up the slack. But my wife has made her job her #1 and only priority and I resent her for it. So we got into a fight and I told her her job sucked and I'm tired of it being her #1 priority. She said I was an AH for trying to diminish her " career ". I told her that a job shouldn't take priority over family and that hers wasn't even necessary ( I make between 32.45 and 41.89 and hour plus OT for anything over 8, and all our benefits are through my job ).
So, am I wrong for telling her her job sucks
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2023.06.07 02:02 Strng_Tea Im spiraling

TW:mentions of SH, weight numbers, and purging
I cant stop bingeing. I had this disorder under control sometime mid middle school. course it hit every once in a while and I had binges here and there, but rarely. I have binged every single day this week and most of last. I am 20 now and its running my life and weight up. I lost 60 lbs in sophomore year and was down to 180 lbs, for my height just needed 40 more lbs to go before id FINALLY be in a healthy range. then i fucked it up w the pandemic, unemployment, and doordash. Went back up to my highest weight and then some which is now 252. probably going to be higher now bc I CANT STOP EATING. Im at essentially a boarding school for trades, and its killing me emotionally and I want to be done with this place but I have another month or month and a half. the classes themselves are fine however Im essentially done, my teacher said he cant teach me much else, we just have to wait until he can make my trade completion 100% (can only go up 15% each week). month doesnt seem too long but when you face food 3 times a day its so daunting. and they ALWAYS have my trigger foods, and they just added ice cream to the mix, we can have it every tuesday n thursday. I have relapsed in so many ways here, Ive been bingeing, I purged for the second time, and other forms of self harm have been on my mind. One which I did relapse a week or so ago. Im literally at one of the lowest points of my life and Im doing so bad I dont even see the point of staying here anymore. its funny bc I cant even find a job w my trade in my county anyways bc I have no car so its back to fast food for me lmaoooo idk why i stay here
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2023.06.07 02:00 jobsfordevelopers Patreon is hiring Senior Frontend Engineer - Content

Job details
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2023.06.07 01:55 autotldr Florida Confirms Arranging Migrant Flights to California

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 27%. (I'm a bot)
Tuesday evening's statement was the first time that Mr. DeSantis and his administration had addressed the flights since they landed in California's capital city.
Roughly three dozen migrants have arrived in Sacramento on two charter flights since last Friday.
The migrants, most of whom are from Venezuela, said they had been recruited for the flights outside a shelter in El Paso.
Gabby Trejo, the executive director of Sacramento ACT, which has been coordinating efforts to aid the migrants, said at a news conference on Tuesday that the group had been "Lied to and deceived," including with promises of jobs and housing.
Officials in California said the migrants carried papers indicating that their travel had been arranged by the Florida emergency management division and a private contractor, Vertol Systems Company, that also arranged sending two planeloads of migrants from San Antonio to Martha's Vineyard last year in an operation funded by Florida taxpayers.
Continue reading the main story The migrants sent to Martha's Vineyard have since filed a class-action lawsuit against Mr. DeSantis and other state officials, saying they had been falsely promised jobs and other assistance when they arrived.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: migrants#1 Tuesday#2 flights#3 since#4 Sacramento#5
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2023.06.07 01:48 theicecreamdan Acmon blue San Diego County May 2023

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2023.06.07 01:30 Mojozy San Diego, California Snapshot: Finding Internship, Practicum, and Clinical Supervision in Mental Health and Counseling in San Diego

San Diego, California is a great place for mental health and counseling trainees, interns, practicum students, and clinical supervisees to find internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placements. According to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, the county has over 1,000 mental health providers, including psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, and licensed clinical social workers. In addition, San Diego County's Behavioral Health Services offer a variety of internship and clinical supervision placements in both agency and community settings.\n\nSan Diego County's Behavioral Health Services also provide a variety of training and certification programs to help mental health and counseling trainees, interns, practicum students, and clinical supervisees gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful mental health and counseling professionals. The training and certification opportunities include: clinical supervision training, mental health and addiction treatment, and program management. Additionally, the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency offers a variety of online courses and workshops, which provide mental health and counseling interns, practicum students, and clinical supervisees with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with clients.\n\nMojozy is a great resource to help mental health and counseling intern, practicum student, and clinical supervisee candidates search for internships, clinical supervision, and practicum opportunities in San Diego, California. Mojozy provides a comprehensive list of mental health and counseling internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placement sites and programs in San Diego, California. Additionally, Mojozy provides statistics on mental health and counseling training, internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placement prospects and sites in San Diego, California. \n\nOther resources to help mental health and counseling intern, practicum student, and clinical supervisee candidates search for internships, clinical supervision, and practicum opportunities in San Diego, California include the San Diego County Department of Mental Health Services and the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency. Both of these organizations provide information about mental health and counseling internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placements in San Diego County. --- VISIT WWW.MOJOZY.ORG FOR MORE DETAILS AND INFORMATION
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2023.06.07 01:30 klingonz1 Lots of experience in social work but only 2 interviews is 6 months

I'm story short I was laid off from my previous job. I worked at a law firm And my grandfather became terminally in order to keep him from going into a home for his final stages of life. I opted to become his caregiver whilst trying to work and obviously it didn't work out to great but I don't regret it because I was able to spend his Last months with him and he helped raise me. I had one job, however I discovered they were embezzling from the clients and Was letgo there is currently a case with the state for that matter. I've had 2 people call my old job to see if they are bad mouthing me or something but they do not they just State that they cannot divulge any information other than tenure. I will post below any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. would be greatly appreciated thank you so much.
Name Email Cellphone:
Objective: Organized and driven professional with more than nine years of experience in the social work field. Seeking an opportunity to use my team management skills and leadership to continue to contribute to the success of the company.
Education: California State University, Los Angeles Class of 2017 B.A. Child Development Certified Family Life Educator (eligible)
Mt. San Antonio College: A.A. Psychology/ Social and Behavioral Class of 2015 Sciences
Experience: Children’s Law Center Social Work Investigator February 2017-October 2022  Coordinate visits with clients, caretakers and others in order to develop a trusting and professional relationship with clients  Interview caretakers and children, to the extent possible, in order to observe and document the children's current living situation, developmental progress and emotional wellbeing  Document any services that have not been implemented, that may need to be implemented, or any other issues for attorney review  Evaluate and recommend the need for further or different services that may be beneficial to the child and the family  Assess services in the community and make referrals as needed  Assist attorneys with client interviews  Serve as duty day investigator in the office  Communicate regularly with the attorneys, both verbally and in writing, regarding status of caseloads and assignments and with all relevant information regarding the client  With general direction from the attorney, attend Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, TDM and similar team decision making meetings, DCFS and placement staffing, hospital screenings and Regional Center conferences  Manage and maintain caseload, Schedule appointments for client visits and collateral meetings Frequently exercise discretion and independent judgment at meetings, conferences and hearings attended as the sole representative of CLC
California PsychCare June 2014-February 2017 Behavior Therapist Give 1:1 adaptive skills programming exercises Follow through on each consumer’s individualized behavior plan protocol Instruct different adaptive skills programming such as brushing teeth, making bed, tying shoes, crossing the street appropriately, and maintaining both appropriate compliance and behaviors Maintain daily behavior log for consumers Take on-going daily data within each programming and citing the correct use of prompts used after antecedent was given Attend staff meetings and workshops to better understand the use of the data and how to re-direct certain behaviors as well as improving data collection and employee awareness in the home. Meet with supervisors twice a month to discuss progression with each program for the consumer in addition to writing behavior reports and discussing different types of methods to re-direct certain behaviors Parent Training; Teaching parent’s new techniques and advice for dealing with their children especially in times of high anxiety or aggression.
Graduated Magna Cum Laude Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society Member Multiple Deans list awards California State University, Los Angeles Honors Society member Invited to join Golden Key International Honor Society, CSULA Chapter
Activities: Member of California State University, Los Angeles Business Club Research group presented at 2015 Western Psychological Association Conference Member of Mt. San Antonio College Psychology Club Member of Mt. San Antonio College Child Development Association Raised and formulated a team to donate 10,000 dollars for the 2012-2013 Autism Walk in Pasadena, CA Current member of the Special Olympics committee for the world games in summer 2015 Volunteered at Covina, CA group home for eight weeks to understand the structure and scheduling for consumers (2013) Completed an internship at a medical office to better understand day to day business practices
Languages: Bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish (Read, Write and Speak)
Academic Experiences/Accomplishments
Graduated Magna Cum Laude, top 5% percent of college Multiple Deans List awards Member of California State University, Los Angeles Honors Society Microsoft Office/SPSS competent
References may be given upon request.
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