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2023.06.04 11:48 R3N0NN Realtek drivers won't install and HD audio controller is broken

Good Day,
I was wondering if I can seek assistance, clarity, and hopefully, a solution for my audio concern.
I've been trying to make my headsets and headphones work using the Front or Back Panel of my PC, but still, I have no luck.
Here are the specs of my PC
Motherboard: PRIME H310m-R R2.0
Processor: Intel i5 9400f
What's weird and confusing are these findings
Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that I have tried in the past
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2023.06.04 11:47 createdjustforthis23 04/06/2023

I have done absolutely nothing today. I feel so lazy but also whatever. I’ve had zero energy today, I was napping on and off for a bit, I read my new book, I did some tidying and just bits and bobs like that. A very nothing day.
I’ve felt okay today but a bit flat. I’m just feeling quite…. Eh. I don’t know. I don’t really want to think about how I feel today.
I’ve been more open with telling mum and dad how I’m feeling, I find it harder to talk about the depression side of things though, I always do. Anxiety is easy, I’m outwardly an anxious person and it’s quite difficult to hide. The depression side of things while it might be visible sometimes I do hide it reasonably well. I find it something when Andy tells me I don’t hide it at all and it’s in my head that I can hide it. I say something because I don’t know the word I’m thinking of. I don’t find it annoying or frustrating or anything like that. But it’s something because he doesn’t know and I’m talking about myself over a long period of time, during times I have felt MUCH worse. He hasn’t known me at my worst. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I guess actually it’s also like, it’s something I feel like I’m good at, which is maybe the only thing more or less, and he says I’m actually not. I know he doesn’t mean it like that but anyway. Anyway I’ve been more open and I find it hard but I know I need to so I’m trying harder to be more honest and open.
This evening I’ve made my parents an apple crumble as they asked for ones as we got more apples from the orchard. I watched the princess bride and I also watched the acid episode of salt fat acid heat as I watched the first two ages ago. I have the book and I got it for mum and dad as well, years ago now I guess. I think it’s SUCH an interesting book, I love it. It’s the perfect gift in my opinion. Anyway I really want to go to Mexico and now I feel like some tacos. I think we’ll make them for dinner tomorrow, maybe some yum soft tacos with jackfruit and toasted corn and I hoooope avocado if we can find any and other stuff like that. Yum yum.
I watched a video on here today and it was this father holding his wee baby while it got some sort of vaccination I presume. Anyway he was cradling it and kissing it and being so sweet and affectionate and the baby was just smiling and gazing up at their daddy and didn’t even notice their chubby lil thigh getting a jab! So so so so so sweet. I hope I end up with a man like that, some kind of man who is so loving and gentle. They’re such attractive traits, I want a man who whether we have a baby or not is just like that. With me, with our puppies. I mean I don’t mean I want to be cradled while I get an injection, but yknow what I mean. It was just so sweet. I love when men show that softness to them, I feel lucky to live in a time where it’s more and more okay for men to just feel how they feel and show it. Imagine being married to a man yeeeeeears ago and love him beyond words and see them go through so much and them never or rarely ask for help or anything because that wasn’t their role to play. I know women have had it ROUGH throughout history but men have too, i feel like that gets overlooked. Then again I guess also ages ago was just difficult for everyone wasn’t it? I’m so grateful to have been born in this day and age. I wonder what kind of woman I would be if I had been born in the 1200s? Or 1600s? Or 1800s? Or 1920s? Very different, I would imagine? I certainly don’t think I would be such a princess about some things. Imagine being a princess who’s icky about emptying out the rank vacuum cleaner when you live in a time where there are trenches in the street filled with human excrements and the like. UGH. Or the love of your life getting a sword to the gut in a battle. Or whatever else. I’m beyond grateful to be alive now. I have it so easy.
I didn’t do my goal setting today. I made excuses instead. My main excuse was I didn’t bring a notebook and so I can’t write them down. I disappointed myself. I could blame it on how tired I felt but that too is an excuse. I just didn’t feel entirely excited about life today, I think that’s what it was. I didn’t want to think about this life I want to build because today I just didn’t feel like there was all that much point. I didn’t actively think that but that’s how I feel right now and I think that’s how I subconsciously felt early. Maybe. Or maybe I was being a procrastinatey waste of space. I’m definitely not ruling out the latter.
I’m going to sleep now. It’s not yet 10 but I’m tired and I don’t hugely want to be awake anymore I guess. Night
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2023.06.04 11:47 Reader-xx Grief packages

When my daughters mom and exwife died 10 years ago, someone brought a big box of something I never would have thought to ask for. Paper plates, napkins, paper towels, TOILET PAPER, utensils. Everyone wants to bring food and you often get inundated with food but having so many people around you forget about all of that other stuff. We adopted the practice at our restaurant. If someone mentions that they are ordering food because someone died we include a grief package from us for free that includes these items along with a personal note from my wife and I expressing our condolences.
We didn't do it for any other reason than we knew how much we appreciated it when it happened to us. However it has done something that we didn't expect. We became our towns place to go for funeral catering. This practice got talked about in the community without our being aware of it and very quickly we started getting a lot more catering. I believe the funeral homes even started telling their customers.
I share this to all of you because it costs very little to adopt but has had huge benefits to us. We aren't blood suckers hoping to drain the bank accounts of people grieving but it's a market we never would have thought of otherwise.
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2023.06.04 11:46 AnshulM97 Terre d'Hermes Eau Givree

Terre d'Hermes Eau Givree
So I recently bought Terre d'Hermes Eau Givree decant and used it extensively for more than a week now. I will be ranking them on 3 aspects - FRAGRANCE, PERFORMANCE & VERSATILITY. FRAGRANCE - when i first tried it, it was quite a burst of citrus, i did not expect that kind of citrus in this one, although the fresher version, this was a bit new to me so I didn't like it at first but as and when i used it, it grew on me. I really loved the development of the scent and the citron note basically feels like orange or lemon peel in simple words. Although there are timur, and woody notes in the background, it can't really overpower the citron. Overall the scent is excellent for what its meant to achieve. People who want a fresh citrusy scent which can rejuvenate your senses in this harsh summer especially in india will love it. Doesn't smell shower gel-ly. For the scent i give it 8/10
PERFORMANCE - However what makes it stand apart is what's bad for the performance. It just doesn't last long. Maybe in a/c environment for 2-3 hours, but in 40 degree summer outdoors, it just becomes so close to a skin scent it barely gets any sillage or longevity. 5/10
Versatility - for the usage and versatility, obviously its a day scent made for summers, can be good for office, vacation, day to day usage. Will recommend a travel spray or atomizer to use it . Overall - 6/10
Verdict it is a very well made citrus fragrance without any actual performance (true for most of them) can definitely be bought if you like citrus and fresh notes and you will be happy. Overall - a 6/10 fragrance
submitted by AnshulM97 to DesiFragranceAddicts [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:45 thirstquencher25 Is it okay if I have don’t really count my calories if I’m pretty much active ? Like I am being mindful of what I eat making sure I eat veggies and fruits everyday but like I hate counting calories!! It’s so annoying to me !

I’m 5’5 and last time I checked my weight it said 182 but another day it said 179 tbh I don’t get on the scale Often lol I don’t even own a scale I use my friends whenever I get the chance! But the calories for me to eat is 1500 I believe! I work 10 hours days at work and I’m walking all day ! I can get up to 20k steps at work PLUS I go to the gym for an hour. (Mon-Friday gym days ) sat-sun I only focus on walking .
submitted by thirstquencher25 to OmadDiet [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:42 Wapacute 26 [M4F] Zambales Sponty Meetup!!

Heyy!! Currently here in Liwliwa Zambales. Looking for someone to meet later tonight. We can go for couple drinks and have a nice casual talk!!
And if we’re both lucky, maybe we can continue are casual date(s) in Manila!!!
About me: -5’10 -Moreno (I’m quite burnt since it’s my 2nd day here na sa Zambales hahaha) -Looks, swap photos na lang right away subjective naman yun -Feeling ko naman i have sense kausap lol
About u: -looks wise, subjective din (swap swap para tapos agad) -I’m 5’5 below pls -has sense kausap, i know guys should initiate the convo but please make some sense
Hit me up na lang since mahina signal dito, expect lang na I might reply late lang :)
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2023.06.04 11:42 Otherwise_Notice6421 The only reason for me to wake up now was to open my window and see if something outside has changed.

And its always the same thing, the same view, the same unmoving people, the same still animals, the same frozen day, the same clock that's been stuck at 10:30 for years now.
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2023.06.04 11:38 _TheBlitz My Journey with Tendinitis and how i fixed it - Might be useful to those who feel lost or hopeless with this.

So I'm just gonna throw out the obvious here before you read any further. I'm not a doctor nor do i pretend to know anything about the field of medicine. This is purely just my personal experience going through this and overcoming it. What i did to fix it mine may or may not help you and could make your symptoms worse.

My story:
The very first thing i tried was seeing my primary care doctor for it and was given a wrist support brace and instructions to sleep with it every night, occasionally throughout the day and to avoid anything that caused my hand to be uncomfortable. This ended up having no effect at all and my symptoms kept progressing over the year. Next i was given steroid injections, which i had high hopes would help but did not.
During this time i had gotten pretty serious about tackling this, mostly out of maddening frustration with it. My doctor was no help at all during this time period to say the least, so i kinda went rogue on getting help from this within my care network and started researching anything i could about the subject. I was icing my hand up to 8 times a day (10 minutes a sessions each) and doing hand stretches i had seen online for Tendinitis, multiple times a day. I did this routine for nearly a year with no real improvement and just felt completely hopeless things were ever going to get better.
It was at this peak rock bottom that i came across what i now realize was a hidden gem of a youtube video that had been randomly recommended to me due to my prior search history. I had seen countless videos at this point about Tendonitis from medical professionals, all of them giving the same methods that hadn't worked.

How i ultimately ended up fixing it: To my surprise, nothing in this video mentioned anything about icing it, stretching it or resting it. The primary focus was on building the strength back in the tendon with something called "Resistance exercise bands" linked here.
You lay your arm down flat on a desk or table, with your palm facing the ceiling & your wrist hanging off the side of the table where you could bend it forward and backwards. You then wrap the band around your hand until you felt like you had a solid grip of it. You would then wrap the other side of the band around your other hand as a counterweight and use that hand to pull the band towards the floor. You would then bend your wrist forward, basically like your curl lifting a dumbbell, typically for 10-15 reps ,all while your other hand is pulling the other side of the band down to create resistance. Then doing it with the opposite side of your hand and arm.
After not even a full week of doing this exercise, typically once or twice a day, my symptoms had almost completely diminished, and i went from being able to play a game or use my hand for maybe 5-10 minutes before symptoms flared up to 3-6 hours before any noticeable discomfort or symptoms. By the time i had done this every day for a month, i had no symptoms at all and to this day still do not.
Everyone is different so i can't say for certain whether this will help anyone or not. All i know is i went through this hell for 2+ years and if i could possibly help someone get through this hell, its worth posting.
If my description of the workout is unclear, let me know and id be happy to post a video demonstration, as i for the life of me cant find the original source/video.
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2023.06.04 11:38 GiversBot /u/bloocherry [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-06-04 (t3_13bltn3 up 26.94 days, LONGTAIL, ACCOUNT DELETE/SHADOWBAN)

bloocherry deleted from /borrow

Active loans

Quick search


[REQ] ($250) (#Waterford, NY, USA) (Repay $300 05/15/23) (Cashapp, PayPal)

Post contents

I’ve never received any loans but I’ve been struck with some issues and could use some help. I’ll provide any necessary information and answer any questions. I could just really use this short-term loan. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 11:38 justindrap25 Scrambling when wild camping

Just wanted to get people's opinions on scrambling while carrying all of the heavy camping stuff on their back. Last weekend I went on a wild camp for a couple of days in the lakes, but backed out of two relatively easy scrambles (so people told me they were easy haha) because I was worried about doing them with 10+kg camping equipment on my back.
How do people usually approach it - when wild camping, do you try and avoid scrambles, or just be brave and do them?
submitted by justindrap25 to wildcampingintheuk [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:38 PukaBearx 10 days PO stitch opened?

hey guys,
I'm 10 days PO and so far things have went okay, swelling had started reducing and the pain has finally started to ease.. anyways this morning I was changing the sheets on my bed (I don't have anyone to do this for me haha) and then when I stood up blood started dripping from it, not a massive amount to cause concern and it stopped after I applied some pressure.. but can this happen? my stitches are meant to dissolve?
submitted by PukaBearx to LabiaplastySurgery [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:37 ilir_kycb Today's high temperature broke 100°F today... IN SIBERIA

Today's high temperature broke 100°F today... IN SIBERIA submitted by ilir_kycb to LateStageCapitalism [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:35 Sakalalaa Looking for an apartment/hotel/bungalow somewhere between Shekka, Batroun, and Jbeil for a day

Hello guys, I am looking for a place for a couple to spend a day without sleeping over. Almost all the places we saw have check-in at noon and check-out the next day.
I want a place with flexible hours to spend the day, maybe from 9-10 AM till 6-7 PM for example. what would recommend?
even if there are places out of the areas I mentioned let me know and I can check them, thanks in advance
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2023.06.04 11:35 GladInformation9976 Lung problems from vans

I’ve been working at my DSP for about 5-6 months now and things were ok in the colder weather but recently in the past month or so I’m coming back home with itchy lungs and wheezing a bit after most days and it’s progressively getting worse the more days I pick up. This never happens outside of work and I can’t find anything online of anything similar. I don’t want this to turn into a long-term issue. Im pretty sure it has something to do with all the dust in these vans or the smokers stinking them up on a rotation but both are pretty bad so I couldn’t say which.
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2023.06.04 11:35 GiversBot /u/lurker_4463 [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-06-04 (t3_138pb2n up 29.79 days, LONGTAIL)

lurker_4463 deleted from /borrow

Active loans

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REQ (200GBP) (Repay 300) on 24th May). Revolut, Bank transfer.

Post contents

I’ve found out I get paid from my new job on the 24th of May so will now be able to pay off my request quicker. Also managed to defer a few payments where I used the money to sort out my car but I’m still about £200 short to get to the next payday. Would really appreciate anyone who can help.
Happy to discuss terms and provide documentation necessary for assurance etc.
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2023.06.04 11:32 No-Construction8563 Lovers

The first time I fell in love,
We had met at a New Year’s Eve party,
I was 14,
And we really had nothing in common,
Other than as we would later find out,
That we were both a bit fucked up,
I spent the next few years of my life,
Loving him,
And trying desperately to feel loved by him,
And when it finally got to be enough,
When I couldn’t hurt anymore,
Couldn’t listen to anymore lies,
Couldn’t muster up the will to mutter out another “ I’m sorry” “it’s fine”,
When what I really meant was this isn’t what love should feel like,
I left,
But the pain lingered,
And the drunk phone calls still came,
Still full of lies,
And threats,
And misguided attempts at making everything alright,
The next time I thought I found love was brief,
I quickly learned that if someone spends all their time loving drugs,
They can’t love you,
That you’ll never know what’s true,
And one day,
You’ll realize your sick of riddles and lies,
And trying to find the meaning in between the lines,
You’ll move on,
Rather quickly,
Fall for you’re roommates best friend,
And people will say it doesn’t make any sense,
But it feels easy,
And calm,
And almost Chemical in the way you want his hands on your body every minute of everyday,
One day,
He’ll walk away,
And you’ll think that’s the only thing that doesn’t make sense,
Because you’ve never really loved someone the way you loved him,
You’ve never really felt safe with someone the way you felt with him,
And you’ll tell him,
You’ll tell him you love him,
And you miss him,
And he’ll tell you he doesn’t miss you,
Not at all,
So you’ll ease the pain,
With alcohol,
And sex,
Anything and everything,
Because you don’t want to feel that hurt again,
And the next time you find love,
You think it’ll be the last,
Not because you love him more,
Not because you want his hands on your body all the time,
Because you don’t,
But because he feels safe,
And solid,
He feels strong and patient,
And he loves you,
You let yourself picture a future,
You know you’d have a good life,
A really really good life,
But a couple years down the line you accept the truth,
It is a good life,
But it’s not the one you want,
And he’s not who you want it with,
And as much as you crave stability,
As much as you need to be loved,
You know it can’t be like this,
The last time I truly found love,
I was on the verge of 23,
It felt like coming home and chasing my dreams at the same time,
Part of me always knew I’d love him,
Ever since I met him at only 16,
And here we were,
7 years later,
It felt like fate,
And I savored every moment of the summer we spent falling in love,
Every sunset,
And every morning I spent in his bed,
Trying to memorize every inch of who he was,
The green of his eyes,
The sweet smell of his hair,
And the way he brought me back down to earth,
Helped me to catch my breath,
But my dreams came calling,
And he taught me that I deserved to follow them,
So I did,
And now I’m 8,000 miles from home,
On the verge of 24,
Knowing the past 10 years held a lifetimes worth of lovers,
Some great,
Some tragic,
And some I know I’ll never truly let go of,
I’m sure the future will hold more,
But for now,
I need to be my own lover
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2023.06.04 11:32 Perkelton Weekly Crowdfunding Roundup: June 4 2023 22 ending soon (incl. Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, Apex Legends: The Board Game) & 24 new this week (incl. Command of Nature, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice – Apocalypse)

What is this?

This is a weekly crowdfunding roundup of new projects launched last week and projects that end the coming week.
Expect new lists every Sunday between 00:00 and 23:59 CEST
The criteria for the lists are as follows:

Ending soon

Newly launched

Notable filtered projects


🎉: Staff pick/featured
💰: Funded
🔥: More than average 200 backers/day
🌱: Creator's first project
🌳: Creator's >5th project
🔄: Money back guarantee (Read more)


I live in Venezuela/Canada/Honduras/USA, why are you posting on a Saturday?!
Because I'm writing this from Europe in the future where it's already Sunday. Timezones be crazy.
Why are there a bunch of non-board games in the board game list?
Because the Tabletop games category on Kickstarter includes anything remotely related to board games and sometimes things slip through my filters.
Why is this future award winning board game and literal saviour of humanity missing from your list?
Sometimes my filters get a bit overzealous and discard actually valid projects. If you feel something is missing for this reason, leave a comment and I'll add it (maybe).
Can I donate all my money to you?
Can you help me promote my game?
Please no. I make lists. Nothing more.
Your list is full of errors and now my favourite Facebook ads won't load!
Indeed, this fine piece of code runs purely on not green M&M's, so anything can happen. Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Ending soon (22)

Name Description Backers Pledged Ends Information Tags BGG
Aeon Trespass: Odyssey Second Printing Plus All-New Content Epic 1-4 player Campaign Game of adventures, base building and tactical battles with giant monsters. Bigger and better than ever! 7071 €2,811,015.64 (5622%) in 19 days 2023-06-07 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 12+ 90 min. 🎉💰🔥🌳 BGG
Apex Legends™: The Board Game Apex Legends™ Board Game. Highly strategic, team vs. team, miniatures board game for 1-6 players. Includes solo and coop! 3504 €585,173.00 (260%) in 18 days 2023-06-08 Kickstarter 2‑4 players 60-90 min. 🎉💰 BGG
Evolution: Another World Create wondrous animals and give them traits to help them survive and thrive in the chaotic magical world! 2299 $106,877.00 (534%) in 18 days 2023-06-07 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 11+ 20-30 min. 💰🌳 BGG
🚀Uncharted Stars⭐ Uncharted Stars, a Print and Play, Roll 'n' Write game for 1 to 100 players, designed by Scott Almes and Illustrated by Tristam Rossin. 1738 £8,775.00 (293%) in 23 days 2023-06-11 Kickstarter 1‑99 players age 10+ 25-100 min. 💰 BGG
Age of Steam Deluxe Expansion Volume IV + Acrylic Track Tiles A fourth Expansion Volume for Age of Steam Deluxe plus accessory Acrylic Track tiles. 1465 $160,815.62 (715%) in 10 days 2023-06-09 Gamefound 1‑6 players 120 min. 💰
McBaron - Bravery in the Sky An action-packed solo Print and Play Wargame. Fly over the battlefield, accomplish missions, and prove your bravery! 662 €2,836.00 (2836%) in 13 days 2023-06-09 Kickstarter 1‑2 players age 12+ 20-30 min. 💰 BGG
Endeavor: Deep Sea Plunge into the modern era, where earth's vast oceanscape is one of the last frontiers to discover and explore. [Extension Campaign] 538 CA$47,290.47 (3378%) in 5 days 2023-06-06 Kickstarter 1‑5 players age 10+ 60-75 min. 💰🌳 BGG
El Burro: A La Granja Game El Burro is a new standalone game where you are developing your farm but have to move your goods to the port of Palma. The game uses multi-purpose cards and dice-drafting like La Granja. 462 €37,558.00 (150%) in 9 days 2023-06-11 Gamefound 1‑4 players age 12+ 75-150 min. Card Game Dice Game 💰 BGG
SlackJack - A Pirate Game of Bluffing and Deception A 10-minute game of blackjack and social deduction for 4-8 players! 454 $11,322.00 (226%) in 12 days 2023-06-10 Kickstarter 4‑8 players age 10+ 10-20 min. 🎉💰🌳 BGG
『ゾンビサイド2.0』 日本語版 現代版ゾンビサイドの第2版が、日本語版になってついに登場! 高品質のフィギュアと、遊びやすくなったルールを、拡張セットと共にお届けします New Japanese Edition. This project is only available in Japan. 343 ¥14,614,059 (1461%) in 13 days 2023-06-07 Kickstarter 🎉💰🌱
Thunder Rolls: The Garage Expansion More mayhem, cars and fun for the Thunder Rolls game by Richard Launius 272 $19,669.00 (492%) in 12 days 2023-06-07 Kickstarter 1‑8 players age 8+ 20-60 min. 🎉💰🌳 BGG
Animal Kingdom Trading Card Game An innovative city-building TCG for 2-4 players with exciting gameplay and collectability! Printed by WJPC. www.animalkingdomtcg.com 263 £52,873.00 (264%) in 26 days 2023-06-08 Kickstarter 💰🌱
Frankenstein Madness PNP: Asymmetric hidden roles horror game from Frankenstein mythos. 1 P campaign mode and 4-8 players "Free for all" mode. 242 $1,708.00 (342%) in 40 days 2023-06-10 Kickstarter 1‑8 players age 14+ 15-50 min. 💰 BGG
The Soft Underbelly, 1943-1945 An easy, fast and small board game about WW2 in Italy, North Africa and Southern Europe from 1943 to 1945 206 €6,590.00 (134%) in 26 days 2023-06-07 Kickstarter 2 players age 14+ 45-90 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Tablut | ancient Norse board game + 4 more historic games A classic Viking game of siege and escape and 4 other "large-format" Peg Pastimes games. 183 $14,269.00 (357%) in 30 days ⚠️ 2023-06-04 Kickstarter 2 players age 8+ 45 min. 💰 BGG
Ahotnik A mech-based semi-cooperative game set in a dark future, with nations fighting each other and against giant demons to rule the World 167 €30,004.00 (86%) in 19 days 2023-06-06 Kickstarter 2‑12 players age 14+ 90 min. 🌱 BGG
David Thompson Games A collection of David Thompson's amazing solitaire games! 166 $20,830.59 (139%) in 19 days 2023-06-06 Gamefound 1 player 60 min. Card Game Wargame 💰🌱
Savage Worlds Skirmish Battle Using the Savage Worlds ruleset to power miniature wargames 138 £2,051.00 (205%) in 24 days 2023-06-10 Kickstarter 💰🌳
Cartref Suburbia meets Magic: Compete to build and manipulate a magical, shared city for big end-game bonuses. 129 $1,055.00 (105500%) in 26 days 2023-06-10 Kickstarter 1‑3 players age 13+ 33-53 min. 💰 BGG
Puzzle Box & Escape Room Game: Cabinet of Curiosities 2 puzzle box/escape room games each with engaging audio story telling components built into 1 box! 112 $17,327.00 (347%) in 26 days 2023-06-08 Kickstarter 💰🌱
Meridians - New Classic Board game / abstract strategy game for 2 players with the line-of-sight mechanics. Comes in wooden and portable versions. 109 ¥1,212,170 (1212%) in 13 days 2023-06-06 Kickstarter 💰
WAR ON TERRA THE FUTURE OF SCI-FI TABLETOP WARFARE 109 £26,136.00 (131%) in 35 days 2023-06-06 Kickstarter 💰🌱

New this week (24)

Name Description Backers Pledged Ends Information Tags BGG
Command of Nature An immersive, deck-building tabletop game from the creators of Here to Slay and Casting Shadows 7239 $650,636.00 (1301%) in 5 days 2023-06-20 Kickstarter 🎉💰🔥🌳
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice - Apocalypse Don't miss another chance to get the legendary Assassin's Creed board game. Explore, infiltrate, assassinate! 1895 CA$372,870.29 (497%) in 5 days 2023-06-16 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 12+ 30-120 min. 💰🔥 BGG
Into the Godsgrave A Digital Hybrid Board Game of fate and divine resurrection 1845 €182,615.00 (365%) in 5 days 2023-06-16 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 14+ 60-120 min. 🎉💰🔥🌳 BGG
French Quarter: A let the good times roll and write game! Welcome to the heart of New Orleans! Explore the French Quarter in this new loaded roll and write game from Motor City Gameworks. 989 $27,597.00 (153%) in 5 days 2023-06-22 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 14+ 30-60 min. 🎉💰🌳 BGG
Biohack - Create Mythical Creatures as Mad Scientists Create various creatures from myths and gain back your reputation as scientists in this strategic game for 1-4 players. 970 ¥12,267,577 (876%) in 4 days 2023-07-01 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 14+ 60-90 min. 🎉💰🔥 BGG
Endeavor: Deep Sea Plunge into the modern era, where earth's vast oceanscape is one of the last frontiers to discover and explore. [Extension Campaign] 538 CA$47,290.47 (3378%) in 5 days 2023-06-06 Kickstarter 1‑5 players age 10+ 60-75 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Micro Architects Plan and build a sprawling MICRO metropolis! 531 €22,392.00 (112%) in 4 days 2023-06-25 Gamefound 1‑4 players age 8+ 30-60 min. 💰 BGG
Monsters of Loch Lomond Free your clan from legendary monsters, outwit rival chieftains, and achieve freedom in this thrilling Scottish card game. 409 €9,210.00 (184%) in 5 days 2023-06-29 Kickstarter 2‑5 players age 10+ 15-45 min. 💰🌱 BGG
First to Fight: USMC 1942-1945 Vol 1 Guadalcanal Campaign United States Marine Corps figures, vehicles, and terrain for the Guadalcanal Campaign 278 $23,819.00 (794%) in 3 days 2023-06-18 Kickstarter 💰
Blueprint Studio Draw the blueprint for the ideal house in this Roll & write game. Fast and easy to print at home. 226 MX$27,958.80 (699%) in 5 days 2023-06-16 Kickstarter 💰🌱
Tank Chess (reprint) Outsmart your opponent and destroy their forces in this diceless tactical tank battle game! 212 $14,682.00 (726%) in 5 days 2023-06-29 Kickstarter 💰🌳
SSO: Classis Caetera The sci-fi survival horror game, for 1-6 players returns! 180 £2,617.00 (65%) in 4 days 2023-06-30 Kickstarter 🌳
Rocky 'Roid Roll & Write Rocky 'Roid is an asteroid-mining roll and write game that you can print at home. All you need to play is a player sheet and pen per player and 3 six-sided dice.In the first half of the game you use the shared dice to survey the belt moving and mining. Once you think you have enough minerals, race … 161 £670.88 (268%) in 5 days 2023-06-13 Gamefound 1‑6 players 20 min. Dice Game 💰🌳
The LAB THE LAB is a competitive card game for 3 to 6 players in which you will be faced with some of the most dangerous microorganisms in existence. Be the first to earn 10 Cure points and try not to succumb to any of the insidious infections you will encounter throughout the game. 159 CA$6,702.76 (67%) in 6 days 2023-06-15 Gamefound 3‑6 players age 14+ 30-45 min. Card Game 🌱 BGG
Circle of Blood Skirmish game in the dark city of Gormalak 157 €10,244.00 (171%) in 6 days 2023-06-15 Kickstarter 💰🌳
Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power Transform for Battle | 1-4 Players | Co-op Bag Builder 131 $20,097.59 (54%) in 5 days 2023-06-24 Gamefound 1‑4 players age 14+ 40-75 min. Cooperative 🌱 BGG
Rhum Rush! A Competitive Card Game of Tiki Mixology! Get ready to build some RUM (RHUM) COCKTAILS!🍹🌴🗿 124 $5,119.00 (51%) in 5 days 2023-06-29 Kickstarter 🌱
Stack It Kitten! - Relaunch When the floor is lava 🔥 but lava is actually water 🌊 and you are a cat 😺! 90 €3,398.00 (63%) in 3 days 2023-07-01 Kickstarter
Badland Rivals A Push-Your-Luck Adventure Card Game For 2-3 Players 76 $2,646.00 (53%) in 2 days 2023-07-01 Kickstarter
VAULT A competitive game for 1 to 4 players. Crack the combination before the other hackers do! 63 £1,842.00 (368%) in 3 days 2023-07-03 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 10+ 30-60 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Chroma Mix Mix your colors or play them? The choice is yours in this 1-4 player engine building game about the CMYK system of colors. 58 $1,119.45 (560%) in 3 days 2023-07-01 Gamefound 1‑4 players 30-45 min. Card Game 💰🌱 BGG
Cool Cats It's Caturday! This flip and fill is about having the best Caturday ever! 55 $341.00 (341%) in 3 days 2023-06-21 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 8+ 20-50 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Gods of War: Togo Gods of War: Togo is a naval wargame that puts you in command of mighty ships in the age of steam and iron! 47 €4,554.00 (130%) in 3 days 2023-06-14 Kickstarter 💰
【第二版】しあわせのいと 【2nd print】Connecting links 《しあわせ》を紡ぐ非対称対戦型推理パズルゲーム。 最大6ターンで終了する早期決着とメモを必要としない設計により、ボードゲーム初心者~上級者まで幅広く楽しむことができます。 45 ¥279,409 (56%) in 1 days 2023-06-28 Kickstarter

Notable filtered projects (3)

Name Description Backers Pledged Ends Information Tags
Fablecraft: A New Digital TTRPG A digital tabletop roleplaying game that’s easy to pick up and play. Roll dice and wield magic in the vibrant world of Mythas. 2482 $155,134.00 (1551%) in 26 days 2023-06-08 Kickstarter 🎉💰🌱
Tome of Mystical Tattoos II for DnD 5e A massive addition to the original tome containing 200+ brand new magic tattoos compatible with 5E—don't miss out on the new ink! 1994 CA$141,159.29 (1412%) in 24 days 2023-06-10 Kickstarter 💰
The Legendary Bundle Two exciting new Adventure Paths set in the worlds of Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim. Compatible with Everyday Heroes. 1104 $110,913.00 (370%) in 26 days 2023-06-06 Kickstarter 🎉💰
submitted by Perkelton to boardgames [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:32 ScttInc Weird dream I had as a child that may have affected reality

I had this dream at about 10 or 11 years old. We were on a school camping trip for a week at some local education centre out in the countryside. On the first night, I had this vivid dream where a random girl from my class (I’ll just call her “J” for the sake of the story) died at camp by falling off a high platform or something like that. In the dream I was absolutely distraught and freaking out like “oh my god, J is dead, she fell, someone help her”, etc. In real life, I had never interacted with her in any way, and had no strong feelings about her whatsoever, so it makes it even weirder that I would have that kind of dream about her of all people.
The day after I had this dream, J started to become pretty hostile and passive-aggressive towards me for no discernible reason. For example, she would give me looks of disgust and anger, refuse to do any camp activities if paired up with me, say mean things about me while I was in earshot, etc. I had no idea why she suddenly started treating me this way, because like I said, J and I never had any interactions before this and she wasn’t known for being nasty to people.
Honestly, my worst fear regarding this situation is that I could have been talking in my sleep about J dying, and someone from my dorm might have heard it and told her about it, causing her to think I was some random creep who dreams about her on a regular basis. I really hope it’s all just a coincidence and she just decided to be an asshole for no reason, because the mere possibility that I sleep-talked about a random girl at camp is the most embarrassing thing that could come of this.
TL;DR: Went on school camping trip, had a dream about the death of a random girl from class, said girl starts to hate me the next day.
submitted by ScttInc to Dreams [link] [comments]