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2023.06.07 02:40 Responsible-Fox- Taking a pause!

This year has been a year of changes for me personally. Long story short, with all that I found myself in strip clubs very frequently, wasting away thousands of dollars in the process.
During this time i had a few favorites in these clubs and 1 ATF. However, I had a little fallout with my ATF a couple of weeks ago, after I felt disrespected by her. Since then I didn't go back to that club where she works.
I recently went to a new club and was majorly hustled by another stripper.. like she didn't focus on anything other than my wallet. I hated the experience. It's been about 10 days since, but I have been majorly put off by all of it.
While I was going to clubs sometimes 2-3 times a week, in past 10 days I didn't step foot inside any club or even felt like I needed to go.
Is it common? Do you guys take pause from strippers? Am I already "cured"? Is there a way to avoid going at all?
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2023.06.07 02:04 CelesteDobbs Rise Up John Wesley Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618

June 6, 2023
Rise Up John Wesley Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618
The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies Now representing John Dobbs attorney Mr. Reres Sr. Update: By Mrs. Celeste Dobbs
The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies John W. Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618 aka Universal aka King U I'm a political prisoner based on 4the fact that my imprisonment is not by legal construction. But instead based on the preferences of people who have obtained social and public support by trickery. And this support has the effect of placing them with the full might of the U.S. Government enforcing their favors and my illegal detainment. An unconstitutional union of Florida officials are secretly exercising Antebellum practices and are using intimidation amongst their peers to exercise their wills. King U John W. Dobbs John W. Dobbs Florida DC# C00618 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Orange County case# 48-2006-CF-015201-O The listing of events is compiled from several of John. Dobbs’ prior efforts to get justice. The uncontested facts hold that: Petitioner and his then girlfriend Deann Washington were visiting the State of Florida, when they stopped at a topless bar called Thee Doll House. Inside the club the couple met William Troy IIII and briefly engaged in a not at all hostile, but not quite polite conversation.
At closing time, the couple left the club and sew Troy with 3 or 4 other men, they were intoxicated. Petitioner’s vehicle and the vehicle transporting Troy’s party was parked six parking spaces apart. One or more from Troy’s party yelled to the couple something to the effect of they needed security to walk them out. Initially the statement appears lighthearted. John is entering his car when Troy’s friend and employee Andre Blanco starts to approach the passenger side of the couple’s vehicle. John’s girlfriend being the passenger, points out that one of them is walking over. John asks her to stay in the car, leaves the driver side, and walks around the back of the car to meet him. When Andre Blanco arrives, a fight initiated between them which all parties and witnesses perceive as a fist fight. The fight takes place close to the rear passenger side of John’s vehicle. Almost instantly. Andre Blanco is Knocked down and Francisco Gotay approaches John evades the punches and strikes Francisco Gotay with what all parties and witnesses perceive as fists. After being knocked down Andre Blanco swiftly recovers and attacks Petitioner from behind. John’s girlfriend exits the vehicle and enters the fight to help John, as Anthony Riollano and William Troy IIII approach. The couple hears someone yell ‘get her ‘ or get the girl.’ It’s around this time that one of them appears to get seriously injured and John concedes to starting to use his pocketknife, as Deanna Washington is grabbed by Anthony Riollano and tossed to the side ending her feeble attempts to ward them off. Next Riollano goes after John approaching John from behind, while he was confronted by at least one other of Riollano’s party, grabs John from the side by his shirt collar and strikes him on the head and neck several times. As members of his party feel they are unable to continue, Riollano, not knowing why the fight has stopped, but recognizing that it has, stops hitting John. Both Blanco and Gotay notice they are bleeding and don’t know why.
John gets up and the couple get in their car, and William Troy falls to the ground due to stab wounds. Andre Blanco and Francisco then realize they were stabbed. As the couple leaves the parking lot a truck, they believe to be occupied by one of their assailants try to run them off the road. Hanzel Holiday a valet from the club across the street, was not a witness to the incident, yet claim to have struck John’s vehicle twice in order to run the couple off the road, because his supervisor, Phillip Allen Westfall, the valet for Thee Doll House told him to stop their car. On third attempt Holiday notices John with a gun pointed in the direction of his attack, so he stops pursuit. William Troy died as a result of his stab wounds. John received multiple injuries six cuts. While John claims to have seen one of them swinging something shiny, which he perceived as a knife, and security for the club, Justin Idle, claims to have seen one of the men hitting John with what he believes may have been a key. All witnesses deny seeing John with a knife during the altercation. John, the only African American male in the fight, was also the only man arrested, and accused of a criminal act. Blanco, Gotay and Holiday each have multiple felony convictions, Troy had been convicted of battery on a law enforcement officer: and on the night of the incident Blanco was on probation. John who himself had one prior felony conviction, alerted the arresting office of his self-defense claim. Sign his petition on amku.org
Thank You
 Frequently Asked Questions 
If Florida ‘ Stand Your Ground Law ‘ is equally available to citizens under Florida jurisdiction some of the questions that arrive basic on the evidence are:
1.) Why was he the only man arrested for a fight that all witness sworn stated as a fist fight between him and a least 4 intoxicated men who relentlessly approached him?
2.) Does race have anything to do with it?
3.) Does he have the right to protect his girlfriend for what can be reasonably preceded as acts of aggression?
4.) How is it possible to find he didn’t act in defense of himself and his lady, when no reasonable evidence existed that the men who approached them might no harm?
5.) If the statement (you need security to walk you and your girl out) can be perceived as a threat how is it not evidence of his innocent?
6.) Why wasn’t Andre Blanco arrested for violating; for his part in the altercation being that he was dunk and on probation in a state were mere police contact usually results in violation?
7.) Why did the prosecutor allow Andre Blanco to change sworn statements from proceeding to proceeding without explanation?
8.) If the only evidence of aggravated battery against Andre Blanco comes from actions, Andre Blanco testified there was no evidence of, until after Blanco ran up grab him by the back of the neck and started hitting him; How is that not self-defense?
9.) If the only evidence of Aggravated battery against Fransico Gotay comes from actions Gotay testified occurred only after Gotay ran at him swinging to hit him; How is that not self-defense?
10.) If the only evidence of aggravated assault against Hansel Holiday comes from actions Holiday testified occurred only after Holiday was attempting to strike his car and run him off the road for the thirty time; How is that not self- defense?
11.) If Andre Blanco testified that immediately after being hit with what seems like a really hard punch, Blanco gets up runs grabs him by the back of the neck and starts hitting him; and, Fransico Gotay testified that immediately after Blanco falls from being hit with a good punch, Gotay runs up and starts swinging at him. and, Riollano testified that at the time that Riollano approached him and started hitting him in the neck and head, he was still fighting at least one of Riollano’s friends. And, William Troy enter the fight sometime in between. How can they say the fights were one on one.
13.) Why were Fransico Gotay, Anthony Riollano, and Hanzel Holiday treated by the State Attorney’s Office as if their attacking the couple at the couple car was lawful when they claim to have no knowledge of why the fight started or who throw the first punch; Thus, no knowledge of whether they were in the right or wrong?
14.) How is it that he was convicted of murdering William Troy and his conviction is upheld when the only evidence is that William Troy was the 3 or 4 men to enter the fight against him, and his claim to have stab Troy in self-defense?
15.) Why was the jury led to believe that he had to try to avoid the danger before he had the right to stand his ground?
16.) Why wasn’t the State required to answer any of these questions on appeal?
17.) Why wasn’t he granted an Evidential Hearing basic on any of his claims in the Federal Court?
18.) If the police was called before anyone was believed to have been stabbed and Deputy Herbert Mercado testified at the Adversary Preliminary Hearing referring to him as the victim twice.
Doesn’t that mean that the recordings of the 911 calls that were destroyed were evidence of his actual innocents?
19.) Does this mean that Florida law enforcement knows that he is innocent?
20.) Does the wealth of William Troy’s and Anthony Riollano’s family's have anything to do with it.
21.) Is there a conspiracy to deny a innocent man his rights?
22.) If a white man fought off 4 or 5 drunk black men, who told him he needed security, and surrounded him and his girlfriend, outside his car in the parking lot of a strip club, at 2:00 in the morning; Wouldn’t he be a hero?
23.) Are Clerks of Court being paid to sabotage cases in Florida. a.) A Clark of the court filed the unsigned Charge Information. b.) On Direct Appeal they was no judge signature on the ‘Denial .‘ c.) It was a Clerk who allowed incorrect DOC number to remain on his docket for months despite the number of complaints. d.) It was a Clerk of Court that removed 15 pages of his ‘Argument' from his petition for Federal Habeas Corpus. e.) And now the Clerk of Court who denied his State Habeas Corpus without any reason again in the Direct Court of Appeal.
They didn’t put the initial provocation instruction in George Zimmerman jury instruction.
 Read proof of his innocents on his website 
americanmekinguniversal.org and/or amku.org read court transcripts, and subtitle; Must Read, John's story in his own words " American Me Law vs. Law Enforcement " and give him an emergency release. Too many Florida officials are manipulating the system solely for their own personal prejudices and then having justice denied to avoid lawsuits. A favor for a favor tradition, Regardless of constitutional propriety. Many have gotten more severe sentencing when facts are manipulated at trail. Some were just been plain railroad. This system within the system is so embedded that the Feds are scared to touch it, especially because of the financial ramifications. A federal investigation is sorely needed, men like my son who have been ignored and lack opportunities to received justice in Florida that only money can buy. Thank You
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2023.06.06 23:05 anonpotato76965 Stripper liked me, bf is angry.

Anon because obviously.
My bf and I are both in our thirties, we’ve been together for almost 2 years. We live separately but have been discussing moving in together. I have been having some reservations about moving in. As someone who didn’t hoe around when I was younger, dating someone who did and sees those days as wild times of his youth, I’ve had an insecurity that’s growing. My boyfriend is also insecure. I’m what my culture considered conventionally attractive. I think my boyfriend is the hottest guy around, but he feels he hasn’t had a good time because of his height and race. As you can probably imagine, what we thought was a fun sexy weekend was probably a bad idea.
We wanted to get out of town and go to some gay events in the big city a few hours away. My boyfriend wanted to go to this strip club, I had reservations because his ex and he went there and had fun in his “past life” (eye roll, that’s what he calls 18-24 when he was in his slut phase). I went in feeling like I didn’t belong.
He gets us front row seats. The main performer on that night is a pretty famous adult entertainer who I’m a big fan of. Long story short, he noticed me and came over to us a lot. I sucked his dick a few times, other guys only sucked it once or not at all. He didn’t offer it to my boyfriend. At the end of the show, he comes over to me and asks me to go upstairs with him. My bf heard and he squeezed my leg, so I declined. He gave me a really long kiss and I wasn’t sure what to do.
So now my bf is upset that our excursion to the strip club he’s so familiar with didn’t work out how he wanted.
I feel weird because if it weren’t for my bf, I would’ve gone upstairs with that guy and done whatever he suggested.
I think I need to take some time to explore for a while. I love my boyfriend, but I haven’t dated or had sex much at all. He’s done all this crazy stuff and I can’t help but want that for myself. His attitude that his crazy times are over make me insecure.
I’d appreciate advice. We never should’ve gone to a strip club, but he insisted I’d like it.
When he was having his wild fun, I was fat and sad in a dark room being depressed. Now that I’ve climbed out of that depression, I feel like it should be my turn.
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2023.06.06 20:49 Outrageous_You_3664 Free labor is not okay

Free labor is not okay
Free labor is not okay. Example : 10$ for a 2 shop 2 deliver for 24 items 9.9 miles is not okay. No one can make a living off of this, please realize the struggle of us gig workers and not make it all about corporate. It is time to be considerate to the people who actually make this app work. Everyone as rich as they are now in corporate making off of the backs of low income people is not oky, be more considerate and let everyone live comfortably. No one’s asking for 1000$ batches, just make it more reasonable. For somebody who has no family or friend support, and try’s to make it on their own this is absolutely insane. I’ve been doing instacart for about 2 years now, and honestly this is terrible at this point. And the crazy thing is I like instacart, I hate corporate jobs and I hate hourly jobs with creepy management or employees. So this is honestly sad where this is just going. I can make more money waitressing at a strip club at this point. Sad instacart.
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2023.06.06 20:42 throwaway62957216 I regret staying local for college

I (22M) regret staying local for college so much. So many factors came into play regarding my choice to stay and they made sense at the time but I wish I could go back and force myself to stay. I don’t feel like transferring is an option now but I’m so miserable. I only have 1 year left but every day I wake up and wish I was somewhere else.
Here’s my timeline
Fall 2019: start community college Fall 2021: apply for transfer Spring 2022: take a semester off bc I finished my units Fall 2022: attend a UC briefly, have to drop out because of reasons I will list below Spring 2023: continue education at local state school in order to still graduate on time
Reasons I left the UC: •my financial aid was stripped last minute, leaving me with a ridiculous amount of loans I’d have to take •I was unsure in my major (film), and I didn’t want to take more loans to figure that out •my dad was being forced to sell the house due to external circumstances, and if I came back I’d be able to help him keep it (without this house I’d be homeless) •felt I may have better opportunities at the state school instead of the UC
Fast forward to now, I just finished my first semester at the local state school under what I feel is a better major (Creative Media), but I feel so empty. I’m taking units at an accelerated rate to graduate on time but it doesn’t feel worth it. The whole point of a college degree is to help get a job, but this degree does not feel like it’s going to help. My school doesn’t help with internships or anything, but even if they did I wouldn’t want to work bc then it would cement me here. Everyday I’m either at school or doing nothing. My school doesn’t help with internships, none of which would matter anyway bc I can’t bear getting a job here bc that just cements me to being here longer. I commute from home because I live so close (20 min) but at this point I’d rather go into debt than live here any longer. Which is weird because I have a perfect home life. I can do whatever I want whenever I want, i buy my own groceries and have my own freedoms, privacy, etc. but I still crave a change.
I want to be an actor but I can’t find any auditions or classes near me that I haven’t already taken. There are no theatre or improv clubs at my school. It got so bad I tried to make my own improv group but it fell apart bc we didn’t know what we were doing. I know I fucked up bad staying here and it feels like I’m just letting my life slip away. I’m almost 23 and stuck here until I turn 24 since that’s when I’ll graduate and whenever I remember that it makes me wanna die.
I know “the grass is always greener”, but I genuinely feel like I’d be so much happier living away from home. Because even if it was worse at least I’d be experiencing something new. Every time I drive around this town it feels like I’ve done everything here.
I’ve talked to a therapist about this but I don’t feel like much progress has been made. Mainly I’ll just forget I feel this way for a few weeks and then I’ll remember and get depressed again.
I am such an outgoing person so being locked in house with no reason to leave drains me so bad. I need to get out of here no matter what it takes, but I don’t want to drop out of college either. I don’t know what I can do.
I know I’m just a guy who tried desperately to cling onto the past, but it feels so unfair that I have to pay for it with 2 years of my life. I’ve felt this way since January, which is past when applications are due so if I wanted to transfer I’d have to apply in the fall and then wait until next fall, which by that point I’ll already be graduated from the state school. I don’t want to drop out of college but I’m open to anything that gets me out of my situation and helps me experience something new. I have around 30k saved and no college debt, so luckily I’m not tied here financially anymore, but that doesn’t make me feel any less stuck.
TLDR: chose to go to school far away, but when I left my family had to sell our house so I came back to help and go to college locally. House got kept but now I’m miserable living in it and feel like I may have been better off letting them sell it and not coming back.
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2023.06.06 20:20 Kind-Growth-6800 How common are extras clubs and dancers?

I visited my first strip club about 15 years ago and back then it seemed that extras were not as common as today.
My theory is that with widespread internet porn, the rise of escorting, more liberal girls on dating apps, and the push to decriminalize sex work many girls realize that the fantasy SC experience is fading. Maybe some guys still go to get blue balls but most guys want real action. Why go get blue balls in a club when porn is free? Therefore dancers realize that to make any real money, they must offer extras.
I'm spoiled now in the sense that I don't even waste time with non extras clubs or dancers, but when I first hit SCs I just tipped at the stage and got regular dances, I thought that's all that was available. Maybe I was naive, or times have changed.
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2023.06.06 20:13 32prjiuod Indy Clinton gets ‘payback’ after husband’s strip club ‘lie’

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2023.06.06 20:12 32prjiuod Indy Clinton gets ‘payback’ after husband’s strip club ‘lie’

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2023.06.06 19:58 sernandefgdf Indy Clinton gets ‘payback’ after husband’s strip club ‘lie’

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2023.06.06 19:58 sernandefgdf Indy Clinton gets ‘payback’ after husband’s strip club ‘lie’

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2023.06.06 19:26 StephanFS Flickering lights

I want to play Duke Nukem 3D with a source port, but the flickering lights in some areas (like the Strip Club in the second level) bothers me a lot. I'm not epileptic, but it annoys me. Is there any way I can disable it?
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2023.06.06 19:15 NoWingedHussarsToday My theory on what callings were based on finale

Given that show ends with a reset so all situations that called for callings (heh) don't exist then what's the point of them anyway?
My theory is that the callings were not about actually solving them but about people's reaction to them. So it didn't matter whether you solve it, managed to help people that needed help and such, what mattered is that you tried. It was not a test of whether you can complete the task, it was the test whether you'll respond and whether you'll persevere when it gets hard and continuing comes with a cost. Consider two calling Mick gets in pilot. First it's "slow down" on the bus. The point of it isn't that she gets driver to slow down so he doesn't hit the kid, it's about persistence in telling him to slow down even when he tells her to back off. Same with "set them free". She starts to run into trouble at work when she releases the dogs, breaks in the junk yard and keeps going when everybody tells her to stop. The true test was to see if she'll keep going when it gets hard to do so. And in alter callings there were always issues with people not trusting passengers, people running into all sorts of problems and risks and dilemmas when it would be easy to give up.
Other than Angelina we get to learn only about one person who doesn't make it and show made a point of showing us he refused to have anything to do with callings. He got turned into ash not because he was visiting strip clubs with a stolen credit card but because he did that instead of helping others solve callings.
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2023.06.06 18:42 davinitupoverhere Best all-inclusive resort for vacation (near Eastern US)?

Hey everyone, I'm in Toronto and I'm looking to take my wife and infant child on a vacation to an all-inclusive resort.
I'd love something warm during the winter months, like Mexico or the Caribbean, since those locations are also not super far to take a baby on a trip. Do you all have any recommendations?
Some cursory searches have yielded resorts like Dreams, Excellence, and Secrets (why do these all sound like strip clubs? lol) but I'm curious if any of you have had a successful resort experience.
I love food so having GF options, and GOOD GF options, is important to me/us! Thank you all in advance :)
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2023.06.06 18:30 GarthbrooksXV Harrison's Prom Date

Harrison combed through his silky hair with his patented congealed urine goo. The aroma was scintillating. Vroooom! Screech! A big monster truck pulled up right next to his front door shooting dirt and mud up everywhere all over his trailer house.
"All aboard! Motha trucka!" shouted his friend, Teddy. Harrison kicked the combination cardboard plywood door off the front of his trailer house, breaking one hinge off some moldy wood while the upper hinge hung from some twisted duct tape up top.
Screeeeech! The monster struck spun out on Harrison's front lawn, kicking up more debris onto the side of the house. His dad had a busted window half open and a piece of dog shit came flying through and landed in his mouth while he was sleeping with his mouth open. Pa coughed a couple times and ground his teeth as he gagged it down and continued with his afternoon slumber. Pa would wake up later in the evening to go bar and strip club hopping with his buddies.
As the monster truck sped off, several police cars emerged and turned on their sirens and lights. Teddy flipped off the cops and kept driving. Prom was starting in 2 hours and he didn't want to be late.
Thirty minutes later Teddy pulled up to his girlfriend's house. Teddy and Harrison both got out and after a gunfight with the police, headed to the front door. They rang it and out came Julia and her mom. Teddy gave Julia a big kiss and Harrison gave Julia's mom a big kiss. Harrison had just turned 19 so he thought it best to start dating older women with more life experience.
The lot piled into the monster truck. They had Fred, Julia's dad, man an anti-aircraft gun mounted in the back because they figured the police would probably send a helicopter next, as usual.
They went cruising down the highway mostly unabused by cops to their surprise. They pulled up to a McDonald's and ordered a lot of food. They ate the food and they all got sick and died cuz it was laced with ricin poisoning.
See, Walter White had been hired by the gub'ment to deal with these crooks. They struck a deal to let him off drug charges if he would just be a secret agent for them instead. He was an excellent one!
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2023.06.06 18:19 rwal1990 Something to do 6/28

Will be in Vegas for 1 day. Arrives at 9pm and leaving at 5am. What can I get into? Want something fun, and the kind of “what happens in Rome” style. Strip clubs is an option, but it has to be the anything goes type, hole in wall. I want to drink, have fun, and leave with a big smile on my face, and can still smell my night in my beard lmao.
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2023.06.06 18:01 forkedfertilization Indy Clinton gets ‘payback’ after husband’s strip club ‘lie’

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2023.06.06 17:38 throwaway1nsfw1 Curious about Apple vision pro and strip clubs

A lot of customers who are not into getting dances or VIP, can realistically enjoy strippers in VR.
A lot of OF and other providers, now will have 'opportunities' to provide virtual lap dances as well. Probably as close an experience as in a no contact club.
For 3500 a pop, these devices are not cheap but so is this SC hobby. A few months of SC spending can pay for the device when it comes out.
Except for very hard-core SC goers or regulars that may engage in extras, for casual visitors the difference could be non existent.
Do you think Apple vision pro would shape the SC industry in any way?
Edit: to update reasonable spending time frame
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2023.06.06 17:24 Glad_Influence6228 porn in a strip club

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