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Why is the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) flying over Albuquerque right now?

2023.06.02 14:13 Delta_B00st Why is the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) flying over Albuquerque right now?

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2023.06.02 10:53 trip-planner-123 How to Plan a Trip to Ladakh in July

Leh Ladakh, located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, is a picturesque region known for its stunning landscapes, high-altitude mountain passes, and rich cultural heritage. Planning a trip to Leh Ladakh in July can be an exciting adventure as the region experiences pleasant weather during this time. Here is an overview of essential aspects to consider when planning your trip:
Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh in July
Pangong Tso: A breathtaking high-altitude lake known for its ever-changing colors, Pangong Tso is a must-visit destination. You can enjoy camping by the lakeside and witness the magical reflections of the surrounding mountains.
Nubra Valley: Situated in the northern part of Ladakh, Nubra Valley offers a unique landscape with sand dunes, lush green villages, and monasteries. Don't miss the opportunity to ride the double-humped Bactrian camels and visit Diskit Monastery.
Magnetic Hill: This fascinating place is known for its magnetic properties that can pull vehicles uphill without any external force. Experience this mysterious phenomenon and capture some memorable pictures.
Leh Palace: Visit the ancient Leh Palace, a nine-story royal residence built in the 17th century. Explore its architectural beauty, enjoy panoramic views of the city, and delve into the rich history and culture of Ladakh.
Hemis Monastery: The largest and wealthiest monastery in Ladakh, Hemis Monastery is a significant cultural and religious hub. If you're visiting in July, make sure to witness the vibrant Hemis Festival, which showcases traditional dance, music, and masked performances.
Clothes to Wear in Ladakh in July
In July, Ladakh experiences pleasant weather during the day with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius (68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). However, nights can be chilly, with temperatures dropping to single digits. Here are some clothing essentials to pack for your trip:
Layered clothing: Pack lightweight, breathable clothes such as t-shirts, shirts, and light sweaters for the daytime. Layer up with warm jackets or fleece during the evenings and early mornings.
Warm accessories: Carry a hat or a cap to protect yourself from the sun during the day. Also, pack a scarf or a shawl to keep yourself warm in the colder temperatures.
Comfortable footwear: Opt for sturdy and comfortable shoes or boots, especially if you plan to go trekking or hiking. Don't forget to pack a pair of warm socks to keep your feet cozy.
Things to Do in Leh Ladakh in July
Apart from visiting the popular tourist spots, here are some other activities you can enjoy during your trip to Leh Ladakh in July:
Trekking and hiking: Explore the picturesque landscapes of Ladakh on various trekking routes such as Markha Valley, Stok Kangri, or Lamayuru to Chilling trek.
River rafting: Experience the thrill of river rafting in the Zanskar or Indus River. July offers ideal water levels and moderate rapids for this adventure activity.
Monastery visits: Ladakh is home to numerous monasteries with architectural beauty and spiritual significance. Explore monasteries like Thiksey, Alchi, Lamayuru, and Shey.
Wildlife spotting: Visit the Hemis National Park, home to rare wildlife species such as the snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, blue sheep, and Himalayan marmot. July is a good time for wildlife sightings.
Weather of Ladakh in July
July is considered the peak tourist season in Ladakh due to its pleasant weather. The region experiences warm and sunny days with clear skies, making it ideal for outdoor activities. However, nights can be cold, so it's essential to carry appropriate warm clothing.
Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh
The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is from May to September when the weather is pleasant and the mountain passes are accessible. July falls within this period and is considered one of the best months to visit. However, note that the region can experience occasional rainfall during July, so it's advisable to check the weather forecast before your trip.
Choose Reliable Ladakh Tour Packages from Best Tour planners in india
To make your trip planning easier, you can consider booking a kashmir tour package. Various Trip Planners in India offer packages that include accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, and activities. Research different packages and choose one that suits your preferences and budget. Ensure that the package includes visits to popular tourist spots, comfortable accommodations, and experienced guides.
Remember to check the package details, inclusions, exclusions, and any additional services provided. It's also a good idea to read reviews and testimonials from previous travellers to ensure the reliability and quality of the tour operator in India.
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2023.06.02 05:03 neonsugarx3 Birthday ideas for a 4 year old in the summer that don’t suck?

My daughter turns 4 at the end of July and there’s the trampoline park which I personally think they are too small for or Chuck E. Cheese’s which …is debatable lol. I also don’t really want her and 15 toddlers at my house 😂 I’m in Connecticut if that helps!
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2023.06.02 00:10 DermerkPenguin 🤣🤣🤣

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2023.06.01 23:40 mbp_br Who needs charts when Chat GPT can give you the info like a bro

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2023.06.01 21:41 Dr-Queen-Potato Fun and unique things to try out in Noida?

I have 6 months to complete my goal of trying out 15 new things that I have never tried out before. So, I need idea about small but fun things that one can do with a friend or by themselves in Noida. (Yes, I have asked a similar question in the Delhi sub cause I travel to Delhi frequently.)
Anything unique (for example, preferably not restaurants), and small. Things like, idk, pottery or shooting (if someone can help me find a place for recreational shooting, not a coaching center, I'll forever be sending you virtual hugs!), activity centers like, idk trampoline parks or something?
It doesn't have to be something I mentioned in the post. Anything you guys have tried or heard of would be wonderful!
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2023.06.01 21:29 Dr-Queen-Potato Fun and unique things to try out in Delhi NCR?

I have 6 months to complete my goal of trying out 15 new things that I have never tried out before. So, I need idea about small but fun things that one can do with a friend or by themselves in the Delhi-NCR region. I live closer to Noida but willing to travel into Delhi and other areas if they have a good metro connectivity or if the activity is worth it.
Anything unique (for example, preferably not restaurants), and small. Things like, idk, pottery or shooting (if someone can help me find a place for recreational shooting, not a coaching center, I'll forever be sending you virtual hugs!), activity centers like, idk trampoline parks or the gurgaon air activity center thing?
Anything that is fun and different, please.
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2023.06.01 19:52 SeaShare7812 clicking while in park

clicking while in park
I got this 18 gc high altitude a couple months ago and have just noticed this clicking while in park, no engine lights or issues. just wondering if it’s normal?
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2023.06.01 19:28 Stock_Librarian_8108 Grateful for some piggy bank money

I am thankful because I am recovering from gambling addiction. Although I am far from recovering what I have lost, today we had $100 to buy 30-day passes for my 2 daughters to a trampoline park they have been wanting to go to for months. They will have a fun activity to do this summer aside from going to the library (which is of course free). As you can imagine, I carry a lot of guilt and have thousands of times wanted to commit suicide, but I will continue to find little joys in this life because they deserve so much better.
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2023.06.01 18:51 HarleesAdventures HarleesAdventures Trampoline Park

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2023.06.01 16:43 Apprehensive-Big2283 Wanting to have a fun time on boyfriend's birthday.

I'd be visiting Gurugram for first time ever in my life. I'm from Punjab and would be visiting my boyfriend ( he lives in delhi) on his birthday. I'm planning to visit trampoline park - Zooper, hoping to have fun time on his birthday (he's been distressed lately). I also planned to go iskate or gokarting. However, I've very limited set of information as I've never been to gurgaon. Would be a great help if you guys could suggest more fun places to visit.
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2023.06.01 13:21 lockyourtrip05 National Tour Package - What Can You Do At Khangchendzonga National Park For An Ultimate Escape

National Tour Package - What Can You Do At Khangchendzonga National Park For An Ultimate Escape
This park, also known as the Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve, is the pinnacle of the beauty of nature. Khangchendzonga National Park is one of the few high-altitude national parks in the nation and was just added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. If you are a nature lover type person then you should visit this place with our National Tour Package. Along with the third-highest mountain in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga, which dominates the park and its surroundings, the region is home to fantastic glaciers, pristine lakes, lush valleys, and a variety of endangered plants and animals.
You can visit Lake Menmecho, where coniferous trees surround the body of water, adding to its mystic allure; gaze in awe at the piercing crevices of Mt. Rathong; wait patiently for the fog to lift so you can see the Zemu Glacier, one of the largest on the continent, at a length of 26 km; see the Famrong Waterfall fall with otherworldly graceful intensity; and see the park's protector, Mt.

Things To do At Khangchendzonga National Park

There are many amazing things to explore in The Khangchendzonga National Park if you love to discover wildlife. If you enjoy exploring new places then you can go hiking along beautiful trails where you can see lovely rhododendron trees, the moving water of Samiti Lake, and more. Most of these things are already pre-planned in our National Tour Package itinerary.

1. Explore Goechala

Goechala, one of the highest mountain passes in the Himalayas at 4947 metres, is a well-liked destination for visitors to Sikkim. The starting point of the trek is Yuksom, which serves as the base. With gorgeous rhododendron trees, peaceful peaks, and Samiti Lake's flowing water, the trek is renowned for being an aesthetic delight.
Book now : Group tour packages

2. Khecheopalri Lake

This lake, which is in West Sikkim and is about 150 kilometres from Gangtok, is particularly significant to both Buddhists and Hindus. Every year, thousands of tourists come here between the months of March to October. Don't overlook visiting this Buddhist pagoda close to the well-known Khecheopalri Lake. Visiting this lake is one of the best things that you can do on your trip with the National Tour Package.

3. Yuksom Valley

A tranquil, quiet community at the summit of Khangchendzonga National Park. It is well-liked by pilgrims and tourists. February to November is the ideal time to travel to this place. Only an hour's walk separates the village from Dubdi Monastery, one of the oldest Sikkim monasteries.20% Discount on Adventure tour packages

Flora and Fauna In Khangchendzonga National Park

Khangchendzonga National Park, which was established in 1977 and covers an area of 1750 sq km, has the benefit of being situated in a remote area of Sikkim. As a result, it is a pristine habitat for flora and fauna and a delight for tourists.


The national park's blossoming Floar usually can be seen in three zones:
  • Mild Broadleaf Forest- Species like Quercus Lineata, Acer campbellii, and Juglans Regia can be found in this type of forest.
  • Mixed Coniferous Forest- This type of forest is home to Rhododendrons, Junipers, and Abies Densa.
  • Alpine Vegetation- Common herbs and medicinal plants like Picrorhiza and Rheum emodi are found in this type.
BOOK NOW : International tour package


Snow leopards, red pandas, blue sheep, barking deer, Marmont monkeys, musk deer, wild dogs, and rodents are just a few of the diverse and endangered mammal species that live in this beautiful park. If you are a wildlife lover then you don’t have to think for a sec to visit this place with the National Tour Package. The area is also home to reptiles like rat snakes and Russell's vipers.


In Sikkim, there are more than 500+ bird species and subspecies. Monal pheasants, Tragopan pheasants, Ospreys, Asian emerald Cuckoos, Sunbirds, Now Pigeons, Tibetan Snow Cocks, Himalayan Griffons, Lammergeiers, Forest Eagle Owls, Falcons, and Rock Pigeons are just a few of them. Bird lovers should never miss a chance to explore this place with our National Tour Package. In the winter when upper altitudes are covered in snow, birds descend to lower altitudes. In this area, a new species of Himalayan forest thrush known scientifically as Zoothera salimalii was discovered in 2016. BOOK NOW : Singapore tour packages
Accommodation At Khangchendzonga National Park
The Forest Rest Houses are the best option for tourists because Sikkim's hospitality sector is still growing. These forest rest houses at the Range office offer comfortable lodging options for its visitors. Homestays and respectable cheap hotels are additional choices. Some of the cosiest and most well-liked tourist destinations include the Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee, Hotel Yak, Trekkers Hut, Hotel 10zing, and Hotel Tashigang. If you don’t want to worry bout accommodation in your trip then you can book your trip with our National Tour Package.
After reading about the magnificent Khangchendzonga National Park, be sure to include it in your trip to Sikkim. Plan your trip to Sikkim and take a unique experience if you're looking for a more individualised experience!
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2023.06.01 09:43 BirlaArnaaShettigere The Ultimate Residential Haven: Birla Arnaa Shettigere.

The Ultimate Residential Haven: Birla Arnaa Shettigere.
Are you looking for the ultimate residential haven in Bengaluru? Look no further than Birla Arnaa Shettigere. This luxurious retirement community offers everything you need to enjoy your golden years in comfort and style. From its prime location to top-notch amenities, there's no better place to retire than at Birla Arnaa Shettigere. Let's explore all that this exceptional community has to offer!

What is Birla Arnaa Shettigere?

Birla Arnaa Shettigere is a premium residential project developed by Birla Estates in Bengaluru. It's a thoughtfully designed community that offers luxurious living for retirees who want to enjoy the best of their lives. The complex covers an expansive area of 40 acres and has more than 500 units, which are available in various configurations.

The apartments at Birla Arnaa Shettigere cater to every need and preference, with spacious layouts, high-quality fittings, and impeccable design. You can choose from one-bedroom apartments or two- and three-bedroom homes that come with balconies overlooking lush greenery.

Aside from its stunning architecture, Birla Arnaa Shettigere also boasts ample open spaces filled with landscaped gardens, water features, walking trails, and outdoor seating areas. The complex includes several amenities such as a clubhouse that houses modern facilities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, indoor games room as well as aerobics hall.

All in all,Birla Arnaa Shettigere is not just another residential project but an exceptional community where residents can live peacefully while enjoying luxury amenities within the serene confines of nature.

The location of Birla Arnaa Shettigere

Birla Arnaa Shettigere is located in the northern part of Bengaluru, in the midst of a rapidly developing neighborhood. Situated at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, this location offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Birla Arnaa Bengaluru is its proximity to major transport hubs such as Kempegowda International Airport and Yelahanka Railway Station. This makes it easy for residents to travel domestically or internationally without any hassle.

The area around Birla Arnaa Shettigere is also home to some renowned educational institutions like Ryan International School, Canadian International School, and VidyaShilp Academy. These schools offer top-notch education facilities for children.

Additionally, there are several shopping malls nearby such as Orion East Mall, Galleria Mall Yelahanka New Town which provides ample options for entertainment and leisure activities. The locality also has many hospitals such as Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield Northside etc., ensuring that residents have access to quality healthcare services with ease.

Overall,Birla Arnaa Shettigere's location offers a perfect blend of nature's beauty along with modern amenities making it an ideal place for retirees seeking peace and comfort amidst hustle-bustle city life.

The amenities offered by Birla Arnaa Shettigere

Birla Arnaa Shettigere offers a wide range of amenities that cater to the needs and wants of its residents. For those who prioritize wellness, this residential haven features a well-equipped gymnasium with state-of-the-art equipment for cardio and strength training exercises.

Residents can also enjoy lounging by the beautiful outdoor swimming pool or indulging in a relaxing session at the on-site spa. Families with children will appreciate the dedicated play areas where kids can have fun while staying safe under adult supervision.

For those who love to entertain guests, Birla Arnaa Shettigere has an expansive clubhouse equipped with modern facilities perfect for hosting events such as parties, meetings or gatherings.

Security is also top-notch as there are trained professionals monitoring all entry and exit points 24/7. In terms of accessibility, elevators provide easy access to all floors including basement parking which ensures convenience for car owners.

These amenities make Birla Arnaa Shettigere stand out from other residential developments in Bengaluru. The developers clearly understand what their potential residents need in order to live comfortably and conveniently within their own community.

Why Birla Arnaa Shettigere is the perfect retirement destination

Retirement is the time when you want to sit back and relax. You need a place which provides all the amenities that cater to your needs. Birla Arnaa Shettigere in Bengaluru does just that.

Firstly, its location makes it an ideal retirement destination, as it's surrounded by greenery and away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Secondly, Birla Arnaa Shettigere offers various amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, gymnasium, and jogging track. These facilities ensure that retirees don't have to leave the premises for their daily activities.

Moreover, medical facilities are also available within the complex in case any health emergency arises. Also, security measures are top-notch with round-the-clock surveillance and gated community living.

Furthermore, socializing can be done at leisure with fellow residents through planned recreational activities provided by Birla Arnaa Shettigere's management team.

Retiring at Birla Arnaa Shettigere ensures a comfortable lifestyle while being surrounded by nature and like-minded individuals who share common interests - making it an excellent retirement option for anyone seeking peace of mind during their golden years.

How to retire in Birla Arnaa Shettigere

Retiring in Birla Arnaa Shettigere is a dream come true for many who are looking for a peaceful and serene place to spend their golden years. But how do you actually retire in this residential haven? Here's the breakdown:

Firstly, assess your financial situation. While Birla Arnaa Shettigere offers affordable living options, it's still important to know what you can afford and plan accordingly.

Next, research the different types of housing options available at Birla Arnaa Shettigere. From apartments to villas, there are various choices that cater to different preferences and budgets.

Once you've decided on your ideal home, connect with the sales team at Birla Arnaa Shettigere who will guide you through the buying process and help answer any questions or concerns.

After securing your new home, start planning how you want to spend your retirement days - whether it's joining social clubs or simply enjoying the natural surroundings.

Don't forget about healthcare needs! Thankfully, Birla Arnaa Shettigere provides access to medical facilities as well as an emergency response team should anything unexpected happen.
Retiring in Birla Arnaa Shettigere is an exciting opportunity that allows one to live out their golden years surrounded by beauty and tranquility.


Birla Arnaa Shettigere is the ultimate residential haven for retirees seeking comfort, luxury, and a peaceful environment. The location of this residential complex offers easy access to major landmarks in Bengaluru while providing a serene environment that ensures an enjoyable retirement experience.

The amenities offered by Birla Arnaa Shettigere are world-class and cater to various interests of its residents. You can enjoy indoor games, fitness sessions at the gymnasium or swimming pool, rejuvenation therapies at the spa center, and much more.

If you want to retire in Birla Arnaa Shettigere, it's quite simple. All you need to do is contact their sales team who will guide you through all the necessary steps required to secure your spot as a resident.

Birla Arnaa Shettigere has everything that any retiree could ask for- luxurious living spaces equipped with modern amenities set amidst scenic surroundings in Bengaluru. It truly is one of a kind residential complex that will help make your retirement phase comfortable and memorable!
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2023.06.01 03:55 nicoleecat Jenelle's Malingering Timeline Part 3 - 2022 to Present

Alright y'all... here's the final piece. It's 15 Google Docs pages, so it's a long one. If you don't want to read and are wondering what the takeaway is, it's this: Jenelle has so many different health "issues" that have popped up and disappeared over the last 10+ years, received diagnoses for some, has had tests done for most, and has ultimately ignored all of it. Sometimes she focuses on her esophagus. Sometimes it's her neck cracking. Sometimes it's her lungs. Sometimes it's her bloodwork. Sometimes it's her hemangiomas. Nowhere in any of the testing, medications, unofficial or official diagnoses is there a solution she's happy with. It never ends, and it never will. I'll eat a very tall sandwich if she ever announces (another) official diagnosis that explains all of her ailments (not necessarily one blanket one) and demonstrates treatment or lifestyle changes that she's making to try to make herself feel better.

January 2022 - Posts a TikTok video saying she’s been taking things easy lately and has lost her spark and motivation because of her health issues. She says, “I’ve recently been diagnosed with two tumors in my spine, and they recently found out that I also have a tumor in my neck, which hurts pretty bad. We don’t know what we’re doing about this yet, but I’ve just been in a lot of pain lately. My neck is just killing me.” She hashtags the video "syringomyelia," "hemangioma," and "spinetumor." In another video, she says these tumors are different than the cysts she’s previously mentioned and lists out what she has: cysts in her spine and head, two small tumors on her vertebrae and “thoratic” spine, another tumor at C3 in her neck, called hemangiomas. More on that in a bit.
January 2, 2022 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that said, “I have a cyst on my brain. Actually, a lot of people do. They call them ‘don’t bother me cysts’ because they are so common. Your absolutely fine.” Sarcastically, Jenelle says, “You know what you’re so right; it doesn’t cause any issues until you go paralyzed or can’t hold your bowels anymore or have left arm weakness like I do, or have a nerve study done and show left side weakness in your body.” She says we shouldn’t compare whos worse and that it’s not a competition, and wants to clarify that she has cysts and tumors. She says cysts elsewhere aren’t a big issue, but they are when they’re on your spine. “Just use Google.” She points out that the video is shaking and says it’s because of weakness in her hands. She says the commenter is right that they won’t do anything about it until the symptoms get worse.
Posts another response to a different comment that says, “I know it’s been a long road to this discovery. Can you share with us the journey such as exams they had to conduct to find these tumors?” Jenelle says every time you get an MRI/CT scan done, you should ask for the image disk and bring it with you to every doctor you go to, as long as it has a diagnosis. She shows a picture of her “thoratic” spine and points out two little tumors and a cyst. She shows the MRI of her sinuses and shows us that cyst. She says she got another MRI that she doesn’t have the image disk for, but it showed she had another hemangioma.
January 5, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with someone else’s audio that says, “how do you know you can’t OD on cannabis? Because I try! I try every fucking day Barbara.” It could be argued she only posted this because her mom’s name is Barbara, but her cannabis addiction is well documented.
January 6, 2022 - Posts a dancing TikTok and a commenter says, “That’s good for the back.” She responds, “Staying positive and dancing until I can’t anymore.”
January 8, 2022 - Says in a TikTok comment that she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and just has anxiety.
January 12, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with the caption “When your husband asks if he got you sick,” and the audio says, “Umm… yeah.”
Random thoughts YT January 2022 - talks about her implants and says, “They say to get them redone every 10 years, but I don’t have any problems right now.” She says she asked 2 different doctors, and both told her that she has so many other health issues that they don’t think she has BII and aren’t concerned about it.
January 2022 - Seventh video, with footage starting in October and going through January. It’s been six months since she found out about the cyst. Her back hurts really bad, yet still went on a fair ride (which made her nauseous, despite her “never” having motion sickness before). She has nerve pain in her shoulders, back, and ribs. Headache, neck cracking, ear popping, feels like she can’t breathe. She Googled what she shouldn’t be doing: no trampolines, no scuba diving (“which I’m certified in scuba diving, so that really sucks”), and no roller coaster riding. So. ENT said to see the neurologist again; the neurologist suggests seeing a new ENT. The neurologist assumes the neck cracking isn’t caused by the cyst. Goes back to the neurosurgeon - they’re going to repeat the MRI and look for any changes. The results show it’s getting longer but is the same width. Mentions her heat issues again; she’s getting red patches on her chest and breaking out and itching when she’s in the sun. She says she’s getting neck tightness, extreme pressure headaches, and blood pressure rising when she stands up and sits down. The doctor suggests an MRI of her neck. Now claims arm & fingertip numbness. Refers to her cysts as tumors, benign vertebrae tumors, and hemangiomas. The neurosurgeon suggests pain management, but she wants to try herbal remedies and some fruit that cures cancer. The neurosurgeon says the hemangioma is fine and that her neck is normal. Jenelle suggests she may have thoracic outlet syndrome. She thought her neck was cracking due to the hemangioma, but the doctor tells her that wouldn’t cause the neck cracking. She has an EMG scheduled and will get a blood study done to detect her blood circulation.
February 2, 2022 - Posts a negative review for another doctor on Facebook. She says she was told by the PA to “go to the ER if you become paralyzed or lose bowel movements due to the cyst in your spine.” She was referred elsewhere for TOS syndrome (thoracic outlet syndrome). She says she’s been crying for months about her problems, and the practice didn’t care to look into it further when her problems are “very apparent” on her MRIs. She doesn’t recommend this office and ends the review with, “Not to mention my cyst in my spine is growing in length 1mm per month.”
This same day, someone comments on a TikTok video asking how her back is doing. She responds by saying, “Lots of pain, and my neck always cracks but waiting on second opinions.”
February 8, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with the caption “Nerve Study Day” with star emojis. She starts her voiceover by saying, “Time for another dottor’s appointment.” She explains the nerve study tests her nerve impulses with shocks and acupuncture pokes. She says, “Don’t worry, I wore a mask, I was sick.” She says she felt like shit after and took a bath and then laid down after because she had a bad headache. She had to help Kaiser with homework, though, because being a mom doesn’t stop. Ate dinner but still didn’t feel well, so she went to sleep.
February 2022 - Eighth video. Got a new opinion from a new neurologist who sent her for another MRI and a nerve study. Claims her symptoms have gotten worse. Says her cervical MRI was at C3, C5, C6, & C7. She has a hemangioma in her neck, degenerative disc disease, and a disc bulge. The thoracic MRI showed T7, T8, & T9 - has a syrinx & hemangiomas there. And the cyst in her sinus. Says her thumb on her left side is losing grip, and her arm doesn’t feel like it’s attached to her body. Her brain pain has been getting worse and worse. Claims the new doctor says it’s weird no one is doing anything. She looked at her CT myelogram scan from 2021 and says spondylosis is her new diagnosis and that the neurologist didn’t tell her about it. Her neck has been cracking even louder - she’s being referred to another neurosurgeon for her spine cyst. She’s going to have her lungs checked for more cysts. After the nerve study, says she has problems at C6 in her spine and is waiting for the neurologist to look at the results. She has had nerve pain in her arm and back since the study, as well as double vision.
February 20, 2022 - Posts a TikTok about her health and mentions she will get checked for ALS and has been crying a lot. She’s getting all of her tests redone and her nerve study redone. She says she’s having trouble breathing, and since she has cysts “popping up everywhere,” they want to check to see if they’re also on her lungs. She hashtags the video “ALSAwareness” and “PrayersNeeded.” Responding to comments, she says, “Yeah, I asked my doc about MS, and she said nope, I don’t have that based on my brain MRI” and “I wish I did have MS and not ALS… but she said she looked at my brain MRI and there were no lesions.” Someone comments that the shaky hands and poor thumb grip could be caused by phone use and gaming controllers, but Jenelle says, “No… I’ve had a nerve study to prove weakness. I am having atrophy in my thumb. My thumb is losing muscle.”
February 23, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story selfie from a doctor’s office captioned “Good news but bad news… blood work is normal”
February 24, 2022 - Posts a TikTok captioned “freaking out on the inside” and “Life tough at the moment :( #NerveStudy.” She says she had to get another nerve study done because the other person who did it wasn’t her doctor’s office. She shows us her medical shorts and her laughing at herself but says she was “tearing up.” She says the electricity part was good but waited on needles. She shows us the equipment they used. Then she shows us herself crying when she got home because she had such bad nerve pain and then went to bed. A comment asks what she takes for the nerve pain, and she says, “Hot baths.” Another asks if she has fibromyalgia, and she says, “Nope.”
March 6, 2022 - Asked in the comments on a TikTok video how she’s been feeling and when she’s going to the doctor again. She responds, “Thanks for asking! Have a lot of double vision, neck pain, and headaches everyday.. Going this week for my check up.”
March 10, 2022 - Posts on Instagram that she has a diagnosis. The next day she sold the story to E! News and said she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. From the article: “For as long as I can remember, I would get extremely bad tension headaches and full body aches - like I had the flu, but was not sick. My entire body gets in so much pain, and sometimes I lay in bed and cry.” She says, “Living life every day is challenging because of having only a little bit of energy to be able to get my work done and then having to go to bed early due to headaches or body aches.” She claims to be changing her diet to manage her symptoms.
March 11, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story that says, “I’m still so sad. Even tho I have a diagnosis… still doesn’t explain my neck cracking, double vision, and throat pain. I feel so hopeless. Something is def wrong with my neck, and it’s severely tight 24/7.”
March 12, 2022 - Posts a TikTok captioned “Hiii #LungCheckup #HealthUpdate #fibromyalgia.” She says she hasn’t been feeling good and took a break from TikTok for a few days. She shares her diagnosis and says she told her neurologist a few months ago that she couldn’t breathe, so she had a checkup with a lung doctor. They did a FeNO test on her, and her score was abnormally low, like “way too low.” She exclaims it measures the nitric oxide that you exhale on your breath. She’s now been prescribed an inhaler, nitroglycerin for her esophagus spasms, and a full lung checkup. She was going to skip her lung appointment, but good thing she didn’t! A quick Google search tells us that a high FeNO score is when you should be concerned.
March 13, 2022 - Posts a TikTok showing off weed merch someone sent her. In the comments, someone asks, “But do you think smoking is contributing to your lung problems? Hope you get answers soon!” Jenelle responds and says, “.....yeah I know :( but thank you.”
Same day - Posts a TikTok discussing her health, and in the comments, someone says one of her results can indicate a certain type of asthma. She responds, “or COPD, anemic, cystic fibrosis, etc. lots of issues.”
March 14, 2022 - A commenter on TikTok says, “My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I tell him my health issues.” Jenelle responds, “David does too.”
Same day - A commenter asks why she doesn’t feel good, and she replies, “The middle of my chest has been hurting for days extremely bad.”
March 16, 2022 - She posts a video captioned “Peak Flow Meter - Lung Reading” and starts it off by saying, “This is your sign to get your lungs checked.” She said she just woke up and has been told to keep a diary of how her lung function is and is going to see how good it is based on her age and height. She blows into the device for about a second and coughs afterward, gasping for breath. She shows us her level is at 410, and for her height and age, it should be at 475. She says she has the lungs of a 70-year-old. She’s going to continue to do readings 3 times a day and report back to her lung doctor. In the comments, she mentions her average is 400. There are multiple comments telling her the correct way to administer this test and that she’s doing it wrong.
She posts a second video responding to a comment telling her to stand up straight, take a big deep breath and blow out as fast and hard as she can. She does it three times and shows it’s 410 each time. Someone comments, asking if she’s sure it’s not stuck, and asks if she quit smoking. She responds, “I’m going to try breathing exercises.”
March 17, 2022 - Posts a video in response to a comment saying, “I thought you said you had a stiff neck and couldn’t breathe?” She’s lipsyncing to Eminem’s “Hailies Song,” specifically the lyrics “I act like shit don’t phase me, inside it drives me crazy. My insecurities could eat me alive.”
March 20, 2022 - Makes a video responding to a comment saying, “Whatever treatment plan your doctor has you on must really be working. You went from uncontrollable neck pain to this in no time at all.” Jenelle says she’s not going to be the most depressed bitch on this app every single day and is going to show us good and bad days. She says some people are in pain more than others. She says she’s been up since 1 in the morning because of her esophageal spasms, feeling like she has a heart attack. She’s not going to film herself every single time she feels like shit. There’s no treatment plan because they don’t know what’s going on. The only treatment plan she has is for her esophagus. She’s going to dance until she can’t no more.
March 26, 2022 - Makes a video with the caption, “I’ll give y’all more of an update soon. If you see bruises on my arms… you know why #myastheniagravis.” She’s crying and breathing heavily and captions herself saying her chest hurts. The text on the video says, “2 months ago: can’t breathe when waking up.” A clip of her in the bath says, “Tried to relax and rest since this began.” Posts a clip of herself in the ER that says, “2 days ago: hospitalized for extreme chest pain and difficulty breathing” and shows off her IV and pulls down her gown to show the monitors taped to her chest. The first clip is taken at 3:05 PM, and the second is taken at 3:49 PM. This one says, “Recently had 2 antibodies related to Myasthenia Gravis show up on blood tests.” Another says, “Had 2 EKGs, they stuck me 4 times for blood, stuck me 2 more for IVs, chest x-ray, CT scan,” and shows off all of her taped IV/blood draw locations. She posts another clip in the hallway outside of the x-ray room that says, “My blood clotting test came back high, but they said images looked ok.” We got a full picture of her IV in her arm that says, “resting for now but following up with neurologist ASAP”
March 27, 2022 - A commenter on TikTok mentions that weight gain can affect her mobility and says it happened to someone they know. Jenelle responds, “I can’t hardly walk 5ft without my legs burning like I’m doing squats, but I have been trying to take walks around my land lately.”
March 28, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story of someone else’s video explaining Epstein-Barr and Jenelle captions it “Yes, I do have Epstein Barr nuclear in my system too lol. This is crazy to think about yall… I had mono in middle school and was hospitalized for it (mind blown emoji)”
April 3, 2022 - Posts on her (shortly thereafter) defunct blog that she’s switching to wine from beer. She says, “With all my health issues happening my stomach and esophagus have not been agreeing with me. Since possibly having Myasthenia Gravis, there’s a huge diet and foods to avoid that can trigger GI symptoms and/or problems.” She claims that “Since switching to wine, my stomach has been a lot calmer, and my burping also has decreased significantly! Super happy I’m making healthier choices for myself.”
April 4, 2022 - Posts a video making and eating a homemade breakfast sandwich (English muffin, bacon, eggs, mayo).
April 26, 2022 - Shows her coffee order again - trenta iced coffee with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, classic syrup, and sweet cream.
May 2, 2022 - In an Instagram Q&A, she's asked how she’s doing lately and asked for health updates. She responds, “Health? It’s put on hold until June when I see my new neuromuscular doctor.”
Mid May 2022 - Starts her OnlyFans.
June 3, 2022 - Posts a picture in her pool exposing her entire rump and captions it “Summer tip: Idk why but switching from beer to wine has shrunk my stomach sooo much!”
June 3, 2022 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that said, “weren’t you almost paralyzed a month ago? It’s a miracle you’ve recovered.” She says you can’t recover from a cyst in your spine. She says she needs an MRI check up to see how long it’s gotten. She clarified that she said she could go paralyzed any day now. “If I go paralyzed or lose any bowel movements without trying, then I have to immediately go to the hospital and get emergency surgery. So yeah, really, I’m like a ticking time bomb over here, just waiting to give up, I guess you can say. So next week, I’ll be going to see my new neuromuscular doctor. Still have a lot more genetic testing to do and blood work, so we’ll see what’s going on, but they’re thinking an autoimmune disease.” She hashtags it “syringomyelia” and “syringomyeliaawareness.” She also clarifies that she’s leaving health content on the back burner until she has answers.
June 7, 2022 - Posts a video once again showing her scans of her spine and sinuses. She hashtags this one “syringomyelia,” “sphiehemangioma,” and “sinuscyst.”
End of June 2022 - She and David go to St. Thomas. In the Youtube vlog she posts, she explains she’s wearing a portable fan around her neck to help cool her down since her various illnesses make her sweat/hot. In the airport, she mentions she’s relieved that she’s “so far not sick,” or in other words, not experiencing esophagus spasms. Once they land, she tells us she didn’t get sick on the flight.
June 26, 2022 - Posts a TikTok explaining the wearable fan more. She says she’s been having an overheating issue and that her face has been red, so if she looks burnt, she isn’t. Nevermind the fact that she posted pictures of herself extremely burnt from their vacation.
July 1, 2022 - Posts a video of her on an alpine coaster.
July 4, 2022 - Takes the kids on a trip to the mountains. Posts TikToks over the week of herself hiking and reaching the top of a lookout point. No health mentions.
July 22, 2022 - Posts about her Invisalign. Responds to a comment saying her jaw and teeth hurt and that she has headaches at night.
August 9, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story selfie showing a heart monitor taped to her chest and captions it “Heart monitor for 48 hours :(. This is following up from a high D Dimer test.”
August 10, 2022 - Posts a health update to TikTok. She reminds us she went to the ER in March and that while she was there, she had a high D Dimer test. The text on the screen says, “also had abnormal ECG in ER, sinus brachycardia (sic), & sinus arrhythmia.” She explains D Dimer tests are for blood clots or heart disease. They saw she didn’t have a blood clot and that her “lungs were fine” but told her to follow up with her doctor. She says the chest pain has been on and off for the last 3 months so she’s been ignoring it. She finally got ahold of her primary care doctor, who told her the chest pain is still happening, told her about the test results, and got a referral to a cardiologist. She shows us the heart monitor she has to wear for the next 48 hours (her exact words are, “so now, I’m on a chest monitor for the next 48 hours”) and says she has a heart ultrasound tomorrow and a stress test in September.
August 11, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story that says, “I told the tech ‘I feel like it might be stress from my kids but idk…’ She said ‘no you’re not crazy when it comes to your pain, I see it happening right here.’”
August 24, 2022 - In another Instagram Q&A she’s asked how her health is going. She says, “Just taking things easy and trying to stay stress free but waiting on test results from my cardiologist still and stress test next month.”
August 31, 2022 - Takes a big bite from a tall sandwich.
September 27, 2022 - Posts on Instagram/TikTok that they’re flying to Bar Harbor for their “honeymoon.” No mention of esophageal spasms on the plane. On this trip, she completes the Beehive Summit hike in Acadia National Park. She also showed us when she took a ginormous bite of a lobster roll and a breakfast sandwich.
October 1, 2022 - Rants about her golf cart that broke. Explains that she needs the golf cart so she doesn’t have to “break her back” “running” to the kids. No mention of mobility issues or because of her illnesses. Does mention her life was at risk since the brakes went out.
October 16, 2022 - Buys herself & David new dirtbikes. Bought herself two - one that is too big and powerful for her to ride yet and another that is more manageable for her.
October 19, 2022 - Posts a TikTok about getting mono in middle school. She explains her throat was so swollen and inflamed that she went to the hospital and was admitted. She had IV steroids. Said her body “could not handle” mono and that she was severely sick. She says mono is REALLY severe and that it is the Epstein-Barr virus. She’s “stitching” someone else’s video and references it when she says that E-B can cause so many other diseases when you’re older without you realizing it. There are 3 blood tests that can see if you actively have E-B. Jenelle says it’s crazy to think it can cause all these health issues. She says she can’t breathe and has bad mucus problems lately in the morning. She’s on an inhaler and seeing her lung doctor. They’re going to do a “bronoscopy” and she’s really scared. She tells people she thinks all of her health issues are from E-B. She must’ve forgotten she already explored this avenue in March. And in August of 2021.
October 26, 2022 - Posts a TikTok that says, “My stomach feeling great… but then… *warning triangle emoji* Esophagus Spams *warning triangle emoji*” and the video of her like errors out? The audio that goes with it says, “Everyone underestimates me but then…. *error noise*” so this is a trend that Jenelle is jumping on to make her esophagus spasms relevant again.
November 2, 2022 - Posts a selfie to her Instagram stories and captions it “sick with the flu..”
November 8, 2022 - Posts a selfie and captions it “In bed today, feeling bad AF. Had 4 lung biopsies yesterday and SO sore :(“
Same day posts a TikTok saying, “y’all have you ever had a bronchoscopy where they stick the camera down into your lungs and they take biopsies?” and tells us she had 4 biopsies done yesterday. She’s lying down with her heating blanket and says she feels sore on the inside. She asks again if we’ve ever had it done before, again. She says she had one taken on her voicebox as well, so 4 lung biopsies and that. They did something to her right lung and they cleaned it out with saline water. She says she’ll get results this week. She has mucus built up in her system, and they don’t know why. She captions it, “I can’t stand this #lungbiopsyrecovery”
She got her hair done for 4 hours the next day.
November 12, 2022 - Posts on her Instagram stories, “Connecting the dots with my health issues. One more blood test, hopefully that’s it. :(“
November 14, 2022 - Posts a TikTok of her using her inhaler. The caption says “#Combivent Inhaler hopefully some of my mucus production is cut down” She’s making goofy faces while she puts her inhaler together and looks giddy to have an actual physical toy to play with.
November 17, 2022 - David posts a picture of them and captions it “Yall pray for my beautiful wife, she has been pretty sick lately”
November 17, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story “Y’all, Predisone (sic) is working wonders right now for my entire body, thank god! #Grateful”
November 27, 2022 - Takes the kids to the mountains for Thanksgiving.
November 28, 2022 - Went tubing in the snow. Snow tubing?
December 2, 2022 - Posts on Facebook “Sorry if I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been in so much pain with my health. Not feeling good enough to make any content.”
December 9, 2022 - Says she lost 20 lbs without trying and thinks it’s from health issues. She says she’s had a harder time eating and is eating smaller meals. She then goes on to explain how she’s been losing weight and says, “So if you’re wondering how I’m losing weight: smaller meals, eating healthier, cutting out fast food.”
December 15, 2022 - Posts on Instagram “If I could find the smartest doctor on this planet, that would be fantastic.”
December 19, 2022 - Her birthday. She and David fight, she calls him a “narcissistic asshole” and took off her wedding ring. Two days later, posts a TikTok and claims the argument was about luggage. There’s speculation this fight was drug related. In her TikTok defending their argument, her pupils are huge. They’re at the mountains with the kids when all of this is going on. She posts another video saying she has PTSD from past relationships and always assumes David’s cheating because she’s been cheated on in the past. She asks if she’s the only one that experiences this.
December 26, 2022 - Posts a selfie and captions it “I think I’m sick FML”
December 28, 2022 - Posts another selfie and captions it “Still sick AF. Yeah.. y’all are right I’m always sick idk why”
January 10, 2023 - Posts a video eating a chia bowl and captions it “Happy dance after fasting for 12 hours.” She has what looks like a blood draw wrap around her arm. In the comments someone asks if it helps and she says she’s doing it for blood work.
January 12, 2023 - Posts a picture of a digestive system poster from a doctor’s office and captions it “FML.”
January 14, 2023 - She and David take a trip to New Orleans. Posts an entire TikTok of what she ate and drank. She takes a giant bite of a crepe. She had 8 alcoholic drinks throughout the day.
January 17, 2023 - Posts on Instagram, “I have mycoplasma pneumoniae” and asks if anyone else has ever suffered from it.
February 2, 2023 - Lipsyncs to a song about smoking weed.
February 4, 2023 - In comments on another video, someone asks if she lost weight, and she responds, “Eating smaller meals, honestly haven’t been trying. I have a hard time eating.”
February 4, 2023 - Posts a TikTok captioned “Weirdest medicine I’ve ever taken! #MethyleneBlue #mycoplasmapneumonia.” She explains she’s trying to figure out her lung problems and says she found out she has long-term pneumonia and has had it for “pretty long.” Her antibodies are pretty high. Treatment is antibiotics for three months, then retesting her antibodies. She calls methylene blue her other medicine/treatment and says it’s an antioxidant if you use a little and if you use a lot it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and boosts serotonin and dopamine. She’s also using a redlight watch that is supposed to kill the bacteria in her veins once the dye is in her system. She claims in the comments this was all prescribed by her doctor.
That same day she posts another TikTok where she says she’s been seeing a functional medicine doctor out of Nashville that she found on YouTube. She had one video call visit and said the doctor sent one test to LabCorp and found her diagnosis. She was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia, as mentioned in the previous video, and neutrophilic asthma. He’s who prescribed the methylene blue and wants her to use it with a nebulizer. She says she’s done a lot of research on it and that it has more pros than cons and seems very beneficial. She says she has shortness of breath but is hoping the combination of antibiotics, methylene blue, and redlight therapy will help her feel better in the long run. She’ll let us know how she feels in 3 months. In the comments she claims she wakes up in the morning with panic attacks because of clear mucus.
February 7, 2023 - Answers a question on Instagram from someone asking how her breathing treatment is going and says, “It’s helping a lot! Since I’m gaining back my ability to fully breathe I’m about to sign up at the gym next.”
February 8, 2023 - Posts another video responding to someone’s comment that asks who diagnosed her and says that before she says who it is she wants to make sure that all of her problems are taken care of and that it’s the root cause of her issues. She found out with a blood test. She shows us her results and that her count for mycoplasma pneumonia antibodies is very high. You can see a doctor’s name on the page, which I’ve covered to protect their privacy. She says if this treatment doesn’t work, next to try is IV antibiotics.
February 10, 2023 - Posts another video referencing smoking weed/being high all the time.
February 10, 2023 - Posts a picture of Ensley and says, “She told me she’s sick… idk if she’s lying, off to the doctor we go.”
February 14, 2023 - Answers an Instagram question where someone asks about her health with “Getting much better!”
February 20, 2023 - Posts a picture in gym clothes outside the gym with the caption, “Here’s a cheers to my new journey to lose my ‘Mommy Pouch’ and love handles. Started working out today and it feels great!”
February 23, 2023 - Takes a giant bite of a birria taco.
February 24, 2023 - Posts a TikTok that she captions “#GymDay.” Based on what she’s wearing & her hair, this looks to be from 2/22. She says it’s an arm and chest day. We see the chocolate peanut butter protein shake she gets after and the Epsom salt bath she takes to soothe her muscles from yesterday’s workout.
March 1, 2023 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that says, “Hope all is well. Miss ya video’s.” She says she’s been in a shitty mood. She thought her health was getting better, it was getting a little better, and she interrupts herself with a big cough. She says she’s finally seeing her new lung doctor and is having a sleep study done, is on a new inhaler, is having old CT scan results looked over, and her mind is “boggled” because she has to redo all of her esophagus tests again because they’re so old. She has to redo the catheter test with it down her nose/throat.
March 13, 2023 - Posts a TikTok with text on it that says, “Won’t be available in 1 week because I have esophagus testing but still drinking this alcohol like I’m A-OK” and captioned “#truth but kidding at the same time.” She says in the comments that it’s a trend. I don’t know or understand the trend, but she said it herself, truth.
March 22, 2023 - She and David take a trip to Key West without the kids.
March 23, 2023 - In response to criticism of her stomach, she says she had three kids, had her appendix removed, and had a hernia repaired. Her last child was born in 2017, her appendix was removed in 2013, and the hernia was repaired in 2018. Her significant weight gain started around 2020 and was unrelated to any of these events.
March 25, 2023 - Posts on Facebook that she had an esophageal spasm episode from deep sea fishing and wants to know if anyone else has experienced this so she can share experiences.
March 26, 2023 - Shows pictures on a TikTok video of how sunburnt she and David both got. She says she used “so much” sunscreen.
March 27, 2023 - Posts a TikTok telling us her seasick story from when they went deep sea fishing. She says they chartered their own boat and were talking about how neither of them had ever experienced seasickness before. She says they have their own 18 ft boat, and she’s never gotten sick on it. She says the waves were super choppy, and they were rocking so hard that her esophagus started acting up. This was around 12:30, and she just laid on the boat until they docked at 6:30. She tells us to be careful if we go deep-sea fishing because we can get seasick. She thinks that’s what happened to her, anyway. In the comments, someone tells her to take Dramamine, and she says it makes her sleepy. Which like, yeah…
April 6, 2023 - Posts on IG “Been MIA for a few days because my breathing isn’t so great and random chest pain as usual. Literally been resting for 3 days now.”
April 9, 2023 - Posts on Facebook “Positive ANA. Maybe there will be answers soon.” Someone responds in the comments that it could mean Lupus or Sjogren’s syndrome and said a rheumatologist can do further testing. Jenelle responds, “yes, being referred. My endo found out for me.”
April 17, 2023 - Posts a TikTok going to get Vitamin B12 injections. She says she has to give them to herself once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month after. Her vitamin D is also low. She went to the store to get syringes and stopped for her usual coffee. She shows us her order, which is now a Trenta iced coffee with no classic syrup, hazelnut syrup, ½ sweet cream, and vanilla sweet cream foam topping. Someone in the comments points out that a doctor on TikTok said those injections are just to make money, and she responded, “well, my vitamin B12 and D is low, and my ANA is positive, which means now I go to see a rheumatologist.”
April 18, 2023 - Posts a TikTok this day and the next day with her catheter in for her acid reflux test. She posted a picture on Instagram where we can see she’s driving 80 mph and captions it, “Going alone to get a procedure done for my esophagus today and I’m really scared. Have no support so any prayers are appreciated.” Through her postings about this procedure, we learn she stayed in a hotel by herself overnight.
In the video from the 19th, in the comments, she says she has a spot on her lung that hurts. The doctor says it’s caused by vaping, but she claims she never vapes. She’s definitely posted videos and pictures of herself with weed vape pens and has been a known weed smoker for over 10 years, as well as smoking cigarettes throughout the years and smoking heroin out of wooden pipes, which she had addressed by a doctor in 2012. Curious if she mentioned that this time. She’s up and down the comments claiming she doesn’t vape weed because that’s illegal where she lives.
April 24, 2023 - She and David travel to Virginia to buy a boat and start their multi-day journey sailing through the ocean back home. She claims she purchased this $57,000 boat with money made on OnlyFans.
April 30, 2023 - Posts on Instagram that they made it back home. Someone commented asking how long until she has esophageal spasms again. Jenelle responded, “I’ve had them the whole time I was gone…”
May 2, 2023 - Not health related but still fun; she posts that the turbos need to be replaced.
May 4, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “Good news: I don’t have acid reflux. Bad news: they still don’t know why I have esophagus spasms”
May 7, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “#HealthUpdate Found out I have thymic hyperplasia and lesions on my liver, and no I don’t have MG like they thought. Don’t know why this is happening. Discussing these results next week with my doc and the next steps.”
May 16, 2023 - On an Instagram Q&A, answers two questions about her health. To the first generally asking how she is, she says, “Seeing my rheumatologist this week for a positive ANA. Maybe I’ll get an answer.” To the second that says, “Any word on your liver results?” she says, “My doctors do not care at all. Told me I’ll get another CT scan in a year to check on that and my thymus.”
May 19, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “#HealthUpdate: My rheumatologist is retesting me for things like arthritis, lupus, etc., for having a positive ANA. Might be referred to another lung specialist soon. We will see what my results show in 2 weeks.”
May 28, 2023 - Answers two more questions in an Instagram Q&A about her health. One asking how she’s doing, she says, “I’m doing good, just not feeling too great lately.” The other asked about her health, she says, “I had DNA testing done and honestly shocked but will share the news soon.”
May 31, 2023 - Posts a TikTok of them taking their smaller boat out onto the Intracoastal Waterway. In Part 1, posted on the 30th, she says she was starting to feel seasick. We learn their “new” boat is still not working.
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2023.06.01 02:49 RAthrowawayCH twice in one year

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2023.06.01 00:42 sokcic Things to do in Denver when you're... READY :)

This is an update of my first post 6 days ago.
Since A LOT of you wrote in private I decided to make this information public so I do not have to send it 10 times per day :) You are a GREAT community.
I am arriving on Saturday 3rd of June at 16:30. I will be staying in the USA until the 13th of June.

I have Jokić's Serbia National team jerseys READY :)
I got a lot of invites to participate in local news, podcast and radio shows. I rejected most of them but I will participated in two just to promote the Nuggets since they are really not as popular as they should be, even in Denver :(

Some of you suggested workout (which I did) and running (which I also did) to fight altitude sickness. I posted these only so you can see how I look like for easier meetings since I have no social media.
A lot of you suggested visiting a Rockies game and I will try to do that (I know ZERO things about baseball) and I will definitely visit Red Rocks. Probably a few museums, botanical gardens and A LOT OF BEER :)
Hopefully I will manage to get tickets for game 5 if there is one. But I do not plan to stay in Denver all of the time. Just for two days around Game 2 and two days around Game 5. Rest I will be hiking in National Parks and visiting Mesa Verde and probably some sites in North of New Mexico.

My backpack is packed. So see you all soon :D

For those who have not seen the original post:
So... I have sold my watch and spent most of my savings for Finals tickets and flights to Denver from Serbia.It unnecessary to say that I am very excited for my first NBA game... But what should I do in Denver while I'm there? I know NOTHING about Colorado, except that it is also a river, or about Denver except that it has an NBA team called the Nuggets.If anyone wants to have a beer 1st or 2nd week of June feel free to message me. I have been on nba since it was created (2009 or so) but I have been following Nuggets closely since 2015.
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2023.05.31 22:50 yvesfairies TO DO X TXT filming locations that look like backrooms levels

much like many other kpop groups nowadays, the boys of txt have a personal variety show called TO DO, wherein they embark on various missions and side quests. the show is very funny and while i do recommend watching it, i also feel inclined to warn you all of the sheer number of episodes that were filmed in frankly nauseating liminal spaces. so, without further ado, it is my honour and my duty to present to you

An Extensive List of TO DO Filming Locations That Look Like Backrooms Levels

that's all for now! feel free to plug even more kpop idol-liminal space content in the comments hehe
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2023.05.31 21:10 Physicsdonut Newbie learning from YouTube

Newbie learning from YouTube
So I'm trying to learn some capoeira from YouTube and I practice by myself at the trampoline park (because it's soft for landing when it goes wrong and gives me a bit of extra spring). I'm trying to learn reversao but I don't know if it's right or not. Can anyone give me some pointers?
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2023.05.31 20:36 coolwali I platinummed EVERY Spider-Man Game on VITA

Hello everyone. I recently patinummed every Spider-Man game on the PSVITA and would like to review the experience.
Lets start with the first game of this post: The Amazing Spider-Man 2012.
Overall, this game was pretty straightforward and fun to platinum. The main story is on the shorter side at around 8 hours and you can 100% it in around 15-20 hours. There's not much padding and the game relies more on spectacle. There are also no missable trophies so you can do everything in one playthrough which is nice.
The game has around 4 groups of Trophies.
The first group are related to the main story. This includes the usual unmissable ones for completing certain missions or defeating the bosses or completing the game. There are also 3 trophies for beating the main story on the harder difficulties and I believe they stack. The game however, is pretty easy regardless of the difficulty so hard isn't that much harder and you have the ability to instantly "web retreat" when your health is low so it's rare to die.
The second group of trophies are for the side missions in the open world. These are all marked on your map and generally straightforward and fun to complete. I especially liked the races and events that ask you to go fast in the open world. But was rather meh on the combat and stealth ones. They do sometimes involve bosses which was cool.
The third group are for the game's collectibles. I'd divide these into groups: the open world collectibles in the form of Comic Books scattered all over Manhattan, and the interior collectibles you can only collect during missions. Fortunately the game does have a mission replay feature so no collectible is missable. The game even tells you which collectibles you have and haven't collected in missions and gives you a % completion for them. I recently platinummed TLOU2 and one of my biggest criticisms there was that the game would “forget” your progression when you replayed past levels. So props to TASM1 for doing this aspect well.
In addition, another nice consideration is that even though you can't highlight or mark collectibles, the different collectibles emit a different coloured bright light and emit a distinct sound when you are near them. Magazines for example, emit a bright yellow glow that can light up a bit of the surrounding area. So even if the magazine is behind some boxes, you can still see some of the glow. Audio Logs have a white glow. Tech Pieces have a blue-ish glow. Photo Ops have a giant Yellow "Oscorp" Sign planted next to them. So if the game tells you you have found all the magazines and tech pieces in a mission but still need to find some audio logs, you just have to keep an eye out for bright white light sources. Most collectibles are generally placed in plain sight. Only a couple are hidden in a random vent or corner that is a bit out of the way. I don't recall any collectibles that required some long puzzle or massive amount of backtracking to find. So not the most unfair set of collectibles to find.
However, this is only true in the PS3 version. In the VITA version, the graphics and lighting have been heavily downgraded in order to fit the game. So the collectibles are barely illuminated or emit much light. Add in the smaller screen, muddier resolution and textures and worse speakers on the VITA and there were times on my first playthrough of the game where I was moving through linear hallways with nothing else in them but a collectible and I still missed it. I could have walked slightly more to the left and would have picked it up without even realizing there was one there. It was really embarrassing 😭.
When I was looking up where the collectibles were on my iPhone, I could see them more clearly. For example, in one of the later Oscorp levels, there's a brief cutscene where the camera flys over an area. On my iPhone, I could see the blue glow of a Tech Piece. But on the VITA, even when I was looking exactly at the Tech Piece, it didn't even look distinct.
This even extends to the Photo Ops. On the PS3, these are usually pretty easy to find since you're looking for a bright yellow Oscorp sign next to the thing you need to photograph. But on VITA, these signs blend into their respective walls and even the words can be hard to read.
One really surreal experience that happened to me was in one of the final Oscorp Bio-Generator levels. In this area, there is a central generator that requires you destroy 4 consoles in the surrounding rooms to activate it. The rooms are labelled with a sign that says stuff like "Room 204: Biotechnology" or "Room 206: Recycling" so you know where you are and where you haven't been. One of the guides I was looking up told me there was 1 collectible in room 204, 2 in room 205 and 1 in room 206's vent. Simple enough. But when I was playing through it, I found 2 collectibles in room 204 and couldn't find room 205 or 206. I was really confused. It was only after watching some other guides that I realized that the VITA version reuses or simplifies textures more than I thought. Every room in the level had the same sign that said "Room 204: Biotechnology" even if their layout was different. I had already collected the collectible from the actual room 204 in my first playthrough, just found the 2 from Room 5 and just needed to get the one from the vent in 206.
Just for the fun of it, I decided to then replay some of the missions where I already knew where the collectibles were and compared what the rooms looked like between the 2 versions. And it showed that some of the collectibles on the PS3 version sometimes had additional detail or clutter near them to try drawing your eye to them. For example in the Beltoit Psychiatric Hospital mission, many of the collectibles had graffiti or posters near or above them. These were either absent or so low res as to be indistinguishable on the VITA version.
Now, it's debatable how much I can really criticize the VITA version for this. It's very likely these collectibles were designed to be more easily findable because of how lit up they normally were on the main PS3 version that Beenox probably didn't realize they'd be much harder to find on the VITA version. And I doubt Beenox would have had enough time or resources to somehow redo or significantly change the VITA version to fix something most players probably wouldn't even care about.
But then again, part of the issue, I feel, is due to the artstyle and locations of the game. TASM1 uses a much more "grounded" and muted colour palette. A lot of the interior areas are sewers, warehouses, generator rooms, underground tunnels and Oscorp facilities and they do start somewhat blending together even on the PS3. Compare this with say Insomniac's Spider-Man 2018 game and that game almost never used standard sewer areas for its interiors. Or even as a VITA example, Borderlands 2 was also ported to VITA and it too was heavily downgraded in order to fit. With many areas looking muddy and hard to make out. But the game's cell shaded look and more distinct locations were able to still preserve some variety and clarity. TASM1's visuals may have been able to get by on PS3 thanks to the console's power but as a result, hurts the VITA version way more than if it had more interesting visuals or colourful artstyle.
I’ll leave it to the readers to decide if this is an aspect worth criticizing.
Still, I do think it would have been better if, at the very least, there was some optional upgrade or tool you could get as an endgame unlock to highlight you of nearby collectibles. I find that generally benefits many games regardless of their artstyle or setup (certainly helpful in the Arkham games and their collectibles were bright green glowing question marks).
Anyway, there are also collectibles in the open world Manhattan in the form of comic books. You can't read these but I personally find them pretty fun and relaxing to collect with Spidey's web swinging. They remind me of the Animus Fragments in Assassin's Creed Revelations where they were all over the map and pretty fun to collect with your parkouring skills. There's only a few issues. The first is that there are 700 comics scattered all over Manhattan. Some are static and don't move. Others fly around the map. You need to Web Rush/Zip into them to collect them. They aren't marked on your map. So yeah, it would be quite rough to find them all. The game does offer some help. The comics emit a faint yellow glow and a certain sound as you get close to them. So it's advised to try finding them at night with the voice and music turned lower. Obviously it isn't as helpful on the VITA for the aforementioned reasons but the faint yellow glow at night is at least more noticeable than many of the interior collectibles.
Once you find 500/700 comics, it marks the remaining 200 on your minimap as you get near them. On paper, I'd actually really enjoy this. You have to find 500 sure, but it's fun swinging around as Spidey and looking out for them. There is some leeway and you can start seeing the patterns of where some are likely to be (many are often placed around skyscrapers, behind fire escapes and billboards etc). So it is reasonable to find 500/700 without the aid of a map. But the final 50 or so are more annoying. For one, they are only marked on your minimap and not your world map. And on top of that, they only show up on your minimap if you aren't too far from them, both on the x and y axis. Meaning it is possible for some comics not be highlighted on your minimap if you are too far above or below them. The final 10 were quite annoying as I had to thoroughly criss-cross sections of Manhattan at different altitudes. The last one I only found when I climbed to the top of Oscorp Tower and saw a really small faint glow in the night sky. This comic was quite far and really high up which is why it wasn't showing up on the minimap.
Again, I did enjoy finding these comic books. I just feel it would have been better if they were either always on your minimap once you find 500 regardless of your height and/or show up on the regular map as well.
The fourth group of trophies are for miscellaneous challenges. These include things like: "Sky Captain - Chain 10 Web-Rushes in the city", "Clean Victory - Defeat a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters".
I will highlight 3 notable ones:
"Heavyweight Champion - Defeat 1000 enemies". There aren't 1000 enemies in the main campaign or in the side missions. So you would have to replay some of the missions to get them. I got this naturally when I was replaying missions when looking for collectibles.
"Keep It Together - Immobilize 6 enemies simultaneously with web". I missed this one during my first playthrough because there's no real reason to do it. It's not like Insomniac's Spider-Man 2018 where you have a web ability to cover an entire area in web so you have to manually run around and web enemies up with your infinite webbing. But the combat is so easy that it's much faster to just KO enemies directly rather than incapacitate or stun them.
"The Sky Is the Limit - Defeat the S-01 without touching the ground". TASM1 really wants to be a spectacle. The second mission of the game showcases this with a bossfight against this giant Kaiju sized robot called the S-01. It's certainly a visual spectacle but not much of a gameplay one since you can easily move to dodge its attacks, perch to web its weak points and the game does much of the damage against the boss as you often just need to swing around to its weak points and press L and let the game go into autopilot for a few moments.
This trophy, funnily, actually helps the game on both the gameplay and visual front. And is one of the better examples of how a good challenge trophy can elevate a section of a game. It requires you defeat this boss without touching the ground. This also includes perching on lamp posts or the sides of building. Which means you have to keep swinging and are always on the move. The end result is this much more hectic and higher stakes encounter as you're swinging around dodging lasers, knowing any mistake could set you back. Sections that were more trivial before like webbing up fans near its feet/knees are more tense since you need to then web them while free falling and either swing or Web Rush away before you hit the ground. It's not the most challenging and I was able to get it in one try but it certainly made the fight feel more climactic and fun. Like I was actually playing this section of Spidey fighting this giant kaiju robot more than before (granted, the automated sections do hurt that feeling). Hell, even on the VITA version where the framerate was tanking, it even added to the feel. Like this boss was so epic that the poor hardware can't keep up lol. The section is also short enough to be impactful without losing or diluting the experience.
This is something Insomniac's Game does more of. It has bosses like Vulture and Electro you have to take on while web swinging. But there's something much cooler and enjoyable about the way TASM1 does it. Maybe it's the fact you're fighting this giant kaiju robot in a small-ish park and you have to move around way more vertically.
I will point out the trophy completion stats of this game a bit. Only around 78% of players managed to beat the first boss (i.e complete the second mission) of the game. Around 31% of players managed to beat the game on easy. That drops down to nearly 19% for medium and 9.9% beat it on hard. More people got all 700 comics in the open world (8.5%) than got the around 190-ish interior collectibles (7.5%) and only around 7% of players got the platinum.
So yeah, this was mostly a fun game to platinum. If the collectibles were marked a bit more (especially helpful on VITA), I'd have no complaints.
As for the game itself, by VITA standards, it's pretty good as there aren't many games like it on the platform. Gravity Rush is probably the only one that's comparable. I am very nostalgic for this game so I'm probably praising it more than others would. I can see some people dismissing it or disliking it more. Especially for the game's performance on the VITA.
But ignoring the fact its on the VITA and comparing it with everything else, I feel it's.....decent at best. TASM1, I feel, is an awkward spot where very little it does is truly amazing or worth playing over other games for even if the experience itself is quite enjoyable and worth seeing at least.
For those who haven't played the game, the best way I can describe the game is that it's "the child of Batman Arkham City and Insomniac's Spider-Man 2018 (even though that game wouldn't come out for another 6 years)". From Insomniac's Spider-Man, you might recognize that TASM1 has more of a focus on Spidey zipping around in both combat and traversal, using multiple web blasts to immobilize enemies, a stealth system that involves getting above or close to enemies and pressing a single button instantly eliminate them with a web takedown. On top of that, the game has a faux twitter-like social media that you can see as the game's loading screen that updates and comments on the events of the game. The plot also involves a deadly pandemic that spreads across New York requiring Spidey to act (so I guess Insomniac plagiarized this game). It's actually really fascinating seeing how this game has ideas and concepts that would show up in Insomniac's game.
And from the Batman Arkham side, the game copies the exact same freeflow combat from Arkham. Right down to the same commands and moves. There's even a shielded enemy you cannot attack directly and need to jump over and attack from behind. The main issue here is that while TASM1 copied the surface level ideas of Arkham's combat, it didn't copy all the things that make it great. Batman Arkham's combat is fun because of 2 main factors. The first is that Batman has a wide array of moves that can be combo-ed and you must do so in order to get a high score from both the number of hits, the kind of move and the variation bonus. And the second is that the game introduces new kinds of enemies that can't be hit with your basic strike but either have a "designated weakness" and/or are vulnerable to any other kind of move. For example, stun baton enemies cannot be punched directly. Their "designated weakness" is that you can jump over them and then hit from behind. But that's not the only way to damage them. You can use a special combo takedown move on them, or temporarily down them with a baterang or other gadget, you can throw another enemy onto them etc. There are other kinds of different enemy types and later fights will start mixing groups so in order to get that high combo score, you need to juggle all your different moves and how best to use them to both manage all these different enemies and have enough variation. Arkham's combat is a lot closer to something like Devil May Cry (Arkham Origins even used an "S, A, B, C grading system that I wish was in all the Arkham games).
TASM1 doesn't really do any of this. Spidey only has basic strikes, a basic counter, jump attacks, automatic takedowns on weakened enemies, Rush attacks and the ability to stun enemies by webbing them and throwing them. There's no need to get good at countering or mix up your attacks. There's not even a scoring system. But on top of that, the game doesn't really have varied groups of enemies. The majority of human enemies you fight can be dealt with using basic strikes and counters. Some robot enemies need to be webbed up first to disable their shields but that's rather trivial and not something you need to plan doing or execute under much pressure. Mutated enemies can only be finished off with combo takedowns but you already get those automatically from just attacking enemies so they don't play much differently. Some late game mutated bosses have the ability to charge at Spidey and perform multiple claw swipes which you have press triangle multiple times to dodge (kinda like knife enemies from Arkham City) but that's really it.
If we compare this to Batman Arkham Asylum, released in 2009, 3 years before TASM1, Batman had basic strikes, basic counter, the cape stun, special combo takedowns, special combo throw, combo baterings, combo batclaw, jumping over enemies and the ground takedown. The game doesn't take long to introduce knife, baton, gun and titan enemies that mix up the experience and make you start working for those high scores. TASM1's combat, at its best, kinda feels like very early Arkham Asylum and doesn't evolve much from there. As a result, it starts getting repetitive quickly. At least the animations and moves from Spidey are pretty cool.
By the way, I am not criticizing the game for copying aspects from Arkham. But I'm of the opinion if you are going to copy from Arkham, copy more so you have a more fun combat system. Don't just take some aspects and leave it at that. Look at the Shadow of Mordor games. Those games copied way more from Arkham than TASM1 and the end result is a pretty fun combat system. TASM1's combat is in the awkward position where it doesn't copy enough to be good just by having all the good pieces, but doesn't add enough in its place to be different and good.
I already mentioned the stealth gameplay. But the one aspect I do feel the game actually has a really cool and original idea for and does quite well is the web swinging. Web Swinging in TASM1 operates in a somewhat similar way to Insomniac's Spider-Man where holding R allows Spidey to automatically shoot out lines and swing and pressing X allows you to jump while swinging. Though, webs don't have to stick to buildings which does somewhat limit the need to consider your environment. The animations are still really cool and the game does this thing where the camera zooms close to Spidey giving the swinging a more "cinematic flair". But the biggest new feature is the "Web Rush". By holding L, you enter a first person view of Spidey (complete with seeing through the lenses of his mask) in slow motion. You can point the camera and the game will highlight if you can get there. Releasing L will then have Spidey automatically go to that highlighted point. This can also be used in combat to give you some more breathing room and doing a web rush punch, and in stealth to move to points and perform stealth takedowns.
On the surface, this doesn't sound that impressive. I've even heard some people dismiss it by saying "it's just the web zip from every other Spider-Man game only more automated". But I would argue there is more to it. One issue I had with Web Zipping in Insomniac's game was that it was a bit more situational. You generally used it more to zip to specific points, or onto perches and lights to jump and carry your current momentum. It wasn't as useful in quickly changing direction while still conserving some momentum. Especially when trying to gain altitude
But in TASM1, there's a lot more utility and flair here. You can typically Web Rush anywhere around you and the game is pretty good at picking up on where you want to go and getting you there. On top of that, depending on where you Web Rush from, Spidey will do a lot of cool animations. If you're standing on street level and Web Rush straight up, Spidey will usually automatically bounce up nearby buildings quickly gaining height. If you Web Rush while swinging close to street level, Spidey will sometimes run along buses and cars and bounce of buildings. If you Web Rush when higher up and near buildings, Spidey will sometimes Web Zip and Bounce along buildings. This sounds like its completely automated and wouldn't be fun. And if you use it like that, that can be the case. But I feel there are 2 things that elevate Web Rushing. The first is that you don't need to use the Slow Mo feature. You can Tap L when looking in certain directions to have Spidey Web Rush there. Using this while swinging means there's a lot more of a need to time and improvise which both looks cool and allows you to go really fast. The second is "cancelling" Web Rush. You can press X during a Web Rush for Spidey to cancel the rest of the Web Rush. Or Look at a different direction and press L to chain addition Web Rushes. This can lead to some interesting cases when swinging. For example, suppose you want to get over a building and you're approaching it while swinging. Instead of wall crawling/running over it, you can Web Rush up to have Spidey seamlessly bounce off the building and jump up and then quickly look to another direction and Web Rush again to zip of the building. If you need to swing around a building, you can Web Rush to the side to change direction while keeping momentum before transitioning back into a swing. Combine these features and you have a Web Swinging system that both looks really cool with all kinds of fancy animations, requires you to make a lot of quick decisions and gives you a lot of control and speed. Even on the poor VITA whose hardware struggles to keep up, I often felt like I was moving around faster and had more agency than Insomniac's Spider-Man game.
Though, the game doesn't really make you really take advantage of the depth here. Most of the races and side missions are pretty easy and generous. So you can often get by with basic swinging and Web Rushing. I can't remember if TASM2 made the races harder. I do remember the web swinging being more engaging because webs would stick to buildings and you could control which hand Spidey would swing from using the triggers.
As for the story and missions, I kinda like what TASM1 is going for here. It feels like it's more of a "The Amazing Spider-Man 1.5" as the story takes place after the events of the movie and features its own plot of how a breakout of a Cross Species infection from Oscorp infects all of New York. Resulting in rising case/infected numbers as you play the game, people needing to be quarantined and the race to develop a vaccine to try saving people. Alistair Smythe of Oscorp tries to fix the infection issue by releasing robots designed to hunt down and kill cross species. Which include Spider-Man himself since he was bitten by a cross species spider as opposed to a radioactive one, as well as any innocent civilians that are infected. Spidey also has to tank his reputation here by breaking Connors out of Beltoit's Psychiatric institute and working with him to develop a cure.
The story isn't the deepest or has much of an arc. It's also not even the most original as Web of Shadows already had a similar premise but with Symbiotes instead of Cross Species. But I still feel TASM1 makes it entertaining. The spectacle in seeing New York get progressively more wrecked, or Spidey needing to fight giant sized Kaiju Oscorp robots, or fighting many typical Spider-Man villains in the form of these mutated monstrosities like Scorpion and Rhino. That's really cool.
I also liked some of the twists, comedy and drama the story does. Stuff like the first cure failing so Gwen further distrusts Connors. Or Spidey's powers being suppressed by nanobots so the robots don't notice Peter as a Cross Species anymore. Which forces Connors to become the Lizard since Spider-Man can't be Spider-Man anymore. The sequence of powerless Spidey running through New York's streets while all the robot fighting is going around him and his apartment gets blown up in the process was really memorable. Especially because in the lore, that apartment was Stan Lee's who is renting it to Peter. He even calls Peter during this segment to ask him if the apartment is clean.
I also like how there's even a bit of foreshadowing and connection to the TASM2 game. Connors tells Peter about how this will affect his reputation and will come back to haunt him (i.e the main gimmick of TASM2). And the TASM2 game even has sections that relate to the cross species incident of the first game as well as the plot of the movie (TASM2 game really is its own alternate universe).
In closing, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 VITA was a fun time. I enjoyed platinumming it. And, as someone used to the VITA's rather poor performance, I wasn't bothered too much by the poor graphics and framerate. The game wants to be a spectacle and I enjoyed its more wacky elements. The combat and stealth got repetitive but the web swinging was really fun. Though sadly, there is very little reason to revisit this game specifically. Other Spider-Man games like Web of Shadows and Insomniac's Spider-Man do the combat and open world gameplay better. The game copies from Batman Arkham but not enough to even match it. Supposedly, the game was only made in 1 year and coincided with the movie's release. TASM1 was able to be decent despite the deadlines. TASM2 sadly, wasn't so lucky.
Still, I do have a fondness for this game and universe. Part of me wishes we got more TASM movies and the games got more time. Perhaps TASM3 game would have been really cool.
Next up for me is platinumming every Batman Arkham game on VITA. See you then.
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2023.05.31 20:12 redditusername7384 Is this social anxiety or something else?

Do you know what skyzone is? It’s one of those trampoline park places and it looks like a lot of fun. The only problem is that those places seem to only be for little kids and I’m 23 years old.
It’s the kind of place that would be right up my alley though and there isn’t really anywhere else to go. But of course, I’m too afraid to go because I’m afraid I’ll look stupid being the only adult there doing stuff around a bunch of little kids.
It would be a lot easier if they had a place like this just for adults. Why is that not a thing? I would go there every day
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2023.05.31 19:04 Unhappy_Serve_6047 ADANI JET VT-APL Landed near Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN. Apx. flt. time 46 Mins.

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2023.05.31 18:43 TechnicalEstate8733 Looking for a 3rd card for Restaurants and Everyday spending

Current cards: Amex BCP ( approved November 2022) Discover IT (approved November 2020)
FICO around ~770
I’m looking to add a 3rd line up to my cards. Currently, my Amex card hits all of my major spending categories (groceries, parking, gas, and streaming)
However my other big area of spending is take out and restaurants. I know discover currently has 5% CB for that category but I’m looking for a permanent card once the quarter ends and as a general spender I can use for other stuff not covered by discover or Amex.
I’m currently looking at Chase FU that I’m pre-approved for thanks to my banking relationship with them.
I’m also looking at USBank Altitude Go.
Any other recommendations are welcomed :)
And no annual fees please.
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