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2021.07.15 18:56 Successful-Wasabi704 Steam Deck

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2011.08.29 17:15 gentlemanJosh r/schnauzers

The bold, bewhiskered Schnauzer is a high-spirited farm dog from Germany. The bushy beard and eyebrows give schnauzers a charming, human-like expression. The schnauzer's sporty look is a canine classic, with purebred schnauzers coming in three sizes: mini, standard, and giant. The AKC recognizes three official colors: black and silver (black and white), salt and pepper (mostly gray), and solid black.

2023.06.07 04:31 BrassiestOcean0 I feel lost.

I've been really struggling these past few months. I lost my cat to FELV and watching her suffer the last couple weeks of her life killed me. She was only 3. She was my best friend and we went through a lot together during those 3 short years. Ever since I lost her, I've been fighting feelings I haven't felt in 7-8 years (last attempts). The last few days I've been really struggling with loneliness and I just kind of lost it. I wrote a letter for my loved ones, I messaged a few good friends that I care a lot about, and left for a spot I knew I could be alone and just be at piece with myself. I called my gf and left her a voicemail apologizing for what I was about to do. It's been a little rocky with her, but I love her to death. After I left the VM, I just sat there, for what felt like hours, crying. I was finally able to gather my thoughts, I told myself I couldn't do this to her. I couldn't do this to my cat, she would have wanted better for me. I am now back home, and I threw the pills I was planning to take in the dumpster. I'm proud of myself that I did that but I still feel so alone. I feel like if I would have went on with it, it would have hurt them, but now that I didn't do it, they will think less of me, not even care or just act as though I'm being over the top. I have struggled with depression for years and most of the time I can see the good in life. But when I can't, I seem too loose everything that matters to me, including myself. I'm really scared of myself right now but I'm trying my best to not do what I did last time. I try to tell myself there's a reason I didn't die last time but right now I cant see any good reasons. I just want the suffering to end.
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2023.06.07 04:31 CarelessEmployee8320 Employed - Multiple Offers

Hello Civil Engineers of Reddit!
I am employed - 8 years post-graduate experience with my PEng in Toronto, Ontario area. Am I crazy to be leaning towards Offer 1??? Both offering companies have approached me rather than the other way around. Anyone take less money for more growth opportunity? Same vacation time at all.
Option 0 - Current employer
$90K base, no overtime, 5% pension, annual bonus of $2K to $10K
Concerned about the direction of the company into the future so open to opportunities
Offer 1
$95,000 base, no overtime, 3% pension, bonus structure unknown
20 minute further drive than current work
Very interesting work - high level and advanced that is beyond my current skill set but I will have the opportunity to learn. To start would be more of a lateral move
Offer 2
$115,000 base, overtime, retention bonus at 6 mths, 4% pension, annual bonus of $2K to $10K
20 minute further drive than current work.
Very similar work to what I am doing now - but sometimes I find my current projects boring.
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2023.06.07 04:30 Courseseller_ [FULL] Charisma University By Charlie Houpert

I have Charlie Houpert’s Charisma University at hand.
A 6-week, step-by-step curriculum called Charisma University will offer you all the tools you need to advance your charisma. You will be able to consistently make great first impressions so that whether you speak to someone for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, they will remember you over everyone else they met. You will also be able to have conversations that flow naturally without having to wait for the other person to formally end the conversation.
The best training material is offered for over 10 hours.
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2023.06.07 04:30 ktkdub Avoiding ADHD Tax: Expiring Punch Card

TL;DR I have a 20-class pass at a yoga studio that I’m trying to use as much of as possible before the passes expire. I’m determined not to pay the ADHD tax. Tonight I arrived just a little too late and was denied entry to the class but they were going to charge me for it. I'm seeking some comfort as this was, emotionally, a huge setback on my goal.
Two weeks ago, an alert went off on my phone that had 1 month left on my yoga 20-pass I bought last June. After looking it up I was shocked to discover that I’d only used 8 out of 20. This meant I only had. 17 days to use 12 yoga passes. I think I spent half an hour sitting at my desk at work, freaking out. The value of these classes is about $200.
After I’d processed that I said NO. I will NOT pay the ADHD tax on this. So I looked at my calendar and I devised a plan to make time over the following couple weeks to make time for these yoga classes. As of this morning I’d used 4 out of 12 and was feeling good, but I hit a setback today.
A lot of classes start at five and I normally finish work at five. But I make my own hours. So, I carefully devised a plan together to make sure I left work on time to get to the class.
3:30pm. Start my Leaving Work routine (I have an app for this)
4:00pm. Travel to yoga.
4:30pm. Join a meeting remotely from my phone.
4:55pm. Leave the meeting and go to class.
Midway through the afternoon, my co-worker changed the meeting from 4: 30 to 4. Okay, no problem.
4:00pm. Join meeting and do my routine to leave work at the same time.
4:30pm. Leave work to get to yoga.
5:00pm. Arrive at yoga.
And of course, what actually happened…
4:00pm. Meeting is postponed 10 minutes.
4:10pm. join the meeting.
4:36pm. Meeting ends late. Thanks to time blindness, this is the moment I realized that I was behind schedule.
4:44pm. Leave the office.
4:55pm. Thanks to a construction detour, I'm stuck in a traffic jam. Several minutes away from the yoga studio. I was about to start crying, but calmed myself down by saying “I could just slip in the back a couple minutes late, nobody would care”. I couldn't do anything about it, so I should just accept that it was going to take longer.
5:03 pm. Get out of the car and sprint to class.
5:04 pm. Burst into the lobby to an instructor, only to hear the first person I see tell me “The instructor wanted me to tell you that you’re too late. The class has already started and you aren’t able to join.”
Cue a meltdown in front of a (definitely NT) yoga instructor. I am working so hard to carve out time for these classes, and seeing this time block get wasted on account of 4 minutes was heartbreaking. It meant I’d have to find a way to make time for another class, on top of the ones I already have to squeeze in. The instructor was actually very nice about it, she got me some water and after I’d composed myself she ended up transferring my “missed class” fee to a 5:30 class.
The thing that makes me the most sad is how PRECISE it all is, you know? I worked my ASS off to be there on time, but in some situations, part marks don’t matter. Even though I worked it out this time, years of being late means that every time it happens it seems like the whole room is matter-of-factly saying “Good people show up on time. Your tardiness proves that you’re disrespectful, irresponsible, and that you don’t care about this. You deserve punishment for your moral failing.”
I’m trying to focus on the win: in spite of all this, I managed to go to two classes tonight, and I didn’t end up getting charged for the missed class. Now I have 7 classes to go to in 11 days. It’s so easy to let this kind of embarrassment prevent me from trying to go, but I’m not going to give up. Yet.
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2023.06.07 04:30 glo75001 Rishikesh Rafting And Camping 2022

Rafting And Camping in Rishikesh 2022

Luxury Camping in Rishikesh
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Swimming Pool In The Campsite + Private cab for sightseeing
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2023.06.07 04:30 haironmyscalpbruh How do I highlight a match group only in normal mode and not in insert mode?

So I have a match group to find extra spaces in lines, and highlight them red so I know to remove them.
highlight RedundantSpaces ctermbg=red guibg=red match RedundantSpaces /\s\+$/
The problem is whenever i start typing, like if I create a new line and it's indented, there's immediate red to the left and it's distracting. I want it to show me the redundant spaces only when i exit insert mode. What's the best way to do this?
I suppose I can create an autocmd for un-highlighting when entering insert mode and resetting the highlight when exiting right? Is there a more efficient way?
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2023.06.07 04:30 Little-Molasses1870 Is there a basic set of commercial plumbing troubleshooting tasks?

Back story, I am a new property manager and discovered a leak in the basement of our 6 story building. I called a local plumber to come out and assess the problem unfortunately was almost 5:00 p.m. for this happened I was told to go ahead and approve overtime and the gentleman came out. He spent about 45 minutes looking around to find the shut up now for the leak. He finally comes to me and tells me that he can't touch the issue because it is part of the fire sprinkler system and as a regular plumber he was not allowed to touch it. He informed me I would have to contact the sprinkler company. I called out the sprinkler company and was told that it is not a sprinkler line, he showed me why he could tell that it wasn't a sprinkler line IE lockouts or or valves were not locked out the line didn't attach to the fire line and a few others that I can't remember at the moment. I immediately called back the original plumbers office and told them he had to come back immediately that it was not sprinkler system line and I needed the leak to be repaired. That was about 5:15 when I called the second time. The original plumber didn't show up until 9:00 p.m. then spent some time turning off the water to the line that was leaking and then left around 12:00 p.m. he showed back up at 7:00 a.m. and indicated that the line had not drained or the system had not completely shut off and he could not enact the repair at that time. They had no time available during that day so it was again arranged that it would be either the next Monday which was about 5 days of leak or we could do it after hours that night. We chose to do the after hours repair and the second gentleman different gentleman came to an active repair. When he did he not only was able to shut off the water but new enough to open valves throughout the building it within bathrooms etc to help the draining of the lines. He completed the repair within the allotted time but it was turned back on before 8:00 am the next morning. When I came in the next day and went to verify that the leak was done there was no for their damage etc, I walked the line and discovered fairly quickly that the pipe led to a pair of hot water heaters. I am in no way trained in plumbing but was able to discern that within just a few moments of following the line. We have since received the bill from this plumbing company and not only were we charged for an emergency service call then we were charged for several hours of him coming back to do pretty much nothing and then the third charge was for the actual repair my questions are, 1. should he have been able to fairly quickly discover that what kind of line it was by following it both ways to determine where it was going (so as not to waste time and additional money, having me call the sprinkler company and incurring another after hours charge) and 2. should he have known to open up faucets in other areas of the building to encourage drainage of the line? I plan to dispute at least a portion of the charges build due to this issue but I want to make sure that I'm not off base.
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2023.06.07 04:30 kashbenn Unsure if I (31F) should move in with my (37M) boyfriend

Basically, should I move in with my boyfriend??
Okay so I'm going to do my best at organizing this but my adhd has been rocky lately and my relationship and everything that entails is complicated.
SOooo my (31F) and my (37M) partner have been looking at houses together for over a year. We've been together for maybe two and a half years but our relationship has moved fast. We were both in the process of divorces from relationships that were ten plus years long. We bonded over that and other struggles we were facing that most couldn't understand. We both have two kids each from previous relationships. I currently have my kids 5 nights a week, he visits with his kids Fridays and Saturdays but is going to be transitioning to an overnight or two a week within a few months. We also have a 6 month old together.
When our relationship started, I basically started living with him. My husband wouldn't move out and didn't really want me to leave him, even though we had been separated trying to get divorced for over a year. So for the first year of my new relationship, I slept with him each night and during the day would take care of my kids until my husband got out of work (when they were in school I was with my boyfriend). My husband worked late so I normally was hanging out with my boyfriend all morning and while my kids were in school, then I'd pick the kids up and do my mom stuff (homework, playtime, dinner, bedtime) then my husband (now ex-husband) would get out of work and I'd leave and go back to my boyfriend's house and my husband would drop the kids off at school in the morning. We did this for almost a year and eventually my kids met my "friend" we did everything as slowly as things felt appropriate. Finally my husband was able to move out and we were able to go forward with our divorce and adapt a more appropriate custody situation. My boyfriend kept his apartment but started hanging out more and started sleeping over most nights as we had gotten quite use to sleeping with each other every night.
Fast forward a few more months, he still has his apartment but we pretty much just live at mine we spend all our time together (I'm currently a stay at home mom). We'd been together for about a year and a half, and I get pregnant. Like I said when I started this we're actively looking at houses together. We basically live on redfin and trulia. I get us a realtor. We go to about 6 or so showings over the course of a year. Mind you in all of this he's going through a messy divorce and custody battle, which is hard on both of us but it's more his story to tell. He deals with stress on a daily basis because of it. He's finally divorced but it wasn't easy and he's still fighting for more time with his kids. ANYWAY sooo we finally find a house that checks all our boxes. Enough space, in our kid's school districts, just basically perfect. So he pulls the trigger. I find out right before our realtor drafts the paperwork that I'm not going to be on the deed. OK. So like I mentioned he had a bad divorce, he's scared because of what she ended up taking from him. OK fine, even though when I move I'm bringing my kids and SOME security would be nice. (He doesn't want to get married and has expressed he NEVER wants to remarry and this was hard for me to accept, it still is.. I'm secretly hoping he changes his mind after we've been together for awhile and he's healed from his divorce more..)
At first I wafer a little on leaving my secure housing behind (I've lived there for over 10 years) it's really hard to find a 3 bedroom in the city I live in that's affordable. Housing is almost nonexistent hence why we were looking for over a year.. He gets upset and almost feels like he's going to pull out on the offer so I reassure him that I'm just getting cold feet and will move in. He closes on the house and we have plans that he's going to move his stuff in this month, finish up with a few renovations and by the next few months I'll move in with my kids as well. During this transition we're still technically living together. We haven't slept apart since we started dating.
Now HE'S wafering on if he wants me to move in. He's reluctant when I want to move furniture in. He tells me he wants me to keep my apartment "just in case".. He wants us to "take it slow".. Even though we already live together at my apartment and have lived together for over two years.. Even though my kids already have "their" rooms planned out, even though we have this baby together, even though (my plans anyway, he says his too but idk..) are to be in this together long term and raise our kids together... I've already started bringing stuff here. We've been walking down to the new house with the kids almost every day since we got it (about two weeks ago). Every other day I feel like it's held over my head. I feel this sense of uncertainty and it's gut wrenching. It makes me so sad. It makes me feel a sense or rejection and abandonment. (I also have bpd and those "feelings" are really the worse for me)
I don't know what to do. I'm ready to settle down and move on with our lives but at the same time maybe I'm just being an idiot and he's taking advantage of me. I don't know. Maybe I'm risking my kids stability but moving in with a guy who doesn't even want to marry me. I don't really know what to think sometimes. It makes me depressed. I think I covered the gist of it. Idk there's so much to this "story"... if anyone bothers to read, thank you... I'm just feeling alone and don't know where to turn.
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2023.06.07 04:29 krakHawk Want a new set of irons but Im not an amazing golfer...

Over the last two years I've golfed more than I have in my entire life. I want to build my own set of clubs.
I've been using my dad's starter set for the past year. They're fine clubs but I think I want to start building my own set. I have suspicions too that his clubs are a tad too small for me. I'm a large male. I would like to get properly fitted.
I want clubs. I want MY OWN clubs, not my dads. But I also dont want to buy a whole set, I'd rather build my own set over the next couple years. I think irons and a new 56 or 58 wedge would be a good start. Nothing too fancy, but nothing crappy either. Better than my dads starter set irons.
The only thing is that I'm not an amazing golfer. I had my best round ever the other day shooting a 95.
Will the fitting be awkward if I don't have the best swing? haha. Like will I get fitted and the golf pro tells me "idk if this is a good time for new clubs bud, get lessons first"😂
Am I overreacting? Are these golf shop folks nice? Will they point me in the right direction?
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2023.06.07 04:29 Noyvas Still TBM brother is on a mission and trying to leave

He’s been thinking about leaving for months but he really wanted to make sure he was making the right decision based on his own thoughts. He’s been on his mission for 8 months and feels he’s gotten everything he could out of it and at this point its repetitive and abusive.
Today(Pday was moved) he told me his mission president became super passive aggressive when he told him what his decision was. Pres Told my brother to wait until he went to the temple (?). Basically trying to guilt him into staying,
My brother just told me he can’t keep working for the church for basically free while being treated like shit at the same time- hardly gets money to eat, works more than 40 hours a week and can’t sleep in or take naps. He explained to me he already gets verbally abused trying to talk to strangers all day (state side) why tf would he keep working for the church?
He’s a lot more of an independent thinker then I was at his age. Even though he still believes in Mormonism I’m proud that he’s questioning the system and not letting it completely control him.
If the TSCC wanted young people to stay and serve missions they need to rewrite the whole mission field to be actually service based.
My prayer(lol) is that he actually leaves one day and that this religion will die.
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2023.06.07 04:29 HeroesJourneyMadness Across the Spiderverse Sound mix?

Just got out of the new Spiderverse movie. I didn’t know it was part one of two- still processing how I feel about that.
What I’m definitely taking issues with was that I couldn’t make out large portions of the dialog. Gwen’s final lines- all I understood was “I made my own”. Whole scenes I could only sort-of follow, and many many exchanges just could not be understood. Any time music or sound cues ramped up the dialog got drowned out.
It really put a damper on the movie for me- and my teenage daughter- so it wasn’t just me.
I talked to the theater manager- this was at Classic Cinemas in downtown Oak Park, IL and she insisted this was an issue with the sound mix of the film. “They’re complaining all over the internet about it”.
I’m not seeing any mention here on Reddit about it though. Am I right in thinking this is a theater issue, not the mix?
Great movie. Wish I could have enjoyed it more.
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2023.06.07 04:29 AHare115 Swords seem like the best weapons by far

New player here, just reading through the PHB trying to get a grip on the options available. And I've got to say, on my first instinct, swords seem way more powerful overall than any other weapon class. Let's compare what I would consider to be the two basic weapons in class: Shortspear and Shortsword.
Shortspear wins on cost by 4sp and is easier to make. Which could matter I guess, but I would assume that after a few sessions in you should find enough money or materials to make a sword.
Shortsword wins on gear bonus, +2 vs +1.
Damage is the same at 1 each.
Traits: Shortspear has piercing. Shortsword piercing, slashing, and has parry. So it's versatile, and from my understanding parry is really powerful. Especially when we factor in talents, which I'll get to.
Spear has a reach of near rather than arm. Which I guess is helpful if you're more of a supporting damage dealer trying to hide behind your main tank. But I don't think that range addition on its own is more powerful than the other bonuses the Shortsword has so far.
So now onto the respective "Fighter" talents.
Rank 1 looks about the same at first glance, until you realize that Swords also get that +1 bonus to their parry on top of the standard +1 to attacks across the other talents.
Rank 2 sword gives you a free unconditional attack as long as you're arm length with 2 enemies. Which, maybe that can be argued you should avoid that situation. But it's certainly better than the Spear, which gives you an "out of turn" attack, but still costing your action. I understand the usefulness of potentially disabling a charging enemy before they reach you, but this talent does nothing once the enemy is already in arm and it doesn't give any action economy boost like Sword does.
Rank 3 is just like rank 1: Sword gets the same D8 bonus to parries as well.
So after looking through all of this, I just wonder how the Spear, probably the single most used weapon in all of human history, is ostensibly so much weaker than the sword, which for all of history is relegated mostly to a sidearm. Maybe I'm spoiled coming from PF2e, where weapons are generally well balanced and unique. I picked the spear as it seems like the most drastic example; but IMO the other weapon categories also fall short of Swords, but not quite as much.
Please change my mind if you can.
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2023.06.07 04:29 benniz2021 Idea for open world video game

I had this idea for a DC superhero video game. Since DC owns all their IP, I feel like they could make an awesome open world DC universe game. IMO it would be best if you could just create your character, with your own powers, and what not. But you don’t start as a hero or a villain, but instead the in game decisions you make in game would decide if you were a hero or villain. And if you become a hero you’d fight some of the villains throughout the story and be a apart of the JL. And if you became a villain you would fight whatever heros and you could join the injustice league or something.
Let me know your thoughts..
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2023.06.07 04:29 Annegreta1587 Another chance

I know I’m the one who walked away out of fear and pride, I really thought I was doing the right thing, but after almost a year this hole inside of me is still there and growing. I have been reflecting a lot about what I think I want and what I actually want. What I truly want is to be part of your life even if it’s in a purely platonic way. Despite my wild imagination which creates fake scenarios all the time, I’m aware of who I am and of who you are, I know we will never be together that way and I accept that. The reality is that I respect and admire you , you inspired me to become a better person and overcome some of my deepest fears. Everything else is just a fantasy. I believe in your cause and would love to be part of it again. I understand if you have concerns but I swear that I can and will respect your boundaries just like I did when I was still there. Yes, I’m an emotional mess but I’m working hard on myself and as you know I’m always willing to learn and grow. I know that at the end you will do what is best for everyone because that is who you are, but if you give me another chance I will work to be the best version of myself as I walk beside you . I miss you, the real you.
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2023.06.07 04:29 goatsnstuff__ Swt ticket prices

How much did you guys pay for swt tickets?? I was casually looking at Taylor's and was BLOWN AWAY at the prices- $1500 are the cheapest ones available currently! Absolutely wild. So naturally I want to know how much money I'm gonna need to save for when she decides to tour again lol
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2023.06.07 04:28 together_we_cry Got turned down for supervisor position because my dad died

The whole team has been butting heads with our new TL since she was pushed up top in November. She's incompetent and refuses to change her methods despite clearly having no idea what she's doing. 5 supervisors have quit since November just because of her, along with long-term TMs. There's been a multitude of conversations with store leadership about her that has gone nowhere. Our store leadership sucks too.
My dad died recently after I started here 4 months ago and I never took a day off for grievance, mostly because I needed the money, so I wasn't going above and beyond like I usually do at work because i'm a people-pleaser. I have supervisor experience and waited on the supervisor promotion until I was able to mostly recover from the loss.
I applied to the supervisor position and was turned down. She said while I do have the experience and I do go above and beyond most of the time she pointed out days where I was off my game, days she KNEW was when my dad just died. She said she needs a supervisor to give 100 all of the time.
I'm extremely upset and pissed. I feel like I wasted my time here. I know it's just a grocery store but I got along with everyone and enjoy the job. I wanted to stay here until I got done with my degree.
Don't know if i'll just straight up quit or move to another department, because after this i'm 100% done with her shit. No point in going to store leadership as they suck just as much, and I know other people have contacted TMS about her and nothing has come of it.
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2023.06.07 04:28 Firm-Celery-9797 Programming

So I’ve been Crossfitting since 2008 and still love it. I know this question will be like “hey what’s the best pair of shoes?” But thoughts on programming. I’ve followed the main site for years to Comptrain and now Mayhem. I’m a masters athlete now so priorities have changed. Grew very stale with Comptrain and my gym switched to Mayhem. It’s been 2 years or so and seems overly repetitive as well. I don’t mind shorter wods just not every day. I guess I’m looking for longer domain wods more steady less sprint. Get that it’s all personal preference just thought I’d pose it here.
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2023.06.07 04:28 thegrave_ [Recruiting] Clash Masters™️ #2Q882QYRY TH12/TH13/TH14/ TH15 Clan Level 10 War CWL CG CC RAIDS

Not gonna bore you with the “we’re the best clan blah blah blah…We play, we try, we have fun. Laid back war clan (b2b) looking for active players. CWL every month. Max CG always. Clan Capitol Raids always. Looking for experienced, active members to join. Come check us out!
Clash Masters™️
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2023.06.07 04:28 HoshikaS91 Any advice?

So I've finally decided to fight my shopping addiction as I feel it's actually making my anxiety worse now as opposed to better like it used to. I also need to quit spending my money as recklessly as I do. Anyone got any decent advice for me? I'm already deleting all of my shopping apps off my phone and I'm trying to declutter as I have way too much of everything because of my shopping addiction.. I've been using the "does this spark joy?" method and it seems to be helping. My biggest issue is any time I have extra money after paying my bills, I feel the need to spend it right away. I'm trying so hard to beat that mind set but with my impulsivity from my ADHD, it's so hard. I have everything I need and then some and I KNOW that, but it's so difficult. Thanks for reading and again, any advice is greatly appreciated 🙏💖
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2023.06.07 04:28 somina_mm My friend just told me that his best friend has nudes or someone we know.

Today my friend,D, came to me and told me that his best friend, Z, has the nudes of a girl we know, B. I was shocked because, first of all, B is a hijabi and second why would she send nudes to him. They’ve never dated and practically hate each other.
Then D tells me that B was actually harassing Z for a long time now and sent these nudes to him. We don’t know why B is harassing Z, but D told me that he seemed to be a lot of distress, hence why he told D. And D told me because he was equally disturbed and felt the secret was a big burden on him. Now I haven’t seen the video, but according to D it was really explicit.
Anyways, after hearing this I was absolutely confused and just didn’t feel well and I felt lost even if it didn’t involve me. My main concern is if I should tell the teachers or not, because on one side, B is a hijabi and is underage (we are all) and on the other side, Z technically got sexually harassed, still has the photos and we don’t know what he’s gonna do with them. Like my concern is about the fact that B sent explicit content to Z and that Z still has the photos and is doing god knows what with them. Like I don’t know on which side I should be, if I should be taking sides, what I should do or if I should just leave it. D wants to keep it a secret and wants to never talk about it
Anyways this was partially just to get it off my chest and I don’t even know why I’m so disturbed 💀
Thank you for reading this until the end if there’s anyone still here.
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