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2023.05.26 09:04 Apprehensive-You9999 Imprinting settings

Hi all,
New to ark and very new to breeding but bred my first level 159 sabertooth triplets. Issue is they auto trapped in my soul terminal then it said cuddle for them so released them but no option to cuddle and the maturing was going really quick and they 'wanted care in 1:20:00' and no matter what I do to the settings that 1hr20m count down doesn't change at all.... How am I supposed to get an imprint apart from making maturing super super slow to get enough 1hr20m care in?
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2023.05.23 04:13 ShinyCharizard01 Your Favorite Underrated Creatures

In a game like Ark, there are fan favorites. The Rex, the Argy, the Giga, and many more. But what about the creatures who don't get much love? The creatures who, despite being good, never get the fan attention they deserve due to no one really paying them much attention?
You guys can feel free to leave in the comments which creature you enjoy that fits the term 'underrated'. Maybe a gathering creature that no one seems to use, a creature you used to boss rush that you had fun with, or just a creature you don't see the community talk about that you simply like for existing. Any creature can count, so long as you don't see it getting talked about much by the community. Also, no early game creatures, like Raptors and Trikes, because while they are early game creatures, the community does still acknowledge they are good for something. Also, no MEKs, Tek Stryders, or any other robotic creature, because you don't really tame a Mek, and the others aren't really 'creatures', so to speak.
Here are some of my favorite underrated creatures:
Megaloceros. I used one for caving when I first played the game and had some fun with it. It is weak, but boy is it fast!
Dimporh. I LOVE shredding Alphas to bits with a group of these little guys.
Sabertooth. My best friend loves cats, so these are his favorite Ark creature, so I also have a soft spot for them.
Pachyrhino. These mini Trikes are cool design wise. Never tamed one before so I don't know how it is as a tame.
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2023.04.25 03:00 fr15287 Size comparison between ARK Sabertooth (1.5 m) and a lion in real life (1 m). While it's suggested to be a Smilodon, the ARK Sabertooth is a mix of various felines without any clear real counterpart. As such, it seemed more relevant to compare it to an animal that's known for its size and strength.

Size comparison between ARK Sabertooth (1.5 m) and a lion in real life (1 m). While it's suggested to be a Smilodon, the ARK Sabertooth is a mix of various felines without any clear real counterpart. As such, it seemed more relevant to compare it to an animal that's known for its size and strength. submitted by fr15287 to ARK [link] [comments]

2023.04.04 02:19 BeastSlayer4680 My story on Ark

Me and my friend started to play Ark on a non dedicated server I made together on ps and it was fun. I had a thatch base but it wasn't good as it was small and I was lazy so me and him searched for a cave base we found one that looked nice to we went and found it but it was a long journey and we had to fight off my dinosaur. T Rex's,carnos,Raptors and Sabertooths with our trikes which were only level 20 to 30. It was hard but we finally found the cave and we started to live there but stuck in the rocks an alpha raptor surprised us as it leaped out of the stuck rock he was in as he nearly killed me and my friend but lucky we got on our trikes and killed him.We brang all our other dinosaur from our other base we had to make a dinosaur gate because it was a big opening. We crafted some small dinosaur gates as it took a few days we had to had to go back to our old base which had all our other Dino's we had to slowly take 3 parasaurs,2 pteradons, T rex,Raptor as we had to go throught mountains and had to fight off the thirst just to make it to our base. Many things attacked us but we finally thought we were safe until an sabertooth came out of no where and attacked my Raptor called Hunter he had a good fight but he died as my trike called Pumpkin tryed to save him but it was too late as we mourned for our lost dinosaur we got to the outside of our base an Alpha Carno spawned outside our cave as we had to rush and get our two trikes to fight it off it was hard battle as we nearly died but we won. We brang all the dinosaurs to a better home safe from the hungry,Bloodthirsty and savage carnivores. I swore to save any weak Dino's from those carno,Raptors and T rex as I tamed dodos and other weak Dino's to bring them the safety.Im still trying to get as much weak Dino's to protect and bring to the cave I call paradise as I hope they will be happier then out there with them. It's hard living in a cave were T Rex's spawn outside everyday. I tamed 3 more Raptors for a pack just for Hunter as he was gonna be the Pack leader it won't be the same without him. RIP HUNTER YOU WILL BE MISSED 😢
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2023.03.31 23:51 Valkyrie-Dragon First Official look at Ark 2 Sabertooth !

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2023.03.20 19:07 Soft_Seaworthiness83 All the creatures confirmed in Ark 2 so far

Hello it's been almost a year since i made a post called : every creature in ARK 2 so here i am with an updated version after going thru trailers, concept art and posts.And split it into 4 parts. so here i am.
The trailers
So i will keep it simple the first trailer was shown in 2020 at the game awards and it showed us 5 new dinos : The first one we saw was the little lizard called the CAMELEON FLOWER. the next one is some kind of bird could be an archaeopteryx but probably not. Just then a T-REX comes out of the foliage. As the trailer continues they go in a cave which has some paintings on the rocks but i don't think all of the dinos will be in the game. They walk out and a dinosaur resembling a pterodactyl flies away we also spot a brontosaur in the background. There are only two more dinos in the second trailer being the DODO and RAPTOR.
Concept art
Recently the devs posted 4 photos of concept art being the STEGOSAUR ,ANKYLOSAURUS ,BRONTOSAUR and CARNOTAURUS and he was hunting a raptor or a archaeopteryx or maybe something else. Another photo was posted of a giant spider resembling a broodmother.
Other sources
For the end there wore some tweets about a triceratops and the dilo. And now a theory the monster in the first trailer was wearing a helmet made of a skull from a sabertooth now he might already be dead from the crash of the Genesis ship and they just took the skeleton.
The end
For the end i would like to share which dinos i would like to se in Ark 2 and those are :
the king of ARK the Giga and a Sarco . Let me know which ones you would like to see.
Thanks for reading -Dr.Bloker
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2023.03.12 18:11 shugarsouls Do I restart Fjodur?

I just started a Fjodur single-player playthrough 3 days ago. I'm pretty bad at progression in Ark, so when I was level 84 I had 224 Argentaivs, 101 Rex, 29 Maewing, and a sabertooth. when I went to get a male rex for my female so I could prepare for bayla, 2 alpha raptors killed me while I tried tranqing it. My argy survived, I then respawned in my castle and died again trying to get it back with a Maewing, it died as well. All my stuff is next to 2 Alpha raptors, A rex, And 3 deinonychus. So, do I
A- Restart Fjodur With What I Know Now.
B-Try and get my stuff back
C-Play crystal isles (I wanted to hold off on this one because it doesn't have that much content compared to Fjodur)
D- Quit ark and find meaning in life
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2023.03.10 22:21 Tall_Situation_1442 Why...

About 9 days ago I posted an short ark moment of me PLAYING FJORDUR FOR THE FIRST TIME. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not new to Ark I'm playing it since 2016-2017, I just don't play it much often. It was a clip where I got jumped by a Sabertooth and then not knowing what to do, I jumped into the water. IM NOT SAYING THE GAME IS BAD. I LOVE THE GAME! It's my fault that I died and surely I could've done it better (using bolas, getting a mount), I was just exploring the map! The whole reason why I'm writing this post is because in the first 48 hours all the people started insulting me, calling me a noob. I can't see why people need to be toxic and make someone think they're bad at something.
I just want to thank all the people who stood up and decided to defend me!
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2023.02.24 02:36 Dinosaurmanstan Can we all agree Ark did Sabertooths dirty? Like they are so small and weak. While the Thylacoleo is way bigger then it’s actual counterpart. Sabertooth in real life are roughly the same size as a Thylacoleo in ark. While Thylacoleo’s in real life were like the same size as a bobcat.

Can we all agree Ark did Sabertooths dirty? Like they are so small and weak. While the Thylacoleo is way bigger then it’s actual counterpart. Sabertooth in real life are roughly the same size as a Thylacoleo in ark. While Thylacoleo’s in real life were like the same size as a bobcat. submitted by Dinosaurmanstan to ARK [link] [comments]

2023.02.21 23:18 Kilroy_420 need help naming my first Allisaurus.

I was at my argy taming/breeding base ( single player and easy) when I decided to take a nap and ark decided to spawn allisouras in my argy trap and around it. Well I took 2 out and anything ark spawned around ( lots of sabertooths, scorpions, and more argys) and I proceeded to knock out the ally in my argy trap. As I threw meat at it, I noticed it was starving and after a few meats it was mine. Super easy barly an Inconvenience. Well after a few days of messing around i decided to walk him back to my beach base. Ya well 2 lvl later (all stamina) I made it.
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2023.02.11 18:36 Proph3t4 ARK Survival Evolved 2023 Baby Sabertooth was killed!!!!!

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2023.02.05 02:44 Classic-Praline-2571 How much health should my tamed sabertooth get per level?

Hi I tamed a sabertooth on my own private world and was wondering how much health should I gain per level? I messed with the stat increase multipliers and later fixed them when they made my creatures way too powerful. When I put a level into my saber it jumped from 1550 health to 1728 health. I don't think sabers get that much health from one level is there any way to fix it other then deleting and re-downloading ark?
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2023.01.14 01:27 Glamorous-Fox dinos not getting knocked?

im playing ark with my friend and some dinos just wont get knocked. Some will, but others wont get knocked. mainly tried sabertooth and argentavius and every time i tried to knock them they die instead and just wont get knocked. ive been using mostly tranq arrows and sometimes a club. they wont fall and get knocked but instead just die. ive also been using bolas but those dont seem to work either. idk whats going on but please help if you have an answer. thank you
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2022.12.18 05:16 InsertUsername98 Favorite sci-fi/fantasy creature?

It can be for any reason, from gameplay to just because they look cool.
Because I like to overcomplicate my answers…
Aesthetics: Astrocetus, space whale artillery whale go brrrr, never tamed one and probably never will because I have a habit of playing ARK in the most time inefficient way possible, it being months and me still not having a boss ready SE army (tbf I think SE’s shitty performance on the base XBOX one is to blame here). But by the looks alone…. Yeah these guys are why I hope fantasy creatures return in ARK’s future in some spin-off.
Gameplay: Wyverns, the only other fantasy creature I have to compare it to are the Rock Elementals which isn’t a great comparison because REs are kinda moot on SE as they are in that position of being overkill to everything that is not a Deathworm or other Rock Elemental, and being too slow to escape the latter two, not to mention they can’t breed so they are effectively irreplaceable because I am too lazy to tame another. Irregardless, Wyverns are hella fun being extremely fast fliers who are also very combat capable so you don’t need to worry about them getting instantly killed by a sneaky Sabertooth, granted their combat AI is atrocious.
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2022.11.19 09:46 Shaan_Roy I tamed a sabertooth in ARK mobile:) But how am I going to take him home༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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2022.11.18 20:38 GreenFetish I'm bad at ark

I've been playing ark for a while, probably around 100 hours and i still struggle in literally everything, i'm playing on frojdur and i'm trying to leave the "beach newbie" phase but every step i make inside the Island i just die over and over, i tamed 2 high Level raptors and both died because a bigger predator spotted me or they just got outnumbered, i tried to tame 3 ptero and got surprised by a pack of raptors, a pack of deinonychus and a single low Level sabertooth the only second i wandered away for just a moment. Any suggestion on where i should live and sette while trying to make progress? Also should i go for progression caves even if i'm in a terrible spot? Tame i should go for (lv 42 currently)
Tldr: any suggestions at all to Escape the beach Bob phase?
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2022.10.17 04:09 Then_Ocelot_431 Halo 2's original ending (original Human-Covenant War ending) animated! A must see for any story fan.

C3 Sabertooth took the storyboards for the original ending of the Halo plot, and animated it wonderfully with music and voices. It's like watching an episode of Halo Legends.
Animated Halo original ending.
It tells the story of how Bungie originally planned to end the story.
These plot points are touched upon!
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2022.10.15 03:15 Kiu_98 Halo, Joseph Staten & theology

Hello y'all!
Some of you might remember me from my Halo: Reach cutscenes analyses (I've been working on doing that for ODST & Infinite), others by some stuff I once shared about the ODST glyphs and a few will know me by playing with or against me online in the MCC or in Infinite (Kiu8 is my gamertag, add me!).
After a lengthy hiatus in this subreddit, I'm back with some stuff that I'd like you all to learn about Halo and how Joseph Staten made a plethora of allusions to theological themes in the games he was heavily involved in; I didn't share everything I've thought about here (I mainly focused on Halo 2) because I don't want to make this as lengthy as it can be, furthermore, clearly some of this will be pretty insane at first but I hope you can digest this and see it the way I have after taking a closer look into what you've enjoyed in the franchise's games.

Latin and religious allusions in the game(s): I've studied the language as well as theology, I believe that the reason why the Bungie folks were hinting at the Forerunners speaking Latin (e.g. in Ghosts of Onyx, it's said that the Sentinels understand Latin, Contact Harvest states that the Covenant knew some Latin words before they even got to encounter mankind, the Forerunners' names for the galaxy's sapient species are all in Latin, etc.) is because of various reasons.
Joseph Staten is a student of theology and his father was the one who introduced him to such a realm: “Religion for the Covenant--well, I won't talk too much about that, because that will give too much away. But in doing the Halo games, certainly my education came into play. I am also a minister's son, my dad is a professor of theology and philosophy of religion. Growing up, I can remember dinner-time conversations about the nature of salvation when I was a little boy; how it means escaping a doomed existence. Now my dad is sort of a scholarly minister, he's a professor more than a practicing minister, but the nature of salvation is something that's in Halo. If you think about it, the Great Journey is this doomed, endless cycle of violence; so all these thoughts went into the story”.
(Staten entered Northwestern University in 1990 with the aspiration of becoming a professional actor, he's said in the past that he also added some Shakespearean themes into H2's story, that's a post for another time though!)
Ecclesiastical Latin is the liturgical language of many churches and rites, and, alongside that, it's believed by some that one of the languages that God spoke was Latin, moreover, the influence of the language is immense throughout the world, it wouldn't be surprising to see Bungie going with it - even for their real-life mottos - because it gave humanity intelligibility to the language of its makers and because its epic aura amplifies the Forerunners grandeur even in that sense.

As for the other stuff which gets even crazier: Halo 2 is a story about the Covenant's zealotry and how misinterpreting holy scriptures or intentionally twisting its messages can lead to hateful acts in the name of something that's meant to be sacred and benevolent, the one who corrects things is the Arbiter (from Latin «arbiter» (“a witness, judge”, literally, “one who goes to see” [in his case, he discovers the truth, in H2's cut ending, the revelation to him is even more shocking when he ends up discovering that the Forerunners were ancient humans]) who was originally called the Dervish (i.e. someone whose focus is on the universal values of love and service, deserting the illusions of ego to reach God by virtues and individual experience, rather than by religious scholarship [hence his journey - akin to an atonement - and his Todestrieb/death drive/Thanatos after being stripped of his prestigious rank]).
(The Arbiter's armor is reminiscent of stuff you see in Zoroastrian & Islamic art, that falls into the game's aesthetic though so I won't elucidate on this within this post).
Guilty Spark is a cherubim who is also one of the Seven Archangels (from the seven Holy Rings which allude to the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse) who serve God directly and his appearance - alongside the ones of the other Forerunner servants - also allude to Biblically accurate angels (e.g. unearthly-looking flying beings with big eyes and fire or beams of light at their disposal [see the Sentinels, the Guardians (their Bungie-era concept art included wings which gives further credence to what I'm saying, etc.]) while the Rings themselves can be seen as the the Ophanim (Hebrew: אוֹפַנִּים ʿōp̄annīm, "wheels") also called Galgalim (Hebrew: גַּלְגַּלִּים galgallīm, "spheres", "wheels", "whirlwinds"), if you look at the cut Covenant murals cutscene (which are also seven, an important number in the Bible and one that Bungie gave a ton of significance [e.g. Bungie Day, the Seventh Column, etc.]), the Halos are graphically depicted with an eye glyph, what do the eyes do?
N.B.: The Covenant murals serve a similar function to the stained glass art you find in Medieval cathedrals, the aforementioned alongside frescoes, tapestries, etc. were employed to still allow illiterate people to see the history of the religion they were being presented with, when scriptures don't get the job done, art does.
They release a, “divine wind that will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation”, or, as Regret says, they release a, “cleansing flame that burns a path into the divine beyond”.
If it isn't obvious to you already, things cyclically restart for us via the Ark (which looks like a rose of the winds so that we can find where to go, the edification itself helping us find our way in the cosmos) and the firing of the Rings after facing the Flood, a clear reference to the Genesis flood narrative, the Gravemind itself also being a reference to Biblically accurate angels (e.g. in Biblical texts, “Do not be afraid” is something angels say as they appear to people, partly because they come in peace and partly because they know just how otherworldly they look), its dialogue when we first encounter it speaks for itself too.
N.B.: It is said in some texts that angels are fire and air, and demons water and earth, I like to connect the former with the Forerunner Sentinels et al. and the Flood with the latter.
Here's an extra thing about the Covenant: Ever wondered what's up with glassing? Well, in practice, it's similar to the real-life ancient practice of salting your enemy's earth, the Book of Judges (9:45) says that Abimelech, the judge of the Israelites, sowed his own capital, Shechem, with salt, c. 1050 BCE, after quelling a revolt against him.
Since it's also a ritualistic thing, these other passages come to mind: Leviticus 2:13 and Ezekiel 43:24 illustrate the requirement of salt as part of ancient Hebrew religious sacrifices. Leviticus 2:13 reads: "And every offering of your grain offering you shall season with salt; you shall not allow the salt of the covenant of your God to be lacking from your grain offering. With all your offerings you shall offer salt." “Salt land” is a metaphorical name for a desolate no man's land, as attested in Psalms 107:34, Job 39:6, and Jeremiah 17:6. The land of defeated cities was salted to consecrate them to a god and curse their re-population, as illustrated in Judges 9:45: “And Abimelech fought against the city all that day; and he took the city, and slew the people that was therein, and beat down the city, and sowed it with salt.”
And here's something about humanity: “The Pillar of Autumn”, quite a poetic name, isn't it? Well, what if I told you that it's most likely referring to the Exodus from Reach (reminiscent of the Exodus of the Israelites) and that the ship itself is alluding to the pillar of fire - and cloud - which was a theophany that helped them find their way towards their destined land?
Here's yet another thing: The crossing of the Red Sea tells of the escape of the Israelites (i.e. humanity in this case after Reach's downfall) from the pursuing Egyptians (i.e. the Covenant with their soon-to-be-Arbiter clad in armor reminiscent to that of Egyptian royalty and with hints of Muslim and Zoroastrianism art-wise), as the exodus transpires, Moses holds out his staff and God parts the waters of the Yam Suph (Reed Sea). The Israelites walk on dry ground and cross the sea, followed by the Egyptian army. Once the Israelites have safely crossed, Moses drops his staff, closing the sea, and flooding the pursuing Egyptians who drown. “Flooding”.
Back to Staten and what he does via what he knows: ODST is one big allusion to Dante's Inferno (e.g. you are a Helljumper because you Land Feet First Into Hell (there are graffitis in Mombasa Streets that say, ”HELL ON EARTH”, Sublevel Nine is cold and gloomy because it alludes to the ninth circle of Hell which is exactly like that, etc.) and the Prophets are the unholy Trinity, they personify Dante's Satan who has three faces while the Holy one (possibly alluded by the Keyship glyphs found in the game) used to be the connection between the Sangheili, the San 'Shyuum and the Forerunners (the seventh and last Covenant mural depicts this). (T.S. Eliot's “The Hollow Men” is also quite relevant).
What about the Chief & Cortana!?”, you might ask; I'll post something solely focused on them in the future, there's A LOT to unpack there (e.g. the hero's journey, nostos, Arthurian themes, messages found in the Cortana Letters which were written by Nathan Bitner, etc.) and some connections to the Marathon games are found through them (e.g. Durandal), particularly our lady sword A.I.
Final Thoughts
What Staten and his colleagues did with the story was absolutely amazing and yet most of us didn't even realize it at the time. I've been a lifelong fan of the franchise and the only reason why I discovered these things (don't know if I was the first one to do so though, it'd be arrogant to assume it) is because I wanted to learn about the people behind the games that I love and why they made things the way they did, something that further motivated me to do this was truly taking into account some stuff that I heard in Grim Fandango's developer commentary: “You have to take things from your life and put them into your work. Even though they don't really mean anything to anybody else”.
— Tim Schafer
And: “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”.

If you read the whole thing, I thank you for taking the time to do so, it's something I've tried to piece together as coherently as possible (shout-out to my Xbox buddy Chaotic Dracul, my dialectical conversations with him helped me significantly with this, another shout-out to Tepec Fett [Halo Création's GOAT], Pecklessyaw, Shabiggles, Scatcycle & General Wall from the ODST glyphs detective gang), hopefully I managed to do so, alongside that, I hope I was able to let you see the OG games through a different perspective, granted, some of the stuff I said is probably apophenia at work (I might make this a series and call it that), regardless of that, I figured that I'd share this for the sake of debate.
Edit: I. I didn't expect this to be so well-received, thank you all for the interest, oftentimes I feel like my ideas aren't really special, receiving such kindness and attention to my thoughts is quite reassuring.
II. After posting this, I realized that there's at least a handful of videos that expose some of the things I said (go check C3 Sabertooth's “We WERE Forerunner!” video, he's very thorough with everything that he exposes, there's also some stuff at some very old Halo Bungie theory forums), luckily, a big portion of what I pointed out (e.g. why Latin was Bungie's language of choice for the Forerunners, the Rings being Ophanim/Galgalim, the Sentinels et al. being just like biblically accurate angels, etc.) was, as far as I can tell, first associated to by me.
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2022.10.03 03:01 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 ice age minecraft animals a to z

bone boat
ice age
nightmare ghost
sabertooth tiger
Tasmanian tiger
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2022.09.27 18:43 Gamerzilla2018 Arkphibia Heart of the Island Chapter 2: Scorched Earth

Dossier 1: Of course it was a desert why THE HELL IS IT A DESERT! The last thing I remember was going through a portal flying through space and then I woke up in the middle of a desert. Oh well at the very least I still have my weapons it should at least keep me safe for a little bit.

Dossier 2: I found a group of Merchants today! They were riding creatures that looked like a cross between a dinosaur and camel. They said that they were heading to a city a few days away from here.

Dossier 3: I got to talk to the Merchants a bit more. They weren't fighters that's much for certain. We talked about what happened to me before I arrived here. As we were talking we disturbed A FREAKING GOLEM. I swear it would have killed us until fire rained from the sky and I kid you not A FREAKING DRAGON!!! saved us. Whoever was riding that thing I owe them my thank's

Dossier 4: I talked to the merchants about the rider and they said she was called "Wally Al-Aswald" and they had some pretty wacked out theories about her. Some said she was a guardian angel who appears to the worthy during their time of need. Well whether they were guardian angel or not...I owe them my life.

Dossier 5: We finally arrived at the city today the merchants spent the day at the city I decided to stay in the city. A nice innkeeper let me stay at his inn so finally I can rest for a few nights I just hope I can find Sasha and Marcy...I just have to.

Dossier 6: Well I guess I made one helluva first impression. I was just grabbing some food from the and some criminals were stealing from everybody. And of course I told them no. Then they tried to kill me. I pulled my sword out immediately I killed one of them and stabbed another one in the chest and the last one ran away. Before I knew it I heard cheering and I was pretty much the hero of the city! Well it certainly made me think Wartwood. I just hope they are doing okay.

Dossier 7: Well Karma came to bite me in the ass. The tribe those criminals were from they attacked the city and I was sure we were toast until...Wally showed up! She reduced the tribe's whole army to ash. She and the city celebrated for the whole night. It's clear that she knows me somehow? As I would see her look at me a few times I just hope I didn't do anything to get on her bad side.

Dossier 8: I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! Wally knocked on my door last night we met in a back alley and it turns out Wally Al-Aswald was...SASHA THIS WHOLE TIME SHE HAS BEEN HERE!!! We got on her Dragon and flew from the city Sasha has some explaining to do when we land.

Dossier 9: Sasha told me that she had been here for a few months so about as long as I was on the Island for. I told her about all that happened to me on the island. She told me that we aren't far from her base so we would keep talking later.

Dossier 10: Sasha and I arrived at her base and it turned out she wasn't the only one there! Turns out a woman is here called Raia. Raia taught Sasha how to ride Dragons! After I got done talking with Raia Sasha offered to teach me how to ride Dragons! Well I hope riding a Dragon is the same as riding a Big Cat or a Giant Snail.

Dossier 11: Man riding a Dragon is the most relaxing thing I've done since I've been on the ARK's Sasha told me she named her Dragon "Grimithy" or Grime as a nickname. I chuckled at that and I swear Sasha was blushing harder than I did at my job interview for the aquarium. so either she was embarrassed because of the name or there is something more going on here.

Dossier 12: I can't help but think Sasha is trying to flirt with me, I mean just today I walked in on Sasha working out and she started talking about how to get buff like her. If she's trying to flirt then it's some of the worst flirting I've seen but still it's kind of cute.

Dossier 13: Not everything has been going well. Raia is getting pretty sick I've seen Sasha being worried about people before but not to this level. Sasha doesn't leave Raia's side The same goes with that Jerboa that thing stays with Raia all the time. But still it's worrying to see Raia like this. I mean I don't really know much about her but it's clear she is one tough cookie but the state she is in at the moment is worrying.

Dossier 14: Raia has been getting worse each day it's gotten to the point where she can't even get out of bed. Sasha just sit's with Raia all day. And I sit with her while I don't know much about Raia but I do know lots about Sasha and I'm not leaving her side no matter what....That's a promise.

Dossier 15: Well...the dreaded day has come...Raia has died. Raia told us to find the artefacts right before she died. Sasha was inconsolable and cried for the whole night and she decided to sleep with me tonight and it felt nice I just hope she got a good enough sleep she really needed it.

Dossier 16: Ok I need to get something off my chest...I LIKE SASHA AND I DON'T JUST LIKE HER I LIKE LIKE HER! I guess I started my feelings for her when we started talking again after My college graduation. I think once I get a chance...I'm going to tell Sasha how I feel.

Dossier 17: I found Sasha sitting in bed and looking at the moon. She told me that she felt that Raia was like her new Grime and I suppose the comparison makes some sense. And I don't know what came over me but I KISSED HER!!! Before I had the chance to apologise She started KISSING ME AS WELL!!! After we finally got done Sasha and I agreed that once we got back to Earth..We were going on a date asap!

Dossier 18: Despite me and Sasha being a thing now we still needed to focus on getting off the ARK. I knew about 2 caves the Artefacts could be in so Sasha and I made a plan. I was going to collect the artefacts while Sasha would get a dragon army ready! So we wished each other luck and I set off for the caves.

Dossier 19: Well the caves were just as a pain in the ass as I remember. Certainly didn't help that my Sabertooth wasn't exactly cooperating and the creatures in the cave were less than pleasant but by some miracle I got the artefacts. When I returned from the caving Sasha had her dragon army ready and we pretty much ready to set off but there was one more thing we had to do.

Dossier 20: We held a funeral for Raia she requested that she be buried in a city to the south east I'm not sure why she wanted this destroyed city. Sasha told me that this city had some kind of significance for her. Either way we did as she instructed and once we held our short funeral we set off for the Obelisk.

Dossier 21: Well that went better than expected our dragon army managed to help slay a LITERAL MANTACORE! But Sasha really was the star MVP here she managed to climb on the creatures back and stabbed its brain as soon as she stabbed it the monster fell down and once she got her sword out...We couldn't help it we kissed for a short second. Well the teleporter is ready to go so I leave one last message for Marcy...We are going to find you and that is a promise.


Anne Boonchuy
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2022.09.22 00:46 dbfassbinder [Champion of the Orca Princess] Book 1: Chapter 20 (A Parting and a Reunion)

Book Start: Chapter 1
Previous Chapter: Chapter 19 Next Chapter: Chapter 21
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Chapter 20
Vince had been healed twice by Bayla, and both times it had left him with a pleasant tingle as his flesh was restored. Now everywhere his skin touched his metal armor felt the same way, only cranked up to ten. Too much, too much! I’m going to burst if this keeps up! What is this armor doing to me? He had an overwhelming need to move, to do something to burn off all that energy.
Marazza was extremely cooperative, and Vince was forced away from his panic at the bizarre situation by the need to counter the manshark’s charge. A clenched fist hammered his helmeted head, sending him sprawling. The Aqua Armor rippled at the mighty blow before snapping back to its metallic appearance.
Vince was pleasantly surprised to find that he was not broken again. Once he came to a stop in the loose sand, he sprang to his feet. The shark gave him no time to recenter, charging in again and lashing out with haymaker.
This time, Vince was ready. His arms snapped up at the speed of thought, catching the shark’s fist in both of his own. Marazza’s muscles bulged as he struggled against Vince’s iron grip, and the blond man smiled savagely inside his helmet.
“Not so much fun when I fight back, is it?”
“Wrong.” Marazza’s leg swept Vince’s legs out from under him. “You were bad prey before. Too weak. Now this is a good hunt.”
Vince just rolled out of the way of Marazza’s follow-up attack, a stomp that might have punched a hole straight through his chest. He spared a glance to Nanora’s injured titan-bird, still writhing in pain where Marazza had left him with a shattered leg.
He knows how to fight. You don’t, really. No bragging, no quips. Vince sprang forward, using the momentum from his leap to catch Marazza with a vicious uppercut. The shark’s jaws slammed shut with a ‘clack’ that echoed beneath the wharf. When he opened his mouth again, a handful of triangular teeth fell to the beach beneath them.
There were plenty more where they came from, though. “Time to stop fighting like a Landman.” Marazza’s meaty hands grabbed Vince’s shoulders, and gleaming white lances filled his vision an instant before everything went dark.
Vince almost thought that he had died until he realized he still felt that uncomfortable, bursting energy running through him. The Aqua Armor had read his fear and sealed his helmet shut. The hideous screech of the jagged teeth scraping along the pseudo-metal almost made Vince wish he was dead.
With his arms pinned by the shark, he knew exactly where Marazza was, though. His foot swept in a wide ark, catching the shark behind his knee. Even muffled by his helmet, the ‘pop’ of the shark’s joint dislocating turned Vince’s stomach. The pressure left his head and shoulders, and he took the opportunity hop back, putting distance between them.
“What are you doing?” shouted Bayla. Vince’s helmet had reopened, and the orca was shaking her fist at him from where she lay. “Drive the battle home and slay him! You cannot show mercy to a shark!”
The humbled Marazza grabbed his knee and forced it back into place. Vince was astounded at the shark’s stony face. Does he just not feel pain, or does he not have the muscles to emote?
“That is rich from an orca,” spat Marazza, forgetting his battle with Vince for a moment. His beady eyes narrowed as he took in his real quarry. “You rip us open for our livers and leave the rest to rot!”
Bayla scoffed at the idea. “It is the law of the sea. It is not our fault you are weak and delicious.”
Marazza’s face betrayed no emotion, though there was a hitch in his voice as he turned towards the beached orca. “You forget your situation, Princess. You cannot even run from me.”
“You’re fighting me!” Vince rushed forward, putting himself between the warring sea creatures.
“Yes.” Marazza attempted to backhand Vince, but he ducked beneath the blow. “But my master wants her, not you. You will need to die soon.”
Vince forgot his rule about no quips in the excitement of it all. “You first!” He swung a fist at the shark, hoping to break away more of his savage teeth.
Marazza saw it coming this time, and his now gap-toothed jaws closed down around Vince’s forearm. The armor rippled and deformed under one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom, but it held. However, Vince was good and stuck; his struggles only dug the shark’s teeth deeper into the armor. I don’t feel anything yet, but if he busts through, I’ll be like that sabertooth!
“Get him, Ureq!” Nanora had recovered from the crash landing, and despite his desperate situation, Vince had the time to goggle as the sight: a sand-covered witch throwing a bizarre lizard the size of an iguana right at Marazza’s head.
Red blood ran down the beast’s hide as Marazza’s sandpaper skin scraped against Ureq’s scales, but the summoned reptile was undeterred. Its wicked foreclaws gave as good as they got; a shark was much easier to open up than a tree trunk, after all. His sharpened beak found its way into Marazza’s right eye, which finally forced the shark to release Vince’s hand.
An instant later, a wave of Nanora’s magical staff had sent Ureq back where he came. “You did good, boy! Thank you!”
Bayla’s imperious voice cut through everything. “Vincemeyer, slay him! I command it!”
“Trying to,” grunted Vince.
The injuries and the blinding sparks left in Ureq’s wake sent the shark staggering back. Vince took advantage of Marazza’s distraction by tackling him to the ground. His muscles burned, screaming with something approaching pain, demanding action, demanding he do something to bleed off all of his barely-contained energy!
Straddling the shark’s chest, he rained down blows on his fallen foe. One punch had not impressed the shark much, but a dozen in as many seconds sent more teeth and blood flying. He vaguely remembered that sharks could regrow their teeth, given time. Not that I’m giving this monster any of that!
A spasm ran through Marazza’s body, and Vince was hurled straight up into the bottom of the wharf. The wood splintered at the impact, and Vince’s teeth ground together as he slammed back down to Earth.
The land-shark’s dead eyes looked the same, but Vince thought there was a fire in them that had not been there before. The edges of his mouth twisted back, even as his lifeblood leaked from a dozen wounds across his head and shoulders.
“Are you enjoying this?” demanded Vince, staggering back to his feet.
“Yes. I said so before.” Marazza’s voice was completely matter-of-fact. “It is a good hunt.”
Punches and kicks aren’t doing it… His hand traced down to his side, the Aqua Armor flowing to reveal with concealed hilt of his hunting knife. Combine this with the enhanced strength Bayla gave me, though, and I bet he won’t laugh this off!
However, just as Vince’s fingers wrapped around the Bowie’s hilt, his arm stopped obeying his orders. That burning sensation tripled, and the pain drove him to his knees. The shark had not screamed, but to his shame, he could not be as stoic. He could not see the armor warp and melt, flowing off of him as it returned to the seawater from which it came.
“Vince!” Bayla flopped forward on her belly. She was not sure what she could do in her half-transformed state, but she had to try!
“Princess Wakerider, you have to stop!” Nanora gripped her staff and ran between the beached orca and the shark. It was not the most relaxing spot to be, but she had no choice. “Get into the water!”
Before either could respond, Vince’s armor finally failed, splashing all around him. He could move again, though more sluggishly. Vince felt like the time he had run a half marathon down in Seattle, only every muscle in his body was spent, not just his legs. Ma was so pissed that I did it without asking on stock day.
It was not the time to think of his mother, though he nearly called out for her as the shark’s eyes passed over his now defenseless form.
“I take it back; you are all bad prey. The princess cannot move, the Landman cannot fight without magic, and the witch’s beasts have no blood.” There was no bitterness in the voice; he was simply stating fact. “All you have are tricks.”
“Can’t disagree,” muttered Vince to himself. He drew the knife anyway. “Well, if I’m such sucky prey, why’re you keeping your distance?”
“Because Landmen taste awful, and you aren’t good sport. Not even a threat.” He strode over to the flopping Bayla.
“S-stand back, villain!” Nanora held her position between Marazza and Bayla. The way she stammered and clutched at her staff did not inspire much confidence. “I am Nanora ag Sintala, the Ivory Witch! I will not break the sacred duty entrusted in me by the Grand Coven to protect—”
“You talk too much.” Marazza’s fist flew out. To Vince’s surprise, Nanora ducked beneath the punch.
Good; even if she’s a weird brat, I don’t want to see her get splattered.
Nanora cried out; it seemed the near miss was not part of her plan. When the Ivory Witch fell over the prone Bayla, Vince realized the orca had grabbed her by the skirt and pulled her to the ground.
“We finally agree on something, shark.” Bayla managed to raise herself up on her ‘knees’, glaring up at Marazza from waist height without so much as blinking. “I am the one you are after; leave Vincemeyer and this irksome witch out of it.”
Marazza nodded, his stubby neck making the gesture seem subtler. His arms moved faster than Vince could track, and in an instant, he had hauled Bayla up to eye level, his massive hands pinning her arms to her sides.
“Bayla!” Vince forced his tired legs to carry him forward. I don’t care if it’s pointless, I’ve gotta do something! As he charged in, a doubt entered his mind: why was Bayla smiling?
The answer came quickly. Her lower half swung about, far longer than her human legs had been. A fluke designed to propel a whale through the sea smashed into Marazza’s side like a sledgehammer.
Marazza kept his grip on the transformed whale, squeezing down on her with all his strength. “Cheater, you surrendered!”
Bayla cried out, but managed to flash the shark a cocky grin. “I said to leave them out of it, not that I yielded.”
Marazza’s death grip slackened for a moment as he considered Bayla’s words. “You are correct. Do you yield?”
His answer was another hammer-blow to the same spot. Marazza’s grip failed as he staggered back, and Bayla collapsed in a heap on the sand.
Vince had stopped his charge when he thought that Bayla had the situation under control. Which she does. Kind of. He fixed that mistake, aiming his Bowie knife at the shark’s back. Nanora had also hopped back to her feet, leveling her staff at the shark.
Their efforts came too late. Marazza did not even notice Vince’s attack, instead making a mad dash for the surf. He knocked Nanora on her back again, running like the hounds of hell were on his tail. He dove in, his powerful arms driving him forward with a force to make an Olympic swimmer jealous, and he was gone before Vince arrived where he had stood.
“Oh thank God,” said Vince, though he kept a tight grip on his knife. He did not trust such good fortune.
“Do not blaspheme,” chided Nanora. “It is a nasty habit.”
“Blaspheme?” asked Vince. “I’m serious; the big guy upstairs deserves some thanks for that! I thought we were chum!”
“Vincemeyer?” Bayla rubbed her head after her unexpected fall. “Do my eyes deceive me? Did we win?”
“He ran off.” Vince wanted nothing more than to check on her, but he could not let his guard down yet. “So, Nanora. Do you still think I’m a supervillain or some shit like that?”
The redhead returned his angry glare, but then her expression softened. “I don’t care how greedy a poacher is; he would not risk himself like you did for Bayla. I think you truly are her ally.”
“I said as much, you buffoon!” spat Bayla, along with a mouthful of sand. “If I had my legs, I would kick you from here to the Kelp Forest!”
Now that they were not being menaced by a land-shark, Vince could finally contemplate the bizarre sight before him. “What happened to her?”
“I hoped you knew,” said Nanora. She pulled a smaller crystal from a pouch on her belt, tracing a red pattern in the air before her. “Something is dreadfully wrong with her morphic field, that much is for sure.”
“I simply need to focus,” said Bayla, squeezing her eyes shut. “I can, now that that brute is nothing threatening us.”
“I’m not sure it’ll be that easy; every time you transform, it’s been by mistake.”
“I am a prodigy, remember?” She cracked a dark eye open, shooting Vince a glare that made him shudder. “I suppose I need to become a full Landmaiden again; I do not care to swim with that shark just yet.”
Vince helped her back into a crouching position on her ‘knees’. “Don’t blame you.”
Nanora frowned. “I am not sure that is completely wise. You nearly ripped your base morphic field in half when you failed last time. You cannot simply brute force transmogrification magic.”
“Watch me! I am the next Matriarch of my pod, and we are mistresses of magic! I made a Landman my champion without issue, and I have transformed twice without trying. Imagine if I had put my mind to it!” Beads of sweat trailed down her head. “I did not think I would be a Landmaiden again. Perhaps I will make myself taller this time?”
Vince had thought she was a perfect height before, for as often as he ended up hauling her around while she was unconscious. He kept that opinion to himself, though. Not like it’s my body, if it makes her happy.
Bayla’s legs did begin to glow, starting from where her human and orca halves met and slowly travelling down. Vince took her hand, and she clamped down on his poor, suffering fingers like a vice.
Nanora glanced from her crystal and back to Bayla’s shifting form. “It is more stable now.”
Vince smiled down at her. “You hear that? Keep at it, Bayla. Or is it Wakerider?”
“Later. I shall explain it later.” Bayla’s voice was strained, so Vince kept quiet. She did not need more distractions.
All three were so focused on Bayla’s transformation that they missed the approaching sound of police sirens, but Marazza’s sensitive ears had heard them a half-mile away. The heavy footfalls going down the wooden stairs from the main wharf were unmistakable, though. Vince whirled about, putting himself between Bayla and the oncoming threat.
“Hey you! Hands up!” Sergeant Phil Murphy’s mustached face was red from unaccustomed exertion; he rarely ran, and he never ran across uneven sand in his regulation shoes. Those shoes were already full of grit, and somebody was going to pay for the double indignities of sandy feet and an abandoned breakfast with the missus. He had already drawn his gun, though that was on account of the bizarre reports that had summoned him.
Murphy, Vince and Nanora’s voices were in near unison as they all asked the same question:
“You again?”
Thanks for reading!
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2022.09.10 12:49 ProbablyRanting Is everybody soft on this game?

I’m new to this game and my friend and I have been enjoying a pve-c server, but it seems like every time we kill somebody there is a complaint in global chat. Some say it’s a pve server and we’re not allowed to randomly kill and complain to the server owner. The owner had to explain to these people it’s a pvp 24/7 server, and they still complain, so now the owner is telling me not to kill people under my level, which is like everyone but 3 guys! And not even the level 60’s fight back lmao.
Most recently, I saw a newish base, turned off my follower attacking so nobody would get hit, voice chatted them that I’m friendly, I come in peace, they chatted in global “IDC” and sent zath spiders after my shit, almost killed me and my greater sabertooth so I had to book it out of there on my horse. They knew what they were doing. I went back with the homie and we killed them promptly as they deserved and these mfers COMPLAINED AND ACTED LIKE VICTIMS! Said I was camping them out, when in reality we just got to their base and their roof was wide open. And even if we did camp them(we really didn’t) it shouldn’t matter!
I’ve only played one other survival game, ark, which everyone was ruthless and nobody gave a fuck. This feels so different. I feel like I wasted so much time building up my character to be strong, because now I can’t even kill anyone without repercussions. How is that fair?
This game has complete nudity and severed body parts that people are totally okay with seeing but the second they feel the heat of pvp, they crack and become such pussies. The server owner has ulterior motives because he wants people to enjoy his server, but it’s disrespectful to the hours that I put in if I’m not allowed to kill people. There’s literally nobody to fight.
What do you guys think? Is everyone on pve-c like this or did I pick a lame server?
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