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414: Brew City

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MKE, Cream City, Mil-town, Brew City, The Good Land.

2023.05.18 09:58 duckinapond3942 Asian CS Male wants to see where he stacks up against good CS schools!

Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Residence: Australia (with US Citizenship)
Type of school: Large private
Hooks: None
Intended major: Computer Science
SAT: 1600
GPA: School doesn't do GPA, but would estimate somewhere from 3.7-3.8 (top 10% of school)
- Australian Informatics Olympiad Bronze
- Australian Mathematics Competition Distinction
- Berbras Computational Thinking Challenge Credit
- Some school awards
- Part of a team sending an experiment to the ISS, research leader.
- Mentor for 15+ kids in digital information club, teaching every week.
- Developing plant identification app for city council's botanical gardens
- Developing game to help introduce kids to coding
- Member of school's STEM Committee
- Blog writer for STEM blog
- Member of city council's youth action comittee
- Captain for school's library committee
- Robotics internship/work exprience at university research lab (only for 1 week though), work presented at group show held by said research lab
Interested schools:
UMass Amherst
Virginia Tech
UT Austin
Would love to hear any thoughts anyone has! (p.s deleted original post because formatting went haywire)
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2023.04.23 18:50 herbivorousclown Has Canada’s systemic oppression allowed the work of an alleged serial killer to flourish in Edmonton, Alberta?

Since the 1980s, the bodies of over twenty women have turned up in farmer’s fields surrounding the Edmonton area. All of these women were in a disadvantageous state in their lives, many being of Indigenous descent. The topic of missing and murdered Indigenous women is not a new one, but is one that often fails to get the spotlight it deserves.
The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was published just a few years ago in 2019. In this 1000+ page document, with more than 200 calls to justice, it takes a look into the systemic oppression of Indigenous women and girls specifically in Canada, and many things that need to change within Canadian society for these women to receive equitable treatment. Outlined in the National Inquiry, it was discovered that while Indigenous women make up less than 4% of Canada’s female population, the rate of homicide among Indigenous women in Canada was twelve times higher than that of non-indigenous women. In 2015, that number was only six times higher. In 1980, Indigenous women in Canada accounted for 9% of female homicide victims. In 2021, 45 Indigenous women were victims of police-reported homicide. These 45 women alone made up 24% of all Canadian female homicide victims that year. The rate of homicide among other women in Canada is going down, but is staying disproportionately high for Indigenous women.
Canada’s foundation was built on the assimilation of Indigenous people into Canadian society. To ensure that children would grow up with Canadian identities, many Indigenous children were plucked from their families by the Canadian government and forced into residential schools. Schools operated in every Canadian province and territory with the exception of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. In these schools, students were banned from wearing clothes traditionally linked to their cultures, and were often given new, English names. If students were caught speaking their native languages, they would be severely punished. The children taken to these residential schools were neglected, abused, and tortured, and many died during their stays. Bodies of these children are still being uncovered today and the official number, while in the thousands, is unknown. Racism towards Indigenous people was solidified through residential schools and many Indigenous Canadians still face this lasting racism today. Although the last residential school closed in 1997, the lasting effects they had on the Canadian population has never gone away.
In Alberta alone, there are 60 official cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women that are still unresolved. Among these cases, four of these women’s bodies have turned up within an 8km radius of one another in Leduc County, just south of Edmonton, Alberta. These women are Edna Bernard, Katie Sylvia Ballantyne, Delores Dawn Brower, and Amber Tuccaro.
Edna Bernard was a 28-year-old mother of six. She held a great amount of love for her sons, but she struggled with addiction and asked family members to care for her boys were anything to happen to her. After getting into a car at an Edmonton nightclub with unknown people on September 22nd, 2002, Edna was beaten, having her fingers smashed in by a hammer. She was strangled, and her body was set on fire. Her remains were found the next day, September 23rd, in a Leduc County field. Edna’s murder remains unsolved to this day. Edna’s mother, Cecile Nelson remembers her daughter as “one of [a] kind.” Caroline Bernard, Edna’s sister has announced Edna was “the best sister anyone can have.”
Katie Sylvia Ballantyne, who friends and family called Sylvia, was the eldest of three sisters and three brothers, from The Pas, Manitoba. As a teenager, she was a cadet in Dundurn, Saskatchewan. Sylvia eventually had four kids, raising them in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Three years before Sylvia’s murder, she moved to Alberta. Victoria Merasty, Sylvia’s mother, mentioned she moved out of Saskatoon to hide her struggle with addiction so as not to worry her family. On May 5, 2003, one of Sylvia’s friends reported her missing to Edmonton Police. She had last seen the 40-year-old Sylvia in the city eight days prior. On July 7th, 2003, a farmer found Sylvia’s badly decomposed remains close to Rollyview, Alberta in a Leduc County field, just nine metres from a gravel road. Sylvia’s mother asks the question, “Who thought he was God to kill my daughter before her time?”
Delores Dawn Brower was a 32-year-old Métis woman reported missing in June of 2005. An investigation into her disappearance revealed that Delores was last seen hitchhiking more than a year earlier, in the early hours of May 12th, 2004 along 118th Avenue in Edmonton. Delores struggled with depression and was attempting to escape life on the streets at the time of her disappearance. Delores’ whereabouts were unknown for a decade, until her body was found in a Leduc County field, close to Rollyview, Alberta, on April 19th, 2015. Alongside her remains, the remains of Corrie Renee Ottenbreit, a woman who vanished May 9th, 2004 on her way to work on 118th Avenue, were also found.
In March of 2006, 36-year-old Theresa Innes was reported missing from the northern Alberta town of High Level by her mother. Two months later, more than 700 kilometres south of High Level, Thomas Svekla was anxiously guarding a heavy hockey bag in Fort Saskatchewan, just north of Edmonton. When his sister grew suspicious, she opened the bag when Thomas left it unattended and the body of Theresa Innes was uncovered, wrapped tightly in metal. Thomas was arrested after this and became well known within Edmonton and Alberta, and police attempted to tie him to other disappearances in the area. Thomas is also suspected of the murder of Rachel Quinney, 19, whose mutilated body was found east of Edmonton June 11th, 2004. Thomas Svekla was the one who reported Rachel’s body and claimed he found it in the area while smoking crack with a sex worker. Thomas Svekla was charged and convicted of the second-degree murder of Theresa Innes in 2008 but was acquitted of anything to do with Rachel due to lack of evidence. Theresa and Rachel were both Indigenous women who struggled with addiction, found in the Edmonton area, so the similar deaths and disappearances of Edna Bernard, Katie Sylvia Ballantyne, Delores Dawn Brower, and Corrie Ottenbreit, were thought to be connected to Svekla.
In 2010, Amber Tuccaro, her 14 month old son, and a female friend of hers travelled from Fort McMurray to Edmonton. The trio stayed 30 minutes south of Edmonton in a small town called Nisku. On August 18th, Amber’s friend agreed to watch her baby while Amber hitchhiked into the city of Edmonton. She was last seen leaving her Nisku motel getting in a vehicle with an unknown man that evening. A minute long clip of a 17 minute phone call between Amber Tuccaro and her brother who was incarcerated at the Edmonton Remand Centre at the time was released two years after her disappearance. This phone call lines up with the date and time of the ride Amber received from the unknown man. In this clip, Amber can be heard asking the driver “where are we going?”. The driver is heard insisting he is taking her northeast towards Edmonton. During this call, Amber devastatingly says “you better not be taking me anywhere I don’t wanna go.” Police hoped that by releasing this phone call, the public would hopefully be able to identify the unknown man’s voice.
Just days after this phone call was released, the police received a tip that wasn’t what they were hoping for. Horseback riders in Leduc County found a human skull in a farmer’s field. This skull was confirmed to belong to Amber through dental records. At this point, Thomas Svekla was locked up so he was ruled out as a suspect in Amber’s murder. Given that Amber’s body was found within the same 8 kilometre radius in Leduc County as the other women, many assume Edna Bernard, Katie Sylvia Ballantyne, Delores Dawn Brower, Corrie Ottenbreit, and Amber Tuccaro were all dumped in the area by the same killer. Three women separately came forward and identified the voice on Amber’s phone call as the same man, a sex offender who was previously convicted on the basis he would pick up underage sex workers from the area and choke them. Police cleared this man after determining there was no evidence connecting him to Amber’s murder.
On top of the Indigenous women whose bodies are turning up, the bodies of many other women leading adverse lives struggling with addiction or living on the streets have also been found within the Edmonton Area. Many of these women were murdered, likely because the killer(s) took advantage of their vulnerable statuses as sex workers, hitchhikers, etc. Because of the poverty and isolation often seen in Indigenous communities of Canada, hitchhiking can be a normal form of transport in more rural areas. In city settings however, hitchhiking is considered to be “high-risk” behaviour and someone who is used to the act of hitchhiking may not think twice about it. A hitchhiker or sex worker will willingly get in a stranger’s car, giving an unfair advantage to those who may want to harm these individuals.
Jumping back to Canada’s upbringing, the systemic racism towards Indigenous people carries out further than just the government, and is often seen in police work. The Alberta police have been especially criticised within the past decades for not doing their part in investigating disappearances of vulnerable women, specifically Indigenous women. Linda Many Guns, Blackfoot professor of Native American Studies at University of Lethbridge, has met “hundreds of families whose people have been missing and reports would not be taken” by police. In Amber Tuccaro’s case, Leduc RCMP avoided considering her missing until 24 hours passed, telling her family that she was likely out partying. Additionally, Leduc RCMP removed her from the missing person’s list for an entire month, destroying her suitcase after they received unconfirmed reported sightings, leading to delays in her investigation.
The police also failed to respond promptly in the disappearance of Caralyn Aubrey King, a Métis woman who was last in contact with her mother Kathy King on August 2nd, 1997. After Kathy declined to meet with Cara on August 2nd due to prior plans, she attempted to contact Cara on the 3rd, but Cara wasn’t at the women’s shelter she was living at. On August 5th, Cara failed to show up for a scheduled court appearance and the next day a friend called Kathy to inquire about Caralyn’s whereabouts. Kathy began calling Cara’s acquaintances to see if anyone had heard from her within the last few days. With no luck, Kathy attempted to file a police report on August 9th, but was told to check local jails and hospitals first. Kathy called back on August 11th, but was unable to file a report then too. On August 23rd, Kathy called back again, but was told that there was no concern unless evidence of foul play was discovered. Kathy wouldn’t be successful until August 25th, when she was finally given a file number and told to wait for a body.
While harvesting crops in his family’s Sherwood Park canola field on September 1st, 1997, a young farmer found human remains. He called his parents and the discovery was reported to the RCMP. Kathy wouldn’t learn about the body’s discovery until the next day, September 2nd, because she missed the evening news the night before. Kathy had to call the police herself and report that her daughter had been missing for a month. At this point, the police inquired about where they could obtain Caralyn’s dental records. This led to the body being identified as Caralyn Aubrey King. Kathy doesn’t believe that Cara’s indigeneity had anything to do with her murder, but rather her struggle with addiction that impacted her lifestyle.
Looking at the unresolved cases of the 39 vulnerable missing and murdered women in the Edmonton area, several conclusions can be drawn.
All women whose bodies were found were Indigenous, partaking in what the police deemed as “high-risk” behaviour, or a combination of both. Because of this, the cases of these women have been neglected and narratives have been spun against the victims. If these women were found to have been part of the sex work industry, they were often criticised by the media on their mental state. If these women were found to be mothers, like many were, their maternal status would be criticised by the media as well. The stigma that people feel surrounding the sex work industry can be boiled down to a quote from a 1984 Canadian Department of Justice publication titled Prostitution in Canada: A Research Review Report. A statement from this publication assumes that no "'normal' adults could decide to do such a thing and that if they reached this point they must be irremediably lost."
A thesis was written by Tamara Larter on the media coverage of the murders of sex workers in Edmonton. Her findings showed that by demeaning these women’s status as human beings, their disappearances or murders were downplayed. “These ‘disappeared’ and murdered women are more than sex trade workers;” Tamara Larter begins in her thesis, “they are sisters, mothers, daughters, cousins, and friends; they are fellow humans” and all deserve justice in their cases.
Is this the work of a serial killer within Edmonton, Alberta? Or is it another display of how the systemic racism intertwined with Canada’s formation as a country has caused these women to be disproportionately targeted by random attackers?
Do I believe all these women were murdered by one serial killer? No, within a few of these cases, there are some where the case is unresolved but with the details given, an assumption can be made. Although it can be assumed who did it or what happened to only a couple of these women, I still included them because their cases are officially unresolved. Though still officially unresolved, cases with a more solid timeline and cases where one-off individuals were suspected but never charged with the crimes were not included.
What is the likelihood that multiple serial killers are using the same dumping grounds? The range roads in Alberta are desolate and often empty, evidently making them popular places to dispose of bodies. If a local familiar with the rural Alberta road system needed to dump a body without being caught, there is apparently plenty of success within Leduc County and Strathcona County. However, I don’t think this means that different killers are going out to random farmers fields and disposing of bodies as one-off situations. I think there is a common denominator between many of these cases.
What are the odds of having multiple serial killers within a city that only just recently surpassed a population of 1 million?
Could the two clusters of women found within Leduc County and Strathcona County be two separate killers?
Edit: I compiled a list of the missing and murdered women of Edmonton and would like to post it somewhere but it is too long to comment. While not all of them, the first page I linked to does have many of these victims listed.
Indigenous Issues
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
Racial Segregation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada The Canadian Encyclopedia
Experiences of discrimination among the Black and Indigenous populations in Canada, 2019
Why thousands of indigenous women have gone missing in Canada - Vox
Indigenous advocates urge legislators to fine police who fail to investigate missing persons Edmonton Journal
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls - JustFacts
Local reports
The 'killing fields' of Edmonton - The Globe and Mail
Police probe possibility lone killer dumping bodies outside small Alberta town - APTN News
Man charged with 2 murders suspected in 6 others CTV News
Amber Tuccaro's family renews calls for tips, RCMP action in murder investigation CBC News
Brianna Danielle Torvalson The Prostitution Industry's Casualties
Gauld struggled to go straight - Edmonton Journal
Dead teen had tried to get clean, get off streets CBC News
Corrie Ottenbreit's remains tied to rural property near Leduc CBC News
Edmonton a dangerous city for native women. - Free Online Library
Skeletal remains of Edmonton sex-trade worker found near Leduc, near other body finds
Edmonton woman found dead CBC News
Murdered: Annette Holywhiteman Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Michelle HADWEN
Serial killers hunting large swaths of Canada: criminologist - APTN News
Publications, blogs, and additional info
Missing Cara
(PDF) Claims-making and prostitution: An analysis of Bill 206, the Traffic Safety (Seizure of Vehicles in Prostitution Related Offences) Amendment Act, 2003
Edmonton Serial Killer(s)
Victimization of Prostitutes
List of Canada's missing and murdered women, from Maryanne Pearce's An Awkward Silence:
Stories of the Unsolved
Homicide in Canada, 2021
Edmonton's Finest
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2023.04.02 13:18 Sensitive-Window-925 Chance a mid junior for T20s (Advice needed)

Demographics: Asian, NYC, Female, Low-income
Major: Mechanical engineering
Intended Schools: NYU Georgia Tech Cornell Princeton UT Austin UWM etc
GPA: 4.2 weighted
SAT: n/a
Course load: 12 Ap classes by senior year
President of environmental club- Taught people how to recycle and reuse items, did beach/park clean ups, taught elementary school kids how to recycle
Vice President of Key Club - Planned events with board members
Organization (member) - met with NYS senators to push for climate education
Author of a small book on mental health (unpublished)
Paid Internship (from a program by NY’s department of education) designing a website for a nonprofit.
Paid summer research internship- conducted research on climate change & effect on marine species. Worked with a professor from Brooklyn College and presented findings to other professors.
Small business making tote bags
helped with my mom's business
Taught block coding to kids in a library & will be continuing senior year
(possible internship this summer)
Awards: (not good)
Ap scholar
won a local app challenge (using block code) (idk how to fr code HELP)
regional cs award ​
Do I have a chance? Pls be brutally honest
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2023.04.02 00:03 Sensitive-Window-925 Nervous Junior for T20s

Demographics: Asian, NYC, Female, Low-income
Major: Mechanical engineering
Intended Schools:
Georgia Tech
UT Austin

GPA: 4.2 weighted
SAT: n/a
Course load: 12 Ap classes by senior year
Awards: (not good)

Do I have a chance? Pls be brutally honest
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2023.03.22 04:49 runsonpedals UWM library gun incident; man accused was 'just getting high'

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2023.03.18 15:30 zerothehero0 Contested Local Elections for April 2023

Absentee ballot arrived, so i thought i'd start looking up information on candidates in contested local elections as the Kenosha News has dropped the ball on that for the last couple. Figure we all know enough about the state supreme court election already from all the advertising, so not including them here. Alot of these guys don't have much info out there on them, but i've put what little we can find. So i'd encourage you to put things in the comments. I'll update the main post periodically.
Municipal Boundaries
There does not appear to be a democrat voting guide.
Republican Voting Guide
Town Board Supervisor #3
Nancy Kemp: Former Incumbent
Randy Kaskin: Incumbent
Town Board Chairperson
Brett J. Butler:
Brian R. Boeckenstedt:
Municipal Judge
Steven R. Hurley: Incumbent, Appointed by board
Xavier Solis: Says he will ensure justice is upheld in drunk driving and speeding cases. Criminal Defense Attorney.
Paddock Lake
Municipal Judge
Robert Brenner: Incumbent
Robert Spencer: Endorsed by the Republican Party
Pleasant Prairie
Village Trustee #1
Kristopher Keckler: Incumbent
James Kremer: Endorsed by the Republican Party
Salem Lakes
Village President
Diann Tesar: Incumbent
Rita Bucur: Endorsed by the Republican Party
Village Trustee: Select three
Jared Young: Incumbent, Endorsed by the Republican Party
Ted Kmiec: Incumbent, attorney, past president of the Kenosha County Bar Association, hockey coach, kenosha county eye says he has a mistress who died and there is shady dealings.
Bill Barhyte: Incumbent, Endorsed by the Republican Party
Mike Culat: Incumbent, realtor, former police officer, former paramedic.
Norm Kazumura: Incumbent, Advertises on the kenosha county eye
Kathryn Kelly Sweeting: Incumbent, Endorsed by the Republican Party
Village President
George Stoner: Incumbent
Carson Wilkinson: Former fire chief,
Village Trustee: Select three
Scott Fredrick: His Facebook says we are in a cold war with china. And posts suicide awareness numbers.
Jackie Klapproth Nelson: Incumbent
Jack Aupperle: Incumbent
Dustin Thorpe: Firefighter
Kenosha Unified School District
Yolanda Santos Adams: Incumbent, Endorsed by the Democratic Party. Says they are a CEO and CFO. Member of the Rotary Club, AAUW, and Moose Lodge. Former treasurer of Kenosha Community Health Center, NAACP Wisconsin Conference, and League of United Latin American Citizens. Member of Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Environmental Justice Task Force, and Wisconsin Fair Housing Commission. Served with United Way, Education Foundation of Kenosha, Wisconsin State Council on Affirmative Action, Spanish Center, Alcohol and Other Drug Council. Degree in accounting from Carthage and Gateway.
Lamar Madison: Endorsed by the Republican Party, Moms for Liberty, 1776 PAC. Army Veteran, says was a second lieutenant, director of emergency services, chief administrator of a detention facility, and military police chief. Says he will protect children from progressive indoctrination, covid restrictions, and focus on academic fundamentals and job skills training, while removing divisive curricula. Make students safe by incorporating discipline measures that empower teachers. Parent's rights. Less spending on administration. Advocate for teacher performance to be awarded. Degree in Political Science from University of South Florida. Masters in Business and Organizational Security management from Webster University.
Burlington Area School District: Select three
Noah Strohm: Member of the Wisconsin Young Republicans. Says is committed to STEM and will work to secure funding for STEM. Says tired of extremism on both ends of the spectrum. Says very qualified as he would be the most recent consumer of education on the board. Approves of increased parent involvement in book removal, and the restriction of mature content from libraries, says no books will be banned. May be endorsed by Rebecca Kleefisch.
Peter Turke: Incumbent, Attorney. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UWM. Doctorate of Law from University of Wisconsin Law School
Susan Kessler: Incumbent,
Jim Bousman: Former Incumbent, resigned after car accident in ireland to recover.
Rosanne Hahn: Incumbent
Salem School District
Nicole Hass: Degree in Communication Studies from Marquette. Master in Information Technology from DePaul. Says they regularly attend committee meetings and are Chairperson for the Salem School Citizen’s Advisory Committee. Says they will ensure fiscal responsibility, and are neutral. That their qualifications leading Human Resource efforts will allow them to serve to their fullest intent. And that as a frequent classroom volunteer and substitute teacher they have interactions with students and a working relationship with staff.
Dana Powers: Incumbent, Endorsed by the Republican Party. Degree in Marketing and Business from Carthage. Says they are committed to the long term success of Salem School, and the staff is confident in them. That their 9 years of experience is valuable.
Union Grove Union High School District: Select two
Diane Skewes: Incumbent, Registered Nurse, retired dean of nursing at gateway. Master in Nursing from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
Michael Kokat: Podiatrist (foot doctor). Degree in Organic chemistry from University of Illinois. Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Chicago Medical School Finch University of Health Sciences
Randall Henderson: Incumbent, Master of Education from National Lois University.
And last but not least, more info on referendums can be found at https://www.kenoshacounty.org/2160/Upcoming-Election-Information. It is a good idea to read these rather than the blurbs. As the blurbs can be intentionally misleading or poorly worded. Like the one from a couple years back that gives the prosecutostate the right to withhold evidence that would prove the defendants innocence and refuse to participate in depositions or discovery. All the local referendums this year are fairly tame though, but the state ones have side effects that are worth looking up.
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2023.03.07 22:06 beandog77 UWM libraries open to non-students?

I work from home from my laptop and im getting sick of sitting in my apartment all day. Does UWM have any libraries on campus that are open to non-students? id like a quiet place to go and do my work.
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2023.03.06 09:55 OldPicturesLady Fanshawe Street, 1969

Fanshawe Street, 1969
"Auckland, service station." Around 120 Fanshawe Street, with B J Ball's "Paper House" (35 Graham Street) top right to centre. Harrison Forman Collection, c.1969.
Benjamin Joseph Ball (d. 1951) was the original founder of the firm of wholesale paper merchants and manufacturers (as well as importers of twine) in 1906. A New Zealand branch opened in 1921was taken over in 1925 by Selwyn J Robinson (d.1978) and launched in Auckland as a new private company, B J Ball (NZ) Ltd with Robinson as majority shareholder. Robinson's company acquired the site at 35 Graham Street over the course of a number of transactions from 1954 to 1970.
The B J Ball Building (also known as Paper House) was designed over the period 1957-1958, and completed 1962/1963 at a cost of £123,654.
From the mid 1960s, the building housed the Auckland branch of the National Archives of New Zealand (now Archives New Zealand) on the ground floor. The interior was redesigned by the Ministry of Works to provide for some 3 ½ miles of shelving.
American Geographical Society Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, fr000531 https://collections.lib.uwm.edu/digital/collection/catw/id/250
Via the excellent Timespanner, that I can't link to, bc FB
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2023.01.13 19:33 coolmapseveryday Annual rainfall map of Middle East from 1953

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2023.01.01 03:17 dwarf6666 Chance me for T30s

GPA: 3.95
SAT: 1540
Demographics: white male
Type of school: small private
Major: - Biology
not much really
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Haus of Gloi - Zephyr $2
Haus of Gloi - Peach Mama $2
Hexennacht - Witchboard $2
Hexennacht - Eulogy $2
Hexennacht - DTF, .5ml $1
Hexennacht - Morphine, .5ml $1
Imaginary Authors
Imaginary Authors - Memoirs of a Trespasser, 2ml (EDP) $5
NAVA - Halloween 2019, .5ml $3
NAVA - Mister Price $5
NAVA - Plum Om Ali $5
Nui Cobalt
Nui Cobalt - Balderdash: Cherries Jubilee, 1.5ml $4
Nui Cobalt - Charisma Bonus, 1.15ml $3
Nui Cobalt - Blood Curse $2
Nui Cobalt - Cursed Jewels $2
Nui Cobalt - The Hornet Whisperer, 1.15ml $3
Nui Cobalt - Lamia, 1.15ml $3
Nui Cobalt - Sphynx, 1.15ml $3
Possets - Jeanne DuVal $3
PULP - South Star $2
PULP - Haunted Hills $2
Red River Apothecary
Red River Apothecary - Bazaar $2
Seance - All Hallows’ Eve $2
Sixteen92 - Morgan Le Fey $3
Sucreabeille - Black Honey, 1ml $2
The Strange South
The Strange South - Dear Bones $2
Wicked Good
Wicked Good - Pomegranate Noir $1
BPAL - Holiday Moon (2006), sniffie
BPAL - Dragon’s Milk HG, sniffie
BPAL - Voluptuousness Wantonness, tester
FOR PERFUME NOTES AGAIN CLICK HERE: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1ijLJIbnOCPiXv7oFpM3Nvy2jUwmCMooD/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=msword
Thanks for looking! ❤️
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2022.04.01 21:39 exileondaytonst "Schools That Could Start D-I Men's Programs" Rumors: Lost Chances, Unknowns, Meaningless Speculation, And The Deeply Absurd (Part 3 of 3)

(I wrote these all at the same time, but figured it was too much for one post. I didn't intend on posting these all within 24 hours, but I'd rather just put them out there before I forget about it over the weekend)
Part 1: Known and Confirmed Schools Part 2: Potential Schools With Reliable Reporting On Possibilities
Schools With Non-NCAA Teams That Have Played/Will Play Exhibitions Against D-I Programs
D-I Schools With Available (or In Construction or To Be Refurbished) Arenas That Could Maybe Be Taken Seriously
Schools That Were Once Upon A Time Serious About Adding Hockey And We Haven't Heard About It Since
Miscellaneous Schools And Absurdities
They Once Had A Team In The Frozen Four Era. Dropped It. No Indication It'll Ever Come Back
May have to update this section with links to articles of school officials saying it's not coming back...
Worth Noting
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2022.03.17 05:00 AxlCobainVedder Central Business District, Church Street, Burlington, VT. 09/ 1962 © Mayer Harold from university of wisconsin uwm libraries

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2022.03.17 04:59 AxlCobainVedder St. Louis, street scene near Fox Theater- Outlying Business Center, Grand and Olive, 10/1950 © Mayer Harold from university of wisconsin uwm libraries

St. Louis, street scene near Fox Theater- Outlying Business Center, Grand and Olive, 10/1950 © Mayer Harold from university of wisconsin uwm libraries submitted by AxlCobainVedder to StLouis [link] [comments]

2022.03.15 00:46 AxlCobainVedder Memphis, commercial street scene- Main Street, northward, Memphis (1955) © Mayer Harold from University of Wisconsin UWM Libraries

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2022.03.06 04:45 Chap_stick_original Downtown places to get some work done?

I am a consultant who will be traveling in Milwaukee for a day and need somewhere I can connect to the internet and get some work done on laptop. Ideally it would be a place I could take some work calls or video chats so coffee shop is not ideal. Any libraries near downtown that offer study rooms? How about somewhere on UWM campus with free wifi?
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2022.03.01 11:17 cup_ofchai Carts And Carriages In Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 1968 (c). © Harrison Forman / UWM Libraries

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2022.03.01 11:12 cup_ofchai Carts And Carriages In Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 1968 (c). © Harrison Forman / UWM Libraries

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2022.02.27 21:41 cup_ofchai Village Head (Numbardar Or Lambardar) Of Ambh With His Retinue, Khushab, Punjab, 1932 (c). © Helmut de Terra / UWM Libraries

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2021.10.17 21:35 zaxqs Signal to Noise

The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries, with vast air shafts between, surrounded by very low railings. From any of the hexagons one can see, interminably, zhe upper and lower floors. The distribution of the gaDleries is invariable. Twenty shelves, five long sSelves per side, cover all the sides except two; their height, which is the distance from floor to ceiling, scarcely exceeds that of a normal bookcase. One of the free sidms leads to a narrow hallway which o ens onto another gallery, identical to tAe first and to all khe rest. To thb left and right of the hallwayhthere are two veXy small closets. In the first, one may slof pious hands to throw me over thz railing; m} grave will be the fathomless air; my body will sink endlesslS and desayLand diss3lve in th6 wind generated b? the f"ll, ThijY is infinite. I sayCthat th@ ibrar; is unendHnA. The.idealists aose circuTference is>Unaccessible. i H Thee a;= five she8vF* for iachHo! the exagon's wallsC each sh'lf containp thirty-five boons3ofwunifjr7 ;ormat;6ec0IboWzWss of37our h(udred and ten pagVs; each pago, of forty l-nes,7tach li2=> of sume eighty 7Ette#stwvic& ar\yblackqin color. There aXe also lTtters onpthe spi6e1onOeach boo'; these letters}do 9otE indicate or pkefigurA wzOt the pagesMi,ll Vay. I know tGat thUs dnSohsrNnce6at one t]me?sEe8Gd myeterioMs. Before ummarNzing the solutio_*(wjosi6=ts&overy, =n spitF of its tYagic [email protected];o8s, is(perhaps^the apita'fact En hRst]ry)l" wish(t30rEcald\ a few "xioms.
i First:lThe Libraryn`xists a5 aQter4o.Wghis trGh, whoCe 'Bm?Ci?te cor#l9ary 90 thf fgture eSerniny oJbtVe woDvd, cInn]t be llTced i^ d@_bt by any He$sona bookx withOth@ UroanGc le o DSNc0qd: The or,ho{raphictl Yy:Nols ar* twenty-=iBe in numfer.1 This finding m dW it poss&blB, txre1 [email protected] years ag?, tj f,6musate a 9I]e-vl the]ry of the dibrarJ and solv@ sat+svavtor'0y te problLww13chIno conjeEture had dHiP?'rBdg the f;rm6yss,~nG chaotic natuP DfsalmTst allUuhe books. Onew=ich my fDthen saw in a hexagon pn clrzuitfARtel` niZety-Aoxr was made up of th! letteZs MCV, pe(versek8 remeated broClthe [email protected]@ hKne toPthe lasgu (fHlheY (veKy muc6 Bonsulted igvthi- Grea) is l m-reolabynth Nf letters, but the 8ext-ho-last pace Aayd xh.ime< "Ey pPrafidsf This much is alre~dy kRown: f;r e}4r] senkiV-o line of( straigh?Horwarh&stateUenN,!there are l\fTes ogps0nUelessGcacoGhoniesm verb}l jSmGles g8O incohKren.es.%(I k;ow {f an *ncouth reSi>n whoBe lDbrarians> V[pud]a:e the vain und supe_siitKous custJ) q7 fiidEng a#meaniqg anXbooks anz gBuateBi'it$bthat m< fTy=i+I a meaninm ~6 dQe)mJ ?r inJtqeE=caotoi lmnNs of one'% p+l< ..h Zhey adm t3that the S!v0ntCrs wf3thws -ritinZ i&=tatBu th;&twe>tx-fiveZ 7atural sy-b3ls. buY mainIakn that t)is a6plicmt2on ir a>c.deEral anR tha%tAY book< sAgnif^ n&th{.g in tems(EHCi. Thixldzct=m, xe 5hall see, 9ssnot entirely \yS3acit"s.B (
%bs For all,Gg time il Iasnbelievedct9aU th6Ce impZn.trbblepwookb corre&1unded to 4ajt 150rWmote langEpge. _t78s trueH1h3t th1 mosL ancientUm6n: ghV.firsa libraki}nP, weW< a la\g#age nuiJe siff"rentrF)ok the oneIwe nowRtaenk!"~t usdtr!pp thlw a fe8 mi/ev>&o 4he ri8ht the to$hunviU 6JalebvicalJynL hNt nine4y XlEorh(farther uWm Ht is(incomrthenlibl,YPAll thls, I repeat7 is tkue, =utCf1ur hundred and t)nL pUges odiPalt#j?bl qDV'sJtanZo] corr0spond txXany ~xn3uage,a1o mattkr?h=^ diLUk(ti alu^r;^u7identary rtpmayF.e. Some#qnmiFuat2dR'hk! ejc>)l4tter}cJul/ XnfROencM $he fZllewing ono ai?d_haJ q]e {aZue of MFVDiy #le txiod li[etoc pHg- 71 wa]Qnot th% >(e )hc Vami s-pies maP havm Sn Cn^vhTr poY-tio] on anoth%r;pagb, bkt t.iMtvagueXthu'is did xot Urevfill Ot:ers Eho:~'t5ofocryp'\gra"=eb g-n(rally, [email protected]*+Cen?a^cep$^z, thoWghTns.Spe sho"p ?is fh[d lyIa5!ntHeri!g de*3$Ir-whR tLd Uim the liKesPHreQ w8itten in ({r%uguse; oth=rs sa4V yh5y w!{2 Yid+Os}. zi1xuY a ?entXr&,/t~Y [email protected][ w6srablRsh#o: gfSaMo"eCic LithW[nia9{d0alect]'HvGuarari,}fi'$ clas ical ,ra}ian5znfGectons.mT8T ccnfentOwas a,o 2eeiphered]0f(me]thti=ns of ci14Qna8iqK [;Aly`{p, jllusdZatevOw-th exjmplesToy TarIationsn?Qth mnlimitCd 9ipSti}ion3 ThHse }xamp8es(made it 1oss IleffoO3a TPbrOrua5 !f [email protected] to disc:!er tOe oundaU;%M0l QaQ of.tgr LibraYw7 This thv77raZH!]<]Ie thac Zl[ thy b:oks, ,; maat7x hU" ZivT4Ue~they1miwh} b,T're3m=decuFOoZKt+G sIme'el&NeUys:Ot&e MpaPe, tsUbp=rvv5, the Lovmaitt)e}twe tle Vom>@atio6q of+b;e twen y-Ydd( Qrt]ferjgwicPbUfymmlsu#aBnumb~(8Dhich/ though epke0mely3vastL is =ot-a5alt_Ye8, tWe d-8A,)4rationo^ tqB fall-ct of tbo(t#Re cata6ogue, FNe%Ge]st$Tlgos;el o0 %a~[dwaes, th9dIomWeota on }hq/ g0(pese Yhe cammqB8a)J on Bhe XlQI nYCr\ on &atwgGspel, thV t(m9 {tQ}nqo^ o&r 8'~ua,nt5BFuran)laj)o> o~ eve4y*bDDf>iA8tn4t theFLAbrary c(Mtaieedhall(~ooBa,pphe mi8st ]fN?essi5n was ones0f zx{ra\aga(t hIypC~>80. A$l0m%= fel%m!"eRueeves9N+$be {hP m}Q4erg of ad Fd$actha_=secVet t>easbHh herebw.U novperFonKnz-r 8lSld VroWle4YwGxsN eloqiG,t sc(ution c_yUTo PxAst i' 8o)}ghexa9on. ThS uni?eLLe wa9]jh73ified,=theun8O{r[U sQ'2hn7y2uu1>Med zl3 unl%S%t.d_rimens;qns oM dove. At tq2! tiSe`amQre}Ie-6o waz4skOd [email protected]] beoXA o]8aolrgm;aX= "/o:,ecP wSHch bi;dic=ted;Oo4 allXc#a shg[$1A% ofZezs!ai.ua"1,@aGgzdMU# b5 Wwh vzi4 i,entibn [email protected] ?6eK: Vindic%0o.O Thean;l30gkims KiZKuty' inwtolmna%row= '@Mr>RorsD &_o=eqred dagk c_rsjJ";saraU8Knd $!chHOthCr osHtheFA6vine )ta8/t4t,s Fl2n}[email protected]_tiVe b?DkO WntXn*hX Air*sqTf d, met"their.9eaOy p&V=U oSn rs\f OimiQar!f+oB5n4by Lhcf8nW&X'taCejUofRre+ot-(!,gkwes. O+h}OsVE;Vt_5wd2.f.VChe{ ~inaqcatioRv e_ist (IBhav hHqZ 5Y`wh>GS 18f g^ ^ fKt t_a) K]m9tGwMsDaiq7t0rpe)6tRat / a_i\n+F"Lh 4IKtv'slma5Kc ms0e5\4 ?] [email protected] [email protected](LiBIY8yWaM< oH \0me;-- S'CM2 bS}founjU lfZ=g verCsimiT}r1 ghTe tvese9grmHecmNsk%fip2 c3u4d be exeqaU"eV in m$rds/j'f txe}xangsaGG G~D p]ilg6]oWarx{gs 7oeDsuLhTIirnt,r

)au- arVzve exfre"e?yVtire4df%U:qp:dig joGrnn8;r[le@ spe k o: [email protected]#n st2iF1Xy/JmGcm- a>StOC j6'ec t('f9yi/y 3alkU%-d9Ptae ;ibrxriaO of\vq/ICARes[anw h0Pi=0OsQmt+UeM tzeySpi7k 8>&t"eInvar=/DUWolu=e ?\t!oe-p!vwroug3 Er [=CokDn& %o_Uidf3jyaco+HdsP# 9gviT$VldJ T omeD x=ekt}[to8;Ms;~v:ALU>yMhnngTWt
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2021.09.27 19:23 sumkindadumpsterjedi I was hoping to get some advice or suggestions regarding job hunting in the university/academic world.

Hi all! I love learning environments and would love to be a part of an institution like UW Milwaukee, Marquette, MSOE, etc. I’m sure this is a relatable feeling to many…but the pandemic has made me realize that life is too short to work in a stuffy cubicle job as a replaceable pawn in the corporate machine. I have an end goal of becoming a librarian (graduating with Bachelor’s in Spring so it’ll be a while till I get the master’s) but it’s been difficult just getting to the interview stage for part time positions. I have experience at two public libraries and an academic library (tech college) but it’s been a few years since I was able to work in those environments. Since then, I’ve worked at a bank and am now working at a law firm. TL;DR I’m slowly withering away in a cubicle and would love to get your advice on how to get an interview at UWM/MSOE/Etc. Thank you!!
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2021.07.01 16:47 jparnell8839 PURE SPECULATION - Why I think that Windows 11 is the way it is, and what I think Windows 10X was trying to achieve before being scrapped.

These are purely my own thoughts. I have done no research, have spoken to no contacts, and the only information I present here is recollection from memory of constantly reading tech articles.
I don't pretend this is the truth: this is all speculation. This is me trying to fill the blanks with stuff that I "know" (read: assumed I know).
Windows 11 was only announced NOW because they already had an event planned for Windows 10X and decided to capitalize on the work that was already done without having to eat the money that was spent on the event already planned when they decided to scrap 10X (and I suspect they decided to scrap 10X because of a specific reason, I'll detail below).
However, Windows 10X as they envisioned, a stepping stone to the REAL Windows 11 (which would have re-introduced Microsoft to the smartphone market), could not proceed as planned because a key negotiation died.
Windows 11 was supposed to be the macOS to a custom Microsoft-designed Android build's iOS, that featured all Microsoft products, with a rebranding of the Play Store as it exists to the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has been dabbling in Android connections and even a Remote Desktop Applications-type implementation on viewing your Android apps in Windows.
Microsoft partnering with Samsung relatively recently, my guess is they were/are ultimately after the Samsung DeX technology. Their most recent collaborations are still testing the waters and building the relationship.
Microsoft was hoping to partner with Google so that some of the highly customized OEM-skinned apps (a la Samsung and their OneUI version of Google's stock apps, but with Microsoft) could be skinned for them.
As to the reason Windows 10X was scrapped, my speculation is Microsoft would not concede to the level of tracking that Google used, and/or there was a revenue sharing disagreement (because Google Play Services would be required for the app store, my bet is that Microsoft wanted Google to release a customized version of those Play Services that kept most of the data with Microsoft rather than Google).
The overall plan from the beginning was Google Play Store integration within the Microsoft store on Windows 10X devices, and that the Android build was also going to be called Windows 10X powered by Android, or something along those lines (Microsoft Surface Go was supposed to get this).
It'd be Android under the hood, except you'd need a Microsoft account instead of a Google account, you'd have Outlook instead of Gmail, Office 365 instead of Google Docs, Edge instead of Chrome, and Microsoft Store stylizing pulling Play Store data/content.
In addition, the REAL Windows 10X on Android devices was supposed to be a docking experience, a la DeX. Microsoft-themed android on the phone, but when docked the full-fledged Windows 10X would run. This would be a better explanation for the Windows ARM64 builds than a re-emergence into an already proven failed UWM/AppX app environment on tablets and mobiles.
Microsoft has been emerging in the Linux space, first with Windows Subsystem for Linux, and now with Windows Subsystem for Android. So while Android apps on Desktop form factors was always going to be a goal, it was basically only to support the work towards the combined experience. I just cannot see why Microsoft would go through that much extra work on a feature that (while awesome) should have been relatively low on the priority list for the amount of work it was supposed to do.
This also supports why TPM and Secure Boot are mandatory - in order to get the Android subsystem built into Windows, they first had to get Windows’ physical security stance on par with Android OEMs. Without this, the entire plan would have failed miserably.
Building on the prior, that also supports why certain Windows 11 builds (such as IoT and Raspberry Pi ARM64 builds) DON'T require TPM / Secure Boot; those are either segregated systems, or hobbyist builds. Creating a barrier of entry on such a simplistic platform would mean that more low-budget / indie developers wouldn't be able to test. Not everybody can afford a $750 Pixel phone to test on, but most can afford a $40 Raspberry Pi 4. And if they can test both .Net apps AND Android Apps in a native environment, that just helps Microsoft stance for being developer-friendly even more.
And Enterprises would love all of this, as Surface-branded Android devices using Microsoft InTune for MDM policy (as you know Microsoft would re-implement this on their Android devices rather than using Google Enterprise management). Enterprises only support Apple because Apple has the best MDM out there - if InTune can usurp it on Android, Apple will lose money BIG TIME on corporate purchases where the users in that company do not get any preference. And if, at that point, Microsoft starts putting out dedicated tablets that run a full Windows (albeit ARM64) build, there will be many enterprises that will jump on it (I worked for a company that TRIED to implement Windows 8/8.1/10 tablets repeatedly, but the lack of device management for Windows put a stop in every time. But a Windows tablet was desired because they were a full Microsoft shop, but they couldn't justify the price tag of a Surface for a production floor).
With negotiations breaking down with Google, Microsoft had to scrap 10X as a plan, but in order to salvage most of it they approached Amazon, a clearly inferior app store but perhaps just dysfunctional enough that they won’t mind if it gets some “improvements” from Microsoft. Microsoft benefits because they don’t have to completely re-build their App Store and convince Android developers to also use them as a repo.
HOWEVER, if support for this grows and app developers realize they can reach MORE users with minimal code changes, this could be what Microsoft needs to make it into the mobile market without having to get devs to re-write their apps in .Net, and what Amazon needs to get REAL developer support.
By cooperating, Microsoft and Amazon might be able to make a Microsoft Android Services framework capable of actually competing with Google Play Services.
This MIGHT be why Android apps aren't available in the Windows 11 Insider Preview yet - those framework services don't exist. Many a tech author has capitalized clicks on pointing out how more-or-less necessary Google Play Services are for the functionalities of most apps, and how those functionalities affect apps' usability.
And with Google's recent victory over Oracle about how APIs are not copywritable, this is a prime opportunity to basically take all the API documentation supplied by Google and functionally re-create it from scratch. The entire argument that Google used to do this with Java applies to a framework - as long as you're not copying source code, you're good.
And if Microsoft releases their Framework Services to open source so that EVERYBODY can use it instead of Google’s libraries, so that developers can still build their apps once and submit to Google Play AND Microzon App Store and be compliant and fully functional in both, well, that’s just going to make Microsoft look like Good Guy Greg, supporting FOSS standards, while Google, the owner of the LARGEST FOSS OS in the world, keeps theirs closed, well, that’s just tough.
Remember when Microsoft sent Friends of the Court briefs in support of Google during Oracle v. Google? We know why, now.
So now you have two monolithic technology companies with practically unlimited revenue, cooperating against arguably the largest app store ecosystem in the world.
If they play their cards rights, Amazon and Microsoft both stand to benefit from this, especially their Cloud divisions. And we all know that's the REAL thing they've been trying to grow in recent years.
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