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2023.06.07 05:07 Barbiedip1 Brown headed cowbird fledgling?

Brown headed cowbird fledgling?
So we saw this bird, in AL, on our fence. Well we saw two. The first one was SOOO fat! And then the second not so much, but Chubby looked young and we were trying to identify the species. Merlin wasn't a big help, but the bird was making cute little chirps. And then a song sparrow comes, and feeds the big fella! It was so funny. So after we saw that, we thought maybe it was a cowbird fledgling and his little adoptive mom was feeding him. The pic isn't great, but I only had my birdnoculars for most of the time. This is the second, not so chubby, one.
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2023.06.07 05:01 Vast_Pepper3431 Whether the intentions were Good, bad, or indifferent, traditional Asian parenting has set you up for failure: I’m 38 years old, never had a gf, bounced from one job to the next and barely have any life skills, and my AM is still trying to wipe my ass because obviously I can’t manage

I don’t get any satisfaction writing that thread title other than unloading the truth off of my shoulders after all these years.
FUCK ALL THAT NOISE about saving money and being loyal. Everyone who was ever born will die. Your parents will die much sooner than you. The whole idea of keeping you in an infantile state because they like your company is harmful, toxic, and retarded.
You’re number one goal when you turn 18 or even sooner is to achieve as much independence as humanly possible which usually means moving out. Do not make my mistake and become enabled to the point of disability.
For every day that you take advantage of their “generosity“ you will be spat on and insulted and your dignity will be less than zero.
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2023.06.07 05:00 Hopeful_Effort_2870 Help a fresh graduate decide please!

Hello! So I recently received a JO from a company ranging from 20k to 23k base pay (range na lang pero somewhere in between that yung base pay) + nontaxable allowances from one of the known local accounting firms here in PH and I’m still contemplating whether to accept it or not. I recently passed the May 2023 CPALE din kasi so naturally meron talaga magiging offers from these firms. May signing bonus din akong marereceive which is actually a big amount already (since I graduated with latin honors + now a CPA). This will be my first job since fresh grad din po ako.
For context, I would still be living with my parents given na hybrid naman yung work setup and will just go there sa office once or twice a week. Medyo mahal din magiging transpo ko but compared to renting a dorm plus living expenses, for me this is still way cheaper. Cinonsider ko na rin yung magiging contributions ko to our family expenses plus my travel and food expenses when I go to the office and nasa 10k pa naman magiging savings ko monthly. Good thing din kasi na my parents are not pressuring me to give to them but of course gusto ko pa rin magbigay kahit papaano.
I want to try din mag-apply sana talaga sa private companies like MNCs pero cutthroat yung competition and matagal din usually yung magiging process, while if I accept this offer, makakapagwork na rin ako agad. Gusto ko din talaga makakuha muna ng experience given na marami daw talaga matututunan if mag-firm, but at the same time nappressure ako knowing na kaya ko naman makakuha ng mas mataas na pay when I apply to other companies. I also know some batchmates who already got jobs in private companies and MNCs (some even got managerial positions na) and by the looks of it mukhang mataas starting nila kaya parang naiisip ko if tama rin bang mag-settle with this pay. Although feel ko rin naman if mataas makukuha kong pay, mataas din magiging expectations sa akin and gusto ko rin siguro mafeel yung pagiging newbie muna.
Medyo leaning na rin ako to accept this but at the same time I still feel unsure given those factors. I heard good feedback naman about the working environment in this firm pero it’s just really the pay that holds me back. Please help this fresh grad decide hoho thank you po!
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2023.06.07 04:59 ClutchThePearls1 New to pain management and confused

Hi there! I have endometriosis and recently was placed in pain management due to running out of options elsewhere. The doctor I saw was amazing and wrote me 3 7.5mg oxycodones a day but he told me he was gonna write me 15 day script and see how that helps me and he will send the other one after I’m done with that script as long as he doesn’t hear from me saying it’s not helping. My question is if he wrote the script on the 24th would he be sending it tomorrow the 7th or Thursday the 8th? I know I probably sound really stupid right now but I’m super confused by all of this and it’s very new to me. I have enough medicine for tomorrow but not Thursday. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 04:53 benafan95 I (28m) talking to female (21f) and it went sour within 24 hours

So me and this girl were talking for about a month total. We really hit it off and connect on every issue and moral. We call and texted everyday and night. Send snaps and whatnot, just goes well in general. Last week she learned she had some medical issues and is having surgery tomorrow. She was stressed out about it and I have been doing my best to support her.
Well today she got super pissed off at me at work because she sent a snap and I didn't compliment her immediately just because of how busy I was. She said that I didn't care about her and that she needs support and asking why I didn't compliment her all day today. she said that I love bombed her because I usually give her compliments on photos. I said I was really busy at work and stressed and couldn't respond right away. She said that she should be more important than work because she has her surgery tomorrow.
I did give her compliments after that snapchat pic but she felt it was forced. I said it came from my heart and it was still valid. She didn't believe me.
Fast forward to this evening. She sent me a snap. I sent a snap back. Then she asked where her compliment was. I gave her a compliment and she still got really upset I didn't say it before she forced the issue.
Now we're at a breaking point, she's calling me a narcissistic a-hole for "love-bombing". I apologized and said I had a stressful day and I am trying my best to support you, like when I call her all the time and message all day.
I just don't understand what I did that was so sour to her. She keeps saying I don't care about her. We've went on one date and the rest has been virtual.
Did I do something wrong? I apologized and sent her compliments but she doesn't want to hear it
Edit: she blocked me.
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2023.06.07 04:51 Dangerous-Bit-2081 Worries

I still don’t have it all together. I know I never will, and I’m okay with being a work in progress. But, one reason we didn’t work was because I wasn’t independent. I’m trying. I’m so far from perfect though.. truthfully im struggling. I just want to find something I love and have success at it. I want to not stress about money. I’m not there yet. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long. I cannot come to you while I might be a burden. It’s not pride. I just want to be on somewhat equal footing. I want you to have a partner.
My heart hurts. I hear you, too. You’re right. I think we want the same things. I just, can’t chase you. I really hope you understand..
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2023.06.07 04:47 Threedawg Rebels makes Mon Mathma's decisions in Rouge one make sense. The last two times she "committed all her forces" it was a *disaster*.

Both the attack on Lothal Factories from the rebel base and Lothal Tie Factory Attack.
Am I slow? Is this obvious? Am I too high?
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2023.06.07 04:47 Rixxyishere F16 Hili I’m Rixxy I look forward to chatting with you

I enjoy watching horror movies and anime (one piece is my favorite) but I also like dragon ball. I like to swim and my favorite music is punk and indie.
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2023.06.07 04:45 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (Complete)

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2023.06.07 04:42 DraikNova Are all the characters just "which color of constant screen-wide AoE do you want to start with today"?

I recently got this game, but having unlocked (but not bought/played) just over half the characters, the only character attributes I see that feel like they won't just be irrelevant after the first few minutes are the health per healing crystal and dash count modifiers. And neither of those really impact how you play the game, so it seems like gameplay with the characters that have them will still consist entirely out of "get area modifiers at least until you can hit all enemies on screen with every active consistently, get damage/crit/cast rate/multicast upgrades and the ability to apply fragile, dodge red circles in the exact same way as every other character, and maybe point your cursor in a particular direction if one or more of your actives has the Frontal tag". I've not seen much to encourage different gameplay or upgrade choice in any of the actives on the four characters I've played (Barbarian, Spellblade, Arcane Weaver and Chaoswalker), either. And the only passive I've seen that doesn't immediately relate to the same type of active build is the seemingly irrelevantly bad one that gives your orbs that burn enemies that touch them.
Is there really no character or active that wants you to build it meaningfully differently than just that same core set of things over and over again, or where doing something differently in moment-to-moment gameplay has notable returns past the earlygame, or have I just somehow managed to avoid unlocking/seeing them until now?
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2023.06.07 04:41 Rexus4040 Started a new job and trying to figure out how to maneuver with my HIV status.

So a quick background, been HIV+ since 2008. My previous job was a family owned business and family new my status. Met my current partner in 2016 and have been with him since. Covid hit while he was going to college. His grades suffered with remote learning so he stopped and instead started looking for employment when things began opening up again. He gets hired, but its in a small town 3 hrs away from where we are. I agreed to follow but only after I found work first and he goes from renting a room in a house to renting an apartment for us. 6 months go by and he gets a place. So then I started applying for work and I get hired.
Now heres where things get tricky for me. I'm going from a small family owned business to a more corporate/government kind of job. I got hired to work in an entry level position in the superior court. I won't say which one for privacy sake. Everyone so far has been welcoming, I've been open about being gay and having a partner and I'm having a great overall experience. My concerns are do I inform my supervisors of my status so they understand why I'm taking sick days for doctor visits, I know they don't need to know, but is it a good idea to let them know, is there any advantage or disadvantage. And like I said its a small town so people get to know other people's business fairly quick. I'm not saying the supervisors would say anything, in fact I know they can't, but coworkers will probably ask me and I don't want to seem like I'm hiding something. The first couple of visits I can see them not making a big deal but after awhile some my start to speculate and that might cause rumors.
Also, I'm not ashamed of my status, but I also don't go announcing it either. My fear is that these folks that have taken me in so far may get scared if I did ever say anything or it leaked out somehow. The stigma could be real big in a small town. I don't know. I guess I'm just looking for some advice on how to navigate my new surroundings with my existing condition.
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2023.06.07 04:39 Cyclovayne Spilled milkshake in rear vent of model 3

I left an open lid milkshake sitting on my center console, then accidentally accelerated. Needless to say the whole milkshake spilled backwards, into the rear ac vent. I pried off the outer piece of the vent to clean around the perimeter. However, most of the milkshake made it deeper into the ac vent. I can see a good amount of milkshake sitting in the vent, however it is too narrow to reach in and wipe it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 04:38 plewis500 Buy 2020 Guilia at end of my lease

My 2020 Guilia lease ends in a few months. Stromboli grey/black seats, estimate 27,000 miles at lease end. Base model, no sunroof, includes lane departure, back up/cross traffic warning. The cost to buy at the end of lease is $20,455.00 plus sales tax and plate fees. The car has been flawless and is in perfect condition with one year left on 4 yr. factory warranty. It seems like a no brainer to buy it. Any reason why not to buy? If I do sell it in the future, what's the used market like for Alfa's? Thanks
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2023.06.07 04:37 sombrasambulantes Cruisin’, Jammin’

Ass, in fact, is death The return of ABBA, is death In beautiful increments Kittens grow, leaf twigs snap Now the moon hovers above. Tease. A sort of ass, in space No help from moonlight In birth, wars, and wooing There was a blonde, right? And a brunette, right? And two kittens in pantsuits Make that four Plus, the invisible drummer And 70’s asses swaying A totentanz By the millions
Ass, in fact, is life The return of ABBA is, well For the half dead In beautiful increments 15-inch tires, 30-inch tires By the moon or sun Grinding, wearing, thinning Dusting the roads Tires oblivious to car frames Car frames toting asses Two thousand twenties models Or styles, or makes A totentanz Do you have to look that up? Really? One tires Driving for the unstudious
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2023.06.07 04:34 GreenMeasurement8099 KILLER KOMBO THOEverything is good my mom bitched at me but a nigga pay bills so am gucci every one else in here don’t

KILLER KOMBO THOEverything is good my mom bitched at me but a nigga pay bills so am gucci every one else in here don’t
So happy that soon ama get sober and have a child….
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2023.06.07 04:33 LGBTQIA_Over50 on avg how much does a tooth extraction cost & will they help me avoid pain? USA

I decided since I couldn't get the ER at a hospital to give me anything for pain reduction, and a local "dental school that never returned my calls" to examine and treat me, I will pay a dentist to extract my tooth.
I've been treated horribly by the nonprofit dental schools. They had nothing to offer me. Not returning calls, booked out until October. I can't believe anyone here suggested "just go to a dental school."
They don't care. They just want any warm body to show up in line without an appointment. What if there was pain post appointment and you can't even reach them? He'll no.
In NVA they aren't a viable resource at all for emergency dental help. Not at all.
I'll worry about saving up for an implant and crown later.
The pain is unbearable and risking a root canal and crown isn't worth it.
I have never had a tooth pulled, not one that is cracked (lower molar with an amalgam filling).
Does the dentist insert a needle to numb the area?
When its removed (will I feel it)?
Recover process, what does that entail and will I have a big hole or do they suture it up?
Do they remove the nerves too and is that what is causing the pain?
Its the left lower molar, 2nd from the back.
Approximately what should I budget since dental schools aren't reliable, not available, and don't have anyone to answer calls or return voice messages to me.
I'm on Fairfax and Chantilly Virginia
Again, can they numb me after an Xray and make sure I don't feel pain?
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2023.06.07 04:31 Mysterious_East_6681 Give me advice regarding which country apply further on

Hello everyone. I am international student from Uzbekistan. Unfortunately i got rejected from US student visa twice, and now I am desperate about my future. I do know that i fucked up my application when I applied only to us universities. But it was too late when I realized it. Now I'm left with almost nothing. I hate us embassy it didn't really believe that I would go and study even though i won full tuition, my university was one of the toppest for my chosen field. Still rejected. Anyways, i am writing in this subreddit to give me hint which country could potentially be good option for me. I do need full tuition scholarship though. I know I am completely late but I have no other option than asking you all guys. Give me hint which university could potentially be free for me. My parents agreed to cover only living expenses any other thing is going to be pain in the back. Maybe 3-4k tuition is realistic for me. I am in dire need of advice just yesterday I got rejected and I think those who were in my position know how it feels. I have good stats actually 7.5 IELTS , 4.0 gpa and 1480 sat score. Had good essays and average portfolio with some medals from scientific Olympiads. Thank you all in advance.
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2023.06.07 04:31 kosewhy Does it get any easier?

So my partner and I have been together for 10+ years. We have kids together. During this period we’ve been together he’s had 3 EA+PA (that I know of) and several PA. Any time I find out about his current AP he gets defensive and he accuses me of either snooping or being too insecure or calling me out on my flaws and I end up apologizing. After a push and pull and me expressing my feelings or concerns PLUS coming with solid proof is when he accepts that he was actually cheating. And he only comes out up-to where he thinks my knowledge of his cheating goes to. Eg if he thinks I only know of texts he’ll say they only ever texted, if I show him proof of them kissing he’ll suddenly remember they kissed but claim it was a one off thing. If I show him proof they had sex he’ll say he was just sparing my feelings but that it was also a one off thing etc so his apologies are normally meaningless since he apologizes for what he thinks I know but even then still lies.
We have moments where we don’t speak because he’s mad at me for overreacting or calling him out and he says he feels attacked that’s why he distanced himself and bounces back and forth with apologizing for what happened but also claiming nothing happened and that he lies to spare my feelings since I would over react with some chosen innocent female interactions (I’ve never once been uncomfortable with his other female friends or coworkers) Then when I find out it was an actual affair he apologizes for going too far with the flirting.(says he has to flirt to feel alive but that he never intends for it to cross boundaries)
My question is. Does it get easier? Does it stop hurting? I no longer yearn for him. I get bored by his interactions and garbage tea dates(I say garbage because he takes me on tea dates as a form of apology but he’s always on his phone) with his APs they do movies, dinners, road trips, site visit etc. And you’ll never find him on his phone because he claims/claimed to be busy with work
I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m jealous. I’m lonely. I’m a shell of myself. Does it get easier? Is it worth holding on? Am I holding on to a man I made up in my head and not seeing him for what he really is? Does therapy help? I’m drowning. I need help. I now have low self esteem with comparing my self to his APs
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2023.06.07 04:30 Courseseller_ [FULL]Andrew Tate- Network Brilliance

I have the Network Brilliance Course by Andrew Tate.
One of the greatest courses for learning how to connect with the appropriate people and advance in life is Andrew Tate's Network Brilliance Course.
The techniques you will learn in Andrew Tate's Network Brilliance Course are exclusive and exclusive.
If anyone is interested in purchasing these courses from me, please leave a comment below with the word "interested" or send me a direct message.
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2023.06.07 04:30 idR00Fi3you Just thinking too much..

You know in those days after someone kills themselves when everyone is like oooohh I wish they would’ve said something or told me how they were feeling… Maybe they did. Maybe they tried. Maybe they did everything in their power to try to get you to notice, and you didn’t.
& just maybe, we should start being better humans. Stop being so petty. Stop being to selfish. Start thinking about those that we walk by without noticing..
Maybe one day they’ll walk past you for the last time..
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2023.06.07 04:29 northphotograph Exhausted with dating and being blamed for people’s choices.

Two girls in one week.
Two girls in one week have had their long term relationships destroyed by the actions of their significant other.
I feel awful, because I was the one to tell them. Even though I know it’s not a cause of MY actions; I simply blew the whistle, it sucks.
To answer some questions; no, I didn’t sleep with these men. Yes, they acted extremely inappropriately and single. No, their girlfriends did not know.
I’m glad they know now… but I feel horrible about having to tell them. And it scares me. I am scared that loyalty is not a thing anymore.
A couple clarifications; being the one to find out and tell someone SUCKS. I am not the common denominator, as some want to imply, this has happened very few times, and I am incredibly frustrated that I am being blamed in another sub lol.
TL;DR; Frustrated that cheaters are still a thing in 2023.
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