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Post FUNNY scenes from: the workplace (not from your own home) .gifs and pics from safety training videos .gifs and pics from instructional videos Although this subreddit is named /OSHA, submissions do not have to be from the US. Safety violations from all countries are welcome. -Mods may allow or remove any post at their discretion- -No one on this subreddit, nor its moderators have any connection or experience with safety or regulatory issues.-

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Picture based reference guides for anything and everything. If it seems like something someone might print, physically post, and reference then it is a good link for this sub. Remember: Infographics are learning tools, guides are reference tools. Sometimes it's grey.

2018.01.21 03:25 shadowalien13 Clever Comebacks

A place for great retorts. If someone just got shown up, this is the place to post it.

2023.06.07 05:12 LeekTerrible Alright, so I tried Diablo IV with a controller…

And it’s such a better experience. The people who have been saying how awesome it is are completely right. It makes navigation on the mount so much easier and the only thing I find myself missing is drag and drop which is a minor inconvenience at best. If you’re on PC, do yourself a favor and try it out.
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2023.06.07 05:11 call_me_whateva 3 yrs waitlisted.Spouse onboarded in one month.

Same location. There's no sense to this. I talked to several people from ic. It seems to me that there is no real que. He made an account for just to see what would happen at the bring of May and was offered to onboard yesterday. How can that be?
This is truly the only job that offers me the flexibility I need to be able to function within my life's responsibilities and scheduling. I just don't get it. No one has answers. I am curious if there's any advice out there or insight as to why this is seemingly the car for so many people.
Will deactivating my account and reactivating it in a couple of weeks offer me a better chance? I'm so lost on what seems like a hopeless pursuit. I have 3 extended family members who do IC in the area and they all make 6-800 a week working full time with no problem and say there's plenty of work available.
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2023.06.07 05:11 Spyx1007 CF Daytona Panda 116500 SS

  1. Dealer Name: TheOneWatch
  2. Factory Name: Clean (CF)
  3. Model: 116500 V3 (Panda) SS
  4. Price paid: $768 (watch) + $30 shipping
  5. Album links:
  6. Index Alignment: looks ok. I struggled to align the tool properly in the last dial pic but eyeballing it looks like the 11 is slightly off center but the rest is good enough.
  7. Dial Printing: Maybe its the picture quality but the thicknesses of the letters vary a bit but I feel like I'm nitpicking
  8. Date Wheels: N/A
  9. Hand Alignment: good
  10. Bezel: looks ok and aligned.
  11. Solid end links: looks ok but honestly I don't know what bad really looks like
  12. Timegrapher numbers: Couldn't be better
  13. Anything else you notice: I really wish I shelled out for a deep xtal like what a lot of people are saying but I'm curious to see what it looks like on my wrist. I'm real excited for it but am worried my brain is ignoring something because of my desire. I appreciate any and all feedback.
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2023.06.07 05:11 ModeratorsOfEurope War in Ukraine Megathread LIV (54)

This megathread is meant for discussion of the current Russo-Ukrainian War, also known as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Please read our current rules, but also the extended rules below.

News sources:

You can also get up-to-date information and news from the worldnews live thread, which are more up-to-date tweets about the situation.

Current rules extension:

Extended europe ruleset to curb hate speech and disinformation:

Submission rules

These are rules for submissions to europe front-page.


Link to the previous Megathread LIII (53)
Questions and Feedback: You can send feedback via EuropeMeta or via modmail.
If you want to donate to Ukraine, check this thread or this fundraising account by the Ukrainian national bank.
Fleeing Ukraine We have set up a wiki page with the available information about the border situation for Ukraine here. There's also information at Visit Ukraine.Today - The site has turned into a hub for "every Ukrainian and foreign citizen [to] be able to get the necessary information on how to act in a critical situation, where to go, bomb shelter addresses, how to leave the country or evacuate from a dangerous region, etc."

Other links of interest

Please obey the request of the Ukrainian government to refrain from sharing info about Ukrainian troop movements

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2023.06.07 05:10 throawawaynumber9999 Did not make formal complaint about harassment, can I take it back?

For context: This guy had been staring but I didn’t think much because a lot of people are like that in my experience. Then he actually approached me and asked for my name, grabbed my lanyard from around my neck to see the spelling, complimented it then said something about wanting to transfer to my department after.
I was a little uncomfortable but hadn’t caught on yet so asked why. Or I guess because I wanted to confirm. And he was just like “well…” while looking at me and chuckling so ig he meant bc of me. This interaction happened while kinda hidden from view of others and bc he followed me slightly.
Then couple days later he would just say “hey, u/throawaway9999”. All of these instances I smiled back(nervous). Never ignored him or say stop talking to me, etc.
Then today he asked me if I spoke a language he’s learning and if I would teach him, I think he may or may not have said after work.
I told him I’m bad at teaching and I’m not very good at the language (when earlier I’d said it’s my native language, which it is). I think it was obvious I was just making an excuse trying to be nice, but he just kept on and left shortly before I could reply at all (I was still thinking of what to reply bc I hadn’t predicted him pushing it).
Then he looked like he was lurking to try to talk to me again right before lunch and only didn’t bc I left with everyone else instead of staying behind finishing a couple things like usual.
The problem: I now realize he is probably just overly friendly, and I need to communicate better and in general be more assertive. I don’t wanna get him in trouble over a non-issue. I also don’t wanna be known as some “Karen” and have people walk on eggshells around me just because a guy tried to show too hard that he was interested in me.
Thing is, I may have cried to my supervisor. I don’t know why I did. I assured her I don’t feel scared or threatened by him. It’s true. I told her i DONT wanna talk to hr. She agreed not to. I only brought it up because I was wondering about working in a diff department and I didn’t wanna lie and say I didn’t like my job (I’m relatively new there). I gave him as my reason. Maybe I should’ve lied instead.
She talked to her boss and she also agreed not to tell hr. But now my supervisor will randomly come to observe tomorrow, to see if she can spot who it might be. I described him vaguely.
I want to tell her never mind, but I was told it is going to ruin my reputation. Boy that cried wolf type of deal. I want to just make it more clear I don’t like him and then if he doesn’t stop talking to me, bring it up again. But again, I was told it’s going to make me seem weird. So I’m considering just quitting though I’d prefer not to.
So how do I go about telling my supervisor to forget it without affecting my credibility? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 05:10 kukukraut Is /r/HamiltonMorris going to be participating in the API protest blackout?

Communities across reddit are going "dark", also known as going private, due to concerns about reddit's proposed change in relationship to third-party apps.
Wait, if I'm reading this, why isn't Explain Like I'm Five going dark, too?
We share the frustrations of many other communities across reddit regarding the new policy changes and we are also suspending normal operations to draw attention to the same issue. To do this — while also fulfilling our educational mission to users — we are doing two things:

ELI5 is, after all, a place to learn. We have decided to focus ELI5 on learning about the controversy — so that users can become informed of this crucial issue and take action or express their opinions. (Private subreddits' public pages have no space to provide detailed explanations.)
Ok now that that's out of the way, what is all this about?
A third party app is just another way you can read and post to reddit. Before reddit had its own app for your phone, there were other apps that let you read, post and comment. These apps use something called the API (ELI5:How does an API Work?). Reddit's API lets your computer or phone get posts and comments without having to use a web browser or the official app.
Apps such as Reddit is Fun, Slide, Comet, Boost, or yes Apollo then take what the API gives them and displays it. Apps like this allow you to customize your reddit experience by changing a theme, or changing how you upvote a post. While those are just two very small examples, you can begin to understand why people like these apps.
Have you ever gotten mad at the reddit app because it had bugs, or it was just weird about how it did something? Right now, and until July 1st, you have the option to try out one of these apps and see if you like reddit better this way. After July 1st, you won't have the option anymore. If reddit's app has a bad bug, and you can't read posts for half a day, you will no longer be able to pull up a second option on your phone, or a third option, or a fourth...
I think you can see where this is going. But here's the thing about it:
Reddit didn't tell all the apps they can't get on reddit anymore, they set a price so high no app can afford it. When one of the biggest apps asked why his price was going to be so high, reddit's official reply was "Figure it out on your own.".
Third Party Apps or TPAs have been on reddit for a decade. Reddit gave them 30 days notice of the introduction of a pricing structure set so high no one can afford it.
Reddit has said that they don't want to shut down apps, but their actions speak much louder than their words. It's hard not to draw the conclusion they want them gone.
That is just not how you treat your friends.
Every app developer has said they will have to shut their app down. And the visually impaired on reddit have said they will close down their subs because the app on iOS doesn't allow them to even see reddit.
Why should I care? I use the official app.
Well for one thing you might care one day, but you won't have that option any longer, because reddit is removing user choice.
People who love reddit so much they seek out another app for it submit a lot of good posts to reddit that you read. What if these good posters all leave the site? What if half of them leave? Are you cool with less content to upvote?
What if reddit does something else like pump tons of ads at you-- way more than now -- and you want to try out one of those apps you saw when you first downloaded the official app. You simply won't be able to anymore.
But even if you still don't care, don't you think user choice is generally a good thing? What will they get rid of next?
Also, NSFW content is in danger, and can no longer be accessed through the API which is going to make it harder to find spammers.
What can I do?
Make a meme and post it. Make tiktoks. Contact the admins. Tweet it. Fill up the front page about it on reddit. Ask others to do the same.
Reddit needs to understand that decisions like this have long term unintended consequences. They can and should make money from third party apps. That is reasonable. But when you go from free for over a decade to a $20 million fee for one year, with 30 days notice, something's not right.
copy pasta from:
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2023.06.07 05:09 OctrasAC2 The owner of the restaurant franchise I work for is notorious for not caring about his employees and he just did something hilarious

I'm a delivery driver. This man pays us the minimum wage ($7.25/hr) and only $4/hr on the road which is most of the time we're working. The employees are always pouring sweat because we have to work in a tiny location that was never intended to be a restaurant, with a pizza oven and he refuses to turn on the AC. We only get 1 uniform shirt, I've never worked at a restaurant that only gives you one shirt and no, even if you ask for another you're not allowed to have one. The only person allowed to be full time is the general manager because the owner doesn't want to have to give people insurance benefits or pay overtime.
So now that you know that the dude is your typical "Employees are just numbers on a spreadsheet, not people" type, let me tell you what he just did that had me in tears laughing. So for context, we've had a large reduction in our delivery team for various reasons and I just got a message on Indeed from my employer, offering me a job interview to come work for him as a delivery driver. The fact that he can't recognize the name and resume of one of his own employees that is currently working for him is absolutely insane. I had half a mind to message him back and tell him I already work for him but I don't want to risk upsetting him somehow.
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2023.06.07 05:09 cheater00 Devs: Can we get better Steam Deck trackpad support please?

Hi devs, I really love playing the remake on my Steam Deck, but there's just one thing that I think could be done much better. That's the use of the right trackpad. So let me describe a few situations where things aren't as good as they could be. Then I'll propose something you could talk to Valve about to make the life of gamers playing your game - and possibly other games as well - much better.

The problem

The trackpad is great for precision input, but there are two places I would like to use it and they're not really compatible with each other:
I normally move and aim using the right stick, but I'd like to be able to do fine aiming using the trackpad. OK, that can be done using the "As Mouse" setting in the Steam Controller options for the game. I can do fine aiming now using the right trackpad.
Now let's talk about the inventory view. "As Mouse" kiiiinda works but it's not great. You run out of space on the trackpad and have to lift your finger to keep moving the cursor, and this means eg you can't drag items around the inventory very well by pressing on the trackpad (to click the mouse) and then dragging. On the other hand, the inventory works great with the "Mouse Region" mode for the trackpad. So instead of "As Mouse" you set "Mouse Region" in the Steam Controller settings. At that point, basically the trackpad maps to the screen 1:1, and the cursor is always guaranteed to be able to cover the whole screen in one move. No more raising your thumb. You always know where your cursor ends up on the interface. However, if you try aiming with this mode enabled, the game just goes crazy, spinning around wildly.

The proposed solution

Steam Controller has something called mode shifts, which is basically, you press a button, and your controller cycles through one of many configurations stored for the game. However, System Shock already uses absolutely all the buttons I got on the Deck including the back paddles, plus having to press a button every time you enteexit the inventory sounds like a stupid and annoying thing to have to do. I know it's a tall order, but maybe you guys could get in touch with Valve for some way where the game could inform the steam controller layer, so that it can shift modes automatically? So when you are in the first person view, the steam controller is in one mode, and when you're in the inventory, the steam controller is in another mode.
This would be absolutely great and it would make playing your game on the Deck just soooooooo much better. As it is right now, it's a bit of a chore sometimes, because either the inventory interface is kind of busted, or I don't have good fine aim.
I hope you can take this to Valve and talk to them about it. This would be absolutely great. I know they really like to support lots of interesting new stuff on the Deck, so who knows, maybe this could become a thing.

The implementation of the solution

Technically, I would imagine the game registers with a Steam API by using some sort of config file in the game directory that defines modes the game itself will identify to steam automatically during the gameplay. So you'd have eg steamcontroller.cfg next to the executable, and inside it the following contents:
[ModeShifts] FirstPersonView Inventory Cyberspace 
This cfg would be a text file and it would be read by the Steam client, and would populate the Steam Controller config with these two mode shifts. So now, if you go to the Steam Controller settings page, you have two mode shifts pre-populated, and you can edit them separately.
In the game, when one of these UI modes gets selected in the game by any means, the game hooks into some dll, say SteamController.dll that's provided by Valve/Steam, and calls AnnounceModeShift("FirstPersonView") etc, with a C string that's up to 4096 characters long.
If a mode shift by the name you announce doesn't exist in Steam Controller config, nothing should happen. But if it does, then that mode shift should be selected.
This would be super useful for games like System Shock and quite honestly I would love to see something like this happen.
I tried to keep this idea as simple as possible: almost all the work is done by Steam Controller already and you'd have to add a few function calls here and there, but implementing such an interface should be really easy for you guys on your end. I'm a programmer and I tried to keep it so simple to where I can't imagine it taking a lot of time if such an API was provided by Valve. And on the other hand it would seem like the design should be fairly simple to implement for Valve as well, even if they would have to do a bunch of work with scanning for the file and exposing an API.
Another use for auto mode shift would be for scrolling emails. Currently I don't really know of any way to scroll them, so I bound scroll wheel up and down to the left trackpad. I set the left trackpad "as dpad", and have "dpad up" and "dpad down" set to the scroll wheel. I position the cursor over the email using the right trackpad, and then I can scroll with the left trackpad. I have it set to auto-repeat using the "turbo" function so the longer I hold it the more it scrolls, I don't have to press it repeatedly.
However, in the first person view, I'd like to use the left trackpad for leaning. So dpad left would lean left and dpad right (on the trackpad) would lean right. And at that point I don't need want scroll wheel bound to "up" and "down" because if I somehow manage to hit a diagonal (happens often) then the turbo-button-scrollwheel switches me to a random gun and it sucks.
So that's two ways I could have mode shifts help in the game.
I can imagine some people would like a different controller configuration for the cyber space as well, so that would be another mode shift.
I hope this isn't too long to read and I hope this is motivated well enough for you guys to take some time out of your already obviously very busy schedule.
The game, as it stands, is a real masterpiece, and given that one of its more important selling points is that it improves on the controls of the OG, I hope you can take the extra step or two and talk to Valve about improving the controls for the Steam Deck as well. And I think if you had this brand new input feature on the Deck, then everyone who has a deck would be sure to snap it up just to try it out.
The feature could very likely be backported to older games by modders as well: people could hook into the exe's and figure out when certain UIs show up, and have hooked-in code call AnnounceModeShift(). So at this point, not just System Shock benefits, but eventually every game that modders mod or that the devs update. So the more reason for Valve to try and provide such a feature. Plus I'm pretty sure if you guys reach out to them they'll take you seriously.
Thanks a lot for reading!
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2023.06.07 05:09 BangingJoeMama Nightmare roommate, please help! TL;DR : Roommate repeatedly coming home past 2 am (+) extremely drunk and unreasonably loud, causing me to lose sleep while trying to study for finals

Hello guys, I am in a bit of a predicament with my roommate right now, and wondering if anyone could give me any advice. My roommate is terrible. He is the classic ICS stereotype -- quite literally has only showered once this quarter, does not own deodorant, does not partake in any basic hygiene, etc. Initially, I tried to be his friend at the start of the year, but he would act like a total asshole to me in front of his little girlfriends and didn't want anything to do with me. Anytime we were alone, suddenly we were best friends and he would. Not. Stop. Talking. Literally, I could be completely nonresponsive and he would continue loudly ranting about the very same girls he was such a dick to me about earlier that day. I could ask him to stop because I was trying to study, but no. Literally nothing would shut him up. Beyond that, he drank. A lot. I don't have a problem with drinking, but when he gets drunk, he acts even more disgusting than usual. One time, he even insinuated that we should sleep together (I am female). Side note, he gets all of his alcohol by stealing it from the local target. He steals that and basically anything else he can fit under his unwashed trenchcoat, then comes and tells me "how easy it is, and that everyone should steal, and corporations are stealing enough from it as is!" I support people taking what they need in times of emergency from large corporations, but this guy is literally loaded. He frequently bragged to me about his "millionaire uncle" sending him money whenever he wanted, so its not like he was doing it out of need. This also would lead to him going on deranged, pathetic rants to himself about being a klepto later on in the year, but we will get there. This is all annoying enough, right? But the smell on top of it all is UNGODLY. He smells perpetually like vomit, exacerbated only by the smell of hangover. And I don't mean drinking every weekend, I mean every single day, starting at 9 AM. In the first quarter, it got to me, and I finally reported him after one of his past girl friends told me he was trying to grope her anytime I left the room. What came of that venture, with two eye witnesses and photographic evidence of wine bottles in the room? Nothing. Literally nothing. I even called the head of housing to ask what they were going to do and they gave me a bunch of bull shit about why they couldn't do anything. At this point, I gave up trying to get him on trouble, as all it did was waste my time and energy. I also fully stopped responding to him for all of the reasons listed above, and then some. Not only is he an unhygienic kleptomaniac, but he is a complete narcissist (for lack of better term). I think that word is overused a ton these days, but it fits him to a T. I would invite him to hang out with me and my friends, and he flat out said he was "more intellectually advanced" than them, so he wouldn't fit in. He would only ever talk about his problems, and would whine about nobody liking him all the time. Not once did he ever consider why that may be. He would also go on manipulative rants about how I was "his only and closest friend," and if I told on him for his drinking, I would be "ripping his heart out because in the only one he could trust." Laughable. Those kinds of rants were far too common for my liking, and they were definitely manipulative. He is also obsessed with TV, and shows everyone his favorite shows. Nice, right? It would be, if he wasn't pausing every 5 seconds to explain in great detail about why the scene was so meaningful, and you couldn't possibly understand it on your own. He literally made me watch the final episode of some show about Nathan fielder TWICE -- still pausing and telling me how "deep it is every half minute -- because he "wanted to see me understand for the first time." It was so insufferable, and any time I tried to leave he would do anything he could to make me stay (foolishly I would, because I initially really wanted him to like me). Beyond that, he also had takes that made me so uncomfortable, like saying pedophile jokes were okay and saying the r word (even after I asked him politely to reconsider saying that). He was also adamant that everyone should smoke cigarettes, smoking doesn't cause lung cancer, and anyone who doesn't smoke is a "pearl clutching prude." He is so confident that everyone will be smoking in 10 years, its actually insane. I don't care if he smokes, but he also does it in my room, which makes my clothes smell and has set off the fire alarm on multiple occasions. I have begged for him to get therapy on multiple occasions, but he refuses to. Even though our campus offers free therapy, he has flat out said he is "too lazy" to go through the process. The fact that he has these resources available to him and refuses to use them is sickening to me. In any case, I stopped talking to him in the 2nd quarter for all of these reasons (plus a few I don't have the energy to mention). This is when the egregious behavior truly began. He began going on insane rants to himself, ranging from talking about how lonely he is, to talking about how weird and unlikeable he is, to talking about how "hot and sexy" sephiroth is, to missing weed; the list goes on and on. These rants would last hours, spoken at a regular speaking volume and usually accompanied by him throwing shit around on his side. We would frequently get noise complaints. He began to genuinely make me feel unsafe, so I put up a partition in between our sides of the room. Prior to this, I had been extremely nonconfrontational towards him and largely ignored his outbursts. However, the constant and incessant chatter of his voice was extremely draining. It is not like he would stop once I was trying to sleep, either. He would rant to himself well into the night; usually I would be kept up until well past 2 in the morning every single night. It is important to note that I have a sleep condition that makes me excessively tired all the time; something he knew I was actively seeking treatment for. He knew how hard it was for me because I treated him like a friend throughout the first quarter -- yet even with this knowledge he continues (to this day) to stay up, making an unreasonable amount of noise late into the night. So, with the stress of sleep deprivation and never having a moment of silence in my room, I finally asked him to stop. Initially, I was quite nice about it (again suggesting therapy, naturally to no success). However, this did nothing to stop him. I tried talking to my RA about it, but she said she couldn't do anything about it. I had no choice to live with quiet resentment until he did the most disgusting thing I have seen someone do in my entire life: one night, before my bio midterm (clearly marked in red on my calendar, which I have made visible to both of us), he came home at around 11 50 pm while I was taking a practice exam. He proceeded to climb in bed, vomit all over himself, and pass out (occasionally making a sickening gurgling noise). The smell was noxious, though being in a practice exam and with my computer on the brink of death, I had no choice but to rush through it as quickly as possible to get out of there. Considering he was lying in his bed in a pile of his own vomit, occasionally gagging and checking, I went to my RA. I did not want him to choke to death in his sleep, so I suggested calling duty. For some reason, my RA was incredibly against it. She forced me to warn him that I would call duty, and he immediately sprung up and begged her not to call. Because he was "in a stable state of mind" -- something that was blatantly untrue, considering when I tried to wake him to tell him I was calling 911 on him he denied throwing up at all and seemingly did not know where he was -- she told me not to call and to go back to bed. I go back to my room, and he is just sitting there. Appalled, I ask why he hasn't cleaned up either himself or his mess, and he gives some excuse along the lines of "not being suspicious." I told him that everyone was sleeping and that he had better clean his side up before I got back, then went outside to wait for him to remove his stinking vomit from our shared space. After 30 minutes, I went back up to continue studying, and he was STILL JUST SITTING THERE. He didn't even have an excuse, so I yelled at him to clean it up and again went outside. He finally moved his garbage to the wash, but noticeably did not shower. By the time he was finally done washing and putting the sheets back on his bed (done muttering and swearing to himself about what a bitch I was the whole time), it was 3 am. It was well past that by the time I was able to fall asleep, and I had a final exam at 10 that morning. My study time was ruined and I had terrible sleep. I was able to get a break from him over spring vacation, thankfully. After that point, I admit that I have began asserting myself more strongly than before -- sadly, it is the only thing that seems to work. I asked him to stop drinking in the room because his horrible odor was giving me headaches, and he refused until I threatened to call duty on him. There were several times I had to ask him not to do basic things, like smoking and burning smoke creating candles in the room (which set off the fire alarm more times than I would like to say). I also had to ask him to be quiet past 1 am. I did not come to this school to be someone's mother, and the fact that I had to ask these basic requests was infuriating. Unbelievably, he did the whole "vomit in the middle of the night and not clean it for hours" thing again at the start of this quarter. I was in shock, and utterly disgusted. It was around 4 am this time, and instead of asking my RA for help I wanted to see how long it would take him to do something about it himself. I left to avoid the stench, staying out from around 6 am to 2 pm. When I came back, to my unsurprised disgust, there was still vomit on the bed and he was sitting there as though nothing was wrong. I confronted him about it, and he acted as though I were crazy and over reacting. I literally had to sit there and beg him to clean up his mess for him to slowly and dramatically move his stuff to the wash. Initially, he tried to just leave it to rot in his laundry basket, but I insisted he bring it to the laundry room. Pushed to the edge, I invited my RA into my room to ask for a roommate mediation. She was so disgusted at the state of our room that she literally refused to enter, standing in the doorway covering her mouth with her hands. I pointed out the ample stache of wine bottles sitting on his side, which finally got her to file another report -- which again led to no consequences for him. During our roommate mediation, all he did was say "okay, uh huh," etc in response to my telling him he needed to have better hygiene and to stop coming in wasted. There was no real response, so there was nothing more my RA could do. Thankfully, he did get out of the room more after this, and his rants slowed down. It was almost peaceful for a few weeks. Unfortunately, he has started getting bad again. Specifically, the ranting to himself and coming in extremely late into the night, inebriated to the point of having difficulty standing. For the past 3 nights in a row, he has come in at 3 am, 5 am, and 2 am respectively. Each time, he has been extremely loud, stomping and slamming things while talking to himself at full volume about god knows what. Each night, my sleep has been disrupted. I am tired enough as it is, but this added stress is making me more drained than ever. Just in time for finals week, when I am trying to study and prepare for my finals. This brings me to the crux of my problem: my roommate has again begun coming home late at night, extremely inebriated and making as much noise as possible, which has been keeping me up and is a distraction to my studying. Not only is he loud, but I feel uncomfortable being around him when he is so drunk -- this, combined with the noise, makes it near impossible to sleep once he has entered the room. It isnt like he just goes to sleep once he gets back; more often than not, he will watch videos on his phone, starts typing on his computer, etc, for hours after he gets back. I have had to ask him to quiet down on multiple occasions now. This has been taking a toll on my physical and mental health, as I have been getting under 5 hours of sleep because of him. I am a STEM major, and really need to focus on my finals. I have reached out to my RA for another roommate mediation, but she basically told me the only thing she can do is put me in emergency housing. Does anyone know if there is anything else I can do about this? I find it hard to believe the only thing I can try is moving myself to emergency housing, but if it is I can suck it up for the final 2 weeks. Thank you all so much for reading my rant, it felt great to get some of this off of my chest. I do not have many people to talk about this in my life (and I don't want him on my mind ALL the time), so typing some of it out was actually pretty cathartic. This is not a comprehensive list of everything awful he has done, I have shortened things to keep some semblance of brevity, hahah. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
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2023.06.07 05:09 strawberrycake43 I really don't know what to put here, or how to explain this, but I'm having a hard time with words and names, and I don't know what to do. Can someone help?

Hello, I am sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong Reddit, I am not a big user of this app, so again, sorry if it's wrong. I posted this in the TooAfraidToAsk and someone told me to post in a medical sub, so here it is.
I am a 16F, I am 5'8" inches (1,73 meters), I am in high school in a privet school, my weight is 145 pounds (66kg). Sorry if I'm saying any information wrong, English is not my first language.
I'm having recurring problems with names, words, titles, things like that in general. But it's on a level that is affecting my academic life.
I'm in high school, a more difficult time at school, and I'll try to explain the problem here.
It's not that I don't know the name or word, but I constantly I confuse with another, like people that I'm very close with, in a point that I genuinely don't know if this person's name is A or B. In the matters of words, my problem is, words that have ANY type of relation it's VERY hard to differentiate, it can be similar words, or, for an example, two subjects of a school subject, like different types of chemistry, or anything like that, I don't know their names, I always confuse them, no matter how hard I try to memorise. That might not seem like a big problem, but it's everyday, everytime, it's affecting badly my grades. And when I was a child, it already used to happen, but no one payed much attention because I was a kid, so everyone thought I was just being a slow kid.
I really will accept any kinds of answer or advice, some people say I might have dyslexia, or ADHA, but I don't think that's the problem. I am really asking for help, I don't feel comfortable talking to my parents about it, since they don't believe that this type of problems exist, they only say that I'm lazy and that I don't pay enough attention, that might be it, mayb I really am just not paying attention enough. I don't know, I just really wanna fiz this, I accept 100% true and honest answers. I just wanna a advice.
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2023.06.07 05:08 Vivid_Air3948 How can I support my partner with herpes?

If your partner has herpes, there are several ways you can support them:
  1. Educate yourself: Learn as much as you can about herpes, including how it's transmitted, how it's treated, and how to reduce the risk of transmission. This will help you better understand your partner's condition and how you can support them.
  2. Communicate openly and honestly: Talk to your partner about their herpes and how it affects them. Encourage them to share their feelings, concerns, and questions with you, and be open and honest about your own feelings and concerns.
  3. Respect their privacy: Herpes is a sensitive topic, and your partner may not want to disclose their condition to everyone. Respect their decision to keep their herpes private and avoid sharing their status with others without their permission.
  4. Practice safe sex: Use condoms and other barrier methods during sexual activity to reduce the risk of transmission. Encourage your partner to take antiviral medication as prescribed by their doctor to further reduce the risk of transmission.
  5. Offer emotional support: Having herpes can be emotionally challenging for some people. Offer your partner emotional support and reassurance that they are still loved and valued, regardless of their condition.
Remember, having herpes doesn't change who your partner is as a person. With proper management and support, you can still have a happy and fulfilling relationship.
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2023.06.07 05:08 Jazz-Turtle Why have kids if you can’t afford them?

I know this topic/question gets posted on here a lot, but I’m so dumbfounded. I work in a position that works with low-income and marginalized populations. I help connect them to resources, think social work type of deal.
I cannot tell you how irrationally angry it makes me when people come to me and ask me for childcare services, financial services, and resources in general because they have kids and can’t afford to live.
It’s one thing if something recent happened. I get it. Life kicks your butt sometimes. I’m more than happy to help. But the ppl I’m talking about are the ones who have basically been homeless or housing insecure since before their first child and then continue to have more children. If you were having a hard enough time feeding and housing your first child, WHY would you have more?!
They m ALWAYS bring up the fact that they have kids like it makes them a martyr. They CHOSE to have those children.
I’m sorry, it’s so frustrating to have to look someone in the face and say that we live in a resource desert and they can’t expect much unless a public program opens up soon. Then they turn back around and tell you that you’re useless because you can’t magically find free daycare for them when we’re in the middle of nowhere with limited resources.
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2023.06.07 05:08 shadowassasin34 21M looking for some warmth and a conversational companion

just like the title says. I dont know how this will go but hey only one way to find out haha!
so hi you can call me shadow and like the title says I am looking for platonic warmth. nothing weird or really special just someone I can vc frequently and we cal talk about our days together or something new in our lives. maybe even watch something together or read a book at the same time then get together and talk about it.
maybe even falling asleep together on call. ive been not alone because I have wonderfull people I talk to but there has been a hole recently that I havent been able to fill yet and its not been entirely fun. this ofcorse would be completely platonic and really anyone around my age and prefurably timezone of EST is welcome.
a few of the things I enjoy are reading, gaming, (I am thinking of getting back into sun haven), I love dnd its very theriputic for me in many ways, I have a dog and im trying to worl on my self image so I feel and look alot better.
like I said I dont know how this would go over but better to be upfront and open about this. im pretty much an open book in most cases so if you wanna ask someting go right ahead!
either way thank you for reading and I hope you have a good evening
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2023.06.07 05:08 ImportantPriority588 I (20F) fell for me coworker (16M) what should I do?

Guys I need some advice, I 20(f) fell for my coworker 16(m). Pls don't judge me. Let me give some context, so, this coworker and I started to talk to each other on a friendly basis 5ish months ago. He moved to the U.S. last year. I am not a talkative person and do not speak to others unless they approach me first. He suddenly began talking with me at work one day and we became somewhat friends. I often caught myself educating him on American culture and slang. I IN NO WAY SAW HIM IN AN ATTRACTIVE MANNER WHATSOEVER. I used to be glad because he always used to talk with me at work and would keep me entertained with what he would say. I one day realized that he liked me because as a girl, you just KNOW. I knew from the way he looked at me one day and it was just different. I also realized that he did not treat my other female coworkers the same way he did me (even though he was social and friends with them as well). He literally would come to work on the days that he was off just to hang out with/see me. This made me uncomfortable because I did not like him and it was making me iffy that he would come to work when he wasn't even scheduled just because of me- especially since he lives a bit far from the job. He would sometimes follow me around and help me do tasks even though he wasn't getting paid. I would always scold him and say "are you stupid? go home, you're not even getting paid" and he would say that he was bored at home and didn't care. We also began texting and sending message games which I thought was harmless and just friends being friends. Also, even though I got off work before him, he would run after me when I left and walk me across the street to my apartment. When I realized he liked me, I began to be mean and sassy to him. And then, one day, I took my mask off at work and he told someone to tell me that I looked ugly without it. I WAS VERY EXTREMELY OFFENDED AND HURT BY THIS. How could someone who followed me around as a puppy and looked at me with those eyes SAY THAT? i JUST DID NOT EXPECT THAT FROM HIM. I did wear my mask at work often but he has seen me without it and has my Instagram. No one has ever in my life told me that I am ugly so I was very offended. I told him never to talk to me again and blocked him on all platforms-even his number. I even cried that night and I am not the type of person who EVER cries. From then, I gave him dirty looks all the time and just ignored him. He came up to apologize to me the next time we saw each other and it was just like "I'm sorry for what I said" and I noticed he was on the phone with my other female coworker on his airpods and that she was hearing the whole interaction and telling him what to say, this pissed me off more because he couldn't even bother to apologize to me with his own words... the way he had to have a girl control him like a remote control was crazy- especially bc I don't even like that girl coworker. I just ignored him and he walked away. The next day, he bought me a drink from Starbucks as an apology and I told him to take it back because it made me uncomfortable but he just ignored me. I told myself that if he had just apologized sincerely, I would have forgiven him but he didn't and what else did i expect from a 16yr old. He stopped trying after that and we did not speak for two months. I eventually one day just got over it because i turned twenty and i was like "i cannot be a 20yr old having beef w a 16yr old boy" also, i am Muslim and saw on tiktok that "we must forgive each other unless we want to forgive each other in front of Allah" and that really opened my eyes- life is so short for me to be holding a big grudge. SO, I started talking to him bit by bit and stopped acting so cold towards him, he did not show me the puppy affection that he used to and this was hurtful and since Im a crazy girl, it made me want him. Its like, when someone stops showing interest, i suddenly want them. So, reddit, don't be too harsh on me because he was the one who continuously nonstop pursued me- I never had the intention to fall for him. We have been talking a lot and yesterday when i saw him, i got nervous for some reason. I confronted him about the past a couple times and always gaslight him about how rude he was. Yesterday, he grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes, and apologized to me. He told me he's leaving back to his country in 2 months for an entire year due to financial reasons and will be back. THIS made me so depressed for two days because how could he just leave like ughh. And since its summer and he's gonna leave anyway, I'm not being too strict on myself. I also want to make it clear that I will never make a physical move on him whatsoever because I am Muslim and I'm not about that- especially with a 16yr old. I feel a bit off because i know i like him and that's kinda gross and i know if i was an outside perspective, i would judge myself but i cant control who i fall for. He pays the most attention to me than any man has in my entire life and it makes me feel so loved and i love when people know the little things. He also acts just like the type of men from like wattpad and it makes me fold sometimes. I have never been with anyone nor a serious situationship so I romanticize the men written by women- and he definitely is. He made me a handmade soap last week that is orange scented because I told him I like citrus fragrance once. He is just so romantic sometimes and I think its because he's not from the U.S. so he doesn't act like he wants princess treatment like other guys. I also know he used to love me and I swear, he told the entire workplace about the situation (but didn't mention it was with me) and this pissed me off. I recently asked him multiple times if he loves me and he keeps denying it and I know he's lying so its infuriating. He lied to me a couple times and I caught him and he continuously kept saying "I would never lie to you, everything that's between us, I always tell the truth". He also isn't as nice to others as he is to me and I like that. idk why. he also tells me his secrets a lot and puts trust in me and asks for advice so it makes me feel good that he would trust me. No man has ever made me feel so loved. What should I do?? This situation is driving me crazy
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2023.06.07 05:08 WizardOfNod-7465 Question regarding the PS1 Longboxes

As the title says, hopefully a simple question. How difficult are they to replace? I'm sure the black ones are more difficult, but is.. I dunno, is anyone 3D printing them? What's people found on this?
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2023.06.07 05:08 LookingForTheGirl25 30 [M4F] Florida/USA - Looking to make a special connection with my person out there!

Hey there everyone, I never know how to start these, so I am just going to jump right into it! My name is Austin, I am 30 years old and I live in Orlando, FL!
I am trying to find my person! I want to be able to create a safe emotional space for the two of us in the relationship and to be able to have so much fun together. From being vulnerable and open by talking about our feelings to silly and fun watching YouTube or sharing memes! I want to have a family and kids so if that isn’t for you no problem, it isn’t for everyone!
A quick breakdown of things I like:
Video Games
Going to the gym or Batting Cages (I used to play baseball)
Playing with my cat and dog (Licorice and Wade)
Playing my trumpet (recently started again from high school)
Music is a huge part of my life and always will be. If it could be considered a love language it would be my number one! I love sharing playlists or being excited to talk about artists we both love etc. My favorite genres would include (but are not limited to); Rock, Metal, EDM, Punk, Musicals. What are some of your favorites? Top 3 artists?
We are two humans spinning on this rock we call "Earth" looking for our person, don't waste your time nor mine with simple responses or not reading my post please. I cannot handle those that just respond with "Hey" and expect me to do the heavy lifting in conversation.
Here is me!
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2023.06.07 05:08 LookingForTheGirl25 30 [M4F] Florida/USA - Looking to make a special connection with my person out there!

Hey there everyone, I never know how to start these, so I am just going to jump right into it! My name is Austin, I am 30 years old and I live in Orlando, FL!
I am trying to find my person! I want to be able to create a safe emotional space for the two of us in the relationship and to be able to have so much fun together. From being vulnerable and open by talking about our feelings to silly and fun watching YouTube or sharing memes! I want to have a family and kids so if that isn’t for you no problem, it isn’t for everyone!
A quick breakdown of things I like:
Video Games
Going to the gym or Batting Cages (I used to play baseball)
Playing with my cat and dog (Licorice and Wade)
Playing my trumpet (recently started again from high school)
Music is a huge part of my life and always will be. If it could be considered a love language it would be my number one! I love sharing playlists or being excited to talk about artists we both love etc. My favorite genres would include (but are not limited to); Rock, Metal, EDM, Punk, Musicals. What are some of your favorites? Top 3 artists?
We are two humans spinning on this rock we call "Earth" looking for our person, don't waste your time nor mine with simple responses or not reading my post please. I cannot handle those that just respond with "Hey" and expect me to do the heavy lifting in conversation.
Here is me!
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2023.06.07 05:07 WhatSiteMaresRMadeOf If you had a matter of hours to teach years’ worth of CRC/regulatory knowledge to someone, what are your resources and how do you break it down so they get the most from you?

Yeah, that’s right. It says what it says, and it sounds crazy when I read it out loud. But alas, that’s what I’m about to do because my site is exploding, and every seasoned coordinator will have exited by the end of next week. I have promised the people I’m leaving behind who have never been coordinators or worked in research before that I’ll try to give them as much knowledge as possible. If you’ve read this far you’re probably thinking “wow, super unethical,” and trust me my heart is there too. But I don’t own the site, there are no leaders or oversite, and no communication. I have no other attachment other than I care for the people I’m leaving this burden on, and I truly care about ethical research and the subjects.
So I’m going to do my best, but my site has no SOP‘s, no workflows, and absolutely zero resources. If you had to do this, how would you go about it? And do you have any particular CRC online resources I can send them to, or at least gather visuals from? At my site CRC’s are responsible for everything, including start up, all monitoring visits, full regulatory submissions/ISF maintenance, consent, training documentation, DOA, 1572, full data entry, and for patient coordination, progress notes, and protocol adherence. CRCs literally do it all, and these ones have done none.
I just want to efficiently stream line this and give them the most I possibly can in the most limited time I have. How would you map this out? Any online resources I can send them yo or get good visuals and examples from you recommend?
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2023.06.07 05:07 onfy3 I (21F) met a celebrity (26M) and now I am caught up and unsure where to go from here.

Hi all. I need some help, although I have to keep it discreet for now so changing details.
I (21F) met a someone in my country (26M) on tinder. We matched late night one around 2 months ago. We spoke for a while that night and he asked me if I wanted to meet, at this point I wasn't sure who he was, I just thought he was a normal guy. I was hesitant to meet at first cause I had just got home but my friend encouraged me to go.
We met at the beach by where he was staying at as he was here on holiday. I was instantly star struck. He was beautiful and 1000x more interesting than I thought he was going to be. He shared with me what he does etc etc and I kept my cool throughout the night. We stayed talking for hours. About my life, his life, how he got to where he was, experiences, people we met, music etc etc. It was THE NIGHT. When I got home I looked him up, and wow.. So so so talented. I havent stopped doing research on him. As creepy as that sounds. Listening to him in podcasts, interviews, fan videos, songs, movies. He is almost a new idol to me.
The next 4 days were possible the best of my life. He took me for lunches, dinner, we went shopping for jewellery for him and I shared my knowledge, quirky dates. Laughing, sharing moments, stories, emotions, a cheeky kiss here and there. I felt safe with him. I felt myself. He listened. He was interested by me and asked questions. Nobody does that. Not even my family. He showed GENUINE CARE.
He had amazing things to say about me and to me, and I am inclined to believe them because why would he want anything to do with me? A nobody? When he can literally have any celebrity woman he wants. I kept aware as my insecurities could not trust 100%. After these amazing 4 days passed, he had to go home but ever since he has been asking me to go and see him where he lives, or to travel with him.
We speak at least once a day for a small amount of time and have facetimed now and again. He has shared new music he is working on and the majority are about me. He compliments me. It feels like he is interested in my soul. He is so intense, but a good way. He pushes me to do better and when we are in contact I instantly feel better. He raises my aura.
I was feeling okay for a long time but today I checked his socials as I hadn't heard from him and I saw there was a woman on there, which is not abnormal for his lifestyle but I felt an overwhelming feeling of jealousy. I know I have fallen.. maybe too quickly. I don't know what to do. He is coming back to my country in a few weeks with some family members and he wants me to meet them. HELP!
Is it okay to feel jealous? Is it too soon? Is he being authentic? Is this all a ruse? Shall I step back and try and slow my feelings? Do I talk to him about this when he comes back? Do I play it by ear?
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2023.06.07 05:07 FitMango2465 PC Inside Xbox One Case

PC Inside Xbox One Case
Hello! My name is Kyle and I recently built a secondary streaming/serveportable gaming PC inside an original Xbox One case!!
I have a YT video explaining the build here:
Specs: i3 10100 Intel Arc A380 (I love AV1) 16GB DDR4 3000 2tb M.2 Flex Atx 600 watt (might explode one day) Noctua 60mm intake 2x notcua 40mm intake
Temps under load Cpu: 94 Gpu: 85
It was a very constrained build and the back mount for the GPU isn't perfect, but I'm so unbelievably happy with how it turned out!
I will try and reply to as many questions as I can! Thanks!!!
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2023.06.07 05:07 klownfish I found myself in a bar

Hot dog. So much I want to say, that I feel I should say nothing. But I've been doing that..
I have no idea why, but it happened. I was my younger, free, not caring what people thought self when I didn’t drink; at the bar drinking.
I shelled it up at some point; my inner me. Then once I stepped foot into a bar, or anywhere drinking honestly, I came alive. It was “me” again. Could talk to anyone, anywhere. “Oh that girl? Watch this.” “This guy next to me? He’ll be our best friend before the nights over.”
That was with friends or S/O's. Then when the time came, they either couldn’t or wouldn’t go out, I realized I could do it easier solo. Its not like I was/am shitty when I drink, they just didn't like I did/do, so over time it was just me.
I mean, I can fucking talk. Most of its bullshit, cause, for the most part, it’s a clean 50/50 that I care what you’re saying. But as long as you're there with me, lets do this. I don't think I'm a complete asshole for this; met many lifelong friends that I have to this day. Granted, most are drinkers, but plenty are not. Do with that info what you will.
I'm 35 now, 36 in November. First sip was around 11-12 years of age. Not a full beer, or drink; a sip. Then I moved at 14. Went to a new highschool, down south, where I stood out coming from up north(I'm actually born in Florida, but moved up to Jersey around 7, then came back). Probably doesn't matter, but maybe it does, mentally? Most hated me, at best, the rest were people who were doing drugs, but accepted me. Weed, pills, drinking, I was around it; and dabbling.
I got heavy into smoking weed throughout highschool. I was around 19 when alcohol really took ahold in my life, as I always hung around the older crowd; I had access. I mean, I drank every other weekend or so. By 21, arrested, parked on a median in front of a college my friends went to. I, not able to afford college, loved to go to their parties. Women, drugs and alcohol. What more could a young guy want? Got "lucky," school didn't press charges for running over the two small trees. I didn't hurt or kill anyone. Was just me, in my truck, with my own thoughts and faults. Looking back, maybe I needed some kind of major charge. I don't mean that I should have hurt anyone, I am a bit of a softy, and that would kill me if I did harm to someone that wasn't a threat, but from my own shitty actions. I don't know, cause I didn't stop. Drinking and driving for sure slowed down, but didn't come to the end it should have. How could I still do this, knowing I could hurt other people? What the fuck dude? WHY?! Well, maybe I am the asshole I didn't think I was. I kept on.
8 years later, I come to arrive again in Florida, 2 more DUI's back to back in a few months time after leaving Alaska(tried to escape, not knowing it was/is my mind that I was trying to run from). I could tell you the excuses, or not, but now I'm figuring out I am the asshole I didn't think I was. So I will briefly. The 2nd DUI, 28 years of age, got too drunk I didn't want to drive home. I was sleeping in my truck, windows down, getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Florida in july is a bitch. So, windows up, AC on, took shoes off, reclined driver seat. Most of you should know where that lead. SLEEP IN ANOTHER SEAT!! I digress..
3rd DUI, still 28, leaving Carrabas, 3 beers deep, so nothing major(hah). My ex, maybe 5ish(a bottle and a half of wine), cause that's what we did. We wanted more to drink at home, so went to Publix on the way. At this point I say I don't want much more to drink, we can get her more wine, but I had a bottle of whiskey at home. Well for some reason that flicked a switched with her, saying, I think she drinks more than I do, and my problem isn't hers. Well it wasn't like that a all, as I drank way more than she does. So I was kinda caught off guard. We both had/have many mental things going on at this point in life with family dying, losing work, all types of shit. Needless to say, we do not make it into publix, and Im pleading with her to get back into the truck in the parking lot. She does; I'm relieved. Yelling along the way, we make it to her apartment. I pulled out of her complex speeding to 45, in a 35, trying to keep her from beating up my car anymore, but right in front of a cop. Was sober enough, but he brought backup that told him I have previous DUIs, and that he wanted to run a test. Well, I said fuck that, like I always did/do, and now I'm sittin with a 10 year suspension. This is no blame on her, as I do miss and love her dearly, but I had to leave; I have a problem.
35 years of age, I drink. Whenever I am bored. Whenever there is nothing to do, knowing there is plenty to do, I would still go to the bar. I own a business, try my best to stay busy with work, but fuck. No hobbies, no nothing. Work or drink.
Met the most amazing woman I could have ever imagined. Was in love with me, seemingly as much as I was with her. My fuckin drinking killed it, cause I have nothing to offer. As I said, my hobbies are zilch, unless its drinking. She also drinks, but not like me. So yea..
All I'm saying is, reading what y'all have to say sometimes, really fuckin helps. I would say I have no idea how I got here. But I fully see it, and fuck me, do I want to change it.
Id say, IWNDWYT, but I don't want to lie.
So I guess I will say I lost myself in a bar.
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2023.06.07 05:07 Ender_M A wild theory I came up with just now "Determination"

This theory is going to be a bit of a mess since it's one of my first actual ones so stick with me: So yk how there are seven souls right? Main one rn is frisk with the power of determination. What if determination is blood? Hear me out, so alphys in her true labs entrees says she tried to "extract and inject" the power of determination right? Well normally power isn't a thing you can extract and inject but blood is. This also shows that monsters don't possess determination since they don't bleed (except for sans) and just turn into dust. But, the monsters with determination, undyne the undying, the amalgamates, they all turn into goo like material, similar to how water or blood interacts with dust. This proves that monsters in the underground are mainly made of dust and magic hence why they don't have enough physical matter to hold determination. In the game you repeatedly get told "you are filled with DETERMINATION" and what are humans filled with? Blood. This also kinda explains why monster souls are white, since when a person gets drained of blood they turn white and the monster soul, without any blood/determination, is pure white. Now this part, I am just doing from memory. Notice how almost non of the monsters are colored red? Just pure red not orange red. The only red sprites are monster clothing and undyne, who might I remind you, is the only monster who held determination. Now for the people who are saying sans must have determination then because he bleeds but no, sans' blood color hex code is the same as the bottle of ketchup he held in grillbys and it is different from the hex code of the human soul. This is all I've thought of so far. Might add to this later on. What do you think? Edit: so I just realized it says "it fills you with determination" and in most cases it's something happy (filling you with blood by blushing or getting adrenaline or smth) or getting ready to fight (again, adrenaline or rage)
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