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2023.06.02 09:45 CKangel Free Udemy Certificate Coupon Courses - Limited Time

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2023.06.02 09:28 Due_City712 This worked for me!!!

Hi, i am from India and have been suffering from scalp folliculitis since 2015 i have been to 6 different dermatologists and the antibiotics prescribed by them would help me but i used to again have flare ups. The last dermatologist prescribed me isotronin 20mg and it was kinda helping but the side effects were devastating. My lips become so dry that people used to stare at them whenever i went out. And also my mental health was in a wreck because of this. Then I finally found this sub and saw about benzoyl peroxide and started my hunt for products with it. I was able to get 2.5% and 5% creams easily and they helped but what got me into remission is PERSOL FORTE cream . It has 10% benzoyl peroxide and sulphur this was a miracle for me as this cleared my pain and flares faster than antibiotics. Even my mom was shocked at the results as she used to see me crying in pain while trying to sleep. Man i know this disease is the worst as it had messed up my sleep schedule as i could not sleep until i was really sleepy and the pain would suddenly wake me up from sleep. At the start i was applying this cream twice a day, once after shower and then again 2 hrs before going to bed on all active flares. Hope this helps.
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2023.06.02 09:22 akshitayadav Best Health Tips For A Healthy Life That Helpful For Call Boys In India

Best Health Tips For A Healthy Life That Helpful For Call Boys In India
Keep mosquito bites at bay
One of the deadliest critters in the world is the mosquito. Mosquito-transmitted illnesses, including dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and lymphatic filariasis, continue to plague Filipinos. Simple precautions may be taken to safeguard you and your loved ones against illnesses spread by mosquitoes call boy job. Ask your doctor whether you need to get vaccinated against diseases like Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever, or if you need to take antimalarial medications if you’re going to a place where there are known mosquito-borne illnesses. Use bug repellent and dress in light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Use window and door screens, bed nets, and weekly house cleaning to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds at home.
Obey traffic regulations
Over a million people worldwide are killed and millions more are injured in traffic accidents. Through a number of policies put in place by the government, including strict legislation and enforcement, safer infrastructure and vehicle standards, and improved post-crash care, road traffic injuries can be avoided call boy. By abiding by traffic rules, such as using a seatbelt for adults and a child restraint for your children, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, not drinking and driving, and avoiding using a cell phone while driving, you may also help to reduce traffic accidents.
Breastfeed children up to and including age 2
The greatest approach to providing babies and infants with the right diet is to breastfeed them. Within an hour of giving birth, moms should start nursing, according to WHO. For a baby to grow up healthily, breastfeeding is essential for the first six months call boy job salary. It is advised to continue nursing for up to two years and beyond. Breastfeeding is healthy for kids, but it’s also good for moms since it lowers the risk of postpartum depression, type II diabetes, and breast and ovarian cancer.
If you’re feeling sad, talk to someone you can trust.
Over 260 million people around the world suffer from depression, making it a widespread illness. Depression can show up in many different ways, but it often leaves you feeling worthless or hopeless, thinking a lot of unfavorable thoughts, or experiencing excruciating pain. Please keep in mind that you are not alone if you are going through this. Discuss your feelings with a trusted person hyderabad call boy, such as a member of your family, a friend, a work colleague, or a mental health professional.
Only use antibiotics as directed.
One of the major concerns for public health in our age is antibiotic resistance. Bacterial infections become more difficult to treat as antibiotic effectiveness declines, which raises healthcare expenditures, lengthens hospital stays, and increases mortality. Due to abuse and excessive usage in both people and animals, antibiotics are losing their effectiveness. Make sure to only take antibiotics on a doctor’s prescription if necessary call boy video. Additionally, follow the prescribed treatment schedule. Don’t ever give out antibiotics.
Clean up completely
Everybody ought to rehearse hand cleanliness, not simply medical services experts. With clean hands, the transmission of irresistible illnesses can be halted free call boy. Assuming your hands are apparently filthy, you ought to hand wash them with cleanser and water or utilize a liquor-based hand sanitizer.
Prepare your feast appropriately.
In excess of 200 illnesses, from malignant growth to looseness of the bowels, are brought about by polluted food containing destructive microorganisms, infections, parasites, or synthetic substances. To ensure the food you purchase at the market or general store is protected, read the names of the actual item indian call boy sex video. While planning food, follow the five keys to more secure food: spotless, separate crude from cooked Eat, cook well, keep food at a protected temperature, utilize clean water, what’s more, unrefined components.
Routine check-ups
Medical conditions can be recognized at the beginning phase through normal check-ups. As your possibilities of treatment and recuperation increment, well-being experts can help you recognize and analyze conditions. Visit the clinical office that is ideal for you to study the well-being administrations, tests, and medicines that are accessible.
Work out
That’s what you anticipated, isn’t that right? The practice has a few advantages, including further developing heart well-being to decrease the gamble of coronary illness and working on confidence and cognizance, which diminishes uneasiness and gloom and works on mental health. The American Heart Affiliation (AHA) suggests 75 minutes out of each seven-day stretch of overwhelming cardiovascular activity bangalore call boy (yellow and red regions on the Myzone pulse screen) or possibly 150 minutes of the seven-day stretch of moderate high-impact workout (blue and green regions on the Myzone pulse screen). rate screen). By practicing 30 minutes five days every week, we can without much of a stretch accomplish these objectives.
Running, paddling, trekking, swimming, strolling, climbing, and moving is only a couple of instances of vigorous activity. To decide your power level, utilize a Myzone pulse screen to guarantee you are observing heart well-being rules.
Decrease destructive fats.
Illness risk is expanded by soaked fats and trans fats, which can raise LDL cholesterol levels. Limit your admission of broiled food varieties, cold cuts, red meat, and desserts to keep away from these fats.
Supplant them with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in food varieties like olive oil, avocados, almonds, cashews, salmon, and anchovies chennai call boy job.
Stress Help
Stress can truly harm our bodies, increment our pulse, and negatively affect our brains and feelings. It additionally debilitates our resistance and improves the probability of falling into destructive propensities like smoking and gorging.
Working out, contemplating, dozing, snickering, turning off gadgets to unwind, and having a decent visit with companions are only a portion of the counter-pressure exercises. For more, you can find out at
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2023.06.02 09:13 helenaorstem July 2023 Calendars

July 2023 Calendars
Welcome to the July 2023 Calendar! Start the second half of the year on the right track by using our free printable template to plan your month ahead. With our July 2023 Calendar, you can stay organized and manage your schedule with ease. This calendar offers a comprehensive overview of the month, allowing you to schedule appointments, set goals, and keep track of important dates. Whether you're juggling personal, professional, or academic responsibilities, our July 2023 Calendar will be your reliable companion. The July 2023 Calendar features a classic design and a clean layout, making it visually appealing and easy to navigate. Its clear format ensures that you can quickly find the information you need at a glance. By utilizing this calendar, you can optimize your time and maximize your productivity.
Contact Information:
Address:440 Fort St, Buffalo, WY 82834
Phone: (307) 684-2239
Hashtag: #julycalendar #july #2023july #printable #july2023calendar
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2023.06.02 07:41 Prestigious_Stress17 The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire
Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. As a bride-to-be, you want everything to be perfect – from the dress and flowers to the venue and catering. But have you thought about your bridal makeup? Your makeup should enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident on your big day. That's why finding the best bridal makeup in Oxfordshire is crucial! In this ultimate guide, we'll show you how to choose the right makeup artist for you, ensuring that you look stunning as you walk down the aisle.

Why Hiring the Best Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life, and you want to look stunning. The bridal makeup service you hire can make or break how you feel and look on this special occasion. So why settle for less when it comes to selecting a makeup artist?
Hiring the best bridal makeup in Oxfordshire ensures that you receive professional, high-quality services that cater to your unique needs. The right makeup artist will know how to enhance your natural beauty while creating a personalized look that compliments your outfit, style, and theme.
A seasoned bridal makeup artist knows precisely what products work best with various skin types and complexions. They keep up with trends while ensuring they use techniques that flatter each bride's individual features. Hiring an expert provides peace of mind knowing they'll help create a long-lasting flawless finish for the entire day.
Hiring the best bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire guarantees everything from professionalism to quality results tailored explicitly for every bride's needs – making it worth every penny!

What to Look for in a Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire

When it comes to your wedding day, everything should be perfect. From the dress to the venue and especially your makeup! Choosing the right bridal makeup in Oxfordshire is crucial in helping you achieve the look you want on your special day. Here are some things to consider when looking for a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire.
Firstly, experience is key. You want someone who has worked with brides before and knows how to create a look that will last all day. Look for a makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup and has positive reviews from previous clients.
Secondly, communication is important. Make sure there is clear communication between you and your chosen artist about what kind of look you're going for as well as any concerns or allergies you may have.
Thirdly, product quality matters too! It's essential that high-quality products are used so that your makeup lasts throughout the entire event without smudging or fading away.
Don't forget about pricing! While cost shouldn't be the only factor considered when choosing a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire, it's still important to make sure their prices fit within your budget.
By taking these factors into consideration when choosing a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire, you can ensure that both you and your partner will remember this special day forever!

How to Choose the Right Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire for You

When looking for a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire, it's essential to choose the right one that meets your needs. Here are some tips on how to choose the best one for you.
Firstly, research and read reviews of various bridal makeup services in Oxfordshire. This will give you an idea of their reputation and the quality of work they offer.
Secondly, consider the experience level and expertise of each artist or team. Some may specialize in natural looks while others focus on bold and dramatic styles. Choose someone who has experience with your desired style.
Thirdly, schedule a trial run before hiring anyone permanently. This will allow you to see their skills firsthand and communicate any concerns or preferences you have.
Fourthly, check if they use high-quality products that are suitable for your skin type and tone. Make sure they also sanitize their tools properly to avoid infections or breakouts.
Ensure that their availability matches up with your wedding day schedule so there won't be any last-minute changes or cancellations.
Choosing the right bridal makeup service takes time but is worth it for achieving your dream wedding look!


Finding the best bridal makeup in Oxfordshire requires some research and effort. You need to consider your preferences, budget, and the expertise of the makeup artist before making a decision.
Remember that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your absolute best. By choosing the right bridal makeup artist in Oxfordshire, you can ensure that you'll feel confident and beautiful on your special day.
So take your time to evaluate different options, read reviews from past clients, and ask for referrals from friends or family members who have used similar services. With these tips in mind, we're sure that you'll find a reliable and professional bridal makeup service that will make all of your beauty dreams come true!
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2023.06.02 07:02 Educational-Bear-418 BARTHOLIN CYST/ABSCESS & CATS !

i got my first bartholin cyst late february, it bursted on its own from only doing sitz baths with epsom salt. but i still went to a doctors appointment i had scheduled the day after, they gave me antibiotics and told me i can take it if i want but if i feel like i was fine than there was no need. (i didn’t take them) fast toward to now, i got my second one !! it’s not as big and not as painful as my last one but it’s pretty close. this time around i’m trying sitz baths, coconut oil, turmeric, prid and most importantly my antibiotics … but that’s not what i came to talk about. i want to know the correlation with bartholin cysts/abscesses and CATS. i’ve never had this in my entire life but i got my first cat in january, whom LOVED to hang around the toilet and drink the water. there would be days i would see cat litter on the toilet.. i’d sanitize it and go about my business but i can just imagine those days i didn’t see cat litter and sat directly on it. when i got my first cyst i did research and learned the cysts can be caused by E.Coli bacteria which is a bacteria that can be spread from cats to humansss ugh after learning that i tried to take more precautions like leaving the lid down and sanitizing at the sign of anything but yeah does anyone have cats AND bartholin cysts and thinks that can be the cause ??
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2023.06.02 06:56 Educational-Bear-418 BARTHOLIN CYST/ABSCESS & CATS !

i got my first bartholin cyst late february, it bursted on its own from only doing sitz baths with epsom salt. but i still went to a doctors appointment i had scheduled the day after, they gave me antibiotics and told me i can take it if i want but if i feel like i was fine than there was no need. (i didn’t take them) fast toward to now, i got my second one !! it’s not as big and not as painful as my last one but it’s pretty close. this time around i’m trying sitz baths, coconut oil, turmeric, prid and most importantly my antibiotics … but that’s not what i came to talk about. i want to know the correlation with bartholin cysts/abscesses and CATS. i’ve never had this in my entire life but i got my first cat in january, whom LOVED to hang around the toilet and drink the water. there would be days i would see cat litter on the toilet.. i’d sanitize it and go about my business but i can just imagine those days i didn’t see cat litter and sat directly on it. when i got my first cyst i did research and learned the cysts can be caused by E.Coli bacteria which is a bacteria that can be spread from cats to humansss ugh after learning that i tried to take more precautions like leaving the lid down and sanitizing at the sign of anything but yeah does anyone have cats AND bartholin cysts and thinks that can be the cause ??
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2023.06.02 06:51 Educational-Bear-418 BARTHOLIN CYST/ABSCESS & CATS !

i got my first bartholin cyst late february, it bursted on its own from only doing sitz baths with epsom salt. but i still went to a doctors appointment i had scheduled the day after, they gave me antibiotics and told me i can take it if i want but if i feel like i was fine than there was no need. (i didn’t take them) fast toward to now, i got my second one !! it’s not as big and not as painful as my last one but it’s pretty close. this time around i’m trying sitz baths, coconut oil, turmeric, prid and most importantly my antibiotics … but that’s not what i came to talk about. i want to know the correlation with bartholin cysts/abscesses and CATS. i’ve never had this in my entire life but i got my first cat in january, whom LOVED to hang around the toilet and drink the water. there would be days i would see cat litter on the toilet.. i’d sanitize it and go about my business but i can just imagine those days i didn’t see cat litter and sat directly on it. when i got my first cyst i did research and learned the cysts can be caused by E.Coli bacteria which is a bacteria that can be spread from cats to humansss ugh after learning that i tried to take more precautions like leaving the lid down and sanitizing at the sign of anything but yeah does anyone have cats AND bartholin cysts and thinks that can be the cause ??
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2023.06.02 00:05 generalpao Things to do in Houston this weekend - June 1st - 4th

Enjoy your weekend Houston!
If you find value in these posts please sign up for my email list. I send the list out on Thursday by email and every new signup is appreciated.


Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown @ 7:45PM
Astros vs Angels @ Minute Maid Park @ 7PM *Promotions: Alex Bregman Jump Throw Bobblehead and Coca-Cola Ballpark Bundle.
'Chocolat' Screening @ MFAH @ 7PM This classic 1980s film about the legacy of French colonialism in Africa is shown in new 4K digital restoration.
MusiqaLab @ CAMH @ 6:30PM Free concert by MusiqaLab collective.
Toy Story in Concert @ Woodlands Pavilion @ 8PM The Houston Symphony performs the award-winning score by composer Randy Newman live to the film.
Golden Dawn Arkestra @ Discovery Green @ 7PM / 9PM Virtuosos Golden Dawn Arkestra take listeners on a whirlwind adventure through musical genres and styles.
Matt Mathews Stand Up @ Houston Improv @ 7:30PM / 9:45PM
Ill Nino @ Warehouse Live @ 6:30PM


Astros vs Angels @ Minute Maid Park @ 7PM *Promotions: Lance McCullers Jr. '90s Throwback Replica Jersey, Pregame Happy Hour, Lou Gehrig Day, Friday Night Fireworks.
Playdate @ MFAH @ 11:30AM Through play and experimentation in programs like MFAH Playdate, toddlers have their first experience with art.
World Trekkers: Philippines @ HMNS @ 7PM Expand your horizons with an evening dedicated to the culture of Philippines- see a traditional dance performance and craft a special inlay box.
Classic Albums Live - The Beatles @ Miller Outdoor Theatre @ 8:30PM The beloved Classic Albums Live partners with the Houston Symphony musicians for an epic performance of the 1967 Beatles album 'Stg. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.'
Jay Wheeler @ Smart Financial Centre @ 8PM
Bryson Tiller @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Randy Rogers Band @ White Oak Music Hall @ 6PM
Dillon Carmichael @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM
Gareth Emery @ Stereo Live @ 10PM
Keeshea Pratt Band @ The Heights Theater @ 8PM
Dolly Parton Dance Party @ White Oak Music Hall @ 9:30PM


Astros vs Angels @ Minute Maid Park @ 3PM *Promotions: Jeremy Peña Gold Glove Bobblehead and Girls’ Night Out
Dash vs Orlando Pride @ Shell Energy Stadium @ 7:30PM
Double Exposure Portraits @ CAMH @ 2PM In this drop-in activity, visitors can create a digital double exposure portrait inspired by one of current museum exhibitions.
Ongoing - Saturday Stargazing @ George Observatory in Needville
Ongoing - Workouts in the Park @ Discovery Green @ 9AM / 10AM This week, enjoy Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi at the park!
Ongoing - Arte en el Parque / Art in the Park @ Discovery Green @ 12PM Students, ages 3 to 12 will create a unique art piece while improving their speaking and listening skills en español!
'Turning Red' Screening @ Discovery Green @ 7PM / 8:45PM Enjoy this Disney and Pixar movie at Discovery Green's Anheuser-Busch Stage.
Coffee and Cars @ POST @ 9AM Come out and enjoy an amazing display of machines at POST!
Accordion Concert @ Miller Outdoor Theatre @ 7PM Presented by Texas Folklife, this evening concert is a dedicated celebration of the unofficial instrument of Texas - the accordion!
Janet Jackson @ Woodlands Pavilion @ 7:30PM *With Ludacris
Rebelution @ Bayou Music Center @ 6:30PM
RUEL @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Doyle @ Warehouse Live @ 7:30PM
Rhapsody of Fire @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM
shame @ White Oak Music Hall @ 8PM *With Been Stellar
Paul Oakenfold @ Stereo Live @ 10PM
Hoang @ RISE Rooftop @ 10PM


Astros vs Angels @ Minute Maid Park @ 1PM *Promotions: Astros Baseball Clutch, Kids Run the Bases, Yoga Day, and Family Sunday 4-Pack
'Dancing the Twist in Bamako' Screening @ MFAH @ 5PM This is a romantic story set against the backdrop of post-colonial Mali in 1960s on the cusp of dramatic political change.
Sunday Family Studio @ MFAH @ 1PM Spend time exploring the galleries with a teaching artist and then head to the studio to create your own artwork.
J. Worra @ Clé Pool @ 2PM

All Weekend

THURSDAY & FRIDAY - 'Sleeping Beauty' Ballet @ The Grand @ 7PM The classic tale performed by the Galveston Ballet.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY - Houston Palestine Film Festival @ MFAH The MFAH is hosting the opening weekend of the 16th Houston Palestine Film Festival with a trio of internationally acclaimed features.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY - Nimesh Patel Stand Up @ Houston Improv
SATURDAY & SUNDAY -Led Zeppelin Experience @ HMNS @ 5PM The music and lyrics of the classic rock group Led Zeppelin have been visually interpreted using three-dimensional fulldome technology.
All weekend - 'Wicked' Musical @ The Hobby Center A Broadway sensation, this musical looks at what happened in the Land of Oz…but from a different angle.
All weekend - 'Divergence' Ballet @ Brown Theater LAST CHANCE - This mixed repertoire program features Stanton Welch's explosive 'Divergence,' as well as several other exciting new performances.
All weekend - 'Torera' Play @ Alley Theatre LAST CHANCE - A world premiere play written by a stunning new voice in the American theatre, 'Torera' tells a poignant story about becoming your truest self by proudly stepping into the ring

Ongoing events

Ongoing - Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces Exhibition @ MFAH NEW - See outstanding works by art stars including Cezanne, Degas, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Manet, and Modigliani presented within the context of their experiences.
[Ongoing - Si Lewen ‘The Parade’ Exhibition @ Menil] ( Menil’s latest exhibition features 63 drawings by Polish-American artist Si Lewen, which compromise a graphic novel depicting WWII and the liberation of Poland.
Ongoing - ‘Hyperreal: Gray Foy’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition features American artists Gray Foy’s most important and celebrated works.
Ongoing - ‘The Curatorial Imagination of Walter Hopps’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition explores the influential vision of one of the most distinguished curators - Walter Hopps, and features artwork by Warhol, Kienholz, Gilliam, and many others.
Ongoing - 'Art of the Cameroon Grassfields' Exhibition @ Menil This exhibition celebrates the enduring artistic traditions from Cameroon and its global diaspora.
Ongoing - Wall Drawing Series: Mel Bochner @ Menil Drawing Institute The Menil Drawing Institute is proud to work with artist Mel Bochner on the fourth installment of the museum’s ephemeral wall drawing series.
Ongoing - 'Where Do We Go From here' Exhibition @ CAMH Contemporary Arts Museum Houston’s (CAMH) Teen Council presents their 13th biennial exhibition featuring work from Houston-area teen artists.
Ongoing - 'Ming Smith: Feeling the Future' Exhibition @ CAMH NEW - the exhibition explores artist Ming Smith’s unique, multi-layered work in various formats.
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2023.06.01 22:41 EchoBites325 Would a job as a Rehabilitation Technician be useful experience as an RT?

I've been going to PT for three months and they're always looking for people to work, especially since they just opened a new location. One of the PTs pitched the Rehab Technician role to me and I can't decide if it would be good experience or more trouble than it's worth. I'm starting an RT program in the Fall and think I would enjoy adaptive sports. This PT facility is sports performance focused so it's really cool.
Here are my thoughts:
Pros: part time hours available (even though it says full time) Decent pay Learning about body mechanics and movement Working with a super knowledgeable PT staff
Cons: The hours and pace of work can be exhausting from what I've seen and asked of the staff A lot of being on your feet
Here's the job posting: (Name), an industry-leading multidisciplinary practice, is seeking a Rehabilitation Technician to guide patients through therapeutic exercise and assist with rehabilitation protocols. To be successful in this role, a Rehabilitation Technician must be positive, energetic, and compassionate when working with a wide variety of patients.
The ideal candidate will assist the Physical Therapist and other specialties during sessions, and will also be able to perform basic administrative and clerical duties.
Summary of Responsibilities:
Assist patients to and from the waiting area and therapy area Lift and move patients with mobility issues from tables and chairs Guide patients through therapeutic exercises assigned by the Physical Therapist(s) Assist with patient progression through the use of PPTs: Physical Performance Testing (Functional Movement Screening/ computerized strength testing/ balance assessments) Set up applicable therapy equipment and modalities as required Continuously sanitize therapy areas after every patient Assist the floor staff with inventory and product replenishment Assist patients as they complete their functional rehabilitation programs Maintain a safe and steady flow of patients as individuals finish up and arrive on site Monitor patients' progress during sessions and collaborate with provider for progression/regression in PT program(s) Maintain open communication with fellow rehabilitation technicians, Athletic Trainers, and floor staff Report patient signs or symptoms to the provider(s) and administrative staff Comply with company rules, regulations, and procedures Support marketing initiatives by attending marketing and outreach events as requested Maintain professional relationships with all employees and adhering to company policies regarding Requirements:
Pursuing a Bachelor's degree or already obtained a degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or related field Minimum 1 year experience or equivalent Physical strength to lift and move patients Patience and compassion Excellent interpersonal skills Why Join Us:
Evidence-based medical practice treating patients from all walks of life Revolutionary Team approach to medicine Cutting-edge facilities that feature technology such as Alter-G, DRX9000 Spinal Decompression, Class IV Laser, Game Ready, and NormaTec Compression Therapy Flexible hours and schedule Real-world experiences to prepare for career in healthcare Reference letters to submit with your application based on individual performance Job Type: Full-time
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2023.06.01 22:02 BRIDGELIVWAT they’ll either laugh or think i’m stupid

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2023.06.01 20:35 ImaMasterDebator Good afternoon Boston, I am back with a list of things to do this weekend, June 1st - June 4th

Here's my list for this weekend, I'm sure there is plenty I missed so please add it down below. Also, at popular request you can now get this as a newsletter. Sign up and maybe one day I'll be able to afford Dunkin' more than twice a week.


Red Sox vs Cincinnati Reds @ Fenway Park @ 7PM
Discussion: Black Art @ MFA @ 7PM Join this conversation with Boston community leaders about what it means to have a “seat at the table” and why representation is vital in art institutions.
Julieta Venegas @ Shubert Theatre @ 8PM Hear Julieta Venegas - one of the greatest pioneers of Spanish-language pop music, live in Boston!
The Music of George Gershwin @ Symphony Hall @ 8PM Two of today’s most celebrated artists—Jean-Yves Thibaudet and Michael Feinstein - come together to celebrate the legacy of Gershwin and his peers.
Hayley Kiyoko @ House of Blues @ 6PM
The Backseat Lovers @ Roadrunner @ 8PM
Panchiko @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Rosie @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM


Red Sox vs Rays @ Fenway Park @ 7PM *Promotion: Lou Gehrig Day
First Fridays: Poolside Pride @ ICA @ 5PM Start pride month with ICA’s monthly after-hours party where you can enjoy art, dance, try summer drinks, and watch a dazzling drag performance.
‘True Crime Obsessed’ Podcast LIVE @ The Wilbur @ 7:30PM ‘True Crime Obsessed’ is a leading podcast in its genre, with over 200 million downloads.
Ricardo Arjona @ Agganis Arena @ 8PM
Hippo Campus @ Leader Bank Pavilion @ 7:30PM *With Gus Dapperton
Logic @ MGM Music Hall @ 8PM *With Juicy J
Thrice @ House of Blues @ 7PM
ARMNHMR @ Big Night Live @ 9:30PM
Big Wreck @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Jake Swamp and the Pine @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM


Red Sox vs Rays @ Fenway Park @ 1PM / 6PM
Beyond the Spectrum Kids: Oceans & Boats @ MFA @ 10:30AM In this class, kids will explore the theme of the sea and boats in art and make their own acrylic paintings.
Red Bull’s Cliff Diving World Series @ ICA @ 10AM Catch the season opening of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at the ICA
Stars On Ice 2023 @ Agganis Arena @ 7:30PM *Featuring Olympic Champion Nathan Chen and other U.S. Olympic Medalists.
Sam Jay Stand Up @ The Wilbur @ 7PM
New England Film Orchestra @ Hatch Memorial Shell @ 7PM Family-friendly show with sci-fi and space film music.
Video Games Live @ Symphony Hall @ 8PM Feel the adrenaline with this immersive concert experience featuring music from the most iconic video games of all time, soundtracked by the amazing Boston Pops.
Walker Hayes @ Leader Bank Pavilion @ 6:30PM
GRYFFIN @ MGM Music Hall @ 8PM
GRYFFIN @ Big Night Live @ 10:30PM
BANG YOUNGGUK @ Big Night Live @ 6PM
Y’all Out Boy @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Peezy @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM


Red Sox vs Rays @ Fenway Park @ 1:30PM
Artist Talk: Tabaimo @ MFA @ 2PM Tabaimo joins an MFA curator and a scholar to discuss her groundbreaking work in capturing contemporary Japanese society through unique video installations.
Yoga & Meditation in the Galleries @ Peabody Essex Museum Enjoy a peaceful morning at PEM doing yoga at 9AM, followed by a session of relaxing meditation at 10.
Baroque Masterpieces from Epic Films in Concert @ Berklee Performance Center @ 8PM For this intimate solo recital, the triumphant Polina Osetinskaya turns to a program of some of the most enduring musical masterpieces in history.
Symphony for Science @ Symphony Hall @ 3PM Symphony for Science is an annual benefit concert that aims to raise awareness, funds, and hope for healthcare and STEM education causes.
Billy Joel Tribute @ Hanover Theatre @ 7:30PM A band plays tribute to one of the foremost songwriters of the twentieth century, Billy Joel.
Full Spin Drag Show x Britney Spears @ Crystal Ballroom @ 8PM
Eladio Carrion @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Inner Wave @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM
‘Pride Calling’ Party @ Big Night Live @ 8PM

All weekend

All weekend - 'Evita' Opera @ Loeb Drama Center @ 7:30PM Inspired by the real life of the iconic Eva Perón, this Tony-award winning rock opera is remastered and back on stage after much anticipation!
All weekend - 'Sleeping Beauty' Ballet @ Citizens Bank Opera House LAST CHANCE - Hear one of Tchaikovsky’s greatest compositions performed live by the Boston Ballet Orchestra and witness magic and adventure unfold before you.

Ongoing events

Ongoing - Musical Shows @ MoS Planetarium Museum of Science puts on special experiences adapting the music of Coldplay, Rihanna, Pink Floyd, and Prince to immersive visuals in the Charles Hayden Planetarium
Ongoing - ‘Wedding Fashion and Traditions Exhibition @ MFA NEW - The exhibition explores the origins and development of wedding customs in the United States through fashion, jewlery, and photography.
Ongoing - 'E.Jane: Drenched in Light' Exhibition @ MFA E. Jane's work explores the labor and inner lives of Black women and the future of Blackness and queerness.
Ongoing - ‘Otherworldy Realms of Wu Junyong’ Exhibition @ MFA Inspired by Chinese folklore and Greek mythology, Wu Junyong’s mixed-media works seamlessly blend diverse historical traditions with his contemporary experience to express human emotions, conflicts, and aspirations that transcend time and borders.
Ongoing - 'Touching Roots' Exhibition @ MFA This exhibition traces narratives of Blackness across the Atlantic world by bringing together work from artists who absorbed and reinterpreted African artistic practices, sacred customs, and cultural expressions.
Ongoing - 'Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence' Exhibition @ MFA The exhibition explores Katsushika Hokusai's impact during his lifetime and beyond. More than 100 woodblock prints, paintings, and illustrated books by Hokusai are on view alongside about 200 works by his teachers, students, rivals, and admirers.
Ongoing - 'Who Holds Up the Sky' Exhibition @ MFA Organized in partnership with a Ukrainian NGO, this exhibition presents the work of artists who have been documenting the war—providing testimony of Russia’s crimes and a glimpse into many Ukrainian citizens’ lives.
Ongoing - 'María Berrío: The Children’s Crusade' Exhibition @ ICA Innovative, unique, and touching, María Berrío's work is a blend of watercolor painting and collaging inspired by poetry, folklore, and realms of magic and how these elements are woven into our reality.
Ongoing - Simone Leigh Exhibition @ ICA Simone Leigh’s landmark masterpieces from the 2022 Venice Biennale are now on view along her other key works.
Ongoing - ‘American Art from the Spanish Empire’ Exhibition @ Harvard Art Museums The exhibition showcases Spanish colonial paintings from South America and the Caribbean and reflects on the colonial past of the America’s and the role of art in imperialism.
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2023.06.01 19:44 CalmGains Why LULU's earnings today will completely obliterate everyone

Lululemon (LULU) is scheduled to report its fiscal first-quarter results today. I expect LULU stock to likely go up due to revenues and earnings beating market expectations. Retail stocks have continued to come under pressure as economic headwinds coupled with inflation have intensified. Despite the current macro headwinds, Lululemon has been able to churn out robust quarterly earnings reports in FY 2022. Management now expects net revenue to be in the range of $9.30 billion to $9.41 billion, representing growth of approximately 15% y-o-y in FY 2023. The previous year saw $8.11 billion.
Analysts expect earnings of $1.96 per share compared to earnings of $1.48 per share from the same quarter last year. In terms of sales, they anticipate an increase of 19.24% over the prior-year period, coming to $1.92 billion. For the fiscal year, analysts expect a profit per share of $11.60, compared to $10.07 in the same period last year.
As you guys may already know, the company specializes in yoga products for Becky and workout gear, competing against industry heavyweights Nike and Adidas. The retail landscape looks more challenging for the remainder of the year. Barclays noted in a May 2 research note that "consumers across all income brackets are pulling back" on discretionary products as inflation takes a chunk out of their wallets.
Meanwhile, analysts (that means you, right?) have been closely watching inventory levels as companies try to offload stockpiles of excess merchandise. Storage costs for those mountains of goods, and the promotions and discounts often needed to move them quickly, tend to weigh on profits.
One of the top retail sectors early in the year, footwear and apparel retailers, has started to show signs of weakness. Rival Nike (NKE) was downgraded to sell last week based on a challenging outlook for its U.S. business and "choppy" recovery in China. Elsewhere, Foot Locker (FL) received a downgrade and price target cut from Citi based on price-sensitive consumers and an "unhealthy" U.S. athletic market.
However, some consumers plan on restocking their fitness gear with summer around the corner. Roughly 35% of consumers plan to splurge on apparel and 19% expect to spend big on fitness products this year, according to a monthly McKinsey survey in May. That's up from April's results of 33% of consumers planning to splurge on apparel and 15% on fitness products, respectively.
Despite the choppy U.S. market, LULU stock received price target upgrades in late April as analysts are still positive on the company's overseas outlook. TD Cowen raised its price target on LULU stock to 525 from 500 on April 27 and maintained an outperform rating on the shares. The firm noted it expects direct-to-consumers and e-commerce growing to 43% of sales and current trends "suggest a bullish read for the international mix shift."
That followed a Bank of America (BAC) price target upgrade on April 20, which lifted BofA's forecast to 450 from 410 but still chose to maintaine a buy rating on LULU stock. Lululemon continues balancing its historically grassroots-focused marketing program with "several more meaningful campaigns," the firm wrote. Bank of America noted Lululemon's "unique" membership program is gaining traction. And growth in China will be a key near- and long-term driver.
On April 18, media reports emerged Lululemon is looking to sell the at-home fitness business. Bloomberg News reported Lululemon was working with an advisor to solicit interest in the business. CNBC later reported Hydrow, a private startup that makes in-home rowing machines, has interest in a deal with Lululemon.
Lululemon previously announced at the end of March it was "evolving" its at-home fitness business strategy with plans to focus on digital app-based services. In its fourth-quarter earnings, Lululemon disclosed a $443 million impairment charge related to Studio Mirror, the company's streaming workout service.
Lululemon averaged 28.8% earnings growth over the past four quarters while revenue averaged 29.8% quarterly gains last year. The yoga company found its center and beat Wall Street earnings estimates the past two years.
As mentioned earlier, analysts expect Lululemon adjusted earnings to bolt 32.4% to $1.96 per share while sales sprint 19.3% to $1.924 billion.
FactSet forecasts same-store sales to rise 15.4%, slowing from the 28% growth last year and 27% growth in the fourth quarter, respectively.
In terms of TA, LULU stock formed a handle for a cup-with-handle base after breaking out on April 17. Shares fell roughly 9% from the buy point and are nearing the maximum 12% handle decline for the pattern. Lululemon stock tumbled 13% from its 386.80 buy point for its previous cup base on the weekly MarketSmith chart following its May 5 breakout. The move triggered the 7%-8% sell rule. LULU stock is hovering above its 200-day moving average but trading well below its 50-day line. Shares retreated the past week after slipping below the 10-day moving average on May 19.
For earnings tho, my research has provided me with a mix of bearish and bullish news. Just for fun I want to inverse my gut instinct that initially says "buy calls." So I'm gonna grab puts just to see. That being said, it's up to you guys to read this and come to your own conclusions. IV is very high so it's better to go for a spread, regardless of what you choose. The average move with earnings has been about 10% so we might see a big move tonight. Grab your popcorn!
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2023.06.01 17:19 TheSenstennial Summary of DJ Smith Interview on TSN 1200 (1 June 2023):

Hey everyone! Here are the notes for today's DJ Smith interview on TSN 1200. Notes are paraphrased unless I use quotations. Enjoy!

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2023.06.01 14:59 waterpurifierthane UV Water Purifier Service is Crucial for Your Health

UV Water Purifier Service is Crucial for Your Health
Do you know regular UV water purifier service is crucial for your health? Water is essential for survival, and drinking safe and pure water is necessary for maintaining good health. However, our water is not always pure and free from harmful contaminants. That's where UV water purifiers come into play. They use ultraviolet radiation to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the water, making it safe for consumption. But did you know that regular maintenance of your UV water purifier is equally crucial? This article will discuss the top five reasons why standard UV water purifier service is vital for your health in Thane. So, let's dive in and discover why keeping your UV water purifier in top condition is critical.
How UV water purifiers work
UV water purifiers in Kasheli are popular for households because they effectively remove bacteria and viruses from drinking water. These purifiers use ultraviolet radiation to kill harmful microorganisms in the water. When water passes through the cleaner, it is exposed to UV radiation, which damages the DNA of the microorganisms, rendering them unable to reproduce. This makes the water safe for consumption and reduces the risk of waterborne illnesses.
UV water purifiers are also an excellent choice for households not wanting to use chemicals such as chlorine to purify their water. UV purifiers do not alter the taste or odor of the water, making it a popular choice for those who prefer the natural flavor of water.
Importance of regular UV water purifier service in Kasheli
While UV water purifiers effectively remove harmful microorganisms from the water, they require regular maintenance to ensure they work optimally. Over time, the UV lamp in the purifier can weaken, reducing its effectiveness at killing microorganisms. Regular service and replacement of the UV lamp are essential to maintain the cleaner's efficiency.
Regular maintenance of the UV water purifier also ensures that the other components of the purifier are in good condition. Any damage or wear and tear to the cleaner's parts can affect the quality of the water. Regular servicing can help detect and fix any problems with the purifier before they become more significant.
Top 5 reasons why regular UV water purifier service is crucial for your health
Reduced risk of waterborne illnesses
The primary reason for using a UV water purifier is to remove harmful microorganisms from the water. Regular purifier maintenance ensures it can continue effectively, reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.
Improved taste and odor of water
Over time, the UV lamp in the purifier can weaken, reducing its effectiveness at killing microorganisms. This can result in a change in the taste and odor of the water. Regular servicing of the purifier ensures that the UV lamp is working optimally, improving the taste and odor of the water.
Increased lifespan of the purifier
Regular maintenance of the UV water purifier can increase its lifespan. Any damage or wear and tear to the purifier's components can be detected and fixed before they become more significant, prolonging the purifier's life.
Regular servicing of the UV water purifier can be cost-effective in the long run. Any problems with the purifier can be detected and fixed early, reducing the risk of more significant damage and costly repairs.
Peace of mind
Regular servicing of the UV water purifier provides peace of mind that your water is safe and pure. Knowing that your purifier is working optimally and effectively removes any worry or concern about the quality of the water.
Risks of not servicing your UV water purifier
Not servicing your UV water purifier can have several risks. Over time, the UV lamp in the purifier can weaken, reducing its effectiveness at killing microorganisms. This can result in a change in the taste and odor of the water. Any damage or wear and tear to the purifier's components can affect the quality of the water, increasing the risk of waterborne illnesses.
Not maintaining your UV water purifier can also result in more significant damage and costly repairs. Any problems with the purifier can escalate over time, leading to more substantial damage and a higher cost of repair or replacement.
Signs that your UV water purifier needs servicing
There are several signs that your UV water purifier may need servicing. If you notice a change in the water's taste and odor, it may indicate that the UV lamp is not working effectively. If the water flow rate decreases, it could be a sign that the purifier's filters need to be replaced. Any strange noises or leaks from the purifier should also be addressed immediately.
How often should you service your UV water purifier?
The frequency of UV water purifier servicing depends on several factors, including the water quality and the purifier's usage. As a general guideline, it is recommended to service the purifier every six months. However, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you must immediately service your purifier.
DIY UV water purifier maintenance tips
There are several DIY maintenances tips that you can follow to keep your UV water purifier in top condition. Regularly clean the exterior of the purifier with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Ensure that the cleaner is always plugged into a grounded outlet. Keep the area around the purifier clean and free from clutter. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for replacing the UV lamp and filters.
Professional UV water purifier servicing: What to expect
Professional UV water purifier servicing involves thoroughly inspecting the purifier's components, including the UV lamp, filters, and other parts. The technician will clean and sanitize the purifier, replace any worn or damaged parts, and test the purifier's flow rate and effectiveness at killing microorganisms.
Conclusion: Protecting your health with regular UV water purifier service
Regular UV water purifier service is crucial for your health in Thane. It ensures that your water is safe and pure, reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses. Regular purifier maintenance also increases its lifespan and can be cost-effective in the long run. Following the DIY maintenance tips and scheduling regular professional servicing, you can ensure that your UV water purifier is always in top condition, providing you with peace of mind and good health.
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2023.06.01 14:14 Htown_Flyer Stats on Frontier's flight network, GWP strategies

I found this article a few days ago and have been pondering different ways the information might influence my future GoWild trip destinations or itineraries.
Inside Frontier: The Airline's Top Airports And Routes
What are your observations?
Example 1: My two home city airports have a combined total of about 130 flights per month, increasing to 150+ on June 18 when 3x per week flights to two new destinations are added. That's about half of the #10 busiest Frontier city. I'm now even more envious of GWP holders who are based in one the Frontier hub cities.
Example 2: The list of frontier routes that exceed 3x per day is attractive from the perspective of those city pairs having the least intinerary disruption / stranding risk in the event of a flight cancellation or severe delay. (Also, for elite members, those routes are attractive for either a same-day flight change or standby flight options in the event of either Frontier IRROPS or a personal schedule change.)
Some excerpts from the article follow.
Although the data is over a year old. I still think the information is generally accurate. According to this list, , Frontier's fleet has grown from 115 to 128 planes in that time, +11%. That probably isn't enough to move these lists around much. Seasonal flight changes might have some influence, too, e.g. the MCO-SJU and DEN-PHX routes seen below might drop from 3X to 2x per day in the summer.
Leading airports list (flights per month)
  1. Orlando: approximately 1,660 departures by Frontier in February 2022
  2. Denver: 1,360
  3. Las Vegas: 1,174
  4. Philadelphia: 608
  5. Tampa: 447
  6. Atlanta: 437
  7. Miami: 432
  8. Fort Myers: 380
  9. Phoenix: 346
  10. Cleveland: 319
Columbus to Cancun...operates twice-weekly, one departure less than the median frequency of the [Frontier's] whole network.
...some 26 routes are served twice-daily or more, with those above two a day shown below:
  1. Orlando to Philadelphia
  2. Denver to Las Vegas
  3. Cleveland to Orlando
  4. Denver to Washington National
  5. Orlando to San Juan
  6. Denver to Phoenix
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2023.06.01 13:55 maskgirlnft The Art of Charm – Social Capital Networking Intensive

The Art of Charm – Social Capital Networking Intensive
The Art of Charm – Social Capital Networking Intensive
What if I Told You That You Would Have a Higher Value Social Circle, Massive Opportunities in Your Lap, And a More Epic Life in Just 8 Weeks?
Three Benefits of the High-Value Social Circle You Will Have After Completing this Intensive Program:
Having a flawless strategy for approaching new people and a format for directing conversations, so you confidently build ties with people of value. no matter what level of experience you have. Discovering how to position yourself so that people will want to connect with YOU before you even have to approach them. Transforming yourself into a higher-level master at building the social circle of your choosing while having influence and respect as a person of massive value. What is Social Capital?
Why does Dr. Isaac Jones (a super entrepreneurial doctor) have more influence, sell more, get paid to travel the planet to teach doctors how to build successful practices, and have literally hundreds of people each week trying to get consults from Dr. Isaac? While most doctors like Dr. Smith are wishing they had more clients.
The answer is his social capital. Dr. Smith is perceived as a family doctor, and Dr. Isaac Jones is perceived as a doctor that has worked with top athletes, entrepreneurs, and famous celebrities.
People look to Dr. Isaac Jones as someone that must know more about health and wellness than other doctors, based on how many people choose him over their primary care doctors – amazing right?
Dr. Isaac invested in building his value to others from the beginning. He is the perfect example of someone that not only mastered his skillset (in health and wellness) but also in his value to others through special actions like we’ll show you below.
Social capital development is the one way that you’ll have more confidence in building relationships, having more opportunities coming to you, and living a more fulfilled life because you’re not struggling so much to be relevant. The Final 2016 Social Capital Networking Intensive Here’s your personal guide to having an incredible skill set for building a strong social circle and providing value to those in your life like never before.
After you complete the Social Capital Networking Intensive, you’ll have developed the skills and confidence to walk into any room and walk out with new relationships.
You’re going to strengthen your value as a person by forming bonds with people across all areas of life that lead you into once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Social Capital Networking Intensive
10 Week Training – It’s an easy-to-follow, 8-unit Intensive delivered over ten weeks. Accessible Everywhere – The Intensive is an online program that is accessible anywhere. 32 Trainings – It includes 32 training sessions and bi-weekly exclusive question-and-answer audio sessions. Video and Audio – Each session includes video and audio training, as well as workbooks to ensure that all aspects of the Intensive are covered, helping you master these epic systems. All Downloadable – Training materials are easy, simple downloads. Mentoring Year Round – Training materials are easy, simple downloads. Course #1 – Social Capital Strategy Training How to represent yourself to your current inner circle. You’ll get our Foundations of Networking step-by-step process for developing the skills to strengthen and maintain relationships. You’ll learn how to understand and keep track of the value of our 2-way bonds with important people. You’ll learn how to be a great relationship-builder instead of a “networker”. You’ll see how to build your social capital asset by creating and delivering what’s valuable to others – and realize how that gives your life more essential power. Course #2 – The Four Essential Mindsets Training You’ll learn how to abandon Me-based thoughts by avoiding questions like, “What will this person do for me?” You’ll discover the right questions to ask at exclusive, high-profile events. You’ll figure out how to tap into your confidence by introducing other people to each other using our double opt-in strategy. You’ll receive our guide for taking inventory of the best qualities you have in engaging others – and how to activate them every time. You’ll gain an important way of thinking about how to communicate. You’ll see how to engage with high-profile people in a way that feels good. Course #3 – How to Meet People Training You will learn creative ways to follow up with important contacts in a way that forms lasting alliances. You will learn to utilize the abilities to create new and exciting connections with higher-quality people. You will take a higher leadership position in the eyes of these new people of value. You will get our guide for integrating what you love about your top influencers’ approaches to life into your own. You’ll have more of what it takes to connect with people and demonstrate killer listening and communication skills. Course #4 – Creating a Network Strategy Training You’ll learn how to develop your ambition into a strategy that help you achieve your goals in life. Anything that’s kept you back won’t any longer. We’ll show you how to integrate your new abilities into your daily and weekly schedule. You’ll find your “ideal interaction lifestyle” by taking inventory of your strongest qualities and then seeing how to highlight them in every introduction. You will learn more ways to seize opportunities without coming off as needy. Course #5 – How To Care For and Maintain Your Network Training You’ll learn how to connect deeply with your network every year, without total overwhelm. You’ll learn how to sustain rapport over time with your following. You’ll learn how to make the most impact with your daily, weekly, and monthly online engagement. Course #6 – How To Fix Networking Pitfalls Training You’ll learn the different ways your relationships can go downhill and how to prevent them from happening. You will learn about human bias and how you may be damaging your network without even knowing it. You’ll learn by hearing how the most successful relationship-builders get themselves out of the most intimidating high-profile individual problems. You’ll be utterly and completely clear on how to fix pitfalls in the future. Course #7 – How to Build Your Brand Training You’ll learn about the fundamentals of building your reputation and creating a personal brand that matters – to you and to the world. You’ll discover what it takes to make your personal brand thrive in the digital age by way of thought leadership and the Social Capital Strategy. You’ll be given the tools to reconcile your offline and online personas, live up to your personal brand, and amplify awareness of your brand to the world. Course #8 – Beyond Networking Training You’ll understand how everything we’ve learned up to this point ties together: the end game of networking, the larger benefits of strong relationships, and how to create a permanent lifestyle around networking. You’ll find out how to create a lifestyle that nurtures the social capital you’ve built and perpetuates its influence over your connections and the resources they provide.. You’ll finer hone your network to include an inner circle of trusted friends and partners – and learn to recognize the valuable opportunities that organically spring from this circle.
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2023.06.01 12:03 MyDogLovesmooch Planning Road Trips with Kids: Essentials for a Safe and Enjoyable Journey

Planning Road Trips with Kids: Essentials for a Safe and Enjoyable Journey
Every parent knows that a road trip with children can be both an exciting adventure and a unique challenge. The open road promises a change of scenery, the joy of discovery, and precious family bonding time.

However, it also comes with its own set of hurdles.

Here are some tips on how to make the journey as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved, from planning your route to selecting the right car seat.

Image Credit: Ketut Subiyanto

Planning Your Route

Before you even pack your bags, take some time to map out your journey.

Look for kid-friendly locations and attractions along the way to break up the monotony of the drive. Consider parks, museums, or landmarks that could make great picnic spots or provide a brief, fun-filled diversion.

It's also a good idea to have a rough idea of where rest stops and gas stations are located.

Packing Essentials for Kids

Aside from clothing and toiletries, think about what might make your child's journey more comfortable. Healthy snacks, favorite toys, and blankets can all help create a cozy, familiar environment.

Be sure to pack some wet wipes and hand sanitizers too, as you never know when they might come in handy.

Choosing the Right Car Seat

An important aspect of ensuring your child's safety and comfort during a road trip is choosing the right car seat. It should be easy to install, comfortable for long periods, and most importantly, safe.

As an example, the Kidsembrace Paw Patrol Car Seat Booster, Nickelodeon Marshall Combination Seat, is a fantastic choice. This isn't just a regular car seat; it's a dream come true for any Paw Patrol fan. Your little one can embark on a road trip adventure with their favorite firefighting pup, Marshall! The themed design adds an element of fun to the safety necessity, which can make children more receptive to riding in their car seats. Plus, the Marshall Car Seat is equipped with a 5-point harness for added safety and peace of mind.

Keeping Kids Entertained

The key to a peaceful journey? Keeping the kids entertained. Bring along a selection of their favorite books or introduce them to audiobooks catered to their age group. If you have a tablet, download movies or educational games.

Don't forget classic car games like 'I Spy' or '20 Questions,' which can be a fun way to engage older kids.

Managing Sleep and Rest Times
Try to coordinate travel times with your child's sleep schedule. This way, they can sleep through some of the longer stretches of the journey. Also, make regular stops to let the kids stretch, run around, and expend some energy.

Food and Snacks
Pack a cooler with easy-to-eat, nutritious snacks like cut fruits, yogurt, and sandwiches. Hydration is also crucial, so bring plenty of water. Plan your meal stops in advance to avoid resorting to less healthy, convenient food options.

Safety Tips

Safety is important when it comes to road trips. Besides the regular checks on your car, never leave your children alone in the vehicle. Regularly make sure that they're still correctly strapped into their car seats - especially after rest stops.

Finally, remember to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Road trips offer a unique opportunity to create lasting memories as a family.

With the right planning and the right mindset, it can be a fun and enriching experience for everyone. Safe travels!
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2023.06.01 09:08 Ordinary-Wall1996 New high school graduate looking for first job, please critique my resume!

I just graduated high school this month and am looking for a job, preferably fast food (chic-fil-a). I have been told my resume is overkill for the position I'm seeking but I don't know which parts to emphasize and which parts to cut out. I feel like I should focus on my soft skills but I also don't want to leave out something that could be important. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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2023.06.01 07:42 rockymauntain Transform Your Kitchen with Top Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Fort Collins, CO

Transform Your Kitchen with Top Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Fort Collins, CO
RM Kitchen and Bath is one of the top kitchen remodeling companies Fort Collins, CO. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality results that exceed our clients' expectations. From custom cabinets to countertop installations, we offer a wide range of services to transform your kitchen into a beautiful and functional space. Check out our website today to learn more about their services and to schedule a consultation.
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[REQ] ($100) - (#Fort Smith, AR, USA), (repay on March 17th, 2023), (PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo)

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hey guys, i hate to do this. march rent and electric bills made my balance exactly $-89.55, and i get paid again on the 17th (every 2 weeks) - i currently cannot afford for my bank account to be closed (unsure of their negative account policy), and i have next to no food here to eat. it would be nice to be able to get my account back into the positive as well as have a few extra dollars to afford some food. im familiar with how to use paypal but will happily learn how to use cashapp and venmo as well for repayment. any proof you need, I can provide.
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2023.06.01 05:34 Tre_fidde Hope we make Reilly smith eat his words

Hope we make Reilly smith eat his words
No one forget when Covid first hit attendance wasn’t allowed and smith said something like “I played in a empty building for two years, I’m use to it”. I hope we get to make that idiot eat those words
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