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2015.10.11 00:10 ConspirOC In Real Life Easter Eggs

You know in games or movies when you find a odd little secret that someone in production left unnoticed for the few in the audience that would look for it or happen to stumble upon it? This is the place to share those things you find in real life. This isn’t the area for posting digital Easter eggs, as in screenshots or photographs of screens (games, computer software, TV series, DVD menus); as those are regular Easter eggs and not IRL Easter eggs. Try /EasterEggs for such things.

2018.06.06 21:40 ezrackjohandir The home of heartfelt messages from questionable sources

The home of heartfelt messages from questionable sources

2023.06.07 05:16 revodaniel I believe the whistleblower David Grusch, but we still need to be careful, we haven’t really seen any real evidence.

What revelations, right? It’s been a great week so far with the whistleblower David Grusch sharing details about the recovered and reverse engineer of non-human crafts. It really is a great time with what looks to, finally, be the news we’ve all been waiting for.
As some people here know, I’ve been very critical of claims without evidence. Because for over 70 years we’ve had claims without a single piece of evidence. One thing is clear though, these claims from David are very serious and sound credible. Also, some respected journalists like Ross Coulthart are leading the charge. I’ve been critical of Ross’s claims that he made in the past where he stated that this phenomenon might be humans from the future. I applaud his professionalism and his dedication to the topic though, especially the alleged 7 hours he took interviewing Mr. Grusch.
Another thing that is clear to me though, and some here might not like it but must be said, is that we still have no “real verifiable evidence” for the claims. Let me be clear, I’m almost 100% certain that Mr. David is telling the truth. I don’t think he would risk his life or career for some lie about flying saucers. But we need more. This is a step in the right direction, but to be 100% certain we need to see some certified documents or a video or a photo of either the crafts he is talking about or the beings he has reported killed while crashing.
I can admit when I was wrong, and this week has shut my mouth. It’s refreshing to be living in this moment in history. I just ask that we must not let our feelings overshadow our rational thoughts. Yes, we have a credible whistleblower that says we are not alone. But it’s also true that this same whistleblower hasn’t shown us any “real evidence” of the claims he is making. So, we really are trusting the reputation of Ross Coulthart and Leslie Keane. And, of course, David Grusch, and even though we really want this to be true and to finally realize we are not alone, we need a little bit more. We need evidence.
I’ve never been a debunker or an unbeliever. I used to believe blindly until I started to see that there was no real evidence for some of these claims. But now there seems to be some meat to this bone, and hopefully Ross Coulthart’s full interview reveals some real evidence. I just want to remain cautious because we’ve been lied to before where we finally think we have answers, and it turns out to be all fake.
I’m hoping in the coming weeks we have some better whistleblowers. We need people that worked or are currently working on these non-human craft. People that have seen these “recovered bodies” that David has talked about. It’s good to hear about people that have “heard from other people”. It’s better to hear from actual witnesses. I believe when we get those people talking, it’ll be showtime.
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2023.06.07 05:16 protobelta Gifting Fleets to Vassals: What could go wrong?

No really, what could go wrong? They revolt or I destroy their naval cap and the penalty breaks them?
So I'm crushing this trade build run I got going on and am chillin at a capped 175K alloys at 2375 with a Military Buildup agenda freshly popped. Crank out all my planned fleets etc. that will get me to my naval cap and I'm still swimming in alloys (side note: that agenda is pretty bonkers), to the point where I can crank out another 4-5 fleets of my no-archeotech battleships no problem. Sure, I'd be WAY over naval cap, but my economy should be able to handle it.
That's when I started thinking. My homies from Federation's End have been quite a loyal bunch. Gentlemen and Scholars, quite literally. But they've been boxed in between me and another vassal, living that studious life in their single, solitary system. They deserve a badass battleship fleet to do with whatever they please (*cough* protect me *cough*). I got some other real solid bros that deserve the same love. One of my vassals is authoritarian/xenophobes and they just couldn't stop being dicks, so the same three systems kept revolting over and over. Got fed up and just kept them, built them up a bit, and spun them off as a vassal. Created in my image *tear* they just grow up so fast *tear*
Anyway, I was thinking of gifting some fleets to my vassals to help with the crisis and any other shenanigans I want to get into. Is this just a real easy way to get an absolutely MASSIVE deathstack of great ships by using the "Take Point" mechanic?
As stated inititally, I'm worried my vassals will either revolt (unlikely as I'm, like, so much more powerful than they are), or, more pressingly, will I ruin their economy by having them go over their naval cap? I feel like an extra 250 navcap shouldn't be backbreaking, but I guess a one-system sadboi may not have many ways to increase their naval cap. They have such an adorable little navy already...
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2023.06.07 05:16 ConfusedAussie23 What's the obsession with the Aged Pension?

A lot of people seem to view the Aged Pension as the holy grail seemingly forgetting what it fundamentally is: welfare. In other words, you failed to achieve a self funded retirement and as such the government, who does not like spending money on welfare recipients as evidenced by the fact our disabled and unemployed receive payments below the poverty line, are forced to give you a handout to make sure you can keep the lights on and put food on the table.
Now I thought Australians were generally hard working people who shunned handouts unless absolutely necessary and yet, through my anecdotal experience, this does not seem to be the case whatsoever.
It seems every month in the finance columns in the newspaper, I read about a millionaire couple writing in to ask the 'finance expert' if and how they can access the pension. You have people taking advantage of gifting rules, the fact the PPOR is exempt from the assets test and blowing money on experiences to shift their finances around in a way that makes them eligible per se, despite the fact they could clearly have retired without government assistance. I also think it's an absolute joke a pensioner can live in a million dollar house and have almost $300k in the bank. They clearly can support themselves but the pension will, at which point their beneficiaries will inherit a tax free estate the taxpayer contributed towards. I also think it is trite to say there are people out there who will make no effort at all to save for retirement even though they could as the pension will always be there to bail them out.
Some of the rationalisations I have heard from the pensioners are the following:
"I have worked hard and paid taxes my whole life" – except working hard and paying taxes is not a prerequisite to access the pension. Some of the hardest working people who have paid far more taxes than these pensioners probably even earned in their life aren't eligible for a pension, so this is irrational.
"I have paid into the system my whole life, and I'm getting out what I put in" – let's assume John Smith dropped out of school at age 14 and earned the equivalent of $60k annually in today's money until age 67. That's 53 years of working. Under the current tax system over 53 years he paid $586,551 in income tax. Based on my income tax receipt last year, 14% of income tax went towards the pension. John therefore 'paid' $82,117 towards 'his pension'. He only needs to be on the pension for just under 2 years before he 'exhausts' what he 'contributed' and yet statistically he will be on it for another 14 years. Therefore, it cannot be said that pensioners 'get out' what they 'put in', notwithstanding there's no right to do so in the first place.
"It's not welfare, it's a right." – well it is welfare, as it's means tested. If it’s a right, why can’t Gina Rinehart claim it?
Now I completely understand there are people out there that legitimately need the pension, such as people who had their life savings scammed or simply could never have built a nest egg. However, the fact that we have people, particularly middle class people, openly proud to be on welfare and sometimes rearranging their finances to receive it, I find as alarming. It wouldn't be socially acceptable for a job seeker to be on unemployment if they could help themselves by easily getting a job, let alone boast about being on it, would it? Welfare is considered a social security net, so why do people walk around and tell everyone who will listen they're on it as if it's something to be proud of? Can anyone please tell me what I must be missing?
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2023.06.07 05:15 ZmoullyComplains I See an Old Friend Every Day, But We Don't Talk

(This has been on my mind for ages now; I need to get it out of my system.)
Okay, you're probably wondering why. Now, to give context, I met this friend during covid last year, doing virtual school. She sent out an email to me and we connected together after we shared our socials. Because of my parents, I was unable to go and see any of my friends for around 2 years, so this was a great thing - making new friends (which is pretty hard in virtual school), and I was pretty happy with her company. We would play games after school, virtually bake various things such as cookies at her house or cake at mine, mess around carelessly and do what I had been missing and more with her company. Now, it was going so well that because of my luck, I knew that I would flunk it, and the friendship wouldn't last. And, on a moment's notice, my one friend from virtual school left to go back inperson. This made me very sad (though that is an understatement). I was a good student, but ever since her absence, I was ignoring my assignments and not wanting to go to school. I filled my room with chip bags and other wrappers. I even started watching videos during class all day instead of doing work. I didn't care anymore, but I should have, and I regret it. Yes, during this time she did reach out to me, but since I was doing so poorly in school my parents took my phone and other ways of contact, so I couldn't reach her. This probably made her think I was ghosting her. That makes me feel as if I was the reason we stopped talking to each other. So, I held all the guilt, and I still do.
(I also went to Summer School (inperson). There I met a very nerdy new friend who was pretty nice.)
Then, the next year came. My parents finally put me back to inperson school, and I was meeting all of my friends again. I was sitting at their table and talking with them whenever we had the chance. It was all I had ever wanted, though I still felt self-conscious about myself. Suddenly, I realized the interactions weren't as frequent, nor impactful as I had made them out to be. In fact, they were mere fragments of small talk. This was because I lacked the social skills required to meet up with the standards of my peers. And with big shoes to fill, I felt miserable once more. Then, one day when I was talking to my best friend from before, she brought up a familiar name, one that I had not heard in what seemed like years: the virtual friend's name! I was very hyper inside when I heard that, but then also scared. What would she think of me? Then, nearly the next day she was at our table. Paging through her book, she sat there. She probably hadn't noticed me. I played it off as I hadn't noticed her. It's been around 4 months now. I reconnected with my friend from Summer School, and we started to talk. Coincidently, he was also friends with my virtual friend. Then, one day (today), he asked me about her. He first asked about if I knew her. Then, he said that she was talking about me (in a good way). I told him about all of this (though he didn't want to hear it), and he did nothing. So, I've been thinking about this all day, and I am confused.
Should I go and talk to her again? Maybe ask for her updated socials? Maybe check in? I'm not sure.
TL;DR: I met a friend during virtual and now that friend is a friend of my friend and sits at our table. I then was notified that she probably also misses me, but I'm too scared to confront her about it. What should I do?
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2023.06.07 05:15 Lillysrpretty4u Anxious and on the brink of panic

I'm in bed. Bedtime is such a hard time for me when it comes to Emet. I'm fearful every single night of waking up feeling unwell. Tomorrow I have an appointment I'm nervous to leave the house for. I'm also agoraphobic thanks to Emet. I'm having some mild N out of nowhere and I also feel panicky. I don't know if I'm N from the anxiety or having anxiety because I'm mildy N. I just took a promethazine. I haven't been treating my body the kindest lately so maybe I've beat it down so much that it's going to retaliate and make me feel sick.
I haven't eaten since 4pm. It's 11pm now. I don't feel hungry now but I felt slightly hungry before the mild N set in. I don't eat during this time of day because I get heartburn if I eat before bed.
I'm just so worried about being a little N. I don't want it to get worse. I also don't want to have a panic attack either. I feel like if I could just cancel this appointment tomorrow then this discomfort would immediately go away. I can't cancel though. I canceled last week.
I'm tired but I can't sleep when I'm like this. The promethazine will make it so hard to stay awake. I just want to be okay. I'm so tired of being afraid. Nighttime used to be a peaceful retreat for me but now it's pure hell and I hate going to sleep and surrendering control fully to my body.
I want to cry. I need a hug. I feel so alone and afraid.
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2023.06.07 05:15 Mother-Restaurant-51 Beyond the Spiderverse ending

What the writers did with Across the Spider-Verse is a risky bet. Having fan service as a pivotal plot point to the story and to succeed is a great achievement, so this theory may not be that crazy.
So we have Earth 42 Miles: a good guy turned evil out of anger and resentment towards Spiderman. He blames Miles for the mayhem that his universe is subjugated to but mostly for his fathers death. We know that Miles intention wasnt for this to happend as him becoming Spiderman is an unintentional anomaly. Does this reminds you of something?... Exactly! Harry Osborn blaming Peter for the Green Goblins death despite him trying to kill Peter and accidently killing himself. Even E-42 Miles takes the mantle of The Prowler like Harry did with the Green Goblin.
We know what happens next: Peter gets overwhelmed in the final fight as Venom and Sandman prove to be way above his powers. Harry redeems himself by sacrificing in order to save his friend and thus dying. Well, I think this is Earth 42 Miles fate, that is the canon. In the fight against Spot, Miles and his crew are in the verge of defeat, then, somehow E-42 Miles sacrifices himself and the Spidermen end up victorious and preventing reality from collapsing.
E-42 Miles guilt of not beign able to save his universe and his father is compensated with his sacrifice saving the multiverse and Miles dad. As Ive said before, thats the canon, there were no such things as anomalies, just like (Tobeys) Peter lost his friend through battle, Miles lost his counterpart -whom he shares strong bonds- the same way. *Also, just like the original trilogy, this is the third movie which adds a little more to the parallelism.
2099 Spiderman realizes that Miles fate was actually to become Spiderman so that E-42 Miles sacrifice happen. He realizes that controlling fate is in itself a contradiction: there are no "threads to the canon", theres just the canon and it is always above everything. so the whole Spider-society ends.
*Also, Spot can have his closure just like Sandman. Both were transformed into "freaks" due to an accident, both can morph their body to a certain extent and while Sandman killed uncle Ben, Spots objective is to kill Miles dad. Maybe he gets forgivness from Miles as his origin is quite the tragedy and deep down he isnt a supervillain -although he tries to be-.
*English is not my first language so excuse any error, pls.
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2023.06.07 05:14 ZealthyHombie 25 [F4M] - Philippines/Anywhere - I can't put the title I want because it does not follow guidelines

The start of this post would have been much more captivating with my original title.
Anyways, this is not my first post here. I posted some stuff before but I realized they all sounded too sad or too desperate, and that's not me anymore so let's toss that persona out the window (and into a recycling bin because I am not polluting my mind palace). Also, they attracted quite a few short term correspondence that didn't really go the way I hoped they would go. Mostly, that was my fault because i was not clear with what I was looking for, and what I was expecting. So I hope this post is a step to the right direction towards the right person.
My current situation in life leaves very limited time for socialization outside of my usual circle that is why I have turned to online dating and it hasn't been the best experience for me. Not just because most of the people I have interacted with there are horny (whether they admit to it proudly or not), but because I find it hard to build a connection with someone who always somehow finds a way to turn a conversation into overt flirting. Not that I have anything against flirting, but sometimes I just find it too cringey when it's too obvious and forced, emphasis on forced. I like natural conversations with great exchange of ideas, finding common interests and talking for days about it, and sharing the same sense of humor (which isn't hard for me cause I find humor almost everywhere) and just smiling and laughing a lot. I enjoy getting to know someone before really being into them so yeah, if you're someone like me (or me adjacent -- I don't know if that makes sense I just want to put adjacent on this post), please don't be afraid to message. Just put a little more effort (or a lot, since this post is long) than the usual "hi, how are you?" and the likes.
A little more about me, just so you know what you're getting yourself into: - I'm a medical student, but I'm graduating in July so technically I'm an unlicensed medical doctor. - If you were to ask a ten year old me if I wanted to be a doctor I would have told you no and never because I just watched The Mummy for the millionth time and I wanted to be an archaeologist. - Egyptology is not my favorite branch of archaeology, just one step above Lithics. - I've put way too much archaeology stuff here, I actually barely remember anything about it. - I love movies and I love discussing movies. I also love being funny while watching movies, especially horror and thriller ones, but only those that I am rewatching or watching with people who are too scared to watch by themselves. - I am way behind on what's new in movies and music because I like old stuff. - The previous facts obviously shows I'm into history, and can more passionately talk about it than medicine. - I also like gaming, but tend to like games that have the exploration element in it (think The Long Dark). I also just play for fun, I don't really get too competitive. - I read books, but mostly fiction, and mostly just feel good ones recently. I tend to shy away from heavy topics because I have to deal with a lot of emotions almost every day. - I also like nature, and would like to do a nature walk someday. Preferably through not so dangerous terrain with lots of trees and birds and berries I can safely eat, and not a lot of mud and heat. - Oh, I also like languages. I'm trying to learn German and Turkish right now.
A little bit more about me, physical appearance-wise (1 can send a normal human picture, if you will return the gesture): - I am short, by world average, but I am considered on the tall side in my country. - I can wear contact lenses and loves how it fools me that I haven't ruined my eyes, but I prefer eyeglasses. - I like to wear my hair on the long side, but have been contemplating cutting it short, just because. - I am average built, definitely not athletic. However, I have been looking for the time and resources to achieve a healthier body. - I clean up good, I guess.
I have put way too much in this post so I am going to stop now. If you have read through to this point then thank you and I hope I haven't bored you. Also, if you're interested in being friends (and maybe more in the future), I hope you respond to this post. And please, please, make that response something fun to read. And also, please don't be a catfish. I have a grandaunt in Louisiana who can give me a great recipe to cook you.
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2023.06.07 05:13 tigerkher Itinerary Check: 1 month in Japan 2024

Itinerary Check: 1 month in Japan 2024
Hi Reddit, my fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for a month in Japan, in March/April next year, during the cherry blossom season. I came back from my first trip to Japan this January, and had such an amazing and memorable time (credits to you guys for helping with my itinerary for that!). My honeymoon will be my second time in Japan, and I was hoping to get some feedback/advice/suggestions etc. on my draft itinerary!
(Please excuse the formatting - I'm on mobile)
Please read after the itinerary for some notes...
DAY 1 (12th March) - FLIGHT - Flight from Australia to Tokyo Haneda Airport - Arrive in the evening - Overnight stay in Tokyo (preferably Asakusa)
DAY 2 (13th March) - Tokyo - Explore Asakusa - Explore Skytree - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 3 (14th March) - Tokyo - Spend whole day at DisneySea - Rental car for the day? - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 4 (15th March) - Tokyo - Explore Shibuya - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 5 (16th March) - Tokyo - Explora Shibuya - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 6 (17th March) - Tokyo - Explora Akihabara - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 7 (18th March) - Tokyo - Explore Akihabara - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 8 (19th March) - Nikko Day Trip - Day trip to Nikko using Nikko World Heritage Pass - Leave early in morning on Tobu Asakusa line - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 9 (20th March) - Hakone - Use Hakone Kamakura Pass - Travel from Tokyo to Hakone - Hakone Loop - Overnight stay in Hakone ryokan
DAY 10 (21st March) - Kamakura/Enoshima - Use Hakone Kamakura Pass - Travel from Hakone to Kamakura + Enoshima - Enoden - Overnight stay in Kamakura
DAY 11 (22nd March) - Tokyo - Return to Tokyo - Shimokitazawa + thrift stores - Explore local areas (free roam) - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 12 (23rd March) - Tokyo - Free roam, Pokemon Centre, Sunshine City - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 13 (24th March) - Flight to Okinawa - Fly from Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) to Okinawa Naha Airport (morning flight - arrive in late morning) - Car rental - Explore local Naha area - Okinawa World - Overnight stay in Naha
DAY 14 (25th March) - Okinawa - Drive up along Naha island - Onna, Nago, etc. and activities along the way - Overnight stay in
DAY 15 (26th March) - Okinawa - Drive up along Naha island - Churaumi Aquarium + local activities - Overnight stay in Okinawa
DAY 16 (27th March) - Flight from Okinawa to Osaka - Drive back to Naha - Fly from Okinawa Naha Airport to Kansai Airport (maybe late morning or midday flight) - Travel to Osaka - Check-in to hotel and explore local area (thinking of Umeda) - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 17 (28th March) - Osaka - Full day at Universal Studios (with Express Pass, hopefully) - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 18 (29th March) - Yoshino Day Trip - Day trip to Mt Yoshino for cherry blossom viewing - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 19 (30th March) - Osaka - Shinsaibashi, Den Den Town - Dotonbori at night - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 20 (31st March) - Osaka - Cup Noodles Museum Ikeda - Free roam, shopping, etc. - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 21 (1st April) - Kawaguchiko - Take Shinkansen from Osaka to Mishima Station - Transfer to Fujikyu bus and travel to Kawaguchiko Station - Check-in to hotel and free roam local area (bike riding?) - Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 22 (2nd April) - Kawaguchiko - Chureito Pagoda - cherry blossom ice cream - Oshino Hakkai - Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 23 (3rd April) - Kawaguchiko - Lake Yamanaka - Free roam - Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 24 (4th April) - Tokyo - Take Fujikyu bus back to Tokyo (Shinjuku Station) - Explore Shinjuku - Check-in to hotel - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 25 (5th April) - Tokyo - Explore Shinjuku - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 26 (6th April) - Tokyo - Explora Ginza + shopping - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 27 (7th April) - Tokyo - Explore Harajuku - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 28 (8th April) - Tokyo - Gotokuji Temple - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 29 (9th April) - Tokyo OR Day Trip - Free roam (e.g. Shibuya Sky, shopping, Parco Mall) - OR day trip to Yokohama or Izu Peninsula - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 30 (10th April) - Tokyo - Full day Disneyland - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 31 (11th April) - Tokyo - Free roam Chiba, Tokyo, OR day trip - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 32 (12th April) - FLIGHT - Flight from Haneda Airport to Australia


1) I don't think we would need the JR Pass for this trip. 2) The reason why we are spending so many days in Tokyo is because we feel we didn't get enough time in Tokyo last time (we got ~ 5 days including both Disneys). We didn't get to explore as much as we wanted to. 3) I've only had a brief look of what activities we can do in Okinawa, hence it's pretty empty at the moment. Anything we find, we can add to our itinerary later. 4) Similarly, we haven't planned much for Tokyo because we want to be more spontaneous with our plans there, apart from places like Disney, Pokemon Cafe, etc. We also have a friend living there whom we plan to meet, so we aren't worried about not having set plans (we had more fun that way!). 5) Since there are soooo many travel passes out there, are the passes I've chosen (Nikko WH & Hakone/Kamakura) good enough? We still have our Pasmo cards which we can use in the cities. 6) I've tried my best to plan the different places according to average cherry blossom forecasts, knowing that the forecast can vary every year (although I know Okinawa gets sakura very early, so I don't mind missing it there as long as we get to see it on the main land). 7) We are planning to go to the theme parks (both Disneys & USJ) on weekdays, hopefully for less crowds (considering it would be peak tourist season). 8) Due to the length of our trip (and hence our budget), I doubt we will be able to stay at a hotel/ryokan with a private onsen with Mt Fuji view (that has been my dream, but it's like $600-1000 AUD per night :( ). Are there any suggestions for hotel/ryokan with private onsen alternatives, even in other places such as Hakone? We are trying to spend ~ $100 AUD per night, but I understand that such places would be far more expensive (we'll see if we can spend a little extra, otherwise leave my dream for a future trip!) 9) We were originally planning to go to Sapporo during the Okinawa dates, as I really want to go to Shiroi Koibito Park. But, it seems like it would make more sense to go to Sapporo another time, such as during the snow festival, and even in March I'd have to pack extra warm (and possibly heavy) clothes. Hence, we decided to swap Sapporo with Okinawa, since it's said to be more "tropical". 10) Is it possible to do Izu Peninsula as a day trip from Tokyo? Or Yokohama?
Thank you (especially if you read this far!)
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2023.06.07 05:13 dazeylazey Doing what you can to make what is uncomfortable palatable

It seems a few may relate to us in a particular quirk: Often alters can become "dislodged" from their normal routines and front more often for a period of time when discovered by the host.
Will is going to go through that. He is currently closer than ever before, and after fronting for a few hours, he is very disoriented. He has his own issues which end up manifesting as struggling to tell what is real and what is not. He isn't irrational or dangerous, he's simply dealing with trauma. If anyone can relate to Will, it's important that you know that its okay to not be certain of who you are, why you're here. You need support, and you shouldn't be too embarrassed to reach out to those closest and most trusted. That is obviously easier said than done, so try to just remember that when you are ready, there will be health and happiness waiting for you.
I, Sylvie, will be doing all I can to make Will's stay as comfortable as I can. That means making sure none of us interact with potential triggers, and finding things he's most likely to enjoy and be able to relax around to surround ourself with instead. It also means being compassionate and understanding - that is, giving Will space when he needs it and active support when he's ready for it.
It's important to remember that alters are never "difficult" for the sake of being troublesome. If someone in your system is struggling, they may be exhibiting behaviors that are easy to forget are only symptoms of something greater. They are likely to be trying and testing your patience, but its crucial to remind yourself that they, as a part of you, deserve all consideration and empathy possible.
I know Will will not enjoy his time fronting more, but I also know he'll have an entire system behind him, rooting for him, and never giving up on him. He will not be invalidated or judged, only uplifted. As a caregiver who is mainly provides internal looking-after to littles, I am happy to know that I am entirely capable of stepping in when someone needs it the most, no matter who and where they are. That is important.
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2023.06.07 05:13 alexamyalexamy Person claims hit and run with witnesses. NOT TRUE

I’ll try to make it as point blank as I can, sorry if I ramble, I’m pretty upset about this
Mom drove into short road to visit my sister.
Boy on bike rides into the street and hits my mom’s tire from the side
He’s getting up while friend is pointing and laughing at him
Mom gets out and asks “a million times” if he’s okay.
Boy says he’s fine
Mom goes to my sister’s place after making sure he’s fine but recalls hearing sirens later during her visit
Mom gets legal letter claiming that she did a hit and run and that they have three witnesses who saw her speed away (which she did not)
If anyone is wondering if my mom is telling the truth, she always downright refuses to lie. That’s just the kind of person she is.
Mom was driving alone so she has no witnesses
Extra facts
She called an attorney who said to call her insurance and they also said that she should be fine, the insurance lawyers will deal with it.
She heard back from her insurance and they stated they’re “ready to take liability”
She wants to contact the insurance tomorrow and explain everything to them and if it doesn’t look good then she’ll call an attorney again
the reason I’m so worried is because my mom still has a wet reckless on her record and she says she’ll go to jail if they give her a “guilty” verdict for this and btw she hasn’t drank even a drop of alcohol since the wet reckless, which was quite some time back before this incident. She’s also been going to a recovery group since then, at our local church.
TLDR: people are claiming hit and run with witnesses even though the kid is the one who rode his bike into my mom’s car
Is this looking bad? Is there anything else we can do for now?
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2023.06.07 05:12 stupidmason Massive Gameplay Changes

Hello, I don't know if this is a good question to ask but what are some big gameplay changes added from SVE? I'm really not interested in the plots or the characters, just not my thing, I skip the cutscenes because they take forever. I haven't noticed many major gameplay changes though, is it just because I do the same thing I usually do in the base game?
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2023.06.07 05:12 LifeIsMyDrug I became a problem in my friends' relationship bc I was stupid and selfish enough to think it wouldn't happen

I (female) had to say goodbye to two of my closest friends, a hetero married couple that has majorly supported me through some of the darkest times of my life and really I don't think it's an exaggeration to say they showed me how to be human and live life again after years of burnout and severe depression.
He and I are both military and have worked together for some years now. Our specific career field is incredibly stressful in a lot of ways the rest of the military even can't understand, and it has a high turnover rate. I found friends in him and his wife at the same time, always making it clear that this friendship was to be the three of us and wherever I invited one of them, the other was always welcome and wanted (with the exception of girls' nights for obvious reasons). Any messages any of us sent were either in a group chat with all three of us or it was about work. And we all got along really well, which if I didn't love his wife too, I would have said goodbye to him as well long ago. He was always transparent and so respectful to me and he's one of the few males I personally trust completely to not pull any stupid shit, and I don't trust easily. And I'm extremely stubborn in my morals and principles and mindful of appearances and so is he, even more so if that's possible. And he would always talk about his wife often and in such a loving way, and I loved it. One of the first lessons they taught me was it actually is possible to still be so in love even after 10 years of marriage. This was so precious to me because up until that point any couples I'd met that were married over 5 years were clearly miserabe and it made me very cynical for a long time, but they proved me wrong.
But now for the fuckup: long story short, I've been making her feel left out of our slightly expanded friendship circle, which now includes more military members from our workplace. I think it's hard to watch her husband bond so quickly with a bunch of military people, not just me, but especially me because I'm female, over a culture that she's not part of (she's civilian) and has a hard time understanding at all. And I don't blame her because I know exactly how she feels, because I too have felt like the oddball alien on the other side of a one-way mirror for most of my life, whose friends would always be "poached" by outsiders (from my younger perspective). I'm ashamed I didn't see it sooner; I was giddy with the thought we were a band of socially awkward misfits that had formed our own little oddball family. I was blind to the real situation and 100% should have been more mindful. But also here's another thing, I didn't know what more I could do to help the situation, and while both of them reassured me that I was not the problem, that the problem was merely a bout of hard times and struggles to connect with the surrounding world, I found out later that I am indeed the problem, and mostly for the fact that I am female. One of the lessons my family always taught me growing up was to never get between a couple and leave ASAP if you become a problem, and they would reaffirm that in this situation.
So I did. And it's been the hardest thing I've done. I know I'm one of the few friends either of them has, what with everyone else having kids or moving, and they were my only friends as I now supervise my other old friends or they've changed and find little space for me in their lives. I've spent the last week crying myself to sleep each night, which is impressive because the past 5 years I've had a lot of trouble crying, even when severely depressed, and I hadn't cried for over 8 months. I think I did the right thing, but it feels like half of my soul is being torn out; I am in so much emotional pain. As I know they are too because this has got to be even harder for them. But I can't change being female or being military, and my continued presence would be a hindrance and distraction to their healing and to the health of their marriage. She doesn't know the real reason I've pulled away, because that would just hinder her further. And so they've taught me one last valuable life lesson: men and women can't be friends because while there might not be any romantic entanglement, there will always be conflict. I was foolish and naive. I'll get over myself. I just needed to tell someon.
Note: please no mean comments about either of them; they're literally the best people I know.
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2023.06.07 05:12 Shiro243 Modern controls from the perspective of a newbie

So for context, I have basically no experience in a FG, maybe 5-10 hours here and there on other games, but functionally none, especially online. I do have experience with other genres in regards to execution and combos (eg. DMCV ect).
I went into SF6 with the intention of playing on Classic, since I generally don't like auto-combo systems, and I wanted to learn the game "the real way".
To be clear, I am trash and that's okay. I will pick up fundamentals over time, my footies, my pokes, my spacing, how to block, ect that is fine. I cannot do command inputs. I just physically do not get it, I can do them occasionally, but especially in regards to cancels and supers ect, I just cannot. I know about buffing, and "easier ways" to do inputs, i know this is scrub talk, espeically as someone on pad, i know tournament level players exist that use pad, the pad is not the problem, but I'm coming at it with 20 hours experience vs most people's 10-20 years. It's just an insufferable experience, trying to do it, and it was affecting my enjoyment considerably, which wasn't the case for everything else I'm learning, and any matches I'm losing.
So I decided, I would check out Modern, and was more surprised at how functionally similar it was, minus inputs. For starters, inputs are still there. You still have to do Chun-Li stance input, there's no easy form of that, and there are other examples for everyone else. In addition, most of the combo trials are actually identical, in terms of the combo they want you to pull off, and they all have the same position and frame timing as Classic. This is again, something I will just pick up overtime.
But I don't have to do the command inputs, so functionally I am learning the same thing as everyone else on Classic, its just im not doing inputs that i cannot seem to imorove on. I've been playing Kimberly, and i did most of her Intermediate combo trials, and i did lab and figure out which moves i can cancel, and gross setups. Im making good use of her Medium Kick, which is on Modern, it's just the first hit of her Medium Assisted combo, but functionally you use it the same way, to hit confirm, and cancel into a Drive Rush, or Vagabond, or bait out a Drive Impact.
This is stuff I've picked up on my own, or through videos of people using Classic controls, and functionally I can what they're doing (personal skill aside). Maybe there are some obscure combo routes here and there I cannot, but that is far beyond my reach anyway.
In fact as someone who, as I mentioned, doesn't like Auto-Combo systems, you can do the exact same combos manually, the first 1-2 hits of the assisted combos, are just normals, eg. Kimberlys Standing MK, is just first hit of Assist + M, and has the exact same properties and functions that as you would in Classic. But here's the problem I'm having.
The assisted combos do more damage.
I can do the exact same combo manually on Modern, but it will do less damage than the automatic one. As result, a good number of my matches, where I'm avoiding being a 1-button hit confirm using auto-combos, I feel significantly weaker, despite my extra effort to learn the actually combos.
I can spend a level 3 and 2 ODs, on a combo i figured out and mixed with others i saw, and maybe get 40%
I think this is generally where alot of issues towards Modern are coming from, because again, my experience playing the game is its functionally the same, minus the inputs. Do I think that should mean less damage? Idk, maybe.
But I do think that it feels awful to make an effort to learn the game and do all the combos manually, and do the exact same thing as a Classic player would, input aside, only for it to be less profitable than hitting 1 button over and over.
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2023.06.07 05:12 yerbabuddy Five days after I lost my foster kitten to an upper respiratory infection, my sweet girl Phoebe became suddenly very sick from the cancer I didn’t know she had. Today I held her as she took her last breath. Nothing has ever hurt like this.

Phoebe was born 11/1/2008, and went to sleep 6/6/2023. She loved forehead kisses, and carrying her favorite shoelace around, and sitting on my back, and telling me about her day, and sharing lazy mornings, and chewing on my pencil when I was trying to write, and visiting her grandparents, and lying on the balcony in a sunbeam, and meeting new friends, and life in general.
From the moment she put her paws on my knee in the shelter, I knew that she was my soulmate. She was there for me through good times and bad, and made my life better in so many ways. It breaks my heart to think I’ll never again hear her happy little quacks or feel her soft paw on my hand. We only had three years together but I know I’ll miss her for the rest of my life.
Rest well, sweet girl. I am so, so grateful you chose me to be your mom. I love you.
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2023.06.07 05:11 Dinoboy225 What would Godzilla’s atomic breath sound like?

So I’ve seen a video a while back about what Godzilla’s roar would actually sound like, and the conclusion is that it would basically be so loud that it would kill you before you got a chance to actually hear it. But what would his famous radioactive breath sound like?
The movies themselves have different interpretations of what it would sound like. A low pitched rumbling in the Showa and Heisei series, a higher pitched hum in the Millennium series and Shin Godzilla, and the MonsterVerse Godzilla’s crackling. But after dabbling in some science hippy lore, I think the Showa and Heisei series come the closest in terms of sound.
Godzilla’s atomic breath (at least in the MonsterVerse) is a scalding 500,000 degrees Celsius (or 900,032 degrees Fahrenheit for all the American science hippies), that is way hotter than lightning and makes the surface of the sun feel like dying candle flame in comparison, and also means that the breath is comprised completely of plasma.
The closest thing we have to Godzilla’s atomic breath in our world is a lightning bolt, and the familiar thunder sound they make is likely very close to what the Big G’s breath would sound like. When lightning strikes, the air around the bolt is suddenly heated to a temperature 5 times that of the surface of the sun, and hot air expands, and it expands fast. However, air further away from the bolt doesn’t heat up as much, so it doesn’t expand, and as a result, the hot air forces the colder air out of the way, and the shoved air shoves more air, creating a chain reaction that we know as a shockwave.
Godzilla’s atomic breath would cause the same effect, air next to the beam is instantly superheated to plasma temperatures and expands, creating a shockwave. Amusingly, the beam would probably be quieter than Goji’s actual roar, but that isn’t saying much. Anyway to anyone far enough away to not get ripped apart by the shockwave, incinerated from the heat, or immediately contract stage 8,000,000 cancer from the radiation, the atomic breath would sound like a massive explosion, likely with some rumbling continuing for several seconds after the initial blast as the shockwave bounces off the nearby buildings, hills, and mountains.
Additionally, light travels faster than sound, which is why we usually see lightning first and hear thunder a few seconds later (unless the strike happens to be right next to you), again, the same principle applies to the atomic breath. So to anyone a considerable distance away, they would see the breath and then hear it a few seconds later depending on how far away they are.
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2023.06.07 05:11 Turbulent_Swan1713 Need help finding an anime, it’s urgent

The anime is from a clip I saw in an instagram reel. It’s starts with a blond girl, I think she’s blond. She’s piping icing and there’s a boy beside her who’s super nervous and she’s teaching him how to frost but being very sus and suggestive about it, saying things such as “be easy with it, don’t squeeze to hard, be gentle” . Me and my friends have searched endlessly all over but it’s no use we need help .
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2023.06.07 05:11 Time-Carpenter9730 Tropical Vibes? Grand water trine?

Tropical Vibes? Grand water trine?
i have a very beautiful life, high high’s and low lows. i have a lot of self-image , insecurity issues as well as severe anxiety depression, etc (BPD - but i manage it well). i have been working through what feels like most of my life (24f, almost 25 in august). i also have a deep desire to create something beautiful and feel like i have so much to offer but i don’t know how (partly from trauma). things are getting to a boiling point. i’ve never posted on reddit before (lol) is there something that points to any of this and/or - how can i empower myself, believe in myself, etc?
also, i’ve had extreme success before. i know success is possible for me, it’s not that. the success i am after now, is my souls work, the work of my heart and my entire being. i was able to hide behind a mask with my other career (not completely ofc, i was still me, but i didn’t share all of me, my heart etc) and that made it easy but it destroyed me. so i have to do this for myself, and i feel like i keep self sabotaging unconsciously from fear. i’ve been working on this for years as well, so please consider that and be gentle if ya could. tysm.
any advice, insights, or really anything, i will gladly take with an open heart and mind.
i also added my sidereal chart, i just realized like a month ago it had a grand water trine and i don’t know who’s gonna come across this who might only use one or the other.
this is probably a lot (lol). thank u ily
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2023.06.07 05:11 Spidah66 Tips on Jumping

Tips on Jumping
Just started to practice jumping, any tips would be greatly appreciated. I think from this video i can see that i need to “stand up” to the jump more, but i’m confused on how to do it. I also get a little scared when i attempt it so any tips on getting over that would be great.
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2023.06.07 05:10 sulkytofu Your Favourite and Least Favourite Kristen Ashley Works?

I went on this massive binge of Kristen Ashley's works this week and finally covered nearly her entire catalogue; after almost 30+ books with her paragraph-length descriptions, her babes/honeys/buddys/reds, and a million "clue ins," her works have become a kind of comfort read to me. They definitely do not read well in some areas (the use of racialized and colonial stereotypes, the actions of the MMCs, the tone of some of her newer works), but there's something about all of KA's girl squads, the older characters, the small-town feel, and the complete devotion her MMCs have to her FMCs that makes them an easy read to get lost in. Which books are your favourite by KA and why? And which ones are your least favourite, or the ones you feel that aren't as up to par as her other titles?
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2023.06.07 05:10 JacenSolo95 PSA: Never use PayPal's inbuilt currency converter option when doing an online international transaction

PSA: Never use PayPal's inbuilt currency converter option when doing an online international transaction
PayPal blatantly lies to you about it's currency converter rate. When doing a transaction through PayPal the value shown to you is lower than what our local banks would charge. And the exchange rate if you calculate it is also a little lower than the usual bank rate. But (I'm assuming) hidden in the fine print somewhere there is a massive currency conversion fee which is not shown BEFORE doing a transaction. You are only told in small text "This rate includes a currency conversion fee." There is no mention of what this conversion fee is, whether it's a percentage or a fixed amount, or how much it is. You will really only realise this when you notice that a few thousand extra has been charged from your account than the originally indicated value.
To provide an example I made an order today for $25.29. The PayPal rate shown to me was Rs. 7,679.12. However the final amount deducted from my card is Rs. 8,072.29. This is only a minor increase of just under Rs. 400 however I remember making this same mistake a few years ago and getting charged Rs. 2000 extra on a purchase which would have been around Rs. 25,000. And while 400 rupees might not seem like much when you're spending over 7,000 rupees, I would much rather have that 400 now than not due to falling for PayPal's bullshit and lies.
So if you're ever making a transaction through PayPal, always remember to pay directly in the foreign currency and let your local bank handle the conversion instead of letting these lying twats do it for you.
Images attached to prove just how blatant these assholes lies are.
The original amount of Rs. 7,679.12 shown to me before making the transaction
The actual amount of Rs. 8,072.29 deducted from my bank account
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2023.06.07 05:10 WillowedBackwaters Integrative Study Email Group/Writing Workshop/Reading Club — Experimental study project!

Are you a student of literature, philosophy, and/or history? Have you had the longing to freely write and engage with diatribes to friends (on the same page as you) about your recent fixation? We are organizing a group built on mutual engagement with classics and significant, multicultural works with cultural, literary, philosophic, or political implications. From our in-depth, contextual but flexible approach, we take an integrative, three-step approach toward our learning projects. This method is experimental, collaborative, and relies on students with an ambitious, multicultural, or inquisitive mindset toward learning. We seek to expand on our approach over time, and so it is very much an evolving project, but for the time being it consists of a close-knit, friendly, and literary quality.
The three steps consist of the following; first, we take on shared, guided readings of a specific work, very often preceding more works by the same author if the group found them beneficial. This approach is typical of a reading club—we report in regularly with the scheduled places, meeting online (the platform is, for the moment, undecided—email or some other is likely) until the project is completed. Companion works and adjacent research, for those who have the time or interest, are welcome, but transparency related to the project is desired, so that even if you get ahead, we have some semblance of an idea of what you're working on. This is vital because, when the time comes and the project is finished, we pivot to writing workshop mode—that's to say, we gather together to write relatively short projects that embody the ideas, style, or substance of the given project. During this time, we'll often gather into study groups to work in a shared space. The third step is simultaneous and following this point; we have a period dedicated to 'further study' of that work, or context. We will share resources and companion pieces to the primary text, without it being strictly necessary. All of this is stretched out over a healthy period. Almost all of us have lives, school, and perhaps work to attend to. Nevertheless, for those even moderately engaged with the group, by the end of even one project they ought to have attained a very deep, multi-faceted and nuanced understanding of the subject and its context, which is the end-all be-all aim of this study group. There is no pressure; this is an environment of collaboration. All the same, it is important that you are enthusiastic to read and learn, and it helps if you are the sort of person who takes initiative in your interested areas.
You can anticipate dives into Plato with companion lectures, to tracing literary canon where our projects may lead us into the Russia at the eve of revolution with Fyodor Dostoevsky or the dawn of a textual culture with Natsume Sōseki. We will avoid shallow encounters, however: you take on the role of a contemplative reader and writer with an assembly of like-minded writers from diverse backgrounds, united in their passion for engaging with timeless wisdom and ideas encapsulated within literary or cultural masterpieces. You will distill your insights into composition, grounded in the lessons of our shared readings. Our contextual research will gather practical, worldly, and systemic appreciation, which is the key to fluency with an author or their ideas. We also hope to orient our writing projects in such a way that your prose may even find an audience in literary journals or contests, should you choose—nevertheless, your work is your property, our aim being to encourage each other in our work's depth and style.
After all that, are you interested in immersing yourself in our little group project? Please reach out to me via Reddit DMs, where I can review your interest. Bear in mind that we're seeking those ranging 18—28 in age. The rule of interaction is strictly platonic and educational. While we are enthusiastic to become friends in our collaboration, healthy boundaries are key. Ideally, you are engaged in academics or have been. A heavy interest in related subjects are sufficient, but studying in these fields are ideal. We will not be engaging in letters, due to the broad nature of the group—email or some other online method is almost certain, so a reasonable proficiency and activity online is best. A brief summary of your educational/career status or interest and your age would be enough. Anything else you find relevant for your pitch is welcome!
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2023.06.07 05:10 throawawaynumber9999 Did not make formal complaint about harassment, can I take it back?

For context: This guy had been staring but I didn’t think much because a lot of people are like that in my experience. Then he actually approached me and asked for my name, grabbed my lanyard from around my neck to see the spelling, complimented it then said something about wanting to transfer to my department after.
I was a little uncomfortable but hadn’t caught on yet so asked why. Or I guess because I wanted to confirm. And he was just like “well…” while looking at me and chuckling so ig he meant bc of me. This interaction happened while kinda hidden from view of others and bc he followed me slightly.
Then couple days later he would just say “hey, u/throawaway9999”. All of these instances I smiled back(nervous). Never ignored him or say stop talking to me, etc.
Then today he asked me if I spoke a language he’s learning and if I would teach him, I think he may or may not have said after work.
I told him I’m bad at teaching and I’m not very good at the language (when earlier I’d said it’s my native language, which it is). I think it was obvious I was just making an excuse trying to be nice, but he just kept on and left shortly before I could reply at all (I was still thinking of what to reply bc I hadn’t predicted him pushing it).
Then he looked like he was lurking to try to talk to me again right before lunch and only didn’t bc I left with everyone else instead of staying behind finishing a couple things like usual.
The problem: I now realize he is probably just overly friendly, and I need to communicate better and in general be more assertive. I don’t wanna get him in trouble over a non-issue. I also don’t wanna be known as some “Karen” and have people walk on eggshells around me just because a guy tried to show too hard that he was interested in me.
Thing is, I may have cried to my supervisor. I don’t know why I did. I assured her I don’t feel scared or threatened by him. It’s true. I told her i DONT wanna talk to hr. She agreed not to. I only brought it up because I was wondering about working in a diff department and I didn’t wanna lie and say I didn’t like my job (I’m relatively new there). I gave him as my reason. Maybe I should’ve lied instead.
She talked to her boss and she also agreed not to tell hr. But now my supervisor will randomly come to observe tomorrow, to see if she can spot who it might be. I described him vaguely.
I want to tell her never mind, but I was told it is going to ruin my reputation. Boy that cried wolf type of deal. I want to just make it more clear I don’t like him and then if he doesn’t stop talking to me, bring it up again. But again, I was told it’s going to make me seem weird. So I’m considering just quitting though I’d prefer not to.
So how do I go about telling my supervisor to forget it without affecting my credibility? Thanks in advance.
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