Fundraiser for CR nursing graduate who died on Sunday

2023.05.18 08:02 bookchaser Fundraiser for CR nursing graduate who died on Sunday

Martina Scarfia died this week at Moonstone Beach, the day after she graduated with a nursing degree from College of the Redwoods.
Here is a GoFundMe fundraiser for end-of-life expenses for her family. Please share.
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2023.05.15 01:45 OkDragonfruit218 Is the campus really not ADA-compliant?

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2023.03.10 17:02 SnooApples4887 PSA to Surfers in HumCo

Good time to stay out of the water next week or so until these storms subside: https://lostcoastoutpost.com/hazmat/23-1706/
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2023.02.23 18:54 woodelfranger Weather shelters/warming stations for those who need them

Lost Coast Outpost has a list:
Feel free to add places in the comments. Keep safe out there, everybody.
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2023.02.22 23:46 UnaccountableBroth City of Arcata Housing Meeting

Reminder that the City of Arcata is holding a meeting (Thursday, Feb. 23) to gather public input about a housing plan. Would you like more housing in built in Arcata? Attend this meeting and tell the city.
Lost Coast article
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2023.01.26 20:42 Human_Knowledge_9724 USPS Hiring Fair Sh*tshow today

Wow. Just…wow…I actually signed up, and attended this “hiring fair” this morning. What a complete sh*tshow!!! They did not do interviews, and live scan fingerprinting requiring you to bring passport(?), Social Security card, drivers license, and DD-214 for vets; none of those things turned out to be true unlike what the instructions said for those 20 lucky enough to secure the Eventbright tickets (LOL). It turned out that anyone walking up could simply get in line.
It consisted of the Fortuna Postmaster setting up a table in the middle of the Arcata post office lobby (!) where she proceeded to invite one person at a time up to view her laptop and walk them through how to apply online. She also informed everyone (at the front of the line who could actually hear her) that “there are no current openings in the 955 area” and that it’s important to “just apply for any opening anywhere to get in the system since it takes about three months to get hired.” She also mentioned about three different times “this is how I got my son a job here.”
There was also some higher up from out of the area who passed out a hiring brochure to everyone in line, but otherwise did nothing but look at his cell phone.
I should have known better. My first clue was when I arrived 30 minutes early to sign in (as the instructions stated.) I stood in line, and the next available clerk barked “what do you need?!” I informed him I was here for the job fair and asked where to go. He snapped back “it’s not until 10:00!” I replied that “your flyer said to show up 30 minutes early,” and all of the clerks started laughing.
It was good practice dressing up for an interview at least.
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2022.12.04 15:55 Humboldt_Leftist Wiyot Tribe Gets $14 Million in State Grants to Build Center for Homeless Youth in Eureka

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2022.10.30 23:23 BothDirection2825 Halloween Mysteries!

As we celebrate Halloween tomorrow (in the US) I’d like to highlight some cases which occurred on or close to Halloween! Respectful discussion is welcome and encouraged. Please excuse any grammaformatting mistakes.
Disappearance of Patricia Spencer and Pamela Hobley
On Friday, October 31, 1969, Pamela Sue Hobley (15) and Patricia Spencer (16) (schoolmates) were reported missing from Oscoda, Michigan. The girls were not considered friends, but it is thought that they may have skipped school together and no one has seen or heard from them since. Neither girl had a purse or ID with them. Foul play is suspected.
Sources: https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/vicap/missing-persons/patricia-sue-hobley
Skeleton in Sneakers
On the eve of the eve of Halloween (October 29th, 2012), a local man and his daughter kayaked to their favorite mushrooming spot on the Eel River just south of the Humboldt County line (California). As his daughter played, the man noticed something odd. For years there had been the pale crescent of one sneaker tip protruding up from the ground in this area but the man and his family had ignored it. Unfortunately, trash is not a rare occurrence by the riverside. This time though, the man uneasily noted the presence of a second sneaker tip slightly lower than the first but lined up with it as though someone were laying under the soil.
Using a stick, the man began excavating the shoes. The man dug out a shoe with a sock still in it full of bones.
The body was excavated, removed, examined, and catalogued. His remains were skeletal and estimated to be buried in the shallow grave, under rocks for a few years (possibly dating back to 2008). Locals claim that the area he was found in is only accessible by boat. Analysis results showed that the human remains are believed to be that of a white male adult, approximately 25-45 years of age with a height between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 5 inches tall.
Source: https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2013/oct/29/one-year-after-skeleton-found/
Crime scene reenactment and clothing remain photos
Murder of Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman
Photographer Ronald Sisman and Smith College student Elizabeth Platzman were beaten in Sisman’s Manhattan apartment on Halloween night in 1981 before being shot dead
The apartment's furnishings had been torn apart, apparently by the killer or killers in a search for something. All identification had been removed from the bodies of Platzman and Sisman. There was no sign of forced entry, leading investigators to believe Sisman knew the perpetrator(s).
According to police, a .25-caliber pistol registered to Sisman appeared to be missing. In 1980, Sisman was accused by Melonie Haller, an actress, of attempting to force her to take drugs. The police have discounted any connection of that incident with the murders. The charge against Sisman was dropped when Haller refused to cooperate with investigators.
Source: https://www.nytimes.com/1981/11/02/nyregion/police-seek-motive-in-deaths-of-student-and-a-photographer.html
Disappearance and Murder of Nima Louise Carter
Nima Louise Carter was 19 months old when her parents put her to bed on October 31, 1977 in Lawton, Oklahoma. When Nima’s mother returned to her bedroom in the morning, there were no signs of the child. Her window was still in tact and locked from the inside, so family and authorities were unsure of how someone took her. Nima's parents were investigated and interrogated and found not to be involved in her disappearance. Police concluded that a large wardrobe in Nima’s bedroom may have acted as a hiding space for the kidnapper. The family had been victim of two other strange crimes leading up to Nima's disappearance: their dog had been poisoned and their house broken into and vandalized.
Nima's remains were discovered by children inside a refrigerator in an abandoned house. It is believed she died of suffocation from being placed in the refrigerator.
Nima's case was compared to that of two twins who had disappeared around a year prior and were found near death inside a refrigerator in an abandoned house. Only one of the twins survived, and doubt was cast on their teenage babysitter, Jackie Roubideaux. Roubideaux was not charged with a crime during this time, and eventually went on to babysit Nima.
A few months after Nima's body was found, one of the twin girls' neighbors came forward and reported to police that they witnessed Roubideaux forcibly dragging the twins out of their house, but at the time thought she was merely taking them somewhere they didn't want to go. Roubideaux was eventually charged with the murder; a now more-grown surviving twin was able to testify to her bringing them to the abandoned home, placing them in the fridge and promising their auntie would pick them up and take them for ice cream. Roubideaux was found guilty of the twins' murder in 1979 and died in prison in 2005. Because there were no witnesses in Nima's case, Roubideaux was never charged with her murder.
Source: https://www.justicefornativewomen.com/2021/09/nima-carter-unsolved-1977-murder-from.html?m=1
Key West Newborn Death
Early Halloween morning, in 2004, a baby girl was born prematurely to a young mother in the lobby restroom of a luxury Key West hotel. Immediately after giving birth around 2 a.m., the mother dumped the breathing newborn — with its umbilical cord and placenta still attached — into the restroom’s wall-mounted garbage bin of the Hilton Resort and Marina. Later that day, a member of staff discovered the body of the infant in the garbage bin.
Authorities combed through surveillance footage and questioned witnesses. Witnesses described a woman seen entering the bathroom and disappearing for forty minutes, while others provided sketches of two of the three men accompanying the woman. Witnesses also claimed they heard one of the men call for the woman with either the name “Sonia” or “Samantha.”
Neither the woman nor any of her companions were hotel guests. They were escorted out by security after the woman emerged from the bathroom. The foursome were never found.
This is a very sad case. Unfortunately, a year prior there was another case of a newborn being disposed of at a different Key West hotel. This case is solved and the mother was arrested.
Oddly enough, Casey Anthony’s prints were compared to the deceased newborns and ruled out. Anthony apparently matched the profile of the mother, and during her trial her bother reported that Anthony lost a baby before Caylee.
Source: https://amp.miamiherald.com/latest-news/article1944122.html
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2022.10.22 03:15 CowgirlAstronaut Girls gunning for Brett.

LoCo reading like the Onion but that’s how we live now https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2022/oct/20/there-seems-be-fresh-crop-imaginary-young-women-su/
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2022.10.12 00:48 PhutuqKusi RHCP Playing a Closed Show a Rural High School Tonight

My husband had business out I. Hoopa today and called me on the way home to tell me about this. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't found it in our local paper.
With the schedule they're coming off of, it's truly amazing that they're traveling to a very out of the way place to play a small show in a community that has a significant number of at-risk youth. I didn't think I could appreciate and respect this band any more than I already did, but I was wrong.
Edit: Apparently, my husband was wrong and the show is actually happening tonight (Wednesday 10/12). I apologize for the error.
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2022.10.12 00:05 nodk17 The guys played for an Indian reservation near me last night. These guys rock.

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2022.09.20 07:59 Reasonable-Job-7598 Anyone know what happened in front of the Jam on Saturday night?

I was out on Saturday night (I guess technically Sunday morning) and there were cop cars, a couple fire trucks and EMTs in front of the jam. All I can find is this small blurb https://lostcoastoutpost.com/going-down/
Some people on the sidewalk said someone got hit with a baseball bat and a few people had to go to the ER. I just think it's weird that theres nothing in the news.
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2022.07.26 17:12 bookchaser Native teens preparing to kayak the Klamath River for when 4 dams are removed in Oregon and California

On Saturday, July 23rd, 14 Klamath Basin Native teens from the Paddle Tribal Waters Program of Ríos to Rivers kayaked a historic Trinity River send off and were joined by the Hoopa Valley Tribe, Save California Salmon, the Warrior Institute, and local Hoopa, Karuk and Yurok families on rafts. The teens just completed a two week training to prepare to be the first group to kayak the Klamath River after the dams come down.
Source: news release from Save California Salmon
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2022.06.03 21:34 humboldtpeta707 Ethics? Isn’t Fleming prosecuting Animal a user Ray Christie now?

When you think you no one will notice your shady ethos, you do shady things. Guess who took those signs out of animal abuser, Ray Christie’s fields AFTER this video was posted? https://youtu.be/YB_Il4jJZWk





clickbaitjournalism #onlyinhumboldt

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2022.05.12 05:47 elieax Someone please fasten a dildo onto this surveillance pole

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2022.04.02 23:33 ShaylaWroe Scam Call from Humboldt County Sheriff's Office

I received a call from what my phone said was the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office. They said I missed a court date and I needed to come in. They had my home address and an old work address. Apparently it's in LoCo. It freaked me out so I'm posting so others are aware.
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2022.02.06 03:18 Sip_py Is "Bigfoot county" in Brown-eyed Women a reference to the emerald triangle in Northern California?

Watching sasquatch doc on Hulu and they talk about how it was a movement of hippis from the bay area moving up to that tri county area but it's known for being big foot territory. Apparently hells angels were involved in some of the pot operations in that area so Jerry/Hunter would have been familiar with that aspect of it. And the most famous big foot video came out in 67 so it would have been part of the zeitgeist of that time.
Edit: for additional reference:
In the ‘60s, hippies from San Francisco came to Humboldt to escape “The Man” and corporate exploitation, by getting “back to the land.” Those hippies learned to grow their own marijuana, and they grew better marijuana. With this better marijuana, Humboldt’s hippies took over the domestic marijuana industry.
Bigfoot believe to be in Humboldt county
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2022.02.04 00:04 Aegidius25 A church is suing after a town says it can give away free meals only twice per week

An Oregon church has sued the town where it's located over a new local ordinance that restricts the number of times the church can dole out free meals each week to those in need.
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon say in a federal lawsuit against the city of Brookings that the ordinance limiting them to two free meal giveaways per week violates their constitutional right to free religious expression.
"We've been serving our community here for decades and picking up the slack where the need exists and no one else is stepping in," the Rev. Bernie Lindley said in a statement.
"We have no intention of stopping now and we're prepared to hold fast to our beliefs. We won't abandon the people of Brookings who need our help, even when we're being threatened," he added.
Brookings Mayor Ron Hedenskog and City Manager Janell Howard did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The pandemic increased the need for services from the church

One of the many consequences of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 was a spike in food insecurity across the United States. The nonprofit organization Feeding America estimated that 45 million people, including 15 million children, were food insecure that year.
The same was true of Brookings, a town of about 6,700 residents in the far southwestern corner of Oregon. St. Timothy's had been working with other churches to ensure locals could get free meals every day of the week, but some churches suspended their meal programs when the pandemic began, according to the lawsuit. St. Timothy's, in turn, began offering meals six days a week, serving up to 70 people each lunchtime.
The church also offered coronavirus testing and COVID-19 vaccination. At one point, the city asked St. Timothy's to allow people who needed to sleep in their cars to use its parking lot, and the church agreed, the filing says.
But the services for homeless people began to rankle residents living near St. Timothy's, who complained of trespassing, littering and noise in their neighborhood, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. The residents sent the city a petition in April asking for the church's homeless services to end.
In October, the City Council approved an ordinance creating a permit for "benevolent meal service" and restricting it to twice per week. The only nonprofits in Brookings offering free meals to homeless people are churches, according to OPB

Pushback from St. Timothy's leads to legal action

At the time of the vote, Hedenskog, the mayor, said the City Council was trying to take into account the needs of those who go to St. Timothy's for services as well as the concerns of local residents, the news site Wild Rivers Outpost reported.
"There is nobody on this council that has made an attack on St. Timothy's whatsoever. It's not because we're all wicked. It's because we're meeting needs [to serve] a dual purpose. There are other ways to explain what's going on without vilifying the City Council," he said, according to the news site. "I'm upset over this. I've been upset over it for weeks. There has never been a statement from this council or staff about shutting down benevolent kitchens. We're looking to strike an equilibrium."
Still, the church said it took legal action against Brookings because it said the ordinance violates congregants' "free expression of their Christian faith, which calls them to serve others in need." The church said it has not applied for a permit as required under the new ordinance.
Bishop Diana Akiyama, of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, said she supports the church and its efforts to provide free meals for those who need them.
"The parishioners of St. Timothy's are obeying the teachings of Jesus when they provide food and medical care to their community," she said in a statement. "As Christians, we are called by faith to feed the hungry and welcome the stranger. Providing hospitality to all who enter St. Timothy's in search of help is integral to our beliefs."
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2021.12.27 19:11 VegetableArtist 299 is closed between Blue Lake and Willow Creek

Just in case anyone hadn't seen this, lots of snow and downed trees out this way.
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2021.09.25 09:46 Aazjhee Pregnant Women, please get vaccinated.

This is my locality, I'm hoping she'll make it. She wasn't denying Covid but she thought the vaccine would harm her unborn child more than she though the virus was a risk? She is now asking people to get vaccinated to avoid her situation and her loss.
I keep hearing about pregnant women miscarrying after Covid hits and it's really sad. I just hope sharing this can help provide more evidence that the virus is definitely the bigger hazard. Graphic clinical info from the patient.
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2021.08.26 18:45 CultNEWS101 Escaping Outreach: Former Members of Eureka Church Say It’s a Cult With a History of Hiding Sexual Abuse

Lost Coast Outpost:
" ... The 8,000-square-foot church resembles a convention center, with the peaked roofline of its cream-colored exterior set off against a backdrop of spindly redwoods. The building sits at the back of a large parking lot down a dead-end street originally called “Holy Spirit Lane.” Jutting off Harris near Redwood Acres, the short road is now named St. James Place, though people familiar with the church — even some of its members — refer to it as the “cult-de-sac.” The suburban-style tract homes lining St. James Place are filled almost exclusively with members of the church.
“It’s definitely a cult,” said Esther Mandville, a 24-year-old former member who was raised in Gospel Outreach. “It did take me a year to realize that, but I would definitely describe it as a cult.”
As evidence, she and others described a pattern in which children attend a church-run school, girls’ primary career path is teaching in the school, boys can aspire to work in a handful of businesses owned by church members, male elders confer to arrange marriages and family ties make the prospect of leaving feel nearly impossible.
Former members also allege that elders and other adults regularly discouraged and dismissed reports of physical and sexual abuse of minors, allowing the abuse to continue and spread to others. Most of these allegations concern incidents from many years ago that were not reported to law enforcement or child welfare services, making them impossible to corroborate via official records."
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2021.08.26 05:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2021/aug/24/eurekas-gazebo-ner-makes-its-eye-popping-debut/

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