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2023.06.04 13:25 StatusMarsupial2610 Finally beated Elon Musk after 200 years 5 generation

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2023.06.04 13:24 xImGott Dream-Interpretation (Skinwalker)

I had a dream, in this dream I was in my somewhat altered house, I wanted to go upstairs and on the stairs stands my grandma, only that I instantly realised that it wasn't my grandma but in fact a skinwalker. I don't know why I had this insight. The fear of death hit me instantly and I started shivvering because of the fear and adrenaline. I instantly ran into the kitchen, told my dad that there was a skinwalker trying to kill me or something but he didn't believe me and kept cooking. I grabbed a knife and waited inside that room for the skinwalker to open the door but it never opened and I woke up. I thought I was gonna die but I knew I would try to kill it if it comes into the room. That's basically it, the only thing I can add is that i somehow had the feeling that there were more than 1 skinwalker, maybe I even saw a second skinwalker but I don't really remember anymore.
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2023.06.04 13:24 souptime360 [ToTK] Out of the box setup for a non-box house

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2023.06.04 13:23 YoungBoomerDude Rent prices are not “too high”, you’re just unwilling to make changes because you don’t want to.

Everyone is up in arms these days about rent being “too high” and the price of homes being too expensive.
But IF that was actually true, you would see places for rent that are not being rented because they were too expensive. But we’re not. Those places are being gobbled up by renters with more money. The ones who are doing the complaining are often just the ones being pushed out.
What actually is happening, is that too many people are falling behind the curve of what they can afford and other people are coming in and willing to pay more than them. That means rent is actually appropriately priced.
People can move away from the city and find somewhere cheaper to live on 40 hours a week of minimum wage. They just don’t WANT to.
People can work 60-70 hours a week instead to remain living in the big city centres but then, they don’t WANT to.
The problem is people think of their wants as uncompromising. And everything else gets blamed instead of their own choices.
Anyone who complains about high prices of rent and housing has an option to live someone where more affordable. They just don’t want to make those sacrifices and honestly, it’s incredibly selfish and ignorant of them to assume the world should just cater to their wants.
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2023.06.04 13:23 73928363 Is it better to clean gutters when it is dry (like now)?

I have gutters on my house that need cleaning, they have weeds growing out of them and block the flow when it is raining heavily.
I'm going to get a company to come clean them because it's very high and I don't like heights (and don't own a long enough ladder).
Will I get a better clean currently while it is bone dry or does that just mean the dirt will be caked on? Is it perhaps better to wait until it has rained a bit and the sort is loosened?
I believe most companies come with a special vacuum cleaner and simply suck the dirt away.
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2023.06.04 13:23 mwrego Royal Lytham St Anne’s - the hardest course I’ve ever played

Royal Lytham St Anne’s - the hardest course I’ve ever played
Played Royal Lytham yesterday after playing 18 at Formby golf club in the morning, so it was our second (walking) 18 of the day. Weather was hot, course was extremely dry and fast, as was Royal Liverpool, which we played the previous day. Initial impression was very good, club house is a magnificent old listed building. We weren’t allowed upstairs as we had shorts on but they kindly brought us some food and beer from the kitchen. Tee time was 3:10 pm.
Opening hole is a straight forward longish par 3, the green, as is every hole at Lytham, is surrounded by deep pot bunkers. There is no collaring around Lytham’s 174 bunkers so anything not the the exact right line or that takes an unfortunate bounce is destined to find one. I hit a beauty 7 iron to 2 feet for a tap in birdie, the first and only of the day. From there the course gets very hard - fairway bunkers placed perfectly to gobble up an errant shot or even a solid drive that happen to catch the wrong swale or mound.
The greens were hard due to the dry weather, so typical for summer links golf, a shot that lands softy 15 to 20 yards short of the pin is often perfect. I don’t think I fixed a pitch mark all day…
We all really struggled between holes 4 and 8. After that the temperatures cooled a bit and we started to find some better shots. Pars were at a premium, but this course challenged us to pick perfect lines then hit two excellent shots. I didn’t find the putting difficult but everything before that was the hardest test of golf I’ve ever experienced.
Just to finish with how much fun we had. Lytham is an amazing layout, manicured perfectly. The rolling hills and fescue blowing the wind was stunning. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the area. Just make sure your game is in tip top shape!
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2023.06.04 13:23 toastedmarshmallow13 Looking for a sub about putting a lock on my bedroom door

If possible something that doesn’t require power tools. Doesn’t need to be locked when I’m out of the house. Just something to lock it when I’m inside the bedroom. Thank you
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2023.06.04 13:23 baltimore-aureole Challenge: Find your state's spending earmarks in that new debt deal . . . .

Challenge: Find your state's spending earmarks in that new debt deal . . . .
Picture above - politicians photo-bomb Biden as he signs the spending bill. Not shown - solutions to the exploding national debt.
Praise the President. It's a miracle! The Spending Bill passed. There are a dozen articles online about “How Biden Did It”. These are incomplete at best, and in some cases outright misdirection. The debt deal – paradoxically – is full of spending EARMARKS. More than 3,000 earmarks inserted by democrats alone – and possibly a similar number by republicans. Doling out grants and infrastructure investments and set asides dear to the heart of every senator and house member. How else could a bill like this get passed? Earmarks are political newspeak for bribes with taxpayer money. There's a smorgasbord of links at the bottom which barely scratch the surface at what this 4,000+ page spending bill contains. And you can bet nobody was able to read this thing in its entirety before voting. Reality check – how in the world do we need 4,000 pages of instructions on how to spend LESS? This deal is just a byzantine treasure map to money looted from taxpayers. Here's a sample . . .
The big enchilada - this would give anyone gas. Front and center is a new natural gas pipeline. Granted to his eminence, West Virginia's democrat senator Joe Manchin. And to all the democrats in next door Virginia as well, who get to help build this thing with their own state's union labor. Don't misunderstand me – I'm in favor of more natural gas. By all measure it's better than oil, coal, nuclear. And possibly solar, which last month was found to be an imminent threat, now that solar farms cover vast swaths of planet earth like runaway kudzu vines. But this is a spending limit deal – and front and center is a new natural gas pipeline???
Tilting at windmills. But if you're a fan of solar panels and wind turbines, don't fret. Government subsidies and incentives are getting jacked up. You might want to read the entire 4,155 pages in detail to find what happens in your own state. There might even be a wind turbine mega-farm going up in sight of your home! Get crackin' . .. or don't you even want to know?
Did you know that it takes 35 states to make a single jet fighter? Naturally, in this debt deal America's defense spending goes up - way up. There are so many winners here among all the states it's impossible to list them. Do you have a military base? Stop worrying about it being closed or merged. Do you make landing gear for F35s? Have a dry dock for refits of submarines? A radar base tracking Chinese weather balloons? A mortuary for the pentagon? A parts depot for Chinook helicopters? Breathe easy . . . all these will be well attended to, past the 2024 election cycle.
If you have Ukraine on the brain, no need to complain. There's $45 billion MORE for Ukraine than even Biden requested. This is above and beyond the Pentagon getting Christmas in June (item above). Heads up Putin . .. all your base are belong to us . . .
Remember those unused 100,000 Ebola hazmat suits? Forget 'em. Those Obama era artifacts are now worthless after more than a decade in dusty warehouses. In TODAY'S spending bill, new diseases will be prevented by $60 billion above and beyond the baseline of current healthcare spending. These new dollars will be directed to the vast jigsaw puzzle of federal health agencies. To speed up testing on what kills or prolongs the lives of lab rats. Lab scientists are rejoicing, no doubt. (full disclosure – I endorse medical research. I just wish there was a reliable way to separate the wheat from the chaff).
Oh, SNAP - is we at full employment or is we not? This bill says “not”. There's $50 billion in new funding – above what we're already spending – for food stamps, SNAP, school lunch programs, etc. Climb aboard, blue state senators. Your pesky local activists are upfunded. In the meantime, the Federal Reserve will be raising interest rates again. Trying to trigger MORE unemployment, which theoretically slows our runaway inflation. Is this win/win, or lose/lose?
In reality, the only thing this debt deal ACTUALLY fixes is Treasury Bill default. And that's all it could ever do. There are too many senators, house members, activists, lobbyists, and policy wonks skulking around Washington to get meaningful spending reductions. Watch your mailbox for important news from your senator about what YOUR state is reaping. And vote to re-elect, of course.
I look forward to seeing you again in early 2025, after adding trillions to national debt. That's when we have the next default crisis. Immediately after the 2024 election.
Here are the links I promised you:
Here’s What’s in the Debt Ceiling Deal - The New York Times (
Read the full 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion government funding bill released by Congress The Hill
What does the Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling bill include? (
Here's what's in, what's out of the debt limit bill to avert US default AP News
12 Woke Earmarks in Omnibus Spending Bill The Heritage Foundation
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2023.06.04 13:23 Shot-Evidence-6837 Switch boxes / frames

Switch boxes / frames
To save space the walls are thin, about 2" , 5mm ply with 1.5" stud in the middle., as we are using 12v lighting the switch boxes dont need to be closed in the back, but I am using house switches as I like the fell better than rv switches.
As te ply is so thin, the wings on teh LV boxes would not grop as they are designed for 1/2 dry wall, so I laser cut back plates and glued them in place.
Here are the winged LV box frames I am using
Here are the switches I am using
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2023.06.04 13:22 Soviet__spy_ I'm I stubborn and insecure for not listening to my brother?

I just had a talk to my about my birthday dress and how it was too black (my family is very religious),my brother told me my choice was wrong as "I can't wear it to office" and it affects others than me and my birthday is not real logically because of leap year ,i told him to mind his own business and his argument was that business has profit and loss and I'm unable to do it.
Yeah it is cringey but it was not the main thing that happened, I'm 18 now and whenever I go to my house I usually lock and stay in my room as I'm afraid of my mother, my father thinks it okay and a safe thing to do but my brother told me that I'm turning into a monkey for doing that(he saw a documentary on YouTube) and that I should talk to my mother more my mother and I don't have a normal relationship she since childhood told me that me being born was the worst thing that happened to her and to still now she keeps calling me and yelling and grunting in phone while I'm in college. My brother says that I should forget all that and start new with as I'm socially isolated (it's true I live in a single room in college but I'm still extroverted)
Maybe I'm just being cringey but I'm just confused
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2023.06.04 13:22 MinimumWageLOL why are some people so reluctant on properly heating their homes?

The forecast for this week is negative temperatures. I rent a room at my landlords house. Today they finally decided to turn heating on, however keeping the heatpump fan on minimum to save on power. Holy shit some people are so niggardly. They splurge on other things - money is not an issue here - but are often coughing and having a runny nose. I myself am not affected much as I got a small heater in my room and keep it closed.
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2023.06.04 13:22 XenoHesiod Need a little help troubleshooting

Hello there guys. I was wondering if anyone could help me do a little bit of troubleshooting?
My Desktop decided it wanted to have a tantrum some time last week and turn itself off while it was idle.
So I started the process of troubleshooting.
First I had power, no picture so thought it was my graphics card. Took out my graphics card and tried onboard graphics, still no luck. Next port of call was my motherboard (Luckily I have spares of a similar standard). Then power stopped completely. So I bought a new PSU thinking it was a power supply problem after trying it with various different plugs and plug sockets around my house.
I've just put in my new PSU and still no power. I'm a little stumped as to where to go from here. I've asked friends for advice and all have said everything I've already done.
If anyone has any ideas as to where to go from here would be very much appreciated 👍👍👍
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2023.06.04 13:21 HyperActiveMosquito What's your favorite way to kill plague hearts?

And I don't mean most efficient and stuff. Just favorite.
Mine became crossbow kill. It needs plague heart in one room with another looking it across hallway. Preferably heart in a small house. Make sure no zeds can sneak behind you(no doors or windows in second room) and bring plenty of ammo.
Sneak in second room and aim at plague heart at the level where zed heads will be when they try to save the heart. Heart will make noise. Zeds will come. You headshot zeds and keep pounding on heart while being completely silent/invisible.
Not sure if it works in higher difficulties.
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2023.06.04 13:20 Bobba_fat People who “forget” to pick up after themselves in the house or anywhere else are uneducated fools

No, I’m not talking about uneducated in the sense of going to college but uneducated in life. You pick your own shit up after yourselves especially if you live in a shared space. I shouldn’t have to walk around and see you leave your mess just for you to deal with it later. Forgetting is one thing, forgetting all the time, then there is something wrong with you. What is wrong with people. 🤦🏽‍♂️
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2023.06.04 13:20 feelingindigoviolet what is this growing on these leaves? found in MA

what is this growing on these leaves? found in MA
I noticed these things growing on this witch hazel in the forest by my house, figured they may be some sort of fungus but has anyone seen it before?
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2023.06.04 13:20 UncreativePieceOf Suddenly got a strong allergic reaction to metal. I don’t know what’s the cause or how to fix it.

I have 8 ear piercings and wear glasses. I went through metal allergic reactions before but only because I used poor quality jewellery on fresh piercings. The allergy only affected the new piercings (yes, I did this a few times) and the flair up immediately stopped after replacing the jewellery with gold. I never had issues with using poor quality jewellery in fully healed “holes”. At worst it got a little itchy when I didn’t wear jewellery in a long time.
But the current situation is so much worse and affects even the healthy skin.
It started about 2 weeks ago. My stretched lobes got unusually crusty. A clear liquid kept on pouring from them so they returned to being crusty immediately after each cleanup. I didn’t think much about it because my stretched lobes have a history of being cranky.
Then I got a strange wound on my nose. It was a red, sore and slightly swollen spot that also kept pouring liquid. It made me look like I was crying.
I thought I contained something, like a fungal infection, from a customer because I’m a cashier. But then I replaced one of my tunnels and glasses with plastic alternatives and the issue disappeared.
My other ear is still crusty and swollen because I can’t unscrew the jewellery. I’ll have to get it professionally removed.
But the story doesn’t end there. My previously unaffected piercings also became acting out.
At this point I doubt whether metal is actually the main cause of the problem. Maybe there’s something wrong with my immune system and the allergic reaction is just a symptom. I know skin reacts with metal but seriously, glasses?!
I’m a 21yo woman with ADHD, OCD and asthma. I take concentra, Zoloft and various inhalers with steroids. The steroids affect my joints so I wouldn’t be surprised if they also affected other parts of my body. I am allergic to things like dust, feathers, pollen, bed bugs and more but still live with my feathered and dusty birds (I’m fine as long as I don’t smell them). Two weeks ago when the issue appeared I was at my dad’s, his house is located in a tiny village and isn’t being maintained on a regular basis so every allergy trigger that affects me thrives there.
Oh and outside of the metal thing my lugs aren’t doing too well either.
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2023.06.04 13:20 Naprawda Poland/ Flock of jackdaws suddenly become super noisy and gather around my neightbour's house. Anybody can explain what is the reason of this strange bahaviour?

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2023.06.04 13:20 ILikeKiwi33 Sinking

Hii everyone . I don’t know why I’m here , but I am . I have struggled with mental illness for 10 years now . I’m currently 21 and remember the younger version of me wishing nothing but to see my fate . 10 years later and nothing has changed . Like , does anyone else feel like you live in a simulation . You look around and watch your favourite YouTubers or even your friends go out into society and fulfil their dreams and just try to be happy . Does anyone feel uncomfortable when you leave your house . I just get so anxious and have anxiety attacks . I’m in fight or flight 24/7 and just don’t know how to handle it . I can’t live life. I’m trapped , and to be honest I don’t want to get help. Because I feel like I don’t deserve it and I feel like it won’t make any difference . I have tried btw , I have been to therapy and stuff and done different things .
I had a dream the other night and I was in an accident and passed away . And the excitement I felt was extraordinary . Like I felt so excited , I felt as if I was free and I was safe and peaceful . They say writing your thoughts is the best way to cope so here I am. And I’m sorry if I don’t hit the requirements with my post if there even is any . I just know , maybe not today , maybe not tomorrow , but in the near future my fate will be my own choosing . And nothing will stop me . Because I do not want to be stopped . I once thought my importance on this earth was permanent but I’m not important and never will be . I love being lonely , and I’d rather spend my whole days watching movies in my room than be surrounded my people . I’m just lost . And every minute I sink deeper and deeper and I’m at the point where I am too deep and cannot come back . I hope everyone is okay though .
I don’t like this world . The evil in this world and the negativeness surrounding the streets of the world. I was once told that compassion can change lives and the world . And while I was here , even if it too me later to mature but I did be kind and maybe could have done better . God bless everyone . ❤️
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2023.06.04 13:19 RisenSnake God the Father gets Jealous when it's just Jesus being worshipped/feared/expected to come

  1. He's fully human like Jesus
  2. He's born to a human mother like Jesus
  3. He lives a sinless human life like Jesus
  4. He crucifies the evil doers, instead of being crucified by them
  5. You're an evil doer for not believing in His incarnation, saying "No, Jesus is God, this is an imposter, he works for Satan"
And that's the sad state of humanity 'ere at the end of the world, and revelation of it's workings. Those who say they are believers; Jew, Christian and Muslim, but they are not, instead being all united in opposition to God the Father.
St. John's Revelation is an idictment of that future generation, given all the gifts of civilization and law, what their ancestors fought and died for, and they all turn to dead fetish cults if not full blown atheism in the Face of God the Father.
God the Father - Thief in the Night, unexpected
God the Son - New Jerusalem Space Station, expected
God the Spirit - Disembodied will of both Father and Son and You/Us, Love/Ruach
God the Father is the smartest human on Earth when He incarnates, He shall have the best Logos, Reasoned Logic. Simply be reasonable and logical yourself, and you shall know and believe Him when He speaks.
Forget about lightning fingers or any other demonstration of magical suspension of normal physical Law power. God the Father speaks God the Son, that is sufficient.
He only needs Your consent, to co-exist with Him. If you ignore and cut Him out of your life, you'll only have The Banks, The Media, The Politicians, The TV, The Job, The 9-5, The Slavery.
Always remember, if the Speaker is not against Us, He is for us, in someway. Also, innocent until proven guilty. He's not Satan until we've proven it in court of Law via verdict of jury peers.
God the Father is Omnipotent and can be ANY human he pleases at ANY time. Or even a butterfly perching on your window sill. Respect ALL life, and reason with Him.
Otherwise He will crucify you for being an unreasonable, anti-Ruach, person. He Will provide Reasonable Proof, like Jesus' Lineage documents proving He is of David. Not magic, but Law and Truth.
Anti-Christ is anti-Logic but Anti-Father is anti-Love.
Logos incarnate Son of Love incarnate
Adam Kadmon
Ace and One King
Alpha and Omega Kingdom
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2023.06.04 13:19 willemorley What have I drilled into?
I was putting a mirror up and drilled into an external wall about 6ft off the floor. 5mm in I felt like I hit something so I stopped and had a look. (Image attached). I used a stud finder but it didn't detect anything!!!
Its on the same wall as the fuse box but it's not on the same line horizontally or vertically and there are no other outlets/sockets on that wall.
There's no water, gas smell or tripped electrics. Any help would be amazing. Even if it's the type of tradesman I need to call.
The house was built in the UK in the 70s.
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2023.06.04 13:19 29pixxL_ A man walked into someone's house

He held an object against the nearly collapsing wall. The person says, "No, don't brick it!"
The man says, "I'm sorry, but it's too late." He holds the object and pushes it against the wall. It slides into a gap.
The man says, "I'm afraid we had to brick it off now as it's dangerous to have such a gap with not enough stable supports for long." The person cries, "NOOOO! IT LOOKS TERRIBLE WITH THE WOOD!"
The person cried so much that the brick fairy heard their cries and granted their wishes. The fairy removed the brick and the house fell over them and they died. The end.
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2023.06.04 13:19 hellzznah Help with layout suggestions for kitchen/bathrooms please

Help with layout suggestions for kitchen/bathrooms please
Hi all,
Would love some inspiration for layout options for a kitchen and bathroom remodel. Whenever I try something ends up blocking a window or being crowded or something wrong with it.
Context - this is a big place and structurally sound but is super rundown from years of tenants not looking after it.
We are planning to redo the ensuite and 2 bathrooms, and the kitchen. Labelled and clean floorplan attached. It’s in metric, sorry to our US redditers.
Ideally we would like to get a separate bath and shower in bathroom 2 because we have little kids now but know that most people prefer not to have a shower over bath. I’ve read that you can do it in this sort of size but I can’t make it work. Only think I can think of is to rip out the linen cupboard to make the bathroom a full rectangle. We would have just a shower in the ensuite.
We thought about extending the master BR wall across past the ensuite (pink line) to make the WIR and ensuite bigger but it seems like a lot of work and walls to move so probably try to avoid that. It’s a pity though cuz the current WIR has deceptively small useable space. Especially the lower robe which actually has some obstruction (likely a duct) in the top right corner.
For the kitchen the space is huge. We were thinking of doing a butlers pantry/large walk in pantry. We could put that near the garage but we thought if we can put the laundry there (yellow line) it would be easier to take out via the garage though it blocks a nice window to the backyard. The family room has big windows too so maybe it’s okay? And we could make the current laundry a WIP. Unsure if we could seal the current laundry door and put bench/shelves in front of it though. House is brick veneer with drywall/plasterboard inside.
The last comment is that the “nook” or space on the family room side of the current laundry we can’t merge easily into the space. It’s a load bearing wall so would be big structural stuff to take out those walls there.
Moss - Feel free to delete if this isn’t the spirit of the sub. Was pointed here from another.
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