Jane treacy qvc

Does anyone like Jane Treacy?

2023.03.08 16:41 smokeweedandwatchQVC Does anyone like Jane Treacy?

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2023.02.16 05:37 Perma-Tempo We hit our first QVC (HSN, SHOP HQ) BINGO tonight! Here's the first winning card...come on to the stream sometime, try your hand.

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2023.02.14 02:00 Perma-Tempo New Game on the Live Stream, come play with us! Will be playing it first time this week.

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2022.09.27 08:49 Entire-Act-827 Paterson, 1913: A Labor Strike in the Progressive Era (Flashpoints) by Mary Jane Treacy

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2022.08.11 02:32 LovelyCastellan What kind of person do you think Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy would have ended up with if the all got married at a younger age?

It's been pointed out before that the Duggar girls got married a little older than prime fundie teenage bride age. Had they married at 18 like many other fundie gals, what type of guys would they have married?
What would have happened if...
What do you think?
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2022.07.11 02:44 me_florentine Greenwich Village, 1913: Suffrage, Labor, and the New Woman (Reacting to the Past) - Mary Jane Treacy

looked everywhere, simply does not exit online for free lol. DM if you can help
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2022.07.09 13:57 overly_curious_cat New hosts

I know Q2 has different hosts but maybe bring in the new ones to the main digs and put Dan and the older hosts that are annoying as hell on the secondary! They need younger ones to lure in more money and brands than can carry over to a younger more shopper savvy crowd! I can’t deal with Carolyn and Leah and pat and Jayne anymore I don’t relate to them and please for the life of god stop with Jane Treacy and the Courtney girls fest all the time ugh kill me!
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2022.03.21 17:14 diu-001 Paterson, 1913_ A Labor Strike in the Progressive Era (Flashpoints) by Mary Jane Treacy

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2021.12.18 20:37 overly_curious_cat Jane Treacy

Can this woman wear one more bracelet I am sure she can fit one more on. Also what the heck is with her hairline and hair looks as if she has hair painted on!
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2021.10.29 11:40 Psycho697186 Weekly New Release Thread - October 29th, 2021


Save Face - Another Kill For The Highlight Reel
Calling All Captains - Slowly Getting Better
Magnolia Park - Halloween Mixtape
Death Cab For Cutie - The Photo Album (Deluxe Edition)
Minus the Bear - Farewell (Live)
Manchester Orchestra - Christmas Songs Vol. 1
American Teeth - We Should Be Having Fun
Boyfrienders - Midwest Alive in Nightmares
Swim Camp - Fishing in a Small Boat
idle threat - blurred visions
Wine Lips - Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party
Fortitude Valley - Fortitude Valley
Former Member - Manageable Scratches
Challenger Deep - The Stuff of Legends
Driveways - Skeptic (EP)
Gates - Here and Now (EP)
Thief Club / With Abandon - Split (EP)
Attack Attack! - Long Time, No Sea (EP)
Witch Fever - Reincarnate (EP)
Whatever, Forever - Slowly Dying With You (EP)
Soot Sprite - Poltergeists (EP)
The Crease Rule - LANDLINE (EP)
City State - Violent Bodies (EP)
Light Grey - Are You Even Real (EP)
Pandamic - How To Be Happy (EP)
Mhaol - Gender Studies (EP)
Headcount - Imprint (EP)
yeah, sure - peel (EP)
Orton - Sparring (EP)
Things Amazing / Elders - Split (EP)


Green Day - Basket Case (BBC Live Session)
Mayday Parade - Golden Days
Like Pacific - Control My Sanity
Trophy Eyes - 27 Club
Belmont - Bowser's Castle
The Dangerous Summer - The Best Part of Letting Go
Spanish Love Songs - I Miss You (Doom and Gloom) (blink-182 Cover)
Thrice - Robot Soft Exorcism (Amulets Remix)
Underoath (feat. Ghostemane) - Cycle
Coheed and Cambria - Shoulders (Acoustic)
Frank Turner - Non Serviam
Beach Bunny - Oxygen
Cold Collective - Forever, For Nico / If You Could Be There
Maggie Lindemann - She Knows It
A Will Away - Karma
Anxious - In April
Volumes - Happier?
Set It Off - Skeleton
grandson (with Kesha and Travis Barker) - Drop Dead
Sueco (feat. Arizona Zervas) - SobeHungover
Catapults & Youth Fountain - Drawers
Smrtdeath - misfit
Scene Queen - Pink Bubblegum
Chad Tepper - Long Way Home
DREGG (feat. Nerve) - Beta Gods
Comeback Kid - Heavy Steps
Adventure Club & BEAUZ (feat. Tilian) - Drive
Suntitle - Royal Blue
Chastity - Somersault
Gulfer - End of the World
Columbus - Temporary Summer
Slow Pulp - Shadow
You Vandal - Running in Place / Ain't So Bad
Moon Tooth - Nymphaeaceae
Sorry Ghost (feat. Kellin Quinn) - Difference Is You
CACK & fredo disco & Brotherin - MYFRIENDS
Bronnie - Rabbit Hole
Crown The King - Running On Empty
Arcadia Gray - Heather Hills
The Rumjacks - One for the Road
Berried Alive (feat. Johari & Philip Solo) - Blood, Tears, and Champagne
Survive Said The Prophet - Win / Lose
Anorak Patch - Delilah
Back On Earth - Runaway
Carry the Day - State Of Emergency
DoFlame - Barrels
Our Darkest Days - A Sea of Lies
Attic Stories - Manipulation
Glass Heart - Anything
Superkick - Sweety
Peaness - What's The Use?
Mondaze - Lost
Small Words - Free Time
Fair Do's - Consolation
Forager - The Worst Minute Of My Life
Colourblind - Longsleeves
Johnnie Carwash - Teenage Ends
Exit Kid - This I Know
Never Coming Home - Coffins / Feel Nothing
OneDaySky - Within My Hands
Grave Danger - Specter Inspector
Touched by Ghoul - Better Than Me


Ed Sheeran - = (Album)
A$AP Rocky - LONG.LIVE.A$AP (Album)
The War On Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore (Album)
CHVRCHES - Screen Violence: Director's Cut (Album)
Strawberry Guy - Sun Outside My Window (Album)
Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend (Tour Deluxe) (Album)
Japanese Breakfast - Live At Electric Lady (Album)
Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean (Album)
Hush Forte - LOOK CLOSELY (Album)
Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1 (Album)
Sam Evian - Time to Melt (Album)
Marissa Nadler - The Path of the Clouds (Album)
Coco - Coco (Album)
Rebecca Lou - Heavy Metal Feelings (Album)
Lotic - Water (Album)
Big Sean & Hit-Boy - What You Expect (EP)
Christian Leave - Days Like Lost Dogs (EP)
Katy Perry - All You Need Is Love (Single)
Myke Towers (feat. Camila Cabello & Tainy) - Oh Nah Nah (Single)
Lil Uzi Vert - Demon High (Single)
WALK THE MOON - Rise Up (Single)
Conan Gray - Telepath (Single)
Vance Joy - Fairytale of New York (Single)
Macklemore (feat. Windser) - Next Year (Single)
The Goo Goo Dolls - One Last Song About Christmas (Single)
Joyner Lucas - Duck Duck Goose (Single)
Neon Trees - Holiday Rock (Single)
Mother Mother - Life (Single)
BENNE - Doesn't Matter (Single)
deadmau5 (feat. Foster The People) - Hyperlandia (Single)
Kasabian - ALYGATYR (Single)
Spoon - The Hardest Cut (Single)
Welshly Arms - Are You Lonely? (Single)
Joywave - Cyn City 2000 (Single)
Metronomy - It's good to be back (Single)
Nightly - Lose My Number (Single)
Snail Mail - Madonna (Single)
Moonchild - Too Good (Single)
She & Him - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Single)
Hurray For The Riff Raff - RHODODENDRON (Single)
Kayykilo (feat. DaBaby) - Yeah Bitch (Single)
LŪN - myyyy medssss (Single)
Future Humans - Honey (Single)
The Slow Show - Blinking (Single)
NewDad - Ladybird (Single)
VANT - Silly Jane (Single)
daine - cemetery dreams (Single)
Hana Vu - Gutter (Single)
Conor Gains - Lightning (Single)
Swoll - Pass Through The Fire (Single)
Jerry Cantrell - Brighten (Album)
Bad Wolves - Dear Monsters (Album)
Black Veil Brides - The Phantom Tomorrow (Album)
Mastodon - Hushed and Grin (Album)
Scarlxrd - DeadRising (Album)
Beast In Black - Dark Connection (Album)
Geese - Projector (Album)
Nomy - Ni är så jävla dumma i huvet (Album)
Whitechapel - Kin (Album)
Bleed From Within - Viral Hysteria (Live in 2020) (Album)
Kid Kapichi - This Time Next Year (Deluxe) (Album)
Monolord - Your Time To Shine (Album)
Be'lakor - Coherence (Album)
Archspire - Bleed the Future (Album)
Plush - Plush (Album)
Cattle Decapitation - Homovore (2021 Remastered Version) (Album)
TOYBLOÏD - MODERN LOVE (Deluxe Edition) (Album)
John 5 & The Creatures - Sinner (Album)
Lucifer - Lucifer IV (Album)
Bastarður - Satan's Loss of Son (Album)
The Design Abstract - Metemtechnosis (Album)
Burning the Oppressor - Damnation (Album)
Ghost Bath - Self Loather (Album)
Thulcandra - A Dying Wish (Album)
Bleed Again - Resurgence (Album)
First Fragment - Gloire Éternelle (Album)
Burning Tongue - Prisoner's Cinema (Album)
Teethgrynder - Hostages (Album)
Goat Torment - Forked Tongues (Album)
Poison Boys - Don't You Turn on Me (Album)
Various Artists - X FACTOR MIXTAPE VOL. 2 (Album)
War Of Ages - Rhema (EP)
156/Silence - Don't Hold Your Breath (EP)
The Human Veil - The Hybrid Era (EP)
Crawlers - Crawlers (EP)
Midgar - Warrens (EP)
Sable Hills / Earthists. / Graupel - BIRTH (Split EP)
Knuckledust - In Plain Sight (EP)
Liberty Lies - HaLLoween (EP)
Kenzo Cregan - Another Reason (EP)
The Escape Artist - Pursuing Love at Its Darkest (EP)
Lights on the Coast - Signals (EP)
Bruce Springsteen - Badlands (The Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts) (Single)
Papa Roach - Dying To Believe (Single)
Volbeat - Becoming (Single)
Lit - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Single)
Midnight Oil - Rising Seas (Single)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Magnificent Hurt (Single)
Eels - Steam Engine (Single)
Nova Twins - Antagonist (Single)
Crown The Empire - Dancing with the Dead (Single)
Avatar - So Sang the Hollow (Single)
Like Moths To Flames - Views From Halfway Down (Single)
Blood Red Shoes - MORBID FASCINATION (Single)
Shadow of Intent (feat. Phil Bozeman) - Where Millions Have Come to Die (Single)
Ad Infinitum - Animals (Single)
Kris Barras Band - My Parade (Single)
Being As An Ocean - Lost (Single)
Allegaeon - Into Embers (Single)
Aephanemer - Antigone (Single)
Record Heat - Magnetic Woman (Single)
Equilibrium - XX (Single)
DED - Kill Beautiful Things (Live) (Single)
Dead Romantic - Waste of Who I Am (Single)
Eyes Set To Kill (feat. Heidi Shepherd) - Sink Your Teeth (Single)
Fit For An Autopsy - Pandora (Single)
Thornhill - Casanova (Single)
Bandit Bandit - Zone 51 (Single)
Portrayal of Guilt - Sadist (Single)
The Blizzards - Friction Burns (Single)
Enterprise Earth - Reanimate // Disintegrate (Single)
InVisions - Annihilist (Single)
Hollywood Burns - Skylords (Single)
Mister Misery - Strangeland II - The Return (Single)
Jekyll Wood - Just a Little More (Single)
Ten Eighty Trees - The Kick (Single)
Beloved Ghouls - Shocked! (Single)
Genocide Pact - Purged Flesh (Single)
LGND - Pagan Prayer (Single)
The Gulps - Stuck in the City (Single)
Zaria - Grudge (Single)
Tayne - Haunted (TENSE) (Single)
Alista - New Dream (Single)
Graphic Nature - chokehold (Single)
W.E.B. - Dark Web (Single)
Midwich Cuckoos - To The Grave (Single)
Extinction in Progress - Feasting Upon a False God (Single)
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2021.10.28 20:08 KimothyMorrison Episode 2, "The 20s Ball!" [POLL]

Previously on SDRDR…
Soup: In this competition we have a judges panel. But now, only one judge matters- Soup.
I must judge fairly. If you’re one of the many f\gs who ran to my DMs asking for an alliance, I’m sorry but I can’t use you. No special treatment, no grudges, and no shade. It’s how I’d like all winners to judge.*
My decision is based on tonight’s overall performance. And after speaking with both queens, I needed to pick the queen that could fight until the end, not just be okay with finishing halfway.
The queen I am sending home tonight- I wish her the best and I don’t want this to discourage her. That queen is...
Grotesquette: As it is written, so it shall be done. Jay, you will always and forever be an All Star. Now, sashay away.
Jay: See you on all flops!
Jay walked away, and everybody clapped.

KingKabs: Okay someone call Jay back in! We’re not actually eliminating anyone bitches. Fran quit, we just needed to drag things out for the gag. Kind of wished you’d sent Loud home cause poor sis could use the fire under her big frumpy ass to remember she’s in a competition.
Soup: I guess it makes sense we don’t have an elimination in the first episode. Production ordered a certain number of episodes and they’ve got to meet their marks somehow, but enough about Season 13 of RPDR.
Jay walks back onto the stage while everyone was focused on Kabs and Soup and stood there announcing his presence for a good 5 minutes to no avail.
KingKabs: Soup baby you’re looking good nowadays. Might have to fuck around and rig the season for your negative ass finally. Ow!
Fran: Ladies I have another unpopular opinion to announ-
KingKabs: Oh my God hi Jay I almost didn’t notice you there! Anyways someone remove that intruder with the Sufjiego Montoya outfits and send these girls back to the werkroom!
Security rushes in to corral the remaining girls back into the werkroom and remove Fran from the premises. Oh how our Miss Congeniality has fallen.
The girls file in after a hectic first episode followed by standing on stage in limbo for at least a month and a half.
Yogi dunks the severed head prop to her rudemption look into the trash then tears off her wig and throws it in the face of an unpaid, pimple faced PA.
“I wish I could pretend to be excited for this premiere episode, but everything just shy of the worst case scenario happened and I look a fool. Guess I will end up the seasons u/Rupertonian at this rate.” Yogi laments as the girls collect around the table and fixate their eyes on a cheating ass hoe, Val.
“Hehehe well you don’t need to lose your head over this Yogi! At least you’re safe! Guess you should’ve JAZZED up your performance a little more, eh!?!” Val starts up. The dad jokes just write themselves for her.
🎥 Talking Head: u/ValerieHeart69, “I’m sure everyone thinks I’m an idiot right about now for not just keeping my mouth shut and taking my placement, but my team decided this was the best move necessary to remind these girls that I am a threat that nearly stood in the way of that cute throne their beloved JR sits on. All press is good press and right about now I’m the talk of the to-”
“Getting your placements changed at the last minute due to a breach of the rules, Vivaldi teas.” Matt interrupts Vals talking head. I’m sure she’d been saying something important, but who cares!
The other girls join in on a hearty group laugh at the expense of Val who’s already begun tearing off her drag and retreating to her station. The other girls may be here to have a kiki, but she and her team had their eyes on the crown… and the alarming number of flies whizzing around the trashcan Yogi threw her severed head prop into.
Turns out it wasn’t a prop as Val peered her head over the opening to see a nonexistent top lip and poorly done drag makeup. Yogi had mauled Dollar for this runway look.
“I’m sorry, but why the FUCK is he still here? I know they said the elimination was a fake-out, but why bother with such a flop?” Matt blurts out staring at Jay after the laughter around the table dies out.
“Hey, I don’t make the rules, I'm just here to show off my artistry this time around. I’m not looking to get sucked into anyone’s drama like AS1 or Season 2.” Jay explains
“Wait, what do you mean by getting sucked up into anyone’s drama?” Harry cuts in before Matt can express her joy over hearing Jay call her drag artistry as it reminds her of Goddess, Gottmik.
“I just think I get accused of being a drama starter when I’m just in the orbit of people with a lot of their own issues they haven’t sorted out.” Jay continues.
“So you antagonizing me like a proper bitch for weeks on is just me sucking you into my melodrama?”
“Did somebody say Melanoma? I love that album!” Dee exclaims as she goes back to muttering her ass stay thick like tapioca.
“Lorde flop. Solar Panels couldn’t even generate enough energy for a good week of press. The Blue Wave outsold #ThereWouldBeNoBluePeriod.” TV proclaims, we’re quite certain she has no clue what the hell a blue wave is.
🎥 Talking Head, u/Dee-Pression, “I’m really happy to be given the chance to compete this season I know the judges work extra hard to facilitate this opportunity. I’m a show writer myself! Check out Deepressionsdragrace or whatever!”
The girls bicker over what constitutes a melodramatic bitch meanwhile the supreme herself, TelevisionHeaven, is slowly breaking down as her secret cell phone that she’d snuck into the competition was not completely blown up with wellness check texts from her crush that she has made zero romantic progress with.
“You guys, my head, my heart, my pubic bone, and the outer rim of my rectum are torturing me. I simply need this boy to ravage my supple boy hole and glaze it with an overwhelming amount of donut sauce and he isn’t texting me.” Tv laments to the uninvested crowd.
“I guess when all you like is the same 3 white girls who are hard to tell apart and make the same sounding music it’s hard to keep a guy invested. Then again I’m sure being bland and unremarkable works for the UK girlies of SDRDR that all do the same thing.” Soup comments.
“Well, anyways, I’m proper tired and I wish I could have won that lipsync. Free nitro would have been nice uwu.” Harry adds.
The girls retire to their workstations without paying any notice to the fact that in the time they’d returned to the werkroom Loud had successfully forwarded 350 hate emails she’d sent to Monet X Change in the past 2 days.
🎶Dramatic jazz music

SPOILEDDRAGRACE DRAG RACE WITH EXTRA SPECIAL JUDGES u/KingKabs, u/Grotesquette, u/JrHendr, u/DeletaText, and u/TravisPaytas!

The queens return to the werkroom after a nights sleep. Yogi is well rested and hopefully not ready for another day of her doing mediocre.
They gather around the table to further reflect on the previous day's events.
“Well I’m just happy to start the season off reminding everyone why I’m a crowned queen I think. I was right scared shitless that I’d look like the unfunny flop winner of the circle, but now I know I’m better than you all still ^_^!” Whodat makes mention of to the rest of the girls.
“Yeah, too bad you can’t turn that into a good lipsync. Us new girls are destroying you on that stage every time, but let me not invite misfortune into my life I’ve already had a terrible week.” Yogi says as she picks her teeth with one of dollars splintered femur pieces.
“It’d be so funny if you flopped again this week. Your Roxxxy Andrews serve of going from winner hopeful on her previous season to utter flop.” Matt interjects only to be met with Yogi’s blood lustful gaze.
🎥 Talking Head, u/King-Yogimar, “On Season 7 I was painted as a bit of a bitch that always had something to say. This season I’m going to just mind my business and let these white people talk their way into the trash like their overlord Dollar over in that corner covered in maggots and decay. The last thing I need to do is prove that Violet Chachki edit right.”


The alarms blare on and interrupt the queens as they are chatting. Heads turn to the focus of the television where u/KingKabs appears on the screen.
KingKabs: Ladies, a true all star knows how to keep the ball rolling, adapt with the times, and remember to maintain a good appearance cause they always remember that the way you look always goes down in history!
The flatscreen goes blank and the hairs on Yogi’s furry ass back stand up at attention. She knows what’s incoming. An ancient evil has arrived as if Matt has strategically summoned it for this very moment.
The random door in the werkroom swings open and KingKabs walks on in.
KingKabs: Hello, Hello, Hello ladies! This week on SDRDR we’re throwing… the 20s Ball! You’ll have to pull together and serve up 3 sickening looks on the mainstage this week unless you wanna go home with Fran so bad. The categories are 1820s! Regency Era Realness, 1920s! Roaring Twenties Chic, and 2020s! Quarantine Eleganza! Show me just how much Google, Reddit, Imgur, and Pinterest ability you’ve got ladies! Toodles!
Kabs departs from the werkroom and the girls scramble to assemble their looks for the mainstage.
“Hey, mom, are you excited!?!” Val turns to LMH exhibiting a very zany grin as she pulls out a barrel’s worth of pollen, cheez-itz powder, and nacho cheese mix.
“For what? Did the ancestry results prove this was all one big mistake and I can change the locks on my door so you can’t get into my house?!”
“No, shitty goose, for the ball hehehe. Is all this yellow stuff for the bussy?” Val inquires
“God can someone get this poor excuse for an abortion away from me. Security, I’m a white woman being harassed by a malignant person of color!” Loud trots away with her Coco-approved products. She’s ready to show people what it means to be the queen.
“Val, are you excited? I know I am. Want to look at my wardrobe? I came ready to slay XD.” Dee inserts as Val surveyed the room to find a new subject to terrorize (soz Fran) as they all prepared.
“That’s alright, Dee. Hehe, I’m actually going t-”
“So I’ve got these 3 dresses for my period piece and they’re all Crimsyn inspired. These two over here are fresh off her rack. I managed to snag all these during my filming of my own show that I started up after being so inspired by SDRDR!” Dee kicks off.
Val, for once in her life, has a pained expression on her face that wasn’t due to being unable to find an oversized hoodie to wear in the presence of a group of jocks. Dee was actually just talking too much for her tastes. In the corner with the rats and trash pile Ace could be found grinning cheek to cheek in delight over her agony.
“I can’t seem to figure out what lipsync outfit I want to wear for this challenge. It’s chrew making a decision is so hard when you have so many serves, innit x?” Matt blurts out, to himself, loudly for everyone to hear.
“Wow, Matt, beautiful gowns girl. They all look quite expenny, henny. You must have been slaving away working on all these garments so they’d look top shelf tier on the runway…” Yogi bites the bullet to say
An extended period of silence overcomes the werkroom as all the girls exchange eye contact with one another bar Matt who’s confused at the implication.
“Okay I’m just fucking joking around we all know Nats Ketty paid for your entire package this season and at least it shows. Hopefully you can win the lipsync to pay back that challenge win that was bought for you… if you’re even actually in the top. Yogi blurts out in between fits of laughter as the other girls join at the idea of Matt making his garments.
“As if I’m going to not be the Aquaria of this episode. Wait, since I was safe the challenge before it’d also be Gottmik teas sksksksk. It’s chrew it’s chrew.”
“Oomf just bought me another cat maid outfit with a shorter skirt than the last. I simply must sit on this man’s face as revenge for this embarrassing outfit, but then that would mean his disgusting pimply weaby face would be near my hole and I refuse to let a man have me in any capacity that’s fulfilling on their end.” TV just speaks into the void
“...Matt’s playing Gottmik, TV is wasting a man’s time, pray for soup girlies. All this predictability in the air is making my broth curdle in anticipation for this ball.” Soup begs of the other girls.
🎥 Talking Head, u/Soupcereal, “Of course I controversially placed in the top for the ball on my season, but my streak for looking good on the runway since hasn’t exactly been a knockout. Not to mention I HATE look challenges cause all the girlies rely on Pintrestham D. Levy and his one-size-fits-all tacky metallic armor wear… okay wrong rant.”
“Hahahaha yeah girls, Soup is going to bomb this ball and I’ll be at the top. Then I’ll get the opportunity to finally send whodat home when she’s in the bottom this week haha.” Jay speaks up, for once, trying to interact with the cast of girls still mad she didn’t leave first episode.
“I’m not sorry why the fuck are you even still here. I’m BORED.” Matt yells as a terrified PA runs to grab the emergency PediaSure and Gerbers to remedy the incoming outburst.
🎥 Talking Head, u/Mattisnotvegan, “I’m sorry, but why do we have to put up with this season dragging on any longer for a flop that wasn’t going to be competition to begin with?! It’s bullshit, innit x”
Whodats 200 yard neck makes several intricate curves and bends as it moves towards Jay until her face is squarely in front of hers.
“You’re absolutely obsessed with me you twat. I figured I’d get into your orbit this time since every other time there’s drama it’s because you got sucked into it. Funny how fast we contradict ourselves huh? X” Harry spits out showcasing the finest teeth British dental care can provide, ‘veronica’ green.
🎥 Talking Head, -_-whotdat, “It’s so shit watching this two faced cunt not own up to the hell she put me through all that time ago during S2 and AS1. For once I have to actually agree with Matt on something!”
“It’s so fun watching the whites fight, this way I don’t have to worry about the Powers that Kabs give me a Kandy edit this time around.” Yogi says, playfully, hoping to avoid any discussion about her poor ball performance(s) in the past.
“Hehehehe, Yogi, are you going to bomb this ball too? Isn’t it funny that you’re a look queen that doesn’t know how to deliver on the runway for the one challenge you should be good at?!” Val interjects, annoyingly.
The other girls stop fighting and their eyes fixate on this poor boo-boo of a bear suddenly feeling very, very small.
“Look, I think you’ll see I’m not here to make the same mistakes this ball.” Yogi gulps.
“Hard to believe, given we already saw you bomb another one elsewhere, embarrassing, innit?” Matt snarls.
“You know, I hope you’re in the top this week. I’ll see you there and the last lipsync I was in I nearly mauled Dollar to death. This time around I won’t miss my mark. Not with you. It’ll be nice having one less ceiling paint pasty white girl in my sight.” Yogi threatens.
“But enough about Jay.” Soup cuts in to diffuse the tension.
🎥 Talking Head, u/King-Yogimar, “All eyes are on me and everyone’s already convinced I’ll fail to deliver for this challenge. I’m gonna get my ball win and prove to these girls they’re messing with winner material. If they fuck with me then bitch I’ll eat them. No, literally. I will smash their worthless little hands into a door frame then viciously maul them to death. One by one.”
🎶 Up! By Cardi B. begins playing
🎶 Redditgirl! Please just go for a walk! Spoiled Sub is making your brain rot!
u/KingKabs walks out looking so beautiful it hurts and if anyone disagrees this is actually Kandy Muse.
KingKabs: Welcome to the Main Stage of SpoiledDragRace Drag Race All Stars Season 4. u/Grotesquette, hi!
Grotesquette: Heyyy :( :)
KingKabs: She never misses, you guys! u/JrHendr, marry me?
JR: I don’t think my-
KingKabs: I’m taking that as a yes, I’m so into throuples right now. u/DeletaText, marry me too?
DeletaText: Girl yes, we’re gonna need all the spousal privilege we can get when we’re in court for harassing Jinkx Monsoon on instagram.
KingKabs: I never miss ;), u/TravisPaytas, hey girlie hows school?
Travis: -Travis did not submit any words beyond a very chic look-
KingKabs: Oh, well you look good girl. Not as good as me, but cute! This week I asked my girls to serve up looks across the ages in our 20s Ball! Racers, start your engines, and may the best drag queen… win!
Category is: 1820s Regency Era Realness!

🎶I'm losing myself in the darkness of the world catch me before I fall...🎶

First up, u/-_-whodat?!
For my 1820s look i am giving you servant quarters but make it a serve. Eat the rich
Up next, not to be confused with TelevisionHell, u/TelevisionHeaven!
For my first look, I simply wanted to look straight out of Bridgerton. I'm walking through the gardens just like Princess Peach would, with my parasol AND my hat, because I need to stay WHITE as hell until the 2020s... it'll make sense later.
Whoop whoop! u/Soupcereal!
For my Regency Era Realness I am literally giving you realness. I’m wearing a family heirloom pendant. And true to Soup- I’ve got bandages from all the brain damage I’ve sustained. I’m Jane Austen-tatious!
I keep telling you that u/Mattisnotvegan!
For my 1820s look im looking French cos that's fancy, I've got this giant wig on that's hiding all my secrets, like how I swindled my way into the TJS EP2 win, and I'm giving a dynamic silhouette.
Turn down the volume on this u/LoudMouthHoe
For this runway i decided to pull up one of my old looks, from an old photo shoot, to stay true to the era. Ahhh the 1820’s, i remember them like they were yesterday and my Kahanna was still a child.
Bear back! u/King-Yogimar!
It’s the 1820’s and the cholera outbreak is still running rampant but this lady of the night has some debauchery to attend to. Looking straight out of a 19th century murder drama based around a royal family, is the lady of the night the killer?
The colon of AS4! u/ValerieHeart!
Regency era Tonight I am serving you Iris Van Herpen in the 1820s. Turns out spring DID exist in the 1820s so that calls for these lovely florals! I have this lovely little umbrella in case of any purple rain. Tata!
It’s u/JayLess
For the first category, I am inspired by the political cartoons that were made in the 1820s. I went with the gray color scheme in the whole look because they were usually drawn with a pencil and I am rocking these pants like no other!
And lastly, bring me the Zoloft, I’ve got u/Dee-Pression!
For my 1820's Regency Realness, my coochie is looking Gucci! Known for flowing fabrics, off-the-shoulder dresses, and beautiful patterns - the regency era is brought to the modern stage in an haute couture look ready to rock the runway.
Don't forget, my waistline is wayy up high (fitting for the era) to allude that I have super long legs, so you might be reaching for a while if you make it under my dress!

🎶Won't you break the chain with me?🎶

Category is: 1920s Roaring Twenties Chic!

🎶I, I, I left no time to regret...🎶

First up, u/-_-whodat?!
My 1920s look is a tribute to the burlesque icons of the decade. From Anna May Wong to Mary Pickford to someone else i’d never heard of until i googled it! All i do know is that im serving.
Up next, not to be confused with TelevisionHell, u/TelevisionHeaven!
For this second look, I'm so Art Deco out on the floor! i wanted to amp up the classic flapper girl trope with a vibrant palette and Art Deco motifs in my accessories. I'd like to think this is what girls from the 1920s would look like if color was a thing back then. Sadly they could only see in black and white.
Whoop whoop! u/Soupcereal!
I’ve got this immaculate Art Deco cape, I’ve got my beats and my tishles… and little else. It might be the roaring twenties- But I’m a whore in my 20’s!
I keep telling you that u/Mattisnotvegan!
I'm serving silver screen tuna on a platter. Tears are pouring down my face as I'm just super devastated that Jay is still here.
Turn down the volume on this u/LoudMouthHoe
I am wearing the sleek vintage robe that i wore after Great Gatsby fucked me all night.
Bear back! u/King-Yogimar!
The Roaring Twenties were a time to party so tonight I’m bringing the party! Dressed in a martini glass dress, I’m giving the classic elements of the 1920’s, the beads, the glamor, the style and adding a little fun with the martini theme.
The colon of AS4! u/ValerieHeart!
Roaring Twenties Chic Tonight I am going to do something that I have never done before. Shut the fuck up. I am serving you silent film in the roaring twenties realness! This dress is anna-may-zing and I don't look Wong at all tonight!
It’s u/JayLess
1920s.. I am inspired by the rubber hose animations because this art style put cartoons on the map and became standardized in America, and soon the worldwide field of animating. The oversized gloves and cat ears also go well with a classic 1920s silhouette and the cat-like hair completes the entire look!
And lastly, bring me the Zoloft, I’ve got u/Dee-Pression!
What screams 1920's more than the art of burlesque? Flappers and performers were the talk of the town during this decade - beads, feathers, smoke - what more do you need? Paying a bit of homage to Philip Treacy, ""how's your headpiece"", amirite - I'm bringing a bit of new into the well, old!
A bit of history, the 1920's was the era where the art of the striptease overshadowed a lot of other forms of entertainment, so what better way to celebrate the era than to get naked!
My look not showing enough skin for you? Well why don't I slip into something more comfortable!

🎶You go back to her and I go back to, I go back to black🎶

Category is: 2020s Quarantine Eleganza!


First up, u/-_-whodat?!
Over the last two years, while humans have been concerned with Coronavirus, our world’s forests have been burning down.
I wanted to show this very real part of the 2020s. The world thinks i’m hot and the feeling is mutual. No, seriously, the world is on fire.
Up next, not to be confused with TelevisionHell, u/TelevisionHeaven!
Question for the Culture: Now that Soup and Harry have had wins with performances about being sexy, wearing no clothes, fucking, cheating etc- can I please go back to ranting about being embodied, feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not real, or stanning a Lady Gaga rip-off- or whatever I want- without being crucified or saying that I'm obsessed with a guy that watches anime??????
Whoop whoop! u/Soupcereal!
For my Quarantine Eleganza I am bringing on a New World Order. I’ve got my mask on, I’ve got my white lab coat straight from Wuhan… but in a modern silhouette.
You better keep your social distance! You sheep.
I keep telling you that u/Mattisnotvegan!
My 2020s look is a mattisnotvegan twist on the iconic Planet Her, im giving curves and swerves, a chunky boot or should i say... a chunky shoot
Turn down the volume on this u/LoudMouthHoe
I am serving Puerto Vallarta realness, because “quarantine”? What’s that? Never heard of it I spent 2020 living for fun, not fear cough
Bear back! u/King-Yogimar!
From Quarantine was born a new era of creativity. Despite the ongoing deadly virus, there has never been a better time to test and show off your creativity.
Tonight I’m giving y’all the notebook sketches of quarantine boredom, coupled with my mask and vaccine. Keep those nuts 6 feet away from my face!
The colon of AS4! u/ValerieHeart!
I’m known for sending people computer viruses with my challenge submissions but today I’ve really become the virus! I’ve got my little travel bag and this super chic silhouette perfect for globetrotting! I’ve got a kiki with rio at 3 and a party with braden at 8! I’ll be airborne in a sec so see you!
It’s u/JayLess
Now for the present day, the roaring 2020s! As you probably saw I tried to illustrate the growth and development of the art of animation and I've decided to end by doing a look inspired by one of the best cartoons that came out recently, The Owl House. The artistry of animation at its greatest.
This look is borderline cosplay, but by making the look a full gown and the scepter enormous I made it way more drag, trying to also show more versatility!
And lastly, bring me the Zoloft, I’ve got u/Dee-Pression!
Finally, we travel to the 2020's. During the pandemic, the digital age was higher on the rise than ever before. The height of social media, being glued to our devices, starting an OnlyFans in the search to make a living (well at least until they banned all forms of sexual content) - I'm representing the world of screen on the main stage... screen? Regardless I'm wearing a shit ton of wires, be careful or you're in for a shock!


KingKabs: Wow, that was probably the strongest ball we’ve ever seen on the show. I mean that unironically… ohwooow. When I call your name, please step forward:


...The three of you are safe!

That means, the girls remaining represent the tops and bottoms of the week! Starting with:
TravisPaytas:I truly think that you are truly a wildcard this season.I never really know if you’re gonna devour or disappoint. With this Ball well you definitely did not disappoint. The looks were fantastic and were a serve in each Ball category. Since when did someone as bland as you have such good taste!!!. I’m proud of you this week and you should be too keep it up babe but don’t let this give you a ego. Stay focused this only week 2 anything can happen ;)
DeletaText: Bitch it was the tea! I’m gonna start calling you a turkey now because GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE BITCH! No you genuinely knocked it out of the park in my opinion. Everything was on point - and your 1920s look is probably my favorite look of all 27 looks tonight.
JR: So here we are soup, a hero’s fall from grace that felt all but inevitable. I’m just kidding — kind of. After last week the bar you set was through the roof — unfortunately I don’t think fashion or aesthetics is quite in your wheelhouse, and tonight you were unfortunately outperformed. I would encourage you, should you stay, to put that quintessential soup-ness we loved last week into every different challenge. Best of luck my love!
KingKabs: It goes without saying all 3 of these looks, in relation to the caliber of looks the rest of the girls provided, especially, do not measure up whatsoever. I’d ask if you even tried, but I’ve seen enough of your outbursts about these types of challenges to know you didn’t. Maybe one day you’ll find a way to be campy, but still deliver a good look 100% of the time.
Grotesquette: Thank you Loud Mouth. Because, out of everyone, you were the only girl to make me laugh tonight. Everyone's so focused on being "high fashion" or looking "good", but your drag is so unapologetic, subversive, and stick in to the man, you know? I really miss that part of drag that was in your face, and not politically correct, and didn't give a fuck, you know? And you've got it kiddo. You've really got it.
DeletaText: Girl look how orange campy you fucking look girl! Okay, I’ll get the obvious out of the way - your looks weren’t high fashion, they weren’t polished, and at first glance they looked lazy. Nothing about your ball looks should have worked, but they did! I genuinely had the biggest smile on my face looking through your looks. I’m sure the other girls around you won’t be happy with me saying this, but you gave us the most memorable set of looks, by far. However, you need to stop relying on camp and try to serve some grander looks in the future.
KingKabs: Gobbled it. Swallowed it. Dripped down the side of it. The storyline of your looks leading in to your masterpiece of a third is so powerful. Honestly, you have not made the judges decision easy whatsoever this week. You were a tour de force this challenge.
JR: Hi Andy! With another week comes another stellar performance. Your attention to detail continues to impress, and tonight you delivered three on brand and on theme looks. Your last look specifically impressed the hell out of us and maintained the fashion forward but cheeky take we have come to expect from you. Great job!
Grotesquette: Wow.... This was really powerful. Academy award, I just- laughs shakily, wiping away the final stray tear to escape my eye - You just don't see ball challenge performances this good anymore. You had me captivated from the first look to the last, and each one had your signature Yogi touch. This was good work. Really, REALLY good work. Amazing work.
KingKabs: Yogi, I knew this day would come. The way you annihilated this challenge has brought a level of happiness to my soul that cannot be put into words. Your third look is the runaway best look of the night; disregard any bullshit Deleta said about Matts. This look is next level. All 3 of your looks are a faint. A slay. A yas mawma oh God okurr. You have finally lived up to your fashion queen name in a ball and I couldn’t be happier given this wasn’t a weak ball looking at the girls who are safe. I am in awe of you.
Travis: You know last week you hit rock bottom. I thought to myself there was no way it could be worse. The only way was up. Sadly, you somehow proved me wrong. These looks are just boring… I look at them and just see Lemon’s work. I think if you were able to camp these looks and make them entertaining that would have helped in making them stand out and be truly unique. They’re just kinda generic and forgettable I’m afraid. Don’t beat yourself up though if you’re here next week I hope this gives you the push to excel. We all want to see you improve I’m rooting for your success bae <3
KingKabs: I enjoy that there’s a whimsical element to your looks alongside a clear and concise idea behind every execution. I just don’t find the execution in total to be very good at the end of the day. The garments themselves do not evoke any sense of appeal that would make me want to wear them or see you continue to wear them. Happy about the conceptual success that you managed to achieve. I just wish you could have channeled that same energy into actual beautiful looks that speak to us as judges.
KingKabs: Thank you judges. With all said and done, I have made some decisions!
u/Mattisnotvegan,despite being our resident British vegan, tonight your runways were deliciously meaty!
u/King-Yogimar, the smoking hot bear is back on top, and your ball performance set our forests ablaze!
u/TelevisionHeaven, your looks on the runway had us asking a question for the culture: is this Andy’s week to win?


u/King-Yogimar & u/Mattisnotvegan, Condragulations, you are the top 2 All Stars of the week.

u/TelevisionHeaven, keep up the great work our Maxipad queen!
u/LoudMouthHoe, our resident campy queen gave us quite the show. But as for your runways, our judges failed to pitch a tent.
u/JayLess, we commend you on the artistry you bring to this competition; unfortunately, the others drew circles around you this week.
u/Soupcereal, after the way last week’s performance scalded our tongues, unfortunately, this week’s soup was just lukewarm.


u/Soupcereal & u/JayLess you are the bottom two of the week.

That means u/LoudMouthHoe, you are barely safe.


u/King-Yogimar & u/Mattisnotvegan -- each of you needs to decide which of the bottom two you will eliminate if you win the lipsync. And while you all deliberate in the werkroom, the judges and I will be… writing a twisted fiction of sick addiction. Gather round children. Zip it, listen!


Who should win the lipsync? Vote here! Voting closes soon.

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2021.10.03 08:45 smokeweedandwatchQVC Does anyone know the dress Jane Treacy was wearing tonight during the beauty awards?

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2021.09.25 17:56 genealogyq_throwaway [Community Research] Theresa Ann Williams (1820-1881) [Week 38]

Congratulations ThyAncestryGuy!
To the others who posted, feel free to re-enter your people in the Week 39 thread this Thursday.
From ThyAncestryGuy:
Theresa Ann Williams
Birth: 1820, Kentucky
Marriage: Before 1840
Death: May 19 1881, Bramble, Perry Township, Martin, Indiana, United States
Sarah Ann Bramble (1838-1907)
James A. Bramble (1839-1923)
Harriet Lutetia Bramble (1841-1885)
Nancy Ellen Bramble (1842-1908)
Mary Bramble (1847-1936)
Thomas Bramble (1849-bef. 1930)
Margaret Caroline Baramble (1854-1912)
Treacy Bramble (1854-?)
Levin Maurice Bramble (1859-1897)
Rebecca Jane Bramble (1861-1941)
1850, Barr, Daviess, Indiana
1860, Barr, Daviess, Indiana
1870, Brown, Daviess, Indiana
1880, Brown, Daviess, Indiana
I have a few potential siblings for Theresa the first one is William Williams, he lived in Barr, Indiana in 1850 and his age was given as 33, his FS profile is here, https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/KLF8-1DP. The birthplace is given as Kentucky.
The next potential sibling is Thomas Williams,
The FS profiles give the information that Thomas Williams and William Williams are children of Thomas Williams and Sarah Brown. Thomas Williams (Son) profile; https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LH88-GW1 . Thomas Clark Williams the father, Married Sarah Brown in Washington Kentucky.
A third possible sibling is James Williams who lived in Barr, Indiana in 1850 who was born in 1821. His census record, https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MHV2-7KR
Theresa's husband Thomas Bramble is the son of Levin Bramble and Mary Harriett Aubrey. Levin and Mary also married on April 16th 1813 in Washington Kentucky they were also born in Maryland and Thomas Williams was born in Maryland also.
I think the Jones families are associated with the Bramble and Williams family. I think this is more than a coincidence as the Williams and Brambles moved to the same places at the same time multiplle times.
My goal is to prove Theresa is the daughter of Thomas Williams and Sarah Brown. Thomas Williams lived in Washington, Kentucky in the 1830 census. There is one child who is the age of 5-9, is this Theresa?
Post Your People: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Research: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
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2021.03.24 09:35 llksg [SP] [UR] The Kid

The first time I met the Kid he was standing outside McDonald’s in Bradford. It was November and there were no leaves left on the trees. He wore a short-sleeved oversized T-shirt, giving the impression of a whippet in bulldogs clothing, and was holding court telling his diminutive audience he knew how to summon the devil herself.
His skeletal frame was alive with his gestures, eyes bird-like and wild. The audience had an average age at least four times his, grateful for entertainment in the cold and wind. A spectacle as he explained ‘An accident! Can you believe it! The Devil appeared to me and the devil can appear for you too!’ An air of QVC.
That previous summer I’d had dealings with the devil myself. Inevitable really with the war raging on as it had for a decade or more, and the business I keep myself in. Despite her bad reputation, and a complicated history between us, the devil had supported the trade and then vanished as soon as the leaves began to drop with a score as yet unsettled.
I waited patiently from a distance as the crowd gradually dispersed, their busses arriving to take them home or hunger taking over and burgers awaiting.
‘I need you to bring me the devil,’ I said.
‘Follow me’, said he. The BBC tells us about murderers and shysters and confidence men hiding around every corner, so base are we all that we the last two elections were cancelled because who can trust us average Joes and Janes to choose a leader without cheating?
‘Okay,’ I said. ‘Lead the way.’ The only way to navigate this world is to trust everyone and suffer the consequences.
A short while later we were sitting in his flat, mugs of tea in hand that his mum had forced upon us. On the way here he hadn’t left a second of empty air, telling me in lengthy monologue about the false-hoods in papers and did I know Piers Morgan is a giraffe in a lizard suit in a human suit. And Dominic Cummings is doing God’s work and that’s the danger. And the sheer evil that is… Yoghurt pots.
Like mother like son, on arrival he fell silent and she took over. She asked me not a thing but told me all the variety of teabags she rated and why, and that whatever happened to Cadbury was a tragedy and the government are definitely behind the shrinking creme eggs.
Her phone rang and she left the room.
The Kid closed the blind. ‘Are you ready?’ Eyes wide I nodded, and it began.
A flailing of arms, left to right. Right to left. Hands touching his forehead. Hair flopping this way and that. Knee up, knee down, his T-shirt billowing without any wind. Superman pose. He stops with his head down and arm up, and raises his eyes to meet mine looking for my reaction. The room is still and quiet. He’s mad, of course.
And suddenly, we plunge into darkness.
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2021.01.05 18:19 doublestop23 Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy Film Names

Woman of the Year (1942)
Keeper of the Flame (1943)
Without Love (1945)
The Sea of Grass (1947)
State of the Union (1948)
Adam's Rib (1949)
Pat and Mike (1952)
Desk Set (1957)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
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2020.08.14 04:47 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters ‘T-V’ in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters ‘T-V’ under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cpis3n/a_brief_rundown_of_the_first_ten_pages_of_jeffrey/).
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hlrba8/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_df_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hqko0y/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_gi_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hrq9bg/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_letters_jl_of_jeffrey/).
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/huw0yt/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_m_in_jeffrey/).
I posted letters N-Q on July 27, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/hyudbz/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letters_nq_in_jeffrey/). There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I posted letter R on July 29, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i0aqxd/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_r_in_jeffrey/)
I posted letter S on August 7, 2020. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/i5orop/a_notsobrief_rundown_of_the_letter_s_in_jeffrey/)
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here: https://www.coreysdigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Jeffrey-Epsteins-Little-Black-Book-unredacted.pdf
Taaffee, Paul: Former Chairman and CEO of public relations firm Hill and Knowlton.
Tabet, Karim & Cristina: Karim is a founding partner of TAP advisory group. A former Vice Chairman at UBS Investment Bank and Joint Global Head at UBS Telecommunications. The subtitle under the Tabets reads ‘65th Street Neighbors.’ Ghislaine Maxwell lived in a townhouse at 116 East 65th Street.
Taki: Likely British journalist and Polanski apologist Taki Theodoracopulos. Taki wrote this interesting piece (https://www.gstaadlife.com/2009/11/taki-roman-orgy.html) in 2009 in which he throws Epstein under the bus while defending Polanski. Decades ago, Taki threw a party at The Savoy to celebrate the end of communism. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell and Imran Khan (https://greatgameindia.com/ghislaine-maxwell-arrested-fbi/).
Talbot Williams, Simon: Businessman involved in real estate. Owns Talbot & Scott ltd, an investment and development agency.
Tang, Mr David & Lucy Wastnag: David was a Hong Kong businessman who founded the Shanghai Tang fashion chain and several restaurants that attract the elite. Tang was a philanthropist who was involved in several charities, including Youth Outreach (YO), a charitable organization started in Hong Kong by Reverend Peter Newberry. This charity’s goal was to help at-risk youths (http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/hkedition/2017-09/15/content_32018378.htm). Tang was considered one of the most well-connected people in London. He and his wife, Lucy, counted Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife), Kevin Spacey, the Duke of Marlborough, and Mick Jagger among their friends (https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/lucy-tang-on-top-the-highs-and-lows-of-a-party-girl-6540808.html). Tang vehemently defended Prince Andrew in 2011 when his relationship with Epstein was made public (https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/theyve-been-tang-oed-sir-david-tang-sets-the-record-straight-6383974.html). Two years later, Ghislaine celebrated her 51st birthday at China Tang, David’s restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel. Despite the backlash Prince Andrew received for counting Epstein among his friends, he attended Ghislaine’s birthday, along with former Labour minister Shaun Woodward and wife Camilla, the Earl and Countess of Derby, Dorrit Moussaieff, the diamond heiress/wife of the president of Iceland, Tamara Beckwith, and John Eliasch, multi-millionaire boss of sports firm Head. Every single one of those people appear in Epstein’s contacts. Epstein had 16 phone numbers, two email addresses, and three street addresses listed under David and Lucy’s name. Tang died in 2017.
Tate, Rupert: Two options. Either the former hedge fund manager at Merrill Lynch or the CEO of Bear Grylls Ventures.
Taubman, Alfred: Billionaire real estate developer and former owner of Sotheby’s, where Les Wexner was once a board member. Many parties and book premieres attended by the elites have been hosted by Sotheby’s over the years. Taubman spent nearly one year in jail for price fixing in collusion with Christie’s auction house (https://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-alfred-taubman-20150419-story.html). Taubman died in 2015.
Taubman, Bobby: Alfred’s son who took over the family business.
Tavoulareas, Mr Billy & Nicket: William Tavoulareas Jr. is an heir to his father, William Tavoulareas, a Greek petroleum businessman and former President and Chief Executive of Mobil Oil during the ‘70s and ‘80s. Sr. was a close friend of George H.W. Bush and Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou and was also a member of the Knights of Malta. William Jr. has not been so lucky. He has psychological problems and despite the fact that he has millions in a trust fund, he lives out of his car and has been involved in several dustups with the law in Palm Beach (https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/news/a8979/william-tavoulareas-palm-beach/). Annick Finlan is Jr.’s ex-wife.
Tavoulareas, Peter: Billy’s Tavoulareas brother and son of William Tavoulareas Sr. Heir to father’s petroleum fortune.
Tayler, Emmy: Former personal assistant of Ghislaine Maxwell. Reportedly taught girls how to massage Epstein. Her name appears twice on Epstein’s Lolita Express flight logs (https://archive.org/stream/EpsteinFlightLogsLolitaExpress/Jeffrey-Epstein-Flight-Logs-in-PDF-format_djvu.txt). Recently fled the UK, but is presumably wanted for questioning (https://nypost.com/2020/08/10/emmy-tayler-maxwells-ex-personal-assistant-flees-uk-report/).
Taylor, Felicia: Retired anchor for CNN’s World Business Today. Stepsister of Victoria (nee Schott) de Rothschild, Sir Evelyn Rothschild’s second wife. Felicia knew Epstein socially and once had tea at his mansion (https://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/the-world-and-all-its-changes/). Pictured here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/felicia-taylor-steve-eichner-and-ghislaine-maxwell-attend-news-photo/659966292) with Ghislaine Maxwell at a Tommy Hilfiger hosted event in 2009. She is also the daughter of classic Hollywood actor Rod Taylor.
Taylor, Pamela: Make-up artist with a bunch of A-list clients.
Taylor, Sebastian: Not enough info. Likely refers to the personal friend of Nathaniel Rothschild (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2099639/The-Russian-oligarch-Old-Etonian-billionaire-deeply-disturbing-questions-Lord-Mandelsons-integrity.html), but I can’t be sure. There are two other decent possibilities.
Taymor, Julie & Eliot: Julie is one of the most well-known theatre directors in the world. Responsible for the Broadway hit, Lion King. Elliot is Julie’s long-time partner. He is a film and theatre composer.
Tennenbaum, Harry: No info found.
Teodorani-Fabbri, Eduardo: A boss at Fiat motor company. Comes from the tremendously wealthy Agnelli family, who are the largest shareholders of The Economist (the Rothschilds also own a large portion). Eduardo used to date Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (listed earlier in Epstein’s contacts), the now deceased goddaughter of Prince Charles. Their first date was at an ARK charity dinner (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1194485/KATIE-NICHOLL-TPT-swept-Fiat-car-boss-Eduardo--Tara-s-Mr-Right.html). ARK is a children’s charity that has spawned many schools for grades K-12. It was started by Arpad Busson (also listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s book), the former fiancee of Uma Thurman. Busson is likely steeped in child trafficking. I wrote a thread about him and ARK charity last year (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cl34ju/arpad_busson_billionaire_businessman_or_possible/).
Theilmann, Baroness Francesca: Publisher and art collector.
Theodoli, Catherine: Katrin is the CEO of Magnum Marine Corporation, a performance and luxury yacht manufacturer.
Tholstrup, Mogens: Former owner of Daphne’s, Pasha, and The Collection, three of London’s trendiest restaurants. Sold the restaurants for pounds 5.5m in 1998. Dated a series of high society girls, including Lady Victoria Hervey (former girlfriend and staunch defender of Prince Andrew) and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
Tholstrup, Paola: A former model and the ex-wife of restaurateur Mogens Tholstrup (above). Pictured here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/paola-tholstrup-ghislaine-maxwell-and-harry-nutall-attend-news-photo/73141620?adppopup=true) at a Chinese New Year celebration with Ghislaine Maxwell and Harry Nutall in 2007.
Thompson, Barnaby: British film director, producer, and movie executive. Thompson ran Ealing Studios for 14 years. Barnaby has been photographed with a who’s who of Hollywood stars, royalty, and many people listed in Epstein’s contacts. He has attended parties hosted by Harvey Weinstein and Charles Finch, an interesting figure mentioned earlier (check my D-F thread) in Epstein’s black book (https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/barnaby-thompson?family=editorial&page=2&phrase=barnaby%20thompson&sort=best).
Tisch, David: Businessman who comes from a ridiculously rich family. His grandfather, Laurence Tisch, was the co-owner of Loews Corporation. His cousin, Steve, co-owns the New York Giants and has produced many big budget Hollywood movies. David made some good money in Silicon Valley startup companies.
Tisch, Merryl & Jimmy: Merryl is the former Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents and wife of James (Jimmy) Tisch. A huge proponent of high-stakes testing for adolescents. Her husband, James, is the heir to Loews Corporation. He currently serves as CEO.
Tish, Anne & Andrew: Andrew is co-chair of Loews Corporation with his brother, James (mentioned above). Ann Rubenstein-Tisch is Andrew’s current wife. She is a former reporter for NBC. In 1996, Ann and Andrew partnered with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) to open The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) of East Harlem, the first all-girls public school to open in the United States in 30 years (https://www.studentleadershipnetwork.org/history/). If you click on that link, you’ll immediately notice pictures of students with Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton. The TYWLS has expanded and now comprises five schools (2800 students) and 16 sister schools (7000 students).
Titopupolo, Sonia: No info found.
Todhunter, Emily Olypitus: High-end British interior designer.
Toledo Ignacio, Alvarez de: Likely a real estate developer. Not 100% certain.
Tollman, Bea: Beatrice is a travel and hospitality businesswoman. Founder and President of the ritzy Red Carnation Hotel chain. Also has a large part in family-owned The Travel Corporation, which helps people organize/plan their trips.
Tollman, Brett: Son of Beatrice Tollman (above). Travel and hotel executive also involved in the family business. CEO of The Travel Corporation and founder of The Treadright Foundation, a non-profit charity.
Tollman, Mr & Mrs: This likely refers to Beatrice (above) and her husband, Stanley. Since I wrote about Beatrice earlier, I’ll focus on Stanley here, who is much more interesting. Stanley is a super shady businessman who is best known for being friends with Ken Bates (Chairman of Chelsea FC) and serving on the Board of the Chelsea FC soccer club, where he and Bates were partners with Marwan Ashraf, a senior Mossad agent. Tollman fled the US for the UK in the early 200s when he was convicted on 33 counts of embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion (https://www.haaretz.com/1.4942945).
Tollman, Syrie & Gavin: Gavin is CEO of Trafalgar tours and Chairman of The Travel Corporation. Nephew of Stanley Tollman (above) and cousin of Brett Tollman (above). Gavin is married to his first cousin, Toni. There is a fascinating blog post (https://www.nittanyturkey.com/2005/07/25/was-100-million-worth-it/comment-page-1/) about the Tollmans and Hundleys, who defrauded the government out of millions. Be sure to read the comments. Pretty much everyone who responded used to work for the company and knows the Tollmans to some extent and the inner workings behind their thievery.
Tollman, Wyne: Wynn is Beatrice and Stanley’s son, but is not involved with the company. I could not find any other information on him.
Toub, Veronica (Busson): Fashion designer and socialite who was engaged to possible child trafficker and pedophile Arpad Busson (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cl34ju/arpad_busson_billionaire_businessman_or_possible/) in the 1980s.
Treacy, Phillip: Award-winning hat designer who has worked with the British Royalty (designed a hat for Princess Beatrice, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge), Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. Has also designed hats for the Harry Potter movies. Thirty-six of his hats were worn at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Twenty were worn at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Trump Blaine & Robert: Robert is the younger brother of Donald Trump. Manager of Trump Corporation and President of Trump Management On August 3, 2020, Robert wrote “Jeffrey Epstein is still alive” on his Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/UncleRobTrump/status/1290360605904232448). Blaine is Robert’s ex-wife of over 25 years. They divorced in 2007 when it was revealed that Robert had a mistress for whom he purchased a $4 million house in Garden City, NY. Blaine’s father was an executive at IBM.
Trump, Ivana: Donald Trump’s ex-wife (1977-1992) and mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. After their divorce, Ivana accused her ex-husband, Donald, of rape. Trump’s lawyers claim that she did not want her words “to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.” One of the conditions of her divorce settlement was that she wouldn’t talk about their marriage without Donald’s approval. In this (timestamped) video interview (https://youtu.be/qN8938c8puE?t=251), Maria Farmer, the sister of Epstein victim Annie Farmer and former employee of Epstein and Ghislaine who went to the FBI with Epstein allegations in 1996, says that Ivana was possibly involved in procuring children, although she couldn’t confirm.
Trump, Ivanka: Donald Trump’s daughter. Serves as Advisor to the President. Donates to Jewish charities and is a supporter of Israel, much like her father.
Trump, Robert & Blaine: See ‘Trump Blaine & Robert’ above.
Tucker, Chris: Famous actocomedian of Rush Hour and Friday fame. Tucker was on the infamous Africa flight with Epstein, Bill Clinton, and Kevin Spacey.
Turlington, Christy: Incredibly popular supermodel from the ‘80s and ‘90s who has worked for too many big name fashion designers and magazines to name. Jean-Luc Brunel, the (alleged) pedophile and child trafficker who sent three 12-year-old girls to Epstein for his birthday discovered Turlington and helped launch her career (https://nypost.com/2019/09/02/jeffrey-epsteins-model-scouting-pal-has-disappeared-without-a-trace/). Friends with fellow supermodel and all-around scumbag, Naomi Campbell, who is likely knee deep in Epstein’s child trafficking and pedophile ring.
Turnbull, Governor Charles: Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands from 1999-2007. Epstein’s Little Saint James island is located in the Virgin Islands.
Turner, Jenny: There is an excellent Reddit thread (https://www.reddit.com/Epstein/comments/hnmwbg/jenny_turner_pseudonym/) from u/rsarector that provides evidence that Jenny Turner is a pseudonym for Ghislaine Maxwell. Make sure to check out the posts further down the thread by aimhighairforce and DSyntax for more information.
Turner, Miles Creswell: Investment banker who used to work for Deutsche Bank and HSBC. Interestingly enough, a man (Leo Iravanian) was arrested for harassment because Cresswell-Turner testified that traffic lights were not dangerous after Iravanian’s wife was killed by an Express coach. Iravanian continuously called Cresswell-Turner’s Marylebone office accusing Cresswell-Turner of being a paedophile (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/man-waged-hate-campaign-on-witness-at-wifes-inquest-6536135.html).
Tyssen, (Chessy) Francesca: Art collector and estranged wife of Austrian politician Karl von Habsburg. The Habsburg family is one of the most powerful and wealthiest families in Europe. The Habsburgs are a Black Nobility family of very high prestige.
Urbiola, Jorge: Likely refers to the diplomat and author who serves as Deputy Chief of the Mission of the Kingdom of Spain in Ukraine.
Vahabzadeh, Iraj and Linda: Iraj was the eldest son of Dr. Mostafa Vahabzadeh, founder and owner of Kayhan Publishing Group in Iran. Lynda was his ex-wife. Iraj passed away in 2016.
Van Hauen Sophie: No info found, although the address (62 Frith St) is that of Circa, a gay bar in London.
Van, William Straubenzee: British Conservative Party politician and Member of Parliament who died in 1999. After his death, it was discovered that van Straubenzee was named in documents pertaining to British politician child abuse (https://www.independent.co.uk/news-14-0/westminster-child-abuse-allegations-mp-with-a-penchant-for-small-boys-gave-his-word-he-was-not-a-10408985.html). Van Straubenzee was also a longtime friend of Princess Diana (https://www.insider.com/princess-diana-documentary-revelations-2017-7#she-read-trashy-romance-novels-2) and the uncle of Thomas van Straubenzee (lifelong friend of Prince William) and Charlie van Straubenzee (Prince Harry’s best friend).
Varsavsky, Martin: Argentine entrepreneur who has founded many companies, including Medicorp Sciences (biotechnology) and several telecommunications outfits.
Velasquez, Patricia: Venezuelan model/actress who appeared in print ads for Victoria Secret. Photographed here (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/carole-radziwill-patricia-velasquez-and-ghislaine-maxwell-news-photo/608144434) with Ghislaine Maxwell and Carole Radziwill, who is also listed in Epstein’s contacts (check the ‘R’ thread) and is/was a good friend of Maxwell.
Verdin, Julia: British film producer, casting director, and actress. Has been a friend of Ghislaine’s for decades, as evidenced by the photo of the pair, which was taken in 1986 (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8490447/Ghislaine-Maxwell-fall-sits-cell-photos-reveal-society-life.html). Verdin owned a house on the Sunset Strip in the early 1990s. She lived there with Birgit Cunningham and actress Elizabeth Hurley, who seems to be embroiled in Epstein and Maxwell’s world. The house was known as “party central” and was frequented by the likes of Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1349953/Lord-Strathclyde-affair-blonde-Birgit-Cunningham-I-feel-used-says-single-mum.html).
Verdin-Mulot, Annie & JP: Annie is a marketing director who has worked with Mulberry, Harrods, and Disneyland. She is the sister of Julia (above). Jean-Paul Mulot is a French journalist and former Deputy Editorial Director of Le Figaro, a daily newspaper in France. He is a permanent representative to the UK in the Hauts-de-France region. When confronted with his Epstein connections, Jean-Paul said that he only met him once 15 years ago and that his wife went to Oxford with Ghislaine Maxwell (https://fr.theepochtimes.com/un-ancien-directeur-du-figaro-cite-dans-le-carnet-noir-depstein-1001372.html). Close with former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who served from 2007-2012.
Veronis, Jane: Jewelry designer. Her father is the co-founder of Veronis Suhler Stevenson investment bank.
Villani, Carmine S: President of Milestone Capital, an investment firm. Also President of Europower Renewable Energy Ltd.
Villeneuve, Jacques: Formula 1 race car driver. Epstein has many F1 contacts.
Vittadini, Emanuele A: No info found, but one of the emails listed traces back to arc-intl, which is a world-renowned glassware company.
Vittorelli, Dott. Marco: Chairman of Openjobmetis, an Italian job recruitment service. Also serves on the Board of Directors of Pallacanestro Varese, an Italian basketball club.
Vittoz, Martine: No info found.
Vittoz, Patrick: Director of Exploit Information Technologies, which specializes in website promotion, search engine submission, and hosting. Patrick has been an architectural consultant at his family’s business for 41 years.
Vittoz, Vonnic: No info found.
Vivian Smith, Charles: Investment banker. Currently the 5th Baron Bicester.
Von Habsburg, Francesca: Listed earlier in this thread under Tyssen, (Chessy) Francesca.
Von Hase, Bettina: Independent consultant and writer on art and culture. Daughter of a former German ambassador to the UK. Bettina’s ex-husband of 30 years, John Varley, is a trustee of The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation.
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2020.03.03 06:12 hipsterrorism A list of people my X(!!!)MIL freaked out...

In honor of my divorce being finalized, I decided to make a list of people my ex-MIL freaked out with her crazy...this list covers the first time we met... I have so many more!
  1. The airport baggage handlers she pretty much accosted to get her “baaaaby”’s luggage before everyone else
  2. The ticket taker at the Christmas light show, when she insisted on adding “my DIL in waiting” to their membership, despite us living 1400 miles away. 2A. The ticket taker at the Christmas light show, when she added me to the membership as “OP My already-hyphenated last name-her last name, so triple hyphenated it. Think Jane Doughnut-McGillicutty-MILslastnane. 2B. Me, when she word vomited in the poor ticket taker’s face and made my already long AF last name even longer
  3. My husband (and me), when she tried to finagle an invitation to move in with us with all the tact of a nazi stormtrooper
  4. The cop that pulled her over for blowing through a red light, after he asked why she wasn’t paying attention. She said she was distracted by her sons in the back seat arguing... they were 25 and 26 and BIL was in his navy dress uniform.
  5. The guy at the antique shop when she asked if the creepy Victorian era child’s coffin he was selling “was used?”
  6. The waiter who asked if we were celebrating anything special and she said, “we got engaged!!!” We, of course meaning her, her son, and myself. 6B. Me again, when right after we announced our engagement, I realized she’d bought herself a QVC ring that was a stone for stone knockoff of mine.
  7. My very pregnant and hormonal SIL, who received a care package from MIL (while her husband was deployed) “with some of BIL’s favorite childhood memories!” One of these “favorite memories” was the orthopedic foot braces BIL wore as a baby because he was born with two clubbed feet. 🧐
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2020.02.13 06:36 jordannimz The last post about predictions of future stars was removed and I spent a lonnnnnggg time typing my response, so does anyone else listen to anyone they think has the potential to blow up in the next few years?

Ok so there's this indie-pop girl, her name's Taylor Swift and I think she's going to blow up realllly soon 👀
Actually though, I'm going through the super-talented-but-small artists that I listen to, and here are my thoughts:
Allie X is decently well-known on popheads and gay Twitter, but the GP has never heard of her, and I think she has this crazy star power potential, it's just if it's the kind that the GP will be able to latch onto. But with this pure pop renaissance that's starting these past few months, I think she could catch on with Cape God. If nothing else, it deserves the Grammy for Best Recording Package. Like the art is incredible. Tied with Gaga for my favourite artist of all time.
Michael Medrano is starting to become more and more popular lately, with his past two singles, Fluids and Bump This, gaining a lot of traction. His sound is a cool mixture of pop, dance, r&b, and a little bit of hip hop in there, that I think the GP will really enjoy, while being different and interesting enough to not be forgettable.
Another person you might already know is Alice Chater; she did a song with Iggy Azalea last year, and it was SUCH a bop! However, her solo stuff is also incredible, and while she doesn't have a ton of stuff out yet, it's all so good! Again, this pure pop renaissance might be the perfect time for her to break out into the GP's radar! She is super talented; she's an incredible singer and dancer... whistle notes, belts, high-energy choreo — this girl can really do it all.
Tierra Whack is also a little well-known; she performed at Coachella last year(? Two years ago? idk), but I've honestly never heard anyone talk about her. She is undoubtedly one of THE most talented rappers I have heard in my life. She has such unique flows and I honestly cannot believe that no big song has featured her yet??? She did have a verse on one of the best songs on The Lion King: The Gift, but again, they be like, crickets! Also, her 15-minute album and accompanying video are one of the most interesting projects I've seen in a while, just from the concept alone.
Zolita is my favourite underground lesbian pop girl and I stg she needs to make it big. I saw her live last year at a tiny show as the opening act for Xylø, along with Jane Holiday, and I may be most definitely am biased, but I think she was the best performer there. The energy she had on stage was incredible, and she sang the entire bridge of her song Explosion directly to my face, like a foot away from me. Probably the best concert I've been to. Her newer music is pure pop bliss, with a bit of a dark edge. Also, she has new music coming out on Friday, and you all should listen to it pls.
I've been following Michelle Treacy for a long time, and I've kinda become internet friends with her?? Her 2016 song Armageddon was pretty big here in Canada, but then she kinda fell off everyone's radar (except mine because I stan someone very easily and I'm a loyal bitch). Last year, she won the last episode of a Canadian music show called The Launch (Season 2) with her song Emotional (which was a pretty good show; every episode was a standalone, and you got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes aspects of recording the songs, but the one downfall of it is that Sc*tt B*rchetta is the executive producer I think, and he's on the show... this was before ...everything came to light though, anyway, I completely digress). Emotional was, I think, my second-most-played song on last year's Spotify Wrapped. In my opinion, she has a lot of star power to her, and I just hope she can get the exposure to bring her to the next level.
Lastly, Qveen Herby (prounounced "Queen", if you were wondering) is another artist that gets a bit of exposure here on popheads, so you may have heard of her as well. She's yet another very talented rappesinger; she was the girl in Karmin years ago with her now-husband. Now, he's her producer, and she's rebranded as an R&B/rap girl. Like, the girl can rap. Also, she can sing. She also puts out a lot of content; she released her EP1 in 2017, and EP7 already came out at the end of last year. She just posted a live version of her song Mint, and it's fantastic (and a super different interpretation from the album version). Like, the GP needs to discover her because they are missing out. Again, I need to see her featured on some big-name artist's track. I don't even think she has any songs she's featured on. But there's just something about her music... I swear every time she shuffles on, I need to go listen to her entire discography. Like she's that good.
What about you guys? Are there any other small artists that you listen to that you think could become a huge star?
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2019.12.17 17:20 autobuzzfeedbot Kate Middleton wore a $2,000 floral Emilia Wickstead dress for Mary Berry's Christmas special. Here are 13 of her best floral looks, ranked by price.

  1. She made floral formal with this off-the-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown at the BAFTAs in 2017. The dress is now sold out, however, it has been listed on resale site Lyst for as much as $4,655.
  2. Kate is clearly a big fan of Erdem. She opted for one of the designer's more vibrant evening gowns — a $4,560 floor-length dress — to a gala dinner in 2015.
  3. She rocked this royal favorite during an outing with the Queen earlier this year. The $3,310 Erdem dress has also been worn by Princess Beatrice and the Duchess of Kent.
  4. The duchess wore this $2,000 Emilia Wickstead dress to visit the Back to Nature garden in London with Mary Berry in September. Footage from the day out was used for their BBC One Christmas special.
  5. The same year, she chose a $1,950 olive green dress for a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show. Tying back her trademark bouncy curls, Kate kept her hair and makeup simple for this look.
  6. She channeled Princess Diana in this $1,750 Prada dress while paying tribute to the royal at her memorial garden in London back in 2017. The dress is almost identical to one Diana wore to her wedding rehearsal in 1981.
  7. It wasn't the first time Kate added a floral touch with a headpiece, either. At Royal Ascot this year, she paired her powder blue dress with a matching Philip Treacy fascinator. Although the exact piece doesn't appear to be available online, similar designs are being sold for $1,230.
  8. She changed things up with this orchard-inspired headpiece at Prince Louis' christening last year. The Jane Taylor accessory comes at a hefty $1,180.
  9. This $498 pussy-bow dress is one of Kate's more feminine looks. She wore the Kate Spade number to engagements on world mental health day with Prince William and Harry in 2018.
  10. The royal kept things casual in this $314 floral print shirt with a pair of beige trousers for the opening of her Back to Nature Garden earlier this summer.
  11. Kate wore this $300 poppy print dress by LK Bennett during a tour of Australia in 20110.
  12. The duchess opted for a $180 Michael Kors dress to drop Princess Charlotte off at her first day of school in September. She completed the look with a black belt and navy heels.
  13. Kate wore this $129 flowy midi dress for a family day out earlier this year. This has to be one of her most affordable looks yet, from high street brand & Other Stories.
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2019.09.11 18:51 autobuzzfeedbot Kate Middleton just rocked a $2,000 floral Emilia Wickstead dress. Here are 12 of her best floral looks, ranked by price

  1. She made floral formal with this off-the-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown at the BAFTAs in 2017. The dress is now sold out, however, it has been listed on resale site Lyst for as much as $4,654.
  2. Kate is clearly a big fan of Erdem. She opted for one of the designer's more vibrant evening gowns — a $4,560 floor-length dress — to a gala dinner in 2015.
  3. She rocked this royal favorite during an outing with the Queen earlier this year. The $3,310 Erdem dress has also been worn by Princess Beatrice and the Duchess of Kent.
  4. The same year, she chose a $1,950 olive green dress for a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show. Slicking back her trademark bouncy curls, Kate kept her hair and makeup simple for this look.
  5. She channeled Princess Diana in this $1,750 Prada dress while paying tribute to the royal at her memorial garden in London back in 2017. The dress is almost identical to one Diana wore to her wedding rehearsal in 1981.
  6. It wasn't the first time Kate added a floral touch with a headpiece, either. At Royal Ascot this year, she paired her powder blue dress with a matching Philip Treacy fascinator. Although the exact piece doesn't appear to be available online, similar designs are being sold for $1,230.
  7. She changed things up with this orchard-inspired headpiece at Prince Louis' christening last year. The Jane Taylor accessory comes at a hefty $1,180.
  8. This $498 pussy-bow dress is one of Kate's more feminine looks. She wore the Kate Spade number to engagements on world mental health day with Prince William and Harry in 2017.
  9. The royal kept things casual in this $314 floral print shirt with a pair of beige trousers for the opening of her Back to Nature Garden earlier this summer.
  10. She wore this $300 poppy print dress by LK Bennett during a tour of Australia in 2019.
  11. The duchess opted for a $180 Michael Kors dress to drop Princess Charlotte off at her first day of school earlier this month. She completed the look with a black belt and navy heels.
  12. Kate wore this $129 flowy midi dress for a family day out earlier this year. This has to be one of her most affordable looks yet, from high street brand & Other Stories.
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2019.01.05 14:53 areohdeee Memes Gear - gqzlpdrbmfxopgqynt - Meme Merch.

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