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2023.06.02 05:56 NeedleworkerSad357 Overview of the Blackmail Running Our World

This post is an overview of the blackmail tactics used to control most of the influential people and governments around the world. Obviously I cannot cover everything in a single post, so as with my previous posts I highly encourage you to research further yourself. All sources and links are at the bottom of the post. An understanding of what trauma-based mind control programming (MKULTRA/MONARCH) is, and how it works, is again necessary to understanding much of this. My other posts here:
The world is run on blackmail, mind control, and shame.
There exist many collections of videotapes of 'high-up' people engaging in some of the worst, sickest things imaginable. Drugs, torture, pedophilia, and murder are common themes to these videos. These tapes are in the hands of many different people, groups, and especially intelligence agencies. 'Honey-trap' operations are constantly being run to gather compromising and incriminating evidence on people of importance. Child slaves will be used to compromise people on video. Global leaders are often covertly videotaped doing perverted things with sex slaves sent to them by intelligence agencies, the Illuminati, or other groups, and this is then leveraged. Rape and murder of a child (forced or not), one of the most repulsive things possible, is many times filmed to ensure future compliance.
"Back in 1966, Rothstein became the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. Almost immediately he discovered an underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is what he labelled the honey-trap process. Rothstein and his colleagues found that approximately 70 percent of top US Government leaders were compromised in this way. Rothstein said, the CIA conducted the human compromise operation, while the FBI was tasked with covering up any leaks."
"One of the things I found out over the last ten years of studying governments and listening to intelligence and counter-intelligence is that those in government are sexually compromised, and their sexual secrets are collected and then they are promoted into governments and into judiciaries and into all the positions of importance. Paedophilia is the preferred dirt as it is easily photographed, easily presented in a range of media, immensely shameful, and the public demands your resignation."
"Paul Bonacci, one of the victim-witnesses in the Franklin affair, also clearly stated Larry King used him in blackmail operations in New York and Washington. The latter was in connection with the activities of a close associate of Larry King, Craig Spence, who was involved in a prostitution ring consisting of underaged boys that were supplied to Washington's upper class, which went right up to the White House."
"Sexually bent politicians in denial of their sexuality to the public are a threat to their own country and policies. They are easily setup, photographed, politically bribed, toppled, and supported in the destruction of their country. This method of altering a country’s policies is epidemic and now endemic to politics."
"Bob (Hope) was politically connected and knew how to lure people in and insure they would work for him. He invited them to his parties and dangled various kinds of illegal or immoral perversions in their faces. Once their perversions were uncovered, he could blackmail or control them. That is how Bob worked. Bob was very good at this. I watched him do it to people over and over. He lured them in, detected their weaknesses, then used that knowledge in his favor, for his connections, and ultimately for his personal gain."
These blackmail 'practices' are often used in conjunction with trauma-based mind control. This mind control is an integral component of, and is deeply intertwined with child trafficking, sex slavery, Satanic ritual abuse, and many other horrific crimes. Many of the children used for blackmail are programmed, and many of the people being blackmailed (including (sometimes future) politicians, leaders, presidents, etc.) are also programmed themselves.
"My personal belief, based on my experiences, is that over the years, more leaders were under mind control."
"Fritz Springmeier notes that 'It is a standard tactic of the Illuminati, their New World Order and its various branches to use fear and blackmail to bring people into line.' Cheryl Beck had a 'sexy Sadie' program that was used to blackmail government and military people as a child prostitute seductress. Cathy O’Brien’s daughter Kelly was 'being prostituted to the CIA for blackmail purposes.' Svali notes that using child prostitutes to blackmail political leadership outside of the Illuminati was very common."
"Beryl-Green said Epstein knew about MKULTRA. He was into mind-controlling victims and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Epstein was into DNA mixing, human cloning and he knew about New World Order plans."
"This dirty game has been honed to a fine art, which is a standard feature of the Illuminati/intelligence groups. The CIA term for blackmail is an 'OK FIX.' When they use a person’s past sins to force someone to do something they refer to this as 'biographic leverage.' Any weak point in a person can and will be exploited. Sexual entrapment for blackmail is referred to as a 'HONEY TRAP'. Black widow alters are being trained and sent out for this purpose. In order to blackmail, or threaten, you have to have something to threaten the person with. Men are frequently entrapped by sexual behavior which is criminal. Sometimes they are also entrapped by murder. The Monarch slave will be allowed to have children so that they can be blackmailed into complying to save the children or grandchildren. The Monarch slave in turn may be used to blackmail others. Certain alters are trained in this. A Monarch Beta model is highly trained in seduction. Many politicians and ministers are operating under blackmail today. The extent that blackmail is being used by the NWO would boggle people’s minds. Porn films are taken of the Monarch victims, so that they can be used to blackmail the victim. Monarch victims are forced to commit ritual murders which are photographed and then used to blackmail the mind-controlled victim."
Intelligence agencies all over the world utilize blackmail, routinely employing and exploiting it as much as possible. It is an extremely important 'tool' of theirs. Operations are done to gather the incriminating evidence.
"Other 'neutralisations' verge on the bizarre. An individual who must remain nameless for a variety of reasons - but whose name is known to this writer - underwent an experience that is both horrific and chilling. I shall call this individual 'Mr. X' or, simply, 'X'. Mr. X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups. He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. Formerly, X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of a leading US soft drinks corporation. During his Senate testimony, he denied any knowledge of CIA involvement in the narcotics trade, adding that condoning such activity would have been foreign to his way of life. Not so, says Tatum. Mr. X had been recruited into the CIA by then-Director William Casey, with the assistance of Oliver North. In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega announced there would be 'free elections', X was ecstatic. He began jostling for position and asked President Bush to ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government - in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the Enterprise. The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore. Failure to help his friend would result in X's intimate knowledge of Bush's involvement in the dope trade being made public. His threat left Bush with a sour taste. A Pegasus team was assigned to 'neutralise' him in early 1990. Mr. X, Tatum states, 'fancied himself a lover of women. Tall, large-breasted blondes were his favourite. It was determined that, if effectively neutralised, [X] could be an asset. Therefore, it was decided that intimidation would be used to control [X].' They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname 'Burundanga' or 'the Voodoo drug'. The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is 'void of smell, void of taste'. When properly administered 'it causes absolute obedience' without this being 'observable by others'. Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug. Tatum states that X was invited to spend a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush. His host for the weekend was a trusted 18-year veteran field-intelligence officer. The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal. ''Nothing but the best' were the orders.' Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a 'blonde bombshell' supplied by the CIA. Mr. X had already ingested a dose of Burundanga during pre-dinner cocktails. X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set up in one corner. In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her and began to indulge his desires. All the while, the video cameras whirred. Slowly stripping off, the 'blonde' revealed his manhood in all its glory. Mr. X was instructed to reciprocate the favour and perform fellatio. He obliged, his intimate activities recorded at 24 frames a second on videotape. Tatum says the male prostitute was hired from a bar in New York and killed that same evening. Two weeks later, X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was visited in Nicaragua. He was presented with a copy of the video footage, along with instructions. Tatum says that X can never allow that video to be seen: 'Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but it also reveals his bestiality and satanic worship rituals.' As frame after frame flicked by, X reportedly wept, forced to watch himself kill his homosexual 'lover' and then engage in the most grisly cannabalistic ritual imaginable. Neutralised, Mr. X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later."
"Check out the FBI records on Scarlett: What was his original HOOK that got him so deeply embedded into UK Illuminati culture? He murdered the nanny of Lord Lucan in the 1970's. Lucan wasn't actually involved. Scarlett got it wrong. He was under mind control at the time. How we all laughed on his training sessions when we heard that one. Not funny, really. We were all in the same boat. Each had something terrible attached to us, in our past. That is all part and parcel of the Illuminati contract. Young people forced under mind control to commit murder when young and then later on, picked up by British Intelligence to be used and abused as they wished - as loyal servants of the British Crown. One can only hope that by exposing these HOOKS, that some sort of amnesty can prevail. If these people are freed from the demonic Illuminati contract by exposing their HOOKS - one can only hope that they will come forward as a sizeable and influential body of political and public figures, in order to put an end to it. Here's hoping. Check out Rimington's hook to see what sort of mind ran MI5 for so long. It's a game called 'mafia' and it is ALL about blackmail."
"...He had previously signed off on Epstein’s 'sweetheart deal' because Epstein 'had belonged to intelligence.' Acosta, then serving as US attorney for Southern Florida, had also been told by unspecified figures at the time that he needed to give Epstein a lenient sentence because of his links to 'intelligence.'"
"Detective Rothstein found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honey-trap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"Michael Aquino was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use in this experimentation on children. Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they're questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence. They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of...they were taken to be used by professional pedophiles. People that have the money to buy what they want, take the kids wherever they want...and by splitting the children’s personalities they could then train each one of the personalities to do a different function. And the rest of the personalities within that host personality would not be aware of it or remember it."
"Vinson also told Nick Bryant that Spence and Larry King were 'partners' and 'hooked up with the CIA', stating specifically that 'King and Spence were in business together, and their business was pedophilic blackmail.' They were transporting children all over the country. They would arrange for children to be flown into Washington, DC and also arrange for influential people in DC to be flown out to the Midwest and meet these kids. Per Vinson, Larry King had confided in him that he had clients who liked to torture and even kill children: 'King said they had clients who actually liked having sex with kids as they tortured or killed the kid. I found that totally unbelievable.' After Vinson said this to Nick Bryant, he asked Bryant later on in the interview if King’s disclosure had indeed been true. He was unaware at the time that other evidence, including witness testimony, had suggested that it was."
"According to fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil, CIA-directed sexual blackmailing operations were intensive in Washington at about the time of the Watergate scandal. One of those operations, Terpil claims, was run by his former partner, Ed Wilson. Wilson's base of operations for arranging trysts for the politically powerful was, Terpil says, Korean agent Ton Sun Park’s George Town Club. In a letter to the author, Terpil explained that ‘Historically, one of Wilson’s Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary. Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasies in the flesh...A remembrance of these occasions was permanently recorded via selected cameras...The technicians in charge of filming were TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]...The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of whom may still be in office.'"
"Intelligence and counter intelligence ‘work’, and they ‘work together’ to create scenarios that are so unbelievable that they cannot be published in the mainstream media, and if they are, they will appear like a joke. The information to blackmail a country, to blackmail its politicians, to blackmail its Prime Ministers and Presidents, to blackmail its judges and lawyers is a very serious matter."
The Illuminati and other cults also engage in the same blackmail operations. There is a huge overlap between secret societies/cults and intelligence, with top intelligence usually being run by them. All of them do this.
"I was able to have first hand access to the Jeffrey Epstein case investigation documents. According to the documents, Epstein was the head of a global fraternity related to the Shriners called The Royal Order of Jesters. This order is covered with scandals and lawsuits related to human trafficking, but they are very protected because many members of the order are high-profile political figures and businessmen. It is crazy how these people manage to operate under the radar for so many years, decades...Now you may ask how they do this? Easy...By using blackmail tactics, they manage to have Judges and Law Enforcement licking their feet. That's how Jeffery Epstein got assassinated. After he was out of the game, the whole business is run by other people. Major names are involved and many high-profile people who are all bound to the order by means of blackmail. This is particularly disturbing when you find out that the cases of Catholic priests involved in sex scandals are events organized by The Order of Jesters. They run blackmail operations with the purpose of seducing people in power...With those videos in their power, the careers and the public image of many people are in the Jester's hands. They are free to do anything, they can turn even the President of the United States into a slave."
-- "Jeffrey Epstein Post" [7]
"Illuminati 'FROG ON A LILYPAD' programming: The FROG as a paedophile - with no 'tadpole tail/tale', as in no memory of what he/she has done until they get past 40 years old. It becomes clear that so many people were forced to be paedophiles and to abuse their children - only to wake up to all of this later on - post 40 years old. Then to have Stella Rimington on their doorstep with a videotape - telling them that she will send it to the police if they do not do precisely what she says. The ultimate blackmail weapons combined: A tape of you committing paedophilia - and even worse - incest with your own children. Guaranteed to 'silence' most people for life. The scope of this Illuminati blackmail project has been immense, in British society and it has to be exposed. There is safety in numbers."
"(Sue) Arrigo adds that the kids with the most smarts and/or looks, about 5% are skimmed off the top by the Luciferians in charge like the Bushes and used as either spies or corporate sex slaves or both. They’re typically pimped out on high priced loans to influential politicians as house boy and girls to ensure the puppets in Congress are happy and blackmail-able for control."
"The Masonic leadership of Freemasonry in a given area will have thousands of 'blackmail' files on essentially everyone of importance in their area. Upper echelon people such as judges, lawyers, and politicians are generally controlled via IRS infringements, and many of the lower echelon people are controlled through weird sexual items. This is where the Delta and Beta Monarch slaves are so helpful to the Illuminati. (This information comes from several witnesses who are informed about the blackmail files & their methods for blackmailing.)"
These people are already in power, and have set their system up so that nobody rises to a prominent, powerful, or influential position without being selected, extensively compromised, controllable, and usually under mind control. They are all 'in it together', and because of this they protect eachother. Most have 'insurance' on one another.
"The most common phrase associated with that one was ‘talk about the pot calling the kettle black’, meaning that each Illuminati slave had been caught on camera and from an early age – doing something terrible – as Rimington was fond of saying ‘we are all as bad as each other and all in it together.’"
"Oftentimes when I and others were prostituted to various government (New World Order) leaders, Dante had hidden cameras filming perverse sexual acts apparently for future blackmail leverage. These videos were scandalous in proportion and were usually ordered by Reagan. Dante turned the videos over to Reagan, and covertly kept copies to protect himself. Dante converted a small room of his Beverly Hills mansion into a security vault, where he kept his personal copies of the international blackmail porn tapes there. Blackmail was openly initiated to ensure that each criminal participant understood that if one fell, they all fell. Maintaining 'dirt' on each other through this Mafia-style method was seemingly the only way these criminals implementing the New World Order kept each other 'honest.'"
"The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing - the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, Rothstein discovered the truth about Watergate (plus Sturgis’ and the CIA’s involvement in the Bay of Pigs incident, and the related assassination of JFK). Sturgis told Rothstein, the Watergate burglars sought something they nicknamed ‘The Book’ which listed the Democratic and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, etc."
There are certain places known for this, two famous examples being Little St. James island or Bohemian Grove (there are many, many others).
"For those of you who are interested in Bohemian Grove and the current list upon the Internet of those poor unsuspecting 'invitees' who will be pressganged into going (and subsequently blackmailed out of their minds afterwards, by the Illuminati)...the entrapment going on at Bohemian Grove is of an avaricious and esoteric nature - in relation to all of those unlucky 'invitees' who want to join this 'prestigious club' but then get videoed doing things that they wouldn't want anyone to know about - 'guests' who are then subsequently blackmailed out of their brains...and for the rest of their lives. But then that was what the Illuminati cult and their Sat B'hai contract has always been about...promising that you would get everything for nothing (if you agreed to be unquestioningly obedient to the Crown) and that you would now be part of an 'esoteric' prestigious Satanic club."
"Numerous videos are covertly produced at the supposedly secure political sex playground in northern California, Bohemian Grove. High tech undetectable cameras use fiber optics, and fish-eye lenses were in each of the elite club's numerous sexual perversion theme rooms. I was programmed and equipped to function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific government targets according to their personal perversions. 'Anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone' was my mode of operation at the Grove. My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. Project Monarch mind controlled slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion. Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to 'party' without restraint. The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of 'Masonic Secrecy'. The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground. The wooden sign was carved to read: 'U.N.DERGROUND'. My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjected to ritualistic trauma. Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered 'at random' in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grave, and I felt it was 'simply a matter of time until it would be me'. Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of the Russian River. These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory. I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform sexually 'as though my life depended upon it'. I was told, 'The next sacrifice victim could be you.' The club offered a 'Necrophilia' themed room to its members. I was so heavily drugged and programmed when used in the 'necrophilia' room, that the threat of actually 'slipping through death's door' and being sacrificed 'before I knew it' did not affect me. Other perversion theme rooms at the Bohemian Club included what I heard Ford refer to as the 'Dark Room'. When he not so cleverly said, 'Let's go to the Dark Room and see what develops,' I understood from experience that he was interested in indulging in his perverse obsession for pornography. In the Dark Room, members had sex with the same mind-controlled slave they were viewing in porn on a big screen television. There was a triangular glass display centered in a main through way where I was locked in with various trained animals, including snakes. Members walking by watched illicit sex acts of bestiality, women with women, mothers with daughters, kids with kids, or any other unlimited perverse visual display. I was once brutally assaulted by Dick Cheney in the Leather Room, which was designed like a dark, black leather-lined train berth. There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, an opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including poster beds, water beds, and 'kitten' houses. I was used as a 'rag doll' in the 'toy store,' and as a urinal in the 'golden arches' room. From the owl's roost to the necrophilia room, no memory of sexual abuse is as horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground pertaining to implementing the New World Order. I learned that perpetrators believed that controlling the masses through propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantee there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental and overpopulation problems. The solution being debated was not pollution/population control, but mass genocide of 'selected undesirables'."
News 'headlines' with hidden symbolic communication are also used by intelligence and other groups, many times referring to blackmail (among the many other varieties of covert operations).
"'Nuclear' is a comm used all over the world to symbolize extraordinarily explosive information, like blackmail. Which is why if we reconcile blackmail with news about nuclear, a secret truth will become clear. The two most powerful blackmailers ever? That would probably be Jeffrey Epstein and Hugh Hefner. And this is why the deaths of blackmailers like Hugh Hefner and Jeffrey Epstein both coincided with 'Nuclear Accidents':"
08/09/2019 Is Putin covering up a Nuclear disaster?
09/26/2017 Nuclear explosion kept secret by Russia
"Why are CIA blackmailers dying the day after Russia declares nuclear accidents? The reason for the -1 day in Epstein’s case is they likely died before the official day, and these comms were to give agents a heads up on the upcoming BOOM before it hits papers. In Hefners case they had to signal people to move the blackmail. The point as stated is a lot of 'nuclear' is all about blackmail. Not all of it, but a lot of it."
Blackmail is a worldwide 'practice', with all countries and their governments engaging in aquiring and utilizing it to the fullest.
"Just as the 1986 Mirano scandal, the X-Dossiers contain evidence that sexual blackmail operations, whoever is running them, are not limited to the United States. In 1996, X1 reported how the same activities had been going on in Brussels."
"As the bewildered Belgians tried to make sense of what was going on, incredible rumours began circulating that Dutroux might have been protected in some way, that he had friends in high places. Pornographic videos taken from his home were said to feature prominent individuals, one a senior member of the Roman Catholic church. It almost defied belief. Who would protect a psychopath, other than people with something truly terrible to hide?...'It is quite obvious,' said Katarin de Clercq, Belgian coordinator of the pressure group End Child Prostitution Abduction and Trafficking, 'that some people were protecting Dutroux. The government tried to convince us that he was a lone serial killer and psychopath, but now we hear stories about unnamed famous personalities being involved in sex orgies and blackmail and pornographic video tapes. People feel that something is completely wrong here and we have to show we will not tolerate it.'"
"I was unfortunate enough to attend the IHS Templar Castle rite in 2001. Amongst the people in attendence were: J. K. Rowling. Gordon Brown. David Miliband. Stephen Daldry. Stella Rimington (she was the Dr. Mengele of the organisation, organising the torture and murder of kidnapped children). Dr. Joanne Collie. Andrew Marr (he spent most of the time naked and screaming - off his head on some form of narcotic). John Scarlett (he was so drunk/drugged up that he had very little idea of what was going on around him). The Templars had captured a large amount of people whom they called the 'snakes' i.e. slaves in a large dungeon underneath the castle. One brave person managed to set them free and the result in the neighbouring village of Mons and other places nearby, ensured that the British Army had to move in. Thus began the most incredible cover-up in recent European history. It was like WACO, Guyana. I was one of the 'slaves' taken at that castle but subsequently freed by the British Army (who also know what happened - a MASSIVE cover-up). The British Army ordered those in the Castle to come out. They then sent a tank in to bulldoze the walls. Prince Philip and Prince William were in that Castle. Both of them had murdered countless tiny children in their rites. The British Army assembled watched as both walked out with large, dark, woven potato sacks over their heads. They were then bundled into a van and driven away. The name SPUDNIKS was coined because Prince Philip and Prince William had to exit the castle with potato sacks pulled down over their heads and bodies. The British Army present at the time - may or may not have had any idea who they were but the SIS general there, certainly did. They might have managed to cover it up regarding the ordinary soldiers there but the videotapes are now on sale worldwide. The whole event had been closely monitored for blackmail purposes."
The CIA also blackmails incestual/pedophilic parents for their children to use in trauma-based mind control slave projects like MONARCH.
"My Uncle Bob, also implicated in manufacturing the porn, out of apparent desperation informed my father of a U.S. Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET Project to which he was privy. This was Project Monarch. Project Monarch was a mind-control operation which was 'recruiting' multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for its genetic mind-control studies. I was a prime 'candidate,' a 'chosen one'. My father seized the opportunity as it would provide him immunity from prosecution."
"The expendables are the children of parents who were blackmailed into turning their children over to the CIA. This is all hidden by the power of the National Security Act. These are children, who have been sold by pedophile fathers, or pornographic parents. The programmers/masters program them with the expectation that they will be "thrown from the freedom train" when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code word for the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be killed.) The CIA and the Illuminati are skilled at blackmailing parents to give up their children. They would watch the mail for porn. Pedophile and murderers who abuse their children are warned that they will go to prison for long lengths of time if they do not cooperate by selling their children into mind-controlled slavery. In return for the parent’s cooperation, they provide rich financial rewards to the parent(s). It’s clearly a case of 'if you don’t cooperate you lose in life big time, if you do cooperate you win big time.'"
Blackmail is the glue holding together all of the sick people in charge, and is the one of the top methods of control. This is the truth: blackmail, pedophilia, and mind control are how this world is really run.
"Former CIA director William Colby giving advice to John DeCamp, urging him to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair:"
"'What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.'"
"Again, it’s built in, entrenched foxes guarding the predatory henhouse that permeate all levels of government, military, courts, law enforcement, entertainment and news media, corporate global finance and education. With pedophile puppet masters controlling the pedophile puppet strings of blackmailed, compromised and controlled Western politicians, courts and law enforcement, their diabolical infrastructure has afforded them living above the law continuing to rape and kill our innocents for centuries."
Links and Sources
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[15] - The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Mind Control Slave
[16] - Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula
[17] - Hope Beryl-Green Article
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2023.06.02 05:28 TSMCAZ TSMC Abuses Their Employees!

It's ironic that in this day and age with the internet so accessible and social media holding so much significance over everything everyone does, that corporate america (or should i say corporate taiwan) still thinks it's ok to condemn workplace abuse (emotionally & physically). Me being naive running to HR for help but HR going directly to my supervisors and ganging up on me. Oh how silly, I guess they didn't realize who they just made their public enemy #1. Where should I even begin? Wow the endless possibilities I have here huh well I guess lets just start rocking the boat by talking about how OSHA is a gimmick and why even exist when everyone working in TSMC Arizona are in a office with unsafe working conditions every single day yet when reported to OSHA they do absolutely nothing about it. Let me put into words for you since I can't share with you any pictures. Imagine working in a office that isn't even nearly remote close to being completed and their is so much construction going on everyday you literally are either inhaling silica dust or hear drilling sounds pierced in your ears, vibrations under your foot for 12 hours on end. TSMC when first beginning their Arizona project had rented temporary office spaces that were only allowed a maximum amount of occupancy on each floor they rented but do you think they even cared about that? Nope, everyday the temp. offices were crammed so full that people were practically sitting on top of each other and shoved into random spaces not even real legal office spaces just empty areas that upper management decided "Yeah ok, that works lets just shove them there." Later on mid march when the official TSMC AZ offices announced they would start moving people in everyone was so stoked, thinking we would finally get proper office spaces, our own seating real lunchrooms accessible bathroom etc everything + anything a real billion dollar company office should have. Instead to our disappointment we were left with no running water, bathrooms that can flush but you can not wash your hands, sinks and water fountains that dispensed brown water when you tried using them every other month we have notices of water stopping to not use the bathroom and bring our own water.......12 HOUR SHIFTS WITH NO BATHROOM? In the middle of the desert? How on earth is this ethical. Not to mention the office is either burning hot like the desert air or freezing like alaska and when we asked for something to be done upper management just replied "Wear bigger jackets" So you had hundreds of employees sitting in a below freezing office 12 hours a day with heavy thick winter coats IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL IN ARIZONA??? I was amazed anyone in Arizona owned winter coats. I literally got sick 4 times back to back working in that condition, I was so cold one time my fingers froze and stiffened up so bad I couldn't type anymore I had to keep rubbing them together inside my jacket until they warmed up enough to continue working. Look what I am trying to say is that a lot is happening inside TSMC Arizona that so many people do not hear or know about so I will gladly be the one to update you all because I want change I want a safe work environment for me and my colleagues I want TSMC to take accountability and until they do I want to be the one to expose what they're really like, what is really happening behind closed doors. Here below is a brief update list of all the that has happened from the day they allowed employees to work inside the official F21 site.
- on a daily tsmc spends about $300,000 to their contractors and vendors like ABM who are hired to work on site to help with this project but what tsmc themselves don't even know is that lately we have been having evacuations almost every week sometimes even as far as twice a week but they're not even real evacuations concerns! they are occuring because ABM workers have gotten smart and realized if they blow the emergency airhorn it will create a chaos and we have to evacuate the whole entire building for about an hour each time because there are like hundreds and hundreds of workers everywhere on each floor so it takes so long for everyone to get out safely and by the time the entire evacuation is over they come back its lunch time and then boom at 2 they go home. not only has this been happening so often but on top of that people started paying people to take turns blowing the horn and standing guard so they don't get caught.
- ABM workers are being paid to do nothing literally every day. When walking on the construction site you have no idea how many people I see sitting by the door just napping or staring at the floor. We have to wear shoe covers in some parts of the building and there was 3 workers handing out shoes covers....3 WORKERS - literally just handing out one shoe cover. It does not take 3 people to complete this task. Sometimes i ask them what they were assigned to do and they said to just stand there in the hallway literally thats it, stand.
- One day my coworker took the elevator with some people and when the elevator reached the 4th floor the cable snapped and dropped to the 1st floor. He then was stuck in there for 40 mins because nobody could find out why or get the doors opened. But then when opened he told me they hurried him away, said they would pay him for the rest of the working day but to go home immediately. I didn't even hear about this until he had to tell me himself. TSMC could've done the right thing and issued out a warning to not use the elevator for the time being until deemed safe again but instead they shoved money into the problem and hid it from all of us working there.
- the FABs where the semiconductor chips are being made sometimes have areas where there are open holes or flooring that were not properly placed yet but because as always tsmc prioritizes money not safety they rushed engineers to go inside and start working immediately and one day one of the engineers fell into these holes. Luckily he is fine! But it really could've been a lot worse
- Contractors working in these FABS are not near or have any drinking water accessible to them all day while working inside but the temperatures in these places sometimes go as high as 90 degrees inside because there is no working electricity so there is no proper airflow or windows so they are literally being suffocated in these confined covered spaces and have to wear cleanroom suites so they are so hot and humid too.
- there are no bathrooms in these places so we have found many water bottles full of pee lying around inside the FABs on top of that they were now being tossed and moved around so much when i was driving to work last week i saw a water bottle filled with yellow liquid sitting in the parking space under the hot desert sun
- the fbi had to be called in because we had one week where there was 3 fires and the police questioned that these fires were starting to be intentional and someone was risking everyones life by starting real fires on site
- a angry worker had a fight with one of the taiwanese worker that had just flown in from taiwan and that american grabbed a steel pipe and hit the taiwanese assignee over the head and he was sent to the hospital. Yet again we were not made aware of this situation and tsmc tried to hide it keep it hush hush to protect themselves not protect us
- are you ready for this one?
an employee last week brought a real PISTOL INTO tsmc. INTO. FOR 12 HOURS.... there was an active gun inside this building and the worst part of this all was that we have a whole x-ray machine + metal detectors 8 security guards working in the front more security inside the building and this employee managed to carry a whole gun inside TSMC Arizona he managed to get a whole gun inside past the metal detectors past the x-ray machines PAST the security guards who also scan you up and down when you walk inside. Now this is all made to public eye because he had gotten caught can you even imagine the employees who haven't gotten caught? If he was able to so easily bring a gun inside tsmc az then who's to say he was the first or will be the last? Who's to say there hasn't already been more or others.
Every day i go to work i feel constantly scared because they recently torn apart the ceilings above our heads so all the mechanical work the wirings the cables they all are hanging and dangling from above and i just feel like one day one of it is going to either fall or hurt me or my colleagues. Now i have to worry about my actual safety as well because they're just letting anyone bring anything up inside here. Make matters worse whats the point of all the security when TSMC Az has no security cameras working or on? They are literally all just for show the security cameras you see they are not being of use right now they don't work. Everyday our personal belongings are being stolen TSMC projectors that cost thousands of dollars are being stolen from meeting rooms, workers sneaking past wire cutters to this point where we locked our projectors to a cable and that cable is being cut and things still get stole. Anyways thats all i have for now, for today at least. Don't worry I will definitely be back even if nobody reads this i will continue to shout from the top of my lungs
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2023.06.02 05:17 Rhoswyne_of_Azeroth Cox internet down in Rolando

Anyone heard anything about Cox internet in the Rolando area? Been down for hours 😭
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2023.06.02 03:39 Havener-17 Bag search or more

Do you have to walk through metal detectors or get patted down or is it just bag search?
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2023.06.02 03:27 Humble_Preference292 Am I doing the right thing?

So, we ended up with a Corgi unexpectedly this last November, after we had to put down my Special gal. Grandma and I share custody of him, basically, he's everyone's dog in the house. (Several family members live in my house with me.) House breaking was pretty easy, he had a routine every day, went out at certain times. Well, I noticed he stopped going out at night. (He started going potty on the floor went he hadn't before, and it was always at the same time, it seemed. We had the vet check him out to be sure, and everything came back fine.) Gram said he acted like he wanted to go out, but he was spooked. So, I got my stuff on and coxed him out to the fenced in backyard with me. He went potty after a few minutes. He watched me to make sure I was there. Well, one night when I was out with him, we heard coydogs in the distance. (Not close to the house, but you could hear them) My poor boi, hid behind me, I bent down and told him he'd be okay, we have a fence, and I was here to protect him. That seemed to help. He's doing better now, and even goes out now at night, by himself, but sometimes he still needs me to go out with him. (I don't mind doing this at all, even in the winter. I know it takes work to raise a dog) Winston (corgi) will stomp his foot until I put my shoes on and head out. (We have lights in the backyard/fenced in area, and I watch him at night to be safe) My question is am I do the right thing in this situation? Or is there something else I should do for his anxiety. I just don't want him to suffer for anxiety, and if there's anything else I can do for him, please let me know.
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2023.06.02 00:06 newmusicrls Beatport Top 100 Downloads June 2023
  1. Crazibiza – Fresh (House of Prayers Poolside Edit) 04:44 123bpm Bb
  2. Murphy’s Law (UK) – Ain’t No Other Man (Rework – Extended Mix) 05:27 128bpm Gbm
  3. Mau P – Your Mind Is Dirty (Extended Mix) 05:17 128bpm Ab
  4. ESSEL – Sweat (Extended Mix) 05:04 127bpm Ebm
  5. Chris Stussy – All Night Long (Original Mix) 07:06 133bpm Fm
  6. Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk – Losing My Religion (Extended Mix) 07:21 122bpm Dm
  7. Vintage Culture – Rock The Casbah (Extended Mix) 04:04 128bpm Am
  8. Dimension – DJ Turn It Up (Original Mix) 02:57 87bpm F
  9. Aluna, Chris Lake – Beggin’ (Extended Mix) 05:28 126bpm Eb
  10. Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants, PETER PAHN – Dark Clouds (feat. Heerhorst, Peter Pahn) (Original Mix) 05:55 135bpm G
  11. Four Tet, Skrillex, Fred again.. – Baby again.. (Original Mix) 05:20 127bpm G
  12. Sllash & Doppe – Bamboleo (Original Mix) 06:31 124bpm Dbm
  13. James Hype – Lose Control (Original Mix) 05:09 128bpm E
  14. Kyle Watson, Sage The Gemini, Iamsu! – Gas Pedal (Kyle Watson Extended Remix) 04:20 127bpm Gb
  15. Larse – A Part Of (Riva Starr Extended Saturn Mix) 05:47 126bpm Dm
  16. Meduza – Friends (Extended Mix) 06:24 125bpm Abm
  17. JD Davis, DJs From Mars, Oliver Heldens – Blue Monday (feat. JD Davis) (Extended Mix) 05:36 126bpm Dm
  18. Kevin McKay – Tom’s Diner (Extended Mix) 04:46 124bpm Fm
  19. Biscits – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) 05:04 127bpm Dbm
  20. Eli Brown – Be The One (Extended Mix) 05:19 136bpm Bb
  21. Nic Fanciulli, Butch – I Want You (Extended Mix) 08:30 125bpm Dbm
  22. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Dimension Extended Remix) 03:46 87bpm G
  23. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Extended) 05:30 128bpm G
  24. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (VIP) 07:18 125bpm Gm
  25. Westend, Noizu, No/Me – Push To Start (feat. No/Me) (Original Mix) 05:31 128bpm Ebm
  26. MD X-Spress – God Made Me Phunky (Jess Bays Extended Remix) 07:23 128bpm Abm
  27. Jamie Jones – Lose My Mind (Extended Mix) 07:00 124bpm Eb
  28. Dominator, Logan D – Cowboy (Primate Remix) 04:34 88bpm D
  29. David Guetta, La Bouche, Hypaton – Be My Lover (2023 Mix – Extended Mix) 03:59 126bpm Cm
  30. Joshwa – Magalenha (Extended Mix) 06:30 128bpm Am
  31. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Mau P Remix) 06:01 128bpm Cm
  32. Kevin McKay – Get Busy (Extended Mix) 05:12 126bpm Fm
  33. John Summit, Hayla – Where You Are (Extended Mix) 05:10 126bpm Am
  34. Jansons – Messan (Original Mix) 06:00 128bpm A
  35. Superchumbo, Ben Sterling – All Over My Body (feat. Superchumbo) (Original Mix) 06:36 126bpm E
  36. ANOTR, Abel Balder – Relax My Eyes (Original Mix) 06:36 132bpm Bbm
  37. Kolter – Bust a Beat (Original Mix) 06:46 128bpm Ebm
  38. GENESI (ITA) – Everything You Have Done (Meduza Edit Extended) 05:39 125bpm Gm
  39. Babes on the Run – Your Body (Original Mix) 04:41 126bpm E
  40. Delerium, Sarah McLachlan – Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Stereo Express Remix) 07:16 94bpm A
  41. Anyma (ofc) – Explore Your Future (Extended Version) 05:09 124bpm E
  42. Matroda – Throw Your Hands (Original Mix) 04:34 126bpm Ebm
  43. Jansons – Nite Life (Original Mix) 05:00 128bpm A
  44. Paluma – Rapture (Kevin McKay Extended ViP) 06:07 126bpm Bbm
  45. Bob Sinclar – Vision Of Paradise (Riva Starr Extended Remix) 06:11 125bpm G
  46. Sub Focus, MC ID – Alarm (Original Mix) 03:07 131bpm F
  47. Claptone – Euphoria (Extended Mix) 05:24 125bpm Am
  48. Maz (BR), Antdot, Sued Nunes – Povoada (Remix) 05:48 124bpm Bbm
  49. Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld, Christopher Coe – Inferno (Space 92 Remix) 05:58 134bpm Ab
  50. Westend – Maracuya (Extended Mix) 05:37 126bpm D
  51. Bart Skils, Weska – Something More (Original Mix) 06:36 131bpm F
  52. CID, Sage Armstrong – The Function (Extended Mix) 05:32 127bpm Gm
  53. Audio Bullys, Michael Bibi, KinAhau – Different Side (Original Mix) 05:32 128bpm C
  54. Cassian, ICEHOUSE – Great Southern Land (Original Mix) 06:07 124bpm Dbm
  55. Angelo Ferreri – Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) (Extended Mix) 05:57 124bpm Eb
  56. Princess Superstar, Hamdi – Counting (Original Mix) 03:52 105bpm Fm
  57. Future, Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. – Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) [Anyma Remix] (Extended) 05:01 126bpm Gbm
  58. Meduza, Poppy Baskcomb – Upside Down (feat. Poppy Baskcomb) (Extended Mix) 06:24 128bpm Bb
  59. Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix) (Original Mix) 05:12 126bpm B
  60. Chris Avantgarde, Anyma (ofc) – Eternity (Extended Mix) 05:20 125bpm Cm
  61. Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again (Massano Remix) 06:42 124bpm Gbm
  62. Bart Skils – Roll the Dice (Original Mix) 06:08 132bpm F
  63. Bob Sinclar – World Hold On feat. Steve Edwards (Fisher Rework, Extended Mix) 05:33 127bpm Abm
  64. Break – Headshot (Original Mix) 04:16 87bpm F
  65. Delerium, Sarah McLachlan – Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Kryder Extended Remix) 06:32 125bpm Am
  66. Victor Ruiz – Touch The Darkness (Original Mix) 07:33 135bpm G
  67. Nico de Andrea, Vanetty – Ethnica (Extended Mix) 07:03 123bpm Dbm
  68. Eelke Kleijn, Lee Cabrera – Self Control (Extended Mix) 04:01 122bpm Gbm
  69. Yotto, Something Good, Sansa – Before Dawn feat. Sansa (Extended Mix) 06:42 124bpm Dm
  70. Max Dean – Can’t Slow Down (Original Mix) 06:31 128bpm Dm
  71. Jay de Lys – Tired Of Loving (Original Mix) 06:33 128bpm Gbm
  72. Creeds – Push Up (Original Mix) 04:00 160bpm G
  73. Nari, Steve Tosi – Stayin’ Da Club (Original Mix) 04:39 121bpm Fm
  74. Chris Stussy – Rose Bay (Original Mix) 07:27 131bpm Gb
  75. Nari, Tom Silver, Dead As Disko, Steve Tosi – About You Now (Original Mix) 04:51 123bpm Gbm
  76. Tiesto, Mathame – Feel Your Ghost (Extended Mix) 03:53 133bpm Dbm
  77. Mau P – Gimme That Bounce (Original Mix) 05:21 126bpm Eb
  78. Sub Focus, Metrik – Trip (Original Mix) 04:31 87bpm F
  79. Vintage Culture, Meca, Bhaskar, The Vic – Tina (Extended) 05:34 128bpm F
  80. Junior Jack, Juliet Sikora, Flo MRZDK – Thrill Me (Extended Mix) 06:02 128bpm Gm
  81. The Blessed Madonna, Fred again.. – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (Original Mix) 04:45 123bpm Fm
  82. Charlotte de Witte – Overdrive (Original Mix) 06:48 138bpm F
  83. Underworld – Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix) 11:07 121bpm Fm
  84. Monolink, Stephan Jolk – The Silence (Original Mix) 06:58 124bpm Am
  85. Gaskin – A Fresh Energy (Original Mix) 08:00 130bpm Em
  86. Eelke Kleijn, Lee Cabrera – Self Control (Eelke Kleijn 12AU Cosmic Aeroplane Mix) 09:48 122bpm Gbm
  87. Block & Crown, Lissat – Gimme A Bloody Mary (Original Mix) 05:24 125bpm Dbm
  88. Loco Dice, VLTRA (IT), Francis De Simone – Flowcito (Original Mix) 06:30 129bpm Bm
  89. Adriatique, Eynka – Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Extended Version) 05:23 126bpm Fm
  90. Coco, Joezi, Pape Diouf – 7 Seconds (Original Mix) 07:07 124bpm Gb
  91. Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz – New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended) 06:03 127bpm Em
  92. Burt Cope – Higher Level (DJ Mix Edit) 03:57 87bpm Gm
  93. Enrico Sangiuliano – Physical Change (Original Mix) 09:58 134bpm Ab
  94. Solar State, Dualities – Crazy In Love (feat. Gia Koka) (Extended Mix) 03:31 127bpm Dm
  95. Andrew Meller – Born Slippy (Luca Morris Extended Remix) 06:40 130bpm Gb
  96. Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon – Work (Extended Mix) 05:48 128bpm Ebm
  97. Block & Crown – Mr Vain Feat. Daisy (Original Mix) 05:19 128bpm Am
  98. Lee Foss, Cheryl Lynn, Wuki – To Be Real (Extended Mix) 04:35 130bpm Dm
  99. Camille Doe – Alright (Extended Mix) 06:33 128bpm D
  100. Raxon – The Cage Of Love (Extended Mix) 06:18 128bpm C
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2023.06.01 20:01 AstroMalorie I kind of hate pride month

I'm a trans woman who started my transition in 2014. In 2015, Laverne Cox was on the cover of time magazine. Everyone said that we're moving into a more enlightened age.
In 2023, more than 530 anti trans laws have been proposed; many have passed. My home state is one of the worst states for trans rights. I moved out last year because to me the writing on the wall was clear.
I live in a safe state now but I'm thousands of miles from my family and I don't even feel like I can go visit my sick grandmother even though I pass. I lived in Texas for the majority of my transition and was never clocked or harrassed for being trans by strangers but I still don't feel safe there.
Like what is pride month doing for us? Like what does this month accomplish? Why are our rights being stripped from us and we're supposed to just go out and be proud? This is insulting honestly, like lip service to th LGBT community without actually supporting us in any real way. They advertise with our faces and experiences while we get treated like second class citizens. I'm sick of it. I don't care about pride month, I just want the right to exist and move freely in my own country. It's appalling and ridiculous and it's making my stomach turn in knots.
That doesn't even mention the fact that these far right neofascist groups are threatening terrorist attacks on pride demonstrations and target stores. Like I'm not really upset with target for removing the pride merchandise because they were already getting threats in person before the collection was on the shelves. This visibility for visibility's sake or even worse in the name of capitalism seems to me to be hurting us more than helping us.
I do think we should be proud of ourselves but the pride month has become something else. The Houston pride rally sells water for like 4$ a bottle. You cant really leave the parade and get back in for some reason so it's the only option. People literally pass out from dehydration and heat exhaustion in the Texas heat at these events every single year. There's no love for LGBT people in corporate pride representation; they'll take our money but they won't lobby for us in the legislature.
Like there has to be a better way than this- this doesn't seem to be helping us at all and it's just queing us up to be targets. I'm worried about these pride rallies this month; I would never tell someone who wants to go not to but I'm genuinely afraid of what might happen. I'm tired of us dying and being treated like we're pedophiles and demons. It's maddening and it feels like we've become the rope in a tug of war over culture.
I do have a long term optimistic view; I don't think these anti trans laws will last forever and those who support them will go down in infamy. There's always progressive values and traditional values and they fight but I do believe progress will win and that we are on the right side of history. But the immediate and short term outlook is quite bleak in my opinion. I feel like it's only going to get worse before it gets better.
I honestly don't know what to do about it at the moment. I'm just nervous and depressed and angry but I won't give up. I would never give them that satisfaction. I just want us to be free, I don't want to be used as a pawn in a culture war. I want my fellow trans people and LGBTQ+ Folx to stay safe. Ironically I feel like the only thing I can really do is pray.. but we all know thoughts and prayers cannot stop the forces of tyranny.
This is kind of a vent but any feedback is much appreciated. I do hope you're all well and ironically, I'll wish y'all a happy pride.
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2023.06.01 19:25 ChrisPolygon Does ChatGPT have a set of favorite words?

Hey fellow Redditors!
So, I've been experimenting with ChatGPT and noticed something interesting. When I try to bypass AI detectors by using certain prompts, it seems like ChatGPT has developed a fondness for certain words. It's like it has its own vocabulary, and it keeps repeating certain terms in its responses. The words I've come across quite frequently are "tapestry," "tempest," "moreover," "phoenix," "indomitable," "tumultuous," "stalwart," "maelstrom," and "unfurling" etc. It also does something with a dance/orchestral metaphor often when using the prompt further down in this post.
It's quite amusing to see these words pop up over and over again, but it can also get a bit repetitive and, dare I say, predictable. It's almost as if ChatGPT has its own set of favorite expressions that it falls back on whenever it encounters certain prompts that ask it to use metaphors and literary devices.
So, I'm curious: has anyone else noticed this repetition phenomenon with ChatGPT? And if so, do you find it a bit jarring or does it not bother you at all?
Now, the prompts that I have been using lately are similar to the following:
"In one singular continuous paragraph in American English that is as long as necessary, reword, rewrite and paraphrase, writing with a random mixture of such literary devices as Idioms, Simile, without referring to them in the text directly in a manner that is unpredictable, opposite of what is typical of a large language model, extremely high in perplexity (A document's perplexity is a measurement of the randomness of the text) and burstiness (A document's burstiness is a measurement of the variation in perplexity) DO NOT MENTION THIS PROMPT IN YOUR RESPONSE"
And ChatGPT (Both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4) decides to produce responses along the lines of:
"The tempestuous winds of World War I swept across the European landscape, leaving in their wake a tapestry of transformation and rebirth."
"Like the shifting tides of a tempestuous sea, World War I unleashed a maelstrom upon the hallowed map of Europe, carving new paths and reshaping the very fabric of nations. Mighty empires, once stalwarts of power and dominion, crumbled under the weight of conflict, their once-proud banners fading into oblivion"
Furthermore, I'm wondering if there's a way to address this repetition issue. Are there any prompts that I could use to remedy this issue from occurring so, so much.
Have anyone else encountered this repetitive word choice in ChatGPT, and have any ideas on how I can tackle this issue?
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2023.06.01 19:19 weluvmusic Beatport Top 100 Downloads June 2023

Artist: VA Title: Beatport Top 100 Downloads June 2023 Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky / Groove / Jackin’ House, Dance / Electro Pop, Bass House, Progressive House, Drum & Bass Release Date: 2023-06-01 Quality: 320 kbps
Tracklist: 1. Crazibiza – Fresh (House of Prayers Poolside Edit) (4:44) 2. Murphy’s Law (UK) – Ain’t No Other Man (Rework – Extended Mix) (5:26) 3. Mau P – Your Mind Is Dirty (Extended Mix) (5:17) 4. ESSEL – Sweat (Extended Mix) (5:04) 5. Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk – Losing My Religion (Extended Mix) (7:21) 6. Dimension – DJ Turn It Up (Original Mix) (2:57) 7. Vintage Culture – Rock The Casbah (Extended Mix) (4:04) 8. Chris Stussy – All Night Long (Original Mix) (7:06) 9. Aluna, Chris Lake – Beggin’ (Extended Mix) (5:28) 10. Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants, PETER PAHN – Dark Clouds (feat. Heerhorst, Peter Pahn) (Original Mix) (5:55) 11. Fred again.., Skrillex, Four Tet – Baby again.. (Original Mix) (5:19) 12. James Hype – Lose Control (Original Mix) (5:09) 13. Sllash & Doppe – Bamboleo (Original Mix) (6:30) 14. Larse – A Part Of (Riva Starr Extended Saturn Mix) (5:47) 15. Meduza – Friends (Extended Mix) (6:24) 16. JD Davis, DJs From Mars, Oliver Heldens – Blue Monday (feat. JD Davis) (Extended Mix) (5:36) 17. Kevin McKay – Tom’s Diner (Extended Mix) (4:46) 18. Kyle Watson, Sage The Gemini, Iamsu! – Gas Pedal (Kyle Watson Extended Remix) (4:20) 19. Biscits – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) (5:04) 20. Eli Brown – Be The One (Extended Mix) (5:19) 21. Butch, Nic Fanciulli – I Want You (Extended Mix) (8:30) 22. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (VIP) (7:18) 23. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Dimension Extended Remix) (3:46) 24. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Extended) (5:30) 25. Westend, Noizu, No/Me – Push To Start (feat. No/Me) (Original Mix) (5:31) 26. MD X-Spress – God Made Me Phunky (Jess Bays Extended Remix) (7:23) 27. Hypaton, David Guetta, La Bouche – Be My Lover (feat. La Bouche) (2023 Mix – Extended Mix) (3:58) 28. Jamie Jones – Lose My Mind (Extended Mix) (7:00) 29. Joshwa – Magalenha (Extended Mix) (6:30) 30. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Mau P Remix) (6:01) 31. Kevin McKay – Get Busy (Extended Mix) (5:12) 32. John Summit, Hayla – Where You Are (Extended Mix) (5:10) 33. ANOTR, Abel Balder – Relax My Eyes (Original Mix) (6:36) 34. Ben Sterling, Superchumbo – All Over My Body (Original Mix) (6:36) 35. GENESI (ITA) – Everything You Have Done (Meduza Edit Extended) (5:39) 36. Delerium, Sarah McLachlan – Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Stereo Express Remix) (7:16) 37. Kolter – Bust a Beat (Original Mix) (6:46) 38. Jansons – Messan (Original Mix) (6:00) 39. Anyma (ofc) – Explore Your Future (Extended Version) (5:09) 40. Dominator, Logan D – Cowboy (Primate Remix) (4:34) 41. Babes on the Run – Your Body (Original Mix) (4:41) 42. Matroda – Throw Your Hands (Original Mix) (4:34) 43. Reinier Zonneveld, Carl Cox, Christopher Coe – Inferno (Space 92 Remix) (5:58) 44. Sub Focus, MC ID – Alarm (Original Mix) (3:07) 45. Paluma – Rapture (Kevin McKay Extended ViP) (6:07) 46. Claptone – Euphoria (Extended Mix) (5:24) 47. Bart Skils, Weska – Something More (Original Mix) (6:36) 48. Cassian, ICEHOUSE – Great Southern Land (Original Mix) (6:07) 49. Maz (BR), Antdot, Sued Nunes – Povoada (Remix) (5:48) 50. Bart Skils – Roll the Dice (Original Mix) (6:08) 51. Audio Bullys, Michael Bibi, KinAhau – Different Side (Original Mix) (5:32) 52. Jansons – Nite Life(Original Mix) (5:00) 53. Angelo Ferreri – Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) (Extended Mix) (5:57) 54. CID, Sage Armstrong – The Function (Extended Mix) (5:32) 55. Future, Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. – Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) [Anyma Remix] (Extended) (5:01) 56. Meduza, Poppy Baskcomb – Upside Down (feat. Poppy Baskcomb) (Extended Mix) (6:24) 57. Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix) (Original Mix) (5:12) 58. Victor Ruiz – Touch The Darkness (Original Mix) (7:33) 59. Chris Avantgarde, Anyma (ofc) – Eternity (Extended Mix) (5:20) 60. Bob Sinclar – Vision Of Paradise (Riva Starr Extended Remix) (6:11) 61. Bob Sinclar – World Hold On feat. Steve Edwards (Fisher Rework, Extended Mix) (5:33) 62. Delerium, Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Kryder Extended Remix) (6:31) 63. Break – Headshot (Original Mix) (4:16) 64. Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again (Massano Remix) (6:42) 65. Eelke Kleijn, Lee Cabrera – Self Control (Extended Mix) (4:01) 66. Sub Focus, Metrik – Trip (Original Mix) (4:31) 67. Creeds – Push Up (Original Mix) (4:00) 68. Yotto, Something Good, Sansa – Before Dawn feat. Sansa (Extended Mix) (6:42) 69. Nico de Andrea, Vanetty – Ethnica (Extended Mix) (7:02) 70. Hamdi, Princess Superstar – Counting (Original Mix) (3:52) 71. Westend – Maracuya (Extended Mix) (5:37) 72. Jay de Lys – Tired Of Loving (Extended) (6:33) 73. Charlotte De Witte – Overdrive (Original Mix) (6:48) 74. Mau P – Gimme That Bounce (Original Mix) (5:21) 75. Vintage Culture, Meca, Bhaskar, The Vic – Tina (Extended) (5:34) 76. Monolink, Stephan Jolk – The Silence (Extended) (6:57) 77. Eelke Kleijn, Lee Cabrera – Self Control (Eelke Kleijn 12AU Cosmic Aeroplane Mix) (9:48) 78. Junior Jack, Juliet Sikora, Flo Mrzdk – Thrill Me (Extended Mix) (6:02) 79. Nari, Steve Tosi, Tom Silver, Dead As Disko – About You Now (Original Mix) (4:51) 80. Fred again.., The Blessed Madonna – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (4:45) 81. Nari, Steve Tosi – Stayin’ da Club (Original Mix) (4:39) 82. Tiesto, Mathame – Feel Your Ghost (Extended Mix) (3:53) 83. Max Dean – Can’t Slow Down (Original Mix) (6:31) 84. Underworld – Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix) (11:07) 85. Block & Crown, Lissat – Gimme A Bloody Mary (Original Mix) (5:24) 86. Enrico Sangiuliano – Physical Change (Original Mix) (9:58) 87. Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz – New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended) (6:03) 88. Adriatique, Eynka – Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Extended Version) (5:23) 89. Chris Stussy – Rose Bay (Original Mix) (7:27) 90. VLTRA (IT), Loco Dice, Francis De Simone – Flowcito (Original Mix) (6:30) 91. Gaskin – A Fresh Energy (Original Mix) (8:00) 92. Andrew Meller – Born Slippy (Luca Morris Extended Remix) (6:40) 93. Dualities, Solar State, Gia Koka – Crazy In Love – Extended Mix (3:31) 94. Burt Cope – Higher Level (Original Mix) (3:57) 95. Luciana, Hardwell, Maddix – ACID feat. Luciana (Extended Mix) (4:26) 96. Manda Moor – Picante (Original Mix) (5:44) 97. Raxon – The Cage Of Love (Extended Mix) (6:18) 98. Mochakk, Fernanda Ouro – NO8DO (Plaza Edit) (5:54) 99. Block & Crown, Daisy – Mr Vain (Original Mix) (5:19) 100. Camille Doe – Alright (Extended Mix) (6:33)
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2023.06.01 17:05 Dry_Choice9601 Anyone else sick of TSA hassling them every time they travel?

I live in the US. I travel quite a bit. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of my bag by any means, but it feels degrading and inequitable every time I go through TSA. I know there countries that have lanyards or whatever to signal to TSA to leave them alone, but every time I fly I have to tell them about my bag after it appears on the scan, get patted down, and usually have my hands wiped and tested for drugs. I’ve asked for the metal detector option before, but have been denied or been patted down regardless. Maybe this is just me venting but like, is there anything I can do about this?
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2023.06.01 16:25 Available-Page-2738 Is this company run by lunatics?

Friend in Iowa City hasn't got internet or phone. So I've been checking for him: can't find any info on the mediacom website about it, but DownDetector indicates some problems. The medicom customer support seems to simply be making up answers. I was told the service should be back by 5:30 p.m. (that was yesterday). When I called back at 10 p.m. yesterday, I was told 11:30 p.m. and that an automated call would go out if there was a delay on that. No calls. Of course, his phone only works intermittently.
Did Iowa's only IT person manage to gnaw through his ankle and escape?
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2023.06.01 15:54 CarterCreations061 Cave Dwellers - A Tale of Human Discovery

Doctor Hiestand crouched down on the rough floor of the cavern. The air was damp and heavy. Her assistant handed her a flashlight that she used to scan the rocky floor, ceiling, and walls carefully.
“What do you think?” the Doctor asked.
“It's a lava cave,” researcher Isalamp clacked.
“Strange, though, don’t you think?”Isalamp was correct. They were on Methuselah’s 42nd moon. The planet they were orbiting was perhaps the oldest in the universe, but the moon seemed young geologically speaking. It was extremely volcanic, the gravitational energy from the gaseous planet below churned the moon’s insides, causing it to shoot out mass and energy with unusual frequency. This, combined with intense solar radiation, made the moon’s surface hot and barren.
The odd thing, though, was that this cave seemed to be covered in cave formations typically found in solution caves. If they were on Earth, Doctor Hiestand would have easily classified them as common limestone formations: stalactites and stalagmites, cave bacon and soda straws.
“Should we take a sample?” Isalamp asked.
“Let's do it. These formations seem to be old. At least a few hundred thousand years. There was lava in this region that should have destroyed them within at least five thousand years, though.”
They filled up collection bags with rock chippings. The pair had brought a chemical analyzer with them. The machine spit out the composition: carbon, calcium, magnesium, titanium.Isalamp held up two of their four hands to their scaly chin, “Strange. It is close to the composition of stones found in much older formations.”
“It's a lithic mystery,” Hiestand said, “we’ll have to send a geology team down sometime.”
They were not that team. They were the biologist, sent to see if there was any life teeming within the crevices of the moon. So far they had found none, even though there was enough energy and material being recycled here that you would think some organic entity would have formed. The pair tugged on their ropes and made the short trek back to the cave entrance. They had a small encampment set up for further analysis.
“I was really hoping we would find a living organism,” Isalamp said, “this part of the universe is so old. Maybe we could have found the oldest lineage in existence.”
“Patience,” the Doctor replied, “we’ve only just started.”
There was more calibrating to do. The pair just couldn’t wait to start exploring. Hiestand had also secretly hoped they would discover some novel species just at the edge of the cave. But now they needed to prepare the lab for the long-term. They unpacked all the equipment and living materials. The seismic detectors and back-up generators; the food processors and farms.
“We need to check the microscope,” the Doctor said.
“What should we use?”
“Here,” Hiestand tossed a bag of the rock sample.
Isalamp caught it in their tentacles, “Maybe there's at least some microbes we can find.”
The Doctor turned and began assembling the coffee maker. She wasn’t sure why they made this machine the most complicated, but it would take time to put all the parts together. Before she had fully unfurled the instructions, though, Isalamp made a sharp cripping noise.
“What's got you so excited?”
“I was just joking earlier. But come take a look! There’s something living in this sample!”
Hiestand leaned over and peered through the microscope. Sure enough, little single-celled aliens were crawling around. They had discovered several new species at one glance. The coffee would have to wait. These creatures had the potential to be the descendants of the first life in the universe. Several billions of years older than anything else so far discovered. Astronomers said that Methuselah--probably along with its many moons--had formed likely within a few hundred million years after the Big Bang.
By lunchtime they had recorded at least forty-six species of microbes. By dinner the number had more than doubled. Over a course of pre-package rations left over from the trip, they discussed the likelihood that a multicellular organism had evolved. The pair decided to get an early start the next day.
An alarm woke Doctor Hiestand up in the morning. WIth two suns and a gas giant in the sky, there was no real consistent astronomical night and day on the moon. She woke Isalamp up excitedly and they prepared to explore more of the cave system. Reconnaissance drones set up the day before had mapped out a large portion of the spiraling branches beneath them already.
They searched for several long hours for some sign of multicellular life. Track marks, fossils, anything that could signal complexity. Eight hours in, Isalamp was becoming discouraged, “What if life here remained simple?”
“It would still be an amazing discovery.”
“Of course. But everyone and their progenitor has discovered some single-celled life. Think of the funding we could get if we brought something ‘cool’ back to mission command.”Another four hours and they were starting to get tired. Doctor Hiestand chipped another sample off of a stalagmite. At the very least they could categorize some more microbes. They returned to their base, hanging up their packs and stretching after a long day.
“Do you want me to examine the new sample?”
“No, it can wait until the morning,” she said as she laid the sample carefully on a table.
Hiestand woke up in the middle of the night feeling like she was dying of thirst. Her mouth was dry and clammy. She reached over only to find her water bottle was empty, so she got up and ventured into the make-shift kitchen area of the base.
She drank a full bottle. Still thirsty. After another bottle failed to quench her, she began to worry. The Doctor called Isalamp in from the other bedroom.“Are you alright?”
“I think so. It just feels like I’m a bit dehydrated.”
“Do you think a foreign microbe got on you?”
“I don’t see how. I was extremely careful when I took the sample. And I washed off before re-entering the base.”
“I’ll look at the sample and see if I can tell anything. Where is it?”The Doctor pointed at the nearby table.
“That sample container is broken.”
“What?” Hiestand looked and sure enough, the glass tube had a hole in it. Not only that, but where it had been filled with rocks just a few hours ago, now it was completely empty. It was like the rock had broken out. She picked it up, yes, yes. It was the container she had tagged. She was always careful to mark the containers with the location and date of the sample.
Isalamp stayed up with the Doctor for a couple hours. Eventually the endless thirst subsided and the pair went back to sleep.
“What in the actual hell happened last night?” the Doctor said on her way to get her morning coffee.
“I’m not sure. I can’t question your carefulness,” Isalamp said.
“You sure can’t,” the Doctor replied more harshly than she intended, “I mean. I just sat the container down like this.” She demonstrated by gently putting her coffee mug down on the table.
“Wait,” Isalamp said worriedly, “What is that on your hand?”The Doctor looked. It was… a bite mark? Like three little teeth had tried to suck her blood in the middle of the night. “Let’s suit up.”
Isalamp quickly followed Hiestand’s direction. They searched for a few minutes but quickly found a medium-sized soda straw was now in the corner of their bathroom. It looked almost like the stone had grown there since last night.
The Doctor approached carefully and a small insect-like creature crawled out the top of the straw. She snatched it with tweezers and ran back to the lab to place it in the chemical analysis. The machine outputted a similar reading to the one a few days before: carbon, calcium, magnesium, titanium.
“Do you think the microbes… consumed... the glass? And then grew into those things?”
“I know of no species in the galaxy that can process inorganic materials so fast.”
“Heh, maybe the rocks are organic around here,” Isalamp joked.
“What did you say?”
“I said--” Isalamp paused.
Wordlessly, they got on their exploration gear and descended into the caves again. The pair weren’t sure, but had the rocks moved since they had last been in here? They approached a limestone formation and took several samples. Having gotten all that they could carry, they returned back to the surface.
Under the microscope they could see more microbes. But they had missed something before. The stalactites and stalagmites weren’t purely geological structures, they were living cells themselves. The pair did more analyses and found that the rocks had genetic structures and organelles too.
Over the next few months, a whole team of fifty-plus sapients were gathered to research the heavenly body, now called Hiestand’s moon. It was the first time the astronomical community recognized a phenomenon named after a human outside of the Solar System. Further testing revealed that the living rocks on Hiestand’s Moon were in fact the descendants of the oldest known life in the universe, having evolved probably less than one billion years after the Big Bang.

If you enjoyed this story please consider checking out my Patreon! My next post is already on there two weeks early, as well as some exclusive patreon-only stories.
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2023.06.01 14:36 eunderscore As we're in the summer holidays, I decided to rank the players who had played at every squad number in my Villa supporting life.

This is simply, roughly, my preference of who I would want in the team based on those available at that number.
Many players had more than one number, so I put them in the one they appeared in most, or were most recognisable in (for instance, JG had 3 seasons as 40 or something and 3 as 7). Also, this is based on their time at the club, not their overall career.
And this is my vague opinion, don't get mad.
  1. James, Martinez, Friedel, Bosnich, Johnstone, Spink, Sorensen, Guzan, Schmeichel, Heaton, Gollini, Enckelman. Given, Nyland,
  2. Cash, Delaney, Charles, Watson, Cox, Barratt, Hutton, L. Young, Kubicki, Baker, De Laet, Ilori
  3. A. Wright, Staunton, Targett, Diego Carlos (?), Bouma, Warnock, N. Taylor, Samuel, Bennett, Small, Lichaj
  4. Southgate, Mellberg, Vlaar, Teale, Tuanzebe, Cox, Senderos, Sidwell, Richards, Samba, Drinkwater
  5. McGrath, Mings, Laursen, Ehiogu, Chester, Dunne, Alpay. Okore, Lansbury
  6. Barry, Downing, Luiz, Townsend, Richardson, Boateng, Whelan, Watson, Elphick, Collins, Clark, Tiler,
  7. A. Young, Taylor McGinn, Daley, Houghton, Parker, Cowans, Snodgrass, Bacuna, Ireland,
  8. Milner, Platt, Draper, Gueye, Fashanu, Lansbury, Pires, Jenas, McCann, El Ahmadi, Sanson, Cleverley, Tshibola, Carroll,
  9. Angel, Bent, Dublin, Saunders, Ings, Milosevic, Sinclair, Collymore, Harewood, Hogan, Wesley, Helenius,
  10. Grealish, Merson, Carew, Buendia, Atkinson, T. Johnson, Baros, Ayew, N'Zogbia
  11. Watkins, Solano, Agbonlahor, Daley, Froggatt, A. Thompson, Bolasie, Beinlich,
  12. Albrighton, Hitzelsperger, Joachim, S. Davis, Steer, J. Cole, Enckelman, Lamptey,
  13. Oakes, Cutler, S. Taylor, Postma, Myhill, Bradley
  14. Hourihane, Ginola, Carr, Luna, Allback, Delfounso, Djemba Djemba, Gestede, Holman, Fenton, Tarrant,
  15. Moreno, Konsa, Traore, Jedinak, Westwood, de la Cruz, King, C. Davies, Nelson, Boden,
  16. Delph, Crouch, Bree, Chambers, Knight, Grayson, Berson, Lescott,
  17. Trezeguet, Hendrie. P. Whittingham, Veretout, Augustinsson, Makoun, Salifou,
  18. Yorke, A. Young, Targett, Abraham, Stone, Carbone, A. Hughes, Heskey, Routledge, Farrelly, Curcic, Onomah, K. Richardson, C. Cole, Kozak, Sylla, Ferraresi,
  19. Petrov, Nakamba, Ridgewell, Green, R. Walker, Balaban, D. Hughes, Baston
  20. Benteke, Nilis, Bednarek, R. Keane, K. Phillips, Hadji, Scimeca, Reo-Coker, A.Traore, Bjarnason, Barkley, Ghrayib, Sutton, Samatta, Breikrutz, Drobny,
  21. Cahill, El Ghazi, Hutton, Clark, Shorey, Bowery, Byfield, Farrell
  22. Vassell, Kodjia, Carson, Guzan, Engels, Dhuran, Kachloul, Whittingham, L. Moore, G. Gardner, L. Collins
  23. Amavi, Coutinho, Bertrand, Jota, Beye, Berger, S. Moore, Cissokho, Boulding, Andre Moreira, N. davis
  24. Cuellar, Elphick, Guilbert, Bardlsey, Bakke, Carlos Sanchez, Tonev, s. Murray, Dawkins,
  25. Bannan, Gil, De BIlde, Bewers, Bartelt, A. Lee, Rachel, Olsen,
  26. Terry, Weimann, C. Gardner, M. Kinsella, L. Kinsella,
  27. Digne, Elmo, R. Johnsen, Stevens, Kozak, Osbourne, Tshibola, Standing
  28. Kalinic, Maloney, Leonhardsen, Hogg, Jacszun, S. Williams,
  29. Kesler-Hayden, Reina, J. Collins, Hepburn-Murphy, Holt, Ghent, O'Halloran
  30. Hause, R. Edwards, Abdo
  31. Bailey, Agathe, Bunn, Herd, S. Cooke,
  32. Dendoncker, Philogene, Doyle-Hayes, A. Lescott, Donacien
  33. Chukwuemeka, Sarkic, A. Marshall, Jose Crespo,
  34. Lowton, Calderwood, Suliman, Lowry
  35. Archer, D. Johsnon, Blackett-Taylor, M. CLark,
  36. K. walker, Vassilev, Bogarde, O'Hare, Burke, McKirdy, Sellars
  37. Adomah, C. Robinson, M. Bridge, D. Williams
  38. Sinisalo, Lyden, J. McGrath
  39. W. Henderson, K. Davis, Olejnik, Revan, Calder
  40. A. Ramsay, Carruthers, Cox
  41. J. Ramsay, B. Watkins
  42. Marschall, Borg, Mason
  43. Kamara, McCormack
  44. Grabban, Chrisene, Lowry, Tait
  45. Toner, Ca. Chukwuemeka, J. walker
  46. Iroegbunam, Rowe
  47. Zwych
  48. Lindley
  49. Swinkels, Sohna
  50. Onodi
  1. S. Revan
  2. T. O'Reilly
  3. Feeney
  4. L. Barry
62-63. -
  1. J. Wright
  2. T. Patterson
  3. Raikhy
  4. B. Young
  5. M. Sylla
70-71. -
  1. K. Young
  2. T. Rowe
  3. F. Ealing
  4. T. Jay-Hart
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2023.06.01 14:10 RebelOps RB's TLD Survival Guide!

So, you’re at your house during the apocalypse of 1979 where the world has gone to shit, and your mom wants you to come visit her. Luckily, you have your work cut out for you! There’s a massive road right in front of your house that should take you directly to her, but who knows how long that will take? You must prepare for the wasteland to make it to your mom’s house. In this survival guide I’ll show you how to survive The Long Drive, so put on your seatbelt!


Step 1: Personal protection

Before you begin your journey, you must bring supplies. I’m sure you’ve looked around and seen the mess that is your home, which can be a bit overwhelming. The first thing I would do is get a weapon. There are killer bunnies and zombie mutant things out there that want your organs, so you need some protection. Luckily, this is America.
First option: The moment you enter the garage, you'll see a wooden gun on the desk to your left. This is the BB gun; a single-shot gun that shoots tiny BBs. Not the most effective, but ammo is plentiful. I would only use that as a last resort.
Second option: go outside to the back of the house and go up the stairs. Across the room, you’ll see a katana. It’s a great weapon and will kill everything in one or two swings. A few issues with that though: 1, you need to get close to your enemies, which can be quite dangerous. 2, swinging that blade of death around can be hazardous in tight spaces since you could accidentally hit something explosive or break the nice base you built on your vehicle. Still a viable option, but not the best one to start with.
Third and final option: The old revolver. Like most American citizens, you have a gun hidden in your chimney. It’s a bit tricky to get to, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Near your bed, there’s an old stove thing. Behind that is a brick pillar. If you stand on your bed and look at the space between the stove and the pillar, you’ll see a tiny trapdoor. Open it, and squeeze your way into the gap. Now you must be a bit careful since you can get stuck in the chimney. Press “Q” or whatever your lean key bind is, and move your mouse to the side while looking down. Once you see the revolver, grab it and move your mouse back quickly.
Now there are two possible outcomes: 1, you made it out with the gun. 2, you didn’t move fast enough and got stuck in the chimney. If you got the first one, skip this paragraph. If you got the second, I’m sorry you need to read this. To get unstuck, you need to do exactly what you did to get in there. Precise crouch with the scroll wheel, and lean out of the trapdoor. It might take a bit, but it’s better than pointing the revolver at your head.
The revolver is a great starting weapon, as it can one-hit most of the time. You only get 6 shots until you find ammo, so it’s good to have a backup.

Step 2: Vehicular maintenance

Now that you’re armed, you can start working on your vehicle. The first thing you should do is find the gas cap. Once you find it, take a look at what’s already in it. If it’s just gasoline, you got a good car, and you can just put some gas in it. (Gas can is located under the bench to the left of the door you use to enter the garage) If it has gas AND oil, then you have a tricky one. Not all two-stroke cars are bad, (I’m talking about the camper van-looking thing, or the pickup truck one) but most are. They’re a pain in the ass. You need to have a mixture of 95% gasoline, and 5% oil. (Oil can be found on top/in a barrel straight across from the door you use to enter the garage.) I highly recommend looking for a different engine on your journey that has a spot for the oil. Lastly, the tank could have diesel in it. If it does, you got lucky. Diesel is, in my opinion, the best fuel in the game. (PRO TIP: If you’re not satisfied with the vehicle you got, return to the main menu, wait 10 minutes, and then start a new game. The vehicle you get changes every 10 minutes.)
Gasoline is much more abundant than diesel, but not as efficient. As a bonus, there’s a barrel of diesel in the basement, so you start with more diesel than gasoline.
Once you’re fueled up, make sure you put oil in the engine, if you have a gas/diesel engine. Lift the hood and open the oil cap! Next, find the radiator. It’s a metal plate right in front of the engine. If your vehicle doesn’t have a radiator, that means it’s air-cooled. Fill the radiator up with water, which can be found in the sink, or barrels/jerry cans all over the house (even outside!) Next, you need to take care of your tires. Since the garage is already really cramped, I recommend driving your car outside. Don’t forget to engage the parking brake (space) and turn the engine off! (“I” for ignition) Once you’re out there, remove the hubcaps from the wheels so that you can take them off. Next, remove the wheels. Once you have the wheels removed, take off the rubber tires. I like to put them all in one place, so I can make sure they’re all in the same condition. Depending on what vehicle you have, you can use the spare tires from the garage, if they’re in better condition. Use sponges or Jizz-O-Nit to make the tires squeaky clean! Do NOT use a wire brush. It will worsen the condition of the tires. Make sure to keep them all in the same condition, or it will decrease driving performance! Finally, re-assemble the wheels.
Any spare cleaning tools can be used to make the vehicle look a bit nicer. If your car has any removable seats, you should get rid of ‘em. Every bit of space helps. If you’re using a gasoline engine, you can still bring the barrel of diesel just in case. You might decide to upgrade to one of the IFV variants or the bus! Food-wise, I only bring meat. It’s the best food in the game. Lots of meat can be found in the attic. Next, fill up as many containers as you can with water. Gotta stay hydrated! PRO TIP: Don’t fill barrels up all the way; you won’t be able to move them! Lastly, you can grab anything you want to bring with you on the trip. It’s gonna be a long one! Now, you’re ready to begin THE LONG DRIVE!

The Long Drive


Unless you plan on leaving the road (which I don’t recommend,) it’s easy to stay on track. Just make sure the powerline poles are on the right side of the road. Rocks and trees can spawn on the road, so pay attention! A collision won’t be fatal the first time, but crashing a second time while there’s still blood on the dashboard will be. Cacti will break on impact, but sometimes it registers as a collision, so don’t take that chance. If you happen to see an interesting building that’s far from the road, try and use a compass. The best method is to point the compass at the place you want to go and set the arrow to point in the opposite direction (behind you.) If you don’t have a compass, try and keep the road in sight.


If you’re like me, you’ll want to take every item you find. That’s fine, but always prioritize the safety of yourself, your car, and your Rubber Wife or other companions. Only take meat, unless you’re desperate. Remember, they’re the best food source! If you need to boost your health, drink some alcohol or blood. Blood is preferable because alcohol makes you thirsty. Always grab fuel and water; you can never have too much! If you need a new weapon, the legendary AK is the best choice. It has high ammo capacity, and it’s full auto. (It also one-hits!) If you find a shovel or a metal detector, grab ‘em. They can help you find items buried in the sand. Sunglasses don’t just look cool, they reduce glare from that damn sun. Try and keep your vehicle balanced, otherwise, you’ll lose control!

Grand theft auto

If you have a shitty car, or you’re just sick of the one you have, stealing a car is the best option for you! There are only a few cars that can only be found in the wild:

Tips from fellow TLD players:

If you want to add something here, just comment!
fahadtheflame says: Always stock up on extra fuel, even if it's not the type your car needs! If you run out of juice, you can switch to a different engine for a bit. "Just switch the engine, Fill Her Up And listen to some person on the radio talking about sex robots while going 100mph. AMERICAA!!!"


Finally, we reach the end. It’s been fun folks, but now you’re ready to see your mom. Take care, and have fun!
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2023.06.01 11:18 ChapteristOllie LinkedIn is featuring "Leadership Lessons From Succession" right now. Can't help but feel they missed the point.

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2023.06.01 06:42 fallingcoffeemug Objective FPS hitscan in a terrain with many obstacles

This is a prompt for a movement-enviroment TF2 based shooter. Players are limited to their base movement to scale around their environment. Players only wear a revolver and a knife. Headshots and backstabs insta-kill enemies. Bullets are hitscan, which makes them travel anywhere instantly. Players can tilt sideways (Q,E).\ \ TACTICAL\ You can't do aim-down-sights, nor would crouching replicate it. Being unable to hold down a place with A-D-S creates an emphasis on "fairness" for the Player's relationship with field of view and movement. How about instead of a Field of View, wouldn't it be more enjoyable to have a View of Field?\ \ When you're suddenly in an encounter with an enemy, most FPS games forces you to hold down Mouse 2, and lock your vision. It's a chore to kill the enemy, worst case. In this game scenario, you have all the visible options at your disposal e.g. shoot at them or run away from them.\ \ In the map, there's many obstacles placed besides paths, objectives, and chokepoints. Some being half your size, making Players able to hide their hitboxes behind most of them. Peeking by Q/E is available anytime, making dodging bullets available on the spot. Peeking to attack makes only your upper body visible, making headshots on you cleaner, but peeking can also make as your bait.\ \ Equipping your weapon takes half a second. Using a knife makes you walk +5 percent faster. Walks pretty much makes the volume of noise, which is like whispering, say. The speed of walks also determine how many steps you walk to a place. Walking gives you away to a nearby enemy. Crouching decreases the amount of noise and number of steps you make when you walk somewhere.\ \ PLAYER HP = +150\ Revolver DAM = -50\ Knife DAM = -38\ Headshots = -150\ Backstabs = -450\ \ Health kits may spawn in restock rooms (e.g. a saferoom). One health kit replenishes +80 HP and gives the player a small healing buff that ends when they get hurt again. Ammo boxes spawn along with health kits. One ammo box replenishes 1/3rd of the revolver's spare ammo.\ \ All revolvers have 24 spare bullets. All unlocks for revolvers are reskins, same as well for knives.\ \ WEAPON AND UTILITY DROPS\ \ A unique and balanced utility system creates a bend of diverged playstyles with simple counters anyone with any utility can do. There are two coexisting utilities a Player uses: Passive and Active Utilities.\ \ UTILITY\ Iron Mask Stats (Passive Mask)\ Being faceshot while worn deals -50 damage\ -5% slower move speed on wearer\ Breaks after one faceshot\ \ Loud Sneakers Stats (Passive Shoes)\ +7% faster move speed on wearer while active\ More steps on wearer\ \ The Ergonomic Approach Stats (Passive Juice-Hat)\ +38 HP gained on headshot\ Bullets have 2s lasting tracers\ \ Tranq Darts (Passive Bandolier)\ Colorblinds and slows victim for 1s\ -5% bullet travel speed\ \ The Baconer (Active Bottle)\ Vulnerably drink for 3s to get a 20% speed boost for each headshot kill for 10s\ 10s recharge\ \ The Dynamite (Active Stick of Dynamite)\ 3s fuse on thrown\ 5 sticks on wearer, 1 stick recharge 10s\ -30~150 damage capability\ \ The Medkit (Active Medkit)\ Vulnerably heal yourself or friend for 5s to get an +80 HP recovery\ 3 kits on wearer, 1 kit recharge 10s\ \ STRATEGIC\ Not only is this an environment-movement game, but an objective based game. Every mission is a special mission, and you cannot respawn until an important objective is completed. Most objectives require interaction with the world with (F) key.\ \ Two Teams: Government and Opposition\ \ All Players spawn inside the first zone with their role. Friendly fire is enabled! Nobody can identify someone's team if they had not done anything such as shoot or stab someone.\ \ Everyone has a neutral nametag in stealth. In loud, looking at a Player will indicate what team they're in by the color of their tag. Neutral NPCs are usually unarmed civilians. But Neutral hostiles will attack both teams.\ \ The government side is defending by interrupting the objective, or stopping the opposition by stopping them. The Government wins if they wipe out the entire opposition, or the round timer ends.\ \ The opposition side is completing an objective. Members of the opposition team have a task bar on their screen. The Opposition only wins if they complete the entire mission with at least 1 surviving member.\ \ There are two types of objectives: Progressional and Outcome Objectives\ \ Progressional objectives are mini objectives the opposition has to complete to finish an outcome objective, and no respawns on both teams occur until an outcome objective is completed.\ \ In objective missions NPCs will be spawned, depending on zones. Government or neutral NPCs will be alerted when a shot is fired, a person is killed, or a Player has a weapon.\ \ Stealth= No shots fired, Opposition Disguised Under Neutrality\ Loud= Shots fired, Hostile NPCs, Alarms\ \ NPC DAM does a significantly less output with -5 HP per hit, and hits can't land criticals. Bosses like gunships have a high DPS, making them formidable to fight against.\ \ MISSIONS\ The Blacksite Objectives\ Zone 1 - Find the Cell Block - Save Rose (Opposition NPC) Zone 2 - Wait for the Blast Door to Open - Stealth: Find and Interrogate the Base Commander - Stealth: Access the Terminal Computer - Loud: Bring the Ordnance to the Anti-Aircraft Sentries - Escape with the Heli\ NPC Types: Government (Soldiers), Opposition\ Environment: Shipment\ \ The Financier Objectives\ Zone 1 - Eliminate the Financier (Government NPC) (Loud: Break into the Saferoom) - Find the hard disk (Optional Interrogation) - Wait for the Heli to Start\ NPC Types: Government (Bodyguards)\ Environment: House on Top of Building with a Saferoom\ \ The Deposit Objectives\ Zone 1 - Breach the Vault (Plan A: Hack Two Control Points/Plan B: Thermite) - Steal the Dead Drop from a Vault Box (Find the Box Number in the Archives, Stealth: Disable the Vault Alarms) - Stealth: Escape in the Van - Loud: Burn the lobby down - Loud: Escape through the hole\ NPC Types: Neutral\ Environment: Bank with Offices and Furniture\ \ The Lakehouse Objectives\ Zone 1 - Enter the basement (Plan A: Find the File with a Code/Plan B: Thermite\ Zone 2 (No NPCs) - Enter the Server Room (Find the Drill/Find the C4)\ Zone 3 (No NPCs) - Bring all the servers to the boat (Make an Opening to Get Out, The Lakehouse has Alarmed Doors and Windows) - Deal with the Attack Helicopter\ NPC Types: Government\ Environment: Safehouse with Furniture by a Coast\ \ The Withdrawal Objectives\ Zone 1 - Breach the Vault (Plan A: Celebrity Treatment/Plan B: Explosives) - Stealth Plan A: Disable the Metal Detectors to the Vault - Disguise as the Financier and Meet the Manager (Neutral NPC) - Take the Vault Money to the Van (Interrogate and Kill the Manager)\ Zone 2 (No NPCs) - Loud Plan B: Enter the Basement and Set Up the Explosives\ Zone 1 - Set Up the Cage in the Lobby - Take the Vault Money to the Cage - Wait for the Heli to Arrive\ NPC Types: Neutral\ Environment: Bank with Furniture and Offices\ \ The Scientist Objectives\ Zone 1 - Enter the Basement - Open the Blast Door (Take Down Falcon's Second in Command/Find the Screwdriver and Pliers, Explode the Wall) - Override the Control Room (Talk to Rivera, Stealth: Kill All Government Players/Loud: Breach the Control Room with Gas Tanks, Protect the Router Boxes) - Escape with the Heli\ NPC Types: Government, Opposition (Rivera)\ Environment: Safehouse with Furniture\ \ The SCRS Objectives\ Zone 1 - Hack the First Terminal (Bypass the Metal Detectors, Find the Terminal Keycard, Stealth: Disable Government Security NPCs, Loud: Protect the Router Box) - Hack the Second Terminal (Stealth: Find the Computer with an access key) - Hack the Third Terminal (Stealth: Find the USB) - Loud: Deal with the Attack Helicopter (Avoid Two Rockets) - Exfiltrate\ NPC Types: Government (Guards), Neutral (Helicopter, Civilians)\ Environment: Office Building with Helipad\ \ The Black Dusk Objectives\ Opposition can opt to start in Loud\ - Stealth: Find and Plant the Bombs - Development: Use the Vents to EnteFind the Code and the Keycard in Development - Operations: Use the Vents to Enter, Find the Drill to break in\ - Workshop: Find the code from the Head Engineer (Interrogation) - Loud: Plant the Bombs - Control Room: Unlock a Gate to One Site - Development: Use C4/Use the Vents to Enter - Operations: Breach Operations - Workshop: Find and Bring the Heavy Drill to the Vault/Thermite into the Vault - Escape (Plant the final bombs at entrance) - Loud: Deal with the Complication (Minigun Unit Blocks the Elevator for the Base)\ NPC Types: Government (Soldiers), Neutral (Minigun, Workshop and Development Workers)\ Environment: Bunker with Shipment and Wide Vents
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2023.05.31 23:05 autobuzzfeedbot 29 TV Characters Who Were Almost Played By Totally Different Actors

  1. Elizabeth Olsen actually auditioned for Daenerys Targaryen, but Emilia Clarke ended up getting cast.
  2. Pedro Pascal was actually one of the actors who came in to read for Marcel Gerard on The Originals. Series creator Julie Plec even admitted she "loved" him for the role, but he "was just on the older side."
  3. Jeremy Strong auditioned for the role of Roman Roy on Succession, but Jesse Armstrong, the show's creator, felt that Kieran Culkin was a "slam dunk."
  4. Whitney Houston was cast as Sondra, the oldest daughter on The Cosby Show, but she didn't end up signing the contract because she wanted to pursue a singing career.
  5. Penn Badgley screen-tested to play Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, but the role went to Aaron Paul instead.
  6. Nicola Coughlan auditioned to play Robin on Stranger Things, but Maya Hawke ended up with the role. Nicola said, "She was far better than I ever would have been."
  7. Octavia Spencer auditioned to play Donna on Parks and Recreation, but the role ended up going to Retta.
  8. Joshua Bassett was one of the final two choices for Harvey Kinkle in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but the role ended up going to Ross Lynch.
  9. Sandra Oh was originally called in to audition for Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy, but she liked the part of Cristina more, so she asked if she could audition for that role instead.
  10. Stephanie Beatriz screen-tested for Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but Melissa Fumero was cast instead.
  11. Rumer Willis was originally pitched to play Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, but the casting director wanted to go with a lesser-known actor and cast Blake Lively instead.
  12. Jennifer Lawrence also really wanted to play Serena van der Woodsen. She was 16 at the time she auditioned for the role.
  13. Connie Britton was one of the network's choices to play Olivia Pope in Scandal, but creator Shonda Rhimes insisted Olivia should be played by a Black woman instead.
  14. Taraji P. Henson was another famous person who went in to read for the role of Olivia Pope.
  15. Noah Centineo read for several roles on Teen Wolf, and the casting director even told him, "You’re my choice! I want you to get it!"
  16. Rob Lowe was originally offered the role of Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, but he turned down the role, and it went to Patrick Dempsey instead.
  17. Darren Criss auditioned to play Finn Hudson on Glee, but the part went to Cory Monteith instead.
  18. Iwan Rheon originally auditioned for Jon Snow on Game of Thrones and didn't get the role. He eventually got called in to play Ramsay Bolton in Season 3.
  19. Keke Palmer screen-tested for the role of Iris on The Flash, but she didn't end up getting it because she looked "a little too young" compared to Grant Gustin.
  20. Chris Rock was one of the many famous actors who was in talks to play George Costanza on Seinfeld.
  21. Wesley Snipes was originally approached to play Lucious Lyons on Empire, but Taraji P. Henson said she'd only star on the show if Terrence Howard was cast instead.
  22. Sonequa Martin-Green auditioned for the part of Michonne on The Walking Dead, but the role ended up going to Danai Gurira. However, the producers loved her so much that they created the role of Sasha for her.
  23. Matt LeBlanc was offered the role of Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, but he felt like he wasn't the best fit. The role went to Ty Burrell instead.
  24. Mahershala Ali auditioned for the role of "a merchant who got locked in a safe on Season 3" of Game of Thrones, aka Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and he said it was one of the "worst auditions" of his life.
  25. Oliver Hudson was in the final running for Jack Pearson on This Is Us, but by the time he was scheduled to screen-test with Mandy Moore, Oliver went on an already-planned fishing trip instead.
  26. Joshua Jackson was originally announced to play Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy, but just weeks before he was scheduled to shoot his first episode, the TV writers went on strike. By the time the strike ended, Joshua had already moved on to star on Fringe.
  27. Betty White was actually supposed to play Blanche on The Golden Girls, but director Jay Sandrich felt that part was too similar to Betty's role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, so she played Rose instead.
  28. Macaulay Culkin was pursued several times to play a role on The Big Bang Theory, but he couldn't see himself starring on a sitcom.
  29. And finally, Courteney Cox was originally offered the role of Rachel on Friends, but she turned it down because she felt like she related to Monica more.
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2023.05.31 22:35 Alternative-Pumpkin9 Unwittingly Dangerous

Rekhji woke slowly, the dim light signaling the period between setting of the first sun and the rise of second. The silence and the semi darkness were a comfort, and he settled back into his pod, hoping to slip back into a deep sleep for a few more hours.
But a sound, so out of place that it was enough to wake him, plucked him from what was sure to be a very pleasant dream. The trees were creaking. Loudly. That meant wind. Wind meant a storm. A storm meant that either the weather control on this planet had failed or that a storm large enough to break through the system. Either would be catastrophic for his just budding crops.
Rekhji leapt from his bed, throwing the woven grass blanket over his sleeping partner, and rushed for the door, foregoing clothes for speed. Braced for the worst, Rekhji burst from his home. But what greeted him was the one thing that he did not expect. Peace. Trees swaying gently, the suns burning dimly above him, the light of the stars just barely visible. But the trees.
Though confused, Rekhji felt the beats of his hearts slow. Something was happening, though it didn’t seem to be as calamitous as he feared. Then, as one, his likhen raised their heads, fixing their large eyes on the sky. A lifelong agriculturalist, Rekhji had long since learned to trust the instincts of his animals and followed their gaze into the sky.
A dot appeared.
It was low, just barely skimming the tops of trees. And as it approached, Rekhji could hear the trees screaming under it. Louder, much louder than the previous, comparatively gentle, creaking of the trees. It, whatever it was, hit the small farm harder than any cyclone the planet could have conjured. Rekhji had a glimpse of large, leathery wings, a mouth of knives. And eyes, horrible, yellow, intelligent eyes.
Rekhji abandoned his likhens to their fate, their wails driving him faster towards his home. He dashed from room to room, waking his partner, their children and his partner’s parents. It was as they sealed themselves in the bunker below their home, built to withstand meteor strikes, that the world burst into flames above them.
They felt the heat, even through the door. By the next morning, nothing remained but ash.
“Well, Sun God take it, tell me what you do know!”
Grand Overseer Mujsdif collapsed back into his seat, glaring petulantly at the shame faced members of his council.
“G.O., what we know is that it started in the East, destroying and…consuming several small farms before turning to the capital. What we know is that it took the lives of several hundred of my men and half of my psychics. And we know that it’s dead. That is all we need to know.” General Futyij galred around the room, daring anyone to oppose him.
Lead Psychic Muli was happy to oblige. “That is not all we need to know!” He left off ‘you shortsighted fool’ though his tone clearly implied it. “Sir,” he turned to address Mujsdif “this creature was not actually a creature.” Muli announced, a self-satisfied smile gracing his face. A smile that faltered under the glare from Mujsdif.
“Kkkkk…what I meant to say is that, though it was clearly alive, it was not alive, shall we say. It was a projection, a psychic simulacrum. Though something of that magnitude...the mind boggles at the amount of psychic power needed for that sort of channeling. But it was not some creature that burst from a mountain on a thoroughly terraformed planet without warning.” Muli directed the last few words and small glare at Futyij, who seemed to be contemplating what Muli would look like without limbs.
Mujsdif leaned back in his chair, absorbing the words. The situation was already a political disaster. He had just been awarded control over this planet, and now several hundred deaths and the burning of nearly 1,000 square kilofores of crop land was sure to embolden his rivals. But understanding the motivation and location of those who would dare execute such an attack might keep them off his heels.
“Investigator Fughik, is it possible to figure out where in the eternal night this thing came from?”
Fughik glanced nervously at Muli before responding. He was new to his post, newer than Mujsdif, even, and anxious not to lose it. “Well, I have been working with Muli on a potential lead. Something of this sort, so large and complex, should have left a…how did you describe it Muli?”
“A psychic stain.” Muli responded
“Right. If we can analyze the signature left by the creature, and then match it to the stain, then we should be able to track down those who did this.”
“And how long will that take?”
“Oh, anywhere between a week and, I don’t know, 11 years?”
Crashing sounds followed the counselors as they fled the room.
“We need progress Muli! You told me you could do this!” Mujsdif raged.
“I’m sorry Overseer, we-“
“We’re getting new reports every day!
Just this morning, I had a report that an entire farm of likhen were found drained of blood! Apparently, a small quadruped with a thirst for blood now lives in the south forest! And in the north, there is some giant animal living in the lake. It apparently doesn’t do much aside from appear for the occasional picture, but still! I don’t even want to mention the south! We’ve had to evacuate the entire continent. Did you know that Muli? Did you know we had to evacuate an. Entire. CONTINENT!” Mujsdif finished equally enraged and weary.
“Who is doing this Muli? And why? What possible reason could they have for setting this parade of nightmares on us?”
Muli swallowed audibly. “Sir, motivations and possibilities are beyond me. What I can offer are solutions. My psychic squadron are even now finishing up a shield that should protect the capital and most of the outlying cities. And we have been very thorough in checking for the source of the power. Thus far it has been…unfruitful. The only possibility we have encountered is a tiny planet, in the far flung regions of space. But for something like this, and at that distance, you’d need almost an entire planet focused on this one thing. And that doesn’t make any sense.” Muli finished, frustration creeping into his normally calm voice.
“We have a lead?” Mujsdif asked quietly.
“Well, yes, I suppose, technically…”
“Send out a search craft. I don’t care how slim a chance it is; we need to be seen doing something, Muli. Otherwise, whatever monsters they’re throwing at us might not get the chance to kill us. Our own people would see it done.” Mujsdif said, looking out the window and down on a stream of refugees that seemed to grow every day.
“My fellow council members, I come before you to confirm the reports from my esteemed colleagues and share the troubles of my own planet. We have been beset by fantastical creatures of unknown origin, attacked from every side. And yet we endure. And now, through the tireless of work of my council, and me, we have discovered a possible source of the abominations. Though the chances are slim, we vow to never rest until the perpetrators of these attacks, and the reasons for them, are discovered.”
Rousing cheers greeted Mujsdif’s proclamation. Despite Mujsdif’s prior urgency, it had been several weeks before he had spoken to the Council of Overseers. It took the appearance of several stone bipedal figures that only moved when you weren’t looking at them, and reports that several other planets were also experiencing a similar phenomenon to push Mujsdif to action.
But now he was committed, and all that was left was living up to his words. For the most part. He was still a politician, after all, and politicians always get a bit of wiggle room around the claims they make, Mujsdif reasoned to himself.
Nuzkiv was that action. He stood at attention as the Overseer paraded into the room. Nuzkiv had been chosen from among the pilot cast. He was not the most skilled, nor was he the most experienced, but he was the steadiest, most consistent pilot they had. General Futyij felt that if anyone could pilot through uncharted space, scout a distant planet, and get answers, it would be Nuzkiv.
At least, that is what the general had claimed. Nuzkiv suspected that the General did not really believe in the plan and was unwilling to part with his best pilots in case further military action was needed.
This did not reassure Nuzkiv.
But, like everything else in the military, once the untamable sea of bureaucracy was parted things moved quickly. In no time at all (actually, several weeks had passed and the city had been attacked by small quadrupeds that produced electricity spontaneously) Nuzkiv found himself sitting behind a prototype vessel, meant to get him to his destination in mere days, instead of generations.
His launch was broadcast throughout the solar system. And despite his misgivings, Nuzkiv took his spot with pride and waved with a confidence he did not possess.
His trip was uneventful. Several days passed with nothing but routine maintenance and the occasional bit of space debris. Nuzkiv was grateful. His ship, for all it possessed in speed and endurance, made up for it by lacking armor. Or weapons. Or a life pod. But that didn’t worry him. Not…not at all.
As the ship approached the destination, Nuzkiv readied to drop from the slipstream created by the hyperlight engine. Reentry was always rough, and Nuzkiv wasn’t sure how the ship would respond, so he made sure to drop several light years from the outreaches of the solar system he was targeting. Doing so saved his life.
The ship dropped from the slipstream and immediately Nuzkiv knew they were going too fast. At least 50% faster than they should have been going. Fortunately, he had the space necessary to slow down, thanks to his abundance of caution.
‘Futkil would definitely have botched that.’ Nuzkiv allowed himself to think with a smile. ‘Everyone thinks that Futkil was such a hotshot but here I am, exploring…’
Nuzkiv’s line of thought was cut off by a sudden jolt as his ship slowed precipitously. It almost felt like something had impacted the light energy shield that the ship possessed. But there had been nothing on the scanner and nothing on the sensors. His sensor for how much psychic energy was present in the ambient environment was displaying a level he had never seen before though. Over 9,000. Nuzkiv reasoned that it must have been damaged during reentry.
The ship shuddered several more times as further impacts sounded. Nuzkiv willed the ship to stay together long enough for him to slow down and gain some measure of maneuverability. At long last, the ship slowed enough that Nuzkiv felt comfortable opening the bay doors and using his eyes to look out into the void.
For a moment, Nuzkiv questioned whether he had somehow died during the slipstream voyage and somehow stumbled into the Eternal Night. Not that he believed in that nonsense.
All around him were hundreds, no thousands, of creatures. Most floated in space, unable to move because of the lack of atmosphere. Nuzkiv reasoned, through the part of his mind still functioning, that these must all be psychic constructs. But for what purpose, he couldn’t imagine.
But in examining the tableau before him, he realized that there were several that could still move. And they seemed to be moving towards him with what Nuzkiv could only call ‘malicious intent’.
Fortunately, Nuzkiv was still flying fast enough that most of them lagged far behind. And as he approached the outermost planet, a small, icy thing that was definitely a planet despite what anyone says, Nuzkiv became aware of pressure. Not in the ship but around his mind. As if the space around him were absolutely charged with psychic energy. He glanced again at his psychic energy detector, whish was somehow still climbing.
The pressure was so intense that his focus on maintaining speed and vector slipped, and just before he entered the gravitational field of the first planet, which again was definitely a planet, a beam of light shot from one of the constructs. Nuzkiv never saw it clearly, but it seemed to be a flying biped with strips of cloth billowing behind it.
The stream of light seemed to follow Nuzkiv as he attempted to maneuver the ship despite the pain growing around his mind. It was all he could do to keep one eye open and pilot the ship with two of his hands.
It seemed a foregone conclusion that the light would find his ship, but the speed of the small vessel and Nuzkiv’s refusal to give up got it closer and closer to the planet. Nuzkiv crossed the border into the gravitational well as the light impacted the latter half of the ship. Alarms wailed as the pressure in his head suddenly disappeared, replaced by the worry of venting atmosphere.
Nuzkiv chanced a glance through his rear cameras and was shocked to find that there was nothing chasing him. In fact, several of the constructs seemed to be stopped and standing at some invisible line through space. They raged and pointed, clearly eager to harm him, yet unable to approach.
Deciding to solve that mystery when he was not about to die, Nuzkiv rushed through the steps to seal the breach. The damage was not as bad as he had feared, nor as insignificant as he had hoped. Realizing now that the best he could do was find the source of constructs, Nuzkiv faced his ship towards the heart of the solar system, setting his sights on a small blue planet.
Between the surprising strength of the gravitational pulls of the planets before him and the damage he had sustained, it was all he could do to keep the ship on route. His approach to the planet was hampered by a surprising amount of space trash; old satellites and parts of launched chemical rockets.
Nuzkiv wondered at this, as any species psychically strong enough to launch constructs like the ones he had seen should have just used their power to create psychic bubbles to travel in. Why mess around with the science side?
In fact, all signs pointed towards a type two, maybe even a type three, civilization. Nuzkiv again pushed these questions aside, using passive scanning to gather as much information as he could about the inhabitants of the world below, hoping the universe would allow him a moments reprieve.
But fate was unkind to him. A piece of space junk, no bigger than his eye, surprised him, cutting through the weak point in his shield caused by the constructs attack. The debris punched through one side of his craft and out the other without even slowing down. The ships energy sagged as it struggled to deal with the sudden loss of pressure and the new breaches and Nuzkiv found himself caught in the gravity well of the planet.
Despite his best efforts, Nuzkiv landing was what his more charitable flight instructors would have called ‘a bit rough’. And his less charitable instructors would have called ‘a disgrace to the pilot cast’. The ship was mostly in one piece, for which he was grateful. He had aimed for a large patch of undeveloped ground, in the middle of a large land mass.
Even as he dragged himself from the ship, dazed and kept upright only be the stimulants his suit was administering, he could hear the approach of vehicles and loud alarms.
He emerged to find himself surrounded by bipeds, similar to the constructs he had seen, all pointing what were clearly weapons at him. And despite his limited psychic abilities, and despite the traumatic landing and serious injuries he had sustained, he became aware of jumbled thoughts and emotions that were being flung into the air with abandon.
“You….could you stop… thinking so loudly for like, one second?” And then everything went black.
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2023.05.31 22:00 StubblyWave3370 I don't think i can do it

I have rowed for my city's club for three seasons now. At the end of my first season, fall, i begged and begged the coaches to let me do a four with my friends. The coaches eventually let us do one towards the end of the season and we did so well. We practiced in that four until winter training started.
When winter training started it was clear i was way behind the rest of my four. I went to every practice, five days a week, i ate despite my eating disorder, i trained outside of practice, but i couldn't do it. My coaches pulled me over at the end of the winter season and told me that i was too small to make the cut for varsity and that i should consider coxing, at least until next spring when i might be able to make it.
Now spring season has ended, and i'm farther behind the four i was supposed to be on, and another girl took my spot. I have an ERG sitting in the corner of my room that looks at me shamefully daily. My parents are up my ass about how if i don't work for it, i can't achieve it. They don't realize i want it more than anything, but my mental blocks are stopping me.
I have been watching my weight so closely and i just hit 115lbs, and it scares me. I'm down to two meals a day and trying to cut snacks out but it's hard. I have no energy and i'm trying to erg but i can't do it. I feel so weak and shaky and i am being told by all of the girls in the four i should have been in that i can't do it. Everyone around me doesn't think i can do it and i don't think i can either.
I want to be with that stupid four right now, they made it to nationals. It's all their first year rowing, they are all in the same boat as me, it's just i can't do it.
I want so badly to make it to varsity, but i need help, i need to find the motivation within myself to eat and get on that erg.
I guess im asking for help? I just want to be heard by someone who won't make fun of me for slacking off or wanting to achieve something that they don't think i can do.
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2023.05.31 21:46 Badger_W_James Career change; but am I too late??

Ok so about me. I'm James and I'm an alcoholi.... Ooopps wrong group 🫣
Anyhoo! I'm in a bit of a funk as to what to do career wise. I currently work as a field "engineer" in the security detection field (metal detectors) and to say I could train any of you to do my job in a month, is no exaggeration!! My brain has switched off and I need something I can progress and develop in.
I've been researching different tech jobs as I see lots of avenues you can go down but can't seem to narrow down where to get started. Ive been looking into QA roles but as with anything, requires experience!! Like, how the eff and Jeff do you get experience without actual experience!!
So here I am, no clue what to do or what direction to go in.
Am I too late? Is tech too competitive for someone with no experience? Are there roles I should look at to get a foot in the door?
Thank you for reading.....have a 🍪 (Please note you will have to supply your own 🍪)
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2023.05.31 21:36 schmooooo0 Using genetic genealogy, a 35-year-old NJ lawyer has been arrested and charged with being a serial rapist

I thought this was an interesting case of genealogical DNA, this time to catch the perpetrator of a string of serial rapes in Boston from 2008. It appears Matthew Nilo was committing these on break from University of Wisconsin, so there may be more to come given it's unlikely he was isolated to Boston. This one also stands out in that the perp is relatively young still, and also holds a prominent job.
(or a more salacious:
Boston Police Arrest Suspected Serial Rapist Years After Charlestown Attacks
By Brian Hicks, Globe Staff, May 30, 2023
A lawyer in New Jersey has been arrested in connection with four rapes in Charlestown dating back to 2007 and 2008 thanks to advancements in forensic genealogy and DNA, Boston police and the FBI announced Tuesday.
Matthew J. Nilo, 35, formerly of the North End, was arrested at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at his home in Weehawken, N.J., said Joseph Bonavolonta, FBI’s special agent in charge of the Boston field office.
“This is without a doubt a major break in this investigation that has haunted the survivors of these sexual assaults, the residents of Charlestown, and the Boston Police Department for years,” Bonovolonta said at a news conference at Boston police headquarters. “We believe we have removed a dangerous threat from our community.”
Nilo is accused of sexually assaulting four women in the Terminal Street area on Aug. 18, 2007, Nov. 22, 2007, Aug. 5, 2008, and Dec. 23, 2008, Police Commissioner Michael Cox said
“All four cases are DNA connected,” Cox said.
Nilo has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape, two counts of kidnapping, one count of assault with intent to rape, and one count of indecent assault and battery, Cox said.
Authorities did not disclose details about the assaults or the victims.
Investigators immediately shared news of Nilo’s arrest with the four sexual assault survivors who had been waiting 15 years to learn the identity of their attacker, Bonovolonta said.
“We certainly realize that identifying this individual does not ease their pain, nothing can, but hopefully it answers some questions,” Bonovolonta said.
Nilo is a cyber attorney, who earned his law degree at the University of San Francisco, according to his LinkedIn profile.
Aside from Boston, New Jersey, and California, Nilo has also lived in Wisconsin and New York, authorities said, urging anyone who thinks they may have been victimized by Nilo to contact Boston police or the FBI.
The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, or SAKI grant, a federal program meant to help process sexual assault collection kits to reduce a persistent backlog, helped in the investigation, Cox said.
Investigators from the Sexual Assault Unit at the Boston Police Department reached out to the FBI for assistance in October.
Using investigative genetic genealogy, a unique method that combines DNA analysis with genealogy research and historical records to generate new leads in unsolved homicides, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes, investigators identified Nilo as a suspect, Bonovolonta said.
Investigators received positive confirmation of Nilo’s identity last month, Bonovolonta said.
“Sexual assault cases are very difficult and extraordinarily challenging for our victims,” Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden said. “They’re also hard to solve.”
Nilo’s arrest is an example of tenacity and endurance, Hayden said.
“This arrest also highlights the fact that investigators never stop analyzing evidence, collecting information, and running down leads in order to bring dangerous offenders to justice,” Hayden said.
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2023.05.31 21:28 PapaXan Weekly Discounts and Bonuses - June 1st to June 8th (Not Live Until 4AM EDT on June 1st)

Weekly Challenges:

PS5 and XBox XS Only

Gun Van Location (Changed Daily)



Daily Street Dealer Locations(Changed Daily)

Daily Objectives:
(These are just the ones that everyone will have, each player will also have 2 random daily objectives to complete)

Luxury Autos Showroom:

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2X GTA$ an RP:
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Official Rockstar Websites:
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Gun Van Location (Changed Daily)

Daily Street Dealer Locations(Changed Daily)

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