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2015.06.05 17:25 GearBent DIWhyNot?

A community for DIY projects that don’t necessarily have a functional purpose, but turn out awesome nonetheless.

2012.09.27 06:10 shlack Sweaty Palms & That Tingly Feeling.

Videos (and images) that make your palms sweat.

2019.03.07 04:07 geobioguy Not To Be Dramatic But I Would Die For This Animal

Not to be dramatic but I would die for this animal Because Reddit needs another cute animal sub

2023.06.02 13:16 Joshuatreelizard Conquer the Heights with a Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guide!

Conquer the Heights with a Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guide!

Looking to take your rock climbing skills to new heights? Look no further than JoshuaTreeLizard.com. Our website offers professional Joshua Tree rock climbing guides who will help you conquer the heights of Joshua Tree National Park. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, our guides will provide expert guidance, teach essential techniques, and ensure your safety throughout your climbing journey. Scale breathtaking cliffs, navigate challenging routes, and witness awe-inspiring views. Don't miss this opportunity to push your limits and explore the beauty of Joshua Tree. Book your rock climbing guide today at JoshuaTreeLizard.com!
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2023.06.02 13:16 Conservative_AKO NAG-REPLY SA AKIN ANG DOTR (dept of transpo)

I want to share this story sanyo, to encourage you guys na mag-reklamo or mag suggest
I'll make the story very short,
Here is the story, context isa akong commuter na every M-F bumibyahe Bulacan to Makati starting nung April. And sumasakay ako either Bus or Jeep along McArthur Hwy then; Edsa Carousel, tapos MRT... pag-uwi reverse ganon uli.
Naisipan ko na mag reklamo nung nakakaramdam na ako ng pagod at inis! na ayokong ganito nalang palagi araw-araw. Di ko na papahabain yung story and i-explain each of the problem na e-encounter ko.
So ayon pumunta ako sa domain/website ng DOTR diretso kaagad sa contact us section. And I contacted yung nasa lower positions, I mean yung sa specific field work nila, like egs ang work ng asec na to pag build/plan ng ganito etc. Hindi ako mismo nag message sa Secretary kase ang nasa logic ko, baka hindi niya mabasa dahil shempre mas busy, kaya dun nalang sa Undersecretary (which I won't mention the name) so yon nag message ako thru email.
Nag message na ako thru email ng "maayos/kalmado" cnunod ko yung maayos na email format na pag message... and nag suggest ako ng maraming bagay, like designated na "maayos na terminals" magbuild ng lrt station near mcu ganun etc. etc. Nung una talaga pessimistic ako na mag respond sakin shempre diba... Basta tinry ko lang, not just for my sake, para din sa mga nakakasabay ko
TAPOS AYUNN after 3 days, nag reply sakin mismo yung Undersec na re-reviewin daw nila. And the following week may official response sila sa akin na naka PDF pa (wow haha), so ayon natuwa naman ako, hindi sa natuwa na optimistic na may mangyayare, but they did acknowledge yung mga struggles ko/natin; and nag explain din sila na yung ibang suggestions ko i-foforward nalang nila sa ibang Department like sa LTFRB ganon pagdating sa mga buses. Isa payon eh, dapat talaga integrated ang ahensya when it comes sa transportation.
So ayun lang, please guys wag kayo tumigil sa pag-rereeklamo or at least magbigay kayo ng mga suggestions sa kahit anong Departments ahensya payan, kase malay natin diba? Kung lahat tayo araw-araw nag me-message sa kanila ng 'maayos' baka may mangyare talaga. So ayun lang lets help each other na mga commuters na mag suggest lang na mag suggest sakanila kung ano yung mas makakagaaan para sating lahat.
And unahan ko na kayo, aware po ako na may terminals ng UV's sa Trinoma, di ako sumasakay dun kase ayun nga laspag sa taas ng pamasahe :)
Goodluck satin
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2023.06.02 13:16 justclau_ ✨Insightful and intuitive readings✨

I’m Clau and I’m a professional tarot reader with psychic and intuitive abilities, with +5 years of experience 🔮.
I’m offering in-depth readings for those who need to take a closer look at a situation, know about theirs or someone else’s feelings, the subconscious, past and future events or are just concerned about anything and need guidance from the cards on what path to take. I’m specialised on:
💘 love and relationships: future prospect of a connection, their feelings…
💰career: professional success and finances, advice and guidance from the cards
👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼 social: friendships, situationships, family and social environment
🪬 spirituality: spiritual guides, advice, emotional and spiritual healing
❓whatever you want to know that’s not mentioned here, you can always ask about it
I leave some of my recent reviews over here, in case you’d like to take a look at them, and there’s +200 more on my profile!
Are you interested? Comment below 👇🏼 and reach out if you need more help ✨
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2023.06.02 13:16 PatienceOk7570 Just need some advice , PM also can

Hey guys , random hustler here . Realizing my long time hobby / business of selling figurines isn’t really giving me so much cash . (17M) while my collection is worth a decent 4d sum and appreciates here and there , its not bringing me the disposable cash i would like the liberty of holding as it would give me leverage for better deals etc . Do you guys have any suggestions of where can i take a part time job / build connections/ find day jobs?
For a long time , i have struggled to keep up with my own spendings , hence i would like to take a step further in order to be more financially independent and to build on my current savings . Hoping to gain about 20k in net assets within the next year , so any students cum investors got any advice share ya thanks
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2023.06.02 13:15 Longjumping-Juice-59 Will pregnancy acne go away after MA

I have developed quite bad acne all over my forehead since being pregnant, I’ve always taken good care of my skin and never really had spots. Will these go away after I’ve completed the abortion regime? I’ve just taken the first pill and plan to take the rest tomorrow
Thank you
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2023.06.02 13:15 onlinechartered01 Significant Types Of GST Credit

Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, input tax credit (ITC) is an essential feature that allows businesses to claim credit for the taxes they have paid on inputs used in the course of their business. However, not all inputs are eligible for ITC. Here are the Different Types of GST credit in which eligible,non-eligible, and blocked ITCs under GST are considered. Every businessman must know what are the eligible credit for them otherwise claiming and utilization of ineligible credits may attract penal provisions under GST. The eligible or ineligible credit may vary from business to business:

List Of Eligible Input Tax Credits (ITC) Under GST:

  1. Input tax credits on goods and services used for business purposes and acquired from registered suppliers
  2. ITC on inputs (raw materials), including inputs used in the manufacture of goods such as components, ingredients, and packaging materials
  3. ITC on capital goods, including machinery, equipment, and tools, used for business purposes
  4. ITC on input services, such as transportation, logistics, advertising, legal, accounting, and consulting services
  5. ITC on inward supplies received from a supplier located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).
  6. ITC on tax paid on reverse charge mechanism (RCM) supplies, where the recipient of goods or services is liable to pay tax
  7. ITC on goods and services used for making taxable supplies, including both goods and services supplied within the same state or across different states
  8. ITC on interstate supplies, including imports, where Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) has been paid

Non-Eligible Goods And Services For ITC:

Blocked ITC

  1. Motor vehicles: ITC cannot be claimed on the purchase of motor vehicles unless they are used for specific purposes. Such as providing taxable transportation services, renting them out as taxis, or for training purposes.
  2. Food, beverages, and outdoor catering: ITC is not available for goods or services related to food, beverages, and outdoor catering, except when used for further supply. Such items or for providing specified services like restaurants, canteens, and catering services.

Specific Goods And Services

ITC is not available on the purchase of certain goods and services, such as:
Show more
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2023.06.02 13:15 Amazing_Permission87 How to craft a message of interest - new job!

Hello! I'm interested in a job position for a 3yr and 10m old full time, meal prepping, light house work and driving included. What do I say to let NF know I’m thinking about working for them and get things moving from there? How and when do I ask what their rate is (preferably before they ask me what my going rate is)? What are some other questions that are essential to making the right decision in taking the job or not that I need to ask right away? How do I ask about their use of a contract or W-2 form? What kind of information am I telling them so that they get to know me better? Anything else you can think of that is important while considering this job position.
This is what I've got so far, feel free to tweak anything or tell me to scratch the entire thing, I won't get offended 😂:
"Hello! I'm (my name here), my friend (name here) mentioned you were looking for a nanny and I have experience in this position and would love to know more! I was a nanny for 2 children in (town name) for a year and enjoyed my time working with them so much. I would love to help out your family and see if we are a good fit, do you mind telling me more about what you're looking for?"
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2023.06.02 13:15 Status-Working-3748 Could it be that meditation turns people with an internal monologue if even briefly into something more like people without one. And could this be what we experience when we'd feel like there's ''just knowing''

I've heard that somewhere between 30/60percent of people have an internal monologue. So many people don't.
I've noticed through meditation that i tended to grasp thoughts as if actually speaking . And learned that by not doing this. Either the mind continues speaking but it's different it doesn't feel like I grasped. It's less tiresome. More distant.
Or I can have his experience which probably would be described as this sense of 'just knowing' Like the thoughts are there not necessarily in a complete sentence but just keywords that make sense as if I can think and understand faster than I ever could if I were to grasp the thoughts and explain the process which takes more time then just seeing knowing and understanding it in an instance which happens after not grasping long enough.
So my idea is could it be that people with an internal monologue could be more drawn eventually to meditation or if they persist be more likely to enjoy it. And could it be that somehow in transforms them from time to time to this grasping internal monologue of thinking to being more like people who don't have this monologue.
The reason I started thinking on this is because I saw an interview on YouTube of a young guy who had this internal monologue, interviewing a younger girl who didn't. And what she described sounded like what I'd experience in meditation after I let go
Any thoughts?
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2023.06.02 13:15 MEXStorage0 Slotted Angle Racks

Mex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. One of the best Slotted Angle Rack manufacturers in India that provides the best Slotted Angle Racks. Our Slotted Angle Racks are also more secure than other racks, it can easily load your goods, and also provide more space. If it does, then if you also want to take advantage of it, contact us now and personally discuss your needs with us. We are looking forward to assist. You.
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2023.06.02 13:15 unixdaemond What's in your Hall of Armour?

I like to see other peoples Iron Man collections and Halls of Armour but I curious as to what people think should go into one. In my own one, for example, I include the Iron Spiders but for some reason I have an irrational dislike of seeing https://brickset.com/minifigs/sh367/justin-hammer.

Do you have WarMachines and Iron Patriot included? What's your take on Ultron? I'm going to add a small Life Model Decoy section and include all the Tony Stark and Pepper Potts minifigs to help keep things grouped and despite their armourless nature I'm happy to have them added.
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2023.06.02 13:15 FormalNorth3245 How could a hacker upgrade my exam scores and change my grades

Hiring a hacker to change your grades may seem like an easy way out, but it could end up costing you more in the long run. If you are still struggling to change your grades and feel like you need some extra help, there are online editing services that can help you.
How to Hire a Hacker Change University Grades
There are a few key steps you need to take in order to successfully hire a hacker to change your university grades. The first step is to find a reputable source. You can find these sources by searching online or asking people you know for recommendations.
Once you have found a reputable source, the next step is to contact the hacker and explain your situation. Be sure to be clear about what you want to be changed and why. The hacker will then provide you with a quote for their services.
Once you have agreed to the price, the hacker will begin working on changing your grades. This process can take a few days to a week, depending on the complexity of the task. Once the work is completed, you will receive an email confirming the changes.
How to hack a university website portal to change your grades
The most common is to find a vulnerability in the website portal itself. Once you have found a vulnerability, you can exploit it to gain access to the portal. From there, you can change your grades.
The most common way to find a vulnerability is to use a tool like Google Dorks. Google Dorks is a search engine that allows you to find websites that are vulnerable to attack.
Once you have exploited a vulnerability, you can change your grades.
Hacking can be a complex process, and aspiring to be successful at it is essential. If you need to hack your grades, then hire a professional hacker to get the job done. I have already discussed why you should hire a professional hacker.
She Can Be Reach At :
To reach us, legitrosehacker2AT GMAIL DOT COM
Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
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2023.06.02 13:15 PutNumerous5321 Promotion

What was the shortest amount of time you have seen someone get promoted from regular associate to DS, from DS to CXM, or from CXM to ASM or from ASM to SM?
What was the most number of years that has someone remained a regular associate without promotion? What was their job?
How often does home Depot force someone to change departments? What are some examples?
How often does home Depot make someone take a promotion or demotion and what was the reason?
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2023.06.02 13:14 Bob-the_scary_tomato I quit everything "fun" for 3 months to see if it would make me happy like they say... Here's what happened.

I was your test dummy.
I literally only ate freaking meat, veggies, and seeds/nuts. I didn’t even eat bread or put dressing/crutons on my salad to make sure to keep it healthy.
I cut ALL hobbies to ONLY the weekends and cut all unless texting with people off my radar.
I was only productive.
All my free time went to a business start-up, even down to my bathroom breaks. (I would literally watch sales training on the toilet, haha). And I did all this for three months…
Good question.
Well it’s finely happened.
In this third update I have my first report of failure, but that didn’t last long.
Exactly a quarter way through month three I got sick, but getting sick is not what scared me. What scared me is that I slowed down my progress because of it. Before you think that’s perfectly normal, imagine this:
While I was sick, my flipping brain was PERFECTLY ALRIGHT with watching some YouTube videos, or enjoying my hobby of piano with spare time, but as soon as it came to putting a paint job on a jetski for re-sale, ALL OF A SUDDEN my brain didn’t feel like putting any time there! Malarkey! I snapped out of it after a week and am back in the race.
I then made 3k with the remainder of the month Entrepreneurly selling jet skis. I started buying and selling them after refurbishing due to taking care to be perceptive of my environment. I noticed a trend and made profits, and not bad profits for my third month. (I tell exactly how I do it on last months update if you want to see :)
Some would say that mindset in sickness is weird, but I think you’re weird 😆. If you, in any way, desire to accomplish more than the average human, then YOU MUST hold yourself to a higher level of responsibility and commitment. If you heard me speak of that mistake and considered it overkill, that tells you a lot about what you’re capable of. Standard mindsets won’t take you further than standard everything else.
That mistake has been juiced of its lessons and will not be made again.
(trigger warning for some. I say things the way they are :)
  1. If you procrastinate, it’s not because you have a problem. It’s because you don’t care. If someone showed a fat man a fitness program that could lose his weight in 6 months, he wouldn’t do it. Two weeks in he would get tired and start skipping days and procrastinating. “I just have bad genetics. Obesity runs in my family.” Or… “it’s 11pm. If I worked out this late it would steel my sleep and that’s bad for me!”
If you told him that “if you don’t lose the weight in 6 months, you’ll lose your left leg”, I flipping GUARANTEE the weight would be gone. There would all of a sudden be VERY little talking about fat running in the family because all of a sudden he wouldn’t care if it ran in his family. The only thing that would matter is losing the weight. He would never be “too tired” to train, and it would never be “too late” to train. He would wake up at 4am if he had to because he wants his left leg more than an hour of sleep. Procrastinating just tells you directly how much it means to you and that’s all. (That’s why my sickness quandary scared me)
  1. If you currently lack the ability to care enough to stop procrastinating, it’s actually not your fault a lot of times. I know. That’s not what you were expecting haha. There is ONE main reason that you lack a drive to put in enough effort. It is THE ONE killer of your dreams. The killer is COMFORT. “Give a man a full stomach and empty balls and watch his dreams fly out the window. COMFORT HAS KILLED MORE DREAMS THAN FAILURE EVER WILL.”
If you watch YouTube, and play video games, and have Netflix, and view porn, and eat yummy foods, YOU WILL almost NEVER acquire the required drive to accomplish big things. You don’t care enough because you’re unhealthy habits satisfy you JUST enough that you don’t change crap. :) You can only become obsessed once you remove them.
Alright, I think that’s it for this month. If you liked that advice, we all gotta know so we can realistically see how many people do. Even if it’s just one word “yes”, leave it behind so we can see who has the majority haha. Or leave me hate. We need to know who is greater.
If you wanna watch my personal journey, then you can save my account or whatever lol. This is all I post, and reddit is removed off my phone in-between updates so you won’t get crap all the time.
This next month I have some interesting money ideas. We’ll see how it goes.
See ya in a month and my best wishes go to you! You got this and perhaps we can live our journey together. I may not be super experienced yet, but so far, it’s far worth it!
“Let the rest do whatever while you do whatever it takes.”
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2023.06.02 13:14 russellbearo Found a snail in my lettuce

Found a snail in my lettuce
Hello, my family tried to wash this little friend down the drain after they found it in the pack of lettuce we bought so I just had to save it :, )
I'm left with this snail and don't know what I should do. I would like to keep this snail healthy and happy... I don't have any soil nearby (I don't keep plants and I live in a city) so for now I put it in a glass container, sprayed some water, and left it with lettuce, egg shells, and egg yolk(I don't think this is how you do it) I heard lettuce isn't good for them but this was all I have got at the moment, so I'll get them better food soon.
It's got a cracked shell at the bottom and it wasn't showing its face so I was worried it had already died, but soon after it thankfully started to explore its new home.
What should I be buying now to meet its needs? Is there any place where I can get some information?
Also, what kind of snail is this friend? Is it young or is it just small? (I live in Korea so I suspect they're native?)
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2023.06.02 13:14 AnonFella68 22 Male [gaming] [relationship] a chill person looking for a gaming pal. Read more for details.

I’m from the US, but anyone around the world can send a chat. Please have some games on steam and such because I’m looking for gamers. Looking for For just Feminine males and females. Yeah as for games. Also if you’d like to get spicy as well, I’m all for it. I usually play any games that has co-op and online but if I have to give examples: Starship troopers: Extermination (My main game rn) Valheim, Tf2 (maybe?), Phasmo , g mod rp, Ready or not, Minecraft, scp secret laboratory, war thunder, world of warships (NA), the isle, and many more. If any this interests you please send an chat invite. If you wish to get spicy, then I welcome it. Or we can just watch stuff on discord and take it easy, cuddling and snuggling. Just looking for genuine companionship.
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2023.06.02 13:14 ilovepugs17 18k debt feels unmanageable - I need advice

Hi everyone! I’ve been reading these for a while now but it’s my first time asking for help. I have racked up $18k in credit card debt for no other reason than I made bad choices. The debt comes from spending on dinners, vacations, clothes, make up, furniture etc that I could not afford. Here is some background info about my finances:
My salary is $58k annually and take home pay is $3500/month(Canadian, very taxed) and 5% of my salary goes to retirement with 100% company match.
Rent $1100/month(cheap for GTA area) Phone $110/month Gym $51/month Yoga $70/month Internet $100/month Electricity $70/month Subscriptions(apple music, netflix, disney+, amazon) $40/month Groceries ~$300/month(not sure of exact amount) Pet expenses ~$100/month
I don’t have any other big fixed expenses - no car(job pays for transit), school loans are paid off. Just 2 credit cards; first is at $3900 and the second is at $14,000 with the same interest rate.
I spend ~$3000/year on skin treatments, cosmetics, hair appointments, botox, supplements, haiskin products etc.(not willing to give this up, I’m vain)
I am not sure what my next step can be considering all of my debt is just me being stupid. I think my expenses are fine for my salary, but I spent over $5000 last year on restaurants and over $7000 on clothing. I pay off over $1200 every month but just keep spending more.
I’m almost 27 and watching all my friends get married, buy homes and start families and it feels like I’m so behind and don’t know how to get out of the mess I put myself in.
Thank you to everyone who made it this far!
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2023.06.02 13:14 Remote_Ad_5523 Mother made me be quiet about Groping

I'm 16. And 2 months ago, my mother(bio) got me a private Language Tutor for 2 weeks straight after seeing my practice results. He was always close to me and I assumed it's to teach better. He groped my chest before leaving the last class and I collected myself from the shock and told my mother and older brother(3 year gap) after he left. It was a split second of pride that I spoke up before my heart dropping as they ask where? And my mother says that's why you can't wear certain clothes. She made me avoid raising my voice because my father was there. The conversation honestly still pains me. I didn't ask for anything but said please post in Telegram that this man is unsafe. He could be doing this to younger kids. I got you don't understand.
This was my last straw. I plan to go no contact after college(kind of Compulsory in my country) but I think I'm too weak. I don't want to be a back up to the golden child. But unsurprisingly that child crashes and now the expectations are on me. Unfair, I didn't receive the attention but I bear the responsibility?
My mother is weak. After every fight with my elder brother, she finds me and tells me she loves me. Now the words feel cheap because they've been used to replace sorry or thank you. And my father? You can't say something about someone who was never mentally present. He only sees an extension of himself in me, and never listens. It's always yelling because I have to fight fire with fire.
I have no support system at all. My parents were hyper judgemental of all my friends and the way they behave has made me not form a single real connection.
I'm alone. And I worry I'm going to be this way forever. Adults, please tell me how you managed adulthood on your own.
Side note, I'm not worried about jobs. I'm a good student and I'm sure I'll be fine if I continue. I just don't know If I'll ever find it useful to live. The core subjects I chose are their choice but it's fine. I'll manage.
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2023.06.02 13:14 Free_Fox_7406 Howard, eliminator of pirates, protecter of copyrighted movies

Howard, eliminator of pirates, protecter of copyrighted movies submitted by Free_Fox_7406 to Bossfight [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 13:14 DogzInfo How Long Do Micro Bullies Live? – Ultimate Guide

How Long Do Micro Bullies Live? – Ultimate Guide
Micro bullies are a very healthy breed and live long and happy lives. Micro Bully can live up to 11-13 years. But this is only true for dogs produced with high quality and by a reputable breeder.
The type of home they live in can affect the life expectancy of the Micro Bully; if the owner is compassionate and caring enough, his Micro Bully will surely live a long life and be happy as he will nicely take care of it.
Some Micro Bullies live a shorter life because the breeder did something unethical while breeding the Micro Bully, but this is true for any dog resulting from low-quality breeding. In all fairness, the full life lived by the dog, any dog, will depend on the owner if the owner takes good care of the dog.
If you feed him well, exercise a lot, teach discipline, socialize the dog, and take the necessary measures for the health of Micro Bully, rest assured your Micro Bully will live long and happy.
Read the full article at:
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2023.06.02 13:14 jmobon88 Renathal Dancing Paladin to Legend with 63% Winrate (D5 to Legend)

Renathal Dancing Paladin to Legend with 63% Winrate (D5 to Legend)
Hey there everyone! Wanted to share this Renathal Dancing Paladin I made which has been tons of fun and winnable going towards legend, especially with cold feet and dance floor from the new miniset! I’ve been playing hearthstone 100% f2p on and off since release, and consistently hit top 200 legend until I get bored and decide to quit and return the next year. I really enjoyed Spell Hunter in Kobolds, and Libram/Pure in Outland, and this deck gave me that refined working deck feeling so I hope you all enjoy it! I also hit legend with a weaker version of this deck last month, and because it was my first time doing it with a homebrew deck, I hope others can try out something new!
Compared to the normal Dancing Paladin list, this deck has a lot more survivability and options to eventually play Front Lines and win the game, highroll minions especially Kangor and Reveler, or through Rivendare win-con. Against Aggro, you have to be clever with how to use board removal tools and when to target swing turns. Versus control a double front line depletes so much battlecry minion resources that they eventually lose on board or over time. Timing your healing with feast and famine + weapon and Kangor is also a major part of the winning strategy versus burn and combo decks. Overall, the main end goal of the deck is to control the board/minion wipe going into your front line turn, then activating a full front line with rush, winning on turn 9 or later if vs control. It's between a combo and control deck and has a lot of nuance into playing the deck optimally, which makes it a lot of fun!
In-depth explanation for all card choices, match up notes, and alternatives below the deck list:
### Reformed Metabreaker
# Class: Paladin
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Wolf
# 2x (1) Feast and Famine
# 2x (1) Flight of the Bronze
# 1x (1) Sir Finley, Sea Guide
# 2x (2) Cold Feet
# 2x (2) Dance Floor
# 2x (2) Equality
# 2x (2) Hand of A'dal
# 2x (3) Consecration
# 2x (3) Hammer of Wrath
# 2x (3) Muster for Battle
# 1x (3) Prince Renathal
# 2x (3) Service Bell
# 2x (4) Truesilver Champion
# 1x (5) Kangor, Dancing King
# 2x (6) Masked Reveler
# 1x (6) Rivendare, Warrider
# 1x (7) The Leviathan
# 2x (9) Annoy-o-Troupe
# 2x (9) Flesh Behemoth
# 2x (9) Front Lines
# 1x (9) The Sunwell
# 1x (10) Amplified Elekk
# 1x (10) Neptulon the Tidehunter
# 2x (10) Stoneborn General
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
Card Explanation and Usage:
Two major things out the way first: 1. Amplified Elekk is a temp card just because I was facing a lot of aggro decks and needed to tech even harder, usually you would run Thaddeus instead.
  1. Yes, the 2 minions of finley and renathal can low roll your reveler, but the improvement they add to the deck's win consistency far offsets it.
# 2x (1) Feast and Famine - Very efficient removal tool especially for early, dangerous minions like arms dealer, Shadow Ascendant, and it's healing later on is great in synergy with weapons, also gives you surprising reach and burn in control match ups.
# 2x (1) Flight of the Bronze - Versatile card you can play early on for solid rush dragons or bronze explorer, or wait for the manathirst to easily clear the board and take tempo on turn 7. Also can find you just the right card like Anachronos, Alexstraza for burn, or Deathwing, also the 2 mana mistake
# 1x (1) Sir Finley, Sea Guide - Recent addition that can revive your hand if you low rolled and drew all big minions, significantly increases chances that you highroll into powerful cards like Dance Floor,Kangor, Front Lines, or even Cold Feet
# 2x (2) Cold Feet - Allows you to completely lock your opponent's board when you need to take tempo or play front lines the turn after, or stop them from playing game-changing minions like a steamcleaner vs your rivendare, svalna, or marrowgar for example. Cold Feet on turn 7 and 8, then Front Lines on 9 is near unstoppable.
# 2x (2) Dance Floor - It's like broomstick but even better when combining with Kangor to really make him the dancing king, reveler's 2/2 summon, front lines, or you can have the card chill on board and activate it on your muster for battle turn, rivendare to kill him off, or (the dream which I was able to do once), get the 4 horsemen from the front, and make them charge into their death on the front lines to win the game.
# 2x (2) Equality - Standard key removal tool for Paladin
# 2x (2) Hand of A'dal - Best proactive cycle card for paladin alongside hammer of wrath. With muster for battle, renathal, flight, hero power etc. you can get enough minions for hand of adal to be usable early on.
# 2x (3) Consecration - Standard removal tool, classic satisfying combo of consecration and equality, it's important to know though to be very picky with what to consecrate or not. As you play the deck, you will get a sense of when you can clear the board manually, or have to result to using consecration.
# 2x (3) Hammer of Wrath - Solid cycle card with some reach and removal usage
# 2x (3) Muster for Battle - Great for aggro matchups and taking some board control early to make control decks occupied with clearing tokens, delaying the game to your bigger 7-10 mana plays.
# 1x (3) Prince Renathal - When I used the normal dancing paladin list, it felt like it was lacking a lot of survivability and alternatives if you can't draw Kangor by 5, even then priests or mages could shut down the deck as soon as they realised you weren't playing minions by turn 3. Renathal allows you to have more powerful options and switch the focus towards the dancing front line (needing to draw a card by turning 9 is much more likely). Also more cards more fun
# 2x (3) Service Bell - Can require some real thought as to which cards (2 copies) you would want to draw. Typically priority goes Kangor, then front lines, or anti aggro if needed. If none of these are given, consecrate and equality are always nice to have in hand, and even double flight if near turn 7.
# 2x (4) Truesilver Champion - Weapon with 4 attack takes out common board minions like spell teacher, and its healing is great especially when combines with feast and famine
# 1x (5) Kangor, Dancing King - dancing king, give him the dance floor and let him go to work
# 2x (6) Masked Reveler - best minion highroll option aside from kangor in standard, also really great with dance floor (after dying) or front lines to clear minions if you lack taunt
# 1x (6) Rivendare, Warrider - provides a win condition which is accelerated by front lines and undead package w/ flesh behemoth, especially versus blood
# 1x (7) The Leviathan - synergy with our minion summoning cards and simply a strong, fast card to have with draw and board removal
# 2x (9) Annoy-o-Troupe - can be a wall in many burn and aggro matchups, from experience 2 of is the most optimal, but out of all the other big minions it is closest to being a 1 of
# 2x (9) Flesh Behemoth - Undead package synergy with Rivendare, horsemen, and Thaddeus, big minion
# 2x (9) Front Lines - 1. Make sure the opponents have less minions on board then you 2. Play front lines 3. "Your opponent left" or enjoy as you kill cards like astalor, ETC, svalna, azshara, kelthuzad, etc. which eventually makes you generate more value than other control decks
# 1x (9) The Sunwell - Fun card, and generates surprising solutions. With the deck cycling and mana efficient approach of the deck, you do tend to find yourself with large enough hands to play sunwell early on if needed.
# 1x (10) Amplified Elekk - Complete tech pick vs aggro, with strong effect even as 2/2, drop for Thaddeus if aggro not oppresive on pocket meta
# 1x (10) Neptulon the Tidehunter - Extremely powerful big minion, can win the board by himself or deal 24 damage to face off a kangor.
# 2x (10) Stoneborn General - Big minion w rush

Mulligan Guide
- You can generally safely keep any card from 1-3 mana, but can reroll more aggressively if you have Finley.
- Kangor and Dance Floor must keep, with Reveler, Service Bell being decent
- Muster for Battle is great against aggro and Front Lines can be a keep if against priest or blood dk

Match Up Notes
Overall the deck is favored vs control, and 50/50 against aggro, doing best against frost dk, and worse against minion centric boards like unholy and mech Paladin. The deck farms Blood Dk and feels surprisingly relaxing vs Priest
Versus Aggro: The amount of wide boards an aggro deck can generate is their greatest issue. Enjoy having a control deck mindset and focus on cards like Muster for Battle, Feast and Famine, Cold Feet for swing turns, and Dance Floor to keep their minion numbers low. Mech paladin is your worst threat because they can make sticky wide boards with Bubblebot divine shields, to win you generally have to highroll into the anti aggro cards I mentioned.
Versus Control: Chill match up, play cards on curve, remove minions here and there, then front lines to remove all those greedy battlecry minions (usually twice consecutively off the service bell). Consider saving cards for scenarios like Blood Dk's Banshee + Vampiric Blood, Priest's Blackwater Behemoth, Queen Azshara's Colossal, Countess' legendaries. Also only play Rivendare in a scenario where you can kill him off, and guarantee that you can punish the opponent if they spend mana on a Patchwerk, ETC + Steamcleaner, Silence, etc. This winning scenario typically happens after a Front Lines.
Versus Combo or Burn: Decks that can pop off on singular turns like Miracle Rogue w/ their grave yards, big DH, big Warlock, Lightshow Mage, Skeleton Mage w/ Deathbornes etc. can be a bit tricky, but it's overall a toss up depending on how well you are able to prepare for their turns, like keeping an equality, or consecrate for the DH colossal with Stalks. Establishing a decent enough board to hold and clear by turn 9 wins the game. If the game reaches turn 9 in an even state, a Front Lines is enough to disrupt their gameplan or win on the spot.

Card Alternatives
- 1x Wild Pyromancer instead of 2x Annoy of Troupe: - Sometimes you may need to add a pyromancer, or an Elekk like what I most recently did in place of one of your bigger cards, just to serve as an extra consecration and clear vs aggro
- 2x Horn of the Windlord: - Trying to make this card work, it feels amazing against Pure Pally as it negates disco maul, great against Big Riff Warrior, Big Warlock, and in general is definitely a strong card. I probably haven't found the right card to cut but it would probably be 1 from the top end and 1 from the low end of the deck because it's played on your midrange turns. Theoretically can deal 18 damage over 2 turns, so I'll definitely continue testing it!
That's all, if you made it this far I hope you enjoyed reading and look forward to giving this deck a try! Have a good one!
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2023.06.02 13:14 LiraAfton2 POV in body text

POV in body text
POV: Bailey had been missing for about a month and one night you couldn’t sleep so you decided to take a walk. You smelled cigarettes but the alleyway you were in was dark. You kept moving only to see Bailey on the ground. So many thoughts flood into your head. WDYD?

No killing or hurting her
No op ocs
Non-human ocs allowed
No non-Gacha ocs
Female ocs only if you want Romance. She is Lesbian

Character info:
Name: Bailey Moore Age: 26 Gender: Female Sexuality: Lesbian Occupation: Military Solider Species: Blood Wolf/ Angel hybrid
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2023.06.02 13:13 Status-Working-3748 Does meditation actually transform people with internal monologue to be more like people without one what we call the sense of 'just knowing'

I've heard that somewhere between 30/60percent of people have an internal monologue. So many people don't.
I've noticed through meditation that i tended to grasp thoughts as if actually speaking . And learned that by not doing this. Either the mind continues speaking but it's different it doesn't feel like I grasped. It's less tiresome. More distant.
Or I can have his experience which probably would be described as this sense of 'just knowing' Like the thoughts are there not necessarily in a complete sentence but just keywords that make sense as if I can think and understand faster than I ever could if I were to grasp the thoughts and explain the process which takes more time then just seeing knowing and understanding it in an instance which happens after not grasping long enough.
So my idea is could it be that people with an internal monologue could be more drawn eventually to meditation or if they persist be more likely to enjoy it. And could it be that somehow in transforms them from time to time to this grasping internal monologue of thinking to being more like people who don't have this monologue.
The reason I started thinking on this is because I saw an interview on YouTube of a young guy who had this internal monologue, interviewing a younger girl who didn't. And what she described sounded like what I'd experience in meditation after I let go
Any thoughts?
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