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2023.06.07 03:53 huskyrepsuk ebay taking down my items

i listed replica football shirts on ebay and a couple sold and are arriving to the customers, but the other ones got taken down because they were ‘counterfeit’. obviously i listed them cheap since they were replicas but if i want to stop it from being taken down what can i do to stop this from happening when i next list the shirts again. i also noticed other sellers who are selling the same shirts with the exact same photos still have their listings. can someone help me and tell me how i can keep my products up. (before anyone says selling replicas on ebay isn’t allowed, they changed their policy and it is now allowed)
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2023.06.07 03:53 Hav0Cal Just want to share this.

Just feel the need to share this. Took me about 30 minutes to write. I know it's not the most elegant or masterful literary piece ever but I think it's ok. Then again, I barely had the strength to struggle through skimming over it for typo's...
Love is the scariest drug. No one warns of it. None are prepared for the addiction and withdrawals of love. Many fear poking themselves with needles of heroin or morphine. Most fear taking high doses of diphenhydramine. We’re always told to never snort coke, or smoke crack. To never cook meth. But no one warns of love. It’s funny that the most emotional writings, enthusiastic paintings, and heartbreaking songs are all the result of love. Love isn’t a fine white powder, or a bud from a plant. Love won’t leave tar in your lungs, or leave you hallucinating. No. Love is… far worse. Love is dangerous. Deadly. Love will paralyze you with the most painstaking and joyful delirium of your life - better than any high - and drop you flat on your fucking face. But you will want and need more. Love is never enough. Love will make promises that no one could keep. Love will lead you to decisions that will change lives. Love will kill. Love will break you down and build you up over and over and over again, until you are broken beyond repair. Love will fool you. Love will feast on anyone like the parasite it is until it has killed the host. Physically or mentally. Love will never apologize or say sorry, and will never forgive you. Love will tie you up and leave you to drown. Love will betray you. Love will take the form of the prettiest girl, the sweetest guy, the most luscious scent, and your wildest hopes and dreams. It will cower in the shadows, innocently devouring you. It may take days, or years. When it has control - when you are at your weakest - it will strike, and consume you whole. It will tear apart flesh from flesh and bones from bones. Love won’t cut your heart out. No. Love will trick you into carving your chest open with a rusty, dull blade, smashing your ribs, and tearing your beating heart out with your bare hands. You’ll look at it. You'll think of what it once was, and what it’s become. You’ll admire the black, pulsing, oozing decay. It will stop throbbing. And you will die.
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2023.06.07 03:51 tadiqguy00 That kinda sucks lmao

Some girls are saying I’m a weirdo that called her my girlfriend when she didn’t like me (which never happened although I DID have a crush on her) she said she would go to the mall with me and just didn’t, I still had some interest in her then a realized I still liked her and took advantage of it and then a little while later she told her f friends to come up to me and say “she’d rather be gay than be with you” (not that there’s really that much wrong with being gay lmao) but ong it’s pretty funny I kinda ruined my self esteem over her but I’ve got a talent show coming up and I’m exited, (also my reputation wasn’t really ruined that much but it’s a rumour lol) (I decided to use relationship for the thing because I don’t think it’d work with Discussion or Social)
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2023.06.07 03:51 KevinBrennan01 MUDSHARK

The truth about kevin, pt 1:
Kevin Brennan, a man constantly stuck in the shadow of his successful younger brother Neal, sat hunched over in a dimly lit corner of his empty apartment. His life had become a bleak tapestry of bitterness and discontentment, underscored by the recent throes of his tumultuous divorce.
In this desolate landscape, there was a singular peculiarity about Kevin that made him stand out – a quirk of nature, one might say. His genitals glowed with a bright, unmistakable red, a feature as eye-catching as it was unusual, reminiscent of the famous Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. In the shadows of his desolate apartment, this anatomical lighthouse served as the only beacon of light, guiding him through the gloomy labyrinth of his post-marital life.
But there was another shadow lurking, a fear that gnawed at his insides: Zulibeth's new love interest Tavarious. He worried that Tavarious might become a more significant part of his kids' lives than he ever could, and that fear plagued him more than the humiliation of his brother's success or his public failure on SNL. The taunts of “Unfunny Kevin Brennan” still echoed in his ears, the label transforming into an omnipresent specter that followed him around.
Night after night, Kevin brooded in a sea of booze and old man copes as he stared at the ghostly shadows cast by his red beacon onto the cold lonely apartment walls, his thoughts spiraling around Zuli and his keedz, around Neal and his accolades.
Kevin Brennan knows he has always been known as the comedian who couldn't elicit laughter, not even from his own family. His stints on SNL were marked by the sound of old boomers coughing and cringing in their seats. Even his own keedz couldn’t bear his attempts at humor, often begging him to find a more conventional occupation.\
"Dad, can't you get a normal job?" they would implore.
"This is a normal job! I’m a famous comedian!" he would holler back, despite the obvious irony.
And yet one day, as luck might have it, the refrain of his children insulting his occupation finally hit his heart like an atomic bomb, and a spark of clarity ignited within Kevin. He realized he wasn’t a comedian for the fame, the applause, or to overshadow Neal. He was a comedian to make his children laugh. The journey to become a funny dad, a father his kids could be proud of, began that very day....
Maybe Kevin was never going to be funny on SNL..... Maybe he would never be a comedian in the traditional sense. But as he looked down at the luminous red guiding him through the gloom, he decided he didn’t need to be any of those things. He just needed to be a dad - a funny dad, not for the world, but for his keedz.
But life had one more cruel twist in store for Kevin. His children, weary of his failures and constant desperation of Kevin on MLC, began spending more and more time with Tavarious. Their once-beloved father had become a ghost to them. Kevin watched helplessly as his worst fears were realized; Tavarious was their new father figure, a role he had been too blind and cucked to appreciate.
His attempts to be a comedian had cost him his most precious audience: his children. His bright red beacon dimmed, reflecting the tragic finale of his life. Kevin was left alone, with nothing but the cold of his own unfunny jokes to keep him company in the cruel silence of his now empty and once vibrant apartment.
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2023.06.07 03:46 The_Unknown_Explorer Zeb Wells Amazes Me (In the Worst Way)

So, Wells apparently is upset that #26 hasn't been well received. What? Did he just now stop and look to see what readers have been saying about the book for the past fourteen months? He actually had the gall to fish for compliments on Twitter:
This is in spite of the fact that previously, he went on record flat out stating that his goal was to ruin the book before Matthew Rosenberg is allowed to touch it:
Oh, Wells, you ruined it as soon as you finished the first issue.
Seriously, what was he expecting after all the crap he's pulled? Breaking up Marvel's most iconic couple and having MJ raise kids with an unknown tool named Paul? Reducing Peter to beg help from the man who committed atrocity after atrocity against him?
Did Wells think we'd throw him a parade or something? It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic. He, Lowe and Cebulski more than deserve the scorn they're receiving.
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2023.06.07 03:43 ThatNolanKid PLEASE READ: This Subreddit has decided to go dark June 12th, and will be returning to normal June 15th. Please read & understand why, and how you can help.

Greetings everyone, kinda jealous of FB right now seeing as how I can't tag everyone to see this but I am hoping that this post gets to you all well and that it is well received, understood, and leaves no one feeling abandoned or confused by this decision.
[Reddit has recently announced and decided to modify and change some policies regarding the impact of how you might like to use the platform.](
Please take a moment to let that sink in and I strongly urge you to read the link and understand that though this may or may not impact the way you enjoy Reddit directly, many of the mods, independent devs who help to create the reddit experience that you might use today, and maybe even the apps that you use (Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Narwhal, etc) to enjoy the platform are potentially at risk of being forced only reddit's app or website as the official way to use reddit - and anything that we use to make your experience better outside of those two options are officially off the table unless there is a significant change to their decision.
I urge you to read in full what is going on, both here and all over reddit, however:
This particular sub has an incredibly resourceful, funny, proud, entertaining, and helpful +37000 users; this is an incredible place for the offset community, as a way to enjoy and be part of something alternative to the norm in the guitar world. This isn't goodbye, we aren't shutting anything down, this is us asking you to stand with us to prove a point.
[Many subs have already joined an ever growing list who are going dark in protest of this change.]( We are standing with them. You may have already seen something similar posted to some of your other favorite subs, and if you have read and understood it, please help us explain to everyone why this is important that we join the list. Be respectful and helpful, we know you are and we appreciate it.
"Going dark" means the subreddit will be made private. You won't be able to view any of its contents until we reverse it.
What's the plan?
On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.
In Offset Mod Discussion, we have decided to go dark on June 12th. We will return it to normal on June 15th. We understand the importance of the protest, and feel it is important to stand in solidarity, but we wish to not inconvenience anyone further should there be no amicable resolution. We are fully aware that in the end it is reddit's rights to do so, but that doesn't mean that what they are doing and how it has been proposed IS the right way to do it.
What can you do?
  1. Complain. Message the mods of, who are the admins of the site: message reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
  2. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at our sister sub at ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail.
  3. Boycott and spread the Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
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  5. It goes without saying, but I will make clear anyway, that users must understand and accept that this needs to happen and not to argue or harass our stance in supporting this protest. Reddit is for the people, and the content generated is by the people. We are those people, they need to understand that by a show of solidarity.
Thank you and if there is anything you'd like to ask, ask it here. I will do my best to make sure you are answered or linked correctly until the switch to private has been made.
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2023.06.07 03:42 SimpCaptain23 I want to make it offical but he seems indifferent to it

I (21F) and A (21M) have been in a FWB relationship for 2&1/2 months now. We've known each other since high school and even dated back then. We reconnected through a dating app. We went on a date and I spent the night at his apartment. We originally wanted to see if we were still compatible while dating. We decided to not make anything offical, as A was still feeling the affects from his last girl friend who he broke up with about 9 months ago. We have met up a few times since then, and sexted a lot more, but for me things came to a head last night. We met as his house as we are hone for the summer from college, and afterwards we were cuddling. I realized while cuddling, I think I love him, or really like him at the very least. I want to be offical so we don't have to sneak around so much, so I can tell him I care about him, so I know he isn't totally uncomfortable with the physical affection I show him. I have asked A if he is okay with me kissing his head, cheeks, and shoulders and for using sone terms of endearment towards him, and he says he is, but I don't know if he totally means it and just doesn't want to make things akward. I just really want to tell A how I feel, but I also don't want to push or scare him away. He does make me feel cared for too. He always asks before we do something, unless we talk about it before hand, and makes sure im comfortable. Playing video games and watching funny videos in youtube together while cuddling just makes me feel cared for. I don't know if A feels the same way, but I hope he does if i can tell him how I feel.
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2023.06.07 03:41 Libbotomy Part 3 Bombshell - No bombshell

Part 3 Bombshell - No bombshell
The Hollywood Reporter article has a lot of good info! Except where they sort of confirm our suspicions that the bombshell is really just timeline clarifications… It’s worth a read though. They address a lot of stuff including ex cast mates returning next season…
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2023.06.07 03:40 FNAF_Movie When does Requiem start shipping clothing?

So I ordered a shirt while the Homestuck event was still going and I have yet to recieve it. I'm also in California so it's most likely not stuck in shipping hell. Should I just say goodbye it and take action or can I still wait on it?
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2023.06.07 03:38 PeterRiveria how do I (22 NB) get over my feelings for my friend (20 F) when there’s a ton of mixed signals?

hey y’all, for context, I’m really active in my local music scene, and i’ve gotten pretty close with a few of the other people there over the past year. so this girl, who i’ll call “L,” and I have become friends in the past few months after seeing her around for a year or two - she helps run one of the house show venues so we talk at shows all the time. she’s an unbelievably cool person, just very passionate about her interests and really warm and inviting to everyone around her. she’s also genuinely one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever met but that’s besides the point, it’s our banter that really made me interested in her. I don’t know how exactly to describe it, but we just click together? our conversations are funny, back-and-forth and surprisingly deep. it just feels right in a way I can’t really describe.
now I’m not officially diagnosed, but I feel like a lot of autistic traits deeply resonate with me, so having this level of connection with someone right off the bat is really uncommon for me. i’ve had a few serious romantic relationships in the past, but flirting/courtship/all of that still flies completely over my head. despite all that, I really feel like this is flirting? idk, she just lights up when she sees me and is way more touchy with me than I feel like is warranted for just friends. also, on multiple occasions (easily 5+ times) she’s walked over to me at a show and said something like “just so you know you look incredibly handsome/good/well-dressed right now.” also, I have had two separate mutual friends of ours tell me that she talks about me unprompted to them all the time in “glowing” terms. literally verbatim stuff like “he’s one of the hottest guys i’ve ever seen + they have the face of a greek god,” which seems pretty romantically interested to me idek.
so after that had been going on for like two months, I thought I should finally bite the bullet and ask her out. so I pull her aside after a show and give her note saying like “hey I think you’re super cool and if you want to go on a date sometime just text me! if not it’s completely nbd - it’s always great to make a new friend. : ) “ she texts me later that night saying “hey I think you’re cool too but i’m not looking for anything romantic right now, but your note was really sweet,” and that was that, I haven’t mentioned anything romantic to her since then. but after that, we started hanging out one-on-one a lot. easily 2-3x per week for 6+ hours each time. just going on long walks and having those same really deep + vulnerable conversations. last week we went for a hike together and we both shared about our respective mental illnesses/parental trauma. I have a really hard time opening up to people so this was a big deal for me. and now when we hang out she still gets really excited to see me and has gotten even more touchy with me? but I don’t feel like anything has changed since I asked her out originally. and now when we talk she’s told me that she thinks i’m an “incredibly special person” and lot of similar really personal complimentary stuff a few different times.
I know she said she’s not looking for romantic relationships right now, and I completely respect that - but I still think about her all the time and I can’t help imagining how perfect we would be for each other. I just want to get over my feelings for her so I don’t end up inadvertently torpedoing a friendship with someone I genuinely care about and want in my life. she’s had a string of really awful + abusive exes so I really don’t want to just be another shitty person in her life and/or another “man” who is only friends with her in order to get in her pants down the road. I really appreciate her and the connection we have, so what can I do to get over my feelings for her so I don’t ruin a new good thing in my life?
TLDR: my connection with “L” feels incredibly flirty to me, even after she said she’s not looking for anything romantic, how can I get over my feelings for her as to not jeopardize our friendship? I really care about her and I want to do the right thing here.
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2023.06.07 03:38 Lonely_Repair4494 Emi's Route My Verdict

TL;DR-8/10, very good but not perfevt. Read further for in depth explanation 👍
Ok. Long story short, my first time playing Katawa Shoujo and as I blazed through Act 1 getting all the Hanako choices, I've decided: "Yeah. Nah, Hisao. You gotta run to stay healthy." And guess what. I got Emi's path first accidentally. So, I stopped playing to decide whether to do her path or go back to do Hanako's which is the one I was gonna get if I just didn't run. Someone convinced me to do Emi's by saying it would make more sense to choose what Hisao I'd rather be and have the girl choose me, so I "Took it as it was" and let Emi's path take me through the game in relaxation.
As of now, I have gotten her Super Good Ending in my first playthrough, so I felt naturally very proud of myself by actively being smarter than whatever Hisao was telling himself he was, and then I did her Flawed Good Ending and Bad Ending next to fill in all of her progression and got my heart absolutely wrenched 😢 the Breakup in the Bad Ending reminded me of a breakup I had irl (Obviously I wasn't as stupid as Hisao is in this path for the reasons as to why it happened would be the same, but rather the way she worded it was very similar. Plus, Emi already reminds me of my ex, kinda why I was negating going through her path first), and as of now I have done her entire character progression and will give you guys my thoughts on it.
8/10 in my humble opinion (Very good, but still had details that bothered me)
Why I liked this path so much:
FIRST OF ALL, NURSE IS HOT, I WANT A PATH JUST FOR HIM -You guys already know how much i love Nurse, and he's in this path 24/7. His music is awesome, he's good looking, and he's playful af with both me and Emi, and actually gives really solid advice for Hisao's screw-ups throughout the path. I want to see him in other path even if his role is short, just one scene will make all the path worth it.
It feels surprisingly natural for a Dating Sim/Visual Novel -I haven't played a lot of Dating Sims, but I have a lot of experience with VNs. Danganronpa is my favorite game of all time ffs. Anyway, the way they went from friends teasing each other, to eventual flirting, to kissing, to fucking, to official A Grade Meet My Parent kind of partners felt very natural and realistic. It almost felt like i was actually progressing with someone controlling Emi behind the screen. This is always a plus for me. It gets me more invested in the story.
Rin's role in this path is very substantial when she's not the main focus -Obviously I haven't done Rin's path yet, but she's objectively best girl. I'm gonna leave her for last since I know her path is the hardest to do, but as it is in Emi's path, I loved how she played her role of weird, interesting and oblivious best friend and her interactions with Hisao alone in this path had me rolling in the ground. It's like I could do just a compilation of them talking about nonsense when Emi's not around.
Misha's role, while short, does help the path substantially -It would be understandable she'd be the most realistically reasonable to understand Emi, since they are extremely similar if you discount the trauma. Both are cheery, loud and very intelligent when they want to be, yet still stubborn af. It just felt right for me to Misha being the one giving Hisao's advice in the other two endings.
Emi is a joy to be around -This isn't even a surprise, if you like playful teasing flirting, this path is just wonders, which is my case. I love to both say: "That's cute thank you" and be able to flip someone the middle finger off playfully to demonstrate affection and Emi's path is full of that. Her trauma was perfectly executed and her character development too, it reminded me a lot of me, I don't tend to ask for help much often because I want to be able to handle things on my own, just like Emi, but now being on the other side of the spectrum controlling Hisao, I will try to be more open to help. It inspired me to let some people in on what I do.
This path is kinda easy if I say so myself -You only get to screw this path up like two times to get the bad ending and it's in Act 3. I literally just went to the choice of life and death like: "I think if I go after her I won't get a lot of return or info out of her, plus she'd probably be pissed at me. I think talking to her mom is smarter, maybe she'll let me in on something as well. As I knew it was the exact right call to get a straight good ending, even when characters like Nurse said something like: "Oh, I'm surprised you didn't go after her, even though you made a heck of a smart move" and then I'm like: "Bitch, respect my choice, I am confident things will work out in the end and when they do, I'm just gonna laugh at Hisao's atupid inner voice who's saying that i did the wrong call". So, yeah, I got the good ending first try and the mid ending second, but every choice before her mom's house's choice is just irrelevant. You can choose whatever and you still wouldn't screw it up, which is great when Emi's path is by far the one people get the easier and the most.
Things I didn't like:
Hisao looking like he has only two brain cells when talking to Emi -Jesus christ, I was surprised Mutou even called Hisao a smart dude. He said so many dumb shit on this one that honestly doesn't fit as much as it would fit his Act 1 behavior. It truly doesn't look like the first act guy, if you take a closer look, but it's disguised really well, so I gave that a pass.
No Hanako -She's the only girl who's not in Emi's path and I was trying to get her path, it was just a slap in my face tbh at this point. It doesn't hinder the path for me but it makes me a little sad.
The Sports Shack Scene -I know it's supposed to be uncomfortable, but holy shit, I didn't think it was THAT uncomfortable. Especially since the last H scene still has anal involved and it's the best one in the path imo (No I didn't hate the scene just because it's "Let's fuck on my dad's death birthday", it felt earned and that's fine for me). The second H scene had me rolling in shame, especially since I still feel like Hisao was drawn kinda badly in that one. Not at all how I imagined people would draw him as.
Some of her sprites mismatch the descriptions Hisao has of her face -Sometimes Hisao would say things like "She's angry" and then she has a funny smile sprite. When she says "Get out of my house, Hisao!" Her face looks like she's ready to get in bed with him, I just thought that was kinda wtf
Lastly, the Yuuko subplot kinda went nowhere, so why have it in the first place -Like it was obvious that the book thief was Kenji, but I wanted to see if she would figure that out on her own, but they just kinda drop the whole storyline after the second time it's mentioned. I feel like it would have been way much interesting if it actually resulted in something apart from Emi's story that could steer us away from the drama a little bit.
This path is very good for a first run. It has its flaws, but it's objectively good for people starting the game. Next I'll do Hanako-Shizune-Lilly and lastly Rin. And I'll wait sometime before playing the game again to get it out of my brain for a little bit and start freshly on Hanako's actual path. This time I won't run, guys. I promise I will keep Hisao's heart from almost dying this time 🙏
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2023.06.07 03:30 SucculentMoisture Very cheeky "flying monkey" attempt.

[Flaired funny because in the moment and in hindsight I found it all quite amusing]
Context: I was very thankfully raised by my dad and mum; egg donor broke off with my dad when I was a kid because my dad couldn't and wouldn't wait on her beck and call like her dad did for her mum (also a raging narcissist, far less covert and subtle about it), though not before trying to kill him in front of me (courts gave her custody for some dumbarse reason because family courts turn of the millennium were possibly the stupidest places on Earth). Egg donor has had an insane run of luck, never charged with attempted murder, dad paid out $200k for complete custody to her, mum fought to rekindle a relationship between her and I which was successful. She still managed to fumble the bag and get me to go NC.
I went NC with my egg donor after my wedding. Due to not inviting her sister to our wedding ceremony that we said was only for our parents, grandparents, and siblings so as to have the small intimate ceremony we wanted (with a larger celebration immediately following the ceremony for everyone), she lost it and played every emotional manipulation card in the book, to the point where she was nearly uninvited. In the end, my wife and I decided to cut her off after that. She'd been hurt by narcissists before and helped me to learn and protect myself.
This of course wasn't received well but recently things have gone very quiet. I have a very disabled half brother who is with her and is basically perpetual supply. Her ex-partner and father of half-brother reached out to me inviting me to catch up with him and half-brother. I love my half-brother, although as we didn't grow up together, I can't say my bond with him feels that strong. She treats her ex horribly and uses bro as leverage.
The invite seemed innocuous enough, but was dripping with the subtle guilt tripping language that donor would use, which led my wife and I to conclude that she sent it using his phone. I politely declined (I had other plans already) and it went no further, but I felt it was very devious. I knew for certain if I went, she'd have turned up, forcing me to either go along with contact or walk away and risk a public scene in a place where there'd definitely be people who know me.
I'm not looking forward to further attempts. She knows where we live and work.
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2023.06.07 03:22 Zealousideal_Taro169 Catastrophizing, flight in 10 days:(

I am catastrophizing big time, every scenario I can think of. I am taking my son to a sports event he's in, he's so excited, it'll be just the 2 of us, his siblings will stay at home with my husband. I struggle with the lack of control and thinking of every possible scenario. I book flights, change them because I worry about the airline/time of day/will pilots be tired/will this be the flight that has issues. I know flying is routine and highly regulated but I even worry about that! (Maybe it's too routine and people cut corners?). Which is ridiculous. I feel a sense of doom, guilt for putting my son on a flight. The mental gymnastics is exhausting and ludicrous. I get exhausted to the point where I say, I'm done, I am just going to stop worrying and then I worry if I don't worry, something will happen. Ugh. The funny thing is that I've travelled throughout much of the world, all my life since our parents were from different countries and as an adult I have lived in the US and two other countries. I can't pinpoint when I became scared to fly. Sometime in my 20s and it escalated when I had kids. I really miss how I used to feel when travelling, up to age 25. The excitement, the joy, my sister and me having adventures:) I am trying to see if my husband can take my son, but it would be complicated with his work and I would not forgive myself for capitulating to my irrational fears.
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2023.06.07 03:21 Sgt_Kersandwich Question about concealed carry definition.

Howdy! I've got a question about concealed carry definitions in general and Oregon definitions specifically. I carry a Buck 112 automatic, which is perfectly legal to carry concealed in my home state. However, I'm going to be traveling to Oregon this summer and I want to bring my Buck along. I can't for the life of me find a concrete definition on what counts as "concealed carry" in Oregon. I carry my knife in a horizontal belt holster which my shirt usually covers. I'm not actively trying to conceal it, it just happens to not always be in view. I have found a few sources that say carrying on your belt counts as open carry, but I don't know if that presupposes you having a large fixed-blade that your shirt won't cover. What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.07 03:21 Penelope_pitstop73 Velly ray

I've been following this guy a lot on YouTube. It seems like his whole thing is to approach homeless people and say he will help them. Then alot of the time he will walk off and act like a totally redneck in the comments he makes. This whole time people are donating money to him through cash app and he says that he puts it toward the cause but there is no proof. Other than a sharpie t shirt he made and some grilled chicken he hands out 20 percent of the time. Now he's on the infamous pdx serial killer. Who he's convinced is in the homeless community. And he's making a living off this. You really only need command of about 12 square blocks of outer se to do this ( this is his base). Everytime he tries to go downtown he gets pretty much ran out of can't comprehend the lack of a total police lock down. I highly recommend this persons channel (please don't feed the animal) he's a special kind of felony Flatts self rituous idiot and it will make you feel better about how stupid you might think you are. ...there's always room to grow
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2023.06.07 03:20 WorkingJuggernaut823 Her mom doesn’t beg? 😂😂😂

Her mom doesn’t beg? 😂😂😂
Savannah messaging me saying Sandra doesn’t “bag”. Lmao.
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2023.06.07 03:20 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Follows - Chapter 27 - Reunited - Part 5

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
DM, the Digitalman, the Scion of Variable is a creation of my good friend who does not use Reddit and is used with permission.
The Pokémon Lucario is © The Pokemon Company.
“When you're in your darkest place, you give yourself hope and that's inner strength.”
― Uncle Iroh
The Daughter that Follows
Chapter 27
Part 5
“So, are we all ready?” Darius asked as he rolled out a second grill in his backyard. He had decided to host the mini-reunion for Alan and his friend.
“We are so friggin’ ready.” Kenji grinned. “I can almost taste the meat...”
“Why is he acting like he hasn’t had meat in forever?” Alan asked Brooklynn while pointing to her husband.
“I wish I knew, he has his own grill.” Brooklyn shook her head. “Cooks good corn.”
“Speaking of, I got these for you.” Alan held up several cobs. “Won’t be a competition because Vegeta thinks vegetables are a sin.”
Brooklyn rolled her eyes, “I know the type.”
“So...” Sammie pointed into Darius’ house. “Is your other guest okay?”
“He’s fine, he just doesn’t like the sun that much.” Alan grinned.
“He’s a vampire.” Yaz said.
“Don’t say that.” Sammie chided her wife.
“Technically he’s a nosferatu.” Alan wavered his hand. “But also be quiet, I want Anna surprised, and Salem surprised.”
“Why is he getting surprised?” Kenji asked.
Yaz smiled, “You didn’t pay attention to his shirt, did you?”
“I think he might be a fan of Alan’s friend.” Sammie said.
Not a moment after that a hole opened above Darius’ driveway. They heard Ben shout in surprise as he fell out with Anna and Vegeta.
“You know, you’re brave...” Vegeta said, “But you need to have more spatial awareness if you’re not gonna fly.”
“We can’t fly here.” Ben said as he was flown over Darius’ roof and sat down.
“Where’s Anna?” Alan asked.
“She saw someone attacking Spider-Men.” Vegeta shrugged.”Dropped us off and ran off.”
“Oh.” Alan blinked.
“Yeah, it looked like some wasp thingy.” Vegeta flew back and returned with a huge slab of meat. “Wagusaurus.”
Alan stopped to think for a moment before another hole in reality opened and Anna walked through covered in orange and green gunk.
“Hose?” She asked grumpily.
Darius pointed to the side of his house.
“So I take it, it squished good?” Salem snickered from the sliding door.
Anna froze and looked up. Then she looked at her father.
“Surprise.” Alan smirked.
Anna ran up and hugged her father. “That’s for surprising me.”
Alan nodded. “I kinda figured.”
Salem was laughing like mad as Anna went to hose herself off. Then he froze as he saw Vegeta cutting up the meat.
“Surprise.” Alan smiled and tapped Vegeta on the shoulder. “You gotta fan here, man.”
“Huh?” Vegeta turned to see the fanged nosferatu staring and pointing. “Hey, you want to help? This stuff is heavy.”
Salem just nodded and helped the saiyan prince separate out the meat.
Anna came walking back around the corner, she had used her aura to squeeze the water from her clothes and skin, though her hair was still wet. She giggled as her father simply eradicated the gunk that was on his clothes.
“Thank you.” Anna smiled up at Alan.
“Yeah, well he’ll be going with you.” Alan smiled. “Plus this needed to happen outside of a battle zone.”
“Oh yeah.” Anna nodded emphatically. “Completely.”
Alan smiled as he clapped his hands. “All right! Everyone get ready for a taste test sensation! Except Brooklynn, I’ll have your corn done not long after.”
“What is she vegetarian?” Vegeta snapped.
“Vegan.” Brooklyn said as she crossed her arms.
“I make meat.” Vegeta crossed his arms as if to challenge her.
“Good for you, my husband is who you want to impress.” She nodded to Kenji.
“Huh, fair.” Vegeta nodded. “Why is he staring at the grills?”
“He grills too, but for fun.” Brooklynn smiled.
“Hey, amateur!” Vegeta stomped forward.
Kenji flinched. “Yes?”
“You’re my second.” Vegeta grinned.
Kenji smiled and saluted, “Yes sir!”
“Ben, you got my stuff?” Alan asked.
“Stuff?” Vegeta asked as Ben walked out with a wheeled tray filled with cooking paraphernalia.
“Oh, now we’re getting serious!” Vegeta grinned. “Anna, you got my stuff?”
Anna nodded and tossed out a pink and blue capsule that turned into another wheeled tray with similar cooking tools on it.
“Just so we’re clear, I’m recusing myself.” Anna smiled.
“Clever girl.” Vegeta stared at her with a vicious smile..
“Man if you knew the history of that phrase here.” Alan shook his head. “All right folks, quarter of a steak each for the taste testing. Be honest, put your fork on the plate you like most.”
“Do we get ketchup?” Anna asked with a devious grin.
Both men stopped and glared.
“I found the heckler.” Alan said through gritted teeth.
“Considering her parentage, I’m not surprised.” Vegeta nodded.
Darkseid paced on Apokalips.
He had been shunted back to his planet and reality with ease by the ghostly reaper. He had been embarrassed for the last time by the Scions. He would not tolerate it anymore.
“Kalibak!” He shouted for his son.
Kalibak came forward and kneeled. “Father.”
“Prepare all to attack Earth. If I cannot go to them I will draw them to me. We will slaughter Superman's adopted homeworld.” Darkseid grinned.
The sound of chains echoed through the halls.
“Alice?” Hare lifted his head.
“She’s coming...” March Hare’s vocalizer on the back of the warbeast he was attached to, sang to life.
Soon a woman in white with red on a half mask walked into view.
“And who are you?” Darkseid asked.
“I am called Kyton. I come from Alan Quain’s home reality.” She said as the chains holding Hare released him. “I am the Revenant of Heroes, element of metal.” March Hare’s brain case released itself and fell to the ground.
“FREEDOM!” The brains’ final thoughts shouted from the vocalizer.
“You will keep them no longer!” Kyton’s chains flew from openings and snagged the ragged body of Hare into a swirling portal.
“So it is war!” Darkseid grinned as lanced out a punch, but a wall of crystal rose up from the ground.
“I’m here to asshole.” Stephen Quain walked in as the air around all of Darkseid’s forces turned to solid crystalline bindings. “And we brought an old friend.”
A scream of rage tore through the air as a clown mask landed at Darkseid’s feet.
Darkseid looked down and was caught by a powerful uppercut, but it was nothing to him. He did recognize his opponent, they had taken him form Quain’s home reality and tormented him. They had tried to shatter the mask he wore only to find it resisted them at all attempts. He wore a new mask now, but Darkseid felt the same hidden power inside it. He grinned and grabbed the human’s fist and tossed him back.
“Dammnit!” SideEffect shouted. “If I could feel those bones I’d be even more pissed!”
“And now I am...” Darkseid looked outside his window to see a series of explosions ripple across Apokalips.
A man flew down to his window, a billowing red cape.
“I’m afraid not, Darkseid, this is the Scion’s war.” Superman smiled. “We’re just helping.” He flew in and slammed the leader of Apokalips through the walls.
Kyton looked at Stephen Quain, “Don’t kill the sapient ones.”
Stephne rolled his eyes. “Just because I have a history with the hairball doesn’t mean I’m trigger happy.”
Kalibak looked around in confusion. The crystal bindings were all too familiar and he looked at the human in fear. “Can you please not turn me into crystal again? It really hurts.”
Stephen rolled his eyes.
In the black space above Apokalips, a green form looked down upon the world. A scythe and sword were by his side, as was a young pale skinned woman. She shook her head but did not oppose the Scion.
“You started this early.” Death of the Endless sighed. “Why?”
“Because it’s the one thing no one would expect me to actually do.” Wraith drew his daggers from his side and looked them over. His black blade still had a knick in it from when a piece broke off in Atropos. “So I’ll make sure this entire war is off balance.”
Death of the Endless shook her head. “I think she got under your skin. So to speak.”
“She did.” Wraith acknowledged. “For this I am not Death. For this I am the endless rage of the murdered and unavenged. She wants this fight, I’ll give it to her, but on my terms.”
“What are your friends doing?” Death of the Endless looked down.
One half of Apokolips was now thoroughly exploded with mechanical animals running rampant over it. The other half was now a flower covered paradise that had strange trees restraining the parademons and other forces.
“What they do best.” Wraith smiled. “Chaos and Imbalance.”
“And what can we do?” The voice of Astral, Scion of Order asked as he appeared.
“Cage of this reality, separate it from itself.” Wraith leaned on his scythe.
“Shadow reality?” Astral asked.
Wraith nodded.
“I’m gonna need my buddy down there.” Astral nodded.
“I’m your buddy?!” Perfection cooed as he appeared. “Hiya D.o.E.! How’s Delirium?”
“Delerious.” Death of the Endless smiled with a nod.
“All right!” Perfection cheered. “One shadow realm coming up!” He snapped his fingers and a wig very similar to a popular card game anime character’s hair appeared on his head and his clothes shifted to a similar style.
“Does that mean I have to be Kaiba?” Astral sighed.
“Would you?” Perfection asked with a pleading look.
“Okay, fine. This once.” Astral sighed and his trench coat shifted to that of another coat similar to the other one’s rival.
“I’m not watching this.” Wraith sighed as he vanished.
“Man, what a party pooper.” Perfection sighed. “Well it’s time to get twisted!”
Anna sat watching her friends and her father. Everyone was relaxed and the party was winding to a close. Vegeta was busy going over a speech with her dad and Salem was busy trying to understand how Ben survived a Carnotaurus as a teenager with no powers.
“We will go to our final battle soon.” Rio sat beside her enjoying some of the last steak.
“Well not our last.” Anna smiled.
Rio shook her head. “I cannot go with you beyond this.”
Anna looked at Rio. “Did I say something, do something?”
Rio shook her head. “I have a responsibility I too will be stepping into, at Arceus’ last request.”
Anna hugged Rio. “You could have said something.”
“I was conflicted.” Rio admitted, “But it was Arlina that made me realize I had to do it.”
Anna nodded. “You’ll always be my sister.”
“You will always be welcome in my world.” Rio smiled and gave a happy yip.
Anna smiled. “Bonds beyond life and death.”
“Bonds beyond time and space.” Rio said as a compliment to it. “I will cherish the time we have had together.”
Anna smiled and held up the pokeball.
“Oh no,we still need that, I don’t want to travel the multiverse exposed to it!” Rio barked nervously.
Anna laughed. “Okay, One last big adventure.”
“Once more unto the breach, my friends.” Alan said as he sat next to them.
“What?” Anna asked.
“The Bard himself.” Alan smiled. “Henry the Fifth.”
Anna nodded. “I’m scared.”
Alan nodded. “So am I. I could lose the most important people to me. But it has to stop, she has to be stopped, he has to be stopped. No more.”
Anna nodded.
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, Or close the wall up with our English dead.” Yaz said. “Act Three, Scene One.”
“Indeed.” Alan smiled and nodded. “I better pick up Teal’c and the other’s too.”
Anna looked at her father quizzically.
“He sounds a lot like Kratos. But he enjoys breaking False gods, so...” He paused. “Disturbingly coincidental hobbies.”
Anna giggled.
“How many of my friends have that hobby?” Alan pondered aloud.
Vegeta jumped up and waved his hand.
“No, Vegeta. Frieza was not a false god.” Alan sighed.
“Fair.” Vegeta harrumphed.
“Well I have to get this all cleaned up tomorrow.” Darius sighed.
Alan gave a baring laugh.
“What?” Darius asked.
“Darius.” Anna scoffed, “We aren’t trashy guests...” She focused and Hong Long came out from her aura and quickly began to pick up trash.
Alan simply focused on various small bits that flew to the trash cans. Within minutes the backyard and the grills were sparkling.
“Kami, do I miss the easy cleanups...” Vegeta sighed. “You know the stars here are bit different, but I like’em.”
Anna smiled and began to point out the constellations. Soon though Alan, Anna and their guests returned to the Camp for one more night of rest.
When they got back Anna and Alan crashed within minutes, Vegeta and Salem were still up staring out at the stars.
“You feel it?” Vegeta asked.
“Like a cat with its hackles up.” Salem nodded.
“What do you do, to keep her safe?” Vegeta asked.
“Got some magic, but mostly I use big guns.” Salem said. “I can hack, but it’s a tertiary skill nowadays. If I get pissed I can jack my bodies’ power up, but not anywhere near as powerful as you.”
Vegeta nodded. “Willing to die?”
“For them?” Salem just nodded.
“Good.” Vegeta nodded. “He wants me up front with Darkseid. How do you think I’ll fair?”
“Depends.” Salem shrugged, “What’s your newest technique?”
“Well I developed a bit of an Ego, if you will.” Vegeta grinned.
“No, not with Darkseid.” Salem shook his head. “Definitely poor on the aggression, but you do not want to take a hit. Especially the Omega Beams, you can’t dodge them, you can only put others in front of them.”
“He wasn’t there.” Consumption hissed. “Not even a trace of him.”
Atropos blinked in shock. She felt for certain Wraith would retreat to the Gates of Hell in their home reality. That he wasn’t there was a shock.
“That’s because he’s off picking a fight with Darkseid.” Odin shook his head. “Your plans aren’t coming together, Norn.”
“Don’t call me that.” Atropos said in an off-sweet tone. “I write fates, they make a show of them.”
Odin grunted. He was starting to regret working with this woman.
“As I said it doesn’t matter.” Atropos shoved her hand into her leg, golden ichor rolled out as she pulled an obsidian black shard from her leg. “A piece of his Sin left to remember him by.”
“I can use that.” Sindri shot up, “That will work” He walked over and held out his hands.
Atropos smiled and dropped it in his open palms. The sharp piece struck into the dwarf’s hand and his grief flashed before his eyes and he clutched his hand around the piece as he roared in pain. He forced himself over to his work table and pried it out of his own hand.
Atropos watched in shock.
“It wants you to suffer under your own guilt.” Sindri winced. “Vicious piece, but it has a piece of him, more than enough.”
“Then let Undeath Echo through the multiverse.” Atropos roared with laughter.
Odin watched the woman and slowly tilted his head towards her, then to Sindri. He nodded slowly as he realized what was happening. He had to get out of this mad house and fast.
Anna stretched as Hong Long coiled about in the sky, doing his own version of warming up. Alan yawned as he said his goodbyes to his co-workers and bosses.
Dr. Grant handed him a book, an old one signed by another Paleontologist. Quain grinned as he put the book signed by Tim Murphy into his bag. Dr. Ellie Sattler just gave him a hug. Dr. Wu who had the hardest time saying goodbye, despite the few words the two ever exchanged they had become good friends and trusted each other.
“Don’t go bad or I’ll be back.” Alan smiled.
“I don’t think I can anymore.” Wu smiled.
“He’s got the heart!” Anna shouted. “He took a while to grow into it though!”
Dr. Wu smiled and waved. “Take care of her, she still needs her father.”
Alan nodded and stood next to his daughter.
“What do you think, two holes?” Anna asked.
Alan blew a raspberry. “Why waste the energy?”
Anna nodded. “So who is going to make it?”
Alan stroked his chin. “Rock paper scissors?”
Anna rolled her eyes and Hong Long roared and tore into reality leaving an extra large whole gaping open.
“See you in a week!” Anna laughed as she ran and jumped through. Salem came screaming after her shouting about not being ready.
“That’s CHEATING!” Alan shouted as he raced after his daughter. Vegeta sighed and ran after his friend, grumbling about losing the steak-off once more.
As he breached into the multiverse he felt the power of his new nature course through him. He held it back, but just barely. He wanted to show Darkseid exactly how bad he had messed up.
Anna also felt the power crest in her and she looked back and smiled at her father while Salem tumbled in the rear of Hong Long’s frame. She waved as her father and Vegeta skewed off in a different direction.
“I think I’m gonna puke!” Salem groaned as he spun around.
End of the Daughter that Follows
All the Scions: OH!
S: Yup.
Astral: Fuck.
Maven: With extra cheddar.
Perfection: What?
Maven: It’s a saying from my home reality.
Perfection: But why Cheddar?
DM: How does he even have Cheddar, that’s from England.
Perfection: My head hurts.
S: So that’s her plan folks.
Mosious: That’s not good.
Theten: But there’s no need for Undeath. It’s antithetical to the universe!
Karma: Maybe it’s about exactly that. Like we’re concepts. What if she’s going for Extra material power.
S: Smart woman wins the prize.
Wraith: SHE... ANger... RAGE...
Karma: Oh no, he’s sputtering.
Astral: (steps back)
S: And now folks I work on outlining the final battle. I’ll know more about it’s length in a week or two. In the meantime I will continue to work on GSD.
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2023.06.07 03:19 BlueAurora225 I'm not good at anything no matter how hard I try and I'm demotivated to do anything

The title says most of it. I feel like I'm not good at anything. I've been drawing for 7 years, suck at it. I've been singing since I can remember, I still have a voice like nails on a chalkboard. Tried composing and couldn't make a single listenable song. I just graduated highschool and all I can think about is how next to my peers, I've done absolutely nothing of note. And not from lack of trying.
I'm not artistic, I'm not smart, I'm not cute, I'm not funny, so I just feel completely worthless. I don't know what to do or how to pull myself out of it. I just feel like I have no energy for even existing, and every single thing feels like it's too much and too little at the same time. I spend most of the day now playing video games or laying on the couch because I just can't take more failure, but that makes me even more of a failure and I'm lost.
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2023.06.07 03:19 Fancy_Frosting_3329 Help, girl did a spell on me?

So this girl (18 F) and I (18 M) have known each other for 3 years or so, and we recently just got really close with one another, I don’t wanna give too much detail but in 6 days I ship out for military and a bit after she goes to collage, and it’s been a month since her ex broke up with her, I’ve had major feelings for her and we have a bit of a complicated relationship, we’re not dating but you could mistake us for a couple if you’d could see us, we were hanging out at the beach at 1 in the morning in the bed of the truck, and there was a blood moon last night while we were out there, after some time together she got up, sat next to me and took my hands, she held them and she was moving really slow, kissed the back of my hands, held one over the other and started saying something, I couldn’t make it out bc it was really quiet, mind u I had my shirt off and it was a bit breezy and cold out, but I was sent off in a sort of calm state, I don’t know what it was but I could feel something, knowing it was her I let it in, I didn’t feel cold from then on out, I could feel the wind, but it wasent cold, i felt warm on the inside too, I also felt my feelings towards her become more amplified, all my worrys and fears about leaving for the military just ceased to exist, felt as if everything would work out the way I want it to, I’ve asked her what the thing she did was, but she’s been very vague, she keeps saying “it’s just something I’ve been working on” and im really curious on what it is, and I’d like to know before I leave, because I won’t have any outside contact other then via letters for 3 months, I know this isn’t much info but I don’t know much about Wicca, extremely new to it and I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about this
Thank you
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2023.06.07 03:18 Agretion 36 [M4F] Montreal/Online - Seeking banter and good conversation

I am looking for good company and good chats today and into the future. I sometimes feel lonely and bored and there are a lot of reasons for that. One of the major ones is I suffered a back injury that I will likely need surgery for so I am kind of limited in how active I can be these days. This means I have to be careful not to do too much or I will hurt myself or be in a lot of pain the next day. Therefore a great chat and a great distraction is wonderful for me. I’d like it if the person was witty, playful and actually interested in joking around and having flirty banter.
About me: I’m tall(6’4”), educated(masters) and I'm generally a low key person. Analytical, introvert and more of a homebody than someone who wants to be in a crowd. I'm fiercely loyal and generally serious in person although I like to joke around online as it serves as my escape.
I am open to multiple topics of conversation and I don't look down on small talk as long as it leads to better conversation down the road.
Here are some opening topics of conversation I am interested in but it is not all inclusive:
That said, for the moment I am not looking to rush into anything. In fact, as title states you can be from any city, country, etc... I really don't mind. Obviously, the preference is you're closer to me so we have a better chance of having things in common. Being witty, funny and nice is a huge bonus!
While I understand pictures and the like are sometimes requested I will only share a picture of me if both parties are willing to verify.
If you are looking for good banter, want to share recipes or just want a good chat feel free to say hello.:)
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2023.06.07 03:17 Agretion 36 [M4F] Montreal/Online - Seeking banter and good conversation

I am looking for good company and good chats today and into the future. I sometimes feel lonely and bored and there are a lot of reasons for that. One of the major ones is I suffered a back injury that I will likely need surgery for so I am kind of limited in how active I can be these days. This means I have to be careful not to do too much or I will hurt myself or be in a lot of pain the next day. Therefore a great chat and a great distraction is wonderful for me. I’d like it if the person was witty, playful and actually interested in joking around and having flirty banter.
About me: I’m tall(6’4”), educated(masters) and I'm generally a low key person. Analytical, introvert and more of a homebody than someone who wants to be in a crowd. I'm fiercely loyal and generally serious in person although I like to joke around online as it serves as my escape.
I am open to multiple topics of conversation and I don't look down on small talk as long as it leads to better conversation down the road.
Here are some opening topics of conversation I am interested in but it is not all inclusive:
That said, for the moment I am not looking to rush into anything. In fact, as title states you can be from any city, country, etc... I really don't mind. Obviously, the preference is you're closer to me so we have a better chance of having things in common. Being witty, funny and nice is a huge bonus!
While I understand pictures and the like are sometimes requested I will only share a picture of me if both parties are willing to verify.
If you are looking for good banter, want to share recipes or just want a good chat feel free to say hello.:)
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2023.06.07 03:17 Maleficent-Sweet-689 How to tell if she (44) is not a good texter or has lost interest in me (34).

So I met this beautiful, funny, smart woman on match. We texted for a week before meeting up and really hit it off. We went out to a bar and had a great time on Thursday night. I didn’t get home until almost 1:00. She indicated she had a great time and likes me.
Since then though, she’s not texting as much and it’s usually me the initiates at this point. The other day I said I’d love to hang out again. She said she’d love it to but then said “we’ll plan something soon” which to me is the don’t want to say no directly but not interested in planning something right now. Then didn’t hear much from her.
I’m divorced, it was really rough. I was finally feeling confident and happy because of this woman but now I think it’s sputtering. My last text was about wanting to binge watch a show she likes and she never answered. Yes, she does randomly not answer she did that during the lead up to the date, but the last time I didn’t text again we didn’t speak to her for over a day.
I don’t know how to approach from here. I don’t know if this is sputtering or there is a more likely reason why? I’m getting frustrated 😞.
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