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Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded February 21, 1951, by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California, where it is headquartered. The chain has over 2,200 locations, primarily serving the West Coast of the United States.

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2013.06.14 05:32 Erinmore Manjaro - enjoy the simplicity

Manjaro is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Arch. A rolling release distro featuring a user-friendly installer, tested updates and a community of friendly users for support. Official releases include Xfce, KDE, Gnome, and the minimal CLI-Installer Architect. Community releases include Awesome, bspwm, Budgie, Cinnamon, i3, LXDE, LXQT, Mate, OpenBox and builds for ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi and the Pinebook. [This is not an official forum.](/ManjaroLinux/wiki/index)

2023.06.07 05:22 Murky_Implement5815 It's either I let my cat outside or I give him to a shelter :(

I had my beautiful cat Luna for 12 years after rescuing her as a stray, she unfortunately died from a giant carpet snake getting into the house via the roof.
After some time I decided to get another cat. I found Atlas as a kitten for $200 online, he didn't look like he was treated well via the pictures. He was a young kitten but already spending most of his time outside. When I went to pick him up the house was feral and there was no litter box, he just peed on anything. I thought since he was so young I could just train him to use the litter box as I've had cats my whole life.
Atlas is almost 2 years old now and I have attempted everything for him to not pee on things. I had him desexed before he started spraying. He has 2 litter boxes, several scratching post, a box full of toys. We've tried different types of litters. I've had to remove everything from the ground, I can't have a door mat, rugs, shoes or even fallen clothes, blankets, pillows, shopping bags. He's even peed on the floor or his own cat bed. I've taken him to the vet and he basically just told me that there's just something wrong with Atlas and if I was to give him up to the RSPCA that they wouldn't be able to rehome him, he'd most likely be put down. He has other issues such as running up the fly screen and tearing it up.
Atlas is trainable though, we've trained him to sit and also be walked on a harness. He just won't stop peeing on everything but his litter box.
I've recently had a baby. And I just cannot keep everything off the ground anymore. I had to buy an expensive carpet for the baby to keep the cold off the ground (Australian houses aren't insulated for winter). Atlas has peed on it already, has jumped into the baby washing basket to pee, peed on his play mat etc.
I just can't handle it anymore, we live in a rental and I cant allow him to destroy the place. My only options now is to either have him be an outside cat or give him up to a shelter in which they won't be able to rehome him. I feel like a failure, especially with what happened with Luna.
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2023.06.07 05:22 Aggravating_Drink803 Anyone else annoyed by lowball offers? The entitlement is next level.

So this has happened a few times - I make a mistake on pricing something, often a rather big mistake.
In one case my price was $120 but I accidentally listed it as $12.
Sure enough in comes an offer for $6! This was for a csg 10 of Jack Hughes I believe. It was so obviously not a $12 card.
In the case of the $6 offer, I quickly corrected the price to $120 and denied the offer. That ‘kid’ (I always imagine it’s a kid) could have just bought the damn card for a steal.
People really have no idea on values. I use Market Movers and scan eBay sales.
You might think ‘turn off offers’. Well the truth is there are many cards I would accept 50% of what’s listed. So… it’s complicated.
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2023.06.07 05:21 PikaXeD [WTS] [VIC] 7700k 1080ti twin-watercooled pc

Hey all,
I'm looking to sell my PC and upgrade, so I'm hoping to sell this one for $1100 ONO. Feel free to inquire if you're interested in a part-out as I may consider it depending on circumstances! Please also feel free to correct my pricing if you think it's incorrect/unrealistic. Located in Docklands, happy to deliver if necessary. Comes with the original 1080ti FE box + cooler and the Phanteks accessory box.
Intel i7 7700k + NZXT Kraken x62 280mm AIO Cooler
MSI Z170A MPower Gaming Titanium
16GB (2x8GB) G.skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 2133Mhz
2TB Seagate HDD + 1TB M.2 Corsair Force MP510+ 500GB Samsung 850 EVO
Nvidia GTX1080ti FE (liquid cooled with Kraken G12 kit) + NZXT Kraken X61 280mm
Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Edition (Galaxy Silver)
Corsair CX850M PSU
ASUS PCE-AC68 Wifi Adapter
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2023.06.07 05:20 AutoModerator [Get] Kyle Sulerud – YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels Download

[Get] Kyle Sulerud – YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels Download
Download : https://courseshere.com/download/get-kyle-sulerud-youtube-ads-for-high-ticket-funnels-download/
YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels – Kyle Sulerud: This isn’t a 12 week course or a program filled with 100+ hours of content.
You can implement the RFA method for your business tomorrow. Because all you need is 3 hours to learn my entire system.
Heck, if you’re feeling ambitious… you can have the entire RFA method implemented by the end of the video, because I walk you through it step-by-step.
Of course we’ll also give you some bonuses to go with it. You’ll see those later on. And this is the first time I’m offering this training to the public. Before, it was only available for clients of Dan Henry’s high end program – Digital Millionaire Coaching. (A 5 figure investment)
Not only that, Dan has since closed off his program to the public. So you can’t even get the training there anymore unless you’re an existing client of Dan’s.
And if you’re wondering whether or not this strategy will become outdated like many other strategies we see in our space…
I’ve been using this same strategy for years for my agency clients. Unless Google completely removes all their targeting from their platform, the RFA Method will live.
And unlike Facebook who’s removing targeting options, Google is always adding more. So the core training of YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels falls into 3 parts:
Here is some summary information about YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels , if you want to read more about YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels , please scroll down to the product homepage!
Part I: Creative
This is where most people’s YouTube scaling dreams fall flat. The creative is the electricity powering the sales factory we’re creating here.And if you slack on this part, then you’ve got an abandoned factory. Maybe once in a while, a sale will come out… but it definitely won’t make up for the ad spend bill.So I’m going to walk you through our process to consistently create high converting YouTube ad creatives.Part II: ScalingThis is where the magic happens. The heart of the RFA Method beats here.Now that you’ve got some strong ad creatives, here’s where we’ll turn those creatives into sales reps for your business. Plus, we’re only going to put them in front of highly targeted prospects.RFA stands for Ready, Fire, Aim. And this is exactly how we’re going to create scalable YouTube campaigns at record speed.Part III: The WalkthroughWelcome to the last part of the training. You’ve got some killer creatives. You know how we’re going to methodically approach our campaigns. Now this is where the rubber meets the road.Here’s where I’ll walk you through Google Ads on how to set up your campaign from scratch.Pro tip: It’s extremely helpful if you create a mock campaign while following along. Just so you have all the settings and whatnot.And above are 3 parts in YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels


Bonus #1 – Google Retargeting Mastery ($997 Value)
In this 4-part module, you’ll learn the 4 types of retargeting campaigns my agency uses to turn stragglers and prospects on the fence – into customers and clients.
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2023.06.07 05:20 applejax2014 Choosing seats for Lion King at Minskoff?

Hi - I know other folks have asked about seating before, and I've checked out a couple of the websites that have user-posted photos. Trying to decide between center orchestra row Y, center mezzanine row D or right mezzanine row EE (looks like they're similar to box seats, maybe?). I'll be taking my 7-year-old, and I'm obviously trying to give her the best experience - not sure if either seat is likely to be spoiled by an adult sitting in front of her. Thoughts welcome. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 05:20 TheHappiestHam Is It Normal for Chrome Hardware Acceleration to Cause My Screen to Go Black Sometimes?

I have an MSI Optix G32 and a Gigabyte RTX 3070 Eagle; I do not have Hardware Acceleration enabled in Windows settings but I have it enabled in Google Chrome
sometimes, not too frequently but here and there, Chrome may flicker a bit and can even make my monitor go black for half a second-2 seconds. is this normal if Hardware Acceleration doesn’t like you? I’ve heard stories about HA doing stuff like this but I wanted to ask here
for example, when I go to youtube and scroll through my search queries, the youtube window will flicker a bit (not the top or taskbar of the screen). but sometimes it can make the entire display flicker for a second, or make black boxes appear very briefly in youtube videos or on tabs like reddit. yesterday, a black bar appeared near the bottom of the screen, then the display flashed black for like half a second
this happens regardless of my gpu driver version and seems to stop when I turn Hardware Acceleration off (the youtube flickering does, the other examples are too inconsistent to really test simply like that so I just assume they’re resolved in the same way)
does my monitor just not like my gpu + Chrome, or vice versa. Chrome also screen tears in YT without Hardware Acceleration, yet no other browser does. Edge does not seem to have these issues with HA either, yet Chrome also worked perfectly fine on my old pc which used the same monitor but had an rx570 gpu. is this a weird compatibility disagreement between my 3070 and monitor? no other program, game, or browser has this issue; the closest external situation was when I saw flickering in Chrome for the first time, then opened GeForce Experience, and then the display flickered
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2023.06.07 05:19 zachok19 Where to orient the stops on an HF beam rotator

I'm getting ready to install my first beam, and wondered if there's any pros or cons for aligning the rotator stop? Out of the box it is set up to stop on north, but it's there a better place to position it? I'm in the Midwest (US) for what it's worth.
Also, kind of related but is there an optimal orientation that the antenna should be parked in while weathering storms? We have predominantly North/South winds here and wonder if it's better to point the boom into the wind, or turn it sideways to minimize the wind load on the elements.
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2023.06.07 05:19 Nightscape1420 I rewrote the text for the introductory scene for Menace Under Otari, from the Beginners Box.

I have never tried rewriting any pregenerated text for Pathfinder adventures and wanted to give it a try. I thought the normal intro in the beginners Box could use a little pizazz so I rewrote it for a session I will be holding for three players. I don't think it came out half bad for my first time. Hopefully the players will enjoy it.

Near the hustling and bustling city of Absalom, along the quiet shores of Lake Encarthan, lies the quaint seaside town of Otari, renowned for its fisheries and productive timber trade. Where once cheery salutations permitted the morning air, now only stirs with rumors of menacing problems at the Otari Fishery. They whisper of some feral beast prowling the basement, feeding on the stores of salted fish. What if the beast decides fish no longer satiates its palette? The townsfolk are starting to worry they may be next on the menu.
With the town guard preoccupied protecting local loggers on the outskirts of town at the moment, Tamily Tanderveil, the owner of the Otari Fishery, distressed and fearful for the townsfolk and her livelihood sends out notices to Asbalom and the surrounding region, offering ten gold pieces to any abled bodied adventurers who are willing to venture down into the basement of her warehouse and put and end to the fowl beast that lurks uninvited on her premises. It seems three burgeoning adventurers have answered Tamily’s call today. Just who are these brave souls?
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2023.06.07 05:19 jeffh19 Did my Sunday Ticket purchase go through?

I just signed up for Sunday Ticket alone. No YTTV or RZ. Or so I thought. I clicked buy after putting in CC info and it immediately reloaded the original box that pops up after you click "get Sunday Ticket". No confirmation of a purchase of any kind, just immediately reloaded the pop up window from 3 steps back. I see nothing in my Google account purchases/subscriptions or in Youtube purchases or memberships, which all of the above show my current Youtube Premium and former YTTV subscriptions. I see no mention of primetime channels anywhere either.
So it obviously didn't work right?.....well I also have a charge from GOOGLE YT PRIMETIME for $349
Is this normal or should I try to buy it again through a different browser? I'm concerned I won't actually be able to get ahold of someone to get my money back if I just buy it again.
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2023.06.07 05:18 Morlock19 Looking For Adventure Ideas....

So i've set my game in the time between the roku and the standard 100 year war eras (around 40AG, the height of azulon's reign). I really like it because i can pull info from canon and not disrupt anything, but i'm running into a problem - its really hard to adapt the pre-made adventures into something that will fit the era. they all involve technology that doesn't exist (no flying machines, balloons, etc), or diplomatic relations between nations, and so on.
we just started season 2, and this is the first time they've left ba sing se. we have an overall plot, but i'm running into some trouble coming up with some mini arcs that i can give them during their road trip.
does anyone have any ideas?
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2023.06.07 05:18 linkmodo [WTS] PSA 16" M4 Carbine Complete Upper w/BCG, CH, BT, MBus R Sight in Original Box. Magpul Moe SL Stock & Grip. M-Lok Bipods.

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/DFCUlX8
Selling all barely used/mint condition AR parts to fund a new hobby...
[$400 Shipped] Complete PSA 16" M4 Carbine Length 5.56 NATO 1/7 Nitride Upper in original box, upper comes with everything as pictured:
Barrel: Nitride finished 4150V chrome moly vanadium 16" barrel. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1:7 twist, M4 barrel extension, and a carbine-length gas system. Barrel is is finished off with Magpul MOE carbine-length gray handguards, F-Marked gas sight base, and A2 flash hider. Upper: Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is made to MIL-SPECS and hard coat anodized for durability. These uppers are made for us right here in the USA by a mil-spec manufacturer.
[$50 Shipped] Magpul MOE SL Grip + Moe SL Buttstock. Grip mounting screw included. New, Never Used.
[$23 Shipped] Gogoku M-Rail/MLok Bipod for Tactical Outdoor Hunting 7.5-9 Inches Adjustable. New, Never Used.
Paypal Goods & Services Payment.
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2023.06.07 05:18 fonemasta Pro-Sumer, wired Home Router/Firewall that doesn’t suck

Currently using an Omada setup and for me, it just sucks. Just my opinion, don’t mean to offend anyone. ER605 w/OC200 controller and a 670 AP. Failover never works without manual intervention. Lots of other buggy and half azzed features that either don’t work at all or are unnecessarily difficult to use.
Purpose of my post is not to troubleshoot my existing setup, been there, done that. Moving on now…
I have the experience to handle something a little more complex than your average consumer but don’t need it to be overly complicated either.
Needs to handle 1gps primary WAN through Spectrum and T-Mobile Home Internet as failover WAN. It must failover automatically, if it can’t do this reliably I don’t want it.
I have previous experience building PFSense routers with WRAP boards ages ago for commercial use and honestly love that product. It’s been years since I used PF Sense but I’m leaning that way at the moment. Just thinking it may be more complex than I want ti deal with for my home network. But the features are awesome and I’m sure it’s so much cooler than the last time I used it. I would definitely buy either the Nextgate or whatever it’s called boxes or maybe some other hardware meant for PFSense, not doing this on a computer.
I’m also considering Firewalla Gold or Gold Plus but it’s pricey and concerned I’ll spend all that $$ and then find some feature missing I want etc.
I previously used a Netgear R7000 for a LONG time at home and it honestly checked most of the boxes pretty well. This thing was also a work horse and NEVER let me down. Same situation with an ASUS router I had before that. Wasn’t looking to have ANY WiFi integrated in the device because I always prefer to run separate AP’s. I guess if I could find a consumer router with WiFi from Netgear that checks all the boxes, I could just turn off the WiFi.
Open to other ideas or comments on the above options.
What are y’all using for your home networks with dual WAN that supports 1 gig connection and has things like OpenVPN and Wireguard for connecting back to my home network? TailScale would be a bonus too since I’m playing with that recently.
I don’t mind spending a bit more considering I have specific requirements but I don’t want to spend $500 on a routefirewall device that can barely handle routing/firewalling my 1gbps connection. Seems like handling a 1gig connection is a tall order for many of these small devices which really surprises me at this point considering how many home users have access to 1gig or faster connections. Many of the cheaper options for both Netgate/PfSense and Firewalla for example have all the features and needs checked but the specs show that they can’t handle my very common 1gig internet connection or can barely handle it. I don’t want to buy a device that barely handles my connection, I could but I would prefer something that can handle more than what I will throw at it.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2023.06.07 05:18 robertscomedydotmp4 Level 219: sophistication.

Appearance: Sophistication is a room with grass, very weird walls and a military base. The walls are basically 3d, but the collision is 2d, which is the best way I can describe the walls. The walls have blue cubes, each varying in size, and you can look at different angles by just walking around. However, you cannot touch them, because there is a barrier blocking.
About the level: The level is big, 3 2/3 school buses is the length, width and height of the room. The military base is just a big black house with military personnel inside, and they are armed.
Entrances: To enter this level, you can touch a blue box on level 1, 69, or 444. You can also find this level in the Blue channel.
Exits: There are 2 ways to exit this level as of the day it was discovered, which is 6/6/2023. The first way is easier, but will send you to a dangerous level. You have to request one of the military personnel for a shovel. Once they give you one, you have to scavenge for a damp part of the grass, and dig it. This damp part is in a different location for every time someone enters this level. Once you dig it, you should find a bottle with a note inside. If you take out the note, you should see a 12 digit long code. Enter the numbers into the code that unlocks the door. Once you walk in, the garage should be on the left, and there should be a table outside of the garage with a key to the car on it. Turn on the car, and drive straight through the garage door. Keep driving until you reach the wall, which you will drive through. Be quick, because once you drive through the garage door, the personnel know, and they will open fire. Once you drove through the wall, level 315 should be on the other side. Walk through the damaged wall, and the wall should repair, and you should be in level 315. The other way is harder, but the leve l you get sent to is safer. You have to request a shovel, then once you get it, start attacking the personnel. They're aim will become horrible, missing every shot. You have to knock out 4 people. This is difficult because the personnel have protective armor. Once you do this successfully, you will be sent to level 0. 1 wanderer claimed they found a 3rd way, but didn't remember how to do it. All they remember is they got sent to level 11.
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2023.06.07 05:17 hangontight ID Sydney / Caringbah area

ID Sydney / Caringbah area
Found this dude in the pool skimmer box, smaller than funnel webs I’ve seen previously. What is it?
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2023.06.07 05:17 Leme_Meek I'm happy that I lost my Hardcore character today

I'm a 23 year old Diablo series enjoyer. Yeah I'm not old enough to be one of those veterans who's played since day one of Diablo 1, but since I could even hold a mouse and type: in the early 2000s I was playing 1&2 on my Father's computer. In my teens when 3 came out I really felt like it missed the way that 2 always was (as many fans do also) and though I played 3 and climbed both the hardcore ladders of 2 and 3, I always wanted a game like 4. I never had the chance to do everything there was to do in 2/3 and 4 was my big chance as an adult to finally give it my all. Well I followed 4 as closely as I could, saved up all the money I could doing things like odd-jobs and donating plasma so I could afford the most premium versions of the game (and the collectors box) and played all the betas and early access. I denied the offer to test the end-game because I didn't want to be spoiled, I wanted to go through it slow and steady. even though I played early, didn't inform myself on meta builds or a gameplay-plan, just explored and familiarized myself and focused mainly on bug-reporting.
Well, when the information about the #Diablo4Hardcore first 1000 to 100 dropped on Twitter, I was immediately conflicted. I now had two incredibly great forces clashing in my head. Thoughts like "Am I truly a hardcore Diablo fan if I don't get my name on that statue? Do I rush through the story and the slow cinematic experience of a once-in-a-lifetime game? Do I try to scramble in the next 4-7 days as hard as possible and figure out what the pros are doing and try my hardest to get there? Do I just play the game and pretend the contest doesn't exist because I am HORRIBLY underprepared?"
Well, I decided I'd give it my hardest try, without the information I needed and without prior planning, just my hardest blind try into something that could never reasonably be for me. I was rushing through the story, gearing up, feeling pressured to learn the mechanics and meta in just a few days and achieve the impossible. I was stressing myself out, looking at builds, trying to avoid death, carrying on as best I could trying not to feel bad about ignoring NPC dialogue that I really wanted to hear. It was looking slow and probably not doable for me in my schedule and life, but I was trying. Well, today my internet cut out for about 2 minutes during play and my character was added to the hall of fallen heroes. I didn't know what to feel, I felt betrayed by whoever had the idea of putting such immense pressure on people for something that the vast majority of people would not be able to achieve, accomplish, or get a good experience out of. I think encouraging hardcore play is good (especially as a hardcore player myself) but this was too soon and too much for me. Maybe next season it would have been the fairest to say the least. I do admit a lot of this was my fault too, I was just so excited to go for the contest but I really should have not bothered and just went slow and played softcore slowly as I wanted to anyway, but I still naively pushed myself to try to get that name on that statue.
In a way, dying not by my own fault but by my internet dropping out almost felt like some twisted divine intervention to free me from my torment and stress. I'm now not attempting at all to get my name on that damn statue, regardless of if there is time. I don't want to stress myself out playing as much as possible and ruining my first experience with the game by grinding a character to endgame and skipping the experience that I want this game to be for myself. I completely understand that it is for some players out there and that's okay. For me though, losing my character today has set me free.
I think everyone needs to know: you don't need your name on a statue to be a true Diablo fan, player or anything of that sort and don't let anyone tell you different. What makes you a great champion is enjoying the games and franchise as you will within your own personal experience. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself as I did. No one is better than you because you choose to play the game as you do and you are not inadequate for playing any way you wish. I will try solo hardcore again later, when I've slowly paced myself through normal and enjoyed what fun side-quests, story, and lots of casual friendly play. Please, don't feel bad if you decide that's how you want to play too.
Either way, good luck out there champions of Sanctuary!
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2023.06.07 05:17 DookieKong Excited to get started

New player here, been watching videos and can’t wait to get started. Have a couple of blitz decks with starter set coming and myself, my brother, and a friend each have a box of 1st edition TOA coming so we can dive right into some sealed play.
What should we be looking for in the boxes? Any standout cards that are great pulls?
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2023.06.07 05:16 SIGMA920 Road to Singularity Value - Prospective Valuation Pt1

Note: I've done none of the level math myself yet. Link to the BP math here.
The Basics:
Unless something changed it's the usual for a main BP. Nothing new there.
The Good:
  1. The Gerridas seem to be good. Light and fast legs will be pretty good.
The Meh:
  1. The Thyrsus I seems to be very average.
  2. The Pegasus is going to be interesting. While I don't love the idea of a legendary engine without 2 other such engines minimum being added into the game, it's going to be seen more later on.
The Bad:
  1. The way lighters are being distributed is objectively speaking shit. By tying them into BP levels directly instead of having a simple hit max level and all levels afterwards are X lighters, they're directly affecting how much a non-whale can get. The level being capped at 128/129 is nothing new, that's the same as Polar Lights is going to be. But Polar Lights maxes players out at 1460 lighters, Road to Singularity seems to be be maxing for non-whales at ~1300 +/- 45.
  2. The items seem to be extremely lackluster. The Charybdis and Kronos are practically speaking going to be DOA. There's not much of a way to get sugercoat this.
  3. BP chaff is going to be an issue. Link to mnector's post in particular, a single glance at the image in that post shows that the BP is filled with chaff like crates, cosmetics, badges, paints, .etc .etc. This ties into the lighter distribution but it also plays into the issue with the items. For example, the legs are in x2s with a week between them.
  4. The new relic, since it's time limited and requires multiple omamori the reduced uranium cost is a slap in the face. Add in that it looks like it'll be aggressively average and I can't say much good about it.
Conclusion Pt1:
Honestly, this BP is not looking that good. I don't know who decided that this was a good decision but they need to have a face to face conversation with the community as a whole. The best thing I can say right now is that the BP might be worth 10 USD or whatever your currency is for the legs, the engine, and the railgun. Most importantly I wouldn't worry about leveling once you hit ~1000 lighters (At whatever level that is, like I said I've only done some of the math.). The limited crafting means that the standard craftable legendaries will be a rip off, the BP legendaries are a high energy weapon, an engine you'll already get one of, and 2 legendaries that I wouldn't take more than a glance at.
To be Continued in Pt2 on Thursday when the new BP drops and I get around to doing the specifics.
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2023.06.07 05:16 lssiff I just prepared my first agar dishes let's just say I have a lot to learn

Becoming fluent with the concepts of procedure and sterile technique is completely different from actually doing it. There's so many steps along the way where I thought I messed up. So let's go through em.
Fix: use cool or lukewarm water to resolve the nutrients, while mixing the powders in slowly to avoid clumping.
Fix: with presto 23qt set it on high till it's 15psi and the set to medium and it'll stay.
Fix: see step 1 . Also I could have pressured cooked it again to minimize contam. I was just lazy and anxious.
Fix: get a temp heat gun. Temp heat gun directly on agar liquid
Overall I have a lot to learn, and I'm exited to get the technique down. If anyone is reading this do you have any suggestions on how I can test if the agar is actually good? I have a spore swap coming in tomorrow. Should I leave the agar for a bit to see if any mold grows on the agar? Before I try to inoculate?
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2023.06.07 05:16 protobelta Gifting Fleets to Vassals: What could go wrong?

No really, what could go wrong? They revolt or I destroy their naval cap and the penalty breaks them?
So I'm crushing this trade build run I got going on and am chillin at a capped 175K alloys at 2375 with a Military Buildup agenda freshly popped. Crank out all my planned fleets etc. that will get me to my naval cap and I'm still swimming in alloys (side note: that agenda is pretty bonkers), to the point where I can crank out another 4-5 fleets of my no-archeotech battleships no problem. Sure, I'd be WAY over naval cap, but my economy should be able to handle it.
That's when I started thinking. My homies from Federation's End have been quite a loyal bunch. Gentlemen and Scholars, quite literally. But they've been boxed in between me and another vassal, living that studious life in their single, solitary system. They deserve a badass battleship fleet to do with whatever they please (*cough* protect me *cough*). I got some other real solid bros that deserve the same love. One of my vassals is authoritarian/xenophobes and they just couldn't stop being dicks, so the same three systems kept revolting over and over. Got fed up and just kept them, built them up a bit, and spun them off as a vassal. Created in my image *tear* they just grow up so fast *tear*
Anyway, I was thinking of gifting some fleets to my vassals to help with the crisis and any other shenanigans I want to get into. Is this just a real easy way to get an absolutely MASSIVE deathstack of great ships by using the "Take Point" mechanic?
As stated inititally, I'm worried my vassals will either revolt (unlikely as I'm, like, so much more powerful than they are), or, more pressingly, will I ruin their economy by having them go over their naval cap? I feel like an extra 250 navcap shouldn't be backbreaking, but I guess a one-system sadboi may not have many ways to increase their naval cap. They have such an adorable little navy already...
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2023.06.07 05:15 point50tracer $25 goodwill find. Spalding Blade. Howed I do. Did I get a deal or was I suckered?

I know it's not a super valuable bike. I just like the look. The paint is in great condition, with only minor chips and dings. One brake lever is broken, the saddle and grips have been replaced at some point, there is an aftermarket rack and waterbottle holder. Derailers work perfectly and the chain is clean and rust free.
New tires and brakes lever should have me on the road. I have a sprung saddle off a different bike that's closer to what this originally had. I'll probably throw that on and have already grabbed quick releases for the front wheel and saddle.
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2023.06.07 05:15 Agreeable-Ad4785 Blacksmith sizing

I know this gets asked all the time, but I need some help with the sizing on my 1 week old Blacksmith 3343.
I usually wear 10.5 and 11 in sneakers/ athletic shoes. I was sized at about an 11D at the Red Wing Store, and went with the size 10D in the blacksmiths. At first I thought they fit pretty well in the store, so I didn’t bother trying on the 9.5s.
After walking in them for a bit after purchasing, I started to notice a little bit of heel sleep, and the feeling that my foot wasn’t completely secure in the boot.
After about a week of wear, they fit a little better now that I can tie them tighter, but I still have the feeling that my feet don’t feel completely secure. There seems to be a fair bit of room in the toe box, and I can wiggle and curl my toes easily in the boots. They aren’t huge on me, but I fear that they will expand the more I wear them, and then be way too big.
My questions is, did I buy a 1/2 size too big? Is this normal for a new pair of Red Wings in your experience?
This if my first pair of nice boots, so I don’t have much experience in the way a boot should fit.
Thanks a lot!
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2023.06.07 05:15 egr08 This sounds strange, but I need your blessings for a little turtle

I noticed a box turtle in the road earlier today, I waited until traffic was clear and I got it out of the road and into a large patch of grass. I didn't know if it was alive because the shell was closed up but it had a small crack in the bottom.
I'm feeling terrible because I just left it in the grass not even knowing if it was alive or not. I know I should've done something better but in the moment I wasn't thinking. I need some blessings and good intentions sent towards this little creature.
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