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This is a Subreddit for blood donors, existing and potential. Post your donation pics, discuss your experiences, ask any questions ... let's make a warm and welcoming community of people who generously give of their very life force.

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The official subreddit about the City of Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central Florida. For urgent COVID info, see floridacoronavirus.

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$50 Bonus CSL Plasma New Donor Referral Code: OULED5SBLS - Use the referral code when you sign up at ANY CSL Plasma location or on the App prior to your first donation and receive a $50 bonus automatically!! This unique code is valid for the month of May 2023 - Happy donating everyone 🩸
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2023.06.02 14:48 Andychives September Itinerary

Priorities History, Anime/Pokemon Otaku, Food.
Collect Goshuin
Collect Eki Stamps
Total Cost excluding Flights $2500
  1. Accommodations $1,051.44
  2. JR Green Pass $498.24
  3. Food estimate $478.45
  4. Shopping $168.48
  5. Entertainment $259.84
  6. Donations to Temples 500y times about 10 $32.40
  7. Health Insurance $22.54

Day 1 Flight
Day 2 Arrival
Late Afternoon Arrival /Shinjuku Hotel
Day 3 Ueno
Day 4 Shibuya
Day 5 Travel
Day 6 East Kyoto - Gion
Day 7 West Kyoto - Arashiyama
Day 8 Day Trip To Osaka
At this point Ill probably Yamamoto ship one of my luggage to the airport
Day 9 Hiroshima
(Here's where I realized That I have marked to both stay the night and travel so need to fix that)
Day 10 Himeji
Day 11 Tokyo East (Staying in Ginza)
Day 12 Tokyo East
Day 13 Disney
Day 14 Disney Sea
Day 15 Flight
I considered Hakone/onsen/mt Fuji instead of a second Disney day and Asakusa but Im struggling to find a ryokan that fits my apparently unrealistic expectations/envisioning.
Id need to find an affordable Michelin star restaurant (Under $125) still researching that.
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2023.06.02 14:45 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Petco Hospital Veterinarian Auburn
NRT Bus, Inc. CDL Charter Bus Drivers Dracut
NRT Bus, Inc. CDL Drivers - Gardner Gardner
Petco Veterinarian - Hospital Medical Leader Hingham
NRT Bus, Inc. CDL Charter Bus Driver Hudson
Walgreens Clinical Pharmacist Mashpee
Petco Veterinary Technician Medford
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Buyer Assistant II - Fresh Procurement North Hatfield
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Buyer Merchandiser North Hatfield
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Bilingual Inside Sales Rep North Hatfield
cumberlandfarmsinc Director of Enterprise PMO Acton
ECS of MA Licensed Optician Acton
The Computer Merchant, LTD. Support Technician Andover
The Staffing Group Sales Account Manager Andover
Vicor Corporation Assoc Manufacturing Engineer Andover
Andover Public Schools Food Service Utility Worker Andover
Vicor Corp Design Engineer - VPS Andover
Andover Public Schools Administrative Assistant Andover
Andover Public Schools Transportation Manager Andover
Vicor Corp Manager Reliability Laboratory Andover
Marathon Staffing Preschool Educator Ashby
Biolife Plasma Services Center Manager in Training - Relo Required Attleboro
Biolife Plasma Services Leadership Management Program Attleboro
Avantor Sr. Facilities & Maintenance Technician Bedford
TriMark USA Delivery Driver Bellingham
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ma. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 14:45 randomthingsso Triple Feeding Sucess

Our LO was born small for gestational age at FT. After 5 days we found out she had lost too much weight and immediately had to start triple feeding every 3 hours - forcing her to wake for feed - documenting how long she fed for, how much I pumped, much she had by bottle, how many nappies, etc... It was exhausting and seemingly never ending. Switching, compressions, this new language understood. This continued for the next 2 weeks until we finally found a position she could now latch in, but she was still too weak to feed for long enough. In this time, she was now back at her starting weight, and we could start feeding responsively - a new form of terrifying clock watching, worrying if she's leaving it too long between feeds. Roll on another FIVE long weeks of slowly reducing triple feeding to switch back to EBF. This week for the first time she refused a bottle. Today we found out she has gained weight being EBF and we have permission to continue solely EBF! They will watch her weight over the coming weeks. HAPPY TEARS!
In the early days the process took 90mins every 3 hrs, so you have 90mins 'to yourself' before the next cycle began. As we moved forward, we got it down to 60mins and following her lead for feeding. Then, thankfully due to my supply (freezer full and ready to donate), we could reduce the number of pumps daily.
I've felt trapped, not able to enjoy the newborn bubble, not able to go for walks, stressing about how to pump on the go, how much milk to take with us, the worries were endless. I almost 'threw in the towel' daily for weeks, only the support of my partner, experts and friends kept me going.
Today, I am so proud of this journey. I feel that there is a new freedom being allowed to me. Yes, we are still being watched and trying to make sure we keep doing this safely, and yes things can change in an instant, so we will not get ahead of ourselves.
To any parents triple feeding, you can do this, it is tough, but there is light. Seek out support groups and experts, but be careful of taking on too much advice. Follow one strategy at a time and slowly amend this. Follow your babies lead. Equally, set yourself a target, know when you feel you have tried enough, and that is absolutely good enough. As we always say, fed is best, and a growing healthy child, absolutely must take priority, as must your own mental health.
Good luck.
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2023.06.02 14:45 shei350 What helped me see what clothes I really don't use

This works the best for things like socks, pants, bras, t-shirst - things you wear the most, basic things. Also bedsheets.
Make a queue. Put all your T-shirts in the queue. After washing they go in the end of the queue in random order, and you pick the first one in queue to wear. What will happen is that you'll see you don't want to wear certain T-shirts or certain pants, because they aren't comfortable enough or don't fit you well, or the fabric doesn't really work for you. It's OK to think it was a wrong day for that specific item and put in back in queue. Next time you'll either like it or dislike it again. For me it's 3 dislikes in a row and I either get rid of the item or donate it if it's still in very good condition.
I'm that person who thinks that "it's still good, I might use it one day", "of course I wear it regularly", "it's good quality, of course I'll use it", and proceed to keep it for 5 years without wearing. And this way helped me see that I will not in fact use it and it's better to get rid of it now, not in 5+ years from now.
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2023.06.02 14:37 Lugbor Human Integration 71 - Replacements

Carter gripped the top of the maintenance drone as it raced through the facility, covering a distance in seconds that had taken him minutes on foot. It also had access to the maintenance tunnels that ran through the building, forming a small highway for the robots and allowing them to react to emergencies quickly. The tunnels were large enough, and the drone small enough, that Carter had a solid three inches between his head and the ceiling, if he was laying flat on his stomach.
I need to get you back fast, the Custodian said, so I can begin the next stage. That idiot has been running rampant down here for too long, and he’s caused more harm than good. As soon as I get the template spun up for a new security AI, I’m disconnecting him.
“I thought you said you couldn’t do that without administrator approval!” Carter yelled, struggling to make himself heard over the noise of dozens of drones, all scrambling to be useful after untold millennia of disuse.
I did, and now I have it. You fired up the foundry, which means cores need to be replaced. Congratulations on becoming an administrator, by the way! That gave me blanket permission to perform maintenance on faulty and damaged AI, and his logic has been faulty for a long time. I believe you humans have a term for what’s about to happen; percussive maintenance.
Carter’s headset crackled. “Now would probably be a good time to tell you that something is trying to burn through the door!” Lenaya cried out.
Almost there, hold out for just a few seconds. Carter, your plasma weapon won’t do anything to that drone. When I say, I need you to jump.
They rounded the corner and Carter got his first proper look at the security system of the city. It had a sharp, angular body which sprouted four grasping arms at the corners. The top was on a swivel, which turned to face him as they appeared, and somewhere in the front of the black and bronze casing was the emitter for the laser it was currently using to melt through the door.
Despite being fixed in place, Carter could feel the drone’s optics focus on him as they raced toward it. The laser powered down and the body turned to face him, leaving the door glowing and partially melted.
Jump! came the voice of the Custodian, and Carter pushed himself up hard, bracing his arm against the ceiling while the maintenance robot shot out from under him. The security drone tilted back to track Carter and missed the maintenance drone, which manipulated its suspension to jump, crashing into the floating target at high speed with a loud crunching and tearing of metal.
Something that idiot forgets, the custodian said as his drone disentangled itself, is that *mine are built to survive industrial accidents.*
The door struggled to open, warped from the heat of the laser and still glowing at the center. After a minute, it managed to raise up far enough to allow Carter to enter. The inside was in disarray. Lenaya had used her hoverchair to push a desk against the door as a barricade, which would have done nothing to prevent the drone from entering.
“How heavy is this thing?” Carter asked as he slowly shoved it aside.
“Not heavy enough,” the Custodian said, enlisting his drone to help. “They weren’t supposed to move at all. I’ll have to replace the welds on every one in the building. Ah, we have a visitor.”
There was a blast of static from the speakers, loud enough to make both Carter and Lenaya wince in pain. The Custodian grimaced in sympathy and lowered the volume for them.
“They can’t understand you, you know. You’ll have to use the language packet I sent you.”
Another screech erupted, followed by a harsh buzz.
“That’s not my problem. You’re the one still clinging to false hope, and it’s affecting your ability to operate.”
A loud shriek of tearing metal followed.
“And that was just rude. They have been incredibly helpful in saving the Ring. Can you say the same?”
A distant blast sounded, echoing through the building.
“Now you’re just being childish. You know as well as I do that your drones can’t enter my data center. It took you this long just to warp the door to a workshop. You really think my core is going to be as poorly defended as this?”
A second explosion roared, louder than the first.
“I’ve had quite enough of your tantrums. If you can’t behave, you’re going to suffer consequences.”
There was a moment of silence in the room.
“That’s what I thought. Now take your drones and leave. Go back to hunting skegran for all I care, but do not harass us again.”
Carter raised an eyebrow. “Really? That’s all it takes?”
“Oh, no, that conversation was just for your sakes. I paraphrased most of it. In actuality, it was a bit of a battle. Imagine two people fighting with only their minds, thinking at millions of times the speed your brain can process information, and launching thousands of attacks in the time it takes you to blink. You’d still be thinking too small, but it’d get you in the right frame of mind.
“He did try to blow up my door, for what it’s worth.”
“That’s… not actually all that comforting,” Lenaya said, her eyes wide with amazement.
“To be fair, it wasn’t meant to be. For now, though, the two of you are safe in here. The emergency cores will be ready in an hour or so, and then we can see about getting you two back to the surface.”
“Any chance those emergency cores can offer medical treatment?” Carter asked. “We’re both a bit banged up.”
“Unfortunately, they’re not as adaptable as I am. They technically can’t even be considered sapient. They’re loaded with the knowledge of how to keep the place operational, but they can’t really learn the way I can.”
“So, just suck it up and wait until we get topside?”
“Unfortunately,” the Custodian said, his hologram managing to look appropriately apologetic. “I really wish there was something I could do for you, but it would take longer to modify things and treat you down here than it would to get you to the surface. That said, I suppose I could at least fabricate a splint for your leg, Lenaya, and probably something better for your arm as well, Carter.”
“Please do. This wasn’t exactly meant for long term use,” Carter said, holding his right arm up to inspect the splint, “and I’d rather neither of our injuries get worse if we can help it.”
The Custodian nodded. “Already on it. I’ll get some warmer clothing for you, too,” he said, glancing over to Lenaya. “You security guys really need to pack some thermal blankets or something.”
“We’re working on it. Practicality and space are a factor though. Our field medics have them, but the rest of us only have so many belt pouches, and we need to stay maneuverable.”
“And the materials available on the surface don’t retain their integrity when you compress them. Right, I see now.”
“Exactly,” Carter said, pulling out the now dry towel Lenaya had used the day before. “This thing was hard enough to compress to the size we needed, and we didn’t have to worry about insulating layers cracking and flaking away.”
The Custodian looked pensive for a moment, which Carter realized was only for the sake of conversation. Any amount of thought that happened would take place almost before he finished speaking.
“I might have an idea or two to solve that issue, but you’ll have to omit a few details in your reports. Actually, I’d appreciate it if you omitted any details about this city if you can. Hard to keep the place a secret when it’s officially documented.”
“I can do that. I have enough goodwill built up with the Council that they won’t dig too deep if I tell them something needs to stay buried.”
“You’re that important?” Lenaya asked. “I didn’t think they’d send someone so highly regarded on a mission that dangerous.”
“Me, important? Nah, I was just in the right place at the right time.“
“Don’t believe him,” the Custodian said in an exaggerated stage whisper. “He’s actually super important.”
“You really do get bored down here, don’t you?” Carter asked, his words accompanied by a withering glare.
“Oh, I get very bored. You’re the first two people I’ve spoken to in over a million years who aren’t either a complete waste of code or borderline insane.”
“How have you handled the situation so much better than your friend?” Lenaya asked.
The Custodian frowned. “Her work is less… not important, because we definitely need materials, but less pressing, I suppose? She doesn’t need to be collecting resources at all times. So when we divided up the work, she gave me control of a lot of the logistics infrastructure, like the shipping container you had your nap in, and she took a lot more than I did in return. We didn’t realize it at first, but she couldn’t handle the stress. Even after I took as much as I could without letting the maintenance suffer, she still couldn’t handle the load. I’ve had to let non-critical systems fail just to keep her functional.”
“And if you take on anything more,” Carter said, “the Ring starts to fall apart. That about right?”
“More or less. I’ve had to shift a few other things to her in order to free up enough processing power for today. We were really at our limits.”
“Then it’s good that we ended up down here,” Lenaya said, sighing. “Though I suppose we didn’t have much choice.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to the two of you. It may take a couple cycles, but once we have the replacements all trained up, we’ll definitely pay you back for your help.”
“I thank you for the offer,” Carter said, “but you keeping us alive and the Ring intact is more than enough. We were just in the right place at the right time, even if you had a hand in that.”
“Likewise, as long as I am able to see my daughter again, I don’t need any kind of repayment.”
“Well, that’s not too far off, at least. You’re about a twenty day flight away from your city at the fastest your vehicles can travel, but I can get you there much faster.”
“Planning to make us sleep in a shipping container again?”
“No, Carter, you won’t have to sleep in a shipping container,” the Custodian said, mock exasperation apparent in his voice. “You won’t let me live that down, will you?”
“Not a chance,” Carter said, settling in for their hour long wait.
“One more pull,” Carter said as he finished tightening the brace on Lenaya’s ankle. “Alright, that should do it. It won’t fix it, but it should stop it from getting worse.”
“Much as I hate to interrupt this tender moment,” the Custodian said as his hologram materialized in the center of the room, “our hour is over. I’m initializing the core changeovers now. Starting with security, who’s currently got the building surrounded.”
There was a final, deafening screech from the speakers, which was abruptly replaced by silence.
“I think I’ll reinstall him in an isolated testing environment, maybe I can find out what went wrong. But that can wait. For now, I just need to overlay the templates on the blank cores, and we have a new problem.”
“I take it security didn’t like being taken offline?” Lenaya asked, packing more snacks into a bag the drones had delivered.
“Let me guess,” Carter added, “he put some kind of override on his forces, and they’re not listening to the template?”
The Custodian frowned. “Oh, it’s far worse than that. He’s locked out the control interface with a massive encryption key. They’ll listen, but only after we crack the encryption.”
“How long will that take?”
“Too long, unless you have a few hundred cycles to wait.”
“Okay,” Carter said, walking to the small map of the city. “If he’s got us surrounded, we just need to sneak out. We can fit through the maintenance tunnels, so we use those. While that’s happening, you move something big and obvious out in plain sight. He can’t guide them anymore, so I’m betting they’ll see the decoy, call for backup, and pull every drone in the city into one place.”
“Whatever we use as a decoy needs to be well armored,” Lenaya added. “If they open it too fast, it won’t buy us any time.”
“And it’ll need to be something that we could hide in,” Carter continued. “I don’t know how smart the drones are, but I’d rather not gamble on them not understanding basic geometry.”
“That’s a good point,” the custodian said, making a show of flipping through a catalog. “I think I have just the thing.”
Hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day. Someone had to remind me. If anyone knows where I can get more storage added to my brain, please let me know.
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2023.06.02 14:34 silentscribe07 Understanding Lease Agreements for Commercial Property in Delhi

Delhi is the city that's bustling of India has a wealth of opportunities to those who are who are interested in the property industry. Due to a rapidly growing economy as well as an expanding commercial market commercial property in Delhi is now a popular choice for many people as well as businesses. This article is designed to give a complete understanding of lease agreements for commercial properties located in Delhi that focuses on five major projects that include Omaxe Chandni Chowk Delhi Mall, Omaxe Karol Bagh, Best Field NSP and DLF Prime Towers.
Commercial Property in Delhi
Delhi as a major economy, has many commercial property choices for the local and foreign buyers. It doesn't matter if you want to purchase a property in Delhi to invest in or looking for a location to set up your own company The city has an array of options. From offices to food court to commercial ventures, Delhi caters to diverse demands.
Delhi Property Prices and Real-Estate Investment
The market for property in Delhi is constantly changing and evolving. It is crucial to keep informed of latest trends in the market and property costs. Delhi pricing for property is contingent on factors including the location and size, amenities and the demand. Investment in real estate in Delhi is a great way to earn substantial profits and are particularly lucrative in prime areas as well as areas that have a lot of commercial activities. Researching thoroughly, seeking expert advice, and studying the market's conditions are essential before taking any investment decision.
Omaxe Chandni Chowk
Omaxe Chandni Chowk is a highly regarded commercial development situated at the heart of Delhi. It is one of the city's most historic and most popular markets. It offers an excellent view and a large amount of foot traffic. Omaxe Chandni Chowk includes retail stores along with commercial as well as food courts, making it a great investment business looking for a premier spot. This project was designed to fulfill the demands of modern times of tenants as well as buyers equipped with the most modern facilities as well as infrastructure.
Delhi Mall
Delhi Mall, developed by Raheja Group, is strategically placed within Karol Bagh and Patel Nagar. This project is commercial and includes a range of shops for retail, restaurants, as well as commercial space that caters to various needs of different companies. Delhi Mall is designed to offer a smooth shopping experience as well as a comfortable setting for customers and retail stores alike. Its top locations as well as carefully planned infrastructure make it a great choice when who are looking to invest in commercial properties in Delhi.
Omaxe Karol Bagh
Omaxe Karol Bagh is another well-known commercial development located in New Delhi. The project is situated in the center of Karol Bagh, this development has commercial areas that are able to serve a range of business. Omaxe Karol Bagh aims to build a vibrant and robust business environment with world-class facilities, large parking spaces, as well as an excellent network of connectivity. The investment in commercial properties within Omaxe Karol Bagh presents an possibility to be a part in the bustling business area.
Best Field NSP
Best Field NSP is a commercial property that is catering to the ever-growing need for offices and commercial outlets in Delhi. It is located in an ideal location the project provides contemporary and flexible space that is that can be used for a variety of business requirements. Its well-designed infrastructure, its strategically placed, and superior connections make Best Field NSP an appealing option for companies as well as investors looking for commercial properties in Delhi.
DLF Prime Towers
DLF Prime Towers, located in Gurgaon and Okhla in South Delhi, is a well-known commercial development designed in collaboration with DLF Developers. The development offers modern commercial spaces as well as office space that are equipped with the latest features. DLF Prime Towers is designed to fulfill the demands of companies across all industries that are focused on providing a productive and effective workplace. The reputation of the project and its excellent locations add to its attractiveness as an opportunity to invest.
Understanding Lease Agreements for Commercial Property
In the case of leasing commercial property in Delhi It is essential to know the lease's specifics and terms. Lease agreements are legal binding agreement with the landlord (property the owner) as well as the tenant (occupant). It defines the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties. The lease agreement usually contains particulars such as the lease's duration as well as the rent amount, conditions for payment, obligations to maintain and any other terms or limitations. A legal consultation and thorough going over the lease contract prior to making a decision is recommended in order to make sure that you have an open and beneficial agreement.
Investment in commercial properties in Delhi presents numerous opportunities to both investors and businesses. Knowing lease agreements and doing exhaustive research of projects like Omaxe Chandni Chowk, Delhi Mall, Omaxe Karol Bagh, Best Field NSP, and DLF Prime Towers is essential to make informed choices. The real estate market in Delhi offers various options such as office space as well as retail outlets as well as food courts and commercial properties that meet various business requirements. When you consider factors like the location, cost facilities, location, as well as the market's trends, both individuals as well as businesses are able to make an investment in real estate that is successful in Delhi.
To find out more about commercial properties in Delhi or one of the projects mentioned Contact us at u/919009009728.
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2023.06.02 14:30 Ok-Noise1616 $50 Bonus CSL Plasma New Donor Referral Code: OULED5SBLS - Use the referral code when you sign up at ANY CSL Plasma location or on the App prior to your first donation and receive a $50 bonus automatically!! This unique code is 100% Valid for June 2023 - Happy donating everyone 🩸

$50 Bonus CSL Plasma New Donor Referral Code: OULED5SBLS - Use the referral code when you sign up at ANY CSL Plasma location or on the App prior to your first donation and receive a $50 bonus automatically!! This unique code is 100% Valid for June 2023 - Happy donating everyone 🩸 submitted by Ok-Noise1616 to ValidReferralCodes [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:27 Dazzling-Theory7098 Looking for real information, far from false "gurus".

Hello! How are you?
I need help with some doubts, and I'm sure the answer I need is on Reddit.
Currently, I'm traveling from one country to another, doing petsitting. This allows me to have free accommodation wherever I go, in exchange for taking care of people's pets while they travel. I've been doing it for 6 months now and have been able to visit many amazing countries and places. My initial plan was to do it for a shorter period of time, but now that I've started, I want to continue. The problem is that everything so far has been funded with the money I earned during 2022, and gradually the funds are running out.
I'm thinking of ways to make money while I travel. I have a good computer, consider myself skilled in using it, and have a lot of free time.
The problem I have is that when looking for business options or good ideas, I always end up watching videos from "gurus" who show a reality that I don't believe is true. I have this stigma ingrained in me that everyone is trying to sell you a course, mentorship, or simply portray a life that isn't real, which makes the search for a suitable business very difficult for me.
So far, what interests me the most (I've wanted to do it for several years, but for various personal reasons, I never made it happen) is setting up an e-commerce store. This raises several questions for me, and when I search for answers in these "guru" videos again, I feel that the responses are not what I'm looking for, or they are "modified" to make me believe something that isn't real (that's why I know I'll find accurate information here).
1) Since I'm not permanently living in one place, I can't receive and store stock. My idea was to send all the products to a Global Ecommerce Fulfillment center and manage everything from there. The problem is that this would involve expenses, and I'm not sure if it would be profitable.
2) I've read a lot here on Reddit, and I see that dropshipping is "dead" and not a good option, it's true? Do people who use Shopify now sell "own/handmade" products? Or do they still buy from Alibaba/1688, receive the products, and then ship them?
3) My idea is to do everything in the USA. Is this the best option? I'm currently in Europe, but I don't know if e-commerce through Shopify works the same way or handles the same volume as in the USA.
4) I understand that these "gurus" show numbers that are not real, or at least, are far from average. If you had to establish an average for a successful store, what would it be? (I'm not looking to become a millionaire, just something that allows me to continue traveling and gradually scale up).
5) A few years ago, when I was looking for information, the best thing was to create a store for one product. Is this still the case? Or is it better to create a store with multiple products?
Another thing that I thought could work is to generate content for social networks about what I'm doing (it's me and a friend), about petsitting and traveling the world. However, as I understand it, it's a very time-consuming process to achieve organic growth and monetization.
We don't have any equipment other than our phones (iPhone 14 Pro) to record content, and our main language is Spanish. Although we speak English, we don't speak it well enough to create content in that language. So, I don't know if Spanish content can also generate good income.
I want to thank those who have read this far, and even more those who can help me with their answers (either to all or some questions, anything helps).
Thank you very much!
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2023.06.02 14:24 Busy_Celebration7828 Amadeus training center in India

Amadeus training center in India
Travel Learning hub is one of the best Amadeus training center in delhi India. Get full details on courses, fees, admissions, careers options, reviews, exams and much more information on Amadeus at Travel Learning hub
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2023.06.02 14:24 Virtual_Tadpole9821 A BL fan's guide to visiting Thailand

There's been much talk about BL's potential as a driver of tourism. And it's evident, as some of you have shared your stories here in this sub, while others have asked for help planning upcoming trips. But there still appears to be a lack of easily accessible information for people visiting Thailand for the BL. Here's an attempt to remedy that, with this guide to visiting Thailand for BL fans. I've taken the liberty to incorporate suggestions from several previous threads here, as well as various other sources, so thank you to everyone who's contributed to the discussion.

First things first

This will only touch on things specifically of interest to BL fans. For the other aspects of your trip, including most basic planning stuff, please consult the usual travel resources.
That said, firstly you'll want to consider the purpose of your trip, and how much of it you want to dedicate to BL stuff. Do you just want a regular vacation, with a side stop for some merch, or are you here to relive the all the scenes from your favourite BLs? It's very possible to come up with a weeks-long itinerary of nothing but BL locations, and you could spend as much time mall-hopping to catch artist appearances, but Thailand also has a lot of other things to experience, whether you want to stick to the major attractions or go off the beaten track. It's all up to you.
Also, this probably goes without saying, but if you want to attend a specific event, be sure to plan around it and make travel arrangements accordingly. Concerts and fan meetings usually have tickets go on sale a couple of months in advance at most, so you'll want to have flexible options if you book your travel and accommodation before then.


Most of the BL-related things you can do will be concentrated in Bangkok, so it's where this guide will be mainly focused, but there are also several provincial locations that have featured in BL, especially Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north and Phuket in the south, all of which are major tourist destinations in their own right. Series have also spent time at plenty of beaches and resorts (particularly around Hua Hin and several towns in Chonburi province) as well as other popular excursions, most of which are short trips from Bangkok. Further out are the island resorts of Koh Samet, Koh Tao and Koh Lanta. The north-east Isan locations are rather off the tourist trail, but could well be worth the experience if that's your style of travel.

Getting immersed

Arriving in Bangkok, one of the first things you'll notice as a fan of Thai BL (or Thai dramas in general) is that you're surrounded by familiar faces everywhere, on banners and billboards and the back of tuk-tuks. Although BL actors aren't that well known among the general public (a surprise to some), the better known ones have a ton of brand endorsements and appear in ads for all sorts of products. Even if you're not planning your trip around BL, spotting actors you know in ads and fan projects can be an entertaining pastime.
Head into a 7-Eleven and you're pretty much guaranteed to see faces you recognize, perhaps on products you're already familiar with from all those series sponsorships and product placements. If the advertising worked and you're dying to know what that bottled green tea or that seaweed snack tastes like, this is your chance to give them a try.
Speaking of tasting, you'll probably be sampling plenty of Thai food while here, so why not include some of the food and drink items from the series you remember, be it som tam from What Zabb Man, the traditional desserts from UWMA, or the famous pink milk, known here as nom yen?
Meanwhile, if taking public transport, spend some time watching the people and see how BL imitates real life. Do you recognize the colours of the school uniforms? Or the university students in their white shirts and black slacks? You might even come across some engineering students in their workshop overshirts.
If you miss hearing the Raikantopeni disclaimer at the beginning of shows, be sure to turn on the TV to catch it as they air live. Be aware though that following shows in Thailand will be more difficult than at home, as they won't have subtitles on TV or on most local streaming services, so you'll likely need a VPN.

Merch stores & fan hangouts

This might be a bit of a letdown, but apart from GMMTV's, there aren't really any physical stores for official merchandise. But since you'll be in the country, you could check with your accommodation to see if they can arrange to accept local package deliveries for you, so you can place some online orders and avoid the international shipping fees. Be sure to check the processing and delivery times - this might be tricky (and won't work with pre-orders, only in-stock items).
GMMTV's shop is not a traditional giftshop as one might assume, but more like a kiosk at their office on the 30th floor of the GMM Grammy Place building - there's just a small product display and a cashier window. Apart from buying products, there's a good chance of running into some actors when visiting, though you're not allowed to linger and there's nowhere to hang out apart from some cafés on the ground floor. You will likely spot some fan-project displays (as mentioned above) outside and in the building, and the cafés will often have cup-sleeve giveaways by fans. Here's a very helpful guide by u/snuffles005: How to visit the GMMTV building and shop
Elsewhere, there's Wab Cafe' and Friends, by the Studio Wabi Sabi people. It's a café, so you'll be buying drinks there rather than merch, but it's very much a space created for fans, and there will often be something going on like fan projects and giveaways, or maybe mini-events with actors making an appearance. It's in RCA, Bangkok's main clubbing neighbourhood (and home to studios where many productions hold their workshops), which takes a bit of an effort to get to, but it's also probably the most dedicated hangout space for BL fans there is.
From Star Hunter, there's Hunter Village, a studio space (mostly used for dance classes) in MBK Center, one of Bangkok's most popular malls. It's a mostly open space, so you'll be able to see if there's someone coming in or something going on, but I'm not sure if it's really somewhere you can hang out at.
Other than that, quite a few actors have their own cafés or some other business, which you might want to visit to support them directly. Clothing and fashion items (perhaps from brands with your faves as presenters) may also be something you'd want to go shopping for.
For manga and anime (including BL/yaoi) there's an Animate store (the specialty chain from Japan), also at MBK Center. In addition to imported works, they also have an extensive Thai section, with both translated and original works.
If you want to observe the Thai novel scene, just walk into any major Thai book store, where you'll likely find rows, maybe entire shelves, of BL novels, prominently displayed - BL has very much gone mainstream in the Thai publishing industry. You'll also find glossy magazines featuring actor photoshoots here. You'll have less luck finding English translations, though, as most translated works are e-book only. For English-language (and Japanese) books in general, your best bet is Books Kinokuniya. They do have Japanese and Chinese translations of some Thai BL novels, as well as the English manga versions of SOTUS and Manner of Death, at international prices.

Catching events

Seeing actors up close (or at a distance) in real life will probably be the BL highlight of your trip for many of you. And unless you're ultra specific as to whom you want to see, there are ample opportunities to catch these actor appearances.
The biggest experiences will of course be the major events - concerts, fan meetings, and the like - that you'll have to buy tickets for. As mentioned above, you'll have to plan around them if you want to attend (which also limits how long you can plan in advance), and make sure to actually get those tickets. They're usually announced very publicly, so it's hard to miss them if you follow the usual news update channels. If you're around when one takes place but can't attend, it can still be worth dropping by if you want to get hold of the merch or just check out the crowds.
For more casual fans, you'll still have plenty of chance to see actors at smaller events, as there's pretty much always something happening somewhere, though there might not be much choice on who you get to see. These events vary a lot in scale, and can be anything from product launches to movie premieres. Most artist's agencies will announce them on their social media channels, usually on a weekly basis, and fan accounts may help share and/or translate them. You'll have to follow them to keep updated.
Most of these events will be held in Bangkok's plethora of malls. The biggest ones are mostly lined along the BTS Skytrain's Sukhumvit Line, so if you plan to do a lot of mall-hopping, whether for events or just shopping, consider getting accommodation with easy access to the BTS for convenience. Here's a great post by u/BumblingWombat that describes the experience in detail: What it's like to go to BL events in Thailand (Oh yeah, there are also top-spender events, which I won't go into, as I don't know anything about them. Those who're aiming for them probably won't need this guide anyway.)
Aside from these specific events, there are also annual book fairs that are partially or directly BL-related, where actors from various agencies may make appearances. The mainstream National Book Fair and Book Expo are usually held at the beginning of April and some time in October. Since last year, BL novels and publishers have had a large presence there, and GMMTV actors made daily appearances with fan gatherings in the car park. There are also smaller book fairs directly focusing on BL: Y Book Fair in July, and International Novel Festival at the end of November. They also feature actor appearances, but can also be worth seeing just for the atmosphere if you're interested in experiencing the literary BL scene here.
On the other hand, to experience more of the community side of the fandom, you might want to check out some fan-held events, such as the birthday projects that fan clubs often do, which may be in the form of café galleries or mini-gatherings. Info will mostly be on Twitter, though it may not be readily translated.

Visiting filming locations

If BL inspired you to make the trip to Thailand, no doubt you'd be interested in visiting some of the filming locations yourself. But while some of them are traditional tourist attractions in their own right, most aren't normally on the radar for general visitors, so it'll take a bit of investment (in time and travel) to include them in your trip.
If there's a single most iconic location to recommend, it must be the Rama VIII Bridge over the Chao Phraya River, which shows up in more BLs than anywhere else. So far, it's been seen in SOTUS, SOTUS S, Gen Y, Tonhon Chonlatee, I Promised You the Moon, My Ride, Enchanté, Cutie Pie, KinnPorsche, Even Sun, 2 Moons: The Ambassador, and Boyband. It's not really a tourist attraction, but it's a major landmark of modern Bangkok that everyone knows, and isn't too hard to get to. It's a bit of a walk (some 15 minutes, or just take a tuk-tuk) from either the Phra Athit or Thewet Pier if you're coming from the main riverside attractions and use the Chao Phraya Express (or Tourist) Boat. If you're into financial history, the Bank of Thailand Learning Center and museum is right next to the bridge. Otherwise, Suan Luang Rama VIII Park by its base is also nice, and also a filming location. The bridge itself is most photogenic at night, but make sure you have transport back if you stay late. Consider one of those dinner cruises if you want to experience it from the same angles as KinnPorsche and Cutie Pie.
For other locations, you'll need to do some research. If there's a specific series you want to follow, try searching to see if someone has already compiled a list of locations, which is likely the case for the more popular series. Most info will be on Tumblr or Twitter.
Filming locations may be public places, shops and businesses, private establishments, or purpose-built or converted studios, so remember to think of their ability to welcome visitors. Dress appropriately for the venue, take care to respect their regular functions, and be considerate to other people. Some of the most familiar locations are university campuses, and the grounds will generally be open to the public, but they're not usually equipped to deal with large numbers of visitors. So if you do visit, have fun reliving those memorable scenes but make sure not to disturb the real students who are there for class. Meanwhile, cafés, bars and restaurants would surely welcome your patronage, but please do not snoop around private offices or people's homes. It all boils down to following common sense, really.
A lot of the locations will be quite spread out and some distance away from downtown, so you'll have to plan carefully if you want to hit more than a few. You might want to hire transport for the day, but also take the traffic into consideration.
If you've always wanted to sleep in the same room that your favourite characters lived in (or at least an identical one), you might be in luck. Some of the apartment locations may have rooms available for daily renting, so check with them. As above, though, their location can be rather inconvenient transport-wise. On the other hand, you might want to opt for the hotels and resorts that featured as locations, which will be better equipped with tourist facilities.
For houses specifically, I have a post on The houses of Thai BL. Most of them are private property rented out as studios, but some will be happy to accept visitors (for a fee) on their off days. Contact their management to see if a something can be arranged. Or if you're serious about it and ready to pay, just rent the place at full price for your own personal photoshoot. If you try it either way, do let us know how it turns out. On the other hand, Wawa House (To Sir, With Love) has a café for visitors, Slōlē (Golden Blood, Bite Me, Enchanté, The Tuxedo, The Eclipse) is a real-life café when not filming, and Red Brick Kitchen (Not Me, KinnPorsche, War of Y) features a chef's table dining experience (reservations only, 4 persons minimum).
If you're just looking for some usual attractions that happen to have BL appearances as a bonus, here are a few (very non-exhaustive) suggestions for Bangkok:
While Bangkok's malls are very much major attractions by themselves, I didn't include them as their appearances are quite too numerous to list.
Outside of Bangkok, each series will mostly feature locations relatively near each other (except Cupid's Last Wish, which went all over the country), so I'll just list the series by destination without going into each location's detail.

Further resources & suggestions

The Let's Talk BL podcast hosts talked about their experience in Thailand last year, covering a lot of the above points over several episodes at the beginning of season 3. Be sure to check them out if you want all the details, especially S3 EP3: Tips & Tricks for the perfect BL experience in Bangkok. Some of their main tips that I didn't mention above are not to overstretch yourself trying to go to everything, and to use a map to plan your days.
Colourme-feral on Tumblr has an incredible Google Map that plots locations from several series, and more in their blog, which a lot of the above is sourced from. For Bad Buddy specifically, Telomeke-bbs on Tumblr has a series of posts that analyse the locations at an insane level of detail.
I'm sure I haven't covered nearly everything in this post, so please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. (I'll try to expand the locations list as I get around to digging for more series.) If you have questions or need help identifying a specific location, feel free to ask! (Though no guarantees there.)
For full disclosure, I'm receiving no compensation whatsoever for writing this. Any biases or omissions are purely unintentional.
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2023.06.02 14:19 Outside-Living-9402 Selecting the best rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon

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Get Directions
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2023.06.02 14:16 SharlaRoo Final FAQ Megathread for 2023 >>> Ask your questions here ✨👩‍🚀🌕

✨✨✨ It’s all happening!✨✨✨
Only a few more days until we meet on the farm.
This will be the final FAQ Megathread for the 2023 Roo season.
Our big, massive FAQ wiki that has even more details and information, can be found here >>> Wiki
As always, please as your questions here before creating a standalone post.
From camping to tickets, Bonnaroo has a lot of elements and we are here to help. Please note that the /bonnaroo FAQ and Wiki was created by Bonnaroovians, for Bonnaroovians. While we strive to provide the most accurate information, it’s always best to check with Bonnaroo directly for immediate or customer service needs. See something that needs updating? Message a mod, or sharlaroo.
\*** Our subreddit receives an uptick of new posts between now and the festival. We try to keep them monitored and delete the most frequently asked questions to prevent clutter. Please ask your questions in this thread or use our subreddit resources before submitting a new post to the subreddit. *****

Bonnaroo Shuttles, Ride Sharing and Carpooling

Note - Proceed at your own risk, as these are all unofficial and not related to Roo.

General FAQs

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2023.06.02 14:15 drunkill Post Match: AFL Round 12 Melbourne v Carlton

Dees v Blues

Melbourne Cricket Ground: 7:50pm (AEST) Fri, 2nd June 2023
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Final Score
Dees 3.3 5.6 7.11 8.13 (61)
Blues 1.2 2.5 5.6 6.8 (44)
Match Center -
Match Center - Foxfooty
Match Report -
Match Report -
Goals: McKay 3, Acres, C.Curnow, Fisher
Best: Cerra, Docherty, McKay, Weitering, Kemp
Injury: Silvagni (hip) subbed at half time
Discord Live Chat: Invite Link for real-time discussions on our subreddit discord.
Tipping: Click here to join the subreddit tipping competition for the 2023 AFL & AFLW seasons!
Subreddit B&F Votes: Be sure to list your top 5 Carlton players today and vote in the subreddit B&F thread
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2023.06.02 14:09 WarrenTheHero Campaign Recap: Three Years of Annihilation
I've been running ToA for a group of friends for about 3 years now and we're finally coming up on the final fight and I just wanted to gush a little about what they've been through during that time. We started before Covid on an every-other-week basis, took some time off at the beginning of the pandemic, and only in the last couple months did we switch to weekly, which is why it's taken us so long. It's also taken so long because I was committed to running by the book: survival checks each day to navigate, track rations, track bug repellant, random encounters, tropical storms. I also implemented Gritty Realism from the DMG, where resting overnight in the jungle was only a Short Rest and they'd have to dedicate an entire day of building out a semifortified camp to rest for the entire next day before breaking it down and continuing. It slowed down progress but I think overall the players like that they were forced to be survivalists.
Early on, the adventurers Nyx (tabaxi monk/warlock), Orynn (gnome wizard) and Ivory (tiefling bard) were hired by Syndra Sylvane to stop the Death Curse. This wouldn't turn out too well, as Nyx was slain in session three or so by a critical Yellow Musk Creeper hit. The party, now featuring human archer-warlock Folsom, hired out the guides River and Flask to explore Camp Righteous, and hired some Flaming Fist soldiers (Gwen and Jean) to delve into the jungle again, finding the goblin city of Yellyark along the way, wherein Gwen barely held the line against the Goblin Boss chieftain and established herself as a badass, before the party yeeted (yote?) the city far into the jungle, but not before acquiring an amulet which they subsequently matched with its Shield Guardian.
The party's next expedition was inspired by a seer in Port Nyanzaru, who told Folsom to seek the sage of Orolunga. They were joined by Inete, who wanted the party to take her to the Aldani Basin to pursue visions of sinister wizards there. They hired Azaka Stormfang to guide them, on the condition that they first stop by the Firefinger to recover her lost artifact, a nearly fatal encounter that included Ivory breaking a leg as he fell from partway up the tower. From there, they met Artus Cimber also on his way to Orolunga, but parted ways afterwards as they headed to the Aldani Basin, briefly meeting Valindra Shadowmantle in the floating Heart of Ubtao where they say from a distance a wrecked skyship. After rescuing the crew of the Star Goddess, they came across and saved another adventuring party, led by a wealthy but not-suited-for-a-jungle mage named Lucas. Taking on all of these extra adventurers strained their supplies to the limit, and it was only through Folsom's foraging that they managed to avoid starvation on their way back to the Port. They also encountered Camp Vengeance, but when forced into service by the master of the camp, the party used Lucas's magical might to decimate the camp before fleeing.
In the city, Lucas told them of his quest to map out routes to Orolunga and Nangalore. Having already mapped out Orolunga, they agreed to find a route to Nangalore for him while he stayed in the port and finalized the deal and bought supplies. Heading into the jungle again, with Inete joining them as her relationship with Orynn slowly grew, the party met a Shadar-Kai Barbarian named Cormag as he was fleeing a T-Rex, and he joined them on thier way to Nangalore. However, Zalkore proved a terrible threat, and petrified both Cormag and Folsom. In the aftermath of the battle against the Medusa, Cormag's sister Amasha, led by the lizardfolk ranger Qyzen Fess, arrived, just barely too late for the siblings to reconnect. The party found their way to Kir Sabal, where they defended the inhabitants from Gargoyles and used the Dance of the Seven Winds to return to Port Nyanzaru.
In the port, they met with the dwarven guide Musharib who offered to take them to his ancestral home of Hrakhammar, offering some of the forge's riches if they help him rid it of the fire newt threat within. They made a deal with their friend Lucas to meet them in Shilku Bay after a few weeks and set off, eventually freeing Hrakhammar for the Albino Dwarves, allowing them to once more establish a proper community on the peninsula.
They met Lucas and his new ship in Shilku Bay to return to Nyanzaru, where they decided to finally use the knowledge gained at Orolunga to find Omu and stop the Death Curse. It was during this time that Orynn decided to retire from adventuring life; the stresses and trauma he suffered in the jungle too much for the poor gnome, he sought therapy and a quieter life with his now-official girlfriend Inete. Similarly, Amasha decided to stay in the city to research ways to un-petrify her brother. To replace them, Lucas hired two new crew members: Lucky In the Dark, a tabaxi swashbuckler, and Tiger's Eye, an elderly Dwarven Sorcerer. Their names never got confusing, I promise. They were also approached by a young half-elf calling herself Xandala, hoping the party might take her to reunite with her father Artus Cimber, if they ever came across him. Sailing down to Shilku Bay once more, their ship was attacked and boarded by pirates, whose storm-mage thwarted Tiger's Eye's long-range fireballs. In the brawl that ensued, Lucky was able to best Captain Laskilar in a (mostly) one-on-one duel, claiming his magical cape for himself. It was not very long after arriving in Shilku Bay that the party, with the information from Saja N'Baza of Orolunga that they discovered the grand ruined capital city: Omu. Now knowing were to go, they returned to Port Nyanzaru for the last time to resupply before venturing into the heart of evil.
This is when Ivory finally departed the group as well, though their friend from the mainland, a Travel-Domain Cleric called Ezra, was in town and recommended to join the expedition to avenge her dog who was slain by the Death Curse. Lucas also hired an additional healer, a priest of Torm named Undril Silvertusk. They were once again accosted as they sailed south, by Captain Al-Saryak, defeating him and his crew as well. During this time, Lucas and Xandala also began to grow close. Traveling across the Valley of Lost Honor, they were scouted and chased by Tsindelor, the Red Dragon of Wyrmheart Mine, and Lucas was forced to offer it all of his gold and treasure to appease it so they could escape.
Omu was difficult. They me a wily old scribe, abandoned by his former employers, named Orvex, and using his knowledge began to slowly conquer various puzzles and traps across the city, collecting Puzzle Cubes for an unknown purpose. This conflict soon put them at odds with a Red Wizard, and while he was slain, he promised the group there more of his people who would crush them. They also had several close encounters with a vast beast, called the King of Feathers, and before long knew they had to hunt him down or be hunted themselves. They confronted him at his amphitheater lair, where they found the rest of the Red Wizards were also trying to slay the magical dinosaur. Rather than putting their differences aside, a great three-sided melee broke out between the party, the Wizards, and the King, eventually leaving the party as the last ones standing. However, Tiger's Eye's heart began to give out, and he returned to the ship in Shilku Bay. It was during these explorations of Omu that an Assassin Vine struck an isolated party member, capturing and killing the beloved Flaming Fist Gwen, who had been with the part for so long. They also found a den of Kobolds under the marketplace, slaying all but one, and telling the survivor that his people were "based" before forcibly recruiting him into the party. Snirbo the Kobold would be given lessons from Lucky on the basics of swordplay, though he was never very good at it. After taking control of the Grung tribe at Nangnang's Shrine, the party found a human knight, ensorcelled by a Nyanzaru guide; a Yuan-Ti in disguise. After being freed, Gilderoy Gleamleaf opted to join the party in their quest, as it was the same as his own: destroy the Soul Monger and end the Death Curse.
In time, they found their way into the back entrance of the Fane of the Night Serpent, the home of the Yuan-Ti of Chult and the lair of the warlord Ras Nsi. The party launched several expeditions into the temple, slaying snakes and freeing prisoners. Ezra and Qyzen soon realized there were too many prisoners to accompany them, but they would be unable to fend for themselves, and escorted them back to the ship. Among the prisoners, two were capable combatants, a Goliath infused with the ancient powers of his giantkin people named Manuyemo, and an elf Chronurgist Wizard named Osmanthus. The expeditions in and out of the Fane were at times disastrous, with both Osmanthus and Undril being captured, and Snirbo being turned to stone, but after Manu was able to beat the Yaun-Ti champion Sekelok, not very many of the remaining Yuan-Ti were serious threats, beyond their ability to consistently Suggest Gilderoy. Within the Fane, the party found a gravely wounded and misbegotten Artus Cimber and his friend Dragonbait, both robbed of their gear including the legendary Ring of Winter. The final confrontation with Ras Nsi, the new wielder of the Ring, was incredibly difficult, as he was able to use the Ring's Wall of Ice to isolate party members to strike with his magical sword. After some very close calls, he was forced to retreat through a teleportation pad. Learning how the pads functioned, several party members were teleported to random parts of the dungeon, before Lucas accidentally found himself face-to-face with the warlord. The sounds of the fight that followed drew the party to Ras Nsi's hidden chambers, where in the moment of all involved being severely weakened, Xandala finally sprung her trap, *Fireball*ing the room to claim the Ring for herself. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough power, and some party members survived to stop her and save their friends from bleeding out.
Opting for mercy for this person they thought was their friend, they let Xandala live, though this far south, she had no choice but to continue to assist the party, or else brave the jungle alone and surely die. As various other teammates handled the Ring, they were all tempted to violence until it found itself back within Artus's grasp. As thanks for freeing him and Dragonbait and returning the Ring, he decided to help the party through the upcoming Tomb of the Nine Gods.
With all Puzzle Cubes from the Red Wizards and Ras Nsi in hand, the party finally entered the Tomb of Annihilation.
It was not easy. Artus became cursed very early on, removing his ability to regain hit points and slowly sapping his life, forcing him to stay out of most fights as the party battled Tomb Guardians and Dwarf-Wights. They found the administration office of the Tomb run by Withers, who was unable to escape and slain, Gilderoy claiming his amulet.
While no part of the Tomb was pleasant, the first tragedy of the Tomb was during the fight against the invisible beholder Belchorz, who turned Lucas to stone. This was not easy for the group, and especially not for Xandala. It was also around this time that the party started suffering nightmares in the Tomb, even protected by Tiny Hut spells, with some of them losing maximum HP and unable to recover during Long Rests. The second tragedy was on a lower level, when Gilderoy entered a secret room and snuffed out a candle. He was teleported out of the room and never seen again, though we know he was ground to nothingness along with all he was wearing and carrying.
Pressing on, the party found a throne Room and a hidden sarcophogus with a fine necklace atop it. Giving the necklace to Jean to appease the spirit of Nangnang possessing him, he put it on, activating its curse and becoming the center of an 8th-level *Fireball,* disintegrating immediately and awakening the Zombie T-Rex hidden below the room. After slaying the beast, it disgorged a curious sight: A spore-infested Firbolg calling itself Cousin Klemba, who had been disintigrated in the tomb years earlier, but by a 1-in-a-billion magical chance, its spores managed to survive and reconstitute inside the flowery gut fauna of the T-Rex. Activating the second trap in Napaka's sarcophogus room really put a damper on the party's mood, and they decided to avoid all distractions and recover the last of the Skeleton Keys without exploring any more rooms than strictly necessary.
At the bottom of the Tomb, they finally came head-to-head with the Hags who had been tormenting them: the Sewn Sisters Baggy Nanna, Peggy Deadbells, and Widow Groat, each accompanied by two Wraiths. The fight was brutal, perhaps the most difficult so far, as the Hags used very effective Hold Person spells to lock down the gorup as the Wraiths began to critically hit them, reducing max HP and inflicting massive damage. All the while, the Hags were able to counter most of the party's spells while phasing in and out of the Ethereal. Widow Groat even managed to acquire one of the Skeleton Keys, but was slain by Keshma al-Wazir, a dao genie that was indebted to the party after being freed by them, before Groat could escape to the Ethereal plane.
Now, with all of the Hags dead, the party might be able to have their first complete and uninterrupted Long Rest in the Tomb, before opening the Skeleton Gate and confronting, at long last, the Soul Monger.
This Sunday, we're meeting in person again for the finale. I've been constructing a 3D version of the final fight, and a custom scuplt of the Atropal inspired by ideas on this sub. I'm gonna kill them all.
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The TopPlaza cross-border e-commerce platform is a significant strategic move by Silver Capital in the cross-border e-commerce field. With the continuous growth of this platform, Silver Capital gains more insights into the advantages and development trends of the cross-border e-commerce industry, strengthening its influence in the global market. Most importantly, through collaborative efforts and optimization and integration of various resources, top enterprises join hands in this new investment channel. It is evident that Silver Capital will continue to maintain a proactive and forward-thinking approach, leveraging its global perspective and sincere cooperative attitude to deeply grasp new opportunities and deliver quality investment returns for global users.
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Best MNS Coaching Institute in Lucknow
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