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Humans are very good at designing simple, yet VERY potent solutions to otherwise difficult problems, be it a brilliant invention or creative punishment for unruly xeno colleagues.

2023.06.02 13:39 Jackviator Humans are very good at designing simple, yet VERY potent solutions to otherwise difficult problems, be it a brilliant invention or creative punishment for unruly xeno colleagues.

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2023.06.02 13:37 Adude_1 About to order some new books. What else should i add?

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2023.06.02 13:23 sunstellarindia01 Request Highlights Of Top Products From SS Water Tank Manufacturer

Know the difference between regular Plastic or PVC water tanks and stainless steel tanks. Understand the level of excellence used by Sun Stellar, the top SS water tank manufacturer. Get familiar with the superior grade of stainless steel used in the construction of water tanks. Request a quote and get customized recommendations for water storage solutions!
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2023.06.02 13:21 Richisnormal I like to design and print custom tools

I like to design and print custom tools
This one sticks to plastic pipe. Also good for drawing a line to cut square.
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2023.06.02 13:20 Slamdemcows [Bulk] Ro59 Lubing and Break-in service for Cherry Vintage Blacks (Wyse), Cherry Ultraglide Black, Butter Brown, BCP Geon Cloud H1 , BCP Unga Bunga H1, BCP Lavender Azure Dragon, BCP Epsilon Ink, BCP Zaku Meteor White V3, Alpacas, Zakus, Creamsicle Float, Tfue Creams, Yok Holy Panda

Round 9 updates:
-International & CONUS shipping available.
-Wide variety of springs (progressive, single (medium/long), double, triple stage springs) from 55g up to 80g.
-OG BCP: *SOLD OUT* These will no longer be re-stocked due to the exhaustive modding nature it took to service these. We had to cherry pick through 150-300 vintage tops per batch of 90 without introducing significant scratch after breaking in those switches. If you'd want recommendations, please DM us for the closest combination to achieve your preferred sound profile. This includes composition of switch parts, and specified layers of RO59 and GHv4. For those curious, these were made using Vint tops from G80-1000 vintage boards, with NK V1 stems and H1 bottoms. Ultrasonic cleaned > broken in 2 million times > cleaned again > 10 layers of RO59 > Deskeys Filmed.
-Creamsicle Floats: Handful of these left before they run out indefinitely. As some has requested in the past, these ARE in fact higher pitch sounding than then NEONs switches, but not as loud in volume by comparison. As a reference these sounds like dense marbles clashing against each other. With the use of RO59, you have a switch that is extremely smooth while being extremely high pitch without sounding dull due to the used of milky tops and NK V1 stems to balance the thin sounding property of UHMWPE in the tangie housing.
-Tfue Creams: Jokes aside this was what the NK Creams should have been when they were first popularized back in 2020. These are by defaut broken in 2 mil actuations, mounted with max layers of Ro59 and optionally topped off with a thin layer of GHv4 and spring swapped to your preferred single stage long springs. For those seeking that endgame all POM experience, we've pulled out all the stops to 180deg the sandpaper feel to the slickest feeling switch out there. Experience Ro59 at its best.
-Cherry Azurite BCP: Features a Hyperglide top + Zaku stem + SP-star Meteor White V3 bottom. One of the loudest, thick sounding and clacky sounding frankenswitch. The V3 has been revised to sound clackier profile compared to the grey housings found on the V2 (what they are popularly known for). Not all nylon plastics are made equally as different manufacturers uses different blends when it comes to generally coined plastics such as nylon. Something about SP-stars' rendition, combined with a Zaku stem and the classic Cherry top just hits the spot for those wanting a loud pop.
-Yok Holy Pandas: We'll be adding these to our repertoire as we've seen a massive improvement in smoothness and sound that these do benefit from dry lubing. We do not offer Drop's Holy Pandas as they have issues with inconsistent factory lubing (not applicable in this case) and they have extremely pingy leaves. In addition, a few of the switches per batch runs into double registering issues due to bad QC on the leaves. These will handcrafted using BSUN/YOK housings with Drop Halo/Kailh Polia stems. We'll be assembling these > breaking them in > ultrasonic cleaning them > dry lubing > reassembling.
-Sample pack: We are now offering an all inclusive sample pack for our switches; everything including our Vintage Blacks, Ultraglides, Butter Browns to all variations of BCPs for newcomers to try. There will be 3 of each switch, featuring different layers of Ro59TMKT; from 5 default layers, to 7 layers to 10 layers.
-Discounted Zaku & Alpacas: It is with deep regret that we'll be taking a step away from zakus (Q4 2022) and alpacas to provide more exciting offerings. Customers can always request custom batches of these, but we will no longer be purchasing any extras to carry them in-stock beyond our current inventory. As such there will be a promo regarding these ones with heavily discounted add-ons.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Promotions (as of 06/02/23)
- Return customers get free spring upgrades regardless of amounts
- Purchase any two packs and get 3% off
- Purchase any three packs and get 4% off
- Purchase any four packs or more and get 5% off
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please reply to post with top level comment PM, send us a PM and submit your order via Order Form.
FAQ about Cherry Vintage Black switches/RO59Tm-KT and Disclaimers.
Detailed Cleaning and Lubing Method
All sales are FINAL.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sample Pack:
Switch Modifications Variations Price Quantity
Sample pack of all included stock switches except (limited frankenswitches) Ro59 mod: includes 5 (default), 7 and 10 (MAX) layers. Buyers can choose from any in-stock springs and films that we have. Default 1.2 million actuations across the board. 3 of each of the 11 different switches. $130 per pack 10/10

Limited Frankenswitch pricing:
Switch Modifications Price (x90) Quantity
Creamsicle Float (Gateron Milky Top/NK Cream V1 Stem/Tangerine Bottom) MAX Layer Ro59TM-KT (10 layers)/Any Single Stage Long Springs/2 million actuations) $380 per pack 2/2
Yok Holy Panda ^ $380 per pack 5/5
Tfue Creams ^ + optional GHv4 layer if preferred $300 per pack 5/5

Modded in-stock pricing:
Switch (BI/L/F/SS) Default Ro59 Tm-Kt layers Price (x70/90/110) Quantity
Cherry Vintage MX Blacks 4-5 $180/231/282 4/4
Cherry Ultraglide MX Blacks 4-5 $150/193/236 10/10
Cherry Butter MX Brown 4-5 $150/193/236 10/10
Zaku 10 (MAX) $190/244/297 9/9
Alpacas 10 (MAX) $190/244/297 15/15

Modded BCP Frankenswitch Variant:

Switch Type of Switch Default Ro59 Tm-Kt layers Price (x70/90/110) Quantity
Cherry Howlite BCP (Geon Cloud Stem/ H1 Bot) Linear 4-5 $230/296/361 5/5
Cherry Ruby BCP (Unga Bunga Stem/ H1 Bot) Linear 4-5 $257/323/361 5/5
Cherry Amethyst BCP (Geon Lavender Stem/ Azure Dragon V2 Bot) Tactile 7 $230/296/361 5/5
Cherry Onyx BCP (Epsilon P3 Stem/ Gateron Black Inks V2 Bot) Linear 4-5 276/354/452.5 5/5
Cherry Azurite BCP (Zaku Stem/ Meteor White V3 Bot) Linear 4-5 266/339/432.5 5/5

Optional Add-ons:
Upgrades (x100/pack for parts) Price (pack or x70/90/110 switches)
Single-stage Long (18mm) Springs (55g/57g/62g/67g) +$7
Double-stage Long (20 mm) Springs (62g/67g/80g) +$10
Triple-stage Extra Long (22mm) Springs (62.5g/65g/67.5g) +$9
[Thickthock Mag Progressive] Springs (64g/68g) +$16
[Deskeys 0.3mm Film] +$7
+600k Subsequent Additional Actuations for 70/90/110ct switches +$23/29/36
+2 Layers Subsequent Ro59 Tm-KT +$32.2/41.1/50.6/0.46
+5 MAX Layers Subsequent Ro59 Tm-KT (complete coverage) +$59.5/76.5/93.5/0.85
+ 1 GHv4 layer $35/45/55/0.5

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2023.06.02 13:14 yatidixit [PDF] Supreme PVC / Pipe & Fitting Price List 2023 PDF Download

Supreme PVC / Pipe & Fitting Price List 2023 PDF

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2023.06.02 13:08 ryansn Broken glass wall since AUG/22 and the landlady now wants the flat back

Hi everyone, This is my first post here. I am from London.
👋🏼TL;DR: The glass wall between the kitchen and the balcony in our flat is broken, and despite multiple attempts to get it repaired, our estate agents have been unresponsive. Our landlady now wants to sell the flat, and we are considering legal action based on her responsibility for this issue outlined in our tenant agreement. We have been treated unfairly, and we are unsure who to target among the estate agents, developers, building management, insurers and the landlady.
My flat has a broken glass wall between the kitchen and the balcony. It was damaged by sun exposure last August. We have been contacting the estate agents tirelessly, asking for it to be repaired without any success. The flat used to have a beautiful view of my area, but that was spoiled. Also, my partner's little niece visits us occasionally, but since this happened, we do not allow her to play on the balcony. These are just a few examples of how it drastically affected our flat experience, especially as it is a small one-bedroom flat.
The estate agents informed us that this issue has happened in other flats in my building and that the building developers are being sued. They also told us that the apartment is insured. Nonetheless, they were waiting for the legal procedures so they could get the glass panel repaired.
They sent some contractors to measure the glass at the very beginning of this whole event, and they mentioned that because of the glass size, it would need to be lifted from our balcony as it would not fit our stairs or lift.
That was a lot of back and forth between the estate agents and us, but they always mentioned that they needed to wait to have this case sorted with the developers as the glass was faulty. They also said they had added a plastic film as a protection measure to the damaged glass (they did this quite as soon we informed them about it being damaged) so we would be safe. Nonetheless, although they say it is safe, the film has been peeling off for a long time. We also addressed this with them, but they said we were safe.
However, two weeks ago, nine months after the glass was damaged, new contractors came to the flat to measure the glass panels again. I then asked the estate agents what would be the next steps and they mentioned that they are waiting for an update from the building management company. This, combined with the fact that we have not received a renewal contract since February (we have been living here for about four years, and we have always received the renewal agreement in February as our contract always ends at the end of May), then four weeks ago they sent the new deal for us to sign, I signed it, but weirdly it was voided by DocuSign as not all the parties signed it on time. Then only last week, we received the news that the landlady wants to sell the flat. We asked the estate agents what would happen as our contract ended this Wednesday, and they said it was fine as there is a rollover law in the UK that addresses that. However, this news about putting the flat on the market came from the estate agents, and they mentioned that the landlady is still determining when she wants to give us notice, and they also said we would receive a reply this week. It is Friday, and we haven't got anything from them. Our rent was due this Wednesday, and we delayed it on purpose until now as we suspected that she would wait until we paid to tell us where she stands with selling the property. We were probably right about that, as we haven't received any updates from them, but I don't know what this should mean.
Now, as it has been so long, and it feels like they are being quick now with the glass panels only because they will be trying to sell the flat (that is our suspicion), we are thinking about taking legal procedures about our landlady, primarily because of the clause in our tenant agreement regarding her being responsible for repairing:
However, we have yet to determine if we have a case and what our goal should be with it. We received a mortgage approval message from our bank today for another property, so the fact that she wants the flat back doesn't bother us, but we believe that we have been unfairly treated and should receive some compensation for it.
Also, as we have the estate agents, the developers, insurers, the building management and the landlady involved in this issue, should we only target her with it?
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2023.06.02 12:54 HereToFixDeineCable Pool Quote in WV (Near Southeast Ohio)

Pool Quote in WV (Near Southeast Ohio)

All - looking for some feedback on this quote. Finding pool builders near me who work with gunite has been a challenge. This is from a builder who covers a decent area including KY, OH and WV (based out of OH). The options especially seem a little on the high side to me but I have no frame of reference (until I can find another builder to get a quote from). The price for the ledge/sun deck and the L Shaped bench (inside of the 20x40 pool) seem a little wild since those items require less digging, correct?
Appreciate any feedback!
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2023.06.02 12:29 Smiledental8499 How much does Invisalign (Invisible Braces) Cost in Hyderabad?

How much does Invisalign (Invisible Braces) Cost in Hyderabad?
Invisalign is the most effective way to straighten teeth without metal braces. It’s invisible, comfortable, and can be customized to your specific needs.
Invisible Braces cost
Invisible Braces is an innovation of clear aligners that provide a custom-fit solution for your orthodontic treatment needs. With Invisalign, you can get perfectly straight teeth without the hassle, expense, and discomfort of traditional braces.
Invisible braces are made from clear plastic material that looks similar to dental impressions. The aligners are custom-made by an orthodontist and placed in the mouth over time using a series of removable trays to hold them securely in place during treatment.
Invisible braces cost anywhere from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,50,000 depending on your needs and how long your treatment will last. The total cost includes all equipment, materials, and labor charges required by the orthodontist in Hyderabad
At Smile Dental and Implant Centre, we make you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful. You may have heard of invisible braces or Invisalign. You are at the right place as we provide Invisible Aligners in Hyderabad at an affordable price.
EMI Available on all Dental Treatments.
Book your Appointment: +91 73965 29265
More Info: https://smiledentalandimplantcentre.com/invisible-braces-cost-in-hyderabad/
Location: Saket Road, ECIL, Hyderabad
Directions: https://g.co/kgs/hjYuBE
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2023.06.02 12:25 Rhion-618 Just One Drop - Ch 88

Chapter 88 - From All I Believed

Morning, Two days before Shel
Captain Setar suppressed a smile as she watched the Ops door close. “Well, that was interesting…Ce’lani is a little cranky.” The last vestiges of sleep clung to her as she settled down into the command chair. She felt worn out, but it was the cusp of dawn, and Pod Seven had only just turned over control. “Report on station?”
“The perimeter’s secure,” Jelki replied crisply, pulling up the map of the campus on the main screen. “Pod One is on station and reports twelve by twelve. Sgt Ma’reis is already complaining about janitor duty.”
“Ah, first pod problems.” Setar shook her head, rubbing her eyes and blowing gently on her mug of tea. “What about the objective?”
“The objective’s secure,” Re’lan piped up, already sounding chipper. The woman could have been priestess of Jrafell. Her unwavering cheeriness would have been a character fault if she weren’t so devoted. As it was, it was a damned penance for everyone else at this time of day.
Jelke finished running the obligatory shift change checks and stretched. Things wouldn't get interesting until breakfast, but watching the perimeter was a given. It didn't keep the curiosity out of her voice, as she cocked her head and glanced over. “What was interesting with Captain Ton’is, Ma’am?”
“Mm! Well… it appears she’s expecting a call from Professor Warrick today,” Setar drawled out, taking a moment to savor their reaction. “She felt a need to remind me she’s devoted to Hele, and that if Be’ona or I let her sleep through the call, she’s going to ‘fuck us up the ass with a lasrifle and pull the trigger’.”
Re’lan was probably blushing like a cadet, but Jelke shook her head ruefully. “I expect there's a ‘but’ in there somewhere, Captain?”
“Well, yeah, she said that’s where the rifle would go…” Setar sniggered before taking a long sip from her tea, and slid a bit lower in the command couch. Her eyes wandered to the traffic on the board. “She also made it clear what’ll happen if anybody listens in.”
Thoughtful silence descended. Setar almost counted to twelve before-
“We’re going to anyway, right Captain?” Jelke asked nonchalantly. “You know, for security’s sake?”
“Sergeant, that would be a base infringement of Captain Ton’is’ privacy, which is in fucking short supply for everyone in this bunker.” She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, watching the steam rise from her mug. “Deeps right we are.”
_ _ _
Lady Wicama regarded her guest with interest as their autocab plied its way about the outskirts of Prelitauri. While she’d been free and cheerfully able to accommodate Khelira’s request, Monsignor Santino Barcio, or Friar Barcio, as he preferred, was not at all what she’d been expecting. She supposed it was a matter of exposure…
The Palace had never quite been the same since Princess Yn’dara’s wedding. Yn’dara was one of those odd Royals who, though well-regarded, was seldom in the public eye. A perennial favorite of the Empress, indulging her unexplained absences passed as a matter of course for the Court. Widely known to be estranged from her mother, Princess Arduina, no one enquired either deeply or often, so when she suddenly resurfaced, her return would have equally passed without comment… if not for the wedding.
Yn’dara had shocked the entire Nobility.
While it was common for any woman to marry into an established family and become a kho, the wedding should have been singular for a Princess. Princesses didn’t marry into families, Princesses formed them. And while Yn’dara technically had done so, she’d taken on four unmarried women at the same time as her husband, who was a Human! Favorite or no, the wags in the court were agog that the Empress accepted Adam so readily! The Empress, however, had been adamant; Yn’dara and her family had her blessings, and were to be left alone.
However, time had proven to be on Yn’dara’s side as well as the Empress.
After a wedding seen across the galaxy, Yn’dara’s family settled into a life of public duty. They spent long trips away from Shil, and while quietly dismissed as ‘pleasure excursions’, her trips often showed the throne to the outer provinces. Although her public engagements were few, she’d become a vocal advocate of the Empress’ reforms against graft and corruption, and, gradually, the jealous mutters about scandalous excess and Human debauchery faded away. Her marriage remained an unusual footnote, but time had demonstrated the value of Yn’dara and her wives to the throne.
Then there was Prince Adam.
Rumor held the Prince had made a favorable impression on the Empress years before, at an event hosted by Yn’dara’s mother. While details had never been forthcoming, a more significant story about Adam wafted briefly through the ranks of the Golden Glaives.
Both stories had been effectively silenced, but Wicama knew who to talk to, and being Khelira’s guardian carried a certain clout all its own. Though that influence waxed and waned over the years, raising Khelira required being aware of events that could shape her future, and she’d proven herself to be discreet. Over time, doors had opened and words had flowed.
Time had been on Prince Adam’s side, as well.
As the years passed, she’d had an exposure to Prince Adam that few of the court and none of the public enjoyed. She’d been wary at first, but he’d been a good friend and mentor to Princess Khelandri before she joined the Marines, and however infrequent his presence, he always displayed a keen mind, a loving heart, and a steadfast duty to his wives. Privately, he absolutely doted on young Khelira and possessed a loyalty to the Empress that you could bend battlesteel around. The two got along famously - after all, he was a veteran.
Not Navy, mind you, but you couldn’t have everything.
And so, as Humanity began making forays upon the galactic stage, her first impression of the species had been favorable. She’d witnessed Adam mature into his role with the court, and while the issue of children remained unspoken, that faded as well. At the time, Yn’dara had been sixth in the line of succession. A year after the wedding, Kamaud’re became an adult, followed a year later by Khelandri, and the matter became largely moot.
As for a second impression on Humans, Khelira had provided enthusiastic reports about Thomas Warrick. While the Princess thrived at the Academy, Warrick seemed to be something special.
The absence of a father in her life had been a void that no woman could properly fill, but she’d done her best. Although she’d entertained a few qualms, as the months passed by, Warrick remained a positive influence. Khelira’s messages were infrequent by necessity, but she’d written about her distress over Warrick’s family and clearly been moved. Prince Adam carried his own scars, but what veteran didn’t? He hid them carefully around Khelli, and if Warrick had chosen not to, he’d provided a useful sense of perspective, instead. It was time for Khelira to grow up, and that meant facing the grist of differing opinions and ugly realities. That was what education was actually for, and Warrick seemed to be doing admirably well as a grindstone.
All of that was before the library incident, which settled her opinion once and for all. While erratic, irreverent, and capable of violence, Humans clearly could be a positive influence when channeled in the right direction. Yn’dara had shown what a good Shil’vati woman was capable of with Prince Adam, and Lady Pel’avon was following suit.
And at least the wags at the Palace wouldn’t speak of Yn’dara’s state wedding again. As a subject for spectacle, Miv’eire Pel’avon’s had put it to shame.
Still, it was good to see Warrick married. While Professor Ha’meres scandalous exploits had faded from the public eye, older wo… more mature women didn’t forget such things. The man had been a daring adventurer - and an inveterate gadabout - and an unmarried man around that many young women was too tempting for some girls. A wife or two… preferably more… resolved such idle fancies. If the Pel’avon ceremony had been somewhat… questionable in taste, compared to Adam’s, it remained legally binding. Warrick was willing to settle down, and by all reports his wife had a proper sense of decorum.
Human men seemed to be a trial from the Goddess, but hopefully she and her kho-wife could sort him with time, love, and kindness.
While exposure to only two Humans was not what she’d call a comprehensive sample, in both cases her impressions had been quite positive. And so, when Khelli asked her to escort a Human Priest about the city, she’d been entirely willing.
Thus far, it had been an enjoyable morning. While there had been occasional missteps, their conversation had been delightful as they traveled from property to property. Even so, she hadn’t expected to meet such a kindred spirit.
Admittedly she’d stammered a bit when he mentioned eating the flesh and drinking the blood of his redeemer. On the other hand, she compared it to the first time she’d bled into the ocean, mingling salt in her blood with the seas. He’d turned shockingly pale, so she changed the subject. It was a purely symbolic act to Drepna - just a cut on the thumb, for goddess sake...
She’d taken extra care afterwards. Barcio could be clearly a sensitive male, but diplomacy was part of her work. Even calling her role ‘work’ was deceptive. She’d raised Khelira in every way an Empress could not.
It was easy for other women to appreciate the prestige of her position, but few understood the depth of it - or the satisfaction.
During her career in the Navy, her flotilla had provided direct support for the Empress, and they’d come to work closely over three tours. After Khelira’s birth years later, the invitation came from the Royal Household to act as her guardian, and she’d never looked back. Competition had been fierce for the prestigious position, but applying had been the best move of her life.
Empress Kamilesh loved all her children and had spent as much time with each of them as she could, but her work was all-consuming, and after her husband’s act of… Well, the Empress had been there, but she’d born her pain privately. She had lost herself in her work for many years before recovering a semblance of her former self, and her absence had taken a toll on her children. Kamaud’re had taken it the worst. Khelandri had bounced back, while everyone doted on Lu’ral. Barely more than an infant, Khelira had been far too young to remember. Wicama had been there through all of it.
It was a good life, and the princess was a delightful girl. For Wicama, the absence of a man in her life was something she’d felt now and then, but she invested her life in Khelira. The Empress treated her as a member of the family in all but name… and in a very real sense, the child you raised was your child.
Looking back, some women might insinuate she’d given up her personal life to raise another woman’s daughter. They couldn’t have been more wrong.
She had her calling - just as Friar Barcio had his.
Yes, he was a priest, and his religious strictures were very unusual. A male priest in any of the Shil’vati faiths would never be placed under such restraints, and for a man to go unmarried was noteworthy…
But she understood having a calling. Oh yes, she understood that as few others could.
After discussing his needs, they’d set out to examine three properties around Prelitauri. The Friar’s individual requirements were deceptively difficult when taken as a whole. A complex coupling a generous auditorium, ample administrative space, and he clearly needed substantial grounds to properly convey a sense of aura. Such accommodations were seldom on the market, and since he expected his colleagues to arrive in weeks, his need was immediate.
Thankfully, urban renewal moved in waves. The tides of such fashions meant Prelitauri was once again an up-and-coming area. While difficult to find, three older structures had the potential to be suitable, and so it was that she’d enjoyed learning about her guest as they explored the tiny district.
The Monsignor spoke four other Earth languages fluently. He tended to break into his native tongue and hadn’t mastered contractions yet, but his Vatikre was passable and he listened carefully, seldom needing to ask about a word. After limiting her contractions when she spoke, their conversation flowed easily.
Barcio had shown little enthusiasm for the first two properties, but their conversation regarding other matters never waned. She expanded on her devotion to Drepna, Shil and the roles of each goddess while asking careful questions of his faith. His own inquiries proved thoughtful, and he was as avid in politely asking after her beliefs as explaining his faith.
After their second hour together, she’d taken the liberty of calling Prelate Hi’meta Merlamiss. As a priestess of Drepna’s second circle, Merlamiss had proven a valuable contact over the years. Well connected, she enjoyed a good relationship with many other prelates of the Divine Halls; she also got on well with Xinfess, the Rakiri’s Speaker of the Dark Mother on Shil. A meeting with Barcio would readily open doors for his group that might otherwise prove difficult to attain, and while Barcio’s accent strained now and then, it was clear the Monsignor and the Prelate shared a questionably low sense of humor.
Given a chance, they’d probably get on famously.
Certainly, that would be a blessing. Their hunt for a suitable facility had not gone nearly so well, and while Barcio had been conciliatory toward the first two facilities, she could tell he wasn’t taken with either. The last property wasn’t high in her expectations, so she found herself casting her head to the side when it swept into view and he clasped his hands in excitement.
”*È bella!* This is beautiful,” he exclaimed. “It reminds me a bit of my childhood home in Sacile!”
She looked out at the complex with its low gabled roofs, as their cab wound up from the entrance. Beside the drive, a small river meandered through the campus past the main buildings. She tapped the console to slow their ride and considered the place in a new light. “I’m… well, a bit surprised to be honest, Friar.”
“Please! We have been traveling for hours now, and I am not holding a service.” The Friar spared her a warm smile, before gazing back at the premises. “I would take it as a great kindness if you would call me Santino.”
“Very well - on the condition you call me Wicama.” It had been some time since anyone called her by anything but title or rank, and the informality was pleasant. Still, as their autocab closed on the end of the lane, she let such thoughts go and considered the location properly.
The buildings were low, sensible cubes, but that was largely an end to it. The architect had made some unusual choices in Helkam motifs that strained understanding. A long colonnade bordered the river, and that seemed nice enough, but the buildings! Forgoing purple was one thing, but they were beige! With unusual elements and the repressively bland color scheme, it was small wonder the clerk handling the property confessed that the space had lain vacant. Its original owners went into foreclosure. The exotic design had proven unable to attract interest, laying dormant ever since.
Barcio… Santino… seemed delighted, however, and she pulled up the specifications on her omni-pad. “This site has two smaller auditoriums besides the main one, while the central building has four floors. One is underground, but all the floors face an interior atrium.”
As the cab gently halted in the car park, she climbed out to hold the door but Santino had already scrambled out and was examining the gardens with evident interest. Tall stands of parago trees were losing the last of their fronds for the year, but she had to admit the grounds were substantial. Yesterday’s storm had left the morning air cold and crisp, lending the gardens an appealing aspect. Untended since the last owners, much could be done with them.
She had given up trying to escort the Friar anywhere after their first two stops, and now they fell into an easy pace side by side as they strolled toward the main building. She turned back to the property itself. “So, this reminds you of your home?”
It wasn’t exactly Helkam architecture - domes weren’t covering every possible surface - but the builder had clearly been nodding in that direction. A promenade wound to the entry, supporting white chevrons that arced into the sky. The bright morning sky shone through clever cutouts, making the unusual design at least look light, rather than oppressive and unappealing. With a decent renovation, the facility had possibilities, and the price was comparatively low.
“*Si!* Oh, not so much like home, but there is the sense of it. I was born near the sea, and this feels… similar.” He gave her a depreciating smile before rolling his eyes. “It may not please everyone who is coming, but ‘everyone’ is not here, so I am allowed some indulgence! Better to have something waiting than nothing at all. I confess, some of my colleagues thought we’d only manage when the bridge to Messina is finished.”
“You should not have been sent ahead alone! Surely your colleagues were not that worried about a poor reception,” she tutted. Priest or no, there were decencies about a man traveling alone to be observed. “You shouldn't need a bridge to find a place for your mission. I don’t know where Messina is, but I’m certain Prelate Marlemis wouldn’t stand for it!”
“Tch! Excuse my poor efforts! The older I get, the more I remember things like yesterday. Unfortunately, the yesterdays I remember so well were thirty years ago!” Barcio smiled wryly up at her as they walked. “The ‘bridge to Messina’ used to be a saying… People dreamed of building a bridge to Sicily, and it became something that never happened. My English friends would instead say ‘when hell freezes over’. *Un'espressione volgare*, but very much to the point.”
“Ah… I’m sure we can manage something, and this could be made presentable. Maybe change the beige to a pale violet?” she offered helpfully as she made it to the door first, holding it open. “The aura inside isn’t so bad.”
“You’ve said that several times, but I do not know what you mean?” He paused in looking around the entry, which had an open foyer exposing the two floors above and led out to the atrium beyond. “What is ‘aura’? I do not think I know the word as you mean it.”
“Aura is… Hmm…” Wicama paused thoughtfully and gestured at the atrium. The interior was in better shape than the grounds, and the architect had done something clever. Not yet noon, a bevel along the top edge filled the space with sunlight. “Have you ever walked along a beach and wanted to save a shell? When you are there, that is aura… When you take the shell home and think of the beach, that is aura, but… less focused. Diminished. You sense the beach because of the shell, but you are not at the beach. Places can have aura, but it is more than character. If you move through a place and find yourself experiencing it? That is aura.”
“Mhm! *lodevole!*“I like this idea very much. It would be right at home in the Vatican. Not everyone understands a space can move the spirit, or lend power to a message.” He nodded thoughtfully as he cast his eye about the open space. “With the right advice, perhaps we can lead others to these halls.”
“Perhaps. If you tour the Palace, I hope you’ll allow me to show you about? A lot of the real gems are hidden from the public.” She watched as he wandered toward the double-helixed stairways bordering the room. Those were definitely Helkam; walking up one side without meeting someone coming down the other was an interesting experience… once. After that, they could be an absolute nuisance. Spotting the elevators, she called him back. “The nice thing is this place is inexpensive! That will pad out your funds for a good remodel.”
Wicama quietly thanked the Goddesses that the builder’s had the good sense to install normal Shil’vati-style elevators. The sides were open, granting a wide view out over the atrium. The grounds were terraced to create a small park; that could make the underground space bearable, and the plans made them seem spacious enough. Not to everyone’s taste, but pretty. “I feel bad for asking, but can you afford the building? If the price of the first two bothered you, we can find others.”
“I would not hear of it! Thank you for your concern, but we are economical with our funds, and were sent with a generous sum. This is an important venture to everyone involved,” Barcio clasped a hand over his chest, as he shook his head. “I can not thank you enough for your help! You have surely spared me weeks, and I might not have found something half so suitable. As it is, the grounds are enough to gain me converts. Father Roscio and Pastor Weber will surely plant a vineyard before the inside is half done!”
“It’s not a problem. I have plenty of time,” she replied, dismissing the matter as inconsequential. “I work at the Palace, but with the Court away and my daughter at school, I’m a bit at loose ends just now. At the very least, I insist on helping you through the paperwork. I wouldn’t put it past some realty clerks to try and overcharge you… Someone from outside Shil, that is. I’ll ensure they stick to the listing.”
“To someone not from Shil… or someone who is not Shil’vati, perhaps?” His head canted slightly to one side, but he smiled as he said it. “*Certamente!* I would not dream of preventing you, though Rabbi Kleinbaum will be bitterly disappointed she has nothing to moan about.”
“I hope you won't take this badly, as I’ve only met one Human.” Wicama gave him a smile. She was long past girlish uncertainty, and the Navy had taught her a generous measure of professional poise to go with her skills as a markswoman. “You aren’t what I expected.”
“You know the professore, then?” He sucked in a breath and pursed his lips. “I am still deciding what sort of man he is.”
“No, actually, I know another Human but I’ve not… I have not… met Professor Warrick.”
“So. You mean that I am not *un barbaro*? I am here to make sure that we are seen as something more than savage warriors, *capisci*?” He studied her expectantly. “While the Imperium is doing good work on Earth, some still live in want. The Imperium provides enough for all to survive, but not all live in plenty. We need to present ourselves well.”
”That seems like a very secular outlook.” She offered, as they rode up to the third floor. Barcio asked for an explanation of the word, and by the time they’d made their way through the first offices he had the idea.
“My church has not always troubled itself with such things, but our holy father is greatly concerned with such inequalities. He takes it upon himself to address such matters with the Governess, when their time allows.”
“Your church has a good relationship with her?”
“È straordinario! The Governess adores our food, and while she was adamant about taking quarters in the Vatican, she has taken pains not to disturb us.” He shrugged dismissively. “*Cosa sai fare?* It seemed a small price, and we have endured far worse.”
“I used to hear terrible stories about red zones on Earth, though the Humans I’ve met don't seem the sort. It is good that your… pulp?” She tried the word and was rewarded with kind laughter and a gentle correction. “It is good that your pope concerns himself with the full welfare of the people and works with your governess. Our prelates share the same concerns.”
“I thought the Empress was the head of your church? Now, I find you have many…” he groped for a word, frowning, and gave up. “*Questo accento è una prova di fede!* ‘Denominations’ is not the right word, but she is the one revered, yes?”
“Of course! The Empress has to show all of our virtues and none of our faults, but that’s part of her role. To favor any divinity over the others could cause divisions. She has her personal preferences, of course, but never lets them be known.” Wicama explained carefully. “It would be in poor taste.”
“And poor politics, I think?” Santino gave her a long look. At his height it was difficult, but he managed. “This makes sense to me now, that the Imperium leaves matters of faith alone. *Una benedizione inaspettata.*”
Despite the serious topic, his fervent reply brought a smile back to her lips. “It seems your pope considers politics as well as economics.”
“People will always defend economic theories which assume that growth will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice. This has never been confirmed by the facts, and expresses a crude trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system.” He said, stopping to clasp a hand over his cross. “Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting.”
“That doesn't sound like scripture.” She offered cautiously, as they made their way into a wider suite of offices on the second floor.
“*Esattamente* The words of Pope Francis, a good and blessed man who appointed me to my position. His successor, his holiness John Paul the Third, is much of the same mind.” Santino said quietly. “Our savior washed the feet of others and urged all to do the same. The hardest step is to be involved. To work together for change, as well as to pray. That is why I am here.
“*I pigri di cuore trovano sempre una scusa* Some Humans, they are yet angry with the Imperium. Now they have enough, they are bitter not to have plenty. For some there is never enough - the true poverty lies within their hearts,” Santino said a bit testily. “Our faith teaches us to find salvation in eternal life, but others? *Pigrizia!* They see it as an excuse from taking agency in themselves. Jesus washed the feet of others - he did not lay down and wait for someone to wash his!”
Wicama turned the unfamiliar metaphor over in her mind but decided she had the sense of it. “Sham teaches us that helping our families and one another is the same as helping ourselves. ‘The rising tide bares us all from the reefs’.” It was a matter of faith… but that was why it was faith in the first place. On the whole, it seemed like a mature perspective that explained the changes she’d seen in Prince Adam over the years. “You’re here to meet with others, but this seems as much about knowing yourselves.”
“*Sì, non è una brutta cosa avere umiltà davanti a Dio.* Human beings, while we are capable of the worst, we are also capable of choosing the good. Of rising up to make a new start. We are entering the galaxy.” He gestured out the window at the world beyond. “If not now… when?”
_ _ _ “So, when are you going to explain this masterpiece you four have been cooking up?” Marin asked. Sammi and Sam were barely awake but the twins had already arrived, bright-eyed and enthusiastic, and Marin cursed the resilience of youth. The room was acceptably warm, but Ayen had complained about the cold and used the excuse to slip back into bed. She was considering her options for joining him.
Somewhere, somehow, Sammi had found their rabbit pajamas again. “Sam, explain it to her? You do it better.” Sammi yawned, but Marin suspected it was an act. Once something got their attention, sleep was usually an afterthought.
“What, now?” Sam had barely stumbled into the room and blinked. Bleary-eyed and barely awake, he looked like he’d been ambushed, which was exactly the case.
“Pllllllleeeease…?” They sat back pulling the ears, giving their best Roger Rabbit impression. Luminous green eyes peered out at Sam, imploringly.
“Alright… I need coffee, but fine.” Sam trudged over to the kitchenette and poked listlessly at the instant coffee. It was getting perilously low, but Marin was sure he’d brought more on the ship. Eventually Sam gestured at the K’herbhal sisters with his mug. “So the girls want to create an artificial topological soliton. It's like a black hole, except where it isn't… It's sort of a kink in space-time.”
“Made you say kink!” Sammi grinned impishly and the girls blushed. Marin shook her head but paid attention. It felt far too early after another late night, but once everyone was up you had to hang on for whatever came next.
“So, what's that got to do with this… hole you want to use for power?” Marin raised her voice just enough to drag the conversation back on track.
“It’s more like a side effect. If it cuts the right angle, it goes into a realm of space-time we can tap for power. Think of it as an obverse of an energy drain, so it's like a white hole.”
“Let me guess.” Marin shook her head and grinned, holding up a hand to forestall the inevitable. “Except where it isn’t?”
“Ummm… pretty much.” Sam grumbled, blowing at his coffee. Marin glanced back at the twins. With Sam busy, the twins had gravitated to either side of Sammi. There was room left on the couch, and she wandered over to settle in beside one of them.
The Sams had been complaining for years about a lack of ‘focal power’ for their mass compression technologies, and while a rubber duck inside a diamond was impressive, they’d wanted to do something more - a lot more. She suspected if the twins were providing the means, then they already had something about to surface from the depths of their imaginations. Over the years she’d learned to pick a bit, rather than take their answers at straight value. “And if things don’t cut at the right angle? You remember how long it took to get rid of the Navy, when you started talking about making black holes?”
“It's not our fault they didn’t understand,” Sammi said defensively, crossing their arms and pouting at her before the rabbit ears fell over their face.
“Who didn’t understand what?” Akeimei yawned at the door. She cast a wink her way before wrapping her arms around Sam and gave him a quick hug. “What did I miss?”
“Umm… a parallel universe, if the math is right,” Sam mumbled from the depths of his coffee cup.
“What? Like identical versions of us?” Marin watched Akimei’s nose wrinkled at the smell before she slipped away from Sam. Slipped down beside her, they rubbed shoulders a moment. “Tell me, is there one where I get more sleep?”
“More or less identical… though it's not like you need to go into a parallel universe for that sort of thing. There’s already a ‘you’ out there somewhere right now, to say nothing of past and future ‘you’.” Sam scratched his cheek idly for a moment “It's just the math. The universe is so vast that there are exact physical cosmic twins of us out there somewhere, not to mention even more almost-twins.”
“Sam’s right!” Sammi perked up excitedly, bouncing on the sofa. “Then there are quantum cosmic twins - which gets weird because particles exist in multiple states and you’d sort of overlap… but the easiest one is probably just another us elsewhere in the universe right now! That's sort of the point where things are since the universe is bigger than you can imagine!”
“So exactly the same… or almost.” One of the twins giggled. “Just like us!”
“Pretty much,” Sam nodded, slowly emerging from the depths of his coffee. “Another you out there on another Shil, or another me on a whole Earth, even - just a little bit different.”
“What? Like an Earth that never met the Imperium?” Marin canted her head, tossing out the obvious. It was hard to remember her life before, and she didn’t want to contemplate the alternative.
“Oh, I don't like that idea.” One of the twins stuck out her lip. “We want to come to Earth!”
“Yeah,” her sister nodded, though she suddenly looked glum. “I don’t know if Professor Warrick would mind though. He’d be with his wife and daughter, there.”
“Oh…” her sister's face crumpled. “I didn’t think of it that way.”
“Well, don’t…” Sammi hugged them both a moment, though they held the first twin a bit tighter. “The point is, somewhere he’s with them right now!”
“Wow, I guess so.” she brightened. “Just imagine! A whole Earth that never met the Shil’vati!”
“I wouldn’t worry, sis.” her twin nodded. “I think Professor Warrick is pretty happy right now.”
_ _ _
“I am not happy about this!” Tom glared at his omni-pad before tossing it down in frustration.
Miv looked up at her husband.
“It’s an honor!” She tucked her chin in and gave him a long, considered look, “What is it that’s bothering you - really? It wasn't Monsignor Barcio. Are you certain this isn't the same sort of thing?”
“Yes, I’m sure!” he growled, looking away like a guilty child. “Alright, maybe… but this uniform is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll look like a mushroom, and the hat only makes it worse!" Tom grimaced at the omni-pad accusingly, "They won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, so now I’m on the rolls as a Warden Captain - whatever that is - and this ceremony is ridiculous!”
“The ceremony is traditional. Very symbolic... Besides, they don't make wardens out of anyone below the rank of captain - I looked it up. You were one before, so it's appropriate to make you one instead of a Warden Major or Warden Colonel.” She smiled at him serenely. “Surely, it can’t be the worst thing you’ve ever done.”
He turned to wag a finger her way. “I’ll take that bet!”
“Worse than our wedding reception…?” She crooned, teasing him. “Or maybe pre-term night? I swear by the Goddess no one will pinch your ass, except for Lea and I.”
“Fine… “ Her smile grew wider as he grumbled, but he was calming down already and there wasn't heat in it. Still, he stubbornly clung on to the point a while longer. "It’s in my top five.”
“I’m sure you’ll survive, husband. Now then, I have meetings all afternoon, so why don't you finish reviewing the menu? You’ll feel better when all this is over and you can go back to cooking, chess, or starting that eeeyiy club… You might even give Ce’lani a call or message her?” She gathered her coat and smiled demurely, though it harbored nothing innocent. “If I’m not here you’ll have perfect privacy… Just don't promise anything you wouldn't promise to me.”
“It’s iai-do…” Tom groused, but he was already picking up his omni-pad.
She blew him a kiss and made her way toward the commons. Tom would probably stew a while, but he’d make the call.
There would be time to meet with Ce’lani on the common, before she had to come home for dinner.
_ _ _
Tom looked over the banquet menu as if it might reach out and bite him. The words stared up at him with perfect innocence.
Appetizer: Fruit and Cheese Platter - Slices of various cheeses and fruits on a platter providing a delicate mix of sweet, tangy and creamy to invigorate the dining experience. Serve with a selection of sweet and semi-sweet wines.
Soup: Choice of Tomato or French Onion Soup - Served with a piece of baguette and cheese.
Salad: Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing -- an assortment of greens and fruit with a balsamic grain dressing to cleanse the palate.
Entree: Cornish Pasty - This herb-infused meat and pastry dish provides a counterpoint to the tangy taste of the salad and soup. Served with a creamy buttered mashed potato (a vegetable, humanely prepared!) with chives (also a vegetable). Served with a selection of wines or ales.
Dessert: Chef’s Sorbet Surprise - A sweet treat complemented by a palate cleanser, ending the meal on a piquant note.
His last call with Bherdin had been a trial and a half. Omni-pads were the definition of ‘high fidelity’, and hearing the little Shil’vati hyperventilate for ten minutes over the plan was pointless. At least Melondi had easier going with Vedeem on her side... one way or another this was happening.
As a final consolation, he relented on wearing matching suits. Bherdin frequently bemoaned Tom’s 'lamentable' fashion sense, and he perked up at that, promising to get him some appropriate formalwear for the occasion.
Privately, he suspected his Shil’vati friend was looking for a convenient alibi if a riot started.
In fairness, it probably wasn't a bad idea.
“Too late to use it myself…” he muttered. It wasn’t quite noon, and Miv was probably right. Instead of Chess Club or starting Iai-do practice or just cooking out at Human Food, he was stuck here at home. Miv’s place was bigger, but most of his stuff was still in boxes; it left him listless and climbing the walls. If this worked, at least things could get back to normal.
…Mostly normal…
He flipped back to the picture of the Warden uniform on his omni-pad. It was bad enough, but the hat made the whole thing look like a blue toadstool in silver filigree.
He swiped the picture away like an act of revenge, but didn’t toss the pad back on the table.
…Miv was right... and I promised to call Ce’lani…
Tom centered himself, pulling up the number. The universe was always in motion and a good Taoist accepted their part in what came. That was the lesson of ‘the Vinegar Tasters’, and it held true… The painting showed three men standing around a vat of vinegar. Each has dipped his finger into the vinegar and tasted it. The expression on each man's face showed his individual reaction.
The painting was an allegory for Confucius, Buddha, and Lao-tse. Confucius wore a sour look on his face. He believed life was out of harmony with the universe. As the second figure in the painting, Buddha had a bitter expression. Like the vinegar, life was painful and filled with attachments and desires that led to suffering. The last man, Lao-tse, was smiling at the taste. To him, harmony existed naturally and could be found by anyone at any time in any experience.
He thought about his buddy Dave. The old Marine would probably shake his head and tell him to ‘embrace the suck.’ It pretty much boiled down to the same thing.
Not that he was against calling. Miv and Lea had practically taken turns urging him on and giving their views on why it was a good idea. They hadn't harped about it, but he knew which way the wind was blowing. And Ce’lani’s message had been short, sweet in the literal sense, and the sound file she’d offered up had been…
…Pretty nice, really…
If he still said no, or decided he didn't like where this was going, they’d back his choice, of course. He didn't have a doubt in his mind… But with everything else in his life turned upside down, calling Ce’lani seemed like a calm in the eye of a storm.
…It's just a phone call. Leave the chaos at the gate…
He settled down on the couch to check his messages before giving her a call. It was nearly lunch…
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2023.06.02 11:36 ketobegin64 6” center set faucet needed

I am looking at reusing an old cast iron sink with an integrated drain board on it as my basement utility sink. It came with house I bought and tho dirty is in good condition. My home was built in 1949 and I am assuming it’s original to the house. The cabinet base is metal and in good condition with no rusting and the original finish is intact just dusty. As part of the replumb for the house I had the lines upgraded and the condensate line that drained here updated to code. The waste line remains PVC from a previous repair but I need to verify that.
The problems:
It has a 6” center set faucet on it that possibly is not on the best of shape as the home has hard water and until today no water softener. I’d love to keep it but not sure if that’s a good idea.
I’m on a major budget as I had to get the plumbing redone and for the most part went with copper piping. I have chosen to go with bathroom and kitchen faucets obtained thru my plumber as these are better made. But for this application I’d like to do this as cheaply as I can because it’s not a faucet that will get daily use but more importantly I still need to do some electrical work, replace the bathroom sink faucet as it’s failing, as well as separate my sump pump from the sanitary sewer. I can wait on kitchen faucet as I’ve cleaned it up and it functions but it will need replacing because the hard water has affected it.
What are my options here? My plumber does have something that would work but I’m balking at the $400 price tag. I’d like to spend my shopper dollars as wisely as I can.
FWIW this will primarily be the dog wash station as well as the place we will use to rinse out things as there is a full kitchen in basement. No cooking but snacking.
EDIT: I have found one 6” center set faucet that is similar in style to my old faucet made by Central Brass but I’m not familiar with is brand. It’s inexpensive ($90).
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2023.06.02 11:10 Ready-Orchid-6002 sugar vs sorbitol

I am planning to build a pvc pipe sugar rocket motor. Is it better choice to use normal household sugar or, sorbitol for better performance and safety?
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2023.06.02 10:42 Medium-Connection713 overclocking on a budget cpu cooler

overclocking on a budget cpu cooler
what do you guys think of this coolers? did anyone tried them?
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2023.06.02 10:15 helloworld2190 Is damage caused due to a design fault/non compliant construction the Tenant or Landlord's responsibility?

For example, if the distance between a gas stove and plastic piping is non compliant (less than 200mm) and the piping has been burned during stove top use. In NSW, but the standard applies to all of Australia.
Ref to Compliance Standard - AS/NZS 5601:1:2013
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2023.06.02 09:57 No_Introduction_7073 Siechem FLRY A RoHS Cables by Rohit Damodaran

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2023.06.02 09:27 RyCamz Cheap Wheel Stand

Cheap Wheel Stand
Hey Guys, I just bought my first wheel, it is the Thrustmaster T128 with the 2 pedals. Currently when I have the plastic cover on my table the wheel slides everywhere, but when I remove it, it destroys the wooden table. I'm trying to find a cheap wheel stand which works for my wheel, can anyone recommend a good one for a cheap price?
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2023.06.02 09:21 PascalLeroi Need help with backing up before sending my Deck to repairs

Hi people of reddit,
After my Steamdeck fell out its case from the couch a small piece from the right trigger broke off, but works fine. for some reason the Left Bumper stopped working entirely, though.
I looked online on IFixit and saw that you can order the plastic parts to repair those. But sadly enough not the switches of the buttons themselves, as they are part of the main boards..
So I contacted Valve and prayed for the best. Also have seen them being pretty awesome online with cases like these. But well, let's just say they only said that it can be repaired for a minimum of 136 euro and it could cost at most 200 euro. Needless to say, that is a pretty hefty price to pay for something that already cost around 600 euro (512gb model). And it fell 1 time, from a height of maybe 40 cm, that should not break it like this, right??
Anyway, that sucks hard, especially now that I'm at home with a burnout and money is a bit tighter. But if that is the only way, so be it...
Well now comes the part where I really need help. They want me to do a factory reset before sending it in. So what would I need to backup? Games can be downloaded again and programs can be installed again.
- Mostly things that are harder to get again, such as my controller settings. Where do I find those?
- I use syncthing for my backups and savefiles for all of emudeck. Would it be better to remove the links beforehand and just make them again after a fresh install?
- Also can I just plug in my microSD card into the freshly installed Steamdeck?
- Maybe emu settings?
- is there anything else that I'm not seeing right now, that I should definitely backup?
Steamdeck fell, left bumper died. Need to spend lots of menu to have it repaired. Now I need help with backing stuff up before sending it in.
Thanks in advance:)
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2023.06.02 09:10 KANELEE_BIRON Wholesale Low Price Square Cosmetic Tube Square Plastic Soft Black Cosmetic Tube With Screw Lid

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2023.06.02 08:52 CorvidsIndia Industrial-Grade Extension Ladder Advanced Methods and Advice

Industrial-Grade Extension Ladder Advanced Methods and Advice
extension ladders
Construction, maintenance, and telecommunications industries are just a few of the sectors where industrial-grade extension ladders are crucial equipment. They enable people to work effectively and safely by providing access to elevated regions. For professionals who need sturdy tools that can withstand the demands of their work, an industrial-grade extension ladder is ideal. This ladder's reliable features include its solid aluminum construction and telescoping design, which allows experts to adjust it to match any height.
The adaptability of this telescopic ladder is one of its best qualities. It can be used as a scaffolding foundation, a staircase ladder, a straight collapsible ladder, or even an a-frame ladder. This implies that you can utilize it for any work, no matter how challenging.
The safety features of this heavy-duty extension ladder, nevertheless, might be its best feature. Anti-slip feet ensure that it stays firmly in place even on slippery surfaces. Additionally, there are roomy stairs that give you a secure area to stand while working. Before making a multi-purpose professional extension ladder purchase, we need to carefully consider the uses, benefits, and other variables. However, using the extension telescopic ladder safely necessitates the right expertise and commitment to safety procedures. In this blog article, we'll look at cutting-edge methods and offer helpful advice for using industrial-grade telescopic ladders safely and effectively..Stay tuned till the end of this blog, as we discuss the benefits, the types, and the eBay places to buy yourself the best Extension ladders.

Portable industrial ladder: Benefits:


These Telescoping extension ladders offer a robust and stable platform for working at heights when used correctly. When operating on terrain with uneven surfaces, they reduce the risk of falls and accidents.

Attaining Height:

Industrial-grade extension ladders are used to reach high shelves, arching ceilings, and rooftops. As a result, they make jobs simpler that could otherwise be difficult or difficult to do.


Because multipurpose Heavy duty extension ladders are available in a broad variety of sizes and styles, we may use them for a wide range of tasks. For instance, extension ladders can be used outside to reach high places, while step ladders are the best choice for internal use.


Telescopic Ladder was invented to make work easier and increase productivity. These compact, lightweight, multi-use Extension ladders with locking mechanisms speed up processes and enable access to otherwise inaccessible locations.


These Industrial-grade extension ladders are lightweight and small in size, making it easy for us to transport them from one place to another.


When compared to other access equipment like scaffolding and aerial lifts, collapsible ladders are incredibly affordable. As a result, they offer a suitable replacement for the vast majority of applications. Telescopic ladder prices can start at a range of INR 3000 and above, depending on the height and the accessories.

Which multi-purpose Adjustable extension ladder is the best for your needs?

Telescopic ladders and industrial ladder accessories are useful and adaptable, but it's crucial to pick the proper one for your particular needs. Given the variety of choices, it could be challenging to select the ideal telescopic ladder that meets all of your unique needs and preferences. We would like to give you some guidelines to assist you in selecting the best Extension ladder for commercial applications.


An industrial-grade extension ladder can extend from a few meters to over 20 meters in height. Choose a multi-purpose collapsible extension ladder that can therefore stretch to the required height. You can choose a telescopic foldable ladder with an adjustable height once you've determined the highest height you need to reach.

Weight Capacity:

You should also take the collapsible ladder's weight capacity into account to make sure it can securely handle both your weight and the number of objects you are carrying. Having too much weight on one's person increases the risk of accidents and injury. As a result, bear this in mind while selecting a multi-purpose portable industrial ladder.


Industrial-grade extension ladders can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. The degree to which the suitable material can matter will depend on the user's planned use and the range of storage options. It is important to pay close attention to the material that best meets all requirements.


Due to its versatility, the telescopic folding ladder can be utilized both indoors and outside. Here, a telescopic ladder's portability—one of its main advantages—comes into play. A lightweight portable multi-purpose Industrial-grade extension ladder is simple to transport over long distances.

Safety equipment:

Whether a ladder is telescopic or not, safety should always come first. A simple disregard for safety could have negative consequences for the user. So it's a good idea to search for telescopic Ladders with safety features like locking mechanisms, non-slip rungs, and fixed feet.


Pick the Right Ladder:

It's important to pick the right High-capacity extension ladder for the job at hand. Think about things like weight capacity, material structure, and industrial-grade extension ladder height. Compared to regular ladders, an industrial-grade telescopic ladder is built to support big loads and provide more stability.

Inspect before use:

Before each use, check the collapsible ladder for the home for any signs of damage, like twisted rungs, broken rails, or loose connections. Verify the functionality of all parts, including the locks, hinges, and ropes. Never use a telescopic ladder that has been compromised structurally.

Placing it Carefully:

Place the Industrial-grade extension ladder on a solid, level surface and secure the base. Use stabilizers or telescopic ladder levelers as necessary to guarantee stability. By using the right foot pads or anchor points, you can secure the ladder's base. If you're working on uneven or slippery areas, think about using a telescopic ladder stability device.

Set the Right Angle:

Place the Portable Ladder at a 75-degree angle for maximum stability. This entails setting the Industrial-grade extension ladder's base one-quarter of the working length from the wall or other support structure.

User Biomechanics:

Apply the 3-Point Contact Rule by keeping two feet and one hand, or one foot and two hands, in constant contact with the Telescopic Ladder while maintaining a strong grasp with both hands. This method offers stability and lowers the chance of falling.

Extend the Telescopic Ladder Correctly:

Adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations when extending an Industrial-grade extension ladder. Before climbing, make sure the locks are securely in place. To extend the ladder smoothly and safely, use the rope and pulley system, if it is there.

Avoid Overreaching:

Never stretch yourself too far while using a telescopic ladder because doing so compromises stability and ups the chance of falling. Rather, adjust the ladder as necessary to preserve the correct 3-point contact and keep your body centered between the rails of the aluminum ladder.

Secure the Top and Bottom:

Use fixed attachments like hooks or ropes to tie the top of the Industrial-grade extension ladder to the supporting structure to increase stability. Additionally, if at all possible, employ appropriate bracing to stop any movement by stabilizing the Telescopic Ladder's base with a coworker or by yourself.

Consider the Weight Capacity:

Industrial-grade extension ladders have ratings for their weight capacities. Before using the telescopic Ladder, consider the worker's total weight along with the weight of their tools and equipment. The integrity of the ladder may be harmed and accidents may result from exceeding the weight restriction.

Keep Your Balance and Posture Correct:

When ascending or descending the Industrial-grade extension ladder or working from it, keep your balance and posture correct. Avoid leaning or leaning too far to one side with your body centered. Be sure to step slowly and deliberately, and distribute your weight evenly.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

To safeguard yourself from potential risks when working on an Industrial-grade extension ladder, put on the proper PPE, such as non-slip boots, a hard hat, eye protection, and gloves.
Ensure that all employees who use industrial-grade Telescopic Ladder are properly trained in ladder safety procedures and are informed of the most recent best practices. Hold regular safety meetings and periodically update training.

Where can I buy the best Industrial-grade extension ladder in India?

Corvids are prepared to revolutionize mobility with a staff devoted to providing premium and flexible Telescopic Ladder, seats, tables, and casters for all of your needs!
Corvids introduce telescopic ladders reaching up to 2.6 meters (8.5 ft) in height. 12.5 feet, 3.8 meters, and 16 steps are needed to reach 20.5 feet (6.2 m). There are 13 stairs, each measuring 2.0 m (6.5 ft) and 5.0 m (16.5 ft) high. 14 stars and a distance of 2.9 meters, perfect for a range of commercial and residential projects, including painting homes, changing light bulbs, and working on construction sites.
The fiberglass, aluminum, and steel Corvid multi-purpose Industrial-grade extension ladder is not only strong and versatile but also very safe for anyone using it. Their heavy-duty Telescopic Ladder offers unmatched safety and stability while making it simple to customize the ladder for home use to the user's needs thanks to its multi-position safety locking hinges and stabilizing bar at the bottom. The anti-skid PVC shoe, which prevents unnecessary swaying or shaking of these foldable Telescopic ladders, ensures the user's safety.
Because Corvids offers twin Industrial-grade extension ladders in a variety of configurations, customers may choose from alternatives like (12.5 ft (3.8 m) - A Type, (19 ft (5.6 m) - A Type, and (16.5 ft (5.0 m) - A Type with simplicity., Perfect for any home, office, godown, storage facility, or retail location.
In addition to the advantages already mentioned, Corvids' 2-year warranty against manufacturing issues guarantees clients the best after-sale support conceivable.


One can dramatically lower the danger of accidents and injuries at work by implementing these cutting-edge methods and advice for using industrial-grade aluminum telescopic ladders. To buy a telescopic ladder, the user is provided with a wider range of heights than ordinary ladders, which are constrained to a particular height and dimension. This demonstrates that a tall building's roof may be reachable using just a single extension ladder, even in spaces with low ceilings.
The multi-purpose Industrial-grade extension ladder is incredibly adaptable and useful thanks to its telescoping mechanism, which also permits height adjustment. The Non-slip extension ladder's capacity to be folded down into a more compact size for both storage and transit is another advantage of the telescopic design. Everyone who needs to access a high area, whether at home or work, can benefit from owning an Industrial aluminum ladder. Visit the official website to learn more about the Commercial-grade extension ladder.
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