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2023.06.07 05:16 revodaniel I believe the whistleblower David Grusch, but we still need to be careful, we haven’t really seen any real evidence.

What revelations, right? It’s been a great week so far with the whistleblower David Grusch sharing details about the recovered and reverse engineer of non-human crafts. It really is a great time with what looks to, finally, be the news we’ve all been waiting for.
As some people here know, I’ve been very critical of claims without evidence. Because for over 70 years we’ve had claims without a single piece of evidence. One thing is clear though, these claims from David are very serious and sound credible. Also, some respected journalists like Ross Coulthart are leading the charge. I’ve been critical of Ross’s claims that he made in the past where he stated that this phenomenon might be humans from the future. I applaud his professionalism and his dedication to the topic though, especially the alleged 7 hours he took interviewing Mr. Grusch.
Another thing that is clear to me though, and some here might not like it but must be said, is that we still have no “real verifiable evidence” for the claims. Let me be clear, I’m almost 100% certain that Mr. David is telling the truth. I don’t think he would risk his life or career for some lie about flying saucers. But we need more. This is a step in the right direction, but to be 100% certain we need to see some certified documents or a video or a photo of either the crafts he is talking about or the beings he has reported killed while crashing.
I can admit when I was wrong, and this week has shut my mouth. It’s refreshing to be living in this moment in history. I just ask that we must not let our feelings overshadow our rational thoughts. Yes, we have a credible whistleblower that says we are not alone. But it’s also true that this same whistleblower hasn’t shown us any “real evidence” of the claims he is making. So, we really are trusting the reputation of Ross Coulthart and Leslie Keane. And, of course, David Grusch, and even though we really want this to be true and to finally realize we are not alone, we need a little bit more. We need evidence.
I’ve never been a debunker or an unbeliever. I used to believe blindly until I started to see that there was no real evidence for some of these claims. But now there seems to be some meat to this bone, and hopefully Ross Coulthart’s full interview reveals some real evidence. I just want to remain cautious because we’ve been lied to before where we finally think we have answers, and it turns out to be all fake.
I’m hoping in the coming weeks we have some better whistleblowers. We need people that worked or are currently working on these non-human craft. People that have seen these “recovered bodies” that David has talked about. It’s good to hear about people that have “heard from other people”. It’s better to hear from actual witnesses. I believe when we get those people talking, it’ll be showtime.
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2023.06.07 05:16 AgreeableTeaching512 Illuminati

The Illuminati is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. The Illuminati were outlawed along with other secret societies by the Bavarian government leadership with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, and permanently disbanded in 1785. In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they continued underground and were responsible for the French RevolutionIn subsequent use, “Illuminati” refers to various organizations which claim or are purported to have links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies. These organizations are often alleged to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order.
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2023.06.07 05:15 GrouchoMarxMD [H] Remnant From the Ashes Complete, Curse of the Dead Gods, Grime, Other HB Leftovers [W] Borderlands 3, Deep Rock Galactic, Other Things I Don't Have

All games can be traded as steam keys or humble gift links.
IGS Rep Page
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2023.06.07 05:14 AJ-0451 I find this piece of technology interesting

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2023.06.07 05:14 PlatformUnlikely3967 Not my biggest win, but thought I’d share

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2023.06.07 05:13 tigerkher Itinerary Check: 1 month in Japan 2024

Itinerary Check: 1 month in Japan 2024
Hi Reddit, my fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for a month in Japan, in March/April next year, during the cherry blossom season. I came back from my first trip to Japan this January, and had such an amazing and memorable time (credits to you guys for helping with my itinerary for that!). My honeymoon will be my second time in Japan, and I was hoping to get some feedback/advice/suggestions etc. on my draft itinerary!
(Please excuse the formatting - I'm on mobile)
Please read after the itinerary for some notes...
DAY 1 (12th March) - FLIGHT - Flight from Australia to Tokyo Haneda Airport - Arrive in the evening - Overnight stay in Tokyo (preferably Asakusa)
DAY 2 (13th March) - Tokyo - Explore Asakusa - Explore Skytree - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 3 (14th March) - Tokyo - Spend whole day at DisneySea - Rental car for the day? - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 4 (15th March) - Tokyo - Explore Shibuya - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 5 (16th March) - Tokyo - Explora Shibuya - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 6 (17th March) - Tokyo - Explora Akihabara - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 7 (18th March) - Tokyo - Explore Akihabara - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 8 (19th March) - Nikko Day Trip - Day trip to Nikko using Nikko World Heritage Pass - Leave early in morning on Tobu Asakusa line - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 9 (20th March) - Hakone - Use Hakone Kamakura Pass - Travel from Tokyo to Hakone - Hakone Loop - Overnight stay in Hakone ryokan
DAY 10 (21st March) - Kamakura/Enoshima - Use Hakone Kamakura Pass - Travel from Hakone to Kamakura + Enoshima - Enoden - Overnight stay in Kamakura
DAY 11 (22nd March) - Tokyo - Return to Tokyo - Shimokitazawa + thrift stores - Explore local areas (free roam) - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 12 (23rd March) - Tokyo - Free roam, Pokemon Centre, Sunshine City - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 13 (24th March) - Flight to Okinawa - Fly from Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) to Okinawa Naha Airport (morning flight - arrive in late morning) - Car rental - Explore local Naha area - Okinawa World - Overnight stay in Naha
DAY 14 (25th March) - Okinawa - Drive up along Naha island - Onna, Nago, etc. and activities along the way - Overnight stay in
DAY 15 (26th March) - Okinawa - Drive up along Naha island - Churaumi Aquarium + local activities - Overnight stay in Okinawa
DAY 16 (27th March) - Flight from Okinawa to Osaka - Drive back to Naha - Fly from Okinawa Naha Airport to Kansai Airport (maybe late morning or midday flight) - Travel to Osaka - Check-in to hotel and explore local area (thinking of Umeda) - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 17 (28th March) - Osaka - Full day at Universal Studios (with Express Pass, hopefully) - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 18 (29th March) - Yoshino Day Trip - Day trip to Mt Yoshino for cherry blossom viewing - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 19 (30th March) - Osaka - Shinsaibashi, Den Den Town - Dotonbori at night - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 20 (31st March) - Osaka - Cup Noodles Museum Ikeda - Free roam, shopping, etc. - Overnight stay in Osaka
DAY 21 (1st April) - Kawaguchiko - Take Shinkansen from Osaka to Mishima Station - Transfer to Fujikyu bus and travel to Kawaguchiko Station - Check-in to hotel and free roam local area (bike riding?) - Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 22 (2nd April) - Kawaguchiko - Chureito Pagoda - cherry blossom ice cream - Oshino Hakkai - Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 23 (3rd April) - Kawaguchiko - Lake Yamanaka - Free roam - Overnight stay in Kawaguchiko
DAY 24 (4th April) - Tokyo - Take Fujikyu bus back to Tokyo (Shinjuku Station) - Explore Shinjuku - Check-in to hotel - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 25 (5th April) - Tokyo - Explore Shinjuku - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 26 (6th April) - Tokyo - Explora Ginza + shopping - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 27 (7th April) - Tokyo - Explore Harajuku - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 28 (8th April) - Tokyo - Explore Toyosu (Lalaport mall) - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 29 (9th April) - Tokyo OR Day Trip - Free roam (e.g. Shibuya Sky, shopping, Parco Mall) - OR day trip to Yokohama or Izu Peninsula - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 30 (10th April) - Tokyo - Full day Disneyland - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 31 (11th April) - Tokyo - Free roam Chiba, OR day trip - Overnight stay in Tokyo
DAY 32 (12th April) - FLIGHT - Flight from Haneda Airport to Australia


1) I don't think we would need the JR Pass for this trip. 2) The reason why we are spending so many days in Tokyo is because we feel we didn't get enough time in Tokyo last time (we got ~ 5 days including both Disneys). We didn't get to explore as much as we wanted to. 3) I've only had a brief look of what activities we can do in Okinawa, hence it's pretty empty at the moment. Anything we find, we can add to our itinerary later. 4) Similarly, we haven't planned much for Tokyo because we want to be more spontaneous with our plans there, apart from places like Disney, Pokemon Cafe, etc. We also have a friend living there whom we plan to meet, so we aren't worried about not having set plans (we had more fun that way!). 5) Since there are soooo many travel passes out there, are the passes I've chosen (Nikko WH & Hakone/Kamakura) good enough? We still have our Pasmo cards which we can use in the cities. 6) I've tried my best to plan the different places according to average cherry blossom forecasts, knowing that the forecast can vary every year (although I know Okinawa gets sakura very early, so I don't mind missing it there as long as we get to see it on the main land). 7) We are planning to go to the theme parks (both Disneys & USJ) on weekdays, hopefully for less crowds (considering it would be peak tourist season). 8) Due to the length of our trip (and hence our budget), I doubt we will be able to stay at a hotel/ryokan with a private onsen with Mt Fuji view (that has been my dream, but it's like $600-1000 AUD per night :( ). Are there any suggestions for hotel/ryokan with private onsen alternatives, even in other places such as Hakone? We are trying to spend ~ $100 AUD per night, but I understand that such places would be far more expensive (we'll see if we can spend a little extra, otherwise leave my dream for a future trip!) 9) We were originally planning to go to Sapporo during the Okinawa dates, as I really want to go to Shiroi Koibito Park. But, it seems like it would make more sense to go to Sapporo another time, such as during the snow festival, and even in March I'd have to pack extra warm (and possibly heavy) clothes. Hence, we decided to swap Sapporo with Okinawa, since it's said to be more "tropical". 10) Is it possible to do Izu Peninsula as a day trip from Tokyo? Or Yokohama?
Thank you (especially if you read this far!)
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2023.06.07 05:12 Any_Examination1825 is this folklore true? why i can't find more this folklore's information?

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2023.06.07 05:12 crimson-clover23 25 M Looking for a fun friend :)

Heeya! I hope you're having a splendid day, if not thoughts and prayers for you too💀
I would describe myself as a permanently exhausted pigeon with an inner child who keeps him existing
My best friend calls my personality a mix of black cat x golden retriever which is pretty accurate but I never know which lmao
I believe art taste tells a lot about a person so here's mine
Musically I'm inclined to Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, Tay Tay, Adele, Mitski, Daughter, Steve Lacy, Joji, Cigarettes After Sex, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd
My favourite movies and series are Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Interstellar, Manchester by the Sea, The Batman (almost anything Batman related lol), The Thing, Midsommar etc
My interests include football (Madridista), psychology, science, space and daydreaming
I'm also an atheist and LGBT+ friendly
I'm in the GMT+5:30 timezone
Oh I'm also neurodivergent(ADHD) and diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (this is a call sign for mentally ill folks, normies please don't ask me what they are, just google)
If any or some that interests, slide in my dms
Please be above 18 and there's no need to comment, shit gives me anxiety
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2023.06.07 05:11 ModeratorsOfEurope War in Ukraine Megathread LIV (54)

This megathread is meant for discussion of the current Russo-Ukrainian War, also known as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Please read our current rules, but also the extended rules below.

News sources:

You can also get up-to-date information and news from the worldnews live thread, which are more up-to-date tweets about the situation.

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Link to the previous Megathread LIII (53)
Questions and Feedback: You can send feedback via EuropeMeta or via modmail.
If you want to donate to Ukraine, check this thread or this fundraising account by the Ukrainian national bank.
Fleeing Ukraine We have set up a wiki page with the available information about the border situation for Ukraine here. There's also information at Visit Ukraine.Today - The site has turned into a hub for "every Ukrainian and foreign citizen [to] be able to get the necessary information on how to act in a critical situation, where to go, bomb shelter addresses, how to leave the country or evacuate from a dangerous region, etc."

Other links of interest

Please obey the request of the Ukrainian government to refrain from sharing info about Ukrainian troop movements

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2023.06.07 05:11 emposoeremg [GET] LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits (3.38 GB) Download

[GET] LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits (3.38 GB) Download

LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits
Download Here: LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits (3.38 GB) Download
LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits is an innovative and comprehensive online course designed to equip real estate investors with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex world of foreclosure properties. Created by industry experts, this course offers a step-by-step guide to understanding and profiting from foreclosure opportunities. Whether you're a novice investor or an experienced professional, LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits provides invaluable insights and strategies to maximize your success in the foreclosure market.
Course Structure and Content: The LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits course is structured into multiple modules, each covering essential aspects of foreclosure investing. The course begins with an introduction to foreclosures, explaining the various types of foreclosure processes and their implications. Students are guided through the legalities, terminology, and documentation involved in foreclosure proceedings, ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge.
The subsequent modules delve deeper into the strategies and techniques required to identify, evaluate, and acquire foreclosure properties. Students learn about effective market research methods, including analyzing local housing trends, identifying distressed properties, and assessing their potential for profitability. The course also explores the importance of due diligence, guiding learners on property inspections, title searches, and lien investigations.
LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits provides a comprehensive understanding of the foreclosure auction process, explaining how to navigate auctions, bid effectively, and secure winning deals. Students gain insights into the intricacies of negotiating with distressed homeowners and mortgage lenders to acquire properties before they reach auction.
Furthermore, the course focuses on the critical aspect of financing foreclosure purchases. Students learn about creative financing options, leveraging hard money lenders, and utilizing personal or business credit to fund investments. The course also covers strategies for rehabilitating and reselling foreclosure properties for maximum profits.
LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits emphasizes the importance of risk management in foreclosure investing. Students are taught to identify potential pitfalls and mitigate risks through property valuation techniques, exit strategies, and contingency planning. The course provides guidance on legal and ethical considerations, ensuring that investors operate within the boundaries of the law and maintain professional integrity.
Key Features and Benefits:
  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits covers every aspect of foreclosure investing, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of the process from start to finish.
  2. Expert Guidance: The course is created by industry experts with extensive experience in foreclosure investing. Students benefit from their knowledge, insights, and practical tips gained from years of successful ventures.
  3. Practical Examples and Case Studies: The course includes real-world examples and case studies, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. This approach enhances comprehension and prepares investors for real-life situations.
  4. Interactive Learning: LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits employs a dynamic and engaging learning format. Students have access to interactive materials, quizzes, and assignments to reinforce their understanding and track their progress.
  5. Ongoing Support and Community: Students gain access to a dedicated community forum and instructor support. This allows for networking opportunities, sharing experiences, and seeking advice from both instructors and fellow investors.
Conclusion: LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits is a comprehensive online course that equips real estate investors with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to succeed in the foreclosure market. Through its structured modules, interactive learning approach, and expert guidance, this course empowers investors to navigate the complexities of foreclosure investing, identify profitable opportunities, and maximize their returns. Whether you're looking to diversify your real estate portfolio or embark on a new investment journey, LegalWiz – Foreclosure Profits provides the tools you need to thrive in the world of foreclosure properties.
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2023.06.07 05:10 Kelennis Results of Helltide...I'm a druid.

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2023.06.07 05:10 Sevaarts Every year is less and less critically important for the body and minds growth, what you learn and intake now will effect you for the rest of your life. Be conscious and aware of everything you intake physically and mentally for it is building the body and mind.

Comment if you want me to expand on how.
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2023.06.07 05:09 Polyglotton73 [H] Curse of the Dead Gods, Grime, Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Hellblade, long list [W] Ghostwire Tokyo, Remnant from the Ashes, Honey I Joined a Cult, offers, lists

Looking for the following titles:
Sim-ple Life
Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers and God Slayers
Best of Boomer Shooters: Bigger and Boomier
Humble Monthly June 2022:
Fanatical King Slayer Bundle:
Humble Bundle May 2022:
Humble Visual Delight Bundle
Humble Game Night Bundle
Humble Choice April '22
Fanatical Rogue Souls Bundle
Fanatical Favorites Bundle
Random Games:
Humble Stand with Ukraine Bundle
Fanatical Stand with Ukraine Bundle
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2023.06.07 05:08 JohnNickles Go watch this movie!

Go watch this movie!
We rented Fool’s Paradise on Amazon and HIGHLY recommend. Dudes…it’s more than just a comedy. Yes, it had the spoofing of Hollywood, but there was a lot of social commentary too. Charlie’s performance was brilliant. The fact that he didn’t speak almost the entire film, but was always engaging is incredible…it was in his body language and his facial expressions. Charlie is a true talent. Fuck the critics, this movie was great. We loved it. Go watch it.
Our next mission is to watch BlackBerry, which looks equally amazing.
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2023.06.07 05:07 Mahew420 What did I just find

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2023.06.07 05:07 jswolin Bouncing back after a hard flight

How do you bounce back after a flight where you had a harder time than you would have liked? I am super aware that whatever story I tell myself right at the end of the flight and soon after is critical. I try to tell myself. "You did great, even if you felt bad." However, it is hard to be my own cheerleader sometimes.
I flew today and it was a short flight that was really bumpy on ascent and descent. I struggle with motion sickness and take meds for it. Even with meds the descent can really get to me and today was not great. It was bumpy, with lots of turns, with large steps down that made me queasy. After doing well the whole flight in the last 20 minutes of the flight, I felt motion sick. It is so hard not to come off the plane and focus on those last minutes and dread the flight home in a few days. I have really conquered my feelings of fear about the plane, safety during turbulence etc. But I continue to really struggle with how to keep a positive framing about a flight where I felt sick even after taking motion sickness meds.
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2023.06.07 05:07 brainycyclone View from a cruise ship porthole during a violent midnight storm in the middle of the ocean [Frickin' Interesting]

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2023.06.07 05:07 Mahew420 What did I just find

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2023.06.07 05:06 Secret_Razzmatazz_68 I Hate My Narcissistic Mother

She criticizes everyone and she doesn’t seem to understand others point of views. She doesn’t listen to others perspectives. And, she thinks that only her point of views makes sense. She is also an asshole and doesn’t seem to remember what bothers you I once told her not to mess and rearrange my things because I have a mild form of OCD that gives me extreme anxiety and she still did it. I had a lot of debt back then and I asked her to help out in finishing my credential and she refused so I didn’t get it and it affected my career. When we vacationed to another country and I met my fiancée I told her the red flags I saw on her and she threw it back to my face saying it’s me that needs to do this and pursuaded me to continue with the relationship that ended up in a divorced. While it’s not all her fault since I have the final say, I stop asking her for advise because her advise doesn’t lead me to success. It’s very difficult to have any kinds of good vibes with her. I don’t expect her to change ar all. It’s difficult when you have someone like that who can’t relate to your feelings.
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2023.06.07 05:06 Saccubasu Ganondorf rizz

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2023.06.07 05:05 marleyannation62 How does the concessions, public projects and mining contract work in Atlas?

How does the concessions, public projects and mining contract work in Atlas?
Tsss. We probably don't have too much of an answer this, but is still interesting to think about it. Ugh, kinda heavy, right? Have some implications. About how much the Atlas government have supported the SDC position and their interests at the cost of the people.
I sincerely don't want this to be a continuation of "Was Ironwood bad". But, I guess that it would be inevitable to think in that. Anyway, I will try to avoid the matter as much as possible.
After asking an engineer, a prosecutor and ask in the reddit. I guess that I have some knowledge about the contracts and "relationships" that can exist between private companies and government.
Let's begin with the easy part.
Pietro: Well, if we're dealing with the same enemy from Beacon, hacking into Mantle's system would be easy. Fortunately, the rest of Atlas is running on an upgraded network. Weiss: And how would someone get access to that network? Pietro: Well, only a few people have clearance. Ironwood, the Council, our cybersecurity and surveillance leads, and maybe a select few who oversee critical systems like sewage or the heating grid. Weiss: The heating grid run in partnership with the Schnee Dust Company.
(RWBY: Volume 7.-Worst case scenario).
So. Since the SDC have access to the Atlas network, I guess that they hired the SDC to make the heating system work and offer it as a service to the people of Mantle. A free service, like when the government hires a construction company to built a bridge or something. Like that, but for heating. Obviously, that is payed with the generous help of the citizen's taxes.
Does someone know how much control can Jacques have over the contract? Since the SDC is the only dust company in the kingdom, can he control the contract price? Like: "For the heating system it would be needed 100 millions of Lien, and besides that an extra income for the company itself". You know, to increase income as much as possible. After all, if the government doesn't accept, who are they going to hire?
This is the most difficult part since we have to assume things.
How much sovereignty have Atlas over Solitas? I guess that it controls all the continent. Why? Because we have saw the military having operations around Solitas. The Amity project and their investigations in the villages.
Besides, with Bram's Thornmane plan, he was going to be "Welcome back as an officer". I'm assuming that it was originally going to be possible because he have been doing labor inside the kingdom as Essen leader of the guardians. (Obviously he didn't planned in having his crimes revealed).
Alright. No idea how the thing works for Atlas. But, suppossedly the things work in this way: Since the natural resources of the country belong to all the citizens, is the government the one to control who is mining them. After all, if a company mines them without doing it properly is like it is stealing from all the country. For that reason, the company have to pay a tax to the government.

So. Let's go to this. This very line bugged me a lot. "Under contract" as if the SDC company was hired to make the preparations. That... is weird. I mean, is probably the SDC the one who is going to mine once the preparations are finished. So, are you going to hire a company to make preparations for that very company to mine the dust? Even Winter says "They'll need it cleared out before mining can begin".
She even says "I'd hate to think the Schnee Dust Company invested in a wasted effort". If the government hired the SDC, she would have said "I'd hate to think that THE COUNCIL invested in a wasted effort".

Then is this. So, the SDC and the Atlas academy have made a deal. How does that work? I sounds like the Atlas academy offered its services of sending a huntress (Winter, who used the help of Team RWBY) for the sake of the SDC. I guess, that the academy was payed for that?
Look. The only explanation that I can think is this:
The council, for some reason, hired the SDC to make the preparations for the mine. The part of the SDC was to make a deep hole and then send someone to see if it was viable. Since the SDC doesn't have Huntsmen, Jacques made a deal with Ironwood (It was done before their relationship got bitter) so he would send Winter to do the dangerous part, revise if the dust is of good quality.
But, that just don't make much sense.
About the mining. Considering that Zure Ayu was able to just mine below crossed remains, and she was able to even give away the Essential ore to the girls, and her sister gave a part of the combustion dust to Yang, I'm not sure if the Atlas government even collect taxes from the mining activity.
Just think about it. A single person, with a pickaxe extracted ore, she didn't mined it to sell it but for the fishing of her and her sister. And she and her sister even gave a part of what they mined. I'm not sure if two fisherwoman would have enough money to afford paying the mining taxes.
I don't know, the dust is very necessary so I guess that it was better to not limited its extraction.

So. That is. I'm not sure how much this is interesting for the community, but at least I had some questions. If I could ask Miles and Kerry, anything, these would be between those questions. Again, I am always interested in your answers and opinions on the subject.
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2023.06.07 05:03 700PingMan The Nature of Great Herds, chapter 0, 1/?:

7th, june, 2023
Welp... time to lay my work bare for the world to tear apart.
Here's a snippet of the "sample" chapter for my first NOP fanfic, "The Nature of Great Herds", TLDR, Federation wins the Arxur-Federation War, spends the next 400 years becoming even worse than they are in cannon, before coming across a humanity beefed up enough to stand a chance of fighting them. This is set at the very end of the war so it can be considered a prequel chapter.
Im fairly new to writing still so any criticism is more than welcome. This is only half of what i have down for chapter 0, being about... 3/5ths of what i have planned for the chapter as a whole, the next half i have done is the Arxur dreadnought tearing apart Slanek's fleet before its finally destroyed and i want to see what people think of my writing before i go any further. Feel free to ask questions about "The Nature of Great Herds" as well.
Oh! and thank you u/SpacePaladin15 for creating this wonderful world of yours and by extension the community based around it.
(I would post this in HFY, but ill wait until this is done to post this there)
Memory Transcription subject: Admiral Slanek of the New Venlil Republic
Date [Standardized human time]: 12th of February 2210
“400 years… after 400 goddammed years its finally ending” I thought to myself as I weaselly breathed. I was lucky to have lived long enough to see this day, even with Kolashian age rejuvenation treatments. Even now my fur has long lost its bright grey lustre, its softness, replaced by a rough feeling, unhealthy old grey. But I had still pushed through. I had to. To See this day. The day the Arxur are finally made extinct. To see the day 400 years of pain and blood shed end.
All around me in my flagship’s CIC, I saw other Venlil. All of them younger than me by decades, all of whom were not even born before Venlil Prime was destroyed. All of them here for the same reason as i. Revenge. Revenge for Venlil Prime. Revenge for all of our people the who the Arxur had killed. Revenge for all the members of the Federation, the Great Herd, that the Arxur had killed. We were all here to cast these nightmares into the abyss they had come from.
We had spent months tracking down this fleet, their last remnants and it seems that they finally had a brief moment of partial sanity. If they were fully sane they would have killed themselves like the Humans, but no. They still had that typical predatory derangement. They wanted to fight. To make a last stand. To drag as many of us with them as they could, in a last bout of predatory bloodlust.
Already the battle was in full swing but it seems we would be the last to arrive. The Arxur were not fighting to kill as many of us as possible for some unknowable reason. They were trying to drag the last battle out for as long as possible. Why? I don’t know. I was certainly not complaining however. It would give us all the chance to play our part in the Arxur’s final stand.
It was the CIC’s subspace technician. I nodded towards him and he continued on with his report.
“Were about to come out of subspace, right behind the Gojid fleet! In 60 seconds!”
A wave of excitement filled the room. It was our turn now.
Once a minute had passed, in a wave of multicoloured light, we arrived, 250 ships total with 5 artillery ships with one of them being my flagship, exiting subspace right behind a battered Gojid fleet. They were down to half their numbers. I could not help but grimace. The Gojid… the race we were the closest with, who had taken in our sick our wounded… our whole race when Venlil prime and their own homeworld of Cradle was destroyed as well in the Arxur Blitz, seeing them so badly mauled lit up a spark of rage in me.
“Were being hailed by the Kolashian Flagship!”
“Connect it to my communication suite”
Static greeted my ear as a connection was made to the Kolashian flag ship, but soon the Static disappeared, replaced by the familiar voice of Grand Admiral Thran.
“Slanek, I am glad to see you have arrived. We are getting battered by their last dreadnought, that dammed thing is the anchor to their battle line, every attack we send towards it is warded off or completely destroyed. As long as it’s still standing we can’t hope to win this battle decisively or without horrific losses. You’re the only formation left within 100 lights years that has the firepower to bring that thing down, so do whatever it takes, ram yourself down its throat if you have to, you’ll have the support of every ship and federation fleet around you. I wish I could say more but they’re hitting my part of the line with everything they have, good luck”
The connection cut and I grimaced.
The last of the dreadnoughts… that ship. A shiver went up my spine.
The Arxur dreadnoughts were the culmination of the Arxur’s Behemoth class vessels. Massive bricks covered in armor and guns with an engine at the end, that could, with an escort, singlehandedly destroy entire Federation fleets. Vessels that the artillery ships were created to counter.
Then the Arxur deployed their dreadnoughts as we pushed on to Wriss. A desperate last gamble to slow us down. They were larger, faster, with more weapons and armor than even the largest of their behemoths. It took 5 artillery ships to even have a chance of destroying a dreadnought. And the word, ‘Dreadnought’, it means ‘fear nothing’. Even as we pushed onwards towards their homeworld, they did not fear us. Even as we destroyed every world that held their taint they did not fear us… even now they do not fear us.
Thankfully there were only 10 in existence, the rest having been destroyed. 3 by the Kolashians… and 3 by the Venlil.
The destruction of Venlil Prime at the hands of their behemoths had taught us well and we had come to specialize in their destruction.
If anyone was suited to the task of destroying their last dreadnought, it was us.
My confidence restored, I opened a channel to my fleet.
“This is Admiral Slanek, to all of the members of the New Venlil Republic Navy present with us at this moment. Today… 400 years of pain and bloodshed will end. 400 years of pain and bloodshed the Arxur have visited upon us. Together with our fellow members of the Great Herd, we shall burn away the last of the Arxur as they make their final stand. Our part to play is simple, the last Arxur dreadnought batters our forces, and its our job to remove it. We shall destroy that demon ship and its escorts, opening up the way for our allies to destroy the last of the Arxur. This is the most important day and duty of our lives, so fight hard and fight well. FOR VENLIL PRIME, FOR THE GREAT HERD”
The Venlil across the fleet heard me, giving a brief cheer, “FOR VENLIL PRIME, FOR THE GREAT HERD” before they returned to their duties.
All at once, the engines of 250 ships lit up, pushing us forward towards our hated fore with the Gojid fleet parting, allowing for us to slot ourselves into their battle line.
Whilst distant, if I zoomed in on the feed being provided to me by the many sensors present on this ship I could see them silhouetted against the bright red dwarf that made up most of this star systems mass. The Arxur, with their black, angular ships which had burned themselves into the consciousness of every member of the Federation. The Arxur ships present here was all they had left and what a meagre amount. 400 ships total.
But in the center of their meagre formation was IT. That dammed dreadnought which had claimed over a thousand of our own ships over the last year. Bright white letters in the Arxur alphabet were painted on its side, the Liberator Isif.
Named after some Arxur chieftain. 800 meters of black angular metal with a dagger shaped prow and boxy middle section topped off by its engines and short stubby missile spewing wings. It was easily larger than any ship the Federation could produce, even the bulk super freighters that sustained the undamaged core. Well… undamaged until the raid in [2170] that destroyed the Farsul’s archives. In front of it was a field of debris made up of over 300 vessels at least, the graves of ships this beast had felled, amongst them 8 other artillery ships. Its armament had done that. Its hull was dotted with massive amounts of kinetics and plasma railguns, enough to wipe out dozens of vessels in a single volley and its missile spewing wings could finish off any stragglers with a massive barrage of 100 missiles.
By comparison, the artillery ships of the Federation, including my flagship, were tooth picks. 500 meters long and rather thin by comparison to the hunk of metal that was the Liberator Isif. Our only armament was the 2 plasma beam cannons that ran the ships length. Both were needed to burn through a behemoth shields and then their armor, destroying the ship in one shot… most of the time. A perfect match against an Arxur behemoth. Against a dreadnought with its stronger shields, thicker armor and dagger shaped prow which could deflect most of a plasma beams energy at the right angle, it was near impossible to destroy a behemoth from the front with anything less than 5 artillery ships. Thankfully with the few artillery ships the Gojid had left and the 5 that belonged to my fleet I had enough firepower to take that dreadnought head on. And one of them was my flagship. The Tavra.
Whereas the Arxur flagship was named after some random Arxur chieftain they seemed to revere for some reason, the Tavra was named after a true hero who still lived on through her. 5 behemoths, and a dreadnought she has claimed for the Federation, for the Venlil. Now its time to add another kill to that list.
The dreadnought was preoccupied tearing apart another push from a federation fleet when we moved into position.
Almost immediately it broke off its savage attack, letting a wave of Arxur reserves move up to destroy what was left, letting the dreadnought go after the bigger threat, namely the 8 artillery ships that had just pulled up.
Arxur behemoths and dreadnoughts sacrificed range for sheer, raw firepower, as a result it would have to come to us, or we could just sit back and pour fire onto it once we moved a little closer. Whichever abomination was in command of the Liberator Isif knew this since they immediately began a burning towards us, with 60 escorts in tow. All at once, roared across every channel by the Arxur ships was a bestial warcry “FOR WRISS!” then at once, the entirety of the Arxur’s battle line charged ahead. Their bloodlust had finally caught up with them it seems.
“Have all of our plasma beam cannons begin charging now! and move our escorts forward and give us a screen.” An audible hum drowned out the ambience of distant machinery as the Tavra began to charge its main weapons. For the next 2 minutes we would be helpless as all of our reactors power went into the capacitor banks that seemed to fill every nook, crevice and seam inside the Tavra. Thankfully the dreadnought will take 3 to reach us. Once we hit it, if we don’t outright destroy it, then the shields will at least be drained to the point that our escorts can finish it off.
It was a suicide run, but it was their only option unless they wanted to die without being able to fight back. Dammed predator insanity.
For the next minute we tensely waited, as our capacitors charged and our firing solutions were calculated. Ammo was loaded and final checks made.
I gripped the handrail in front of me firmly… waiting for the last few seconds to tick down… waiting to give the order.
If we missed… we were in for a world of hurt.
Yes i did leave you on a cliff hanger... deal with it \_/ (*_*) \_/ *shrugs*
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