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IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad laptop enthusiasts!

2023.06.02 11:45 doctorofphiloshopy 2021 401 won’t start. Faulty battery?

2021 401 won’t start. Faulty battery?
Bike is at 2200km. Did not use it for a few months. Ive been using it for 2 weeks with no problem but yesterdat 2nd and 3te attempts would make the trick but now it wont start. Should battery replacement fix the issue?
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2023.06.02 11:37 mynameartwishes Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music

Birthday celebrations are special occasions filled with joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments. One of the most popular ways to convey birthday wishes in today's digital era is through Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music. These animated greetings combine visually captivating GIFs with melodic tunes to create a unique and memorable birthday experience.

Benefits of Using Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music

Sending Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music offers several advantages over traditional birthday greetings. Let's embark on a fascinating exploration of the myriad benefits at our disposal:

Enhanced Personalization

Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music allow for a higher level of personalization. You can choose a GIF that resonates with the recipient's interests, hobbies, or sense of humor. Whether they love cute animals, funny moments, or romantic gestures, there's a GIF out there to suit their personality perfectly.

Emotional Impact

The combination of visuals and music in Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs evokes strong emotions. A well-selected GIF with the right musical accompaniment can bring a smile to the recipient's face, warm their heart, or even make them laugh out loud. It adds an extra layer of sentiment and makes the birthday wish more memorable.

Captivating and Entertaining

Traditional birthday wishes can sometimes feel static and predictable. Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music, on the other hand, are dynamic and engaging. The animated nature of GIFs, combined with catchy tunes, creates an entertaining experience that captures the recipient's attention and holds it throughout the duration of the greeting.

How to Choose the Perfect Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music

When selecting a Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music, consider the following factors to ensure it resonates with the recipient:

Consider the Recipient's Taste and Preferences

Take into account the person's likes and dislikes, their sense of humor, and the type of content they enjoy. Whether they appreciate humor, sentimentality, or pop culture references, selecting a GIF that aligns with their preferences will make the greeting more meaningful to them.

Match the Tone of the Celebration

Consider the overall tone of the birthday celebration. Is it a formal gathering, a casual party, or a surprise event? Choose a Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music that matches the atmosphere and sets the right mood for the occasion.

Opt for High-Quality Visuals and Audio

To make the birthday wish truly captivating, prioritize GIFs with high-quality visuals and clear audio. Crisp animations and vibrant colors will enhance the overall viewing experience, while well-composed music or sound effects will complement the visuals and create a harmonious combination.

Creative Ideas for Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music

There are countless creative ideas for Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music. Here are a couple of thought-provoking concepts to ignite your creative spark:

Funny and Lighthearted GIFs

If the birthday boy or girl has a great sense of humor, consider choosing a funny and lighthearted GIF. It could feature amusing characters, comical situations, or clever puns that are sure to bring a smile to their face and lighten the mood of the celebration.

Sentimental and Heartfelt GIFs

For a more emotional impact, opt for sentimental and heartfelt GIFs. These can convey warm wishes, express love and appreciation, or reminisce about shared memories. Sentimental GIFs are perfect for close friends, family members, or romantic partners.

Celebrity-Inspired GIFs

If the birthday person is a fan of a particular celebrity or public figure, consider using a celebrity-inspired GIF. This adds an element of excitement and personal connection to the birthday wish, making it more memorable and special.

Customized GIFs with Personal Photos or Messages

For a truly personalized touch, create customized Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music. Use the recipient's photos, add personalized messages, or include inside jokes that only they would understand. These customized GIFs show thoughtfulness and make the recipient feel truly special.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music

Sending a Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music is a simple and enjoyable process. Behold, an intricate roadmap comprising a meticulous sequence of steps to gracefully guide you:

1. Selecting the Right GIF Platform or App

Start by choosing a reliable GIF platform or app. There are several options available, such as GIPHY, Tenor, or GIF Keyboard, each offering a wide range of GIFs to choose from.

2. Browsing and Choosing the Desired GIF

Once you've selected the platform or app, browse through their extensive collection of Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs. Use keywords or categories to narrow down your search and find the perfect GIF that matches your intentions.

3. Adding Personalized Messages or Captions

Many GIF platforms or apps allow you to add personalized messages or captions to your chosen GIF. Take advantage of this feature to include a heartfelt message, a funny remark, or any other personal touch you wish to convey along with the GIF.

4. Sending the Birthday Wish via Text, Email, or Social Media

Once you're satisfied with the GIF and the accompanying message, it's time to send the birthday wish. Depending on the recipient's preference and your means of communication, you can send the GIF via text message, email, or through various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram Direct.

Tips for a Memorable Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music

To ensure your Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music leaves a lasting impression, consider the following tips:

Timing Is Key

Send the birthday wish at the most appropriate time. Ideally, it should arrive on the recipient's birthday or a few moments before. This way, it becomes a delightful surprise and adds to the joyous atmosphere of their special day.

Consider the Recipient's Schedule

Take into account the recipient's schedule and the best time to capture their attention. Avoid sending the GIF during busy hours or when they are likely to be engaged in other activities. Choose a moment when they can fully enjoy and appreciate the birthday wish.

Use Appropriate and Meaningful Music

The choice of music is crucial in setting the right tone for the Happy Birthday Wishes GIF. Consider the recipient's music preferences and select a melody that aligns with their taste. It could be a cheerful and upbeat tune, a sentimental ballad, or even a popular birthday song.

Keep It Concise and Engaging

Remember to keep the GIF and accompanying message concise and engaging. Long, drawn-out animations or lengthy messages might lose the recipient's interest. Aim for brevity while still conveying your heartfelt wishes effectively.

The Impact of Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music

Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with music have a significant impact on both the sender and the recipient. Let's explore some of the key effects:

Strengthening Relationships

Sending a Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music shows thoughtfulness and consideration, which strengthens relationships. It reinforces the bond between friends, family members, or colleagues and makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Creating Lasting Memories

A memorable Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music becomes a cherished memory for the recipient. It stands out among the sea of birthday wishes and becomes a talking point long after the celebration is over. It creates a lasting impression that the recipient will remember and appreciate for years to come.

Spreading Joy and Happiness

Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music bring joy and happiness not only to the recipient but also to the sender. It's a delightful way to participate in the celebration, even if you can't be physically present. The shared experience of the GIF and music uplifts the spirits of both parties, spreading positivity and happiness.


Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music offer a unique and personalized way to send birthday greetings. With their enhanced personalization, emotional impact, and captivating nature, these GIFs create memorable experiences for both the sender and the recipient. So the next time you want to convey your birthday wishes, consider using a Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with music to make the celebration even more special.


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  1. Are there any copyright restrictions when using Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with Music?
  1. Can I send Happy Birthday Wishes GIFs with Music through WhatsApp?
  1. What are some popular platforms or apps for finding Happy Birthday Wishes GIF with Music?
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2023.06.02 10:53 OrangeJews_88 2.5” first time ball shell (not cylinder), BP with KNO3 flash and winokur + testing homemade 12V remote ignition.

2.5” first time ball shell (not cylinder), BP with KNO3 flash and winokur + testing homemade 12V remote ignition.
Nothing spectacular this time: First time ball shell (mortar dia 70mm) hemis made from Kraft paper, pasting about 8 layers, weight 134g, inside BP with kno3/s/Al flash(5/3/2) and last couple small Winokur 24 stars. Added more lift, about 15% of shell weight. Remote ignition system made with 12V remote relay (4CH) and 3 li-ion batteries. For blasting cap: 2 wires from LAN cable and 32awg nichrome wire dipped in BP nitro lacquer.
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2023.06.02 10:53 applecheyenneapple Need help picking a laptop for everything!!!

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2023.06.02 10:44 sann540 April 2023








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2023.06.02 09:24 Huge_Lengthiness4752 Arcanemigration ch5

Ch5 Cartography and copper
As the sun rises over the horizon, casting its warm glow upon the rugged landscape, I find myself thinking that I need a new purpose after finishing my tools and home. With shelter, tools, a fucking bed, and what food I can find with the goblins gone. I need something to do. The time has come to unravel the mysteries that lie beyond the confines of these stone walls and the close area. Armed with crude stone tools , plant fiber woven "clothes", and my map ability. I embark on a journey to explore and document the surrounding area. maybe just maybe I will find evidence of people.
With each step I take, I carefully memorize my path, marking the terrain, the landmarks, and the animal trails. The map slowly takes shape, capturing the essence of the topology . It becomes a tangible representation of my growing knowledge, a tool that will guide me through the land that I will claim as my own.
As I venture deeper into the unknown, my senses sharpen along with my mapping skills, when I finally feel attuned to the subtle changes in the environment I seemingly get a passive skill pop-up.
UnCommon skill Type: passive Mapping Wherever the user goes will be stored and marked on a mental map.(cohesion with perfect memory user never needs to intentionally map an area all details will be stored automatically )
It is during one of my explorations in the next month that I stumble upon a surface deposit of copper—a glimmering deep green spike made of smaller spikes amidst the trees, it nearly blends in . Excitement courses through my veins as I realize the significance of this discovery. Copper ore and a lot of it. Or that's what I think it is.
Discovered your first local treasure COPPER EVERGREEN For this discovery you are gifted 2 levels.
"Well that's nice as hell treasure and levels eventually I need to spend my points but I'll save them for when I know what is useful. Welp time to get to work"
With a new project I go home and make a fiber backpack and baskets to carry as much as I can. Eventually I make my way back and start to gather the copper ore, carefully examining its quality and potential, from what I can tell it's almost pure. I did break a few of my chisels collecting enough but I planned ahead and made extra heads. The weight of the metal on my back fuels my ambition, igniting a spark of creativity within me. I must learn and practice the art of metallurgy, for in these raw materials lies the power to forge actual weapons and craft more intricate tools.
Returning to my home, next step is set up a makeshift forge, utilizing the stone chisels and a roaring fire to create a crucible. With a mix of anticipation and trepidation, then I need something to move the crucible with like leather gloves. The harder I work the more eager I am to transform it into something greater.
To get started I find a creak near my cave and search for clay and sand. After I bring enough back I mix it in with wood ash for mortar. Next I collect some nice granite rocks from the hillside and wash the dirt off. I use the old fire pit from the goblins for my forge. After mortaring the rock floor and making a rock circle and mortaring them together until I have a nice big dome with a chimney stack on top. Then I put wood in it and light it. And I keep it lit for about 2 days to solidify the mortar.
In the time I have watching my forge cook I grab a nice big rock and chisel it into a deep bowl shape. Then I chisel the best handle holds so i can to pull it out of the fire. When it's done my forge is cooled down. So I then check if it fits into the forge. It is not perfect but I can make it work.
Next is tools I need tongs, gloves, hammer ,ladle, and molds. starting with the tongs I would love metal tongs but I need tongs to make them from metal. I can see why the Jews thought god gave man his first set. but I'll have to live with a wood set first. This takes no time at all with my new skill and knife to work a set into shape. Turns out it can level up too might be worth my time, I'd love an instrument I need music.
Next my gloves lucky me I've been hunting a lot since the wildlife came back and have leftover pelts I've been working on and now is better than ever so I set to making some leather i might be able to go for real clothes soon if I can get something bigger than a rabbit.
After cleaning the old fat off with a knife and stretching it with a wood frame, and boiling the hair off in the boiling spring in the pool room. when it's dried out and is ready I use leather strips and make real shity leather mittens. They will work not perfect but at least they will hold for a few uses.
The hammer is super simple I make it same as my axe with the exception that I keep the rock big and solid.
Next a ladle for impurities and pouring it. My last forge tool starts with a stone ladle head with my chisel and then a soak in water to wash off the dust and make a hole for a handle to slot into. Then I work some wood into a handle, it's pretty easy. The I use sap and leather strips to bind the handle to the stone ladle head.
Last is simple a mold, I make a small wood frame box and fill it with wet sand. Then I carve a wood ingot and add air holes for the steam to boil out of. And a unclip able hinge to spit it in half for later.
First forge and tools created +25 chance at success Creating forgeing skill
Skill forgeing Rare The user can forge tools to mold and shape metal for most purposes.
" Nice now I can actually get to work"
after getting all my supplies set up and ore in my crucible I start on the fire .Hours pass as I tend to the fire, carefully controlling its intensity. After putting the crucible in the forge The copper begins to melt, its molten form shimmering with potential after I ladle out the impurities and rock left. After pulling the crucible out I carefully pour the liquid metal into a simple mold, allowing it to cool and solidify steam boiling out of the air holes. Then The moment of truth arrives as I retrieve the newly forged copper ingot.
Examining the result of my efforts, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment. The copper, once hidden beneath green oxidization, has now been shaped by my hands. It serves as a testament to my growing skills and resourcefulness in this harsh world.
With the first successful forging behind me, I am eager to delve deeper into the art of metallurgy. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards of mastering this craft are boundless. The once-humble cave, now transformed into a true home, will soon echo with the clanging of hammers and the rhythmic pounding of metal against metal.
As I continue to explore, map, and forge, my understanding of this world expands. Each discovery fuels my determination to thrive in this unforgiving realm. The journey is far from over, and the challenges ahead may be daunting, but I am prepared to face them head-on.
And so, armed with my newly mapped out area and the power of metallurgy in my hands, I embark on the next chapter of my adventure. The world awaits, brimming with untold secrets and hidden treasures, ready to be unveiled by the resilient spirit of William, the defender of his sanctuary.
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2023.06.02 09:24 Huge_Lengthiness4752 Arcanemigration ch4

Arcanemigration ch4 Room to grow
As I sit at the edge of a stream near the entrance of my cave i Cast my gaze upon the tranquil scenery, I realize that it holds a newfound significance for me. It has provided me with sustenance, a source of water, and now a temporary respite from the stress of constant work. The fish continue their rhythmic dance in the water.
I reach for my fishing spear, determined to catch a meal to replenish my strength. As I prepare to strike, I hear a faint rustling from the nearby bushes. Instinctively, I grip the spear tighter and scan the surroundings. The eyes of the goblins still haunt my thoughts, reminding me that danger lurks even in the most peaceful moments.
Instead of a goblin that emerges from the brush. It is a creature unlike any I have encountered before—a majestic white pearlescent stag with antlers that seem to reach towards the heavens. Its eyes are filled swirling waves of a blue wisdom and a green of serenity that I have rarely witnessed.
The stag approaches the stream, its graceful movements leaving me in awe. It drinks from the water with a glowing reflection shimmering in the gentle ripples. I watch in silence, a mix of reverence and curiosity stirring within me. Could this be a sign? A guiding presence in this harsh world?
The stag lifts its head, its gaze meeting mine. For a brief moment, time stands still. And then, as if acknowledging my presence, it takes a step closer, its hooves barely making a sound on the soft earth.
In that moment, a realization dawns upon me. The goblins, the battles, the struggle to survive—they are but a small part of a much greater tapestry of the journey to come. There are forces at play beyond my comprehension, and while they may not have taken notice of my deeds, they have sent me a message through this ethereal encounter.
I lower my spear, a newfound sense of purpose coursing through my veins. I will not only defend this sanctuary against the goblin hordes but also strive to understand the mysteries that surround me. I will seek knowledge, forge alliances, and uncover the truths that lie hidden within this world.
With renewed determination, I set my sights on fortifying the cave, transforming it into a stronghold that not only protects me but also serves as a beacon of resilience and defiance. The goblins may still pose a threat, but I am no longer just a survivor—I am a warrior with a purpose.
The stag watches me closely and thoughtfully As I prepare to embark on this new chapter, I offer my silent gratitude to the creature before it gracefully disappears into the depths of the forest.
The journey ahead will be arduous, and the trials I face will test my strength, both physical and spiritual. I may be alone but With the spirit of the stag guiding me, and the scars of my past battles etched into my flesh, I step forward, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.
I am the defender of this sanctuary, the seeker of truths, and the embodiment of resilience. And as I move forward, I carry with me the wisdom of the stag and the unwavering determination to protect what is mine.
Inside the cave, I take stock of my resources. Though limited, they are enough to begin the task at hand. And get to work smoothing down the hard stone again until it is the right shape. Then heat up the rock in my fore and then drip cold water along the edge to shatter bits off to make a sharp edge. Then I find the largest bone in the bone pile seemingly a femur and with some work and supplies I bind them together. Lastly I char the bone to seal it.
{Crude woodcutting axe} Wood-damage : +50% Range:3 Bone: +1 durability Char: +1 longevity
Using this makeshift tool, I venture into the surrounding forest, seeking sturdy trees suitable for reinforcement. With each swing of the axe, I feel a sense of empowerment. It is not just the physical act of cutting wood but also the symbol of taking control over my environment. I am no longer at the mercy of nature; I am the one shaping my destiny.
The axe bites into the wood, and with each felled tree, I feel like it's getting easier. Then chopping the tree into logs and branches. I gather logs and branches, forming a stockpile near the cave entrance. I return multiple times, driven by a relentless determination to create a formidable barrier against any future onslaught. I also collect large rocks from the nearby riverbed, utilizing them to strengthen the cave's entrance.
Hours turn into days as I toil, the sweat mingling with the dirt on my brow. With each passing moment, the cave transforms into a sanctuary that reflects my resilience. The once-vulnerable entrance is now fortified with thick logs and sturdy rocks, creating a formidable barrier that would give even the most determined goblin pause.
As I stand back to survey my handiwork, a sense of accomplishment washes over me. The cave, once a mere shelter, has evolved into a stronghold—a testament to my will to survive and protect what is mine. The scars on my body are mirrored in the scars on the land, each a reminder of the battles fought and won.
With the physical defenses in place, I turn my attention to the interior of the cave. I make a simple stone chisel with a replaceable head and useing the same sharp stone, I shape smaller logs into makeshift furniture—a crude bed, a rough-hewn table, and even a shelf to store my meager belongings. I carve niches into the walls to hold torches, their flickering light banishing the shadows that once haunted this place.
As I sit on my newly crafted bed, a flicker of the white stag's presence dances in my mind. I realize that my soul has been blessed with a simple yet useful ability—a keen intuition that guides me in times of danger. It is as if the spirit of the white stag has bestowed upon me a heightened sense of awareness, allowing me to anticipate danger before it strikes.
(Blessing of the stag) Soul trait The user knows when immediate death is near.
With the cave fortified and made livable, I find a moment of respite. I lay on my rough bed, the scars on my body throbbing with both pain and pride. The journey has been grueling, and the battles have taken their toll, but I am ready to face whatever lies ahead. In that moment I notice some notifications I may have ignored or didn't see before.
{Shelter -> Home} Sufficient upgrades have been made do you accept the ownership of this new Home. YES : NO
It doesn't take long but I say yes after I do other pop-ups make themselves know.
HOME This designation partains to places meant for long term living not just survival and can have major improvements and is meant for months to years of living. Many improvements can be made, few expansions can be made tho and only minor differences can be erected. If major improvements are made until there are none left to make and all minor traps are established then it will automatically move into the [BASE] designation. This designation can trigger only minor events.
There now seems to be a few tabs available to me including (defenses),(furniture),(waist room),(pool room),(the pit),(main room)
[You have now made the first step to living in this world and have gained one new skill and 1 level]
Learned skill [ wood working] Rarity: uncommon The user can efficiently cut trees down and work them into anything from small art pieces and furniture to walls and defenses.
And I guess I need to now see what leveling up is like. It can't be that hard I'll also need to go through my windows and learn everything I can about this system.
I close my eyes, allowing the exhaustion to wash over me, knowing that tomorrow will bring new challenges. But with the wisdom of the stag etched into my soul and the strength of my defenses surrounding me, I find solace in the knowledge that I am prepared. And with 5 stat points I should be able to see a difference after using them.
The goblins may regroup and seek revenge, or another threat can raise it's ugly head but they will find a changed man awaiting them—a warrior with a fortified sanctuary, a soul.
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2023.06.02 08:42 Fresh-Security-315 Only in Ohio

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2023.06.02 08:13 RockRevolutionary182 Love the Google pixel hate that I will never own one again because Google refused to understand the issue

I've been fighting with Google for 2 months as a result of Google's horrible customer relations and partly my fault I've been billed and accidentally paid with auto pay $599 for a Google pixel 5 just black and I'm not talking about in 2020 I'm talking May 2023. In March I had a Google pixel 7 pro I dropped it the day after I got it without the case on a hard floor and broke the back glass. I don't know if anyone's ever done this but I was upset about it even though it will always have a case on it I'll know it's broken. Well it doesn't matter after about a month I was having issues with the charger port and it could only be charged wirelessly I have the phone on the wireless charger and I had to take it out the case to charge better my cat decided she wanted to play with the wire she knocked the phone off onto a dumbbell with two metal weights on it it hit in the screen so perfectly that it destroyed the phone. I had traded in my Google pixel 2 and with some other promotion Verizon was offering it turned out that I had more money in promotions than the phone cost and it is the only reason I got this 7 pro they take a few dollars off my phone bill each month for owning it when I say few I'm talking $2 and change. I solve a regular phone bill and insurance just not a device payment so after breaking I did not want to pay the $200 deductible and started using my old phone which was a Google pixel 5A 5G. One day the screen went black me and my son both tried fixing it with suggestions from YouTube videos careful one of them makes you call 911 and without a screen there's no way to stop it. My son did it twice I did it once. So I call Verizon thinking that the phone was covered under my insurance plan because it said it was on the My Verizon app it's actually says that the 2 plus the 5a and the 7pro were all covered. Anyway I call Verizon to try to get it fixed without a deductible because there is no damage to the phone to phone was in fact replaced right before I got the seven with a refurbished phone. They say no problem they send the next day phone out when I open it up it's a Google pixel 5 black I call them back they say all we are so sorry they send another phone again it's the Google pixel 5 black. Now for people not familiar with Google phones the Google 5A is not like the Samsung series a phone it's more of an in-between in the case of the five the five a has a lot bigger display and some other features the 5A is a superior phone to the five by getting the five I was downgraded. So after receiving this second five I call again they send another phone except this time they were slick they didn't actually send anything so after waiting the two days I called back and they said oh well the order was never processed so they send another phone guess what I get the five again I called back and this was happening because Verizon doesn't sell the five a I don't know if they ever did but I had bought this phone from Google directly and I'm still making payments on it btw. so now I'm very frustrated I call Google Google says the phone's out of warranty even though I'm still making payments on it but the screen going black problem since there was no damage is covered under the extended warranty because it's a known issue. They said take the phone to the local asurion AKA I break you fix. I do this they replace the screen and the battery the phone still doesn't work they said the logic board needs to be changed but they couldn't get it in or something I call Google back they said no problem send them the phone. I send the phone and a few days later I get a letter in the mail saying that the cost of the repair is more than the phone is worth that they would have to send me a refurbished but because the phone was damaged I would have to pay $129. I immediately call them and say what do you mean damaged and they say well did you use our packaging or your own I said my own well it was damaged and shipping was there immediate response I told them no. I have an Etsy business where I sell crystals literal crystals and I shipped them the people all over the country I have never had a product damaged in shipping in a crystal is a lot more delicate than a phone. I explained this to them and I don't know if the employees are told not to listen to the words that the customers are saying or if they just think that all the customers are liars and don't bother to listen but he kept insisting that it must have been damaged during shipping. Now Google apparently doesn't have a way for a different departments to talk so the customer service guy had no way of contacting the people that worked on the phone and asked them what the actual issue was. I asked for manager they reluctantly gave me one after an hour wait I was told the manager call me back the next day two days later I missed a call but they emailed me I emailed them back I finally got to talk to the manager. He told me that back glass was cracked the phone doesn't have a back glass and I must have got damaged during shipping because I didn't use their packaging. After explaining to him that didn't have back glass he finally started believing me a little he said that he was going to talk to the people higher up than him and get it resolved he said that there's no way for me to contact him and higher than him he's the end of the line that he has to plead my case and this was on Friday he said he'd contact me Monday. Well Thursday rolls around I still don't hear from him I contact him back I hear nothing. I then get the phone back in the mail. I opened a packaging and I noticed that the damage you're talking about was it improper ly installed screen I will add a photo of the so-called damage device that got damaged and shipping I'm packaged it so poorly that the phone didn't get cracked at all or broken but the bottom of the screen slightly popped off of the phone are they really expecting me to believe this. So after I tell them that the phone was actually damaged by asurion the people they sent me to the manager that I've been talking to had someone else contact me saying that he was out and that Google was ready to resolve my issue by giving me $25 credit in the Google store. I also got a separate email saying that Google store was lowering my credit from $1,500 to $200. Now this is a total coincidence I'm sure even though I've bought a 300 doller smart watch ,phones ,Chromecast devices all from the Google store on credit and have never missed a payment and have never been late in years but they still lowered my credit limit negatively impacting my credit score by six points. After telling them I'm not happy with this they apologize and tell me that they're sorry but this is the way that Google does business and all the guidelines have been followed in that I cannot contact him again on this or something because the case has been closed. I've never been so disappointed with a company in my life I've had people switch from Samsung more than one to Google after getting the Google pixel 2 XL I loved that phone and it saddens me that I will never get to use another Google pixel device because I will never buy one again I will never buy anything from Google again normal any of my immediate or extended family so they've lost thousands of dollars because they wanted $129 to fix a phone that their partner company broke on me. Oh and here's the kicker I go back to you fix I break last week and the location that I went to that had all the information in the repair person that worked on my phone is gone. They closed the damn location down I contacted asurion corporate office and waiting for a response from The resolution team. And the reason I said that it cost me $599 is because I still have the Google pixel 5 that they had sent me because I know other device to use Verizon told me I can use the device until I resolve this issue with Google then I had to ship this device or the 5A back to them but I had to give them a phone back that has no physical damage. Verizon reluctantly refunded the $599 that they took out of my bank account after I turned off auto payments and I only bounced my car insurance payment that automatically comes out the day after because it took 3 days to get the money back into the account the best part is I didn't know this until I got a letter in the mail saying my insurance was about to be canceled. I'm not saying like most of society would that that is Google's fault it is mine I was negligent in keeping up with my account balances and because of that almost lost my insurance. I would have been able to get it back but probably not at the same rate and if there was a lapse in coverage I probably would have had to have the vehicle inspected by them before they would cover it fully again. I'm really disappointed and surprised that the disrespect by Google technical team and customer service is treated me. And the way they told me well this is how we do business go kick rocks. I said somewhere in this book of a message that I would add photos I didn't realize at that time that I could not add photos to this community I apologize.
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2023.06.02 08:06 Miron_V2 AirPods Max connection issues

Hey, my 5 month old AirPods max started having weird connection issues 2 months ago, when i adjusted them physically on my head, the right side always disconnected, took them to apple, the replaced them one and the new pair i got had battery issues… And then, I replaced them again, and the first problem came back, same connection issues with the same side! Did anyone here experience the same problem?
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2023.06.02 07:45 Ok-Consideration3320 2018 Passat S Won't Start. NO Crank NO Click

Car - 2018 VW Passat S
  1. My car sat idle for one and a half months while I was overseas.
  2. So I came back, car wouldn't start, I tried to jump-start it with my dad's car, but still did not start.
  3. Had my neighbor's car hooked up on top of my dad's car, and this time the engine turned on.
  4. Drove it around for a good 6 to 7 hours over the next few days, and everything was good. Started fine, drove fine and all.
  5. But after not using it for 2 days on my driveway, the car won't start again.
  6. This time, thinking it must be the old battery issue, and rather than jumping it, I decided to replace it.
  7. Today I got the new battery - ACDelco Gold 48AGM but car still won't turn on.
  8. I cannot hear the engine crank or clicking sound. Warnings do flash...
Question - What is the most likely culprit? Bad alternator? Crankshaft sensor?
Given that the car drove fine initially after being jumped, I think it's less likely a starter or fuel pressure issue...? Any suggestion or advice will be appreciated!
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2023.06.02 07:41 UpstairsExciting2903 2001 Chevy Tahoe no crank no start replaced battery starter and starter cable from starter to positive post replaced starter relay checked all fuses and even changed ignition switch cause truck doesn’t crank or start with key turns on when jump starter relay.ALL HELP APPRECIATED

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2023.06.02 07:13 cannons_for_days COME ON RIDE THE TRAIN — a 30 Minute Review

TL;DR — Should I Pull?

New Players

Hoooooooo buddy.
Lots to unpack, here.
Firstly, if you do not have UDX Silver, GLEX Silver, Shuzer, or Liam, pull the Romancing Festival reprint for Liam or GLEX Silver. 33k jewels for Liam/Silver with Thyme, Shuzer, Rag Robin, Christmas Empress, and other good styles in the mix is hands down the best deal on offer.
For most new players I'm going to recommend Matriarch's banner. Matriarch and Roc are a very solid support core, and Matriarch gets way better with a couple of inherits that are avaialble in the offbanner pool, which you can select one style from with the ticket you got from logging in today.
If, however, you have Thyme and Overdrive Emelia and you don't have the Matriarch style with Paean of Peace, then I recommend pulling on the Lynn Woods banner for Liz. Liz's Aqua Bash+ can be a functional replacement for Paean of Peace which doesn't require chasing a character who isn't on Rate Up, and the rest of her kit is enabled by Emelia and Thyme is a big way. Polka has similar synergy with them and also brings a damn useful heal to the table, and whilst Jo isn't the same kind of "stupid powerful alongside her enablers" good, she's still a very good style that can deal a lot of damage and avoid nearly as much. Jo is also pretty danged good for a new player to pick up, with a medium Morale Down she can sustain on enemies to help reduce incoming damage by a good chunk. Overall, very solid banner, just not as "ready to go out of box" as the other one.
Depending on what else we see this month, it's possible that going back to the other banner once we see what else is going to be offered may be the best move for newbies. Matriarch + Roc + Thyme + Liz + [ShuzeLiam/Silver] would be a ridiculously good core team for someone with less than 6 months play time. 🤩 But I won't go so far as to say that until we get a better sense of what's on deck. For now, focus on Matriarch if you don't have the big Overdrive enablers; focus on Liz if you do.


OK. So on the one hand, we have a banner with a Liz style that solos Remembrance battles. And on the other hand we have a banner with a Matriarch style. Now you may thi- you're already pulling Matriarch. OK, then.
Kidding aside, I know a bunch of people reading this really are about to pull the first banner here simply because it has Matriarch and for no other reason, regardless of whether she's any good or not. And... actually, that's not a bad plan, here. Matriarch is definitely a solid support style, whether you have the Paean of Peace inherit for her or not. Roc is way better if you have certain inherits, but even if you only have her Tower S style, her offbanner A style, and her Platinum pool SS style, she's still a pretty good style with a few good options.
Liz and Polka are also pretty danged good, though. Liz in particular has amazing synergy with Thyme and Overdrive Emelia in content with direct hits to counter. She dispenses WIL buffs to the team and counters with a defense boost for the team on any turn where she can Overdrive... which can actually be most turns if you have Emelia backing her up. Polka can counter with an attack that grants the party an attack boost, so if you bring the both of them, you can actually get a lot of buffs going on overdrive turns against enemies that throw direct AoE attacks.
All of which is a lot of words to say that I can definitely recommend a pull on Matriarch's banner, and if you are eyeing Liz and Polka's banner and have the jewels to spare, I can also recommend some pulls there, but if you need to choose between them, I would definitely recommend Mama's first.

Planes Balloons, Trains, and Automobeels — Romancing Festival Limited Banner


Unit Summary

Indefatigable support unit.

Unit Analysis

Paean of Tranquility is 3 BP for a tiny heal to the party plus a medium defense boost. It's a defense boost, not a Guard Up, so it stacks with any other kind of defense increases you have. It's a single-turn defense boost, but it's 25% on top of a party-wide heal, so it's totally worth spamming if you don't have other, better things for Matriarch to do.
Saga Balloon Sanctuary is a [Fast] B-rank sun AoE for 8 BP. Its damage is not amazing, but it grants a large Attack Boost to the whole party for 3 turns. Since it's an Attack Boost, not a Morale Up, it stacks, so she can actually wind up increasing party damage output by quite a bit with her +2 BP/turn fueling an 8 BP cost skill.
Her third attack is an SSSS attack for 10 BP, which is kind of ridiculous for a character who can spam that every-other-turn. The problem is that Matriarch is such a strong support character that you're arguably not "winning" that exchange by spending her BP on damage instead of support stuff, especially if you also have a high-octane damage dealer like Silver or Liam dwarfing Matriarch's damage.
For a support character she's also tanky... as long as she's able to resist every hit she takes. Every resisted attack she takes 40% less damage from and has a 37% chance to avoid it in the first place. Every non-resisted attack... she takes full damage. So against enemies that only deal one or two types of damage, she's quite resilient. Against enemies that will fling 5+ damage types at you, you might find yourself taking more damage than you expected.


Paean of Peace. Just... just Paean of Peace. DEX/WIL/LOV/CHA buff for the whole party. 5 BP a pop. This Mama can spam it forever with no BP support. The WIL keeps your day from being ruined by status effects, the DEX helps Liam's damage, and the LOV/CHA buffs help party healers do their job better. Sure, it occupies all of her time, but it's doing a loooot of work, so it's worth it.
Available from the [Leading the People] style, now in the offbanner pool and available to be collected from the 3rd Anniversary Romancing Festival Exclusive SS Style Exchange with the ticket you received upon login. If you're pulling for this Matriarch style, I strongly recommend you use that ticket to pick up [Leading the People] as well for this inherit.


Unit Summary

Reasonable support character who becomes a great support character with inherits.

Unit Analysis

Tons of BP recovery potential. When she hits with an attack that hits a weakness, she gets +1 BP. When she hits with a Shadow attack, she gains +2 BP. So if she hits with a Shadow attack that lands a weakness, get gets 3 BP back.
The attack you're probably be going to do that with is -checks notes- Lightning of Darkness.
That can't be... really, Akatsuki? Really?
Sorry. So, yeah, Lightning of Darkness is 8 BP for S-rank Shadow/Lightning damage. That's expensive for an S-rank attack (although it's at the high end of S-rank, so you can think of it as a weak SS attack), but it hits two weaknesses, it debuffs all of the enemy's stats, and it inflicts an Attack Down on the enemy. So it's expensive because it's trying to cram a lot of stuff into one attack. The debuff is not going to be terribly useful because so many bosses will Defy Weakness at the first hint of stat debuffs, but on the rare occasion where that's not the case it can definitely be useful to debuff a bunch of stats at once. The attack down is small and only for 1 turn, so it's not amazing, but it's also noteworthy that it's not a Morale Down, so it will stack with Morale Down users.
Goby Spark is another overcosted attack, this time an AoE. Spark will clear all INT buffs on the targets in addition to debuffing their INT. That's actually a pretty big deal because it means she is really good at shutting down enemies that like to buff their INT, and enemies that love to buff their INT are some of the most problematic bosses. There's an inherit that's going to be better for this purpose in a lot of boss battles, but we're not quite to inherits, yet.
Like Matriarch, she's tanky against attacks that she resists. (She actually has the same ability - reduce resisted attacks and high chance to evade them.) Unlike Matriarch, she can stack more tankiness on top of that if you're flinging Lightning damage at the enemy, topping out at 40% mitigation if you hit with a lightning attack every single turn, healing herself with each of those as well. Oh, and if she's hitting a weakness, she'll tack a second tiny self-heal on as well. So if you're spamming Lightning of Darkness (-sigh-) and hitting a weakness with every attack, not only do you get the Attack Down effect and maybe some stat debuffs, but you're also ramping up to 64% mitigation (and 50% damage boosts) and double self-healing herself every turn.
And if you can spare the bonus BP, the bonus damage, and the bonus mitigation, she also has one of the most unique heals in the game. It's a 0 BP spell so it's BP positive on the turns she uses it despite forfeiting both of her BP ability procs that turn, but what's notable about it is that it grants the target a small Defense Up. Small Defense Up is only 5%, but it sticks for the rest of the battle, meaning Roc can dump her LP into Liam while he's dumping his LP to give him an extra 20% damage mitigation. And then she'll proceed to spam an Attack Down/stat debuff attack. Not bad, Roc. Not bad.


-deep breath- OK, cannons. You can do this.
This is Rocbouquet's 9th style. Most of those styles have at least one relevant inherit. Many of them have multiple spells worth looking at.
So let's start with GLEX Roc, currently in the offbanner pool. Psycho Boom is a shadow attack that debuffs the enemy's INT and WIL which chases with Euthanize, which is another shadow attack that debuffs INT. It's a lot of INT debuffing in a single turn, and if it happens to hit a weakness, it refunds 6 of its 12 BP cost. The majority of bosses in modern content will definitely Defy Weakness the next turn, but if you happen to find a boss that doesn't Defy, it ruins INT-based attacks.
After that we have Blooming Fireworks, which amplifies into an A-rank shadow/heat AoE for 10 BP which refunds BP to the party. It's random whether it refunds 1 BP or 2, so it's technically an unreliable BP battery, but since it always grants at least 1, it's still functionally a pretty good BP support spell. Roc gaining +2 BP guaranteed when she casts it (shadow damage) and maybe getting another +1 if it hits a weakness makes her one of the best BP battery units in the game.
Finally from GLEX Roc (yes, all three of the spells on that style are worth considering for inherits) you have Lightning Crash. Lightning Crash isn't really anything special — it's just a 0 BP Shadow/Lightning spell that can stun its target. But it's worth inheriting because it lets Roc sustain her Lightning attack buffs while she's spamming her main S2 attack down/debuff attack.
Jumping around to other styles we have Marine Ball from her previous limited style, which is a 5 BP AoE Morale Down attack. It's pure cold damage so it doesn't trigger either of her damage type bonuses, but it's a 3-turn Morale Down that she can potentially stack with her S2's Attack Down if you need more damage debuffing from her.
Dark Pulse from her previous Prefecture style is a 3 BP shadow/lightning AoE attack. Its damage is not considered good for that BP cost anymore, but she can spam it forever and be BP positive like with Lightning Crash but hitting an AoE instead of just a single target, in the event that you need that.
Enraged Squid from that style also happens to be the highest potential damage spell she has. It's 12 BP and it hits randomly between 3 and 5 times, so it's not a reliable nuke, but if you want to use her for damage, that's the spell to go with.
Soul Freeze from her A style (in the offbanner pool; you almost certainly have it if you've pulled on more than 3 limited banners in the last 6 months) amplifies into an A-rank shadow AoE for 9 BP, which is a pretty good cost for the damage it deals. On farms, she can use this on both turns 1 and 2 as long as she hits a weakness with it on turn 1, which winds up being a really good amount of AoE over two turns. It also has a chance to paralyze, although if you want paralyze and you don't need the AoE, Shadow Chains from that style would be better, with both a much cheaper cost (2 BP) and a higher innate chance to paralyze.
Also from A Roc (yeah, another style where all three spells matter) you have Drain Life. Drain Life amplifies into a 4 BP B-rank shadow attack that comes attached with a Small self-heal. The self-heal sizing in this game is not helpfully categorized, and Small self-heal tends to equate to about 900-1200 heals, depending on formation and buffs, making it a spammable attack that is very good at keeping her HP topped up.
Moving on to her SaGa the Stage style, we have Tri-Flower, a C-rank shadow AoE for 6 BP. Tri Flower's damage is utterly unimpressive, but it also buffs the party's WIL, and this style can cast it a whooooole lot with its +2 BP on shadow hit, which is a very compelling option to have for a unit that can dispense Defense Ups.
Her Platinum SS style has Water of Life, which is not going to compare favorably to Graceful Cup in most situations, but it can remove stat debuffs, and in some situations that may be more important than the Defense Up.
Also from the Platinum style is Energy Storm. Energy Storm amps into an 8 BP B-rank shadow AoE. Soul Freeze+ is better damage for only slightly more BP, so on 2-round AoE farms, you would want to use Soul Freeze. On 3-round farms, however, Roc can use Energy Storm on all three rounds as long as she hits a weakness on turn 1 and turn 2. B-rank damage is not always going to clear a round on its own, but being able to cast it back-to-back-to-back is still damn handy.
OK! Final style! We're almost there, cannons!
Last but not least is her S style from the very first Tower event the game released. Lightning from that style amplifies into a 0 BP lightning attack, similar to Lightning Crash from GLEX Roc. Triggering just the lightning portion of her Goby Hook Switch ability is obviously worse than trigger both portions, but it's better than triggering none of them which is what her staff bonk would do. If you don't have Lightning Crash, consider Lightning+ as a filler spell for those turns where she needs to recharge BP - it sustains the DEF boost and it gives her a little more bonus heals.
But Lightning+ isn't the spell we really care about, here. The spell we really care about here is Dark Wash. Dark Wash amplifies into a 10 BP SSS-rank shadow attack, which is already a compelling option over the abysmally-named Lightning of Darkness. But above-and-beyond that, Dark Wash+ removes all stat buffs on its target — not just their INT buffs like Goby Spark does. Getting that buff break function out of a cheaper spell and for all stats is a pretty big deal, and since this is from a tower style, every player has access to it. She has a highly awkward BP rotation using it, so it's not accurate to say she can use it every-other-turn or every-three-turns, but she can use it frequently enough that she can keep even bosses that have pretty aggressive stat buffing in check fairly well.


Unit Summary

Overdrive damage enabler made far better with an inherit from her last style.

Unit Analysis

Macha with no inherits is kinda meh, honestly. She can theoretically get a lot of BP going between her innate +1 BP/turn and her S1's 25% chance to grant her +4 BP on cast. And she has a ~40% chance to chase every attack with Crimson Flare+, which is a pretty hefty chase attack backed up by her 65% damage boosts. But where she falls down is what she can spend that BP on.
Flame Bash and Saga Magical Train are both AoE attacks. Neither one is especially impressive damage-wise, but they both have decent rider effects. Flame Bash will buff Macha's INT (before attacking, so she gets the buff before damage is dealt) and Magical Train inflicts Sundered on the the targets for 2 turns. Sundered makes the enemy take more damage with each attack they take that turn, meaning if you have Liam and Silver on-deck, they wind up taking a ton of damage just from the chase attacks.
Macha benefits strongly from getting more Overdrive turns, both because inflicting Sundered first thing in the turn helps maximize the damage you get out of it and also because she chases Overdrive attacks with Crimson Sunflare, getting a free trigger on the Sundered effect.
Unfortunately, Macha's only innate defenses and a good chunk of her damage modifiers come from an automatic Morale Up and Guard Up she gets every turn, which do not stack with other Morale Up or Guard Ups. That gives her poor synergy with styles like Music Fest Goddess who grant the party Guard Ups, or Riki who grants the party Morale Ups, or Summer Fatima who does both. And since Macha is only helping to deal more damage, that failure to stack with other Morale Ups/Guard Ups does actually hinder her compared to other characters like Urpina who have innate defenses that do stack with Guard Ups and can dish out a decent amount of damage on their own whilst also helping to squeeze more damage out of their teammates.


Divine Tree from her Lunar New Year style helps solve the issue above where the only thing Macha does is damage. Divine Tree is two hits of C-rank blunt/pierce damage which recovers the party's HP on each hit. Divine Tree is actually a decent attack in its own right, and with Macha's +BP tools you can use it frequently enough that it becomes the most heals-per-turn any character can muster without specific kinds of cooperation from the enemy. Of course, you don't wind up using it every turn, which can sometimes be a drawback (you may need the heal on a turn when her BP isn't ready), but on average it winds up being a very, very good healing tool.

Beef... it's what's defeating the enemies — Romancing Festival Limited Banner

Polka Lynn Wood

Unit Summary

Polka is a tank who can get in some counter hits, heal up his teammates, and dispense big hits that come attached to big attack boosts for the party.

Unit Analysis

First is Hearty Steak. Polka sizzles up a decent heal for a teammate and the charbroiled flavor continues to grant them an end-of-turn tiny heal for the next 5 turns. Whenever Polka uses it, he also grants himself that same 5 turns of end-of-turn heal. So it winds up being a good amount of healing for the LP, actually.
Second is Rising Kuroge Wagyu. Polka throws a whole-ass cow at the enemy for SSS-rank heat damage and the... smell...? grants the party a very large attack boost for the rest of the turn. Thankfully, it has [Fast] priority, so it's going to be rare for the attack boost to go to waste. Polka's damage is decent enough on his own, I suppose, but the attack boost for the party is still going to be the meat of the skill, here.
Third is his ability Skills of a Chef. Skills of a Chef is a solid damage mitigation ability plus Flame Ward (polka takes no heat damage and counters all direct attacks with a little heat attack) plus Overdrive chaser. What's the Overdrive chaser? It's Rising Kuroge Wagyu!
-presses hand to ear- I'm sorry, I've been informed that it's not an Overdrive chaser, it's an Overdrive counter. So on Overdrive turns, every time Polka gets hit, he drops a big heat attack on the enemy and he boosts the party's damage some more. If you have characters using big Delay attacks or you just expect Polka to get hit a lot that turn, that attack boost adds up for serious damage.
The longer the fight goes on the tougher Polka gets, so after 5 turns he's pretty tanky (nearly 60% mitigation) and has both reliable self-heal-on-hit and on-demand heal/turn. So he can take those direct attacks like a champ.


Still Blade Phoenix is the big one, giving Polka a 9 BP SSS slash/heat delay attack that drops a decent-sized heal on the party. This Polka is slightly tankier than Robin Polka (the style that has that skill), has better BP rotation, and has slightly better self-heal potential, but winds up dealing less damage if the enemy is dishing out lots of direct attacks. (No stacking buff-on-hit and a weaker counterattack.) Your call, there.
If party-wide heals aren't your concern, there's also Back Detonation, an 8 BP SS heat attack that has a medium(!) self-heal. Medium self-heal is substantial enough that it can actually overheal with enough CHA buffs in play. And at the lower BP cost than Still Blade, Polka can use it more often, just straight face-tanking for the team.

Liz Lynn Wood

Unit Summary

Combination WIL buffer and counter defense booster. It's... yeah, it's weird, just read further.

Unit Analysis

OK, so Liz parallels Polka significantly. Where Polka has decent damage and slowly stacks up defense, Liz starts with solid defenses and slowly stacks up damage. Where Polka counters with an attack boost on overdrive turns, Liz counters with a defense boost. Where Polka has heals for the party and self-heals, Liz has WIL buffs for the party and self-heals. Where Polka ignores heat damage, Liz ignores cold damage.
The main difference between the two is that Polka is going to want to save his BP for the big attack + attack boost, where Liz is more likely to want to spam Aqua Bash+, the WIL buff. Aqua Bash is actually a decent attack (B-rank column cold damage for 4 BP) and has the highest Overdrive gain of any skill in the game (restores 25% of the gauge on hit), making her very good at cycling her Overdrive meter back to full. When she overdrive counters with Karatsu Water Wall, she grants a huge defense boost to the party, meaning in situations where you can focus a lot of direct attacks onto Liz, she can wind up absolutely flooring the damage the party takes on her Overdrive turns. And with support from Emelia and Thyme, you can make sure those overdrive turns happen pretty dang frequently.
Honestly, the spammable WIL buff on its own is a pretty sweet deal, but in battles where direct attacks are flying every which way? Yeah, Liz will put in work.


Droplet from her last all-mage style is a spot heal that grants the target Guard Up. Great for helping someone survive a turn when Liz doesn't have Overdrive built up yet.
Twin Arrows from her A style (story reward from Polka's story) amplifies into an attack that grants her two tiny self-heals on hit for 3 BP. Great for helping top Liz's health back up between Overdrive turns.


Unit Summary

Supportish unit who gets to be super tanky for 10 total turns per battle.

Unit Analysis

When Jo's Overdrive gauge isn't full, she has 55% damage mitigation and 20% damage modifiers. When it is full, she has 30% damage mitigation and 45% damage modifiers.
On her overdrive turns, you will want to use Glacial Ray, a 10 BP SSS cold/sun attack with delay. Glacial Ray can only be used 5 times per battle (it's an arbitrary limit; think of it as costing 1 LP but you get to keep the LP for KO purposes), but it causes Jo to ignore all damage for 2 turns. With 55% damage mitigation on turns outside of that window, I don't think I need to explain how good that makes Jo at not getting KO'd.
OK, so she's tough to KO. That's great. What else she do? Well..... not a ton, actually. Glacial Ray is by far her best attack, the other two being E-rank damage and a B-Rank AoE. Fresh Squid (the E-rank attack) includes a self-heal, which is great, but again, it's not bringing much damage to the table. And Ice & Fire Giant Squid, the AoE, is fine damage-wise, and it even includes a Medium Morale Down for 2 turns to help keep damage input low for the rest of the team, but it's 8 BP, so you won't be spamming it.
Now, in fairness, Jo does get +2 BP/turn, so it's not at all difficult to rotate Hot/Cold Squid or to be ready with 10 BP for Glacial Ray on overdrive turns. But if you don't need the AoE component of the Morale Down, she also offers less damage than Aisha does with Earth Thrust, which also maintains a Morale Down.
Now "extremely sturdy + maintains Morale Down" is still a very good deal, don't get me wrong. There's definitely going to be battles where Jo is going to be better to bring than Aisha. But it's also not breaking new ground.


Lots, but I'm going to focus on two.
Sunshower from her S style (a GLEX style that was awarded during an event I no longer recall; probably going to be avaialble as a drop at some point this month) is a 4 BP cold/sun AoE attack that grants the party a tiny heal. This is actually BP-positive on this style, since she gets +2 BP/turn automatically, allowing Jo to spam that heal until it's time to drop Glacial Ray. Or if you need the Morale Down more, you can have Sunshower in your back pocket to spend a little excess BP on to help keep the party topped up while you're rotating Hot/Cold Squid.
The other is Sparkling Ice from Robingal. Sparkling Ice deals SSS cold/sun damage, chases with SSS heat/sun damage, and then paralyzes Jo for 3 turns. This is not the highest-damage Jo to utilize this spell, but she is the only Jo style that can use it every-other-turn should you have someone who can cleanse the paralyze.
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2023.06.02 07:00 Ambitious-Tank4183 Issues with air pressure switch/relay buzzing (please help!)

If anyone here is experienced with Viair pressure switch relays, I would appreciate your input on what might be causing this.
These are both NEW and the issue persisted from the old to the new one recently replaced. The battery that runs it tested out good.
Had the new ones wired in, however, the intermittent buzzing sound remained on the same side (sensor closest to battery, which has the more complex wiring).
I’ve recorded a few videos of it. Can you please take a look and see if you have any input as to the cause? The old sensors were indeed broken because they just stopped activating altogether, but the buzzing carried over to the new one.
My main question: Does this seem like a wiring issue or an issue with the pressure switch itself?
Here are the videos going over what seems to be happening:
Part 1 is normal operation when there is air loss:
Part 2 is what seems to be the main issue. When the master switch gets turned off and the tank deflated, it will not activate correctly:
Part 3 is when the tank is definitely low on air, but it yet won't activate:
Part 4 was surprising to me, because once it eventually does come on, it will run totally fine until full, even if I turn the master switch on/off mid operation:
Your help is much appreciated!
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2023.06.02 06:31 LayLowGaming [US-CA] [H] 50g GPX White Hotswap [W] Paypal

Selling my 50g GPX White with Hotswap PCB
List of mods: (all mods where done by me)
  1. Hotswap PCB
  2. TTC Gold M1 & M2
  3. 100 mAh Battery (the mouse holds charge for 2-5 days depending on use)
  4. Weight Reduced to 50g on my scale
  5. White Scroll Wheel Mod
  6. Magnetic Charging
  7. Reduced Pre-travel in M1 & M2
As shown on Timestamp, The original cable on the USB-A side does have a tear from the way it was positioned. In my use, it has not affected the cable and you can use any Micro USB cable to replace it or simply plug the dongle directly into the PC. I am the original owner of the mouse.
Looking for $110 Shipped
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2023.06.02 06:01 k_thed 2017 Ford Explorer Sunroof Issue

I asked over at fordexplorer, but thought I would check here as well. I’ll preface by saying I’m not a mechanical novice and I’m definitely not afraid to remedy a problem on my own. I’m not a huge fan of our local Ford dealer, and after researching this topic, I felt confident I could fix this on my own. Now I’m stumped.
Last week, my wife's 2017 Explorer sunroof got stuck open unexpectedly while she was at lunch one day. I didn't realize that was a common issue on these Explorers because we've literally never had a problem with it at all and it gave no indication or symptoms of failure. She got about halfway home and tried the button again and it closed flawlessly. I started researching and realized this issue is more common than I realized (which was a relief because I was thinking the worst with a broken track or something along those lines). So I ordered a replacement motor (Motorcraft brand) from RockAuto and received it. Pulled everything apart to swap it out and realized I had gotten the wrong motor. Ordered the correct one and it arrived today so I went back to put everything back together this evening. Got the new motor installed and attempted the reprogram procedure for it- this is where I ran into problems. Doing the door open, ignition on, then off, then back on, pressing the tilt button and releasing then pressing and holding again. Both times when I press the button the glass moves backwards about 1/2" and stops. When I release and press and hold it, does the same thing. I've tried every combination I can think of, but it will only move back. Now, it's standing completely open and can't go back any further. If I let it sit with the ignition on for like 10 seconds and press the buttons, I can hear the motor click, but it won't do anything else. Luckily we have a garage so the car is covered but I can't find anywhere showing this as being a problem with the relearn procedure. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the new motor and starting over, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery on the car and starting the procedure over. Nothing works. So now the sunroof is wide open again, and I don't exactly know what to do now aside from tucking my tail and scheduling an appointment with my local dealer to see if they can resolve the issue which I'm afraid will result in them telling me this new motor is bad and needs to be replaced again or some nonsense. (Mind you, I called them to price a motor before I ordered one online and they told me that same Motorcraft glass motor was $485. It was $135 from RockAuto and it arrived in a Motorcraft labeled box with Motorcraft stickers on it.)
Any advice or help would be appreciated!
UPDATE: took the new motor out and swapped back in the old motor to see what would happen. When I initialize the learning procedure, it's wants to try and tilt the glass up even though it's in the fully open position. It's like it's binding up and wanting to tilt up and slide forward at the same time. I have no clue what I've done here. I don't know why it would only slide backwards when I tried to initialize the new motor and now it's like it's stuck and can't figure out what to do. What a pain in the ass. I've had countless vehicles with sunroofs and never had a single issue. I guess I was long overdue.
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2023.06.02 05:50 LAYCH88 Tire Review for Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 vs OEM Conti SportsContact 6, Performance DM

Just wanted to share my experience, since I had great difficulty with finding information on this tire specific to replacement on a P2 with Performance Pack.
TLDR: The Michelin Pilot Sport AS 4's are a very capable tire for replacing the Conti SC6. There is minimal loss in range, it handles well, and there is no noticeable increase in noise.
Background: After hitting 20k miles, I started looking for a replacement tire for my Conti SC6's. After reading a lot of reviews, I had settled on the Crossclimate 2's, which seem like great tires except for potential 10-20% range loss. But I figured with 60k mile tread life, it was worth it in terms of longevity. Unfortunately, over a period of a month, I kept trying to place an order through my local Costco or online, and it was never available in the size needed. With one of my tires getting close to the second wear bar, I went ahead and ordered the Pilot Sport AS 4, after reading a lot of positive reviews on the Tesla Model 3 forum. The general consensus with the Tesla Model 3 was that the Pilot Sport AS 4 were a superior tire to their OEM tires and in most cases people either had minimal loss of range or 10% at worst.
Performance: The SC6's are UHP Summer Tires, so I could tell it definitely had an edge in dry handling. The PS AS4 are no slouch, but it does give a slightly mushy feel when pushed, and I don't feel quite as glued to the road. But it is still a very capable dry tire, and it can definitely be driven in a spirited fashion without fear of losing control. I'm sure on the track the SC6's are superior, but for daily driving, there is minimal difference. I haven't had a chance to drive in the rain or cold conditions, but theoretically the PS AS4 should handle quite well in those conditions, but I did read it is just average wet handling, but great at wet braking and resisting hydroplaning. Of course, in the light snow or winter cold conditions the PS AS4 will win hands down.
NVH: Ok, so I was concerned about the road noise since the Michelin has no foam, and some people say the tire is very loud. I would say it isn't actually louder or noisier, but it has a different tone to it when driven at speed. It's kind of like the sound of a hollow rubber tube rolling against the ground... yes that's right. At first it was jarring to notice, but I think it was just a sound that the Contis never made, so I've definitely become accustomed to it and I barely notice it now unless I really listen for it. I did notice when I rolled my windows down there was significant noise from the tire on the ground, but I almost always have my windows rolled up, so it isn't an issue for me. The ride quality is about the same, I would say just slightly more comfortable in the Michelins on small bumps, but still jarring over rough roads. I have my dampers set at 20s all around.
Range: This was definitely a big concern. I've never gotten very good efficiency, but I had reset my counter when the weather turned warmer. I changed out the Conti with about 3k on the tracker and I had efficiency of 34.7KWh/100Mi, which is about right for me. My best summer efficiency was 33 and Winter was 37. I reset it right after the tire change, and the first 100 miles I was getting 37 KWh/100Mi, which I was happy about, since that was less than a 10% reduction in range. I am about to hit 1k miles now, and I did take a 200 mile trip recently, my current counter is at 36.0 KWh/100Mi, which means we are talking like a 5% reduction in range. The weather has been mild, not summer heat yet, so it feels like there will not be much of any penalty to range. I do drive probably 80% of my miles Highway speeds, 70+ MPH, so for people who are more city streets, I do think these tires are probably not as efficient, since they don't have good rolling resistance ratings from what I've read. I did want to add, on the Tesla forum, people commented after a few thousand miles they saw the efficiency of the Michelins improve to match their OEM tires, with a few saying they got better efficiency. This wasn't universal, but quite a few people commented about it.
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2023.06.02 05:06 k_thed 2017 Sunroof Issues

I’m hoping someone can help me out here. Last week, my wife’s 2017 Explorer sunroof got stuck open unexpectedly while she was at lunch one day. I didn’t realize that was a common issue on these Explorers because we’ve literally never had a problem with it at all and it gave no indication or symptoms of failure.
She got about halfway home and tried the button again and it closed flawlessly. I started researching and realized this issue is more common than I realized (which was a relief because I was thinking the worst with a broken track or something along those lines).
So I ordered a replacement motor (Motorcraft brand) from RockAuto and received it. Pulled everything apart to swap it out and realized I had gotten the wrong motor. Ordered the correct one and it arrived today so I went back to put everything back together this evening. Got the new motor installed and attempted the reprogram procedure for it— this is where I ran into problems.
Doing the door open, ignition on, then off, then back on, pressing the tilt button and releasing then pressing and holding again. Both times when I press the button the glass moves backwards about 1/2” and stops. When I release and press and hold it, does the same thing. I’ve tried every combination I can think of, but it will only move back. Now, it’s standing completely open and can’t go back any further. If I let it sit with the ignition on for like 10 seconds and press the buttons, I can hear the motor click, but it won’t do anything else.
Luckily we have a garage so the car is covered but I can’t find anywhere showing this as being a problem with the relearn procedure. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the new motor and starting over, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery on the car and starting the procedure over. Nothing works. So now the sunroof is wide open again, and I don’t exactly know what to do now aside from tucking my tail and scheduling an appointment with my local dealer to see if they can resolve the issue which I’m afraid will result in them telling me this new motor is bad and needs to be replaced again or some nonsense. (Mind you, I called them to price a motor before I ordered one online and they told me that same Motorcraft glass motor was $485. It was $135 from RockAuto and it arrived in a Motorcraft labeled box with Motorcraft stickers on it.)
Any advice or help would be appreciated!
UPDATE: took the new motor out and swapped back in the old motor to see what would happen. When I initialize the learning procedure, it’s wants to try and tilt the glass up even though it’s in the fully open position. It’s like it’s binding up and wanting to tilt up and slide forward at the same time. I have no clue what I’ve done here. I don’t know why it would only slide backwards when I tried to initialize the new motor and now it’s like it’s stuck and can’t figure out what to do.
What a pain in the ass. I’ve had countless vehicles with sunroofs and never had a single issue. I guess I was long overdue.
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2023.06.02 04:45 Gameran Dexter Flux Presents: Sound-Off! - Part One

Previously unannounced press conference, May 31, 2023.

Cameras are rolling as the owner of Mann Corporation, Shay D. Mann, hair in a perfectly put-together part, adorned in a navy suit and white tie, steps forward to a podium, in front of a WiR backdrop, microphone in hand.
Mann: My name is Shay Duncan Mann. And I am the new owner and proprietor of Wrestling is Reddit. I can assure you that your beloved Allen Paisner will be returning in the future, however, he could not make tonight's show due to some…
Mann smirks.
Mann: Legal complications. But fear not, I’ll be taking his place in the booth tonight.
The crowd erupts with applause and cheers, eager to witness the rebirth of their beloved wrestling promotion, even without Paisner for the evening.
Mann: Tonight, we embark on an exhilarating journey, as WiR takes a bold leap forward. I stand before you not just as the owner, but as a “fan”—a fan who understands the passion and dedication that this community shares for the world of wrestling.
Mann tries to hide a grimace as he proclaims his “fandom”. The crowd anticipates Mann’s next move
Mann: For too long, WiR has been dormant, unable to proceed, some of the talent trapped in Europe with no way home. But this, is no more! Today, we resurrect the spirit of WiR, bringing it back to life with a bang! And what better way to open things up by “Sounding Off"! Presented by the one and only, Dexter Flux
The crowd gives an actual cheer with genuine enthusiasm at the mention of Flux, their sort of god-king.
Mann: "Sound Off" isn't just a name; it's a rallying cry! It's a call for all of you, the WiR faithful, to voice your opinions, to express your passion, and to join us in this incredible journey. This event will be a celebration of everything that makes WiR special—the wrestling, the community, and the shared experiences that bring us all together.
The press conference crowd, whose papering becomes increasingly obvious the more Mann talks, is enthusiastic, as they eagerly hang onto Shay D. Mann's every word, perhaps a little too eagerly.
Mann: Tonight, in this very ring, our talented roster will ignite your imagination, deliver jaw-dropping performances, and create moments that will be etched in your memories forever. Sound Off! will leave you on the edge of your seats, craving for more.
The crowd roars with the excitement of a hair dryer pop.
Mann: But this is not just a show; it's a community. Together, we'll embrace the highs and lows, the victories and defeats. We'll share our opinions, engage in spirited debates, and build something truly remarkable. WiR is your platform—your voice will be heard!
The crowd erupts once again, their cheers echoing through the arena, showcasing their dedication to WiR, or getting paid to be there
Mann: So, my friends, get ready to immerse yourselves in the magic of WiR once again. Open your hearts, open your minds, and let the exhilaration of "Sound Off" wash over you! Tonight, we begin a new era—one that will redefine the landscape of this sport. Welcome back to WiR, my friends. Because Wrestling… is Revived.
With a sly smile, Shay D. Mann raises his microphone high, signaling the start of the show, as things fade to a video of Dexter Flux. His face is slightly out of frame as the camera points to his chest and chin.
Flux: Hey, it’s me, Dexter Flux. Welcome, uh, welcome you know, back to wrestl- Ugh, sorry, something was like, in my throat. Wrestling is Reddit. Welcome back to Wrestling is Reddit. This is House Party.

Knott's Berry Farm, June 1st, 2023.

With that rousing introduction, we now cut back to the day of, with a drone shot of the ring set up at Knott’s Berry Farm, fans on makeshift stands in the berry field, a parking lot and farmhouse off in the far distance, before [off brand royalty free music] begins to play!
Through the makeshift curtain, Tony “The Milkman” Stevens appears, wearing a pair of off-blue tights with cow white print, a single blue elbow pad on the left side, with a pair of gloved hands- in which, he holds a pristine white umbrella. The Milkman points his umbrella right down the lens of the camera…
Milkman: Good to be back, fellas, and good to see you, Mr. Cameraman! Been a while.
Mann: And here comes the Milkman, and a huge ovation from this crowd! But no Horde jacket with him!
Woodbridge: Or any jacket. But we’re in Anaheim, its hot out
Mann You’re right. But he did prepare for rain.
The Milkman hands off his umbrella to a fan at ringside, before sliding under the bottom rope, and ascending the left hard camera turnbuckle, firing up the crowd, before doing a backflip off the top rope, and into the ring!
The Camera cuts back to the entranceway, as the music changes, to Skillet
Jericho Styles appears on the ramp, adorned in an Allen Iverson Nuggets Jersey. He blows off a fan’s high five attempt, before sliding into the ring and taking a position opposite of Stevens.
Babaganoush: WiR fans… welcome to Anaheim California, the beautiful Knotts Berry Farm! Welcome! To Sound Off! Presented by Dexter Flux.
Crowd: W-I-R! W-I-R! W-I-R! W-I-R!
Banaganoush: Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. Introducing first, to my right… wrestling out San Jose California, weighing in at 217 pounds, Jericho… Styles!
Babaganoush: And his opponent, to my left. Weighing in at 208 pounds…
Crowd begins to rise
Babaganoush: Wrestling out of… Brooklyn, New York! Tony… “The Milkmaaannnnnnn” Stevens!
Crowd erupts into indiscriminate cheers
The Milkman and Styles circle each other as the bell rings, before Styles takes the initiative with a lock up attempt, which he quickly transitions to a rear waist lock. Milkman thinks on his feet, and grabs the arm of Styles lifting it above his head, and turning to break the lock, before using it to get behind Jericho, who uses his size advantage to overpower Stevens and apply a hammerlock, using the position to turn Stevens around, and take him down to the mat with an arm drag, maintaining control of the arm, which he quickly leverages into a pinfall…
Milkman gets his free shoulder up!
Crowd: Yay!
Woodbridge: JZ leveraging some technical skill here in the opening moments of this one, but can’t keep the Milkman down!
Mann: Only one count for Styles
Styles refuses to relinquish his grip on the arm, and as Stevens gets up, pushes him back into the corner before he can balance himself. Styles whips Stevens across the ring to the other corner, before charging in and being met with Milkman’s knee! Stevens capitalizes on his newly made opening by delivering a sharp kick to the chest of Styles, before whipping him against the ropes. Styles charges back, and tries to use his momentum to catch Stevens with a hip toss, but can only get Stevens a few inches of height off the ground before the Milkman lands on his feet, lifts and Styles up for an atomic drop, which forces him to let go of Stevens. With his arm now free, The Milkman plants himself, and delivers a [devastating lariat]. With what self-preservation he has left, Styles rolls to the outside, and onto the grass.
Woodbridge: And The Milkman just leveled Styles with that lariat!
Mann: Not something we’re quite used to seeing from Stevens, some hard strikes early in this one that really seemed to throw Styles off his game.
Styles pulls himself up by the barricade, to the direct ire of front-row fans who continue to heckle him. Back in the ring, Stevens throws himself off the far-end ropes, charges in for a dive… before Styles ducks down to avoid being hit. Stevens doesn’t change speed, and instead, throws himself between the ropes for a 6-1-9 that hits nothing but air, launching himself back into the ring, and landing on his feet. After this feat of dexterity, and with Styles on the ground outside, The Milkman takes a bow for his efforts.
Four dues in front of the hard cam: WE LOVE MILK! WE LOVE MILK!
At a count of eight, Styles, returns to the ring, and the two wrestlers square off again. Styles gets the better of the two on the lockup, delivering a stomp to Stevens’ foot, before kneeling him in the stomach. Styles lifts Stevens up for a suplex, but Stevens shifts his weight and lands on his feet behind him! The Milkman attempts a German suplex, but Styles throws a firm elbow to the jaw and repositions behind Stevens for a German attempt of his own. Stevens gives Styles a receipt with a firm, calcium-hardened elbow of his own, before bounding over to the ropes, and attempting a lionsault to a standing Styles! Styles catches him, but Stevens slips free, pushes Styles into the corner, and he takes a chest-first bump. Stevens harnesses his agility once more to get into poison-rana position on the shoulders of Styles, but Styles uses one arm to flip Milkman off balance and send him tumbling to the ground. Quickly, Stevens attempts to transition to a sunset flip but has to abandon ship as Styles tries to poke him in the eyes, jamming his finger into the canvas as a result. Stevens uses the moment to leap up to Bret’s rope, turn around, and deliver a dropkick to Styles! Stevens then rolls to the apron, and pumps up the crowd with a wave of his hand…
Guy already 4 cheap beers in: I hate this Styles guy!
…and delivers another springboard dropkick, this one from the top rope! Stevens flexes for the crowd, before rolling into a cover…
Styles gets a shoulder up!
Mann: Does The Milkman seem a bit different to you, Woodbridge?
Woodbridge: Milkman definitely wants to show off early, he looks like he hasn’t lost a step!
Mann: Maybe even gained one, and it almost feels like he’s being a bit disrespectful of his opponent, don’t you think?
Woodbridge: And what are you insinuating?
Mann: Well, maybe performing in front of a WiR crowd again has him a little more amped than usual! Trying a lot of those high-risk maneuvers early- we’re only a few minutes into this one, folks!
After the Kickout, Stevens signals to the cheering crowd, runs off the ropes, and attempts a wheelbarrow bulldog, but as he pushes himself up, Styles swivels his hips, and Stevens face plants into the mat.
Mann: And Stevens’ showing off cost him there!
Styles knees Stevens in the stomach, before putting his head between the legs, and sets up for the Styles Clash! He can’t lock in Milkman’s arms, and Stevens uses them to push off the mat to sit up above Jericho! Stevens tries throwing a punch at Jericho’s head, but he pivots his plan, and adjusts to deliver a powerbomb! As he releases, Stevens adjusts his body and manages to mitigate some of the damage by landing awkwardly on the back foot, stumbling back into the ropes.
Mann: If Styles hit that, it could have spelled an early end for Stevens!
Stevens pulls himself back to his feet using the ropes and charges back in with a clothesline attempt, but Styles sees it coming, grabs the arm and uses it to shift the momentum, and lifts Stevens for a tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker!
Mann: And Styles seems to be in control here.
Woodbridge: Stevens took some early momentum, but Styles has had a counter for everything Stevens has thrown at him.
Styles pulls Stevens up to his feet by the hair, before casually flipping one of Stevens’ arms over his shoulder for a uranage position before holding his arms out to the crowd!
Styles smirks at the boos incoming, and throws Stevens with a t-bone suplex. Once Stevens is planted, Styles stomps the stomach to force him to sit up, before stretching the arms behind for a surfboard stretch!
Styles: I’m a technical wrestler now, assholes!
Mann: Styles slowing things down here, grounding the Milkman
Woodbridge: Not a bad strategy, we saw how The Milkman was in control with a faster pace!
One guy holding up a sign with Goku: WE-LOVE-GOKU! WE-LOVE-GOKU!
Everyone else in the crowd is deafeningly silent
Styles breaks his hold and approaches the hard camera ropes to yell at the fan more
Styles: Dragon Ball is overrated trash!
Styles kicks Stevens back to the mat
Styles That one was for you, fucking weeb!
As Stevens once again rises to his feet, Styles punches him and he falls back to the mat, just for Styles to pick him back up, and line up against the ropes, for an irish whip. As Stevens returns to sender, Styles throws him straight up in the air… and football punts him in the chest on the way down!
Styles: Hey weeb guy! This one’s for you too! I saw a Japanese dude do it once!
Styles lifts Stevens up, sets him up with the arms behind the back… and delivers a slow, sloppy [tiger driver], before placing a single foot on the chest, and flexing
Woodbridge: Well, he didn’t quite get all of it.
Styles takes time to put Stevens in a Camel Clutch.
Mann: And it seems Styles didn’t want to get left out of showing off!
Woodbridge: Well, he certainly nailed Milkman with that kick, but the Tiger Driver left a lot to be desired.
Mann: Styles seems to have control of this match when it’s slowed down, wearing Stevens with this technical wrestling prowess.
Woodbridge, reaching under the desk for a paper bag: Everyone wants to be a hero in front of the first crowd in two years
Styles releases Stevens from the hold by battering him in the back of the head with a forearm, picking him up by the scruff, and bouncing him off the ropes for an Irish whip and hitting him with the kitchen sink! But Stevens wastes no motion, and grabs the leg, turning Styles over for a rollup!
Woodbridge: He almost got him with that rollup! From out of nowhere!
The Milkman tries to capitalize, but Styles returns the favor with a boot to the stomach.
Styles: I’ll show you to make a damn fool out of me!
Styles hoists Stevens up for a vertical suplex, before taking two steps and chucking him across the top rope! The Milkman bounces off the top rope, makes a deflating noise as the air is forced out of his lungs, and flops down to the floor outside!
Mann: Styles with some kind of inverted lawn-dart maneuver! Woodbridge, do you know what that’s called?
Woodbridge: Nope.
Styles: Come on, milk boy, you have anything else for me?
Stevens crawls back into the ring, holding onto his ribs, before Styles once again kicks him in the stomach, and applies a chin lock in the ring.
Mann: Styles has found his target! If Stevens can’t breathe, he can’t fight!
Woodbridge: The young Styles showing some veteran instinct here, Mann, if Stevens has the wind knocked out of him, he can’t perform those high-flying moves he was nailing Styles with earlier!
Styles turns to the side, and locks Milkman in a body scissors, using his legs to apply pressure to the ribcage. Stevens tries to use his free legs to push both men closer to the ropes, but can only move them a few feet. Stevens smacks the mat with his free hand, and a guy in the crowd does it to the barricade. Stevens smacks the mat again, and a few more fans join in.
Crowd Smacking the barricade
Stevens pushes towards the ropes again, making more progress. Styles sees this, and releases the hold, grabbing Stevens by the hair with one hand, tights in the other, and pulling him up to his feet.
Styles: You want the ropes so bad, here, have them!
Styles runs over to the ropes with the Milkman, and hurls him between the middle and top rope, dumping him to the outside where he lands with a noticeable thud. Styles follows him to the outside, taking his time to savor the boos of the crowd, before delivering a knee to a rising Milkman, and lifting him for a vertical suplex on the grass! Styles rolls into the ring… and back out again to break the count. Despite the present beating, Stevens once again pulls himself to his feet.
And Styles knees him in the ribs.
Styles rolls Stevens back into the ring before taking a moment to confront the drunk fan who jeered him earlier. After his verbal exchange, Styles delivers a scoop slam to Stevens to keep him down, and the pressure on the body, before sliding into a cover.
Mann: Forcing Stevens to exert more energy there on the kick out, after continuing his assault on the ribs. A very solid strategy by Styles in this one.
Styles picks The Milkman up once more and prepares another vertical suplex, but the Milkman slips free! Stevens lands behind Styles, hooks his arms, and goes for a crucifix pin!
Styles barely escapes! The Milkman wastes no motion as Styles rises back to his feet, bouncing off the hard camera ropes, and forcing Styles to drop back to the mat to avoid a strike. Stevens bounces off the opposite end, and Styles barely avoids him once more, this time with a slide-step that sees him almost lose his balance. Styles tries to save his momentum by charging at Stevens as he bounces off the ropes a third time, but Stevens pulls down the top rope, sending Styles to the apron! Stevens kicks Styles in the knee, before going through the middle rope to meet Styles on the apron. Styles tries to sweep out the leg of the Milkman, knocking himself down to one knee on the attempt, but Stevens jumps over it, and catches Styles with a Calcium Kiss Superkick that sends Styles to the grass below!
With his foe grounded, Stevens looks to the crowd, positions himself in the middle of the ring, and before Styles can discover where he is, Stevens takes flight, springboarding off the middle rope with an Asai Milksault! On the landing, Stevens’ left knee awkwardly hits the uneven yard, and he visibly grimaces before falling backward.
Mann: And both men are down after that! Stevens with a ferocious comeback attempt, but he may have hurt himself!
Woodbridge: Someone hasn’t been taking care of their lawn.
Stevens hears the air exit the crowd, and pulls himself up, giving them a reassuring thumbs up, before using the leg he landed on to kick Styles in the back of his knee, before throwing him back into the ring. Stevens puts one leg into the ring through the middle rope, before looking into the crowd- and deciding to ascend the turnbuckles instead! The Milkman leaps, and delivers a diving hurricanrana! As Styles tries to roll to the ropes, Stevens uses their good leg to stomp on his chest, before pulling him back to the middle of the ring, and hitting a Standing Milksault! Stevens maintains the cover!
Styles gets a shoulder up!
Woodbridge: And Stevens throwing everything into this assault on Styles, but it still wasn’t enough to put him down!
Crowd: Let’s Go Milk-man! Let’s Go Milk-man!
Stevens picks Styles up, and lifts him onto his shoulders…
Woodbridge: He’s going for the Milky Way!
…But the injured knee can’t hold up the weight, and both men crash to the mat.
Entrance Music begins to play as a small, skinny wrestler in a leather jacket waltzes towards the two downed competitors
Mann: And that’s Raven Van Loupe! Van Loupe is here at Sound Off!
Woodbridge: These two formed an alliance last time we saw them! But will it hold after the time off?
Van Loupe enters the ring, despite the protests of WiR official Tai Ni Wong, and glances at the pair as both try to pull themselves up, Stevens using the ropes, Styles on his own. Van Loupe looks back and forth… before kicking Stevens in the injured knee!
Babaganoush: And here is your winner…
Van Loupe helps Styles to his feet, and the pair begin to lay the boots on Stevens.
Babaganoush: By disqualification as a result of interference, and striking a WiR official…
Styles takes the knee of the downed Milkman, and lifts it above his head, before thrashing it against the canvas.
Babaganoush: At a time of…
Van Loupe has Styles lift Stevens by the hair once more, before she runs to the ropes, jumps off the second rope, and Styles pushes The Milkman into the cutter.
Babaganoush: Ten minutes and twenty-three seconds…
Styles and Van Loupe stand over Stevens, and Styles prepares to deliver the finishing blow as he signals to the crowd that he is looking for the Styles Clash!
Banaganoush: Tony “The Milkmannnnnn” Stevens!!!!!!
Van Loupe: Are you done?
Van Loupe gives Styles a thumbs up, but as he goes to finish off Stevens, a mighty howl plays over the speakers as a short, scruffy man runs to the ring.
Woodbridge: That’s The Werewolf!
Mann Johnny, A Werewolf, is here! And he’s rushing to the ring!
Styles lets Stevens flop back down to the mat, holding his knee, and turns to face the incoming Werewolf as he slides under the ropes and into the ring. Styles steps before Vna Loupe to intercept, but the fresh Werewolf knocks him off his feet with The Pounce. The Werewolf comes face to face with Van Loupe in the center of the ring!
Mann: Pandemonium has broken out in the first match of Sound Off! And the fans are loving it!
Crowd: WE LOVE WERE-WOLF! clap clap clap clap clap WE LOVE WERE-WOLF!
Woodbridge: The Pack Wolf and the Werewolf facing off in the center of the ring!
Mann: And these two have unfinished business! The Lifeblood exists because they took issue with being left behind for signings like Werewolf!
Johnny feints left, before throwing a right jab! The Werewolf unleashes Pack Tactics on Van Loupe! As he stops throwing punches, and signals for another pounce, Styles kips up, and levels the werewolf with a lariat!
Van Loupe and Styles begin to wear down the Werewolf, delivering blow after blow to Johnny as the boos rain from the crowd. Van Loupe delivers a stomp to the knee of The Milkman to keep him down before they and Jericho set up to finish off styles…
When an Italian Flag appears on the video screen, and an absolute guido of an Italian-American, hair dripping with greaseslowly walks out from behind the curtain, wearing a Shohei Ohtani jersey!
…A Shohei Ohtani… New York Mets jersey.
Mann: That’s The Apex! Arturo Stiglione! Stiglione is in the yard!
Stiglione slowly scopes out the scene on his way to the ring, seeing the downed Milkman on the left of the ring, the downed werewolf on the right, and the standing Lifeblood members in the middle. He slowly ascends the stairs and stands across from Van Loupe and Styles.
Wodbridge: And The Apex, not a fan of Johnny, a very terse relationship between these two.
Apex: Hell ova job ya done hea’
Van Loupe: If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stand aside, and maybe we won’t hurt you.
Apex: Dont’cha mind me, just monitoring the situation.
Styles pulls Van Loupe aside, and the two have an impromptu conference, before nodding along, and continuing their attack on Werewolf.
With The Lifeblood’s backs turned Styles looks down at his fist. He looks down at the blue and orange he’s adorned in, and loosens up his arm. He points to the back of Styles, who senses the crowd rising, and turns around… to be met with a spinning backfist!!
Mann: Styles has made his choice! And he chooses to stand against The Lifeblood!
Van Loupe hears his body hit the canvas, and turns around, to be met with the sight of a downed Styles! The Apex takes off his Mets jersey… to reveal an Angels jersey! The Werewolf is back on his feet, and he and the Apex come face to face! Van Loupe rises back up at the wrong time, as the two share a nod, and deliver a double clothesline! Seeing the situation turn against him, Styles slinks to the outside, and grabs a chair from under the ring, before sneaking back in behind the Werewolf and Apex, who have turned to the hard camera. Styles raises the chair to strike…
...And gets blasted by a Calcium Kiss from The Milkman!
The three faces are all back on their feet in the middle of the ring, standing tall! As the three begin to celebrate…
“It’s a Psychobilly Freakout!
Mann: That’s the music of Mason Saunders! But where is he?
Saunders’ music plays, but the entranceway remains empty.
Woodbridge: He’s behind us, Mann! He just jumped the barricade!
Mann: But he’s outnumbered, Woodbridge, both his allies are down!
Undeterred by the numbers disadvantage, Saunders slides behind the faces, and as they recognize the trap, Saunders is already in the ring! The Werewolf approaches first and throws a jab that almost seems to bounce off the chin of Saunders. Saunders simply stares, and when the Werewolf tries a second one, Saunders swipes it aside with a tree trunk arm, before launching into action and dropping the Werewolf with a right hook, which catches the Werewolf cleanly on the jaw, who slumps backward onto the canvas. The Milkman tries to charge to his aid, but Saunders delivers a pump kick to put him back on the canvas. The Apex tries to make a move while Saunders’ back is turned facing Stevens, but he fails to do any damage and is swiftly thrown aside. Saunders drops the Milkman again, before turning around to face Apex… who turns around, and flees the ring as fast as possible!
Mann: And Stiglione, getting out of dodge as soon as he can!
Woodbridge: And turning tail and running, Stiglione is out of here!
As Stiglione flees up the entranceway, the rest of the Lifeblood begins to pick themselves up. Saunders puts the Werewolf pack down on the canvas with a scoop powerslam, and boots him out of the ring. The Lifeblood stand united, and face the hard camera, Stiglione and Werewolf removed, and the Milkman down on the opposite end of the ring. JZ ascends to the second rope of the left turnbuckle, Van Loupe to the right, and the three all pose for the hard camera!
Mann: And the Lifeblood, although not victorious in the match, is victorious here in the aftermath!
Woodbridge: But wait, The Milkman is trying to get back up!
Mann: Stevens of course, left for the picking, as other members of The Horde are all the way on the other side of the Farm preparing for their match later!
Stevens struggles to pull himself up to his feet, knee buckling under him. Saunders perks up, and stops his pose. Stevens staggers to his feet, and before he can get very far, Saunders turns, and with blinding speed nails Stevens with a disgusting lariat that nearly takes his head off!
Woodbridge: And the Milk has gone spoiled.
The Lifeblood circle the downed Milkman like vultures, and Van Loupe drops to one knee, and picks up the Milkman’s head by the hair! JZ gets down as well, and the two strike a pose, with Milkman’s body as the centerpiece!
Mann: A statement made, by the Lifeblood
Woodbridge: To me, Mann, it looks like the statement was made by Saunders, Van Loupe, and JZ just picked up the scraps!
Van Loupe, holding up Milkman to the Camera victoriously: Take a look, WiR, this is the future! We are the Lifeblood of this company, and don’t forget that!
The camera pans out to JZ and Van Loupe celebrating over Milkman’s body, while Saunders stares from behind, before fading out to a commercial break.
Javier: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, with a 20 minute time limit. Your referee for this contest is Mia So Hung. Introducing first, from Montreal, Canada, weighing in at 119 pounds...... GIGI♥ V!
A significantly smaller but incredibly loud section of the crowd: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Music begins to swell in the background, and the crowd continues their jeering (and occasional unbridled simping) until Gigi steps out, running her hands down her body to the lewd Ashnikko verse.
Mann: Gigi here, surrounded by her legion of fans, who are then surrounded by a legion of people who absolutely despise her. As it should be here in WiR.
Gigi saunters to the ring, taking vaguely suggestive selfies with her ravenous fans on the front row, and generally seeming uncaring about the forthcoming match.
Woodbridge: And given her successes recently, it’s gonna be easy to overlook a competitor like Li Xiao, which very easily could prove fatal.
Gigi steps into the ring, as Javier starts his announcing again.
Javier: And her opponent, from Hong Kong, weighing in at 105 pounds... LI XIAO!!!
A unfamiliar metal song blasts out from the speakers, and a rather familiar hyperactive martial artist bounces out from behind the curtain!
Xiao charges down the ramp with a head of steam, hyped and ready to fight.
Mann: Xiao has some of the most devastating offense in this company, and if she’s able to keep momentum, it could very well shatter Gigi’s plans of making a statement here!
Woodbridge: Yeah, sure, but Xiao’s a tag team specialist first and foremost. She comes in to deal damage and then gets out before she takes too much abuse.
Xiao hops into the ring, and the referee pats both competitors down, before gesturing for the bell.
In an interesting turn of events, Gigi and Li Xiao start off with a collar-and-elbow tie up in the center of the ring. Gigi takes quick advantage of her height and weight advantage to gain leverage and force Li Xiao backwards into the ropes.
Mann: Gigi starting off with the basics here, knowing Li Xiao is nothing if not an incredibly explosive fighter.
Woodbridge: That’s right, Xiao wrestles like my grandpa used to make moonshine, god rest his soul!
Gigi sets herself, and when Xiao tries to push off the ropes and get Gigi off, Gigi directs the momentum into a modified biel, throwing Li Xiao across the ring! Gigi takes a moment to smirk and pose for the fans - a mistake, as Xiao rolls through the throw and hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring!
Mann: Incredible strength from Gigi!
Gigi turns around into a sprinting palm strike from Xiao, staggering backwards into the ropes yet again, and Xiao follows up with a big kick to the gut! Gigi’s doubled over, and Xiao drops her with a DDT!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s fired up, and she’s quite possibly looking to end this match before it even gets started!
Xiao with the cover!
Gigi kicks out right at 2, and rolls up, obviously shocked and dazed. The crowd in attendance is split, with the wrestling fans excited to see Gigi on the ropes, and the Gigi fans absolutely in shambles. Xiao is up quickly, as Gigi staggers to her feet - Xiao hits the ropes, springboards, and catches Gigi with a beautiful headscissors!
Gigi rolls through, runs the ropes, and comes back with a head of steam! Xiao dodges a clothesline attempt, shoves Gigi to the other rope, and gets ready for the comeback - Gigi catches the ropes! Xiao charges in to press the advantage, and eats an officially branded Gigi♥ boot to the face! Xiao is absolutely rocked, staggering backwards, and this time Gigi takes the initiative and absolutely levels Xiao with a clothesline! Xiao spirals to the mat, and Gigi blows a kiss to the fans in attendance!
Gigi: I am your future champion, and this is the match I’m booked in?
Gigi catches Xiao with a boot to the back of the head! Xiao rolls over, and Gigi drops a knee onto her throat, before going for the cover!
Xiao muscles out of the pin, clutching her head!
Woodbridge: We got two high fliers here, these women make a livin’ out of dodging attacks. Anything that lands here is going to be devastating!
Mann: And right now, it looks like Xiao is barely conscious after those blows to the head!
Gigi gets up, and winks at her fans in attendance and watching live throughout the world.
Gigi saunters over to Xiao, and plays up the boot she’s about to give - SMALL PACKAGE! SMALL PACKAGE!
Gigi kicks out, and her mood instantly changes. Xiao is staggering to her feet, and takes a full on slap to the face!
Mann: What a slap from Gigi, obviously assisted by her official Gigi♥ gloves, sponsored by Fairtex!
Woodbridge: Gigi’s pissed now, and you could hear that slap all the way in Los Angeles!
Xiao clutches her face, and Gigi follows up with a huge kick to the gut! Xiao falls to one knee, and Gigi finishes the trifecta with a roundhouse to the head!
Xiao collapses to the mat!
Mann: And Xiao’s down! What a kick!
Woodbridge: That kick nearly took her head off, Shay! I don’t know if she’s even conscious down there!
Gigi’s prepared, and is looking to finish this, climbing to the top rope! Xiao is flat on her back on the mat, and Gigi takes the leap, flipping forwards with a swanton! Xiao is still conscious, though, and rolls away in the nick of time, leaving Gigi high and dry!
Mann: I... feel like that’s problematic, somehow.
Woodbridge: Nah, ‘sfine, don’t worry about it.
Xiao grabs for the ropes, pulling herself to her feet, but is obviously still dazed from the kick!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s hurt!
Mann: You see this a lot in Li Xiao singles matches - she’s got an incredible offense, but she’s fragile at best in-ring!
Gigi is holding her back, and glares at Xiao in frustration!
Gigi: You were supposed to stay down! it was going on Tiktok!
Gigi charges forward, ready to avenge her mistake, but takes a knee to the gut! Gigi staggers for a second, only to get a chop to the neck! She’s reeling! Xiao with a forearm! Xiao with a elbow strike!
Xiao takes a step backwards, and lets out a KIAI, before charging forward with a roundhouse - NO! SCHOOLBOY FROM GIGI!
Xiao kicks out at 2.6, rolls to her feet, and is immediately back on the offensive, catching Gigi with a kick to the gut!
Mann: Xiao was going for her trademark flurry of blows, and that roundhouse could very well have ended this match!
Woodbridge: Sure, but it doesn’t look like Gigi’s in a better spot right now anyway!
Xiao measures, as Gigi slowly gets back to her feet, and steps through the ropes, stalking her opponent! Gigi’s up, and Xiao leaps onto the ropes, going for a springboard - GIGI HOOKS HER LEG!
Crowd: BOOOOO!
Xiao loses her footing, and falls neck-first onto the ropes, before collapsing to the outside of the ring!
Mann: Gigi with a lightning-quick reversal!
Woodbridge: Xiao might be seriously hurt down there!
Gigi regains some of her confidence, and gives the crowd an innocent smile, completely ignoring the competitor she might have seriously injured. As the count reaches six, Gigi finally springs into action, rolling out of the ring, and grabbing Xiao by the hair!
Gigi: That’s what you get for ruining my moment!
Gigi pulls Xiao up to her feet, and throws her into the ring. Gigi rolls in as Xiao fights to one knee, then to her feet! Gigi smirks, and stands in front of Xiao, posing for the crowd -
Xiao with a JKD backfist!
Woodbridge: River City Knockout! That’s Biff’s move! What a moment to strike!
Gigi is staggered - falls to one knee - then gets back up, just in time to eat THE CRANE KICK
Gigi is down! Xiao is staggering after landing the crane kick, and collapses to a knee herself! Xiao takes a moment to collect herself, then throws herself into the cover, hooking both legs!
Mia hits the three count, and Xiao rolls off, sure she’s won the match, but Gigi’s right hand is on the ropes!
Mia explains to Xiao, who is obviously frustrated, but nods. She takes a moment to kick Gigi’s wrist, knocking her hand off the ropes, before climbing to the top rope! Xiao steels herself - leaps - corkscrews through the air!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s Wing!
Gigi gets her knees up! Xiao lands back-first onto Gigi’s knees! Xiao bounces halfway across the ring, clutching her back and neck, and lands on her chest!
Mann: And Gigi has just enough in the tank to get that counter in!
Gigi, with what seems like massive effort, rolls over, before crawling towards Xiao, who seems to be completely out of it. She crawls over Xiao, with a knowing smirk, before hooking her legs around Xiao’s head!
Mann: Gigi looking for the Paywall, this modified figure four choke!
Woodbridge: And half the audience is looking at something else right now.
Gigi torques Xiao’s already injured neck back, cutting off all airflow! Xiao struggles for a moment, but is trapped in the center of the ring! She crawls forward, but Gigi leans back, torquing her neck even further! Xiao swings back with an elbow, then another, but her arm is caught by Gigi’s free hand! After a moment of struggling, Xiao finally relents, and taps in the center of the ring!
Javier: And your winner, at a time of 7:53.... GIGI!
Gigi rolls out of the ring, obviously the worse for wear, clutching her neck after the crane kick to the skull!
Mann: And Gigi with a hard-fought win after these two threw everything at each other in a absolutely brutal short match!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s not a singles competitor on her own, but she showed just how brutal her brand of offense is when it needs to be - if Biff has the same resilience he used to have the tag division might need to be on notice!
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2023.06.02 04:43 kerpwangitang After riding around then filling the gas tank, scooter won't start.

So yeah after filling won't start even tho engine is hot. Filled with premium 94 octane
I have a Taotao Quantum 150cc. Only 88 kilometers on it. The battery is dead. I have a replacement comming in the mail. It usually kick starts super easy. 1 or 2 kicks and it starts.
After a few mins of no success kick starting it, I gunned the gas when I kicked it and it started but as soon as I let go of the gas it shut down. Now even if I gun the gas it won't start when I kick it.
Since the scooter is new I'll let you know what work I've done to it. -Replaced the oil it came with with the appropriate oil. -Changed gear oil. -Adjusted rear brakes to be a little tighter and stop better -Put a high quality belt in. -Installed ground lights that are hooked to the battery. (That might be what drained the crappy battery it came with) I'm buying a separate battery for those lights soon. -I changed the idle to a little bit higher than recommended. It doesn't have an rpm counter so the idle is just above the point where it sounds like it'll stall when stopped. When I first got it, it was stalling at every stop.
In the future I plan on changing all the tubing before it becomes a problem
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2023.06.02 04:38 Sir-Fenwick Help fix my 2011 sportwagen tdi

Good evening. I am experiencing trouble with my 2011 sportwagen tdi.
A week ago I was driving on a road trip. We had been going for 2 hours and it was raining the entire time. We stopped to eat, and when we came back out to the car, it would not turn on. When the key was put into the ignition and in the on position, the only electronics that would work were the cluster, the rear wiper which never shuts off, and the power door unlock (only unlock).
After a lot of vehicle swapping and towing, I have it back in my yard. Now, I know the sunroof drain is an issue and it get clogged constantly. The drivers side is very often damp after a storm. This is where I believe the problem lies. Once my wife complained of water dripping on to her foot. I thought I had cleared the blockages, but I guess not. I believed the water leaked into the cabin behind the dash and has gotten into my electronics. So I started digging.
I discovered that the BCMPQ35 had water stains on it. I removed it and removed the cover and discovered 3 spots on the board that have burned out, pics below.
Should I keep looking? Or is this the culprit? And if it is the culprit, can this be replaced or does it need to be reprogrammed at a dealer? The nearest dealer to me is 150 miles away.
I’m an electrician, like to build robots and computers and the like, and I’ve fixed a few vehicles and am not afraid to try and fix it. I got it for a good deal and would rather not see it gone. I’m looking forward to any feedback and constructive suggestions as to how I can proceed. Can I fix the contacts on the board? Should I try and by a replacement? Thanks again.
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2023.06.02 04:37 IntoTheMirror Ten years. Pour one out

Ten years. Pour one out
I’ve had this iPad Mini 2 since it was new. Even after replacing it with bigger and better tablets, I kept using this as an ebook. It’s the perfect size for reading before bed. Today I was rushing to get over to my moms after she fell. She’s okay, it’s just a sprain. But do not juggle your naked iPad with a bottle of water and a pair of crutches. I’m going to try to read with my ‘20 iPad Air. I’m already looking at Mini 2 screens and batteries on iFixit though.
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