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2023.06.02 13:38 stylosalon1 Elevate Your Style at the Best Salon in Udaipur

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2023.06.02 13:37 Grzester23 Need help with soloing Fatalis (Special Assignment)

Need help with soloing Fatalis (Special Assignment)
I'm on PS4 and don't have PS+, so I can't use multiplayer. That means if I want to beat Fatalis, it has to be solo. I also Plunderbladed myself full set of Fatty's armor. I'm an SnS main, but seeing that you need to break his Horn to not get completely bodied in Phase 3, I decided to use Greatsword until that's taken care of. Then I'm Farcasting back to camp and changing to my SnS set.
My main problem here is lack of time. I usually get his horn broken around 15min mark, and push him to Phase 3 around 20. 10 mins to finish him off is simply not enough with my setup and/or lack of skill. Any tips regarding breaking his horn faster would be appriciated, because I think that's where the main issue lies.
The two builds I'm using are as follows: Greatsword for the Horn break
Crit Eye 7 Evade Window 5 Attack Boost 4 (6 with Temporal) Stun Resist 3 Crit Boost 3 Weakness Exploit 3 Partbreaker Evade Extender 3 Quick Sheath 3 Speed Eating 3 Heavy Artillery 2 Blight Resistance 1 Focus 1 (Enough to more or less guarantee Lvl 3 Charge Slash on Cones) Crit Draw 1 (together with other Affinity skills it guarantees Crits on Weakpoints using Draw Attacks) Fortify Tool Specialist 1 Maraton Runner 2, but it's on Ghillie Mantle so it doesn't matter

SnS for after the Horn break
Attack Boost 7 Crit Eye 7 Evade Window 5 Dragon Attack 4 (6 with either Mantle on) Stun Resist 3 Crit Boost 3 Weakness Exploit 3 Evade Extender 3 Speed Eating 3 Blight Resistance 2 Fortify Stamina Surge 1 Safe Landing Clutch Claw Boost
As far as my builds go, I'm can definitely change some things. I could forgo Atk Charm for Agitator, but truth be told, I don't like the idea of yoloing Clutch Claw on Fatalis. I could switch from Alatreaon's SnS to Raging Brachy and go full Raw, since I don't have Crit Element anyway. I could switch from Dragonproof Mantle to either Glider for more skills (tho idk what I'd put there) or Rocksteady (but I've heard it's a death wish vs Fatty) I feel like Safe Landing, Clutch Claw Boost and that single Blight Res deco could be replaced with something else but idk.
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2023.06.02 13:36 DependentPurple5455 Few things that bug me about the game **SPOILERS**

First of all, when you enter Dexs car at the start the door opens the wrong way.
When Guro pulls you out from the scrapyard he's a 100% honest to god Arasaka suit yet in the space of a few minutes he's being attacked by them, what happened in the car that made him a target?
As Corpo V you see Frank lead the saka suits to you at Lizzies yet when he calls later in game V initially sets out to help him, Surely a top brass counter Intel agent at arasaka saw Frank no more than 10 feet away from you.
When Jackie gets injured during the heist V doesn't try to help Jackie AT ALL, doesn't try to heal his wounds or better yet doesn't even look at the injuries or buy enough time for Jackie to reach a ripper in time, Mama Welles even says Jackie got shot 3 times in the chest and survived and can't help but think that would've been a worse injury, V is a bad friend.
When Vik checks V out at the beginning he installs a basic Kiroshi optic and low level ballistic processor and yet its €$21,000 ?
And finally, the one that really gets me, when Dex shoots you, Vik said you got lucky because it was small calibre shot however when you find Dexs body and get his gun it doesn't shoot bullets at all it shoots MONEY vik clearly pocketed the cash he pulled from your skull and wrapped a random bullet he had lying around into that chain misty gave you.
Amazing game though on my 3rd playthrough 😁
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2023.06.02 13:36 KittenObession GMT+1 / 24 Looking for regular people to play coop, fps and party games with (as well as chatting) B-)

Hi, me and a couple of friends are looking for someone to play coop, fps and party games with. We're between 19 - 25 years of age and fairly active most days of the week. Also want someone who has a few of the games listed, and possibly if we click are willing to expand their library in the future :D
Most are UK/IR and Scandinavian.
  • ArmA 3
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Payday 2
  • Among Us
  • Raft
  • Valheim
  • The Forest
  • Ark
  • Project Zomboid
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • Overwatch 2
  • Phasmophobia
  • Jackbox
& Xbox Gamepass for the added games is a plus!
We generally switch between these, so not having a main in particular is good, we also enjoy watching shows together and just chatting in general.
Feel free to check out my library: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sches
My Discord: Sches#2288
Send me your rancid memes
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2023.06.02 13:36 West-Captain-4875 Why did Stan get sidelined in his own show?

Seriously there are so many Steve themed main plots in the later seasons. I don’t mind Steve being the main focus of the episode from Time to time ,but they basically make him the majority focus a-lot of the time in the later seasons. I haven’t watched any of the most recent seasons because I didn’t like the tbs seasons that much but it feels like Stan got sidelined in his own show. Now whenever Stan’s in a episode he only says a few lines sometimes as a background character.
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2023.06.02 13:35 pastebluepaste Multiple missiles have struck Berdyansk’s main port. This port is a crucial link in Russia’s supply and deep strike network. Storm Shadow doing what it does best.

Multiple missiles have struck Berdyansk’s main port. This port is a crucial link in Russia’s supply and deep strike network. Storm Shadow doing what it does best.
"Russia has intercepted 29 Storm Shadow missiles in the past month" - Sergei Shoigu.
This is complete fabrication. 8 successful Storm Shadow strikes, each using an average of 4x missiles per strike have been geo located and verified.
There is no evidence to suggest any of them have been intercepted.
Yet there is plenty of evidence proving that they have destroyed multiple C2 centers, airfield facilities and logistics hubs.
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2023.06.02 13:35 nicesteph Comm bank overdraw fees.

comm bank keep charging overdraw fees but mainly it's cause of a delay in processing my groceries from the week before. Always happening on a Saturday and there app is crashing. Any advice ? I've disputed other charges with them before and no luck.
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2023.06.02 13:35 Liberty-Prime76 Letter of Marque - A NoP Fanfic 10

As always, thank you to u/SpacePaladin15 for the wonderful universe that is NoP
Thank you to u/cruisingNW for proof reading and helping me out of some hang ups, you're the man! And for letting me use Barry, Borven and Tarva (No relation)!
First Prev. Next
Memory Transcription Subject: Christopher A. Dewey, Human Merchant Sailor, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 24th, 2136.
The door to Suite 4006 didn't look all that different from the door to our bunk room, though the walls around it lacked the friendly atmosphere of the exchange areas; guess admin offices are bland no matter the species. Taisa was beside me trying to appear confident; I noticed she did that a lot. Originally I had thought it was for my benefit, to make me feel like she wasn't scared of me; but I wasn't so sure of that anymore. It seemed that any time she was in a situation that made her feel small or scared she did her best to puff up and push through it. It was one of the things I liked best about her; but that didn't mean I'd ever stop giving her shit for fainting.
"Taisa," I started, placing my hand on her shoulder, her tail curling a little and resting against the side of my leg. "It'll be alright, I figure they wanna ask some questions about what happened earlier. Verify reports, get the story first hand. That sort of thing."
She took a deep breath as her ears flicked at my statement and her tail swayed off my leg. I think that one means she understands, or maybe it's agreement? Still tryin’ to figure those out.
"We tell 'em what happened, get it all cleared up on our end, easy and free 'fore too long. Once we got their questions outta the way we can drop our little 'research idea' on ‘em and see where it goes from there." I squeezed her shoulder gently at the end, she beeped a little but seemed to puff her chest out with a little extra confidence.
"Here goes nothin'." I raised my hand to rap against the metal door, I assume I looked a fool when the door opened up before I actually managed to knock.
"Christopher A. Dewey and Taisa, I presume?" A Venlil in the door stated, keeping the two of us in the span of his left eye. "Come in, have a seat."
He maneuvered his way around behind the desk, sitting down in a chair next to a Human at a shared desk as Taisa and I got situated. "I am Borven, and this is Barry." He stated, introducing himself and then the Human with his tail. "We are the liaisons for the exposure program. I assume that you know why we called you in this waking?"
I nodded, leaning back in the chair. "I'd wager a guess it has something to do with a certain upset Ensign, a bunch of angry Humans and a... pawful of scared Venlil?"
Barry nodded, pulling something up on the pad in front of him. I figured it was probably the report drafted by the guard that questioned us. "We wanted to confirm your side of the story as reported by Officer Gentry and Officer Jaisle, would you mind?"
I motioned with my hand for him to proceed. "I'd be happy to."
“Very good. To start, can you verify that this record of your account is accurate?" Barry queried, handing the pad off to me.
I sat for a few minutes, reading through the report and follow up answers that had been written down. Taisa took the pad as I offered it to her, "Looks good to me."
A few minutes longer, “Yeah, me too. Although two of the Venlil that had hidden behind Chris are missing, A female with white wool and a male with black wool with gray striping. I’m sorry I didn’t think to ask after their names.” She corrected, handing the pad back over to Barry.
“Thank you, we’ll be sure to correct that error.”
Taisa's ears perked up as she beeped out a question, her curiosity from earlier evidently not satisfied, "What does the UN intend to do with him?"
"Well, that depends, do you still decline to press charges, Mr. Dewey?" Barry asked, setting the pad back on the desk as he tapped a button to confirm the report.
I shook my head, "Nah, he needs help, not a lawsuit."
"Then in that case I am not at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation beyond confirming your account. I apologize." Taisa's tail lashed in what I figured was annoyance at that before she took a breath and steadied it.
A few more questions were leveled at us, asking about the mood in the room just before and after the announcement, what individuals we could remember that looked the most agitated and if we could identify any of the pairs that had departed before the shouting began. Then Borven struck on a question that seemed to give Taisa pause.
"Taisa, what motivated you to intervene and guide the Venlil hiding behind your partner out of the altercation? You could have risked a stampede and caused far more problems than you were solving."
Her ears drooped for a moment, her tail coming to a standstill as she thought over the question. “I saw people in trouble, saw Chris doing something and I just… I had to help. I didn’t really think about whether it would cause a stampede until after I had already gotten them moving. After that I tried my best to stay calm; I’ve read that people at the front of a herd keeping a level head is what can start or stop a stampede.”
Borven’s tail flicked as he tapped something into his pad before swiveling his ears towards Barry. “I think that covers everything I have, Barry, any further questions?
Barry shook his head, tapping away at the pad before setting it back on its mount. “I believe that’s everything that I need. Unless the two of you have any further questions yourselves, you are excused. Thank you for your assistance.”
Taisa and I exchanged glances for a moment. “Actually, we did have one question.” “As I stated earlier, Mr. Dewey, unless you wish to press charges I cannot divulge information with regards to the Ensign’s punishment or prospects moving forward.” Barry sighed. “Please pose your question with that in mind.”
“And I understand that, this is about something else.” Barry raised an eyebrow as Borven fixed a single eyed gaze on me.
“Taisa and I were thinking that we’d, in the spirit of the exchange program, like to run an experiment.” “An experiment?” Borven asked, refocusing his ears on Taisa. She flicked her ears at him and tapped me with her tail, prompting me to continue.
“Yes. We’d like to run an experiment on Human-Venlil Business partnerships; see how we work together. Taisa is a trained ships engineer and I’ve spent the last 15 years hauling freight, organizing and working merchant ships all across Earth. I’d need some more targeted flight training and familiarization with rules and regs but I’ve spent plenty of time in simulators at home.”
A few moments of silence hung in the room before Barry shrugged. “That’s not under our department's purview but I can get you two in touch with the two people you’d likely need to… convince of the feasibility of your proposition.”
“Thank you, Gentlemen.” I said, standing from the seat before turning to walk out the door behind Taisa.
As the door closed I heard Barry and Borven bickering about how many of the pairs were going to want to stay together in one way or another. They seemed like fun, if maybe a bit stiff. After a minute or two of quiet walking down the hall our pads chimed, indicating we had received a message: Barry and Borven notified me that you and your partner have suggested an experiment. Please report to Conference Suite 4185. Sent by Thomas Ashforth, UN Liaison.
It wasn’t a terribly far walk around the station’s outer ring to arrive at the conference room, only a few minutes.
“Alright… 4185 it is.” Taisa spoke up next to me, taking a deep breath as her ears swiveled back a little; she looked worried.
“Hey, don’t worry. We got this.” I soothed while patting her on the back; trying to put a little pep back in her step. “It didn’t get sunk in the bay so we’ve got a chance at least!”
“I know,” She took another deep breath, puffing her chest up as we stepped up to the door. “I’m just scared they’ll say no. Or worse, find a reason to split us.” “We’ll just have to make sure that doesn't happen. You won’t be rid of me that easy.” I joked, putting a small twinkle of mirth in her eye as her tail lashed about.
I saw a retort brewing but it was cut off by a stern voice from beyond the door. “Enter.” Both of us stiffened a little as the door slid open to reveal a room with a small conference table, 6 chairs in total surrounding it. The two at the far end were occupied by a man wearing a UN dress uniform and a small union jack pinned to his lapel, while a very… very small ice-white Venlil sat on a cushion atop the table.
“Please be seated, we’ve got a few questions about your experiment. My name is Thomas Ashforth.” Said the man, gesturing across the table.
As Taisa and I sat down the small Venlil began. “And I am Professor Tarva, no relation. I’m head of the Integration efforts. You must be Taisa!” Taisa returned the enthusiasm with a flick of her ears before Tarva turned her ears towards me. “And you must be Christopher! Protector blessed, you’re certainly the largest Human I’ve seen so far!” I nodded in return. “My friend here is coordinating the fiscal side of the exchange program. So, why don’t you two tell us about this idea of yours?”
I took in a breath to steady my nerves, Taisa’s tail coiling around my ankle helped motivate my voice forward that little bit more. “We know that the recent blockades have caused issues for Venlil prime, and while Earth may not need anything from Venlil prime to get by there’s a lot of people who I’d bet would want plenty. Taisa also tells me a fair few of the freighter captains are still ‘bolty’ about trading directly with Humans; neither Taisa nor myself have that problem. From what she has said there’s a lot of surplus ships floating around VPs shipyards waiting for trade to open up again. The experiment would be to acquire a smaller freighter for Taisa and myself to crew, command, and operate so as to gather a better understanding of how Humans and Venlil work together in a civilian ship environment as well as the operation of an enterprise. Plenty of research is going to come up for military applications but I think opportunities to gain information on Civilian settings will be few and far between for some time.”
“An interesting theory! But what extra information do you think we can get from a civilian vessel that we can’t from a military vessel? What you’re suggesting could easily be replicated within the logistics corps instead!” Her tail was swaying slowly as her ears stayed pointed directly at me.
“Chaos.” I said, simply, shrugging at the statement.
That seemed to catch her off guard a moment, her tail falling still before her ears perked up and her eyes came alight with a fire of interest. “And why exactly would I want to include chaos in my experiments?”
“Military ships, combat and logi, all have an inherent order to them, in combat or out of it. They are specifically trained for, and sometimes raised in it. Civilian merchants and shippers don't have that training, which means the operating conditions, stresses and strains on the crew of a military ship are different than that of a civilian ship. Monitoring how Taisa and I work together, our responses to those stresses and strains could provide valuable insight into future workplace ‘integration’ efforts.” I leaned forward, bracing my elbows on the table as I looked over her head, trying to avoid spooking her.
Despite those efforts, her favored eye bore into mine, before she changed her tactic and tried again, “Ok, so the idea has merit. But why should we get a whole ship for the two of you? Why not register you with a freight company and have you work with them as well?” She countered, a gleam in her eye as she focused on my face.
Please point us to a freight company that won't make a stink about having a human pilot, let alone one my size. Even if you did find a freighter willing to stomach my presence that doesn’t change the fact that baseline interactions would be easy enough to find examples of, and could be done with any pair of applicants in any setting. What we are proposing is the examination of a joint business venture. Taisa and I have experience: I was the first-mate on my last ship, and Taisa is a Venlil-trained and registered ships engineer. These are the backbone of any ship, giving you a clean sample to get readings, uncluttered by other people”.
“That comes to another question. Why the two of you? There’s plenty of running freight companies we could organize this same exchange with, without having to dig up the money for a ship.” She retorted, despite the wording and my still… developing understanding of tail signals, I was pretty sure she was enjoying this.
As I mulled over the question, trying to think of the best response, Taisa spoke up from the chair next to me, her ears peaked straight up, a confident look in her eyes with a voice as sure as steel. “Because we’re here. You already planned on something similar or ‘integration’ wouldn’t be on the table. I’d guess that you’ve got pairs picked for all sorts of ‘experiments’, and business is just one part of it.”
Atta Girl Taisa! Said it better than I ever could.
Tarva opened her mouth for another question; if I didn’t know better I’d think she loved this kind of back and forth. But before she could begin Thomas’ voice drifted in and I was reminded of the sharp cold of the Bering Straits. “I’m very pleased you work so well together. But how would that benefit the program? Why should the UN invest in your… ‘integration’.” His eyes passed between us, like we were being measured for a casket, it was clear that wasn’t a question, it was a statement.
Flipping open a ledger, Thomas pulled a pen from his breast pocket, the motion felt like it carried more weight than the drawing of any sword. “Firstly, this, as all business ventures must be, has to be profitable. To you, to the program and to the U.N. until you’ve paid back your debt, and more. How do you intend to actually make a profit? Have you considered fuel costs? Maintenance? Registration? Permitting?” His gaze felt like it could turn me to stone, I hated accountants, near as much as lawyers.
Taisa seemed not to have such hangups, someone had been thinking. “Fuel costs would be negligible when compared to the overall short trip and high margins that could be made by hauling higher value cargo. Maintenance would be handled by myself, limiting costs only to parts. I doubt that we will be acquiring a fresh off the line ship, and I know my way around a scrapyard. Registration and permitting are firm plan-able costs that can be included within the operating budget since they come up at regular intervals.”
Thomas nodded, writing in his ledger before looking back up at us. “And what do you intend to actually ship? The most profitable ventures have a plan and a consistent schedule.” I sat up a little straighter, I wasn’t going to let an accountant send me running like a dog with my tail between my legs. “My experience is with Tramp freighters, sir.” The use of the term earned a look of confusion from Tarva and a slight sigh from Taisa, while Thomas was clearly familiar with the term. “Charging higher rates for a slightly less consistent schedule would make up for the irregularity. I am of the opinion that limiting what is hauled to one type, brand or item of cargo would, in this case, be a poor decision at such a small scale. Bulk freighters at home only work because of their scale and the guaranteed regularity, to make such a thing work for that kind of enterprise the U.N. would have to invest far more into the ship just to get the idea off the ground. Taking bespoke contracts for individuals, or groups of them within the same city or province, would allow us to keep a more flexible margin for each run. As well, I already have a few old associates on Earth that are likely chomping at the bit to open a trade route with VP.”
His eyes narrowed a little as he wrote in his ledger again, that infernal brass pen making notes I couldn’t see. “What guarantees can you give us that this will last? How can the U.N. be sure that in a month’s time this doesn’t blow up in our faces and we’re left with an old freighter, a diplomatic incident, and an empty bag?”
To my surprise Tarva spoke up on our behalf. “Christopher's Empathy test puts him in the top 5th percentile of those tested. Taisa has been searching for a job since she graduated, and from her application wants very much to avoid returning home for work, that coupled with Christopher’s registered work history and their obvious compatibility I think it unlikely the experiment will ‘blow up’ in the U.N.s face.”
Thomas’s eyebrows scowled, like his ledger insulted his mother. He laid his pen down with a sigh, “The U.N. Reserves the right at any time, during the period in which the debt for the ship has not yet been paid, to requisition cargo space. Christopher, you will be completing a mandatory course to bring your capabilities inline with UN or Venlil freight pilot standards, failure of this course is unacceptable.” He let the ultimatum hang in the air… then continued, “Taisa, you will be tested on how much of your education you have retained in your time since graduation, as well as your efficacy in this role. Finally: any and all damages, maintenance, modifications and or ‘personalizations’ made to the vessel, beyond what is required by both species’ workplace safety requirements, will be done at your own expense. The U.N. will not be liable for these costs.”
“These are the terms of our little venture. And they are non-negotiable. Do you accept?”
Taisa and I exchanged a quick glance before responding “Yes.” In unison.
“With that concluded, hard copies of your agreement will be provided shortly. You both begin your respective written portions tomorrow. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your ‘experiments’ results.” Thomas chuckled the last sentence, breaking the accountant’s stony demeanor, maybe he wasn’t that bad.
I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding. “So, that means…”
“That means you’re approved.” Tarva beeped, her tail swaying happily. “We of course will need to work out your overall flight training schedule, lodging and a business plan but we can handle that. My counterpart here will need to source a ship, but none of that should be particularly difficult. For now, congratulations on your acceptance into the Integration program!”
I thought for a moment, weighing the last few days in my head, if there was something I could lay my head down under each night it would be that brilliant twilight sky. “What about Heartwood? For lodging, I mean; Taisa’s family lives there. She says it's a small town but I’m sure something could get worked out. Could also help with introducing the people there to Humans!”
Tarva paused, her ears swiveling in thought. “I think that could be arranged, if I remember correctly there is a small shuttle port there. Although I do want to make sure that you understand: rural communities are likely to be less accepting of Human presence, you will be met with some degree of prejudice. You may not get the welcome you’re hoping for.”
Taisa spoke up before I could respond, one eye focused on me while her ears were directed towards Tarva. “I think the people of Heartwood would come around. It might take a bit but if anyone could get through to them it’ll be Chris.”
I smiled a little, looking over to Tarva. “I’ve never met a farmer I couldn’t charm! I’m willing to give it a go, just gotta avoid gettin’ torched, apparently.” For the first time, for the briefest moment, that seemed to set Tarva off balance; Taisa did mention that Exterminators were a sensitive subject.
“W-Wonderful!” Clearing her throat, she regained her composure, “In that case we’ll see what we can work out. I’ll make sure to include an extra form for you to fill out to request any personal belongings you need from home! For now, though, I think the two of you should get a good rest, you’ve both got busy paws tomorrow!” She beeped excitedly and her tail swayed happily as she turned to Thomas and began discussing the arrangement.
Taisa and I took the cue and rose from the table, headed out the door, and walked back to the room in silence until the door to our space closed behind us; both of us releasing heavy held breath as it did.
“I can not believe that worked.” Taisa said, her tail wagging as she wrapped her arms around me. “We’re going to actually have a ship… I’m actually going to get to do what I trained to do, what I want to do.” I returned the hug. “We’ll both get to do what we want, but first we’re gonna have to get through those tests.” She giggled a little, the joy at the prospect evident in her voice. “We’ve got this, together.”
Confident as ever. I pulled her into the hug a little tighter.
First Prev. Next
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2023.06.02 13:34 Hitmaan45 Sony 55 A90J vs Sony 55 A80CK

Hello everyone,
I’m looking to upgrade to a new TV. I use my TV for movies and shows mainly. These are the two options I have in mind.
Sony 55 A90J @Best Buy for $1300 including the 5 year standard geek squad protection plan.
Sony 55 A80CK @Costco for $1400 and it has All state 3 year protection plan bundle making it total coverage for 5 years.
Edit: LG 55 B2 @Best Bug for $1300 including the 5 year standard geek squad protection plan.
Which among these TV’s is best for my scenario. Are there any other TV’s that are better at this price range? Any help would be appreciated. TIA
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2023.06.02 13:33 Darth_Cosby Office cost versus revenue?

We’re a service based business that operates remote support and looking at moving space and I’m trying to get an idea of what % of revenue other businesses spend on rent.
We’re a small business that has been aggressively expanding to the point that revenues are about $8-9M per year and we are growing out of the building that we have been in for the past 10 years.
We started in a single 2 office suite and now have the entire (small) building but my rent is so low, and we’re packed so tightly that my office lease compared to gross revenue is less than 1%. We currently pay about $60k per year for about 5k square feet. I need more space and honestly want to reward my team by being way less packed in. We’re in an expensive real estate market but not SF or NY luckily.
We have always managed very regular growth 15-22% with it speeding up in recent years due to nailing down some high profile relationships. That sales channel is really kicking into high gear now and I think we’re well positioned for our service/targeted markets . In fact, it has been going so well that the partnering groups are actively, without me pushing it, recommending us to similar groups. So there are potential big opportunities on the horizon but I don’t like to count on anything before there’s a signed agreement.
To be really blunt, the high profile group that we started working with a few years ago normally does site visits before signing and I think we benefitted from Covid restrictions because they couldn’t do a site visit that I think would have made them thinking of us as a less legitimate option. Since we’ve really grown, I think there’s marginal benefit in looking at a bit more polished. I’m not one hung up on appearances I still drive a beater and have a lot of the personal spending habits leftover from barely being able to pay for my post grad education.
Currently I’m looking at leases and sub-leases with a broker that are 2-3x our current square footage. Because the area we are in is still a reasonably competitive market even in this climate for commercial real estate some of the building in a similar $/sqft are either completely dumpy just unimaginably nice compared to where we are at. At 2x my current sq/ft I’m seeing a lot to be desired, but at 3x it seems like there are great deals but I’m looking at increasing costs from $60k per year to about $220k. Even with my aggressive wage growth for current employees and hiring plans, I can afford it in this years growth so while profits won’t increase much, they should more than cover expansion. I underestimated growth last year so I feel like the hiring is 100% necessary to the sanity of my teams.
It just feels insane to consider that cost, but I do feel like we have a very healthy office culture that being in person (hybrid) has supported well.
Any advice for someone without a lot of experience here who is doubting theirselves?
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2023.06.02 13:33 rcjewelry1 Why Do People Wear Silver Bracelets? Exploring the Allure of Wholesale Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets have been a popular accessory for centuries, adorning the wrists of both men and women. With their timeless appeal and versatility, these pieces of jewelry have stood the test of time. But what is it about silver bracelets that makes them so appealing? In this blog, we will explore the reasons why people choose to wear silver bracelets, and how wholesale silver bracelets, particularly sterling silver bracelets wholesale, have become a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts and retailers alike.
Timeless Elegance and Versatility
One of the primary reasons people wear silver bracelets is their timeless elegance. The lustrous shine of silver adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, whether it's a casual outfit or a formal attire. Silver bracelets can effortlessly elevate your style, making them a go-to accessory for various occasions.
Moreover, silver bracelets are incredibly versatile. They can be paired with other silver jewelry pieces or mixed with different metals for a fashionable and personalized look. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and intricate patterns, wholesale silver bracelets offer a diverse range of styles to suit different tastes and preferences.
Symbolism and Meaning
Another reason why people wear silver bracelets is the symbolism and meaning associated with them. Throughout history, bracelets have served as powerful symbols of status, wealth, protection, and personal expression. Silver, in particular, has been regarded as a precious metal with mystical properties.
In many cultures, silver bracelets are believed to bring good fortune, ward off evil spirits, and promote healing and balance. Some wear silver bracelets as a symbol of love, friendship, or a token of a special memory or event. The significance attached to silver bracelets adds an emotional connection that makes them even more cherished and meaningful.
Health Benefits
Believe it or not, silver bracelets are also worn for their potential health benefits. Silver has antimicrobial properties, which means it can help prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin. Some people believe that wearing silver bracelets can aid in reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and alleviating certain ailments.
While scientific evidence supporting these claims may be limited, the belief in the healing properties of silver has been passed down through generations. Whether it's the placebo effect or a genuine belief in the metal's therapeutic qualities, many individuals choose to wear silver bracelets as a holistic approach to well-being.
Expression of Personal Style
Wearing a silver bracelet allows individuals to express their personal style and creativity. With a wide range of designs available in the market, from sleek and modern to intricate and bohemian, wholesale silver bracelets offer endless possibilities for self-expression.
People can mix and match different bracelets to create unique stackable looks or combine them with charms and pendants to customize their jewelry. Silver bracelets can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other bracelets for a trendy and layered effect. The versatility of silver bracelets allows wearers to showcase their individuality and fashion sense.
In conclusion, people wear silver bracelets for various reasons, including their timeless elegance, versatility, symbolism, potential health benefits, and as a means of personal expression. The availability of wholesale silver bracelets, particularly sterling silver bracelets wholesale, makes it easier for jewelry enthusiasts and retailers to access a wide range of designs and cater to the diverse preferences of customers. So whether it's for fashion, sentimentality, or even a touch of believed mysticism, silver bracelets continue to hold a special place in the world of accessories.
Explore the exquisite collection of wholesale silver bracelets at R C Jewelry. From sleek and minimalist designs to intricately crafted pieces, their sterling silver bracelets wholesale selection offers something for every style and occasion. Check out https://www.rcjewelry.com/Product-List/Silver-3/Bracelets-30.aspx
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2023.06.02 13:33 autotldr China plans new property-market support package to boost economy - Bloomberg News

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 54%. (I'm a bot)
Beijing/Hong Kong :China is working on new measures to support the property market after existing policies failed to sustain a rebound in the sector, Bloomberg News reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.
Policymakers have rolled out measures since the second half of 2022 to stabilise the property market that has been further boosted by the lifting of tough COVID curbs in December.
UBS says several tier-2 cities have recently announced stimulus for the property market and expectations are rising that other cities will follow suit in coming days.
China property shares surged on Friday on hopes of further stimulus.
The Hang Seng Mainland Properties Index closed up 9.2 per cent on Friday, outperforming a 4 per cent gain in the broader Hang Seng Index.
Major developer Longfor Group jumped 17.2 per cent, while smaller peer KWG Group surged 23.3 per cent.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: property#1 cent#2 per#3 sector#4 measures#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.02 13:33 Ekienjeffi AI faces Grammar Inaccuracy

Greetings to all. I came across some sentence which made me confused while testing AI's capacity. In fact its answer made me confused.
Here's a question which I asked AI He insists that she _____ their seats on the plane in advance. 1) would reserve 2) reserve 3) reserves 4) will reserve
Most of similar questions were answered correctly and moreover the questions answered were much more complicated than this one.
The thing is that AI says that the correct answer to the sentence is "reserve" which makes no sense to me. I'm pretty sure that the mere correct answer here is "reserves". Or I'm just out of my mind and I'm missing something important?
Apart from the main question to you folks, I'd like to learn if it would be correct If I answered "will reserve" in some probable cases from a grammar prespective ? I'd like to know that just in case, I've never seen such an answer myself before.
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2023.06.02 13:32 marktbde Credit ref agency not updating electoral roll info for 2 years despite providing all the info

Hi all - I moved house in Nov 2020 and updated my electoral roll info as of Jan 2021. I am signed up to the 3 main credit reference agencies and found my details updated on 2 of them immediately, but not on TransUnion. I waited a few months for this to update but, after it didn't, I got the required email with the new electoral roll info from my local council and sent this on to TransUnion disputes team asking them to update my record as it was having a negative impact on my score. They replied a few months later telling me this was now updated and I assumed the matter was closed. This was around September 2021, ish.
I checked my report at the start of this year and found my credit rating was still being impacted as they had the wrong electoral roll information. I raised the issue again and was told that I needed to provide the same email confirmation from the local council that I had already sent them. I sent the required information to them, again. It has taken them months to respond to me again, and all they said was the copy + pasted reply saying that I need to provide an email from the local council confirming my status. Which is exactly what I keep sending to them.
As we put our house purchase on hold this hasn't really impacted me materially, but I am very concerned about the possible impact this may have on my credit rating going forward and I'm in disbelief at the incompetence of the company. I've thrice asked them to explain why the documentation I have sent is not sufficient and also to raise this as a complaint, which they haven't acknowledged at all.
My question here is do I have any grounds for legal recourse? Or do I just have to accept that they're naff. My next steps are to take the matter to the financial ombudsman, as this could have had serious repercussions to me personally and, frankly, I want them to pay for it.
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2023.06.02 13:32 heightsinstitute Axonometric Drawings: Simplifying Construction and Enhancing Understanding

Axonometric Drawings: Simplifying Construction and Enhancing Understanding
Axonometric drawings are a powerful tool in the world of design and architecture, offering a comprehensive view of an object by incorporating all three sets of lines and planes in a single drawing. This unique projection technique allows for precise measurements and dimensions, making it a favored choice among professionals. In this article, we will explore the key features and advantages of axonometric drawings, as well as the different classifications and variations they encompass.
One of the fundamental characteristics of axonometric drawings is the representation of parallel lines. In these drawings, parallel lines in any direction are depicted as parallel to one another. This simplifies the construction process and enables measurements to be taken directly from the drawing itself. However, due to this parallel representation, distant parts of the object may appear larger than they would in reality. This optical effect occurs because our eyes are accustomed to seeing parallel lines converge in perspective drawings. Nonetheless, the advantages of simplicity and ease of understanding make axonometric drawings a popular choice in various industries. Heights Fashion Institute Jaipur is the best Interior design courses in jaipur
Axonometric projections can be classified into three main categories: isometric, dimetric, and trimetric. In isometric projections, all three axes of the object make equal angles with the projection plane. This results in all edges of the object appearing as equal lengths in the drawing. Dimetric projections, on the other hand, involve two axes that make equal angles with the projection plane, while the third axis is at a different angle. As a result, two sets of edges in the drawing are of the same length, while the remaining set is of a different length. Finally, trimetric projections feature all three axes at different angles with the projection plane. This classification results in all three sets of edges in the drawing being depicted at different sizes.
To illustrate the concept, let's consider the axonometric drawing of a cube. In an isometric drawing, all edges of the cube are depicted as equal in length. This is because they are all turned at the same angle to the projection plane and thus experience equal foreshortening. In a dimetric drawing, two sets of edges are of the same length, while the third set differs. This disparity arises because two sets of lines are at the same angle to the projection plane. In a trimetric drawing, all three sets of edges display different lengths, as the lines of each set make distinct angles with the projection plane. It is worth noting that while the relative sizes of the edges in dimetric and trimetric drawings can be varied, the isometric drawing does not allow for such variations.
In the realm of axonometric projections, an isometric projection stands out as a distinct technique where the object is positioned in a way that all three axes make identical angles with the projection plane. This configuration results in a projected drawing known as an isometric projection. In an isometric projection, the observer is imagined to be infinitely far away, and the visual rays, also known as projectors, are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the projection plane. In this article, we will delve into the process of creating isometric drawings, their unique characteristics, and their advantages and applications. Heights Fashion Institute Jaipur is the best Interior design institute in Jaipur
Measurements in an isometric drawing are made uniformly on all three axes, maintaining the same scale throughout. To create an isometric drawing, a T-square and a 30-degree set square are typically employed. The length, width, and height of the object are accurately represented in the three-dimensional view by adhering to the actual scale. Refer to the accompanying figure for visual reference.
Creating an Isometric Drawing:
In an isometric drawing, the angle between any two adjacent axes is fixed at 120 degrees. When one axis is positioned vertically, the other two axes are inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal and can be conveniently drawn using the 30-degree triangle on the T-square. It is advantageous to utilize a specialized triangle, commonly referred to as a set-square, featuring a 30-degree slope in each direction and vertical edges. This arrangement enables the triangle to remain fixed on the T-square, eliminating the need for time-consuming repositioning.
To obtain an isometric projection of an object, the object is conceptually placed in a manner where its principal edges or axes form equal angles with the projection plane, resulting in equal foreshortening. As a consequence, these edges are projected uniformly and form angles of 120 degrees with each other. This crucial characteristic defines the essence of isometric drawings. Heights Fashion Institute Jaipur is the best Interior design courses in jaipur
Key Aspects of Isometric Drawings:
  1. Parallel lines on the object retain their parallel relationship in the isometric projection.
  2. Vertical lines on the object remain vertical in the isometric projection.
  3. Horizontal lines on the object are rendered at a 30-degree angle to the horizontal in the isometric projection.
Axis Position: In isometric drawings, it is customary for one axis to be positioned vertically, establishing a consistent orientation. Advantages and Applications: Isometric drawings offer numerous advantages and are widely employed due to their ease of creation and pictorial clarity. They are easily comprehensible to a broad audience, making them an effective tool for conveying design ideas. Interior designers frequently utilize isometric drawings to articulate their concepts. One limitation, however, is that isometric projections provide only a single view of the three typical planes converging at any corner of the object, as the axes must be uniformly spaced.

Types of Drawings: Exploring Metric Projections
Metric projections are drawing methods that aim to provide a three-dimensional representation of objects while maintaining accurate scaling. There are several types of metric projections commonly used in the field of design and architecture. In this article, we will explore the three main types: isometric projection, axonometric projection, and oblique projection.

Isometric projection is a widely utilized technique that involves drawing the object's baseline at a 30-degree angle to the horizontal. The length, breadth, and height of the object are accurately represented on an actual scale. Isometric projection is particularly suitable for mechanical assembly drawings, complex machine parts, and cut-away views as it provides a realistic effect. Further details regarding isometric projection can be found in the preceding pages.
Axonometric projection offers the advantage of including a true plan of the object, making it easier to set up from existing drawings. It is commonly employed to showcase diagrammatic interiors of buildings. Axonometric projections can be created at various angles to the horizontal, although they are typically drawn at either a 45/45-degree or 30/60-degree angle for convenience.
In oblique projection, similar to isometric projection, the plan undergoes distortion. There are two variations of this method:
  1. Oblique lines are drawn at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal, with distances measured at half the scale used for horizontal and vertical lines.
  2. Oblique lines are drawn at a 30-degree angle to the horizontal, with distances measured at the same scale as horizontal and vertical lines.
It is important to note that the use of metric projections is limited and may not always meet the requirements of designers or clients who prioritize the visual appearance of a building or interior. For a comprehensive understanding of the actual aesthetics, it is necessary to create a perspective projection, which we will delve into more extensively in future discussions. Heights Fashion Institute Jaipur is the Best interior design colleges in jaipur
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2023.06.02 13:32 Schliede 23 [M4A] Looking for my Constant

Hello! I decided to repost to get more reach since it's the weekends! Hey! I'm looking for someone to be my constant. A constant being someone who's almost always available to talk with me (mostly through chat naman- I'm not that clingy). There has been a lot of things going through my life right now and I just want someone to share my struggles with. I'm not going to make you my emotional dumpster naman, I know my limits and you can share your day, your problems, and your struggles with me, as well!
More about me:
- I'm a working professional (I'm a licensed engineer)
- I'm working overseas (that means I can't meet you unless I go visit my family in the Philippines)
- I'm a very good listener (my alma mater has taught me how to stay open-minded, and I got to be a safe space to a lot of my friends during my university days)
- I might sound really formal here, but I'm also very chill and lax to talk to! You can speak your heart out with me, and I can ride along with anything!
- I'm a no-nonsense person- I tend to be very frank and straightforward but at the same time making sure that whenever I am, I try to not be offensive din.
- I have a set routine for my day- I work on myself, my career, and my hobbies and interests on a daily basis!
- I'm not looking for anything NSFW. I know it would be a part of relationships in the long run but yeah, in the LONG RUN.
- I'm single, which means we can start as friends but it can turn into something more if we agree (or disagree but talk) on things.
About you:
- Emotionally available
- Easy to talk to (we can talk about anything under the sun and literally the conversation wouldn't end)
- Would help me carry conversations (I'm introverted but I can talk a lot when I get into the zone)
- Single
- Somehow have similar views or have similarities in general (pertaining to my points above)
If ever this piques your interest, please send me a DM on Reddit! Please do send and introduction so that I'd get to know more about you! I prefer Discord as our main medium of communication if we ever decide that it's a match! See you in my DMs!!! :D
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2023.06.02 13:32 IcyAssistant5506 Reliable Signal Service

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of forex trading? Do you find it peculiar that others appear to have a firm grasp on it?
The sheer volume of information accessible can hinder rather than enhance productivity.
If you are searching for Reliable Signal Service to assist you in identifying a starting place for your trading activities, I have connected you with a dependable service.
Many newcomers to trading express their main concern about the risk of encountering scams perpetrated by dishonest forex services.
Thoroughly researching, utilizing signals on a demo account, starting with a trial account for service testing, and exercising caution by avoiding services with multiple red flags will reveal the abundant advantages of using signals.
Signals Link satisfies all the requirements and serves as a trustworthy signal provider.
If you wish to exercise caution, you have the option to try out their trial plan before committing to a full subscription.
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2023.06.02 13:32 MaitriDwivedi Affordable and Long Lasting Perfumes for Men Under ₹1000

Discover a wide range of affordable and long lasting perfumes for men under ₹1000. Explore our carefully curated list of budget friendly fragrances that combine quality and longevity. Find the perfect scent to suit your style without breaking the bank. Shop now and enhance your everyday presence with these remarkable perfumes for men under 1000
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2023.06.02 13:32 EssayForum Academic Writing: The Career for People Who Love to Learn

Academic Writers often start their careers in high school or college. Often, these budding writers are the bookworms in class who Often have their noses buried in Google News or some other information source. They are voracious readers who look for any excuse to learn something new. That is the main reason why they become academic writers. They have a calling to respond to. That of higher learning, regardless of field of study. That is what makes them excellent academic writers. They enjoy writing about what they learn, get paid for it, while helping students pass their classes.
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2023.06.02 13:31 Longjumping-Word3381 Asahi Ubuntu: does it support PixInSight and Gimp?

Asahi Ubuntu: does it support PixInSight and Gimp?
Dear friends of Asahi, I was planning to get a laptop mainly for astrophotography postproduction while traveling, and other normal tasks. Apps required for astrophoto elaboration are just 2: PixInSight and Gimp. An M1 cored MacBook seem a very good machine but I really dislike macOS. I was wondering before spending time and money looking for suitable offer from refurbished market if Asahi Linux should run both software. If not maybe I’d rather look for some ryzen 9 cored system. If someone maybe can help me trying to install Pixinsight demo free software: https://pixinsight.com/ Thanks anyhow in advance. Wishing clear skies
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2023.06.02 13:31 Outside-Living-9402 Selecting the best rehabilitation centre in Chennai

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best rehabilitation centre in Chennai to ensure you or your loved one receives the best care and support. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:
A rehabilitation center's reputation is one of the first things to consider when selecting one. Look for reviews and ratings from previous patients or their families, as well as awards and certifications it may have received. You can then get an idea of how well the care was provided and how satisfied previous patients were.
A rehabilitation center may offer a variety of rehabilitation services, including drug and alcohol addiction treatment, mental health treatment, and physical rehabilitation. Check that the center you're considering has the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs.
In a rehabilitation centre, staff play a crucial role in patient care and recovery. Look for a center that employs licensed professionals with experience working with specific conditions or addictions, such as doctors, therapists, and nurses.
Facilities and amenities: The facilities and amenities at a rehabilitation centre can also impact the recovery process. Look for a facility that provides patients with clean, comfortable, and supportive surroundings. Recreational activities, nutritious meals, and comfortable accommodations can also enhance rehabilitation.
Location and accessibility: The rehabilitation center should be situated in a peaceful and tranquil area that is easily accessible by family members and loved ones. This can help patients feel more connected to their support system and facilitate recovery.
In conclusion, selecting the best rehabilitation centre in Chennai requires careful consideration of several key factors. To find a center that meets your needs and provides you with the highest quality care and support for your recovery journey, you need to research the centre's reputation, services, staff qualifications, facilities and amenities, location, and accessibility.
Jagruti Rehab - Best Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai. Top Rated Menatal Hospital and Psychiatric Hospital in Chennai
944, 17th Main Rd, Sector H, Thirumoolar Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600038
Get Directions
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2023.06.02 13:31 DurchgepeitschterBot Gendern erkannt in /r/de !

Hier wurde gegendert -> https://reddit.com/de/comments/13y84i1/linke_gewalt_es_gibt_keine_gute_selbstjustiz_auch/jmlmayc/ :
Warum hat man eigentlich noch nie gehört das die Antifa gegen die grauen Wölfe etwas unternimmt?
Ich hab nur mal auf Verdacht gegoogelt und ...
Angriff auf graue Wölfe: Drei Autos am deutschlandweiten Hauptsitz in Frankfurt am Main angezündet
Graue Wölfe - Antifa Infoblatt
Veranstaltung: Graue Wölfe heulen nicht alleine. Über türkische Neofaschist*innen und ihr Wirken in der BRD
Antifa Witten warnt vor Grauen Wölfen
Insgesamt hat dieser User schon 83 mal gegendert! Sein Privileg: Neusprech Anwender*in.
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