Bosch dishwasher beeps after 2 minutes

Asked chatgbt to turn distractible into a SCP

2023.06.07 03:51 starcat_the2nd Asked chatgbt to turn distractible into a SCP

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a soundproof and electronically shielded containment chamber at Site-██. The containment chamber is to be equipped with audio monitoring devices to detect any anomalous activity. SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a locked and sealed soundproof case when not under testing.
Due to the memetic properties of SCP-XXXX, personnel assigned to its containment must undergo regular psychological evaluations and memetic resistance training. No personnel with a history of attention deficit or hyperactivity disorders are to be assigned to SCP-XXXX.
Description: SCP-XXXX is an audio recording identified as the "Distractible Podcast." It is an anomalous podcast series hosted by individuals known as "Mark" and "Bob," with each episode ranging from 30 to 60 minutes in duration. SCP-XXXX exhibits a number of highly unusual properties that affect both the hosts and listeners.
The primary anomalous effect of SCP-XXXX is its extreme ability to distract and divert the attention of individuals who listen to it. This effect is amplified in individuals who already possess a predisposition for distractibility. The content of the podcast is intentionally designed to be highly engaging, frequently shifting topics and employing rapid-fire humor, sound effects, and tangential discussions. These elements work in tandem to captivate the listener's attention and prevent focused cognitive processing.
Listeners often report losing track of time, becoming disoriented, and experiencing difficulty in completing tasks while listening to SCP-XXXX. The distractibility effect persists even after the podcast is paused or turned off, leading to prolonged difficulty in concentrating on other activities.
Furthermore, SCP-XXXX possesses memetic properties that make it highly contagious. Listeners who have been exposed to SCP-XXXX are more likely to recommend it to others, resulting in rapid propagation of the memetic influence. The podcast has gained a significant following and has been downloaded millions of times.
Addendum XXXX-1: Incident XXXX-Alpha On ██/██/20██, during a routine containment inspection, a security breach occurred when Junior Researcher ██████ unintentionally activated the playback of SCP-XXXX while performing maintenance in the containment chamber. Due to the containment breach, SCP-XXXX's memetic effects spread throughout Site-██, leading to a mass distraction event. Multiple personnel became incapacitated, and a number of security breaches occurred across the facility.
After █ hours, security personnel managed to regain control of the situation and contained SCP-XXXX. A thorough review of security protocols was conducted, and additional measures were implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.
Addendum XXXX-2: Experiment Log XXXX
Experiment XXXX-01: Purpose: To assess the long-term effects of exposure to SCP-XXXX. Procedure: D-Class personnel D-2534 was exposed to SCP-XXXX for 24 hours. Results: D-2534 exhibited extreme difficulty in maintaining attention and focus for several days after exposure. Cognitive impairment was observed, and D-2534 displayed a marked decline in performance on cognitive tests. Conclusion: Prolonged exposure to SCP-XXXX amplifies the distractibility effect and results in significant long-term cognitive impairment.
Experiment XXXX-07: Purpose: To examine the effects of SCP-XXXX on individuals with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. Procedure: D-Class personnel diagnosed with ADHD (D-3867) listened to SCP-XXXX for 15 minutes. Results: D-3867 experienced an intensification of symptoms associated with ADHD, including heightened restlessness, difficulty concentrating, and increased impulsivity. These effects persisted for several hours after exposure. Conclusion: SCP-XXXX exacerbates the symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, making it highly detrimental for individuals with these conditions.
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2023.06.07 03:50 FrustratedProgramm3r Feedback on Father's Day Magic Item.

Father's day is around the corner and I plan to DM a oneshot where my Dad is the 'hero' and the main spotlight. I want him to have a magic item that he received from his dad to be the source of power. I'd love feedback on your opinions whether certain abilities are "too" powerful(tho my goal is to make him feel strong) while others might be underwhelming. Or more suggestions to add to the list of possible outcomes.
Also plan to play at level 12, with 8 party members (classes unknown)
Your item recharges after you rest for an hour or longer, or by someone expending a level 6 spell slot.

At any time you may expend your item's charge you may roll a d8 on the table below and gain the following ability.

  1. Turn off the lights. Due to your energy conservation efforts, you gain another charge of Action Surge. Roll on this table again.
  2. Stern Look: Until your next long rest you may use your reaction whenever a creature damages you to force that creature to be frightened of you for 10 minutes.
  3. Caring heart. Until your next long rest you can use your action to heal 12d8 split up among as many creatures that can see or hear you. You may do this once.
  4. Dad's Jokes: As an action you mat deal 6d6 psychic damage to a creature. You may use this ability 1d4 times.
  5. Do it myself: You gain 1d6 charges. Whenever someone fails a check. You can make spend a charge to make the same roll yourself and take either roll. If "your" roll was chosen and succeeded, you regain the expended charge.
  6. Bathroom break. The next short rest regain all your hitdice. For each hit die spent on that rest you gain temporary hitpoints equal to the amount it healed AND you gain that many inspiration charges.
  7. Gamer Fingers: for the next 1d4 hours, you gain +5 to dexterity modifier or strength modifier. Chose when you gain this ability.
  8. Roll on this table twice. Any additional rolls of 8 until your item is recharged let's you choose the result of the roll instead
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2023.06.07 03:49 psych_is_a_science Advice on a career path- HR, Cybersecurity, or something else?

I'm 30 and I just feel so lost. I don't know what to do with my life. I would really appreciate some advice.
So I have a BA in Psychology. Afterwards, I took 2 years off to get more research experience before going into an MA/PhD program for Social Psychology. I dropped out after 2 years because I really hated it and my adviser was not a good fit. But it has been hard, as Psychology was what I wanted to do since I was 12. So I just feel really lost.
Ever since then, I've been working in customer service. Last year I was diagnosed with ADHD which at least made me understand why I had struggled with so many things in my life, from getting to places on time to organizing things. I can, however, focus for long periods of time if something is interesting or if it's a repetitive job that I can do while listening to music. I was also told by my psychiatrist to see if I can get tested for autism but I have been unable to find someone in my area that tests adults. In October, I was fired because I kept being 5-10 minutes late (and yes, I disclosed my ADHD diagnosis when I got it, thinking it would make it easier-- it did not).
All these things made me realize that I need to find a new career and a job that I can do remotely- where it would be much harder to be late than to go in person and where I can manage my environment (my old job did not allow people to have noise canceling headphones in, I need the noise canceling headphones to focus).
I enjoy filling out paperwork, and repetitive tasks, and I did not hate programming when I had to learn some when I was in grad school. I hate large meetings where nothing discussed is relevant to my job and I hate being interrupted with small talk when I am working (another reason why working remotely is something that I want to pursue). I would prefer a job where I would just have to work to complete short tasks. I did love data analysis in grad school but I am not quite sure what I can do with it.
My mom is suggesting that I go into HR- get a certificate and try to find a job in HR. There are a lot of things that are appealing to me about it-- that it can include paperwork, 1-1 meetings, and that it is somewhat related to my BA. But I don't know what kind of certificate to get (there are a lot of types out there), or if I can succeed.
I have also been considering cybersecurity mostly because there is a free apprenticeship through a local community college but I don't know if cybersecurity is a good choice. I also don't know if I would be good at it. In any case, classes don't start until August.
Do you have any advice? Are there any other careers I should consider? What certificate would be best for HR? How can I know if I would be good at Cybersecurity?
I am very afraid of making the wrong choice like I did with Psychology. I'm old. I need to settle down and have a career. I feel so lost.
Anyone with ADHD, any suggestions for careers I should look into?
Edit: if it helps, I'm in Southern California.
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2023.06.07 03:49 HDMI_07 Advice for a Prospective Clinical Psychology PhD Applicant

Hello everyone! I’m a rising undergraduate senior majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology. I plan to apply to Clinical Psychology PhD programs (specializing in neuropsychology) for Fall 2024 and wanted to know where I stand with the current stats I have and areas I should improve on.
  1. GPA: 3.90 (3.81 cumulative)
  2. Research Experience: By graduation, I will have 3 1/2 years of research experience (been in the same lab since freshman year). I work in a systems/behavioral Neuroscience lab, so most of my experience has been with mice and not people. Additionally I have the following:
    • 1 research article publication (currently have another in preparation and hoping it’ll be submitted by the time I begin applying. Fingers crossed)
    • currently working on an honors thesis
    • presented posters at 2 national conferences and several local ones at my institution. I hope to present at one more national conference before graduation.
    • participated in 1 external summer research program. I worked in a clinical neuropsychology lab for 10 weeks and presented that research at a conference.
  3. Clinical Experience: the only clinical experience I have so far is from the summer program I did. On top of working on my research project, I was able to a few shadow clinical neuropsychologists and got some hands-on experience administering a neuropsych test to a few research participants, but I don’t know if that’s enough. Unfortunately my institution doesn’t really offer similar opportunities, but I’ve been looking into volunteering to get more experience.
  4. Some Additional Info/Awards/Honors: I don’t know if any of these things would add value to my application, so please let me know :)
- I’m a student in my school’s MARC Pre-PhD program - worked as TA in an honors class for 1 semester. I’ve also served as student mentor in for a few underclassmen in other research training programs at my university. 
My biggest concern with my application is not having enough psychology and/or clinical experience. I’ve also heard that it’s hard for people applying straight after undergrad to be accepted. Any advice on how I can improve and become a more competitive applicant would greatly be appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.06.07 03:46 DevanDrake-99 To anyone who grew up in Austin, Texas, Birmingham, Alabama, the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina, or Greenwood, Mississippi, would not be familiar with this programming block.

To anyone who grew up in Austin, Texas, Birmingham, Alabama, the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina, or Greenwood, Mississippi, would not be familiar with this programming block.
Imagine growing up in those television markets, and you didn't have cable or satellite TV. What do you remember watching? Did your local ABC station preempted Kim Possible and Power Rangers? Remember watching some awesome Pokemon episodes on The WB?
I grew up in a small TV market, and my Fox affiliate luckily carried The FoxBox and 4Kids TV programming blocks, but I mainly watched ABC Kids with my sisters since they loved Disney, and my ABC affiliate aired both Kim Possible and Power Rangers. My area couldn't get The WB over the air. The only options to watch Kids' WB is either get cable, which came with The WB 100+ channel, or through the satellite TV service Dish Network, which includes three local WB station feeds (WPIX 11 NYC, KTLA 5 LA, and KWGN-TV 2 Denver) as part of the superstation package with a $5/mo extra charge.
Since I lived in the Mountain time zone, the best choice for Kids' WB is by watching it on KWGN-TV on Dish since the promos used the correct time slots. It's also the best place to watch the DIC show Sabrina: The Animated Series and later Sabrina's Secret Life on that channel 30 minutes before the Kids' WB AfterToons block aired. The WB 100+ preempted Sabrina at the end of 2004 with the full week of Liberty's Kids, and they discontinued the entire DIC block in late 2005 on that channel unlike the regular WB stations where they aired Sabrina from Mondays to Wednesdays and Liberty's Kids from Thursdays to Saturdays until September 2006.
But the main topic about this post is that is there anyone here who grew up in those TV markets where 4Kids was not picked up on any of the TV stations. I felt heartbroken when I found out reruns of Sabrina: The Animated Series wasn't picked up on my local stations after 2002 or even picked up Sabrina's Secret Life until my local Fox station finally picked up the series in late 2006. Reruns of Sabrina and Sabrina's Secret Life skipped the majority of the episodes when it aired on CBS from 2006 to 2011. I'm aware that they aired Sabrina on Disney Channel and Toon Disney until 2004, and Sabrina's Secret Life on Toon Disney in late 2004, but I didn't had cable or satellite after mid-2004. Pluto TV even skipped the majority of the episodes of Sabrina: The Animated Series.
I'm also sad that I couldn't get to watch Pokemon either without cable or satellite.
If you did grew up in those television markets without 4Kids TV, do you regret growing up in those areas? You wouldn't be familiar with Sonic X, Kirby, or any of those shows until TheCW4Kids was debuted in 2008. Greenwood, MS residents wouldn't access The CW over the air at all. The Ninja Turtles and Winx Club first-ran on the Cartoon Network block Miguzi in the mid-2000s.
If you're aware of any of this, comment your experience about how you grew up in a small market or a market where your local stations didn't carry Kids' WB or 4Kids TV, or that they didn't air Power Rangers on your ABC affiliate.
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2023.06.07 03:44 POTUS2056 How to replace the harbor freight 2 inch saw blade?

I somehow really dull the 2 inch saw blade for cutting off 556 brass and I’m wanting to replace it.
  1. Does anyone know how to replace it or a video for this? I was not able to find one on YouTube after a few minutes of searching.
  2. Is there an option for a much sharper more durable sawblade?
*EDIT - disregard 1., any suggestions on 2?
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2023.06.07 03:43 HeyBudYouArentFunny Heart palpitations after exercise, is this normal?

18M 5’5 110lb.
After about a year and a half of being completely sedentary, with no exercise at all except occasional walks, ive decided to start being more active by running, playing basketball, and doing workouts. For the first few days I took it slow to be careful not to overexert myself, but its been a couple days now and i take about 30-45 minutes to be active a day.
Ive started to experience palpitations though, and more than usual. As far as I know, theyre pvc’s, but some feel like my heart had a hiccup, others feel like a skipped beat, and some feels like it pounds. They happen when i laugh, take a deep breath, or just randomly. In addition to this, I constantly feel my heart beat throughout my body, especially when i lay down to sleep or when i shower (sometimes i feel like im about to faint when i bend over to scrub my legs and my heart races fast). When I sit next to some clothes on my bed, i can see the clothes shake, so i know it isn’t all in my head. These symptoms have been happening for about 2 years (i’ll expand on this below) but the increase in palpitations happened recently after i started exercising again.
Some history:
Since May of 2021, i’ve been experiencing heart related symptoms. For about a year prior to the symptoms starting, i was drinking and smoking/vaping basically daily, and even though i exercised basically daily as well i still wasn’t being healthy to myself. Anyway, one day after i drank a lot i woke up feeling dizzy, tachycardia, and faint when standing. In the beginning of july, I got an echocardiogram, a 48 hour holter monitor, and an EKG which showed nothing bad. My cardiologist said it could be orthostatic hypotension, but i left out the fact that it happened after i drank.
In the months during and after this, i suffered from really bad anxiety, and cardiac anxiety, that prevented me from exercising or feeling normal. I wound up at urgent care about once or twice a month and got several EKG’s, none of them showing anything except one that showed pvcs; this was because i worked out a lot for a long time the night before. I didn’t drink or smoke for 7 months, but i still felt tachycardia upon standing, lightheadedness when standing, occasional palpitations, and a really noticeable bounding pulse throughout my body. I began to drink again november of 2021, but very occasionally and took 3-4 month breaks, currently i haven’t drank in 5 months.
2 months ago i returned to the same cardiologist to say that i continued feeling symptoms and to tell him that it happened after i drank, but he still found nothing wrong and said that my symptoms could be because i am skinny, sedentary, and have anxiety; i weighed like 105 pounds at the time, so he said that because i lacked mass my heartbeat would be noticeable because there is no muscle / fat to absorb the pulse.
This helped a lot, and my anxiety has been reduced and better than ever. I finally felt the motivation to workout, but now this is happening.
Are these palpitations normal to be feeling after being sedentary for so long? Should I get checked out again and ask for a stress test or something? What do i do?
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2023.06.07 03:41 killer-boy Beware of Modafinia

I’ve bought from them before, great customer service, responded to emails within 18hrs, no problems. And this is what 80% of you will get.
After great service I ordered again (US) and the package was seized. They were slower to respond to my reship request (24hrs), proof of seizure was provided. Package was reshipped.
The reship was also seized and I’ve been trying to get a refund ($100) for more than 6 days now. I’ve sent 5 emails, opened 2 Zendesk support tickets, and even posted on Modafinia. This resulted is 0 follow ups, my post being deleted within minutes, and being banned from the sub.
If your package is seized, I’d recommend getting a refund and purchasing from a different trusted vendor.
It’s been over 30 days since my original order and I’m out $100 and have grown a few grey hairs from the back and for… well I guess the back and back.
TLDR; First package and reship were seized, Modafinia decided it would be more profitable to give me the cold shoulder than a refund.
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2023.06.07 03:41 jeffster1970 12 months gas usage on 2022 Kia Niro PHEV

I meant to post this earlier. Anyway, after my first oil change, I reset my trip calculator to see what sort of milage I would be getting. The reset was April 26, 2022 so it will run to April 26, 2023. Here is what I got:
17,811 kilometres driver, and gas usage at 2.0 L/100km. This works out to 11,067 miles and 118 MPG (141 MPG Imperial). That means I purchased about 356 litres of fuel, or about 94 gallons.
Going into the winter months my numbers were better, but obviously during the coldest months I need to run the heat. Also included were several longer trips requiring gas. I used the PHEV as it in intended - pure electric unless going on a longer trip and anytime it's too damned cold.
My previous car was a 2016 Ford Focus - it never got close to the advertised milage. I was at 9.7 L/100KM or 24 MPG - so saving me about 1,370 litres of fuel purchases (about $2,500).
Today, curiosity got the best of me, and I had to do about 25km (16 miles) of in city driving. I used HEV mode the entire time, getting 4.1 L/100KM or 57 MPG (US). That's fantastic - especially since this drive took me about 50 minutes with the AC blasting. I hate wasting gas though, but I've been on the same tank for over 2 months, including some long distance drive, but I really need to get through the rest of the tank...
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2023.06.07 03:39 544C4D4F wild baby bunny - double check my applied logic

Hello rabbitors. I used to have house rabbits so I've long valued this community and continue to enjoy the pix you all share of your banana monsters.
lets get to it: saw a crow going back and forth from a pile of grass and fur in the grass and by the time I investigated, I found that it was indeed a wild bunny house, and found 3 dead babies on the grass. I decide to bury them out of common respect and while doing so I found that there was a forth bunny still in the house, and it was ok. I picked it up and it beeped at me and tried to hop a bit but its about 3-4" long and it's weapon systems haven't fully come online yet :)
so after considering my shitty options, I put him back in his house and repacked it with the grass and fur. there's a small bun nearby and I'm not sure if its mom or not but I'm going to give nature a chance to right this situation.
so my questions for you are:
1.) did I do the wrong thing?
2.) how do I know if its worked and when it step back in to save this little dude if mom is afk?
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2023.06.07 03:38 No-Two-4678 My locals experience.

Hi guys, so I'm a new player to the tcg (kind of) I have always played yugioh online so I for the most part know what I'm doing and what most cards I'm likely to see do etc.. I went to my 2nd ever locals last week (was some win a box event?) and I decided I'd go with drytron as my choice of deck.. so at my locals there was around 20-25 people usually so not lots but a mix in meta decks from kash, despia, spright, swordsoul etc etc

so round 1 was against dino, I comfortably beat them 2 - 0.. nothing much to say
round 2 was the problem round, so my opponent is using kash (forgot to mention this was post banlist) and I lost die roll so yeahh lost game 1, game 2 however it was back and forth until I got to having draconids and borrelsword on the field and all they had was 1 shangrila guy and that was it so I went to natasha steal and just attack for game... but my opponent kept asking 'how many cards in hand' 'what does this do, what does that do' even asked what natasha did for over a minute to where by time I attacked he just says 'you're 2 seconds after the clock' (my back was to the clock so I couldn't see the time, he could) and this guy was no slouch, he's won big events countless times and through out both games I explained every single one of my cards to him.. (this guy went on to win the box)
now I don't know the rules sadly but I assumed I could not attack until my opponent stops looking in my grave or reading cards or until I've answered their questions.. so my question right here for future purposes is am I obliged to answer everything my opponent asks or can I just attack or continue whatever I was doing? I was annoyed for sure I won't lie but I couldn't care on winning anything right now, I just want to learn.. so I was just niffed on the fact someone would do that at this level of play just for a box because if I had been able to attack they would have drawn to me and in the end they would not have won if they drew so yh idk maybe I'm just too polite but I guess I know for next time, what would your guys thoughts on this be or do you have any advice for going forward?
if i was like brand brand new to yugioh and that happened I would have never went back but since I knew stuff like that happens etc I'm ok with it but anyways thanks for reading this mess of a post, I'll leave my discord below incase anyone would be down to teach me stuff or playtest etc (I'm UK based)
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2023.06.07 03:37 adios-bitchachos jfc, shut UP, we want to leave!

I hate when there's always that one person that prolongs class time by asking a million questions at the end of lecture.
I'm taking a summer class online that has a few Zoom lectures in the evening around 7p and our cameras have to be on so they can make sure we're paying attention. Around 8p tonight, lecture concluded and the guest speaker + our instructor asks if anyone has questions. This girl pipes up with something like 4 or 5 questions that have us sitting there an extra 30 minutes. Plus, this girl was typing in useless comments in the chat to...idk, get participation points or something? I had to make a concerted effort to not roll my eyes or make a face cause I was thinking "stop kissing ass so we can all go already."
Honestly, I shouldn't even blame the girl. I'm just complaining because I'm in a bad mood and annoyed at having to stay longer after a hell of a long day. During the summer, I have to drive 2 hours from home to my intern job on campus so 4hrs of driving + working all day to train the new hire and ending it with an evening lecture meant I was just exhausted and ready to stop "performing." I felt like I was being held hostage towards the end. I really wish instead of trying to force a discussion at the end of class, they would just open a forum we could type questions to so if anyone cares, wants to see the answer, they can read it at their leisure instead of having to stay afterwards.
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2023.06.07 03:28 Bridge_Different Xbox 360 Freezing

I have an Xbox 360 Phat (16mb Falcon) It will freeze up depending on how long it’s been used. I left it alone for about 24 hours unplugged and then i was able to play fallout 3 for about 2 hours before it eventually froze up. I shut it down and rebooted and left it on the choose profile screen and it froze about after 3 minutes. I’m pretty sure it’s relative to how long it’s been on. I don’t think it’s over heating since I’ve replaced the thermal paste and have the 12v fan mod and this only started recently. It doesn’t give any rrods or the over heating 2 lights the heat sinks never felt extremely hot like something was burning or overly hot. I don’t really know what to do. Any help would be useful.
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2023.06.07 03:27 leckie_glassworks Words of encouragement for FTP on the verge of sleep training

Here to post my recent experiences with my son to maybe offer some encouragement to other parents.
My son is 9 months old, is going to be 10m on June 25th. When he came home, I would swaddle and lay him in his bassinet, but as you all may know, with breastfeeding, cluster feeding, diapies etc. The baby tended to really run me ragged. After ditching the swaddle I eventually turned to cosleeping to be a better parent to my son, get better sleep to br more present during the day, as my ex and I both sleep very light and don't move or roll, I figured it was safe enough with the sleep 7 method. Yes it was a risk but in my circumstances it was necessary.
Time passes, little babe gets bigger, more aware, more mobile. I tried many times to transition him back into his own sleep space- starting with naps etc. Like what everyone tells you to do. Could never get him out of the habit of night sleep in my bed. I was so so tired of not being able to move at night, i wanted to have my own space, and was sick of being touched 25/8.
Well, for the last month or so, I've been holding to feed and swaying him to sleep. We used to use an exercise ball to bounce him to sleep, he had a really strong sleep association with motion and it was absolutely killing my back and joints - I knew something had to give so I reached out to many a mom group and tried many different methods. It seemed like nothing was working and I always thought the "drowsy but awake" thing was a far cry from a potential reality for me.
So I just wanted to share what I did to transition my babe from bedsharing to independent sleep.
Instead of side lying feeding like i did during cosleeping, I started by holding him in my arms to feed at the angle he preferred. After he was done eating, I'd give his pacifier and sway him until he would fall asleep. Here recently, he has hit some major milestones and has been fighting sleep and regressing. Within this past week I came to realize that swaying was no longer working to soothe, but to stimulate him even further. So, ive been waiting until he is pretty damned tired before starting bedtime. Feeding him, and then holding for 2-5 minutes just giving him cuddles. I place him in his pack n play after saying I love you and giving him a kiss, and depending on the night, he's been either going to sleep almost immediately, or "crying" (complaining tbh, no real tears at all) for less than 5 minutes before he gets comfortable and relaxes to the point of falling asleep.
I NEVER thought this was possible and I never wanted to sleep train him. I was so scared of the sleepless nights during sleep training. But somehow, indirectly, it just happened.
I know this isn't going to be what works for everybody, but I suppose I just came here to say that if your infant is young and you see no end in sight, it might be closer than you think. Don't give up and don't beat yourself up for doing what works for yourself and your baby. They won't be little forever and there will come a time where they are old enough and ready to learn to fall asleep independently, and when they show those signs, don't ignore them. It will save you so much of your sleep to give it a shot, even if youre scared like I was.
I did cry a lot the first time he went to sleep on his own tbh. They just grow way too fast.
I hope all of you fresh out the gate parents out here are getting the love, support, and sleep that you need, and are enjoying being a parent as much as I am.
The nights are long, but the years are short. ❤️‍🩹
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2023.06.07 03:27 vacationhell MIL demanded induction before her vacation

All I want to do is get in the right headspace for my very very soon upcoming delivery. That’s it. That’s all I want to do. Just get my game face on for getting through this huge scary thing and try to embrace the idea of bringing home my tiny little person. But I’ve had to spend the past week racking my brain over a confrontation with my mother in law. I’ve poured so much emotional energy into trying to understand where such a seemingly kind and docile woman gets the fucking nerve. For the past 7 months, ever since we announced our pregnancy, she has been concerned that my due date is just a few days before she goes on an annual summer vacation with her husband. Not a big deal, we tried to reassure her she had nothing to worry about it. But the comments and jokes and questions just kept coming. She has known for HALF A YEAR and has had plenty of time to move dates around. Never did. And she has been ramping up the pressure on me until finally it all came to a head last week. We would politely change the subject anytime she would bring it up, but she wouldn’t take a hint. Her opinions and bossiness ramped up a lot too. There was a lot of “you HAVE to” statements with furrowed eyebrows. And then last week she got me alone and demanded an answer. First she picked me up in her car 30 minutes early and tried to come inside my home even though I told her to wait a few minutes until I was ready. Then in her car she told me I wasn’t going to have privacy for the next 10 years. At dinner she pushed the topic 3 times and on the third time I finally told her it wasn’t happening. Then she spent 20 minutes FURIOUSLY jumping down my throat. The fucking nerve of pressuring a 9 month pregnant woman to finalize her birth plan around your summer vacation. The ironic thing is that I probably will induce before her trip (just a 2 week trip) and if she had just not been so controlling and selfish i would’ve been able to tell her that this week. She is devoutly religious and constantly prays for everyone around her but still somehow seems to do zero self reflection, stays selfish, doesn’t apologize, will only do favors (such as watching grandchildren) on her own terms and with strings attached, and is in complete denial that she has poor relationships with her children. It’s so sad because when she’s not being awful, she is so supportive and complementary and the love feels so unconditional. I was so angry at first and then I went into a phase of feeling totally drained and now so nervous about how I’m going to handle her when it comes to pushing my boundaries right after the birth, and years into the future with our parenting decisions. Im also up to my eyeballs in hormones right now which brings me back to being so angry that she would put me through this right before birth. Not sure what I’m looking for, I guess just a place to rant without softening my language and making the obligatory polite excuses that I have to make to family members for her behavior, and to her when attempting to reconcile.
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2023.06.07 03:26 Weltal327 Final Fantasy 6 World of Ruin

It’s been in my head recently to discuss the main character of the 2nd half of Final Fantasy 6 (aka US FF3). Celes and Terra are probably the two best early female characters in JRPGs, and I really appreciate them in this game. However, I think both characters and maybe all characters in this game suffer from lack of development and agency at times.
Celes is saved by CID and he heals her up at the end of a peninsula. This is an interesting part where the super soldier built up by the empire, but ultimately replaced by a full 1/2 esper, gets a little humanity.
The story switches as he takes over the bed he’s been using to heal her up as he eventually dies. She in the span of a few short minutes of gameplay goes from cared for to caretaker and gets the full range of childhood. Only after he dies does she begin the journey to see what impact she can have on the world.
I think I would’ve liked to see her have more agency. What if she had decided that even though he was dying she needed to go and help the world. Why would she be okay living in the destroyed world just because she had her chance to be part of a family?
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2023.06.07 03:23 pumbawumbab Best nursing sesh at 7wks after mostly pumping

Sooo maybe I'm the only one who missed the memo, but I only saw in a comments section yesterday that some people's babies didn't start successfully nursing until 11-14 weeks. I really wish I had known that sooner!!
I had no idea. All the pressure I was feeling in the hospital and with lactation consultants made me think it's like either they latch well in the first week or two or it's a tongue tie issue or it's all going to be exclusive pumping or exclusive formula feeding or exclusively both.
After the first week or two of trying to nurse (milk came in day 5 after c-section and hemorrhaging, baby started on donor milk bottles and supplemented with formula bottles), my nipples ended up looking like burnt marshmallows they were so badly scabbed, and it hurt to have water touch them in the shower. My nipples hurt 5x more than the c-section incision. (Thank God for silverettes and nipple butter, he seems to prefer coconut oil than the more expensive brands though. Shields didn't work well for us.) Baby was shrieking and shaking his head whenever I tried to offer him the boob and it was just a sad experience so I found exclusivelypumping (thank God, so thankful for the subreddit) and have been pumping about 8x a day.
Over time, the amount I was pumping crept up and I'm still a "just enougher" at around 26oz a day (to have a few vials in the fridge, we supplement with formula 1-2 feeds a night, also since formula apparently keeps babies fuller longer, so we can sleep a little longer). I'd still offer him the boob an average of 1-2x a day because I read something somewhere about his saliva entering my nipple helping my body calibrate his needs and antibody production. Most of the time he'd still shake his head, cry, and reject the nipple either immediately or after a few short sucks though.
But over the last few days he's been rooting more on my skin when I hold him and sucking on my arm or shoulder. When he did that I offered him some boob and he happily took it! Still for short periods. There have even been times in the last week where he'd reject the bottle then gleefully take the nip, just for a minute or so though.
Then, today, I brought him to bed to cuddle, hoping to get him to sleep so I could move him to the bassinet and take a nap ... He rooted in the direction of my boob so I offered it to him in side-lying position and he took the first boob ... for 20 minutes!! I stopped him to burp him. Then he rooted again and we did the same for the other side for another 15! This gives me hope that maybe I won't have to spend 4 hours a day pumping in the future.
I'm so glad to have had really supportive folks on here and in my life who reassured me that exclusively pumping or exclusively formula feeding are OK, and I felt like I could always fall back on those, knowing fed is best, if nursing didn't work out. It definitely made it less stressful and took the pressure off.
But I also wish I'd known that babies can come around to nursing that much later after preferring bottle early on. He's gotten so much better at sucking having had practice with the bottles and now it doesn't hurt at all when he sucks my nipples but I can feel my boob softening and mild clogs loosening when he does.
I think when people think it's one of 3-4 outcomes (exclusively nursing/pumping/formula feeding/combo of the latter), it leads to more people abandoning nursing because there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of it. I had mostly mentally resigned that I wouldn't be nursing. But yeah, the 2oz/day breastmilk benefit thing helped me keep going with pumping (financial pressure also did too, could really use saving the money not buying formula for all feeds right now), and then the possibility of baby warming up to the boob later helped more ... learning that this change could happen in weeks 11-14 gave me so much more hope!! Reading it must've taken some pressure off that baby felt too today.
I'm so glad I pumped while he got better at sucking and that my doctor and lactation consultants didn't push us hard on tongue tie (they said he had a little one, but didn't bring it up again, and I was hesitant about it anyway). It would've been too painful to keep practicing sucking on my nipples the whole time. And he managed to get good at sucking without causing me pain on his own without the surgery. (Of course, not true for all babies by any means, just sharing my own personal anecdote.)
Anyway just thought I'd pay it forward in case someone else sees this and feels a bit more hope about nursing getting better eventually too.
tl;dr: Baby can still change their mind about the nipple at 11-14 weeks and nursing doesn't always have to hurt, baby can practice sucking on a bottle and may not always prefer bottle forever, so keep practicing if you want to and it might not be hopeless just because it didn't work out right away. Nursing takes practice for both baby and mom but maybe that practice can be on a bottle instead of you.
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2023.06.07 03:18 thatsactuallybananas ESL Demo Lesson Help

I have a demo lesson coming up for an ESL high school position and have no clue what to teach. I've taught for nearly 6 years, but mostly just ELA. This school's ESL department reached out to me after seeing my resume when I applied for the school's ELA position. I've only taught ESL abroad and have little knowledge of WIDA standards. They're basically giving me free rein for the lesson. It'll be a 15-20 minute lesson for 20-25 10th grade Level 1-2 students. Students have Chromebooks, and I'll have a Smart board. Does anyone have ideas for a demo lesson? Thank you!
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2023.06.07 03:17 moonstarfc Just started selling seriously on Depop, wondering about their seller protections?

Hello all, I've sold clothing on Ebay, Mercari, and Poshmark for years now. I made a Depop account last year and only posted a handful of things due to the 4 photo limit. Now since I can post 8 photos, I've been crossposting a bunch of my items and made 3 sales in the past 2 weeks.
On ebay, people basically can basically open a Not As Described case for any reason, I was wondering if you all have a lot of issues with buyers demanding refunds, opening cases, and if you feel like you're treated fairly by Depop support.
Today I blocked a buyer on Poshmark who was sending very pushy messages asking about the lighting of my photos and I didn't want to deal with a potential case opened. A couple minutes after I blocked her, the item sold on Depop to a 0 feedback user (not sure if there's a way to check when they made their account or not?). They don't appear to have similar names from what I can tell so I'm hoping it was just another person who came across it as the item had gotten a lot of attention since I posted it last night. I only have 5 seller feedback on Depop though so I'm kind of afraid of messing it up in case it is the same person and they are upset about me blocking them on Posh.
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2023.06.07 03:16 twohoundtown Need advice on domestic assault and PFA

So a week ago my now ex BF hit me, broke my phone, strangled me, then boke some objects around the house. I couldn't leave then because he would have killed my dogs and trashed my house. I went to work the next morning, he decided to stay home at the last minute. He acted perfectly normal and joked about breaking the phone. I called the state police from work and they agreed to meet me down the road from my house after work. I told them what happened, one officer said my cheek was a little puffy and red. Otherwise no marks, and he asked me if I wanted him to kill me instead of telling me he was going to kill me while strangling me. They cited him for harassment and escorted him off my property and waited for a friend to pick him up. I filed a PFA the next day. His friend said he was taking him to a homeless shelter, so I used that address for the PFA. Yesterday a week later I'm still feeling sore so my therapist advised me to go to the ER and talk to a forensic nurse. My attorney never recommended this, nor the police or advocate. I spent 8 hrs in the ER to find out my jaw is fractured. Last night the hospital made the state police aware of my injury. This morning I called and left a message for the officer that wrote the citation. He called me back around 1. He hadn't heard anything about the injury, he calls the magistrate to change the charges and my ex had called in literally an hour before and plead guilty to harassment. I also found out the PFA got returned because he never checked into the shelter. How totally screwed am I on this? The incident happened in PA and he went to his friends in MD and he's still working in MD and on FB looking for a room to rent.
Edit to add: He does have at least 1 if not 2 assault convictions in the past. Shouldn't the harassment automatically gone up to assault with his previous convictions?
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2023.06.07 03:16 KleverKilvanya Ah yes, the "free resources" gate

Ah yes, the
I might have to many Xenon production buff mods on, had just gotten the laser grid setup after the Getsu Fune mission and a wave of Ps and assorted fighters jumped in enmass then died enmass.
Popped to the other side to drop some adv sats to check it out and saw another wave gathering about 50km out. Mind this is maybe 5.5 hours in and as far as I can tell this is gonna happen every 15-30min based on what has come so far
I haven't even gotten the station built yet to process you all damnit!

On closer count that was about ~30 Ps, 5 Ts, 100+ Ms, and 11 Ns over the course of 2-3 minutes.
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2023.06.07 03:12 J_amos921 I can’t tell if JNMIL just a control freak or manipulative narcissist.

When I got pregnant last year my SO and I set some boundaries with family members about being around LO in the early weeks.
No children allowed and we asked people to not come when sick, wash hands and asked to get some shots because it was during flu season.
JNMIL got extremely upset because she is antivax and apparently was “crying for weeks” according to FIL. SIL went completely NC with us. We saw her on xmas day but besides that crickets for the past 10 months. MIL said some hurtful things to us. She said she wasn’t coming to my shower and then just showed up (which I didn’t have a problem with her coming I was just annoyed by saying she wasn’t coming). She told my SO his family doesn’t like me and wouldn’t come to the baby shower. I haven’t done anything to make anyone not like me. Apparently I pissed people off not going to bridal showers when I was vomiting and exhausted in the fall.
The biggest thing for me is that in January I got very sick in my third trimester 36 weeks. I was on oxygen and bed bound for several days stuck in the hospital for 9 days. None of them sent a single text or called not even to SO.
When my SO called his mother to tell her I was sick and they admitted me she didn’t ask how I was and asked “but is the baby OK?” Like I am a surrogate she doesn’t know not her daughter in law of 3.5 years.
They live 30 minutes away. I wasn’t expecting a visit or anything but it was very cold. Not even saying anything afterward.
I had a difficult delivery I had pre eclampsia ended in a C-section and I hemorrhaged and I ended up having a post partum hemorrhage as well after I got home. I was vomiting and felt very weak. No one asked how I was when my SO called them when we got home from the hospital. They asked about the baby and then changed the subject to SIL upcoming wedding. I don’t really care but I just see it showing that they hate me. They came and met the baby when she was like 11 weeks old. They were happy. They acted nice. I acted nice-they are her grandparents I wanted them to be able to have a good moment. They offered ti babysit her sometime.
All of a sudden MIL is texting me again. Not a lot but a few times. SIL still hasn’t met LO and she is 4 months old. Two weeks ago we went to a family gathering on my SO side. MIL hugged me goodbye in front of other family member (SO cousin) and then they tried to invite us over to their house and mentioned they had a crib set up for LO if we wanted to stay over.
Also LO is their first grandchild. They got a crib for her when we haven’t spoken to them in months and in my opinion they burned a bridge with me. I felt like it was DELUSIONAL.
I had an excuse that I had to go home to pump but I was shocked she would think I would want to do that. I was also kind of annoyed she acted like that in front of other people like we are close and like nothing happened. Previously we would hang out with his family at least once a month and have dinner and play games. It just feels weird and fake to me now. I talked to SO and I said I think we need to have a conversation with them. I’m not expecting an apology I know I won’t get one but they need to understand they can’t throw a tantrum and go no contact with us when we make a decision for our daughter about her safety and also it’s our comfort level. I already have post partum anxiety.
If they don’t respect our rules we won’t be having them around because we already felt disrespected the first time. For example SO and I agreed we wouldn’t be allowing overnights until she was at least 2 and possibly longer unless there was an emergency. I can see them having a problem with that.
SO asked them to come over to talk. FIL called to say MIL and SIL want to forget the whole thing and move on. They are refusing to talk about it. Also now they are refusing to come over when invited to talk but before they were SOOO upset they couldn’t see LO when they wanted to. I asked my mother to babysit the night his parents were supposed to because now they aren’t wanting to see us because we would like to talk like adults instead of give people the silent treatment.
I told my SO I am never going to stop his parents coming over to see LO if he wants them to if they give advanced notice. I really think they shouldn’t come “do us a favor” until they agree to talk to us. I could see MIL trying to use that as a guilt trip later because she did last fall. They would see her if they agreed to speak with us. Am I wrong? also is that just being controlling or is that narcissism?
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