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2023.06.07 04:32 Alba-nach Mass Effect: Pioneers is seeking the brave and adventurous

Did you sign up with the Andromeda initiative high on advertisements promising adventure and the chance to start fresh but wound up stuck in a box or stood behind a line watching those years tick on by? Did you go into cryo a fresh-faced maiden only to find yourself staring at the reflection of a matriarch by the time something exciting happened?
Well, look no further! Mass Effect: Pioneers is a newly created Mass Effect Roleplay set in an alternate telling of the events of Mass Effect: Andromeda. The server is still fresh however the skeleton crew version of the plot is your character will be joining the newly appointed Turian pathfinder and her crew, and will be tasked to bring order and hope back to the members of the Initiative and beyond!
If you're looking for a fresh new experience where you add to the story just as much as you experience it, then join Mass Effect: Pioneers today!
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2023.06.07 04:32 Quirky-Witness-7225 I need help diagnosing my Betta

I need help diagnosing my Betta
My 1 year old plakat betta started to act lethargic and had some fin damage. about 1.5 months ago. His water parameters were fine, PH was a bit high but always is high. I put him in a quarantine tank with antibiotics and he started to do a ton better. I did a full water change in his main tank and put him back in. He was fine for a couple of weeks then started to get lethargic again. Now, I started to notice this bad discoloration on his tail. There is a nerite snail in the tank that has been there for about a year as well and some live plants. He’s in a 5.5 gallon heated tank. I add Indian almond leaves every once in a while for extra tannins.
I’m devastated and feel like a horrible fish parent. Any insight into what’s wrong or any medication I can buy would be great.
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2023.06.07 04:32 TheKephas Does this game seem extra hard on the GPU for anyone else?

Has anyone else experienced an unusually high GPU load when running this game? I have an RTX 3070 TI and an i7-13700KF with 32gb of ram. I've updated all my drivers including the nvidia driver for D4 from a couple days ago. I should be able to run this game no problem, but I've noticed a lot of stuttering and GPU vram capped at 100% even when in menus.
I messed with some settings. I turned off HDR and limited FPS to 60 which did nothing. Messing with the DLSS settings also did nothing. My only "fix" has been to lower the graphical settings to medium. Which lowered the load, but only to 90%. It also seems kind of randoms. I could be in the middle of a huge fight and only have a 60% load or be sitting in town/ looking at menus and have a 95% load.
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2023.06.07 04:32 LoveMangaBuddy Read Keyboard Immortal - Chapter 55 - MangaPuma

A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the trash of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan? What? I'm a transmigrator but I don't have any talent for cultivation? Why are there so many people out for my life? And most importantly of all, how in the world did I get on the be ... Read Keyboard Immortal - Chapter 55 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/keyboard-immortal/chapter-55
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2023.06.07 04:31 Tiny-Riches-Gatherer Seeking Insights on Cashout Minimums in Survey and GPT Platforms

Greetings, fellow Redditors! 👋🏾 I'm here to tap into your valuable perspectives on cashout minimums prevalent in survey and GPT (Get Paid To) sites.
Recently, I encountered a dilemma while using @InboxDollars. Despite having $6 in my account, I'm unable to withdraw it until I reach a $15 threshold. 😩 This situation prompted me to ponder the varying cashout requirements across different platforms.
For example, I am currently using Freecash, which allows users to cash out at a mere $5 for PayPal or Amazon gift cards. On the flip side, Qmee, has no minimum cashout requirement at all! 🎉
Now, I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Do you find a $15 cashout minimum, such as the one on InboxDollars, too high? Or do you consider it to be reasonable? Have you come across any other survey or GPT sites with notably low or nonexistent cashout minimums?
I value your experiences and opinions greatly! 💬

SurveySites #GPT #CashoutMinimums #SeekingOpinions

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2023.06.07 04:31 timeistheonlymoney If cryptocurrency is so divisible, then why does anyone care if it is deflationary?

There are always "analysts" reading charts and palms and broadcasting their odd rationales for why crypto is going to rise to all time new highs. It's certainly exciting to read their stories, but a recurrent one I see especially about Ethereum is when it turns deflationary. The rationale and magical charts are used to claim that because it is deflationary there will be less supply of it, and therefore natural logic dictates the less supply and constant or more demand should drive the valuation higher and higher.
Except, cryptocurrencies aren't physical good or even limited bandwidth or limited in any way. I know that NFTs can be limited and understand those at a fairly deep technical level. I can see how supply and demand can affect the valuation of those, but ETH. I don't get it. If you have 1 ETH, you have the purchasing power of 1 ETH relative to whatever good or service someone will trade for. If you have, .1 ETH the same is true. But slow down their high roller, you might only have .01 or .001 or .0001 or .00001 or .000001 or .0000001. See how that works? If you find a market, a product or service, where you can trade your .00000000001 ETH for things and you have .1 ETH, in those terms, you're rich.
You might argue, but hey, so and so has accumulated all of the remaining ETH, and they could come to our marketplace and trade for everything everyone else produces. Ok. That means nothing. The market place in the above scenario trades good for .00000000001, they just sold out. Maybe they'll be back or maybe not. If they produce more of whatever they produce, and they can convince Mr. Moneybags to buy out all their stock again, good for them. However, there is a good chance that Mr. Moneybags has had his fill and so the market resumes normal trading for .00000000001 ETH per widget or hour or cookie or whatever everyone is trading for.
Anyhow, I just don't get it I guess. It's not like a piece of gold or even physical currency. It's just numbers, greatly divisible numbers. If someone buys every single ETH out there, except for a few thousand, then the entirety of all markets will still operate with those few thousand, just in fractional terms.
Bottom line is I just don't see how "deflationary" truly comes into play here as a reason why people might trade more USDs or bananas for them.
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2023.06.07 04:31 ThrowRA246813 I (26f) have no libido and I think it's causing my relationship with (26m) to fall apart

Idk what I'm even looking for - hope? Wisdom? Words of advice? Opinions?
Short version: our relationship (8yrs) has been.... rocky.... for a few years. His job is stressful. We have toddlers. I'm in school. You get the picture - everything's high stress. Lately though, I'm starting to feel like things are just wrong. I described it to a friend as being "burnt out on life" and I feel like that's pretty accurate. There's just so much happening and I'm losing my grip. I'm not sure if this is a personal issue or a relationship issue or what.
Basically, some of my current stressors include: -I'm in the final semester of a high stress degree. I have class, on site training, capstone, etc -I am responsible for 80% of childcare. They have a daycare/babysitter when I'm in class but as soon as that's done, I pick them up. From there, all cooking, cleaning, bathing, and activities related to the kids are my responsibility. -I am also responsible for all household chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry, household shopping, etc) -I manage our finances (like budget/making sure bills are paid) -my partner and I have been arguing more lately about how I'm not raising the kids/caring for the house to his standards and he wants to stay home once I graduate so he can do things the way he wants them done (he feels like he doesn't have a say in things currently) ....there are other things but that pretty much covers the big points. (Worth noting - he is the sole financial provider while I'm in school so he has plenty of stress too)
Now, it's also worth noting that I've had NO sex drive lately. Like, none. At all. Possibly related to the previously listed stressors but idk. My partner, however, would prefer to be intimate at least once daily. This has caused some tension to say the least. Basically - he tries to initiate, I say I'm not in the mood, he gets upset because we never have s*x so he's not sure why he bothers. I get upset because I feel like he's trying to make me feel bad for saying no. Rinse and repeat. We have sex 1-2x/month probably but have this fight probably 2+ times/week. It's killing our relationship. He has mentioned wanting to "open the relationship", I think that's a horrible solution.
At this point I feel like I'm losing it. Part of me thinks this is my fault and I'm failing as a partner but the other part thinks there's no way.... I keep telling myself it'll get better when we move (we live with relatives while I'm finishing school) but I'm starting to worry it won't.
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2023.06.07 04:31 sausagefest2011 How do I build the cheapest RTX 3080 build possible? ($800 or below)

Looking to assemble the scrappiest budget-tier RTX 3080 build out of used parts and any means necessary to scratch my itch and play MW2 in 4k.
I don't really care about upgradability since in a year or two i'm gonna wanna build a proper PC anyways.
Here's the parts:
Total comes to $809 before tax + free shipping.
Any cheaper parts? am I missing something here? how can I save money?
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2023.06.07 04:31 hertabuzz Why Is it Okay For Girls To Stare At Guys But Not Vice Versa?

Girl was staring at me at the gym. I talked to her once before. I caught her staring and she wouldn't look away. Then, I just looked away.
She was trying to get my attention, because it was blatant staring and not peeking. I still think it's weird how it's okay for girls to stare at guys and when we catch them staring we're supposed to make the first move and say Hello.
However, when a guy stares at a girl, that's considered creepy, whether you know her or not.
Is this just a double standard that I don't know about, like how men are not shamed for having a high body count like women are?
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2023.06.07 04:31 jnavarro25 Help, before my wife turns into Jessica!

Hey all,
I'm Symanntha, and I've high-jacked my husband's phone because I'm about to go crazy!
I've replayed every level of Gotham Memoirs from 1-2 to 2-15 but I CANNOT unlock 2-10 nor 1-12.
If you have played Gotham Memoirs, you will know that this is a problem because to open the 3rd (?) part of the Story Kingdom with Isabel, you have to unlock 3-6 in GM.
But I can't perfect 3-2 thru 3-4 because I don't have the blueprints from the locked stages above. I can't play 3-6 because I need to get a perfect on 3-2 thru 3-4. Whhhhhyyyyy did they do this????????
Yes I told Kane I would be serious and not fabricate anything. I interacted with Davis on the street, but I cannot figure out how to interview with him instead of Kane.
I cannot figure out how to call Diane instead of Mr. Puzo, it doesn't even give me an option. But 2-10 is sitting there with a heart lock on it taunting me.
I had my son look thru Discord, I googled it, but I can't figure it out. Can any of you give me a link, or tell me step by step, how to unlock those so I can move on with my life?????
Or my husband may have to commit me thus making me play out Gotham Memoirs in real life.....
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2023.06.07 04:31 crazygamer1267 Where to start in a small town?

Sorry to be the average reddit “how do i start this” question but i honestly dont know what to do. I live in a small town in ontario canada, where the only martial art available is karate. I personally would like to enter bjj or kickboxing but it’d be a 30 minute drive and id only be able to really choose 1. I was wondering which one to start with as i want to build a strong foundation for a future (amateur as im not fully confident) mma career, im also planning to join wrestling at my high school next year so ill need to work up my endurance and stuff. Once again, sorry to be that guy, but any help would be great, thanks!
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2023.06.07 04:31 Turbulent-Fall-614 My sister in-law may be in an emotionally abusive relationship with my brother

My sister in law has confided in me that my brother has been mistreating her pretty badly. I do consider there to be a small chance that he's not, but I've heard stories from other family members about him acting badly when drunk/high, so I tend to believe her.
I can't say whether or not any of these are 100% true because I've never witnessed any of them, but she has told me that he has done the following:
1) They have a child together and she says that he threatens that if she were to leave him, she would never see her son again. (I told her this wasn't true since she was also the child's parent and, barring a court order that I don't think he could get, she would have at least visitation).
2) Has threatened to and has kicked her out of their apartment and locked her out. Apparently this involved some shoving. This has happened more than once apparently.
3) My brother is fairly affluent. SIL signed a prenup and believes that that means she isn't entitled to any of their money except stuff in her bank account. (I think this is wrong, I believe a prenup describes how you divide up assets in the case of divorce, but I've never been married so this could be very wrong).
4) My SIL is an immigrant that has since gained her citizenship. He has regularly accused her of using him to get a green card. I think SIL may be afraid she could suffer consequences if brother claimed that the marriage was a sham green card marriage.
5) Threatened to kick her out permanently and keep their son from her, claiming that the judge would side with brother since she was homeless.
6) Constantly accused her of taking advantage of him.
7) Apparently been gaslighting her a bit.

I have told her she needs to talk to a family law or divorce attorney immediately. I also told her that I'm fairly certain that she is entitled to money in his account, at least as long as they're married. Also I believe most lawyers will do an initial free consultation, so she shouldn't worry too much about costs.

My plan is to show her this thread when I next have a chance to see her alone. I would appreciate any kind comments, advice (We're in nyc, so that may affect what advice you can give), maybe even point to local resources that would help her find a family law attorney that would be able to help her, I would really appreciate it. Thank you all for your time.
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2023.06.07 04:31 StrawberEmoon Is he losing interest or just comfortable ???

We are both 16. We’ve been official for about a month now. We met doing a play together. When we are together he is very attentive and close with me but when we aren’t together he barely texts me. This is the first week where we haven’t seen each other on a regular basis because of hanging out and doing the show. We don’t go to the same school or live in the same town so communication when we don’t see each other is important to me but I’m afraid to scare him off by talking to him about it. He talks about the future a lot in person. Like stuff were going to do ect ect. But when we are apart he seems distant. I give him his space and don’t bug him but it makes me sad he doesn’t really seem to want to talk to me that much like before. Im also stressing because we have one more weekend of shows and I’m afraid he’s gonna break up with me after the show is over. Is it normal for texting to slow when your official or is he losing interest ?? We texted ALL the time before we were official. His last relationship seemed more intense but he says how toxic they were & didn’t like how they were super pushy. So I don’t push. This is my first boyfriend so I’m clueless. We’ve only kissed but i think he did more in his past relationship. I’m worried about that too. like I’m moving too slow for him and that I’m not as romantic as he is. We’ve only ever communicated over text. We both don’t like FaceTiming so we are stuck with texting. I try to be flirty over text but I’m so bad at it. Im much better in person. Too bad being in person will only happen like once a week after the show is over.
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2023.06.07 04:31 BrassiestOcean0 I feel lost.

I've been really struggling these past few months. I lost my cat to FELV and watching her suffer the last couple weeks of her life killed me. She was only 3. She was my best friend and we went through a lot together during those 3 short years. Ever since I lost her, I've been fighting feelings I haven't felt in 7-8 years (last attempts). The last few days I've been really struggling with loneliness and I just kind of lost it. I wrote a letter for my loved ones, I messaged a few good friends that I care a lot about, and left for a spot I knew I could be alone and just be at piece with myself. I called my gf and left her a voicemail apologizing for what I was about to do. It's been a little rocky with her, but I love her to death. After I left the VM, I just sat there, for what felt like hours, crying. I was finally able to gather my thoughts, I told myself I couldn't do this to her. I couldn't do this to my cat, she would have wanted better for me. I am now back home, and I threw the pills I was planning to take in the dumpster. I'm proud of myself that I did that but I still feel so alone. I feel like if I would have went on with it, it would have hurt them, but now that I didn't do it, they will think less of me, not even care or just act as though I'm being over the top. I have struggled with depression for years and most of the time I can see the good in life. But when I can't, I seem too loose everything that matters to me, including myself. I'm really scared of myself right now but I'm trying my best to not do what I did last time. I try to tell myself there's a reason I didn't die last time but right now I cant see any good reasons. I just want the suffering to end.
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2023.06.07 04:31 soggychad has anyone else experienced a large amount of smurfs in dueling servers?

i suppose it’s not harmful so long as they’re not breaking the rules but i still feels wrong and i don’t know how to feel about it. encountered a rank 30 today named Nolo that whooped me senseless. and not in the normal way a low level kills a high level by just doing random shit you can’t predict. this person was actually incredible at the game. gameplay felt like a 250-350 rank gamer. what are your thoughts and opinions on smurfs?
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2023.06.07 04:31 kosewhy Does it get any easier?

So my partner and I have been together for 10+ years. We have kids together. During this period we’ve been together he’s had 3 EA+PA (that I know of) and several PA. Any time I find out about his current AP he gets defensive and he accuses me of either snooping or being too insecure or calling me out on my flaws and I end up apologizing. After a push and pull and me expressing my feelings or concerns PLUS coming with solid proof is when he accepts that he was actually cheating. And he only comes out up-to where he thinks my knowledge of his cheating goes to. Eg if he thinks I only know of texts he’ll say they only ever texted, if I show him proof of them kissing he’ll suddenly remember they kissed but claim it was a one off thing. If I show him proof they had sex he’ll say he was just sparing my feelings but that it was also a one off thing etc so his apologies are normally meaningless since he apologizes for what he thinks I know but even then still lies.
We have moments where we don’t speak because he’s mad at me for overreacting or calling him out and he says he feels attacked that’s why he distanced himself and bounces back and forth with apologizing for what happened but also claiming nothing happened and that he lies to spare my feelings since I would over react with some chosen innocent female interactions (I’ve never once been uncomfortable with his other female friends or coworkers) Then when I find out it was an actual affair he apologizes for going too far with the flirting.(says he has to flirt to feel alive but that he never intends for it to cross boundaries)
My question is. Does it get easier? Does it stop hurting? I no longer yearn for him. I get bored by his interactions and garbage tea dates(I say garbage because he takes me on tea dates as a form of apology but he’s always on his phone) with his APs they do movies, dinners, road trips, site visit etc. And you’ll never find him on his phone because he claims/claimed to be busy with work
I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m jealous. I’m lonely. I’m a shell of myself. Does it get easier? Is it worth holding on? Am I holding on to a man I made up in my head and not seeing him for what he really is? Does therapy help? I’m drowning. I need help. I now have low self esteem with comparing my self to his APs
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2023.06.07 04:31 iamseason1rachel Study places in Cebu

Idk if someone made this list na. A quick search in this sub did not yield the results I was looking for.
To preface this: Yes, we can study in our dorms / houses. Minsan talaga, we need that change of scenery when studying, especially during the height of exams season. Plus, hindi lahat may rooms na always conducive for studying. I am of the opinion na okay lang twice or thrice in a semester mag-study outside (arbitrary numbers).
Some of the cons that keep me from studying out are:

If possible and you're lucky enough na you can have them in your space, get a comfortable chair with back support, a wide desk na appropriate say ang height, and a good lamp. This saves you the trouble of going out. SAFETY FIRST. Pa-deliver ka na lang ng kape.

Do you know of other studying out places in Cebu City na you'd like to share? (10%) char.
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2023.06.07 04:31 CarelessEmployee8320 Employed - Multiple Offers

Hello Civil Engineers of Reddit!
I am employed - 8 years post-graduate experience with my PEng in Toronto, Ontario area. Am I crazy to be leaning towards Offer 1??? Both offering companies have approached me rather than the other way around. Anyone take less money for more growth opportunity? Same vacation time at all.
Option 0 - Current employer
$90K base, no overtime, 5% pension, annual bonus of $2K to $10K
Concerned about the direction of the company into the future so open to opportunities
Offer 1
$95,000 base, no overtime, 3% pension, bonus structure unknown
20 minute further drive than current work
Very interesting work - high level and advanced that is beyond my current skill set but I will have the opportunity to learn. To start would be more of a lateral move
Offer 2
$115,000 base, overtime, retention bonus at 6 mths, 4% pension, annual bonus of $2K to $10K
20 minute further drive than current work.
Very similar work to what I am doing now - but sometimes I find my current projects boring.
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2023.06.07 04:30 ytSleepyWhatsUp What language is she speaking?

What language is she speaking?
What order do you apply these products in/ do I need to use them all ?
My friend told me I have 3c curls and she said it depends if I have low or high velocity hair. I don't know what any of those things mean
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2023.06.07 04:30 bloodybahorel Rewatching season 1 and…

Why did Jamie come tearing out of his house to punch Jeanette?
Disclaimer: I’m not condoning him hitting her; I’m confused about why he’s so enraged at that point.
From the news story when Jeanette is at home icing her eye, it’s clear it’s the same day Kate was found. You see her coming out of Martin’s house surrounded by cops and being bundled into the back of a cop car. It’s unlikely that she’d have had the chance to talk to anyone besides her family and the cops (maybe a social worker, as well), so she wouldn’t know Jeanette stole her life. It’s also highly unlikely that if she had accused Jeanette of leaving her locked in Martin’s basement that the accusation would have been made public by the time Jeanette gets to Jamie’s house.
So why is Jamie so enraged at Jeanette when she gets to his house?
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2023.06.07 04:30 Apprehensive-List163 Getting rid of Discord and online communities as a whole has really helped me

A bit hesitant on posting this, but I wanted to get my thoughts out there…:
From when I was 8 years old (now almost 26), my life revolved around online communities which I’d feel closely attached with. I’ve had an overbearing amount of bad experiences, mainly because I have both high functioning autism as well as BPD, which has resulted in me having many, many unstable online relationships, while having massive misunderstandings. Being on these online communities really exasperated the problems I’d have, and I’ve shed many tears and experienced I feel more heartbreak than the average person. Which I now realise it’s really not normal for a human to experience, and I also phrase it in a way that we as humans aren’t evolutionary meant to be socialising online almost all the time.
Now that I’m almost a year on from being Discord-free, I feel my life has very much improved mentally. Although I still have severe mental health issues and trauma from the experiences I’ve had alongside social difficulties, I’m going through therapy to help with things.
I also go to real life gatherings sometimes and though I still very much struggle with forming deeper connections, it feels like I’m at a point where not every other week something traumatic happens. Which of course is better than being chronically online and having these communities instantly at your fingertips…whether you’re in a good/bad mood, whether everyone’s busy and people keep you on read and they end up forgetting…plus due to the nature of text itself, massive misunderstandings and conflict are inevitable. For me especially, I feel more ‘drunk’ as I have less of a filter online compared to in person.
It does make me think that it’s better to be alone, rather than put a bandaid like being on Discord servers, and while it may feel good a bit, it really did rot my brain.
Thought I’d get this out there, I also hope it helps someone too, as I don’t see many people talk about this specifically. My heart goes out to others who are also suffering, and I hope we can all overcome this together. :)
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2023.06.07 04:30 YeetMyFeetKasbock Ability based around bubbles

This ability is inspired by morel. This ability would either be a conjuration one where I summon a giant bottle of bubble liquid complete with a bubble wand, or a. Manipulation one where I just go find an alchemist or something to make me super high quality bubble soap and a craftsman for a huge bubble wand that is durable enough to be used as a weapon like morel does with his pipe. I would wear the thing on my back like gaara and then dip the wand into the thing and manipulate the bubbles I create. One of my abilities would be to create bubbles that are stretchy like rubber and quite durable so I can use to defend with against blunt attacks and it can put people or objects inside it and float for transportation or trap enemies inside. Another ability I had in mind is to maybe dip the wand into the liquid and then hit my opponent with it and wherever I hit, a decently big bubble spawns and kinda acts like a balloon weighing them down and making them less aerodynamic I guess to decrease their speed and mobility and if I hit them a certain number of times the bubbles on their body will combine into a big bubble to trap them. My super secret technique would be a trap where I have a bunch of maybe basketball sized rocks floating high in the air in bubbles that I can pop on command to have them rain down like a meteor shower. I haven’t worked out the restrictions and whatnot but I’d love to hear feedback
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