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2023.06.02 14:37 Inglonias Is it possible to bake a cookie that doesn't create crumbs?

This is more of a hypothetical than anything. I don't need a recipe for this, but it would be interesting to know if one exists.
Because I'm a space nerd, i was thinking about how food is handled on the ISS. One thing I know about space food is that crumbs are a big no-no - they can get into equipment and cause unpredictable behavior, which is the last thing you want when that equipment is keeping you alive.
I was also thinking about cookies, because I'm hungry. I know they use tortillas instead of bread on the space station, but I'm curious what it would take to create a space-safe, crumb-free cookie. Is it even possible to keep a cookie from crumbling?
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2023.06.02 14:28 Im_Just_Browsing Got to be the first customer at a new Crumbl location!

Got to be the first customer at a new Crumbl location!
Ross Township, PA. Woke up at 7:30am, got there by 7:45am, doors opened at 8:00am.
Used a free birthday cookie code and got the Confetti Cake cookie. Literally the first cookie their store ever produced. Tasted pretty good.
Got a free cookie cutter with my purchase!
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2023.06.01 03:52 realitysurfing 29 [M4F] Los Angeles - I'd take oxytocin over oxygen right now

it's 2023 and I still use reddit to try and meet people for like-minded, body-mingling shenanigans. such is the problem of one great experience years past. maybe this is an endeavor that's better spent on dating apps or connecting with people irl, but we're here now.
to cut to the point, I'm harboring on heartbroken. feeling a bit used. emotionally violated. basically a low point. more of a friendship being squashed. some company that veils a sense of comfort is all I'm looking for, but I wouldn't mind someone to be friendly with. not interested in anything beyond that, just friends who are comfortable in each other's space.
I'll probably be over it in a day or two so you don't need to worry about me being a crumbling cookie of a man if we hang out. I'm funny enough. good-natured. like exploring and getting lost in art or thought. writing about yourself is surprisingly hard when you're stuck in your head all day.
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2023.05.31 14:12 bitch_is_cray_cray The Ultimate Aussie Goodie Box - a list of what would be in it

My sister has been living in the UK nearly a year now and I wanted to send her a goodie box so she can get a taste of home. I know she can get some of these things in the UK (e.g. Tim Tams but IMO they're not as good as the ones here because they're 'export tim tams'). Anyways, here's a list I've come up with in case anyone else wants to shower a friend, family, or guest with some Aussies goodies :) Feel free to share below anything else I might have missed!
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2023.05.30 21:13 YpsitheFlintsider Cookie Butter Ice Cream and Triple Berry Cobbler

Cookie Butter Ice Cream and Triple Berry Cobbler
Cookie Butter Ice Cream (4/5) - This was a simple yet fulfilling cookie. I loved the crumbles on top. I think the brown sugar base is a little too basic for my likes, and the cookie butter on top will melt and become less sturdy fairly easily. Mine also seemed really underbaked. Like the whole middle was fairly dense. I still think I liked the Cookie Butter Lava cookie more. I still enjoyed it though and I think it's well worth the price.
Triple Berry Cobbler (4/5) - I actually may have liked this one more. I'm a fan of jams on top of cookies, and the oatmeal base added a richness to the cookie. Though I will say that the cobblers I've had didn't have an oatmeal crust. I do think the richness of the cream cheese frosting took away from the jam, and probably added a little too much texture to the base. I chilled half of the cookie and I think it was even better.
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2023.05.30 04:37 Automatic_Key56 Finally!!! It’s happening!!

So I went to Crumbl Cookies this evening because the new cookie flavors for the week come out on Mondays AND there was a mystery cookie this week - Cookies n Cream. 🍪I know I probably shouldn’t grub out on cookies, but… warm fresh cookies!! 🍪Duh!! So I get home, take one bite, and I don’t want it anymore. It finally happened!!! I finally don’t want to eat the sweets! 🥳 Now I want my $14.00 back. 🙁
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2023.05.30 04:36 Automatic_Key56 DUDES! It’s happening…

So I went to Crumbl Cookies this evening because the new cookie flavors for the week come out on Mondays AND there was a mystery cookie this week - Cookies n Cream. 🍪I know I probably shouldn’t grub out on cookies, but… warm fresh cookies!! 🍪Duh!! So I get home, take one bite, and I don’t want it anymore. It finally happened!!! I finally don’t want to eat the sweets! 🥳 Now I want my $14.00 back. 🙁
Posting in Wegovy sub, just in case you see it there😉
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2023.05.29 21:50 Rude-Ad8141 YALL! I found Shays grocery list.

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2023.05.29 21:09 MillieBirdie My store is also selling last week's flavors!

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2023.05.29 21:05 thetango Crumbl Cookies opening June 9th

Crumbl Cookies opening June 9th
Just drove by it!
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2023.05.29 12:48 SPvsTheWorld Price increase

Price increase
Just went on to check the weekly flavors and I just don’t know if the price is even justifiable anymore when I can get a cookie for cheaper from a local bakery/deli and support a small business…
(Definitely using the birthday reward though)
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2023.05.29 09:08 Efficient_Piglet8245 Boy do I love nutrition labels

I love when the nutrition labels don’t add up , which one should I follow the 25g or 100g estimation?
25g -161 x4 equals 644 100g - 554 /4 equals 138
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2023.05.29 06:45 Floppa-Al-Assad 19 - Friends deciding to hang out and not include me. I need new ones.

There isn’t a lot about me that can be said on something like this. I want people to chat with just to take my mind off of stuff. Yeah that’s how the cookie crumbles ig.
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2023.05.29 02:00 EntertainmentOk4802 Flavors May 29th - June 3rd

🍨 COOKIE BUTTER ICE CREAM FT. BISCOFF® A smooth and delicious brown sugar cookie topped with buttercream made with Biscoff® cookie butter and crumbly cookie pieces.
🎊 CONFETTI CAKE A burst of confetti sprinkles in a fluffy sugar cookie topped with a swirl of pink vanilla cream cheese frosting.
🫐 TRIPLE BERRY COBBLER An oaty trio of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry swirled with delicious cinnamon cream cheese frosting and decorated with a dash of cinnamon streusel.
🥜 PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE A thick chocolate cookie stuffed with peanut butter dough, then topped with a swirl of melted milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter.
⁉️ MYSTERY COOKIE Is it one of your favorites, or something you haven’t tried yet? Check the Crumbl App to see what cookie your local store is offering!
🍭 CLASSIC PINK SUGAR An all-time favorite—a vanilla sugar cookie topped with a perfect pink swoop of real almond frosting (now containing real almond extract).
🍪 MILK CHOCOLATE CHIP The classic—you can’t go wrong. Thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips.
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2023.05.28 22:28 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 9 - Shifting Futures

--- Table of Contents ---
Spring 4984, 9 Kuromoth, Spring Equinox
“Archmage, I thought you had already gone…” Brom’s voice, beyond Her door. She didn’t move, didn’t bother to look towards the closed portal. Had it been months or years since he'd last come to sit with Her?
“I will be leaving presently…” Archmage Morndancer’s cold voice answered. She squeezed tighter into Her little ball in the dark corner. It didn’t matter that he would be gone. He left the tower often, but it didn’t stop Her punishment. Even as the season turned from winter to spring, She'd stayed locked in Her room. With no books and no company. Occasionally being taken out to give samples in a lab completely separate from that of Her treasures. Only their yowls and barks from down the hall offering any comfort.
“It’s an important day, isn’t it, Archmage? Perhaps Sellon will pass the test.” Ran’s voice. Did he sound nervous? Her head tilted, just a little, towards the door. The half-circle of light from Her window did very little to banish the darkness of the room. She hadn’t bothered to light the candles. What was the point?
Morndancer scoffed, “Doubtful. Ronni didn’t manage it. And just as his sister before him, Sellon will join the Mages Guild whether he passes or not.” Sellon and Ronni, Archmage Morndancer’s children. She'd heard of them from Brom and Ran. So they were Mages as well. Perhaps they would be the ones to come take Her blood and cut Her hair in future. It didn’t matter. Nothing had ever mattered.
“But a Wizard-Cleric of Saint Bede might…”
“Enough.” Morndancer interrupted Brom, “Bede is no god, he wasn't even a decent Mage, he was and is a villain. We would not have this responsibility to save the world if he and his lot hadn’t doomed it.”
“Of course, Archmage, yes.” nervous feet shuffled outside Her door.
“Even now, Shaloon is trying to locate the next storm.” Morndancer continued his chastisement, “They come more frequently and destroy greater swaths of land. If we continue to be as useless as the other Talons, there will be no world left to save. So rather than waste your time on prayers to usurper gods, you had best refocus and redouble your efforts while we are away. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Archmage,” Brom and Ran said in unison.
“Good. And be sure to return those to the library when you have finished with them.” the hiss of fabric on stone accompanied the Archmage's exit.
Her door handle jingled, and Her head came up a fraction, but, “Wait…” Brom’s whisper. Silence followed, and She dropped Her head again, pressing her closed eyes into Her knees. Minutes passed, or was it hours? Did it matter? Maybe She would crawl into Her bed and try to sleep. Time passed faster that way. Or maybe She would just stay here in Her little ball in the corner.
“He should be gone by now…” Her lock clicked, and the door creaked open, but She didn’t bother to look up, “Goldy? Maybe She’s sleeping…” Brom whispered.
“Damn, it’s dark in here. Red, can we get a light?” She didn’t answer Ran’s request. What was the point? They would find Her and they would take Her for samples. She didn’t have to help them do it. “Grab the candle from the table, Brom. My hands are full.”
She could feel the life of a tiny flame beyond Her door. Felt it draw closer and enter Her room before it flickered and died. “Oh, Goldy… please don’t…” the shuffling of feet moving carefully in the darkness came closer. She tried to pull in tighter, tucking Her head against Her chest and letting Her now shoulder-length hair fall forward to further hide Her face.
They crouched at either side of Her, Brom setting the useless candle down to Her left with a soft ‘tink’ of brass on stone. Something much heavier was placed on Her right, the familiar scents of hardbound leather, paper, and ink… “We brought you some books, Red…”
She lifted Her head, looking through the tangled strands of golden hair and seeing a pair of worried faces looming in the dark. “If you light up the room a bit, we can read,” Brom slowly pushed Her hair back, careful not to touch Her skin. As though She would burn him. She might have. If She could find the energy.
“You’re not supposed to...” Her voice crackled from lack of use, making Her whisper even more inaudible.
“What?” Ran leaned closer, but She didn’t repeat Herself, “It’s been months, Red. You’re not in trouble anymore.”
She blinked silently at him.
“Look, Goldy,” Brom shuffled forward, still in his crouch, “things can go back to normal now. The Archmage will be out for a few days. We can take you to play with the animals tomorrow.” She shifted Her blank stare to him. Brom waited for a moment, searching Her face for a familiar flicker of excitement. She didn’t give it to him. He sighed, “We’ll leave these with you then. You can read them when you’re ready.”
Brom made to stand, but She grabbed the hem of his sleeve, “Stay with me…” On the candle, the smallest of lights began to flicker to life. Brom sat down with a groan, and on Her other side, Ran plopped down even less gracefully.
He leaned his back against Her bed and picked the top book off the small pile they'd brought Her, “We can stay until lunch, Goldy.”
“But we still have a lot of work to do…”
It was enough. The candle burned brighter, and She shifted Her legs down, taking the book Ran passed to Her. Things would finally be returning to normal. As they always had been, and as they always would be.
Shon woke long before the kitchen servant would come to fetch him. Everything was the same, and yet nothing would ever be as it was before. Sitting up, he ran his fingers through his hair, only to realize that everything wasn't the same. The other two boys who'd reached maturity were also awake. It looked like Gaven hadn’t slept at all, his sandy hair tousled and his dark eyes bloodshot.
“This is it then… the last morning in the dorms?” Gaven whispered the useless question. Nan, the oldest by a month, nodded in silence. Shon didn’t bother with even that much, swinging his legs off the bed and kicking something. Another difference. A final gift from the Church. A leather pack for him to carry everything he owned.
Shon dressed in silence only broken by the shuffle of the other two joining him. After tying his boots, he started packing the bag. It was large enough to fit all of his clothes and even his seven journals, though the eighth made it a very tight fit.
“Should we make the beds?” Nan whispered. Again, Shon didn’t answer. Instead, he stripped the blanket and sheets from the mattress, folding them neatly and placing them with the pillow at the foot of the bed.
“Yeah… they'll have to strip them to wash anyway…” Gaven said, following Shon’s example.
They'd just finished when the door creaked open. Normally woken by the morning bells, Gaven and Nan both jumped, looking from the dark window to the door then at each other.
The servant girl who usually woke Shon looked in on them with some confusion, then hummed in understanding before holding the door open for them, “Come on then. There may be some leftover dessert you can have while we make breakfast…”
Shon doubted he could eat anything at the moment. His stomach worked itself in knots that put an uncomfortable pressure on his heart that in turn seemed as though it wanted to beat its way into his throat. The entire sensation made him feel a strange sort of nauseous. Nan and Gaven looked no better than he felt, and they both swallowed before exiting the room. Gaven took a moment to look back over his shoulder before shaking himself and setting his eyes forward. Nan seemed to rush from the room, too afraid to look back. Shon took one last look around before following, the door clicking closed behind them.
He let the other boys walk ahead of him and wondered what they were thinking. Gaven would be taking the test with him today, but Nan had been selected to join the Masons Guild and had opted to accept the offer right away rather than try for one of the divine orders first. Perhaps Nan was the smartest of them.
“We'll miss you…” the servant girl whispered so only Shon could hear, “It isn’t glamorous, but it’s honest work... if you want to join the Servants Guild…” the Servants Guild was a loose association of otherwise privately employed cleaners and cooks. It was the last choice for orphans, but also their most common destination. She'd meant the offer as a kindness, so Shon nodded in thanks, though nothing but the most desperate situation would ever see him join.
The head cook looked up as they entered the kitchen, nodding in understanding, “Couldn’t sleep?” he asked Nan and Gaven, who mumbled incoherently in response. To Shon, the cook smiled, offering only a silent nod.
The girl who'd reached maturity with them was already in the dining room, staring mournfully at a plate of hastily scrambled eggs and a few cookies from the night before.
“Hey Lara, couldn’t sleep anymore either?” Gaven asked with a strained smile. Shaking her head, she picked up her fork and tried to force down some of the breakfast. She'd been accepted into the Tailors Guild, but unlike Nan, had chosen to take the test with Shon and Gavin. Just in case.
The cook himself brought the boys their plates of eggs and cookies, and they ate in silence until the morning bells sounded. The three unused to being up early jumped at the sound, exchanging nervous looks. Their juniors and the priests would come flooding in soon, laughing and talking and enjoying another breakfast with friends and the closest thing they had to family. It would be the last time the four of them ate with the others in this room.
Shon didn’t know if he could take the bustle today, even if it was the last. Or maybe because it was. He stood, taking his mostly full plate and returning it to the kitchen. The cook looked from the untouched food to Shon and back again, then picked up a pair of cookies and held them out to him, “You might not be able to eat now, but you can save these for after.”
Shon took the gift, meeting the cook's eyes and nodding in silent thanks. The cook returned the nod and Shon left the kitchen without looking back. He slipped the cookies into one of the side pockets of his new pack as he made his way to the courtyard. He passed the bathroom, its wall lined with low-hanging sinks and a single long mirror. He'd practiced arching his eyebrows in that mirror...
Entering the courtyard, Shon hesitated, remembering his first early morning. When he couldn’t sleep for excitement at the mere possibility of training with a real adventurer. He'd wanted to learn to fight, but more than that, he'd wanted to learn how to train. After all, he would be doing a lot of that once he joined the Temple. It would be helpful to have a head start… Or, that's what he'd told himself back then.
Shon shut the door with a click of finality that rang in the still morning air. To his left were the classrooms where the city's children took lessons. Just thinking about his last lesson, with only those coming of age, still made him blush. To his right was the door to the chapel, where he'd sat with the other orphans through the weekly sermons. Shon respected the god of life and healing, but Soleil had never been his patron. Across from him was the clinic, where the Clerics of Soleil saw to the needs of the sick and injured. He'd only been sent there once, after breaking his arm trying to climb the tree in the courtyard.
Shon would have no need to pray to Soleil specifically, and the Temple kept their own clinic... if he passed. If he didn't... There was a chance he would see the clinic again, perhaps the chapel...
Shon stepped off the walkway surrounding the central tree, and a familiar voice sounded from its roots, “Feeling up to a few exercises?” Master Veon-Zih asked, rising from his cross-legged seat in one fluid motion. Shon stopped in their little clearing and nodded, letting his pack slide off his shoulder and flop heavily to the ground. “I take it there's nothing fragile in there then?” Veon-Zih asked with a chuckle.
The idea that a thirteen-year-old would have something valuable or fragile enough to break just by dropping the bag finally pulled Shon all the way out of his contemplations. He arched a skeptical eyebrow at his master.
“There, that’s more like it. You looked like a rather well-preserved zombie.” Veon-Zih took Shon by the shoulder, shaking him, “Not a thought in your head, or skip in your step.”
Shon shook his head, sinking into his horse stance to start his drills. He punched with his left fist first, and Veon-Zih took position just out of reach, so Shon’s knuckles barely brushed the fabric of his tunic. Shon held the position until Veon-Zih also threw his first punch. He aimed for Shon’s face, sending a wave of air and ki over his skin and nearly touching his nose. Shon didn’t flinch.
They worked through their punches in unison, nearly touching but never quite connecting. Shon worked in silence for a while then said, “Too many thoughts…”
“And none of them new, I’m sure,” Veon-Zih commented.
Shon nodded, “The same ones circle again and again. Even though I can’t do anything about them... yet.”
“Not until after the test.”
Shon had to swallow a sudden lump in his throat and nodded again, unable to speak even if he'd wanted to.
Veon-Zih moved on to the next strike, and Shon copied him. He'd lost count of the punches but followed his Master's lead. “I don’t suppose you want to talk about it?” Master Veon-Zih asked.
Shon shook his head but then sighed. Most people seemed to like thinking out loud, especially when troubled. He didn’t understand why, but his usual quiet contemplation wasn’t working, so maybe… “If I don’t pass…”
“I would think of all days, today would be the one to take a break!” Father Branston called from the chapel door. He began strolling towards them with a broad smile, “Do you think you’ll be done in time to join me?”
Was it time already? Shon glanced around, noticing Nan, Gaven, and Lara approaching from the living quarter, all looking pale, their lips drawn in tight unsmiling lines.
Veon-Zih hadn’t come up from his stance, so neither did Shon, but the Monk did laugh, “Keeping a routine can be soothing in times of great change.” he winked at Shon, “Even if it’s a positive change.”
Shon tried to smile at Veon-Zih’s apparent show of faith but wasn’t sure if he'd managed it. What if…?
“Well, I don’t want to rush you. Can I trust you to get Shon to the Chapel on time if I take the others now?” Father Branston laughed as though he'd said something particularly humourous, his great belly bouncing with mirth.
“We'll be there.” Master Veon-Zih assured Father Branston, and Shon nodded mutely, resuming his drills and trying not to watch the others leave. “We have plenty of time,” Veon-Zih whispered, “Take a few deep breaths. It's the end of your childhood, not your life.”
They moved from drills to kata. Master Veon-Zih stayed in front of Shon, moving with him and matching his routine strikes with the appropriate counters. “You were saying?” it had been awhile since Shon had tried to speak, though his head continued to spin with the half-formed thoughts.
“I don’t want to think about not passing,” Shon said, kicking high and hitting Veon-Zih’s waiting arm.
“Do you believe such thoughts will jinx you?”
Shon dropped his kick and punched as the kata dictated. Veon-Zih was right; working through their regular routines did seem to help calm his pounding heart. “I don’t know… Maybe? It’s stupid, though. Whether I pass or not was decided when I was born. It won’t change just because I think about it.”
“Emotions are rarely logical.” Veon-Zih smacked Shon’s punch aside at the last moment, and Shon moved smoothly from that strike to the next, “It’s normal to be nervous. One of your peers is just as nervous, and he already knows where he’s going.”
“They all do…” Shon mumbled, snap kicking straight in front of him, confident in his Master’s speed to dodge and counter.
Veon-Zih did indeed dodge, but instead of the usual counter he hooked Shon’s foot with his own and tried to pull him off balance. Shon only stumbled for a moment, shifting his form to a different kata and counter, his body moving before his mind could catch up. Veon-Zih spoke as they continued the different form without finishing the first, prompting, “Even those taking the test have other plans, just in case?”
“Lara was accepted by the Tailors, and Gaven is going to enlist in the guard…” They had sped up the pace, and Shon needed to concentrate, now on edge in case Master Veon-Zih decided to shift the practice again. A few more strikes in, the Monk dropped below Shon’s punch and swung at his ribs, forcing Shon to block. Shon switched the kata to his most recent on instinct, using the block to redirect the punch rather than stop it as the original kata would have dictated.
Veon-Zih smiled, his eyes twinkling at the move as he picked up the pace even further, “Both of those are honest jobs and noble callings.” Shon could only grunt in response, now moving too fast for him to think of anything but the exercise. Veon-Zih continued, “The enlisted make up the bulk of Hengist’s armies, and their loyalty is admirable. The Tailors Guild not only clothes the populace but often creates beautiful works of art that serve to enhance the natural beauty of the human form.”
The Master hadn’t even broken a sweat, but Shon had to gasp out, “But I don’t-” before he was interrupted by another unexpected punch. He countered but then disengaged, breathing deep and slow, “What will I do? If I don’t pass? I thought about joining the enlisted too but…” but the idea of being so close, and yet so impossibly far from his failed dream, pained him in a way he couldn’t put into words.
When Shon didn’t continue, Veon-Zih asked, “Will you reconsider joining me then?”
Shon blinked at the Monk, his eyes going wide. He'd thought he'd lost his chance with the Monastery when he'd denied Veon-Zih for the Temple three years ago, “You mean you'll still take me?” he stammered out.
Veon-Zih closed the distance between them and placed a firm hand on Shon’s shoulder, “So long as you are an obedient and willing student, remember?”
Shon’s eyes burned and another lump rose in his throat, preventing him from speaking. He nodded, and Veon-Zih smiled, turning away from him so Shon could rub his eyes without the Monk seeing. He still wasn’t comfortable with the thought of failing, but he felt a little more at ease, knowing he wouldn’t be alone even if he did.
“Shall we go then?” Veon-Zih scooped up Shon’s pack and held it out to him, “Destiny awaits no man.”
The Grand Chapel was dedicated to all the gods of the kingdom, and though today it was closed to the public, the doors were still crowded with families from every walk of life. Merchants and craftsmen mingled excitedly with one another while their children nervously awaited the start of the test that would determine the trajectory of the rest of their lives. A smaller group of only two families stood apart from the throng. Dressed in fine clothes and protected by private guards, the nobles surveyed the commoners with a detached air as though above the gods themselves. The boy Shon often saw at the Temple was among them.
Shon stopped just outside the crowd, arching his neck to try and see the doors. His quiet dread had turned to jitters of nervousness as he and Master Veon-Zih walked through the city. He wasn’t sure if he'd wanted to run or stop moving altogether. Now that they were here, he tried to distract himself by studying the faces and movements of those gathered. Though if he tried to draw them now, the shaking of his hands would probably make the pictures impossible to decipher.
The differences between the nobles and commoners, in particular, caught his eye. One of the nobles, a man of middling years, wore long robes with a high collar buttoned tight to his neck and looked as if he would rather be anywhere but here. Shon had just finished scanning up the man’s robes when their eyes met. A shiver, entirely unrelated to the general anxiety of the test, ran down his spine.
The noble’s eyes went wide, and he started for Shon, the edge of the crowd giving way for him like the sea before a ship. “You…” his voice was breathy, and he reached out. Shon stepped back and ran into Master Veon-Zih, “They are back, truly?” the strange man asked, his eyes fixed on Shon who could only stare in bewilderment.
“My good lord Morndancer!” Father Branston’s joy-filled greeting sounded from the side, “So your youngest has come of age has he?” the Abbot seemed to snap the noble from his focus, and he turned away from Shon as Branston made his way through the crowd, Lara and Gaven close behind.
“Yes, Abbot.” Morndancer surveyed the Cleric with what Shon could only describe as contempt, though the look hardly wiped the wide smile from Branston’s face, “Will we be starting soon? Sellon and I have business with the Mages Guild.”
“Though if young Sellon should find himself capable…” Branston started, but the noble snorted. “Ah well, to each their own.” Branston finished, turning away from Morndancer to address his young charges.
From a pouch on his belt, Father Branston pulled forth three small books that shouldn’t have been able to fit in the little bag, “I present to you, your papers.” He fanned the books out before him, and each of them took the one closest to them. They were bound in leather with the seal of the Kingdom of Daanlin embossed on the cover. The knight on the kingdom seal rode a horse and held a shield with the seal of Clearhelm on it, three tall pine trees in front of a snow-capped mountain.
Their papers were proof of their citizenship and would serve as a record of their lives and accomplishments. Master Veon-Zih had shown Shon his own papers months before. It held a record of every border he had ever crossed and every teleport he had ever taken, as well as proof of all of his adventures and every job performed for any of the kingdom’s organizations. Veon-Zih’s papers were a veritable tome compared to Shon’s meager notebook. Opening it to the first page, Shon saw his name followed by his presumed place and date of birth. It detailed that he had been raised in the Church in Smildna and when he had come of age. At the bottom was a place labeled but left blank for the date and results of today’s test…
Branston was still speaking to them, but Shon only partly registered the words, “You should keep your papers on you whenever possible. You will need them to reenter the city any time you leave…”
Veon-Zih placed a hand on Shon’s shoulder, and he nearly jumped out of his boots in surprise. Leaning down, the Monk whispered in his ear, “Soon this book will be full of your adventures and accomplishments. Regardless of what happens today.”
“Abbot,” Morndancer interjected as Father Branston finished his explanation, “the test? Some of us have places to be.”
“Yes, yes, patience is a virtue, my dear Lord Morndancer. The sun will rise no faster with you tapping your foot at its pace.” he lowered his voice and continued to address the anxious children, “I am so very proud of all of you. Know that no matter what is discovered today, the light of Soleil will always shine with joy at what you have and will accomplish in your lives.” Shon wondered if any of the adults realized that their constant efforts to comfort their nerves seemed to be having the opposite effect. Shon’s palms were sweating as he closed his papers, and he had to wipe them on his pants to try and distract himself from his pounding heart.
“Follow me,” Branston turned away, walking through the middle of the crowd that had suddenly grown hush at his movement towards the door. Veon-Zih gave Shon one last pat, then slipped Shon’s pack from his back and tossed it over his own shoulder. Letting his student know without words that he would be waiting for Shon to return, one way or another.
Shon could feel the eyes of the noble Morndancer boring into him as he followed Father Branston through the throng towards the Grand Chapel. What was that man's problem? Who was back? Shon was too distracted by the test to dwell on it, but the man had made his skin crawl, and having him at his back wasn’t helping his nerves.
Father Branston turned to address the crowd as the doors began to swing open, “The testers will enter alone and present their papers to the clerks by the door. Families and friends may wait outside until the test is complete.” Nervous adolescents made their way forward, careful not to jostle one another, many accepting last-minute hugs and well wishes from their families.
Shon thought he remembered the Grand Chapel well from his visit almost six years ago, but was struck again by the beauty of its art. The masterwork statues and carvings were outshone only by the stained glass dome that painted the round floor in bright light of every color he could imagine.
Of the ten gods, eight representatives stood opposite the doors, waiting quietly while the testers handed their papers to the clerks and shuffled nervously in the middle of the majestic holy site. Neither the Temples of Horsa nor Saint Giorgos were present. Their absence wasn’t surprising. The Temple of Saint Giorgos only took those of noble birth and would give their tests separately, and the Temple of Horsa was openly shunned in Clearhelm, its only branch located in the capital city of Tarorn.
Shon handed one of three clerks his papers. She took them with only a glance, hastily scribbling Shon’s name on a long list before handing the book to one of the others who wrote the date in the spot allocated. By the time all the testers had filtered in, there were about twenty young boys and girls huddled in the center of the room.
The Cleric of Hengist, in robes of white and blue, stepped forward to address them. “You are gathered here today in the hopes of being chosen to serve. To serve the province, the kingdom, and most importantly, the gods. But before the gods can choose you to act as their divine hands and voice, you must train and study hard their tenants and virtues. And before even that, your body must be able to hold and direct their power. For a feather that cannot hold ink will never be a quill. This is not a test of your worth but of your natural, innate ability.”
As he spoke, two other Clerics, Father Branston of Soleil and a female in the colors of Lune, stepped forward, each holding something round covered with a dark cloth. The Cleric of Hengist continued, “Very few are born with the capacity to touch the divine, there is no shame in failing.” the Clerics of Soleil and Lune removed the protective coverings and everyone had to shield their eyes from the brilliant light that flared in Father Branston’s hand.
Squinting as his eyes adjusted, Shon could just make out an orb glowing in a bowl in the Abbot’s hands. The Cleric of Lune held a similar sphere, though it appeared dead beside the brilliance of the other. “When we call your name, you will touch the empty vessel,” the Cleric of Hengist gestured towards the unlit stone, “and then you will touch the vessel filled with divine magic,” with his other hand, he gestured towards the light. “Do not hold the stone for longer than a moment. If your body is unable to channel the magic it could do serious harm,” he warned.
“Trase,” one of the clerks called from the door, reading off the list they'd compiled. A tall boy stepped forward on shaking feet. He approached the Clerics, who nodded solemnly, all encouraging smiles gone. Reaching out, he touched the unlit orb, then with a deep breath, reached for the glowing vessel.
Nothing happened. Trase pulled his hands back, and Branston whispered -though all could hear in the stillness of the room- “It’s alright lad, you may go…”
“Anhala,” the clerk called, and a girl jumped before rushing forward to try.
The first six failed before a girl named Gena reached shaking hands to the orbs. As her fingers brushed the light vessel, the dead sphere in her other hand began to glow. She gasped, holding tight to both globes, now both shining brightly.
“Congratulations, my dear, you may choose an order…” the Cleric of Hengist gestured to the altars around the Chapel. Gena pulled her hands back slowly, and the unlit stone died once again. Shon watched as she walked to the altar of Soleil to await the end of the test before beginning her life as an adept in training at the Church.
“Shaclin Ebonheart,” the noble boy Shon often saw at the Temple stepped forward, rubbing his hands on his pants before reaching for the orbs. Nothing. He held on, and Father Branston gently removed the boy’s fingers from the light orb. Shaclin pulled away sharply, clutching his hand to his chest and whimpering. His skin had grown red and blistered.
“I’m sorry…” the Cleric of Hengist whispered.
Shaclin turned away without a word and strode for the door, still clutching his burned hand, silent tears staining his cheeks.
I won’t cry… I won’t… “Shon,” Shon closed his eyes, imagining himself in the Temple chapel with its calm silence and soothing scent of incense. He could almost smell it when he opened his eyes and moved forward.
Time slowed down… it took hours to reach the Clerics. Days to raise his hand to touch the dark orb. Now that he was closer he saw that they were actually crystals, tumbled into perfectly smooth spheres. His palm covered the dead stone, and it felt cool, as though it had just been dug from the ground by adventurous children. He reached for the stone bathed in light, feeling the warmth radiate off it before he even made contact. It wasn’t nearly hot enough to burn, and yet Shaclin’s hand had shown blisters.
Shon touched the stone. The warmth filled his fingers and crawled up his arm. It flooded his body like a vessel being filled with water before flowing out his other arm and down his hand. The dead stone came to life, its coolness replaced by the warmth of the divine magic, using him as its conduit connecting the two.
“Congratulations, son, you may choose an order…”
Time sped back up, and Shon let his hands slide off the stones. “Congratulations,” Father Branston echoed, nodding towards the altar of Hengist, “The rest is up to you.”
Only two others passed the test. A girl with long auburn hair and green eyes had joined the Temple with Shon, and a boy had gone to the Church of Saint Bjarki. They stood by their respective altars as the last of the failed testers left the Chapel. Gaven and Lara managed strained smiles at Shon as they left. He attempted to return them but wasn't sure if he'd managed it. The eight Clerics all breathed sighs of relief as the last left, and Branston and the Cleric of Lune returned the covers over the stones. Though still lit by the light through the colored dome, the Chapel seemed so much darker without the divine light to fill it.
“Four this year! An entire fifth!” the Druid of Cathbad exclaimed, her brown and green robes rustling as she danced in place.
“Yes, quite remarkable. Twice the average.” the Cleric of Saint Bede agreed. Though he resisted dancing for joy.
The Cleric of Hengist was also smiling broadly, though when he spoke, it was to the kids, “You may spend the afternoon with your families. Report to your chosen order before sixth bell.”
The girl who also joined the Temple of Hengist, Daisy, gave Shon a warm smile and hurried with the others to retrieve her papers. Now marked with their status as divine conduits. Shon walked behind them, his nervousness replaced with excited anticipation. He felt somehow full and empty all at once. With one door open, another had closed...
Shon stepped into the morning light to find the crowd had cleared. Only the three families of his fellows remained, hugging and kissing their children in joy. “We shall have a feast fit for the King!” Daisy’s father exclaimed, lifting her into the air as if she were no more than five. Shon’s stomach growled.
“Hungry?” Veon-Zih asked, stepping out from beside the door and presenting Shon with his pack. Shon felt his cheeks go red, and Veon-Zih laughed, rubbing his own belly, “I could use some lunch myself.”
Hastily Shon dropped his pack and rifled through the outside pockets, finding the cookies in the last one left to check. They were cracked and crumbled in some places, but he held one out to Veon-Zih regardless.
The Monk took it with a bow, “I am trying to resist being disappointed.” he confessed as Shon eagerly shoved his own broken cookie in his mouth.
He nearly choked, and Veon-Zih patted his back hard, not helping. Shon managed to swallow, then stammered, “Master, I…”
Veon-Zih interrupted with a laugh loud enough to fill the empty entryway, “Just promise me you won’t let your new studies dull your old. I plan on testing you with each visit.”
"Visit?" Something Shon couldn’t name filled his chest with warmth reminiscent of the divine light, "Test? You..." He thought he might burst with barely contained hope. No one could be so blessed... "You'll still train me?" Shon asked.
“I happen to be good friends with one of your future teachers at Hamerfoss.” Veon-Zih stated for the first time, “I’m sure he'll welcome my visits. If you'll have me…”
Shon didn’t have words for an answer. Instead, he lunged forward, wrapping Veon-Zih in the first and only hug he could remember giving anyone.
--- Table of Contents ---
All comments and communication are welcome and wanted.
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2023.05.28 20:00 ValleyAndFriends Ice cream toppings

Ice cream toppings
Went to an ice cream shop, it had the standard toppings.
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2023.05.28 17:21 VernonKazama My Mario Kart Wish List 📃

~ 1. Introduction ~
Here is a detailed description of my wishlist for a Mario Kart 9 or 10/X (if Tour is considered the 9th installment) I don't expect everyone to like all my ideas. This is just a wishlist. I obviously would be happy with any Mario Kart Nintendo decides to put out but in a perfect world, this is what I would want for it to be the best Mario Kart imo. I hope you enjoy.
*= Thoughts, Personal opinions, New ideas for modes, mechanics, driver outfits, vehicles, items, options, etc
🔒= Locked. Must be unlocked by in game requirements or DLC
~ 2. Mechanics ~
~ Single Player / Multiplayer 》1P》2P》3P》4P》
Grand Prix》Class Optimization》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Circuits》Cup Select》 Class Optimization options: Engine: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》All¹》All Mirror¹》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》² Drift: Automatic》Manual》³ Items: Normal》No Items》 Camera: Normal》First Person》
*¹ - All and All Mirror options are only available in Grand Prix. After a Circuit has been selected, It'll play each Cup in order of that specific Circuit.
*² - All race and battle modes will feature either a Solo Dash or the new Double Dash option similar to Mario Kart Double Dash for extra replayability and character combinations.
*³ - Even if not many people liked Automatic drifting, it was there for a reason for you to choose. Some liked it. Some didn't. It should be the player's choice.
*⁴ - Camera can also be changed freely during the race from the pause menu.
Time Trials》Driver(s) Select》Circuits》Cup Select》Course Select》 Race Solo》Race Against Ghost》View Ghost》Online Ghost》Upload Ghost Data》
• VS Race》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Customized Race》Circuits》Cup Select》Course Select》 Customized Race options: Engine Class: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》Frantic》No Items》No Items and Coins》Custom》 COM: Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro¹》 COM Vehicles (Solo)²: All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 COM Vehicles (Doubles)²: All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Courses: Choose》In Order》Random》 Race Count: 4》5³》8》12》16》32》64》All》 Laps: 1》2》3》4》5》
*¹ - Added a Pro difficulty to make the CPU feel more of a challenge.
*² - Wanted to split the vehicle selections between Solo Dash and Double Dash drivers. Solo Dash drivers will now only select between Karts and Bikes and Double Dash drivers will only select between ATVs and new Buggy vehicles. *Buggys are essential similar to the designs of the Karts used in Mario Kart Double Dash. ATVs are now bigger in size to help fit the idea of 2 drivers on one vehicle.
*³ - The original Super Mario Kart had 5 courses per Cup so I brought that option back for custom races.
*⁴ - Wanted to make the option available for players. These courses will be excluded from Laps option and be set to default when selected: ⁿ⁶⁴ Wario Stadium, ⁿ⁶⁴ Rainbow Road, ᵍᶜⁿ Baby Park, ᵍᶜⁿ Wario Colosseum, ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Loop, ³ᵈˢ Maka Wuhu, ³ᵈˢ Rainbow Road, ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mount Wario, and ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Big Blue.
Battle》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Customized Battle》Course Select》 Customized Battle options: Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》Frantic》Skilled》Custom》 Round Time: 1 Minute》2 Minutes》3 Minutes》4 Minutes》5 Minutes》 COM: Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro》 COM Vehicles (Solo Dash): All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 COM Vehicles (Double Dash): All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Courses: Choose》In Order》Random》 Round Count: 3 Rounds》5 Rounds》7 Rounds》¹
*¹ - I shortened the rounds. Anything past 7 rounds is too much imo but that's just me. Also being a little bias cuz I'm not a fan of battle mode.
~ Online Play 》1P》2P》
Worldwide: Grand Prix*》VS Race》Battle》
Regional: Grand Prix*》VS Race》Battle》
Friends》Create Room
Tournaments》Menu. Menu options: Create a Tournament: Icon》Name》Rules》Time Settings》Other》 *Rules options: Mode: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》Balloon》Classic Balloon¹》 Renegade Roundup》Bob-omb Blast》Shine Runners¹》Coin Runners》 Shine Thief》Thunder Cloud Tag¹》Random Battle》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》No Items》No Items or Coins》Frantic》Skilled*²》Custom》 Round Time (Battle only): 1 Minute》2 Minutes》3 Minutes》4 Minutes》5 Minutes》 COM: No COM》Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro》 Vehicles (Solo Dash): All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 Vehicles (Double Dash): All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Camera: Normal》First Person》 Smart Steering: Smart Steering OK》No Smart Steering》 *Time Settings options: Frequency: Weekly》Daily》Fixed Period》 Start Day: Sunday》Monday》Tuesday》Wednesday》Thursday》Friday》Saturday》 Start Date: Dependent》 Start Time: Dependent》 End Day: Sunday》Monday》Tuesday》Wednesday》Thursday》Friday》Saturday》 End Date: Dependent》 End Time: Dependent》 Round Count: 4 Rounds》8 Rounds》16 Rounds》 Group Shuffling: Don't Shuffle》Every 4th Match》 *Other options: Player Rating: Any Rating》0-2999》3000-9999》10000-99999》 Public/Private: Open to Everyone》Code Required》
*¹ - Scroll down to Battle section for more info.
*² - Skilled Items for Battle mode only.
Search by Code Search by Type Active Tournaments
My Replays. View saved replays from previous races or battles on and offline. * You can now save more than just 6 replays.
Online Replays*¹ View shared replays from others online
*¹ - Should've already been added in the first place.
²* - View recent online races or battles replays. Earn coins by voting who'll be 1st. * Literally stole this idea from Smash.
~ Other Details
~ 3. Characters and Vehicles ~
~ Characters
68 Total Drivers (including DLC) 32 Total Alternate Drivers. 100 Total Individual Characters.
~ Drivers
Mario》Metal Mario 🔒》Tanooki Mario 🔒》Fire Mario 🔒》Ice Mario 🔒》Dr. Mario 🔒》 - Mario (Classic) 🔒 - Mario (Builder) 🔒 - Mario (SNES) 🔒 - Mario (Sunshine) 🔒 - Mario (Tuxedo) 🔒 - Mario (N64)*🔒 - Metal Mario (Gold) 🔒
Luigi》Penguin Luigi 🔒》Fire Luigi 🔒》Gooigi*🔒》 - Luigi (Classic) 🔒 - Luigi (Golf) 🔒 - Luigi (Builder) 🔒
Peach》Pink Gold Peach 🔒》Cat Peach 🔒》Fire Peach*🔒》 - Peach (Wedding) 🔒
Yoshi - Light-blue Yoshi - Black Yoshi - Red Yoshi - Yellow Yoshi - White Yoshi - Purple Yoshi - Pink Yoshi - Orange Yoshi
Bowser》Dry Bowser 🔒》Meowser 🔒》 - Dry Bowser (Gold) 🔒
Donkey Kong Jr. - Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES) 🔒
Koopa Troopa》Koopa (Freerunning) 🔒》 - Red Koopa (Freerunning) - Blue Koopa (Freerunning) - Purple Koopa (Freerunning) - Gold Koopa (Freerunning) 🔒
Toad》Cat Toad 🔒》Captain Toad 🔒》 - Toad (Pit Crew) 🔒 - Toad (Builder) 🔒 - Toad (Astronaut) 🔒 - Toad (Blue)* - Toad (Yellow)* - Toad (Green)*
Donkey Kong 🔒
Wario 🔒 - Wario (Biker)*
Daisy 🔒
Birdo 🔒 - Birdo (Light Blue) - Birdo (Black) - Birdo (Red) - Birdo (Yellow) - Birdo (White) - Birdo (Purple) - Birdo (Green) - Birdo (Orange)
Baby Mario 🔒
Baby Luigi 🔒
Toadette 🔒》Peachette 🔒》 - Toadette (Explorer) 🔒 - Toadette (Builder) 🔒 - Toadette (Astronaut) 🔒
Paratroopa 🔒 - Green Paratroopa*
Diddy Kong 🔒
Bowser Jr. 🔒
Waluigi 🔒
Petey Piranha 🔒
King Boo 🔒 - King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
Pac-Man 🔒
Ms. Pac-Man 🔒
Blinky 🔒》Pinky》Inky》Clyde*》
Dry Bones 🔒 - Dry Bones (Gold) 🔒
R.O.B. 🔒 - R.O.B. (Famicom)*
Shy Guy 🔒 - Light-blue Shy Guy - Black Shy Guy - Green Shy Guy - Yellow Shy Guy - White Shy Guy - Blue Shy Guy - Pink Shy Guy - Orange Shy Guy
Mametchi 🔒
Baby Peach 🔒
Baby Daisy 🔒
Rosalina 🔒
Funky Kong 🔒
Mii 🔒
Honey Queen 🔒
Wiggler 🔒
Lakitu 🔒
Don-chan 🔒
Baby Rosalina 🔒
Iggy 🔒》Roy》Lemmy》Larry》Wendy》Ludwig》Morton》
Link 🔒 - Link (Champion's Tunic)
Villager 🔒 - Villager (Female)
Isabelle 🔒 - Isabelle (Winter)*
Inkling Girl 🔒 - Inkling Girl (lime green) - Inkling Girl (magenta)
Inkling Boy 🔒 - Inkling Boy (purple) - Inkling Boy (teal)
Pauline 🔒
Hammer Bro 🔒》Boomerang Bro 🔒》Ice Bro 🔒》Fire Bro 🔒》
Monty Mole 🔒
Dixie Kong 🔒
Nabbit 🔒
King Bob-omb 🔒
Kamek 🔒
Chargin' Chuck 🔒
Poochy 🔒
~ Newcomers
Noki ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Noki (Green) - Noki (Pink) - Noki (Yellow)
Pianta ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Pianta (Pink) - Pianta (Yellow) - Pianta (Purple)
Professor E. Gadd ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Toadsworth ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Luma ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Luma (Blue) - Luma (Pink) - Luma (Green) - Luma (Cyan) - Luma (Red) - Luma (Purple) - Luma (Black) - Luma (Orange)
Sonic the Hedgehog ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Miles "Tails" Prower ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
King K. Rool ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Kaptain K. Rool*》
Krunch ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 * Would be an excellent choice for a surprise DLC character to those familiar w/Diddy Kong Racing
Zelda ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Sheik*》
Kirby ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
King Dedede ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Captain Falcon ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Samus ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Zero Suit*》
Geno ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
~ Vehicles
Available parts. The parts available are listed here in the order shown in the vehicle customization screen, with the following notation: ¹ = Changes color, depending on the character. ² = Changes color for the Koopalings. ³ = Changes color for Daisy, Baby Daisy, Rosalina, and Baby Rosalina. (DLC) = Part is only available as downloadable content.
~ Karts (Solo Dash)
Standard Kart¹ 4-Wheel Cradle 8-Bit Pipe Frame¹ Apple Kart B Dasher Badwagon Barrel Train Biddybuggy (Buggybud)¹ Birthday Girl (Royal Ribbon)²/³ Blue Falcon Blue Seven Booster Seat (Baby Booster) Bruiser (Growlster) Brute Bull's-Eye Banzai Bulldog-W ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ Bumble V Cact-R Cact-X Cat Cruiser Cheep Charger Cheep Snorkel Circuit Special¹ Clanky Kart Classic Dragster (Nostalgia 1) Cloud 9 Crawly Kart Cucumber Dasher II Daytripper (Royal Racer) Dozer Dasher Dragonfly Dry Bomber Egg 1 Flame Flyer Gold Mantis Gold Pipe Frame Gold Standard (Gold Kart) Green Apple Kart Honeycoupe (Dragonetti) Hurricane Jet Cruiser Jetsetter (Aero Glider) Jumbo Jetter Kiddie Kart¹ Koopa Clown² Landship ² Light Dancer Light Tripper Mach 8 Mini Beast (Concerto) Mushmellow Offroader P-Wing Paintster Parade Kart Penguin Slider Pink Mushmellow Pipe Frame¹ Piranha Prowler Poltergust 4000 Power Flower Prancer Prop Kart Quickshaw ROB-BLS Rambi Rider Royale Shooting Star Sky Pop ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ Sneeker (Bounder)¹ Snow Skimmer Soda Jet Sports Coupe (Sports Coupé) Sprinter (B Dasher Mk. 2) Star Broom Steel Driver Streamliner Streetle Super 1 Super Blooper (Turbo Blooper) Surf Sailer Swift Talon Tanooki Kart Tea Coupe Tiny Titan (Rally Romper) Tiny Tug Tri-Speeder Wario Car Warship Wild Wing Wildlife Yellow Taxi Zucchini (Gherkin) Speed Star ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Whirlwind Sport ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Egg Mobile ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * Was inspired by this image I found. Source Reminds me of the Egg Mobile with Monster tires White Cat ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Dark Schnieder ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Car¹ ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * Source * the number in the center will be replaced by driver's logo Dragoon Kart ⁽ᵈˡᶜ * Source
~ Bikes (Solo Dash)
Standard Bike¹ Bit Bike (Nanobike) City Tripper¹ Flame Rider Hurricane Jet Bubble (Bubble Bike) Master Cycle Zero Mr. Scooty (Mr Scooty) Phantom Quacker ROB-LGS Shooting Star (Twinkle Star) Sugarscoot (Bon Bon)¹ The Duke Varmint Wario Bike Zip Zip (Rapide) Zipper Wheelie Bike ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
Bullet Bike¹ Comet Dolphin Dasher Flame Runner (Bowser Bike)¹ Jet Bike Mach Bike¹ Magikruiser¹ Master Cycle Sneakster (Nitrocycle) Sport Bike¹ Yoshi Bike¹ Zinger Sting ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * just an idea I had for a new bike based off of a beta imagine for Donkey Kong racing. Source * the number in the center will be replaced by driver's logo. Bike version of the Prop Kart
~ ATVs (Double Dash)
Standard ATV (Standard Quad)¹ Bone Rattler Inkstriker Spear (Torpedo)¹ Splat Buggy Teddy Buggy Tyrant Wild Wiggler Hovercraft¹ ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
~ Buggys (Double Dash)
Standard Buggy ¹ Banisher Bolt Buggy Bullet Blaster Coach³ * Heart Coach/Bloom Coach from Mario Kart Double Dash DK Jumbo Fire Buggy¹ * Red Fire from Mario Kart Double Dash Goo-Goo Buggy¹ Koopa Dasher Koopa King Para-Wing Pipe Buggy¹ Piranha Pipes Turbo Birdo Turbo Yoshi Waluigi Racer
~ Tires
Standard (Normal) 8-Bit Standard Ancient Tires (Ancient Tyres) Azure Roller Bicycle Tires Blue Monster Blue Standard (Normal Blue) Button Capsule Crimson Slim Cushion Cyber Slick Drum Gold 8-Bit Standard Gold Tires (Gold Wheels) Heart Rings Hot Monster (Funky Monster) Iron Leaf Tires (Leaf Tyres) Metal Monster Mushroom Mushroom Off-Road Red Monster Retro Off-Road Roller Slick Slim Snorkel Tires Sponge Triforce Tires (Triforce Tyres) Wood (Wooden) Yoshi Tires
~ Gliders
Super Glider¹ 8-Bit Jumping Mario Beast Glider (Ghastly Glider) Bowser Kite Butterfly Sunset Cloud Glider Crimson Crane Droplet Glider Eggshell Glider Eggshell Glider Fare Flier Flower Glider Gold Glider Great Sail Hylian Kite MKTV Parafoil Oilpaper Umbrella Paper Glider Parachute Paraglider (Breath of the Wild) Paraglider (Parafoil) Peach Parasol³ Plane Glider Ribbon Swooper (Swoop) Waddle Wing Waluigi Wing Wario Wing Magic Carpet ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Wizpig Glider ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Example at 00:31 Tails Flier ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Knuckles Glider ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Gunship ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
~ 4. Items ~
× – Does not appear in Battle Mode.
~ Items found on the track
Item Box - Gives the player a random item. Items given are based on the player's distance from first place. * I would like for them to look either similar to how they looked in Mario Kart 64 or Mario Kart DS' design.
Coin - Gives the player a small boost and increase top speed when more are collected, up to a maximum of ten.
Rupee - The equivalent of a coin, used for Hyrule Circuit and Zelda related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Bell - The equivalent of a coin, used for Animal Crossing. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Cash - The equivalent of a coin, used for Splatoon related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Balloon ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Diddy Kong Racing related course. Source
Item Box (Capsule) ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Sonic related course. Source
Star Block ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Kirby related course. Source
Banana ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Donkey Kong Country / Diddy Kong Racing related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
Ring ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Sonic related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
Food ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Kirby related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
~ New Items
Coin Block ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * floats above player for a short time (10 seconds). Hop to collect upto 10 coins. Can only be obtained if player has 0 coins. Replacing the Coin Box item from Mario Kart Tour. Example
~ Returning Items
Banana Peel - When a kart hits a Banana Peel, it spins out. You can carry one behind your kart to protect yourself from a single attack. Can be thrown backward and forward.
Green Shell - Travels in a straight line and knocks over a kart it hits.
Red Shell - Red Shell Homes in on the closest kart in front of the player and knocks it over.
Feather - Causes the player to spin and leap in the air, providing a small speed boost upon landing, akin to a regular trick (characters will also perform a trick animation during the jump).
Mushroom - Provides the player's kart with a small speed boost.
Super Star - Provides the player invincibility from all terrain and items, and also giving a speed boost.
Boo - Unleashes Boo, who turns the player invisible for a brief time, making them impervious to enemy attacks, and steals an opponent's item. Cannot steal Special Items.
Coinˣ - Grants the player two extra coins and a micro boost.
Lightningˣ - Causes all opponents to drop their items, shrink, and drive slowly for a short time.
Fake Item - Looks just like an item box, but when you run into it, it knocks you over.
Bob-omb - Explodes after a short time when thrown or dropped, knocking over any kart in its blast radius.
Blooper - Sprays ink on all racers ahead and reduces their visibility. The racers hit also lose some of their traction while sprayed.
Bullet Billˣ - Transforms the player into a Bullet Bill, rocketing through the track with auto-pilot, and providing invincibility from all terrain and items.
Spiny Shellˣ - Targets the racer in first place, knocking over all other karts in its path.
Super Horn - Emits a radial shockwave hitting racers, as well as destroying all obstacles, including the Spiny Shell.
~ Special Items
Fireball (Red) - Three fireballs will revolve around your kart. They split up after they're thrown and go sliding ahead. These powerful pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. Drivers: Mario, Fire Mario
Fireball (Green) - Three fireballs will revolve around your kart. They split up after they're thrown and go sliding ahead. These powerful pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. Drivers: Luigi, Fire Luigi
Fire Flower - Allows the player to throw fireballs for a short time that cause other karts to spin out on impact. Drivers: Metal Mario, Fire Peach, Fire Bro
Ice Flower - Three balls of ice will revolve around your kart. Throw them all at once and they'll freeze any kart they hit, causing them to slide. Drivers: Ice Bro, Ice Mario, Penguin Luigi
Heart - This protective Heart revolves around your kart for a set amount of time, shielding you from attacks. Any item that hits the player becomes theirs to use. A cute and handy item. Drivers: Peach, Daisy, Villager, Wendy, Mametchi
Yoshi's Egg - This egg rolls down the road and home in on opponents. When they hit and break, they'll drop three more items. Drivers: Yoshi
Birdo's Egg - Homes in on the kart in front of you and crashes once it hits. Three more items will fly out when it breaks. Drivers: Birdo
Chain Chomp - This fearsome beast chases karts with reckless abandon, pulling the player behind it at breakneck speeds. Drivers: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi
Triple Mushrooms - Orbits the player's kart, providing them with three separate speed boosts. Drivers: Toad, Toadette
Golden Mushroom - Provides the player's kart with continuous speed boosts for a short time. Drivers: Captain Toad
Mega Mushroom - The driver grows bigger, which allows them to squash other racers by running over them, making them lose their items and slow down for a moment. Drivers: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Wiggler
Poison Mushroom - A stationary item. Looks like a regular mushroom but If one is run into, the victim shrinks, as if hit by a Lightning. Shrunken racers who run into it revert to normal size. Drivers: Kamek * ngl, i didn't really know who to give this item to
Mushroom Cannon - A cannon designed to resemble a Mushroom. Continually shoots out Mushrooms in front of your kart for a set time. Drivers: Monty Mole, Peachette, Toadsworth
Triple Green Shells - Three green shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones, Lakitu, Koopa (Freerunning)
Triple Red Shells - Three red shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Paratroopa, Dry Bones, Lakitu, Koopa (Freerunning)
Bowser's Shell - An awe-inspiring giant shell! As it careens down the road, slamming and ramming into karts, it's the very image of Bowser himself. Drivers: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser
Triple Bananas - Three bananas that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Donkey Kong Jr., Dixie Kong
Giant Banana - Not only does this big banana spin out karts that hit it, but after being struck it breaks into three regular-sized Bananas. Drivers: Donkey Kong
Banana Barrels - Arm your kart with two fully-loaded barrels of Bananas! Continually shoots out Bananas in front of or behind your kart for a set time. Drivers: Diddy Kong, Funky Kong
Thunder Cloud - A thundercloud hovers over the recipient and strikes it with lightning after 10 seconds. The user shrinks to a very small size for 10 seconds, driving more slowly. Before this happens, the user has higher speed and acceleration while not losing speed when driving off-road, and may pass the cloud to an opponent by bumping into them. Drivers: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde * If there was absolutely no choice but to have the next Meta character, it'd be the Ghosts. Having one of the worst possible specials in the game should balance them out.
POW Block - The POW Block appears above the karts as a 2D image, warning players of its arrival, and causes any racer on the ground ahead of the user to spin out and drop their items. * Since wheelies are no longer a thing, it always spins out other racers unless they're in anti-gravity mode or during an in air trick Drivers: Mii, Don-chan
Super Leaf- Gives the player's kart a tail that can be used to deflect items, knock over opponents and collect coins. The tail will disappear after a moment or if the player is hurt. Drivers: Tanooki Mario
Lucky Seven - Surrounds the player with seven items that rotates around its kart. The player receives a Mushroom, Banana, Green Shell, Red Shell, Blooper, Bob-omb, and a Star. Drivers: King Boo, Pauline, Poochy, Nabbit, Chargin' Chuck, Pianta, Noki
Boomerang Flower - Can be thrown up to three times, hitting racers forward/backward and when it returns to its user after the first and second use. Driver: Boomerang Bro, Larry
Piranha Plant - Automatically chomps on obstacles and other racers, giving a short speed boost for each bite. Drivers: Petey Piranha
Double Bob-ombs - Two Bob-ombs will revolve around your kart. Throw them both at once. Drivers: Wario, Waluigi, Roy
Bob-omb Cannon - Continually shoots out Bob-ombs in front of your kart for a set time. Drivers: Shy Guy
Giga Bob-omb - After being thrown, it will explode after hitting a kart or bouncing 3 times. It has a larger blast radius than a standard Bob-omb. Drivers: King Bob-omb
Bubble - Briefly envelops your kart and protects you from damage for a set time. While in the bubble, you will get a speed boost and float in the air. Drivers: Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Lemmy
Dash Ring - Tosses out three rings in front of you along the track. Pass through them for a speed boost! Drivers: Rosalina, Luma, Ludwig, Honey Queen
Hammer - Throws multiple Hammers in an arc aimed at karts in front of yours. Drivers: Hammer Bro
Super Bell - A bell rings above the driver, knocking away nearby karts and items. The bell rings three consecutive times. Drivers: Cat Peach, Cat Toad
Capsule - Three colorful capsules surround your kart. They'll bounce at opponents when thrown. Drivers: Dr. Mario
Splat Bomb ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * Explodes after a short time when thrown or dropped, knocking and spraying ink on any kart in its blast radius and reduces their visibility. The racers hit also lose some of their traction while sprayed. Drivers: Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy
Magical Boomerang ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * Works like a Boomerang Flower that tracks closes kart infront of player like a Red Shell Drivers: Link
Magnet ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * a powerful magnet that pulls opponents towards the player Source Drivers: Krunch
Nayru's Love ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * will surround the racer's kart with a protective shield. Any items that hit this shield will be reflected back at the racer who used them. If a driver using Nayru's Love is attacked with an item such as a Lightning, the racer who used the Lightning item will take damage. Drivers: Zelda
Copy Ability ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * steals Special item from any racer. If no racer has a special item on them, it'll randomly generate a random racer's Special Item. Drivers: Kirby
Dedede's Hammer ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * driver using Dedede's Hammer, will swing it around for about 5 seconds. Any karts hit will be squashed, causing them to lose their item and speed momentarily. Drivers: King Dedede
Invincibility Shield ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * become invulnerable to all damage for a short time. Drivers: Sonic, Tails
Bombs ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * Think Double Bob-ombs, the original Triple Bananas and the Feather item. If used as a protective item, upon the explosion, the player will leap in the air, providing a small speed boost upon landing. Drivers: Samus
Geno Flash ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * works like a Lightning but doesn't strink opponents. Drivers: Geno
~ 5. Courses ~
~ Cups
161 Total Courses
Nitro Grand Prix Mushroom Cup》 Flower Cup》 Star Cup》 Special Cup 🔒
Retro Grand Prix 🔒 Mushroom 🍄 Courses : Shell Cup》Golden Dash Cup》Red Coin Cup》Blue Coin Cup》Banana Cup》Lucky Cat Cup》1-Up Cup》Gold Cup》
Flower 🌷 Courses: Leaf Cup》Turnip Cup》Freezie Cup》Metal Cup》 Lightning Cup》Rock Cup》POW Cup》Heart Cup》
Star ⭐️ Courses: Sun Cup》Moon Cup》Red Shell Cup》Thunder Cloud Cup》Wing Cup》Boomerang Cup》Coin Block Cup》Warp Cup》
Special 👑 Courses: Vanish Cup》Cherry Cup》Mega Cup》Tanooki Cup》? Block Cup》Spiny Cup》Shine Cup》Grand Cup》
World Grand Prix🔒 Lightning⚡️Courses: Egg Cup》Triforce Cup》Crossing Cup》Bell Cup》Propeller Cup》Fruit Cup》Feather Cup》Acorn Cup》Super Cup》World Cup》
Extra Grand Prix 🔒* Excellent idea to introduce courses from the Mario Kart GP series as well as new courses for DLC content
~ New Courses
Nitro Grand Prix: Mushroom Cup 🍄 1. New Mario Circuit 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Flower Cup 🌷 1. beach- or water-themed course 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Star Cup ⭐️ 1. ice- or snow-themed course 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Special Cup 👑 1. TBD 2. TBD 3. New Bowser's Castle 4. New Rainbow Road
~ Retro Courses
Mushroom 🍄 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Shell Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mario Kart Stadium 2. ᵈˢ Yoshi Falls 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Baby Park 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 1
Retro Grand Prix: Golden Dash Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Luigi Circuit 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Shy Guy Beach 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Sweet Sweet Canyon 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Dry Dry Desert
Retro Grand Prix: Red Coin Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Toad Circuit 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Moo Moo Farm 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Riverside Park 4. ʷⁱⁱ Toad's Factory
Retro Grand Prix: Blue Coin Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Luigi Raceway 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 1 3. ᵈˢ Cheep Cheep Beach 4. ³ᵈˢ Shy Guy Bazaar
Retro Grand Prix: Banana Cup 1. ᵈˢ Figure-8 Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ Moo Moo Meadows 3. ³ᵈˢ Cheep Cheep Lagoon 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Kalimari Desert
Retro Grand Prix: Lucky Cat Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 1 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Peach Beach 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Koopa Troopa Beach 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Thwomp Ruins
Retro Grand Prix: 1-Up Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Luigi Circuit 2. ³ᵈˢ Daisy Hills 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 1 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 1
Retro Grand Prix: Gold Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Peach Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Water Park 3. ʷⁱⁱ Mushroom Gorge 4. ᵈˢ Luigi's Mansion
Flower 🌷 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Leaf Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Mushroom Bridge 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Boo Lake 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Twisted Mansion 4. ³ᵈˢ Rock Rock Mountain
Retro Grand Prix: Turnip Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Mario Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Toad Harbor 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Choco Mountain 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 2
Retro Grand Prix: Freezie Cup 1. ᵈˢ Desert Hills 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Mario Circuit 3. ʷⁱⁱ DK Summit 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 2
Retro Grand Prix: Metal Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Mario Circuit 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Frappe Snowland 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Daisy Cruiser 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Shy Guy Falls
Retro Grand Prix: Lightning Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mario Circuit 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 2 3. ᵈˢ Waluigi Pinball 4. ʷⁱⁱ Wario's Gold Mine
Retro Grand Prix: Rock Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Choco Island 1 2. ᵈˢ Delfino Square 3. ³ᵈˢ Music Park 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Mario Raceway
Retro Grand Prix: POW Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Loop 2. ʷⁱⁱ Coconut Mall 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Cheese Land 4. ᵈˢ Shroom Ridge
Retro Grand Prix: Heart Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Toad's Turnpike 2. ³ᵈˢ Mario Circuit 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 2 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Waluigi Stadium
Star ⭐️ Courses Retro Grand Prix: Sun Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Snow Land 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Choco Island 2 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Yoshi Circuit 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Bowser's Castle
Retro Grand Prix: Moon Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Wario Stadium 2. ʷⁱⁱ Koopa Cape 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Yoshi Desert 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mount Wario
Retro Grand Prix: Red Shell Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Daisy Circuit 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Ribbon Road 3. ᵈˢ Mario Circuit 4. ᵍᶜⁿ DK Mountain
Retro Grand Prix: Thunder Cloud Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Sunshine Airport 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Sherbet Land 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Vanilla Lake 1 4. ³ᵈˢ Maka Wuhu
Retro Grand Prix: Wing Cup 1. ᵈˢ DK Pass 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Dolphin Shoals 3. ³ᵈˢ Neo Bowser City 4. ʷⁱⁱ Grumble Volcano
Retro Grand Prix: Boomerang Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Sherbet Land 2. ³ᵈˢ Wario Shipyard 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Royal Raceway 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 3
Retro Grand Prix: Coin Block Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Koopa Beach 1 2. ᵈˢ Tick-Tock Clock 3. ʷⁱⁱ Maple Treeway 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 3
Retro Grand Prix: Warp Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Piranha Plant Slide 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Mushroom City 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Electrodrome 4. ᵈˢ Airship Fortress
Special 👑 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Vanish Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 3 2. ʷⁱⁱ Moonview Highway 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 4 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Cherry Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ DK Jungle 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Broken Pier 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 3 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Mega Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Dry Dry Ruins 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Bone-Dry Dunes 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Banshee Boardwalk 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Vanilla Lake 2
Retro Grand Prix: Tanooki Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Wario Colosseum 2. ³ᵈˢ Rosalina's Ice World 3. ʷⁱⁱ Bowser's Castle 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: ? Block Cup 1. ᵈˢ Wario Stadium 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Koopa Beach 2 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Bowser's Castle 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Spiny Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Lakeside Park 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Dino Dino Jungle 3. ᵈˢ Bowser Castle 4. ʷⁱⁱ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Shine Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Cloudtop Cruise 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Yoshi Valley 3. ³ᵈˢ Bowser's Castle 4. ᵈˢ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Grand Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 2. ᵈˢ Peach Gardens 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Bowser's Castle 4. ³ᵈˢ Rainbow Road
Lightning⚡️Courses 🔒 World Grand Prix: Egg Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Rainbow Road 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Berlin Byways 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Wild Woods 4. ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Yoshi's Island
World Grand Prix: Triforce Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 4 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Los Angeles Laps 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Piranha Plant Cove 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Hyrule Circuit
World Grand Prix: Crossing Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Luigi Circuit 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Sydney Sprint 3. TBA 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Animal Crossing
World Grand Prix: Bell Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Sky Garden 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Singapore Speedway 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Super Bell Subway 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Propeller Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 3 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Vancouver Velocity 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Ice Ice Outpost 4. ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Sky-High Sundae
World Grand Prix: Fruit Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Sunset Wilds 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ New York Minute 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Bangkok Rush 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Feather Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 2 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ London Loop 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Ninja Hideaway 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mute City
World Grand Prix: Acorn Cup 1. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Paris Promenade 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Merry Mountain 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Dragon Driftway 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Super Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Cheep-Cheep Island 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Amsterdam Drift 3. TBA 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Big Blue
World Grand Prix: World Cup 1. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Tokyo Blur 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Excitebike Arena 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Athens Dash 4. TBA
~ Extra/DLC Courses
Extra Grand Prix: Mario Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Mario Highway 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Mario Beach
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Mario Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Splash Circuit 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Tropical Coast
Extra Grand Prix: DK Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ DK Jungle 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Bananan Ruins
Extra Grand Prix: Extra DK Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bananan Labyrinth 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ DK Jungle
Extra Grand Prix: Wario Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Diamond City 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Snow Panic
Extra Grand Prix: Waluigi Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ² Stadium Arena 2. ᵃᵍᵖ² Waluigi Stadium
Extra Grand Prix: Pac-Man Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Pac Mountain 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Pac Labyrinth
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Pac-Man Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ PAC-MAN Stadium 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ NAMCO Circuit
Extra Grand Prix: Bowser Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Bowser's Castle 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Castle Wall
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Bowser Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bowser's Factory 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bowser's Castle
Extra Grand Prix: Rainbow Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Rainbow Coaster 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Rainbow Downhill
Extra Grand Prix: Yoshi Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ² Yoshi Park 1 2. ᵃᵍᵖ² Yoshi Park 2
Extra Grand Prix: Toad Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Peach Castle 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Kingdom Way
Extra Grand Prix: Don-chan Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bon Dance Street 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Omatsuri Circuit
Extra Grand Prix: Bowser Jr. Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Aerial Road 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Sky Arena
Extra Grand Prix: Inklings Cup 1. Splatoon themed course * Splat Circuit 2. Splatoon themed course
Extra Grand Prix: Sonic ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Sonic themed course * Twinkle Circuit Source at 1:00 2. Sonic themed course * Green Hill Zone related course
Extra Grand Prix: King K. Rool ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. King K. Rool/Donkey Kong Country related themed course 2. Diddy Kong Racing related themed course * Jungle Falls or Darkmoon Caverns Source 1 Source 2
Extra Grand Prix: Zelda ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Zelda themed course * Lost Woods 2. Zelda themed course
Extra Grand Prix: Kirby ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Kirby themed course * Fantasy Meadows (from Kirby Air Ride) Source 2. Kirby themed course * Meta Knight's Halberd or The Great Cave Offensive
Extra Grand Prix: Samus ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Metroid themed course 2. Metroid themed course
~ 6. Battle ~
In all games, the engine class of Battle Mode is fixed to 50cc. An exception is the Renegade Roundup mode where it is increased to 100cc.
~ Battle Modes
Balloon Battle》Team Balloon Battle》 Classic Balloon Battle》Team Classic Balloon Battle - Mini Bomb Karts return. Shine Thief》Team Shine Thief》 Bob-omb Blast》Team Bob-omb Blast Shine Runners Coin Runners (Coin Battle)》Team Coin Runners》 Renegade Roundup
Thunder Cloud Tag ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾* - Similar to Shine Thief but reverse. Think of it as Tag. A random player has a Thunder Cloud and must tag others to lose it from above their head. If the player holds the Thunder Cloud when the timer reaches zero, this process repeats until one player remains.
~ Courses
ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 1 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 2 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 3 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 4 ⁿ⁶⁴ Big Donut ⁿ⁶⁴ Block Fort ⁿ⁶⁴ Double Deck ⁿ⁶⁴ Skyscraper ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 1 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 2 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 3 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 4 ᵍᶜⁿ Cookie Land ᵍᶜⁿ Block City ᵍᶜⁿ Luigi's Mansion ᵍᶜⁿ Nintendo GameCube ᵍᶜⁿ Pipe Plaza ᵍᶜⁿ Tilt-a-Kart ᵈˢ Nintendo DS ᵈˢ Twilight House ᵈˢ Palm Shore ᵈˢ Tart Top ᵈˢ Block Fort ᵈˢ Pipe Plaza ʷⁱⁱ Block Plaza ʷⁱⁱ Delfino Pier ʷⁱⁱ Funky Stadium ʷⁱⁱ Chain Chomp Wheel ʷⁱⁱ Thwomp Desert ³ᵈˢ Honeybee Hive (Honeybee House) ³ᵈˢ Sherbet Rink ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Town ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Battle Stadium ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Sweet Sweet Kingdom ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Dragon Palace ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Lunar Colony ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Urchin Underpass ᵗᵒᵘʳ New York Minute B ᵗᵒᵘʳ Paris Promenade B Icicle Pyramid or Smokey Castle ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source 1 Source 2
submitted by VernonKazama to u/VernonKazama [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 02:08 corneliusfudgecicles Looking for ice cream sandwich advice

My son's birthday is next month and I'm planning his cake. He always asks for carrot cake, but he doesn't like any of the frostings I've tried in the past. He's not really the frosting type, lol.
So this year I was inspired by some carrot cake sandwich cookies someone brought to work to share. I thought I could make him carrot cake ice cream sandwiches. I found a carrot cake sandwich cookie recipe online that looks like they might hold up to spreading ice cream without crumbling the cookie. That was one thing I noticed about the sandwich cookies the person brought - they crumbled easily.
I'm open to advice for making ice cream sandwiches. I've never made them before and I'm adapting a recipe that's not meant for ice cream. Do I freeze the cookies before spreading the ice cream? Do I soften the ice cream first? Ice cream flavor suggestions? I was just thinking vanilla, but I'm open to suggestions. TIA!
ETA: Suggestions for carrot cake cookie recipes welcome! The one I found was from Celebrating Sweets.
submitted by corneliusfudgecicles to Baking [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 00:04 StefanMerquelle I like my smoothies THICK. I’m talking dummy thicc. What are tips and tricks? I’ll start …

I want it so you need a shovel for this thing. Here’s some stuff that I do
Last one I made had guava, oats, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, wheat germ, sunflower lecithin, with a dash of cinnamon, and coriander. Turned out pretty good but I’m trying to make it thicker without losing the flavobalance.
submitted by StefanMerquelle to Smoothies [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 16:02 TheMonsterMommy Long interview with Lord of the Lost by ESC kompakt after Grand Final (Translation)

This is a translation of ESC kompakt's interview with Lord of the Lost, held on their YouTube channel on May 23rd 2023. Interesting things were talked about, and a lot of ground was covered so I thought, I'd share. It won't be a complete translation because the interview is 90 minutes long, but I'll translate the most important parts and provide a summary of the rest. Chris, Pi, Gerrit and Klaas were present.
Topics include: Press conference and reactions to the last place, German media and tabloid reactions, being ambassadors of heavy music, flag parade and LOTL not carrying the German flag, opinions on voting system and juries, suggestions for German national final and preselection process, plans for the future etc.
Interview starts: [Greetings to band and live chat, introduction etc.]
Question: It's been one and a half weeks since the ESC Grand Final. How are you all doing? And what feeling outweighs if you think back at the time? We've talked before the final and back then you were all hopeful to keep ESC in your memories in a positive way. Did it stay that way or are you still disappointed? How's your emotional state?
Chris: What I said during the press conference right after, that was not a smart sentence we thought of in advance, but... of course, you are disappointed because of course you kind of want to win like with every competition. That's just a part of human nature. [...] But that disappointment has just tinged it in a small way. So if the press is bashing us, saying that we're "greatly whining" over it? We don't do that and we never have. Not sure where they're getting that from. Because even in that moment the positives did outweigh [for us]. And I gotta say, the saddest thing during that press conference to me, was the faces of all those reporters in front of us from all the newspapers and TV channels and you guys, too. [Meaning the ESC kompakt team.] You all looked so sad. [The other's are giggling.] And you kinda do feel responsible for that, because we know we did the best we could and we couldn't have done it differently because then it wouldn't have been us anymore. And still we ended up in the bottom. We could start looking for reasons or leave it be. We won't figure out these reasons, otherwise we or everyone else would have perhaps tried to do things differently [from the start] or sent someone else. So, for me, the positive feeling absolutely outweighs. And I'm not joking. Even if I had a crystal ball, knowing that I'd come last again next year, I'd still do it, if I had the chance to participate again - whether with LOTL, a duet with Lady Gaga, or completely alone, naked and with an acoustic guitar. [Pi: Wicked!] Because I thought it was so damn awesome! Beautiful. All of it.
Klaas: I would also say that... it just so awesome. [Something that] just happened to me a two days ago was, when I was sitting at a pizza place, that a lady came over to me and told me "Aren't you from LOTL? I thought your performance was really great! It gave me so much strength. And my brother [...] is so happy right now and I'd like to bring him an autograph." That brought me so much joy and I considered how awesome all of this was. The whole week since was cool, not just that lady. And we're very busy right now and as Chris already mentioned before, we're not coming from nothing and we won't be going back to nothing. We can only look forward. And we'll be giving great concerts within the next days. The tickets are selling like hot cakes, in part because of the ESC, no matter what placement we got. [...] And I did say that during the press statement, that we're the boss in the ring when it comes to exciting the people in the audience and letting them have a good time. And this remains true. People are buying tickets.
Pi: This is also a kind of side-effect that's becoming apparent now. With all ESC participants, I believe you can probably scale - 1st place, 2nd place and so on - that for all of them a loooot of positive stuff is happening in a business sense. It's extreme. Didn't expect it like that. But that's one thing. What's more important is how you feel about the matter. And I, personally, also gotta say that I had a fantastic time with the ESC. And even a last place does not diminish that. Disappointment was there, briefly, but it was gone the next day. And if I think back now, I'd have to really search for a negative memory, because I can't find it. 😁 It was a beautiful experience and I'd also stand next to Chris on stage - dressed or not - when he performes naked with his acoustic guitar. I'd love to do that!
Chris: A dancer! I still need a dancer!
Pi: Then let's go! Gerrit's gonna dance! ... And I said it a couple of times over the last few days to people who were asking me "And? How are you doing?" with pity, that I've never come last in my life before and was still so incredibly happy with what I've experienced.
Gerrit: What I think is awesome is that last place is just like first place but without all the "press stress".
[Suppressed laughter from the group. Chris cringes and makes a "I don't know, man!" -face. 😫]
Gerrit: You can still leave your house and do your grocery shopping without getting stalked by the press and---
Chris: Sorry, sorry, that I have disagree with you there. But for me, it's different. Here in St. Pauli, there are definitely reporters waiting.
Gerrit: Well, okay, but you're the singer and the face of the group. You're getting a different level of attention. [...]
Chris: [...] Sorry for the long answer, but also... Steve Harris of Iron Maiden sent me a WhatsApp message, saying "You know, of course winning would have been better, but we [meaning both Iron Maiden and LOTL] are still coming from a niche genre. But everyone is now talking about it and can see that the ESC has opened itself to metal music and that metal [despite the result] is relevant to the [music] market. And, as ambassasdors, this will have garnered great attention on heavy music." And we've learned from other colleagues from our genres that their tickets sales are also exploding because so many new people are discovering this music. And if we consider ourselves ambassadors of alternative music - outside of the mainstream - then... we did everything right, actually. [Pi agrees loudly.] One of our colleagues wrote on Instagram "Thank you Lord of the Lost, for ensuring the existence of my job in the future as the singer of a gothic band."
Paraphrasing now: [The next part is some more talk about dealing with the disappointment and shock, because the interviewers definitely were shocked about the result and how LOTL's words during the press conference were comforting. Chris stresses that this was the intention because they didn't want fans to be worried about them specifically. Pi hoped that everyone knew that they were doing okay and that they were satisfied with their work. They also mentioned that they did indeed mentally prepare themselves a lot for this possibility, because of Germany's bad statistic and the high likelihood of a last place. Also, that local media frequently reminded them of that fact before the contest. Klaas explains it as them wanting to avoid collateral damage. The interviewers talk about how participating can immortalize you in an ESC context and generally, mentioning old German entries that didn't do well but remain beloved. More talk about how just participating, even in national finals, can boost your career. Chris mentions a plan for next year to give a concert in Sweden during ESC week, once it's known when and where it'll happen, so that all the eurofans who tarvel there from all over the world and who grew to love LOTL this year, will be able to watch them there live.]
Question: How important was it that you had each other? So that you could work through this together as a band?
Chris: I believe this was the most important thing, actually. I imagine there are 3 things that would be fatal in this situation, that do not apply to us. 1) Solo artists. Being there alone, without the boys. You'd have a team, but they would not have been by your side for years. 2) Being considerably younger. There were some that were like 20? Less than half my age. Not sure how you would have dealt with it then. 3) Being an act that was built only for the ESC, that didn't do anything before and isn't doing anything now. I looked at Jendrik's Spotify page yesterday and he only has that one song. And I cannot imagine what kind of emotional hole he must have fallen into. And I think that really protected us from the same thing. It was most important. But I do wanna stress, that we did not take this lightly, just because we made our peace with this [possibly] happening. We made some jokes in advance. [...] But this doesn't mean that we just [did this for promotion and Spotify listeners]; we did take this very, very seriously. With lots of love. And I don't want us to be misunderstood here, because we're now in this position where all our words are taken too literally. Single sentences taken out of context and "interpreted" differently in tabloids. [...]
Question: [...] Did any of the [general German media responses and comments] reach you in some shape or form, or at least as headlines in the newspaper? As you just implied, it's not that easy. Were you really able to ignore it? [...] Also in the context of the flag parade, as you were not carrying the German flag. [...] There were a lot of comments about that. Did that reach you? And why did you make that choice?
Chris: That reached us, of course. Quite severely. On [that one] Facebook posts of ours, there are now thousands of comments. And almost all of them stem from the blue-brown corner [referring to political colors associated with far-right parties and neo-nazis]. Very hateful. Just extremely spiteful. [...] I generally tried to keep my distance from press releases, but I have been doing that for years even with other stuff like concert or album reviews. Because I am of the opinion that I don't want to let too much into my system that could alter our art in the future. Because every time after that, when you're being creative again, you will think about what good or bad critiques you might have recieved again. And then you might change things based on that, on subjective opinions of singular reporters or comments. [...] I'll try to explain the flag issue for us as briefly as possible: I said a few years ago, that you will never see me - at any competition ever - walking about, carrying a German flag and I stand by that. And the boys agreed and joined me there. [Reason:] While the colors black-red-gold have nothing to do with the old Germany and the WW2 guilt and have a different meaning, it is still the case that we live in a country where certain - growing - groups of people unite behind that very flag, who make it impossible for me to carry it in representation of also them. That just doesn't work. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that where we're born is simply coincidence and that we are very lucky to be born here. I am glad to be German and I love my home[land] and that I get to live here and in a system that can catch me, but I can only be proud of things that I have done/made myself. [...] I lack national pride completely, but just as much I am also not ashamed of the country's past. So I thought, I cannot, representative for all us--- Well, the colors blue-brown unfortunately also hide behind black-red-gold and I would have carried them onto the stage with me, representative for all of us. [...] Aside from that, aesthetically speaking, the whole stage was lit up in black, red and gold. And speaking of the pride flag on Instagram, where some now say "It's the band from Wokestan!"... That is a flag we can carry with pride, because it's saying "Hey, look here!" and stands for so many groups of people that are still fighting for something that should be as natural as breathing. I can proudly carry this flag in front of a camera, but not a German flag. That's why we're no Germany-haters, no "traitors to the fatherland". We love our country, we love being here but we cannot carry the flag representative of--- Well, the comments on our Facebook are the best proof of why you cannot be fully proud. Aside from the fact that this is supposed to be about music. [...]
Pi: I think that's something we can be proud of. If there were a flag for that, we could carry it. I think I can be very proud, if certain people call me "traitor to the fatherland" and "you've allied yourself with the occupying forces"... If these people hate me/us, I can't be that wrong in my position. [Laughs.]
Paraphrasing now: [They explain some more how it went down. There weren't many comments like this at first until a leading figure of the far-right party tweeted about it and then a blue-brown shitstorm hit their social media accounts. Just utter right-wing and neo-nazi hogwash. Chris stresses again how they literally went on a black-red-gold stage dressed in black-red-gold outfits, shining, at the announcement of "Germany!" and that, if you were truly embarrassed to be German, you wouldn't participate for the country at all. He mentions how this negative response to the flag thing is only happening on the German side and that internationals understand. He mentions Marco Mengoni having a similar problem because he carried the pride flag and how he's going through the "brown hell" in Italy right now. They talk a bit more about Marco because Chris hugged him, apparently, before the votes came in because he knew they would likely not see any of the others again after that. He spoke highly of him and that Marco was really happy that LOTL covered his song.]
Question: [...] During our last talk, we considered, if it doesn't work again, we really have to think about what the reason is. Because we tried everything and if we come last again, then maybe it really is, because we're Germany and that nobody likes us? I don't think there is any easy answer like that, but I'd like to know... Did you think about it all again? Reconsidered things? Like having a different song or different shoes or whatnot? Did you come to any conclusion there in hindsight? As a reason for the last place. Any analysis now after the press conference?
Gerrit: Well, we didn't do any critique of our maneuver in the sense of "What caused this?" and also for what reason would we do that. Because, if I think "Oh noooo, why didn't I wear different shoes!" or whatever, what's that supposed to now. It won't change the result and won't change what the year's got in store for us even with that slap of a last place.
Chris: I did ask myself that. Like, at its core. "What would have happened, if...?" Because, well, we did say that we need to be who and as we are, and that frame of us has a lot of variety. So, we could have looked and sounded differently and it still would have been us. We didn't really talk about it so far, because we haven't had the time yet. [...] But I did ask myself that. Like, what share of it was for instance ["Blood & Glitter" as a song], that can be misunderstood with the "blood" part. What share of it was perhaps the line "We're so happy we could die" and how it could be interpreted. Could "One Last Song" perhaps have been the better entry? Could "The Curtain Falls" have done better? And I am concluding that the coulda-woulda-shoulda game is as exhausting as thinking about the infinity of the universe. It's interesting but it doesn't get you anywhere. [...] But I don't ask myself these things based on comments. [Especially with comments], I saw one that went like "Look at Rammstein, they're wearing black. You would have won with that. The people hate red." And uhhh, it's not that simple, actually.
Chris: [...] And I'll just say already - maybe it's the next question anyway - but generally, I also got an opinion on the ESC voting system. And I'm not saying that, because I'm looking for an excuse or wanna say "Yeah, but we actually came 16th in the televote blah blah blah." [...] But I just think that, fundamentally, if I were the boss of ESC and could decide it all on my own, I would 1) get rid of the Big 5. Because we noticed this during the semis in the backstage area. Everybody's celebrating, they fought, they made it. And you just walk along and... nobody's giving you the evil eye but everybody's congratulating each other and you're just standing there, feeling bad, because you're automatically in the final just like that. 2) Change that only the top 10 get points. Like Formula One. That we could somehow come up with a system so that everybody gets points, when there's 26 countries there. Maybe weighted differently, if need be. But if the countries still got points, I think that would be nice. 3) Sorry, if I open a can of worms here and we don't have to discuss it, but I am great fan of people's choice. [Other's nod.] The public's vote. Because I think, no matter how good or professional a jury member is, we're all humans and we have tastes. And now someone's sitting there in country XY, perhaps a talented Schlager singer who won in the 60s, and now a guy like Käärijä comes along, and she perhaps doesn't even understand why - in the ESC world - this is an incredibly clever, good and artful entry and says "What's that trash!? He's not even singing." And... uhh... y'know what I mean. So, yeah, three things I'd change.
Pi: It's that thing with... You got how many jury members in total? 136 or some such? I dunno... And you got millions of audience votes. And that's weighted 50:50??? [He makes a very judgemental face.] So... very few people have just as much power as millions of people? And, through that, they have proportionally more [power].
[One of the interviewers holds his phone with actual number of jury members into the camera: 185.]
Pi: Oh yeah. Look at that--- Anyway! My argument remains. I find it relatively problematic when few people hold the majority of power. That's just like with - without wanting to hate people with lots of money - the billionaires of the world. They simply have more influence/power than a normal citizen. And I find that difficult.
[A discussion follows with the ESC kompakt interviewers, because Chris is curious what they might think. They both have differing opinions on these topics. Big 5 is considered a necessary evil. Split opinions on juries. A lot of points that have been discussed on this sub already get mentioned.]
Question: [...] A lot of discussion is happening again regarding the German process of entry selection. Do you have any ideas? Stuff you think could be improved? Things you noticed? [...]
Chris: I haven't had an opinion on this for a long time, because I was mostly busy focusing on us. And during that ESC time I didn't even listen to other music - I only listened to ESC stuff - I was completely involved in that. I didn't want to deal with anything else. And now I have researched a lot to see how other countries are doing this. And I gotta say... Especially Sweden with its very difficile selection process over many, many shows and working with way, way more artists--- I think they're doing this very well. They understood that ESC is in a way not just a competition but also kind of its own genre. Meaning, it's totally okay if variety from all genres is offered, but writing an ESC song is also kind of like serving a genre of its own. And there are experts and songwriting teams that understand the way the cookie crumbles. And yeah... I am wishing for a considerably longer process in Germany. [Pi nods.] Involving multiple quarterfinals with a big selection of artists that work together with songwriting teams for a long time, but also offering that opportunity to small groups from all kinds of genre backgrounds, be it a Schlager singer, German rappers, or death metal bands, no matter... but that a lot more time and work is invested in all of it. But... well - I'm just saying this like it's easy - this is of course a matter of great expense, whether you produce one show... or eight.
Pi: That's kind of the thing. Like so many ideas, however grand they are, it fails when it comes to money. But the side effect it would have... I agree that it needs more time and it needs... a greater celebration of it all. If you were to extend it to a much longer process with multiple shows, a more diversified selection process, more applicants ultimately as well, and you were to celebrate it differently and to elevate it to a different level and to give it a [greater] significance than it has now... Because at the moment, reasonably, I understand the ESC in Germany as... well, at least in my personal social media and pop culture bubble... as less significant than the Melfest in Sweden. Considerably less. [Interviewers grin in agreement.] They celebrate in a totally different way. And I believe it'd be worth the attempt to elevate it to that same level. Maybe it's not doable, but at least to approach it with the mindset that it needs more significance. And also: More time! More preparation, too. [He does this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ] But what do I know.
Klaas: We also gotta figure out how to break that German curse, so that - as an artist - you can actually gain vital momentum. So that you don't just have to be afraid like "Oh, if I represent Germany, the Germans will eat me alive until I win. And if I don't win the Germans were right anyway and the eating alive was justified, because I couldn't proof myself." And, well, it won't be getting easier for all the great artists that come along after this to represent Germany, because they have to expect to be met with resistance. Because everbody will know better and just go "Welp! The next one to eat alive." And that's a very fundamental thing. And I'd say that it would take at least 10 years, to change such a prevailing mood in a country... and to move towards a point where we can say "Let's be happy for our artists even if they don't have the biggest chances, because it's simply beautiful to celebrate our German music that we found here."
Chris: Yeah, that's a thing... Even with the public broadcasters... If you're watching Böhmermann and Schulz, you can see that it's "cool" to commentate the ESC for an Austrian radio station with the goal of bashing Germany. And the funny thing is, that this gets celebrated more than the country's own representatives who go to ESC. I find that difficult; this is getting cultivated even at all the big names/shows. Whether it's Late Night Berlin or TV total, it's considered funny to rag on it in advance and of course afterwards. And that's not really inciting any desire to concern yourself with ESC. Or courage. And that would require a [proper] announcement from the very top of these editorial departments, to say "Hey, can't we get our clicks elsewhere?" [...] And if support was provided there right from the start, it would be very different. You can see this with other countries: How ESC artists are driven to [their countries'] airports and got celebrated there... Something like that simply isn't done in Germany at all.
Pi: I could also imagine... if it's young artists that represent Germany, who are not established but are built for [ESC], [...] that hearing this tenor in all types of talk shows where the bashing already starts - as in the general ESC bashing without there even being a selected act/song - this causes that way fewer artists will want to apply. Because they know that "I am setting myself up for [inevtiably] getting slammed." To us this wasn't an issue, but I don't mean to say that we're the "cool guys" who are capable of protecting ourselves from that. We are 5 people and had things going for us before ESC and still do - a lot. But if someone offers themselves up - or doesn't even want to offer themselves up anymore because the bashing is already starting - this will just cause that everything surrounding [Meaning: interest, enthusiasm etc.] ESC will just decrease even more.
Chris: Even with us... Despite the fact that we know exactly what we want to do now after ESC, directed at all follow-up artists who now might gather the courage to represent Germany at ESC, we're getting portrayed in all big [media outlets/shows/etc.], even in advance, as "Do they even have an album?!" or Klaas Heufer-Umlauf said "Lord of the Lost? What are they gonna do? Well, they're surely on their way to Sylt already with the other punks." [Pained laughter from all sides.] [Chris does a brief mock laugh.] Haha. 🙄 It's so funny for a moment. But it's also super asocial to say such a thing instead of--- Well, not just neccessarily asocial towards us, but also asocial towards anyone else that would like to participate. Kinda according to the motto "They tried and now they're falling off the map!" Who will still have the courage now? Now, go try and find a metal band that says "Eh, no matter." Not that we have to send a metal band again, but just as an example. "Oh look, it also went down badly. Let's leave the ESC thingy be!"
Paraphrasing now: [Some more discussion follows about how to view it all positively regarding LOTL's admitted, greater successes now and Malik's recent airplay chart placements. "Calculated optimism" is the attitude of the ESC kompakt team. A desired goal is chart or general success for artists who are even just participating in the national final. Chris stresses that if you do your job well, you will reach people and it will boost you even with a last place. But he also doesn't want to awaken any misplaced hopes or give a wrong impression that everything's fine and dandy to any artists considering to apply. He also stresses that looking at ESC as just a career boost is the wrong way to go; you have to love it and stand by that.]
Question: Do you look at your own performances afterward or is this difficult to do? Were you able to implement all the things you wanted to? Not just considering your own performance - you did say earlier that you were satisfied with it - but also how "Blood & Glitter" looked on stage. Was there anything that you wanted to do but couldn't?
Chris: I can answer this real quick: Yes. I myself definitely watch it. It's an analysis, critique of myself. [...] I was missing the red pyro rain, but it was simply too expensive. And it would not have made us win, so... I am satisfied.
Pi: I can do it faster: Me too. [The other's agree as well.]
Paraphrasing now: [The next segment is about personal question, starting with what each band member's favorite/most beautiful moment was. For Chris it's the 10 seconds of applause after their performance. For Pi it's just the joy that remains despite the stress. Klaas notes how good the mood was, working with the NDR team and how smooth the collaborative process was. Pi is happy that they didn't lose their minds in the face of such a hyper-festival and feels a little invincible. Gerrit mentions that participating in all the cover version LOTL did was one highlight for him as a way of connecting with everyone else's music and how helpful the delegation's team was. The small concert at "The Cavern Club" was also a highlight.]
[Chris has adopted his cat from the street. He's also allergic to cat hair and is getting treatment for it.]
[LOTL are auctioning off their "Blood & Glitter" outfits. The money will be used for a variety of charitable purposes. Be mindful! There are fakes on Ebay already. In case anyone wants to know what's real, they recommend checking their Facebook, Instagram and especially Telegram.]
[They talk about fan suggestions that Chris ought to narrate audio books with his voice and also become the new German ESC commentator following Peter Urban. Chris actually did narrate a few small things in the past. He considers doing it more often but entering that professional sphere as an outsider is difficult. He'd love to be commentator, but doesn't think he'd get the call.]
[Chris mentions again that their album shot back up to spot 2 of the German album charts. They point people toward checking out their long list of tour dates. They note the personal importance of the "Lordfest" in Hamburg, which is their very own festival with many guests and friends. They tease a cover album toward the end of the year because many fans were asking for one.]
Question: If you could choose one of the other songs of this year, which one would you like to have performed? Each one of you, individually. Excluding the top 4!!! [Laughter at that last sentence.] Well, everybody gonna say Finland otherwise.
Pi: Alika!
Gerrit: Then I'd say Voyager!
Klaas: Well, if I can't pick Voyager anymore, uh---
Chris: La Zarra! La Zarra! Me!
Klaas: [Still deep in thought. The other's are laughing: "Poor Klaas!"] ... Thennn I'll say Let 3! Just for the sake of hanging out with them. Because I believe that they're much funnier and friendlier than the image they had to present the whole time.
Chris: I also want to announce that at our Lordfest in December - if it works out, she did confirm it - Anica Russo will be on stage. Because I asked her how cool it would be if we sang an 80s cover song together and we did a LOTL version of her national final song and I just played the guitar and let her sing.
Interview ends: [Thanking LOTL for their hard work and involvement, saying goodbye to the band and live chat etc.]
Phew! 😅 This took me a while to get through. I hope it was informative and interesting to read for you all.
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2023.05.24 19:12 I_Seduce_Corndogs Sad to be leaving this community

I'm not sure if I'm temporarily leaving or permanently leaving, but I'm taking a break from his Twitch and YouTube. I've already canceled my Twitch subscription and YouTube membership and I don't plan on getting another reading anytime soon. I might get a reading down the road if I "need" one, but I just don't see myself being as involved as I used to be.
I love the people who are in his community, and I will never hate Ant, but his attitude during his livestreams has been so toxic recently.
Whenever he is in a bad mood, he takes those negative emotions out on his viewers. Even if he is in a good mood I haven't seen a livestream in recent months where he hasn't gotten into an unnecessary argument with his audience.
He cannot handle people disagreeing with him, at all. He always has to be right, no matter the topic or situation. You have a different opinion than him? You're an idiot, you're delusional, you don't know what you're talking about. He can never agree to disagree, only his opinion matters.
I've been subscribed to his Twitch for almost 3 years, I was a follower for 4. I remember when he used to have 800-900 Twitch subscribers. Now that number is in the 500s. People are getting fed up, and I'm surprised he hasn't realized the issue is him.
It's so unfortunate to watch, because he has so much potential to become a great influencer.
Viewer - "Hey Ant, whenever you do your Crumbl Cookie reviews you smack a lot into the microphone." Ant - "That's just how I eat, get over it." Viewer - "I paid for my reading over an hour ago, will you get to me soon?" Ant - "I'll get to your reading eventually." **continues to make everyone wait while he rambles** Viewer - "Don't you think you're being harsh?" (I've seen these comments on Mondays when he does his reacts) Ant - "If you're sensitive stop watching and click off my page."
If he learned how to properly deal with criticism, harsh or constructive, his relationship with his viewers would be SO much better. He can dish it, but he can't take it.
Just because I've reached my breaking point this week doesn't mean I'm a hater, I've just become a casual fan instead of a dedicated one. I will no longer be recommending his content to my friends until he starts treating his fanbase better. I wish him nothing but the best, but god I'll miss the cool ass people in his Twitch chat.
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2023.05.24 18:31 ask2905 First time trying

First time trying
Chocolate Chip - 3 out of 5 and I wouldn’t go out of my way to ever purchase again.
Pink Sugar Cookie -0 out of five the icing is horrendous
Banana Bread - 5 out 5
Chocolate Milkshake - 2 out of 5 although my son liked it
Dirt Cake - 4 out of 5
Strawberry Cake - 4 out of 5
So Crumbl is a bust for me
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