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2023.06.02 14:32 roosamariiaa Please I need help, I'm stuck at gold and can't rank up

I'm a support main mostly playing mercy and kiriko and I'm just stuck and can't rank up and I seriously have no idea why. I have climbed to diamond a few times with mercy and kiriko and I was high plat/low diamond a long time. I got big loss streaks a lot and deranked to low plat/gold few times. But I was always able to climb back after a while to where I was. But now I can't. I have been in gold propably few weeks. Since im now in lower ranks and I couldn't rank up I decided to learn other supports too because people have always told me to learn other supports than only mercy and kiriko because it's hard to rank up with them. So I have played mercy, kiriko, ana, bap and zen. But it doesn't matter if I get 10 or 1 loss I always get gold 2. I think I'm the best with mercy and kiriko and I struggle a bit more with other supports but I think I still should be able to rank up.
I will share my replay codes to my matches between rank ups and I hope someone could take a look at couple of them and tell me what could be wrong. I lost replay codes to 1 win and 1 loss but I have replay codes to 4 win and 3 loss. I was gold2 before these matches and I got gold2 after 5-4.
Username: Mölytoosa
Rank: Gold 2

8BTTQF: Victory 2-1, Kings row
I played kiriko here and I think I played pretty well.

GAZ35G: Victory 1-0, Blizzard world
Also played kiriko pretty well.

1PGWMX: Victory 3-2, Dorado
I played kiriko, baptiste and moira. I struggled a bit in this game and my aim was bad but we ended up winning. Moira doesn't have to be reviewed because I don't usually play moira.

62ATPD: Defeat 2-0, Oasis
I played kiriko and this game was so bad we didn't get the point even once. I guess I should have tried to do more damage or switched or something but I don't know if it would have done any difference.

9T66CT: Defeat 2-1, Antarctic peninsula
I played mercy for the first time in a long time and I was a little rusty and I propably could have done many things better. I propably should have stayed more with our pharah but I couldn't trust our moira so I had to keep an eye on the whole team the whole time.

5FX4KY: Defeat 2-1, Lijiang tower
I played mercy and baptiste. I was struggling a lot and I should have done more damage as bap but I was too focused on trying to stay alive and keep my team mates alive.

3R840R: Victory 1-0, Rialto
I played kiriko and ana and I played alright but this game was really easy.

I'm grateful of any help and advice I get.
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2023.06.02 14:31 nini_hikikomori La neta

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2023.06.02 14:31 nearly_headless_nic [Cup Final Press Conference] Blow for #MUFC as Erik ten Hag says it is "unlikely" Antony will be fit for the FA Cup final against #MCFC. "Dos Santos still has a chance but it’s a really small chance," he said. “He didn’t make the progress, so he still has a chance but unlikely he is available"

Erik ten Hag's Pre-Match Press Conference FA Cup Final, United vs City
Simon Peach
Blow for #MUFC as Erik ten Hag says it is "unlikely" Antony will be fit for the FA Cup final against #MCFC. "Dos Santos still has a chance but it’s a really small chance," he said. “He didn’t make the progress, so he still has a chance but unlikely he is available"
Erik ten Hag doesn't know if FA Cup final will be Wout Weghorst’s final game for #MUFC**:** "You can’t say that in this moment. I'm not in this moment into transfer politics, I'm into win this game. I think Wout played very good for us, very good contribution to the team result"

Simon Stone
Erik ten Hag says it is 'unlikely' Antony will be fit for the FA Cup final. "There is still a chance but it’s a really small chance."
EtH on ManUtd progress: "You can’t set conclusions on basis of one game, you need more. Already I make conclusions. We are in good direction + have opp in summer to make new targets over short term. Longer term they stay same. We want to restore Man Utd but we have way to go."

Laurie Whitwell
Erik ten Hag on Antony: "Unlikely, still a chance but a really small chance. He didn't make progress."
"These questions are so many times about the absence of players, it is about the players who are available + many times we were successful."
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2023.06.02 14:30 LanesGrandma I'm Trapped in Montana's Killer Bird House

On Monday night while I was winning at Code Cragor 3, my fiancée Montana sat next to me folding more of those damn origami cranes. As soon as she finished one, she'd add it to the growing pile on the floor and start again. Fold, fold, fold, flick. Fold, fold, fold, flick. She'd been doing this since I proposed a week ago. She said the birds meant “happiness” so they’d be our gift to our wedding guests. I hated those demon birds.
She stopped folding long enough to ask when the town justice was showing up on Thursday. She meant for our wedding. Except I hadn't booked the justice. I said I left a lot of messages and didn’t get a call back. That was sort of true, I did leave a message at the town court. I left a wrong number for them to call back. She didn’t need to know all that, though.
She said I was too relaxed about this, like I didn’t want to get married. I didn’t, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. Last week she said she wasn’t going to keep cooking and cleaning unless I proposed. Well, she cooks, she cleans, why would I want her to leave? I proposed. I didn’t “set a date.”
Montana doesn’t like when I don’t answer her. She started flicking birds at me. I kept gaming. Flick, flick, flick. I don’t remember how many she flicked at me before I called her uncle, Sam Orrs. He’s the mechanic for our town manager. Uncle Sam had the connection I needed to ’prove my love and commitment’.
With Montana listening to every word, I described a bunch of phone calls I never made. I laid it on thick for over an hour. The overwhelming incompetence of town court staff infuriated Uncle Sam. He promised he’d work it out with the town manager and call me back Tuesday afternoon.
As soon as I hung up, Montana started talking again. Something about her ‘wedding jeans’ and how we had to get the marriage license in the morning. That killed my interest in finishing Code Cragor 3. As I turned off the console, she asked if her ‘wedding jeans’ made her look fat.
I said yes.
She left the house holding three pairs of shoes and two large overnight bags. She said to call her at Uncle Sam’s when I was ready to get the license.
As soon as her Uber turned the corner, I dumped several handfuls of those demon birds into our trash can. There were so many of them, I couldn’t fit the lid on. Oh well. I was sure most of them would stay in the can until the next trash collection day, whenever that was.
Although I went to bed right after that, I had trouble staying asleep. I hoped Montana couldn’t sleep either, so she’d come back right away.
Uncle Sam’s text-a-thon woke me at two o’clock the next afternoon. He said Montana was fine and he had "worked it out" with the town manager. He also said sit tight and wait for more. Who knows what old people mean when they text. I microwaved hot dogs, finished a bag of chips and tore through three rounds of BulletFold (new release!) before going back to sleep.
A couple of hours later, a weird noise woke me. My neighbor was sanding their floors. Roar, swoosh, roar, roar. Why are people so loud? Close your damn windows. I threw on a Pomplamoose playlist, extra loud, and held Montana’s pillow over my head until I got back to sleep.
That worked well until I woke up hungry and in the dark. Now my neighbor was doing something swooshy and crunchy. Why are people so damn loud? Close. Your. Windows.
I wandered down to the kitchen for something substantial that didn’t require cooking. Took a while to find it: two boxes of chocolate chip cookies in a cupboard and a stale donut in the fridge. Ate the donut on the way upstairs and ate half a box of cookies before getting back to sleep.
A couple hours later, I’m not sure exactly when but it was still dark, noises woke me again. This time it was my stomach rumbling. I finished the cookies and the bottle of soda I found by my closet doors. Not really filling but I was hoping Montana would smarten up right away and gets back here to cook again.
Wednesday morning I woke up around ten o’clock. Why go downstairs when I could eat in bed like a king? Okay, my emergency stash of chips wasn’t as filling as a full breakfast, but Montana hadn’t moved back yet. I watched TV until I couldn’t hear it over the sounds of my stomach grumbling, then I went down to the kitchen again. There was nothing to eat without cooking it. I made toast with peanut butter and took it, with a can of soda to my sofa.
After a couple hours of BulletFold, I still heard grumbling. It was still quite dark outside. There was nothing else to do so I went to sleep on the sofa, clutching a pillow over my head to block out noises.
This morning, I woke up hungry again. Montana was being stubborn and, in a way, that suited me just fine. If she stayed stubborn for 24 more hours, we’d miss the “wedding date” she wanted, and we’d have to start all over again. But I couldn’t wait to eat so I ordered from EatFleet, whose motto is “Delivery half an hour or half off.” With nothing else to do, I waited by the door. Twenty-eight minutes in, my phone rang. I was sure it was delivery, begging for an extra minute or two.
How wrong I was. The driver said she was outside my place and had left the bags on my front walkway. She said she couldn’t get past the birds. I said bullshit. I couldn’t hear any birds and I was waiting at the door.
The driver insisted hundreds of birds were surrounding my house. She made it clear she’d delivered on time and brought the bags as far as she could, meaning no discount.
Then she added one more weird factor: She said my house looked just like it did on local news. That was it, she ended the call. I was so angry, I didn’t want to throw open the door and risk losing my temper at her. Instead, I went to the closest window to see if I could at least describe her car to the cops.
I pulled back the curtains and saw – white. Hundreds of white origami cranes were pressing against the window. I couldn’t see the ground or the sky. This made no sense.
I ran upstairs to the bedroom window, hoping to see where the pile of birds ended, and how far across the front they went. The birds didn’t stop. There were birds past the top of the second floor windows and birds at every window, front and back of the house.
Remembering the delivery driver’s words about local news, I turned on the bedroom TV. Local news was showing drone views of my house. My house, covered by white demon birds. Reporter Gary Moovilon was right outside my house. He called me 'home owner, Dirk T Wadder.' The jerk said my name like it was Dirty Water. He said I'd broken off my engagement with less than a week’s notice. What was a rejected bride-to-be supposed to do, he went on, except get revenge?
I had suggestions. She could calm down and stop obsessing about getting married. But Gary didn’t even bother to come to my door. He wondered if a helicopter had dumped thousands of birds on the roof. He called me Dirk T, saying it like Dirty. He was clearly doing it on purpose. I decided to sue him and the station. He wondered how I managed to sleep through the noise of a helicopter. He tried to talk to my neighbors about his ideas. No one wanted to get on camera.
I didn't hear any such thing. And even if there was a helicopter, how did the birds stay in place? Did someone apply glue to each bird, or are they magnetic, or -- who cares. Less thinking, more action. I ran downstairs to start Operation Remove the Birds.
Since I was doing this during daylight, it would be best to at least pretend I was going to recycle all that paper. My hands were shaking and I realized my breathing was shallow. Last time I felt like this I was seven years ago and had just finished watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. I haven’t been seven in – a lot of years! -- no adult should be scared of paper birds, c’mon now!
It took half an hour but I found the box of recycling bags Montana got a few months back. I stuck a few bags under my arm and grabbed the broom before returning to the front door and turning the handle.
Nothing happened.
I pushed my full weight against the door.
Nothing happened.
I don’t know how much thousands of origami cranes weigh but I do know it was enough to stop me from opening my door. For a second I thought about trying my first-floor windows, but all three of them open out. If I couldn’t push a heavy wooden door into the birds, there was no way I would risk pushing glass into them.
I ran to the bedroom window -- it opened up, not out -- and pulled a fistful of the little bastards inside. The rest of the wall should have collapsed.
It didn’t.
I grabbed more of them. I pushed against the birds that remained.
The wall or birds stayed in place.
Something was very wrong. A wall of paper birds couldn’t be stronger than me, could it? There are things that defeat paper. Like water! I dumped out the bedroom trash can and filled it with cold water. When I got within throwing distance of the window, I picked up the can with both hands and aimed for the opening.
Water went everywhere. It made no difference. I pushed, poked and pulled at birds that were wet and unmovable. I only stopped because paper dust caused my eyes to tear up. I mean, that had to be it, no way I was crying at the thought of being trapped forever.
A man knows when it’s time to admit defeat. I called Montana's Uncle Sam and asked for help. He said he had proof Montana hadn’t left his house so this wasn’t his problem. Even if it was, he said, he didn’t know what to do. He said to call emergency services.
Emergency services said they came here after they saw my house on lunch time news. They soaked the birds with fire fighting foam. The foam didn’t make any difference. They said don’t cook anything until I can get air flow in the house again. I said I can’t get food delivered through the birds. They said good luck and hung up.
I went online for two hours and couldn’t find anybody who’s been trapped like this. By this time, my throat felt like it was on fire and my eyes were producing extra water to put out the flames. That’s when I realized I was dying. I was going to starve to death, if I didn't run out of air first.
I called Montana's Uncle Sam again. I didn’t care if he got a helicopter to remove the roof, just get me out. I didn’t care if I had to wash his car every week for the rest of my life, just get me out. I begged, I pleaded, I told him I would do whatever he wanted me to do, just get me out of here!
He was direct. “I want YOU,” said Uncle Sam, “to marry Montana, today.”
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2023.06.02 14:30 No_Count4637 C4C please !! Upvote and I’ll click your link!

I'm trying to click everyone's link, so please support me! This is a win-win situation!
or Code for code, reply with your code: 166704440
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2023.06.02 14:30 RedditIsForSports Suggest me a book based on the ratings of all the other books i've read

5 Stars:
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
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2023.06.02 14:29 GovernmentAccurate25 Self-Esteem/Self Concept Book

I’ve noticed in myself a pattern. I seem to always have some sort of thought cycle where I feel alienated in groups and stuff. My friends or family always break this up, and I recently realized after thinking I was isolated in high school, that I was just being antisocial. A lot of people wanted relationships with me and thought I was mysterious. I thought they disliked me.
And recently I met this girl, I thought she didn’t like me, but she did. The prevalence of this happening is increasing too.
Essentially, I’m learning my own self-belief and mentality is destructive. I am very dependent on the thoughts of others, and I’m realizing I want to build a new self concept, as well as destroy my habit of feeling isolated.
I’m asking for book suggestions for things that could help with that. I read How to Win Friends and Influence People, and that helped me with social confidence, get over presentation anxiety, etc. I respond well to books with self development. So I think this is the best approach.
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2023.06.02 14:28 AlyssaAlyssum Powershell DSC vs Ansible?

I'm inheriting an absurdly unmanaged environment of devices, somewhere around the 100 devices number and there is a large diversity from a couple of Win 3.1 and 2000 devices all the way up to w10. But most of the fleet is a mixture of w7 and w10 (enterprise). As well as the obligatory smattering of Linux devices here and there (mostly RHEL based).
The environment is also an 'offline' environment, generally with no direct or proxy Internet access (though I could configure a proxy if absolutely needed to) I'm looking to start tidying up the fleet of...shit. and I've never actually been the one to stand up config tools like SCCM/configmgr, Ansible, Puppet etc.
I don't really like the idea of SCCM due to cost the relatively small environment. So am considering tools like Ansible, Chef and Powershell DSC.
I like the idea of PowershellDSC as most client endpoints already have the powershell required as well as the native powershell management. And the environment is primarily Windows. But it doesn't seem to be used my most people over other config tools.
Ansible on the other hand seems to be almost the defacto option and is better supported in the community.
I'm generally hoping for any feedback or opinions of the two options if anybody has experience of both? Another option could be Ansible for POSIX/*nix and DSC for Windows. But this seems like overkill
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2023.06.02 14:27 Euphoric-Cow592 What is the worst team possible

Im tired of winning and would loke to know a team that will make me pull out every single hair on my head from playing
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2023.06.02 14:27 Epidrase Use of video-based activities to enhance knowledge and behavior change on climate change (Tertiary education students, level 4+)

Use of video-based activities to enhance knowledge and behavior change on climate change (Tertiary education students, level 4+)
Greetings everyone,
We would like to invite all tertiary students to partake on a two-part study that aims to investigate the contribution of a value clarification activity in learning from a video on climate change. You will be assigned into one out of three conditions. You will be asked to complete few questionnaires and watch an educational video on climate change. After a week you will be asked to complete the 2nd part of the study that only includes the questionnaires. The first part of the study should not take longer than 20-30 minutes and the second part of the study (after a week you completed the 1st part) should last approximately 10-15 minutes.
Participants will have the chance to win 10, €25 vouchers for Amazon.
The study has been approved by the bio-ethics committee of the Republic of Cyprus. The study is organized in collaboration with several academic organizations and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.
Upon clicking the link, you will be asked to read carefully the consent form and create a code that will reassure your anonymity. Participation is purely confidential and you may withdraw at any time you wish to do so.

Please note: Soon the research will be available in Greek and will be posted again.

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2023.06.02 14:26 jokester109 [Recruiting] Scorch #2QG9UYC9C Townhall 13+ Clan Level 13 Farming/War Independent

We have not started CWL search yet but will within a few hours! We are at Masters 3 and do a full 30v30 cwl so as many people can get medals. Scorch: What We Offer 1. 1 year old clan at clan level 13 2. Active helpful community with many donators 3. Green war log with an all time 60% win rate 4. Cwl rank of Master 3 5. Clan Capital 10 with over 1250 raid medals weekly 6. Clan composed pretty evenly of Th13-Th15 7. Two sister clans, Scorch Mini and Scorch Elite, for lower th members and alts. Both active, scorch mini is lvl 11, Crystal 3, CC 8. What we ask of you 1. Must be active daily (including being responsive in chat) 2. Toxicity is unacceptable, be mature 3. Fluent in English 4. Join our discord server, and respond to war reminders 5. Listen to war assignment in war, and listen to attack criticism
6. Donate a reasonable amount. No limit but if you are in the clan for a week and haven't donated to anybody you may be kicked. 7. Accepting near max th13 plus players (exceptions can be made), and we have our mini clan too Dm or comment for any questions Discord Link Link to Clan in-game
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2023.06.02 14:26 Spiritual_Shift_920 Guide to Dehaka - Tips, Tricks & Talents

Disclaimer. I am currently master ranked offlane player who has been playing the game since launch competitively & casually, on all ranks between gold and GM. I took a bit of a break after the last guides but upon several requests to continue making these, I was inspired to continue making them again. This particular guide got extremely long due to concerning a fairly complex hero and I like being thorough with my explanations. Links to other guides can be found at the end.

Dehaka is one of the ‘’big three’’ bruisers of high rank bruiser play (The unholy trinity of HoggeBlaze/Dehaka) and while other bruisers do also see play, its difficult to find a game where all of these 3 do not exist in either bans or picks. Dehaka, while not any weaker than the other two and situationally stronger, he does have a bit more counterplay to it than the others.

Drafting Dehaka

Synergistic heroes
Dehaka works really well with things that can quickly kill a drag target that often rely on short range. Some examples below;
Additionally, heroes that have high duration powerful AoE effects that Dehaka can reposition people into with his Drag and his level 4.
Heroes Dehaka can struggle into

Heroes Dehaka is good into

Just to be clear, there are not many heroes that like being dragged for 2.25 seconds into bad positions. There are some standouts regardless that he is extremely effective against.


To cut it short, what makes for a great Dehaka map:

S tier maps

Dragon Shire

So Dragon Shire is great for several reasons. The nature of the split objective is one such. The bottom shrine is positioned in such a way, where the only ‘safe’ way out of the shrine is usually by walking through a bush which is also known as the lizard territory. Another is the quantity of maps on the bottom side of the map that are relatively easy to invade for your team, and with burrow you can make it an easy 5v4. It has a lot of bushes for Dehaka to easily rotate and collect essence between lanes. Its great.The only downside for Dehaka on DS is that winning the shrine on top also matters quite a bit and while he is not bad in 1v1s, there are good amount of offlaners who can destroy him in a 1v1.

Cursed Hollow

Macro focus, siege giants, a lot of the same as in Dragon Shire. The objective does not split the team the same way as it does on DS but during curses having global is extremely valuable since your team can push very hard on a lane and threaten keep, while the quick rotation speed of Dehaka on sidelines means you are not losing xp and the global means your team isn’t left alone in a 4v5 if they commit everything to defending the push.

Towers of Doom
Might be, in my opinion, Dehaka’s strongest map. The presence of global enables a solid amount of invasion plays on enemy sapper camps, and the split objective means that every time an altar spawns on two other sides of the map, Dehaka will be there to make the objective fight 5v4 way before the global-less enemy offlane can do anything about it.

Sky Temple
Really, most of the things that can be fitted into DS can also be applied onto Sky Temple aswell. It is slightly worse on Sky because Dehaka struggles a bit on capping temples alone due to low single target damage and conditional sustain but his global is even more important since all structure damage matters on the map, and pushing out a lane can be just as valuable as getting an objective.

Garden of TerrorMostly he is awesome here. Lots of bushes, large size, macro heavy gameplay etc. You just want to make sure you have another hero in team who is effective at taking camps because Dehaka is not one, and camps are what often decide Garden games. At least he is very good at clearing the enemy camps.

A tier maps

Infernal Shrines
The map has lots of bushes, 3 lanes to soak and moderate macro relevance. One thing that makes Dehaka still a star on the map is his ability to drag shaman camps into towers to instantly clear them. Just because I took him lower than on some others doesn’t mean he isn’t great here, the reason I didn’t put him in S was mostly because he is not the most effective in clearing the extremely impactful objective alone, nor is he very good at dealing with it if enemy gets it.
Where Dehaka really sucks is when he has to fight on an open lane with no bushes, to defend against a punisher or such.

Tomb of the Spider Queen
Historically this is a bit controversial take due to the map’s small size. Which is true, it is against Dehaka’s global value. it doesn’t mean though it isn’t immensely relevant on the map, since it can be used to prevent the good old boss cap strategy of taking bot camp, and moving to boss as enemy has to deal with a siege camp.
Aside from that, due to its small size however Dehaka can stack essence extremely quickly, and the quantity of bushes makes him a danger everywhere on the map even without his global.
Dehaka is a very hard to gank offlane, which means gems collected by Dehaka are far more safe than on some other popular offlaners.

B tier maps

Battlefield of Eternity

Not the best map for him, but playable. The objective sucks the same way as it does on IS and it is more early game heavy. The distance between lanes makes essence management much more difficult.Things he does do well on the map though is defending shaman camps, which is more valuable here than any other map in my opinion. The middle of the map is also riddled with bushes, giving him a ton of opportunities to position properly and getting good drags in. The distance between lanes does also mean the bottom part of the team can play much more aggressively for camps since the global does threaten a constant 5v4.
Alterac Pass

I hate playing Dehaka on Alterac, but it could be worse. Little amount of bushes makes rotating extremely hard and dragging camps to towers is often of low value. Additionally, taking camps is of a high value and Dehaka really does not do it well on Alterac. The one thing Alterac has going for him is its large size, and the few bushes it has are around objectives so he can still sidepush and join for a fight.

Braxis Holdout
Dehaka typically isn’t awesome due to the difficulties of gaining essence, relevance of winning point on top lane and lack of siege giant/shamans. The bonus is, if you do win the point its fairly easy to win the bottom point aswell due to using global after bullying the enemy offlaner away from point.

D tier maps

Volskaya Industries

No bushes, small size, mostly item based camps. Unless Dehaka is the only hero you play, I’d not recommend picking him here.

Base Kit tips

Drag [Q]

As I eluded earlier, you don’t have to be the one to deal the actual damage to mercs. You can also drag them into towers and forts for a faster clear. The damage of the drag isn’t high, 160 at a base (159% of one AA), but it is big enough that if you know you are going to base to get mana or you won’t be needing it any time soon, using drag for damage on PvE does increase your clear speed. It is mana intensive, which is why I excluded its use to the two scenarios above.

Landing drags on heroes
Dark Swarm

Burrow [E]
Essence Collection [D]

Brushstalker [Z]
Talents / Builds breakdown

To start off, different builds have different values on different levels of play. The build I pick most of the time is immensely powerful in diamond, master and GM SL aswell as competitive. It is equally powerful in lower ones, but some other builds also become better there (Such as the W build). The % mentions are just my rough estimates on how often I pick a certain talent.

The builds:

Standard/Recommended build: 3/1/1/1/1/2/1

BeginneLow SL build:1/3/3/2/2/2

Situational Braxis/Alterac build: 2/X/X/1/3/2/1

Level 1

Enduring Swarm - 2%

Enhance Agility - 96%
Tissue Regeneration - 2%
Level 4
Lurker Strain - 95%
Hero Stalker - 3%

One-Who-Collects - 2%

Level 7

Feeding Frenzy - 98%

Symbiosis - 2%

Paralyzing Enzymes - 0%

Level 10

Isolation - 100%

Adaptation - 0%

Level 13
Ferocious Stalker - 93%
Primal Swarm - 4 %
Primal Rage - 3%

Level 16

Elongated Tongue - 0%
Pack Leader - 0%

Tunneling Claws - 100%
Level 20

Contagion - 99%
Change is Survival - 0%
Essence Claws - 1%
Apex Predator - 0%

Laning tips

Do note that these estimations expect two equally skilled players, and playing with the talents listed above. Most of them do not directly improve the 1v1, so experiences may vary.Favored match ups
Fairly even match ups
Unfavored match ups



As per usual, hopefully someone got something out of this. It has been a while since I written my last write up on bruisers. If there are any other particular bruisers people would want to see me make a write up on, do mention it. (I had to repost this due to reddit markdown acting stupid).
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2023.06.02 14:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Mindvalley – Courses Collection (34 Courses) Download (

[Download Course] Mindvalley – Courses Collection (34 Courses) Download (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Mindvalley – Courses Collection (34 Courses) Download
Our website:

These are the courses included in the bundle

  1. Psychology of Winning
  2. Longevity Quest
  3. Unlocking Transcendence
  4. Rapid Transformation Therapy
  5. Ferocity
  6. Speak and Inspire
  7. Energy Medicine
  8. Unlimited Abundance
  9. Uncompromised Life
  10. Love or Above
  11. Vishen Lakhiani – Becoming Limitless
  12. Becoming a Modern Money Master
  13. Tantra Touch
  14. Sleep Mastery
  15. Jeffrey Allen – Duality
  16. Dr. Shefali Tsabary – Conscious Parenting Mastery
  17. Jim Kwik – Super Reading
  18. Dr. Michael Breus – The Mastery of Sleep
  19. Christine Bullock – Total Transformation Training
  20. Anodea Judith – Chakra Healing
  21. Vishen Lakhiani – Extraordinary by Design
  22. Katherine Woodward Thomas – Conscious Uncoupling
  23. Michael Beckwith – Life Visioning Mastery
  24. 5 Days to a Powerful Memory – Jim Kwik
  25. Eric Edmeades – 7 Days to Breaking Up with Sugar
  26. Ajit Nawalkha (Mindvalley & Evercoach) – First-Serve
  27. Andrew Holecek – Dream Sculpting
  28. Eric Edmeades – The WildFit Program
  29. Feng Shui for Life by Marie Diamond – Mindvalley
  30. Yoga Quest with Cecilia Sardeo
  31. The Japanese Art of Healing Your Money Wounds with Ken Honda
  32. Barbara Marx Hurbard – Evolutionary Woman
  33. Consciousness Engineering
  34. Vishen Lakhiani – The 6 Phase Meditation
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2023.06.02 14:24 SecretBismarck Some interesting data for balance discussion: Tank combat simulation (code in the comments)

After i did the Blakerow vs Argenti simulation i realised i could easily write one that would simulate a fight in a tankline since it limits variables quite nicely
Assumptions:-All tanks involved are full armor (so minimum penetration chance is used in calculations)-All tanks shoot as soon as they can (so drivers dive in and out with perfect timing or both tanks stay within each others range during engagemant-The tanks dont shoot at each others turrets (since tankers aim for tracks way more, svh having 2 guns wont pose as much advantage as it can because of this)-The tanks start shooting at the same time (svh starts shooting at same time with both guns so 68 is treated as having 40m range instead of 35m)
Code in the comments, the simulation ran each confrontation 100 000 times, here are some results:
Win chance- % chance for each vehicle to win the engagemant (kill the other tank before being killed)
SvH vs Spatha98.6% vs 1.4%
HTD vs Spatha98.9% vs 1.1%
STD vs Spatha99.9% vs 0.1%
HTD vs 2 Spathas74.8% vs 25.2%
STD vs 2 Spathas90.6% vs 9.4%
STD vs 3 Spathas 41.1% vs 58,8%
Outlaw vs Spatha32.6% vs 67.4%
Outlaw vs Falchion47.4% vs 52.6%
Bonelaw vs Spatha (code changed to slow down firerate after bonelaw spends 8 arcrpgs)99.995% vs 0.005%
HTD vs Bardiche54.7% vs 45.3%
SVH vs Bardiche23% vs 77%
Outlaw vs Bardiche0.1% vs 99.9%
The simulation is not perfect by any means and leaves out a lot of nuances (disabling subsystems, ranges of guns (this one especially affects outlaw vs bard since its 45m vs 35m range), flanking, pouncing on tanks damaged by infantry, human error etc)
Check the code and if you guys have any suggestions we can edit it
submitted by SecretBismarck to foxholegame [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:24 kkh963 Still not belive this happend

Still not belive this happend
Is the game scripted or what? I needed a win to qualify to the round of 16 and then this happend. My team is better than his team and i used a good formation to counter his formation (mine was 4-51 v shape and his was 4-4-1-1) and still didn't win or even scored in the away match i was winning 2-0 but at the end his team made a comeback and won 3-2 and the manager was not even in the game. I'm really tired of this game i lost many of cup and champions league finals agianst teams that are much weaker than mine so i believe that this game is scripted. I'm really sad and disappointed.
submitted by kkh963 to topeleven [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:24 damng1 #OnThisDayInWWE 25 years ago at Over the Edge: “I’m nothing but a shit, a big, fat piece of shit” - Big Van Vader

submitted by damng1 to SquaredCircle [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:24 Salty-Fudge-2730 Can’t sleep at night and he got furious

I couldn’t fall asleep and we were laying on the couch. I’ve been trying to suppress my trauma response and not bring anything up that happened in the past. I really, really regret not holding it in and letting my insecurity win. So I asked him “why are you even with me if you couldn’t stop yourself?”, something along those lines. I know I should’ve not said it. He got frustrated and told me that he doesn’t want to talk about it now and he’s trying to sleep. I let it go and then later on when we went into bed I said “you owe me a hug” (again I regret it). He got very angry, told me to fuck off and said I need to stop telling him what he owes me or not, “I don’t owe you shit”. Then I apologized and wanted to comfort him by putting my arm on him and he instantly went rage mode and told me to fuck off again, said I’m “trying to start shit when he’s barely awake”. I started crying instantly. When people raise their voice and swear at me I just can’t hold the tears back for some reason. He heard me sobbing in the pillow and got up, run out the room, slammed the door and went sleeping on the couch.
I know I’m guilty of bringing up the past and letting my trauma and insecurity affect my emotions. Is this the kind of response I deserve though? Is it justified? Do you ever find your partners get mad at you when you get triggered? I feel like a little kid who got yelled at by a parent. I hate feeling like this.
submitted by Salty-Fudge-2730 to loveafterporn [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:23 DifferentPotential14 Help me beat my boyfriend

Hello! New to this game, but have money to throw at it. Can anyone please recommend a commander deck, or card list, to buy that gives me a fighting shot? He's been playing for years, has all sorts of fun things I can't compete with. His favorites seem to be an angel deck with entirely too much flying and Lifelink, a poison deck that makes me wish the poison counter number was doubled, and a beastly trample deck. I would be happy winning JUST ONCE. any advice would be appreciated!
submitted by DifferentPotential14 to mtg [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:23 cakecloud- Anyone knows whether this is an anne pro 1 or anne pro 2?

Anyone knows whether this is an anne pro 1 or anne pro 2? submitted by cakecloud- to AnnePro [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:22 Dirkcules Questions about milieuzones

My girlfriend is looking to buy a camper van to travel around the Netherlands and sleep wherever it’s possible. Question is: how annoying are milieuzones?
If the van has a emission class that is higher than allowed in city centres, how easy is it to avoid them?
Any help or knowledge is appreciated!
submitted by Dirkcules to Netherlands [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:21 blaksentai POV: upon backfilling a losing battle your valiant Lifeweaver turns the tide with an elegant pull netting 5 quick assists and rolling the enemy team to the win

POV: upon backfilling a losing battle your valiant Lifeweaver turns the tide with an elegant pull netting 5 quick assists and rolling the enemy team to the win submitted by blaksentai to Overwatch [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:20 Zak_The_Slack Looking for late-game (I think) help

First off, thanks to everyone who helped me out a few days earlier. I’ve been able to get though what I think is a significant portion of the game! Currently, I’m stuck at the bottom of the Cathedral in the area fights (I don’t know what to call them). I’ve been able to almost win once (was on the magician one and missed a roll), but I have trouble with some of the fights (drones specifically), though I have found one fight I can cheese (middle one, using the sword combo twice and a shotgun blast). Any tips for this section?
submitted by Zak_The_Slack to TunicGame [link] [comments]