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This is a subreddit for all of your Guitar Hero needs! Need help with something? YOUR LES PAUL WON’T SYNC AND NO SELLING CONTROLLERS IN THIS PLACE! YOU MUST READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING!!! Just passed Through the Fire and Flames for the first time? Don't be afraid to post about it! If you play on real guitar, good for you! Have a question about getting DLC/license transfer? Too bad for you! Please take your idiotic questions to Rhythm Games Community Discord:

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Phish news, discussion and more.

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2023.06.04 07:45 Ghost_of_Kurt_Cobain A Riddle

I’m here but gone, I am both right an wrong.
I’m all around, though quite hard for some, for a few I can be found.
I’m everywhere, effecting all things from any place but I take up no space.
I’m a father but I have no face.
I’m the teller of tales both old and new an every tale I true.
I see each sun rise an sun set, though I have no memory I can be forgotten but, I never forget.
I’m here for the change of every season; I strike fear in some but, with good reason.
I hear with out ears, the truth an the lies; I see all..though I do so..with no eyes.
I can be missed, I can be lost some say borrowed an in rare cases, even bought
but, not very often.
I can fly..but I can not walk.
I communicate though I can not talk.
I can heal any wound from the deepest broken hearts to the most vicious beastly bites; I can even put an end to any earthly plight.
I settle all scores from the most grievous plagues to the worst world wars.
I am not dead, not even alive.
I am one with the sky, the mountains, the oceans and the sea.
I come and go like the wind an pass by gently as the breeze.
I am one with the stars and the heavens which they comprise.
I envite you now..
come one..come any, come all in droves, for im certain know one among you knows.
Any who be witty..silly, or wise; I call upon you now, to the clever, the brilliant, the genius..the sly,
I ask only that you tell me truly..
What am I..?
I. W. Caín 06/022023
Please, DM your answers for confirmation so as to allow others to enjoy attempting to solve the riddle. Thank you for your courtesy. Good luck to all.!
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2023.06.04 05:56 Hionvibrations Am I in the wrong?

If someone in your family physically assaulted you in public (by hitting you and leaving a bruise) at a family event with witnesses because they were upset with someone else. But it’s also one of your parents siblings and your parent ask you to stay quiet not to cause drama when you did nothing wrong?!? All because you told your parent what happened in hopes of them making you feel better instead they side with the other party.
Side note: the person that was assaulted didn’t do or say anything to provoke it. What was done was they went in for a hug which they naturally and have always done.
Opinions please!
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2023.06.04 05:50 geopolicraticus George Burton Adams

George Burton Adams

Part of a Series on the Philosophy of History
Today is the 172nd anniversary of the birth of George Burton Adams (03 June 1851 – 26 May 1925), who was born in Vermont on this date in 1851.
Happy Birthday George!
Adams was a medievalist who is largely remembered today for this 1908 address to the American Historical Association, “History and Philosophy of History.” Here is the penultimate paragraph:
“What should the historian do in view of the threatened invasion of his domain by ideals and methods not quite his own? I have been occupied in saying what and how he should think. For the young historian I cannot answer the question. I seem to see many an attempt by the trained historian proper to meet the leaders of the new movement, whether regarded as enemies or allies, with their own weapons, and to turn some of their positions into a part of our own line of defense. Every attempt to unite the old and the new, to find a common standing-ground for all workers at what are really common tasks, ought to secure the hearty support of all historians. The men who try this from our side will be found however in most cases, I believe, to be the younger men. To those whose methods of work are fixed, whose training in investigation makes change not easy, and who will perhaps feel some discouragement for their own science, as this new movement broadens and deepens, I have one word of comfort, and it is to me at least of large comfort. It is this. All science which is true science must rest upon the proved and correlated fact. It can have no other foundation than this. All premature generalization, all generalization from hasty observation, from half-understood facts, is useless and often worse than useless. I am well aware that premature generalization, that wrong generalization, from misunderstood fact, is one of the necessary methods of scientific advance, but it is only so when it truly rests upon the best knowledge of the fact which contemporary science can furnish. At the very beginning of all conquest of the unknown lies the fact, established and classified to the fullest extent possible at the moment. To lay such foundations, to furnish such materials for later builders, may be a modest ambition, but it is my firm belief that in our field of history, for a long time to come, the man who devotes himself to such labors, who is content with this preliminary work, will make a more useful and a more permanent contribution to the final science, or philosophy of history, than will he who yields to the allurements of speculation and endeavors to discover in the present stage of our knowledge the forces that control society, or to formulate the laws of their action. None of the new battle-cries should sound for us above the call of our first leader, proclaiming the chief duty of the historian to establish wie es eigentlich gewesen. We have been told that to this should be added wie es eigentlich geworden; but let us not be deceived. To the true historian the being of a fact has always included all that portion of its becoming which belongs to the definite understanding of it. What is more than that we can safely leave to others. The field of the historian is, and must long remain, the discovery and recording of what actually happened.”

Further Resources\_Burton\_Adams
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2023.06.04 05:27 KJDOGA [Lyrics] Some jumbled bull i wrote to cope with my feelings

I don't feel safe when no ones around
the type of lust that feels so profound
but when i'm alone i just think of you
and the million other women too...
I am-
so disgusted by my actions
everyday a different woman different face
and that type of love is only on screen
with another man whos bigger than me.
You are
just like a porn star, baby
and the type that makes me keep coming back for more
and if i could
i'd break your heart
just to go back online and do it again.
I am
so disgusted by my actions
everyday a different woman different face
and that type of love is only on screen
with another man whos bigger than me.
but i'm.....
just as guily as so others.
i only want bigger badder things
and if your trunk isn't enough
(spoken) I don't want to anything to do with that.
yet my dick isn't big enough to reach that
and i'm insecure because that's what I think
in the end its all just a joke
to objectify the ones i want most
and that
goes for money, and power, and art, and love
if i can't provide that, is it enough?
or will you still love me when I'm poor?
another man who's desperate for more?
I am a
jealous man who jealous of the tiny things
men who are happy and successful and all those things
what do you have that I don't?
Did you happen to work hard when you're broke?
Did you feel scared? Did you feel pain?
Did you feel sorrow? Danced in the rain?
I want to live life. I want to grow up.
I want to do the things that get me up.
I want to fly and soar and touch the sky.
but instead I'm at home wanting to cry.
I dream i was working hard, doing art, celebrating life with no disregard....
I can do it.....
I have to do it......
I must SOARRRRR.........
I must win................
i must WIN..................
I MUST WIN.........................
I have so much love in my home.
I have so much love in my heart.
I get up from bed and look at the stars.
And then smile just for a bit.
Knowing that someday i'll call it quits
grow up
and glow up
and one day
the suns up
I see both wife and kids
I'll work hard
and see how i came far.
from my room staring at the backyard
and that tree there's that noose
to take me away from the truth.
THat all the....
things (bam)
I hate (bam)
will just
and theres
just the things that i love
I dont
want to
I love you
but i know i cannot stay....
There's more
too life
and I must
find it
before I grow up and
and it disintergrates
So please be so kind
and don't hate me so blind
I'm a human just like you....
Go home and love him
find trust don't misguide him.
I have go home to move on.....
When I know, it hurts
and god does it hurt
I know i'm on the fucking right path
To get what I want
a home in the stars
a life i can build for meeeeeeeee....
In this world....
in this world............
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2023.06.04 04:49 No-Layer-6275 Advice Needed (Idk how to do reddit stuff so I'm sorry)

Idk where to write this. Or if anyone will really see it.
This relationship started in Feb and it is still going currently.
But basically. I was cheated on twice. Once in November. Once in October. I'm 21 (f) and he's 23(m). In November the guy I'm dating was talking to 2 of his ex's. One was in a emotional cheating way. The other was nudes. I didn't find his cash app thing yet. But we talked it out. He blocked them. I thought everything was okay. Accidently seen a notification on his phone in October. He was talking to his ex again. The one he was emotionally cheating with. And found out he was paying some girls online for nudes and sexual videos with lingerie and toys. I was ready to end it. Side note before this relationship I was in a extremely abusive and toxic relationship for 5 years with a man who groomed me (I met him when I was 15 he was 18). When I was with that man he would cry and guilt me into not leaving him. Well. The guy I'm currently with cried and kinda guilted me into staying with him. I know. It's bad. But we have been together since then. I haven't checked his phone at all or even looked at it out of fear of finding something again. But... Everything that happened is finally on my mind again. And I don't trust him... And I've been having a very hard time recently. I don't know if he's doing it again or what. Hes probably better at hiding it now anyways. Someone please give me advice on what to do. If you have any questions I'll try to answer them too or DM me. Idk how reddit works so please someone see this.
I also would like to point out. I have Autism and have a hard time with explaining and understanding things so please bear with me.
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2023.06.04 02:35 GeoffSim SLE tips?

I'm applying for a course in surgical technology and part of the entrance requirement is to score 20 out of 50 on an SLE test. I've found several practice tests online and "passed" each time. However, I do recognise that I have some areas where I'm lacking. I don't just need to pass though, I need to score highly because that, an essay, and an interview are all used to judge potential applicants because the course is oversubscribed.
Plenty of these websites offer paid tips, and not cheap either. But more worryingly, I've come across a few questions which are ambiguous (or could be correctly answered another way, particularly the "arrange these words into a sentence" ones), or have important typos. I'm concerned I'll pick a website, pay, and then find it amateurish in its paid content.
So, any recommendations please?
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2023.06.04 02:24 h3lloKltty my boyfriend

To be honest, I sort of hope no one really actually sees this. But I'm in love with my boyfriend. More than anyone could imagine, at this very point. I know I'm only still young, and to others, haven't grasped the complete meaning of "love" or, "true love." But I am CERTAIN I've met the person who will make me happy for the rest of my life. He brings me joy in every way possible, and I've felt every human emotion known to man kind when I've spoken with this very special boy. And though- I will admit, not all of those emotions are always good or happy, but sometimes upset, and jealousy. Which typically, I find myself telling people I could never stay mad at him. But I care for him much more than I love him. Without care there's no love, right? And I really, really care about him. I care about his feelings, his opinions, his needs, and his boundaries. I care about the things he talks about, even if sometimes, those things aren't what I want to hear. He doesn't know it though. To be honest, I hate his exes, I hate the girls he mentions, the girls who hit on him, and the girls he care about. Which makes me seem like one pretty fucked up girlfriend. But I HATE the fact he cares about how things ended with his ex, I hate the fact he feels guilty, and I hate how he feels the need to apologize, or how he still thinks about it. Because the truth is, I'm really just jealous of all his exes, they're always drop dead gorgeous, or he has a lot to say about them. And every time he mentions them, or vents about them or even tells me how he felt about them, and their problems, I feel my heart ache. He's too kind, it's not a bad thing, I adore he's such a sweetheart but everyone he wants to apologize to, I just want to beat the crap out of. I shouldn't have a problem with the fact he trusts me with how he feels, and problems from his past that still follow him around in the back of his mind, in fact, I'm more than grateful, and more than overjoyed. Because I'm GLAD I get to be there for him, show him I care. But it still really just hurts, when he says something funny that happened between them, or how he would protect them. Or how they would tell him they LOVED him. I think I'm just insecure. I feel like every girl he speaks of will suddenly just steal him from me, or he will love them more than me at any point. Its common amongst MOST relationships, especially when it comes to exes, or girls, and girl best friends, but it truly REALLY hurts. When he told me how he felt about THEIR break up, my heart broke and I FELT it, and I just can't stand to think of him in far future talking to a completely different girl, and telling her about me, and how I was like and how he loved her more than he ever did me. I really do want to be the last and only girl he ever falls in love with, because I would not be able to live with myself if I wasn't the only one he loved forever, because to me, he is my forever. I love him so much it physically and mentally hurts and I don't even think he'll ever understand what I would do for him. Whether it be not speak my mind, and hide my feelings, or to jump from the tallest building on earth, just for him to live life happily.
(Oh also, anybody who seriously sees this, no you didn't an don't judge me I WILL cry, I'm just saying the things I couldn't tell him myself) 😢
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2023.06.04 02:11 BarefootBeauty_Marie Enjoy the little things! Like every one of my toes 😋

Enjoy the little things! Like every one of my toes 😋 submitted by BarefootBeauty_Marie to Feet_Queens [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 02:03 howbizsolutions The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses
Let’s face it if you want your business to be successful, having an online presence is essential. Since that is where all the people are, that’s where your business needs to be as well.
People use the internet for EVERYTHING, almost like a lifeline. They use it to find phone numbers, addresses, and reviews, among other things, so not having a strong web presence puts you at a major disadvantage compared to your competition.
Is having a web presence enough? Unfortunately, it’s not. Because having a web presence is pretty much useless if no one is discovering it.
If you own a business that can meet the needs of national or international clients, a strong internet presence is crucial. If your potential customer base is so geographically spread out, how do expect to target them if not on the web? I suppose you could invest in billboard’s to be placed on every highway in America or in the world…but I’m pretty sure investing in building your web presence would be more efficient and affordable without making you seem like a lunatic.
Even if you have a business that only caters to local clientele, an online presence is still essential. This is because 76% of people use the internet to inquire about local businesses, but few are searching those businesses by name. They may be searching something like “best Chinese restaurant in San Diego” or “food delivery open late”. This is why you must be in tune with what your potential customers are searching for. This is where SEO comes in.
You want to be listed as close to the top of relevant queries as possible. This is because the further down in search you are, the fewer people you can expect to see it. In fact, over 18 percent of traffic generally goes to the first site for a search term, with the second site getting over 10 percent. The fifth site and lower are lucky to garner even 2 percent of the keyword’s traffic.
Now, if you want to gain a high ranking, it is imperative that you have awesome SEO. Sure, you could continuously use paid advertisements to try to get traffic, but this is not a good long term plan. That is because while establishing good SEO can be time-consuming at first and possibly cost money if you choose to outsource the job to a professional, it is still ultimately an INVESTMENT.
Once you establish good SEO, it will continuously pay off. Unlike paid advertising, good SEO is an investment that will continuously bring in potential clients. So, if you’re ready to invest in your business’s web presence start with the most important thing-establishing your SEO.
If you're a business based in Toronto and looking to improve your online presence, you may want to consider investing in SEO services. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a crucial part of digital marketing that helps businesses to rank higher in search engine results and attract more customers. At Howbiz Solutions, we are a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing SEO services to businesses in Toronto. We understand the importance of a strong online presence and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. If you're interested in learning more about our SEO services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Give us a call today and let us help you take your business to the next level!
"Thank you for taking the time to read our article about the importance of SEO for small businesses. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the topic. Please leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. Your feedback is valuable to us and we would appreciate your input. Thank you!
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For All of our Tarots Rules, read here:
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To all our Tarots Community Members, THANK YOU!
PS: Posting reading interpretation posts (pics) are fine here. It is a long established tradition.
PSS: Please Read THE RULES Here:
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2023.06.04 01:47 Weekly_Firefighter74 I’m an unlovable human being.

Here is my love life in a nut shell:
  1. Indian ex girlfriend ghosts me after 3 years and says she can’t be with me due to my race. Ghosts me suddenly.
  2. Ex girlfriend cheated on me with two guys and then proceeds to breakup with me after a year and a half.
  3. Girl leads me on for a year or so, I ask if we are a couple then she just starts denying me. I bail and then she pops up asking me to meet up once I tell her it’s been long enough.
  4. Wife cheats and destroys our marriage and gets pregnant by someone else.
Post divorce attempts at dating:
  1. Girl pretends she is single but she’s still married and lives with her husband. Found out and ended it.
  2. Girl from a city close by says she wants to get to know me but keeps postponing meeting up. It was a few phone calls. One day wakes up and tells me she moved out of state (she literally just did, upped and left). She then stopped replying and so did I.
  3. Girl from my hometown says she wants to get to know me better. We speak with each other and she says she really likes me and wants me to meet her soon. We speak to each others children too. She kept laughing and having a good time and said she couldn’t wait to see me. One night says sorry I was on the phone with my friend. I say it’s okay. She never replied back and deleted the dating app and stopped replying with her phone number too.
  4. Girl tells me she really likes me and thinks m I’m so cute. She asks me when I’m gonna visit her etc. I tell her 2 weeks because I’m waiting on a check to pull through. We message every day for days and she tells me all of her history about her family and what she wants out of a relationship. Says she really thinks she can’t wait to see me. Suddenly says her ex husband of 1.5 years she hasn’t heard from since popped up and called her. Then she says she is tired of “doing everything by herself.” I’m I was replying to her telling her I understood because I have a child myself. Then she literally blocks me off Facebook suddenly and blocks me off her phone and completely ghosts me. Prior to this she would literally keep asking me what I was doing and if I am alright incessantly and seemed to really like me.
I am an unlovable being. I’m a single dad and can’t find any normal person I seem to think is attractive. I’m always dumped, cheated on, ghosted.
I don’t cheat on people or go behind their backs. I don’t even talk to multiple people at once. Nor do I come on too strong. I just let things flow and try to keep it light and easy and make them have fun. Yet no matter what I do I am always eventually discarded or ghosted. And when it happens it’s always suddenly. Never after an argument or something. Seemingly when everything is good.
I have lost hope I will find somebody. My heart has broken too many times and I just can’t deal anymore. Seems like everybody chooses everybody except me, including my ex wife. She treats a stray cat better than me. Didn’t ever talk to me once since she discarded me seemingly overnight.
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2023.06.04 01:27 Auerilas Replacement hand saw blades

Replacement hand saw blades
Hello all, I recently came across this old saw blade handle and small hand saw. I cannot find replacement blades for either saw, and Rockler just kind of laughed at me about trying to replace a handsaw blade. Does anyone know where I can get replacement blades for these kinds of saws? And, relatedly, where I can bring these kinds of blades to be refinished/resharpened if I find old ones at antique stores (which I do).
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2023.06.04 01:12 The_Texidian Why do strangers talk to me so much and is that normal?

It seems like nearly every week, I have at least one stranger telling me their life story and try talking to me…for sometimes a while.
So far the past few weeks:
Had a guy telling me his life story for about an hour at a Discount Tire. I sat down to wait and he just walked over and started talking to me. Began about a car wreck he had and then his neighbors, and the area he grew up in and so on.
Had a older lady in a grocery store start talking to me about her childhood and her husband at the deli in a Kroger. Lasted about 20 minutes.
This isn’t someone telling me their life story, weird none the less. I was leaving work and walking to the parking garage. As I did so a kid goes running by crying and out of everyone walking he stopped me and asked me for directions. So I helped him. I don’t know why he picked me out of a crowd of ~15.
Then today. Had a another old lady at Costco start telling me her entire life story starting from where she was born and how she moved around a lot because her dad was in the military. Then she started talking about her teenage years and how she liked to go to the movies, and then her husband came by and he started talking about where he grew up. Lasted about an hour.
Then probably the most memorable case was at a busy fishing pier. I had a guy stop and talk to me for about 2 hours about his wife who is dying of cancer and his kids. He didn’t even fish, he just talked to me the entire time.
I don’t know why people come up to me out of a crowd and talk to me.
It was really bad when I was working customer service. I’d have people daily try to talk to me for hours while I was working. Even my coworkers made fun of the fact people dumped their life stories onto me or just wanted to talk.
It’s not like I’m talking back. Most of the time I’m super uncomfortable and just say “wow that’s crazy” type responses.
Is this a normal thing?
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2023.06.04 01:11 Twotailedpikachu Who’s the weakest character that can teach Patrick Star how to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bikini Bottom is having a Smash Bros tournament soon, and the wonder gets a $100,000. As one would expect, Mr. Krabs wants the money to himself. However, due to him and his employees being too busy at work to actually go, he decides to send Patrick (who just so happened to be present) to participate and bring the prize to him. Patrick is promised a free batch of Krabby Patties on return.
The problem here is that, nor any of his friends, have any idea how to play the game, so Spongebob figures he could try and find someone capable of teaching him. Who is the weakest character that can successfully teach Patrick how to become good at the game without giving up.
Rules: -The character will automatically be given knowledge of full knowledge of Smash Bros Ultimate, including the various techniques and mechanics commonly known by pro players
-The character has a month to prepare Patrick
-Mind manipulation and time manipulating of any kind is not allowed.
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2023.06.04 01:01 ApprehensiveDoor8974 i need some advice?

for some trigger warnings there's going to be mentions of self harm, depression, and suicide i'll mark this post as mature.
so here's the context i'm 14 female and my little cousin 9 female is literally my best friend ever. i know it sounds weird bc of the age difference, but it's true we can trust each-other with anything. but i've been noticing that on her tiktok account (i don't really post on tiktok only on it for the videos) she's been lying about things.
one of the more minor things is lying about her name and age, and obviously we've all did that before when we were younger, when you're embarrassed about how "young" your age sounds compared to other people, and i don't particularly like my name either so i was abit iffy on confronting her about it, so i just left it. (not saying her real name but the fake name and age she was using was "mia" and she was saying she was 13)
but on one of her recent posts (it's like one of those lists where you tick things you've done) she claimed that she had cut herself, burned herself (as a form of self harm) and that she has tried to commit suicide (she has not it's not one of those "suffering in silence things" she's generally happy) and i'm worried that she might have got those things from me, im your typical 14 year old, self harming, suicidal, depressed, has anxiety and recently got diagnosed with autism (march 13 is when i was professionally diagnosed i don't know if that's recent) but i generally tried not to tell her about my problems.
problems such as me cutting and trying to commit, so on. but it was inevitable that she was going to find out, since her and her mam drop into our house unexpectedly and the cuts were always there most of the time.
she eventually asked about it, i didn't say anything but she asked if i was self harming and i tried to lie about it, she's smarter than you think.
she already knew about my depression since it's the reason i don't go out with them or to family events.
i decided to confront her about it saying "you've never self harmed or anything before and you've never tried to commit" she didn't reply to the self harm one but she said she "tried to commit" by holding her breath. i really didn't know what to say back to that, and still right now i don't know what to say about it, i tried asking her about the self harm again and she still didn't reply (i know you might be thinking "oh what if she just hides it" i know she doesn't she's always in shorts and a crop top when having sleep overs)
i can't help but blame myself for possibly opening these things to lie about or try to copy off of me, since, as a younger cousin she's always copied off of me, as young family members do. they just want to be mature like you so i didn't really mind it, she copies things like the way i text the way i speak she even cut her hair short like me and i thought it was cute, at first but i don't want her to copy things like this off of me.
i don't want to be the reason she does stuff like this , the reason she lies about self harming and having depression. i know her she doesn't and i really don't know what to do she's so young and i don't want to be a "bad influence" on her, i don't want to tell her mam since me and her tell each other everything and i don't want to be a snitch i can't tell anyone about it so why not ask strangers on the internet lol.
thank you for listening to me rant and please any advice on what to do in this situation would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.04 00:57 JahCoin456 [H] COD MW2 BOT LOBBIES [W] PAYPAL F AND F OR CRYPTO

Contact JahCoin#5396 - Or join if interested!
What can this be used for? - Boosting your mw2 stats - Levelling up any guns - Maxing out all your weapons easily - No grind needed for your camos easily obtian gold, platinum, Polyatomic and Orion with just a few games
How does it work? - All bots are run off PS5s, and are completely safe to play against. - They'll stand more or less still, moving periodically to avoid AFK timers. - They'll fire randomly, but never attack you. - It's completely safe for you. All the kills and stats you get in game will count as if it were a real match.
NORMAL / SHIPMENT BOT LOBBY PRICES: - 1 Bot Lobby - $7 - 3 Bot Lobbies - $20 - 5 Bot Lobbies - $29 - 10 Bot Lobbies - $57 - 20 Bot Lobbies - $105 - 50 Bot Lobbies - $240
LONGSHOT BOT LOBBY PRICES: - 1 Longshot Bot Lobby - $11 - 3 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $30 - 5 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $47 - 10 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $87 - 20 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $165
NUKE SERVICE - Get the calling card, skin, and emblem! - $85 - ( will need account details, can be done in ~a day )
RULES / MUST READ - 1.If there is another player running around Do Not Kill! They are not a bot, bots will all have the same operator for easy identification! - 2.Never use any Player Killing kill-streaks! Replace your streaks for a UAV and Advanced UAV only! This is going to help speed up your kills and tracking of the players. Do not use counter UAVs, SAEs, Chopper Gunners, VTOLs, Ect. You may effect the lobby of the another person. - 3.Equip a grenade! Equip a Tactical Insert! Equip Scavenger Perk for ammunition. Equip Eagle Eye! When you have 20-25 kills (shortly after an advanced UAV is recommended so you don't accidently NUKE), place a Tactical Insert near the spawn to avoid running around and run 15 feet to kill yourself, and pull your standard grenade and hold in hand until it blows. - 4.Never use nuke! Nuke will end the game, and nuke is a high risk of being banned. You may be penalized one game if you call in a nuke.
Notice of how to play: Domination: Spawn and capture your nearest flag. Avoid B. Run to their spawn and murder! Capturing B will cause the game to end faster. This is at your own cost!
Discord: JahCoin#5396 - Discord with Vouches:
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