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2023.06.02 12:58 Expensive_Argument_2 AITA for blocking the guy I've been dating because he hated Ghost band?

Let me provide some context. I'm a 18 years old woman and I have been casually "dating" this guy, 24 years old, for almost two years, and we both agreed not to enter into a committed relationship in order to prioritize our personal studies and careers. A few months ago, I got tickets to a Ghost concert, which happened to be their only show in Italy during their tour. I really enjoy their music and think they are a talented group, so I support them, but not in an overly obsessive way. I simply appreciate them like I do with my other favorite artists. Initially, when I mentioned the band to him, he seemed fine with it. However, out of the blue, he started intensely hating them. He explained that he had a close friend in the past who he cared deeply about, and talked about how she was totally his type and the perfect girl, funny, smart ecc... but she changed when she became a fangirl of a K-pop group. This caused her to become distant and eventually cut off contact with him. I empathized with his past experience and tried my best to be understanding and supportive, as he didn't seem to have thosewith me. However, on two occasions, he reacted strongly and negatively towards me regarding the band. The first incident occurred when I expressed my excitement for the upcoming concert and how fortunate it was that they included Italy in their tour. He responded rudely, expressing his complete indifference and we ended up having a heated argument, with him insulting me. The second incident happened months later when I hadn't mentioned anything about the band. I was at the concert and decided to send him four short videos, even though he had previously stated that he didn't want to see anything related to the band. I wanted to share a special moment with him and possibly change his perception of them. However, he became furious with me. I tried explaining that I wasn't doing anything wrong and that I was just a regular fan, but he refused to listen. He began crossing the line, hurling insults at me, so I made the decision to block him. During our argument, I told him that I believed he was avoiding confronting his past trauma and instead chose to run away from it, refusing to step out of his comfort zone. I genuinely thought something meaningful could have developed between us because I genuinely liked him. However, I cannot tolerate being mistreated by someone who fails to address their own deep-seated issues and uses them as an excuse to mistreat those who care about them. I felt it was necessary to distance myself from a situation that was becoming increasingly toxic and emotionally damaging. I unblocked him the day after, hoping he could eventually text me and be sorry for what he did, I don't really expect that to happend but this time I am not going to be in the first-step partner role anymore. I think I did the right thing but I still unsure of what to do now.
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2023.06.02 12:54 Corrosive_Cat Ghoul Bladder

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2023.06.02 12:53 ArtemisSlayer2002 Question about Gta Vice City

I wanted to ask about 1 thing I don't know about Vice City because it's my favorite GTA title from all of them it's my childhood game back when I was 8 years old long ago I played it a lot finished also but I don't get 1 thing
Who are those guys in blue uniform that they are walking around the city they are called "Patrol Invest Group" I don't get them they are walking around the city peacefully but sometimes the attack me or the others even Police sometimes goes after them...they are like private some kind of organisation or what...I used to think they are City policemans but obviously they're not...I never get them
Who are they? I've never cached it
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2023.06.02 12:34 Far-Instance5908 Marvellous Residential Properties In Mumbai

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Unique Shine

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2023.06.02 12:25 Rhion-618 Just One Drop - Ch 88

Chapter 88 - From All I Believed

Morning, Two days before Shel
Captain Setar suppressed a smile as she watched the Ops door close. “Well, that was interesting…Ce’lani is a little cranky.” The last vestiges of sleep clung to her as she settled down into the command chair. She felt worn out, but it was the cusp of dawn, and Pod Seven had only just turned over control. “Report on station?”
“The perimeter’s secure,” Jelki replied crisply, pulling up the map of the campus on the main screen. “Pod One is on station and reports twelve by twelve. Sgt Ma’reis is already complaining about janitor duty.”
“Ah, first pod problems.” Setar shook her head, rubbing her eyes and blowing gently on her mug of tea. “What about the objective?”
“The objective’s secure,” Re’lan piped up, already sounding chipper. The woman could have been priestess of Jrafell. Her unwavering cheeriness would have been a character fault if she weren’t so devoted. As it was, it was a damned penance for everyone else at this time of day.
Jelke finished running the obligatory shift change checks and stretched. Things wouldn't get interesting until breakfast, but watching the perimeter was a given. It didn't keep the curiosity out of her voice, as she cocked her head and glanced over. “What was interesting with Captain Ton’is, Ma’am?”
“Mm! Well… it appears she’s expecting a call from Professor Warrick today,” Setar drawled out, taking a moment to savor their reaction. “She felt a need to remind me she’s devoted to Hele, and that if Be’ona or I let her sleep through the call, she’s going to ‘fuck us up the ass with a lasrifle and pull the trigger’.”
Re’lan was probably blushing like a cadet, but Jelke shook her head ruefully. “I expect there's a ‘but’ in there somewhere, Captain?”
“Well, yeah, she said that’s where the rifle would go…” Setar sniggered before taking a long sip from her tea, and slid a bit lower in the command couch. Her eyes wandered to the traffic on the board. “She also made it clear what’ll happen if anybody listens in.”
Thoughtful silence descended. Setar almost counted to twelve before-
“We’re going to anyway, right Captain?” Jelke asked nonchalantly. “You know, for security’s sake?”
“Sergeant, that would be a base infringement of Captain Ton’is’ privacy, which is in fucking short supply for everyone in this bunker.” She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, watching the steam rise from her mug. “Deeps right we are.”
_ _ _
Lady Wicama regarded her guest with interest as their autocab plied its way about the outskirts of Prelitauri. While she’d been free and cheerfully able to accommodate Khelira’s request, Monsignor Santino Barcio, or Friar Barcio, as he preferred, was not at all what she’d been expecting. She supposed it was a matter of exposure…
The Palace had never quite been the same since Princess Yn’dara’s wedding. Yn’dara was one of those odd Royals who, though well-regarded, was seldom in the public eye. A perennial favorite of the Empress, indulging her unexplained absences passed as a matter of course for the Court. Widely known to be estranged from her mother, Princess Arduina, no one enquired either deeply or often, so when she suddenly resurfaced, her return would have equally passed without comment… if not for the wedding.
Yn’dara had shocked the entire Nobility.
While it was common for any woman to marry into an established family and become a kho, the wedding should have been singular for a Princess. Princesses didn’t marry into families, Princesses formed them. And while Yn’dara technically had done so, she’d taken on four unmarried women at the same time as her husband, who was a Human! Favorite or no, the wags in the court were agog that the Empress accepted Adam so readily! The Empress, however, had been adamant; Yn’dara and her family had her blessings, and were to be left alone.
However, time had proven to be on Yn’dara’s side as well as the Empress.
After a wedding seen across the galaxy, Yn’dara’s family settled into a life of public duty. They spent long trips away from Shil, and while quietly dismissed as ‘pleasure excursions’, her trips often showed the throne to the outer provinces. Although her public engagements were few, she’d become a vocal advocate of the Empress’ reforms against graft and corruption, and, gradually, the jealous mutters about scandalous excess and Human debauchery faded away. Her marriage remained an unusual footnote, but time had demonstrated the value of Yn’dara and her wives to the throne.
Then there was Prince Adam.
Rumor held the Prince had made a favorable impression on the Empress years before, at an event hosted by Yn’dara’s mother. While details had never been forthcoming, a more significant story about Adam wafted briefly through the ranks of the Golden Glaives.
Both stories had been effectively silenced, but Wicama knew who to talk to, and being Khelira’s guardian carried a certain clout all its own. Though that influence waxed and waned over the years, raising Khelira required being aware of events that could shape her future, and she’d proven herself to be discreet. Over time, doors had opened and words had flowed.
Time had been on Prince Adam’s side, as well.
As the years passed, she’d had an exposure to Prince Adam that few of the court and none of the public enjoyed. She’d been wary at first, but he’d been a good friend and mentor to Princess Khelandri before she joined the Marines, and however infrequent his presence, he always displayed a keen mind, a loving heart, and a steadfast duty to his wives. Privately, he absolutely doted on young Khelira and possessed a loyalty to the Empress that you could bend battlesteel around. The two got along famously - after all, he was a veteran.
Not Navy, mind you, but you couldn’t have everything.
And so, as Humanity began making forays upon the galactic stage, her first impression of the species had been favorable. She’d witnessed Adam mature into his role with the court, and while the issue of children remained unspoken, that faded as well. At the time, Yn’dara had been sixth in the line of succession. A year after the wedding, Kamaud’re became an adult, followed a year later by Khelandri, and the matter became largely moot.
As for a second impression on Humans, Khelira had provided enthusiastic reports about Thomas Warrick. While the Princess thrived at the Academy, Warrick seemed to be something special.
The absence of a father in her life had been a void that no woman could properly fill, but she’d done her best. Although she’d entertained a few qualms, as the months passed by, Warrick remained a positive influence. Khelira’s messages were infrequent by necessity, but she’d written about her distress over Warrick’s family and clearly been moved. Prince Adam carried his own scars, but what veteran didn’t? He hid them carefully around Khelli, and if Warrick had chosen not to, he’d provided a useful sense of perspective, instead. It was time for Khelira to grow up, and that meant facing the grist of differing opinions and ugly realities. That was what education was actually for, and Warrick seemed to be doing admirably well as a grindstone.
All of that was before the library incident, which settled her opinion once and for all. While erratic, irreverent, and capable of violence, Humans clearly could be a positive influence when channeled in the right direction. Yn’dara had shown what a good Shil’vati woman was capable of with Prince Adam, and Lady Pel’avon was following suit.
And at least the wags at the Palace wouldn’t speak of Yn’dara’s state wedding again. As a subject for spectacle, Miv’eire Pel’avon’s had put it to shame.
Still, it was good to see Warrick married. While Professor Ha’meres scandalous exploits had faded from the public eye, older wo… more mature women didn’t forget such things. The man had been a daring adventurer - and an inveterate gadabout - and an unmarried man around that many young women was too tempting for some girls. A wife or two… preferably more… resolved such idle fancies. If the Pel’avon ceremony had been somewhat… questionable in taste, compared to Adam’s, it remained legally binding. Warrick was willing to settle down, and by all reports his wife had a proper sense of decorum.
Human men seemed to be a trial from the Goddess, but hopefully she and her kho-wife could sort him with time, love, and kindness.
While exposure to only two Humans was not what she’d call a comprehensive sample, in both cases her impressions had been quite positive. And so, when Khelli asked her to escort a Human Priest about the city, she’d been entirely willing.
Thus far, it had been an enjoyable morning. While there had been occasional missteps, their conversation had been delightful as they traveled from property to property. Even so, she hadn’t expected to meet such a kindred spirit.
Admittedly she’d stammered a bit when he mentioned eating the flesh and drinking the blood of his redeemer. On the other hand, she compared it to the first time she’d bled into the ocean, mingling salt in her blood with the seas. He’d turned shockingly pale, so she changed the subject. It was a purely symbolic act to Drepna - just a cut on the thumb, for goddess sake...
She’d taken extra care afterwards. Barcio could be clearly a sensitive male, but diplomacy was part of her work. Even calling her role ‘work’ was deceptive. She’d raised Khelira in every way an Empress could not.
It was easy for other women to appreciate the prestige of her position, but few understood the depth of it - or the satisfaction.
During her career in the Navy, her flotilla had provided direct support for the Empress, and they’d come to work closely over three tours. After Khelira’s birth years later, the invitation came from the Royal Household to act as her guardian, and she’d never looked back. Competition had been fierce for the prestigious position, but applying had been the best move of her life.
Empress Kamilesh loved all her children and had spent as much time with each of them as she could, but her work was all-consuming, and after her husband’s act of… Well, the Empress had been there, but she’d born her pain privately. She had lost herself in her work for many years before recovering a semblance of her former self, and her absence had taken a toll on her children. Kamaud’re had taken it the worst. Khelandri had bounced back, while everyone doted on Lu’ral. Barely more than an infant, Khelira had been far too young to remember. Wicama had been there through all of it.
It was a good life, and the princess was a delightful girl. For Wicama, the absence of a man in her life was something she’d felt now and then, but she invested her life in Khelira. The Empress treated her as a member of the family in all but name… and in a very real sense, the child you raised was your child.
Looking back, some women might insinuate she’d given up her personal life to raise another woman’s daughter. They couldn’t have been more wrong.
She had her calling - just as Friar Barcio had his.
Yes, he was a priest, and his religious strictures were very unusual. A male priest in any of the Shil’vati faiths would never be placed under such restraints, and for a man to go unmarried was noteworthy…
But she understood having a calling. Oh yes, she understood that as few others could.
After discussing his needs, they’d set out to examine three properties around Prelitauri. The Friar’s individual requirements were deceptively difficult when taken as a whole. A complex coupling a generous auditorium, ample administrative space, and he clearly needed substantial grounds to properly convey a sense of aura. Such accommodations were seldom on the market, and since he expected his colleagues to arrive in weeks, his need was immediate.
Thankfully, urban renewal moved in waves. The tides of such fashions meant Prelitauri was once again an up-and-coming area. While difficult to find, three older structures had the potential to be suitable, and so it was that she’d enjoyed learning about her guest as they explored the tiny district.
The Monsignor spoke four other Earth languages fluently. He tended to break into his native tongue and hadn’t mastered contractions yet, but his Vatikre was passable and he listened carefully, seldom needing to ask about a word. After limiting her contractions when she spoke, their conversation flowed easily.
Barcio had shown little enthusiasm for the first two properties, but their conversation regarding other matters never waned. She expanded on her devotion to Drepna, Shil and the roles of each goddess while asking careful questions of his faith. His own inquiries proved thoughtful, and he was as avid in politely asking after her beliefs as explaining his faith.
After their second hour together, she’d taken the liberty of calling Prelate Hi’meta Merlamiss. As a priestess of Drepna’s second circle, Merlamiss had proven a valuable contact over the years. Well connected, she enjoyed a good relationship with many other prelates of the Divine Halls; she also got on well with Xinfess, the Rakiri’s Speaker of the Dark Mother on Shil. A meeting with Barcio would readily open doors for his group that might otherwise prove difficult to attain, and while Barcio’s accent strained now and then, it was clear the Monsignor and the Prelate shared a questionably low sense of humor.
Given a chance, they’d probably get on famously.
Certainly, that would be a blessing. Their hunt for a suitable facility had not gone nearly so well, and while Barcio had been conciliatory toward the first two facilities, she could tell he wasn’t taken with either. The last property wasn’t high in her expectations, so she found herself casting her head to the side when it swept into view and he clasped his hands in excitement.
”*È bella!* This is beautiful,” he exclaimed. “It reminds me a bit of my childhood home in Sacile!”
She looked out at the complex with its low gabled roofs, as their cab wound up from the entrance. Beside the drive, a small river meandered through the campus past the main buildings. She tapped the console to slow their ride and considered the place in a new light. “I’m… well, a bit surprised to be honest, Friar.”
“Please! We have been traveling for hours now, and I am not holding a service.” The Friar spared her a warm smile, before gazing back at the premises. “I would take it as a great kindness if you would call me Santino.”
“Very well - on the condition you call me Wicama.” It had been some time since anyone called her by anything but title or rank, and the informality was pleasant. Still, as their autocab closed on the end of the lane, she let such thoughts go and considered the location properly.
The buildings were low, sensible cubes, but that was largely an end to it. The architect had made some unusual choices in Helkam motifs that strained understanding. A long colonnade bordered the river, and that seemed nice enough, but the buildings! Forgoing purple was one thing, but they were beige! With unusual elements and the repressively bland color scheme, it was small wonder the clerk handling the property confessed that the space had lain vacant. Its original owners went into foreclosure. The exotic design had proven unable to attract interest, laying dormant ever since.
Barcio… Santino… seemed delighted, however, and she pulled up the specifications on her omni-pad. “This site has two smaller auditoriums besides the main one, while the central building has four floors. One is underground, but all the floors face an interior atrium.”
As the cab gently halted in the car park, she climbed out to hold the door but Santino had already scrambled out and was examining the gardens with evident interest. Tall stands of parago trees were losing the last of their fronds for the year, but she had to admit the grounds were substantial. Yesterday’s storm had left the morning air cold and crisp, lending the gardens an appealing aspect. Untended since the last owners, much could be done with them.
She had given up trying to escort the Friar anywhere after their first two stops, and now they fell into an easy pace side by side as they strolled toward the main building. She turned back to the property itself. “So, this reminds you of your home?”
It wasn’t exactly Helkam architecture - domes weren’t covering every possible surface - but the builder had clearly been nodding in that direction. A promenade wound to the entry, supporting white chevrons that arced into the sky. The bright morning sky shone through clever cutouts, making the unusual design at least look light, rather than oppressive and unappealing. With a decent renovation, the facility had possibilities, and the price was comparatively low.
“*Si!* Oh, not so much like home, but there is the sense of it. I was born near the sea, and this feels… similar.” He gave her a depreciating smile before rolling his eyes. “It may not please everyone who is coming, but ‘everyone’ is not here, so I am allowed some indulgence! Better to have something waiting than nothing at all. I confess, some of my colleagues thought we’d only manage when the bridge to Messina is finished.”
“You should not have been sent ahead alone! Surely your colleagues were not that worried about a poor reception,” she tutted. Priest or no, there were decencies about a man traveling alone to be observed. “You shouldn't need a bridge to find a place for your mission. I don’t know where Messina is, but I’m certain Prelate Marlemis wouldn’t stand for it!”
“Tch! Excuse my poor efforts! The older I get, the more I remember things like yesterday. Unfortunately, the yesterdays I remember so well were thirty years ago!” Barcio smiled wryly up at her as they walked. “The ‘bridge to Messina’ used to be a saying… People dreamed of building a bridge to Sicily, and it became something that never happened. My English friends would instead say ‘when hell freezes over’. *Un'espressione volgare*, but very much to the point.”
“Ah… I’m sure we can manage something, and this could be made presentable. Maybe change the beige to a pale violet?” she offered helpfully as she made it to the door first, holding it open. “The aura inside isn’t so bad.”
“You’ve said that several times, but I do not know what you mean?” He paused in looking around the entry, which had an open foyer exposing the two floors above and led out to the atrium beyond. “What is ‘aura’? I do not think I know the word as you mean it.”
“Aura is… Hmm…” Wicama paused thoughtfully and gestured at the atrium. The interior was in better shape than the grounds, and the architect had done something clever. Not yet noon, a bevel along the top edge filled the space with sunlight. “Have you ever walked along a beach and wanted to save a shell? When you are there, that is aura… When you take the shell home and think of the beach, that is aura, but… less focused. Diminished. You sense the beach because of the shell, but you are not at the beach. Places can have aura, but it is more than character. If you move through a place and find yourself experiencing it? That is aura.”
“Mhm! *lodevole!*“I like this idea very much. It would be right at home in the Vatican. Not everyone understands a space can move the spirit, or lend power to a message.” He nodded thoughtfully as he cast his eye about the open space. “With the right advice, perhaps we can lead others to these halls.”
“Perhaps. If you tour the Palace, I hope you’ll allow me to show you about? A lot of the real gems are hidden from the public.” She watched as he wandered toward the double-helixed stairways bordering the room. Those were definitely Helkam; walking up one side without meeting someone coming down the other was an interesting experience… once. After that, they could be an absolute nuisance. Spotting the elevators, she called him back. “The nice thing is this place is inexpensive! That will pad out your funds for a good remodel.”
Wicama quietly thanked the Goddesses that the builder’s had the good sense to install normal Shil’vati-style elevators. The sides were open, granting a wide view out over the atrium. The grounds were terraced to create a small park; that could make the underground space bearable, and the plans made them seem spacious enough. Not to everyone’s taste, but pretty. “I feel bad for asking, but can you afford the building? If the price of the first two bothered you, we can find others.”
“I would not hear of it! Thank you for your concern, but we are economical with our funds, and were sent with a generous sum. This is an important venture to everyone involved,” Barcio clasped a hand over his chest, as he shook his head. “I can not thank you enough for your help! You have surely spared me weeks, and I might not have found something half so suitable. As it is, the grounds are enough to gain me converts. Father Roscio and Pastor Weber will surely plant a vineyard before the inside is half done!”
“It’s not a problem. I have plenty of time,” she replied, dismissing the matter as inconsequential. “I work at the Palace, but with the Court away and my daughter at school, I’m a bit at loose ends just now. At the very least, I insist on helping you through the paperwork. I wouldn’t put it past some realty clerks to try and overcharge you… Someone from outside Shil, that is. I’ll ensure they stick to the listing.”
“To someone not from Shil… or someone who is not Shil’vati, perhaps?” His head canted slightly to one side, but he smiled as he said it. “*Certamente!* I would not dream of preventing you, though Rabbi Kleinbaum will be bitterly disappointed she has nothing to moan about.”
“I hope you won't take this badly, as I’ve only met one Human.” Wicama gave him a smile. She was long past girlish uncertainty, and the Navy had taught her a generous measure of professional poise to go with her skills as a markswoman. “You aren’t what I expected.”
“You know the professore, then?” He sucked in a breath and pursed his lips. “I am still deciding what sort of man he is.”
“No, actually, I know another Human but I’ve not… I have not… met Professor Warrick.”
“So. You mean that I am not *un barbaro*? I am here to make sure that we are seen as something more than savage warriors, *capisci*?” He studied her expectantly. “While the Imperium is doing good work on Earth, some still live in want. The Imperium provides enough for all to survive, but not all live in plenty. We need to present ourselves well.”
”That seems like a very secular outlook.” She offered, as they rode up to the third floor. Barcio asked for an explanation of the word, and by the time they’d made their way through the first offices he had the idea.
“My church has not always troubled itself with such things, but our holy father is greatly concerned with such inequalities. He takes it upon himself to address such matters with the Governess, when their time allows.”
“Your church has a good relationship with her?”
“È straordinario! The Governess adores our food, and while she was adamant about taking quarters in the Vatican, she has taken pains not to disturb us.” He shrugged dismissively. “*Cosa sai fare?* It seemed a small price, and we have endured far worse.”
“I used to hear terrible stories about red zones on Earth, though the Humans I’ve met don't seem the sort. It is good that your… pulp?” She tried the word and was rewarded with kind laughter and a gentle correction. “It is good that your pope concerns himself with the full welfare of the people and works with your governess. Our prelates share the same concerns.”
“I thought the Empress was the head of your church? Now, I find you have many…” he groped for a word, frowning, and gave up. “*Questo accento è una prova di fede!* ‘Denominations’ is not the right word, but she is the one revered, yes?”
“Of course! The Empress has to show all of our virtues and none of our faults, but that’s part of her role. To favor any divinity over the others could cause divisions. She has her personal preferences, of course, but never lets them be known.” Wicama explained carefully. “It would be in poor taste.”
“And poor politics, I think?” Santino gave her a long look. At his height it was difficult, but he managed. “This makes sense to me now, that the Imperium leaves matters of faith alone. *Una benedizione inaspettata.*”
Despite the serious topic, his fervent reply brought a smile back to her lips. “It seems your pope considers politics as well as economics.”
“People will always defend economic theories which assume that growth will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice. This has never been confirmed by the facts, and expresses a crude trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system.” He said, stopping to clasp a hand over his cross. “Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting.”
“That doesn't sound like scripture.” She offered cautiously, as they made their way into a wider suite of offices on the second floor.
“*Esattamente* The words of Pope Francis, a good and blessed man who appointed me to my position. His successor, his holiness John Paul the Third, is much of the same mind.” Santino said quietly. “Our savior washed the feet of others and urged all to do the same. The hardest step is to be involved. To work together for change, as well as to pray. That is why I am here.
“*I pigri di cuore trovano sempre una scusa* Some Humans, they are yet angry with the Imperium. Now they have enough, they are bitter not to have plenty. For some there is never enough - the true poverty lies within their hearts,” Santino said a bit testily. “Our faith teaches us to find salvation in eternal life, but others? *Pigrizia!* They see it as an excuse from taking agency in themselves. Jesus washed the feet of others - he did not lay down and wait for someone to wash his!”
Wicama turned the unfamiliar metaphor over in her mind but decided she had the sense of it. “Sham teaches us that helping our families and one another is the same as helping ourselves. ‘The rising tide bares us all from the reefs’.” It was a matter of faith… but that was why it was faith in the first place. On the whole, it seemed like a mature perspective that explained the changes she’d seen in Prince Adam over the years. “You’re here to meet with others, but this seems as much about knowing yourselves.”
“*Sì, non è una brutta cosa avere umiltà davanti a Dio.* Human beings, while we are capable of the worst, we are also capable of choosing the good. Of rising up to make a new start. We are entering the galaxy.” He gestured out the window at the world beyond. “If not now… when?”
_ _ _ “So, when are you going to explain this masterpiece you four have been cooking up?” Marin asked. Sammi and Sam were barely awake but the twins had already arrived, bright-eyed and enthusiastic, and Marin cursed the resilience of youth. The room was acceptably warm, but Ayen had complained about the cold and used the excuse to slip back into bed. She was considering her options for joining him.
Somewhere, somehow, Sammi had found their rabbit pajamas again. “Sam, explain it to her? You do it better.” Sammi yawned, but Marin suspected it was an act. Once something got their attention, sleep was usually an afterthought.
“What, now?” Sam had barely stumbled into the room and blinked. Bleary-eyed and barely awake, he looked like he’d been ambushed, which was exactly the case.
“Pllllllleeeease…?” They sat back pulling the ears, giving their best Roger Rabbit impression. Luminous green eyes peered out at Sam, imploringly.
“Alright… I need coffee, but fine.” Sam trudged over to the kitchenette and poked listlessly at the instant coffee. It was getting perilously low, but Marin was sure he’d brought more on the ship. Eventually Sam gestured at the K’herbhal sisters with his mug. “So the girls want to create an artificial topological soliton. It's like a black hole, except where it isn't… It's sort of a kink in space-time.”
“Made you say kink!” Sammi grinned impishly and the girls blushed. Marin shook her head but paid attention. It felt far too early after another late night, but once everyone was up you had to hang on for whatever came next.
“So, what's that got to do with this… hole you want to use for power?” Marin raised her voice just enough to drag the conversation back on track.
“It’s more like a side effect. If it cuts the right angle, it goes into a realm of space-time we can tap for power. Think of it as an obverse of an energy drain, so it's like a white hole.”
“Let me guess.” Marin shook her head and grinned, holding up a hand to forestall the inevitable. “Except where it isn’t?”
“Ummm… pretty much.” Sam grumbled, blowing at his coffee. Marin glanced back at the twins. With Sam busy, the twins had gravitated to either side of Sammi. There was room left on the couch, and she wandered over to settle in beside one of them.
The Sams had been complaining for years about a lack of ‘focal power’ for their mass compression technologies, and while a rubber duck inside a diamond was impressive, they’d wanted to do something more - a lot more. She suspected if the twins were providing the means, then they already had something about to surface from the depths of their imaginations. Over the years she’d learned to pick a bit, rather than take their answers at straight value. “And if things don’t cut at the right angle? You remember how long it took to get rid of the Navy, when you started talking about making black holes?”
“It's not our fault they didn’t understand,” Sammi said defensively, crossing their arms and pouting at her before the rabbit ears fell over their face.
“Who didn’t understand what?” Akeimei yawned at the door. She cast a wink her way before wrapping her arms around Sam and gave him a quick hug. “What did I miss?”
“Umm… a parallel universe, if the math is right,” Sam mumbled from the depths of his coffee cup.
“What? Like identical versions of us?” Marin watched Akimei’s nose wrinkled at the smell before she slipped away from Sam. Slipped down beside her, they rubbed shoulders a moment. “Tell me, is there one where I get more sleep?”
“More or less identical… though it's not like you need to go into a parallel universe for that sort of thing. There’s already a ‘you’ out there somewhere right now, to say nothing of past and future ‘you’.” Sam scratched his cheek idly for a moment “It's just the math. The universe is so vast that there are exact physical cosmic twins of us out there somewhere, not to mention even more almost-twins.”
“Sam’s right!” Sammi perked up excitedly, bouncing on the sofa. “Then there are quantum cosmic twins - which gets weird because particles exist in multiple states and you’d sort of overlap… but the easiest one is probably just another us elsewhere in the universe right now! That's sort of the point where things are since the universe is bigger than you can imagine!”
“So exactly the same… or almost.” One of the twins giggled. “Just like us!”
“Pretty much,” Sam nodded, slowly emerging from the depths of his coffee. “Another you out there on another Shil, or another me on a whole Earth, even - just a little bit different.”
“What? Like an Earth that never met the Imperium?” Marin canted her head, tossing out the obvious. It was hard to remember her life before, and she didn’t want to contemplate the alternative.
“Oh, I don't like that idea.” One of the twins stuck out her lip. “We want to come to Earth!”
“Yeah,” her sister nodded, though she suddenly looked glum. “I don’t know if Professor Warrick would mind though. He’d be with his wife and daughter, there.”
“Oh…” her sister's face crumpled. “I didn’t think of it that way.”
“Well, don’t…” Sammi hugged them both a moment, though they held the first twin a bit tighter. “The point is, somewhere he’s with them right now!”
“Wow, I guess so.” she brightened. “Just imagine! A whole Earth that never met the Shil’vati!”
“I wouldn’t worry, sis.” her twin nodded. “I think Professor Warrick is pretty happy right now.”
_ _ _
“I am not happy about this!” Tom glared at his omni-pad before tossing it down in frustration.
Miv looked up at her husband.
“It’s an honor!” She tucked her chin in and gave him a long, considered look, “What is it that’s bothering you - really? It wasn't Monsignor Barcio. Are you certain this isn't the same sort of thing?”
“Yes, I’m sure!” he growled, looking away like a guilty child. “Alright, maybe… but this uniform is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll look like a mushroom, and the hat only makes it worse!" Tom grimaced at the omni-pad accusingly, "They won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, so now I’m on the rolls as a Warden Captain - whatever that is - and this ceremony is ridiculous!”
“The ceremony is traditional. Very symbolic... Besides, they don't make wardens out of anyone below the rank of captain - I looked it up. You were one before, so it's appropriate to make you one instead of a Warden Major or Warden Colonel.” She smiled at him serenely. “Surely, it can’t be the worst thing you’ve ever done.”
He turned to wag a finger her way. “I’ll take that bet!”
“Worse than our wedding reception…?” She crooned, teasing him. “Or maybe pre-term night? I swear by the Goddess no one will pinch your ass, except for Lea and I.”
“Fine… “ Her smile grew wider as he grumbled, but he was calming down already and there wasn't heat in it. Still, he stubbornly clung on to the point a while longer. "It’s in my top five.”
“I’m sure you’ll survive, husband. Now then, I have meetings all afternoon, so why don't you finish reviewing the menu? You’ll feel better when all this is over and you can go back to cooking, chess, or starting that eeeyiy club… You might even give Ce’lani a call or message her?” She gathered her coat and smiled demurely, though it harbored nothing innocent. “If I’m not here you’ll have perfect privacy… Just don't promise anything you wouldn't promise to me.”
“It’s iai-do…” Tom groused, but he was already picking up his omni-pad.
She blew him a kiss and made her way toward the commons. Tom would probably stew a while, but he’d make the call.
There would be time to meet with Ce’lani on the common, before she had to come home for dinner.
_ _ _
Tom looked over the banquet menu as if it might reach out and bite him. The words stared up at him with perfect innocence.
Appetizer: Fruit and Cheese Platter - Slices of various cheeses and fruits on a platter providing a delicate mix of sweet, tangy and creamy to invigorate the dining experience. Serve with a selection of sweet and semi-sweet wines.
Soup: Choice of Tomato or French Onion Soup - Served with a piece of baguette and cheese.
Salad: Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing -- an assortment of greens and fruit with a balsamic grain dressing to cleanse the palate.
Entree: Cornish Pasty - This herb-infused meat and pastry dish provides a counterpoint to the tangy taste of the salad and soup. Served with a creamy buttered mashed potato (a vegetable, humanely prepared!) with chives (also a vegetable). Served with a selection of wines or ales.
Dessert: Chef’s Sorbet Surprise - A sweet treat complemented by a palate cleanser, ending the meal on a piquant note.
His last call with Bherdin had been a trial and a half. Omni-pads were the definition of ‘high fidelity’, and hearing the little Shil’vati hyperventilate for ten minutes over the plan was pointless. At least Melondi had easier going with Vedeem on her side... one way or another this was happening.
As a final consolation, he relented on wearing matching suits. Bherdin frequently bemoaned Tom’s 'lamentable' fashion sense, and he perked up at that, promising to get him some appropriate formalwear for the occasion.
Privately, he suspected his Shil’vati friend was looking for a convenient alibi if a riot started.
In fairness, it probably wasn't a bad idea.
“Too late to use it myself…” he muttered. It wasn’t quite noon, and Miv was probably right. Instead of Chess Club or starting Iai-do practice or just cooking out at Human Food, he was stuck here at home. Miv’s place was bigger, but most of his stuff was still in boxes; it left him listless and climbing the walls. If this worked, at least things could get back to normal.
…Mostly normal…
He flipped back to the picture of the Warden uniform on his omni-pad. It was bad enough, but the hat made the whole thing look like a blue toadstool in silver filigree.
He swiped the picture away like an act of revenge, but didn’t toss the pad back on the table.
…Miv was right... and I promised to call Ce’lani…
Tom centered himself, pulling up the number. The universe was always in motion and a good Taoist accepted their part in what came. That was the lesson of ‘the Vinegar Tasters’, and it held true… The painting showed three men standing around a vat of vinegar. Each has dipped his finger into the vinegar and tasted it. The expression on each man's face showed his individual reaction.
The painting was an allegory for Confucius, Buddha, and Lao-tse. Confucius wore a sour look on his face. He believed life was out of harmony with the universe. As the second figure in the painting, Buddha had a bitter expression. Like the vinegar, life was painful and filled with attachments and desires that led to suffering. The last man, Lao-tse, was smiling at the taste. To him, harmony existed naturally and could be found by anyone at any time in any experience.
He thought about his buddy Dave. The old Marine would probably shake his head and tell him to ‘embrace the suck.’ It pretty much boiled down to the same thing.
Not that he was against calling. Miv and Lea had practically taken turns urging him on and giving their views on why it was a good idea. They hadn't harped about it, but he knew which way the wind was blowing. And Ce’lani’s message had been short, sweet in the literal sense, and the sound file she’d offered up had been…
…Pretty nice, really…
If he still said no, or decided he didn't like where this was going, they’d back his choice, of course. He didn't have a doubt in his mind… But with everything else in his life turned upside down, calling Ce’lani seemed like a calm in the eye of a storm.
…It's just a phone call. Leave the chaos at the gate…
He settled down on the couch to check his messages before giving her a call. It was nearly lunch…
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2023.06.02 12:20 DonutWatch5 Would I qualify for implants?

After years of battling with depression, my teeth have taken a toll. I definitely need extensive dental work. My credit score is mediocre (around 550, planning on paying off old debts), have a steady job/income as a security guard that provides some dental coverage, and am committed to pay off the debt.
All that being said, would I qualify for financing dental implants? For reference (I cherish my anonymity) I live in the US on the left coast, the most expensive side of the coast.
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2023.06.02 11:56 teffania A cumbersome way of identifying +3 staffs in bulk

I'm not sure who noted this first for me to read of, but if you have lots of multiple unidentified staffs (let's assume only ones identified as non enchanted/not blue using the vision blueprint method) and put one into a chest, any other staffs that are exactly the same (ie blessed/normal/cursed and + or - status) in your bag will be highlighted with a white square. If you make a bunch of baskets and put only the same type of staff in each basket, you now have these grouped. Label your baskets carefully (eg A,B,C).
We can probably make a few guesses already eg that +1 normal will be more common than +3 normal staffs (since you are less likely to make them), although how common +2 cursed staffs would be is anyones guess.
Now take one staff from a basket with several in it, and don't forget which basket. Identify the staff by your favourite method. Relabel your basket with the name of the staff and make sure you always keep one unidentified staff in it, so you can compare new unidentified staffs with it to know what they are.
Repeat in turn for the other baskets or until you find one with the status you want (eg +3 staffs). You now can know when a staff is a non cursed +3 staff that you can safely identify and use for building artefacts.
I don't expect anyone to seriously use this method though it is cumbersome for a low yield result. You may simply be able to prove to yourself that you don't suceed in making +3 staffs very often
Pro-version. Once you have a lot of staves known, take one spare (second) copy of each common staff type (ie ghe ones you wang to sell off) and combine then in one basket. Now with one quick check you can see if a new batch of unidentified staves contains anything worth taking a further look at, or if you can just sell the lot.
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2023.06.02 11:53 Erwinblackthorn Drawn Together: A Postmodernist Martyr Pt2

Part 1
All of these characters are things we see in both cartoons and reality TV shows. Spanky Ham is considered directly inspired by a cast member from The Real World: San Francisco called David Rainey, aka Puck, who was kicked out of the house for being so unruly, with moments like fighting with a guy who had AIDS over a jar of peanut butter. I know that it sounds like I made up that sentence, but that’s something that actually happened that contributed to him being kicked out of the house. He lives on in infamy as a pig who eats sausage and shits in a cantaloupe.
But to continue in this direction, the show is heavily inspired by “real” people from reality shows. I think the way David Rainey acts is real, since later interviews show him not changing one bit. But a lot of these people are, again, fitting an archetype. A cartoony archetype, if you will. Again, this is the irony of postmodernism where the style of content was changed and yet the way of handling characters remains the same.
It’s almost as if postmodernists don’t believe in their own skepticism and it’s just a pseudo-skeptical movement that still has to obey rules or something.
Modernist cartoons hold archetypes so that people can understand the symbolism, while postmodernist archetypes are used as a way to make it easier to reproduce the same content over and over again, and sell it over and over again. This mass production that causes reproduction is exactly what Drawn Together is making fun of by causing some of the worst characters out there to still relate to established archetypes by simply attaching to a role without the means of accomplishing the same goals. Superman is brave and is a hero through action. Captain Hero got his name by fucking a hero sandwitch. Both are aliens from another planet with super powers, but Captain Hero’s arch nemesis is called Scroto, who is an evil mastermind that tricks Hero into washing his dirty old man balls over and over again. Captain Hero isn’t actually a superhero by definition, just by identity and because he looks the part by appearance. Xandir isn’t really a video game character, he’s just meant to look like one, which also happens to make him look incredibly gay. Princess Clara acts like a princess, but not a Disney princess, even though she looks like a Disney one.
I guess we can say Spanky acts like a pig and looks like a pig, but more in how he is a pig as in a greedy, dirty, or unpleasant person.
The way postmodernism causes juxtaposition that works is by simply changing how things were in modernism and using some kind of word play or changing of meaning to cause a different result. It wouldn’t work if Princess Clara was a ball of light, and it wouldn’t work if Toot was a floating brown cloud of farts; even though these could be played on the names in a surreal way. Yes, Clara means bright and Toot is a word for fart, but these wouldn’t be related to a previous subject matter, which is where intertextuality kicks in to make the whole thing work.
Intertextuality is where one text works off of another text to create a different meaning. This is done through quotation, allusion, calque, plagiarism, translation, pastiche, or parody, or interconnections between similar or related works perceived by an audience. That might sound like a lot of jargon, but all that means is that stuff in postmodernism takes from something else during modernism or prior and works off of it so that the audience can relate to it. If I didn’t know of any of these cartoons and just saw a bunch of different characters in one house, I would think this is entirely stupid and random. But since I know about the history behind it all, and the show constantly reminds us that these are parodies with 4th wall breaks, we are able to see that there is a reason for the surreal nature.
Without intertextuality, the theme is reduced to nonsense. With intertextuality, the theme is… still nonsense but now we have an understanding as to what caused it to be made and what they’re referencing. Intertextuality is not exclusive to postmodernism, but the way postmodernism handles it causes this hyper reliance on intertextuality to have it be remotely relatable. This becomes a big problem for globalization because many people are unable to understand the references when they aren’t part of the culture or circle, which can create things to be very niche. That very thing is actually why so many people simply avoid video games, or video game based movies, or anime, or flash parodies about games or anime.
This is also the reason the skits from movie reviewers like everyone on Channel Awesome never really appeal to people, because there is so much requirement that’s put as a hurdle rather than a welcome mat. Jargon and special language is a big part of postmodernism because of the focus on personal interpretation. If the reader could easily understand the writer, the reader would know that the writer isn’t saying much, so the postmodernist writer relies on open interpretation to keep the work both vague and niche. In other words, the postmodernist is determined to keep out the plebs, the sheeple, and the fogeys. The people who don’t relate to the subject matter will show themselves out and there is no reason to try to appeal to everyone because the subject matter is designed to offend and reject.
There is something strange about the idea that they could combine cartoons with reality TV, because the main appeal of reality TV is to see a real person doing something. But to have a cartoon copy reality TV is almost like watching hentai: you get the same thing as the real thing, without having to look at actual humans, and there is more ability to fulfill fetishes you never knew you had. But I’m sure even the most aggressive hentai lovers can understand that it’s not for everyone and it’s an acquired taste. I’ve been trying to figure out who exactly watches cartoons and hentai, and after a 5 minute search, I realized that cartoons need a lot of dedication to art to be appreciated after the age of 13. Usually a person doesn’t care about an adult cartoon unless they plan to make one themselves or are simply unable to grow out of it.
That and apparently 10% of japanese people are schediaphiles, meaning they are sexually and romantically interested in anime characters.
I know this is weird for me to connect a weird fetishes to a cartoon featuring necrophilia, because the two have nothing to do with each other, but we can’t ignore the idea that people can be attracted to cartoon characters. For me, I appreciate the art of a lot of media, especially adult animation when it actually tries, like Duckman. But the part of Drawn Together I appreciate is how they play with our expectations concerning each of these types of characters.
Remember before when I said Wooldoor randomly has big titties and gets his shirt wet? This is put in the show as a joke, but also as a jab at people who try to sexualize stuff with rule 34. If it’s drawn, there’s porn of it, no matter what. This is mostly to please the people who are schediaphiles, which is a surprising number. A fun fact about them is that there was a survey done and the female hentai lovers had a surprising consensus when it comes to fearing abandonment. For a woman to demand a fake relationship with a fake character means that she’s demanding the lack of a child, and mostly because she doesn’t want that child to later leave her, or for the husband to leave her.
I think this plays a lot into why a show like this is quick to resort to nudity in practically every episode, as well as the fact that they can draw stuff and already kind of have to draw nudity just by outlining something. But then there is also this thing with reality TV where nudity is almost a requirement. There are dating shows like Flavor of Love that has every chick whore themselves out so they can date a guy that looks like that Uruk-hai that Aragon beheaded. They’ll have them hang out at pools and do sexy dances, they’ll be jerking each other off in the shower, and then we’re supposed to care about who the guy choses at the end of an episode. It’s like Hell’s Kitchen but if people tried to stay in the game by unzipping his dungarees and giving his London broil a good shellacking.
I feel like Drawn Together wanted to do this, but couldn’t really afford to remove contestants every episode like Total Drama Island, so they decided to transition the plot structure to more typical sitcom fashion. We get episodes like where the cast turns into babies and do the same disgusting behavior but as babies. We get episodes where Toot has to go back to fat camp to do a reunion dance and tricks Zandir into joining her by finding cheat codes to control him. There are Transformers parodies, care bears, cabbage patch, Nesquik, Uncle Ben, there’s an episode where survivor is played with, there’s Fat Albert and Archie comic types of characters.
The show is a perfect breeding ground for making fun of basically anything drawn, which is crazy to think about because that should bring about Family Guy level of survivability. Just make fun of a cartoon and the episode is done. But, sadly, it was canceled after 2 seasons and didn’t get a chance to really spread its wings. It was deemed too offensive to continue. Advertisers and morality groups rejected it, caused it to lack profitability, and the network threw it in the trash. If the show survived to this decade, it would be canceled anyway.
Strangely, the show is so postmodernist in how it doesn’t care about anything that it can’t survive in the current postmodernist era of being hyper offended. Because postmodernism relies on subjectivity, companies can now subjectively be offended at anything, even though these companies are more than happy to pretend they stand for the LGBT or even women entering porno. There is stuff that should cancel these advertisers and morality groups, yet they are the ones doing the canceling. This is why I call the show a martyr.
It died for the freedom of being able to offend and all that happened is that the network it was on went more woke and the online environment makes it so that it can’t really be talked about. But somehow, paramount plus happily tries to advertise it. This is the company that owns nickelodeon and created that new Transformers show where the robot and a female human call themselves non-binary. This is the company that made a Blue’s Clues episode that features a drag queen singing about a pride parade. If anything, the show is only promoted on the streaming site because they want to make money from their enemies.
It just doesn’t make sense to me that a company will get more offended and advocate harder for the woke, but then happily promote one of the most offensive cartoons out there. That is, unless there’s money involved. So at the end of this long dive into Drawn Together, without talking much about what exactly happens in the show, we can conclude that the show died for our sins… just to be used by a company as a means of making money from their enemies. They wouldn’t dare make another show like it, because that would be against the woke agenda, which is weird since the show already features black and gay people.
A big problem for a lot of people to recognize is the difference between how the woke and postmodernists represent groups. The postmodernist will represent it because it’s trying to subvert things in a deconstruction way. The woke will represent as a quota and as a requirement for only particular groups. In other words, a postmodernist has no problem making a white black panther, while the woke will try to kill anyone who even thinks of committing such a haram act. Sadly, the inability for the postmodernist to care and to hold a standard is what caused everything to turn woke in barely 20 years.
The show ended in 2007, during the time of South Park’s prime and Family Guy’s revival. Apparently, the only adult cartoons left are ones that rely on hyper violence and random netflix stuff like Big Mouth, which tries to desperately retain the postmodernist legacy without entering the woke territory. I don’t remember much from that show, but I’m pretty sure it failed. Now we have people begging for postmodernism because anything is better than the slop coming out these days.
Do I think Drawn Together is a good show? Absolutely.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely.
Who is it for? Well… because it’s a cartoon, it will relate heavily to those who would watch a cartoon to begin with. But the viewer must love offensive things, and I’m not sure if that’s a dying race these days or just a silent majority that’s hiding in plain sight.
So it’s not that postmodernism makes everything terrible, and it’s not that subversion and intertextuality causes me to hate postmodernism. I simply hate the fact that postmodernism leads itself towards the woke. It creates this personal language that causes people to speak past each other and never even try to relate with each other, adding jargon on top of jargon. It’s too alienating, with the woke becoming increasingly divisive as time goes on, and as their agenda gets more rabid. We can’t enjoy a simple kid’s show without seeing their agenda in full force, because the animation department decided to get a bunch of diversity hires. I mean, who else is going to be in their room drawing pictures over and over again for months on end?
I am just glad something like F is for Family was made before things got too crazy. Something as simple as a more hardcore version of King of the Hill is a breath of fresh air, and it has Drawn Together to thank for paving the way for that type of humor. Animated characters being sexual and disturbing is funny. Animated characters trying to be funny with their sexuality is disturbing. The woke will do everything in their power to say these are the same thing. They will beg you to believe them when they pretend to be postmodernist, because in a way they are. But always remember that the woke can’t be fully postmodernist in how they pretend to be, because they are forced to care and establish moral demands from others.
Drawn Together had black characters follow stereotypes, gay characters die a million times over, and all of the women are openly slimeballs. I feel like the show perfectly encapsulated how the woke would make media, but without it being tongue in cheek or satire. I’ve honestly had trouble finding a likeable character from all of these woke shows coming out, but I’m sure I would like it if the show made it known that these were parodies of something else. But by the end of it all, I think the best thing to do is to cherish Drawn Together for its sacrifice and hope that someday a media renaissance brings us another show like it.
That or for my satire of postmodernism to take off. That would be freakin’ sweet.
Part 1
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2023.06.02 11:30 ReMarkable91 Home rule swapping seats

I am looking for some feedback on a house rule I made up recently. Every Tuesday I play boardgames with a big group in the city for over a year. I sometimes bring my Catan set but it never gets picked. They all played it before but claim it's purely luck or if you place 4th on some board your chance of winning is close to 0. I only managed to play it a few times and in a recent game something interesting happened.
Some guy with a strong road set up complained most of the game and was just building random roads without settling. I had a strong ows set up but no roads. It was actually early in the game I had a city and port settlement so was on 4. The other was on 2 vp still and build 5 roads (not connecting) already. Was cut off on his original route and wanted to go through the coast to connect. He had no sheep but a really good 5 sheep spot available to settle without needing to build extra roads. He was saying okay I'll build 2 roads here but I stopped him.
I suggested I know you need sheep to settle. How about you trade me a wood/brick for my sheep. With ows it was obviously also good for me. But I was just before him in turn order and I claimed the deal was way better for him then me. He said he didn't want to kingmake me as his game was already over anyway.
I suggested him a really strange deal where we would swap spots. I would get his hand/colo position and he would get mine. Of course after the other players agreed and we also did the discussed trade.
I ended up winning with a fair bit of luck (bought 2 devs, first a mono (which gave me a city) and a VP. Then with road and settlements the rest. But it still felt really rewarding as it was proofing to not give up and just keep making the best decisions for you.
Some time later we played again and tried to turn it into a fun house rule. I just had some basics for it.
  1. Each player can only request it to me once a game so use it wisely.
  2. You need at least half of my current visible vp each hidden dev I counted as like 0.5 vp. (So don't wait too long)
  3. I cannot be 2 personal turns from winning (even if really lucky with 6-8 perfect rolls).
I kind of have to have to show okay with these 6 rolls I go from my current 7 to 10 VP. Which tbh you mostly can do once on 7/8 vp if not lower.
I made one big mistake and let them make their own (bad) initial placements.
A player ended up settling on a 12 brick and 2 wheat spot. On a board those are low already and with high wood. He claimed he did it so he has all 5 resources. Sometimes have none of something is better than a 2. And early in the game swapping with me. I still did oké by requesting the wood and porting it with an early 3:1 port. Ended on 8 vp with a really small chance to win still proofing decision and tactics during the game do matter.
But I am looking for some placement rules which doesn't result in me basically deciding everyone's placement.
What I had in mind is a veto. If someone is placing his initial settlement somewhere I really think is stupid I can veto it with 3 rules.
  1. They can still settle there but then be banned from swapping with me.
  2. They can place where ever I suggest.
  3. We swap positions right there and then.
It still creates a weird dynamic where I can use it to improve other players odds of winning including my own. But my goal always is to get an as balanced set up as possible. As I could end up as any player.
Another weird thing is trading right away with my previous position like in the first game. I think it should be allowed even if I potentially now know more about both hands then others.
Open to any suggestions or feedback regarding this somewhat weird home rule which is mostly there to boost my ego.
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2023.06.02 11:07 Far-Instance5908 Marvellous Residential Properties In Mumbai

Mumbai, the Indian metropolis, attracts visitors worldwide with its mysterious allure. The area is located on the western coast of the country near the Arabian Sea's mouth. Mumbai was previously known as Bombay before 1995, which is important to remember. Visitors can enjoy the historic splendor of Mumbai while strolling through its pleasant neighborhoods. Throughout its history, Mumbai has been one of the most prosperous cities in India. Mumbai's real estate market is rapidly growing. Mumbai is upgrading its infrastructure to provide top-notch services. Take a look at these amazingly built homes in Mumbai.

Projects In Mumbai

Bhaveshwar Pushp

Located in JNPT Road, Ulwe, Mumbai, Bhaveshwar Pushp is a project developed by Payal Group. Introducing Bhaveshwar Pushp - an exquisite project that boasts meticulously designed living spaces at affordable prices. Experience the epitome of thoughtful architecture and indulge in a luxurious lifestyle. Experience the lifestyle of royalty with Bhaveshwar Pushp's stunning apartments in Ulwe. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind in the serene oasis of Bhaveshwar Pushp. Your home will transform into the ultimate retreat, providing the perfect escape after a long day at work. 1 and 2 bhk flats in Mumbai are available at a selling price of INR 42 Lacs and 67 Lacs respectively.

Shubh Manokamana

Located in Khadakpada, Kalyan, Mumbai, Shubh Manokamana is a project developed by Shubh Vastu Construction. Introducing Shubh Manokamana - a thoughtfully designed living space with affordable flats. Shubh Manokamana offers luxurious apartments in Kalyan, perfect for a royal lifestyle. Your home is now an ideal retreat. The residential apartments in Kalyan provide luxurious homes that are peacefully located away from the city center noise. 1 and 2 bhk flats in Mumbai are available at a selling price of INR 35 Lacs and 55 Lacs respectively.

Unique Shine

Located in Kannamwar Nagar II, Vikhroli, Mumbai, Unique Shine is a project developed by Reliable India Corporation. Introducing Unique Shine- an exquisite development featuring meticulously designed residential units that offer a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics at competitive price points. The apartments at Vikhroli offered by Unique Shine embody a luxurious lifestyle fit for royalty. The Unique Shine apartments have been designed with a strategic focus on both interior and exterior architecture. 1 bhk flats in Mumbai are available at a selling price of INR 65 Lacs.
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2023.06.02 10:48 andimuhammadrifki my ideal united North American bid for the 2031 FIBA Basketball World Cup

since the 2027 edition is already awarded to Qatar, the next closest edition available for bidding is the 2031 edition (as the FIBA World Cup is held every four years just like the football/soccer counterpart). following the successful bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, I think they should also continue it for basketball, as it is (arguably) the second most popular sport in the world (of course only behind football/soccer). and here are my ideal details for the bid:
-there will be eight venues in total, as there were in China in 2019.
-three venues in Canada, the other three in the United States and two in Mexico.
-each of the eight venues will host two groups each: one in the first round (one of those from A to H) and another in either the second round or the 17th-32nd classification round (one of those from I to P).
-the knockout stages (Quarterfinals, semifinals, seventh-fifth-third-place playoffs and final) will all be in the United States, using all the venues proposed in the bid. two of them are usual indoor arenas (only for quarterfinals) and another is a huge purely-indoor American-football-based stadium (for the subsequent rounds) usually used for NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament.

and here is my ideal list of proposed venues:

United States

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2023.06.02 10:33 BrandoMando621 23 y/o / EST / PC and Xbox looking for gaming friends

Hey all!
I am looking for some people to game with or a group of people to just chill and hang out with. I’ve never really had any kind group to just chill and game with. I play all kinds of games including Minecraft, Stardew Valley, any kind of sports game, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, RDR2, and GTA. I also enjoy Jackbox games! However, I am more than willing to branch out!
I live on the east coast and am online most evenings and nights. I just graduated college and I am home for summer before I start Grad School. Games are boring to play alone so I’m just looking for some cool people to chill with!
Some of my hobbies include watching sports (baseball in particular, music, movies, tv shows, and just chatting!
My Gamertag is: BrandoMand0 My Discord is: BrandoMando#0254
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2023.06.02 10:18 haberdashcollect State of The VTuber World - Early June 2023 (7.7-1)

Debut Thoughts

Cries of Crisis, Pangs of Hope

Fall of 2020 was the inflection point of Hololive, the series of crises and the pending restructuring along with the boom of HoloMyth then AREA15 gave an odd form of synergy that made Hololive one of the most robust companies that ever existed. As I said before, the greatest trick Cover has ever pulled is making that poster think 'Hololive is winning by doing nothing.'
To quote the words of Todd Howard - It Just Works.
Anycolor did not get that single time of epiphany. Not many companies do, but every long-standing termination (because I don't think Raito changed anything) has eventually led to great changes to the company as a whole. Meiro was thought to be the impetus for VTA, which has shown great dividends as we march on to 2023. Ara's rampage directly led to the Great Merger of '22 which was very beneficial at least to KR members who stuck around and some who haven't.
So it should be no surprise Zaion will also point the path to a positive direction for Anycolor, and I think we are seeing the benefits right now, with the coming news.
The fact that NijiEN management was terrible should be no surprise since at least the time of Ethyria, which I have talked at length, and will do again because it was instructive to what kind of failure of EN managment was back in '21/'22. Ethyria was billed as a singing group, kind of like LazuLight, there was an early attempt to do kind of ping-pong between singing and gaming, getting two new gen per audition, but Ethyria was not built to be just a singing group. They were just... too good for that.
Enna Alouette's design is one of the best 'gap' designs in the VTuber world, but with all the fiasco, I seriously wonder if the management just simply had no will to properly see through Enna's facade. Then again, Gibara exists, so I wonder if they just didn't care or did care.
Anyways, early fracas with Ethyria made an impression on me that only grew more true over the years that NijiEN management was oddly pessimistic about the nature of internet communities.
Sidenote - I made a comment about Selen's comment to a delusional poster and at the cost of being incredibly pretentious, it created an opportunity to talk about one of the many ways many observers get Nijisanji 'wrong' so to speak (and there are many reasons why)
One of the common refrains from NijiFans is that 'you should not be obliged to watch everyone', and people think it means that you are supposed to only focus on a few people, but that is not the case.
The point is to focus on all the people, some of the time. As in, you will naturally create a tier-list system of differing priorities in which to watch. At the center will be your oshi, who you will turn to every stream, then around it are their buddies, which you will watch some of the time, and then further around them will be the buddies' buddies, which you will watch once in a blue moon, and then further out you have people you know from tournaments and such and have vague understanding but still feel an appreciation for their talent and hard work.
With that framework, you will come away with at least passing familiarity with every Nijisanji member, at least to the point you can point to an arbitrary Liver and say 'hey, it's so-and-so'.
The whole structure of Nijisanji, which was thankfully copied onto EN with the help of Ethyria, is designed to dissuade people who equate Nijisanji with a monolith group. That's why I mock someone who thinks NijiEN is the only Nijisanji. The point of 'you should not watch everyone' is not to permit people from narrowing their vision but to stop the obsessive nature of EN viewing patterns entirely.
There is a tendency of individualization in the West that leads to high levels of toxicity, because individualization leads to narrowing of people's worldviews, leading to more clashes because you get a larger variation of interpretations of reality, which is actually not a good thing.
This is what should make Nijisanji more robust than Hololive, because Hololive permits more of this individualized obsession, although in truth Hololive has been focusing on integration a lot.
But that is not the case, because do you know who does not understand the sidenote I wrote above? That's right, the NijiEN management. The behavior NijiEN management team did was very much copied from a flawed idea of what they thought made HoloEN and others successful. The narrow focus on 'content' from each gen, from the idea of PuchiLuxiem, to the rapid disinterest in people like Yugo and the great mistake of hiring someone like Zaion, and the slow pacing of allowing foreign collabs.
NijiEN betrayed what made Nijisanji great and it has slowly and surely costed them.
Back in May, I emphasized the off-hand remark that said they merged the oversea management with the local one. I believe this was the easiest and best way to combat this problem. It's like NijiEN is operating abroad, unlike HoloEN, so there is no need to bring people in or hire new people.
And the fruits of this secret merger is coming out with more JP content on the EN official channel and invitation of JP members in Canada, France and Korea, with former Korean members finally attending a convention and also return of former ID people to Muse Indonesia as well. It seems the clock is working again and I believe the things might turn around for the foreign branches... who knows? Maybe ID and KR might be revived and we might get that ID/KR audition after all.
But that is a far stretch, honestly most of it is. But that is par for the course for here, eh?
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2023.06.02 10:17 Akira_Makai First experience with a new system went great! (Sarcasm)

Hello all! I have been playing ttrpgs for around 4, almost 5 years now and despite being in many different diverse groups I've never had any horror stories to share. Now, I have at least one minor one.
People involved are myself(female, because it unfortunately matters), DM, Rogue, Ranger, Fighter, Bard and Witch. This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition game.
Most of my experience has been with 5e, and I hadn't really touched any other system. So, when everything went south with Wizards of the Coast and the OGL and Pinkertons, I decided to branch out and try other systems. That is when I managed to find a group for Pathfinder! I was excited to learn the system, so as soon as I was in, I started reading the core rulebook and listening to videos on the rules of the game.
The initial party consisted of everyone but Witch(she would join later). DM proclaims he has about 3 years experience running 5e games, but is new to Pathfinder himself. No big deal, it seems all of us are new, with Rogue and Ranger being brand new to ttrpgs. We'll learn the system together. Things start off somewhat okay, with a skirmish between two sides, with players split between the two factions. Combat is very basic and everything dies in a single hit, without really attacking us directly. We do discover that Bard's character is... Well, the best way to describe him was a flamboyant gay elf, using a stereotypical gay voice and cadence, who ran from the battle at the first sign of trouble. That was... Off-putting, but it was whatever.
We cleared the encounter, and one side clearly won. My character was actually knocked unconscious, but was picked up and carried by another player of the opposing faction, Fighter. We then all eventually stumbled across a large dragon man, basically a Dragonborn, who breathed lightning, and had a huge axe and plate armor. When we fought him, all at lvl 1, still worn out from the last battle. Almost no one could hit his AC, and he nearly downed half the party before we managed to win. I later found out that the DM just used a level 3 player stat block for this guy, and buffed his HP, which I know in 5e, at least, is a bad idea.
After this, the DM had a shady NPC show up out of nowhere and invite us to come along with him. This was the first sign that the DM wasn't very good at roleplaying, or at least doing so in a convincing way. But, this was the plot hook, so we all went with it. The DM then showed off their inexperience again when we were offered a mission from this NPC, and Rogue asked some pretty softball questions about why we'd want to work with them. As an aside, rogue's backstory involved working with criminals, and these guys were like rebels against the empire who invaded the city.
Either way, we had to go to an auction house to buy a magical item. We were given 50 gold to buy the item, and this was where the DM displayed their inability to describe rooms to us. The description was very bland, and didn't paint much of a picture for us. He also didn't really do many voices, so it was difficult to tell if an NPC was talking, or if it was the DM out of character. Regardless, we found the item we needed, placed bids and got into a bidding war with a noble. For whatever reason, this makes the bard decide to set off a... Distraction, by trying to cast a spell on the noble to charm them, to which they roll a 37 to resist. We are level 2, by the way. This leads to bard's backup plan.
Bard lights and shoots off fireworks in the auction house, causing the entire roof to cave in and severely injure most of us. Rogue did manage to snatch the item, and slip away along with Ranger. Bard ran down the street escaping the guards, and myself and fighter just stood around in disbelief, because up until that point, we had all blended in without issue. There was no reason for such a huge commotion. We stayed and the noble spoke to us, but we talked our way out of it, Fighter being the type from a military/mercenary background, and myself being a local farm girl.
Eventually, we all met up, and in between sessions, the entire group agrees to kick Bard for playing a blatant caricature and being chaotic stupid. He also talked over and interrupted people a lot, and really tried to push his luck with every ruling. And, before we returned to the quest NPC, we got a new player, Witch, who immediately rubbed myself and Fighter the wrong way because she was playing an older, grandmother type, character who... No matter what you said... She knew more than you, or at least as much as you.
Once we got back to the quest NPC, we were paid for the job, and given the option of taking other quests. We did one on an island, it was a poorly narrated place with a simple puzzle that everyone kind of overcomplicated. Typical rpg stuff. Then another, where we got to see Ranger awkwardly flirt with an NPC as a distraction. He was terrible at it, and we all had a great laugh.
I should point out that in each of these sessions we played, DM usually sounded very unprepared, even when we were doing what was clearly intended. He also frequently showed that he was not doing anything to learn the system between sessions. He'd make the same mistakes each week, forget how many actions his NPCs have taken, or even how saves and checks work, frequently using passives, instead of opposed checks. It was frustrating, because we had two brand new players to TTRPGs and we were all new to the game. Yet, it was Fighter and myself, and occasionally Witch as her know-it-all trait wasn't character specific, who were explaining the rules. I even had to correct him on crits once, because he said the number on the attack roll, even with 20, was below the AC. He argued until I showed him the ruling, and he then changed to saying he knew how it worked. Apparently not.
I digress... In game, we did another mission that resulted in our party being ambushed by the noble we had seen at the auction house. The party was then split on motives, as the Witch felt this guy was evil and refused to change her mind, while he told my character he could help her find her biological mother(she was adopted, and there was a lot of familiarities between him and her). Other than what Witch felt about him, and that he was a noble from the invading kingdom, we had no real reason not to trust him. Well, once we were released and able to discuss things, and no matter what anyone did in trying to convince Witch to work with noble, she refused without giving any explanation in or out of character. She just didn't like the guy because of where he was from.
The session ended without us having chosen a side, and we were poised to visit with the noble the next day. The morning of that day, during the next session, Fighter couldn't make it, so we said he went off to talk to someone from his back story, and we went shopping. Rogue got herself a crossbow and Ranger helped teach her how to use it. We then went to a local restaurant my character frequently went to with her adoptive father. This was a fun opportunity for my character to kind of talk about her childhood a bit, how important family is, and some stuff about her dad. When we got there, the Ranger asked what he should order, and my character recommended this huge, expansive breakfast, and I even made up a name for it, the "Hungry Farmers Breakfast" and added that her father proclaimed to have been the first to order it and even named it. Cue our Witch chiming in to say he lied, because this dish is served all across the land. She's eaten it at tons of places.
Now, it's worth mentioning that I had brought it up to DM multiple times that Witch has a know-it-all, one-up whatever you say, personality, and that it really detracts from what others can do. He's said he talked to her about it, and nothing has changed despite that. This, for me, was the last straw. I called her out, and said for her to let us come up with unique character development that we want, and to not steal the wind from our sails. I might have been a bit rude about it, but it was a repeated issue that had yet to be resolved. Witch tried to defend what she said by comparing it to stuff in real life, like from chain restaurants, and I had to point out that they don't tend to have chain restaurants in fantasy worlds, and that this place was specifically a local place.
After that, Witch got quiet and the DM ended the session an hour early because he had stuff to do, and Witch was apparently feeling sick. Supposedly unrelated to being called out. I talked to Rogue and Ranger, and neither of them thought I was out of line, and were sort of feeling the same way about how she was acting. I messaged DM the next day about it, and he promised he'd talk to her again.
I waited a few days, and the Discord server was quiet, and I messaged DM, asking if they had heard back from Witch since they messaged her, and he said he hadn't. He then told me, absolutely out of the blue, that he had a dream of me, that I was holding a baby, and he and I went on a walk together. I... Had never had the misfortune of hearing something like this before, and just promptly tried to change the subject. Fortunately, he went with the change and we talked a bit about Pathfinder stuff. Now, DM knows I'm married, I live in a different country than him, and that I'm... Around 10 years older than him. So, I was very confused as to why he would ever say anything like that to me.
We skipped the next session because two players couldn't make it, and during this time, I asked a lot of people IRL, and in other ttrpg games I'm in about the situation, showing screenshots of the conversation so they had, verbatim, what he said. Everyone, guys and gals, thought it was either super weird, or outright creepy as heck. I agreed, and decided that this would be the last nail in the coffin. Poor descriptions, bad roleplay, terrible rulings, no enthusiasm during actual sessions and suggestions of introducing broken critical failure rules, like permanent injuries or dismemberment into a game with total ttrpg newbies ON TOP of this guy also dreaming about me with a baby. I was done.
I wrote the DM a length explanation, told him how creepy it was, and that I'd be leaving. Wished him well, and waited for his response. To his credit, he didn't explode. But, he did say that I was overreacting because what he said wasn't explicitly sexual or romantic, and so I shouldn't take it that way. Yeah, I'll just take my friend's advice, where she said he was testing the waters with the dream stuff. I told the group I was leaving, without context outside of things just weren't for me. Wished them well.
When I left, Rogue, Ranger and Fighter all stayed in touch and wanted to play more games with me. DM, on the other hand, decided to air out everything that he and I said, sharing screenshots of the conversation and... Yeah. Rogue and Ranger were both kind of shocked by it. Rogue said it was none of her business, and agreed that DM was a creep. Ranger was a bit more forgiving about the dream stuff, but was also offput by the airing of dirty laundry. Fighter left when I did, so he didn't see it.
Tldr: Joined a Pathfinder 2e game where the DM went from incompetent and underwhelming, to really creepy, alongside a player who glorified a gay stereotype, and another who wouldn't let anyone have any cool moment, because she had apparently experienced everything in life, and it was better than whatever you did.
Glad to be out of that group, and now I have Fighter, Rogue and Ranger in a group that I and Fighter take turns DMing one shots in until we can find someone who would like to be a DM for us on a longer form adventure.
All in all, far from the worst horror story, but still an interesting little rollercoaster. I hope you enjoyed this. Sorry if it was a long read.
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2023.06.02 09:57 T-NNguyen Kamikaze (Thần phong) (Edited Version)

Biên dịch : Hongsonvh
Kamikaze là các cuộc tấn công cảm tử của phi-công quân sự của Đế quốc Nhật Bản để chống lại tàu hải quân Đồng minh trong giai đoạn kết thúc của cuộc chiến Thái Bình Dương – một phần của Chiến tranh Thế giới II, các cuộc tấn công như vậy được lên kế hoạch để tiêu diệt càng nhiều tàu chiến của đối phương càng tốt.
Phi-công Kamikaze sẽ cố gắng lao máy bay của họ vào địch tàu, các máy bay thường đầy vật liệu nổ, bom, ngư lôi và đầy thùng nhiên liệu. Chức năng bình thường của máy bay ( để ném bom, phóng ngư lôi hoặc bắn hạ các máy bay đối phương ) bị gạt sang một bên, và những chiếc máy bay này được chuyển đổi sang thành tương tự như là một quả trên lửa có người điều khiển trong một cố gắng để làm cho độ chính xác tăng lên nhiều lần và tải trọng lớn hơn so với các loại bom bình thường. Mục tiêu của nó là làm tê liệt tối đa các tầu Đồng Minh, đặc biệt là tàu sân bay được coi là mục tiêu đủ quan trọng để đảm bảo sự kết hợp hy sinh của cả phi-công và máy bay.
Những cuộc tấn công được bắt đầu vào tháng 10 năm 1944, sau nhiều thất bại quân sự quan trọng của Nhật Bản. Họ đã từ lâu bị mất ưu thế trên không do máy bay đã lỗi thời và mất mát quá nhiều các phi-công có kinh nghiệm. Về mặt kinh tế vĩ mô Nhật Bản phải trải qua sự giảm sút năng lực chiến tranh và một suy giảm nhanh chóng của năng lực của nền công nghiệp khi so sánh với Hoa Kỳ. Chính phủ Nhật Bản bày tỏ sự miễn cưỡng của mình về việc phải đầu hàng – chấp nhận thua trận. Kết hợp của những yếu tố này đã dẫn đến việc Nhật bản phải sử dụng chiến thuật kamikaze khi lực lượng Đồng Minh tiến về phía đảo nhà của người Nhật.
Trong khi thuật ngữ ” kamikaze ” thường đề cập đến các cuộc tấn công trên không, thuật ngữ này đôi khi được áp dụng cho các cuộc tấn công cảm tử khác nhau một cách có chủ ý. Quân đội Nhật Bản cũng sử dụng hoặc lên kế hoạch để thành lập các Đơn vị cảm tử, bao gồm ở rất nhiều các binh chủng như tàu ngầm, ngư lôi, tàu cao tốc và người nhái.
Mặc dù kamikaze là hình thức phổ biến nhất và nổi tiếng nhất của các cuộc tấn công cảm tử của Nhật Bản trong Thế chiến II, nó cũng tương tự như ” tấn công tự sát đồng loạt – BANZAI CHARGE” được sử dụng bởi các binh sĩ Nhật Bản. Sự khác biệt chính giữa kamikaze và BANZAI CHARGE là việc cảm tử đó cần thiết cho sự thành công của một đợt tấn công kamikaze, trong khi một BANZAI CHARGE chỉ có khả năng tự sát – thường tấn công kiểu Banzai Charge là người Nhật xông lên để chết vì đạn đối phương chứ không chịu đầu hàng làm tù binh.
Nguồn tin phương Tây thường nhận định một cách không chính xác Operation Ten -Go là một hành động kamikaze vì nó xảy ra ở Trận Okinawa cùng với những đợt sóng hàng trăm máy bay kamikaze, tuy nhiên BANZAI CHARGE là thuật ngữ chính xác hơn, vì mục tiêu của nhiệm vụ được trao cho tàu chiến Yamato là đến được bãi biển Okinawa và cung cấp hỗ trợ cho những người bảo vệ đảo, cũng như là nổ súng tiêu diệt lực lượng hải quân đối phương. Truyền thống thà tự sát chứ không chịu thất bại, bị bắt làm tù binh và nhục nhã đã ăn sâu vào nền văn hóa quân sự của Nhật Bản. Đó là một trong những mục đích chính trong cuộc đời của một samurai và tinh thần Võ sĩ đạo – đó là lòng trung thành và danh dự cho đến khi chết.
Định nghĩa và từ nguyên bản
Từ Kamikaze trong tiếng Nhật Bản thường được dịch là ” gió thần ” (kami là ” thần, tinh thần ” và Kaze là ” gió “). Từ kamikaze có nguồn gốc là tên của một cơn bão lớn trong năm 1274 và 1281 đã làm tan tác hạm đội Mông Cổ xâm lược và cứu cho đất nước Nhật Bản khỏi bị xâm lăng.
Cho tới cuối cuộc chiến thuật ngữ kamikaze đôi khi được sử dụng như là một biểu tượng của một loại tấn công, trong đó người tấn công sẽ cố tình hy sinh. Chúng bao gồm một loạt các cuộc tấn công cảm tử, trong bối cảnh lịch sử khác chẳng hạn như việc đề xuất sử dụng máy bay Selbstopfer của Đức Quốc xã và các vụ đánh bom cảm tử của các tổ chức khủng bố trên toàn thế giới ( chẳng hạn như vụ 11/9), mặc dù các phi-công kamikaze chỉ tấn công các mục tiêu quân sự, trong khi những kẻ khủng bố tấn công vào chủ yếu là dân thường.
Bối cảnh lịch sử
Trước khi có sự thành lập các đơn vị kamikaze, các tai nạn đã cố ý được sử dụng như là một nỗ lực mới nhất khi máy bay của một phi-công bị hư hỏng và ông ta không muốn thấy nguy cơ bị bắt làm tù binh, đây là trường hợp đã xảy ra ở cả Nhật Bản và lực lượng không quân Đồng Minh. Theo Axell & Kase, những vụ cảm tử ” đã được quyết định một cách cá nhân và ngẫu hứng bởi những người đã chuẩn bị tinh thần cho cái chết ” Trong hầu hết trường hợp, có rất ít bằng chứng cho thấy các vụ lao máy bay là do va chạm vô tình, trong cả những trường hợp mà đôi khi xảy ra trong trận đánh dữ dội cả trên biển và trên không. Một ví dụ về điều này xảy ra vào ngày 07 tháng 12 năm 1941 trong trận tấn công vào Trân Châu Cảng. Máy bay của trung úy phi-công Fusata Iida đã bị trúng đạn và bị rò rỉ nhiên liệu, khi ông bắt đầu sử dụng nó để thực hiện một cuộc tấn công cảm tử vào Kaneohe Naval Air Station. Trước khi cất cánh, ông đã nói với người bạn của mình rằng nếu máy bay của ông bị thương, ông sẽ lao nó vào một ” mục tiêu xứng đáng của đối phương”.
Các trận đánh tầu sân bay năm 1942, đặc biệt là trận Midway đã gây ra thiệt hại không thể khắc phục cho lực lượng Không lực của Hải quân Đế quốc Nhật Bản ( IJNAS ), và như vậy họ không còn có thể xuất trận với một số lượng lớn các tàu sân bay và các đội bay được đào tạo. Khi lập kế hoạch Nhật Bản đã giả định cho một cuộc chiến tranh nhanh chóng và đã không được chuẩn bị tốt để thay thế các tầu chiến bị tổn thất, phi-công và thủy thủ, ở Midway trong một ngày người Nhật mất nhiều các đội bay hơn số họ đào tạo được trong một năm thời trước chiến. Các chiến dịch sau đó như Solomon và New Guinea, đặc biệt là các trận đánh quần đảo Đông Solomon và Santa Cruz, đã tiêu hao nhiều hơn nữa các đội bay kỳ cựu của họ và thay thế các kinh nghiệm chiến đấu của họ là không thể. Trong thời gian 1943-1944 quân đội Mỹ đã liên tục tiến về phía Nhật Bản. máy bay chiến đấu của Nhật Bản trở nên ít hơn và bị lép vế bởi các máy bay mới hơn do Mỹ chế tạo, đặc biệt là các loại F6F Hellcat và F4U Corsair. Điều khí hậu kiện nhiệt đới cũng như tình trạng thiếu phụ tùng thay thế và nhiên liệu, đồng thời phải hoạt động tần suất cao đã gây nhiều khó khăn hơn nữa cho IJNAS. Sau trận chiến biển Philippines năm 1944, người Nhật lúc này không còn biết phải làm gì với những chiếc máy bay đã lỗi thời và các phi-công thiếu kinh nghiệm, để chống lại những phi-công Hải quân Mỹ được đào tạo tốt hơn và có nhiều kinh nghiệm hơn không những vậy người Mỹ lại còn được trang bị radar định hướng cho máy bay tuần tra không chiến của họ. Nhật Bản mất hơn 400 máy bay trên tàu sân bay và nhiều phi-công, và trận này có kết quả chấm dứt hiệu lực của các tầu sân bay của họ “, một trận đánh mà Đồng Minh là ” Great Marianas Turkey Shoot ” (Trận bắn Gà tây Vĩ đại ở Marianas).
Ngày 19 tháng Sáu, 1944, các máy bay từ tàu sân bay Chiyoda tiếp cận một nhóm tầu chiến Mỹ. Theo một số tài liệu ghi chép lại hai trong số các cuộc tấn công là tấn công cảm tử và đã đánh chìm chiếc USS Indiana.
Căn cứ Saipan một căn cứ quan trọng của Nhật Bản rơi vào tay lực lượng Đồng Minh ngày 15 tháng Bảy 1944. Việc chiếm giữ được hòn đảo này đã cho phép lực lượng không quân Mỹ sử dụng máy B -29 Superfortress để tấn công hòn đảo Nhật Bản. Sau sự sụp đổ của Saipan, các chỉ huy cao cấp của Nhật Bản dự đoán rằng quân Đồng Minh sẽ cố gắng để chiếm lấy quần đảo Phillippines, đây là vị trí quan trọng chiến lược vì nó ở giữa các mỏ dầu của vùng Đông Nam Á và Nhật Bản.
Vào tháng Tám năm 1944, theo một nguồn tin được công bố từ hãng báo chí Domei rằng một chuyên viên đào tạo lái máy bay tên là Takeo Tagata đang đào tạo phi-công tại Đài Loan cho các phi vụ cảm tử.
Một nguồn khác cho rằng vụ tấn công kamikaze đầu tiên xảy ra vào ngày 13 tháng 9, năm 1944 . Một nhóm các phi-công từ Phi đoàn số 31 trên đảo Negros đã quyết định phát động một cuộc tấn công cảm tử vào sáng ngày hôm sau. Trung úy nhất Takeshi Kosai và một trung sĩ đã được lựa chọn. Hai quả bom 100 kg (220 lb) được gắn vào hai máy bay chiến đấu và các phi-công đã cất cánh trước bình minh, họ đã lên kế hoạch để đâm vào một tàu sân bay. Họ không bao giờ quay trở lại và không có hồ sơ nào nói về một vụ máy bay đối phương tấn công một tàu Đồng minh vào ngày hôm đó.
Theo một số nguồn tin ngày 14 tháng Mười năm 1944, chiếc USS Reno bị trúng phải một chiếc máy bay Nhật Bản bị bắn rơi và cố ý lao vào nó. Tuy nhiên không có bằng chứng rằng những kẻ tấn công đã lên kế hoạch lao máy bay này.
Chuẩn Đô đốc Masafumi Arima, người chỉ huy của Không đoàn số 26 (một phần của Hạm đội Không quân số 11), cũng đôi khi phát minh ra các chiến thuật tấn công kamikaze . Cá nhân Arima đã dẫn đầu một cuộc tấn công của khoảng 100 chiếc máy bay ném bom bổ nhào Yokosuka D4Y Suisei (” Judy “) để tấn công vào một chiếc tàu sân bay lớn lớp Es.s.e.x – chiếc USS Franklin gần vịnh Leyte, khoảng trong ngày 15 tháng 10 năm 1944. Arima đã bị giết và một phần của chiếc máy bay đã rơi trúng chiếc Franklin. Các chỉ huy cao cấp của Nhật bản nắm lấy cơ hội này và ra sức tuyên truyền, Arima đã được thăng chức Đô đốc sau khi chết và đây được tin là vụ tấn công kamikaze chính thức đầu tiên. Tuy nhiên người ta không rõ rằng đây có phải là một cuộc tấn công cảm tử đã được kế hoạch, và các ghi chép chính thức Nhật Bản về cuộc tấn công của Arima cũng mang ít các sự kiện giống với thực tế.
Ngày 17 tháng 10, năm 1944, lực lượng Đồng Minh tấn công Đảo Suluan và bắt đầu Trận chiến vịnh Leyte. Hạm đội Không lực số 1 của Hải quân Đế quốc Nhật Bản có căn cứ ở Manila, được giao nhiệm vụ trợ giúp các tàu của Nhật Bản để cố gắng tiêu diệt lực lượng Đồng Minh trong vịnh Leyte. Tuy nhiên, Hạm độ Không lực số 1 vào lúc đó chỉ có 40 máy bay: 34 máy bay chiến đấu A6M Zero trên tàu sân bay, ba máy bay phóng ngư lô iNakajima B6N Tenzan (” Jill “), một máy bay ném bom Mitsubishi G4M (” Betty “), hai máy bay Yokosuka P1Y Ginga (” Frances “) và một máy bay trinh sát bổ sung. Nhiệm vụ mà lực lượng không quân Nhật Bản phải tiến hành dường như không thể. Chỉ huy Hạm đội Không lực số 1, Phó Đô đốcTakijirō Onishi quyết định thành lập một lực lượng tấn công cảm tử – đơn vị công tác đặc biệt. Trong một cuộc họp tại sân bay Mabalacat ( Clark Air Base – của Quân đội Hoa Kỳ sau này ) gần Manila, ngày 19 tháng mười , Onishi nói với nhân viên của trụ sở của Đội bay số 201 ” Tôi không nghĩ rằng sẽ có bất cứ nào cách để thực hiện nhiệm vụ [ để giữ được Phillippines ], ngoài một cách là đặt một quả bom 250 kg trên một chiếc Zero và để cho nó lao vào một tàu sân bay Mỹ để vô hiệu hóa nó trong vòng một tuần”
Đơn vị kamikaze đầu tiên
Chỉ huy Asaiki Tamai yêu cầu một nhóm của 23 học viên phi-công tài năng, tất cả những người được ông đào tạo, liệu có tình nguyện tham gia một lực lượng tấn công đặc biệt. Tất cả các phi-công đều giơ cả hai tay tình nguyện tham gia vào hoạt động này. Sau đó, Tamai hỏi Trung úy Yukio Seki – chỉ huy lực lượng tấn công đặc biệt. Seki được cho là đã nhắm mắt lại, cúi đầu xuống và suy nghĩ trong 10 giây, trước khi nói : ” Xin vui lòng chỉ định cho tôi để ” Seki đã trở thành kamikaze thí điểm thứ 24 được chọn. Tuy nhiên Seki sau đó cho biết: ” Nhật Bản có một tương lai rất ảm đạm nếu buộc phải giết một trong những phi-công tốt nhất của nó ” và “Tôi không đi làm nhiệm vụ này cho Nhật hoàng hoặc cho Đế quốc … Tôi làm vì tôi được lệnh phải làm “
Tên của bốn đơn vị nhỏ trong Lực lượng Kamikaze là Đơn vị Shikishima, Đơn vị Yamato, Đơn vị Asahi và Đơn vị Yamazakura. Những tên này được lấy từ một bài thơ yêu nước Shikishima no Yamato-gokoro wo hito towaba, asahi ni niou yamazakura bana được viết bởi một học giả cổ – Nhật Bản Motoori Norinaga.
Các cuộc tấn công đầu tiên
Ngày 25 Tháng 10 năm 1944 , trong Trận chiến vịnh Leyte, Lực lượng Kamikaze đã thực hiện nhiệm vụ đầu tiên của nó. Năm chiếc Zero dẫn đầu bởi Seki được hộ tống đến mục tiêu bởi ace hàng đầu của Nhật Bản – Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, tấn công một số tàu sân bay hộ tống. Một chiếc Zero đã cố gắng đâm vào đài chỉ huy của chiếc USS Kitkun Bay nhưng nó lại phát nổ trên sàn catwalk cảng và cartwheeled xuống biển. Hai chiếc khác bổ nhào vào chiếc USS Fanshaw Bay nhưng đã bị phá hủy bởi súng phòng không. Hai chiếc cuối cùng lao vào chiếc USS White Plains. Một chiếc bị thương nặng và khói tỏa dài, nó phải hủy bỏ nỗ lực lao vào chiếc White Plains và thay vào đó là hướng vào chiếc USS St Lo và đâm vào sàn đáp. Quả bom của nó gây ra một đám cháy mà kết quả là làm cho bom trong kho phát nổ đánh chìm chiếc tàu sân bay này. Cuối ngày trên 26 Tháng 10, 55 chiếc kamikaze từ lực lượng tấn công đặc biệt cũng đã đánh hỏng những chiếc tàu sân bay hộ tống lớn USS Sangamon, Suwannee, Santee, và những chiếc tàu sân bay hộ tống nhỏ hơn USS White Plains, Kalinin Bay và Kitkun Bay. Tổng cộng, bảy tàu sân bay đã bị đánh, cũng như 40 chiếc tàu khác (năm chiếc bị đánh chìm, 23 chiếc bị hư hỏng nặng và 12 chiếc vừa bị hư hỏng ) .
Một số cuộc tấn công cảm tử trong những ngày đầu của chiến dịch vịnh Leyte được tuyên bố một cách không chính xác là đợt tấn công kamikaze đầu tiên. Sáng sớm ngày 21 tháng mười, trong khi chống trả cuộc xâm lược vào Leyte, một chiếc máy bay Nhật Bản ( từ nhiều nguồn mô tả là một máy bay ném bom bổ nhào Aichi D3A hoặc một máy bay Mitsubishi Ki -51 của Lữ đoàn không quân số 6 Không quân Đế quốc Nhật Bản) cố tình đâm vào cột buồm của tàu tuần dương hạng nặng HMAS Australia. Vụ tấn công giết chết 30 người ( bao gồm cả thuyền trưởng của chiếc tàu tuần dương, Emile Dechaineux) và làm bị thương 64, bao gồm cả chỉ huy lực lượng Úc Commodore John Collins.
Vụ tấn công này được cho là vụ tấn công kamikaze vào một tàu Đồng minh trong lịch sử chính thức của cuộc chiến của RAN (đại loại là lịch sử của sự tham chiến của Úc vào WWII) và được lặp lại trong các nguồn khác, mặc dù Nhóm Tấn công Đặc biệt đã không bắt đầu hoạt động cho đến bốn ngày sau đó: việc lao máy bay vào tầu đối phương là quyết định của người phi-công không phải là theo một mệnh lệnh mà anh ta phải thi hành. Vụ đánh đắm chiếc tàu kéo USS Sonoma ngày 24 tháng 10 được liệt kê trong một số nguồn như là con tàu đầu tiên bị mất bởi một cuộc tấn công kamikaze, nhưng cuộc tấn công xảy ra trước ngày 25 tháng Mười và chiếc máy bay được sử dụng trong cuộc tấn công này – một chiếc Mitsubishi G4M, đã không được lái bởi thành viên của bốn Đội tấn công đặc biệt.
Các làn sóng tấn công chính
Rất sớm thành công – chẳng hạn như vụ đánh đắm chiếc St Lo – đã kéo theo sau đó một sự mở rộng của chương trình này và trong vài tháng có tới hơn 2.000 chiếc máy bay đã tiến hành thực hiện các cuộc tấn công như vậy.
Khi Nhật Bản bắt đầu bị ném bom nặng nề bởi máy bay ném bom chiến lược B -29, quân đội Nhật Bản đã cố gắng sử dụng các cuộc tấn công cảm tử để chống lại mối đe dọa này . Trong suốt mùa đông ở phía bắc năm 1944-> 45, IJAAF đã thành lập Trung đoàn Không quân số 47 còn được gọi là Đặc biệt Đơn vị Shinten (Shinten Seiku Ta) tại sân bay Narimasu, Nerima, Tokyo để bảo vệ Vùng đô thị Tokyo. Đơn vị này được trang bị các máy bay chiến đấu Nakajima Ki -44 Shoki (” Tojo “) loại mà họ dùng để đâm vào các máy bay B -29 Không quân Hoa Kỳ khi chúng tấn công vào Nhật Bản. Tuy nhiên chiến thuật này đã được chứng minh là không thành công vì thực tế một chiếc máy bay là một mục tiêu nhanh hơn, cơ động hơn và nhỏ hơn nhiều so với một tàu chiến. Các máy bay B -29 cũng có những vũ khí phòng thủ ghê gớm, vì vậy các cuộc tấn công cảm tử chống lại máy bay yêu cầu kỹ năng đáng kể để thành công. Chiến thuật này cũng làm tiêu hao rất nhiều phi-công.
Các cuộc tấn công Kamikaze đã được lên kế hoạch ở các căn cứ xa Nhật Bản. Ngày 08 tháng 1, Onishi đã thành lập một đơn vị kamikaze chính thức thứ hai của hải quân tại Formosa – đơn vị Niitaka sử dụng các máy bay Zero và ” Judy ” và đóng ở sân bay Takao. Ngày 29 tháng 1 năm 1945 , bảy Kawasaki Ki -48 ” Lilys ” từ nhóm Tấn công Đặc biệt Shichisi Mitate của quân đội Nhật Bản, cất cánh từ Palembang – Sumatra để tấn công Hạm đội Thái Bình Dương của Anh. Phó Đô đốc Kimpei Teraoka và Đại úy Riishi Sugiyama của Air Group 601 đã tổ chức một đơn vị đặc biệt thứ hai – Mitate tại Iwo Jima vào ngày 16 khi lực lượng xâm lược của Mỹ đang tiếp cận. Ngày 11 tháng Ba, chiếc tàu sân bay Mỹ USS Randolph bị đâm trúng và thiệt hại nặng tại Đảo san hô Ulithi, quần đảo Caroline bởi một chiếc kamikaze đã bay gần 4.000 km (2.500 dặm) từ Nhật Bản, trong một nhiệm vụ được gọi là Operation Tan No. 2. Ngày 20 tháng Ba, chiếc tàu ngầm USSDevilfish vẫn còn sống sót sau khi bị đâm từ một chiếc máy bay cất cánh từ Nhật Bản.
Máy bay được dùng với mục đích để tấn công kamikaze khác với máy bay chiến đấu và máy bay ném bom bổ nhào chuyển đổi cũng được chế tạo. Hoa tiêu Mitsuo Ohta đã đề nghị thực hiện thí điểm và phát triển bom tàu lượn – glider bomb, loại này được đưa đến gần phạm vi của mục tiêu bởi một chiếc máy bay mẹ. Ủy ban Kỹ thuật của Không quân thuộc Hải quân sô 1 (Kugisho) tại Yokosuka đã chấp nhận ý tưởng của Ohta. Loại máy bay rốckét Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka được phóng từ máy bay ném bom, lần đầu tiên được triển khai trong các cuộc tấn công kamikaze từ tháng ba năm 1945. Người Mỹ đã đặt cho chúng những biệt hiệu chế nhạo “Bom Baka” (Bom ngố). Một chiếc máy bay cánh quạt được thiết kế đặc biệt – chiếc Nakajima Ki -115 Tsurugi, là một loại máy bay đơn giản được chế tạo một cách dễ dàng, dự định để sử dụng hết các phần động cơ dự trữ trong một khung máy bay bằng gỗ. Bộ bánh xe của chiếc phi cơ này không thể thu lại được, nó đã bị để lại ngay sau khi cất cánh cho một nhiệm vụ cảm tử và sau đó lại được sử dụng cho một chiếc máy bay khác. Trong năm 1945, quân đội Nhật bắt đầu dự trữ hàng trăm chiếc Tsurugi, các máy bay cánh quạt, những chiếc Ohkas và tàu cảm tử, được sử dụng để chống lại lực lượng Đồng Minh khi họ đổ bộ vào Nhật Bản.
Chiến thuật phòng thủ của Đồng minh
Vào đầu năm 1945, chỉ huy John Thach, một phi-công Hải quân Mỹ, người đã nổi tiếng vì phát triển được một chiến thuật hiệu quả trên không chống lại người Nhật Bản, được gọi là Thach Weave và một chiến lược phòng thủ để chống lại kamikazes được gọi là “big blue blanket”. Chiến thuật này khuyến khích sử dụng một số lượng máy bay tuần tra không chiến (CAP ) hơn nữa từ các tàu sân bay so với trước đây, một dòng tàu khu trục picket và tàu khu trục hộ tống từ ít nhất 80 km (50 dặm) đến đội hình chính của hạm đội để cung cấp radar đánh chặn ở phía trước và cải thiện phối hợp giữa các sỹ quan hướng dẫn máy bay chiến đấu trên tàu sân bay. Kế hoạch này cũng yêu cầu sử dụng máy bay tiêm kích tuần tra suốt ngày đêm trong hạm đội Đồng Minh, vì Hải quân Hoa Kỳ đã cắt giảm đào tạo phi-công chiến đấu, do đó không đủ phi-công Hải quân có sẵn để chống lại mối đe dọa từ các đợt tấn công kamikaze. Chiến thuật cuối cùng là tung các máy bay tiêm kích vào sâu và oanh tạc các sân bay ném bom phá hủy các đường băng của Nhật Bản với bom có ngòi nổ chậm để khó khăn hơn cho việc sửa chữa.
Cuối năm 1944, Hạm đội Thái Bình Dương của Anh ( BPF ) đã đưa vào sử dụng loại máy bay Supermarine Seafires vào nhiệm vụ tuần tra chiến đấu trên không. Seafires được rất nhiều liên quan trong việc chống lại các kamikaze các cuộc tấn công trong Iwo Jima đổ bộ và xa hơn nữa. ngày tốt nhất ‘ Seafires là ngày 15 Tháng Tám 1945 , bắn rơi tám máy bay tấn công cho một sự mất mát duy nhất.
Được đào tạo một cách nghèo nàn làm cho các phi-công kamikaze trở thành các mục tiêu dễ dàng cho các phi-công giàu kinh nghiệm của Đồng Minh, những người cũng bay trên những chiếc máy bay hiện đại và mạnh mẽ hơn nhiều. Chỉ riêng Lực lượng Đặc nhiệm Tàu sân bay cũng đã có thể tung ra hơn 1.000 máy bay chiến đấu vào hoạt động. Phi-công Đồng Minh đã trở thành những tay chuyên nghiệp tiêu diệt máy bay địch trước khi chúng tấn công được vào các tàu chiến.
Các pháo thủ của Đồng minh cũng bắt đầu phát triển các kỹ thuật để chặn đứng các cuộc tấn công kamikaze. Họ bắn những khẩu súng Hải quân cỡ nòng dài ở phía trước của những máy bay tấn công bay gần mặt biển để tạo ra những bức tường nước để dìm ngập những chiếc máy bay tấn công. Những vũ khí phòng không hạng nhẹ bắn nhanh như Bofors 40 mm và Oerlikon 20 mm không có nhiều hiệu quả tuy nhiên những khẩu súng phòng không hạng nặng như cỡ nòng súng 5 ” / 38 (127 mm) tạo ra những cú đấm cực mạnh để thổi tung những chiếc máy bay kamikazes trong không trung. Mặc dù chiến thuật này không thể được sử dụng để chống lại Okhas và các loại bay nhanh tấn công góc cao khác, nhưng rồi chúng cũng lại dễ bị tiêu diệt bởi các loại súng phòng không khác. Năm 1945, một số lớn đạn phòng không loại mới – đạn có ngòi nổ theo tần số Radio (NV – radio frequency proximity fuze) được cung cấp với khối lượng lớn, đây là loại đạn có hiệu quả bình quân gấp bảy lần loại đạn thường.
Giai đoạn cuối cùng
Đỉnh cao của các cuộc tấn công kamikaze xảy ra trong khoảng thời gian tháng tư – tháng 6 năm 1945 tại Trận Okinawa. Ngày 06 Tháng tư năm 1945 các đợt sóng máy bay đã thực hiện hàng trăm vụ tấn công trong Chiến dịch Kikusui (” hoa cúc “). Tại Okinawa, đầu tiên các cuộc tấn công kamikaze tập trung vào các tàu khu trục vừa phải của Đồng Minh đang làm nhiệm vụ và sau đó tập trung vào các tàu sân bay ở giữa đội hình. Các cuộc tấn công cảm tử bằng máy bay hoặc tàu tại Okinawa đã đánh chìm hoặc loại ra khỏi hành động ít nhất 30 tàu chiến và ít nhất ba tầu vận tải Mỹ, cùng với một số tầu từ các lực lượng Đồng Minh. Các cuộc tấn công đã tiêu tốn 1.465 máy bay. Rất nhiều tàu chiến thuộc tất cả các loại bị hư hại, một số bị hư hại nghiêm trọng, nhưng không có tàu sân bay, thiết giáp hạm hoặc tàu tuần dương nào bị đánh chìm bởi kamikaze tại Okinawa. Hầu hết các tàu bị mất là tàu khu trục, tàu nhỏ hơn, đặc biệt là những chiếc đang làm nhiệm vụ tuần tra.
Các tàu sân bay Hoa kỳ với những chiếc sàn bay bằng gỗ của họ dường như phải chịu thiệt hại nhiều hơn từ các cuộc tấn công kamikaze so với tàu sân bay có sàn đáp bằng thép của Hạm đội Thái Bình Dương của Anh. Tàu sân bay Mỹ cũng bị tổn thất về nhân mạng nặng hơn trong những cuộc tấn công kamikaze, ví dụ 346 người đã thiệt mạng trong một vụ tấn công vào chiếc USS Bunker Hill. Các khả năng phục hồi nhanh của các tầu có thiết giáp tốt đã được thể hiện trong ngày 04 tháng 5, lúc 11:30, có một làn sóng máy bay tấn công cảm tử vào các tầu của BPF (Hạm đội Thái Bình Dương của Anh). Một máy bay Nhật đã bổ nhào dốc từ trên cao vào chiếc tầu sân bay HMS Formidable và bị chặn đánh bởi súng AA. Mặc dù nó bị trúng đạn, chiếc máy bay kamikaze vẫn đâm được vào vào sàn đáp và tạo ra một miệng núi lửa rộng 3 m (9,8 ft) dài 0,6 m (2 ft) và sâu 0,6 m (2 ft). Một mảng thép dài bị vỡ ra đâm xuống xuyên qua sàn chứa máy bay và vào phòng nồi hơi chính ( nơi nó làm vỡ một nồi hơi nước ), và sau đó lao vào một thùng nhiên liệu gần chỗ đỗ các máy bay nơi nó tạo ra một đám cháy lớn. Tám người đã thiệt mạng và 47 người bị thương. Một chiếc Corsair và 10 chiếc Avenger đã bị phá hủy . Tuy nhiên đám cháy đã dần dần được kiểm soát và chiếc miệng núi lửa trên boong tàu đã được sửa chữa bằng bê tông và thép tấm. Vào lúc 17:00, các máy bay Corsair lại có thể hạ cánh. Ngày 09 tháng Năm, chiếc HMS Formidable lại một lần nữa bị đánh hỏng bởi chiếc kamikaze, cũng như chiếc tầu sân bay HMS Victorious và chiếc tàu thiết giáp HMSHowe. Người Anh đã có thể dọn sạch sàn đáp và tiếp tục hoạt động bay chỉ trong giờ sau khi bị tấn công, trong khi các đối tác người Mỹ của họ phải mất một vài ngày hoặc thậm chí vài tháng, khi một nhân viên liên lạc của Hải quân Hoa Kỳ quan sát hoạt động sửa chữa trên chiếc HMS Indefatigable người này đưa ra nhận xét: ” Khi các cuộc tấn công kamikaze đánh trúng một tàu sân bay Mỹ, điều này có nghĩa là người Mỹ phải mất 6 tháng sửa chữa tại Trân Châu cảng. Khi máy bay kamikaze đánh trúng một tàu sân bay Limey đây chỉ là trường hợp của ” Này anh em, mang chổi của bạn đến đây “.
Đôi khi các máy bay hai động cơ cũng được sử dụng trong việc lên kế hoạch cho các cuộc tấn công kamikaze. Ví dụ, máy bay ném bom loại Mitsubishi Ki -67 Hiryu (” Peggy “), có căn cứ ở Đài Loan đã thực hiện các cuộc tấn công kamikaze vào lực lượng Đồng Minh ở ngoài khơi Okinawa.
Chuẩn Đô đốc Matome Ugaki, chỉ huy thứ 2 của Hạm đội Liên hợp Thái Bình Dương, chỉ huy các cuộc tấn kamikaze công chính thức cuối cùng, tung ra các máy bay Judies “từ 701 Air Group để tấn công hạm đội Đồng Minh tại Okinawa ngày 15 tháng 8 năm 1945.
Hiệu ứng của chiến thuật Kamikaze
Khi cuộc chiến đã đi đến hồi kết thúc, các nước đồng minh đã không còn bị nhiều thiệt hại nghiêm trọng, mặc dù có thêm rất nhiều tầu và phải đối mặt với một cường độ lớn hơn các cuộc tấn công kamikaze. Mặc dù gây ra một số thương vong nặng nề nhất cho các tàu sân bay Mỹ vào năm 1945, Hải quân Nhật đã hy sinh 2525 phi-công kamikaze và Không quân Nhật – IJAAF mất 1387 phi-công, nhiều hơn so với số họ mất vào năm 1942, năm họ đã đánh chìm hoặc làm tê liệt ba tàu sân bay (mặc dù không gây ra được thương vong gây đáng kể). Trong năm 1942, khi Hải quân Mỹ còn khan hiếm tầu sân bay, sự vắng mặt tạm thời của các tàu chiến chủ chốt ở vùng chiến sự làm họ bị mất thế chủ động. Tuy nhiên vào năm 1945, Hải quân Hoa Kỳ đã đủ mạnh để các tàu bị hư hỏng có thể được tách ra trở về cảng nhà để sửa chữa mà không gây cản trở đáng kể đến khả năng hoạt động của hạm đội . Những tầu chiến bề mặt thực sự bị mất là những tàu khu trục và những tàu nhỏ hơn, những chiếc không có khả năng khả năng sống sót trước những thiệt hại nặng nề. Nhìn chung kamikaze không thể đảo ngược được xu hướng của cuộc chiến và ngăn chặn được quá trình tấn công của Đồng Minh. Sau chiến tranh sức phá hoại tiềm năng của kamikaze được đưa vào nghiên cứu trong Operation Bumblebee cho đến khi tên lửa có điều khiển RIM -8 Talos được đưa vào hoạt động vào năm 1959.
Khi nhận những đòn đánh trực tiếp từ các cuộc tấn công kamikaze, tàu sân bay Anh với sàn đáp bọc thép của họ dường như có khả năng phục phục hồi nhanh hơn so với các đối tác Hoa Kỳ. Tuy nhiên, phân tích sau chiến tranh cho thấy rằng một số tầu sân bay của Anh như HMS Formidable đã bị thiệt hại ở phần cấu trúc dẫn chúng bị loại bỏ vì việc sửa chữa sẽ không mang lại hiệu quả kinh tế, và thảm kịch tài chính thời hậu chiến của nước Anh cùng với kích cỡ liên tục suy giảm của Hải quân Hoàng gia chắc chắn đã đóng một vai trò trong việc quyết định không tiến hành sửa chữa các tàu sân bay bị hư hỏng. Ngược lại, ngay cả những tàu sân bay bị hư hỏng nghiêm trọng của Mỹ như chiếc USS Bunker Hill đã được thành công sửa chữa và ở trong tình trạng tốt, mặc dù nó đã không tham gia phục vụ quân đội sau Thế chiến II khi nó được xem là đồ dư thừa.
Số tàu chìm là một vấn đề gây tranh cãi. Theo một thông báo tuyên truyền chiến tranh của Nhật Bản, kamikaze đã đánh chìm 81 tàu và làm hư hỏng 195 chiếc khác và theo một tính toán từ phía Nhật Bản, các cuộc tấn công cảm tử đã tạo ra 80 % số tổn thất của Mỹ trong giai đoạn cuối cùng của cuộc chiến Thái Bình Dương. Trong một cuốn sách Chiến tranh Thế giới II năm 2004, các sử gia Wilmott, Cross và Messenger nói rằng các cuộc tấn công kamikaze đã làm cho hơn 70 tàu Mỹ ” bị đánh chìm hoặc hư hỏng không thể sửa chữa “.
Theo một trang web của Không quân Hoa Kỳ:
Khoảng 2.800 vụ tấn công Kamikaze đánh chìm 34 tàu hải quân, hư hại 368 chiếc khác, giết chết 4.900 thủy thủ và làm bị thương hơn 4.800 người khác. Mặc dù có radar phát hiện và cảnh báo cũng như các biện pháp đánh chặn trên không đã tiêu hao và bắn hạ một số máy bay lớn, 14 phần trăm máy bay Kamikaze vẫn lọt qua để lao vào những chiếc tàu; gần 8,5 phần trăm trong tổng số các con tàu bị đánh chìm bởi Kamikaze.
Các nhà báo Denis và Peggy Warner, trong một cuốn sách năm 1982 (The Sacred Warriors: Japan’s Suicide Legions) cùng viết với nhà viết sử hải quân của Nhật Bản Seno Sadao, đã đếm tổng cộng có 57 chiếc tàu bị đánh chìm bởi kamikaze. Tuy nhiên, Bill Gordon, một người Mỹ chuyên nghiên cứu về Nhật Bản đặc biệt là về kamikazes, đã công bố trong một bài báo vào năm 2007 rằng có 47 chiếc tàu bị đánh chìm bởi các máy bay kamikaze. Gordon nói rằng Warner và Seno đã tính cả mười chiếc tầu không chìm. Danh sách của ông bao gồm:
Tuyển dụng
Việc thành lập các lực lượng kamikaze yêu cầu tuyển dụng người cho công việc, điều này được chứng minh là dễ dàng hơn so với những gì các chỉ huy đã dự kiến. Các chỉ tiêu tuyển dụng là rất đơn giản ” tuổi trẻ, sự tỉnh táo và nhiệt tình, kinh nghiệm bay có tầm quan trọng tối thiểu và kỹ thuật hạ cánh là một điều gì đó quá xa xỉ (he he kamikaze lại còn biết kỹ thuật hạ cánh nữa) “. Đại úy Motoharu Okamura nhận xét rằng ” có quá nhiều tình nguyện viên cho các phi vụ cảm tử mà ông gọi họ như một bầy ong, ” và ông giải thích rằng ” Ong sẽ chết sau khi chúng đốt ” Okamura được công nhận là người đầu tiên đề xuất chiến thuật tấn công kamikaze. Ông đã bày tỏ mong muốn được dẫn đầu một nhóm tình nguyện cảm tử tấn công khoảng bốn tháng trước khi Đô đốc Takijiro Ohnishi, Chỉ huy của lực lượng không quân thuộc hải quân Nhật tại Phillippines, trình bày ý tưởng này cho nhân viên của mình. Trong khi Phó Đô đốc Shigeru Fukudome, chỉ huy của hạm đội Không lực số hai đi kiểm tra không đoàn 341, Đại úy Okamura đã có cơ hội để thể hiện ý tưởng của ông về chiến thuật đâm bổ nhào ” Trong tình hình hiện nay của chúng ta, tôi tin chắc rằng cách duy nhất để kết thúc chiến tranh trong thế có lợi cho chúng ta là bổ nhào xuống tấn công bằng máy bay của chúng ta. Không có cách nào khác. Sẽ có rất nhiều các tình nguyện viên cho cơ hội này để cứu đất nước của chúng ta và tôi muốn được chỉ huy một hoạt động. Hãy cấp cho tôi 300 chiếc máy bay và tôi sẽ làm thay đổi xu hướng của cuộc chiến”
Khi các tình nguyện viên đến để xin thi hành nhiệm vụ trong đơn vị đông gấp hai lần so với số máy bay ” Sau chiến tranh, một số chỉ huy bày tỏ sự hối tiếc vì cho phép những người không cần thiết được xuất kích cùng với các phi vụ, đôi khi họ phải tự ép mình trên (buồng lái của) những chiếc máy bay ném bom và máy bay chiến đấu để khuyến khích các phi-công cảm tử và có vẻ như họ tham gia vào việc đánh chìm một tàu lớn của đối phương” (hè hè cái này đại loại như là ba bốn người vì quá nhiệt tình đã nhảy lên buồng lái của một chiếc Kamikaze mà đáng lẽ chỉ một người là đủ) Nhiều phi-công kamikaze tin rằng cái chết của họ sẽ trả món nợ mà họ còn nợ và thể hiện tình yêu mà họ đã dành cho gia đình , bạn bè của họ và cho hoàng đế ” Vì vậy, nhiều phi-công được đào tạo tối thiểu mong muốn được tham gia vào các nhiệm vụ cảm tử và khi phi vụ của họ bị trì hoãn hoặc hủy bỏ, các phi-công trở nên rất chán nản Nhiều người trong số những người được lựa chọn cho một nhiệm vụ sẽ bị tan xác ( bodycrashing) được mô tả là cực kỳ hạnh phúc trước lần xuất kích cuối cùng của họ”
Đào tạo
Tokkōtai đào tạo phi-công, như mô tả của Kasuga Takeo nói chung ” bao gồm đào tạo vô cùng vất vả, kết hợp với hình phạt độc ác và tra tấn như là một thói quen hàng ngày . ” Irokawa Daikichi , một trong những người được đào tạo tại Tsuchiura Naval Air Base, nhớ lại rằng ông “đã bị đánh vào mặt thường xuyên làm cho mặt của ông ta đã không còn được nhận ra nữa ” Ông cũng đã viết : “Tôi bị đánh rất nhiều và tôi không còn có thể nhìn thấy gì và ngã xuống sàn nhà. Những phút tôi thức dậy, tôi lại bị đánh bằng một cái dùi cui để buộc tôi phải nhận lỗi “, phương pháp ” đào tạo “tàn bạo này được bắt nguồn bằng các ý tưởng rằng nó sẽ thấm nhuần một ” tinh thần chiến đấu của người lính” Tuy nhiên, việc đánh đập hàng ngày và trừng phạt thân thể có khả năng đã loại bỏ chủ nghĩa yêu nước trong nhiều phi-công.
Các phi-công được cho một quấn cẩm nang hướng dẫn những chi tiết rằng họ phải suy nghĩ, chuẩn bị và tấn công làm thế nào. Từ hướng dẫn này các phi-công đã được nói đến ” đạt được một mức độ cao của huấn luyện tinh thần, “và để ” giữ sức khỏe [ của họ ] , trong điều kiện tốt nhất. ” Những điều này trong số những người khác có nghĩa là để đưa vào tư tưởng của các phi-công rằng họ phải chuẩn bị tinh thần sẵn sàng đi đến cái chết .
Quấn cẩm nang hướng dẫn phi công tokkōtai cũng giải thích làm thế nào một phi-công có thể quay trở lại nếu họ không thể tìm được một mục tiêu và rằng ” [ một phi-công ] không nên lãng phí cuộc sống của mình ” tuy nhiên nếu một phi-công liên tục trở lại căn cứ sẽ bị bắn sau lần trở về thứ chín của mình.
” Chúng tôi cố gắng sống với 120 đến phần trăm, hơn là chờ đợi cái chết. Chúng tôi đọc và đọc, cố gắng tìm hiểu lý do tại sao chúng tôi đã phải chết trong tuổi hai mươi của chúng tôi. Chúng tôi cảm thấy tiếng tích tắc của đồng hồ tiến về phía cái chết của chúng tôi, mỗi âm thanh của đồng hồ lại rút ngắn cuộc sống của chúng tôi.”
Irokawa Daikichi , Nhật ký Kamikaze: Những phản ánh của người lính sinh viên Nhật Bản
Cuốn cẩm nang này hướng dẫn rất chi tiết về cách mà một phi-công phải làm khi tấn công. Một phi-công sẽ bổ nhào về phía mục tiêu của mình và ” mục tiêu cho một điểm giữa các tháp cầu và ngăn xếp khói ” . Bước vào một khói đống cũng được cho là ” hiệu quả “. Các phi-công được yêu cầu không nhằm đích vào tháp chỉ huy, tháp súng của con tàu mà thay vào đó là chiếc thang máy hoặc boong tàu bay để đâm vào. Đối với các cuộc tấn công theo chiều ngang, phi-công ngắm vào ” mục tiêu ở giữa tàu, hơi cao hơn so với mực nước “hoặc” Mục tiêu ở lối vào các nhà chứa máy bay, hoặc chân ống khói “nếu các mục tiêu trước là quá khó khăn.
Các hướng dẫn của tokkōtai truyền đạt với các phi-công rằng không bao giờ được nhắm mắt của họ lại. Điều này là bởi vì nếu một phi-công nhắm mắt anh ta sẽ có ít các cơ hội hơn để lao vào mục tiêu của mình. Trong những giây phút cuối cùng trước khi vụ va chạm xảy ra, viên phi-công sẽ hét lên “Hissatsu” có nghĩa là ” chết mà không thất bại “
Kamikaze trong văn hóa Nhật Bản
Năm 1944-1945 , người Nhật chịu ảnh hưởng lớn của niềm tin Shinto. Trong số những thứ khác, thờ phụng Hoàng đế được nhấn mạnh sau khi Shinto được coi như là một tôn giáo nhà nước trong thời Cải cách Minh Trị. Thời gian trôi qua, Thần đạo được sử dụng ngày càng tăng trong việc thúc đẩy tình cảm dân tộc. Trong những năm 1890, Huấn lệnh về Giáo dục của Đế chế – the Imperial Rescript on Education đã được thông qua, theo đó sinh viên được yêu cầu đọc nghi thức lời tuyên thệ của mình để ” hiến dâng cho Tổ quốc “cũng như để bảo vệ Hoàng gia . Sự hiến dâng cuối cùng là từ bỏ cuộc sống của một người. Đó là một cái chết vinh dự cho Nhật Bản và Hoàng đế. Các nhà nghiên cứu Axell và Kase chỉ ra: ” Thực tế là vô số binh sỹ, thủy thủ và phi-công đã xác định được chết để trở thành linh thiêng, ( linh hồn bảo vệ ) ” cho tổ quốc […] Nhiều người Nhật cảm thấy được thờ tại đền thờ Yasukuni là một vinh dự đặc biệt bởi vì các hoàng đế hai lần một năm đến thăm đền thờ để tỏ lòng kính trọng. Yasukuni là ngôi đền duy nhất tôn thờ những người thường, mà các hoàng đế sẽ tới thăm để tỏ sự kính trọng của mình “. người Nhật trẻ tuổi được truyền thụ từ độ tuổi sớm nhất với những lý tưởng này.
Sau khi chiến thuật kamikaze được bắt đầu, báo chí, sách vở, bài viết và những câu chuyện tôn vinh những người đánh bom cảm tử, để hỗ trợ trong việc tuyển dụng. Trong tháng 10 năm 1944, Nippon Times trích lời của Trung úy Sekio Nishina : . ” Tinh thần của đoàn cảm tử là tinh thần tuyệt vời và nó chạy trong máu của mọi người dân Nhật Bản… Cú đâm máy bay này để tiêu diệt kẻ thù và đồng thời cũng (tiêu diệt) chính mình mà không như vậy thì làm sao được gọi là tấn công đặc biệt … mọi người dân Nhật Bản đều có khả năng trở thành một thành viên của đoàn cảm tử” Các nhà xuất bản cũng nêu lên ý tưởng rằng kamikaze đã được tôn thờ tại Yasukuni và tung ra những câu chuyện phóng đại về những kamikaze dũng cảm – có cả câu chuyện cổ tích cho trẻ em nhỏ để khuyến khích kamikaze. Một quan chức Ngoại giao có tên Toshikazu Kase nói: “Đó là thói quen của GHQ [ ở Tokyo ] để tung ra những thông báo sai về chiến thắng và bỏ qua hoàn toàn sự thật và làm cho công chúng phấn chấn, tự mãn để làm tăng độ tự tin của họ “
Trong khi nhiều câu chuyện đã được làm sai lệch thì một số là sự thật ví dụ như những câu chuyện về Kiyu Ishikawa để cứu một con tàu của Nhật Bản anh đã lao máy bay của mình vào một quả ngư lôi mà một tàu ngầm đã phóng ra. Người trung sĩ này sau khi chết được thăng chức trung úy hạng hai của Hoàng đế và đã được suy tôn tại Yasukuni. Những câu chuyện như thế này cho thấy người ta sản xuất các loại ca ngợi và tôn vinh cái chết, khuyến khích thanh niên Nhật Bản tình nguyện viên tham gia lực lượng cảm tử và thấm nhuần một mong muốn trong mỗi thanh niên là được chết như là một kamikaze.
Nghi lễ được tiến hành trước khi phi-công kamikaze khởi hành để làm nhiệm vụ cuối cùng của họ. Họ được trao lá cờ của Nhật Bản hoặc lá cờ mặt trời mọc – rising sun flag ( cờ của Hải quân Nhật Bảnu ) ghi lại lời cảm hứng về tinh thần, một khẩu súng lục Nambu hoặc katana và thông thường uống rượu Sakê trước khi cất cánh (theo em thì về cái khoản chị em các bác này cũng được đãi ngộ để nâng cao tinh thần thì phải). Họ buộc một tấm băng đầu hachimaki có hình mặt trời mọc và một chiếc senninbari – một ” vành khắn có một ngàn mũi khâu ” được thêu bằng một ngàn mũi khâu của phụ nữ. Họ cũng sáng tác và đọc bài thơ về cái chết, một truyền thống bắt nguồn từ những samurai, người sáng tác nó trước khi tiến hành mổ bụng tự tử – sepuku. Thực hiện lời cầu nguyện cho gia đình và chúng được cất giữ ở nơi lưu trữ của quân đội – military decoration.
Trong khi thông thường thì các tình nguyện viên đã lũ lượt đăng ký để được làm nhiệm vụ kamikaze, người ta cũng đồng thời lập luận rằng có sự cưỡng chế rộng lớn và áp lực liên quan đến việc tuyển dụng binh sĩ để tấn công cảm tử. Động lực ” tình nguyện ” của họ là rất phức tạp và không đơn giản chỉ là vì lòng yêu nước, mang danh dự đến cho gia đình họ. Và ít nhất một trong số các phi-công là một người Hàn Quốc nhập ngũ với một tên Nhật Bản, theo Pháp lệnh Soshi – kaimei được thông qua trước cuộc chiến tranh bắt buộc người Hàn Quốc phải lấy một cái tên Nhật Bản (rồi mới được gia nhập kamikaze).Trong số 1036 phi-công kamikaze của IJA đã chết trong những lần xuất kích từ Chiran và các căn cứ không quân Nhật Bản khác trong Trận chiến Okinawa có 11 người là người Hàn Quốc.
Theo truyền thuyết, các phi-công trẻ làm nhiệm vụ kamikaze thường bay về phía tây nam ngọn núi Kaimon của Nhật Bản ở độ cao trên m 922 ( 3.025 ft). Ngọn núi này còn được gọi là “Satsuma Fuji” (có nghĩa là một ngọn núi như Núi Phú Sĩ nhưng nằm ở khu vực tỉnh Satsuma). Các phi-công làm nhiệm vụ cảm tử nhìn qua vai của họ để thấy ngọn núi này, ngọn núi cao nhất ở phía nam trên đất liền Nhật Bản trong khi họ đang bay trong không, nói tạm biệt với đất nước và chào ngọn núi của họ.
Người dân cư trú trên đảo Kikaishima Island, phía đông Amami Oshima ( một hòn đảo thuộc quần đảo Ryūkyū của Nhật Bản ) nói rằng các phi-công từ các đơn vị làm nhiệm vụ cảm tử thả hoa trong không trung khi họ rời đi làm nhiệm vụ cuối cùng của họ. Theo truyền thuyết, những ngọn đồi ở quanh sân bay Kikaishima có rất nhiều hoa Cornflower (một loại hoa dại) nở vào đầu tháng 5.
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2023.06.02 09:53 prodshebi I uncovered the terrifying secrets of Chernobyl: the truth will haunt you

My name is Adrian, an investigative journalist from Poland driven by a thirst for uncovering hidden truths. Chernobyl held a profound significance for me, not only as a haunting scar on history but also due to a personal connection. My grandparents had been affected by the disaster, forced to abandon their home and lives. Inspired by their resilience, I embarked on this journey to capture their stories and unravel the mysteries that shrouded Chernobyl. Filled with trepidation and excitement, I packed my gear, ready to confront the demons lurking within its irradiated walls. Little did I know that this expedition would push me into a sinister web of conspiracy, blurring the lines between reality and nightmare, forever changing the course of my life.
We were a group of intrepid travelers, united by a shared curiosity and a thirst for the unknown. The journey ahead would take us deep into the heart of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, a place shrouded in mystery and haunted by the ghosts of the past.
Our guide, Igor, regaled us with tales of the ill-fated Chernobyl disaster. His voice, tinged with a mix of reverence and melancholy, painted vivid pictures of a once-vibrant city reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As we approached the border of the exclusion zone, the landscape began to transform. The lush, green countryside gave way to desolation and decay, a stark reminder of the cataclysmic event that had unfolded here decades ago.
As we drove deeper into the heart of the exclusion zone, a palpable sense of unease settled over the van. The silence that permeated the air seemed to amplify the weight of the past, the residual energy of lives disrupted and dreams shattered. Through the windows, we caught glimpses of abandoned buildings, their crumbling facades standing as a testament to the transience of human existence.
It was amidst the eerie silence of Pripyat that my fascination with the strange and unexplained lured me away from the safety of the group. A stray cat, with its radiant blue eyes and matted fur, darted playfully through the remnants of the city, drawing me deeper into the labyrinth of abandoned streets. The curious creature seemed almost otherworldly, an enigmatic guide leading me toward an unseen destiny.
As I ventured further into the forgotten alleys of Pripyat, the echoes of my companions faded into oblivion. The weight of solitude settled upon my shoulders, both thrilling and unnerving in its intensity. It was as if I had crossed an invisible threshold, stepping into a realm where time and reality intertwined, where the boundaries between the living and the departed became blurred.
In my solitary exploration, I stumbled upon a hidden path concealed beneath a tangle of ivy and overgrown shrubbery. It beckoned to me, an invitation to uncover secrets long buried in the annals of history. My curiosity overpowered any trepidation, propelling me forward, further into the heart of the enigma.
The hidden path led me to a dilapidated building, its weathered facade standing defiantly against the ravages of time. The faded sign, barely visible amidst the peeling paint, identified it as "Laboratory 23." The air crackled with an aura of mystery as I hesitated at the threshold, my heart pounding with a mix of trepidation and excitement.
Stepping into the forsaken laboratory, I found myself in a time capsule frozen in a perpetual state of abandonment. Broken glass and discarded equipment littered the floor, remnants of a hasty retreat. The air carried the scent of rust and decay, a haunting perfume that hung heavy in the atmosphere.
Amidst the wreckage, my eyes fell upon a collection of documents scattered across a table. Their faded pages held cryptic symbols, enigmatic diagrams that seemed to dance with arcane knowledge. As I traced the lines with my trembling fingers, a sense of foreboding washed over me. It was as if these documents were a portal into a realm of forbidden knowledge, a Pandora's box that held the darkest of secrets.
Driven by an insatiable thirst for truth, I delved deeper into the lab's forgotten chambers. Within the dimly lit recesses, I discovered a hidden room, concealed behind a heavy, rusted door. The moment it creaked open, I knew I had unearthed something unimaginable.
The room was lined with shelves, each holding a multitude of binders meticulously labeled with names. As I perused the contents of the binders, a wave of disbelief washed over me. Each name was accompanied by a photograph, a face frozen in time. But it was not the faces themselves that sent a chill down my spine. It was the realization that these were the faces of missing individuals, those who had vanished without a trace from society.
One binder in particular caught my attention. It bore the chilling label "clones." Opening it, I discovered an unsettling truth: the missing individuals had been cloned, their lives replicated in secrecy within the confines of this clandestine laboratory. The implications of such a revelation were staggering, a betrayal of humanity that defied comprehension.
The weight of the evidence I had collected threatened to crush my spirit. The room, suffused with an oppressive aura, seemed to tighten its grip around me. With the damning photographs and documents securely tucked away in my bag, I turned to leave, determined to escape the clutches of this nightmare. But as I moved toward the exit, a peculiar sensation prickled the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. It was as if the air itself carried an ominous whisper, a ghostly echo of footsteps echoing through the desolate laboratory.
Fear seized me, freezing me in place. The realization dawned upon me like a chilling gust of wind—I was not alone in this forsaken place. Someone or something else lurked within the shadows, drawing nearer with each passing moment. The excitement of discovery mingled with a growing sense of dread, creating a disorienting cocktail of emotions.
In that harrowing instant, instinct took hold, overriding rational thought. Without a moment's hesitation, I pivoted on my heels and bolted towards the exit, my heart pounding in my chest. Panic fueled my every step as I navigated through the dimly lit corridors, the clamor of my own breath and the echoing footfalls of my pursuer serving as a macabre soundtrack to my escape.
Every shadow seemed to shift, morphing into a sinister figure poised to snatch me back into the clutches of the unknown. Adrenaline coursed through my veins, propelling me forward, my only goal to break free from this labyrinth of horrors. The very air seemed to thicken, as if resisting my frantic escape, but sheer determination fueled my desperate flight.
Finally, I burst through the door, gasping for breath, my pulse thundering in my ears. The world outside the laboratory, though still cloaked in an eerie silence, felt like salvation. I sprinted through the desolate halls, never looking back, each step propelling me farther from the unseen terror that had pursued me.
It was only when I reached the relative safety of the open air, the sun casting long shadows across the abandoned landscape, that I allowed myself a moment to collect my thoughts. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead as I leaned against a crumbling wall, trying to steady my racing heart. The weight of the encounter pressed upon me, a reminder that the horrors lurking in the unknown were far more menacing than I could have ever imagined.
I knew, deep down, that the discovery I had made in that foreboding laboratory had unleashed something far greater than I had anticipated. It was a truth that demanded to be revealed, but it also posed a danger that threatened to consume me. With trembling hands, I clutched the bag containing the evidence—the only tangible proof of the conspiracy I had encountered. With a renewed determination, I vowed to bring the truth to light, no matter the personal cost. The echoes of footsteps and the ghostly whispers would forever haunt my memory, driving me forward into the heart of darkness, prepared to confront the unimaginable horrors that lay ahead.
Against all rational judgment, I made the fateful decision to return to the forsaken laboratory, driven by an insatiable thirst for the truth that burned deep within my soul. The weight of the knowledge I had gained hung heavily upon my shoulders, propelling me forward into the heart of danger, where few dared to tread.
As I cautiously stepped into the decaying lab, the air seemed to grow heavier, pregnant with an otherworldly presence. The soft glow of my flashlight illuminated the desolate scene before me. Each creak of the floorboards echoed like a spectral cry, a warning from the spirits of those whose lives had been extinguished in this place.
With renewed determination, I retraced my steps, reexamining the cryptic documents and peculiar biological equipment that had initially captivated my attention. But now, armed with new insights, I saw beyond the surface. I deciphered the enigmatic symbols etched onto the aged papers, connecting them to forbidden knowledge hidden within ancient texts and whispered legends.
As I ventured deeper into the labyrinthine chambers, the air became charged with an electric energy, as if the very walls pulsed with the secrets they held. Each room held its own story, its own secrets waiting to be unraveled. I meticulously examined every piece of equipment, every forgotten notebook, uncovering a web of interconnected experiments that went far beyond human cloning.
The further I delved into the lab, the stronger the sensation of being watched became. Paranoia gnawed at the edges of my mind, as if unseen eyes tracked my every move. Shadows seemed to dance in the corners of my vision, fleeting glimpses of a presence that eluded my grasp. The air crackled with a malevolent energy, leaving me on edge, my senses heightened to every flicker of movement and every whisper of sound.
Strange occurrences plagued me, testing the limits of my sanity. Objects inexplicably shifted positions, as if moved by unseen hands. Whispers, barely audible, resonated through the empty corridors, their cryptic messages fueling my determination to uncover the truth. Each encounter with the unseen presence left me trembling, yet I pressed forward, compelled by an insatiable curiosity mixed with a gnawing dread.
With each passing moment, the veil between the tangible and the intangible seemed to thin, blurring the boundaries of reality. I began to question my own perceptions, wondering if the presence haunting the lab was merely a figment of my imagination or something far more sinister. It was as if the very walls held the memories of those who had suffered and perished in this forsaken place, their specters reaching out from the past to guide or deceive me.
Piece by piece, the puzzle began to reveal the true magnitude of the conspiracy that had been woven within the walls of the Chernobyl laboratory. The Chernobyl disaster had been orchestrated, a calculated smokescreen to mask the clandestine operations of human cloning and organ trafficking. The government, entwined with a powerful and sinister cabal, had exploited the chaos and devastation to carry out their heinous deeds.
Through a network of corrupted scientists and government officials, they had perfected the art of human cloning, creating identical duplicates to fulfill their nefarious agenda. These clones were mere commodities, their lives extinguished to harvest their organs, which were then sold on the black market to the highest bidders.
As I pieced together the fragments of the conspiracy, my mind reeled with the implications. The very fabric of society had been torn apart, with those in power manipulating the lives of countless individuals for their own gain. The Chernobyl disaster had been not just a tragedy, but a meticulously planned cover-up, shrouding the dark underbelly of a far-reaching conspiracy.
But as the shadows of truth began to coalesce, so too did the darkness that had been lurking within the lab. Confronted by unidentified individuals, their faces concealed behind masks of shadows, I found myself cornered, my heart pounding in my chest. Panic surged through my veins as I fought against overwhelming odds, desperately clinging to the sliver of hope that remained.
In the chaos and desperation, a blow to the head sent me spiraling into unconsciousness, my fate hanging in the balance. What awaited me on the other side of consciousness remained a terrifying mystery, as I teetered on the precipice of oblivion, caught between the harsh reality and the realm of nightmares.
When I finally regained consciousness, I found myself alone in the eerie lab, the ominous silence enveloping me like a suffocating shroud. As my vision cleared, I realised with a sinking feeling that all the physical evidence I had painstakingly collected had vanished, leaving behind only blank, empty pages and hollow photographs. It was as if the truth itself had been stripped away, erased by an unknown force that sought to bury the horrifying secrets I had uncovered.
Confusion and frustration gnawed at my soul. How could the evidence disappear so mysteriously, leaving no trace of the monstrous conspiracy that had threatened the very fabric of humanity? Doubt crept in, whispering insidious questions about my sanity and the validity of my discoveries. But deep down, I knew that I had seen the truth, felt its chilling touch, and I couldn't let it be silenced.
Drawing upon the last reserves of my strength, I rose from the cold, barren floor. Every muscle ached, every joint protested, but my resolve burned brighter than ever. The forces that sought to bury the truth would not deter me. With a renewed sense of purpose, I vowed to press forward, to continue the fight against the darkness that had infiltrated Chernobyl.
Steeling myself, I navigated the labyrinthine corridors, my senses on high alert for any signs of danger. The lab had become a graveyard of secrets, its walls bearing silent witness to the atrocities committed within its forsaken halls. As I ventured deeper into the heart of the darkness, I clung to the flickering flame of hope, knowing that the final chapter of this harrowing journey was yet to unfold.
The chilling realisation that the powers orchestrating the conspiracy were far-reaching and influential only fueled my determination. With every step I took, I knew that I was walking a treacherous path, one that could lead to my own demise. But the truth had become my unwavering guide, guiding me through the murky depths of the unknown, urging me to shine a light on the horrors that had been buried beneath Chernobyl's haunting facade.
As the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place, I prepared myself for the ultimate confrontation. The shadowy figures who had cornered me before would not have the final say. Armed with knowledge, resilience, and an unwavering desire for justice, I would emerge from the depths of the lab to confront the conspirators and expose their malevolent machinations to the world.
Little did I know that the journey ahead would be fraught with danger and despair, pushing me to the very limits of my sanity and physical endurance. But I was prepared to face whatever awaited me, for the truth must be unveiled, even if it meant walking through the darkest recesses of human depravity.
With a heavy heart and unwavering resolve, I ventured forth, ready to unravel the final layers of the conspiracy that had gripped Chernobyl, determined to bring light to the darkest corners and emerge from the shadows with the truth firmly in hand. The culmination of my journey was yet to come, a reckoning that would test not only my own strength but also the endurance of those who dared to confront the unspeakable horrors lurking in the depths of the human soul.
Injured and disoriented, I found myself trapped in the labyrinthine depths of the desolate laboratory. Every step felt like a battle against the darkness that surrounded me, as if the very walls conspired to keep me captive within their clutches. But the flickering flame of determination burned bright within me, pushing me to navigate my way out of this nightmarish realm.
Wounds throbbed with each movement, a reminder of the confrontation I had faced with the unidentified individuals who sought to silence me. Despite the pain, I refused to succumb to despair. Through sheer grit and unwavering resolve, I charted a treacherous path back towards the world beyond those foreboding walls.
Every shadow seemed to breathe, every creak of the decaying structure echoed like a sinister whisper. The air hung heavy with an oppressive silence, broken only by the sound of my own ragged breath. Fear gripped my heart, but the urgency to expose the truth propelled me forward, my footsteps guided by a desperate hope for escape.
As I neared the exit, a surge of relief mingled with a haunting sense of loss. Leaving behind the horrors of the laboratory meant stepping into a world forever altered by the knowledge I carried. The once-familiar reality now appeared distorted, as if a veil had been lifted to reveal the sinister undercurrents that flowed beneath the surface.
Back to safety, I struggled to find a voice amidst the cacophony of disbelief and dismissals. The physical evidence I had collected, once concrete proof of the conspiracy, now lay blank and empty, a haunting reminder of the insidious forces at work. Desperation clawed at my chest as I sought to share my story, to expose the darkness that threatened to consume us all.
But the world, ensnared in its own illusions and complacency, rejected my claims. Labelled a conspiracy theorist, my words fell on deaf ears, dismissed as the delusions of a tormented mind. The weight of frustration and isolation threatened to extinguish the flame of truth within me, but I refused to be silenced.
Filled with an unwavering sense of purpose, I returned to the desolate location of the lab one last time, hoping against hope to find remnants of the evidence that had vanished into thin air. But as I stood before the site, my heart sank. The entrance stood sealed, the lab forever concealed behind layers of impenetrable cement. It looked like it was sealed for years. It was a stark reminder that the forces orchestrating the conspiracy were determined to erase all traces of their nefarious activities.
I lingered for a moment, absorbing the weight of the loss, before making peace with the fact that physical proof was forever beyond my reach. But the fire within me continued to burn, fueled by the belief that even without tangible evidence, the truth had a way of seeping into the collective consciousness.
Edit: Someone sent me a weird email with link to my nosleep post and this image. I have no idea what does it mean, have anybody seen this image before?
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2023.06.02 09:24 quote_emperor Women's Blue Florida Gulf Coast Eagles Color Block Yoga Leggings

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2023.06.02 08:59 Star-Outlaw My local rental place is having a sale tomorrow but the owner gave me early access tonight. Picked this lot up, 5 bucks a piece.

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2023.06.02 08:53 WonderWomanPhi Summer To Do List

Here’s a list I’ve compiled of all the major summer events, thought it would be helpful:
Taste of Syracuse • June 2-3 11am-10pm • Clinton Square
Syracuse Bike Party • Last Saturday of each month, 6:45 meet time • Clinton Square (or alternative site)
Fayetteville Farmers Market CNY • Every Thursday, 12-6pm • Fayetteville Town Center
Syracuse Downtown Farmers Market • Every Tuesday, 8am-2pm • Clinton Square
Cazenovia Farmers' Market • Every Saturday, 9am-2pm • Memorial Park on Albany Street
Bank Alley Urban Market • June 11, July 16, August 13 • 11am-4pm • Bank Allley Downtown Syracuse
Bank Alley Social Club • Shop Small Sundays • June 18, July 23 • 11am-5pm • Located at Salt City Market
Syracuse Shakespeare In The Park • June 2-11 • Thornden Park Amphitheater
St. Sophia’s Greek Cultural Festival • June 8-10 • 325 Waring Road
CNY Pride Festival & Parade • June 10, 11am parade, 12-5pm festival • Inner Harbor
2023 New York State Blues Festival • June 15-17 • Chevy Court
Westcott Art Trail • June 17, 10am-6pm • Westcott Community Center
Polish Days in Syracuse • June 9-11 • Clinton Square
Syracuse Jazz Fest • June 21-25 • Hanover and Clinton Square
St. Elias Middle Eastern Festival • July 13-16, various times • 4988 Onondaga Road
Syracuse Nationals • July 20-22 • NYS Fairgrounds
M&T Bank Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival • July 28-30 • Columbus Circle
Skaneateles Antique and Classic Boat Show • July 28-30 • Skaneateles, NY
Visit Syracuse Hanover Square Thursdays • Live music every Thursday in August • Hanover Square Downtown
Madison Bouckville Antique Week • August 14-20 • Rt 20 Bouckville, NY
The Skaneateles Festival • Live music events • July-August, various dates • Downtown Skaneateles
St. George Macedonian Festival • August 4-6 • 5083 Onondaga Road
CNY Scottish Games • August 12, 9am-8pm • Long Branch Park, Liverpool
Syracuse Irish Festival • September 8-9 • Clinton Square
Strathmore Art on the Porches • September 9, 11am-5pm • Ruskin Ave
Golden Harvest Festival • September 9-10, 10am-5pm • Beaver Lake Nature Center
Festa Italiana Syracuse • September 15-17 • Corner of Montgomery and Washington Streets (in front of city hall)
Westcott Street Cultural Fair • October 1, 12-6:30pm • Westcott Neighborhood
LaFayette Apple Festival • October 7-8 • 5330 Rowland Road, LaFayette
Syracuse Mets Home Games June: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 28, 29, 30 July: 1, 2, 3, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 August: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 September: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
Rosamond Gifford Zoo • Open every sinlge day • 10:00am - 4:30pm
Museums: • Skä•noñh - Great Law of Peace Center • Everson Museum of Art • Museum of Science & Technology - MOST • Erie Canal Museum • Salt Museum • Onondaga Historical Association
Theaters and stages: • The Palace Theatre Syracuse • Landmark Theatre • The Westcott Theater • The Oncenter • Syracuse Stage • Redhouse Theater
Some parks and beaches, more below: • Beaver Lake Nature Center (has lots of activities and programs!) • Clark Reservation • Green Lakes State Park • Sylvan Beach Amusement Park • Thornden Park
Onondaga County Parks • Find parks, beaches, and activities here:
Syracuse Parks & Rec • Find parks and activities here:
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation • Find parks, beaches, activities, and historic sites here:
The Great New York State Fair Free/reduced price/theme days: ⭐️Thursday, August 24, 2023 Student Youth Day Youth and Students under 18 years of age are admitted free on this day. ID showing date of birth may be requested.
⭐️Friday, August 25, 2023 Pride Day The first state fair in America to host an official Pride Day to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.
New Americans Day Witness approximately 100 people as they complete a long and challenging process to pledge their allegiance to the United States and become Americans. Ceremony will be held at Daniella’s Seafood & Pasta House in the Art & Home Center.
⭐️Monday, August 28, 2023 Law Enforcement Day We honor the men and women of law enforcement in New York State with free admission to any active or retired law enforcement or corrections personnel who presents a badge or picture ID from the department from which they are or were employed.
⭐️Tuesday, August 29, 2023 Fire & Rescue Day We honor the brave men and women of fire and emergency services agencies with free admission to any active or retired member of a fire department or emergency services organization who has a picture ID from that department or organization.
⭐️Wednesday, August 30, 2023 Women's Day A mini-fair will be held from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Chevy Court Pavilion featuring many advocacy groups for women… feel free to stop by to get information, learn, and ask any questions.
⭐️Thursday, August 31, 2023 Armed Forces Day We celebrate all members of the military with free admission to any active duty or veteran with military identification (Military ID Card, form DD-214 or NYS Driver License, Learner Permit or non-driver ID card with a veteran designation).
⭐️Friday, September 1, 2023 Native Americans Day We honor all members of Native American tribes with free admission on this day. ID is not required. Make sure to visit the Indian Village throughout the day for cultural performances and crafts.
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2023.06.02 08:51 buttplugsnotdrugs Being an ally, I have a story to tell, and it weighs on my heart.

I’m a cis white male born and raised and still residing in a mid tier metropolitan city on east coast. Scrappy, angry, apathetic, I’m a lot a lot things. This isn’t a “trend” that I’m trying to make all about me. Some things I’m gonna type might be triggering or offensive but I promise you I’m writing this in context and objectively.
When I was a younger man there was this dude, Dominic, a few years older than me. He was a (forgive my pejoratives) pussy hound. Any girl, every girl; “he had” them. All of our families were close, they all drank, sang, ate together.
Well one day I hear “ah man that’s just his roommate”, kind of In a defensive way, that how I heard it in passing. His father would start mentioning a new “roommate” that took up all of his sons time. Everyone basically skirted around the fact that they were an item.
Days and weeks pass and it’s all the same “Dominic’s new roommate is kinda fruity, right?”
I had not met this guy yet. Had no idea what the big deal was. But to say that GAY was a foreign idea to everyone around me would be putting it politely.
Anyway; one night Dominic was there when I was being thrown out of a local bar (for being a mouthy asshole). He comes out slaps my back and says “yo, you good?”
“Dude I’m Fuckin’ fine” I yelled back at him, totally embarrassed. We start bullshittin and I tell him what I think happened and blah blah blah, long story short we end up at my house with 3 grams of cocaine.
So here we are, two local hard asses. Two guys known for going fisticuffs when the moment shined. Blue collar. PROVIDERS…sniffing coke off of my mothers living room table.
We talk about the usual nonsense and bullshit but the question does eventually arise, from me to him, “so what’s up with this roommate, dude?” He looks me square in the eyes and says “that’s my boyfriend, Jay, I’m gay”
I nodded my head for a moment as if I was taking in this shock to MY life, not even thinking about the trust he must’ve felt with me, or how hard it must’ve been, or easy, I don’t know enough to say that. But I remember just thinking “dope, this dude knows who he is” I extended my right hand and said “good on ya, bro” and we dapped up and hugged.
The follow up questions were comparable to a grandmother learning that people fuck out of wedlock “it’s new to me, but I’m willing to learn”
I’m embarrassed, but not ashamed, of asking him if he chose it. Asking why?
Where we were raised it was cool to be a pirate or rebel, as long as you didn’t offend the Catholic Church or neighbors. If it weren’t for those questions, I wouldn’t be so passionate about what I believe today.
Dominic, being Dominic, he just casually said “Jay, I couldn’t tell ya when or where, how or why, I love him, that’s all I know”
My father might’ve been dead about a year at this time and despite his many faults that cantankerous southern boy taught me that true love is hard to find and good friends are even more rare. And he’s wasn’t wrong.
Every preconceived notion, idea, rationale about the subject before went out the window. This is Dominic and I love him dearly and support him. If he’s gay then he’s fuckin gay, fuck anyone that’s gotta problem.
Well ya see; his father was retired military, uncles the same. My family? Yep. Friend’s family…same shit. These are men that care about the laws. For some reason or another.
To close out the story my friend Dominic died 2 weeks before scotus legalized gay marriage.
This fight isn’t about me, it’s not my story. But it’s a fight I want to fight and continue.
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2023.06.02 08:32 europeincoming Europe's dreamy locations for a destination wedding: Unforgettable Moments

A wedding is a magical celebration of love, and hosting a destination wedding in Europe is a great way to make it truly memorable. With its captivating scenes, rich history, and heartfelt appeal, Europe offers a variety of shocking areas that are ideal for sealing the deal. We will discuss two remarkable nations that stand out as idyllic choices for destination weddings places in this blog post: Switzerland and Italy. Let's set out on a journey to learn more about the beautiful wedding venues they have to offer.
Destination Wedding in Italy
Italy is a special place in the hearts of couples who are looking for a dreamy destination wedding because it is known for its passion, beauty, and timeless elegance. Italy has everything: rolling vineyards, historic castles, picturesque coastal towns, and breathtaking countryside.
1 Italy: Tuscany, which is located in the center of Italy, captivates visitors with its stunning landscapes and romantic atmosphere. A fairytale wedding is set in rustic villas, olive groves, and vineyards. San Gimignano, Florence, and Siena are just a few of the beautiful cities where you can exchange vows.
2 Amalfi Coast: Known for its sensational precipices, shimmering turquoise waters, and vivid towns, the Amalfi Coast is a cut of heaven. With the azure sea as your backdrop and lemon-scented breezes in the air, imagine saying "I do." Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello are all beautiful locations for a small seaside wedding.
3 Venedig: Saturated with sentiment and enhanced with immortal magnificence, Venice is a city of dreams. Experiences like riding a gondola along the city's famous canals or getting married in a stunning palazzo will make lasting memories.
Destination Wedding in Switzerland
Switzerland provides a fairytale setting for a destination wedding with its snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, and charming alpine villages. Couples and their guests will be in awe at these incredible locations.
1 Lucerne: This charming city is a true treasure, perched on Lake Lucerne's shores. With its stunning landscape, verifiable design, and exquisite scenes, Lucerne makes way for a really remarkable wedding experience.
2 Zurich: Zermatt is a haven for nature lovers because it is surrounded by the Swiss Alps and the iconic Matterhorn. This vehicle free town offers a novel mix of extravagance, quietness, and spectacular scenes, making it an ideal objective for a personal mountain wedding.
3 Lake Geneva: With its unblemished blue waters and the magnificent Alps as a scenery, Lake Geneva radiates polish and appeal. For a romantic wedding, Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux offer a variety of venues, including historic chateaux, lakeside gardens, and opulent hotels.
Europe is home to numerous breathtaking locations that make the ideal setting for a destination wedding. Your special day will undoubtedly be nothing short of magical, regardless of whether you choose the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland or the enchanting landscapes of Italy. Europe has a wide variety of venues to suit every couple's individual vision, ranging from historic castles to picturesque lakeshores.
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2023.06.02 07:49 JJW2795 Land of the North Wind: Chapter 8

Yay, new chapter is (finally) out! Only took a damn month. Why must May be so busy? At least I've managed to get chapter 9 mostly done as well, so that will be locked and loaded soon. Then I'm hoping to pick up the pace a bit.
Anyways, in this chapter both the snow wolves and Tostig plan their next moves, and the decisions made will affect the Ulstads.
As always, this story can be read up to the current chapter in both fanfiction and AO3 if you'd prefer those sites to reading all the text on reddit.
Tostig looked out at this city under siege. Part of him felt for his people, but at the same time they could not be allowed to bow to wolves. He would not bow to wolves and their demands. They were lesser, and they were rivals who were only useful for labor and trade in times of peace. And yet, the situation they were in now was not sustainable and everyone knew it. Just then, the door to his chamber was opened and his lead counselor, his right hand, stepped into the room.
“You wished to see me, my lord?”
Tostig took a sip from his wine chalice before turning away from his window and walking over to his desk with slow, deliberate steps. Upon locking eyes with his trusted advisor, the lord gave a small smile.
“Yes. I was hoping you’d have an inventory of our supplies ready to discuss.”
The counselor stepped forward, producing a stack of documents that had been written up by scribes. “Of course, my lord. Here are the inventory lists on the items you requested. Firewood, coal, wine, ale, spirits, bread, and meat are all right here.”
The counselor then placed the lists in his lord’s outstretched hands.
Tostig then got to the point of their meeting, “but all of these lists are to answer a single question. Do we have enough supplies to make it until spring?”
His counselor lowered his head and shook it slowly, “No sir. We’ll be out two months before the first ships can make safe harbor at the coast.”
Tostig sighed. “Then it’ll have to be done.”
“Are you sure, my Lord?”
“What choice do I have? We tried leaving, we tried getting necessary supplies, and even rations won’t carry us through the entire winter.”
“Those poor souls…”
“The keidran, overall, are tough beasts. And if you ask me, some of them played a hand in this whole mess, I just know it.”
“In what way could they be responsible, sir?” The counselor asked, confused.
“You really think every keidran in this town wants to be serving humans in some way or another? Their brethren are outside the walls, likely promising them a place of refuge for themselves and their slave relatives back east if they help the snow wolves kick us out.”
“That seems unlikely, my Lord.”
“Even if I’m wrong about their loyalties, the fact is keidran are more disposable than men. I can do without all these extra servants and menial laborers, but I’m going to need my miners and loggers when the snow clears, and the crown sends the best troops in Mekkan to our aid.”
“Your will is my command, sir. I’ll have Gerrick gather all his guardsmen in the great hall this evening. We’ll need every able-bodied member of the garrison.”
“Very good. Also, please send for the healer. These headaches… that medicine hasn’t been working.”
“Of course, my lord. Right away.”
The sun was setting on another day of the town under siege. The wolves had not made any moves to attack the walls, but why would they? They controlled the land and sea for hundreds of miles in every direction. A counsel of the elders was called in the camp overlooking the settlement. In the middle of the camp was a large, portable lodge made from thick timbers cut in the Snowy Pines. The frame was bound tightly by many hides, proving insulation and blocking the fierce winds that would often sweep across the tundra. Normally, settlements were permanent, but some wolves that had ventured into human territory took notes on how their rivals conducted war, and moveable houses were the answer to navigating across harsh country that was so brutal even the ever-adaptable humans had yet to conquer.
Outside the lodge entrance waited a tall, young snow wolf. Icy-white hair was bound tightly into a knot under a hat of seal fur. Extra layers of fur helped to protect the wolf from the elements, as even in winter the temperatures were colder than any canine could safely withstand. Blue eyes pierced through the growing darkness, a slight glow from his mana crystal necklace giving his face some soft illumination. He was waiting, watching for someone. Others came into the lodge one and two at a time. After a while, the young wolf was beginning to worry. “Where could he be?” The thought.
Just then a lone figure hobbled into view. A snow wolf much like him seemed to materialize out of the blowing snow that cut the visibility down significantly. Now only the glow of Callow could be seen in the distance. The old wolf, walking with a cane, finally found his way to the entrance.
“Grandfather, I was getting worried about you. You know I could help you up the hill, right?”
“Oh, don’t trouble yourself Bjorn. I might be almost as old as the wood holding that lodge together, but I can still find my way around camp. Now, let’s get inside, shall we?”
“Of course grandpa…” Bjorn then held the entrance to the lodge open so his frail kin could make his way inside where it was warm.
Following his grandfather inside, Bjorn was hit immediately with the warmth of a fire, fueled by wood brought in from the forest by sled, most of it cut down courtesy of the logging teams they had chased out a month earlier. The glow from his mana crystals was quickly overtaken by the bright, orange light of the fire. The young wolf removed most of his outer garments, placing them on the ground to use as a seat. He sat down behind where his grandfather had made himself comfortable. As an elder, the old wolf held one of the seats in the clans moot, the council of elders that had assembled to deal with the human problem.
All inside the lodge waited silently as their shaman conjured magical light structures from her crystal necklace in a ceremony to purify the air. The lights were dazzling. Bjorn’s favorite was seeing a replication of the night sky, a spell which was meticulously maintained through the generations showing each visible star as well as the moon. Another spell finished the ceremony, seemingly purging the air from the lodge, the fire reducing to embers, only to roar back to life as new, fresh air came in to fill the vacuum. It was then that the shaman gave a special blessing and prayer to each of the council members before taking her seat in the back as an observer. The five wolves then allowed for a silent pause to pass over all in attendance before beginning.
The designated leader of the council, tasked with mediating the clans moot, broke the silence, “my friends, our actions this winter may ensure the survival of our people and way of life, but one misstep and we will surely suffer greatly for our actions against the humans.”
A graying elder from the clan west of Widow Lake then saw fit to add in his thoughts. “Indeed, Bragi, but I believe our actions so far have been successful. The humans and their keidran servants have been completely cut off from their homeland and their king. No one will be able to help them until the snow leaves.”
Frey, the elder representing the clan at the split between the Widow and Pines rivers then spoke, “My warriors were successful in destroying any attempts by the humans to reach the sea. I’ve seen some of the bodies from their first attempt, and I believe that many of their most capable are dead. We ought to press an attack while we still have an advantage in the snow.”
Garth, Bjorn’s grandfather, and widely held to be one of the wisest elders in the North, urged caution. “It is true, Frey, that your warriors have slain many humans who could defend the walls, but many more are still inside. We’ve all seen the patrols along the top of the wall. Besides that, your warriors let one boat get away in the humans’ first attempt to summon help, didn’t they?”
Frey was forced to admit the mistake. “You are right, Garth, one did manage to slip away in the night. My warriors say they followed a light they thought was a lantern from the boat, but it was something else. It was alive, but they could not get a good look at it, and the light they followed led them into a sand bank. But a large storm hit shortly after. Surely, none survived.”
Garth had a different thought. “I would not so easily discredit these humans. Sure, they lack our fur, but they are adaptable creatures. I’ve seen with my own eyes the mines they’ve built. If they can bring the heart of Mekkan to the surface, their best may be able to survive winter.”
Bragi, always one to listen to a wolf with so much experience, wanted to know how this would affect their plans. “Garth, do you think the humans would bring reinforcements?”
“Assuming they survived, it could happen.”
Frey wasn’t as convinced. “Even if that one crew did manage to make it to the coast, it would still be months before the humans could bring an army to our shores. But that is all the more reason to find a way into the city.”
The last wolf in the council had been silent up until then. He was the youngest, though his offspring were still well into adulthood. He had earned a reputation as one of the best strategists among the snow wolves, having to regularly repel attempts by the forest wolves to gain more territory along the southern border. “An attack on the walls would be a failure. One does not kill a bear by fighting it on its terms. To kill a bear, one must outsmart it, and force the creature to fight in a way it is not used to.”
“So we should do nothing then?” Frey surmised, but the younger wolf shook his head.
“No, the wall is a bear. If we simply run up to it, our warriors will all die. But if we can find a weakness or fight the humans in a way they are not used to, then we will have the advantage.”
Garth then added is trademark advice of caution. “Though we must be patient, my friends. There will be an opportunity before spring arrives. As the weather gets colder and the snow gets deeper, our advantages will grow.”
Bragi then came to a possible plan of action. “I know Tostig. Once desperate enough, he will want an open battle where his trained guards can win, even in the snow. It would be too great of a risk to meet him in such a battle, but we could bait him to it.”
The wolf from Widow Lake then had an idea of his own. “My warriors could conduct raids on the humans’ stashes of firewood and supplies. There are some close enough to the walls that they can be reached. Once the humans start getting cold, they will be forced to either submit or do battle.”
Bragi nodded in agreement. “Do we have a plan then?”
All nodded and prepared to cast their vote when a shout from outside the lodge alerted the gathered snow wolves. A guard rushed in to deliver the news. The Shaman stood up upon this intrusion. “A clans moot is a sacred gathering, outsiders are not permitted unless invited. Child, why have you trespassed?”
The guard was gasping for air after running for a couple of miles to the main camp. “Apologies… humans… outside the wall.”
Perhaps the battle was coming after all? Bragi then stood. “Garth, have your grandson take your best warriors to trap these humans. This may be the beginning of the very battle Tostig would try to arrange.”
Garth then looked behind him at his nephew and nodded. “Go, Bjorn, I’ll find my way back. Be safe.”
Garth bowed his head slightly in respect of the others. “Thank you all for permitting me to the clans moot. I will track down and subdue these humans before they can cause trouble.”
With a wave of Bragi’s hand, Garth then exited the lodge with the guard and ran toward the main camp to find as many warriors as he could at a moment’s notice.
The Ulstads were preparing a dinner of rations in the empty tavern when a knock came from the front door. Anna Marie, who was closest, stopped sweeping to open the door. She was surprised by the evening visitor. “Sam, whatchya doin’ here at such an hour? We’re ya joinin’ fer dinner?”
Sam didn’t answer as he came into the foyer, but the look on his face told everyone that something was wrong. Liz stood up and quickly made her way to Sam, with Shadow and Asher close behind. Ivan leaned his head out from the kitchen. Liz took Sam’s hand in hers and looked him in the eyes. “Sam, what is it? News from Connor?”
Sam just shook his head. “I’m sorry Liz, I wish it was.”
Shadow then asked in a more direct voice. “Then what is it? You look pale.”
“It’s Tostig. He’s… well, he’s given the guard an order.”
“Come on, Sam, out with it?” Shadow said, worry seeping into her words. Sam took a deep breath to collect himself. They needed to know.
“Tostig has ordered every non-human in Callow… he’s banished them from the town.”
A thick, baritone voice boomed from the kitchen. “What?” A look of horror came across Asher’s face. Shadow too was shocked.
“Like Ivan said, ‘what?’” The leopard could hardly believe what she had heard.
“Liz, Miss Marie, you are both allowed to stay. But guards are going door to door right now and rounding up all the keidran. Shadow and Asher, you had better collect what you can before they arrive. I’ll escort you both personally so that neither of you have a hand laid on you.”
Anna wouldn’t have it. “They’s just as much people as us, Sam. Shadow, you and the boy should hide in the cellar. Ivan, get the darn hammer.”
“No Anna.” Shadow replied, letting it sink in. “We can’t just hide in the tavern all winter. Besides, what happens when you get caught?”
Sam had the unfortunate answer to that one. “Tostig has also ordered that anyone caught hiding keidran will be burned at the stake.”
That caused Anna and Liz to recoil at the thought of their own fate. It was more than enough for Shadow to make up her mind. “Come on Asher, we had better put on whatever clothes we can before— “just then, another knock came from the door, this one far more stern than before.
“Shit, they’re here already. I thought there’d be more time. Shadow, you can Asher meet Ivan in the back, I’ll get you three to the eastern gate.” Sam said before going to answer the door with Anna Marie. Asher didn’t quite understand all that was happening. He knew human well enough now, but things were progressing quickly for a seven-year-old. But Shadow quickly grabbed his hand and led them both into the room with Liz close behind. Once inside the room, Liz, locked the door to buy them at least a few more seconds.
Shadow, having been trained by assassins in the guild, wasn’t terribly concerned for herself. But being forced to leave Liz? She hoped that Anna Marie would keep the girl safe. Asher though was in trouble if they were being forced into the tundra. Her first thought then was to make sure the boy had as many warm clothes on as she could find.
“Here Asher, put this on, quickly.”
“I don’t want to leave, Shadow!”
“I don’t either, but we don’t have a choice. Sooner or later we’d be caught and thrown outside the walls anyway. Now bundle up as best you can be—”
Loud knocking came from the bedroom wall. “We know there are keidran in here! Open the door and come with us.”
Liz went up to the door to buy as much time as she could. “Just a minute!”
“Open it now woman!” Was the reply, but that was closely followed by Sam’s voice. “Hey, I’m highest rank here and I happen to know the two you’re after. Let me handle this and you two should continue down the stre—”
“Not a chance Sam, we’ve got orders from your father.”
“Then at least go get Ivan. Shadow and Asher aren’t going to put up a fight.”
Two more guards could be heard struggling to push the big wolf out into the street, and the intensity of the struggle caused the two guards standing near the room door to reconsider pushing their luck with someone who outranks them.
“Very well, they’ve got two minutes. If they aren’t out by then, we’re going to break the door down.”
Sam then moved to the side to let the two guards pass by.
Liz’s muffled voice came from behind the door “Are they gone?”
“Yeah, for the moment.”
A minute later, the door’s latch was undone, and it creaked open. Shadow and Asher had their wool jumpers on, along with whatever clothes they could find. Shadow was even wearing a pair of Connor’s pants. They were a bit tight but provided some extra insulation. Liz then followed the two, closing the door behind them.
“Why is this happening, Sam?” Liz asked.
“Apparently, we don’t have enough supplies to last the winter. So either everyone starves…”
“…Or the keidran freeze to death.” Shadow finished for Sam.
“Basically, yes. But you don’t have to freeze to death, there’s shelter that you can use, as well as food stores.”
“Where?” Shadow interrogated. Asher’s life as well as her own was on the line.”
“You’ll have to slip passed the wolves, but there are food stores and shelters in the new mining district across the river. It’s on the other side of Ditter’s Ridge.”
“Wolves?!” Shadow exclaimed. “How am I and the kid going to slip passed an army of wolves? They’d see us miles away!”
“I don’t know. I suggest hiding until the wind kicks up, the blowing snow will provide you with cover.”
The three stressed faces, Shadow’s looking like she was ready to murder, all stared at Sam.
“Look, this is a bad situation. I wish there was more I could do, but there isn’t. Tostig is Jarl, and his word is the law. If he says you must go, then you must go. If you try to stay, he could have us all executed.”
“Would your father allow that?”
“Tostig would execute my father too if that’s what it took to keep order in this town. I’m sorry, I really am, but—”
“But you’re doing whatever you can…” Liz grabbed and held Sam’s hand. “Is there a path or a tunnel or something that they can use to get around the wolves?”
“No, there isn’t. Look, you’ll have to move as quickly as you can. I’ll send help as soon as I’m able to, but right now this is your best chance of surviving.”
“Fine…” Shadow said, defeated and out of options. “Come on Asher, we had better go.”
The boy had other ideas “I don’t want to leave Liz! I want to wait here for Connor!”
“Connor…” Shadow thought. She tried to put it past her mind, but Liz knelt down in front of the boy.
“Asher, Connor isn’t coming back.” She said, tears forming in her eyes. “It’s been a month, and as much as I wish he’d bust into the tavern right now like he did with both of you back in the spring, it’s not going to happen. You need to leave with Shadow, she’ll keep you safe.”
“What about you?” Asher said, sniffling.
“I’ve got Anna Marie and Sam here to help. But you can’t stay here or Tostig would—”
“Kill us…” Asher said.
“I know we aren’t the closest, but Connor called you his brother, so I do too. Go, while you still can.” She then stood up. Before she could say anything else, Shadow embraced the girl.
“I’m sorry that I won’t be there to keep you safe.” Shadow said.
“It’s okay. But if you two stick together, we’ll all look back at this like a bad memory.”
“One of many bad memories.”
Sam knew time was up. “We better leave before those two assholes return. I’ll show you out a side entrance.”
Shadow and Liz let go of each other, and Shadow grabbed Asher’s hand before they both fled into the back alley behind Sam. The winding pathways between buildings eventually led them to a small door near the east gate. Shadow could see around the side of a building all the keidran being pushed out through the main gate. After looking around to make sure no one was watching, Sam produced a key, which began to glow as he recited an incantation. A hidden door nested into the wall glowed around the seal before opening, revealing a short tunnel to the outside.
“It’s one of the many emergency doorways out of the town. Only the guards have access, and most don’t know about them.”
Shadow, though impressed by the trickery, was hardly thrilled to be forced out of the walls. “If Connor ever comes back…”
“I hope he does, but for right now, you’re better off outside than inside.” Sam finished for Shadow, gesturing outside the wall.”
“Make sure nothing happens to Liz. Or I’ll find my way back,” Shadow lifted Sam off his feet and pinned him to the wall, “and burn this town to the ground with you in it.”
“I’ll protect her with my life if I must. You have my word. Now please, get out of here before someone sees me helping you.”
Shadow dropped Sam back to his feet, took Asher’s hand, and ducked through the hole in the wall. Once through, Sam closed the magic door with his key before slipping through an alley and joining the rest of the guards. Young ones were crying, old ones were being forcefully pushed, and at least one who tried to resist was savagely beaten. The guard was there to maintain order no matter the cost. After several minutes and much effort, the last keidran was shoved past the threshold. As the iron gate lowered from the ceiling, a couple of keidran made an attempt to get back into the town. But just as they were about to get through the inner gate, out of the crowd came several guards with crossbows. Without hesitation, their lieutenant gave the order to fire. In front of both humans and keidran, all those who tried to get through were cut down and left to die in the zwinger between the two gates. Their intentions made clear, the remaining keidran quickly fled from the walls just as guards took their positions along the walkway at the top.
Shadow couldn’t see what happened, but she could certainly hear it. Keeping Asher close, she used her skills at stealth to skirt along the bottom of the wall undetected. Asher at one point tried to say something but she quickly hushed him before continuing. Finding and avenue out in a blind spot from the guards, Shadow quickly moved past the ground torches could illuminate, finding safety in the darkness. Luckily, it was a clear night and Shadow could easily make out where the keidran had stopped. They looked to be in the process of scattering as keidran tended to do. They weren’t a clan or a tribe, instead they were in groups of individuals who knew each other. Shadow a year ago would have left them all to their fate, content to find the shelter she was informed of and waiting until spring. But now… now she could see scared children, elderly who wouldn’t make it two days in the winter snow, and many who were scared and confused, all in need of help.
“What are we going to do?” Asher asked, clutching onto her leg and looking up to her for guidance. He too was quite scared.
Shadow sighed, collecting herself. “We’re going to help them, Asher, and we’re going to survive.”
Just as the keidran were about to venture off in every direction imaginable, Shadow climbed up onto a rock and, illuminated by the moon, called for everyone’s attention. No one really seemed to care, at least until a loud, baritone voice cut through the air. Shadow looked to her side only to find a beaten and bloody Ivan standing near the rock, apparently having seen the pair in the cold. At once, everyone looked back toward the three figures next to and on top of the large glacial boulder.
“Good. Now everyone listen up! I’ve been told that there are stores of food and supplies as well as shelter across the river to the East. If we move now, we can be there by dawn, but we have to stick together, or we’ll all die.”
While some seemed ready to go, others weren’t sure. Arguing began between different individuals. Some wanted to make for the Snowy Pines, mostly the wolves. A few wanted to try and get over the mountain pass and into warmer country. Still others were talking about forcing their way back into Callow. None were, realistically, good options. But before consensus could be reached, or a complete breakdown in the large group of at least four hundred keidran, snow wolves approached from all sides, weapons at the ready. Out from the darkness emerged a big wolf, nearly as big as Ivan, wearing polar bear fur and brandishing a long spear.
Keidran tried to run but were quickly cut off. The group of exiles was completely encircled by several hundred strong warriors from the different clans. Bjorn then noticed something odd in the moonlight. Between all the people that they captured, only a handful had anything more than a knife. Certainly no weapons of war, and plenty were half-naked and freezing.
“Where are your weapons?”
“What do you mean?” A tigress asked. “We have none.”
“Then what is this? Are you all trying to run away or something? You’ll freeze out here.” Bjorn bellowed. A young child then pushed his way to the front. It was Asher, the only basitin in the group. “W-we were kicked out, sir.”
“Kicked out?”
Ivan and Shadow came out from the crowd, quickly finding Asher. Shadow grabbed the boy and held onto him tight in case things went south. Ivan tried to reason with Bjorn, who was a bit intimidated by the wolf that was bigger than even him.
“Da. Jarl Tostig pushed us into the snow.”
“Explain.” Bjorn said, spear tip not lowering even slightly.
“What the big guy is trying to say is that Tostig found out there wasn’t enough supplies for everyone to last the winter, so he decided to get rid of every keidran in Callow. We’re exiles.”
This shocked Bjorn. He didn’t think anyone, not even a human, would do something so cutthroat. “Well, if you were hoping for our help, I’m sorry. But we don’t have supplies for everyone here. I can talk to my grandfather and perhaps the council will—”
“There are supplies across the river, if you’d let us go to Ditter’s Ridge we’ll stay out of the way of your siege. We certainly aren’t going to help Tostig after this.
“The big hill near Widow Lake? I thought that was just a bunch of mines.”
“It is, but apparently there are stores of supplies and shelter there.”
Ditter’s Ridge was still technically snow wolf lands, and the recent mining activity was part of why this whole situation was happening now. But these weren’t humans, clearly weren’t loyal to Tostig, and had no means to defending themselves anyway. After taking in the sight, he knew that they were speaking the truth, and that many wouldn’t make it more than a few days even in thick winter fur.
“Alright. We have no quarrel with you. I and a few others will lead you across the river. There’s a ford at Ridge Gate that’s shallow enough you all can cross without getting wet above the knees. We had better hurry though; another storm is coming.”
Shadow then walked up to Bjorn, noting that she was barely taller than his shoulder. “Thank you.” She said gratefully, extending a hand.
Bjorn looked down and felt his heart skip a beat. In a land of ice and snow, before him was a black-furred leopard, a keidran he had never seen before. He immediately reached out to shake her hand. “I am happy to help. Now, we had better get a move on.”
“Lead the way...” Shadow gestured as she grabbed Asher once again and made sure he walked closely beside her through the snow.
It was tough walking through the drifts. At one point, Shadow broke through a layer of hard snow into soft powder below. She sank up to her chest and was struggling to get out when a pair of snow shoes appeared in front of her. Looking up, she saw Bjorn extending his hand. In one swift motion, he lifted the leopard clean out of the snow and onto his snow shoes.
“Thank you.” Shadow said, stunned at how easy it was for the wolf.
“It was nothing.” He said, smile on his face.
In the early hours of dawn, the group of keidran spotted the Ridge Gate, a pair of towering bluffs the river cut through in order to make it to the sea. Soon, Shadow and Asher were some of the first to reach the shore of the river. Shadow picked up Asher and held him as she tried to cross, but the icy water stung on her skin. Bjorn then offered his help once again.
“Please, allow me.” He said as he picked Asher up and placed the boy on his shoulders. Before Shadow could continue into the river, he picked her up as well and held her under her back and knees.
“Oh... my…” Shadow said, looking up at Bjorn. “You really don’t have to.”
“I assume you aren’t from around these parts, considering the black fur.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Well, the river water is cold enough that you really don’t want to get wet if you can help it. So hold on tight, I’ll walk you across.”
It took a few minutes, but Shadow and Asher found themselves on dry ground. Without a word, Bjorn turned around and waded across the river again. It felt… odd… to be carried like that. But apparently the snow wolves were doing this for many of the keidran, especially the children. It took close to a half an hour before everyone was across, but by then it was a simple matter of climbing the ridge. At the top, Shadow and Asher felt the first rays of sun peaking above the horizon. It would fill the valley below for only a couple of hours before setting again.
“We’re getting close to the equinox.” Bjorn explained. “The sun will only break the horizon for an hour then, and it will get really cold.”
“Thank you again.” Shadow replied. “But I didn’t catch your name.”
“It’s Bjorn, ma’am.”
“Well, thank you Bjorn. I am Shadow and this here is Asher.”
“Glad to know you, Shadow. Now, where are these supplies you were talking about?”
“I’m guessing they are down there.” Shadow said as she pointed at what looked to be an abandoned mining camp. Once at the bottom of the ridge, the state of the camp was sad. Tents were blown down by the wind, a couple of the makeshift shacks were caved in from the heavy snow. But one large structure was locked up tight. Busting in the door with a log for a battering ram, the keidran found the first of many supplies. While the food was mostly for humans, and thus was a lot of flour and coffee, there was plenty of dried and salted meats. It wouldn’t be much, but with some careful rationing they’d all be able to make it through the winter.
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