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2023.06.07 03:07 Bitterlyfix44 Spread the word!

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2023.06.05 20:56 Weekly-History4327 How long should it take

I submitted my game to coolmathgames email. But I'm just wondering how long the wait time is it's been 1 week for me already.
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2023.06.01 23:59 randomcracker2012 Why can't I play chess against a computer?

Whenever I try to play against a cpu, the game won't start. I tried to remove my adblocker and that still didn't work.
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2023.06.01 20:41 Delicious_Fly_999 PLAN BEAVUS

Me and my friends are on mission to make the game beavus popular WHO'S WITH ME BEST GAME ON COOLMATH
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2023.05.31 07:25 Extra_Transition_691 I speedran all 3 games in the Sun for the Vampire series

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2023.05.30 04:26 SinaloaGoon Need help finding old game

Hey guys, I need help fiinding an old 2D coolmath game. Basically you're in some ship (circle shape) and you trace the direction you want to go avoiding walls or objects. You would then press "Go" essentially, and the ship would move through the line you traced and get to the finish line. I vividly remember it because of the cool ambient soundtrack it had. Anyways, thanks in advanced 🙌
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2023.05.29 16:01 xx-cavetown-xx Did you know that when you search up coolmathsgames this comes up

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2023.05.29 15:29 realmonke23 How long does it take for cool math games to respond to a gmail

I am a small indie developer who likes to make html 5 games and I contacted [email protected] about 5 days ago, and I just wanted to know how long it usually takes, thank you and for all of you wondering this is the game I made
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2023.05.26 22:44 onceler-for-prez Some assorted advice for upcoming freshmen that I don't hear all too often

So I just finished my freshman year and I have compiled some advice that I think is so helpful but I haven't seen it floating around a lot.
  1. You need about half as many school supplies as you think you do, maybe less. When August comes around, companies like Target start throwing back to school ads in your face so you spend a whole bunch of money all at one time but I'm here to say- you shouldn't buy pens, pencils, etc. (just in case.) "But what if I need a sparkly stapler that also takes Polaroids???" You don't. If the time comes when you need one, you'll know, so just buy what you know you need and when you need that Polaroid stapler you'll get it. And get yourself a good pack of pencils- it's okay to get the fun colorful kind but unless you're an artist don't drop serious money on those Japanese pencils that are really expensive. At least, don't drop that money your freshman year. They're gonna get lost/stolen.
  2. Keep your backpack organized AND clean. I see people talk about the ramifications if your backpack is unorganized, but backpacks get nasty too and it's not good. They get nasty way easier than you might think. Spill some water and forget to clean it up? It mildews. Accidentally keep a Nature Valley Granola Bar in there and squish it? Don't even fool with Nature Valley in your backpack. And god forbid a pencil sharpener bursts in there. Pencil lead dust is like an infectious disease in your backpack.
  3. Paper is heavy. All that money you were gonna spend on the Polaroid stapler? Spend it on a good binder. If you let paper pile up in your backpack, you'll lose it. I forewent the binder step and it probably dropped my GPA a few points, to be honest. And when all that paper crumpled and turned into a giant mass in my backpack, it left less room for other things. I weighed my backpack without my computer and textbooks. It weighed twenty pounds.
  4. Get a VPN and/or use a home computer. If you care a lot about internet privacy, good for you! You probably already have something like proton. I don't care enough about Google selling my information anyways plus I'm broke but if your school has filters, a VPN may or may not circumvent that. Most things were still blocked on my school-issued computer, but if you have a home laptop (which I know not everyone does,) ask your parents if you can bring it. The VPN will work around any wifi blocks so you can still play coolmathgames, look at reddit, read fanfic, etc. If you need a free VPN and don't care about having an overly showy browser, use Opera GX. It has video detaching which is great for school products, it has a free VPN, and it has a pretty nice design. Your parents may even have an old laptop lying around, but anything is better than a Chromebook. An old and bulky Windows 7 with a talkative fan is still better than a Chromebook. CBs run next to nothing. They don't run a lot of games, they have close to no storage, lots of super useful programs often are only available to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chromebooks are just horrible.
  5. If you don't listen to music now, you possibly may in the future, so get some headphones. I would invest in some good tunes, for any occasion. Get recommendations from your friends, or look around on Bandcamp. Music can open you up to new experiences, for one. You'll make new friends who like those songs and then you can go hang out with those same friends at concerts. In fact, just next week I'm seeing Pierce the Veil :3. But chances are you're gonna be experiencing drama- and sometimes listening to music and crying is the best thing to do. Music makes a good homework background, and it's good if people are loud in the hallways. Get some discreet earbuds, wired or wireless, and find some good songs and it may make your year a whole lot better
  6. You're not ready for coitus yet. You may think you are, but chances are you aren't. It's a sad truth but fourteen years old your first month of freshman year is too young to be fooling around with people who don't like you all that much. I really wish I waited it out and got to know myself and mature better in the meantime. There's so much to learn, and even if are protected, sometimes things fail on you. Lots of highschool tips lists say "only have sex if you're ready" but I'm gonna come out of the woodwork and say give it a few years.
I may make a part two :3
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2023.05.25 09:47 bunniteeth [PC][EARLY 2000'S][BROWSER GAME DEMO] Top down game where you help a creepy little girl find her monster dolls to escape?

.: Platform :. PC / Browser Game Demo, Not Flash
.: Genre :. Childrens / Scary [ Not really Horror but scared me as a kid ]
.: Estimated year of release :. Early 2000's
.: Graphics/art style :. 2D, top down, not pixel art
.: Notable characters :. Main character is a normal dude, a creepy little girl
.: Notable gameplay mechanics :. Keyboard Controls, not RPG level scaling, the game was puzzle-like in a sense but stayed at the same difficulty, could get items [ torch for dark caves, hedge clippers for vines, ect ] to get past puzzle points.
.: Other details :.
I used to play this game repeatedly as a child on dial-up internet. I used to find it via, possibly, from CoolMathGames [ or a site similar ] before they reformatted to be fully 'educational' games. It was a top down adventure / horror, though not really that scary, game where you play as a normal guy sent to a 'monster' world. To get back home you had to help this creepy little girl collect her Monster dolls that were taken by creatures- there were 4, a Mummy, Zombie, Vampire, and Witch.
I can VIVIDLY recall the Mummy doll was in a broken down house's cellar to the south of the map, through a forest, and required you to collect a torch from elsewhere on the map to light up. There was a swarm of bats that would attack you the second you entered and the Mummy was in the very center of the cellar. You COULD quickly run up, grab it, and escape before taking 3 hearts of damage and dying.
There was a 'town square' with no other NPCs, with overgrown hedges surrounding it, and some swampy/sewagey looking water in the center. The entire game's color palette was muted colors, and visually dark. I can't recall any music, but if there was, it could have been dark ambient to make the game more 'creepy' feeling. The trees in the forest were dark grey/black and dead with spindly branches, the MC could walk between them and they overlaid each other and the MC.
I could never get more than 2 dolls before dying, since the difficulty was stagnant and didn't scale. There was a function to collect more health, and maybe ONE weapon, but can't remember if I could ever live long enough to find it.
It was simple puzzle-style, needing required items to progress through the overgrown forest/swamp like the torch, or some hedge clippers [ or a scythe ], to see dark areas or cut through thorn bushes.
I want to say the game's name had "Monster" in it, but didn't mention dolls at all. I would use the search engine with 'monster' to find it.
You didn't have to download the demo to play it- and it could have been the full game, but I wasn't skilled enough to finish. Though I'm pretty sure it was a demo, since one area with a doll was completely blocked off by a locked gate and surrounded by trees you couldn't walk through. [ I believe it was the Witch doll, because I cannot remember what it looked like, but the other three are somewhat easy to recall. ]
Vague recollection of game start area, MC, and 2 dolls
I have been trying to find this game for about 20 years, so any help would be appreciated!
Note: I do remember finding an old PC game in previous searches that was point and click style with creepy baby dolls, but this isn't the game.
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2023.05.25 01:10 JawkPOWERLINE new cm hs. im done with discord btw for the time being

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2023.05.24 14:19 Lumpy_Caregiver4796 Alr so i was playing a coolmathgames snappy maps, and look western sahara! (or morocco?) But the flag isnt western sahara...

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2023.05.24 11:22 Aggravating-Ad-3011 three goblets

anyone know what the best skills are ?
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2023.05.23 07:08 Sebthepokeman101 COOL MATH GAMES

So there was this little game on Cool Math called Rainy Day and it was kinda cute, so I was wondering if anyone knew any other aesthetic 2d platformers for me to try?

Here is the link to the game btw:
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2023.05.23 02:08 BinglesPraise [Adobe Flash/Browser][late '00s/early '10s] Platformer with Shape Protagonists

Keep in mind: I made a Reddit account solely to post this, because searches and even ChatGPT have failed with helping me.
Platform(s): It was on the Personal Computer, under Adobe Flash Player.I specifically remember not playing on the big websites like Newgrounds, Coolmathgames and Kongregate a lot, instead playing on sites like Kizi, NotDoppler, or Armor Games; which ended up just having a lot of their libraries copied from the big 3 anyway, but still.
Genre: Platformer. Maybe puzzle-platformer technically, but not sure.Estimated year of release: Late 2000's to early 2010's. Somewhere during Flash games' peak in popularity, expectedly.
Graphics/art style: The art style was cartoony with a vibrant yet not too bright color scheme. I remember the game took place during sunset, with a sort of tropical theme mixed with maybe some Aztec and/or South-American inspiration.
Notable characters: Three characters controlled across the levels. One was a magenta trapezoid, second was a blue semi-circle, and third was a green rectangle. They had eyes, but no mouth, and no limbs, just moving by sliding around. I don't remember there really being anyone else.
Notable gameplay mechanics: All 3 have their own abilities(typical platformer powers, I remember one could swim). All 3 of them could fuse between each other, which would combine their abilities and would have the colors of the two that it fused from in the form of diagonal stripes. It controlled like The Lost Vikings does, where you had to move them separately, and you couldn't just fuse all 3 of them to make it easy.
Other details: Here's what I mean about the characters(not advertising my Twitter here, just using it to link to the image): Image I whipped up in MS Paint for what the protags likely looked like
The game had some one-big-compound-word type name, I remember at that time I doubted I was going to remember the name even at that point. The title screen was a kids chorus yelling the name of the game out loud in rhythm with the tropical instrumental.
Despite the similarities, I specifically remember it wasn't Transmorpher or its sequels, but I remember it played pretty similarly.
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2023.05.22 19:22 Fair_Image2130 This absolute comeback

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2023.05.21 00:23 chefthedxman Theory Idea

So I recently did a full gameplay video on the game "Trace" on CoolMathGames, and I thought, "This game would be perfect for MatPat!"

I don't know if CoolMathGames count here, but it's worth a shot. If it's possible, can MatPat look over it and see if a theory can be made about it?

Here's my video on the gameplay just in case:
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2023.05.20 16:02 Snypezhasbigpp Other Bloons Tower Defense games?

At the moment (may 20th, 2023, and 10:00 AM) btd3 that was recently released has garnered alot of praise by the community, I think it was the fastest released game that obtained hundreds of thousands likes, at the moment the game has 111,887 votes and the game is rated 4.7/5 stars, yesterday, the game had around 80k votes, 30k+ votes and around 95% of them being positive within a day? BTD3 is also #1 in trending if you go to it now, its doing really good and older people that used to go on coolmath for btd games are coming back (definitly not forever but for one game reaching 111k votes already is crazy especially for coolmath that died out a ton).
TL:DR BTD3 is doing extremely successful so u guys working at coolmath should release more btd games, like btd 1-2.
(I know theres a archive for ninja kiwi games on steam but theres just a nostalgic feeling of btd games being on steam that hits me, and alot of people dont know abt the archive, so coolmath, if you want to come back, I think realeasing the older games especially btd games would be very, very successful)
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2023.05.18 20:42 J0SE917 What was the name of the monster game?

I’ve just remembered a game I used to live playing but can’t remember if I have the right name: I think it was called Monster Park or Monster Dark. I don’t think it was very popular but everyone got sucked into someone monster universe and you had to slowly unlock characters and complete puzzles. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?
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2023.05.18 20:41 Alternative-Ad-3041 Is Papa's Cheeseria not working for anyone else? For me the loading screen is just stuck

Edit: Apparently not just cheeseria, any game that isn't also on newgrounds.
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2023.05.17 01:07 DaBigFlubbo Consistent crashes, lag and frame rate drops, regardless of game?

I've been noticing that if I play just about any game for more than about 20 minutes the frame rate will start to drop to 2-3 for seemingly no reason. This is still bearable, however, so I continue to play and just deal with it every 40 seconds or so, until a little later (I think its around 30-35 minutes from startup) the frame rate will stop returning to normal levels, followed shortly by a crash. Had this happen to me in Jacksmith, BTD 3, and Moto X3M. This issue doesn't appear to be client-side, as the computer I play on can handle much more than a few flash games and it has happened while I was connected to several different Wi-Fis. Anybody else experiencing something similar?
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2023.05.16 22:53 JoeCustomer77 Old browser game

Looking for an older browser game I played years ago, may have been on coolmathgames or a related site. Was an army/strategy/auto battler type game, where as you progressed through the levels/campaign you unlocked different types of troop/weapon/armoetc, and could customize your army such as where the units started during a battle, what they were wearing in terms of armor and weapons and such, and different units had different stats, there were orcs/goblins of some sort as one example I remember. You could preset individual unit setups or whole formations and switch between them between battles, and I remember while it had a really good story it was quite hard once you got to the second chapter of the game and I never did beat it.
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