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2023.06.02 14:24 Virtual_Tadpole9821 A BL fan's guide to visiting Thailand

There's been much talk about BL's potential as a driver of tourism. And it's evident, as some of you have shared your stories here in this sub, while others have asked for help planning upcoming trips. But there still appears to be a lack of easily accessible information for people visiting Thailand for the BL. Here's an attempt to remedy that, with this guide to visiting Thailand for BL fans. I've taken the liberty to incorporate suggestions from several previous threads here, as well as various other sources, so thank you to everyone who's contributed to the discussion.

First things first

This will only touch on things specifically of interest to BL fans. For the other aspects of your trip, including most basic planning stuff, please consult the usual travel resources.
That said, firstly you'll want to consider the purpose of your trip, and how much of it you want to dedicate to BL stuff. Do you just want a regular vacation, with a side stop for some merch, or are you here to relive the all the scenes from your favourite BLs? It's very possible to come up with a weeks-long itinerary of nothing but BL locations, and you could spend as much time mall-hopping to catch artist appearances, but Thailand also has a lot of other things to experience, whether you want to stick to the major attractions or go off the beaten track. It's all up to you.
Also, this probably goes without saying, but if you want to attend a specific event, be sure to plan around it and make travel arrangements accordingly. Concerts and fan meetings usually have tickets go on sale a couple of months in advance at most, so you'll want to have flexible options if you book your travel and accommodation before then.


Most of the BL-related things you can do will be concentrated in Bangkok, so it's where this guide will be mainly focused, but there are also several provincial locations that have featured in BL, especially Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north and Phuket in the south, all of which are major tourist destinations in their own right. Series have also spent time at plenty of beaches and resorts (particularly around Hua Hin and several towns in Chonburi province) as well as other popular excursions, most of which are short trips from Bangkok. Further out are the island resorts of Koh Samet, Koh Tao and Koh Lanta. The north-east Isan locations are rather off the tourist trail, but could well be worth the experience if that's your style of travel.

Getting immersed

Arriving in Bangkok, one of the first things you'll notice as a fan of Thai BL (or Thai dramas in general) is that you're surrounded by familiar faces everywhere, on banners and billboards and the back of tuk-tuks. Although BL actors aren't that well known among the general public (a surprise to some), the better known ones have a ton of brand endorsements and appear in ads for all sorts of products. Even if you're not planning your trip around BL, spotting actors you know in ads and fan projects can be an entertaining pastime.
Head into a 7-Eleven and you're pretty much guaranteed to see faces you recognize, perhaps on products you're already familiar with from all those series sponsorships and product placements. If the advertising worked and you're dying to know what that bottled green tea or that seaweed snack tastes like, this is your chance to give them a try.
Speaking of tasting, you'll probably be sampling plenty of Thai food while here, so why not include some of the food and drink items from the series you remember, be it som tam from What Zabb Man, the traditional desserts from UWMA, or the famous pink milk, known here as nom yen?
Meanwhile, if taking public transport, spend some time watching the people and see how BL imitates real life. Do you recognize the colours of the school uniforms? Or the university students in their white shirts and black slacks? You might even come across some engineering students in their workshop overshirts.
If you miss hearing the Raikantopeni disclaimer at the beginning of shows, be sure to turn on the TV to catch it as they air live. Be aware though that following shows in Thailand will be more difficult than at home, as they won't have subtitles on TV or on most local streaming services, so you'll likely need a VPN.

Merch stores & fan hangouts

This might be a bit of a letdown, but apart from GMMTV's, there aren't really any physical stores for official merchandise. But since you'll be in the country, you could check with your accommodation to see if they can arrange to accept local package deliveries for you, so you can place some online orders and avoid the international shipping fees. Be sure to check the processing and delivery times - this might be tricky (and won't work with pre-orders, only in-stock items).
GMMTV's shop is not a traditional giftshop as one might assume, but more like a kiosk at their office on the 30th floor of the GMM Grammy Place building - there's just a small product display and a cashier window. Apart from buying products, there's a good chance of running into some actors when visiting, though you're not allowed to linger and there's nowhere to hang out apart from some cafés on the ground floor. You will likely spot some fan-project displays (as mentioned above) outside and in the building, and the cafés will often have cup-sleeve giveaways by fans. Here's a very helpful guide by u/snuffles005: How to visit the GMMTV building and shop
Elsewhere, there's Wab Cafe' and Friends, by the Studio Wabi Sabi people. It's a café, so you'll be buying drinks there rather than merch, but it's very much a space created for fans, and there will often be something going on like fan projects and giveaways, or maybe mini-events with actors making an appearance. It's in RCA, Bangkok's main clubbing neighbourhood (and home to studios where many productions hold their workshops), which takes a bit of an effort to get to, but it's also probably the most dedicated hangout space for BL fans there is.
From Star Hunter, there's Hunter Village, a studio space (mostly used for dance classes) in MBK Center, one of Bangkok's most popular malls. It's a mostly open space, so you'll be able to see if there's someone coming in or something going on, but I'm not sure if it's really somewhere you can hang out at.
Other than that, quite a few actors have their own cafés or some other business, which you might want to visit to support them directly. Clothing and fashion items (perhaps from brands with your faves as presenters) may also be something you'd want to go shopping for.
For manga and anime (including BL/yaoi) there's an Animate store (the specialty chain from Japan), also at MBK Center. In addition to imported works, they also have an extensive Thai section, with both translated and original works.
If you want to observe the Thai novel scene, just walk into any major Thai book store, where you'll likely find rows, maybe entire shelves, of BL novels, prominently displayed - BL has very much gone mainstream in the Thai publishing industry. You'll also find glossy magazines featuring actor photoshoots here. You'll have less luck finding English translations, though, as most translated works are e-book only. For English-language (and Japanese) books in general, your best bet is Books Kinokuniya. They do have Japanese and Chinese translations of some Thai BL novels, as well as the English manga versions of SOTUS and Manner of Death, at international prices.

Catching events

Seeing actors up close (or at a distance) in real life will probably be the BL highlight of your trip for many of you. And unless you're ultra specific as to whom you want to see, there are ample opportunities to catch these actor appearances.
The biggest experiences will of course be the major events - concerts, fan meetings, and the like - that you'll have to buy tickets for. As mentioned above, you'll have to plan around them if you want to attend (which also limits how long you can plan in advance), and make sure to actually get those tickets. They're usually announced very publicly, so it's hard to miss them if you follow the usual news update channels. If you're around when one takes place but can't attend, it can still be worth dropping by if you want to get hold of the merch or just check out the crowds.
For more casual fans, you'll still have plenty of chance to see actors at smaller events, as there's pretty much always something happening somewhere, though there might not be much choice on who you get to see. These events vary a lot in scale, and can be anything from product launches to movie premieres. Most artist's agencies will announce them on their social media channels, usually on a weekly basis, and fan accounts may help share and/or translate them. You'll have to follow them to keep updated.
Most of these events will be held in Bangkok's plethora of malls. The biggest ones are mostly lined along the BTS Skytrain's Sukhumvit Line, so if you plan to do a lot of mall-hopping, whether for events or just shopping, consider getting accommodation with easy access to the BTS for convenience. Here's a great post by u/BumblingWombat that describes the experience in detail: What it's like to go to BL events in Thailand (Oh yeah, there are also top-spender events, which I won't go into, as I don't know anything about them. Those who're aiming for them probably won't need this guide anyway.)
Aside from these specific events, there are also annual book fairs that are partially or directly BL-related, where actors from various agencies may make appearances. The mainstream National Book Fair and Book Expo are usually held at the beginning of April and some time in October. Since last year, BL novels and publishers have had a large presence there, and GMMTV actors made daily appearances with fan gatherings in the car park. There are also smaller book fairs directly focusing on BL: Y Book Fair in July, and International Novel Festival at the end of November. They also feature actor appearances, but can also be worth seeing just for the atmosphere if you're interested in experiencing the literary BL scene here.
On the other hand, to experience more of the community side of the fandom, you might want to check out some fan-held events, such as the birthday projects that fan clubs often do, which may be in the form of café galleries or mini-gatherings. Info will mostly be on Twitter, though it may not be readily translated.

Visiting filming locations

If BL inspired you to make the trip to Thailand, no doubt you'd be interested in visiting some of the filming locations yourself. But while some of them are traditional tourist attractions in their own right, most aren't normally on the radar for general visitors, so it'll take a bit of investment (in time and travel) to include them in your trip.
If there's a single most iconic location to recommend, it must be the Rama VIII Bridge over the Chao Phraya River, which shows up in more BLs than anywhere else. So far, it's been seen in SOTUS, SOTUS S, Gen Y, Tonhon Chonlatee, I Promised You the Moon, My Ride, Enchanté, Cutie Pie, KinnPorsche, Even Sun, 2 Moons: The Ambassador, and Boyband. It's not really a tourist attraction, but it's a major landmark of modern Bangkok that everyone knows, and isn't too hard to get to. It's a bit of a walk (some 15 minutes, or just take a tuk-tuk) from either the Phra Athit or Thewet Pier if you're coming from the main riverside attractions and use the Chao Phraya Express (or Tourist) Boat. If you're into financial history, the Bank of Thailand Learning Center and museum is right next to the bridge. Otherwise, Suan Luang Rama VIII Park by its base is also nice, and also a filming location. The bridge itself is most photogenic at night, but make sure you have transport back if you stay late. Consider one of those dinner cruises if you want to experience it from the same angles as KinnPorsche and Cutie Pie.
For other locations, you'll need to do some research. If there's a specific series you want to follow, try searching to see if someone has already compiled a list of locations, which is likely the case for the more popular series. Most info will be on Tumblr or Twitter.
Filming locations may be public places, shops and businesses, private establishments, or purpose-built or converted studios, so remember to think of their ability to welcome visitors. Dress appropriately for the venue, take care to respect their regular functions, and be considerate to other people. Some of the most familiar locations are university campuses, and the grounds will generally be open to the public, but they're not usually equipped to deal with large numbers of visitors. So if you do visit, have fun reliving those memorable scenes but make sure not to disturb the real students who are there for class. Meanwhile, cafés, bars and restaurants would surely welcome your patronage, but please do not snoop around private offices or people's homes. It all boils down to following common sense, really.
A lot of the locations will be quite spread out and some distance away from downtown, so you'll have to plan carefully if you want to hit more than a few. You might want to hire transport for the day, but also take the traffic into consideration.
If you've always wanted to sleep in the same room that your favourite characters lived in (or at least an identical one), you might be in luck. Some of the apartment locations may have rooms available for daily renting, so check with them. As above, though, their location can be rather inconvenient transport-wise. On the other hand, you might want to opt for the hotels and resorts that featured as locations, which will be better equipped with tourist facilities.
For houses specifically, I have a post on The houses of Thai BL. Most of them are private property rented out as studios, but some will be happy to accept visitors (for a fee) on their off days. Contact their management to see if a something can be arranged. Or if you're serious about it and ready to pay, just rent the place at full price for your own personal photoshoot. If you try it either way, do let us know how it turns out. On the other hand, Wawa House (To Sir, With Love) has a café for visitors, Slōlē (Golden Blood, Bite Me, Enchanté, The Tuxedo, The Eclipse) is a real-life café when not filming, and Red Brick Kitchen (Not Me, KinnPorsche, War of Y) features a chef's table dining experience (reservations only, 4 persons minimum).
If you're just looking for some usual attractions that happen to have BL appearances as a bonus, here are a few (very non-exhaustive) suggestions for Bangkok:
While Bangkok's malls are very much major attractions by themselves, I didn't include them as their appearances are quite too numerous to list.
Outside of Bangkok, each series will mostly feature locations relatively near each other (except Cupid's Last Wish, which went all over the country), so I'll just list the series by destination without going into each location's detail.

Further resources & suggestions

The Let's Talk BL podcast hosts talked about their experience in Thailand last year, covering a lot of the above points over several episodes at the beginning of season 3. Be sure to check them out if you want all the details, especially S3 EP3: Tips & Tricks for the perfect BL experience in Bangkok. Some of their main tips that I didn't mention above are not to overstretch yourself trying to go to everything, and to use a map to plan your days.
Colourme-feral on Tumblr has an incredible Google Map that plots locations from several series, and more in their blog, which a lot of the above is sourced from. For Bad Buddy specifically, Telomeke-bbs on Tumblr has a series of posts that analyse the locations at an insane level of detail.
I'm sure I haven't covered nearly everything in this post, so please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. (I'll try to expand the locations list as I get around to digging for more series.) If you have questions or need help identifying a specific location, feel free to ask! (Though no guarantees there.)
For full disclosure, I'm receiving no compensation whatsoever for writing this. Any biases or omissions are purely unintentional.
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2023.06.02 13:51 Pleasant-Ad-6364 Accepting I Have NPD: Awakening

I’ve come a long way since November 2022 when my wife discovered nude pics of women on our shared photo account (I’ve previously been careful about deleting these pics but these slipped through). My wife of 30 years reacted with disgust (pics were graphic for her but routine Penthouse stuff but still). For the first time she refused to sleep in our bed. How did I find out? She texted me “oops.” That’s all it took and I knew immediately what she was referring to.
How did I react initially? Panic? Remorse? Nope. I was outed and not happy about it until my wife started talking divorce which scared the crap out of me. Her face said it all: hardened, angry. I then pulled out all my stops: childhood trauma, difficult life, disabilities, etc. All fell on deaf ears. My wife wasn’t listening.
I began to spiral down now realizing for the first time the harm I caused her. I became suicidal and had it all planned out: I own a gun and knew where to aim. But at last sec I gave my wife my weapons. Just so happened I saw a new therapist that day and told him I was actively suicidal. He was concerned enough he called my wife and police. I came home and there were three officers standing inside my house. I had to surrender my guns and whether I wanted to or not I was told I had no choice but to go to ED for eval. I scoffed.
I’m brought by ambulance to psych ED at my local hospital where a parade of mental healthcare professionals came streaming in and out of my room. I’m a physician I told them. I was honest with my concerns. I thought for sure I’d be allowed to go home. Much to my shock I was involuntarily committed to psych ward for eval. This is now early Jan 2023.
I’m now in hospital but I wasn’t really coming to terms with how serious a condition I was in. Mg sex life was lousy I told the professionals therein. I had a tough childhood. But at no time did I acknowledge my role in this. I spent a week in the unit before I was allowed to go home. When I got home my wife (who picked me up) looked at the discharge papers and saw my diagnosis. Silently she handed me the papers. Diagnosis: NPD.
I was not told about this diagnosis while admitted and not certain why. My wife immediately began reading up on this condition and then came to me and said, yep, the diagnosis fits me to a T. For her it was confirmation of the reasons we had a less than ideal marriage (ok, unpleasant). For me it was a revelation.
In outpatient therapy I learned for the first time what validation is and whole object relations. I realized how entitled I was. And so the dawning awareness of this disease became apparent to me.
I decided to finally read up on NPD and was shocked to see how many of the criteria I had that met the diagnosis of covert NPD.
When I completed the month long outpatient psych program I decided to look for a therapist who specializes in NPD. My wife found her own counselor as well. This is now mid Feb.
I decide that I’m going to force myself to lower my defense shields and listen to my wife and her concerns and criticisms. It really was a punch to the gut to listen to this but I did.
I became self-aware. This is now early March. I decided to to keep written journal and join Reddit NPD discussion group where I’ve posted other threads detailing my self growth.
I’ve now come to a point where I’m not only self aware but I’ve awakened to a new world. Like Neo in the Matrix (one of my all time favorite movies). I’m now in a place where few NPDers have ventured.
I’m living now without my NPD defense mechanisms. I’m accepting criticism. I’m growing and evolving. I’ve become an active listener. I no longer speak as if I’m the most important person in the room.
I’m now treating my wife with respect, kindness and compassion. I’m learning this through DBT.
My wife wants to stay in our marriage and we started marital counseling 2 months ago. A lot of stuff is coming out.
She’s sad, angry, resentful of what she’s been through. She told me yesterday she lost interest in sex 15 years ago and was pretty much servicing me. That was another sad revelation. She told me she had passion and was emotionally invested with boyfriends before we met but lost all of this in the first few years of our marriage. Why then did she remain in our marriage? She didn’t want to me seen as a divorcee and so she suffered in silence.
Along the way I came under the care of a therapist who knows nothing of of NPD and so I complained to her how lousy my marriage was and also about my miserable relationship with my mother. I stayed with this therapist for 9 years and all she did was to validate my concerns. I received no diagnosis.
My wife had a nervous breakdown 15 years ago and came under the care of a psychiatrist whom she saw for 3 years during which our marriage came up. Despite what she told this doc, NPD never came up but not surprisingly that was when she lost interest in sex. I wasn’t there for her emotionally to help her through this difficult period.
So we spent the last 15 years going through the motions as I hoarded various things and and became addicted to online porn all the while I was I was a very active physician.
So there you have it. My life story in a nutshell. I’ve started EMDR to address my childhood issues. I’m not looking forwards to this but it’s part of my healing process.
And my wife is still here. I’m still not sure of what the future holds for us at this point but we’re taking things one day at a time.
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2023.06.02 13:37 fish-with-arms Panic coping skills that work for me :)

Just a warning this will be a pretty long post :)) you’re welcome to skip to the tips if you don’t want to read it all!
Hi! i’m F20 and have had panic disorder badly for about three years with the worst of it in 2022, i had panic attacks basically daily and when i wasn’t panicking i was anxious and on edge. My Panic disorder is treatment resistant too which made finding coping skills even harder.
I wanted to share what’s been working for me as i definitely got super sick of hearing “take a deep breath” or “find 5 blue things” (totally fine if those work for you! they just don’t work for me). I’m not at all fully recovered but i think i can handle my panic pretty well now and it’s become more of an inconvenience rather than something horrible and terrifying.
Hopefully these tips can help a little, you’re not alone in your struggles and this won’t be your new forever, i promise :)
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2023.06.02 13:09 AimlessFacade The Hiring Market is Functionally Broken - So what's the Answer?

Greetings jobs,
To preface, I myself have been unemployed for the not-so better part of 4 years, so most of my time is spent in the application process.
The major point I'd like to bring forth is that, for all intents and purposes: The Job Market is broken.
Now, I will be fully transparent in saying that there is a certain bitterness to that, which I put out on full display in a post about the concept that work shouldn't be controlling the ability to live. There is also a lot of emotion behind all of the failed attempts I've had to make to try and get anywhere, just to do everything right and still fail.
At this point in time, I think I have come full circle. I've reviewed, changed and reformated my resume and cover letter more than I care to admit. I have done so myself (I was trained by SAIT to be able to format these with excellency), I have tried the suggestions and help of others, I have sought professionals (who insist eachother's work is awful) and finally, I have tried ChatGPT upon the logic that a robot would work best with an ATS system.
My methods of application have ranged from in-person dropoffs, to cold calling, to temp agencies, to using online proprietary websites made by companies, to using job boards like indeed, linkedin, monster, ziptecruiter, etc (all at once to improve chances) to part time, to full time, to contract.
I have applied for things I'm qualified for, and things that I would be overqualified or underqualified for. My range of what I can do has a nice variance, with fields such as Administrative, IT, Hospitality, Sales and Retail to name a few. I generally have anywhere from 2-5 years experience in these fields.
I've complied with background checks, done indeed assignments and third party tests.
Along with my personal experience, the posts here, and the tales from recruitinghell and unemployed, it has become increasingly clear that the hiring market is, no less than a madhouse.
My peers among these boards and myself see countless applications put out for naught. What I witness, are tales about high decorum and proper channels used when seeking employment, only to be treated very, very poorly.
Alongside our expriences, the statistics gathered from media are alarming.
For example, the "ghost job phenomenon".
Or Worse yet, the decline in Hiring ManageRecruiter Decorum to a point of sheer incredulity.
It takes only a small glance at the aforementioned subs to figure out these issues. A small search on google usually reveals stories as well.
If the system is so fundamentally broken to the point where applications are eaten up and spat out with no regard to effort and where Hiring Managers and Recruiters treat potential applicants so poorly and unprofessionally that it causes mental issues (that sometimes are permanent) then something needs to change.
However, as many have said before, this system had stayed the same for a long time. Change usually comes slow. And it is clear that while we wait, the usual upstanding methods we have tried to approach and use honorably and truthfully have failed time and time again.
So my question is: what methods do we now employ, realizing the ephiphany that our job market is morally bankrupt, devoid of ethics and poised to fail anyone who attempts to do things professionally/ by the book?
The definition of insanity itself is to do something the same way, expecting the outcome to change every time you do it. And if change cannot come from the system, then change we must.
How do we now apply, when current methods are now known to fail, ironically, without failure?
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2023.06.02 13:09 Skinclinicindelhi People's Skins are Degenerating as a Result of Way of Living

The natural vitality, shine, and warmth of the skin are all attempts to be diminished by ageing, dirt, tension, and the millennial lifestyle. Infections, traumas, and diseases all have an effect. But science and technology are quickly catching up to eliminate and undo these impacts. In addition to reducing the effects of ageing, we can now treat a variety of skin problems, rectify deformities or flaws, and take action against imbalanced characteristics. All of this is made possible via Plastic Surgery in Delhi. The moment is now to invest in yourself because of technological advancements and the decreasing cost of facial plastic surgery in Delhi.
Cosmetic and plastic surgery at SCULPT INDIA
According to some, cosmetic procedures are a blend of science and artistry. This mixture is enhanced by perfection at SCULPT India—from the highly qualified and trained medical staff to the cutting-edge technology, SCULPT India has established the benchmark for cosmetic surgery in Delhi and expanded the vision with a cutting-edge Cosmetic Clinic in Guwahati. The highly regarded surgeon at SCULPT India, Dr Vivek Kumar, performs plastic surgery with precision and refinement to reverse and cure disfigurements and faults. His standing and accomplishments have earned SCULPT the most sought-after facility for plastic surgery in Delhi; currently, high-quality medical services and plastic surgery are being offered in the Cosmetic Clinic in Chandigarh.
The Highly skilled Team of SCULPT India
Place your trust in the professionals at SCULPT India, where we guarantee to cheer you up when you look in the mirror if you want to maintain, improve, or protect your beauty.
The top Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi is SCULPT India. It assists each client to choose the best solution to their difficulties while accommodating their varied requirements and preferences. Its outstanding medical staff is the foundation of SCULPT's success as the premier cosmetic clinic in India. Our renowned dermatologist, skilled surgeon, attentive nursing staff, and cutting-edge technology have built a solid reputation for expertise.
Source :
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2023.06.02 12:59 fourleaffungi Missing Person - Urgent

Missing Person - Urgent
This is a good friend of mine who has been missing for over 3 days. **NEWEST UPDATE: License plate read in Henderson Nevada on I11 (right near Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, Hoover Dam...) He has been to Vegas a few times in the past few years and enjoyed it, especially walking down the strip, Area 15, and most likely any nearby secluded nature areas. Reasons to believe he may be trying to slip out of the spotlight and blend in/disappear on the streets, at isolated camping spots, etc. Possible that he could interact with someone in this community while doing so. He made mentions of suicide and disappearance before leaving while his fiancée and 2 children were asleep. ** Please be on the lookout for this car (silver 2022 Toyota highlander - CT license plate BE35285 - generic pic attached) *** Left from Manchester CT on 5/30. Originally thought he could be in CT, NY, PA, MI, or along the Appalachian Trail. Received one license plate reading from Binghamton NY 3 days ago, one in Illinois heading west on Rt 55 2 days ago, an ATM withdrawal in Tonganoxie Kansas yesterday ***
Concerned for his safety and wellbeing. Feel free to share to any communities. *** Please call Manchester CT police if you have any information. Attached photos of his car type, and the bag and tattoo described in the alert.
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2023.06.02 12:21 VoidZero1337 How I cured my severe TMJ within around a month (experimental / risky method)

(Just a heads up, I'm not a doctor and the route I took was highly experimental after exhausting all medical treatments available to me. This is mainly to document a possible cure for TMJ for research purposes. If you are a medical researcher please do not hesitate to reach out to me.)
Some possibly relevant context:
In 2019 I had some surgery done on my upper left jaw where a plate that was screwed into my jaw had to be removed in an emergency surgery. The 2 years after that I heavily used adderall to treat my adhd which caused excessive bruxism also at night, which I received a night guard for.
Onset of TMJ:
In early 2022, months after stopping adderall I started noticing some slight yaw popping after taking ecstasy at a festival and thought nothing of it. This was the start of a year of jaw popping when speaking, eating, yawning leading to extreme jaw pain and crepitus most of the day. This went on to the point where I could no longer speak properly or chew anything.
I went to the doctor who prescribed me some minor muscle relaxers, but my condition did not improve at all. I was then sent off to a physiotherapist who I had 4 sessions with, each once a month. After the 4 months the situation had only become worse with more crepitus then ever before and the physiotherapist told me that he did everything he could to help me and that it should be long gone.
I went back to my doctor who referred me to a dental surgeon and a hospital dentist. They took some scans of my bones and checked my night guard (which was fine according to them) and told me there was nothing more they could do except refer me to a psychologist to deal with stress (I was going to a psychologist already at the time and declined).
I went on living with the condition for more then a year, with some periods being worse then others, and most of my waking hours spent either worrying about it or in pain. It almost drove me to suicide at times and made me seek out heavy narcotics to deal with the pain such as morphine and much worse.
A few months ago I have received an unrelated injury to my shoulder during one of my workouts and was looking for a solution which did not involve me stopping going to the gym altogether. What I did after that is not well studied, potentially dangerous and not something to do unless you are absolutely desperate.
I obtained a peptide called TB500 (thymosin beta 4) in an effort to recover my shoulder more quickly. I injected 2mg over the span of 2 weeks and my shoulder was doing better. Strangely I also noticed much less creptius and pain in my jaw, which was a pleasant surprise but I did not immediately draw any conclusion as this could also be explained by temporary fluctuations in symptoms.
A few weeks later I received another unrelated injury due to sports and due to my previous experience with TB500 I obtained around 3 vials 2mg each to speed up my recovery. Taken in once a week shots of 2mg for 3 weeks I recovered faster from my unrelated injury, but in the process almost fully healed my TMJ issues to the point where my jaw rarely pops, never hurts and I never hear the god awful sound of crepitus in my ear. I was even able to completely stop all narcotics and painkiller use apart from the occasional aspirin for headaches.
It's almost absurd how well this worked for me to the point that I had forgotten this even being an issue for me until pretty recently. I was actually reminded by my SO popping their jaw while sleeping next to me.
I hope my post can be helpful to someone reading this. Please don't go out injecting yourself with under researched peptides because of a reddit post. Exhaust all medical routes possible before even considering doing something like this. But maybe if you are truely desperate, it is worth a shot. I hope I did not break any rules of the subreddit. Thank you for reading and take care.
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2023.06.02 12:02 spacespaghettisoup Information station

Samsung Galaxy S22PLUS users do you have any tips/ tricks? Or Advice for new S22plusers? Can you share any information that may not be known to everyone? Such as ways to get the most from their device. Or what are your favorite fonts/widgets? How did you set up your camera to get the highest quality pictures and videos? What apps do you use for ringtones/wallpapers? What kind of customizations did you make when setting up your device? What's your favorite thing about the S22plus? What's something you'd change if you could? Do you have any issues? If yes then what kind? were you able to fix them? If so, how? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations that you'd like to share? How is the recent update treating you? What are some things that will help with battery drainage? Please share any knowledge or issues you have and help your fellow S22PLUSers get the most from their devices. Anything you share or ask, be it well-known or something you recently discovered, is welcomed and appreciated.
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2023.06.02 11:46 No_Yogurtcloset6433 Everything You Want to Know About Portable Compactors and More

Everything You Want to Know About Portable Compactors and More
Climate change is not just about GHG emissions, pollution, wasting water and planting trees. It is also about processing waste. According to the World Bank, annually 2.01 billion tonnes of junk is created globally; approximately 33% of it isn't processed safely. Can you imagine its impact on our environment, climate change and global warming? Thankfully India is quite ahead in this sector; in 2022, the nation successfully processed 73% of the garbage generated. And it is all due to the rising popularity of waste management technologies, portable compactors, stationary compactors etc.
This article discovers the uses and impact of different trash compactors.
What are the different types of trash compactors?
Refuse compactor vehicle - Refuse compactor vehicle helps to carry the waste from different garbage bins and containers to the designated landfill or process plants. The auto compaction cycle provided with this compactor helps to compact the waste while travelling. And you can also control the compactor using an electrical switch to ensure better safety for the workers.
Portable compactor - Despite being movable, portable compactors are different from RCVs. Unlike RCVs, these comprise a compactor and a mounted container on a frame. You can move this garbage management machine using a hook loader unit, then drive it to the landfill to dump the waste. The best benefit of this compactor is maintaining the integrity of the environment. For example, keeping them under a shed prevents the pooling of rainwater or liquid waste and keeps the area safe and clean.
Stationary Compactor - Stationary Compactors are mainly used to process dry waste. Any medium to large companies can use these trash compactors. Primarily, you can mount these machines near the factories, production plants or the source of the waste. Once the waste collection is complete, then you can use a detachable container to transfer the waste into a landfill.
What are the different kinds of waste that industrial trash compactors can manage?
Solid waste - Solid trash management is the process of collecting, sorting, processing and discarding solid materials or items which have served their purpose. They are categorised based on their origin, hazard potential and content. For example, household, commercial, industrial and individual use generate solid waste.
Liquid waste - Liquid or fluid waste is mainly sewage water from household usage, industrial activities, commercial purposes and more. This type of waste usually consists of water and organic or inorganic materials. There are particular trash compactors to treat and dispose of wet and liquid waste.
Recyclable waste - Recycling is a significant aspect of effectively managing waste. For recyclable waste like paper, aluminium, cardboard etc. specialised trash compactors are most suited. Aluminium smelter equipment like anode transport vehicle is an efficient and long-lasting equipment ensuring eco-friendly disposal of aluminium.
Manufacturing industry waste - Manufacturing and industrial areas generate the highest amounts of trash compared to other sources. Manufacturing companies can use stationary compactors to collect, sort and dispose of manufacturing waste specifically. This type of waste requires industrial trash compactors because it can contain different materials like paper, glass, plastic etc.
Waste management comprises various stages like collecting the waste, delivering it to process plants, and sorting through the garbage and processing. And the entire process requires various machinery. Just like the refuse compactor vehicle helps to move the trash, and stationary compactors help collect it.
Consult portable compactors manufacturers to buy the best waste management machine suiting your needs.
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2023.06.02 11:32 Childish-Hashirama I hate dad, lola and lolo

So before y’all say I’m a bad kid First, I’ll let you know the story,. I’m not a good story teller I just want to release it quickly deep inside my chest.
So ever since nong bata ako dad and mom already left to work outside the country. When I grew up I understood that our family really needs money to keep the family going and to make us their children graduate. Alternatively they took grandpa and step grandma as our guardian (from my father’s side). Fast forward to what actually happened in april, I was having a fever on and off that lasted for almost 2 weeks and on the third day dad and I got into an argument like he was mad that I am not taking house responsibility e that time nilalagnat ako and whenever I get contact with air or cold things like water I get chills.
He was literally nagging exposing my little brother to his behavior in which later on he would adapt that as he’s just a 6 year old boy. Then he got mad making him go upstairs in my room where I’m resting my body then he’s like using an aggressive tone and acting like he’s dominating the argument like one snap he will punch me.
But I wasn’t scared to that so i kept on saying what’s my point, the problem with me is nagfreeze response ako nong sinakal niya ako twice I didn’t knew if I will punch him na ba or not yet. He was the one who initiated the conversation with aggressiveness I never acted like i was about to punch him it was so traumatizing that when i called my little brother to run he begged dad to stop.
But he wasn’t moving on top of me after choking me the first time so I said “get off of me! You’re not right to do that! Get off” In tagalog. Pero instead of him trying to fix it up with me, you know what he did to me? He choked me again for the second time then he stopped then I ran to the barangay to get some help eventually I filed a blotter against him.
Then again ran to the hospital to get some strange ngersevidences so I have record of where the bruises are and pictures from the hospital. Sadly whenever a staff asks me what will I do to the evidences they would laugh if I say I want my father to go in jail I have no clue why they were laughing. After long hours of long lines in the hospital I went straight to my other lola to let her know I want dad out of the house and transfer the name to me (this is me desperately asking for help from them). I also called father’s dad for help but all he said when heard me wanting to put dad in jail was “eh gago ka pala e”.
They’re still mad about me filing dad for a blotter in barangay but despite them knowing what dad did to me they still teamed up with him,. Also I won the case.
Then 1 month passed dad and I got into an argument again this happened kanina when I was cooking. He said that my little brother will go to grandpa’s house, then lil bro said that he doesn’t want to cause step grandma keeps on spanking him there in the house. Then i got mad cause they don’t have any rights to dominate someone’s body. They’re not even the ones who carried our lil bro in the womb for 9 months, also mom doesn’t want them to be spanked she can’t do nothing here cause she’s outside the country that’s why Im the one speaking out for the kid’s right on their body. Mom also value gentle parenting that’s why. Then i said that those people are not the ones to decide whether to violate the kid’s right or not. Kahit man lang bata e respetuhin nila. Dad was always doing this kind of response behavior since I was in grade 10 I hated the fuck na I idolize him when I was a kid but now he’s just a disappointment to me. Like he would defend pa his dad when I said na I’m mad at them for treating me like an enemy maybe sa kaniya di niya makita POV ko kasi di naman siya kinakalaban right now but all of the family members are hating on me right now e kaso kasi since last year pa sila ganito e getting mad at me and treating me like I’m not invited in Christmas eve and party (fun fact I didnt attend the party cause i already had enough of their energy, i got drunk with my friends and went to batangas with their family na lang on December 25). Idk why my grandparents are mad at me last year doon na kasi ako nagstart magdecide sa sarili i don’t want mistakes but I’m open to it in my life cause that’s where growth starts. Maybe they’re mad at me for having tattoos, maybe they’re mad at me for choosing work first over academics because of my mom’s debt I forced myself to stop muna, maybe they’re mad at me for changing my mind to pursuing hustle and business than settling for a job, but either way I’m glad I no longer got to see their faces again in that house.
Dad didn’t just did that once he does kicking during the pandemic lockdown and he always grapple with me whenever we get heated in the arguments when I was in grade 11 and 10. He also threatened me that he will stab and poke my eye out nong pandemic kasi sinabi ko na wag niya pagsalitaan ng pangit exgf ko that time kasi he was mocking her for her looks. He also threatened to stab me during my freshman year 2021-2022.
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2023.06.02 11:10 dykenonsense Dr recommendations in Denver?

Hi all. It has become so hard to find pain management clinics that aren’t so blatantly for profit and anti patient. I’m not interested in a doctor trying to sell me chiropractic, lipo, beautifying treatments, or other woo woo non-evidenced based treatment. I would like to see an actual MD who knows what they’re doing and not a 22 year old PA endlessly. I make every effort to treat my pain but can’t do it without medical help from an ETHICAL practitioner. I have Aetna and Medicaid. Any leads at all will be much appreciated. I hope you are having a low pain day/night <3
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2023.06.02 10:56 Laguna5788 Spin & arm friendly headlight racquet

My question:
I'm hoping you could help me out with selecting a new racquet. I'm looking for a spin friendly 5 or 6 points headlight racquet that is a more arm friendly and has a more open 16x19 string pattern than a Yonex Ezone 98 (2022). The ideal weight would be 300 - 310 grams (10.5 - 11 ounces). I've already ran a search on to find racquets with the specs I desire, however they don't mention anything about how open the string patterns and how spin friendly the racquets are. Does anyone here have a suggestion? I'm guessing the Vcore is the first thing that comes to peoples minds but I'm hestitant to try it since the Ezone has given me arm pain.
Some more background:
I've been playing for 3 to 4 years and my guess is my level is somewhere in the range of 3.5 and 4.0 (I'm not from the US). In singles I play mostly from the baseline but come up to the net when I can. I also play a lot of doubles. In comparison to my peers I play with a lot of spin and above average power.
Until recently I've played with a Pure Aero 2019 (strung with Weiss Cannon Silverstring at 21,5kg / 47 lbs), which I still think is an amazing racket. I like the way it feels, the spin and the easy power. My PA got stuck at the stringer for a couple of weeks when he was injured so I played with several of my friends' rackets in the meantime. They use comparable string set-ups to mine.
Upon doing so, I noticed that my one handed backhand and my accuracy on the serve significantly benefited from a more headlight racquet. As I didn't like my friends' racquets much in other aspects I purchased an Ezone 98 (2022) after a bit of research. Unfortunately, the Ezone hurts my arm. I've tried a softer hybrid set-up rather than the stiff Yonex Poly Tour Pro it came with, but my shoulder still hurts after playing more than an hour. Overall, I like the Yonex. The dense 16x19 string pattern of the Ezone definitely brings more precision to my game than the PA, but I find myself missing the launch angle and easy access to spin the PA offered me. So if anyone knows a more headlight racquet that plays similar to a Pure Aero that would be amazing!
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2023.06.02 10:55 Steimann Which character is the best character?

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2023.06.02 10:13 fourleaffungi Missing Person - Urgent

Missing Person - Urgent
This is a good friend of mine who has been missing for over 3 days. **NEWEST UPDATE: License plate read in Henderson Nevada on I11 (right near Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, Hoover Dam...) He has been to Vegas a few times in the past few years and enjoyed it, especially walking down the strip, Area 15, and most likely any nearby secluded nature areas. He made mentions of suicide and disappearance before leaving while his fiancée and 2 children were asleep. ** Please be on the lookout for this car (silver 2022 Toyota highlander - CT license plate BE35285 - generic pic attached) *** Left from Manchester CT on 5/30. Originally thought he could be in CT, NY, PA, MI, or along the Appalachian Trail. Received one license plate reading from Binghamton NY 3 days ago, one in Illinois heading west on Rt 55 2 days ago, an ATM withdrawal in Tonganoxie Kansas yesterday ***
Concerned for his safety and wellbeing. Feel free to share to any communities. *** Please call Manchester CT police if you have any information. Attached photos of his car type, and the bag and tattoo described in the alert.
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2023.06.02 10:12 fourleaffungi Missing Person - Urgent

Missing Person - Urgent
This is a good friend of mine who has been missing for over 3 days. **NEWEST UPDATE: License plate read in Henderson Nevada on I11 (right near Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, Hoover Dam...) He has been to Vegas a few times in the past few years and enjoyed it, especially walking down the strip, Area 15, and most likely any nearby secluded nature areas. He made mentions of suicide and disappearance before leaving while his fiancée and 2 children were asleep. ** Please be on the lookout for this car (silver 2022 Toyota highlander - CT license plate BE35285 - generic pic attached) *** Left from Manchester CT on 5/30. Originally thought he could be in CT, NY, PA, MI, or along the Appalachian Trail. Received one license plate reading from Binghamton NY 3 days ago, one in Illinois heading west on Rt 55 2 days ago, an ATM withdrawal in Tonganoxie Kansas yesterday ***
Concerned for his safety and wellbeing. Feel free to share to any communities. *** Please call Manchester CT police if you have any information. Attached photos of his car type, and the bag and tattoo described in the alert.
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2023.06.02 08:57 Spicyhotpotx44 My Ex Cheated, 5 pala kami sabay-sabay. (Detailed Version MALOLOKA KAYO DITO MGA MARE) Part 1

Okay, so I’m actually a very vocal madaldal person (F). Even my soc meds have a lot of followers especially tiktok so as much as I want to share this story to everyone, na I know will get a lot of clout and attention kasi sobrang kapal talaga ng muka ng ex ko, I can’t. Di ko kaya ishare ng di anonymously dahil sobrang tanga ko, nakakahiya.
Anyway, we have been together for short lang (5-6) months ata I forgot since I really don’t remember numbers much. Medyo tanga, I MEAN TANGA TALAGA ayan sinabi ko na in advance. Alam ko! Aware ako. Lol
He came from not much wealthy fam, I’m not wealthy myself pero I can say naman na my money is all mine since I dont support anyone, I live alone, my mom doesnt ask me for money, I can travel and buy anything I want etc. His dad passed away na so since sya 1st kid breadwinner ng fam of 6 I understand na sometimes he can’t pay for our meals. Which I never make him naman talaga in the first place. We dine out tapos I pay MOST of the time but it’s fine, I decided to do that wholeheartedly kasi nga I know may mas important pang cause yung money nya. His job pays okay, above minimum pero idc naman since need to support his siblings na still studying etc. During the first months grabe ang saya tho I can sense some little lies na nanggagaling sakanya. He send me pics na not real time. He said he’s driving (motor) then sent me a pic wearing a black shirt pero nung dumating sya sakin naka yellow sya and halatang that pic was taken way before pero pinalagpas ko. Red flag na di ko pinansin. LITTLE LIES TALAGA WILL LEAD INTO BIG ONES!!!
So ayun, dumating yung time ng kasal ng ate ko sa tagaytay, even pag rent ng tux, I shouldered, his shoes sobrang luma and baduy pero ugh whatevs, mahal ko eh. I decided to introduce him sa BUONG ANGKAN namin. Ugh bwisit sya. And ayun, nakilala naman sya. Okay naman magaling mambola ang kapal ng mukha magpakilala at mag volunteer na ipakilala ko daw sya tapos gago pala. First guy na pinakilala ko ever. I can sense my sister doesnt like him! Since day 1 na nakita nya palang sa soc med. Huhuhu love you sis buti ka pa alam mo value ko, I myself settle for less (trash ppl like him). Hindi manlang ako nakapag speech sa kasal ng kaisa isang ate ko dahil hinatid kita palabas ng venue kasi uuwi ka na ng manila after mo kumain. Wtf. Ugh. Tanga ko talaga.
It’s my birthday, my fam from province travelled to manila to celebrate with me. They are hoping to see you too since BOYFRIEND KITA diba? We went to Mamou and eat steak, I was texting and chatting u the whole time kasi sayang yung experience, hindi kapa ata nakakatry mag dine sa Mamou pero u arent replying. Ur last chat was from the night before telling me the driest birthday greeting I’ve ever received pero I just let it slide. “Happy birthday, maging masaya ka today sa araw mo. I love you” WTF?! Di manlang ako kinilig. The whole day, wala akong natanggap na kahit ano. Then nagreply ka, afternoon, sabi mo nasa byahe ka going to your province. WTF. Grabe I felt so worthless, Flowers, gifts, kahit presence mo or anything wala. NAKAKAHIYA. Proud na proud pako sayo. Ugh. Parang napahiya ako sa family ko.
Dumating yung time na nahihiya daw sya magphone when he’s with me kasi naka android lang daw sya. Kung pwede daw ba mangutang muna then buy kami iphone na may 3 camera sa likod and malaki daw. SO AYUN, BINILI KO IN CASH SA GH 35k iphone 12 pro max. Bwisit. Kawawa naman ambebe ko ehhhhh syempre parang it’s my responsibility dun sa insecurity nya na yon. ONE THING PALA, during kasal ng ate ko, nagmirror selfie sya using my phone tapos inupload nya sa ig, then pinicturan nya din hand nya holding my phone (iphone 12 ata I forgot) then inupload nya rin SA FEED! like cringe!!!! Who does that?! I wanna tell him to delete it kasi super soc climber ng dating pero I’m not that bold to say it.
So ayun na nga, I told him to pay me 3k every cut off. And he did naman so far 6k na nasa akin.
Heto na, nameet ko nanay nya, his mom will be traveling to manila daw from the province. Syempre ako naman pabida, go let’s meet tita. Buffet libre ko! And we did! Pero medyo may konsensya ex ko that time bumubulong sya sakin “babe, pag tinanong ni mama kung sino nagbayad sabihin mo ikaw ha, libre mo lahat. Pero mamaya hatiin natin bill, hahatian kita” nahiya din siguro kasi ginagago nya ako. Btw, kilala ko na si tita thru vid call months before pa kami mag kita IRL. Alam nya na GF ako ng anak nya. Then eto si tita uploaded pictures, taken by my ex using his iphone that I lend him. Enjoy sya, dun sa buffet. We took pictures but she didnt upload which I understand, I’m just her son’s gf and it’s fine as long as mabait naman sya sakin in IRL is fine with me kinakamusta din naman nya ako thru chat. Tho yung caption ng post is “date with my one and only boyfriend, I love you anak, thank you for the treat.” Tho she knows na I paid for it. Pero I let it pass. Hahahaha
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2023.06.02 08:14 Mx5_Caiden Is this just air bubbles or is it shell rot?

Is this just air bubbles or is it shell rot?
i have only had the turtles (oogway) (male) the bigger one (jermey) (female) for around 3 months but they were on a half food sticks and half turtle treats (meal worms and red shrimp) meal every day and since then i have lowered there turtle treats to a few a day because i was told that was a bad diet for them and they were hatched in september of 2022 right now they are in a 40 gallon tank and i am making them a above basking tank setup they have a heat lamp and a uvb bulb there water is at 77 degrees and i do a every 2 week 30% water change please let me know on anything i need to do differently or any tips and suggestions thank you!
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2023.06.02 07:54 Key-Drop-4957 Failures at law school admissions

Hello, pa-rant lang saglit.
I am a fresh grad and wanted to pursue law. Naka-graduate ako last August 2022, didn't have any work after I graduated. Hindi rin ako nakapag- enroll to any law school last year kasi delayed na at I'm still not feeling it. So nagpahinga ako ng ilang months.
Currently starting this year right, Jan. 2023, nagkaroon ako ng job sa isang private company. I'm still on probationary period. this time gusto ko na mag-aral ulit at to continue pursuing being a lawyer. Since madami na ulit nag- oopen for enrollment sa schools, I took the opportunity na mag exam. Unfortunately, wala akong naipapasa na kahit anong law school admissions. Before, nattake ko pa siya as positive pero habang tumatagal at wala akong naipapasa na admissions exam, it feels like law school or lawyering is not for me.
I know failures in law school are very common. Pero how can I admit na these kind of failures ay mababaw pa lang? How can I also convinced myself to continue going and chase law school? And also how can I see myself here if sa admissions pa lang, di na ako makapasok?
Thank you. I hope you can help me realize things.
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2023.06.02 07:30 Hummerous trauma and time

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2023.06.02 07:13 Typical_Furry1234 [TOMT] [YOUTUBE] Weird Minecraft Roleplay from years ago

So, years ago, probably 4-9, maybe 10 years ago, on YouTube I found this weird Minecraft Creepypasta/Horror Movie Roleplay series and loved it, the few things I remember is that it was 2 people going Trick Or Treating on Halloween while the song I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow was playing, then they go into a Forest and find Slender Man, one specific moment is when one of the 2 say "hey jump into the lake, this could be a dream" and they do, even though right before they were swimming in the lake. I dont remember much after until what I assume is the end, or close to the end, in which they're in a room with a bunch of horror movie and creepypasta characters discussing... something with Billy The Puppet from Saw, who I think was the headmaster of it all
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2023.06.02 07:07 H2O_holic Picoway treatments for melasma

Picoway treatments for melasma
Started picoway treatments since October 2022. I was told what I have is melasma and it’s tough to treat. I’ve gone through 4 sessions now and the improvements are not as fast/significant as I had hope ( I was hoping this would only take 2-3 treatments).
Should I see someone else or pursue different type of treatments?
(Please excuse my weird eyebrows, I had microblading done in March)
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