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Trailheads have a new icon

2023.06.07 02:26 tomjirinec Trailheads have a new icon

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2023.06.07 01:47 jackwang1216 chance me asian guy for T20

Demographics: Asian Male, midwest, born in japan, moved between china and japan before came here when I was 10. I speak japanese, mandarin, english - trilingual. my mom makes basically no money. but stepdad makes above average.
SAT: math 800 reading should get 700+ on the june one I just took
ACT: going to take in september, confident in 34+
UW GPA: 4.0/4.0
W GPA: grades arent out yet but probably 4.3/5.0
AP: World history(5), chinese(5), computer science principle(4) these I dont have score for yet: apush, chem, physics c mech, lang, calc bc.
I will take ap psych, ap csa, apes, and calc 3 at local private university next year.
Awards: varsity letter in track 2x, soccer state champ(club), drake relays relay cup champ(2x(track)), third at math for regional academic decathlon, pretty sure I will get AP scholar with distinction after I get the scores back
ECs: Varsity track(went to state 2 years), club soccer before track, academic decathlon, NHS, used to do mock trial and NHD,
Others: going to take linear algebra/multivariable calculus at stanford this summer. I was part of the Chinese national youth soccer team while I lived there. Also am trying to be recruited as athlete but ended up pulling my hamstring twice this season so we'll see how that goes.
volunteer: local library for tech helps, tutor kids from south africa via zoom.
Essays and LOR
essays should be pretty good since Im getting some help for them
LOR will be from ap chem teacher, should be pretty good
LOR from one of my coaches should be good
hoping to get LOR from my stanford professor this summer as well.

Major: something in STEM, maybe math or some sort of engineering

College list:
safety - ISU, University of IOWA
Target: University of Washington, purdue
Reach: Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Notre Dame, Northwestern, UCLA, UChicago, Duke, Berkeley, USC, CMU, Rice, Umich, UT austin, UVA
*Probably will add a few more to Targets
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2023.06.07 00:07 ForrestOfIllusion The Vanishing of Rico Harris: What Happened to the Former Harlem Globetrotter?

As a big guy myself, standing at 6’4” with a size 13 shoe, I often wonder about what it would actually take for someone like me to disappear. I’m the type or person who friends use as a marker to find their way through a crowd, and I’m almost instantly recognizable walking down the street.
That being said, there is one place where I could almost certainly disappear without a trace: the wilderness. I think many underestimate just how easy it is to go missing in the wilderness, even a rather small wilderness. A single wrong turn or a mistaken landmark can spell doom for even seasoned woodland travelers.
Honestly, I attribute this underestimation to the popularity of “Missing 411” cases. Many assume that those who went missing in heavily wooded areas or national parks must have disappeared as a result of something supernatural or conspiratorial, simply because they can’t accept just how easily and remorselessly nature can gobble us up.
If I suddenly decided to go missing within society, I think I’d be found in no time. But if I went missing in the wilderness, it’s always possible that I would never be found, even if my body came to rest nearby well-traveled thoroughfares.
I bring all this up because I think much the same for former American professional basketball player Rico Harris, who is even more recognizable than myself. Harris is a Black male, who stands at 6’9” tall, weighs 300 lbs., and has distinctive tattoos, such as one that reads “BALLIN IV LIFE” across his left forearm. If he’s alive, he’s almost certainly worked very hard to keep his presence secret, both from his family and from law enforcement.
Police investigators have suggested that Harris simply walked away from the scene of his disappearance, got in a car, and headed somewhere to start a new life. While there are certainly factors that point to this being a logical possibility, at least in terms of where Harris was in his life mentally and emotionally, I think that the lack of sightings of an individual that matches his description in the almost nine years since he went missing makes it far more likely that Rico Harris’ body is lying somewhere in the wilderness near where he vanished and that it simply hasn’t been located by anyone.
I feel that police assertions that Harris may have simply left the scene to start a new life are wishful thinking, designed to provide the family with false hope and perhaps prevent law enforcement from having to conduct further searches to recover Harris’ remains. Regardless of your opinion on the case, let’s review what we do know so that we can make an educated guess on what we don’t.
Rico Harris’ Life and Struggles
Rico Harris’ life followed a tragic path tread by far too many young, talented athletes. He had the physical talent to play in the NBA but none of the mental or emotional intelligence and maturity to deal with such instant stardom.
Harris seemed to maintain a sort of love/hate relationship with the game of basketball and had actually taken a break from it before returning for his final two years at Temple City High School, where he quickly became a local star, with scouts comparing his play style to that of NBA player Lamar Odom.
Harris was soon recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 prospects and received scholarship offers from such blue-blood basketball programs as Connecticut, Kentucky, and UCLA. Ultimately, however, Harris would commit to Arizona State. He would never play a game there.
He wasn’t eligible to play during his freshman year but stayed on campus, away from family and other positive role models in his life. He struggled academically and socially before being accused of unlawful imprisonment and sexual assault by two young women on campus.
These women stated that Harris and two of his other teammates had prevented them from leaving and forced them to perform sex acts on them. However, after further investigation, police dismissed the charges against Harris and his teammates after noting discrepancies in the girls’ stories. Nonetheless, the Arizona State basketball team had seen and heard enough to sit Harris for his upcoming sophomore season.
Deciding that he needed to pursue his basketball career elsewhere, Harris transferred to Los Angeles Community College where, surrounded by inferior talent, he began to shine once again and again became a star, attracting NBA scouts to games who still saw potential in the young phenom.
After the season, Harris planned to transfer to Rhode Island. However, a failed class prevented his transfer from going through, and he chose to return to LACC for a second season. An offer from Rhode Island remained on the table next year, but Harris shocked everyone by instead transferring to Cal State Northridge, stating to one confidante that he believed that the LACC coach was merely trying to use him to help out his friend, who was the Rhode Island head coach.
Instead, he wanted to remain closer to home and work with a coach he trusted. Harris sadly had a long history of rejecting and mistrusting men who tried to play a fatherly role in his life, likely an issue stemming from his own broken relationship with his father, who could quickly turn from friendly to violent and who his mother eventually moved away from with the children to escape.
Eventually, Harris would also be suspended by Northridge as well, which officially brought about an end to his collegiate career. Harris spoke out about feeling pressured by everyone around him; this pressure led him to increasingly turn to drugs and alcohol, which likely further hampered his performance on the court.
In the 1999 NBA Draft, no team decided to take a risk on Harris, leaving him to go to the now defunct International Basketball League. In 2000, Harris joined the Harlem Globetrotters, and it felt like his big break. Their fun-loving antics seemed like a great fit for his skills and talents.
Unfortunately, only about a month after joining the Globetrotters, Harris was driving with his girlfriend in South Los Angeles, when he got into a dispute with several individuals. He got out of the car to confront them when someone cracked him in the back of the head with a baseball bat.
Though Harris recovered from the wound, his balance never fully returned, and he continued to suffer from frequent intense headaches. Harris’ basketball career was, sadly, over.
Harris Spirals, Then Seemingly Recovers
Harris felt completely rudderless. He did not know what to do with his life now that his basketball career was over. His alcohol addiction worsened, and he began to develop dependencies on heroin, methamphetamine, and crack.
Harris was arrested over one hundred times, most often for public intoxication, and he was clearly struggling. His lowest moment came in 2007, when he overdosed on prescription medication and nearly died.
After a lengthy rehabilitation period with the Salvation Army in downtown Los Angeles. Afterwards, he began working in security, a role that he seemed ideally suited for and seemed to enjoy well enough.
In 2012, he began dating Jennifer Song, an insurance broker from Seattle that he met while working a security detail. In September 2014, Harris abandoned his apartment in Los Angeles, intending to move in with Song full-time up in Seattle.
Though Song reported that they had a good relationship, many of Harris’ friends and relatives saw quite a bit of tension in their relationship leading up to Harris’ disappearance. Based on Harris’ history, it seems likely that some of this tension was connected to his living away from home, which had always caused problems in the past.
But despite this perceived tension, Harris seemed to have truly turned his life around, with his addictions in the rearview mirror, when he suddenly went missing on October 10, 2014.
Rico Harris Vanishes
On October 9, 2014, Harris visited his family home with the goal of completing his move in with Song. His visit was brief. He apparently purchased a new phone for his younger brother, which shows that his financial struggles likely were not at the forefront of his mind.
He also spoke with his mother. Song told police that she thought Harris was seeking closure related to some difficult childhood events. His mother later stated that she did not feel that he got what he was looking for.
Harris’ close friend David Lara had spoken to Harris on his trip down to Southern California and reported that Harris seemed optimistic and was looking forward to marrying and starting a family with Song. Little is known, however, about Harris’ mood after visiting with his family.
Harris began his drive back up to Seattle, heading north on Interstate 5, stopping for gas in Lodi before continuing up north of Sacramento. There, about 10:45 am on the morning of October 10, Harris decided to get some rest, convinced by Song’s urging since had now been awake for 36 straight hours. He left Song a voice message, telling her that he was going “up into the mountains to rest.”
I’ve always found this phrasing particularly odd. I’ve heard people say they’re figuratively going “into the mountains” to find a place to pull over or find a motel, but the full “up into the mountains” has always struck me as being very literal, and perhaps a sign that Harris was already suffering through a bit of a mental breakdown before officially stopping for the day.
Regardless of intention, at 11:15 am, Harris turned off his phone. He has not been officially seen, heard from, or positively identified since.
The Search for Rico Harris
Friends and family initially assumed that Harris would just turn up. It wasn’t unusual for him to disappear for a couple days at a time. However, by October 14th, after missing an interview he had been excited for in Seattle, Harris was finally reported missing.
Later that day, Yolo County police located Harris’ vehicle, seemingly abandoned in a county park parking lot near Cache Creek. The inside of the car was a mess. It was also out of fuel and had a dead battery.
A mile south of Harris’ car they found his backpack. Inside was his cell phone, which was dead but otherwise seemed fine.
There were also two plastic bottles, one filled with a solution that seemed to be hard liquor mixed with an energy drink. The other was empty but smelled strongly of liquor. Sources seem to disagree on whether the bottles were found in his car or his backpack. Regardless of where they were found, it is clear that Harris had either relapsed or had been successfully hiding his addiction as of late.
Police combed Cache Creek Canyon without success. They used infrared imaging from planes, perused the area on foot and on ATVs, and brought out tracking and cadaver dogs. There was no sign of Harris, and nobody could imagine how such a large man had simply vanished.
Several sightings were reported of a man who matched Harris’ description, and to be quite frank, I can’t imagine there were that many men who could be mistaken for Harris in the area at that time. He was spotted walking along the side of the road and sitting on a guardrail, looking at the creek. These sightings took place on October 10 and 11, shortly after Harris’ last known contact with family and friends.
Police found selfies on Harris’ phone showing him posing joyfully beside a sign welcoming him to Yolo County; perhaps he was amused by the name, with YOLO being common parlance (particularly at the time he went missing) for “You only live once.”
There was also an apparently accidental video that showed Harris rifling through his glove box, singing along to his music and seemingly in good spirits despite his somewhat erratic behavior.
Had Harris’ story ended here, it would have still been compelling, but it went further. On October 18, a truck driver reported seeing a man who matched Harris’ description walking near the parking lot where his Nissan had been left.
Imprints were later found in the parking lot that were not defined enough to have a cast made. However, they were apparently not consistent with animal prints and were large enough that they could very well have come from a size 18 shoe. As someone who wears a size 13, I can tell you that that’s a huge footprint and not something that could be left by just anyone. The shoeprints were allegedly leading away from the parking lot.
No legitimate sightings of Harris have been reported since.
Analysis of Harris’ Disappearance
Let’s begin by looking at the official police narrative of Rico Harris’ disappearance. Law enforcement has asserted that there is no evidence of foul play in Harris’ disappearance. I tend to agree with this assessment. By all accounts, Harris came to Yolo County alone, and there were no signs of a struggle surrounding his disappearance.
Furthermore, if you find the eyewitness testimony of those who allegedly saw him reliable, as I do given his unique stature, he was never spotted with anyone else.
Where I differ from law enforcement is in my belief about what happened to Rico Harris and his intent throughout the whole process. Police believe that Harris only arrived in Yolo County by accident, that he took a wrong turn and ended up out there.
I’m not sure he did. He told Song that he planned to go “up into the mountains.” Perhaps this is what he meant; perhaps something within him led him to stray from his established path, perhaps because he was having a mental breakdown or for spiritual reasons or simply because he felt like he needed a place off the beaten path to rest.
I think it’s possible that he took a wrong turn and got lost, but neither his selfies nor his communications with Song (where he mentioned nothing about being lost) nor his actions thereafter really suggest this.
Next up, police don’t seem to have any kind of theory, at least publicly, as to what happened in the days between Harris’ initial disappearance and his return to the parking lot on October 18th. I doubt he was in town anywhere nearby, since local law enforcement was actively working to ensure that locals knew they were looking for Harris. Despite this, there are no reports of him in town, despite his size which would have immediately set him apart.
I theorize that Harris was likely out in the woods during this time. If he had relapsed on alcohol, it is not beyond reason that he may have had access to other drugs as well. Perhaps Harris turned this incident into an unexpected retreat. Detectives say that Harris looked like “a free man” in the videos found of him. Perhaps this inspired him to go into nature, even with or without the influence of drugs and alcohol.
So why did Harris not return for eight full days? Maybe this is when he ran out of drugs. Maybe he had become lost and only found his way back by that point. Perhaps he had finally had a reality check and decided that it was time to return to his life.
Regardless, I do believe that Harris returned to the parking lot. The shoeprints along with the sighting are enough to make me feel that this was legitimate. After this, police suggest that Harris either went into the woods or into town. One detective goes so far as to suggest that, “We have no sightings, so he probably got a ride.”
This is where I strongly disagree with law enforcement. I don’t think that Rico Harris left to start another life. He seemed to struggle mightily with being far from home and family, and I can’t imagine he would run away, then spend almost nine years without so much as briefly contacting a family member or friend.
And to return to the subject at the beginning of this piece, I don’t mean to suggest that it would be completely impossible for Harris to vanish into a new life, but his physical circumstances would make that especially difficult. I think that it would take a whole lot of work for Harris to disappear into another life fully, and I just don’t think the evidence points to him either being at that point or being willing to commit himself to so difficult a project.
Personally, I find it far more likely that Harris wandered back into the woods, dejected to find his car missing, and either committed suicide or accidentally died, having seen his missing vehicle as the final proof that he wasn’t meant to return to ordinary life.
Looking at photographs of Cache Creek Canyon, I’m honestly surprised this is not brought up more often. Police often speak as if Harris went missing in a small city park and that they’d certainly find him if he was there.
I’m just not so sure. Cache Creek Canyon looks like it contains plenty of dense foliage. I feel like a body, even one the size of Rico Harris’s, could easily evade detection, particularly if located far from the main trails.
Unlike many cases I cover on here, where the victim has been missing for far too long to realistically still be alive, Rico Harris has been missing for less than a decade. If he did indeed run away, as the police seem ready to accept, he could very well be alive.
If you know a 6’9”, 300 lbs. Black man with a “BALLIN IV LIFE” tattoo and a mysterious past, please consider contacting Yolo County law enforcement. Heck, if you are Rico, consider contacting them yourself. I don’t know anything about the demons of your past, but I do know that there are people who love you and who deserve to know that you’re okay.
However, I find it far more likely that Rico is still out there somewhere near Cache Creek Canyon, his tale sadly having come to an end in a corner of the park that nobody’s checked yet. Maybe he’ll stay there forever, unfound and unburied.
This is truly a case where I just don’t know what to think. I don’t understand why law enforcement’s active theory, or at least publicly promoted theory, is that he hitched a ride and drove away. It just doesn’t add up to me, and I can’t help but wonder if they have additional reasons for thinking this that they haven’t shared with the public.
Nonetheless, I hope we can find Harris one way or another, so that his family have can closure if nothing else. These days, they sit around wondering what happened to him, and wondering if one word, one phrase, one answer could have changed things entirely.
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2023.06.06 19:51 flinginlead Coushatta’s 26th annual pow wow.

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2023.06.06 19:40 gravityyalwayyswins Two Back-to-Back Vancouver Cases

Irshaad Ikbal was last seen around 2 a.m. on April 29 near the Plaza of Nations. He was missing nearly three weeks before being found deceased in False Creek in late May.
So then when it was announced that Suleiman Khawar had gone missing after a night out in Vancouver in May, I had a bad feeling he'd end up in False Creek. And here we go, as of today:
"The search for a 23-year-old man who went missing after a night out in Vancouver last month has come to a tragic end, police confirmed Tuesday.
Suleiman Khawar’s body was discovered by a boater in False Creek near Granville Island shortly after 8:30 a.m. Monday, according to a statement by the Vancouver Police Department.
His remains were found just one day after Khawar’s family held a large search party on Granville Island, which included 32 people in kayaks searching False Creek.
No one had heard from Khawar since around midnight on May 25, when he told his family he was on his way home from Mansion Night Club near West Georgia and Thurlow Streets."
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2023.06.06 19:21 JacketNegative16 you can NOT defend yourself anymore

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2023.06.06 18:25 ChubbyCubProdzYT Hopefully the final one

Hopefully the final one
Is this the best one?
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2023.06.06 17:37 travisdorr 2023 Topps Heritage Error

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2023.06.06 16:55 beforethenandnow [M4F] The Red Zone of Crescent City.

The city was almost unknown at the start of the century. It didn't have the vibe of Seattle's Boeing SeaTac, or the overwhelming might of NorCal's "Silicon Valley." In fact, it wasn't much of a city at all. But, after decades of investment, its become a small but incredibly influential force on the American West Coast.
It was Crescent City's peculiar legal situation which made it so attractive to industry. Due to reforms in the late 2030s, the Government had stewardship over a huge swath of land as "a sovereign territory within Northern California." Ironically, that same wave of reform in NorCal also pushed corporate interests to search for less restrictive jurisdictions.
At any rate, an extremely lucrative deal was hashed out with the governmental leadership: a special economic zone in Crescent City's port, heavily dominated by corporate interests. In exchange, an exorbitant yearly rent payment would be distributed to the city’s council, and corporate forces (they claimed) would help police on the remaining sections of the city’s land. NorCal, happy for the excuse to give the companies their own neoliberal playground, turned a blind eye to the whole affair. Cyberlibertarians flocked to the city for its lax laws on body-modding, drugs, guns, gambling and prostitution. Companies flocked to the city for tax purposes.
In a matter of years, undeveloped coastline became choked with skyscrapers. Illegal squatter communities formed in the barren, native highlands, away from the pressing control of the city. However, Corporate forces still regularly arrive to burn down encampments, and wasteland-dwelling rebels ride through city streets on jeeps or bikes. The city itself is a patchwork of high-rise complexes and immigrant communities, carved into expansive "corporate parks" created by rival factions. Heavyweights like Shuzuoka, Bryer-Stanley, and Nwajiuba can all be found there.
The so called “Red Zone” was a pleasure district, located in the heart of Crescent City’s corporate wonderland. It had sprung up in the late 2050’s, a new development that promised a world of pleasure, hedonism, and stress relief. New buildings, a monorail link to the Metro, it had been the hot, new development. It was the go-to place in town to get fucked up, and get fucked. Bars, body-modding clinics, tattoo parlours, strip clubs, and brothels were the norm, and it had a reputation for the particularly wacky and weird. It was also where I lived and worked.
The establishment I was working in was called Bloom, owned by the elegant and elusive Lady Sapphire, a former sex worker herself, who’s hard work had earned her an empire of debauchery. And she loved it that way. Her marketing has lots of Georgia-O'Keefe-style suggestive flowers, but in neon. Lady Sapphire’s Bloom was one multi-story building. Strip club on the ground floor and basement, the bar, club and discotheque above that, photoshoot and private rooms upstairs, and actual living quarters on the top floor. Bloom is a jack-of-all-trades: stripclub, porn studio, a tight-knit community for the women who work inside it. Everyone gets a vote and everyone decides on pay... but everyone knows Lady Sapphire is really the one in charge.
I worked there as a security guard, meaning I was always on the front line of wacky and weird. Out of everyone in the city, why did Bloom hire me as security? To quote Lady Sapphire: “One, you can take a punch. Two, you're not an asshole. Three... Indy thought you were cute."
I’d gotten the job when I’d gone to the Bloom with a friend after losing a bet. Supposedly it was a "consolation prize." Really, it was just an excuse for him to see some tits. One of the other patrons had gotten rough with one of the working girls, Indy. I didn't even have to think about it: I stood up to him, and when it escalated, I beat the ever-loving crap out of him. Lady Sapphire likes to say I "saved the guards some ammo" that day, and she wasn't kidding: when I had looked up, a guard already had a loaded shotgun in hand. Some of the girls patched me up and just like that, I was hired by Bloom as a bouncer...and more, if I was up for it.
The Metro ride is packed today: office drones in their starched collars and pants, studiously avoiding eye contact with anyone. Early birds in astonishingly spiky and skimpy party-wear.
The monorail rumbles four stories off the ground. A few tourists gawk at the windows, staring down at the huge, flashing billboards that run down East Avenue. It was intentional, Indy ahd explained one night, excitedly recounting a holovideo she watched on the city's urban planning. The rail lines got laid down first, so the corps could have stuck it right in the middle of the street if they wanted. But they wanted a monorail, just for people to gawk at the view. Increase the ad-value.
I stop at three or four different stations along the way. More partygoers. A homeless man with a long, empty face, trying to shush the yapping Chihuahua in his arms. One of the office drones thinks she's being real stealthy as she gives her coworker an over-the-pants handjob.
I reach my stop and exit into the Red Zone. Partygoers flood out onto the streets. Several of them stop to listen to a Mariachi band playing. The lead singer clearly has some kind of augmentation: he sounds like he's singing three or four notes at the same time, belting out a Spanish ballad.
Bloom is around the corner--four stories tall, plus a basement, with an animation of a huge neon flower opening and closing luxuriously. The smell of spices drifts to me from the kebab stand across the street. I’ve got two hours before peak time, when I’ll properly need to be on the clubfloor. Been working here two or three months, and I know the gig pretty well by now.
The monorail journey seemed to always be different, and yet always the same. Something was always going on, it was never the same faces, but it had become so routine that it all felt like an extension of the same ride. I rubbed my hands as I left the station, my hot breath fogging in the air. How the fuck did these people not freeze to death? Working in this district, I saw more tits, cocks and pussies in a half hour commute that any normal person would see in their life. But then, that’s the nature of the district that I found myself in. This was a place of pleasure; degeneracy, debauchery, and good old fashioned hedonism to its core.
I push past the queue of early birds, knocking at the door and getting greeted in by the previous shift, my thick, knee-length Black coat flowing behind me as I walked. I adjust my armour weave under my shirt, and check the handgun strapped to my thigh. If some fucker tried me, they’d better go for the head. It was warm inside, gentle synthy music drifting in the entrance hall, soft neon lights around. All flowers opening their petals in an almost far-too-obvious suggestive way. I catch a couple of the girls as I head to the lower security office to clock in. They smile flirtatiously, exactly as they always did. I couldn’t fault them or be mad. It WAS their job after all.
Inside the office was Garrett. The oldest, meanest, toughest son of a bitch the district had. You fucked around with Garrett, and you found the fuck out. Normally in an irreversible kind of way. I mean, MAYBE if you could afford cyberware, maybe it would fix it.
“Elias.” He grunts simply. I nod. “Garrett.” I swear the only time I heard this guy say more than one word was when he talked to Lady Sapphire. Then it would be like 5 words. At maximum. I clock in and turn to him. “Am I on cams, doors, or patrol tonight?” I ask. “Patrol.” He says again. I purse my lips. Happy fella, weren’t we?
“Alright. You probably know already but I think the vending machine guy is due tonight. And have you seen Indy? She had a surprise for me, she says.” He raised an eyebrow. “Nope.” He replied. I pat his shoulder and wink. “Helpful as always buddy. See you on the floor.” He slaps my hand away, and I chuckle as I walk out.
Patrol. Right. I start climbing to the second floor. I hear the screams of delight as the doors open downstairs and I roll my eyes. My voice is deep under my breath.
“Let the fun begin.”
Well, that might be the longest stream of semi-coherent consciousness I’ve managed to get into one post. If you’ve made it this far, well done for getting through it. Hopefully you’re the kind of person I’m looking for, and hopefully the type to get the vibes and themes for what I want to play. Those who get it, get it!
Theme-wise, this is my rendition of the now classic cyberpunk genre. Corporate and liberal wonderland, gritty, drugs, body mods, alcohol, and sex galore. Everything turned up to 11, and maybe some more after that.
As eluded to in the wall of text above (sorry, I get carried away sometimes), I’m playing Elias. Elias is a young-ish guy in his 20’s, hired on the spot by one of the establishments in the pleasure district after an “incident” while he was visiting. He caught the attention of the owner, Lady Sapphire, the guards, and Indy, the girl working there that he aided.
For appearance, he’s a big guy. Standing at 6’3 with a muscular and athletic body, he is definitely a presence in person. He has jet black hair and facial hair, both kept short. Blue eyes, a wonder to look into (or so he claims he’s told). Most often wearing a long black coat and matching trousers and boots, with armour-weave underneath. In short, he looks like a more handsome version of the typical futuristic security guard. He talks shit, takes shit, and gives shit.
And what about you? Well, I’m open to you playing just about anyone that you wish! Will you play as one of Bloom's patrons, a woman with cash to burn, neon hair, and a will to let yourself free? Are you a regular, or here for the first time and guided by reputation? Will you play one of the girl's working there, a woman under my protection? Are you new or established? Have we met, spoken, even hooked up already? Do you like me or not? You could be Indy, the girl I saved the day I was hired. How has our relationship changed? Do you feel like you owe me, or that I owe you? Are you even still working there? Or maybe you want to step into the shoes of Lady Sapphire, the gorgeous empress at the top of it all. Do you want to thank me for a job well done? Offer me promotion as a personal guard? Or do you just like to fuck staff members now and then? I will leave how you look and what your personality is open to interpretation, as I feel it will be best for you to really make the character your own!
Kink-wise, I am quite open. Anything not explicitly listed in my limits below should be able to be worked in, provided you ask me about it. That being said, here are some of my favourites: Domination, cheating, seduction/dirty talk, sexy outfits/lingerie, rough sex, risky sex, creampies, giving and receiving oral, being deepthroated, face fucking, face sitting, making out, spit, impact play, anal, light restraints, and threesomes (FFM).
My limits are as follows: underage, being pegged, anything bathroom related, beast, vore, gore, and lack of detail.
Now, down the more boring admin stuff. This post took quite a lot of effort to write, and so I would really appreciate a creative and detailed response from you, if you are interested. I'm not asking for you to write a novella for a response, or even to match me, but one paragraph just saying you like the idea or "I want to play" just won't cut it for me, I'm afraid. Don't rush a response to grab my attention, as long as this is up, I'm still looking for someone to play with. You're far more likely to catch my attention if you really show me that you're interested! I typically write between 2 and 5 paragraphs in normal messages, and at the very least aim to get at least one response out per day, but I am normally better than that. I am also located in GMT timezone, and while I am open to talking to people from any timezone, please understand that I may not always be around. I try to communicate when I won't be around for a little while. I adore creativity and detail, even if it's weird or out there. In other words, go for it and ask me!
I am looking to roleplay ONLY on REDDIT. Yes, this is a dealbreaker. PMs (Orange Envelopes) are preferred, but chat will work if it's detailed enough. If you've made it this far, 1.) you're VERY appreciated, and 2.) please include your favourite flower in the title of you message so I at least know you reached the bottom. I am really looking forward to writing something with you here!
All the best, and I hope to see you soon!
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2023.06.06 16:36 CP4-Throwaway Reasons why _ borns are definitely Generation _ By Life Stages: Analysis (Series #5: Reasons why 1998 borns are definitely Millennials)

Reasons why _ borns are definitely Generation _ By Life Stages: Analysis (Series #5: Reasons why 1998 borns are definitely Millennials)

Reasons why 1998 borns are definitely Millennials

Life stages (these are not objective life stages but just what's going to be used for this analysis):
0-4 = Unconscious child
4-10 = Conscious child
10-18 = Adolescent (child by legality)
18-34 = Young adult
34-50 = Average adult (not needed since this cohort will not reach that stage until 2032)
Life Stage #1: Unconscious child = c. 1998-2002

They were born during the baby bust birthrate drop during the mid-late 90s. They were also born in the midst of the Clinton administration, along with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, right in the middle of the DotCom Bubble internet boom, during the peak of the 90s prosperity and optimism that the US experienced. They were born during what many would call "the peak of human civilization". They didn't become conscious until George W. Bush was in office and 9/11 had already happened, as well as the War On Terror commencing.
Their unconscious childhood years took place at the turn of the millennium, during the final days of the post-Cold War "End of History" prosperous atmosphere in the United States, along with the launches of the Gameboy Color (1998), and Windows 98 came out the year this cohort was born. The 5th generation of gaming was still the priority as the N64 & PS1 were at its peak, but it was the beginning of the transition into the 6th generation of gaming as the Sega Dreamcast came out (1999 US release, 1998 in Japan), followed by the PlayStation 2 (2000), Nintendo GameCube, Gameboy Advance (2001). Not to mention that Sega dropped out of the console race and Microsoft entered the console race and debuted with the XBOX the same year (2001). Michael Jackson released his final album Invincible (2001). Shows like Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Friends were the most popular shows during this timespan, right after Seinfeld had ended the year they were born and the Simpsons also started to suck then too. In the scale of current events, their unconscious childhood took place during the impeachment of President Clinton (1999), Columbine shooting (1999), optimism/hype for the new millennium, Y2K scare (1999), colloquial turn of the millennium and its respective celebrations (1999-2000), the Bush v. Gore election (2000), the actual turn of the millennium (2000-2001), the inauguration of GWB (2001), the September 11th attacks (2001), Anthrax scare (2001), Afghanistan War and beginning of the War on Terror (2001), TSA & Patriot Act (2001), No Child Left Behind Act (2001), the introduction of the Euro, DC Sniper shootings (2002), Iraq War WMD rumors (2002), and Department of Homeland Security formation (2002). This is a pretty Millennial time to be born, contrary to popular belief.
Age 0 - 1998/1999
Age 1 - 1999/2000
Age 2 - 2000/2001
Age 3 - 2001/2002
Age 4 - 2002
Life stage #2: Conscious child = c. 2002-2008

They were a conscious child during the Aughts. They became conscious during the post-9/11 pessimistic atmosphere and national patriotism being at an all-time high. Their first vivid memory probably involved something related to WMDs or international affairs in the Middle East in general, or probably watching either Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network or some kids-related program, whether it was Rugrats, Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, Arthur, Lizzie McGuire, Powerpuff Girls, etc.
They were children during a not so good time in America, let alone the whole world. 9/11 had just happened, and because of that, it caused a huge lockdown on airport security, and it's been that way ever since. Events that happened were the establishment of DHS, DC Sniper attacks (2002), Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, DVD overtaking VHS and becoming the hottest attraction, the birth of social media with MySpace and Facebook (and arguably Friendster), 2004 election, Web 1.0 becoming Web 2.0 (2004), Hurricane Katrina (2005), 7/7 London bombings (2005), Pluto no longer being a planet (2006), Housing bubble burst (2006ish), introduction of Blu-Ray (2006ish), HD-DVD (2006-2008), the commercial death of VHS (2006 officially, 2008 unofficially), the iPhone launch (2007), CRTs being overtaken by HDTVs (2007), and none other than the Great Recession (2007-2009) and Obama v. McCain election (2008).
They were also children during the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom era and the dying days of Pokemon's golden era, as well as the Silver and Bronze ages of Nickelodeon, the golden and silver ages of Cartoon Network (Powerhouse era, followed by the CN City and Fall eras), and the peak of Disney Channel (golden age of DCOMs, peak of Pixar, peak of live action sitcoms). They probably could've went with their parents to see movies like the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Daddy Day Care, The Cat in the Hat, Austin Powers, Are We There Yet?, Cars, etc. They were probably busy on their XBOX playing Halo, GameCube playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, or their PS2 playing GTA San Andreas. Speaking of video games, this was the prime 6th generation of video game consoles, as well as the early days of the 7th generation of video games, thanks to the releases of the Nintendo DS (2004), PSP (2005), Xbox 360 (2005), PlayStation 3 and Wii (2006).
Their childhood would be dominated by the rise of reality TV, thanks to shows like Survivor, The Osbournes, The Simple Life, Pimp My Ride, MTV Cribs, Punk'd, Keeping it Up with the Kardashians, etc. On a side note, in terms of kid shows, they would've been old enough to catch reruns of The Amanda Show and Even Stevens, but young enough for iCarly and Hannah Montana. Perfect age for Drake & Josh and Zoey 101. If they were watching the NBA, they would've witnessed the rise of the 2003 draft class (Lebron, DWade, Carmelo) and the primes of Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant. If they were watching pro-wrestling, would've caught the entire Ruthless Aggression era, and if they watched the NFL, witnessed the Patriots dynasty at work. They would've been some of the last to remember a world before social media and broadband internet. This childhood experience screams Millennial, but specifically second-wave Millennial, a.k.a. "Echo Buster" or "Zillennial".
Age 4 - 2002/2003
Age 5 - 2003/2004
Age 6 - 2004/2005
Age 7 - 2005/2006
Age 8 - 2006/2007
Age 9 - 2007/2008
Age 10 - 2008
Life stage #3: Adolescent = c. 2008-2016

Their adolescence began during the return of pop music being at the forefront of the mainstream music, thanks to the "electropop" club boom, with the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga leading it. They would've caught the dying days of rock's relevance in the mainstream and emo being relevant. Later on in their adolescence, other musical genres like dubstep, EDM, indie pop, Chicago drill, trap/mumble rap, etc. would dominate. The internet had fully taken over at this point, and technology was at a massive transition at this time. Dial-up internet became fully replaced by broadband, fast-speed internet. Web 2.0 became the norm, social media was officially the norm now with MySpace's dominance, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat, most households acquired flat screen HDTVs and gradually got rid of all their CRTs, digital tech would fully replace analog tech, VHS would completely die, Blu-ray peaked during this time and DVDs were still very relevant. This would be the last era of dominance for cable television before streaming would take over. Blockbuster would go out of business thanks to the popularity of Netflix.
On the current event scale, their adolescence began with the 2008 financial collapse (killing off the era of ultra-consumerism and McMansions), a black president taking office, 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike, H1N1 crisis, death of Michael Jackson (2009), Affordable Care Act (2010), death of Osama Bin Laden, Occupy Wall Street, and end of Iraq War (2011), death of fellow 1995 cohort Trayvon Martin (2012) which launched the BLM movement (2013), KONY 2012, Aurora shootings, Hurricane Sandy, and the Sandy Hook shootings (2012), Mayan predictions of the 2012 apocalypse, the Crimean annexation (2013-2014), ISIS (2014), Ferguson riots (2014-2015), legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states (2015), Trump announcing his run for office (2015), Paris attacks (2015), Brexit (2016), and the Trump v. Clinton election (2016).
They grew up during the era of John Cena, Kanye West, Rihanna, Drake, Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Randy Orton, Batista, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Big Time Rush, One Direction, Lorde, etc. Their "coming of age" films probably would've been Easy A, Prom, 21 & 22 Jump Street, The Duff, and the Edge of Seventeen, and especially Diary of a Wimpy Kid would be the best representation of their middle school years in the late 00s-early 10s, as well as the "coming of age" shows like Degrassi, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Glee, 16 & Pregnant, Shameless, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, iCarly, Victorious, etc.
They would've still been old enough to experience COD during its peak from 2009-2013, and would be old enough to be in those Modern Warfare 2 lobbies on Xbox 360 (if you know, you know), as well as being relatively young enough to play some Minecraft in its early stages. They were the prime age of teenagers playing GTA V. Speaking of gaming, they would've been adolescents during the late 7th and early 8th generations of gaming, as gaming started to decline in quality as time went on. This adolescent experience is still pretty Millennial, to be honest.
Age 10 - 2008/2009
Age 11 - 2009/2010
Age 12 - 2010/2011
Age 13 - 2011/2012
Age 14 - 2012/2013
Age 15 - 2013/2014
Age 16 - 2014/2015
Age 17 - 2015/2016
Age 18 - 2016
Life stage #4: Young adulthood = c. 2016-present

Their young adulthood was very radical, socially speaking. Their young adulthood would witness many social movements like a huge uptick in third wave feminism and women right's movements, #MeToo, a radicalization in political beliefs as things get wackier (think of Matt Walsh's "What is a Woman" for an example, pronouns, men participating in female sports, and woke culture in general), and of course cancel culture being a thing. This was the peak of polarization and everyday people became more divided then ever. Their young adulthood conveniently commenced around the time of the 2016 presidential election, being the youngest members to vote in that election. The Trump administration in itself was very interesting to witness as a young adult. Mass shootings increased with Isla Vista, Orlando nightclub, Las Vegas, and Parkland to name a few. Climate change started to become talked about as a problem or major issue by many political figures and talking heads. Trump would become impeached twice, which was never seen before in a presidency. Their young adulthoods would get even crazier as the Covid pandemic came about, with the threat of WW3, Kobe Bryant dying, BLM at its peak with the death of George Floyd, the infamous 2020 election, vaccine rollout, polarization increasing, Russia-Ukraine wars, death of Queen Elizabeth and coronation of King Charles, rise of AI with the launch of ChatGPT, popularity of NFTs and the rise of the "Metaverse", an incoming recession thanks to the Silicon Valley Bank going bankrupt and the rise of Central Bank Digital Currency with the FedNow releasing in July 2023, etc. And their young adulthood is still ongoing, being that they are currently 24-25 years old.
Since they are still young adults, they are in their "core prominence" and their main influence/impact in the realm of pop culture. Many musical genres like tropical house, EDM, trap, mumble rap, Soundcloud rap, emo rap, melodic rap, drill, bedroom pop, retro pop, and many more, emerged during this time period. Shows like The Middle, Modern Family, The Goldbergs, Empire, Power, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, Cobra Kai, Stranger Things, Riverdale, etc., were/are pretty popular shows and/or cultural powerhouses of entertainment, followed by the MCU. Most of this cohort are still prolonging to have kids but more of them are starting to get married and have kids, so eventually there will be an uptick of them raising families, however, not anytime soon.
Age 18 - 2016/2017
Age 19 - 2017/2018
Age 20 - 2018/2019
Age 21 - 2019/2020
Age 22 - 2020/2021
Age 23 - 2021/2022
Age 24 - 2022/2023 (currently)
Age 25 - 2023 (currently)
Good representations of the 1998 cohort:
Shawn Mendes
Brent Rivera
Juice WRLD
Peyton List
Tana Mongeau
Rudy Pankow
Ryan Trahan
Kylian Mbappé
Jaden Smith
Bretman Rock
Jack Harlow
Chloe Bailey
Thomas Petrou
China Anne McClain
Conan Gray
Chandler Hallow
Andre Swiley
Peyton Meyer
Maya Hawke
Paris Berelc
Sofia Richie
Niko Omilana
Tanner Buchanan
Roddy Ricch
Aaron Carpenter
Zachary Gordon
Ryan Capron
Coco Jones
Damar Hamlin
Elle Fanning
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2023.06.06 15:45 Stroker42 Farewell Iñigo! One of the best CBs of La Liga waves goodbye to us this Season. 5 years of great servitude, thank you for everything. Outstanding, underrated and and true pro who always gave 100%. Absolutely would deserve a great event card on FIFA Mobile as a goodbye gift!

Farewell Iñigo! One of the best CBs of La Liga waves goodbye to us this Season. 5 years of great servitude, thank you for everything. Outstanding, underrated and and true pro who always gave 100%. Absolutely would deserve a great event card on FIFA Mobile as a goodbye gift! submitted by Stroker42 to FUTMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:26 jmack99- My MLB Model Predictions and Free Newsletter (sign up link in comments)

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2023.06.06 13:59 FTGFOP1 "It's about the connections it makes"

“I love football not because it was a choice between sports,” “It was what brought me close to my hero. We sometimes lose sight of what sport is about. I have come to understand this. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the connections it makes. It connects people, cities and countries. It connects parents to their children.” -Postecoglou.
Just saw this great quote within the Athletic article on the new manager. Wether he does well here or not I think we could do with this emphasis. Yes we need to compete and strive to win everything but let's just all remember that most of us came to support this club and follow the game because of family, friends or having a chat with people in the pub. Hopefully we can really enjoy this next phase. COYS!
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2023.06.06 13:51 Unfair-Wallaby-5570 Washington Timbers Soccer Club: Building Champions on and off the Field

Washington Timbers Soccer Club is a premier youth soccer organization dedicated to developing talented players and nurturing their character. With top-notch coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to sportsmanship, we empower young athletes to excel in soccer and life. Join us on the journey to greatness! If require any further information, Please Call us at +1 503-875-9456 !
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2023.06.06 13:46 Global-Ad-3134 Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health

Uzbekistan's Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health offers MBBS programmes.

Are you thinking about attending MBBS school in Uzbekistan? Leading university Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health provides outstanding chances for Indian students. Let's look at the requirements for admission, the application process, student life, advantages of attending Fergana, and the cost of living in Fergana, Uzbekistan.

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health Requirements

You must meet certain requirements, such as the following, in order to be eligible to study MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health:
Academic Requirements: Applicants must have finished their 10+2 higher secondary education and have a background in science, especially biology, chemistry, and physics.
Minimum Score: According to the university's requirements, students must have received a minimum overall score in their higher secondary exams.
English Language Proficiency: For international students, English language proficiency is essential. It can be necessary for applicants to take exams like the TOEFL or IELTS to verify their proficiency in the English language. However, some Uzbek universities might carry out their own language evaluations.

Why is Fergana Medical Institute Best for Students from India?

Indian students should consider Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health for a number of reasons:

Recognition and Accreditation: The institute is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and is acknowledged by worldwide medical organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO). This endorsement guarantees that the degree earned from Fergana Medical Institute is recognised around the world.
English-medium instruction: The Fergana Medical Institute's MBBS programme is taught in English, which makes it simpler for Indian students to comprehend and participate in the curriculum. Due to the removal of linguistic obstacles, students can concentrate well on their academics.
excellent Standards of Education: Fergana Medical Institute upholds excellent standards of education and offers a broad curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical instruction. The institute's knowledgeable instructors make sure that students obtain a quality education and are adequately equipped for their future jobs in medicine.
Clinical experience: Practical training and clinical experience are prioritised at Fergana Medical Institute. By taking part in clinical rotations at associated hospitals and healthcare institutions, students get the chance to get practical experience. Their clinical abilities are improved and they are better equipped for actual medical practise thanks to this practical experience.

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health's admissions procedure

The following steps are often involved in the admissions process at the Fergana Medical Institute:
Application submission: Interested candidates should send their application forms and other supporting documentation directly to the institute or through designated agents.
Verification of Documents: According to their standards, the institute validates all of the provided documents, including copies of academic transcripts and passports.
Eligibility Evaluation: The institute evaluates candidates' eligibility based on their academic credentials, linguistic ability, and other predetermined criteria.
Entrance Exam (if Applicable): To assess students' readiness for medical study, some universities may hold entrance exams.
Admission Confirmation: Students receive a letter from the institute confirming their admission when the admissions procedure has been successfully completed.

Documents Needed to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan

The following documents are often needed for MBBS studies in Uzbekistan:
Application form that has been fully filled out and signed by the applicant is required by the university.
Academic Records: Copies of certificates and grade reports from high school or a comparable institution.

A passport that is at least six months old and still valid.

A medical certificate declaring that the candidate is healthy enough physically and mentally to pursue international studies is required.
Passport-sized Photos: Current passport-sized photos that meet the requirements of the university.
Financial Documents: Evidence of your ability to pay your tuition and living costs during the study time, such as bank statements or sponsorship letters.

Life for Indian medical students studying in Uzbekistan's Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health

A dynamic and fulfilling student life is what Indian students doing MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute can anticipate. The university offers a welcoming environment for international students and a range of facilities and services, such as:

Student housing is offered by Fergana Medical Institute and is both cosy and reasonably priced. These hostels provide the essential conveniences and a comfortable setting for studying and socialising.
Activities in the Arts and athletics: The Institute promotes student involvement in the arts, athletics, and extracurricular pursuits. Students can join a variety of clubs and organisations to learn more about their interests and develop their skills.
Support services for students are provided by Fergana Medical Institute to help overseas students succeed in their academic endeavours. These services could include counselling, academic advising, and help with administrative procedures.
The institute places a high priority on the security and safety of its students. Security measures are installed on campus and in the dorms to guarantee a secure setting.

advantages of studying medicine in Fergana

There are various advantages to studying MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute, including:

Affordable Education: In comparison to many other nations, Uzbekistan provides affordable education. For Indian students, Fergana is a desirable alternative because of the relatively low living expenses and low tuition prices.
Fergana Medical Institute is renowned for providing high-quality instruction, and the degrees it grants are accepted all over the world. Graduates are now qualified to continue their education or practise medicine worldwide.
Studying at Fergana Medical Institute offers the chance to meet with individuals from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This multicultural setting promotes intercultural awareness and enhances the overall educational process.
Wide range of job prospects are available to those who complete their MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute. After passing the necessary licencing exams, graduates can choose to return to India and practise medicine, study further specialisation, or work as medical professionals.

MBBS-related questions from students in Fergana universities

Is the Fergana Medical Institute's degree accepted throughout the world? The degree conferred by the Fergana Medical Institute is accepted around the world, allowing graduates to pursue their medical professions there.
What language is used in the classrooms at Fergana Medical Institute? English is used as the primary language of instruction for the MBBS programme at Fergana Medical Institute.
Are there scholarships available for students from other countries? For qualified international students, Fergana Medical Institute may provide scholarships or financial help programmes. It is wise to inquire with the institute about any available scholarships.
How long is the Fergana Medical Institute's MBBS programme? At Fergana Medical Institute, the MBBS programme normally lasts six years and includes both academic and practical training.
Is learning the native tongue required? Even though the MBBS programme is taught in English, communicating with patients during clinical rotations might be facilitated by learning the local tongue, such as Uzbek or Russian.

Living expenses in Fergana, Uzbekistan

For international students, Fergana has a rather low cost of living. The cost of living is influenced by personal preferences and lifestyles. Some important things to think about are:
Hostels are available to students at the Fergana Medical Institute at affordable rates. There may also be off-campus housing alternatives, and the price varies according to the location and amenities.
Food: Prices for food in Fergana are typically reasonable. There are many options available to students, including university canteens, nearby restaurants, and grocery stores. It may be more affordable to prepare meals at home.
transit: Fergana's affordable public transit options, including buses and taxis, make it simple for students to get around the city.
Utilities: Fees for hostels often include the cost of utilities like power, water, and internet access. Students may be required to pay separate utility bills if they live off-campus.
Recreation and entertainment: Fergana provides a range of leisure activities and shows. Depending on individual selections and preferences, prices may change.

Students should make a budget and control their spending according to it.

Students from India have a fantastic opportunity to receive a top-notch education, experience a multicultural environment, have professional prospects, and live comfortably by attending Fergana Medical Institute in Uzbekistan.
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2023.06.06 13:34 uscaacademy13 Private Elementary Schools In Mississauga

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2023.06.06 13:11 Global-Ad-3134 Samarkand State Medical Institute

Why Should You Study MBBS at the Tashkent Medical Academy?

Choosing to pursue MBBS at the Samarkand State Medical Institute in Uzbekistan provides a number of benefits and opportunities. Here are several compelling arguments for Indian students to contemplate enrolling at Tashkent Medical Academy for MBBS:
The Tashkent Medical Academy is renowned for the excellence of its medical education. The curriculum of the academy is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences. The experienced and highly qualified faculty members ensure that students receive an excellent education and practical training.
Global Recognition: Tashkent Medical Academy's degrees are internationally recognised and approved by the world's leading medical organisations and institutions. The academy is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), allowing its graduates to pursue further education or practise medicine anywhere in the world.
The Tashkent Medical Academy's MBBS programme is taught in English, which is advantageous for international students, such as Indian students. Studying in English eliminates the language barrier and enables students to concentrate unimpeded on their studies.
The Tashkent Medical Academy has a modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities that facilitate effective learning. The academy's well-equipped laboratories, libraries, research centres, and advanced medical apparatus create a conducive learning environment for its students.
Clinical Exposure and Practical Training: The Tashkent Medical Academy offers students extensive opportunities for clinical exposure and practical training. Through affiliations with prestigious hospitals and healthcare institutions, students have the opportunity to acquire practical experience and hone their clinical skills under the supervision of seasoned medical professionals.

Life as a Student at Tashkent Medical Academy

At Tashkent Medical Academy, student life is vibrant and engaging. In addition to emphasising academic excellence, the academy provides numerous extracurricular activities and student organisations to foster students' overall development. Here are some aspects of Tashkent Medical Academy undergraduate life:
Student Associations and Clubs: Tashkent Medical Academy's student associations and clubs appeal to a variety of interests and abilities. These organisations provide venues for students to demonstrate their talents in athletics, the arts, cultural pursuits, and community service.
Numerous events, celebrations, and cultural festivals are organised by the academy throughout the year. Students are able to celebrate their diverse backgrounds and a sense of community is fostered as a result of these multicultural events.
Tashkent Medical Academy encourages its students to engage in athletics and recreational activities. The academy's sports facilities and intercollegiate competitions promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle among its students.
The academy recognises the significance of student well-being and provides support services to facilitate a conducive learning environment. These services consist of academic counselling, career guidance, and personal support for students experiencing any academic difficulties.

Living Expenses in Tashkent

When considering studying in Tashkent, it is crucial to be aware of the local expense of living. Tashkent has a relatively low cost of living in comparison to other main cities. Here are some considerations regarding Tashkent's cost of living:
Accommodation costs in Tashkent vary based on the nature and location of the lodging. Students may choose between on-campus dormitories and off-campus residences. In general, on-campus dormitories are more affordable than off-campus apartments, which may offer greater independence but are more expensive.
Food and Dining: Tashkent provides a variety of dining options to accommodate various budgets. Students can choose between reasonably priced local and international establishments. Additionally, cooking at home can be a cost-effective option for students.
Tashkent's transport infrastructure, which includes buses, trams, and the metro, is highly developed. Tashkent's public transport is reasonably priced, making it easy for students to commute within the city.
Depending on one's preferences and way of life, daily expenses such as groceries, utilities, the internet, and entertainment can vary. Students should create a budget and manage their expenses with discretion.
Indian students contemplating MBBS studies at Tashkent Medical Academy can benefit from the quality education, multicultural environment, affordable cost of living, and numerous opportunities for personal and professional development.
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2023.06.06 12:24 sumitarora08 What Extracurricular Options Do CBSE Schools In Small Towns Offer?

CBSE schools in small towns, such as a CBSE Pattern School in a small town, often provide a diverse range of extracurricular options to cater to the interests and talents of students. While the availability may vary, these schools strive to offer a well-rounded educational experience.
Sports activities are a common extracurricular choice, with opportunities for students to participate in various sports like football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, and athletics. These activities promote physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
Cultural activities are also emphasized, including music, dance, drama, and art. Students can explore their creativity, showcase their talents, and develop their artistic skills.
Academic competitions like debates, elocution contests, quizzes, and science exhibitions are organized to encourage intellectual development and foster critical thinking abilities.
Additionally, CBSE schools in small towns may offer clubs and societies focusing on areas such as robotics, coding, literature, photography, or environmental awareness. These clubs allow students to pursue their specific interests and develop specialized skills.
CBSE Pattern School in a small town like Miraj Maharashtra or, Durgapur, West Bengal provide a variety of extracurricular options ranging from sports and cultural activities to academic competitions and specialized clubs. These opportunities allow students to explore their passions, develop well-rounded skills, and enhance their overall educational journey.
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2023.06.06 11:46 awwhytaro Aimed for the stars, ended up with MIT + Stanford + Ivy League

Hey! I made a post about choosing between Stanford or MIT on A2C, and a lot of people DM'd me asking for my stats, so here they are.
Intended Major(s): CS (and yes, I actually put down CS in my applications 💀)
Standardized Testing
  1. Ran math classes to 1000+ students via math camps, math clubs, virtual learning labs. Raised ~$10000 to underprivileged kids.
  2. Created problems for large competition platform website, with over 30k participants monthly.
  3. Researched about linear algebra with UCLA prof (didn't end up publishing before college apps...)
  4. Created online web game teaching math with over 10,000 views; ended up on largest math games website
  5. Self-published math book for students on Amazon, donated revenue to students in need.
  6. Attended weekly math classes at UCLA for 10+ years, taught some classes myself.
  7. Participated in two Wolfram programs, published research on various CS/math topics.
  8. Self-published board game about math.
  9. President of school wide math club, led various outings to local contests.
  10. Eagle Scout, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for Troop of ~60 Scouts.
  1. I won't say which specifically, because it's possible to reverse-engineer my identity, but I was a member of the USA Team for one of the first ten International Science Olympiads (and no, it was not the IMO).
  2. USAMO Qualifier, AIME 5x Qualifier
  3. USACO Gold
  4. National Merit Scholar
  5. Math Kangaroo 1st place nationally for several years
Letters of Recommendation
  1. Math teacher — he was pretty great, I'd known him for a while and he runs the math club, and we get along pretty well. 9/10.
  2. English teacher — the original teacher I wanted actually went on extended leave, so I unfortunately had to go with one I did know as well; she was still nice, but I don't think we had that much of a connection. 6/10.
  3. Math mentor — he supported me throughout middle school and he wrote some of my additional recommendations, and he is one of the most inspiring people I've met who inspired me to do a lot of the stuff I did. 10/10.
  4. Research mentor — we didn't really talk much outside of research, and it was math research, so we didn't really talk *too* much. 5/10.
Waitlists (that all ended up being rejections):
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2023.06.06 10:55 icestory [Fabrizio Romano] Iñigo Martinez has just confirmed that he’s set to leave Athletic Club — he will be announced as Barça first signing, it’s done since March. Martinez signed official documents in May, his contract will be valid until June 2025.

[Fabrizio Romano] Iñigo Martinez has just confirmed that he’s set to leave Athletic Club — he will be announced as Barça first signing, it’s done since March. Martinez signed official documents in May, his contract will be valid until June 2025. submitted by icestory to Barca [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 10:43 vesnin_sergey Tarweek — a guest house in Tara for group training and sports training camps

Tarweek — a guest house in Tara for group training and sports training camps

Weekend in the Tara Mountains - Tarweek Guesthouse

Milan Miletich invited us to relax in his home on Mount Tara in Serbia. There was no need to beg us to go to the mountains. Two weeks later, we found ourselves there, and now I am writing a detailed review of the trip and the place.
Before the trip, we saw a lot of photos of the location and scrolled through the Instagram of the house (yes, the house is not simple and has a profile on Instagram!) The place is called Tarweek.

Can you get to Tarweek?

There is a bus to Bajina Bašta (Bajina Bašta) from the central bus station in Belgrade. If at the bus station ticket office, you were sent to the bus driver to get a ticket, don't forget to buy a ticket at the ticket office to get to the buses. This fee is for the use of the bus station infrastructure. If the key is sold at the ticket office, you can pass the turnstile with it.
The ride to Baina Bashta takes 4:30 hours. Halfway there is a cozy roadside cafe with a store and restrooms. The drivers will sit for a soup plate; you have 20 minutes for a snack. The hot meals are simple and wonderful.
In Baina Bashta, Milan Miletic will call you a cab home. Tarweek is actually at 1000 meters and along the winding 20+ kilometers. It is unlikely to get there.
There is a serpentine with beautiful views. Halfway up, you'll have a dam and a few kilometers of fantastic views of Lake Perućac (Jezero Peruquac). If the cab driver likes you, he will stop at the observation point and give you a moment for a photo.
These views are already enough to make the 5-hour drive here. But actually, the most exciting thing is ahead!
A cab will take you to Predov Krst, and you will find yourself in front of Tarweek - Planinarski dom na Tari.

What is Tarweek, and why are you most likely to be here?

Tarweek is a big house set up for group classes. It's big enough for 20 people. But if you need to, they'll put more people in. I once had 28 people living there.

The first floor is the dining room and porch with a fireplace. This is where they study when it's cool and raining.
But the most exciting thing is the outdoor activities.
I'll tell you about nature separately because that's the main thing to come here for!
What kind of activities are there in Tarweek? Any kind.
  • Athletic trainers hold training camps here.
  • Coaches teach classes.
  • Language teachers conduct language courses.
  • IT people are taking a break from civilization.
  • Companies hold team building and corporate events.
  • And shamans pump up their shamanic levels.
In Tarweek you can do any group training. In general, any! The essence is that the group gathers away from the city, away from civilization, in the woods, and works hard on what is needed.
At Tarweek, you can relax with a large group of people. Or you can not rest but plunge on a run or walk the slopes of hiking trails. It's where hiking fans go. Because Tarweek is the heart of Tara National Park. Many viewpoints have heady views of mountains, canyons, and forests. And you'll have to get to these viewpoints on your own: several (tens) of miles and hundreds of feet up.

What are the living conditions at Tarweek?

Before you move in, they will discuss meals with you. There is a professional kitchen with cooks. They will buy groceries for you and feed you as you order. Vegan, gluten-free, and other self-limiting topics are worked out. But the food is so good, you'll ask for the illegal stuff yourself! It happens regularly; I didn't come up with anything.
The living conditions are thoughtfully Spartan. No one will make you wash in the creek; your room has a shower, toilet, and hot water. A bed and clean linens are provided. But to live by two or three. The laundry is centralized in a washing machine. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on schedule: and go to the nearest store 25 kilometers and 700 meters down the serpentine.
You will have a communal table and classes in front of the fireplace or the pavilion by the hearth.
You will have the most delicious air. You will have glorious food. You'll have nothing to distract you from your goals. Nothing will distract you from why you are here.

The Nature of Tara

The nature you find yourself in is the essence of this place. The nature of Tara is what you are here for. Tara is covered with forest: pine trees mixed with deciduous trees. The temperature here is very comfortable in the summer compared to the heat in the city. We caught a rainy day, and it was beautiful! We saw a sunny day, and it was terrific!

Forests and valleys with meadows surround Tarweek. There are hiking and trekking trails in all directions from the house. There are so many that you'd have to live here for two months to explore them all and walk twenty trails every day. Walking the entire Tara is a challenge!
We've been running. We walked after our runs. We saw some lovely places! Where the experience makes you reflect when you haven't seen that before.
We were told that we had been to pop places. And the leading beauty is farther and higher.
Describing it all in words is useless. I'll show you what I took with my iPhone over the weekend. What's sad, the camera doesn't capture the volume, the smells, the scale, and the spirit of the place.


What did we do on Tara?

Since we came to visit as friends and not for training, our leisure time was our concern. We ran the trails. I wanted to try trail running; I tried it. Gravel roads with varying difficulty climb and descents, continuous oxygen cocktail, and thin air 1000 meters above sea level. After the training, you eat, sleep, and do nothing—a concentrated, uncluttered rest.
The kids had two happy days.
We cleared our minds and crammed a week's worth of life into two days. Suddenly you realize that sitting at sunset with a cup of tea and watching a cloud puff up on top of a mountain is what happiness is all about. It turns out that you don't need much to be happy.
You can walk, talk about everything in the world and fit into one day three times more time and events than in everyday life. All the problems and worries remain about 1000 meters below, and here you have everything to be happy.

How do you organize something in Tarweek?

If you're a coach, trainer, or business owner, and you've got a group session in mind, and the only question is location, consider isolating your mentees so they can get a better handle on your knowledge. I can't think of a better place to do this than Tarweek.
Everything I've been told about past training camps is a consistent win-win success. Tarweek has proven itself, supports, and develops, and the guests get a concentration of knowledge and skills that are hard to pack into a more convenient form.
If you want to make an appointment with homeowner Milan, you can call-write messenger at +79163609542 or on Instagram.
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