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2023.06.07 04:55 Fun-Instruction-5235 An old compulsion returns?

Hi everyone, I have a question- anyone ever had an old compulsion come back after years of being dormant? Here’s some background: When I was in high school I had a compulsion to check the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in my parents house every night. I would sit up staring at them waiting for a chirp that wouldn’t come because (logically) I knew my parents changed the batteries regularly. It seemingly went away on its own once I went to college and even since moving out on my own it hasn’t returned. See- I haven’t even thought about this old compulsion in about four years now, but let night it came back after a weird dream about my workplace (not related to fire or CO poisoning). I just had to make sure they weren’t faulty and couldn’t sleep without checking all six of them, even replacing the batteries in one of them. So my question, has anyone had experience with a seemingly dormant compulsion coming back, and has it gone away or been short lived? I know dreams for me usually reoccur so I’m afraid tonight it will all happen again and I’ll get another crappy night of sleep. Thanks for always being here for the random thoughts I have and for understanding!
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2023.06.07 04:55 RonnieRocketTV Is my lasagne safe to eat?

I cooked lasagne as I always do. Served my portion and ate it, it was great!
I put the rest back on the shelf in the oven and turned the oven off, or so I thought!
I accidentally didn’t turn the dial all the way to off on the oven and it was on a fan/warm mode.
The lasagne was in the oven for 3-4 hours after cooked on this warm mode, when I went to grab it and put it in the fridge, it was still warm (I could remove it from the oven with my bare hands no issue but it was warm).
I then put it straight into the fridge as it’s very late and I can’t wait for it to cool as I have to sleep!
11:45pm: lasagne finished cooking and I ate.
3:15am: I noticed the oven wasn’t fully off when removing the lasagne to the fridge.
Praying I wake up to a response saying I can eat it no problem!
Thank you in advance to anyone who might take the time to help me work out if it’s still safe to eat tomorrow.
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2023.06.07 04:54 Swimming8899 For those that did not go straight to a PhD program, why did you decide to later pursue the degree?

I am based in the United States. I always loved research in my field. I was a top undergraduate researcher and co-authored a few publications. My institution loved me. I went to an elite university for my master's program and was in debt from it. I did research and loved the program, too. I finished my master's degree at the age of 21. Growing up as a refugee who experienced poverty, I was so scared of my DEBT. I took a job that paid me very well. It's been 3 years now, and I have paid most of my debt. I realized that I did not need to go to an elite university for my master's degree because the quality of education is similar to the non-elite. I was able to buy a new car, get plastic surgeries to fix my obnoxious face, and spoil my family. I also got married VERY young and got divorced. I learned my lessons and lost about 20k. Now, I have about 80k of savings and 30k student loans left. I am so much happier now.
I am not happy with my high-paying job. I hate every aspect of it. I missed research. That was something I was passionate in. I was very good. I make about 150k a year now. I know that a PhD in my degree will give me a 80k starting salary, but I honestly do NOT mind. I miss being able to solves problems that I am passionate about. Research was my life. I lived for it.
Is this a reason to go back to pursue a PhD? Am I too old? I am 25 now. If I apply for this upcoming application, I won't start until I am 26.
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2023.06.07 04:53 RoleplayPete I need help with something I can't find, please?

Hello folks.

38 Male, 335lbs. Diabetic, HBP, of course. No insurance and the Diabetes is uncontrolled except for a weekly dosage, the HBP is controlled with daily medication. Frequent headaches/infrequent migraines, treated OTC with Ibuprofin and Aspirin.
I have reasonable access to healthy food options, and have a membership at a local gym with weight room, aquatic facilities, I own a mountain bike and I enjoy that hobby a lot. So when advising, feel free to use this information to give me feedback or help and tips.
My issue is, I am perpetually hungry. Let me clarify. I am hungry. The physical, need to eat, stomach gnawing itself hungry. The audible "My stomach just growled" and my wife or other people in the room can hear it hungry. I can leave the buffet and having stopped eating because I told myself, "This is enough, it doesn't matter if I feel like more, I have had enough", and still be hungry. It isn't a matter of emotional eating, or eating for taste or comfort, it is hunger, always, all the time. Physical, not emotional, not mental, physical hunger. Even if I do eat myself to full, I will be hungry within an hour or so, there is no lasting until the next meal time, it is immediate hunger.
If this was a mental or emotional thing, I think I could discipline myself through it and get to it. But it is the demand of my stomach to eat. I don't know that for certain, but I have quit hard things before and am strong in keeping hard things away.
I drink a large quantity of water, and generally only drink water. No energy drinks, no sports drinks, and select few sodas (mostly for caffiene to help headache medicine work). I drink around 2 gallons of water a day. This is not an exaggeration.
Of course, I have tried a lot of things, for diet and exercise. CICO is king and all that, but it is so hard with the need to eat all the time. My first question is fairly straight forward. Is this a thing? Is this a condition or problem any one else is familiar with? Is there a certain food or supplement that can help this problem would be my first hope? Is there any medical advise secondary to that I could look into? (Uninsured til summer is over, am a new teacher, so with work goes insurance) I would prefer a "Eat this random berry seed and it'll make you not hungry as much" but I am willing to explore medical avenues, it just isn't preferred. Naturally, everyone says "eat carbs and they will fill you up" but everyone also says "quit eating carbs to lose weight", so please advise on that conundrum if have ideas specific to that.
As it goes, I am fine eating the same breakfast and lunch every day, I have the disposition for that, I did that for a few months and clawed myself back down from 400 pounds to the 330s I sit at now doing so, but was advised to quit that particular diet after it messed up my sugar too much. I would like to be budget conscious, but am willing to do what it takes to address this, I am sick and tired of living like this, perpetually hungry and absolutely hating myself every minute of the day because I feel the hunger and hate that I do because I hate needing to eat like I do.
So that is the sum of it. I feel hungry all the time, and would like some help with that first off. Any motivations to keep active, routine at the gym and consistent on the bike is appreciated too.
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2023.06.07 04:53 CopperKat23 Message cap

Is really frustrating, I can barely finish a conversation.. is it always capped at the same amount, in free mode?
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2023.06.07 04:53 my_uWu_techniques Need opinions on this

I've been really wanting to get into dcs and in a lot of discussions and videos relating to beginner's in dcs, they always suggest getting the hornet because its a forgiving aircraft but the jet im really passionate about is the tomcat so Im interested in seeing people's opinions on wether I should get the tomcat or hornet first
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2023.06.07 04:53 GrandPlay5872 Today, tomorrow, yesterday and someone give me hope.

Today’s been a real ride I’ve taken another try at life Tomorrow will be anew Gettin' ready to score my mood But I find myself locked in commotion Suddenly I’m the one ready to fall into a river Come to think of it, I was always stuck in my little shiver. Today's been a real ride Now the tally's at five Tomorrow I’ll know how it feels to take a real cold dive.
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2023.06.07 04:53 No_One_Important-- 1989 Chevy Scottsdale Brake Questions

1989 Chevy Scottsdale Brake Questions
Hi folks,
1989 Chevy Scottsdale 1500 Pick-up.
Front disc...gone. Needs pads and rotors, not an issue as that will not be my first rodeo.
That being said, I absolutely hate drum brakes, which of course is rear. Lately, I can feel the passenger rear brake dragging. So today I jacked her up, got her on stands and removed all the wheels to inspect.
Passenger side wheel sure was stuck, took some hammer and some heat to get the wheel off the hub, but got through that. Next I pulled the drums for a look inside.
Two problems, one there appears to be a chip in one of the brake shoes, two I can't get the drums back on...this always happens to me. First I start fucking with the star wheel adjustment, but no matter what I can't get them on. Yes, I've made sure the parking brake is disengaged. Should I turn the star "Up" way from me, or "Down" toward me if I am facing the outside of the hub?
It also appears drivers side rear Brake wheel cylinder has one piston stuck. I'm thinking that's going to be a replacement... Question is, it appears the shoes still have some good meat on them and the inside of the drum looks okay.
A) should I attempt to re-use the shoes, springs, etc. or bite the bullet and replace the whole thing when I go to do the wheel cylinder?
B) any tips on how to get drums back on.
I've included some photos of the chip in the shoe. I appreciate any advice. I'd like to state I am fairly mechanically inclined, but I'm not master tech.
Thank you.
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2023.06.07 04:52 fancy_leftovers Lonely but never alone (cliché I know)

TW: long, boring, stupid, bullying, suicide
I'm a 34yo woman as of last month. Wild. Because that terrified, bullied young girl still feels so close inside my head.
Growing up I was always alone. My parents gave me up and I was raised as an only child with my grandparents while my two younger sisters were raised together with my mom. I was bullied by family, friends, and classmates growing up because I was fat and had "boyish" interests. And because I dressed like shit. And I probably smelled too because I was so depressed I never brushed my teeth and would just throw my greasy hair into a beanie or something to avoid showering. My grandpa called me a bag lady. He looked down on me for playing video games as a girl. My aunt called me a pig. She made fun of me when I couldn't fit into her life jacket when I was 10. Kids would chase me and moo. Kids would steal my stuff and throw it in the trash. Kids would throw gum and cheese or whatever into my hair. They'd beat me up on the bus or if I tried to walk home from school. They called me a fat dyke. My family thought I was gay as well, despite having no friends let alone romantic interests. I felt so unwanted, unworthy, and not like everyone else (but in a bad, monsterous way.)
The neighborhood kids filled a composition notebook with detailed entries about what a disgusting monster I am. I thought they were my friends.
I'd go to school and wish that I was invisible. I'd go to bed at night crying and praying to just be taken away to Never Never Land, or to wake up with a new identity. I didn't see the point of my existence, and at 16 I went into my grandparent's bedroom and pulled out the pistol from under my grandpa's side of the mattress. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked down on it in my hands. I was alone in the house. And then a voice came to me in my head. I like to think it was my voice, reaching out to younger me. It told me that everyone actually loves the underdog, and that there would come a day when I was loved and celebrated. It told me to stay curious about the future. I slipped the gun back under the bed and I've never contemplated suicide so closely again.
At 18 I left home and finally broke out of my fear of talking to people. Long story short im now I'm a property manager at a motel and nobody would guess that I was ever "shy" (or that I actually still am, but just a big fat pretender.)
I wish I could say that I'm a success story. But instead I'm a person who can't escape loneliness. My mother once said I have a black heart that will never truly let anyone inside. I resented that, but there are moments where I wonder if she was spot on. There are people who want to be my friend. I keep them at arms length. They're mistaken. I'm a bad friend, because I don't know how to friend. I've been in the same relationship for 9 years, and I have a 12 year old child. My child is the only person I'm certain about loving, but the poor girl.. I keep her at arms length too sometimes. It's all I know. My partner is my best friend and we do everything together. But he's a simple man. He doesn't read, he doesn't like discussing deeper ideas or theories, etc. We mostly play video games and watch shows, which is fine to only have that in common.
Between my partner and my kid I'm never "alone". But I struggle to shed that lonely feeling of not being "like everyone else". A monster in woman's clothing. And no matter how much I try to think my way around my sadness and anxieties, they still live here. That worthless, stinky, fat little girl is still who lives in here.
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2023.06.07 04:52 Bigolecraig21 Exchanging Nude Pictures?

This girl on insta sent me her nude and then I sent mine but then she just ghosted. I didn’t know her she just requested to follow me and asked if I wanted to play a game. Im just a bit worried is something gonna happen or am I just stressing for no reason. It’s emily_rose on insta.
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2023.06.07 04:52 Effective_Cream5775 I think my coworker might be trying to get me fired.

I (22M) have been working at a bank for nearly three years. For some time now, I've been in charge of our file conversion project. I've had several members of my team come and go in that time, and I've gotten along well with them for the most part. At the moment, the team consists of only me and one other coworker (38M), who is relatively new to the company and was assigned to my project about two months ago.
Initially, I found him odd. He usually has a body odor and occasionally makes misogynistic comments that I'm not particularly fond of. However, he is easily the most productive person I've ever worked with and is very good at coming up with ideas to improve our process, so I've let it be for the sake of getting results. In fact, if I ignore the negatives, he's actually a pretty pleasant person to be around. He has a good sense of humor as long as we're not talking about women and we agree on a lot of social and political issues.
However, I walked into our shared office today and found a note that I don't think I was supposed to see. His workstation and mine are situated about ten feet from each other, and we'll sometimes go over to the other's to retrieve something we need. He had called out sick today, so it was just me. I walked past his workstation as I normally do and saw a note that caught my eye. He writes notes a lot to help himself remember things, so I usually don't pay attention to them. But for some reason, I felt compelled to look at this one, so I did. It read: "flippant. Joking about serious matters, inappropriate humor". This struck me as very odd, as I'm not sure who he could be referring to other than me since I am the only person he works with. Him and I joke a lot, but I never have said anything that I feel genuinely shouldn't be said in a professional setting, and him and I have always gotten along very well. He has certainly never discussed anything like this with me. However, I am autistic and sometimes struggle with drawing the line between what's appropriate to say and what's not, so I wonder if I may have said something recently that might have set him off. I feel like I have a pretty strong case against him should it come to that, but he's going to be back to work tomorrow and I'm weighing on whether I should confront him about the note or not. I have a very good job at the bank and while I may be overreacting, I don't want it to be jeopardized, especially for reasons that I feel are wrong.
TL;DR: I suspect my coworker is thinking about reporting me to HR, despite never voicing any issues with me. How can I deal with this in a professional manner?
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2023.06.07 04:52 stayup76 Does the trauma I have experienced make me more, or less, likely to have a child?

I have always lived around white and Asian people (the city I live in is 7% black.) I am an introvert. My family is dysfunctional, and we are poor (live in an apartment complex, recently had to receive help with our rent.) I dislike my father, and this is something I admitted in therapy (my therapist pointed out that the distaste I have for my father - and some of the negative experiences I’ve had with my brother - are likely partly why I was initially a bit harsher mentally when assessing the appearance of a black boy who I ultimately decided is average, though I obviously did not tell him I was assessing his appearance.) I will admit to feeling some resentment toward black men and dealing with internalized racism but I am conscious of this and want to eventually somehow unpack it. My father is an unintelligent alcoholic and is a bad person (both of my parents are probably technically bad people, but come from traumatic backgrounds.) My older brother is in rehab for drug addiction. I remember that my therapist once called CPS when I was a freshman because I mentioned my brother had left cum around the place a few times.
I distrust other people based upon my personal experiences growing up (in middle school, some people apparently called me ugly behind my back - our grade is toxic, and was especially toxic in freshman yr, I remember a fellow black girl once shouted I was ugly from the bleachers. I am aware of the fact that people are harsher on the appearances of black women.)
Glancing through this account may prove to be helpful:
Other pics: and and and
I am attracted to some black and white men, I technically deal with depression and anxiety. I am starting at community college but don’t actually know what I’m going to major in. I need to officially sign up for my classes soon.
I have found myself wanting to have another boyfriend more recently (this is something I mentioned in therapy.) I have started to really notice more that girls of other races who are perhaps a little below average facially are still able to date and aren’t judged as harshly.
My Girls Inc internship this summer is at a local pre school. It will give me the opportunity to practice taking the bus.
I have sleeping issues, but have had them for so long now (since the pandemic begun.) I’ve been told multiple times now that I sound white.
I honestly don’t want to become overweight like my mother has (but I think this has partly happened due to her own unresolved trauma.)
View Poll
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2023.06.07 04:52 abc123-jc What meals are you sending to daycare for your small toddler? (Or eating at home?)

Hi all!
I’m in a rut right now and totally on autopilot when it comes to packing my 16 month old’s daycare food. We’ve got a pretty good eater still (and eats even better at daycare), so most fruits and veggies are on the table unless we’ve offered it wayyy too often recently. (So I get the oranges in the fridge now, which tbh is very exciting lol)
I usually send some form of oatmeal (obsessed with blueberry oatmeal right now) with fruit, some form of tofu with fruits and veggies, and then the third snack/meal is always a toss-up. It’s been pasta for a couple weeks now, but our family has been SO busy for the last few months that I’ve lost the energy to look into new recipes.
It’s a nut-free classroom (which is fine since this kid won’t touch a nut butter (or sunbutter) sandwich right now), but I think sesame is still ok to send. And I’m not crazy about sending rice or quinoa because of the unreal mess it makes. We love our daycare teachers and don’t want them spending time cleaning that up haha!
I want to incorporate more beans into these meals, too… I’ve really been lacking in that department recently. This kid loves plain chickpeas, but I just haven’t had time to cook some.
Things should be settling down over the next couple weeks, so I’m hoping to have some ideas in my back pocket for when that happens. Would love some ideas if you have some fan favs!
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2023.06.07 04:52 Short-Doubt-6953 I need help with a proper southern married couple that I work for

I work for an 85 year old woman whose husband is 88 and is the individual that I care for several hours a day. He's doing well but is weak from having double pneumonia and covid. When he's "here" he's HERE and when he's not he's "spacey". I've been a caregiver for many years and know how to deal but I've never worked privately in a home for someone personally and she's occasionally upset about how he's basically just existing in his deathbed. She holds her tears back and has trouble being 100% open and honest with me about her emotions. She comes from the rural south in the 30's so I assume part of this is traditional gender roles and part is southern nonsense.
I think maybe VR could help him feel less limited and secluded while laying in his deathbed but I feel it may be met with contention. I bought a "star projector with astral clouds" device for him because I thought it might help when he stares at the ceiling for like, a half hour with no stimulation, but she said it made her dizzy and asked me to return it (I gave it to my wife who has always wanted one and assumed this would happen)
My only concern regardless of money is making sure he's as comfortable as possible and can enjoy life from his deathbed as much as possible. I know how I want to be treated and I know how my grandmother on hospice was treated and I just want to be able to make his life as good as I can for the rest of his days.
Could anyone give me any suggestions on how to help a weak, bedridden, dementia patient get the most out of the rest of his days?
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2023.06.07 04:52 Fun-Information-8541 Wonder if the seas experience

Just got back from our trip on Wonder of The Seas. It was truly a fantastic trip for our little family. I went into it with the expectation that it may not be perfect when it comes to the service and food and drinks, but RC blew us away. Everything was perfect. Food was on point, granted I knew I would need to salt to my liking, we were so surprised to find that it was fairly delish! Even the windjammer was pretty good. I only had one dish that was meh. The drinks we awesome! The bartenders were all great, and I don’t think there was one drink that I truly didn’t like. The servers were all pretty good too!
Our room was spotless every single day and our room attendant was extremely friendly and always willing to help when needed. My only bone to pick was that the fitted sheets didn’t stay (but it wasn’t something that bothered me enough to complain about).
The entertainment was amazing and we found ourselves going back to see inTENce twice cause it was so dang cool. We didn’t really see any of the others since we don’t really enjoy singing and Broadway like shows. The comedy was good too. There was always something to do which was great. I only wished that they showed the movies on the lido deck between the pools instead of the theater. But again, not bothersome enough to complain about.
The kids club was also great. This allowed my husband and I done much needed alone time, and gave our son some time to do what he wanted. They were fantastic about his food allergy and provided us with a private cel so they could contact us if there was an issue with him. All the staff was extremely attentive with the kids which was nice to see.
My only (biggish) issue was the spa. I broke two nails by the second day we were on the ship so I made an appointment to get them redone. At $200 bucks for gel nails, it was a complete rip off. The polish even ran over the quick of my nails so I had to fix them myself. The other was my massage. We paid for a couples Swedish (which should be nice smooth motions) I but what I got was “Olga” beating the crap out of me lol. I did request three times for her to take it easier and she obliged however it left me straight up sore afterwards lol.
We truly had a wonderful time, and on the last night we watched the sun set from our balcony and got a surprise visit from a pod of dolphins. I straight up had the whole “double rainbow guy,” excitement from it. Completely embarrassing to admit but that shit was magical! Lol
Also, to the couple that had the sign I posted on their door, you had us laughing every time we passed it. 🤣
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2023.06.07 04:52 Bean_cult New Update Changes - The Grand NK-86 Memorybox

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2023.06.07 04:52 BigBodyRamTruck Dreams

I’ve been having reoccurring dreams since I was 18-19 (now 24) about everyone at my funeral, or a candid conversation between 2 people that knew me and every single time someone asks “what happened to him?” And someone always replies “he killed himself.” I’ve never tried it but every time I drive by a forest or bridge this really chilling feeling comes over me. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve planned out how I’ll do it. I really don’t want to but I’m afraid of my dreams becoming reality. Maybe one day I’ll get too drunk or something and just do it. I’m starting to get worried a little I can’t lie.
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2023.06.07 04:51 dylan_0001 Not sure if it worked or I made it worse

I live with my uncle who threatened to make me homeless. Always paid rent but he’s just tired of the situation I guess. So I found an ideal apartment and place I would like to live but have no money. So after work one night I drove to that apartment pretending i already lived there and my dog was waiting inside. After I felt good I headed back to where I stay now and imagined to the best of my ability that I was sleeping there and dozed off and for one of the first times I felt I was doing it correct. Wake up the next day to a text from my uncle saying he changed his mind he wants me out and is giving me a week with nothing to fall back on. I thought maybe it was just part of it coming true but honestly it made it super difficult to get back into the state I was practicing. Now I am not sure if I successfully did it that night or made it worse by possibly doing it wrong.
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2023.06.07 04:51 ForwardCantaloupe 31 [M4F] Cali/Online/Anywhere - Want to waste time together?

I'm feeling stressed and could use any ol convo to take my mind off things. I'm open to any type of convo long or short, just as long as it's chill.
I'm tall and average built, currently a cook, and have been enjoying making art, music, and baking lately. I also game and like computers and tech stuff. I'm always looking for new hobbies! Id like to get into traveling and working out more next I think.
Whats something that you enjoy doing? How's your day/night going? If you feel like having a random convo send me a message!
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2023.06.07 04:51 Significant-Iron-475 Looking for Druid advice

Hello all and first and foremost thank you for reading this.
I’m currently level 52 working my way up the machine with my Druid.
I’m running a weirdo all companions/werebeawerewolf poison build.
The majority of my damage (the big burst 12-15k+ hits) comes from using vine creeper to aoe and then bear smacking stuff for that juicy 300% instant poison damage.
Id like tips or tricks on how to maximize the potential of such of a build.
I have the werewolf road, vine creeper, dogs, ravens, shred , and the bear spirit builder.
For legends of note I’m rocking the always bear legend (what’s the point of this I don’t get it)
The extra pets legendary, shepherds, obviously the poison gets consumed by bear strikes, the bestial fury key passive goes to your pets etc and some other flavor stuff.
I want lots of pets that help and a hard hitting poison spam for big damage.
I beseech you Diablo brethren to enlighten me.
Praise the mother.
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Smith Celine Centino Charli D'Amelio Charly Jordan Chelseagreen Chely Nazario Cherie DeVille Cherry Crush Cheryl Blossom Cheyenne Celin Chicaiza Chinese Kitty Chloe Difatta Chloe Khan Christina Khalil Chromita Cj Miles Clara00Ellis Coconut Kitty Combat Barbie Connie Perignon Corinna Kopf Courtney Tailor Crystal Lust Crystal Westbrooks Csblondebombshell Daalischus Rose Dabofkya Dainty Wilder Daisy Keech Dani Daniels Dani Tabares Dania Altamirano Daniella Chavez Danielley Ayala Danii Banks Danyancat Darla Dimples Darshelle Stevens Debbie StPierre Deerbxby Demi Rose Denise Richards Destiny Skye Devorah Roloff Diamond Kitty Didiwinx DietCherry Diora Baird DJMiu - Miu Taeng DoubleDoseTwins Dredd Dulce Soltero Dulcinea Elena Kamperi Elisa Aline Ella Knox Elle Brooke Ellie Leen Elsa Jean Emanuelly Raquel EmarrB Emily Black Emily Cheree Emily Elizabeth Emily Faye Miller Emily Knight Emily Lynne Emily Renee Emily Rinaudo Emily Willis Emma Kotos Emma Magnolia EmmaLVX/Bunni Emmie EROME Eva Andressa Eva Lovia Eva Martinez Eva Violet Evalodimelo Faii Orapun Faith Lianne FanyShark Fatima Segovia Faye Miah FeGalvao Fernanda Mota Farhat Fie Laursen - Pregnant Mommy Filippa Fransson Fiona Allison FitFaithxo Francesca Farago Francesca Trisini Francia James - Francety Frecklemonade FwTina Gabbie Carter Gabbie Hanna Gabriella Ellyse Gaby Gardez Gatita Yan Gemma Wren Gene Marquinez Genesis Mia Lopez Georgia Carter Ghetto Barbie Gigardez Gil Jung Gina Laitschek Gina Savage Giuliana Cabrazia Goddess Angelina Grace Boor Grace Charis Grace Coffey Gwen Gwiz Hailey Queen Halle Hayes Hana Senpai HANA_C4 Hannah Nicole Kast HannahOwO Happy Yulia Harmony Reigns Heidy Grey Heidy Pino HeyImBee HiMyNameIsTee Hitomi Tanaka Hot4Lexi IceSpice Iggy Azalea Imanijyne IndiaLove Indica Flower Indigo White Isabella Buscemi Isabella Miller Isabella Ramirez Isla Moon Isla Summer Its Kaai Its Randalin Ivy Lebelle Izzy Green Jaaden Kyrelle JackieLove Jackson Maddy Jacky Ramirez Jada Stevens Jade Jayden JadeTeen Jailyn Ojeda Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa Jane Lucier Jane Soul Janna Breslin Jem Wolfie Jen Bret Jenna Charlette Jenna Ortega Jenna Shea Jenni Neidhart Jennifer Ponce Jessa Rhodes Jesse Jane Jessi Tron Jessica Nigri Jessica Sunok Jhonni Blaze Jill Hardener JizzJazz Jocy Cosplay Joey Fisher Johnny Sins Joselis Johana Juanita Belle Julia Rose Juliana Bonda Pack Julie Jess Justaminx Kalani Rogers Karely Ruiz Karinairbyy Karma Rx Karolina Mrozicka Katalina Kyle Katiana Kay Katie Cummings Katie Sigmond Katja Krasavice Katrina Jade Katrina Thicc KattLeya Kayla Simmons Kayle4Keeps Kaylen Ward Kaylin Garcia Kazumi Squirts KcBabyy Kebabs0verabs Keilah Kang Keiran Lee Keisha Grey Keishly Marie KenCake Kendal Jenner Kendra Karter Kendra Lust Kendra Sunderland Kenzie Madison Kenzie Reeves Kiara Mia Kiera Young KikiUndercover Kiley Corsello Kim Kardashian Kimmy Granger Kinsey Wolanski Kissa Sins Kit Mercer Kitty Ellen KittyXkum KiwiSunsett KKVSH Kneevo Kristen Hancher Kwuanisknnylegend Kylie Jenner Kym Graham Kyra Santoro Lacey Laid Laci Kay Somers Lady Sonia Lala Anthony Lana Rhoades Lana Rose LaSirena Laura Earnesty Lauren Alexis Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Summer Layna Boo Lazaniaze Lazano Lazelle Lazybutthead Leah Goes Wilde Leana Lovings Leichtperlig Lela Sohna Lena Paul Lena The Plug Lenina Crowne LeoLulu Lexi Luna Lil Pump Lilded Janet Lilianaheartsss Lilith Cavalier Lindsey Pelas Linneas Linny Hill Lisa Ann Little Angel Little Caprice LittlmissFit Liz Cambage Lizbeth Rodriguez Lizzy Wurst Loren Gray Louisa Khovanski LoveLilah Lucia Manfredi Ludmii Alderete Luma Skye Luna Alessandra Luna Star LupuWellness Luxury Girl Lydia Grace LylasBigHeart Lyna Perez Lyna Perez MaareBeaar Mackenzie Ziegler Mackz Jones Madelene Wright Madison Ginley Madison Ivy Madison Moore Malu Trevejo Mamibree Mandy Rose Mandy Rose Maria Arreghini Maria Eduarda Maria Eugenia Maria Gjieli Maria Nagai Mariah Mallad Mariana Cruz Martina Finocchio Martina Vismara Maru Karv Mary Moody Mataya Sweeting 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Blue Pandora Kaaki Pandoranyxie Paola Skye Payton Preslee PeachJars Penelope Kay Phoenix Marie Piabunny Pinuppixie Pokimane Polina Malinovskaya Poonam Pandey Povlotti Princesa_Ari Princess Helayna Ptwithally Purple Bitch Rachel Cook Rachel Dolezal Rae Lil Black Rakhi Gill Ramona_Jst Rebecca Crocker Reislin Rena Tari Reya Sunshine Rharrirhound Rihanna Riley Reid Riley Reid Rosa Acosta Roxystylez Rubi Rose Ruby Salvo Rusty Fawkes Sabrina Nichole Sahlt Sailormoon Samantha Aufderheide Samie Duchamp Sara Gold Sara Mascara Sara Retali Sara Underwood Sarah Banks Sarrixo Sava Schultz Savannah Bond Scarlett Jones Scarlett Kisses Scarlit Scandal Sejinming Selena Gomez Seltin Sweety Serinide Shady Shainarae Shaiden Rogue Shamayneg ShiftyMine ShunliMei Sincerely Juju Sky Bri Skye Sutton Skylar Rae Skylar Vox SkylarMaexo Skyler Lo Smashedely SnackyChan Sofia Ansari Sofia Elizabeth Sofia Gomez Sofia Simens SolaZola Solomia Maievska Sommer Ray Songyuxin Hitomi Sophie Dee Sophie Mudd Sophie Mudd 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2023.06.07 04:51 gte553e Andriod App keeps downloading random books?

I'm an avid user and always have a book on for myself or my kids. Lately when I go to Downloads to swap to a different book I'm find the app has downloaded several random books from my library. Anybody else have this experence? Any suggestions on how to stop it?
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