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2023.06.07 03:46 bat_angel IG reels all being pushed to India

I have two fairly successful IG accounts that have taken a bit of a nose dive the last month, during which they have been mostly pushed to India. This has never happened before, and I do not know how to redirect my reels back to the US. Have you encountered this before? What did you do to help get back into the US and how long did it take for your account to get back on track?
Thank you in advance!
If this is relevant: I am located in the US and use Nord VPN in the US. In the last few days, I started tagging my location as major US cities and adding tiny text in the video itself like “USA” and “United States” but it’s too early to tell if it’s making a difference 😭
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2023.06.07 03:46 Far_Candidate_593 How to easily upload data collected in Google Sheets?

I'm collecting data on wage theft in my workplace in a template I created in Google Sheets and I need a relatively simple way for individuals to upload their Google Sheets into a visualization that will allow the individual to see their own data visualized and the collective data visualized.
Please be kind. I don't know anything about creating visualizations. I'm just a lowly ghost worker trying to gather data and present it in a consumable way that will empower myself and my fellow workers.
In the past I've had an aquaintence do simple visualization of my own data, but this is more complicated, I think, if it's even possible at all, so I'd like to better understand what I'm asking for, and again, if it's even possible, before I request their help.
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2023.06.07 03:46 GurPersonal2854 Help!

I'm trying to complete an online training module and after following all the directions I continue to get an error message saying failed to retrieve a page of two rows, and then my map turns into huge polygon shapes. From there I can longer access my attribute table.
I had to add a field to my attribute table, change the data to double, and then calculate the field (!Blackmorta! / !whitemort!). When I hit apply that's when my error shows up.
Any help would be appreciated as I have to submit this as part of a project on Friday!
Also I'm very new to this so I need it explained as if I am 4 years old.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 03:44 danmessy Indoor plant gift - Blechnum Lady Luck? Looks different on Google

Got this as a gift, wanting to know how best to look after it. I believe its an indoor plant. Location is Australa.
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2023.06.07 03:44 _64Bit_ A (possibly) deleted Combine NPC mod.

I remember there was this one mod that made seperate, stronger Combine NPC's, plus have other variants. There was from what I remember, a medic, engineer, Assassin, Metrocops with shields, and the specific one I remember is the Commander. The Combine Commander had a few abilites iirc. One I know was he was able to summon I think 4 Manhacks. The Commander was super strong, I used to go on a Party City map and have ZEAL Skulldozer SNPC's fight him and it'd take a bit for them to kill him. He also had some sort of music, I can't remember it but I know it was there. I went to check my addons one day and the addon had a red border and there was no image, meaning it was deleted I think. It was my favorite Combine mod, and no, it wasn't "Combine Units +PLUS+" or any of the variants. Also as I mentioned before, this was a pack of a bunch of SNPC's that were seperate from the base Gmod Combine. If anyone remembers what the addon was called, or any ideas, please put it in the comments.
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2023.06.07 03:44 N8Pee Looking for feedback on kick/bass/sub-bass

I've been back and forth with the sub-bass on Part B of this track (just a two part production) and would welcome any feedback on the overall mix.
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2023.06.07 03:44 Carlos_a_m_2 Red spot right above my armpit a day after working out, did I injure my muscles?

17M. No diagnosis or medications.
Yesterday I noticed a small oval red spot right above my armpit on my right arm, I worked out before yesterday, and I am for the time being assuming this is an injury, however I am honestly not completely sure of what muscle or what exact exercise could have caused it. Extending my arms upwards makes me feel a sort of tightness on the spot and touching it hurts somewhat, google says it may be cause of "Strained pectoral or chest muscles" and yesterday I did do chest dips along with other exercises like triceps extensions and overhead presses. However I am somewhat lost here, hence some help and advice from someone rather than a google search would be very helpful. What muscles should I let rest?
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2023.06.07 03:44 Snoo-21148 question MMM-GoogleTasks - tasks won't auto-update but manual update works via reloading

When I make changes to my google task list, they do not get automatically updated on the mirror unless I hit "ctrl+R" for reloading. The code is as such. My update interval is at every 2sec but no update happens unless I manually reload the mirror.
Anyone has a clue?

module: 'MMM-GoogleTasks',
header: "Costco",
position: "top_left",
config: {
listID: "T2I2ZC1FMVM2T3psbXV34TT", //Costco
 updateInterval: "2000", // each 2 sec. (for troubleshooting purposes) 
// See below for Configuration Options
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2023.06.07 03:44 Potential-Record-370 Hyundai Elantra 2012 trunk

My 2012 Hyundai Elantra trunk won’t open. Not when using my key fob, or the latch next to the driver seat. I don’t have a key hole on the trunk either to open it manually. There were 2 rubber stopped that came out but no key hold inside them. Anything I can try to do at home before I take it in somewhere to get it fixed? I can’t lay the back seats down either due to those leavers being located in the trunk 🥲
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2023.06.07 03:43 nhamilton2018 Brewery/Distillery/Cidery Venues

Just got engaged and me and my fiancé are looking for recommendations on breweries, distilleries, or cideries that who do weddings. Preferably ones that are located in New England/Maryland area. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 03:43 coins_n_cubes16 My Shadowless Miscut Errors

My Shadowless Miscut Errors
Up to trade, looking for Nintendo ex era errors 😎
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2023.06.07 03:43 roary11oreo Sandygast Raids not appearing properly on Campfire

I thought it was curious early this afternoon when I hadn’t seen Sandygast pop up on Campfire in my area. Plenty of other raid spawns.
I finally saw one on my nearby in the late afternoon and after seeing it, went to campfire to map it and Sandygast’s picture wasn’t there! Instead it is the generic raid boss image.
Hopefully this gets fixed eventually (based on Pokéminers tweet there were some rollout issues) but for now, know that if you’re scanning town for a Sandygast raid, you’ll have to look for that logo amidst all the Pokéball with checkmarks.
PS - First post removed because I tried to post the campfire screenshot of the generic raid boss logo - hope you all understand what I mean when I say that.
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2023.06.07 03:42 Juicyghostboi My island has been broken for like the past week. Idk what to do. Please help.

My island has been broken for like the past week. Idk what to do. Please help.
I can’t access one of my islands no matter what I do. Every time I try to load it up, it’ll send me back to lobby. Then when I load back in, it says: “Your island got stuck in the last portal.”
I’ve tried copying it, deleting and recovering it, loading another island and then putting it back, all of which led to the same result of a crash. All of my other maps work fine, so I don’t know why this one won’t.
I’ve been working on this map for months and I really don’t wanna lose it. Does anyone have a fix?
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2023.06.07 03:42 AtomicBlondiie [Xbox One Server] [Windows 10] [PvE] WE'VE GOT BUGS! Come tame the new dino!

Misfit Island is a 12 - map PVE cluster on Xbox/Win 10. We are a never wipe, BOOSTED, friendly, active and quickly growing community! Our Discord has so much to do including active admins, events, player shops, admin shops and MORE! Come check us out and make this your new home! Below you will find our discord link and some server settings. The Discord will provide all the information regarding server settings, rates, activities, and more! Please join us and take a look at the fun you will have! Discord: Starter Kits - All Maps - Max Player lvl 205 - Max Wild Dino lvl 400 - Breeding boosted but not instant - Custom loot Drops - Element Transfer - In game currency (BBS) - Dino Market - Patreon/Donation Shop - Merch Shop - Server lag is low - Admin Events - Treasure Hunts - Gladiator Games - And so much more!!
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2023.06.07 03:42 boiidk0 The Curator

Has fallen through the map 4times in a row after getting to 1/3 of his last chunk of health. Any news on when this will be fixed
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2023.06.07 03:42 nhamilton2018 Brewery Wedding Venues

Just got engaged and me and my fiancé are looking for recommendations on breweries who will host weddings. Preferably ones that are located in New England/Maryland area. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 03:41 One-Cress-994 Boarding for my dog in or around Bozeman?

Hey all. I’m going to be out of town for a couple weeks and really need some good recommendations on where I can board my dog. If you have personal experiences at a certain location, that would be preferred. It’s hard enough to leave my dog for a few days, let alone two weeks. Serious pit in the stomach. I HATE wondering how my dog is doing, what she’s thinking, if she’s being treated well and maybe given some attention. So, if you know of anywhere that would happily send photos/updates every now and again, and give the best love and care to, please let me know!! 🐶 TIA!
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2023.06.07 03:41 Superyoshikong "Can't open this document" even though I'm the owner!

I had a whole essay written down on a Google document, which was made on one account, but I use both of my accounts to edit it. Now my original account says "Can't open this document. Check your internet connection, and make sure you have permission to open this document, then try again."
Even though the original account is the owner and the other account simply edits! My other account tells me that my changes couldn't sync and wouldn't be saved, but my original account won't even let me open the file at all!
Can someone please help me??? 🙏😭
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2023.06.07 03:41 House_of_Lij Lij's Drga Race Recasted: Espana S1 Episode 5

The results of the Lip-Sync are in!
Vanda Miss Joaquim and Kandy Ho Lip-Sync to "Pussy" by Bad Gyal. Kandy is automatically beginning to serve lots of dancing and twerking, most of which fits with the rest of the song. However, her twerking feels a little bit repetitive as Vanda gives a more refined and solid performance, really coming out and giving you absolute sex and showing all of the words, before eventually dropping into a sensual split and laying down on her huge coat to really show herself off, impressing the judges with how she embodies the song.
Vanda Miss Joaquim, shantay you stay!
Kandy Ho, sashay away... (7th Place)
EP5: " The Art Of Drag "
Working in pairs the queens get into the time-honored Spanish tradition of treading grapes in a barrel before they are tasked with treading the boards in their first-ever acting challenge based on one of Spain ́s most popular dramas. This week's runway is an homage to the world-renowned Spanish stars of the art world. Legendary Spanish Queen of Pop Alaska joins the judging panel as a fifth queen sashays away from the competition.
Mini Challenge: Grape Treading in pairs.
Básica o Cínica

Contestant Role
Alexis Michelle Cabana
Bebe Zahara Benet Olanda
Naomi Smalls Pabla
Envy Peru Mari Fer
Vanda Miss Joaquim Orka
Aura Eternal Lolimpia Díaz
Runway Themes: Spanish Art, Eleganza Extravaganza.
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2023.06.07 03:40 I_like_F-14 I think we may be kinda screwed

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2023.06.07 03:40 RC-3773 Would this character be actively hunted down?

Hey all!
So, I'm working on an NPC for the campaign I DM, and I've come up with the backstory that she was heavily experimented on and then sold off to work as an assassin/infiltrator. Later, she managed to escape and turned to a life of petty crime for a while, but she always had to be careful about being found out by her previous captors.
Anyways, the black market corporation that modified her sees her as proprietary technology and would "reappropriate" her if she were found, and the criminals she had been sold to would likely do the same, or flat out kill her for betrayal. Thinking about it, she would've probably been biochipped and had some kind of locator placed on her, but we can say that those have been disabled somehow or another.
But what I'm trying to figure out is whether or not she'd be actively hunted down. The corporation is extremely secretive, and the mafia was Crimson Dawn, so both would have motive to do so. But at the same time, they might deem it too costly to actively pursue her.
As a final note, if finances were a motive ("she's too much of an investment to let go of" sort of thinking), she has at least 45K credits of mods, and would've had approximately 300-400 post creation XP when she escaped.
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2023.06.07 03:40 RussMatBerch Hello, I am trying to remove the green paint on the ceilling beams. I tried using a paint stripper and sanding with an orbital sander but in some locations it is very difficult to remove it all. What should I do? I want to tint the wood after. Thank you!

Hello, I am trying to remove the green paint on the ceilling beams. I tried using a paint stripper and sanding with an orbital sander but in some locations it is very difficult to remove it all. What should I do? I want to tint the wood after. Thank you! submitted by RussMatBerch to woodworking [link] [comments]