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2023.06.02 13:43 superduper143 Thoughts on this $4.1 million Riverside Sale?

Thoughts on this $4.1 million Riverside Sale?
Looks like a great house on a 33x118 lot, but it’s directly across from the Ontario Line construction, which will bring elevated trains every 90 seconds. Just comparing to this Riverdale house, which seems bigger and already has a coach house, I’m quite surprised at the selling price.
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2023.06.02 13:43 New-Kitchen-778 Draco Malfoy v Ron Weasley Duel

Ron and Draco 1v1 years 1-7 and beyond. Who do you think would come out on top?
In my opinion it plays out like this :
Year 1- I don't think either of them have enough knowledge of attacking spells to do much damage. It comes down to fists and I think Ron takes it for me personally.
Year 2: Draco automatically wins since Rons wand is broken
Year 3-4: I'm grouping these 2 years together and I'm giving it to Draco. Ron fans ( and I am one) may be upset and I may be basing my opinion on fanon but Draco was good enough to get into Newt potions and I think he was decent student. Not that Ron wasn't but idk ik giving it to Draco. Feel free to disagree.
Year 5: I think this goes to Ron because while Draco is running around with Umbridge being dumb Ron is actively training and learning in the DA.
Year 6: I think this definitely goes to Draco. Mum and Auntie Bella would definitely have given him some extra training over the summer knowing what he was about to undergo.
Year 7: I don't know honestly. Rons constantly on the run and has more near life and death scenarios so he's gotten quicker I'm sure and more aware. But Draco would have been spending a lot of time with some dark people picking up a few tricks. I'll give it to Draco Again.
Post Battle of Hogwarts - I think Ron wins cos he would have gone through some form of auror training no matter how brief and would have been involved with some more near life and death scenarios. I doubt Draco was sharpening his combat skills.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.02 13:43 HLAMHC Does a 3-month NHS prescription count as 1 "item" (or 3)?

Does anyone have experience picking up a single 3-month NHS prescription in England and know how much it costs? I usually use a PPC, but this time I only need to pick up a single item. I'm wondering whether the 1-item cost of £9.65 would cover all 3 months, or if I would be charged 3x that.
Thank you for your help!
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2023.06.02 13:43 risiniaskyon Location is a Prime Factor of Your Asset Risinia Builders

  1. Location is Important Whether you choice to buy an asset withinside the industrial region or a residential place, it’s far important to don’t forget the place. Various different elements come as subsequent precedence due to the fact place is that component which can not be modified after you very own the asset or the assets or a house. Usually, first time homebuyers pay attention extra on luxuries and services and don’t trouble an awful lot approximately place, however they’ll repent later. Location ought to usually be taken into consideration as a top component of your asset. Location dictates the opposite elements of the asset. If it’s far a residential assets, then one has to search for the fame of the neighbourhood, nearness to centers and services, get entry to to water, protection quotient of the place, perspectives from the assets, etc. Any buy of an asset in actual property ought to be subsidized with the aid of using a right place.
    1. What Makes a Good Location
Several elements make a contribution to show a place into a great place. A few are cited below.
2.1. Futuristic Areas The regions that have a excessive scope of improvement are taken into consideration to be futuristic regions. These localities are a chunk farfar from the metropolis however are in excessive call for. These regions have nicely advanced infrastructure and smooth atmosphere. With non violent and tranquil atmosphere, you will stay a wholesome life-style on this pollutants unfastened environment. One ought to additionally don’t forget the destiny, further to the prevailing centers. Areas that are futuristic and certain for destiny improvement will assist to growth the assets values. Any type of improvement is certain to growth the assets values. One can get top ROI in futuristic regions.
2.2. Key Services in Proximity If you anticipate to get pleasant training to your children, you then definately ought to choose a place that has reputed instructional institutions. It ought to have a great social infrastructure too. One ought to additionally search for nearness to hospitals, purchasing centres, banks, malls, and ofcourse grocery stores. The place turns into a top component if is supported with the aid of using the proximity to those crucial services.
2.3. Convenient Commute If you’re in a futuristic place, you’re a chunk farfar from the metropolis however the gain is which you are a chunk farfar from the site visitors too. One ought to pick a place accurately so you do now no longer spend an awful lot time in shuttle. Pay interest to regions that are near ORR and highways so you can attain your vacation spot without difficulty thru them. The place ought to additionally have right approach of transportation.
2.4. Safety Matters Sometimes, we forget about protection issues, for you to come up with the money for the assets withinside the first place. It is a reality that regions with crook sports do now no longer gain the equal fee as a assets placed in a secure neighbourhood. The place ought to be secure for the women and children. One has to take word approximately the protection of a place earlier than finalising the asset. The protection of a place is likewise very critical and it contributes to growth the fee of the assets.
2.5. Lifestyle Needs Preference Never live in a place which does now no longer fit your life-style. One ought to stay in a place that can provide you and your own circle of relatives a satisfied life. Your life-style necessities ought to be supported with the aid of using your surroundings.
  1. Location is a Prime Factor of Your Asset at Risinia Risinia Builders are very specific approximately choosing a place for his or her ventures. They understand thoroughly that place is a top component of your asset. A top fee along side a great place will convey peace and happiness to your life. If your private home is in a great place and has adequate expensive services, then it’s far in extra call for and could surely are looking for a better promoting fee, bringing you a great ROI. The places decided on with the aid of using Risinia consist of all of the required elements like — pleasant of life, college choices, shuttle time, and social sports. Risinia Builders by no means compromise on things — place and pleasant. They also are acknowledged for well timed deliveries. They usually choose a futuristic place that’s desirable, specially for millennials. One shouldn’t examine the modern-day fame of a neighbourhood however ought to be aware of the destiny of the place. All the ventures of Risinia are RERA approved, which means absolutely sincere and wellknown ones. Their expensive and comfortable ventures, Skyon and Trendilla are placed at Bachupally while Oyster is located at Nizampet. All those ventures are at the verge of completion.
  2. Why Did Risinia Select Bachupally Bachupally is taken into consideration to be a fast-developing residential place withinside the suburbs and an upcoming place. It is part of the extension of Greater Hyderabad City. Situated withinside the North West Zone of Hyderabad and being in proximity to the mainstream regions, Bachupally is turning into the favorite vacation spot of the techies. The infrastructural improvement has created a growth in Bachupally actual property. Every homebuyer desires to very own a domestic in a neighbourhood which can boast of everything, from world-magnificence worldwide colleges to massive pharma labs. This dream comes actual in case you very own a domestic at one of the ventures of Risinia, placed in Bachupally.
This place homes world-magnificence colleges like The Oakridge International School, Delhi Public School, Silver Oaks, Laurus — The School of Excellence, VIKAS and Geetanjali IIT Olympiad School and a few reputed Corporate and Engineering colleges. With malls, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, all styles of stores, corporations and services, Bachupally is becoming a chief motive force of economy.
Bahupally is a process hub in itself and is likewise withinside the area of Hitech City. It is nicely related thru a community of roads which include ORR, Nizampet Road, Bachupally Road, and Bollaram Road. One of the top elements of Bachupally is that, you will discover houses at inexpensive rates.
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2023.06.02 13:42 Immediate_Strategy20 An experience of a South Korean converting to catholicism (originally posted on an online forum in South Korea)

Originally posted on an online forum in South Korea anonymously
Title: Story of myself, now a catholic catechumen, because of a shaman
(무당, Korean shaman from ancient and folk belief in South Korea)

Influenced by some protestants that I know, I was interested in the concept of christian God, but stayed a non-believer. One day, I came across a very convincing shaman. I didn't use to believe shamanism until then, when the shaman could correctly guess all the private stuff that she shouldn't know about me and my family or friends. I was convinced that the spiritual world exists, and started studying about shamanism.
While most shamans acknowledge the existance of God, they say that he is also one of many spirits in this world, and told me to just attend a church without asking too much. On the other side, christians(protestants) held that spirits that the shamans serve are corrupted spirits who defy God and wish to be a god himself. I thought that was credible. (Just like demons recognize Jesus in the Bible, spiritual beings can recognize each other.)
If shamans are all scam and just want to make money, they could have just denied the existance of God, but they all admitted it without resist. I found this wierd and other things also. It is awkward that the spirits punish shamans if they choose not to serve them. Shamans themselves said to me that none of the spirits they serve are actually good, they just use the shamans' body to exploit them. (That is why most shamans are so hysteric and chronically ill) Also, they say that a shaman's abilities are only affective during the first years after initial possession; after a few years the spirits abandon her and the shaman has to rely on fraud. I thought this could never be a proper religion.
(cf. In Korean shamanism, spirits punish a woman with disease and bad luck, if she defies it and chooses not to be a shaman. Most Korean shamans are traditionally female and is not a shaman by free will, but they were threatened by a spirit. Shamans were traditionally looked down on, frowned upon and considered lower class in Korea.)
So I cancelled all the appointments with the most famous shamans in Korea, which I have waited for weeks. I started to think about whether to attend a prostestant church, or the catholic one.
That happened this March, and I was going through a personal crisis, being in self-hatred and physically ill, too. I realized that I could not overcome all the evils in this world by myself, and I started praying to God. I told him that I just want to be in piece so please help me hold myself together. Then suddenly I started praying 'I believe. From now on, I will not live for the sake of myself but for other people.' Then I was in piece. However, I did not pray that because I genuinely think about other people, but because I was in such pain. I could not fully understand why I said that to God.
The next day was the day I finally left home and went back to Seoul. After I bought a ticket for a bus, I got a call from a friend who lives alone in Seoul. He usually never calls me for any kind of favor. He said, he got a surgery and he couldn't live by himself, and asked me to come over to his house for a few days to help him.
I was surprised that he called right on the day I was going back to Seoul, and I gladly decided to help him. The next day when I arrived at Seoul and got off from the bus, I met a christian charity worker. The worker asked me to donate for a kid who is very sick and the kid had the same name as myself!
(cf. In Korea having a same first name is somewhat rare, although many people have the same last name.)
I visited the same bus terminal for more than 50 times in my life, and this thing never happened to me before. And the same name? I thought this was God's work. So I signed to donate right away and found out the charity worker also had the same name as myself and the kid!
Afterwards, I naturally came to become a catholic, which I think I was guided by the holy spirit. My friend would have prepared for the surgery for days. The charity worker must have decided to be there at least several days ago. And I prayed to God just the day before everything happened. So, I think even my prayer was not 100% my own will but everything was planned and guided by him.
I share this story because of the talk I had with someone in another online forum. She said that a shaman could guess and be right about everything of her past. And the shaman made some predictions about her future and she was worried. I told her that I believe that shamans are capable of such things, and that a shaman convinced me about the existance of the spiritual world and I ended up being catholic.
She asked me why I became catholic when it was the shaman who had proven her abilities. So I told her everything. Then she said she is actually a catholic too, and she thinks that it is God's will that she happened to talk to me. She said she will just rely on God from now on. She also met several shamans and they all told her to keep believing in Jesus when she never told them that she had any religion.

  1. Same experience here, I also met shamans and ended up being catholic
ㄴ maybe some people are just predestined to become one.
  1. Reminds me of a North Korean I met. When he was fleeing, a shaman told him that God will help him... Nobody talks about God in North Korea, so he couldn't get it, but when he suceeded escaping and came to South Korea a catholic charity helped him.. so he became catholic.
  2. I could relate to every single thing you said, similar experience here. GOD LIVES!!
  3. Halleluya~
  4. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Similar experience here. Shamans could know that I was ill before I even told them. I heard some of my ancestors were shamans... I started having dreams about the future... and thank God I decided to become catholic. I use to attend a protestant church then I became atheist, but I just could not deny the existance of God after what I went through.
ㄴ The spiritual world is hard to understand. People who have such spiritual abilities.. why they usually cannot see God and become shamans... Good for you that you became a catholic instead.
  1. I went to three different shamans last year for fortune telling concerning my business. When I told them I was catholic the all said I made a good choice. They also told me to do requiem masses so I do that every month for my grandma and father. I don't know if that's why but I'm having a great year. God is present! :)
ㄴ Did the shamans even tell you to do the requiem mass???
ㄴ As a catechumen I find these comments very helpful.
  1. The sick kid with the same name that you've helped, he was actually yourself. How God used you to help poor souls .. including yourself... God is preparing something BIG for you! I hope your baptism goes great and also your journey of faith in God.
ㄴ Thank you for such nice words. Piece be with you!
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2023.06.02 13:42 candysncr I just used $500 that was going towards my 21st to pay a bill and I hate my dad because of it

My dads been unemployed for almost a year. He applies for jobs here and there but hasn’t found anything. He’s only applying for jobs he thinks he’ll enjoy or will be good at. The rest of us (mum, sister and I) are so tired of supporting him while he sits home all day doing nothing. If I was at home all day having 3 adults pay for my life the, house would be spotless, but no, he just makes a mess that one of us will end up having to clean up. He won’t do the dishes, won’t fix any of the stuff that’s broken, just sits on his ass on his laptop all day. Someone he used to work with even offered him a fairly decent job last week and he turned it down because he used to do it and didn’t like it very much so doesn’t wanna do it again, but it’s a fucking job. It’s $600 a week, which is a hell of a lot better than the $0 he’s making now.
I’ve been planning my 21st for months. I’ve been so excited, working extra hours, saving what I can to put something, anything towards having a nice 21st party with my family and friends, and I’ve basically just used all of it to pay off the overdue bill for the internet and my parents’ phone plans. I don’t even care that much about using the internet at home. I can use my mobile data. I mainly paid it because I knew dad would get frustrated that he couldn’t scroll through facebook and break something eventually. Maybe he’d put a hole through the new TV my sister bought a few months ago after the old one blew up. Maybe he’d rip the fly screen door out and throw it out into the yard again. Who knows. Something would end up getting broken and I’d have to leave the house for a few days just to feel safe.
I can’t even use my own money that I saved for my 21st. I just wanted a night where I got to feel special, where things got to be about me, where I got to have fun with some extravagant decorations, but fuck me I guess. Who needs a job when your children can just pick up the bills your wife can’t pay on her income alone.
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2023.06.02 13:41 Anxious_Program_4120 Probably his favourite towel

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2023.06.02 13:40 Captkersh Solo admin with the scoop that WC will trade pick one for Jack Billings

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2023.06.02 13:37 cinnamontwix I could not be more excited this month! My bags and boosts!

I could not be more excited this month! My bags and boosts!
The last one I forgot to grab the screen where it shows everything all together. I’ve always wanted a full ND palette! Just the price of these makes it worth the whole box plus boost! I was pretty happy that for the most part my power picks were all different! My choices mostly had the same items. I bought the too faced lipstick in my first purchase and then it was in my next boxes choice but it was up against items that were worth quite a bit more so I was still happier to pay the $12 for it.
The main things I wanted were the Byroe eye cream, the JLO cleanser, the wander mascara, the fenty contour(which is nuts that it was even a choice on all 3 bc I had contour as never on all 3), and the keys cream. The keys cream was an option for the 3rd one too but the mudmasky primer looked really nice. So, I got pretty lucky. And I LOVE the Bobbi brown eye pens or whatever they’re called.
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2023.06.02 13:35 xjayrey The enemy mid roams and ends the game before I become a champion

im gold 3, every game is constant skirmishing from min 1. How do you deal with enemy midlaners who just roam and skirmish before you become a champion. Last game I spam pinged my team whenever the J4 mid was roaming, every time he picked up double kills. eventually i finished the game with 4/1 having died once to the incredibly fed J4.
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2023.06.02 13:35 ADC668 Edinburgh Marathon Race Report

Race Information Name: Edinburgh Marathon Date: May 28, 2023 Distance: 26.2 miles Location: Edinburgh Time: 3:46:20
Goals Goal Description Completed? A Sub 3:30 No B Maintain pace discipline No C Sub 4:00 (Complete) Yes
Splits Km Time min/m 1 7:32 2 7:40 3 7:41 4 8:04 5 7:52 6 7:43 7 8:03 8 7:47 9 7:57 10 7:55 11 7:56 12 7:48 13 7:49 14 7:41 15 7:46 16 7:49 17 7:59 18 7:57 19 7:52 20 7:50 21 7:53 22 7:56 23 8:04 24 8:05 25 8:07 26 8:11 27 8:09 28 8:05 29 8:15 30 8:19 31 8:17 32 8:22 33 8:29 34 8:27 35 8:35 36 8:37 37 8:31 38 8:41 39 8:43 40 10:23 41 17:35 42 17:15
Training had been consistent throughout with the last few 32km runs feeling good! There was no issue with fuelling and pace for all three 32km runs sat around the 7:52 mark. With the training I had set to taking SIS gels on every 5km and sipping either water or an energy drink 3km after that. This was done throughout. With a goal of a sub 3:30 mara I was relatively confident that this could be done, if not quicker... it wasn't to be!
Didn't sleep too well the night before getting to bed around 2200. Had eaten fairly low fibre throughout the week which consisted of high carbs (rice, pasta etc) and protein, however I think that looking ahead some more fibre would have done me well. Some food for thought. Dinner the night before consisted of a chicken breast and rice however in hindsight some additional calories may have been a bonus as we would find out. After an earl-ish wake with some porridge, peanut butter and coffee we travelled on the 0705 train to Edinburgh from Leuchars. A really easy journey ahead of the day. We found a seat next to a man who was on the production team for BBC's Big Weekend and managed to relax into the 1:30 journey. Sipped through a bottle of Lucozade Sport but could possibly have done with some more liquid here. Arrival at Edinburgh was chaotic with runners flooding the station but managed to find a rogue banana in M&S and wolfed it down before joining the huge queue to the loo's near the startline. Luckily word was passed down the line that the urinals was clearing so I managed to skip the queue to get a quick wee in before kick off at 10:00. As this acted as a 'training run' for July's 100km 'Race to the Stones' I wore a vest which held the days nutrition (around 6 SIS gels and a pack of Clif Bloks) and liquids (x1 500ml watex1 500ml High5 Zero Tab). A quick warm up with help of a theragun and I moved into place where the 'red' and 'yellow' sections met; My thinking being that I could get held up if I were to position myself towards the rear this may hold my up given the downhill sections of the run; this was the first of the many errors to come.
*Note the Km distance vs min per mile pacing
Race kicked off on the dot of 10:00 with around a minute before crossing the start line itself. As expected it was a quick start. I had been warned not to go too fast out the gates but was not prepared the swarms of people pushing down the steep roads. I had endeavoured not to go quicker than a 7:40 pace per mile but found myself pushing it a bit much at the start and tried to rein it in. Pacing was all over the place at this stage and there was little consistency. Possibly due to the terrain and the feeling of being 'pushed ahead' but I definitely found myself being overtaken by more people than I would take myself - likely due to my poor positioning at the start.
My HR seemed ok with it at the 150 mark (avg resting HR is around 38bpm) however I began to notice it slowly creeping up. It was at the 10km mark that I started to think that this could be a long day ahead as I managed 10km in around 48mins. I hadn't quite hit the rhythm I was used to and now out of town where the crowds disappeared apart from the odd family, it felt odd to be on course. A mistake here was to to avoid the aid stations. I was cautious to avoid the High5 gels due to the concern of having not trained with them however it was a mistake to have not taken more water when offered as I would find out.
Where my fueling technique had worked in the past I was finding it tricky to keep the momentum. Error number 2. Or 3. Or 4? As the heat increased from around 15 degrees to 18 things seemed tougher than expected at around the 25km point. I was now well aware that I had gone out too fast as my HR was now into the late 160's and low 170's. This is where it stayed for the rest of the race creeping up and staying at around 177. As we approached the 30km point there was a turnaround point which was gravel which was harder than expected given the change in terrain. At this point however each slight incline began to feel like a slog and it began to look like the sub 3:30 would take a serious effort.
I began to realize that I would need more fuel and in taking more on another gel I managed to drop the 4/5 remaining Clif Bloks and stupidly chose not to take the time to pick them up. Another error. I really began to fade at around the 35km mark however by the time I hit the 39km mark I was cooked. After waving to get the attention of my Dad who was spectating this turned out to be a random bystander and I was starting to hallucinate. My energy had completely gone and I was in trouble. I tried to keep running but had to stop, making it almost impossible to then restart. I could barely speak now and despite the continued support of the crowds which had began to grow as we got towards the finish line, felt my eyes start to close and my body want to give in. By this stage I had passed the 3:30 time and just wanted to get across the line before the 4:00 mark.
I managed to creep around the corner at the end and crossed the line. I was directed to the med tent just to the left of the finish line and collapsed onto the floor. HR all over the place, no energy and a time of 3:46 I was more thrilled that I had finished than anything.
Post-race: Having dragged myself off the med tent floor I managed to make it down to the exit area and grab some water for the salt tabs that were being given out with the race t-shirt/medal I slowly began to feel alive again. A few more salt tabs and the relief of having finished made things slightly better. A sip of a shandy and a boost bar and I started to gain some energy, however my stomach was in pieces. This was to continue with a lack of motion in the ocean for the following 3 days...
A few learning points: Self-selection at the start line was poor. Pace discipline was evident. HR was all over the place and should have been a considering factor. On course nutrition could have been better. Poor pre-race nutrition may have added to the lack of energy? Overall a long day in the office.
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2023.06.02 13:32 Unlucky_Profile_1499 welcome

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2023.06.02 13:31 threepoundsof Puppy stealing slippers on walks

My 6 month old little guy started doing a new thing yesterday. Whenever I take him on walks, he’ll behave normally until it’s time to go inside. Then he’ll start biting at me and eventually go for my slipper (always the left one) he won’t stop biting at my ankle and foot until he gets it off. He lays on the grass and starts chewing. Eventually, with some coaxing he’ll pick it up and come inside. This has happened the last 3 or 4 times I took him out. He doesn’t do it to my girlfriend
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2023.06.02 13:31 arson-ghost 99 Cent Nibblers on Thursdays?

Did Zaxby's just stop doing 99 cent nibblers on Thursdays or is it a store by store event? I went to a store in Georgia last Thursday and got 99 cent nibblers, but when I went to a different store in South Carolina yesterday they said that they stopped doing them. Did the company discontinue the promotion with no warning this week, is it a store by store promotion, or was the employee lying cause they didn't feel like making more nibblers? It was about 30 minutes before they closed if that makes any difference. Trying to decide if I should give up on Nibbler Night forever or keep trying
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2023.06.02 13:30 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - June 2nd, 2023

Links to this week's episode discussion posts:
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2023.06.02 13:30 AutoModerator Dangerous legal precedent about to be set if my eviction appeal is not granted

Tens of thousands of South Carolina mobile homeowners manufactured before 1976 & renting the land it sits upon, can be legally evicted without cause if the Appellate court upholds the verdict of my eviction based solely upon the wording of the 30-day notice of the end of the term of their expired lease agreement.
Many, if not most renters of land in a mobile home park, have leases for one year, which likely have never been renewed from year to year, as the law states.
If my case is not dismissed, it will become 'case law', which can then be used by any greedy, unscrupulous landowner who wants to own your home to evict you and take possession of your home, whether there exists no cause or reason for the eviction.
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2023.06.02 13:26 travlynme2 LOAF'S List of Saturday Words - Theme is Summer SUN and SPF!

Here are the words the Loaf has picked for Saturdays this June. Play them if you like.
June 3 - Find some SHADE
June 10- Don't get BURNT
June 17- Wear a VISOR
June 24- You don't want tan LINES!
What SPF do you wear?
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2023.06.02 13:26 cyrusposting Attempting to rule out the Government Experiment Theory (How old is Fromville?)

There is a tempting theory that Fromville is a government experiment. I would like to rule out this theory as best as I can, so we can move on to other theories. The most compelling evidence for the Government Experiment theory, in my opinion, is that all of the residents have been taken from somewhere in the continental United States. Let's talk about that.
Map of locations people arrived in the town from, showing no entry points from outside the continental US.
There's someone from San Diego, but nobody from Mexico, 17 miles away. There are pins tantalizingly close to the Canadian border too, but nobody was actually grabbed from Canada. Nobody from the Caribbean either, and nobody from Alaska or Hawaii.

Does it matter? Could it just be the writers catering to an US audience?

I think this map is intentional evidence of something. If they can have two characters (Kenny's Parents) who speak very little English, I don't think having a Mexican or a Canadian marked on a map would make Americans less likely to watch the show. Remember, these characters wouldn't even have to be still living or appear in the show. The pins on the map don't all correspond to still living characters, and it is an intentional choice to simply stop at the border.

How many people are counted here?

One thing worth mentioning is that these are only people who came after some undefined point, but I think given that this map is in the Sherriff's office we can assume they started keeping track after Boyd's arrival 2 years ago.
I can't quite make out most of the names, and my screenshot doesn't help, but I can't find any names from Colony House. Let me know if you can. It might help for someone who is better than me at reading handwritten text to open this in the actual show where you can get the best resolution. The questions to answer here are whether its only people from the town, and who is the longest staying resident we can find.

Why just the US?

Here are all of the theories I have for why this would only be happening to Americans.
  1. Fromville is an experiment being carried out by the US Government.
  2. The entrance to Fromville, being a wormhole or whatever else, has to be transported physically, by land, and it would be problematic to get it through customs.
  3. Fromville is designed to punish Americans for something. This would have to be a punishment for something that Canadians and Mexicans didn't also do, which rules out settling the Americas.
  4. Every country gets their own.
  5. Its some mystical, paranormal force that for some reason cares about modern political borders. Maybe its the ghost of Osama Bin Laden or something.
  6. Something cultural or logical prevents them from making it onto this map. If its only people who settled in the town that make it onto the map, maybe it was impossible to convince Spanish speakers to get inside. The problem with this is that Canada is not culturally different enough from the United States to create a filter here. Maybe Canadians are all lumberjacks and when they hit the tree in the road they just cut it up and haul it out. Who knows. I can't think of how this theory would work, but its still possible.
  7. Its coincidence. Canada and Mexico have a lower populations than the United States, and if you squint the pins seem to have some correlation with regional population density. Maybe they just got lucky.
  8. It has to do with the interstate system. All of these pins seem to be placed on interstates. Mexico and Canada do not have an interstate system the same way the US does. I heard somewhere that one motivation for building the interstates was the Cold War, as an efficient way to evacuate cities in case of a nuclear attack. Maybe there's something there.
  9. Its a simulation so anything can happen, who cares.
  10. The people running Fromville don't want to introduce a language barrier. This theory is also weak, considering Kenny's parents speak very little English, and people were taken from south Florida, south Texas, and San Diego, who could very easily have been Spanish speakers. America in general is not a monolingual country. On the other hand, if people are selected individually (which the bus with Krysti's fiancée implies) then Kenny's family could have been selected *because* they have Kenny to translate, and the people from heavily Spanish speaking parts of the United states could be collected at no risk of introducing a language barrier to isolate them.
  11. It could be because of something I haven't thought of, let me know in the comments.
I don't like most of these answers, but they're what I've got.

Why just the continental US?

  1. The US Government is running the experiment, but lacks the resources to do anything in Alaska or Hawaii despite having wormhole technology. Or they just don't care to run this experiment on Hawaiians and Alaskans, because they wouldn't get useful data from them for some reason.
  2. The entrance to Fromville, being a wormhole or whatever else, has to be transported physically, by land, and it would be problematic to get it through customs.
  3. Hawaii and Puerto Rico don't have long enough stretches of empty country roads, while Alaska just doesn't have enough people for it to be likely that one is here, the same reason why there's nobody from Wyoming, Idaho, or Nebraska.
  4. The wormhole operates within some radius, you can draw a circle on a map which includes all of these pins but excludes Hawaii and Alaska.
  5. It could be something I haven't thought of, let me know in the comments.
Again, none of these are great answers, but its all I've got.

Dating the beginning of Fromville.

If Fromville is 5 years old, the government experiment theory is plausible. The older Fromville is, the less likely it is that the US Government had the potential to create this kind of thing. Even setting aside the impossible geometry, we have seen wires that go nowhere but still power things. We've seen bioengineered superhumans who can shapeshift and rip a person apart in seconds, all while being impervious to bullets. Not to mention the ability to induce shared hallucinations and read minds.
Not only are these things beyond present technology, they are things a government would find extremely useful for projects that make a lot more money than torturing two dozen of its own citizens secretly. I think, without some kind of magic, we can rule out almost all human causes. Terror attacks, government experiments, basically every explanation of a manmade Fromville, except The Matrix or something supernatural, like magic. All we need to do is prove that Fromville is very old.
So, maybe the present-day government has this technology and is keeping it a secret, or its still being tested. In that case, did they have this technology in the 70's, when Victor arrived? As we go further back, it becomes less plausible.
We see Civil War uniforms on some of Jade's hallucinations, which would be dated to the 1880s, but these civil war soldiers may not necessarily have been trapped in Fromville or may not have actually existed at all.
What about the US Marine that Boyd meets in the tower? He doesn't recognize Boyd's style of pistol, presumably because its a semi automatic. The first semi automatic sidearm formally adopted by the US military was the Colt 1911, adopted in 1911. If you've seen a Colt 1911, you wouldn't look at Boyd's pistol and say "That doesn't look like any pistol I've seen.'(Or whatever his exact wording was.)
That marine was probably a civil war soldier or earlier, who would only have been familiar with revolvers. I doubt the technology we see in the show is older than the semi automatic pistol.
If we wanted to date Fromville older than this, we can get into things I can't prove.

A picture of the talismans.
When I first watched the show, my first thought was that these symbols were Rongorongo because of the human shapes. Then, I started thinking about writing systems that would more plausibly have been in North America at some time. Looking more into it, these look like they could be Icelandic staves. I am neither Icelandic nor am I an anthropologist, but I feel like there isn't enough discussion on who would have carved these so I'll try to at least say enough to get a discussion going.
Icelanders used to carve symbols into a form of stone called lignite. Lignite is a soft stone which, from google image searches, often has this same blueish-gray color. If these are Icelandic staves, they probably date back to around 1000 AD, the approximate possible date when Icelandic people settled Newfoundland. The middle of the talisman looks like the rune ᛝ and the dashes along the outside look like ᚫ, but with an extra notch. The only examples I was able to find with three notches were on this runic calendar dated around the 12th or 13th century AD found in Finland.
\"Sami Runic Calendar\" showing a character resembling ᚫ but with an extra notch. Look in the bottom right if you don't see it.
I have no idea what the significance of the extra notch is, or if its something that was only done on calendars. If the talismans are calendars, obviously the circular shape is significant. This could also be an older form of the rune, or any number of other possibilities because languages and writing systems are hard, constantly evolving, and I am not an anthropologist. Also, there are only so many shapes you can make when carving notches into a rock and the talismans don't necessarily have to be Icelandic just because they look like some runes.
One counterargument to all of this is that this same symbol appears on the cave writings by the monsters.
Victor showing the cave drawings.
My theory, assuming the talismans are Icelandic, is that the domain of Fromville either used to extend to Newfoundland 1000 years ago, or that some Vinlanders(which is what I will call Icelandic settlers in Newfoundland, I don't know if this is a real word) were blown off course and found their way into its domain. Obviously, if Fromland is over 1000 years old, sticking to the modern day boundaries of the continental United States would be extremely strange. It would also be extremely strange that there is evidence of Vinlanders but 0 evidence of any First Nations people despite Fromville being 1000 years old.
Regardless, these Vinlanders found themselves trapped, much like our modern day protagonists. They desperately designed staves that they hoped could ward off the creatures, and eventually someone managed to make one that worked. These staves were then passed down or dug up by more and more generations of Fromlanders, until eventually Boyd found them. Meanwhile, the monsters, either by somehow assimilating humans or through their observation of the talismans, came to draw these symbols themselves.
My theory on why the stave worked is that it could say some equivalent of "I'm not afraid of you", the same thing Darrel says to the creatures surrounding the bus.
The stick with three notches could also be depicting trees or waves, and not be a rune at all. On the cave drawing, surrounding the boats and spaced randomly, they look like waves. On the talisman, evenly spaced in a ring around the human figures, they look like trees
Regardless, if any of this holds up, a healthy majority of historians believe that the United States Federal Government was not functional or existent in 1000AD. At the very least, their technology was extremely limited.
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2023.06.02 13:23 Omeet2 40 lifehacks to improve your life

  1. Don't assume a 'no' for someone else. Let them make that choice.
  2. Believe in serendipity, not coincidences.
  3. For decision-making, resolve automatically by (1) setting a deadline, or (2) picking the less enjoyable option.
  4. Utilize email reminders for important follow-ups on specified dates.
  5. When in doubt, simply do what is right.
  6. The expectation of progress is key for motivation. It's hard to be motivated if you don't know your next step or the end goal.
  7. Clarity is key. E.g., "AGI takeoff fast" - define each term: "AGI", "takeoff", "fast".
  8. Use one-hour timers for brainstorming in Google docs and three-minute timers to jot down immediate next steps.
  9. Knowledge is a stepping stone. The more you know, the easier it is to plan your next steps.
  10. Naps don't necessarily mean sleep. Your brain is never fully off; it's about resting your mind.
  11. Without scheduled time for important goals, you can't really claim to have any.
  12. Ask yourself, what is something you're avoiding out of fear? Be specific.
  13. Consider, what are you hiding due to shame? Be honest.
  14. Think, what infuriates you? Define it.
  15. Every project has a preliminary and final version. The initial can often be done in just 10% of the time if you set a timer for 5-10-15 minutes.
  16. Don't shy away from asking people "What do you do?" as your first question at social events.
  17. Seek out the most unique individuals at gatherings.
  18. Working on complex issues requires a significant amount of bravery. Embrace your fears.
  19. Just because you feel strongly about something doesn't mean you're correct.
  20. Even if your overarching intuition is correct, without concrete actions, your assumptions might be off.
  21. Pursue the truth and test your assumptions. Don't settle for winning arguments.
  22. Avoid postponing important beliefs. Always strive to think from the ground up, not based on someone else's beliefs or what's considered reasonable.
  23. Be wary if you haven't experienced any awkwardness today.
  24. Thinkers believe thinking is key; doers believe action is key. Find a balance.
  25. If something is occupying your mind, jot it down. It'll help you focus on the task at hand.
  26. If a task involves a sequence of actions you've done thrice, create a checklist.
  27. If a thought disturbs you, remind yourself it's okay to let it go.
  28. Use tools like Anki, snooze tabs, and Asana to manage your questions and ideas for later.
  29. If a work location doesn't naturally suit you, switch places. Don't force it.
  30. Treat everyone as a friend. Don't hesitate to send cold emails.
  31. Keep a visible timer to ensure you're staying on track and not getting stuck.
  32. Recall your shower thoughts. They're often insightful.
  33. Low social status often hides untapped potential.
  34. Living in areas with high standards, like the Bay area, can provide a significant boost in drive and insights.
  35. It's natural to feel like you're lagging behind at times. It's part of the journey.
  36. If you rarely experience a certain emotion, your brain might be suppressing it.
  37. Prefer reading books over listening to them for better retention.
  38. People often project their motivations onto others.
  39. People often project their fears onto others as a form of self-protection.
  40. You have control over what to pay
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2023.06.02 13:23 WerewolfBarMitzvah09 You have to pick one of these characters as your dance partner for a competition/performance (pt. 3), who's your pick?

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