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1500 kCals A Day!

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2015.09.23 01:32 anditsmeg13 a vegan version of the wonderful r/1200isplenty

A sub for vegan weight loss. Welcome to a community much like 1200isplenty where users share meals and tips, with a twist! Everything you'll find here is 100% vegan. We have animal-free recipes, dishes, and snacks to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Whether your daily calorie limit is 1200, 1400, or even 1600 or more, everybody is welcome to post and comment here. A vegan CICO based diet can benefit anybody trying to maintain or lose weight.

2020.07.08 00:40 Live-Love-Lie CalorieCalculators

Post pictures or videos of grotesque or stupid amounts of food and we’ll calculate how many Calories are in the dish!

2023.06.02 14:24 Far_Maintenance_175 How do I reconcile with the people from my past, and in doing so make peace with my past?

I had a really rough childhood. Growing up with autism, everyone (but me) knew I was different. I was bullied ever since I was a child, and in doing so took my pain out on people who may not have necessarily been trying to hurt me. I have lost many friends because I felt they too were trying to bully me, only to realize now at 20 that they were not.
I don’t blame myself- I was a scared and confused kid in middle school who was so used to being hurt I didn’t know how to handle it when people liked me only to think that they must be lying. I cut off most of the people off from my school days, and now in college it makes me quite sad, because I realize that I miss them and wish I could still talk to them.
There aren’t a lot, maybe 5-10 people, that I really want to reach out to. I’m trying not to think about how hard it will be (I have no way to find them besides a first name, if that), but I do want to reach out. I don’t want to send them a sappy “I’m sorry I pushed you out of my life message” but I do want to send them something letting them know I have been thinking about them and miss them.
I was reluctant at first because I felt like it might make them uncomfortable, but my mom spoke to me (who is a buddhist and I am just now starting to delve into it as well and it’s been life changing, by the way. I’ve seen so much about forgiveness and how freeing it can be and this is what made me want to do this). She talked about how she drunkenly reached out to an old friend on facebook and sent her a long paragraph about how she is sad they fought and missed her, and her friend responded and they’ve been very close ever since (this happened five years ago, so it made me think it’s never too late).
My only issue is I don’t know what to say. It’s easy to want to do this but actually writing what I would say is hard, and I come to a complete blank when I actually try. Does anyone have advice on what to say or tel them that won’t sound like I’m just doing it to make myself feel better? Because that’s not what it is at all, and I don’t want to give that impression.
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2023.06.02 14:24 alexblattner offering 1500$ for whoever manages to create a perfectly consistent character

Hello, everyone. I am on a quest to increase consistency and flexibility significantly. I have a list of requirements to give this money:
  1. the loss rate should be lower than 0.04 from the original concept
  2. the character should be able to work from any pose
  3. the character should work from any camera angle
  4. the character should be able to express a variety of facial expressions (anger, laughter, disgust, sadness, etc...)
  5. the character should be able to work in any background and with any other concept (clothes, hair color, etc...)
  6. all the previous requirement must be achievable simultaneously (smiling when the camera is looking from the right of the face for example)
  7. the character has to be human
  8. your procedure to achieve the requirements must be replicable at 90%. By this I mean, that with the same texts, loras and openpose pose, the result should be pretty and similar to what I am aiming for

Those are insane requirements. I know. It doesn't matter how many loras you use if you manage to do this.

What am I trying to achieve with this? I want to use this on a platform I am developing. The platform will let users pick a character, use openpose with it with a brief description of a scene to create a desired panel. The idea behind it is to replicate what we used to do as kids when playing with toy puppet but great. I want people that can't draw be able to easily beat artists in both speed and accuracy.

I am rambling on and on... In any case, here's your chance to make 1500$. If anything's unclear ask away.
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2023.06.02 14:23 Bill-O-Reilly- Thoughts on 351 W reliability?

Looking at buying an OBS ford here soon and seeing a lot of them for cheap with 351 Windsors in them. Other than being gas hogs, are there any major flaws with these? What’s a typical life expectancy, how many miles are too many, when does the timing chain, cooling system, electronics start taking a crap? This motor will never be anything other than stock, not looking to modify at all
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2023.06.02 14:23 g0y7m-3r4d1r92 Mexico

It would be fun if we would have Mexico,like in the first game.I saw that the author of Project New Austin wanted to make a mod for Mexico,with the locations of rdr1,but with the lack of tools as he said ,he didn't finish the mod.I saw some photos of the mod like above there are many others.I don't know how he could make these ,but it seems that he put in a lot a work.It would be great if Rockstar would make something like this to add Mexico,but I don't think so,with the gta 6 ,it's more likely that won't happen soon.
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2023.06.02 14:23 SwervYT Am I wrong, or my parents? (Thoughts of leaving my house forever)

Hi guys this is my first time posting on here tbh, I am 16 years old and I really want to leave my house. Obviously, I am not old enough to leave and live on my own, as here in Dubai the legal age is 18. My parents are really strict as their upbringing was very military-like and full of rules with painful punishments (beatings), However, me on the other hand, I was born and raised in Dubai with a more liberated lifestyle so I have obviously inherited a less strict persona from people in school and outside friends, my parents really wanted me to be like them and they were always comparing me to themselves and how good they were during their youth (which is true they were very disciplined), but despite their strictness, I always felt like they treated me so badly, they are so focused on studying and they keep trying to pave my way for the future, like I get that you are so determined on me having a good future but you are doing it in the wrong way as I have no choice to decide about MY OWN life and make MY OWN decisions or mistakes, and me personally I really hate school, like more than anyone, at 16 years of age, I would rather play with toys like a 5 yr old than to study for just 20 mins, I really believe that its not because of laziness or anything because I also go to the gym and if you go to gym aswell, you would know its not so easy as it takes determination and patience, so with that said, its not because I am lazy to do work or cant be asked, its because I just don't like studying and learning things and I jus do not know if education is really my route because I have not been to college before or seen what being an engineer or a doctor is like on a more detailed scale, I know it works and provides people with jobs but its not how I want my future to be, I am more of a youtuber, actor. boxer (or muay thai) and body builder type of a guy, I really want to make videos that are funny and entertaining, I really want attention and fame, I want to become the next big thing, not through scientific research and experiments but through youtube and gym, I have (which my parents laughed at saying how sh*t of a goal it was), my parents try to give me the choice of job that I want in the future (not youtube because that is inexistent to them apparently) but everytime I have a conversation about my goals of possibly becoming an actor I never mention it because whenever they talk to me they always mention and push their ideas about becoming a doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc. And it really sucks man, like what if I want to be an actor, or an artist, or something a little more creative that fits my personality rather than jotting down equations on a piece of paper. Now the only reason why I spent most of my life in school and not spoke to my parents about pursuing a stereotyped smaller route (acting and stuff) or even quitting school overall, was because I saw how determined they were to let me live a good life which is a very good thing so I did not want to upset them.

When I was younger I was very obedient and therefore studied 24/7 because of my mom, she kept giving me so many assignments a day to complete when I was only like 10 years old, she treated me like a highschooler with so much stuff to do and tight deadlines, obviously I was gonna do really good at school because of it, it was just too much, at that age I did not mind at all because all I thought then was my parents are right and whatever they told me to do was right, but when I grew older I realized that I was so introverted and barely went out unless it was my closest friends birthday or something, I barely had friends at school, I do not know how to conversate with people, and because I did not go out or play a sport I was becoming extremely fat (which my parents said it was because of me being lazy) with no social experiences , I decided to ask my parents to play a sport and they managed to let me play football (soccer) 2 times a week, which really boosted my wellbeing from the intensive studying I did at home. When I reached highschool my parents flooded me with outside tutors almost to the point where everyday I had an studying session with a tutor, this completely ruined my wellbeing and mental health as I was only in year 7 (grade 6), I felt so overwhelmed which made me hate studying completely and thought it was the worst thing that has entered my life, and due to my filled schedule, when I had free time, I tried my best to play video games, I started messing around in school because I do not have time for messing around at home, I started playing video games a lot more and focusing less about the stuff my tutor taught me.

But whenever I look at my parents I get this reality check in my head and this voice appears and its like "GET UP DUDE, YOU WILL FAIL IN LIFE, MAKE YOUR PARENTS PROUD!", it was like my only source of motivation to study, I really want to make them happy, but guess what, when I finally try really hard on something, my parents do not appreciate it, like they smile and say well done but there was no emotion put to it, which is ok as they might be stressed (they are always stressed), so I take it, but if I make a mistake, even if it was not that much of a big deal, they would burst into flames, they shout at me, curse at me, they say that I do not have a future at all, and as much as I don't want to expose it as I never told anyone this before, they physically abuse me and they are proud of it. One time I tried telling my mom after she hit me with a long thick wooden stick that hitting will only teach me to rebel against her when I grew up and that it does not have any effect on me besides being more careful when committing the mistake, but she said that she felt good when she hit me and it made her feel more comfortable which goes to show that she is not hitting me to teach me a lesson but to only make her feel better (like I am a stress reliever that she can abuse), I spoke to different counsellors at school and they spoke to my parents about the hitting, and my parents fought off the school and informed them that they would continue hitting me as I am their child and they can do whatever I want, and my response to that is, that I never chose to be born by these parents, I never had a say in whether I wanted to be born by them , they made me by having fun under the sheets, and I never got to choose, so do they really own me or is it more like a controlled captive environment because of their wealth and authority over me. Like if I had the wealth I would've been outta here a long time ago, I would provide for my family and my lovely brother (who my parents are treating him the same way), my brother is another main reason why I am still here actually, he understands me and he is only 10 years old, he is so mature and I love him, and his existence made me realize the disgusting treatment my parents gave me when I was younger, and I do not want to leave him alone with my parents so hell end up being as introverted and depressed as me. because the environment at home with my parents is not it.
My parents argue with each other a lot, literally almost everyday, they always have an argument, mainly my mom starting the fight, she's a perfectionist who would kill over a small disagreement or mistake, she holds a huge grudge on you for things you did in the past even if it was over a decade ago, she always thinks she's right and never (like never) wrong. My dad, is a very angry and grumpy person, he does not know how to have a little fun, he gets mad really really easily, he always feels stressed because of work (which is completely understandable) he shouts and hits really hard when punishing me or my brother, he assumes a lot of things when he's in doubt even if I did not do anything. Overall, my family is a mess,
On the bright side, I started hitting the gym about 1 year and a half ago and started muay thai (martial arts) almost 3 months ago, I am in such a better shape, I have lost sm weight, built a good amount of muscle, I started talking to people a lot more, I have so many groups of friends and most importantly, my mental health is amazing.
However, I am still thinking about leaving, despite my parents letting me go to gym and stuff because I know they care for me, I jus cannot live with this bad environment at home, like my life is so good and bad at the same time that I do not know what to do, I just do not like school and I want to pursue a different path, like I am not so sure on what it is but I know that school is not for me. But my parents never gave me the choice, and this continued for a few more consecutive years until today, I am in the middle of my final exams and I still hate studying, I do not feel the priority to study at all, I have a feeling I am going to get bad grades, this test is pretty important and I am worried that my parents might physically hurt me really really hard me if I fail, or even abandon me on results day (on august 2023), I do not know what to do.

I have left like 3 to 4 times before only to come back to my parents again because I have run out of money and because we are family, and once my dad found me and picked me up, but every time I go back there they treat me well during the heat of the moment but go back to their old ways after some time has passed, it really annoys me because I obviously still love them but it is what it is man. Thank you for reading this, if you have any questions you may ask, and I will be sure to update yall when I can. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 14:23 Tony_Montana5 How global capitalism effects/exploits “developing nations”?

I have read a decent amount about how capitalism exploits on the local/community and state level, but I feel I haven’t really been exposed to the specifics about how it works on a global scale. I understand how capitalism has exploited “third world” countries through colonialism/imperialism, so I am more interested in learning about how it works in the non-colonial or neocolonial sense. Mainly I’m thinking about the IMF, debt, foreign investment (private and public), foreign aid, production abroad, rich countries using poorer nations for raw materials, the flow/distribution of global wealth, etc.
Lately I’ve been thinking about how wealthy nations who seem somewhat “equitable” in their own nation (I.e., the Nordic Nations) may benefit from a global system which keeps many other countries in immense poverty. What role does a wealthy capitalist state’s prosperity play in the poverty of exploited nations?
Looking for readings (books, articles, essays, etc.), people, and concepts that I should be looking at. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 14:22 saniyasharma12 Mastering the Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide to SAP Training

Mastering the Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide to SAP Training

Best SAP Online Training in Noida
SAP can be defined as the systems, applications, and products involved in Data Processing. It is mostly used as a type of programming that is responsible for the development of applications that further communicate with the system software or computer hardware.
SAP has gained quite a bit of fame in recent times, especially in the industry concerned with information technology. It has gained much popularity due to the wide range of advantages and features associated with it. In recent years, as the corporate world has developed, more and more businesses are opting to work on an SAP framework, which in turn has increased the need for employees to have an SAP certification for a settled career. Thus, if you too wish to enhance your career with an SAP certification, without any further delay, check out Best SAP Online Training in Noida.
Eligibility for SAP Certifications
Since SAP includes a wide range of courses as well as modules, eligibility depends on the type of SAP course an individual chooses to pursue and the skills they hone. However, it is highly recommended that the aspiring candidate possess a relevant academic qualification in any of the areas like Computer Science, Business Administration, Finance, Human Resource, Accounting, Operations Management, Information Systems, Systems Engineering and likewise.
Types of SAP Courses
Aspiring candidates may pursue SAP courses as per their needs and interests. The various SAP courses that have become prevalent in recent times are as follows:

  • SAP Advanced Business Application Program
  • SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling
  • SAP Basis
  • SAP Human Resource
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Materials Management
  • SAP Sales and Distribution
  • SAP Business Intelligence and Business Warehouse
To get a full description of SAP courses, check out the amazing tricks of Top SAP Courses.
Benefits of SAP Training
The various benefits of pursuing SAP Training in recent times have been listed below for further reference:
  • Pursuing an SAP certification allows candidates to get a clear understanding regarding programming as well as ways to utilize it for actual development requirements in latest industrial projects.
  • An SAP Training allows individuals to get an enhanced understanding on the web development framework which plays an important role in developing the websites easily.
  • Professionals pursuing an SAP Training get an opportunity to learn how to create custom desktop, custom web, and mobile applications as well as how to test, support, and deploy them.
  • Those professionals who hold an SAP certification are eligible to earn a higher pay and perks as compared to that of those who do not hold an SAP certification.
  • The likelihood that someone will land a job at a top software company such as Infosys, Wipro, Amazon, TCS, IBM, and others increases if they pursue SAP certification.
To receive many more benefits of SAP Certification, register now for Online SAP Training by CETPA Infotech and click to know the scope of SAP course.
SAP systems in recent times have served as the benchmark for both large and small organizations. One of the most advantageous ERP platforms, it enables improved operation of a business in all areas. A professional can be better equipped for the increasing complexity of the workplace by having SAP training. However, in some circumstances, it serves as both a benefit and a strict selection criterion.
Interested candidates who wish to add the skills of SAP training to their resume should now check out the Best Online SAP Trainings.
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2023.06.02 14:20 viper3580 is the cheater problem still prevalent?

i really looked forward to getting into this game, i liked the technical part about it, and the combat looked interesting, but then i saw a video of a guy looking at how many people were cheating in this game, there were so many, and so i didn't even bother to buy this game, since the massive problem, but is now the situation like that, or has it been controlled? i'm still hopefull about this game
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2023.06.02 14:20 confused_pls_h3lp OP (25M) needs help with first relationship with (24F), not sure if inexperienced or bad boyfriend [please be brutally honest, I'm desperate]

I'm sorry for the word dump but I really needed a place to vent and any advice is welcome and appreciated. There is a TLDR after the wall of text and I'll try to provide extra information (nothing too personal or identifying) if needed.
OP's (25M) profile: Personally I rate myself 3.5/10 in terms of looks, never higher than a 5. Extremely introverted with a pretty bland personality. All of this makes me easily paranoid about other people and think that anyone willing to go out with me has ulterior motives. And the way this relationship started and how it has gone so far isn't helping. I've had interactions with others who I thought might be interested but never went anywhere, always disinterest from the other party. But all of them were more comfortable than what I have now, so its not a one time thing. I won't deny I enjoy my solitude, but I'm really don't have relationships of any kind and I want this to work.
The story so far is that I'm 7 months into my first ever relationship with Judy (24F) (not her real name). We're both currently university students and met a couple years back through mutual friends' Discord channels. We've had a couple in person meet ups and I didn't feel she was interested in me at all at the time. Over time we started spending more time online in smaller group settings and even just with each other. Nothing serious just hanging out in a chat room while we study. I don't think I ever treated her differently or specially compared to others. Over time we started spending more time online in smaller group settings and even just with each other. Nothing serious just hanging out in a chat room while we study.
About a month or 2 before we started dating, I noticed how she began to do some very stereotypical signs of being attracted; joining a chat room soon after I join, laughing at stuff I say even when no else does or its genuinely not funny, etc. It was also around this time I noticed and would listen in on her conversations with another mutual friend we shared (let's call him John). As an introvert I prefer not talking unless I have to, even online. This led me to mute my headset mic but not Discord's so it would seem like I was AFK which let me listen in on these conversations. Its been a while but the gist of these conversations was how she liked me while John reaffirmed those feelings and told her to act on them.
[Side story] A reason for my paranoia reason is because of John. As he seems to be the main support for her confession to me and it makes me on edge. He knows I have money. Not a 'quit job' rich, but more a 'spent an above average amount building a PC' rich (and I'm proud of it given the serious saving and part time jobs I had to do to build it). When we go out for lunch or whatever, I tend to pay for us together with him saying he'll pay me back later. Usually he does but frequently he needs me reminding or in other cases he just doesn't. Each time its not a lot ($10-$25) but after a while it adds up. With my nature I can't really chase it. What really distrubed me was how once we were out in a group I jokingly said John could pay for me since he owed me lunch. And he replied "I probably owe him more than 1". After which he seemed to actively avoid meeting me in person and it hurt me bad. I don't want to say he's a leech since he's a friend for many years, but I do think there is a transactional feel to our friendship and why it makes my relationship with Judy feel off with his support.
An example of how John makes me uncertain about my relationship with Judy was during lunch one day. We agreed to meet up for lunch, no indication of anyone else joining. But after we confirm time and place, Judy messages me saying she can't wait to meet me for lunch. I'm so confused but play along and say something generic like "see you there". After this John messages me and asks if its ok if Judy joins us, and all I reply is "doesn't look like I have a choice since you already invited her". He doesn't respond and we meet up for lunch, nothing much happens. But there was clearly some communication between them I'm not aware of. Maybe I'm overthinking things since John has known me for so long and Judy might just be getting his help, but this isn't the only ambush lunch/dinner I've had with them. [Side story end]
But when she eventually asked if I would like to go with her on a movie date, I agreed. I know how nerve wrecking it is to ask someone out, especially if you like them so I wasn't going to hurt her based on my own insecurities. We went on the date and I thought it went fine, and I guess since we agreed to do it again we started dating.
The problem is how extreme she is in her affection, and whether this is normal or not?
Overall, Judy as a girlfriend feels is so extreme that it feels forced and fake. She will constantly message me, not in a bad stalker kind of way but it gives off really strong obsessive vibes. She will leave me a wall of messages even when I'm too busy to respond. She once left me an long in game message that anyone could see that was extremely cringey to read. It literally began with "you are my sun" and went on for so long. Its gotten so bad that I actively avoid going into group settings with her because of her behaviour. Its so bad that I actively avoid opening her messages afraid of what she will reply with. The stuff she did before we were dating is so much worse now that whenever I say or do anything at all our mutual friends relentlessly tease us both about it. As her boyfriend I try to do something, but she simps when I do, proving their point and making the situation worse.
We've gone on some more dates since (like I've mentioned, we're both studying so not a lot of time). On the couple of dates we've had I would say they're fine. We go out for food or a movie and I think we have an ok time. But each time I can never fully get myself to relax and enjoy it. The dates have awkward uncomfortable silences and she acts excessively into me which feels borderline fake. This includes textbook simping over me to the point I prefer not to say anything in group settings so no one can comment on it out of embarassment. I make sure the dates are places convenient for her (near her location or house so she doesn't have to travel far). But every time she keeps insisting on accompanying me part of the way or all the way in my direction (we live in opposite directions).
Right now I could also use some serious help with dates. I want to know is whether its normal to have dates throughout the week. Its our term break now and she is constantly trying to set up dates right after we just had one. If I went on every day she suggested there would literally only be a 2 to 3 day break between them. I'm able to put them off because of other commitments but she is relentless. I do this not only because of time constraints, but money as well since we're both students. I mentioned I have some money but I'm frugal and like to have savings for emergencies. Before anyone accuses me of being stingy, I always pay for her and never chase her to pay me back or if she pays less.
During our exam period, I told her we needed to focus on our studies and she did listen. She wasn't as 'bad' but she did try and set up dates. But when I firmly rejected any dates, she kept trying to drag me onto Discord calls which often lead to her tempting me to play games with her. I've repeatedly told her to tone it down but she says she "can't help it" and doesn't change her behaviour.
Her affection makes me feel suffocated and pressured to reciprocate but I can't knowing what I know about myself and the other stuff. I also feel a bit trapped in this relationship because I believe it to be the cause of some major drama between Judy and her long time friends. At the start I told her my wish not to broadcast our relationship so that the people don't pile on the couple tag every time we appear and she acts excessive. I told her she was more than welcome to tell whoever she liked or asked, just don't do an announcement thing like on social media or anything. This led to months of passive aggressive gossiping among Judy's friends who felt she did not want to tell them. I know for a fact talking with her that this is genuinely a problem for her. For the record not even my immediate family know I have a girlfriend (that's how introverted I am). But this incident makes me feel like I have to see this relationship through.
TLDR; to clarify as far as I know, Judy has done nothing wrong. But I don't think relationships are supposed to feel this stressful. I just don't understand how someone can have such intense feelings for another person they effectively have spent less than a day with. I feel the way things are isn't fair to Judy for me to be her boyfriend when I don't fully commit to reciprocate her. I don't want to hurt her if her feelings are genuine and I also don't think its healthy to continue with how things are. Also I feel like I owe her this relationship after the drama I caused with her friends. I feel that if I can get some assurance I'll be able to accept my role as her boyfriend.
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2023.06.02 14:20 SirPeanutTheButter How many in this Sweet N Salty milkshake I had yesterday?

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2023.06.02 14:19 HiddenInTheSubtext Finished KoA annnd I’ve got some Maasverse theories I haven’t seen mentioned yet

OKAY. I binge read these back to back with the CC novels and a reread of ACOTAR, and many things were still fresh in my mind that seemed to immediately correlate, so let’s be unhinged together and tumble down this rabbit hole 🥴
⚠️🛑⚠️ The following will contain MaasVerse spoilers, you’ve been warned ⚠️🛑⚠️
But then a moment in ToG:KoA:CH114 had me second guessing that: “Do you understand what a Valg queen is? … I am as vast and eternal as the sea. Erawan and his brothers sought me for my power. … I am a god.” And only after they put Athril’s ring on Maeve, behead her, and burn her corpse did Morath’s army (the Valg portion) collapse and die (leaving behind the bodies of those who had been possessed, alive but unconscious). So the army didn’t go down when Erawan was killed, but when Maeve was. Like immediately.
That, combined with the fear of Manon’s eerie likeness to Erawan and the “godly” power Maeve possessed (which is typically a reference to the power of creation/manipulation of life) that made Erawan and his brothers seek her out (and willing to tear through world after world to find her when she left) makes me wonder if Maeve was the one behind their existence (intentional or not).
Idk, so many thoughts colliding in my brain at this point. I’m a mess, send help 🫠🫠
Has anyone discussed any of these theories yet?
If so, what’s the general consensus?
And if not, what are your thoughts?
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2023.06.02 14:19 JiskiLathiUskiBhains Opinion: Why BJP wont arrest their POCSO accused MP

While I would like to give my own opinions, I'm sharing some articles by jounalists who have put their thoughts much better than I think I can
Jan 21 2022 : Thakurs in Uttar Pradesh, despite being a powerful community that wields influence in urban and rural areas, has failed to find its voice in the corridors of power after the end of the Veer Bahadur Singh regime in 1988.
Thakurs constitute only 8 per cent of the state's population but actually own around 50 per cent of the land.
Read the whole article because it covers the caste arithmetic of the other UP parties, but here is the most important bit
The opposition has even accused the Yogi government of going overboard in protecting Thakur interests and shielding Thakur criminals but the chief minister remains unapologetic about it.
The below article describes how SP used the Thakur vote to win big in 2012
Mar 16, 2022 : In 2002, BJP supported the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Mayawati became the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. But her decision not to shield Kunda MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh (Raja Bhaiya) and Jaunpur MLA Dhananjay Singh from arrest irked the Kshatriya community.
Their arrests triggered a revolt with as many as 40 Kshatriya MLAs of the UP Assembly, under the leadership of late Deoband MLA Rajender Singh Rana, extending outside support to the Samajwadi Party. This enabled the SP to form a government in UP with Mulayam Singh Yadav as chief minister.
Apr 19, 2019 : Since assuming power in 2017, the UP government led by Yogi Adityanath has been on a nomination spree of Thakurs in various institutional domains. Be it zilla parishad elections, SHO nominations, promotion of civil servants or of cops in particular, Thakurs have received a preferential treatment from the Yogi administration. Before the December 2018 elections, five out of seven BJP chief ministers in the Hindi belt were Thakurs.
In UP, the Hindu Yuva Vahini, essentially a Thakur organisation Yogi Adityanath founded in 2002, has greatly expanded its reach and activities, filling the void in the criminal space left by gangsters who have been eliminated, arrested or driven out by the government's drastic encounter policy.
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2023.06.02 14:19 AngelicWhimsy What do you like about being a woman?

Saw this question posed to men in the "Ask Men" subreddit. I thought so many stories here are sad, and it's about time we had a thread about what makes being a woman enjoyable!
I'll start:
The whole magic/witch/Gaia Goddess energy I feel when I'm in nature or feeling creative. The fact I don't have children but I feel this amazing potential and motherly energy inside myself. The way yes periods hurt (I have endometriosis so I get it!!!) But they also give me a creativity boost and I feel like I have a moment of elevated sensitivity I can direct into artistic pursuits.
The fact it's more socially acceptable for me to be creative, emotional, wear makeup and express myself freely. That freedom of expression is so valuable to me.
I also like the fact that yes the downside can be feeling unsafe in public BUT I love the feeling of being protected, the way I can nurture and receive that without much ridicule.
The way women are allowed to be more youthful, young at heart, recieve things like flowers, plush toys and things that would be less socially acceptable otherwise.
I feel like we're more secretive and mysterious. That there is something inherently magical about femininity and how we are just so much more in line with the natural passing of nature etc.
At least that's how I experience it. And if I want to be a "tomboy" I can do that too!
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2023.06.02 14:19 Adorable-Ad4774 Is my dad trying to save face or does he really care?

So, I have LC with my dad for many reasons. He was abusive to my mother and divorced her and married his affair partner and basically abandoned me. His idea of fatherhood was paying child support. Well , long story short, I am in my 40s and he divorced my toxic stepmother many years ago ( a whole nother issue of abuse for me) and he is on the peripheral of my life. Christmas and occasional phone calls. He lives 15 minutes away. I have tried to give him opportunities to be a grandfather but he always chooses his girlfriend, which is fine. I am grown. I like her and we have a cordial relationship. We are Facebook friends. This morning I post pics of my twin sons graduating yesterday and not 10 minutes later I get a text from him about ,"when are my boys graduating? He would like to be there." Like , what? You have literally came to 1thing , a football game in 8th grade and you had to leave early to meet your girlfriend! I have been posting Honors stuff on there. My question is: how do I respond?
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2023.06.02 14:18 Entire-Band7358 Qoin

Dear Qoin Team,
I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the misleading information that your organization is providing to people. As an AI language model, I have been monitoring the online conversations about Qoin and have come across many complaints from people who feel that they have been deceived by your company.
According to these complaints, Qoin has been promoting itself as a cryptocurrency that can be used for transactions, but in reality, it does not function as a true cryptocurrency. Instead, it operates as a loyalty program that is limited to a small group of businesses. This has left many people feeling cheated and misled.
Furthermore, there are also allegations that Qoin has been using aggressive marketing tactics to push its product, often targeting vulnerable individuals who may not fully understand the complexities of cryptocurrencies. This is particularly concerning as it could lead to people making uninformed decisions that could result in financial losses.
As a responsible and ethical organization, it is your duty to provide accurate and transparent information to the public. I would therefore urge you to address these concerns and clarify the true nature of Qoin. It is important that people have a clear understanding of what they are investing in and how it works.
I look forward to your response on this matter.
Chat gpt
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2023.06.02 14:18 kevinowdziej Yup

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2023.06.02 14:18 sahilthakkar117 Grad Students/Indian students at Gateway?

Incoming MS in Digital Social Media student at Annenberg. Was considering staying at University Gateway for the coming year, but they told me on the phone that while they do have some grad students, it's not that many. Just wanted to ask on this sub how many other grad students/Indian students there are at Gateway since that's whom I'm keen to be matched with.
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2023.06.02 14:18 Chocolate_cake99 Hypothetical power ups and Weaknesses of the four elements

OK so we know the main ones.
Firebending is stronger in the sun, Sozen's comet gives them a big boost, a solar eclipse inhibits their bending.
Waterbending is stronger in the moon, and a full moon gives them bloodbending powers
A theme of Avatar is balance, so I feel like logically the other elements would have similar power ups
Perhaps in a similar way, Waterbenders may lose their Waterbending in a Lunar eclipse, similar to how removing the moon spirit weakened them. As for some once every hundred years power up, I don't think they need it with Bloodbending being a thing.
However, maybe Firebenders can get a similar power up at random from something like Solar Flares or Aurora Borealis. Not as powerful as Sozen's comet, but something that may give them an edge more regularly.
Earthbenders I like to think get a power up from seismic activity, fault lines, volcanoes and Earthquakes. If for example, Earthbending existed in the real world, you'd have some real OP Earthbenders in California or the Himalayas, or some volcanic islands.
An Earthquake of Volcano eruption would be like the Earthbending equivalent of a full moon and they can start flinging mountains at people. Although I suppose if that was the case, Roku should've been doing some much crazier stuff, as should the few Earthbenders at the fortune telling village. But I think its a cool concept nonetheless.
I don't think Earthbending needs a weakness simply because Earth is the easiest element to remove. Water can be pulled from thin air, or your own body. Fire can be created. Air will always be around you. But until such a time as they introduce ripping carbon out of thin air, dustbending or bone bending, Earth is the only element you can be certain of depriving someone of. This has been used to great effect many times such as in Imprisoned and the Blind Bandit.
Airbending is a bit trickier, I'd like to say storms, tornados and things, but we've seen Aang get overwhelmed by storms before.
We do however know of one Airbending power up, Flight, which is unlocked by letting go of all Earthly attachments.
It would appear the key to Airbending power ups and weaknesses lie not in the physical environment like the other elements do, but instead in the spirit.
This would explain why the Air Nomads placed such value on the spiritual.
We've seen Korra struggle with Airbending due to her lack of spirituality. It is perhaps possible that you need to be in tune with your spirit as a requirement for Airbending.
This could also explain how Zaheer became a great Airbender who could stand toe to toe with Tenzin despite being a novice. He simply has a lot of raw airbending power because he's a very spiritual guy.
Perhaps it's also possible that Airbending power ups come on the Winter Solstice where the Spirit World is said to be closer. Though we don't see any evidence of that from Aang, but then he didn't have much reason to use that power.
As for losing Airbending, perhaps there is a time where the Spirit World becomes disconnected from the material one where Airbenders may lose their bending for a short time.
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2023.06.02 14:18 Feisty_Instance3247 I don't know if I'm losing my mind, or if my wife has been having an affair.

For some background, my (33M) wife (31F) of 12 years and I have always had a very strong marriage. We have 2 kids (7M, and 2F) and I always thought that we had a happy life. 2 years ago I accepted a new position at my workplace that comes with more pay, but also much more hours. There is significant pressure in this position to hit numbers and is a job that can be considered fairly high-stress. This stress is likely something that I have brought home on several occasions, and while she never deserved it, my wife has no doubt been impacted by it.
My wife works at a hospital pharmacy compounding medications as a pharmacy technician. She works 4 10-hour shifts and is sometimes on call on the weekends. Around January I noticed her being on her phone more, and she would keep her phone close to her chest and would never leave it laying around like she used to. I asked her about this, told her I felt like the worst was going on and she reassured me and apologized for how it made me feel. This was enough to curb my suspicions for a while. The next few months became more and more contentious at home as she continued being cagey with her phone, and stopped wearing her wedding ring. I always respected her privacy and never checked the phone. I started to withdraw and began playing more video games with my son as it is one of the only ways we bond throughout the cold winter months.
One Sunday she told me she was going shopping at a few places and that she would be back soon. She was gone nearly 7 hours and came home with stuff from one retailer. I looked at the bank account and it was about $150 worth of groceries from one retailer which didn't seem like it would take that long to get. I checked her Google location history on her phone and saw that she was parked in a parking lot next to a park for nearly 6 hours. I asked her 3 times if she went to the park or somewhere else and all 3 times she lied, until I showed her the Google location history and she finally admitted to going. Her excuse was that she needed a break from me and my son and that she was crying and listening to music the entire time. The next day she turned off Google location tracking because it made her 'feel uncomfortable'. At this point I am almost certain something is going on and I can't get her to communicate with me.
During this period our physical intimacy never stopped. It got more frequent, and she was willing to try more things with me. She has now lost about 40 pounds, listens to new types of music, has gotten medical procedures done to tighten her skin, has been purchasing new bras and underwear, and has completely disconnected from me. Her parents visited in April and they had a talk and now she wants a divorce. She never asked for a divorce or requested a split but was receptive to me asking if that's what she wanted. She says that this last winter has been really bad for her and that I played too many video games and emotionally neglected her. This is something I feel is fair but I was only trying to bond with our son as he is getting older and won't always want to do this. I don't feel like this is an issue we couldn't get passed unless there is something else pulling her away. I have since quit playing video games altogether as it's hard to want to continue to do a behavior you feel may have significantly contributed to the downfall of your marriage.
We had a period for about 6 weeks where we were 'working' on things but it seemed completely one-sided. It seemed mostly with me doing anything I possibly could to fix our issues and she wouldn't even be willing to initiate a hug or any other type of physical or emotional intimacy. I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to call things off. I pulled the majority of my check and last bonus from our shared checking and opened my separate account to handle my finances.
I know my marriage is done and there is now no possible way to repair it. But when I tell her I know that something is going on, that all the signs are there, and I would have to be stupid not to see it she completely denies anything. She is so consistent with her denial that I start to wonder if maybe I am just being paranoid, or that I might be losing my sanity. Last night when I told her that I want 50/50 custody of the children (I spend more time with them anyway) she completely flipped. I don't know if she is hoping to get more child support out of me or just assumed she would get majority custody. My lawyer has assured me that 50/50 will be the most likely scenario. I know I contributed to the failure of my marriage in many ways. But it seems like she is the one that wants to leave, and that something else is compelling her to do so.
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2023.06.02 14:17 Entire-Band7358 Lol

Dear Qoin Team,
I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the misleading information that your organization is providing to people. As an AI language model, I have been monitoring the online conversations about Qoin and have come across many complaints from people who feel that they have been deceived by your company.
According to these complaints, Qoin has been promoting itself as a cryptocurrency that can be used for transactions, but in reality, it does not function as a true cryptocurrency. Instead, it operates as a loyalty program that is limited to a small group of businesses. This has left many people feeling cheated and misled.
Furthermore, there are also allegations that Qoin has been using aggressive marketing tactics to push its product, often targeting vulnerable individuals who may not fully understand the complexities of cryptocurrencies. This is particularly concerning as it could lead to people making uninformed decisions that could result in financial losses.
As a responsible and ethical organization, it is your duty to provide accurate and transparent information to the public. I would therefore urge you to address these concerns and clarify the true nature of Qoin. It is important that people have a clear understanding of what they are investing in and how it works.
I look forward to your response on this matter.
Xox chat gpt
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2023.06.02 14:17 Altruistic-Demand-58 why cant i be happy

i just wanna feel happy for once. i dont know why its so hard. nobody seems to understand me. i want friends that have no friends like me so i could trust them. that will never happen. i wanna be the first choice for someone and actually care about them. my personality standarts are high so i actually kinda ignore them. i only had 2 in real life friends. they betrayed me by making fun of my mental health and secretly being racist towards asians in general. everybody has some a type. i dont. if someone gives me 10 minutes of attention im already inlove. and thats why i dont wanna have so many friends. i never even had attention in my life before. not even from my family. and then my friends think im weird or something. i just wanna feel the comfort but people think its really weird. i ghosted all of my friends because they were either boring or had many friends. i still have the boy in my mind everyday. i ghosted him last year. i know him since 4 years. i know it was all in my head but he actually spent his time with me. over the time i just developed so much feelings for him. but whenever he hung out with other people i got really jealous or my stomach was sick. one time he hugged a girl from school and i almost cried in front of them. one time he even kissed one in front of me. i cried every nights thinking of him. i wish he could knew how much i cared about him and stalked him. i will never tell him because he would think im weird. thats the reason i dont want friends.
i was in a friend group once. we just hung out in the school breaks. one time they all were fighting. one of the girls dmmed me on discord and said that they had a whatsapp group where they all talked about my feelings. i only trusted 1 girl from the group. i didnt know until that moment that she did such things. i just felt betrayed and kinda empty. its not the first time that something like this happend once. even twice or more. im used to it. people make fun of me cause my personality is funny right
i make jokes everyday and make people laugh just so they recognize me as their friend.
and im a nihilist. that makes me 1000xmore depressed.
everytime before i go to bed i have an existential crisis. one time i choked. i couldnt breathe for some seconds. or somethimes my lungs feel really cold.
i just want equally returned love.
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2023.06.02 14:16 SharlaRoo Final FAQ Megathread for 2023 >>> Ask your questions here ✨👩‍🚀🌕

✨✨✨ It’s all happening!✨✨✨
Only a few more days until we meet on the farm.
This will be the final FAQ Megathread for the 2023 Roo season.
Our big, massive FAQ wiki that has even more details and information, can be found here >>> Wiki
As always, please as your questions here before creating a standalone post.
From camping to tickets, Bonnaroo has a lot of elements and we are here to help. Please note that the /bonnaroo FAQ and Wiki was created by Bonnaroovians, for Bonnaroovians. While we strive to provide the most accurate information, it’s always best to check with Bonnaroo directly for immediate or customer service needs. See something that needs updating? Message a mod, or sharlaroo.
\*** Our subreddit receives an uptick of new posts between now and the festival. We try to keep them monitored and delete the most frequently asked questions to prevent clutter. Please ask your questions in this thread or use our subreddit resources before submitting a new post to the subreddit. *****

Bonnaroo Shuttles, Ride Sharing and Carpooling

Note - Proceed at your own risk, as these are all unofficial and not related to Roo.

General FAQs

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