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Ever try fixing things on your own? Didn't come out the way they were supposed to? Do you stand there questioning your whole life? If so, post your results here to DiWHY (Pronounced: Dee Eye WHY). Where shitty projects from DIY live prosperously. If at any time you feel that a specific post isn't living up to the sub (be gentle as this is a humor sub, not meant to be taken seriously), please feel free to report (give exact reason) and let your voice be heard with downvotes and comments.

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Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. Don't Panic!

2013.05.24 18:26 cesarjulius on what planet is this a good idea?

this is (potentially) a place where regular dudes post pics of their regular and irregular balls, and other dudes and ladies rate them, preferably on a scale of 1-10. lets all hope this sub never gets going.

2023.06.06 07:04 Ralfop 2 Pack Door Lever Lock Child Safety Proof Doors & Handles 3M Adhesive After installation, it is difficult for children to open, but it is easy for adults to open.It can be rotated after installation, can be used normally for adults. It is easy to disassemble when not needed. 3.This is a Very good

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2023.06.06 06:49 Moon_Jedi Just the AA degree or add on Certificates? Career Growth help needed.

I'm sorry this might be a long one but I would like some suggestions on how to proceed further in .y career
Tl/dr - a very late to college millennial is getting her degree but isn't sure if adding certs is a good idea. Also needs networking tips.
Okay so I'm a 35/f in So Cal. I've been in the corporate world for the last 15 years. I didn't go the college route but instead went through temp agencies and built up my experience from there and landed a few jobs as support staff, admin assistant and the like. Modt of my jobs before this was always small mom/pop shops. And yes full of the 'your family toxicity' that comes up with it. Two of them went bankrupt on times.
Back in 2020 prior to the shut down I had quit a very bad small business that I was working for (Vinyl Concepts). Horrible place, high-school mean girl vibes. Anyways I quit right before the shut down and I somehow got back to being a temp and finding a position in my current job as part of the HR staff.
It was my first time having a job with an HR and an official payroll. I loved it and they seemed to be good with me. I was hired in October 2020 and was moved to being the Admin Assistant to the warehouse manager. While being moved from HR to the warehouse, me and my manager are just not able to get on the same page. I've had write ups about my crochet sweater (HR said it was fine, boss disagreed....) and the more than usual level of micro management but also a hint of no management over view. It's a whole new level for me as she has to follow some of the protocols that our company has established. So it's been more of a slow burn between us, and while I will give her credit for being at least more professional than some of my other managers I cannot wait to move from under her control. (And yes I've applied for 2 transfers but both didn't work out for valid reasons. 1 wanted more programing skills and another went w/ a different candidate)
My industry (grocery) has a program that anyone after 3 months can join in on. It's the Retail Management Certificate Program and is offered industry wide. So I decided that I felt safe enough in my position and the company that I started the program fall semester 2022. Earlier this year I decided to go all out and while getting the RMCP, to also pursue my degree. As I am working with a community College I have went with getting my Business Management AA-T. Now I am not certain if I will transfer and pursue my BA but I figured it be better to proceed as if I am and get the units I need versus have to redo because I didn't get the required units while I could have. I am currently doing a full course load and got my counselor to agree to a 21 unit Fall Semester. My goal is to have my degree done by 2024 fall semester.
I know that this company has given me a chance to do something I hadn't been financially able to do before, go to school. So I am taking it and trying to pull forward as much as I can. I would like to take this as a way to become a manager myself. Now I don't mind switching industries, I am not tied to that. I just want a job that pays the bills and will allow a vacation to go camping. I'd add on benefits and a 401k would be very nice.
My questions on how to best continue career growth is these
  1. I have thought about getting some other certificates that work within my degree once the RMCP is done. Cerritos offers a few business related ones like HR, Business Admin and International Business.
Is it worth it? Would my degree be enough? Would it look weird having them completed within a short amount of time?
  1. I have thought about getting corporate level certificates. Like the IAAP (International Association of Adminsitrative Professionals) offers a certifcate that is supposed to help with career growth. Also the PMI (Project Management Institute) that also is supposed to help career growth.
Is it worth it? Would the possible networking be even more helpful to growing my career?
  1. Suggestions for networking? Where and how best to do it at? Tips to avoid?
Thank you for reading!
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2023.06.06 06:36 AmberLovesLicking Is it really, truly over?

Tl;dr: my (41f) husband (45m) of 3 years left me last week after I told him we need to work on our communication, specifically addressing and attempting to resolve issues as they arise-- which is something I've been begging of him for for 2 years and demanding probably weekly for 6 months--, OR go to counseling, OR we couldn't be together any longer. Now he's saying he did actually agree to try, accusing me of wanting to cheat, yet also emailing me how we're soulmates and he'll never love anyone else. I'm trying to leave the door open but, after some of the things he's said this week, it's getting harder and harder.
Full story: during my relationship, my husband discouraged me from hanging out with anyone, so I slowly lost all my friends and don't have anyone to talk to about this so I'm just gonna dump it all out here... We've been together 5 years, married 3. Before him, I was never married but was with a woman for almost a decade and we'd bought a house together, so when we broke up I bought the house from her. Before me, he had been married for 20 years with kids and was renting a home with his adult sons, so he moved in with me pretty quickly. Our relationship was one of those "when it's good it's heaven, when it's bad it's hell." He was a drinker and we fought a bit at the beginning, I wasn't used to being with a guy at all, l and I HATED when he yelled at me because it reminded me of my dad.
In spite of the issues, there was a crazy coincidence involving our families (not that we're related lol) that had me convinced that we'd been brought together by the universe, that it was fate, and that we were one soul in two bodies.
We felt such a deep connection to each other, but he didn't have a very high sex drive. I had just gotten out of a decade-long sexless relationship with my gf, AND I'd lost almost 200 pounds following weight loss surgery, so I felt hotter than ever. He almost never noticed. I'd be cooking dinner in 6 inch heels and a teddy and he would barely look at me, let alone touch me. I let him know I felt neglected but his view was that's just how he is and I needed to accept it.
A few months into meeting, he went through my iPad and found that I had sent some dirty pictures to another guy, someone I'd slept with between dumping my gf and meeting him, who always thought i was sexy and who definitely appreciatd the pictures. He went ballistic (rightfully so). I have never felt so shitty, I knew I'd fucked up, I really hated myself.
He left and it was my turn to go crazy.. and go i did! l broke the things he'd left here and he called the cops on me. I ended up in my backyard with a loaded Glock .45 in my mouth when my mom came over and found me and had me committed.
I was extremely depressed about the breakup, and after I got out of treatment he agreed to stop by and see me. I was so happy and pathetic, I pleaded for his forgiveness, cut off all communication with the other guy, and swore nothing like that would happen again (and I meant it). Fast forward a couple years, everything is great, we get married. Our fights are pretty few and far between. When we do fight, though, it's usually because I've mentioned something small that just happened that bothered me, like him saying to shut up, and he's then used that as an opportunity to listen out 15 things over the past few months that I did that he forgave me for, things he never mentioned bothered him. So I repeatedly ask: "can you please bring up things as they happen? Then we can address it, instead of arguing about what happened. It's hard to remember exactly what happened when it was 2 months ago and you didn't say anything at the time." On cue, he'll say, "I didn't bring it up because it didn't bother me." I've asked him so many times, if it didn't bother you then, why are you bringing it up now? And his answer is that it's because he assumes my intention is not to hurt him so he doesn't bring it up. In my eyes, he only brings up these lists as a way to invalidate what I was saying or feeling and to redirect the conversation to something I've done wrong. It ends up being a huge fight, then he'll ignore me all night, go to bed mad, then pretend the next day that nothing happened. So nothing ever gets resolved. I keep asking again and again for him to bring up issues as they happen, but he refuses.
Everything else was great, though. We had so much fun being together 24/7, we worked from home and had no real friends or activities outside our home, yet we never got tired of each other. Things were going beautifully with us.
Then fast forward to last year.
I have always suffered from anxiety and depression, and things kind of came to a head last year. I'd applied and been rejected from more than 200 jobs, I had to put my cat of 21 years down bc she had dementia, my best friend since I was 21 died in prison of an overdose. The entire year caught up with me and I ended up abusing Xanax as a way to forget my issues. My husband knew and was taking them also. In October, I somehow got ahold of a bad batch and, trying to hang myself in the basement, I called a rehab facility and checked myself in. I was gone for a month, during which time my entire life changed. For the first time, I confronted and addressed some serious childhood issues, I developed a relationship with God for the first time, I got close to the other residents and saw myself through their eyes, which gave me more confidence in my good qualities: compassion, empathy, active listening, creativity, positivity, etc. I made plans for improvement in the areas of my life that were causing me stress, like clearing out my house, and ways to help other people, like donating the things I'm clearing out. I was really excited about the future for the first time.
And, I was more in love than ever with my husband. The way I talked about him had other people convinced that true love is possible. I wanted nothing more than to be the perfect wife for him, and to have to most amazing life.
Leaving rehab, I had plans to go to AA meetings and some other support groups. My husband had originally agreed to go and seemed to support all the changes I wanted to make, but very quickly it became clear that things were only changing in my side. I went to 4 meetings a week, he never went to a single one. I got a park membership for us and started walking, he hasn't gone once. I got an art museum pass for two, he won't go. I've been reading books on everything self-help related, but he thinks he knows it all already. I read Anger by Thic Nyat Hahn and practiced the exact conversion the husband and wife have about communication. I could feel everything about myself and how I react to situations changing 180 degrees. No longer suicidal, I had a new appreciation for life and the capacity to see something good in everyone. My relationship with my parents has changed, and everything about how I approach conversations has changed. He refuses to see it. Lately we'd been fighting about petty things, and EVERY time he would raise his voice when I never did. He would give me long lists about things he didn't like about me and when I tried to respond, he cut me off. He would word vomit on me for 15 minutes straight and I would sit there calmly holding space for him, expecting the same from him, but not even getting 30 seconds to talk (literally, I started timing it bc it was so ridiculous).
Last Monday, we spent an entire day arguing. I begged and pleaded with him to at least TRY addressing things as they come up, and by the end of the evening, it seemed we were on the same page. I told him I knew we could be so happy if we could just give each other the chance to fix any small mistakes we make. I see he was still upset but he would only say he'd thrown up so I was rubbing his back, bringing him water, etc. He was being distant but didn't day anything else so we went to bed (no make-up sex or anything). The next day he was still mopey and cold, so I begged him to tell me what was wrong.
He said he was scared because I was going to end the relationship over our communication, and he needed "more time" to think. I tried to be gentle but he got angry, as usual, and another fight started building up. Exhausted at this point, I finally reached my breaking point. I gave him three options: tell me what's wrong when it's wrong and give me a chance to fix it; go to counseling to improve our communication; or leave.
He packed.
He spent 5 hours packing, screaming, crying, calling me every hateful name in the book. He kept bringing up that I was an addict, that he stood by me when no one else would have, that he didn't leave when when I abandoned him for a month for rehab. He called me psychotic, a liar, a stupid bitch with a shriveled useless uterus. I never called him a single name. Never even raised my voice. I just begged him to try working on our communication, over and over. First he said we didn't even have communication issues. Then he said he had been working on his communication all along, I just didn't see it. Then he acknowledged that we DO have issues but that men and women have inherently different communication styles so it's pointless to even try.
I let him leave and now, for the past week, he's been all over the place with his messages. He was rant upset I hadn't stopped him from leaving, and when I said that all I wanted was for him to try improving our communication, he said he HAD agreed to try. One minute he's saying he'll do anything including counseling, then the next I'm a "lying liar who lies". Then Saturday night, he messaged me, "It's not lost on me that you did this right before Pride," as if I'd thrown away my marriage to make out with a girl.
He keeps accusing me of lying and cheating, which I have not done. He brings up the pictures I'd sent five years ago and apologized for, and comparing me to his ex wife who cheated on his with his best friend. He calls me a psycho for breaking his stuff five years ago. The truth is, last week, I would have taken him back in a second if he'd only sincerely agreed to work on our communication. But now, after some of the things he's said to me, like telling me I should hate myself, it would be hard for me to get back together without at least the apology I'm pretty sure isn't coming.
This past week, I've been out every night (no alcohol--Sprite with cherries!) making friends, having fun. I've gotten so many compliments and I feel great, I'd forgotten how much fun I can be/have. I've been working on myself, praying for hours every day, cleaning up the house. I'm determined to be the best version of myself I can be so I'll be okay alone. I'm pretty sure that no one else out there would put up with some of my weirdness like he did, so I'm coming to terms with the fact that this is probably the last relationship I'll be in. I've been respectful of our relationship-- even though it IS Pride, I didn't kiss anyone or do anything to regret-- and I have been nice in every single message after the first day he left. He's been making a fool of himself, picking petty fights and name-calling, assuming how I'll react by saying "you're just going to call me a liar" or "you're only going to gaslight me". This man has zero self awareness, and as much as I would love to think counseling would help, I'm not completely certain right now that it would help, or that he even deserves me trying. He doesn't see the many ways I'm working desperately to be a better person, he doesn't acknowledge my efforts. He doesn't like me going anywhere, with or without him. He suppresses my personality, I have to beg him to do anything. He doesn't hold me, cuddle with me, make me feel wanted. But I could have have gotten over any of these minor things, if only he were willing to communicate.
I know this was ridiculously long but, as I said, I don't have many people to talk to. I am really struggling with whether or not to give him another chance. We're both kinda leaving the door open, but I'm not sure if I should be working toward reconciliation or toward moving on by myself. And advice or feedback would be most appreciated!
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2023.06.06 06:29 mymelos cat eye help

my cat has been blinking her left eye a lot (like winking repeatedly) over the past few days and today her eye became watery. nothing else seemed wrong so we figured allergies but about 30 minutes ago she would stand at our feet and meow at us when we walked around. we think she might be telling us she is in pain :( any ideas what it could be? no debris is visible in her eye when looked at closely. could it still be allergies?
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2023.06.06 06:18 firmsconsultingreal1 INVESTMENT PLANNING FOR IMMIGRANTS

Investment Planning for Immigrants
My friends often talk about their investment strategies. They have 401(k) and Roth IRAs, health savings accounts, brokerage accounts, and investment properties. I live in a very nice area, and my friends are well-educated business leaders who had successful parents who taught them well. They are wealthy people. Their parents often encouraged them to set up their investment accounts in their twenties, and they benefited from compounding growth over decades. Many have education savings and investment accounts to pay for their children’s education. Some have just one child. Yet, they often seem incredibly stressed about finances, investing, and retirement. They often tell me I am lucky not to have kids because it’s too expensive and tiring.
As an immigrant, my financial obligations are far larger than that of my friends. And I do not have support. I have to do my investing and retirement planning to ensure I can support myself and my extended family. I am not just planning for my retirement. I am planning everyone’s lives and their retirements as well. I am the backstop. Yet, I do not have anyone to bail me out if I even need support.
What makes it hard is the limited influence one has on their extended family. If I had kids, I could guide them and help them avoid expensive problems in life. I would have visual oversight of them with daily contact. For my extended family, while I financially support them, I do not have as much influence over their decisions. How do you influence the decisions of a parent or sibling? They are adults, and they think they know best.
For example, my father recently sold my childhood home to pay down debt because of a bad business investment. My parents had to go live in their village home, which is called a dacha. Then my sister asked my parents to sell their investment 1-room apartment, which they had bought with money left from the sale of my childhood apartment after the debt was paid. This apartment was meant to give them some monthly rental income for their retirement.
During the war in Ukraine, I had to get my sister, nephew, and half Ukrainian brother-in-law, with Ukrainian last name, out to Mexico on very short notice. Moving them cost me $35,000. That is a significant amount. This is not counting my lost income and lost health due to the tremendous effort, prolonged stress, and weeks of working around the clock. We barely got them to leave the country. I had to buy multiple airplane tickets because they were not allowed to have a layover in some countries without visas, and visas were not possible to obtain. The plan was to bring my parents and brothers next, but after all the work was done to set up my sister’s and her family’s lives in Mexico and sort out their documentation, they suddenly decided to go back.
When it’s your immediate family, you would usually plan such a large expenditure and defer things until they were manageable and more cost effective. As an immigrant like myself with an extended family, I am financially obligated over actions and needs I often cannot control. So, while I plan for my family, my planning often changes if they make financially poor investment choices, or something happens out of their control. I have found that careful planning is less important than keeping a large savings buffer. Strategic and operational flexibility is more important than a plan.
Investing has always been difficult. I have lived in multiple countries. In each country, I would set up a retirement account to benefit from tax-free or tax-deferred benefits and make my contributions. Yet, I never had the opportunity to see the benefits of compounding interest and re-invested dividends. Interest needs time to have an impact. A very long time.
Each time I moved, I had to decide if I should keep the account or cash it out. Rolling it over to my new account in my new country was not even possible. Keeping the account open has many other problems. I have a bank account with money in it, but I cannot move the money. That bank authenticates the login with an SMS but will only recognize a phone number with that country’s area code. I have long since given up that number. The bank will allow me to change my mobile number, but first, I would need to log in and be authenticated with the number I no longer have. The support desk is of little help. They take months to respond.
In another case, I want to pay the taxes owed. It’s not much, but if I owe it, I want to pay it. I have no means of contacting the revenue service in that country. The phones are never answered, and my emails get a response after three to four months. The two checks I FedEx’d were returned since they could not locate my tax account and were unwilling to follow up to authenticate my ID. They basically wanted me to stop bothering them.
In another example, I decided to keep my retirement account in Canada. Yet, I found out the Canadian Revenue Agency would impose a 1% per month penalty on any deposits made while I was not physically present in the country. This is why I have to close accounts as I move.
Americans spend their entire lives trying to understand one set of tax codes and investment options. As an immigrant, I had to spend just a few years mastering each country’s tax code and investing options. And then I had to leave and start over.
To pay for my MBA, I had to sell my house. Yet, that was not the only reason. I was very worried about having so much of my wealth tied up in a foreign country. Many things could go wrong, including the illegal seizure of my property. So, I had to sell and give up the asset appreciation. And pay the full taxes, and get permission from the revenue agency to transfer the money. And pay the transfer fees to the bank and revenue agency. In all the situations above, I did not want to give up my investments. Yet, I had to do so, and often, at a time that was not beneficial for me.
Many of my friends have seen incredible compounding gains from holding 401(k), and Roth IRA accounts since their twenties. Now in their sixties or seventies, they have benefited from almost fifty years of gains. The same applies to their homes. They have greatly appreciated in value. Most bought amazing homes when they were in their thirties and will sell those often fully paid-off homes, downsize to a smaller home, and live off the profits.
Many will not have to downsize. The fifty years of returns from their 401K and Roth IRA accounts will be sufficient. As immigrants, we almost never have the time to fully benefit from the two sources of the greatest wealth creation (time-based home and equity appreciation), as much as people born in the USA. This is something that investment advice does not take into account when advising immigrants. This is why I had to study investing for myself and make my own decisions.
Yet, as an immigrant, each time I move and give up what I have built, I am making a bet on myself. It is an investment I can fully control. It is the only investment I can fully control. That is the path I have taken. My American friends and neighbors slowly built their wealth because they had the power of time on their side to let their assets appreciate. I could not do that. By the time I need my 401(k) and Roth IRA, those investments will not have as much time to grow and compound as my American friends.
I set up my 401(k) last year at the age of 41, only after I was sure I would not move again. I was tired of having to close accounts and lose money. The compounded gains will not be as significant over twenty or even thirty years when compared to my friends. That is a hard barrier I cannot change. Most people try to overcome this hard barrier by making risky investments to earn higher returns to make up for the shorter investing time period. I am not going to do that. I worked too hard to build what I have, and I cannot afford to lose it.
So, what could I do? How would I overcome this barrier? I had to invest in myself to rapidly create wealth and, thereafter, invest it in property and equity. My solution has been to earn more. Then I invest it modestly. Most people focus less on earning more, and pursue aggressive, another word for risky, investments. I would rather invest a hypothetical $1,000,000 and earn 3% after inflation and taxes than invest a smaller $100,000 and aim for 10% after inflation and taxes. The bigger the principal investment, which I get from investing in myself to increase my earnings, the less I need to chase returns. And given the hard barrier of too little time, those returns will not compound as fast anyway. The stock market works over long stretches of time.
I know the salaries of consulting equity partners, investment bankers, and the like. I mentor many of them as my clients. When I looked at the obligations I had for my family, it scared me. When I did the math, I realized that, even as a senior banker or consulting partner, I would need to stay in an apartment, or a very basic house, for probably most of my life, work in a job I did not like, and just barely earn enough to take care of everyone.
If I achieved all of this, I would not be having a great life. I would just get by. This is me working as a corporate finance banker when I did not at all like being a corporate finance banker. And I was good at my job, getting promoted in 6 months to director. I did not just want to get by financially in a career I did not like. I wanted a full life. That is why I built an authority-based business. The goal was to bet on me and build a business around my name that could never be taken from me. Earn more. Invest wisely without chasing risky returns. Help more people. And live a happy life while caring for the people I love.
An authority-based business is not for people who want to get rich overnight. It is betting on yourself and building a business for the long-term. If you are inclined to build your own business the way I built mine, potentially initially on the side while working full time, and want Michael and me to coach and guide you through the process, you are welcome to learn about The Authority-Based Business coaching program and apply to enroll. Levels of effort and installment options are available.
Here are the details:
Take care,
Kris Safarova
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2023.06.06 05:54 SuggestionSmooth1038 Logo Design For Beginners – Jeremy Mura

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Logo Design For Beginners Information

One of the most essential abilities in the field of graphic design is logo design. Any brand's logo serves as its initial impression, therefore it must be professional-looking to increase brand recognition.
I'll provide you with advice and design guidelines in this lesson to help you create an excellent logo. We'll walk you through the steps involved in designing various logo kinds while also demonstrating the tools and ways of thinking. Knowing the appropriate advice will enhance your workflow for graphic design and provide you an attractive portfolio overall.
Key Learnings:
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2023.06.06 05:52 roaminpizza1 Catering Checklist to get Mobile Pizza Catering

Pizza is good if you aren’t looking for a structured sit-down dinner centred around speeches or formal procedures.
Guests are more likely to mingle if they are in a queue or leaving their table to retrieve food. Mobile pizza catering gets guests up and about which can be a welcome relief if they are at a function for a long period of time with not much ability to stretch their legs or meet others.
Pizza can be presented in upmarket and creative ways. Our mobile pizza catering is often the choice for Brides looking for a post-reception breakfast get together. It’s also a great choice for bucks events like post golf or sailing. We can advise on presentation ideas for great impact if you have a special event.
mobile wood fired pizza truck, pizza van hire wedding, home party catering near me, pizza oven food truck
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2023.06.06 05:35 GummyPop Minecraft kingdoms and empires rp

Minecraft rp
Immerse yourself in a captivating world where imagination knows no bounds. Inspired by the enchanting realm of Minecraft SMP, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary role-playing adventure like no other. With influences drawn from captivating manhwa and the whimsical creations of LDShadowLady, prepare to be swept away into a universe brimming with limitless possibilities.
Step foot into our meticulously crafted SMP world, a realm pulsating with its own set of rules and a unique hierarchy based on nobility and titles. Every action you take, every decision you make, will shape your destiny in this fantasy-inspired domain. Rise through the ranks, unlocking coveted titles that reflect your prowess and achievements. Become a master of your own fate, as the realms of imagination and reality seamlessly intertwine.
In this immersive experience, we are currently seeking a talented individual to portray a male character. Are you a natural storyteller? Do you possess the creative prowess to weave intricate narratives? If so, there's an opportunity for you to take on the esteemed role of Game Master, guiding the destiny of the players and breathing life into our vibrant world. Alternatively, if you're eager to delve into the immersive journey as a participant, fear not, for our dedicated team will expertly fill the GM role.
Together, let's forge unforgettable tales, where friendships are forged, alliances are tested, and dreams become reality. Join our ranks and unlock the gateway to a realm where imagination reigns supreme. Are you ready to seize this extraordinary opportunity? Take the first step, and let the captivating adventure of Minecraft SMP-inspired role-playing begin.
Disclaimer: This is not a server. It's just based on the idea of one.
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2023.06.06 05:20 AutoModerator [Download] John Grimshaw – Smart Email Marketing

I got the course John Grimshaw – Smart Email Marketing
I found a link for the course for all of you people out there who need.
The link is direct download, no torrents, no viruses.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I can get access to good sites.
Link to download:
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2023.06.06 05:12 bonchon825 Interviewed for a Hospital (with director and clinical managers, etc.) What’s next?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to inquire about a recent interview I went through— so long story short, I knew the clinic manager of a department at a hospital Id love to work for.
I knew him via LinkedIn and was able to land an interview without applying formally. The interview felt great! Even went over in time—
Now, the clinic manager of the unit is asking me to forward my resumé to the recruiter (even when he has it)
Is this a good sign? Not sure why he would ask me to do it when he can just fwd it himself. Im sure this is an HR related matter but I cant help but be curious. Any insight would be great!
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2023.06.06 05:11 61dot8 TARGET Stock Chart Fibonacci Analysis 060523

TARGET Stock Chart Fibonacci Analysis 060523
Trading idea - Entry point > 134/61.80%

1) Find a FIBO slingshot
2) Check FIBO 61.80% level
3) Entry Point > 134/61.80%

Chart time frame : D
A) 15 min(1W-3M)
B) 1 hr(3M-6M)
C) 4 hr(6M-1year)
D) 1 day(1-3years)

Stock progress : D
A) Keep rising over 61.80% resistance
B) 61.80% resistance
C) Hit the bottom
D) Hit the top

Stocks rise as they rise from support and fall from resistance. Our goal is to find a low support point and enter. It can be referred to as buying at the pullback point. The pullback point can be found with a Fibonacci extension of 61.80%. This is a step to find entry level. 1) Find a triangle (Fibonacci Speed Fan Line) that connects the high (resistance) and low (support) points of the stock in progress, where it is continuously expressed as a Slingshot, 2) and create a Fibonacci extension level for the first rising wave from the start point of slingshot pattern.

When the current price goes over 61.80% level , that can be a good entry point, especially if the SMA 100 and 200 curves are gathered together at 61.80%, it is a very good entry point.

As a great help, tradingview provide these Fibonacci speed fan lines and extension levels with ease. So if you use the Fibonacci fan line, the extension level, and the SMA 100/200 curve well, you can find an entry point for the stock market. At least you have to enter at this low point to avoid trading failure, and if you are skilled at entering this low point, with fibonacci6180 technique, your reading skill to chart will be greatly improved.

If you want to do day trading, please set the time frame to 5 minutes or 15 minutes, and you will see many of the low point of rising stocks.
If want to prefer long term range trading, you can set the time frame to 1 hr or 1 day.
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2023.06.06 05:05 AutoModerator [Download] Akshat Gupta – BacklinkMaker

I got the course Akshat Gupta – BacklinkMaker
I found a link for the course for all of you people out there who need.
The link is direct download, no torrents, no viruses.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I can get access to good sites.
Link to download:
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2023.06.06 04:26 COOLKIDGAMER_FORK I need help figuring out what colors looks good on me

Basically, I’m a closeted trans girl and my school is doing a pride month spirit week thing this week and I really wanna buy a dress or something feminine to wear but I have no idea what colors would look good on me and I really don’t want to look bad as it’d be my first time even wearing a dress, much less in public. For reasons that are relatively obvious, I’m not going to post a picture of myself, but I’ll give a couple descriptions. I am white, my skin is sort of in the middle between tan and pale as far as I can tell. I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that goes down to my chin (or slightly above). I also wear glasses. I’m pretty tall (over 5’11”). I’m not exactly sure how much of this information is helpful or if any of it is because I have pretty much zero exposure to the outside world when it comes to fashion. Whatever the case may be, I’d appreciate any help.
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2023.06.06 03:57 AutoModerator [Download] Practical Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

I got the course Practical Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
I found a link for the course for all of you people out there who need.
The link is direct download, no torrents, no viruses.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I can get access to good sites.
Link to download:
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2023.06.06 03:40 keithbohler [ADVICE] Is this black spotting permanent in this tattoo?

This was done on an older man, 68 to be exact. Artist had never seen this before and could not advise, he said it may stay may not. This is for a friend. Looks like bruising because he is older. Any ideas? Please advise.
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2023.06.06 03:26 Aerielo_ New dryer smells like smoke when running?

Like the title says, I just put in a new washegas dryer today and the dryer already has a burning smell coming from it.
I did a short test run of both just to make sure they were working (they were empty for this) and everything was fine, no odors.
Now with a full load of wet laundry, there’s an intense burning smell coming from the dryer. Vent hose is new, gas connector is new, exhaust to the outdoors was cleaned a week ago. Any ideas what this could be? Is it an electrical issue within the wall?
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2023.06.06 03:26 Last-Programmer2181 woodCraft [factions] [pvp] {envoys} {bosses} {customenchants}

woodCraft [factions] [pvp] {envoys} {bosses} {customenchants}
Welcome to woodCraft!
Join our discord!!!
We are a new Factions server created by veteran server owners looking to create a competitive, engaged, community-like gaming experience. If you are looking for staff members that are mature, incredibly active, and always looking to continue to expand content for players then woodCraft is your home.
Some of our server features include:
- Java and Bedrock Crossplay support - play with your Console friends!
- Fully customized Economy and Shops!
- Fullt customized Quests!
- genBuckets and ChunkBusters
- Top Faction Leaderboards and detailed breakdown!
- Mob Stacking and Preloaded world chunks to cut down on server lag!
- Customized Legendary Crates!!
- Expansive Warzone sitting below a unique and floating spawn!
- Active mature staff eager to assist any question you may have!
- Customized RandomTP system to allow multiple layers of exploration to help you find the most remote location for a base or to help you go on the hunt for other players bases!
- Multiple leaderboards tracking multiple different in-game stats!
And so much more! We already have a boatload of other ideas we want to integrate into the server. Come and check us out! We will be looking for staff members!
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2023.06.06 03:22 Bismuth941 30 [M4F] Maine/US - Let's chat and see how it goes.

Hello! My name is Graeme and hope to chat with you soon. Personally I'd like to find someone in the US that we eventually will be able to meet up. Granted I'm not in a position to move for a while, but while knows how it'll go right? I may make that leap for someone, if they're that right someone ya know? Anyway let's get on with it shall we?
If I had to describe myself I would probably say that I'm a sarcastic and antisocial introvert.
Some of my hobbies: Video games (pc mostly, some switch) I've played tons of them just ask and I've probably heard of it if nothing else. Favorites include stuff like LoZ, Hollow Knight, Diablo, and Stardew Valley. Animes/TV, can't get enough One Piece, Futurama, or Adventure Time. Currently watching Yu Yu Hakusho but I'm just about to finish it so if you've got any recommendations on what I should watch next lmk. DIY projects, just starting to do 3D printing. Cooking, although I'm not very good at it, lol. I just got back into reading and I'm currently reading the 2nd Witcher book. And I do of course enjoy doing some outdoors stuff at times like hiking/camping and golfing.
If you enjoy movies I can watch just about anything. It's hard to find something that I go to watch and I just turn off, lol. But my top three movies would probably have to be: Interstellar, Life's Aquatic with Steve Sizzou, and There Will Be Blood. And of course I love all the classic stuff like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Lord Of the Rings, and Harry Potter. It seems like the HP movies are the most rewatchable things I've ever seen idk why. Any time I see any of them come on I know I can flip that on. Even if I don't actually watch it, lol. I also just love Wes Anderson, Taika Waititi, and Quentin Tarantino films in general.
Ideally you'll be as lame and introverted as I am. If you drink and smoke, that's fine by me. Personally I don't. So ya know... all the weed would be yours if that's your thing, lol. I'm not too particular about appearances, but I will say I'm not into large gals or ladies that are much older than myself. Sounds shallow to say, but I'm just not. Don't ever let that get you down though, be the best you that you can be right?
As for myself, I'm 5'10", 155 lbs averageish build would like to try to get more in shape though. Brown eyes and hair (what little I have of it). I have a pic on my profile if you're curious.
That's mostly it about me really. Just a nerdy sort of dude that's been alone for far too long and trying to get out there. If you think you'd be interested of course lmk, maybe tell me a bit about yourself, and maybe we can jam out on some game some time to get to know each other or something. If you read all of this kudos to you and if nothing else; Good luck on your search!
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2023.06.06 02:09 getoveritugh Just got out of an abusive relationship, here's my story.

Hello, my name is Mary and I'm 19. I stopped giving second chances to my toxic ex. I will be really happy, if my story helps or encourages someone to end their toxic relationship.
It all started when we were only in elementary school. I was a theater kid and participated in a lot of school plays. I was cleaning up the chairs after play, and then, suddenly, a girl came up to me. As a shy kid, I was really scared of talking to people face to face, but this girl seemed so nice... She asked if I wanted to be a friend with her, and I said yes. I gave her my phone number, and asked her if she wanted to meet tomorrow after school.
This was the biggest mistake I've made.
As the time went by, I started to notice, that she acted kind of weird when I was around. Almost like she was interested in me. But, as you probably guessed, I felt the same way.
In 2017, I finally asked her if she wanted to be with me. She said yes.
We were like one of those "perfect" couples. I loved her more than everything, and she did too. We were together 24/7 and never got tired of each other.
But couple of years ago it all changed.
It was almost the end of an another school year. Sun was shining, birds were singing, we were just casually texting each other. And then, suddenly she started complaining about her grades, parents, mental state. I started to worry about her, because she was suicidal. But when I asked her about the way she felt, she just said that everything is ok and she's just a bit tired.
Then, she started regularly complaining about her life, and soon, our chat started to look like that:
Me: Heyyy, is everything ok? You haven't texted me in the past two days
Her: Yeah, I'm alright... Just wanted to take a break from the social media. I'm getting kinda depressed tho
M: What do you mean you're alright? Being depressed is not ok in any way. Do you need any help?
H: No.
M: Alrighty then, see ya tomorrow. I love you
H: Ugh, i can't take this anymore...
M: What when why
H: Got a B for a history test.
H: I fucking hate myself for being so dumb.
M: Wh... You aren't dumb. Why are you saying that?
H: Why are you always trying to help me? Those are only my problems and I don't want to solve them.
M: Okay. But then, please, stop complaining about them. There's no point of complaining, when you do nothing to solve the problems.
H: You don't want to hear about my problems? I knew that you don't care about me.
M: What did you just said?
H: You never thought of me.
M: Why are you making me a guilty one? I'm always here to help you.
M: Good morning, sweetheart How's it going?
H: Yk what?
M: What?
H: I don't really want to live after 30 y. o.
M: Wait, what? Why are you always telling me that? I've said a lot of times that it really hurts to hear all this stuff from your close one.
H: Oh, well... You don't care about the way I feel?
And so on. Everyday. Every morning, day and night, I felt an insane amount of guilt, shame and embarrassment. She always said that I didn't love her enough. From the person I loved the most, she turned into literal pain in the ass. But the worst part of it is that I just couldn't stop it, because I loved her.
And now, when I just had a breakdown on a breakdown, I finally decided to end it all. I texted her that I wanted to seriously talk to her. I've said all the stuff I wanted to say all these years. And, when she made me cry for a 3rd time while I was talking to her, I sent the message. I immediately felt relieved. But, her respond was like a tap on back. "Wanna go? Okay. You haven't loved me anyway. I knew it."
I know, that this is just a manipulation, but that still hurts.
And now, when I'll be done with this post, I will return all the gifts she gave me. I just want it to end as soon as possible.
It's never too late to get out of an abusive relationship.
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2023.06.06 02:03 PE_STROUD I get the feeling he leaned way more on the good side. But this is worth saying. That being said I still very much idolize him. I think it was more his personality that projected him to his status, vs Kirby or Ditko, which ik one of them was a big shut in.

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2023.06.06 01:19 Dry-Song-8089 Idk what to do with my life

I (22f) have no idea where i’m going in life. I went to school in another state for cosmetology but dropped out to move 2 states over. Ive reached out to a few cosmetology schools out here but 1 said that they needed $1700 up front before i started school and the other one says my parents can either apply for a parent loan or i can pay monthly. The only thing with the monthly payments is it’s totally about $4000 that would be left over and id only be in school for 3.5 months which means i’d have to pay $1200 per month. I’m completely self sufficient and my parents dont work or owe child support so they will not qualify for a loan. I’m completely at a loss right now because i really want to do hair for my career but i cannot afford either of those prices right now. I’m a nanny at the moment so i’m not really getting paid all that much. What should I do? Should i look for a different career? Should i ask my parents to apply for the loan anyway? TW but i’ve been very depressed for a while and i’m also having to deal with moving costs. I already have a personal loan for my credit card which is maxed out again due to car problems for which the company is taking forever to repay me for and at that is refusing to pay the full amount of the expenses. I dont know what to do.
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2023.06.06 00:37 Beneficial-You-3673 How do I start caring about myself

32 m, I just don't see the point. I can't do anything right, nothing is ever good enough. No matter how much or hard I try something always gets fucked up and I can't focus on anything except my failure. That's all I am, one big failure. Somehow I managed to get married and have a child but I know it's only a matter of time until I fuck something up with my wife and son too. I don't want to but I know it's gonna happen. I'm already so mad at myself for not being able to financially support them but I can't get the license for my trade because I can't pass the test. I've gone through 2 years of school for it, worked in the industry for 10+ years and I'm still an apprentice. The passing grade is 70 and I can't get above 69. Each attempt has been worse and worse and I hit the point where I'm done. I don't care.
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