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2008.05.27 04:46 News, Advice, and Aloha

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2023.03.09 17:31 coleysharee Returning to CS after years!

It’s been a decade or so since I really used couchsurfing. I have great memories from then, but when I tried to log in today I saw that there is now a paywall. I was mostly hoping to check and see if I can even use CS to make the connections I need, but now I’m hoping to try and ask here because my situation is pretty unique.
Since the last time I used CS, I became a wheelchair user (incomplete spinal cord injury). I feel like most homes won’t even be accessible to me, but was holding out hope that maybe I could find one. I am planning to fly to Oahu, Hawai’i, to visit a friend there (she cannot host me). Hotels are a good accessible option but cost $2000 for one week. Hostels don’t answer me when I ask about accessibility (I’ve only emailed but I will call soon, but when I recall my time in hostels I don’t remember them being very accessible). Another option would be to find someone willing to travel to Oahu with me to split the cost of the hotel for a week. I dunno whether I could use CS for that or if Craigslist is a better place to find a travel partner? Any advice?
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2022.12.12 13:29 jrw202 Free bun on Craigslist Hawaii- Oahu (not mine)

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2022.11.04 17:45 ShakyVariation Life is a fucking nightmare -John Mulaney

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2022.09.18 22:29 PlantParonomasia Craigslist scammer selling fridges

If you see someone on Craigslist selling something, and once you contact them, they want to send you a code for verification, don't do it, they're trying to hack an account of yours.
This person with the number "(805) 209-285eight" keeps making posts on Oahu Craigslist supposedly selling mini-fridges but really they just want to get into an account of yours.
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2022.09.14 18:01 QuidYossarian Shipping a car between islands?

I'm in Oahu browsing used cars on craigslist and being able to include the other islands would improve my selection. I know shipping from the mainland costs $Texas but I'm curious if anyone has experience shipping interisland.
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2022.07.08 19:31 jigswap Stolen Camera Bag

I am offering a reward for anyone that can help me retrieve my stolen camera backpack. It was stolen on July 6th, 2022 on the North Shore of Oahu, more specifically in Kahana Bay. Someone hit all of the cars parked along the Kam highway at the entrance of the Crouching Lion hike. They also took my wallet and used my credit card at the Kahuku Superette between 12:00-1:00 pm.
The Camera is a Canon 6D Mark II with two lenses and there was also a DJI Mavic Drone and Controller inside the backpack, multiple batteries and Sennheiser microphones. I was an idiot for leaving it in my rental car. I am offering a generous reward to anyone who can help find/retrieve it, as most importantly I am hoping to safely recover the SD card inside the camera with irreplaceable wedding videos on it.
If you see it listed for sale on Marketplace, Craigslist, EBay, or a Pawn Shop, I will pay for its safe return to me. I am praying someone can help me recover the wedding footage on the SD card.
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2022.06.08 19:16 FilthFinderBot Single mother loses $6k in Oahu Craigslist scam

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2022.04.12 20:21 Steincostaposta Moving from Indiana to Oahu (‘Ewa Beach) only taking 2 boards and I’m thinking of picking up a couple when I get there anyone know any good local shops or should I try Facebook market place or Craigslist?

Moving from Indiana to Oahu (‘Ewa Beach) only taking 2 boards and I’m thinking of picking up a couple when I get there anyone know any good local shops or should I try Facebook market place or Craigslist? submitted by Steincostaposta to surfing [link] [comments]

2022.04.09 10:52 ReadySetSantiaGO Oahu missed connections on Craigslist is something else 😆

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2022.02.19 12:34 _________________1__ Apartment Rentals. Seeking advice.

I am moving with my partner on March 5 to Oahu. I have been looking for an apartment to rent for about 3 weeks now, however with no success.
The agencies are out of the question as we are from Europe and have never bought anything on credit, always with cash, so we don't have a credit score yet.
Airbnb AND hotels are too expensive.
On Craigslist, most want you to pay them for a year up front, and you'll be able to see the apartment a week after you pay. haha :)
Facebook. State of mind. I don't know, I can't figure it out there. People have weird requirements, you can't do this, you can't do that. Like, for example, that you can only cook every second day.
Zumper, FurnishFinder, etc, As if abandoned, no one answers.
Maybe any of you have an idea how to get the flat, or maybe you would like to rent it.
Room/apartment, double occupancy, both work remotely, cheap (>$1600), garden or balcony/lanai.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.21 20:51 dbkim Tips for finding rental properties

Hi there, looking to finally move out of my parents now that i finished college and got a full time job. I’ve been having trouble finding rental properties though. i’m really just looking for a 1BR. Craigslist is flooded with scammers and spam posting of the same complex. Zillow is good but I hear the market on Zillow doesn’t cover majority of the island.
If you guys could give me some tips on where to look for rental properties, that’d be awesome. Thank you!
(Looking for places on Oahu)
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2021.12.15 21:05 OgFinish Tips/Questions for Oahu trip in February

I'm heavily considering heading over to Oahu during February for a surf trip, plus spending a bit of time exploring the island (there are some contract job opportunities in my industry out there)...
Anyone out there might be able to answer me a few questions?
EDIT: Much appreciated on the responses boys.
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2021.10.17 19:40 mercury-ballistic Anyone winging on Oahu?

I'm pretty much brand new to the sport. Been able to piece together a kit from Craigslist and sail out and back on my knees. I was wondering if there is anyone out there on Oahu, any skill level? I always figured people progress better with someone to interact with.
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2021.07.25 20:38 assoncouchouch Pressure test for Suunto Zoop

Aloha-- I have an older Suunto Zoop whose battery died. The thing is pretty big watch dive computer. I had the battery replaced, but the place that did so couldn't fit it in their pressure testing machine.
My question is this: Is the pressure test an integral part of sealing the dive computer, or does it only test the seal's integrity?
I bought the computer on craigslist for pretty cheap, and if I have to send it out via mail (nowhere on Oahu has a big enough chamber from the 5 calls I've made), it's going to cost more to pressure test the thing than I paid for it. Mahalo.
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2021.07.06 08:27 mlcrisis4all [Oahu] [Kauai] activities tip

Just finished a 14 day trip to Oahu and Kauai.
Almost all activities were sold out, but we kept on trying 3-5 times each day for 10-1 day/s leading to, and got lucky with following activities that usually need much advance reservations:
Oahu - Kualoa Ranch - PCC
Kauai - Kalalau Trail overnight permit - Kalalau trail 2 mile reservation - Kayak/Hike tour on Wailua rivefalls - Catamaran boat/snorkel trip along Na’pali coast - Surfing lessons - Monastery
Message: don’t give up; keep trying.
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2021.04.07 22:10 Goldini85 Found a Mavic Air 2 and cannot find the owner

Greetings lovely Redditors,
A week ago I was going surfing on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. Whence I was walking to the beach I saw something buried a bit into the sand and realized it was a drone. I took it out of the sand and brushed it off, I saw the camera was still panning and figured maybe it could take off but it did not. I showed the surroundings to the operator and then but it in a bush, hoping the owner would come get it while I surfed. When I got out it was still there so I took it home with me.
A search of the SD card and a post on Craigslist haven't turned anything up... The owner was surely a tourist based on the images/videos. Any idea how I can find him? While I would love a free Mavic Air 2 as I'm a pretty good photographer (check my post history) I would rather return it.
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2020.12.12 23:07 steeveesteez [OAHU] Monthly Bike Rental

I'm going to be in Oahu (Northshore) in January and wanted to know if there was a cheap/affordable place to rent a bike for a month. Everything I've googled seems geared more towards tourists and daily bike rentals ($30-$50 a day!), and I'm really just looking for a cheap thing to get around easily (we're renting a car as well, but I thought a bike might be convenient too)
I've looked on Craigslist as well, but maybe someone has other helpful suggestions?
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2020.10.04 14:58 frozenhawaiian Where to find a used OC-1?

I’m finally moving home to Oahu after living on the mainland for a number of years and I want to get back into paddling. Craigslist and Facebook marketplace are both slim pickings and the local dealers haven’t really been answering their phones at the moment, Which is understandable. Anyway I’m looking for a used boat, flaunt have to be fancy or modern, I’m certainly not going to be racing. Anyone have any leads?
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2020.07.29 05:57 yourfriendlyhuman Where to buy used SUP boards?

My wife and I are looking to purchase used SUP boards. We just moved to Oahu from Maui. Is craigslist our best bet?
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2020.04.24 12:25 dmeow Anyone know where I can buy a Century Bob XL (and get it shipped to Hawaii)

Sorry, I've been looking/asking around but since all of our sports stores went out of business here a while back that carried stuff like this (Oahu) I can't seem to get one even shipped here. I've checked Amazon/Ebay, Century store, Dicks Sporting, Target, Walmart and no one will even ship the item here. Been watching Craigslist/Marketplace for a used one, but there's none there. If anyone has any information I'd appreciate it!
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2020.03.29 22:00 MamaMelZumba LOST DOG: Chihuahua mix “Happy” since SAT 3/28 in Kuliouou, Oahu area. Please contact my heartbroken friend on craigslist honolulu🙏🏽🥺

LOST DOG: Chihuahua mix “Happy” since SAT 3/28 in Kuliouou, Oahu area. Please contact my heartbroken friend on craigslist honolulu🙏🏽🥺 submitted by MamaMelZumba to Hawaii [link] [comments]

2020.02.06 04:54 Fit-Minimum Short term accommodation with doggo, places to look, areas?

Hi folks. I may, if things work out with potential employer, be relocating to Oahu. I have a 70lb dog I will be bringing along. I am trying to decide both where on the island to live and also where to search for accommodations for 1-2 months while I search for a place to lease. (Not looking to buy currently, maybe in another year or two)
Obviously craigslist, as I am aware Airbnb is not heavily used, not sure if there’s anywhere else online I should be checking.
As far as areas, I am mainly concerned with proximity to parks for the pupper. Even Kailua isn’t really too far of a commute for me, as I will need to be studying daily and an hour long bus ride would be no issue. Then again, if I can find a spot in Waikiki or out towards Kahala I feel like that would work well too.
My time frame for moving is going to be about 4 weeks, so I’m already in process of getting my pup ready to avoid the quarantine.
Any advice or direction is appreciated!
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