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News and happenings in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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focused on the international, organized criminal networks that sustain themselves through narcotics, smuggling, and violence

2023.06.04 12:17 peternemr A true crime fanatic in South Korea killed someone she met online 'out of curiosity' to see what murder would be like for real, police say

A true crime fanatic in South Korea killed someone she met online 'out of curiosity' to see what murder would be like for real, police say submitted by peternemr to NoahGetTheBoat [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 12:15 ShadesOfRomeo What are the different methods of earning money online?

What are the different methods of earning money online?
Droll Pics app - Sell your Selfies
There are numerous methods to earn money online, and the suitability of each method may vary depending on your skills, interests, and availability. Here are some popular methods:
  1. Freelancing: Offer your skills and services as a freelancer in areas such as writing, graphic design, web development, programming, virtual assistance, marketing, and more. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr can connect you with clients seeking freelance work.
  2. Online Surveys and Microtasks: Participate in online surveys, complete microtasks, or join platforms that pay for small online gigs. While the pay may be relatively low, these tasks can be done in your spare time. Examples include Amazon Mechanical Turk, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars.
  3. Content Creation: Start a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or social media presence to create content in your niche of interest. Monetization options include advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, and crowdfunding platforms like Patreon.
  4. E-commerce: Create an online store to sell physical or digital products. You can sell items you create yourself, source products from wholesalers, or utilize dropshipping. Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy can help you set up and manage your online store.
  5. Online Tutoring and Courses: Share your knowledge and expertise by offering online tutoring or creating online courses. Platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and VIPKid connect tutors and course creators with learners globally.
  6. Stock Photography and Videos: Sell your photos, videos, or illustrations on stock photography websites. Popular platforms include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images. You can earn royalties each time someone licenses your content.
  7. Affiliate Marketing: Promote products or services and earn a commission for each sale or lead generated through your affiliate links. Join affiliate programs of companies relevant to your niche and promote their offerings on your website, blog, or social media.
  8. Virtual Assistance: Provide remote administrative or personal assistance to individuals or businesses. Tasks may include scheduling, data entry, social media management, customer support, or research. Websites like Virtual Assistant Jobs and Upwork offer opportunities in this field.
  9. Online Trading and Investing: Engage in stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, or forex trading. This method requires knowledge, research, and careful decision-making to mitigate risks and make profitable investments.
  10. Online Coaching and Consulting: Share your expertise and provide coaching or consulting services in areas such as business, career, health, fitness, personal development, or relationships. Platforms like Clarity. fm and Coach. I connect coaches with clients.
  11. Sell your Selfies on the Droll Pics app: Create a story in 3 Pics. We all know that every picture has a story behind it. But what do you say about a story in 3 pictures? Something similar as if you were reading a book or watching a movie. The action in the movie or the book starts with the BEGINNING, the MIDDLE, and the END. Similar is the basic idea of how the Droll Pics - Sell your Selfies app works.
These are just a few examples, and there are many more ways to earn money online. It's important to assess your skills, interests, and the amount of time you can dedicate to each method. Additionally, be cautious of potential scams or fraudulent opportunities and research each method thoroughly before getting involved.
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2023.06.04 12:14 Pome1515 Better Askreddit: What are the best examples of Redemption =/=Absolution

We all love a good redemption arc, but what are some are some times where a character becomes a better person/helps the heroes and... still has to face the consequences for the awful stuff that they did while they were a villain?
Probably the best example is in IDW MTMTE/LL Megatron helps saves multiple universes and genuinely feels remorse for the stuff that he's done... yet at the end of the story, he is imprisoned and arguably executed for his various crimes against the universe and it's recognised by nearly everyone, himself and close friends, that this punishment is fully deserved.
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2023.06.04 12:07 AutoModerator [Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (

[Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (
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Module 1
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In module 2, we cover the mindset needed to start a blogging business, including dealing with imposter syndrome, fighting the devil on your shoulder, and how to forge ahead fearlessly with your online business. Module 3
Blogging Like a Startup
In the third module, we cover blogging like a startup principles. This includes lessons from The Lean Startup, going over the startup mentality, and then we’ll introduce you to the concepts of pivoting and the idea of feedback loops, showing you that a blogging business runs on data. Module 4
Decoding Search Intent
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Your Minimum Viable Website
Here’s where we start building your website. This is an exact, step by step series of videos showing you exactly how to set up your blog, including the hosting, the theme to pick, the exact plugins you need, how to tweak every setting – basically every little detail to get your website launched. Module 6
Keyword Monetization
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 12:06 romanzdk Why Spark + Trino?

I already seen several blog posts suggesting to use both Spark and Trino for the data engineering but I do not really understand why would anyone do that? What is the benefit of having two distributed big data engines? I mean both can candle SQL transformations, connect to various sources etc. It makes sense to me to have Spark as it has more capabilities than Trino OR have a Trino if you do not need the extra features of Spark (probably mainly transforming the data using something else than SQL.
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2023.06.04 12:06 Puzzled-Process471 Vistamar: A Brunch Haven in the Bronx, NY

Experience brunch like never before at Vistamar, a hidden gem in the Bronx, NY. Nestled in a charming location, Vistamar offers a delightful menu of brunch favorites with a creative twist. From mouthwatering pancakes and savory omelettes to refreshing mimosas and artisanal coffee, Vistamar provides a culinary experience that will tantalize your taste buds. Discover the perfect blend of flavors and ambiance at Vistamar for an unforgettable brunch in the Bronx. Visit:
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2023.06.04 12:04 aibusterofficial Is Shopify blog SEO friendly?

Yes, Shopify provides features and tools that can help make your blog SEO-friendly. Here are some aspects to consider:
  1. Customizable URLs: Shopify allows you to customize the URL structure of your blog posts, including the use of keywords. This helps search engines understand the content and improves the chances of your blog posts appearing in relevant search results.
  2. Meta Tags: You can customize the meta title and meta description for each blog post in Shopify. These tags are important for search engine optimization as they provide concise summaries of your content and can impact click-through rates from search engine results pages.
  3. Heading Tags: Shopify uses proper heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to structure your blog posts. This helps search engines understand the hierarchical structure of your content and improves its readability for both search engines and users.
  4. Image Optimization: Shopify allows you to add alt text to your images, which is important for SEO. Alt text describes the content of the image to search engines, making your blog more accessible and improving its chances of appearing in image search results.
  5. XML Sitemap: Shopify automatically generates an XML sitemap for your blog, which helps search engines discover and index your content more efficiently. This ensures that your blog posts are more easily found by search engines.
  6. Mobile Responsiveness: Shopify themes are designed to be mobile-friendly, which is crucial for SEO since search engines prioritize mobile-friendly websites in their rankings.
While Shopify provides these SEO-friendly features, it's important to note that SEO is a continuous effort that involves various factors such as content quality, keyword optimization, backlinks, and website performance.
It's recommended to implement best practices for SEO, such as conducting keyword research, creating high-quality content, and promoting your blog through marketing efforts to improve your blog's visibility and ranking in search engine results.
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2023.06.04 12:04 AWMSBEWELL A Budget Friendly list of equipment recommendations for starting music production

Hello all, I am hoping this may be useful to whoever needs it on here. I wrote a detailed blog post on 'How to get into music production' - The top 7 things you need. I have aimed to make it budget friendly with some tried and tested product recommendations. I also reached out to friends and industry professionals who have contributed their thoughts on what they recommend. It covers the following:
  1. Laptop/Desktop
  2. Headphones
  3. Microphones
  4. Interface & MIDI Keyboard
  5. Monitors
  6. Soundproofing
  7. DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
The link to the article can be found here -

I hope you find it useful and feel free to reach out if want any further advice or a general chat about music production. I use Logic Pro and make a lot of ambient/cinematic/folktronica type stuff. :)
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2023.06.04 12:00 AutoModerator Weekly Reminder: Rules and FAQ - June 04, 2023 (Now with updates!)

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2023.06.04 12:00 AutoModerator Weekly Shameless Self Promotion Thread

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2023.06.04 11:58 Alockworkhorse The bureaucracy of Operation Reinhardt in Nazi Germany - who knew what, and to what extent?

I guess I'll try to find a way to summarize what I'm actually asking here. I've researched, very superficially, the history and timelines of the Nazi's death camp operation (specifically how the concept came to be, where/with whom it originated, and how they were run), and I'm left with a lingering question that's hard to answer as a layperson.
It's clear that Hitler and the Nazis - particularly at a higher-level - had no issue committing war crimes to kill any Jewish person, particularly after Himmler (I think?) confirmed that they were to consider even Jewish women and children enemy partisans and frequently committed mass murder in occupied territory.
My question is more about the bureaucratic process the led from Hitlers etc's top-down order of (basically) "we sanction the killing of any Jewish people and ask you to figure out a way to do this," to the final product -- a highly organized (if dysfunctional) system of transporting, containing and killing Jewish people, to a point of "efficacy" where Jews literally stepped off trains onto platforms and were suffocated to death within hours at some camps.
I understand this wasn't one singular person's idea or plan (although some Nazis were more responsible than others for how death camps operated), but the whole thing had so many moving parts and so many people and groups involved that it would have required cooperation and planning to a high degree.
My question, then, is kind of boring/technical - I'm interested in the bureaucratic mechanics of how this whole system/operation of death camps arose and functioned, and how "deep" the knowledge of the end result was? For example - just getting a train load of Jewish people across occupied territory would have involved many people within the S.S, the rail companies, the stations, etc etc, did all those people involved know what was happening? Or was the process made up of smaller groups of bureaucrats who only had the knowledge of their part of the process, and were blind to all the other parts (kind of like the urban legend where the secret formula for Coke is split in two recipes, with only one person knowing each recipe and having to combine them to form the end product)?
In no way do I ask this to propose doubt or poke holes in the Holocaust - I'm just morbidly fascinated with the strange way this horrid system came together.
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2023.06.04 11:56 DragonWisper56 I got board and decided to covert some races from changeling the dreaming to m&m

Tldr: I was looking at some races for a different game and decided to put them in mutants and masterminds. Have a look.
So I was reading through some stuff on the old world of darkness at the same time as I’m going through the mutants and masterminds gm’s guide and I thought It would be cool to stat up some of the splats as templates. Specifically the various kiths for changing the dreaming because I think I can get them under 15 power points. So without further adieu let's get into it
So for you who don’t know, CTD is a game about playing fae(who in this universe are personifications of dreams) who have been stranded on earth in mortal guise trying to survive the death of imagination.
Now this just scratches the surface so I'll leave a link to the fandom down below but here’s what we're here to discuss: the kiths. In changeling games these are the races that you pick at character creation and determine your abilities each represent the dream that your changeling was born from.
quick note these won’t be exactly rules accurate(to changeling) because that would be really tedious I’m just trying to get the general vibe for each power
#1 Boggans: house fae, these little hobbit looking guys represent dreams of comfort and home.
Craftwork: quickness 4 limited(only when not seen by non boggans); enhanced advantage skill mastery( expertise of players choice) 3 points
Social dynamics: mind reading 2 limited(only to tell relationships) [role required optional] 3 [2] points
Good with people: enhanced advantage skill mastery(insight) [not in the book but felt like it belonged) 1 point
Complication: call of the needy:needs to make a will save(set by dm) not to help people who ask for it(excluding swore enemies)
#2 Eshu: born from mortal stories and the wonder of travel, these fae are always ready to go on an adventure.
Spirit pathways: immunity 5 (getting lost) feature 1(always right place, right time) [I have no idea if this is accurate because I can’t find their stats anywhere. But it’s cool so we’re leaving it in) 6 points
Storyteller: enhanced advantage 2 ( skill mastery deception and expertise storytelling) 2 points.
Complication: reckless: exactly what it says on the tin but magically induced.
#3 Knocker: born from dreams of invention these foul mouthed craftsmen create wonders from dreams.
Master craftsman: enhanced advantage(skill focus technology and intimidate), artificer. 3 points
Fix-it: feature(can repair jury rig a piece of technology with intimidate [by threatening it] 1 point
Forge chimera: (honestly this power is pretty worthless so i’m just going to give you an array) gadgets array 4(base power) with two alternate effects. [if your using the dream being complication below this doesn’t work on mortals if you don’t use extra effort] 6 points
Complication: flaw: everything a Knocker makes inevitable has some kind of minor flaw that can never be fixed. Not only does this inconvenience these craftsmen but it annoys them to no end of being sighted as the reason for their bad attitude.
#4 Redcap: the children of violent and savage dreams these fairies constantly eat and are never satisfied.
Dark appetites: strength based damage 1 (flavor bite attack), 1 point [maybe subject to glamor cost complication below.)
Deadly bite: enhanced advantage(bite attack) 1 point
Scary: enhanced advantage(skill mastery intimidate) 1 point
Bully browbeat:perception ranged affliction 2 resisted and overcome by will (entranced, compelled, controlled) sense dependent(hearing) Limited (chimera[dream monsters]) 4 points
Bad attitude: no one likes redcaps, even other redcaps.
# 5 Trolls: born from dreams of honor and duty, these giants are defined by the oaths they carry.
Titans strength: enhanced strength 2, enhanced stamina 2[may be subject to dream being complicated. unless you use extra effort it won’t work around humans] 4 points
Stubborn: immunity(interaction effects) limited to half 3 points
Vigilant sentinel: enhanced advantage(skill mastery athletics, perception)
Bond of duty: should a troll renegade on their oath the dreaming will lash out and deprive them of their titans strength until they atone.
Rage: if a troll is betrayed they feel an intense rage often unexpected due to their typically quiet nature.
# 6 Slaugh: born from the fears of what goes bump in the night, these Adams family lookalikes inhabit the dark and cramped spaces of the world and know many secrets.
Squirm: insubstantial 1 role required 4 points
Perceptive sulker: enhanced advantage(skill mastery stealth and perception) 2 points
Sharpened senses: senses 3 (detect ghost 2 (sight and hearing) 4 points (could add extended hearing but they're already expensive as heckl.) 3 points
Gross munchies: immunity 1(spoiled food) 1 point
Complication: curse of silence: due to ancient punishments for crimes long since passed the underfolk can not raise their voice above a whisper.(this would be so hard to role play lol)
# 7 pooka: born from the stories of animal tricksters, for every lie these pranksters fae tell there is a truth, and vice versa.
Shapchange: morph 1(meta morph 1) quirk 1(can’t transform while people are looking) quirk 3(no objects change with you)[this is a animal form that each pooka can turn into] 2 points
Author's note: okay I kinda of ran into a problem that a lot of animals are higher pl than 1. So if you're playing a character of a lower pl than what you turn into just build it to your cap and justify it as your young or not used to your bestial form yet.
Confidant: favored foe(people who confide in them[need that sweet bonus to interaction skills])
Manipulative: enhanced advantage(skill mastery deception and insight)
Complication: Lies: in everything but the shortest of phrases pooka must mix in a lie. They may try to resist with a will save(set by dm) in which case they may tell the truth for a number of minutes per degree of success.
# 8 sidhe: born from dreams of royalty, these inhumanly beautiful fae rule changeling society.
Inhumanly beautiful: enhanced presence 2; 4 points
Awe and beauty: sustained reaction[always attack] affliction resided and overcome by will (entranced, defenseless) limited to two degrees 6 points
Noble bearing: feature 1(no spell can ever embarrass a sidhe)
Complication: Weakness: banality’s curse: sidhe are not of this world and as such are more vulnerable to its dangers(changelings can die from being around boring people in the lore. I get the theme but it’s pretty silly. For a more appropriate complication for a m&m game just give them pride or something.)
Lastly, just because I think they're neat, here's one of the kiths introduced in the 20th anniversary edition.
# 9 Sachamama: inspired by dreams of lounging pythons, the only thing that interests the serpentine fae more than food is gossip.
Snake skinned: morph 1(snake form) removable -1 ( as the grow in levels many will use metamorph to gain an additional snake form which trades magic for more combat oriented stats for when strength is required over cunning.) 4 points
Keen observers: senses ? extended hearing 1, extended vision 1, counters illusions, danger sense (hearing)
Snake tail: sachamama can turn their legs into tails at will. Movement 2 slithering 2 2 points.
Author’s note: because of their expensive nature they typically won’t have all defenses at pl at pl 1. Sachamama generally forsake dodge if forced to choose.
Complication: Gorging: the snake fae have to eat twice as much as normal in order to stay healthy and are clumsy in the hours after a big meal.
The calling: once a year a Sachamama hunger grows to immense heights and over the course of a day or two must eat 500 pounds of meat. Some retreat to the jungles to sate their passions, others make legendary runs to the market, and a select few use it as a chance to satisfy darker hungers.
Universal complications:
Glamor cost: changelings must expend glamor(collected human whimsy) to cast spells. Treat this in the same way you would ammo for guns.
Dream being: changeling magic is derived from dreams and as such has difficulties affecting the human world. Personally If you're including this in m&m don’t use this because it makes changelings practically useless but if you do treat all spells(not included because not all of them know spells) as check required unless they use extra effort in which case they can use it for the rest of the scene unhindered.
Link to fandom:
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2023.06.04 11:54 mg15mybaby chatGBT says Michael is in witness protection so it must be true

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2023.06.04 11:51 AbsolutelyUnlikely Ashamed to admit that I used to like Matt Walsh

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2023.06.04 11:50 Chernobyl-Cryptid (Re-uploaded with proper translations) Somehow completely unironic (OC somehow, do NOT steal lmao)

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2023.06.04 11:49 Appropriate-Drive887 [A3][US][Recruiting][][Fallout][Light RP] Weastside Raiders (Fallout Raiders Unit) - Looking for Players and Zeuses/RP Actors

[A3][US][Recruiting][][Fallout][Light RP] Weastside Raiders (Fallout Raiders Unit) - Looking for Players and Zeuses/RP Actors
About us.

Death Valley, CA - somewhere near the Divide c. 2281
The Weastside Raiders is a unit that approaches gameplay in Arma 3 in a unique way, taking place in the world of Fallout. We prioritize compatibility, efficiency, and adaptability - it's important to remember that not all real-life military tactics will feasibly work in a setting like Arma 3.
As a Raider unit, we approach the lore and gameplay in a more radical manner in line with what is expected of a junkie chem addict. If you're a fan of Schizo Elijah, Psycho Autumn, the greater Fallout lore across the entire franchise, the Old World Blues mod from Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4), or just love evil maxxing, then this unit is a perfect fit for you.
We are a schizophrenic Raider gang so we don't have a formalized rank system or an age restriction.
We also don't care how new you are to the game. If you want to play with us, we can train you from zero to Hero. We're open to onboarding new Zeus curators, RP actors, and mission makers as well.
Operation Times: Currently we have main ops on Saturday evenings at around 7PM EST. Side ops are on Friday and Sunday evenings - our community is smaller and close-knit so we're flexible and communicate op times accordingly.
Discord: or reach out to TheUberSoldier#5163.
Unit Features:
Looting, Character Quests, and Market System:

a side op of Operation anchorage, a bit of fun
Complete custom-curated quests and objectives to obtain personalized drip and weapons in line with your in-game character's story. Loot from enemies and raid sites each op to expand your arsenal. We utilize a mix of both ACE Arsenal and limited-use items, striking a balance between risk and reward.
Persistent Character Creation/Progression:

Custom character loadouts and personal backstories are persistent across ops - if you can survive, you can keep your loot and gear.
Quests can be undertaken to further explore your characters' personal stories and add unique gear tailored to the story of your character - a collaborative effort between the player and mission maker.
Dynamic Enemy Difficulty and Tactics:

Different custom enemy factions offer different gameplay challenges.
Using mods like VCOM and LAMBS this unit offers a very challenging PvE experience that fosters high level cooperative gameplay at the fireteam and squad level.
You will face mutants, wildlife, chem addicted Raider gangs, veteran mercenary outfits, pre-war robots, NCR garrisons, feral ghouls, Legion slavers, corporate soldiers, etc.
Evolving Wasteland:
Your Actions Have Consequences...
The world and lore develops around the actions and results of the players in each op; basic cause & effect events, such as a failed stealth mission leads to increased enemy security and reinforcements.
There are also more nuanced macroscale implications such as your crimes against humanity finally catching up to you when the peasant militia mobilizes or when a wealthy Brahmin baron sends bounty hunters to claim your scalp.
Fallout setting with passionately curated and authentic lore:
Witness how war never changes, but men do - through the roads they walk
Enter a world scarred by the past of nuclear war during the Great War of 2077. Experience how civilization has rebuilt and re-emerged in the former United States of America under many different forms - from the democratic New California Republic (NCR) to the autocratic, ancient Roman war banners of Caesar's Legion.
The unit's main campaign will focus primarily on the adventures of an interstate Raider gang and takes place in a post-independent New Vegas timeline (the Yes Man Ending):

The Gang's origins are tied to the NCR Correctional Facility breakout sometime before the events of New Vegas (our debut op)
Side ops will be New Vegas War Stories - short campaigns and isolated ops that explore reenactments of famous events across the Fallout lore i.e. Operation Anchorage, Quincy Massacre, HELIOS One, etc.
Relive history through multiple flashpoints in the Fallout timeline - through the power of chems you are able to relive memories from the Old World Blues and enter Hyperborea.
And much more is to come as this is a passionate, community-driven project that will be growing alongside the playerbase.
We have no age restrictions and we're open to newer players and mission curators, so check us out!
Join us at: or reach out to TheUberSoldier#5163 for questions.
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2023.06.04 11:46 RandomCollector [For Hire] Content/Creative Writer

I'm currently a freelance content/creative writer of 3 years and counting, and I'm now looking for a permanent WFH job opportunity.
I can write content about the following genres/topics:
  1. Blog posts
  2. Product descriptions
  3. Tech/Electronics
  4. BTC/NFT News
  5. Marvel/DC Comics
  6. Real estate
  7. Anime/manga
  8. Gaming (PC and some consoles)
My writing services will include the following:
I can also write content for other topics as long as I can fully understand them and can create unique content for them.
I charge $20 per 1000 words. Payment for each article I've completed should be paid thru PayPal or Payoneer.
For full-time employment, please contact me with your offer, and let's talk about it. Payment should be bi-weekly via PayPal or Payoneer.
Depending on the topic, I can submit your writing project request the next day (usually evening in your time zone) or the day after tomorrow. Complicated and long articles (3000 words and above) will be finished within 2 to 3 days.
My work email is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), and you may contact me via Skype via my ID at live:.cid.b9da0bd9765ede0e. You may also contact me on Viber or WhatsApp via my number, 09205611802.
For my latest sample writing works, you may visit the link below:
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2023.06.04 11:43 sinnerofold A Royal Stich-Up - The making of the royal uniforms

Disclaimer: First time posting here so I hope this doesn't break any of the rules. If it's not suitable please delete.
I thought I would share this as some of you might enjoy a backstage look at how the uniforms are made and the tailoring/embroidery of the uniforms here:
And some amazing photographs by Rory Lewis of the Guards Regiment and the Household Cavalry. The photographer has several other great photos of Prince Michael of Kent, the Duke of Kent, and the Archbishop. There's probably a ton more photographs on his site. Enjoy your time getting lost down that rabbit hole.
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2023.06.04 11:42 1675353 TikTok

Did this happen to anyone else recently? (like overnight)
So my tik tok account would probably bring about skepticism from most because its almost entirely dedicated to flat earth, illuminati, crazy good stuff, true crime etc.. it's taken me years to get to that level of truth haha. But I go on there tonight and literally everyone of the videos was motivational, drug related hoo haw that I can appreciate just not every video on my fyp. Just curious if anyone else's tok flipped like that. Hoping its a geek in the algorithm cause I will have to start over. The sex trafficking, Satan worshiping lizard people keep me motivated enough.. anyways curious to hear from anyone
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2023.06.04 11:42 Ok_Tomorrow_6118 Any Career Advice For A Felon? (Violent)

The “career advice for a felon” question has probably been asked a lot but I never see it for violent convictions. A little background : I’m currently 22yo. At 21yo I took a plea deal for 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon which in my state is considered a crime of violence. I am currently serving a 10 year sentence to a diversion program that has a 85% chance of getting cut early around the end of this year. I am required by said program to be a W2 employee so no freelance/under the table . I’ve always been naturally adept with computers but I know a violent felony is a big no no to office type work spaces. All that being said, I’m looking for any other suggestions you may know about that could workout for a specifically violent offender. Everything I read is for mostly non violent felonies that disappear in or around 7 years, mine doesn’t. Please anybody help I’m losing hope I just want some type of career and to not be stuck where I’m at forever.. Thanks in advance. (Also no one got hurt in my case, however the plea I took states other wise )
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2023.06.04 11:40 peliccancars12 Quick Minicab Transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6 with Peliccan Cars


When it comes to traveling between airports, convenience and efficiency are key. Whether you're a busy business traveler or a leisure tourist, a smooth airport transfer can make all the difference in starting or ending your journey on a positive note. Peliccan Cars understands this need for hassle-free transportation, and they specialize in providing quick and reliable minicab transfers from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of choosing Peliccan Cars for your airport transfer needs.
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When it comes to airport transfers, Peliccan Cars is the go-to choice for a quick and reliable minicab transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. With their prompt service, experienced drivers, comfortable vehicles, transparent pricing, and 24/7 availability, Peliccan Cars ensures a hassle-free journey, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travel experience. Next time you need a seamless airport transfer, choose Peliccan Cars for a convenient and stress-free journey.
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