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2014.10.02 03:38 Oknatora A place where laughs are so annoying, you could punch them.

Ever heard that hyena laugh from your friend Stacy? Perhaps you had to sit through the agony of the seal laughing his off of next to you. Why not punch them? This is to place to put everything and anything in regards to those types of laughing that deserve a good fist full of shut the fuck up.

2023.03.30 20:24 iluvmyself65 My “best friend” stabbed me in the back

Hi so this happens years ago and I’m still scared of this person so I will be vague and change names. I’m writing about this as I’m back in my hometown and all these memories are coming back. I had a friend let’s call her Miley we met our junior year of high school. When we became seniors there was a shift. She became more mean, we would joke around but the jokes became more personal and more a tear down of me. Long story shot by the end of high school our friendship was hanging on by a thread. We had a big fight that originally was started/manipulated by a mutual friend of ours at the time. A girl let’s call Sara grew closer to us but was closer with Miley and eventually got in the middle. It all came to ahead when I got in a relationship which neither liked the guy (rightfully so he was an asshole but I didn’t see it at the time). When I went to college I spaced myself from Miley and didn’t put in any effort to see her when I came home. Eventually I was done being friends with her with all her lying and manipulation. I ended up ending the friendship and finding out that she would talk about me behind my back to my sister. At the time my sister and I did not have a good relationship whatsoever and Miley knew that. Long story short again now at the age of 21 this still effects me. Again I’m sorry for the lack of detail I’m just scared if she finds this or is on Reddit it would start drama as she has tried to contact me before. I’m still dealing with this and have been working on it in therapy for now 3-4 years. I just needed to get this out, I hope no one else has experienced something similar to this but I know someone might.
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2023.03.30 20:24 Muted_Regular_5730 Wrong price in Revolut charts

Wrong price in Revolut charts
Hey guys,
I was randomly checking GSK price over the 1 yr period in Revolut and saw the massive price that it had way back on June 2022 period. When I checked on other platforms the price showed lower. You can see the difference in the photos above. So it is not a small difference, is a difference between 20$.
Does this show that Revolut is pretty tricky or not very good on trading stocks, since for me was very simple and I liked it just before I saw these types of errors?
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2023.03.30 20:23 PetNat_Satire50 Issues with another EA on my team ... advice needed! *long post ahead*

The company restructured corporate services and I recently lost my Director of Administration who was my mentor. She was advocating hard for me to be promoted to Manager, Administration - basically managing all the admins in the office. Because my director is no longer in the company, I lost that advocate & in addition the restructure totally changed the reporting lines where I am now a 'Administrative Team Lead' and I report into an executive who has zero connection to admin whatsoever. I'm responsible for doing everything a admin manager does in addition to supporting a few execs.
The reason i mention the above is to give context to the next few statements. I am having MAJOR issues with an EA who is on my team. She has been at the company longer than me, is older than me, supports pretty senior executives in the company - but I am technically at this point her superior. Anytime I have a team meeting everyone is on board except for her. She had major issues with my director (to the point where she cornered her and attempted to have a public screaming fit). The rest of the admin team sees right through her BS - but the problem is the executives don't. In their eyes she is the model EA. I will admit, she is good at her job, but she is NOT a team player - and since we're in a small office; it is very obvious when someone isn't pulling their weight when it comes to general office services (that is a part of our role here & its made clear in the interview process that admin are expected to help with the office & function as a team).
I have tried to sit down with her multiple times and see eye to eye; convince her that i am advocating for the team and i treat everyone fairly. She has issues with it all and I know she will begin to start bashing me to the executives which could potentially put my job in jeopardy.
Question 1: Given my situation - is there anything I can do differently to make her see that I am not mistreating her?
Question 2: Should I go to my execs and explain the situation? I don't want to have to get them involved - it just seems so petty.
Any suggestions are so welcome. Thank you!
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2023.03.30 20:23 Vortielite [LFG][D&D 5e][PAID][5$ Per Player] [Call of the Netherdeep][Session 0 Free] [PST Timezone]

Hello. We currently have a potential group for Call of the Netherdeep going on. With three players (maybe four) already interested. We're looking for people who might be interested in joining. Preferably those who have no experience with the module already.
While we have no current date set in stone as we're still arranging the players. Here are the days and times I have available (Once again, my timezone is PST/PDT):
-Mondays: 8:00 am -12:00 am + 4:00 pm onwards
-Tuesdays: 3:00 pm onwards
-Wednesdays: 10:00 am onwards
-Fridays: 10:00 am- 4:00 pm onwards
I also add a quick introduction of myself and my GMing style so you can see if I fit your playstyle or not. If you're interested, my Discord tag is Vortielite#3174
About Myself
Hello, name's Christian and I've been DMing/Playing D&D 5E for around 4 years or so at this point and Im currently DMing 3 other campaigns with amazing groups. I have some time in my schedule and actively look for people who might be interested in participating in some good ol' D&D. Be it a new group starting out or a set group of friends looking for a DM, Im game so long as life allows for us to play together, and I can take time to explain things for newer players if they need help.
My DMing Style
I try to keep a balance of roleplay and combat, but if a group is leaning more towards one or the other, I have no issue in adjusting for it and I'll try my best to keep sessions as entretaining as possible. Im the type of DM that let's players go at their own pace, but I have no issue expediting things if players don't feel like detailing every little thing. I also like to throw in some homebrew monsters to mix up combat from time to time, and allow for "out-of-the-box" actions if they're clever enough. I'll try to establish most of the game's aspects (Such as do's, dont's and more mechanical aspects) during session 0, which I'll never charge for.
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2023.03.30 20:23 kevbri Forerunner 265 or Venu 2 Plus? Please help me decide!

I'm torn between the Venu 2 Plus and Forerunner 265. I have run the LA Marathon 3 times but haven't run since before the pandemic and wouldn't call myself a dude who loves running and runs all the time. I signed up for the Portland Marathon this Oct. and the LA Marathon in March '24 so am about to get going with a year of training to drop my pandemic gut, haha, but I'm certainly no triathlete. My best marathon time is 3:59:28. Hoping to beat that either in Portland or LA next year, even though I'm 4 years older now at 41.
The last watch I tried was a Samsung Gear Sport from 2017. It's dated now, and I switched to an iPhone 13 Pro. Seems like a good time to get something more advanced on my wrist to see if it really helps my training vs just strapping my iPhone to my arm, which also feels a bit dated these days.
So is the FR265 overkill? I just wonder if I'll really use things like "training readiness" vs the mic, speaker, and Siri capability of the V2P. Will the pacing on the FR265 be more accurate because of the multi-band GPS? Are the training features really worth the plastic construction and chunkier size? The V2P looks, aesthetically, much more pleasing to my eyes, especially with the stainless steel construction and 3mm smaller case size, despite having an identical 1.3" display. According to reviews, the GPS+GLONASS of the V2P seems to track runs pretty accurately.
Anyways, I can't decided between the two, especially since they're both the exact same price. Garmin really needs to combine these into one watch and add wireless charging--I assume this will happen as soon as I make my purchase 🙄. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.03.30 20:23 soulsides Tracking the sources for two Harry J. Anslinger quotes about the "evils" of cannabis

Hi all,
Folks familiar with the history of the cannabis in the U.S. already know about Harry J. Anslinger (HA), head of the Bureau of Narcotics from the 1930s-60s. More than any single individual, he lead the charge to criminalize cannabis and deployed all manner of moral panic rhetoric — including playing on racist fears — to achieve his goals. This is all mostly in the public record: articles he wrote, testimonies he gave, policy papers he authored, etc.
In particular, when people write about HA — and he's gotten a lot of attention over the past 30 years of the legalization movement — there are two quotes attributed to him that come up all the time:
"Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”
“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”
Now...if you've read Anslinger's writing/testimonies, thematically, these seem plausible. He definitely engaged in sensationalist rhetoric at times (read his 1938 article for American Magazine, "Marijuana: Assassin of Youth").
However, plausibility aside, neither of these two quotes seem to have a confirmable, original source.
This is despite the fact that they've been quoted dozens of times in both scholarly and journalistic articles (one of the most frequently cited is this 2008 CBS News editorial, but it doesn't have a citation for the quotes).
Almost every single citation I've been able to find points to a secondary source and those secondary sources usually point to a different secondary source, if they have a citation at all.[1]
All of this suggests that one or both of these quotes are either misattributions (someone else said/wrote them but they got attached to HA somehow) or even fabrications.
(To be clear: I have no interested in rehabilitating the image of HA. His confirmable, public writing/testimonies and the legacy of his policies are damning enough. But as a scholar and journalist, I'm fascinated by how quote misattributions and how they achieve of life unto themselves.)
I'm seeing if the Reddit Trees community might be able to shed some light on where these quotes first appeared or how they became treated as fact?
From what I can tell, it may have been in Jack Herer's 1990 book Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy: The Emperor Wears No Clothes (and an early version of the manuscript was submitted to 1987 Mail Order Drug Paraphernalia Control Act hearings. The "100,000 total marijuana users" quote appears here, intact, as Herer claims it was part of Anslinger's 1937 testimony to Congress to decide the Marijuana Tax Act (the actual testimonies from those hearings do not contain this quote or anything remotely like it).
Likewise, Herer also includes this statement in the book:
To the D.A> and Public Safety Commissioners and New Orleans newspapers from 12910 through the 1930s, marijuana's insidious evil influence apparently manifested itself in making the "darkies" think they were as good as "white men".
But that is not attributed to HA at all and moreover, that's Herer's words; he's not quoting the "darkies think they were as good as white men" line from any one person.
So I'm pretty sure the "darkies" quote was a misattribution where someone read Herer's book, took that line and turned it into a quote, and then assigned the quote to HA.
I don't know where the "100,000 total marijuana users" came from though; Herer includes no citation for it and as I said: it's not in any Congressional testimony I can find that HA gave in 1937 (or any other year). If anyone can find an earlier version of this quote (pre-Herer), I'd love to find it.
[1] The only primary source I've ever seen for the "100,000 total marijuana users" quote is from a 2004 book about the legalization of marijuana but it says the quote was found in the "Musicians" folder (aka gore file) held at Penn State's Anslinger papers collection. I've seen the entire file and the quote isn't in there. I've also spoken to two scholars who've written about the Anslinger papers and neither of them can confirm that the quote exists in those files either.
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2023.03.30 20:23 Ok-Mix-970 I(F20) have no idea why do i love my boyfriend(M23)?

As said, i have no idea why do i like my boyfriend so much. I wasn´t even attracted to either his look or personality at the start of our relationship. He didn´t, and still doesn´t show any toxic traits, he´s actually pretty emotionally mature in comparison to guys his age and self-aware about his flaws. He´s just the exact opposite of kind of the person i wanted to date. During the first months of relationship i would think about how to break up with him and told my family and friends that it´s nothing serious.
When i entered the dating stage i dreamt about some cute, smart and introvert guy, preferably with dark hair and eyes, maybe with kinda bigger frame. But my boyfriend is an loud and party goer extrovert, always in the centre of attention, has blonde hair, blue eyes and is really skinny. He´s a smart ass and can spend 15 minutes explaining to me how does echo works or what´s his favorite Bojack character, even if we just had sex. His sense of humor is also very edgy and he laughs at things i would find funny during middle school
Our weekends together are basically just laying in bed for 15 hours and then going out to get wasted at night. But still, it´s my favorite type of spending the weekends. Even when i´m out with friends doing some fun activities and gaining new experiences all i think about is how much i would rather to just lay next to my boyfriend and wait for him to wake up. I need his presence so much.
We had a break up that lasted near year, so longer than we used to be together, but during this time i would still think about him. I went on some dates and tried to date this cute guy who was exactly the type i was into, but i eventually i had to break up because i was still thinking about my current boyfriend. No one else could excite the same way he did.
And i have no idea why. Yesterday he told me that he loves me for the first time since being together again which surprised me so much. But i instantly knew that i still love him, i loved him for the whole time we were away from each other.But i could never explain why. He´s so weird and different from me, did so many cringe things that gave me icks, sometimes acts like a middle school loser, often smells bad, isn´t very romantic.I think i´m more aware about his flaws than his good traits, but i still love him so bad.How can you love someone and don´t even know why?
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2023.03.30 20:23 MrSocPsych I'm out, and I feel like I wasted my time.

I apologize for the incoming rant, I just think a lot of us are feeling similar right about now.
I'm wrapping up my PhD this spring that I started in the Fall of 2019. I initially entered the program with the thought of becoming a professor, like so many of us do. My program is at a research-intensive R2 which is what I wanted. I had previously worked positions at a couple R1s and realized that culture wasn't the greatest fit for me. As a part of my contract, I got loads of teaching experience to pay for my tuition and a tiny stipend to boot. I enjoyed teaching and got excellent reviews from my students.
Despite this, I've decided to leave because of the clear inadequacies that position would have for me. As I searched the academic job posts roll in this year, the positions at schools I would consider were either geared toward poaching someone from an R1 or so overloaded and underpaid (e.g., 5/4 + research and service for <$60k/year) that it would be impossible to provide for my family..=
I think the thing that really made me realize that this just isn't it is my program had a job search last year. The hiring committee invited their top three folks -- all of whom were postdocs at R1 universities who each individually had more published papers at that stage of their career than many of the faculty in the department have had their entire careers. The candidates also had no teaching experience to speak of. in short, my program like many programs prepares its students for a very specific position with a set of experiences/opportunities that wouldn't even get them on the shortlist. Put another way, if I had my same accomplishments from a similar university and applied to my current university for a prof job, I wouldn't get a second look.
I wanted to be a professor because I was good at the teaching/research/service parts. I think I would have been a good one, but that job wouldn't be good for me. In the best case scenario, I'd have been overworked and underpaid while struggling to buy a home or raise a family -- all while dealing with the inanity of intra- and inter-departmental politics over petty matters.
Since deciding to leave academia, searching for consulting, government, or industry jobs has been eye opening. I have a lot of really good skills and experiences, just not the right numbekind that merit a reasonable salary. I'm in my 30s and feel like I've wasted years of my life.
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2023.03.30 20:22 Patascent How do you guys write lore?

So I'm making my own campaign with custom lore. The problem is, this is becoming close to impossible to manage. I have to write the history of regions, cities, nations, individual characters, religions, technology, organisations etc. Whenever something happens events tend to overlap with each other, so if I want to make a different document for each of these like I've been doing up to this point I'll be writing about the same thing multiple times which seems pointless. What's worse with how much info there is I'm bound to miss some information which could lead to plotholes later down the line and it will become neigh impossible to quickly access information during a session. Does anyone have a good method of organizing the timeline/lore of a world to make it manageable?
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2023.03.30 20:22 CakeisGreat666 Question About Wax

Hello! I am an apprenticeship at my local funeral home and I have a question regarding wax. We had a lady who had cancer and had some of her face taken off from the horrible disease. Well the embalmer did her wax and all was good. We get back and he takes off the wax wanting to reuse it. It also had makeup on it as well. Isn’t that really unethical?? I managed to get him to discard it. I questioned him on wanting to reuse it and he just got really defensive and won’t answer my question.
So my question is, Is it unethical to reuse wax from one decease to another?
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2023.03.30 20:22 BladeOfThePoet Yet another V9 Theory (Spoilers ahead)

If you thought that this was another Lewis/Alyx theory, well you're right and you have earned a thumbs up from me.
Now then:
I've seen a lot of theories floating around about that maybe Lewis was the one that escaped the Ever After, and then wrote the book to immortalize his sister.
Something I've yet to see anyone mention (and it could just be I didn't see 'em) is that Alyx visited the Blacksmith, and left behind her dagger, in the reflection of which we see her angry and bitter.
Now, I post the following:
Alyx DID make it back.
Lewis was killed by the Jabberwalker.
Follow me through this train of thought that has more holes and twists than a swiss cheese pretzel:
Alyx sees something while at the Herbalist that makes her immediately distrust Jaune and the Cat. So much so she goes as far as poisoning Jaune to get rid of him, and then ditches the cat instead of fulfilling her promise to take them through the tree to Remnant with her and her brother.
She's arrogant. Selfish. Convinced she can safely get them out and get back home without issue.
And then... tragedy strikes. They're attacked by the Jabberwalker. Two kids, one armed with nothing but overconfidence and a small dagger, the other seemingly unarmed, carrying only a book. The results are to be expected.
Alyx manages to either drive the Jabberwalker away, or hides from it. Either way, she failed. Her brother's dead. Destroyed by the monster of this world that makes it so that ascension is impossible.
Heartbroken, she picks up the book her brother carried, trying to continue on, but the burden, the guilt, the pain, it's too much. The weight on her shoulders is too much for her to walk on.
So she finds the Blacksmith... and leaves the burden behind. She doesn't become an Afteran, she didn't stay, she just managed to return, but no memories of her brother's fate. Only a book in her hands, in which she finds an abruptly ended journal talking about her and other people traversing this strange, alien land.
The mind forgets. The heart remembers. The girl returned, but she was saddened by something.
She knows the story is important. She knows it needs to be told. So she makes it a book. Transcribes the tale in the journal. But there's gaps. Large parts of the book are stained, rendering them illegible. The knight drank poison, but why? Mention of a herbalist, but the pages about that are too far gone to be read. So she does her best.
And tells the tale of the girl that fell through the world, wishing she could remember the parts that are gone, wondering who wrote it, and hoping that maybe, just maybe, telling the story will help someone.
Thank you for reading my reach and breach, hope you have a good day!
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2023.03.30 20:22 aussiebrad92 30 m [friendship], looking for friends or people to talk to regularly.

Hey im Brad 30 from Australia, my life is crazy and busy, all I do is work work and work, and obviously when I'm not working I need to sleep somewhere in there, but my busy schedule makes it hard to make or maintain friendships, so I'm looking for anyone who is ok with someone who comes and goes depending on what is going on but happy to talk as much as we can and create a friendship/pen pal type thing. If your interested hit me up. Start with your asl is usually a good ice breaker, don't be a stranger.
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2023.03.30 20:22 StoneMetalWood Shopping for a New Foundry Furnace

Shopping for a New Foundry Furnace
I'm in the market for a new furnace. I built the one I currently use and it is on its last leg (see pics). Things I would have done differently is make the lid so that it swings open. Lifting it on and off is a pain. I would build in a thermocouple to measure the ambient temp. I use a hand held dip thermo to measure the temp of the metal itself, but I feel like it would be helpful to get an idea of the temp inside the furnace when doing a melt. I also would have made the burner port fit the burner better. There is a large gap around my burner that I have to fill with kao wool. The burner is also not held in place by anything so I always have to put it on a cinderblock and angle just right to get a good swirl going. If I had it to do over again I would have done the standard burner port with the three bolts to lock the burner in place (see the image). I got the burner after I made the furnace and made the furnace with a 3 inch port hole which was way overkill. At that time I also didn't have the capability to weld a piece of pipe onto the port like they have on the Devil furnace.
With all that said, there are some things that I do like about it and they are mostly related to the size. I made it out of a 10 Gal drum/barrel and the inside/chamber dimensions are 9 in x 12.75 in. Just big enough to fit a #6/12 kg crucible. That has been adequate thus far but I'm looking at getting a possible partnership with a large architectural hardware showroom to create a line of cast brass and bronze hardware for them. That would mean pretty large pours with more quantity than I'm used to. So I'm thinking a bit bigger chamber could be a good move. Another thing I did with this furnace is I used a layer of kao wool and then filled the rest with refractory cement for a 2.75 in wall. I definitely prefer that to walls made with only ceramic wool. Mainly because I've heard reports that the airborne fibers from super heated ceramic wool are no good, but I've also found that the combo of ceramic wool and refractory cement is extremely durable. Mine is pretty cracked at this point but it's also lasted me 4 years.
So I'll get to the point of this post. I listed all of these things above as a way to describe what I'm looking for:
- 12 kg or larger chamber.
- Standard stationary burner port
- Lid that swings open (side to side or up and down)
- Dont want exposed ceramic wool walls (which seems to be standard in the Devil Forges)
Sorry for the the longwinded post but since I'm looking to upgrade my setup for professional reasons I'd like to get it right this time. I'm looking at also hiring a helper to help me with pouring so I feel like I might be ready to step up the size just a little. My budget is around $2000 which is not a lot when you start getting up into the super pro furnaces (which can be 20K +). But I still need to go the budget route for now. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 20:21 proudgoose Dexamfetamine spare 2 cents please!

Previously was on vyvanse. Switch to dex Sulfate
Titrated up to 15mg, felt like it worked wonders, and was as good as vyvanse, for the first month or two, and then it seemed quite ineffective. Upped dose again, and then again after a few months.
Currently at the max dose, and feel like it's ineffective and I cannot manage without it, yet with it I don't feel like I can do much either.
Is it normal to feel like my body has adjusted to the dose after a month or two?
My doc said some people can stay at the same dose for years, and it's not possible to build a tolerance that fast, however most drugs I've ever taken, prescription or otherwise, always seem to kick in and wear off faster, since I seem to have a really fast metabolism.
Even on vyvanse I had to increase dose every 6 months to a year.
I feel tired all the time even on the meds, (albeit less so), I can feel my attention span increased moderately, but it isn't helpful as I can't start tasks, and isn't seeming to help with other symptoms, or at least, nowhere near as good as vyvanse.
The actual symptom relief I get seems to be for 1 month maximum, I'd rate at an 8/10 but after the adjustment period, its at best a 5/6 out of ten, vyvanse at this point would be a 8/10.
Anyone else experienced similar? Should I just change back to vyvanse?
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2023.03.30 20:21 BreadStikkBoy successful camponotas hibernation, and a high thought I'd love to hear someone's opinion on

successful camponotas hibernation, and a high thought I'd love to hear someone's opinion on
I just wanna say that I've seen time and time again people commenting that other people killed their young queens and colony's in hibernation because people will post them curled up. this colony was completely Curled up, like they had been long dead, and yet here they are, all alive and well after their first feeding.
my point with this post is to say know your stuff before you tell people their queens are dead! I bet a lot of people have thrown out good colonies because of you guys!!
but also I tagged this as discussion because I'm curious if this could be activity in colder climates? the winters in my area can get into the negatives, so im thinking that maybe ants up here react a little different then the other people's ants who are in hibernation? I'm very new to the hobby tho so I'd love to hear an experienced ant keepers thoughts on that
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2023.03.30 20:21 catnap0 How can I afford out of state college?

Hi! I currently go to a CC, i have 32 credits after this semester but my gpa is pretty low because I failed one semester due to bs, but i’m about to end this one with all A’s.
Anyway, I am an art major that specializes in photography and Im applying to my in-state university. I looked and it takes like 5 years even with the classes that I look at my CC to graduate because including all of the art classes, you have to take everything else like everything. Math, Writing (which I know this much is normal), langauge, history, social shit, and like 2 other things and I have to have multiple credits in them. AND they don’t have concentrations. it’s just an art degree with multiple core classes.
The colleges close that are out of state in baltimore maryland have pretty good art programs with concentrations in photography and film (in state doesn’t have anything film) that i’m interested in. but god it’s SO EXPENSIVE. So i’m just wondering if I get into an out of state school, how can I afford? I get a lot of financial aid but I get no money from my family… hence financial aid. I know scholarships which I will apply to but my gpa is low atm, but it won’t be when I get into a university. Is there any like ways I might not know about? Or will I just have to deal with massive debt.
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2023.03.30 20:21 radioactiveratpit a trip coming soon & anxiety abt becoming sick

I'm soon off to a little over two week trip with a friend. We're leaving the second week of April and I'm constantly worrying about becoming sick. I know that it happens sometimes but the anxiety is consuming me. I've been looking foward to this for the past couple of months since it's also a birthday celebration type of thing. The paranoia is getting pretty bad I focus on every little thing in my body thst feels "off" even though I know this stress isn't good for my immune system either. If you're familiar with the saying "putting all the eggs in one basket", it's how i feel about this. I've let all of my happiness and joy become dependant on this trip and need it to succeed so, so badly. Overall I'm just very scared.
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2023.03.30 20:20 heyitsanomynous Problems with father and people in general

I'll start by saying that i might be the problem so i'll try to potray everthing as neutral as possible . I am female 23 got married when i was 19 the groom was my father choice i was not intrested in him as i am lil healthy which everything not miss from when i was 4 or 5 and mind u know when i look at those pictures i found myself skinny not boney skinny but even chubby and i was bullied for it by my fathers sister all my life ( her son was same age but skinny asf so the comparison was always there ) and the reason why i said i might be the problem us bcoz i am not considered a good girl from indian concept as i raise my voice when someone elder to me is yelling or get irritated easily if someone is calling me again again i have an image of a girl who doesnt respect my parents . Whenever i come to my home ( father side from inlaws house ) no matter how hard i try i just cannot keep myself away from their matters and for matter i know they do not want or accept my suggestion . I treat their problems as my problems irrespective of them shutting me off i give giving suggestion for example my father has booked a car worth 25 lakhs and their finacial condition is not great as they rely on farming vegetables they sometimes provide profit and sometime nothing little background about my father profession he is employed and makes 40 to 50 k in one month . Inshort whenever i see they are overdoing themseleves i cant help it .in other words i want to refrain my loved ones from making decisions that i know will surly not serve them in a good way (that prblm i was talking about ) . I have tried to stop myself at end i keep losing by thinking they are my family . Also i have problem with each and every person in my life definately i am no saint i say things in anger that i shouldnt . But to recent secenerio that made me right this readit is recently my father doesnt let me speak no matter what that is hell shout at me telling me shutt up but i doesnt i keep trying to make him see that what i was trying to say and how it is no wrong but he doesnt let ne finish . Recently me and mother were talking about some people kind of gossip i guess he shouted in between to tell me how i am interferring in others ( he loves gossip ) and how i am not letting hime sleep he was not sleeping just watching reels on his phones . Then he started shouting about how i am not an ideal daughter to which i replied he is also not a great dad ( whenever my brother i fight without even knowing side same he doesnt let me speak believes every thing my brother says and shouts at me )never even verifies the deatils i have tinnitius so shouting affects me a lot and feel like shouting on top of my lungs . Even if i have done nothing wrong nobody believes me .my father has never taken my side ever in fight . Just to make things clear he provides everthing i ask for just doesnt let me talk to him about things about my life or about just my perspective about certain things specially from evening to night .
Ps : i have missed a lot of points as it is my first readit feel free to ask questions i ll be replying also pardon for typos or grammatical errors
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2023.03.30 20:20 Speedyyyyyyyyy Laptop Randomly shuts of

I didn't do anything special to it it was just in the sun under a window for 6 hours. It ran quite good a few days ago. It was just a bit hot 40°C when idling and just about 90°C under load. But now I can't even get to windows if I'm lucky I can enter my password but most of the times it shuts of before this. So my question is what is the issue and how can I fix this. If you need more information just ask I will give it to you. Thanks for any tips you might know.
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2023.03.30 20:20 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course

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2023.03.30 20:20 FocusBlast1 I was wondering if a 2012 i20 Sportz CRDi is worth buying?

Hello folks! So, after much careful consideration, I've narrowed down my choice to an i20. Reasons? The top model has everything I need, and seems like a perfect car for my use case. The problem is, I don't know how much should I get it for.
I've seen a couple Sportz variants selling for 3.7 lakhs (before negotiating) clocked at 67k and 77k kms, respectively. Whereas, there's another same variant clocked at 1.1 lakhs selling for around 2.7 lakhs after negotiation. Hence, I'm debating which one to buy.
The current state of used cars market in Hyderabad is f'ed up. Prices are too inflated so that doesn't help. I'm not sure if 3-3.5 lakhs is a good price for a used i20 2012 variant. Can anyone please help? Also, how's the spare parts availablity and service/maintenance cost of the same. I've heard Hyundai cars are expensive to maintain. Can anyone please enlighten me?
Edit: I'm talking about the facelift model (2012-2014).
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