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Hampton Inn & Suites - any other accepted students here for the open house tomorrow?

2023.03.25 01:12 ThunkBlug Hampton Inn & Suites - any other accepted students here for the open house tomorrow?

Anyone else here in town for the open house tomorrow? Lobby meet up?
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2023.03.25 01:03 TajnaAmour Looking for Long Term Rp Partner who's willing to be thrown into my world of Mystery.

Discord RP. "Transcending History and the World. A Tale of Soul and Swords eternally retold." Yup, I did that. An intro that always brings about excitement to my heart. Be thrown into a world that has been alive for thousands of years. In such years it has gone through many changes and has long since been divided into three Major factions. The land of Eyther'Neldth is ruled by the King of the Moon. The Great Plains of Eyllis'Sha is ruled by the King of the Sun while the rest of the world is held together by the Shynt'inar or also known as the Invisible Brother.
The character I will be playing while I GM/DM for us is Conner Elvenarm. There ARE other characters that I can play alongside your OC if you'd like if Conner is not to your liking.
Conner is a Bearfolk with snow white fur. He is a Barbarian/Artificer who runs an Inn up in the Snowy Mountains within the lands of Shynt'inar. He stands a solid 7 feet tall and weighs a handsome 230lbs.
Kujo is a Giff (Hippo) ArtificeWizard who lives within Eyther'Neldth and is simply looking for his next greatest adventure. He stands at 7 feet tall and weighs 300lbs. He's stocky and round just as his species implies.
Acaraho Is a Minotaur (Tauren reskin) who has left his tribe in order to make his own tribe of breeding cows. With his own tribe he will then gain the right to challenge his father. Defeating his father will grant him the blessing of his Tribe which is a Giant Wooden Totem. A totem blessed by both Kings of the World and is said to never break nor weaken.
-These characters are best paired with female characters. Romance/ Smut is in their line-
Aristotle Is an Owlin who's main objective is to collect as much lore/history on the world as possible. He is small, round, quirky, and one heck of a magic slinger. His line does not have romance in it unless requested.
Eil'lyth A blue scaled Kobold female who graduated from her personal teacher. She has good synergy with kind characters and will do her best to hold her own in combat. Being a Kobold she has great love for Dragons(kin)
If any of this is interesting to you please feel free to reach out.
A little about me, I for one do not care what your IRL gender is as we are diving into fantasy world in order to leave the RL behind. Of course if any RL complications arise please simply let me know and we can discuss how to handle the situation. I personally do prefer at the least a full paragraph but it is not required as I do know that some moments in a scene just don't call for so much. I am a Dad so I can occasionally be yanked away from my computephone by my kids. I work unruly hours so I'll mostly be posting via my phone and can happily post more than once a day...that is if work allows. If there is anything else you need discussed then shoot me a message
Thanks for coming to my Nerd Talk.
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2023.03.24 23:30 IvyPWpg TRIVIA Afternoons with Ivy! At the Assiniboine Gordon Inn (1975 Portage Ave) Saturday 2 pm - 5 pm

TRIVIA Afternoons with Ivy! At the Assiniboine Gordon Inn (1975 Portage Ave) Saturday 2 pm - 5 pm
Trivia Afternoons with Ivy! Assiniboine Gordon Inn / BigATavern 1975 Portage Ave.
!Birthday Weekend!
🎀 Extra Prizes given out because it is my birthday Weekend 🎀
Saturday March 25th 2 PM - 5 PM
*FREE to participate in trivia
*FREE Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino for those who don't drink.
*Follow me and Assiniboine Gordon Inn for more entertainment and prize announcements
Owen Tardi-Pachniosky Nikki Tardi Pachniosky Elan Hair Studio Clients and Friends Prairie Origins Soaps and Skin Remedies Avon CeraVe Recycle Everywhere
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2023.03.24 22:26 Horror_Reindeer3722 D&D are good, actually

Benioff & Weiss appreciation post Look, we all know things went downhill. The show fell victim to what Pat Riley, Hall of Fame NBA coach/executive, famously called “the disease of more.” It happens. They were stuck with (or maybe they stuck THEMSELVES with) a damn near impossible task. People say that they didn’t know what they were doing after they didn’t have the books to draw from. To which I say “yeah, no shit.” GEORGE is the professional storyteller. Doesn’t take away that as pure filmmakers they gave us some great shit the vast majority of the time.
So……what are some of yall’s favorite early season scenes/shots? There are countless great ones of course, but the one that comes to mind for me is the scene in the inn where Cat has Tyrion arrested. Or the one where Sansa has to come to court to beg Joffrey for mercy a couple episodes later. Man, for a while those guys really knew how to do an “end of the episode” sequence
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2023.03.24 22:09 e-streeter What’s jacobs inn hostel like? Deluxe double room do ok for me and the wife?

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2023.03.24 22:00 SintiWasHere [PC][before 2006] Fantasy RPG with Necromancers (skull-scythe staff)

Hello, I will try to give as much information as possible, but Iv played this game like 15-20 years ago as a teenager (my rough estimate) and i knew very very little English back then, so bear with me :)
Platform(s): PC (I would say exclusive)
Genre: Isometric 2D / top down fantasy RPG (action? hack n slash? it had autoattacks when you clicked, cant remember if there were actually any skills or just autos). Only one camera angle.
Estimated year of release: No idea, i played it like 15-20 years ago, give or take, and i dont know how old was it at that point, but i will say it cannot be older than 2006 (99%).
Graphics/art style: Fantasy medieval-like style. I think it tried to look realistic. I dont remember a lot of buildings in towns in some maps, some had like an Inn and a Shop and that was it.
Not really a pixel art, but it was a pretty old game, so pixel-ated? There were a lot of forest areas and brown dirt ground. I think there were patches of water, like river to divide some maps, but im not too sure about that part. I remember there was a oasis/sand map with tons of necromancers.
Notable characters: I dont remember any names, but i think there was a Necromancer with a Scythe with a skull on a CD cover? I think it was about necromancers as a main thing, but you yourself couldnt be necromancer, i believe (but you could get their staff).
Necromancers were enemies in the game and they had an attack with "black bubbles" or something like that :d
You could be a mage with staff that had multi-color visual attacks and it could target multiple enemies (elemental dmg was a thing and it had different animations), there were regular warrior and archers too. The mage staff attacks had a rather distinctive "pew pew" sound effects, i think also different based on the element.
Notable gameplay mechanics: I believe there was a multiplayer, or at least a set of maps, you could play over and over, your character was transferable, progress was saved. I think you could quit the game and progress was saved even mid-battle, but not 100% about the quit-mid-battle-part, but i want to say i was cheesing it like that :D
I didnt know English back then, so i have no clue what the campaign was about, i remember mostly playing the set maps. In those set maps, you had an Inn where you could take quests, i remember farming one over and over where it wanted to you to kill a big Ogre and that quest was (probably) guaranteed to be there every time. That was the map that was an Inn and a Shop in the middle of a forest.
Enemies dropped the smallest brown pouches as loot, which you could pick up and there was money or items.
I dont know if i remember any skill or stat level ups, im not sure if you even gained levels or if the loot was the only progression. I know i farmed money and loot over and over in those "multiplayer"(?) maps, but i dont remember if i was getting any xp.
Other details: I think the game was a sequel, i vaguely remember number 2 being in the name. And i would say mutli-word title. I want to say something like "realms" was in it, but that could be totally wrong.
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