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Netflix's Stranger Things

2015.10.18 00:29 Dark_Saint Netflix's Stranger Things

Sub for the Netflix Original series: Stranger Things. The disappearance of a young boy sparks a chain of events leading the residents of the small town of Hawkins to uncover a government conspiracy and a supernatural mystery which will not only shatter all semblance of normality, but also threaten their very existence.

2018.05.11 05:13 CelibatePower Pure Retention. A semen retention subreddit.

A place for the physical, mental and spiritual aspects on the path of full celibacy and semen retention. This is a place to discuss full visual and mental celibacy. Contrary to popular belief, withholding from all forms of sexual activity is believed to exalt the practitioner's strength immensely. Sub originally created by user CelibatePower.

2023.05.29 16:22 robinmjr Digital Camera for Kindergartner

I’m looking to buy a digital camera for my young kid (almost 6) and am hoping someone can make a savvy recommendation. Ideally something compact, super simple (minimal buttons, less is more for features), but still taking high quality photos, including inside with lower light. Bonus points for waterproof and low cost (used).
I bought a $50 camera after googling “best underwater digital camera for kids” that got really great reviews— and it was absolute garbage. My kid doesn’t need to add ‘stickers’ to their pictures or listen to MP3’s while taking grainy, unfocused, allegedly 40MP pictures that look like they were taken on my flip phone from 2005.
I figure I’d search eBay for a used (<$100) version of a once-great product. I had an elph when I was a teenager and loved it, but wanted to see if the community had a better recommendation.
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2023.05.29 16:11 Basicmason Was Jesus a stonemason?

What do you think of this?
Throughout the centuries, Western Christians have traditionally associated Joseph, who served as Jesus's earthly father, with the occupation of carpentry. This perception has been shaped by depictions in children's Bibles, illustrating Joseph teaching young Jesus the skills of sawing, hammering nails, and crafting wooden joints. However, it is crucial to question whether this assumption accurately reflects the type of work Jesus was engaged in and whether it was what he learned from Joseph. Over time, our understanding has been influenced by flawed cultural assumptions, which have overshadowed significant aspects of Jesus's teachings, actions, and fulfillment of his mission.
The primary misunderstanding stems from a translation issue that occurred centuries ago, particularly in relation to a verse in the Gospel of Matthew, specifically Matthew 13. Following Jesus's teaching in his hometown synagogue, the crowd refers to him as the "carpenter's son" and identifies his mother as Mary (verse 55). The Greek word translated as "carpenter" is "tekton," which more accurately conveys the meaning of a craftsman or builder. At face value, without considering the Jewish cultural context, the term "carpenter" could fit this description. Nevertheless, an examination of the landscape in northern Israel reveals that the job of a carpenter may not align with the implications of the Greek word.
Hebraic scholar James W. Fleming points out that the majority of homes in Israel were constructed using stone. Fleming explains that Jesus and Joseph would have primarily worked on projects involving stone, using techniques such as chiseling, carving, or stacking building blocks. This suggests that Jesus may not have worked with wood, at least not exclusively. While it is impossible to conclusively determine whether Jesus worked with wood or not, the scarcity of trees in the region would have made it challenging for someone seeking to earn a living as a wood carpenter.
Another factor supporting the likelihood of Jesus and Joseph working with stone rather than wood is the proximity of Nazareth to the ancient town of Zippori, also known as Sepphoris at that time. During the first century, Zippori experienced rapid development under the rule of Herod Antipas and eventually became known as "The jewel of all Galilee" according to Jewish historian Josephus. Herod's extensive beautification project in Zippori would have required the assistance of skilled craftsmen, including tektons, from the surrounding area, including Joseph. Additionally, there was a sizable rock quarry halfway between Nazareth and Zippori. While it cannot be definitively stated whether Jesus himself worked there, it is likely that he visited the ancient quarry and witnessed his stonemason father cutting stones.
If it is indeed accurate that Jesus was the son of a stonemason, it follows that he would have received training in stonemasonry, following his father's profession. Understanding this background knowledge is helpful in reevaluating the language used by Jesus and his followers when referring to stones in the Bible. For instance, after the religious leaders questioned Jesus's authority in the temple, he shared the parable of the wicked tenants. Upon its completion, he looked directly at them and said, "What then is this that is written: 'The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?'" (Luke 20:17–18; Psalms 118:22, emphasis added).
Likewise, when defending himself before the religious leaders, Peter also quoted the same Old Testament passage, stating, "This Jesus is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone. And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved" (Acts 4:11–12, emphasis added).
Psalms 118:22, which portrays the stone as a symbol of the messianic lineage of David. The concept of a cornerstone, a crucial element in building with stone, would have been familiar to those who worked with stone.
Furthermore, when Peter seeks a metaphor to describe believers in the family of God, he refers to them as "living stones" being built up as a spiritual house, forming a holy priesthood that offers acceptable spiritual sacrifices through Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:5, emphasis added). Peter's use of the imagery of building a house with stones resonates with the audience and may reflect Jesus's own familiarity with stonemasonry as a trained master stonemason.
Do you think that there is any validity in this argument?
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2023.05.29 16:07 SupplyChainRules Thoughts and Rambles

I'm a lurker on here and feel like sharing. I'm 37, white, and 5'4 for context.
  1. For anybody posting here, do not share your identity. That's for short if you want to do that and ruin your self lol
  2. Most men in their teens and 20s struggle in dating in general. A recent study shows that 63% of men, from ages 18 to 29, are not dating anyone and are single. That's six out of ten men. That's massive. How this relates to short men is that, you are not alone That is six out of ten men in general. Now imagine that number extrapolated for short men below 5'5 or so.
  3. Short men have it much, much harder in online dating. When I was 22, dating sites were coming around (OKC was popular back then, Tinder didn't get big until 2012 or later).
  4. I seriously took up bodybuilding by age 23/24. I played five sports in high school and was a very competitive physical guy. I was athletic. So from 25 to about 33, I abused steroids for about 8 years. I competed in two shows.
So did bodybuilding help? Somewhat. I remember being 6% bf and was two weeks from show time. The fact I had to destroy my body for years just to get a fleeting glance from women or a like on tinder was not helpful for my psyche.
  1. You will need to work harder than most. For the young men here, please work hard in school, do well academically, and land a role that makes you $$$. The money will allow you to travel the world or to enjoy the simple things better. Will it help you cope with being short? No but it will give you a different perspective on the world. Taking a more commanding approach to your life will set you free and allow you to make better choices. You won't be on social media as much anymore.
  2. Find a hobby / physical activity and enjoy it. Not everything has to be about sex. Just do something out of enjoyment and only think about how good it makes you feel. That's basically bodybuilding, running, physical activity in a nutshell.
  3. Lastly, men's lives in general are lonely. "Men live lives of quiet desperation" - Henry David Thoreau. You are going to have periods of loneliness and depression. You are going to need to be strong because that is what society expects of you. Society is not coming to save you. With that said, get up and rule your day. There may be no tomorrow.
You may ask "What's the point? I'm short anyway, nothing to look forward to"
I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment but that attitude will get you nowhere. For that, I leave you with this "The day a man becomes superior to pleasure, he will also be superior to pain" - Seneca
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2023.05.29 15:55 Dianthaa 2023 Ignyte Awards Finalist

The Ignyte Awards are organized annually by Fiyah Lit Mag.
Congrats to everyone that got nominated! This year's finalists are:


for novel-length work (40k words) Works intended for an Adult audience


for novel-length (40k+ words) works intended for the young adult audience


for works intended for the middle grade audience

A neat addition this year, from L.D. Lewis' twitter:
This year, we've added a slate of judges aged 12-18 to help select the YA and Middle Grade finalists! The philosophy is that kidlit categories should heavily weigh the opinions of the people they're written for. Simple, no?


for speculative works ranging from 17,500-39,999 words


for speculative works ranging from 7,500-17,499 words


for speculative works ranging from 2,000-7,499 words



for reviews and analysis of the field of speculative literature


for excellence in audio performance and production for speculative fiction


for contributions in visual speculative storytelling


for comics, graphic novels, and sequential storytelling



for works related to the field of speculative fiction


for unsung contributions to genre


for Outstanding Efforts in Service of Inclusion and Equitable Practice in Genre
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2023.05.29 15:49 Swipa0424 27 [M4F] #San Diego, CA/USA (single) - cub looking for a cougar to have some fun with this summer

Hello! I am a 6’2 Hispanic male who is very fit, works out every day and is looking for a cougar who can match my energy and wants to feel young. Currently, I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a firefighter, fueled by my desire to serve and protect. But let me tell you, my ambitions don't stop there. I'm also looking to ignite a connection with an amazing woman in her 40s or 50s who appreciates the spark of youth paired with the wisdom of experience.
Interests: When I'm not saving lives or training for my firefighting career, I'm an avid lover of the silver screen. Whether it's a classic or the latest blockbuster, you'll find me immersed in the world of movies. Let's cuddle up on the couch for a cozy movie night or enjoy a night out at the theater.
Sports and Outdoors: Staying active is a big part of my life. I have a passion for playing basketball, and the friendly competition always gets my heart pumping. Exploring the great outdoors is another adventure I cherish. From hiking scenic trails to embracing nature's beauty, I find solace and rejuvenation in the serenity of nature. It would be fantastic to have a partner to accompany me on these outdoor escapades.
Seeking: I'm captivated by the allure and wisdom that older women possess. If you're a confident, independent, and fun-loving woman in her 40s or 50s, I'd love to get to know you better. Let's embark on a journey filled with laughter, adventure, and a deep connection that transcends age. If you're looking for someone who will support you, appreciate you, and be there through thick and thin, I'm here with an open heart.
So, if you're ready to share some popcorn, cheer on our favorite teams, and explore the world together, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's create a love story that defies expectations and grows stronger with every passing day.
Message me if you are interested, I’ll be more than happy to send photos or video. Let’s connect!
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2023.05.29 15:34 RollBread4200 22 [M4F] Goa- Let's Paint the Town Red in Goa!

Guess what? I'm counting down the days until I set foot in the vibrant land of Goa on 1st June, and I couldn't be more stoked! I'm heading there with a couple of my college mates, ready to unleash some serious fun and create unforgettable memories.
About Me:
Alright, let me give you a glimpse of who I am. Picture this: I'm a fair-skinned, dark-haired guy with your average build, standing tall at 5'11 and weighing in at 75kg. I'm no couch potato, nor a david's statue haha. I don't smoke, and when it comes to drinks, I'm all about that social scene. Keeping things clean and free from any unwanted surprises is a given for me. Hey, speaking of trust, early photo verification is totally cool with me!
What Makes Me Tick:
I'm the kind of guy who embraces life's diverse experiences. Whether I'm snuggled up at home or out exploring, I'm always up for a good time. Give me a captivating TV show or movie, and I'll be hooked. Want to know a secret? I'm not just a spectator—I'm also a midnight-guitarist and a poet. Oh, and don't get me started on art! Museum dates? Count me in! Impromptu stupid plans? Count me in!
Tabletop games, video games, and trivia nights—yes, please! Reading and writing are my creative outlets, intertwined with my hobbies and interests. Taking care of my mental and physical health is a top priority, and trust me, I can whip up a mean dish in the kitchen. You know what else makes my heart skip a beat? Engaging in heart felt discussions about anything and everything; as we travel new landscape and explore a new city.
So, here's the scoop on my daily life.
The Goa Adventure:
Alright, time for the big reveal! Why am I heading to Goa? Well, it all started as a crazy promise among us foolish teens back in engineering school. Now, we're finally making good on that pact and bidding farewell to those cherished college days. But here's the thing—I have a sneaky feeling that this trip has something extraordinary in store for me, and maybe, just maybe, that includes you.
Seeking an Adventure Companion: Here's the deal—I'm on the lookout for a fantastic partner in crime to join me on this Goa escapade. Together, we'll dance the night away at epic clubs, explore hidden gems, and soak up the coastal magic that Goa has to offer. Let's embrace the thrill of new experiences, laughter, and unforgettable moments.
If you're an adventurous, free-spirited soul who connects with my passions and interests, I'd absolutely love to hear from you. Shoot me a message, and let's see if the stars align and lead us to an extraordinary connection.
Thanks a million for taking the time to read my post, and hey, fingers crossed for an incredible encounter!
Cheers xx
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2023.05.29 15:30 NightCities13 188 Years Later-Game 3-Reaping and Names

District 6
Steward Crowley (victor of the 102nd Games) stood in front of the morphling infested crowd of youths. He reached into the female bowl, and selected the name of seventeen year old Chelsey Hagan. A girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes walked to the stage, obviously having imbibed a bit of alcohol. Chelsey shook Steward’s hand, and promptly threw up on the ground. Steward was disgusted, but some avoxes cleaned up the mess. Chelsey was known in her circle of friends for being an alcoholic.
Steward took a few moments, before reaching into the male bowl. He removed the name of seventeen year old Memphis Mendes. A young man with olive skin, dark reddish brown hair, and brown eyes walked to the stage, and rather rebelliously held his hand up in a three finger salute. Memphis had lost his cousin, Lorraine, in the previous Games. Several members of the crowd copied this motion, but Steward and Chelsey were dragged into the town hall.
Chelsey was visited by several drunk friends of hers. At this point, Chelsey had no family. They drunkenly joked around, before Chelsey was taken away.
Memphis had a black eye when he was visited by his parents and four siblings. Memphis promised to try and return, and be District 6’s first victor of the new era.
Upon entering the train, Chelsey and Memphis met their mentor, a 25 year old former rebel named Peoria Dixon. She smirked at Memphis, and congratulated him on his rebellious behavior. She then turned to Chelsey, and injected her with a alcohol antidote.
Chelsey’s eyes immediately filled with tears when she realized where she was, and Peoria simply reminded Chelsey that she had to make an effort to win. Peoria taught both tributes how to camouflage and how to throw knives. Both Chelsey and Memphis improved their skills slightly.
At the train station, Memphis and Chelsey were booed by the crowd of Capitol citizens, and Peoria hurried them past the crowd, some of whom even threw apples.
At the apartment, Peoria welcoming their stylist, Anamaria Harrington. Anamaria seemed disgusted to be placed with District 6’s tributes, and simply chose a black cloaked outfit to place them in.
Peoria turned on the television to District 1’s reaping, and explained that this District had performed lukewarm for the past two Games, despite being a former career district.
District 1
Steward seemed impressed by the beautiful statues surrounding reaping square. He reached into the female bowl, and removed the name of seventeen year old Amethyst Taylor. A girl with ginger curls of hair and blue eyes walked to the stage, and seemed upset that no one volunteered for her. Amethyst was the only daughter of one of District 1’s wealthiest families. She started to cry, and her brothers were heard calling her name from the adult area of the crowd.
Steward then reached into the male bowl, and removed the name of thirteen year old Jett Bryant. A scream of horror was heard as a small boy with ebony skin, dark curls of hair, and brown eyes walked to the stage. Jett was from a poor family, living in a poor area of District 1 called the Stone. Many in the Stone lived in poverty.
Amethyst visited with her father and three brothers, and fiercely promised to return, and bring the family honor.
Meanwhile Jett visited with his parents and six siblings. He promised to try his best to return, but it was apparent that Jett returning was pretty much hopeless.
On the train, Amethyst and Jett met their mentor, a former beauty model and spear throwing champ, 23 year old Anthra Jones. Anthra was a part of the Jones family, the largest family in District 1.
She handed Amethyst a spear and asked her to throw it, which Amethyst did well enough. Amethyst explained that she enrolled in one of District 1’s training academies, but was never planning to volunteer.
Amethyst then helped Jett throw knives, and offered to ally with the small boy, much to Anthra’s chagrin. Jett smiled up at Amethyst, and agreed to ally with her. The two hugged, as Amethyst stated that she had always wanted a little brother.
Upon arrival at Snow Station, Amethyst and Jett posed for photos together, before being taken to the apartment.
Once there, they met their stylist, Panorama Vickers. Panorama gave them jet black outfits covered in amethysts, the namesakes of both Jett and Amethyst.
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2023.05.29 15:17 Spawnyboi Meeting Keith David

Meeting Keith David
Got to meet Keith David and got some signatures. Very awesome to meet him I was awestruck and couldn’t formulate words to talk to him too much but he must’ve loved my costume cause he got up to take a pic with me and got some photos on his phone too!
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2023.05.29 15:15 wdmcarth Daily Bullpen Usage: 05/29/23

Last updated: 05/29/23 09:14:31 EST


Note Description
Italics Pitched previous day or twice in last 3 days.
Strikethrough Pitched back to back days.
Bold Recent transaction.
L3:## Number of pitches thrown in last 3 days.
*** SP first start.
** SP yet to reach 5.0 innings in a game.
* SP yet to surpass 6.0 innings in a game.


ARI COL Ryne Nelson* Miguel CastroL3:25, Andrew ChafinL3:16 Scott McGoughL3:33 Austin AdamsL3:8, Kyle NelsonL3:31, José RuizL3:27, Kevin GinkelL3:32 Drey Jameson
ATL @OAK Michael Soroka*** Raisel Iglesias Nick Anderson Collin McHughL3:42 A.J. MinterL3:8, Jesse ChavezL3:25, Joe JiménezL3:37, Kirby YatesL3:15, Lucas LuetgeL3:43 Dereck RodríguezL3:28
BAL CLE Tyler Wells Félix BautistaL3:15 Yennier CanoL3:15 Bryan BakerL3:14 Mike Baumann, Cionel PérezL3:15, Mychal GivensL3:8, Danny CoulombeL3:3, Keegan AkinL3:24 Austin VothL3:62
BOS Kenley JansenL3:13 Chris MartinL3:7 Josh WinckowskiL3:35 Kutter CrawfordL3:27, Joely RodríguezL3:18, Justin Garza, Nick PivettaL3:54 Corey Kluber
CHC TBR Marcus Stroman Mark Leiter Jr.L3:16, Adbert AlzolayL3:1 Michael FulmerL3:38 Michael RuckerL3:36 Brandon HughesL3:41, Jeremiah EstradaL3:39, Julian MerryweatherL3:37 Javier AssadL3:70
CHW LAA Michael Kopech Kendall GravemanL3:6 Joe KellyL3:41 Reynaldo LópezL3:20 Keynan MiddletonL3:21, Aaron BummerL3:8, Gregory SantosL3:25, Garrett CrochetL3:46 Jimmy LambertL3:29
CIN Alexis DíazL3:40 Lucas SimsL3:27 Ian GibautL3:29 Alex YoungL3:8, Buck FarmerL3:12, Fernando CruzL3:15, Eduardo SalazarL3:31 Kevin HergetL3:20
CLE @BAL Logan Allen* Emmanuel ClaseL3:32 James KarinchakL3:16 Trevor StephanL3:24 Eli MorganL3:16, Enyel De Los SantosL3:20, Sam HentgesL3:23, Nick SandlinL3:19 Xzavion CurryL3:28
COL @ARI Karl Kauffmann** Pierce JohnsonL3:6 Justin LawrenceL3:33 Jake BirdL3:36 Brent SuterL3:22, Daniel BardL3:19, Brad HandL3:21, Matt CarasitiL3:32 Peter LambertL3:43
DET TEX Matthew Boyd* Alex LangeL3:12 Jason FoleyL3:14 Will VestL3:25 José CisneroL3:16, Chasen ShreveL3:8, Tyler HoltonL3:28, Mason EnglertL3:31 Tyler AlexanderL3:37
HOU MIN J.P. France Ryan PresslyL3:23 Bryan AbreuL3:27 Hector NerisL3:19 Ryne StanekL3:9, Phil MatonL3:24, Rafael MonteroL3:17, Seth Martinez Parker MushinskiL3:22
KCR @STL Josh Staumont*** Scott BarlowL3:27 Aroldis ChapmanL3:27 Taylor ClarkeL3:14 Josh StaumontL3:48, Amir GarrettL3:28, Carlos HernándezL3:28, Jose CuasL3:45, Nick WittgrenL3:14 Mike Mayers
LAA @CHW Griffin Canning Carlos EstévezL3:14 Chris DevenskiL3:13 Jacob WebbL3:58 Aaron LoupL3:13, Chase SilsethL3:35, Ben Joyce, Sam BachmanL3:47 Tucker Davidson
LAD WSN Bobby Miller* Evan PhillipsL3:22, Brusdar GraterolL3:36, Caleb FergusonL3:24 Yency AlmonteL3:26, Shelby MillerL3:18, Victor GonzálezL3:12, Justin BruihlL3:36 Phil BickfordL3:43
MIA Dylan FloroL3:24 Tanner ScottL3:32 Huascar BrazobanL3:20 Matt BarnesL3:27, JT ChargoisL3:33, Andrew NardiL3:28, Steven OkertL3:38 Bryan HoeingL3:28
MIL Devin WilliamsL3:26 Peter StrzeleckiL3:29 Joel PayampsL3:15 Hoby Milner, Elvis PegueroL3:37, Trevor MegillL3:14, Jake Cousins, Jake Cousins Bryse Wilson
MIN @HOU Sonny Gray Jhoan DuranL3:12 Jorge LópezL3:22 Brock StewartL3:13 Emilio PagánL3:28, Jovani MoranL3:9, Griffin JaxL3:12, Cole SandsL3:16 José De LeónL3:46
NYM David RobertsonL3:15, Adam OttavinoL3:6 Brooks RaleyL3:17 Drew SmithL3:28, Jeff BrighamL3:45, Dominic LeoneL3:32, Tommy HunterL3:16, Stephen NogosekL3:29 Josh Walker
NYY @SEA Domingo Germán Michael KingL3:22, Clay HolmesL3:28, Wandy PeraltaL3:25 Ron MarinaccioL3:30, Albert Abreu, Jimmy CorderoL3:14, Matt Krook Ryan WeberL3:50
OAK ATL Paul Blackburn*** Trevor MayL3:16, Austin PruittL3:29, Richard LoveladyL3:8, Lucas ErcegL3:16 Sam MollL3:9, Shintaro FujinamiL3:11, Garrett ActonL3:35, Sam LongL3:26 Ken WaldichukL3:16
PHI Craig KimbrelL3:41 Seranthony Domínguez Matt StrahmL3:43 Gregory Soto, Connor BrogdonL3:18, Jeff HoffmanL3:41, Andrew VasquezL3:38, Yunior MarteL3:27 Dylan CoveyL3:30
PIT @SFG Rich Hill David BednarL3:29 Colin HoldermanL3:14 Dauri MoretaL3:18 Robert StephensonL3:10, Jose HernandezL3:34, Roansy ContrerasL3:22, Rob ZastryznyL3:12, Yohan RamirezL3:25 Cody Bolton
SDP Josh HaderL3:15 Nick MartinezL3:29 Steven WilsonL3:22 Tim Hill, Tom Cosgrove, Brent HoneywellL3:32, Domingo TapiaL3:12 Drew CarltonL3:36
SEA NYY Bryce Miller Paul SewaldL3:15 Justin TopaL3:36 Trevor GottL3:21 Matt BrashL3:9, Gabe SpeierL3:17, Tayler SaucedoL3:41, Juan ThenL3:23 Chris FlexenL3:21
SFG PIT Anthony DeSclafani Camilo DovalL3:29 Tyler RogersL3:16 John Brebbia Taylor Rogers, Scott Alexander, Jakob Junis, Ryan WalkerL3:16, Tristan BeckL3:77 Sean Manaea
STL KCR Adam Wainwright* Ryan HelsleyL3:33, Giovanny GallegosL3:5 Drew VerHagenL3:7 Andre PallanteL3:24 Génesis CabreraL3:3, Jordan HicksL3:23, Chris StrattonL3:25 Steven Matz
TBR @CHC Taj Bradley* Pete FairbanksL3:9 Jason AdamL3:43 Colin PocheL3:25 Jalen BeeksL3:50, Kevin KellyL3:33, Jake DiekmanL3:17, Calvin FaucherL3:24 Joe La Sorsa
TEX @DET Nathan Eovaldi Will SmithL3:26 Brock BurkeL3:9 José Leclerc Jonathan HernándezL3:14, Josh SborzL3:11, Joe BarlowL3:12, Cole RagansL3:28 John KingL3:26
TOR Jordan RomanoL3:36 Erik SwansonL3:44 Nate PearsonL3:20 Tim MayzaL3:14, Trevor RichardsL3:24, Adam CimberL3:26, Yimi GarcíaL3:20 Anthony BassL3:21
WSN @LAD Trevor Williams* Kyle FinneganL3:22, Hunter HarveyL3:19 Carl Edwards Jr.L3:46 Andrés Machado, Mason ThompsonL3:19, Chad KuhlL3:48, Erasmo RamírezL3:9 Thaddeus Ward


Date Team Player Category Description
5/29 CHW Liam Hendriks INJURIES Will be activated from 15-Day IL
5/28 PIT Cody Bolton PROMOTION Recalled from minors
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2023.05.29 15:00 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/22/2023 - 05/28/2023 - OTAs are Back!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Washington D.C.
Arizona Cardinals:
After some decent news the last couple weeks for this organization there wasn’t really anything great from this week besides maybe the fact that if WR DeAndre Hopkins was a distraction to the team he now no longer is one. It will be interesting to see how things play out this year.
Atlanta Falcons:
It sounds like the situation with Keith Smith should get resolved rather quickly and was more of a misunderstanding than anything else. It will be fun for this young team to have joint practices with Miami and it will be a good way for their defense to get an initial test from an elite offense. I am sure the Dolphins won’t reveal all of their tricks but either way they will have to worry about guarding an elite offense with elite playmakers.
Baltimore Ravens:
It is crazy to think about how just about a month ago the news around the Ravens was all negative and that it seemed like the relationship with Lamar was fractured. Now here we are and Lamar seems about as happy as can be and is excited about the offense that is being installed under new OC Todd Monken. It will be exciting for him as well to have WR Rashod Bateman back who I still think can be a key playmaker on the team. It appears the Ravens could be set for big things even in a tough division.
Buffalo Bills:
Great to see the that S Damar Hamlin was back out practicing. I know it has been some time since his collapse on the field but it still feels like yesterday that I was watching that game in complete shock at what I had witnessed and worry for him and his family. WR Stefon Diggs being absent at OTAs is not a big deal to me. QB Josh Allen has a lot of other guys he needs to get familiar and work in with anyways and a lot of star players don’t attend OTAs to either get rest/recovery or to do their own workouts with their private coaches. I imagine he and Kincaid will be deadly this year and who knows they may even have WR DeAndre Hopkins joining them as the Bills were one of two teams that inquired and had talks about a trade for him.
Carolina Panthers:
Not too much news here other than what we saw and heard from OTAs about Bryce Young getting to take most of the 1st team reps. It appears that he looked good and his teammates were saying great things about him. It is tough to judge any quarterback though in the offseason because no matter what folks always say their young or new quarterback is looking amazing and things are progressing nicely. I will say though I have heard the most good things coming out from camps about him and Anthony Richardson of the Colts.
Chicago Bears:
Good news for Chicago fans who are excited for their move. It seems that things are proceeding nicely with the process of moving to a new stadium. Also, great to hear that Chase Claypool may be able to make more of a difference this year. It would be hard to be less effective than what he was last year for this team. I still believe he can be a major impact player like many expected him to be when he entered the league. It will be key for him to become Fields’ go to receiver over some of the other talent they have on the team.
Cincinnati Bengals:
This team has a lot to do in terms of contracts that they need to get figured out. The team view Tee Higgins in very high regard and so does Joe Burrow as they should. They also really want to get Logan Wilson signed. However, what will come out to being the biggest of the contracts they do this offseason is that of Joe Burrow. What will continue to make things tough here is the longer it takes for Justin Hebert to get his deal done because Burrow will likely be the last of the 4 quarterbacks to sign his because it is presumed he will get the most money and has an agent who like to wait til the last minute.
Cleveland Browns:
All good news for Browns fans so far. The team is looking good and their appears to be a lot of good vibes coming out of practice. WR DeAndre Hopkins is even considering coming to Cleveland for the chance to play with his old QB. Also, WR Elijah Moore is looking crisp and at least for the moment it appears he is much happier. It will all depend on if he actually gets the ball thrown to him during the season though.
Dallas Cowboys:
Not too much news here which is good for this franchise because they are almost always the center of attention. The main thing I took away from this week was just that things seems to be going well with McCarthy and Dak working together on the offense but that there have been some growing pains at least initially getting used to new systems as expected.
Denver Broncos:
It appeared to shock just about everyone when the news broke about K Brandon McManus getting released because he had become a fan favorite over the years in Denver. QB Russell Wilson has lost a lot of weight and it is evident just from seeing him this offseason. I didn’t think his weight was the issue hindering him last year but hopefully he can feel he is playing at a healthier weight. What I think most Denver fans were excited to see was RB Javonte Williams back on the practice field. He is going to end up being the real difference maker this year and whether this team competes with the top of the AFC or not will largely depend on him making the rest of the offense’s life easy or not.
Detroit Lions:
A lot of news here. Let’s start with the bad news. It appears that they may be having more penalties come down on their team/players due to the league’s gambling policy as their is an ongoing investigation into a 5th player from the team. Also, David Montgomery and Malcolm Rodriguez left the field with injuries. It is still early though and they appear to be minor injuries so hopefully it won’t affect them in the long term. Now some good news. It sounds like WR Jameson Williams is progressing nicely and the team got a new kicker in Riley Patterson from the Jaguars who should help the improve there. Lastly and maybe the biggest news is that Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was at OTAs hanging out with coaches and players. Many are hoping those good vibes carry over into the season.
Green Bay Packers:
Exciting news that Green Bay will get the draft in 2025! I was thinking they would try and stick to more southern states but they clearly are willing to go North with Detroit and now Green Bay being the hosts of the next two. HC Matt LaFleur appears to be being honest with everything and trying to temper expectations a bit with Jordan Love taking over. This could be to help take pressure off of Love and also just be the flat out truth that with any young quarterback it is going to take some time.
Houston Texans:
I am not surprised about DeMeco Ryans hesitancy about pursuing Jadeveon Clowney. First of all he just may not want to reveal his cards to others in the league about what he is thinking. The other thing is that he is one that likes for his defense to have an identity and a really good work ethic. I am not saying that Clowney can’t fit that mold but it just makes the selection process for what Ryans wants on defense that much more thorough. The other news that surprised some but something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is that QB Davis Mills will compete with Stroud for the starting job and is viewed as a desirable QB to other teams around the league. I know his stats haven’t been the best but I am not sure any of the young quarterbacks would have done well with what the Texans organization has been the last couple years. At the end of the day CJ Stroud will end up being the team’s starter due to draft status and probably will be the more talented, better option.
Indianapolis Colts:
Overall things seems to be good for the organization. The main thing we are all waiting on is when Shaq Leonard will be able to get back out there and start practicing. It makes sense not to have him practicing now since things are optional anyways. The hype has been there for QB Anthony Richardson thus far and it appears he may be closer to starting right away than a lot of people thought.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
Not too much news out of Jacksonville other than the change at the kicker position. Things got busy and they were able to trade K Riley Patterson to the Lions rather than release like the reports had said prior. Then they went out and got a proven veteran in K Brandon McManus who had just been released from the Broncos squad. This team is going to be interesting this year and will go as far QB Trevor Lawrence can take them. Does not hurt to have the veteran kicker for the big moments that could be coming for this organization.
Kansas City Chiefs:
HC Andy Reid who normally is pretty quiet and doesn’t get too involved was in front of the media a lot this week it felt like. First, he is not a fan of the new kickoff rule and it appears most coaches are not. Second, he talked about how the team will not be using a FB because they are being phased out of the NFL and he feels that the TEs they have on the team can play the role when needed. Overall it seems things are going well for the Chiefs and things could be a going a lot better here soon as they appear to be a top option for WR DeAndre Hopkins and one the few teams that had trade talks before he was released.
Las Vegas Raiders:
It appears there is never a dull week with the Raiders. The news this week about Jimmy seem to add context potentially to what Davante Adams’ comments were about recently. With Tom Brady recently joining the ownership group here it makes us all wonder if the injury is not cleared up is there a way for him to un-retire once again…only time will tell.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Big news here getting the deal done with Austin Ekeler even if it still only keeps him around for 1 year. Thankfully now he should be semi-happy for that one year before he can go out and chase a big contract if he wants to.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here really. Sounds like Matthew Stafford has taken Stetson Bennett under his wing and started to work with him and help him learn more about the transition to the NFL compared to college.
Miami Dolphins:
I loved seeing Tua wearing the helmet cam. I had not thought about it before but it should be great for him to be able to show McDaniel exactly what he is/was seeing out on the field to add context and allow McDaniel to better coach him and understand what is going on. I think this should be something all quarterbacks do and especially the top ones because it could gives coaches that much more information and a better understanding of how to help young quarterbacks in the future.
Minnesota Vikings:
All signs appear to be pointing towards RB Dalvin Cook getting released. In other news it will be good for the defense to develop the aggressive mindset that Brian Flores wants and should bring in the attitude from Miami that wad established during his time there that was so effective and led to them winning games.
New England Patriots:
The Patriots seems to always be up to something. It sounds like they were penalized the 2 days of OTAs and fined because of a meeting that Joe Judge held that lasted more than the permitted amount of time. Other tough news came when Raekwon McMillan got injured.
New Orleans Saints:
What a story. TE Foster Moreau finds out he has cancer in a physical with the team a couple months and gets ahead of things and is now practicing with them at OTAs. Interesting story here about former HC Jon Gruden working with the team because during his time with the Raiders many said that he and Carr did not get along. This team has a big opportunity to take over the NFC South and is probably the bet setup to do it with the team they have.
New York Giants:
It seems that everything is going great except the Saquon Barkley situation. There isn’t much new insight into it either after HC Daboll refused to speak on anything contract related. In good news it seems like TE Darren Waller is really enjoying being with the team and working with QB Daniel Jones. This is a team to me that is going to play inspired football like they did last year no matter what is going on because their HC.
New York Jets:
I imagine Jets fans held their breath when they saw Aaron Rodgers get injured as well as Allen Lazard. The good news is that those are not going to be issues in the long run. However, it reminded us all that QB Aaron Rodgers is not a young guy anymore and there is always the possibility that he like any other player in the NFL can get hurt. Hopefully the deal with Quinnen Williams can get done sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to the joint practices with the Bucs because they have a solid defense and it will be fun to hear how they fare in the early phases of implementing a lot of things from both Nathaniel Hackett and Aaron Rodgers.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Jordan Davis is going to be a key piece for the team this year in my opinion so it is great to hear he has made major strides. He is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his sheer size and the more he can be weaponized the better.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Great move to get Markus Golden. He can be dangerous in this defense and is only one season removed from a double digit sack year. Also, good to see that Robinson and Pickett appear to be getting along. I am curious to see who shakes out to be the #1 receiver on this team but have a feeling it will end up being Pickens because of how good he was last year and the chemistry he and Pickett already have. A QB likes it when his receiver makes life easier and bails him out. Pickens has already done that on multiple occasions for him.
San Francisco 49ers:
It is official the 49ers will host the 2026 Super Bowl! After speculations and rumors it finally became official this past week. Also, there was a lot of good QB news this week with all 3 of the QBs on the roster. Sounds like Brock Purdy is healing properly and as expected, Trey Lance is looking really good in OTAs along with Sam Darnold. Once again this offseason no one is sure who will be starting for the team come week 1.
Seattle Seahawks:
Good news for Seahawks fan that Tariq Woolen will be back around training camp time after his procedure. Other than that there was not much news here. They got a solid rotational/depth player in Artie Burns though.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Great to see that Tampa has joint practices with the Jets. They have a tough defense and it will be good for Baker and the offense to get some work against that defense early on. The Bucs have some great weapons on the offensive side of the ball to really compete with those top defenses and if they can all stay healthy this team could be a dark horse team to watch. Overall this should be a good all around team.
Tennessee Titans:
Interesting to see that S Kevin Byard was not at OTAs after earlier this offseason it was rumored he was asked to take a pay cut. Definitely a situation to watch. The main news that came from OTAs is that QB Will Levis appears to be looking good and some folks think he could be putting pressure on Tannehill early on and moving himself up the depth chart.
Washington Commanders:
Feels like a lot happened with the Commanders. First off, I think QB Sam Howell is in a great spot to learn and develop this year with mentors like Jacoby Brissett and then his OC Eric Bieniemy. They will hold him accountable like has already been happening and help bring out the best in him. Now it definitely is an organization surrounded by distractions. First off the trademark application for the team’s name was denied and they hope to get something figured out but could lead to another name change. Also, the team is still working through the Josh Harris bid and there need to be some adjustments in order for it to get accepted by the other NFL Owners and the league. These distractions even though they may not always be good for the team they probably do help a young quarterback because he is not the only thing to talk about at this point in the offseason.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Washington D.C. - TACOS 5 DE MAYO)
Don’t really have a great picture of this place but that may be a good thing. Often times I find that the places least advertised and that are holes in the wall is typically where you get the best Mexican food. This place is about a 10 minute drive from the stadium and probably closer to 15-20 minutes on game days depending on the time you go. Personally I recommend the Tacos Al Pastor. Those are basically a marinated pork taco that is slightly spicy with some sweet pineapple flavor in it. You cannot go wrong with Tacos Al Pastor and are by far my favorite. The other thing to keep an eye on is the Pupusas. While Pupusas are from El Salvador this place actually does a pretty dang good job of making them. For those that don’t know what Pupusas are they kind of resemble a stuffed pancake but are made of corn in most cases stuffed with either just cheese, cheese and beans, or cheese and pork. My order here would be 3 tacos al pastor and a cheese and bean pupusa. Enjoy!
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2023.05.29 14:57 noiseartwork Something was watching me on the road.

Let's see? It all started when I was working for something like 7 months in the city of Coquimbo in Chile. Specifically, I was working as a journalist for a local newspaper and a small news channel, it was not the best job in the world but it was not so terrible if we consider that my dream was to be a writer. One day I was being required travel outside the city, particularly to Salamanca and do a report of those that you find at the very end of the newspaper or when you can't sleep and you're lying down watching TV in the middle of the night just to give visibility to small towns and communities, filled with some random ads and stuff, again, it was not the best job in the world, but I guess everyone else started with something like this.
I needed to be there in the morning so I mentally prepared myself with a good cup of coffee and some cigarettes, threw only what was necessary for the luggage rack and managed to say goodbye to my relatives, may sound like a dumb tradition but you never know ... on the road shit happens and for me, that isn't something new, I lived day by day in the office writing columns and sending reports where the number of deaths, the causes of the crashes and the photos, makes you wonder it could have been you or someone you know. But, despite that I preferred to go in my own car, I have never been able to fall asleep inside a bus on the road and moreover, it seems that almost all accidents occurred on these buses, in a certain way, my job was making me go all paranoid.
the car's engine started at 9:00 p.m. and there was a little drizzle but nothing serious, folk music on the radio was a good accompaniment while the city nightlife looked at me with his blinding lights in my attempt to escape the "fish smell" of Coquimbo. I drove for a while until I was entering the sister city of La Serena, and I stopped to eat some fast food, I tried to get in fast to avoid getting wet, I ordered another coffee and french fries to eat.
-Hey young man, where are you going at this hour with this rain, everyone else is at their homes sleeping and resting, do you want to catch a cold? I haven't noticed that an elderly woman was attending me. -I'm going to Salamanca. -And what do you intend to do in Salamanca? that's no place for nosy people or city dwellers The lady left me intrigued and I didn't even have to ask her to answer me. -some people there don't like to be disturbed you know, you can get an evil glance there, some "evil eye" stuff you know. - No, ma'am, I'm going to report a news story, I'm a journalist and besides that, I'm a little skeptical about that kind of thing.
The old-lady ended the conversation with a crooked smile and continued with his own things but deep down myself, the answer he gave me left me with chills, I was not a superstitious person but the seriousness of his face unsettled me. I took the last sips of coffee to wake up and said goodbye to my french fries trying to awkwardly get into the car. The conversation haunted me for a couple more miles, for some reason I was left with a feeling of latent nervousness and with the last lights of the city fading in the rear-view mirror, I began to remember the stories that my grandparents told me as a child... The witches of Salamanca, the cave of Manquehua, and other stories that were part of the folklore began to settle in my head. It was interesting to me to imagine these characters, covered in their black cloaks, walking hidden paths through the forests to celebrate within their covens in Manquehua in the middle of the night. Occasionally I was assaulted by the idea of ​​running into a "Tue Tue *" bird of bad omen on the way to Salamanca, or that a "chupacabra" jumped from the bushes onto the road, it is curious how "ghastly" this can be yet so interesting at the same time despite causing us fear.
The electrifying sound of white noise coming from the radio interrupted my thoughts, I was reaching the famous dead zones of the road. From time to time I noticed that there were abandoned houses, fenced lands, among other things but nothing out of the ordinary; It is very common for people to live in these rural areas for a while and then leave to look for jobs in the big cities, especially considering that the urbanization and modernization of our country had only happened a couple of decades ago, more precisely in the year 1970.
I look at the time and it is already 11:30 p.m. This trip is getting too slow for me, to make things worse the rain got stronger, the hours go by and I pass through a couple of towns, so I decided to park my car to smoke a cigarette before reporting to my family by phone, it's funny how people automatically have an infinite amount of topics for conversation when you're away, but they hardly even speak when you are close, later than ever I cut the call and the lights where extinguishing behind the vehicle again and disappeared in the middle of the dark, again it's just me and the road. The headlights of my car were fighting to illuminate against the darkness. The clock arrives at 02:42 A.M and The yawns start to escape from my mouth, there is no radio or telephone signal anymore, at this time you only occasionally see buses passing by on the road, a couple of cars if you are lucky enough but most of the time the road is abandoned. The rain gives me an unpleasant sensation now that there is so little light. Again I picked up the wrongest moment to remember the conversation I had with that old lady...
-you can get an evil glance there, some "evil eye" stuff you know.
A shriek on the side of the road scared the shit out of me, I saw a shadow rushing against my car and I stepped on the brake with all my strength next thing I know was the sound of the car window crashing and everything went black... pitch black.
It felt like time has stopped and I could only hear the rain, I don't know how much time passed by but it felt like a dream or perhaps, maybe a nightmare? I woke up with a terrible headache but apparently my body was intact, the glass was shattered all around the car and the clock said that it was 03:00 A.M. drops are falling inside the car, I try to sit up still scared to look outside but I notice that the lights were destroyed, I see nothing but shadows. I feel a stabbing pain in my face and it seems that I cut part of my face in the accident. I get out of the car nervous and listen as the glass chips on the pavement creak, maybe I could have driven over a horse or maybe some farmer. I try to illuminate a little with the cell phone flashlight and I notice part of the front glass scattered on the asphalt, a slight dent but there are no traces of blood, I try to calm down and take a couple of steps through the rain to see further and between the rain and the nothingness I could see with my eyes a body in the middle of the road.
I thought I must help, maybe I broke one of his legs or worse. walking a little bit faster I managed to get close enough, I was shouting at the body expecting some reply or at least some whining but no one answered and I feared the worst. My heart stopped for a second, I took a step forward to see the face of this body and everything seemed so surreal, it was a mannequin with hollow eyes.
I didn't know what where happening, a mannequin dressed in an old poncho in the middle of the road away from everything, a fucking mannequin. Fear seized me, I looked in all directions searching and searching but I couldn't see anything, what the hell was a mannequin doing in the middle of the nowhere? My head was spinning, and the sound of the rain wasn't helping. until I realized something. The question was not, what was the mannequin doing on the road? But who brought it? For a moment I gazed at the mannequin's empty sockets and then I heard a breath close to me, I wasn't alone.
My heart was racing, maybe they wanted to rob me or some crazy shit, I tried to take a glass from the floor and use the phone light to see around me to get back into the car, the seconds seemed like hours as I slowly walked, I thought about running but I felt that it could be worse, I felt stalked and when my legs began to tremble It was not very helpful either. A little before I got to the car I noticed several footsteps moving around me, they were watching me closely. I heard a sound behind me and the mannequin had disappeared, I was definitely not understanding a shit and I couldn't overcome the anguish anymore so I ran desperately towards the car but someone pushed me. I hit my face with the cold ground and tried to get up as I could throwing punches into the air trying to hit whoever was there, but it was in vain. The radio of the car started emitting white noise again with some random mumbling, I was not seeing damn shit and while I was trying to place the cell phone shining directly in front of me something had gripped me by my hand. I felt another blow and this time my cell phone hit the wet asphalt, lighting someone's shoes, with one stomp they broke the phone. I could only notice my car thanks to the taillights and I was completely blind now.
The rain seemed to be falling in slow motion and every second seemed eternal to me. My hands trembled trying to prepare a decent punch, a decent cut, or anything to whatever it was out here to defend myself. My head was spinning and my heart was racing and then someone took me by the shoulder, I could not see anything but I threw punches and kicks that got everywhere, they tried to grab my feet and I tried to get free the fastest I could until I finally managed to nail that fucking piece of glass and I was released, I fell my back to the floor. A murmur began to sound louder and I could feel someone breathing and gasping around me; I ran as I could towards the car again with my heart beating a thousand times per hour. I almost plunged into the vehicle and without thinking I start the car. A groan of pain was heard along with a loud buzzing and I closed all the doors and I shit you not the damned car didn't want to start, the rain only became even worse and my nerves were about to explode when a hand smashed against the car windows, then two hands and seconds later all the windows were covered, they were trying to break into the vehicle, I could no longer bear the fear, I started screaming like a crazy, I jumped on the seat and I screamed until my mouth hurts; With a kind of tantrum I started to force the car to start with kicks and blows, the vehicle roared and I hit the accelerator. When I looked straight ahead I saw a figure that shouldn't have been there and my throat felt tight; wrapped in a black cloak, just where the damn mannequin was, someone was holding his shoulder where perhaps I had nailed the piece of broken glass. The lack of front light and the rain did not allow me to distinguish his face.
I accelerated as fast as I could, flailing inside the car from side to side, I didn't care about anything anymore, I rolled everything that was ahead. I heard a couple of crunches, a gasp, and the car started to jump until a dead silence was present, I turned to look back and all sense of logic disappeared while a death-cold chill was traveling my spine. The yellowish taillights dimly illuminated a highway full of motionless bodies that shouldn't be there, couldn't be there; They were a bunch of mannequins totally still, lined up in my direction. I put my head down and hid it between my shoulders so I couldn't look anywhere, I felt like a little boy, I felt tiny inside the car in the middle of the blackness of the road knowing that the mannequins were behind me, I kept like this several minutes trying to focus on anything else while the car kept accelerating, my back felt cold, the truth is that I was sweating cold, I did not understand anything and the stabbing pain in my forehead returned to me; It was a superficial but fairly long cut, it was a miracle I didn't pass out and was able to drive straight with all this shit happening.
The rain insisted on reminding me of the conversation with the old woman at the fast food place, maybe she was right. -Why the hell did I have to come to Salamanca, maybe the witches had something to do with it !? Lots of ideas pounded my head as the car lost into the blackness, now I was alone again. I thought about reviewing what had happened and recovering my composure, I tried to play dumb and ignore everything until I noticed little orange lights on the black horizon; I had arrived into Salamanca and I went straight to the 1st town police station to report what had happened. I Poorly parked the car and launched myself into the station to seek some help.
It was already 07:00 A.M and the sun was about to rise, I lost track of time completely, I don't know how long I was on the road or how much time I spent at the police station. I nervously told the officers everything that had happened, they looked at each other and took me to the local hospital to verify injuries; Throughout the process, I noticed that they were looking at me strangely but there was a certain secret look in them, those kinds of looks that as a journalist you can notice. The day was cloudy and the sun did not appear, the rain was losing strength and I tried to assert my right to report until they ended opening an investigation by sending a patrol. With 3 points on my eyebrow and bruised face I tried to find somewhere to rest and eat something to close my trip, there was a middle-aged gentleman who, while eating, took the opportunity to ask me what had happened to me, I told him almost everything, at least I could Let me vent more openly without looking like a drunk or crazy inside a police station.
After a while where the man listened attentively to me, he sighed and took out a pack of cigarettes, finished lighting him and said: -Maybe they wanted to rob you. Maybe he was right, but his face changed completely when I insisted on the mannequin again. He took a glance over my shoulder and then fixed his eyes with mines. -Son, look. These things are not discussed here, do what you have to do and leave later, lest you end up traveling in a box to Manquehua. Again a chill settled on the back of my neck, and I decided not to ask any more questions. I didn't want to make my situation even worse. –Hey, and don't you know where I can rest? He finished smoking my cigar and this time he offered one to me.
Standing still in a town in the middle of nowhere smoking a cigarette a fucked up car? at least things can't get worse, I could watch the smoke and forget everything for a moment.
I arrived at the hostel that the man with the cigarettes recommended to me and slept for a while but I was still nervous so I took advantage and realized that there was a mechanic nearby, got a deal with him and I left my car for a few weeks under repair, took everything I was carrying in the luggage rack and I went straight to the earliest bus back to Coquimbo, I was no longer interested in the news or the job, I just wanted to get away from this place as soon as possible and whatever the fuck the Salamanca people hides, I don't care if they were witches or someone wanting to assault me, I know what I saw.
The local police called me later that day because the investigation did not show anything more than the possibility of an attempted assault on the road, they dismissed everything for lack of imputable candidates, but the truth is that at this point I don't give a damn; I am cornered to the window of this bus trying to forget and the orange light that glimpses within the clouds that remain, reassures me a little and helps me not to think about what my bosses would tell me for not attending the report and arriving empty-handed. I lost myself looking at the landscape while it stops raining and I found a moment of peace but, for some reason, among all the things that can be seen on the road, my eyes fell directly on a small scruffy cabin in the middle of this vast nothingness and in its windows I got to see a lot of mannequins looking towards the highway, right to where I was now. There were a lot of hollow eyes waiting for me somewhere on the road of Salamanca.
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2023.05.29 14:49 HappyCouple1030 Hot young couple looking for the same! [M29F30] MF4MF/M/F if you DM us, make sure to send a photo.

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2023.05.29 14:44 olivebuttercup Long shot

Long shot
Ok we had bed bugs 8 years ago when our niece’s friend who had them stayed over. It took a lot but we did get rid of them. We’ve been free for 8 years. I saw this crawling on my young son this morning. It was tiny and seemed long. It didn’t look like a bedbug because of how long it was. It was FAST. I injured it when catching it so tried to kill it (I don’t usually kill bugs). NO MATTER how much damage it took it would not die. It bled red blood (😬). Also we go nowhere. We never have anyone in our house. I am sick so we’ve been shut in awhile. Do not live in an apartment. I have NO idea how we’d get bedbugs because we literally go nowhere except my husband at work but he doesn’t get close to anyone. These are the best photos my camera would take. I know they’re near impossible to see. Can anyone tell if this this a baby bed bug? Do they start this small? Can they be really long when they’re babies? Thanks.
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2023.05.29 14:24 VercioKing *CONTAINS AEW SPOILERS* Post a Forbidden Door 2023 card you would love to see

Okay, so it's fantasy booking time. We're on that time of the year again, where our imaginations travel and injuries hit. In the meantime, since we're almost in time for Dominion and AEW's major stories will be on hold for a while I thought of interrogating this reddit for having an idea of your Forbidden Door 2 card.
There's no rule in it: you can book MJF losing to Bolting Oleg if you want. The only thing is, try to explain it and to give it a sense, so it gets funnier than the average "oh, I want Okada vs Omega V because Meltzer is going to give it 8 stars and three quarters".


Let's begin!
Opening Match: AEW World Championship - Maxwell Jacob Friedman (champion) vs "The King" Minoru Suzuki (challenger)
So, an AEW World Title match as an opener? You see, the thing I love the most about MJF is not the character, nor the wrestling abilities. It's his persona and the modernity he brings that makes me love the man. In his Media Scrum interview, he stated "NJPW is an indy". His persona clearly does not want to do the PPV, and so I want to give him someone who, since Inoki's death, is in 本体 (Hontai, NJPW Main Unit). And what a better way for the Toronto crowd to get in the mood, than give them singing 風になれ (kazeninare) for starters? Suzuki can work for 15-20 minutes once in a while now, however, I want this to be a 5 minutes thing where Max cheats his way to the win.

2nd match: CHAOS (BISHAMON, Rocky Romero and Orange Cassidy) vs. BULLET CLUB (David Finlay, Clark Connors, KENTA & Chase Owens)
During the pandemic era, we had OC and Best Friends introduced in CHAOS by Rocky Romero. And with Shibata seamingly leaving LA Dojo and CC beating Young Lions and LA Dojo alumnis all around, there are two interesting matchups for this shakeup: azucar and 100 Proof, but most importantly Finlay and OC. They are both establishing themselves as fighters, but with two different attitudes. Having an exchange there would be incredible. At the end, BISHAMON win with Chase looking at the light.

3rd match: Champion vs Champion - Willow Nightingale (NJPW Strong Women's Champion) vs Toni Storm (AEW World's Women Champion)
The King of Sports introduced two female's titles among their collection. Given the fact STARDOM exists, given the fact for now I do not see a merger between the BUSHIROAD promotions, I also do not see Gedo wanting to give up on the idea that this is a NJPW only event. So, to me these titles are for US territory and for Special matches involving megastars during special events. I do not necessarily agree with this, but also the G1 Climax and the IWGP Heavweight titles were "special attractions". When it comes to this match, with Jamie in the box for a while, this is going to be another piece of the Outcasts vs. Homegrowns feud. Toni would win, setting up for another match for the STRONG title somewhere in the future.

4th match: Owen Hart Cup Finals - "Super Liger" Chris Jericho vs Hiromu Takahashi
Ok, when I thought of this match I said to myself that Y2J has to be in because he's one of the main pieces of the AEW puzzle, so I really do not see special events without him. So I booked a filler, something to get rid in case something cooler pops into my mind. Then I remembered Forbidden Door 2 is going to take place in Canada, so this became a must. Then I read Tony's idea to have Liger's involvement in the Cup. So this, from being an afterthought, has become a priority. Since AEW started, Jericho portrayed all his persona: he did the list, Lionheart, the Painmaker, the Ocho. How cool would it be to see Hiromu, who is beating all Liger's records, surpassing Super Liger?

5th match: IWGP World Heavyweight Championship - SANADA (champion) vs Darby Allin (challenger)
I will start by saying that I'm not that confident that we'll see this match happening. If Yota Tsugi is half as good as the guy I've see in RevPro, we have the reincarnation of Kenta Kobashi (I know, it's very tempting to rage at this, but their physical structure seems identical). So I want to be wrong. But picture this: SANADA's defenses are against a junior (although he's an iconic junior) and a graduating Young Lion. So somehow we have to establish him as a force, or we're having another transitional champion that is going to get racked by Okada for the next Wrestle Kingdom.
Let's take a step back and have a gemba walk on wrestling in 2023. To me, it has been the best year in wrestling in YEARS. We had NJPWxNOAH, All Together, two edition of All Star Juniors, Multiverse United, an awesome Wrestlemania Weekend for the US indies (I heard good things about WWE, but I don't watch it since more than a decade). We had Nakamura going back to Japan and Naito retiring Mutoh. You see where I'm going with this?
With Sting retiring and Muta gone I would love to see this match, with them seconding their guys. At the end, Darby takes the L with some MJF thing happening (now more than ever I'm convinced that Darby is dethroning Maxwell somewhere in the future).

6th match: NJPW STRONG Television Championship - Zack Sabre Jr. (champion) vs "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson Wheeler Yuta (challenger)
As an Italian from Naples, all I know is that when it comes to superstition, neapolitans are only second to the Chinese. So read the name you want, I'm not going to name Daniel Bryan in in this match. Let's say THE Forbidden Door dream match becomes a meme and we see Yuta trying to survive 15 minutes with Zack in the ring. Then, if the name in the strikesthrough is the correct one...

7th match: IWGP Women's Championship - Mayu Iwatani (champion) vs Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (challenger)
Dream match #7. I'm going to be hermetic with this. In my mind, this is the shocker of the night, with Britt Baker winning and holding "hostage" of the title in America and setting up Giulia vs Britt at WK next year. WOW.

8th match: NEVER Six Men Openweight Championship - Blackpool Combat Club (champions) & Shota Umino vs The Elite (El Phantasmo and The Young Bucks) (challengers)
Last year's FD saw great matches with an interesting card. We will never see it, but we expected the emancipation of Hiku Leo in his match with the BULLET CLUB. We received another match, with ELP "replacing" spiritually Kenny Omega. ELP and the Bucks have an almost unexplicable chemistry. ELP is half Marty Scurll, half Kenny Omega, and fits perfectly to the mold of a tag team who is as over the top as ELP is and can do comedy wrestling as well as fast-pacing action or storyline-driven wrestling.
While I was writing it, I changed the champions. Why? Because Kenny said he has one or two friends to call up for support. One is Ibushi, and we'll seeing him at Blood and Guts. The other is none other than ELP.
At first, this was suppose to have the current ones (Okada, Tanahashi and Ishii) in the match and something else planned for Mox. In my head booking, I would have had Tanahashi winning on NJPW STRONG Resurgence but that derailed. Anyways, BCC and Shota retains here, setting up El Phantasmo vs Shooter for G1.
Blackpool retains.

9th match: AEW World Tag Team, NJPW STRONG Tag Team & IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships - WINNER TAKES ALL - BULLET CLUB Gold (Juice Robinson & Jay White) vs House of Torture
I am spending a few words here. We're setting up FTR vs. Juice/Jay in AEW. So, say goodbye to Aussie Open vs FTR 2 in NJPW. Hello, Bullet Club Civil War. We've been waiting one since Tama Tonga said "Who the f\ck is the Elite. huh?*" to Kenny and I guess time and place coincide now. It's time to have Jay winning everything, then having a megabrawl among all the members of BC.

10th match: Kazuchika Okada vs Hiroshi Tanahashi
Semi main-event. D*ckhead Okada does not care about Forbidden Door nor AEW. He just cares about being the best wrestler of all times and pushing wrestling to the next level. He did it by creating a gimmick-match only title, he did it by saying he wanted to be the Six Men Titles to be like a World Cup, failing again. At the change of the guard, Okada says to Tanahashi that it's time for a change. After the fall between Ishii and Tanahashi at Dominion, Okada says this is make it or break it for CHAOS. If he wins, Tanahashi must join CHAOS. If Okada loses, CHAOS must disband.

Main Event: IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship - Kenny Omega (champion) vs Will Ospreay (challenger)
Out of all the matches I do not want to happen, this is at the top of my list. I want Archer to win, my entire plans to change, keeping this dream that started a WK17 as long as I can. It is probably because my dad got diagnosed with cancer and I want stability in my life. I do not want things to end.
However, Kenny never had an "high rate" match in his home turf and it is time time for one. So LFG! Winner? Us.

This concludes my silly stream of consciousness, I hope you had fun reading this! What is your dream card for the most speculated PPV of the year?
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2023.05.29 13:36 XiaXueyi [WildTangent][2002]WildTangent loading screen game (from the era of Blackhawk Striker 1 and MIB 2 Crossfire)

This is driving me crazy because I can't find any photos of it and I was too young to take screenshots.
All I remember is: -there was no name, it was a game that you played while waiting to for the game on WildTangent website to load
-it was a 2D scrolling shooter in outer space, your ship was white with some blue hues, and you fired shots that looked like white-blue comets. when the shots power up it gets wider in front only
-There was no end to the game until you pressed the start game button, after which it loads the WildTangent game you chose before.
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2023.05.29 13:23 AakiTak FIFITA COMING BACK ALREADY 💪

FIFITA COMING BACK ALREADY 💪 submitted by AakiTak to superleague [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 13:05 blackcherry71411 Talking to Kids About Money London I Familosophy

Talking to Kids About Money London I Familosophy
Q. My child is not performing in their role in the family business / will use their inheritance to support a cause I despise / wants to take over / doesn't want to take over / doesn't want to do what I want. What can I do to bring them into line?
A. Since time immemorial, parents have been trying to get their children to do what they want, or follow in their footsteps. Which specific method to use is often a function of the age of a child. When they are young, we can tell them what to do and they might listen. But as they move into their teens, this becomes more difficult. Indeed, during a rebellious period (which some children never outgrow), they are inclined to do the opposite of what parents want.
The 'stick' works, but only for a very limited time. Using the stick (e.g. threatening to cut them out of an inheritance or other coercive tactics) on an adult is fraught with danger. While it may achieve the desired short-term result, the collateral relationship damage may be permanent. On the other hand, the 'carrot' can be akin to bribery, and also can send the wrong message to children about what is important.
It's worth looking outside the box at interest-based negotiation, and even acknowledging that your children are adults who may not make the same life choices as you! These may not result in getting the children to do what you want, but may well result in a healthy and positive family relationship.
Consider This: (for parents) How has the way you try to get children to do what you want changed as they have grown up? (for children) how does the way your parents seek to get you to do their wishes make you feel?
Watch here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dpE5vI2Kmo)
Are you looking for advice on how to make your family business in London (https://davidwerdiger.com/) operate better? David Werdiger is the number one choice when it comes to London family owned business protocol (https://davidwerdiger.com/) help. Mr. Werdiger is helping hundreds of family owned businesses pass the torch using his famous London Familosophy techniques (https://davidwerdiger.com/)
His market in London (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London) is two-fold:
Scenario #1: The older generation wants to work with the younger generation, bring them into the company, teach them how to run things, and then retire from the office, but not the income.
Scenario #2: The younger generation wanting to jump into the family business, but to be able to contribute and be heard, and not having to “wait their turn” before they can begin to help run the business.
Looking for great advice for your family-owned and family-run business? Find out how David Werdiger’s Familosophy Newsletter can help answer your questions and guide you through turbulent times. To subscribe go to www.transitionbook.co/transition-membership-sign-in (https://www.transitionbook.co/transition-membership-sign-in30017592?page_id=30017593&page_key=whxfyu954qo6hpph&page_hash=6cf3b890596&login_redirect=1)
Visit David’s Website at: https://davidwerdiger.com/ or his GMB site at: https://goo.gl/maps/YiKUeBhXzapPAYyP6 (https://goo.gl/maps/YiKUeBhXzapPAYyP6)
Purchase the Familosophy book at www.transitionbook.co/international-free-book-1 (https://www.transitionbook.co/international-free-book-1)
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For a Free Newsletter, You Can Sign-up at : www.transitionbook.co/transition-membership-sign-in30017592?page_id=30017593&page_key=whxfyu954qo6hpph&login_redirect=1 (https://www.transitionbook.co/transition-membership-sign-in30017592?page_id=30017593&page_key=whxfyu954qo6hpph&login_redirect=1)
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2023.05.29 12:53 StreetAd2064 Please help fix the yellow splodges on this photo

Please help fix the yellow splodges on this photo
Hi...I don't have many photos of my Mum and I from when I was young, but I wonder if someone can help fix the yellow splodges on this photo. I tried Remini but the splodges were still there. Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.29 12:52 Onemoniter Don’t Sacrifice your Kid’s Future, Download an Android Spy App

Don’t Sacrifice your Kid’s Future, Download an Android Spy App
In the world of digital revolution, it is seen that most of the kids spend lot of their time on the internet. These kids are losing their creativity and seen suffering from anxiety, self-obscenity and a patient of depression at a very young age. Don’t let your kids sacrifice with their career for the modern gadgets. The Android Spy app gives you a parental control over the Digital world of your kids. Android Spy app provides you a control panel through which you can secretly monitor all the chats and calls done through various social media applications installed on your kids’ smartphones.
Teenagers wants to explore new things on from the internet word. As they don’t have the ability to distinguish between the right and wrong they end up trapped into a cobweb and its not easy for them to get out from that. Career and future are always seen to be affected when they are more into social media applications. Kids are seen to be more focussed on their looks rather than being on book just to post them on their social media to just pretend that they are cooler enough.
Virtual World every Kid’s Dilemma
There is no doubt that digital world comes up with advantages of a connected world but at the same time it comes with negative impacts like cyber-bullying, sexual harassment to young boy or girls. Teenagers are seen much addicted towards social media which is making them vulnerable for the cyber-stalkers to catch their prey easily. With all these consequences it is no point to argue that the virtual developed by cyber professionals are a dilemma for children’s future.
According to Forbes, children who are born in the period of 1995-2013 are considered to be Generation. Children who are born in this period are more indulged in technology and the internet world at very young age, so this is the reason why they are considered as Generation Z. The Kid’s of age group 14-23 are seen to be more prone to diseases like shorter attention span, substandard memories and lastly, they are seen to be disconnected from the real social skills. There are various fascinating features of social media which leads children to live in the world of fantasy. It made covers the negativities with all the fairy tale element which makes their eye glued on the internet. There are many negative effects of these social media application which is no less than a nightmare for the younger minds. Android Spy app They can be listed as:
  • Deadly game addiction more dangerous than drug
The addiction of drugs can be cured through medication or may be some changes in kid’s daily routine and habits but addiction of games which let your child being busy on their phones can’t be cured easily. Games which involves tasks and bloodshed are making kids more aggressive than before.
  • Stalking
As internet connects many users to each other the kids are conversing with strangers in a frequent manner. These stalkers are considered as predators for the kids as they use such manipulative phrases to gain your kid’s trust. Once your kid have a comfort level with these brutes on the internet world they meet them in real life just for their gains which can may be sexual or materialistic. As they know about your child’s daily routine or about their location they can also harass them with their physical presence and may they keep your children busy in chatting with them that they can’t concentrate on their books.
  • Cyber-bullying
This activity is seen to be very common with the teenagers. The raptors of virtual world practice the same but they will harass you virtually by posting offensive comments or posts on your timeline. Or if some image has been exchanged by your kid they can use it for unethical or mean activities which can affect your child’s mental health and it may lead to a cause of depression.
  • Self-Obscenity and blind dating
It’s a social trend nowadays to exchange pictures with your mates in a compromising way or having some personal photos stored in your album this can be used dangerously to bully or blackmailing any kid. The blind dating trend or uncommitted sex are going viral these days. This is one of the major curses of the internet world which can have a serious effect on your kid’s future.
Use of Parental control app to save your child from all these consequences
As discussed earlier it is very important to have an eagle eye on your kid’s virtual activities. With the help of Onemonitar app an Android Spy app you can completely monitor each and every application installed on your kid’s smart phone. A spy app for android gives you a complete access over your child’s virtual world. It comes up with various features which are listed below:
  1. Call logs and Call Recording: The call log and call recording feature of your Android Spy app provides you the basic and necessary details of the calls made by your child in a day. The spy android app comes up with hidden call recorder for android which will send you a link of an audio file. By downloading the file, you can listen to the calls. And call log feature will provide you the name and number of the contact with the duration and timestamp of the call.
  2. Social Media Application Chat tracker: The chats which are done through social media applications like WhatsApp, Hike, Line Facebook or Skype are seen by your end once you install the Android spy app. It will provide you the message which has been sent or received with the name of the person and timestamp. The spy android will show you the image file which is exchanged during the chats over these platforms.
  3. Photos and Surround sound Recording: From your control panel provided by Android spy app you can remotely access the MIC and the Camera of your child’s Mobile. You can remotely give the command to record or capture the image immediately if your feel something fishy in your child’s behaviour.
  4. Location Tracker: The location tracker feature of the Android spy app is proved to be a life saver for most of the kids. Spy app for android provides you the exact location of your kid by sending you a map link through which you can easily find the way to your child.
Apart from all these features the Onemonitar app comes with various other features of parental control which can help your child from being secured from virtual predators. You can download the app by visiting the website Onemonitar.in and can look for various subscriptions offered by them.
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2023.05.29 12:31 Mr_I4116 THE HAUNTED HOUSE

Once upon a time, in a small, secluded town nestled deep in the heart of the forest, there was a house that stood in eerie isolation. The locals whispered stories about its dark past and the strange happenings that occurred within its walls. It was said that the house was cursed, haunted by a malevolent presence that fed off fear and despair.
One gloomy autumn evening, a young couple named Emily and David found themselves stranded near the town due to a car breakdown. As night fell and the rain poured relentlessly, they sought refuge in the haunted house, unaware of its dreadful reputation.
The door creaked open as they cautiously stepped inside, their bodies shivering with unease. The atmosphere was heavy, thick with an otherworldly presence. The couple explored the dimly lit rooms, their footsteps echoing through the empty hallways. The air grew colder, and a sense of foreboding gripped their hearts. read full article like comment and share
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2023.05.29 11:40 Most_Opening_6275 Heat transfer advice pls :(- beginner

Heat transfer advice pls :(- beginner
-I made a mock T-shirt to see what it looks like with the limited materials I’m working with, using a design from Pinterest (not mine and ofc I wouldn’t sell it) see photos 1&2. I did this by printing using an inkjet printer, onto heat transfer paper bought from Amazon (their own brand) . I cut it out with scissors then I ironed my garment to get rid of creases moisture etc, placed the design on there after pealing it from the paper and put parchment paper over before ironing the design on. I stretched it with my hands after ironing it on as i saw someone suggested to do that so it wouldn’t crease in the wash but it just creased it anyway lol so won’t do that again! The 1&2 pics show what it looks like now after i washed it :)
So I was wondering how I could improve the quality of my very basic & cheap heat transfer product on a budget. I’m young and I’m just trying to begin this as a side hustle so unlike others I don’t have hundreds to put into this but I do want to make money from it and put my own designs on there. Particularly I’m wondering how to do this for things like lettering as you can see in the third & fourth pics, I’d like to create garments like this but with my process atm I feel like that lettering could be extremely difficult etc.
  • if needed I’m willing to buy a heatpresss but I’m more concerned about the quality through using the transfer pape and the cutting as I know others use vinyl but I don’t understand how to do that stuff on a budget :( I don’t know if I should give up with this idea but I really don’t want to as putting my artwork on T-shirts / designing them has been the only thing motivating me for the past however long.
Sorry for the long post! I’d reaaaaaallly appreciate any feedback/ advice!🤍💓
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2023.05.29 11:21 Significant-Notice- Two Podcasts

Two podcasts I have enjoyed recently, First, The Social Radars, headed by Jessica Livingston and Carolynn Levy, co-founder and managing director of Y Combinator respectively. Jessica and Carolynn bring a lot of experience and trust with them so the entrepreneurs they interview open up about the realities of startups. Here is a great interview with David Lieb, creator of Google Photos and before that the highly successful failure, Bump.
I’ve also enjoyed the physician brothers Daniel and Mitch Belkin at The External Medicine Podcast. Here’s a superb primer on drug development from the great Derek Lowe.
The post Two Podcasts appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

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