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2023.05.29 17:25 Splendidmuffin Should I use money for my home remodel to pay off credit card debit?

My husband and I have around $100,000 in savings from a home equity loan. The money is going towards adding additional space to our home, but the project keeps getting delayed by the city permitting process. The money is just sitting in savings, meanwhile my husband and I also have credit card debt. Should we use the money to pay off credit card debit and just take out a personal loan for the difference of our remodel? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 17:25 IskoLat Mikhail Kalinin. "The People of Lithuania Are on a New Path"

Mikhail Kalinin.
On July 14-15 of 1940, elections to the People's Parliament [Liaudies Seimas] were held in Lithuania. These elections had an unusual content and significance compared to previous elections. Here the false declarations and unrealistic promises of all kinds of benefits to the people, which the bourgeois parties usually made, were put aside and pushed into obscurity by two cardinal issues:
1) On the proclamation of Lithuania as a fellow Soviet Socialist Republic
2) On the accession of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic into the Soviet Union as a Union Republic.
The overwhelming majority of the population took part in the elections - 95.51% of voters compared to 38% of voters who actually took part in the last elections. Moreover, 99.19% of voters voted for the candidates of the Union of the Working People of Lithuania. And this is natural, because the question was clear, understandable to everybody and affected every Lithuanian in one way or another. So, by voting for supporters of Lithuania's accession into the Soviet Union, one thereby determined his attitude to this issue. By voting in 1940, the Lithuanian people, perhaps for the first time in their entire history, could freely reveal their will and their aspirations as a whole, as a people, and, taking advantage of this opportunity, demanded the Soviet system of governance for themselves.
Reactionaries, enemies of the Soviet system of governance, were enraged by this result. Even the liberal democratic circles threw up their hands in surprise. Unable to find, and unwilling to look for the real reason for such a turn by the Lithuanian people, in the specific conditions of their life, they sought to discredit the elections themselves, the voting procedure. But even here these people suffered a fiasco: the genuine democratic nature of the elections did not give any real grounds for defaming them. And, nevertheless, this did not prevent the reactionary press from coming out with hostile articles and bringing forth, as expected from them, facts invented in the editorial offices.
One should not be surprised here. On the contrary, it would be surprising if, say, not the reactionary, but at least the liberal-bourgeois press reacted to these elections positively. In fact, how much work was spent for the political deception of the people, for propaganda and agitation, for school "education", religious influence, administrative pressure, etc.! Mountains of slander were pushed against the USSR, against the Soviet government! It is difficult even to name all the means the Smetona government used to influence the Lithuanian people in order to discourage them from any desire to find out the truth about real life in the Soviet Union, in order to isolate the Lithuanians from even the slightest influence of Soviet culture. For this purpose, it sought maximum isolation of Lithuania from the USSR, not only politically and culturally, but also economically.
It seemed that there were no channels, no ways through which the Lithuanian people's ties with the Soviet Union could develop. However, the actual reality cruelly mocked those who worked so zealously to darken the consciousness of the Lithuanian people, those who tried their best to introduce inertia and indifference into the consciousness of the people. At the first opportunity, the Lithuanian people loudly declared: I want to be a member of the Soviet Union! That's what infuriated the enemies of the Soviet form of governance and still infuriates them to this day. What mean reasons pushed the Lithuanian people on the path to the Soviet system, to its accession into the USSR? There are many very convincing reasons. That they are serious is clear to every Lithuanian, because with his mother's milk he was instilled with the thought that the most valuable thing is the independence of his own country, its greatness. But reasonable people had doubts about the "independence" that Lithuania had, uncertainty about its reality, because the facts contradicted it too much. No sooner had the republic organized itself and the government settled in its capital, Vilnius, than a certain Polish general with his detachment of troops seized Vilnius, expelled the Lithuanian government, and the capital of Lithuania was annexed to Poland, and Lithuania lost its largest and most industrialized city. For the sake of decency, the press made a little noise, and that was the end of it. The suzerain powers did not even lift a finger to restore the violated rights of Lithuania, because the attacker was also patronized by them and probably more valuable as an open enemy of the Soviet Union.
With Hitler's rise to power in Germany, the specter of Lithuania's "independence" has diminished even more. In 1939, Hitler seized Klaipeda, and the Lithuanian government, filled with fear for its own existence, was glad that the seizure was limited only to the Klaipeda region and the treaty, which in effect included the entire Lithuanian economy in the German economic master plan. I do not want to accuse the government that existed of not wanting to do anything to defend the country, but only to illustrate the phantom nature of the "independence" of Lithuania during that time. It would be a mistake to think that the Lithuanian people did not strive for real independence. In 1919, after the expulsion of German troops, the Soviet government was established in Lithuania, which signed an alliance with Soviet Belarus. But the real independence of Lithuania was quickly liquidated by the Entente and the German troops called into the fight by it. In the language of the European bourgeois press, this was called the "restoration" of Lithuanian "independence".
The country's politics and economy developed in accordance with external conditions. After the defeat of the Soviet government, a democratic government was organized. (It was impossible to immediately install a fascist regime after crushing the Soviet government). It didn't last long. Apparently, the common path of development of the Baltic countries was manifested here: the suppression of the Soviet government -> democracy (as a transitional form of power) -> fascism. Obviously, for some "champions" of democracy, fascism is more acceptable, because any democracy, even by a tiny bit, at least for appearance's sake, must do something in the interests of the people. Fascism does not even concern itself with such tasks. That is why fascism in small countries is encouraged by the big "guardians of democracy". The establishment of the fascist regime in Lithuania, the Smetona regime, made Lithuania into a cash cow for German capital. The Germans were not content with just subjugating the Lithuanian economy to their plan. They methodically introduced themselves into all the avenues of Lithuanian life, turning Lithuania into a springboard for an attack on the Soviet Union, which, in fact, they did not hide from Smetona, who shared their thoughts. On the contrary, the preparation of Lithuania's territory for military purposes seemed to justify the introduction of Germans into all the pores of Lithuanian life. In this way, the Germans killed two birds with one stone:
1) They prepared a military bridgehead
2) Quietly adapted Lithuania into a German Hinterland.
The Smetona government saw the danger that threatened the independent existence of Lithuania, and, in fact, did not resist German aggression, trying to curry favor with Hitler, with whose support it now owed its existence to. The only hope of Smetona and his supporters was that they would remain in power under German fascism in one form or another and would exploit at least some part of the people's labor. The above facts clearly show what was really hidden under the decorum of Lithuanian "independence". Smetona's internal policy naturally corresponded to the external one. It consisted in imitation of German fascism, in adapting it to local conditions.
Now even the blind can see that fascism with its ideology and politics is a terrible social evil generated by the era of imperialism. Anyone who has been to the south has seen with his own eyes how a huge tree - pine, oak, cypress - was wrapped by a parasitic plant with bright green leaves. With its stems, it presses tightly against the tree, and numerous shoots dig into the bark and pull out the juices. It is possible to save a tree from death only by destroying this parasitic plant. Fascism is a parasite of the state tree. And if the people do not destroy it in a timely manner, it will inevitably lead the country to the greatest of disasters. Experience has shown that fascism is equally fatal for both large and small countries alike. Having no desire to awaken the creative forces of the people, on the contrary, deliberately putting them to sleep, so that it would be easier to turn people into an obedient herd, the fascist leaders, for example, in Hungary, Romania, etc., shouted furiously: "Great Hungary!", "Great Romania!". It was laughable. But all the fascist meanness was hidden behind this farce.
As for Smetona, he did not even have this prop. His main desire was to cover up, if possible, his dependence on Hitler, to disguise it in front of the Lithuanian people. The task is difficult and, in fact, impossible, because the Germans climbed and penetrated into all the holes and cracks, seized banks, and through them the industrial enterprises, wholesale trade, flooded the country with their literature, films and generally felt no worse in Lithuania than they would at home. In short: there was, perhaps not quite noticeable to the eyes of an ordinary person, but an inevitable process of germanizing Lithuania [1].
Relations between Germany and Lithuania progressed towards not only the actual but also the formal transformation of Lithuania into a German colony (Smetona's request to Hitler about the entry of German troops into Lithuania). If Smetona, seeing all this danger, even wanted to prevent it, then, having neither material nor military resources, and most importantly, not using the moral support of the Lithuanian people, he would not be able to resist German aggression. Smetona had only one path left, which he followed: no resistance, but harmonizing the life of the whole country with German demands and humble obedience to Hitler. With such a "policy" he decided to prolong the appearance of Lithuania's "independent" existence.
Naturally, such a government could not satisfy the people. It could not and did not want to serve the interests of the Lithuanian people. The narrow egoistic interests of this government were closely linked with German interests, and its spiritual demands were related to Hitlerism. It means that the entire state policy of Smetona's government rested on the enrichment of a small handful of people, on the systemic robbery of the people, on the strangulation and all-round emasculation of their national culture.
Perhaps there is no country - both in Europe and in the Americas - where Lithuanian migrants who fled from their native country not only from political repression, but even more simply from hunger, would not be found. The Lithuanian intelligentsia, especially the progressive intelligentsia, was not in the best position either. The opportunity to live and breathe was only in leaving, because they had no work in their native country, and fascism stifled every free thought. The fascist octopus tightly wrapped itself around the Lithuanian people and led them to their imminent death.
These are the reasons that prompted the Lithuanian people to vote for Lithuania's entry into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Of course, when voting, the Lithuanian people not only desired to get rid of the unbearable conditions in which their life took place, but they fully took into account the benefits and advantages that the Soviet system brings them. One of the serious factors is that the Lithuanian people, having joined the USSR, acquired real independence. The enemies persistently insist that Lithuania is dependent, since it is one of the sixteen republics in the Union. But these are all enemy fairy tales. Why are entrepreneurs organized into government trusts, syndicates and enterprises? They will say that there is a naked calculation of increased profits from the monopoly. Yes, that's right. True, some of the propertied classes hypocritically condemn them for this from a "moral" point of view. But only the workers' organizations are really fighting them. And trusts, syndicates and enterprises are developing and growing stronger. At the same time, it does not occur to any entrepreneur that he is losing his industrial independence.
I will give other examples. Now everywhere workers and employees unite in trade unions. Who can say that they lose their personal freedom and independence at the same time? Moreover, the trade unions of workers and employees of any state strive to be members of an international professional organization. And this is quite natural, because each of them understands that this is the only way the one can defend personal freedom and independence.
Furthermore, a peasant, protecting his well-being, enters a cooperative, and the coop association formed in the country links up with cooperative organizations of other countries, and there is already an international cooperative association - the alliance. Only moneylenders, predatory traders and speculators can shed crocodile tears over the fact that peasants that are united in cooperatives cease to be independent landowners.
Every association is an organization that restricts an individual to one degree or another. For example, the same peasant, who is a member of a cooperative, undertakes to hand over all or part of his marketable products to the coop. This restricts the peasant in his freedom to dispose of his products in a way. But in reality, the coop protects him from a predatory buyer.
The USSR has sixteen Union republics with a well-known, but equal limitation of their sovereignty. They form a single union state with a different national way of life, with a diverse national form of culture and historical past. Only the Soviet system and Lenin's national policy ensure and guarantee them unbreakable unity and genuine friendship, real freedom and independence. Protecting the whole, the Soviet system and Lenin's national policy give full opportunity for the unlimited development of each republic, every nationality…
The enormous work by our party to create and strengthen the multinational state has been a complete success. Comrade Stalin said the following:
"The absence of the exploiter classes, which are the main masterminds behind the international conflict; the absence of exploitation, with its mutual distrust and brewing nationalist passions; the presence of power of the working class, which is the enemy of all enslavement and a faithful bearer of the ideas of internationalism; the actual implementation of mutual assistance of peoples in all areas of economic and social life; finally, the flourishing of the national culture of the peoples of the USSR, national in form, socialist in content - all these and similar factors have led to the following: the appearance of the peoples of the USSR has radically changed, the feeling of mutual distrust has disappeared in them, a sense of mutual friendship has developed in them and, thus, real fraternal cooperation of peoples has been established in the system of a single union state.
As a result, we now have a fully developed multinational socialist state that has withstood all the tests of time, the strength of which could be envied by any nation-state in any part of the world" [2]
During the Great Patriotic War, the strength of the cohesion of the peoples of the Soviet Union, based on Lenin's national policy, withstood enormous trials. The war with fascist Germany and its satellite states clearly showed how valuable the Soviet Union is for every Union Republic. The enemy occupied all of Lithuania and went far beyond its borders to the east. It seemed that the country had perished under the Nazi boot. But far from the Lithuanian borders, near Orel, a Lithuanian division fought in the All-Union Red Army. And in the capital of the Soviet Union, Moscow, there was a Lithuanian government that called upon and organized, as much as possible, the forces capable of fighting inside Lithuania.
No matter how loud the German military drums thundered, no matter how much fascist propaganda tried to distort the actual situation on the fronts and in the rear of the Soviet armies, no matter how cruelly the Gestapo tortured Soviet patriots, the Lithuanian people heard and saw that a fierce struggle for their liberation was going on. This undoubtedly inspired him with great confidence in victory, inspired the partisans in their difficult and daring struggle in the distant rear of the enemy, and their heroic actions, in turn, raised the spirit and morale of the people. The names of Marytė Melnikaitė, Urbanavičius (Kurmelis), Apyvala, Vladas Baronas, Jacinavičius, Motieka and others have earned glory not only by themselves, but also because they embody the best traditions of the Lithuanian people, their heroism and boundless devotion to their Homeland.

Bronius Urbanavičius
Next, let's take the work efficiency of the people as a whole. Statesmen, industrialists, journalists of capitalist countries continuously call for increased labor productivity as the basis of the country's well-being. The fascist Lithuanian government was not far behind in this. But with the policy pursued by this government, with Lithuania's economic dependence on Germany, the limits of increasing labor efficiency were very limited, and this increase was mainly directed at greater exploitation of the workers. Lithuania's economic development also had purely objective limitations: the small territory of the country, the absence of the main elements necessary for production - coal, iron and generally valuable ores, its predominantly agrarian nature. All this, as it were, naturally predetermined the backwardness of Lithuanian industry and, what is most tragic, the lack of prospects in the future.
By joining the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian people radically transformed the economic situation of their country. From an appendage of Germany, from the backwater of Europe, Lithuania received unlimited opportunities to turn into an advanced and highly developed national republic, as a full member of the great Union. Now her household will be built in a new way. The structure of the industry will change, it will acquire a character corresponding to modern advanced state of technology. It is now provided with a powerful raw material base and an unlimited market for the sale of its products. There are no objective obstacles to specialization, and hence to increase in the efficiency of labor, as the basis of welfare of the people.
In fact, what can now prevent the construction of any factory specialized in the production of any type of goods? Nothing but a shortage of skilled workers, engineers and technical personnel among Lithuanians. I will illustrate my point with an example. In Lithuania, for example, a machine tooling or machine-building plant is being erected. The Union as a whole needs thousands of machines, the plant also produces thousands of machines, but the Republic of Lithuania can use only hundreds or dozens of machines - such is its need for the kind of machines that this plant produces. Wouldn't it be better for the plant to produce machines only for this republic? Of course, technically it is possible, but economically it will be irrational, unprofitable, production will become artisanal and, most importantly, the quality of products will be worse, productivity is much lower. In this way, not only will we not get closer to the American technological level, but we will move away from it, even if the plant had first-class equipment. But the socialist economy strives for a higher productivity of labor than that which capitalism is able to create in its most advanced countries.
Thus, in order to have high labor productivity and its efficiency, it is not enough to have a wish and even a desire to have it, but we also need the appropriate economic and social conditions that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics gives to all constituent republics. With these arguments, I do not want to belittle or downplay the importance of local or Republican industry, which mainly fulfills local needs. But local industry can also work productively only if it is abundantly supplied with good machines. This is well understood by the leaders of the Republics, who also bear responsibility for the enterprises of all-Union significance.
The Soviet government invested a lot of money and labor in the development of agriculture, which became the largest and most mechanized agriculture in the world. It has become productive, of which the best proof is the satisfaction of its military needs. Lithuanian agriculture is considered productive, it produced significant products for export. But we cannot close our eyes and ignore the fact that this productivity was based on the enormous exertion of the peasantry, on the hard work of the middle peasant on his farm and the farmhand in a larger farm. Physical labor took up their entire lives, leaving no time to satisfy their spiritual needs.
Under the Soviet system of governance, the Lithuanian peasant will not agree to such a life. His public interests are rapidly expanding, cultural demands are growing, which require time to satisfy themselves. The Soviet government highly values labor, celebrating labor feats with awards. But at the same time, it spares no expense to increase cultural and political education of the village. All this imperiously requires mechanization, the introduction of modern agricultural machines adapted to Lithuanian conditions.
These are the ways and means by which the Soviet government increases labor productivity both in industry and in agriculture. Undoubtedly, the Lithuanian people are using these opportunities to their fullest. Of course, it is not easy to move forward the economy and culture of the entire country, especially if it has a lot to catching up to do. But the life of the people, their well-being, demand this first and foremost. The creative forces of the people are inexhaustible, you just need to be able to awaken them.
The questions that I have asked casually and slightly indicate the enormous and complex nature of the tasks facing the Lithuanian people and its intelligentsia.
Fulfilling the program set by the Communist Party, the Union Government not only protects, but also ensures the flourishing of national culture of each Union republic, the established customs and, in particular, the native language of its peoples. It creates all the necessary conditions for the fruitful work of the intelligentsia in its field. Therefore, the Lithuanian intelligentsia bears full responsibility to its people for the cultural prosperity of the republic.
The national school is the first step in human development, the most important stage in the process of forming an active citizen and a patriot of his Homeland - therefore, it must be at the Homeland's top priority. During the implementation of this program, the Homeland should instill in the younger generations a love for their native language, folk songs, native landscape and at the same time expand the horizon of students as future citizens of the Soviet Union, and collectively instill in them a love for the great and multinational Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. From this we see that the understanding of all-Union Soviet patriotism is not opposed to the local one. It is from local patriotism, as a popular source, that patriotism grows towards the Soviet system of governance, towards the USSR as a whole.
I think the Lithuanian government helps a lot and in the future will allocate even more of its resources towards the development of literature in the Lithuanian language, especially original fiction, drawing its plots from Lithuanian folk life and contributing to the awakening of new creative forces in the people.
Without a doubt, Lithuania will take an honorable place among the Union republics in the development of all kinds of art and sports, and its folk choirs will be an inexhaustible source for the development of national music and theater.
The war is over. The shackles that bound the creative forces of the Lithuanian people have been removed forever. I sincerely wish the Lithuanian people success in building their Soviet state, in the development of industry, agriculture and culture, national in form and socialist in its content.

"Soviet Lithuania" No. 289,
December 28, 1945
Printed according to the text of the newspaper

[1] As it turned out from the documents presented by the American prosecution at the Nuremberg Trials, the Germans planned to completely destroy the Baltic States and resettles their peoples, in particular Lithuanians, to Belarus. The essence of Rosenberg's instructions on this issue was reduced in practice to the destruction of the Lithuanian people. "The solution to the colonial problem," he wrote, "is not the Baltic question per se, but a question that concerns greater Germany and it must be resolved accordingly."
[2] Josef Stalin. Problems of Leninism, 2nd Ed., Gospolitizdat, 1953, pp. 551-552.-582. (in Russian)

Source: Калинин М.И. Статьи и речи (1941-1946 гг.). ЛИТОВСКИЙ НАРОД НА НОВОМ ПУТИ (292-296).
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2023.05.29 17:24 spaceman757 Any recommendations for a good immigration attorney?

My residence card (EU Blue Card) is expiring in Oct and I want to get started on the renewal (I know that it isn't really a renewal but submitting a new application) before it expires.
I've heard that the processing is usually quicker if you make use of an immigration attorney so I'm hoping to get some tips on finding one that has helped others get their residence cards.
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2023.05.29 17:23 jiml78 Handling elderly parent's finances

I have PoA medically and financially over my single mom (74 years old). She just had a stroke. She is on a fixed income of SSN with no other income. Her SSN is well below the poverty line.
She is going to need to be in an assisted living facility and therefore, her home is her only asset which still has a mortgage but she has some equity there.
My question is basically around credit card debt she has. She has close to 20k in unsecured credit card debt. Her SSN income is 1K a month. When I sell her home, she will net probably 120K. That isn't going to pay for assisted living very long but then she would need to apply for title 19 assistance.
Is there any reason why I should pay another cent towards her credit card debt. I know it will ruin her credit but I have no idea why at her age she needs credit at all. But I feel like I might be missing something.
TL:DR: Aging parent going into assisted living, any reason to pay unsecured credit card debt moving forward?
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2023.05.29 17:22 Top-Book6183 Another question about getting scammed (G&S buyer protection)

I found one of those too-god-to-be-true deals on offer-up. I've been in contact with the guy via text for a couple days now. His story makes sense, but so would any scammer's who was worth his salt. Before i even mentioned it, he said he would only take payment though PAyPal Goods & Services. I had him write up an invoice with very specific wording that the MacBook Pro is new, sealed in box, bought from Apple (he has a receipt), everything I could think of.
I'm still hesitant to pay the invoice and complete the sale. I feel like G&S buyer protection is pretty solid and a little more than half of me is willing to take the risk that this dude is legit and accept the fact that I'll have to jump through some hoops in order to get my money back... I' ok AS LONG AS I GET MY MONEY BACK.
Am I giving G&S buyer protection too much credit? Should I go with my original instinct that this probably is too good to be true?
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2023.05.29 17:22 Wolverine78 First time Xbox user ( always Playstation in the past )

So apparently you need to put credit card information while creating an Xbox account even if you mean to use prepaid gift cards/subscriptions and dont need the credit card. One can stop this by going in payments settings and change payment methods so they dont automatically renew at the end of prepaid subscriptions but obviously its not possible since you havent created the Xbox account.
Question is , how is usually this problem fixed ?
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2023.05.29 17:21 UKFinanciallyUnSavvy Advice on steps I can take to begin the FIRE path for myself and my elderly parents?

About me: I am a single person in my early 30s. I work in tech and make £70k pa before tax. My monthly take home is ~£3600. I have a chronic illness, but can do my job mostly working from home and the condition is currently managed fairly well. However, even though I love my job, working 5 days a week full time may not be sustainable for me in the long run. If my health deteriorates in the future, I need to be prepared so that if I become unable to work FT or at all, that I could still live well and enjoy life. I want to be prepared for this but I’ve never been very financially savvy before and I’m learning a lot from groups like and this and reading MSE etc. I’ve taken a few steps lately which feel like a start: - tracked down pension pots and put all of them except the current one into PensionBee - moved all my debt into 0% interest options and started saving to pay it all off by June 2024 - opened a chip instant access account and started to put away the money needed to pay off 0% card debt when the periods expire - opened a first direct monthly saver 7% - paying the NI on incomplete years
About my parents situation: I’m currently paying my parents mortgage which went from 0.25% last summer to 4.5% this week, so the last payment was ~£2000 which is awful but this is hopefully temporary. I got some excellent advice from ukpersonalfinance a few months ago on how to sort out my parents mortgage problem, and have now helped them understand that they could sell our current home and still buy a lovely home a bit further out and become mortgage free. They might even have about £200k left (after stamp duty and fees etc). This depends on the eventual sale price and also if they find something they like on the lower end of their budget. They offered to give me £50k towards a flat deposit which is very kind but I’m not sure if I should accept it. Being immigrants my parents did the best they could, and they have been lucky with the house being worth ~5-6x what they bought it for; but they took some bad advice and made some poor decisions with the mortgage and one is on DLA and the other has been self-employed with no private pension. Both will get state pension eventually.
My current wish list/ vaguely informed plan: - buy a flat for myself in London close to work, ideally a 2 bedroom so I have a guest room/study or could even rent a room. Ideally this is without accepting the £50k from my parents - explained in the next point - I am thinking to move with them to their new place in the first instance, support them there and save for my flat deposit myself at the same time. Then with their £200k I want to help them to invest it and generate an income to support themselves so I won’t have to support them from my salary, which in the long term might be better than accepting the money for the deposit.
So my questions are: 1) Do you think my current ideas are realistic/wise? 2) What can I start doing immediately (if anything) to put myself on the path to FIRE? 3) Did any of you become disabled young? If so, what would you advise me to do to make sure my health condition doesn’t impact my FI? 4) What is the best way to utilise my parents’ £200k to make them FI so they won’t need to depend on my income forever more? Even when they both get state pension it won’t be enough to run their new house on.
Sorry for the long post, but any advice would be really helpful here and much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.05.29 17:21 AssistanceFar5062 Roms

Are the roms on the stock sd card good to use or should I just get different ones I've heard both answers or is it personal preference for the most part I've put a few from the stock sd card already but haven't played them but a few Seconds
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2023.05.29 17:21 Floatawaythrowaway Do earned miles from aa ticket purchase on an aa credit card include taxes/fees?

Let’s say there is ticket for $400, $300 is actual airfare and $100 is for taxes/fees. If I purchase that ticket using an aa credit card that earns miles/loyalty points, would the earned miles from the purchase include the taxes and fees? Would I get 300 for the flying plus the 300 for the purchase? Or would I get 300 for the flying plus 400 for the purchase?
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2023.05.29 17:20 TheGreyworks [SLEEPWALK] 1 - Prologue to a Nightmare

The Nature of Predators was created by u/SpacePaladin15.
Special thanks to u/Saint-Andros for giving feedback on this first chapter's draft!
This is my first time writing a fanfic, or any multi-chapter story for that matter. Updates are likely to be slow and inconsistent. Your feedback is definitely appreciated, so if you have anything to say please leave a comment!
I hope you enjoy.
1 - Prologue to a Nightmare
JULY 8, 2136
Walk in, be polite, do your job, walk out, and no more.
It was the five-step mantra my feathered friend had given me to get me through the working days, and it’s served me quite well for the past couple of years. His voice was always a soothing guide, repeatedly ringing in the back of my head like a well-meaning wake-up call.
I was getting on in my years a little, at least it felt like it, so I still gladly accepted his help even after all this time. He was a polite fellow, almost as old as I was but far more able and proficient. Maybe he cared about me a little too much as he did many things for my convenience—he even got me my janitorial job in the first place—but who was I to turn away such a good friend?
I gave a satisfied tail swish as I said goodbye to Fevri, the receptionist’s lovely tone a soft farewell. The end of every shift always came with a calming walk back to my apartment building, like an extra treat for all the helpful work I’ve done. It was far enough from the office for the time to last but close enough to not be tiring, giving me a moment to appreciate the ambiance of the Capital and ‘mull things over’ as my friend would always encourage.
Well, mulling things over, almost everything was in its place. My job was still good; I was doing good. I was good!
My friend just hasn’t been visiting lately, which is fine. It’s happened a few times before, and he’s told me what to do to get through the day so many times that I know his instructions like the back of my paw.
I just hope he’s doing well too, and that he’ll be back soon to give me some medicine again to stop my recent headaches.
I didn’t know why, but recently I’ve been expecting something to happen to me. Something bad or good, I didn’t know. But this sort of feeling and the headaches always came up when I didn’t take my medicine.
My friend’s voice softly chided me, his advice echoing from the past. “Remember, Havan: you can’t get the medicine from any other doctor. You’ll get hurt and taken away from your home.”
The air was colder today. Strangely, I knew that for whatever reason it wasn’t why I felt a shiver go through me. I had no reason to be afraid, I was good! Always good!
I walked through the apartment building’s front door and swiftly made my way to my own unit. Before, it was much easier to push that feeling of—fear?—aside. Maybe something bad is coming this way.
Right to my doorstep.
I hurriedly locked the door behind me.
I shed my jumpsuit and tool belt, setting them aside on a rack. The jumpsuit wasn’t particularly dirty—for now, at least—so I could just have it washed some other time. My friend would understand. He always did. I just hope he’ll be back soon with more of my medicine. I don’t want to be bad.
After a small meal, it was time for bed. I couldn’t eat more as the headache was getting worse by the minute, ending my appetite.
My paws placed themselves over my forehead like useless cushions. The worst was yet to come; the bad dreams would arrive the moment I fell asleep. Sometimes, even the medicine wasn’t enough to stop them from invading my head like a predator on the hunt.
They were mostly the same. A woman and her child: a dream repeated forever like the infinity of space.\
For some reason, I felt like I should know them.
Whenever I tried to look at their faces, I could feel something rip my gaze away with claw and fanged force—when I could see them at the edges of my eyes, their empty faces were nothing but smudged paint on a watery canvas. Just out of reach, an orange-eyed predator snarled behind them.
It always scared me.
I’ve tried talking to my friend about it many times, but he never wanted to hear it. He’d look away and tell me to let it go, just take the medicine and forget the nightmares.
He was like me in the dream.
I hope he’ll be back soon.
Sometimes, he’d look ready to tell me something—staring straight at me mid-conversation. Then, he’d just look away all tired and heavy, deflating like someone had given him a weight to carry. He’d usually take his leave whenever those moments happened: “Farewell, Havan. See you next time.”
Now that I think about it, he also looked like that whenever I told him about the dream. Maybe he wished he could know them too.

JULY 11, 2136
I’m losing track, I think. I’m not sure. I’ve got a slow-burning headache that just won’t leave, simmering every part of my mind it could get its claws on. I can barely keep myself upright most of the time; I had to call in sick yesterday. My friend’s still not back with more medicine.
Medicine for what; I didn’t even know anymore.
Wake up.
Shit… d-dammit,” I managed to croak out before hurling the rest of my lunch into the toilet. The act of cursing was paradoxically unknown yet familiar to my tongue—like an old routine left untouched for years.
All my dreams were relentless and mocking—I was rendered helpless to their onslaught. I couldn’t tell what was real and what was cruel imagination. In fact, the only things that felt real were the solid and smooth toilet and the force of my vomiting. I held on for dear life to save myself from the vortex churning around me.
A singular thought beckoned me again, a glaring beacon in a foggy sea of pain: ‘Wake up.’
There was nothing else to wake up to.
“DAMMIT!” I repeated before unceremoniously slumping back onto the floor. Something within me was changing—rapidly and viscerally. I was a stranger in my own body, adrift in a world far removed from the one I knew. I couldn’t breathe.
Someone was knocking on my door, calling my name.
I dragged myself out of the bathroom, feverish and frail, ignoring that weak voice in my head that asked: ‘What if it wasn’t your friend?’
I needed anything. Anything at all.
My body moved on its own, paws desperately reaching the doorknob. Somehow, I managed to unlock the door. It wasn’t my friend.
I would’ve screamed if I had the strength left for it. Instead, my legs gave way; my back eagerly greeted its old friend: the floor. Dragging myself backward with my vision blurred and hearing muted, the stranger came inside—crossing the threshold that marked my safety from the things my friend warned me about.
“Please… don’t hurt me…”
But the stranger marched on, grabbing ahold of me.
I curled into a pathetic shield, attempting to cover as much of myself as possible. Somehow, it all still felt like I was falling.
Through the blur, I heard the stranger’s voice. “Havan! It’s just me!”
The realization was a bullet through the skull, rattling my brain into something like focus. There it was: the receptionist’s young and frightened face. Lying in the hallway beyond the open door was a basket full of goods that were probably meant for me.
“Let’s get you lying down somewhere comfortable, okay? You need to rest. I’ll call a doctor—”
My head snapped back up. “No! Y-you shouldn’t! You can’t!”
“O-okay! Okay. No doctors. I’m sorry,” she reassuringly patted my shoulders after having dragged me to the side of my couch. “Look, forget that I ever mentioned it. Now, I need to pull you up onto the couch; is that fine with you?”
I limply nodded. I probably didn’t have the strength to do something as simple as that by myself.
Fevri pulled me up while that all too familiar voice in the back of my head spoke again: ‘She better keep her word, or I’ll…’

I didn’t finish that thought. What the hell was that all about? I wasn’t a violent man.
Was I? I can’t even recall who I am anymore. The vortex of dreams overtook me again, Fevri’s voice fading away as she momentarily left my side to grab the basket outside.
I was alone once again.
A predator’s face revealed itself in the blood-orange veil of my brain, sneering as it revealed itself to be the beckoning voice echoing through my skull.
I fell.
I don’t know what it would mean if I’ll ‘wake up.’ Powerless, I lost myself to a seemingly infinite and dark slumber.

JULY 12, 2136
I arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel, the bottom of the bottomless pit.
My eyes opened, and a strange sense of peace washed over me. Coming from the television were alarm clock tones, an emergency broadcast stuck on the screen. ‘Predator arrival,’ ‘evacuate,’ and ‘await further instructions’ were the only phrases I took note of before rising from the couch.
This wasn’t my home.
The window blinds were closed throughout my apartment. Outside, the city was deathly silent. I didn’t need to look to know that there were likely a few bodies lying face-down on the street, casualties of panicked stampedes to the bunkers.
What happened to me?
Decades of half-remembered memories flooded outward, smashing through the dam of my mind. To my horror, I realized this was the first time I’d felt my heartbeat in a long, long while.
My Krakotl ‘friend’ was an exterminator; he always wore his uniform whenever he visited me. The medication was for predator disease.
I’m not ‘Havan.’ I didn’t use to be, and I couldn’t remember my real name.
The woman and child in my dreams were my wife and son—
With no other outlet for my frightened rage, I resorted to slamming my foot into the side of an empty trash can.
I gritted my teeth as pain shot up through my leg. For the first time, I felt the stiffness and aching that came with being middle-aged and taking those damn predator disease pills for years. Twenty years. I’d been out of it for twenty fucking miserable years.
A small part of me wished I stayed ‘asleep.’ I cast the thought aside almost immediately.
The exterminator had never given his name. How convenient. I had nowhere to go.
I should be weeping.
My head turned towards the bedroom door as Fevri walked out, clearly having just woken up. “W-what’s going on? What was that noise? Oh, Havan, you’re awake!”
“Nothing,” I winced, forcing the scowl off my face. “I just… accidentally knocked a trash can over. I should be the one asking you what’s going on.”
Fevri shook her head, trying to focus through her drowsiness. “Uhm, alarms started ringing out through the city, and that emergency broadcast said it was predators. N-nothing’s happened, though. It’s been about an hour and a half since it started, but it’s been so quiet.”
“You stayed.”
That seemed to wake her up. “I couldn’t leave you—you could’ve gotten hurt if something did happen! I… I couldn’t ask for help bringing you to the nearest shelter—everyone else was too busy trying to get themselves into safety.”
“Thank you.” I didn’t know what else to say to that. I sat back down on the couch, rubbing my paws across my face as I mulled over everything.
I bet my past self had never felt as lost as I did at this moment. All I could feel was the weight of my newfound clarity and my current confusion—a balancing act of anguish and pain.
“Is something wrong, Havan? Don’t worry about the predator raid; if nothing’s happened so far then we’re probably safe and sound.”
“No, it’s…”
I paused myself. Did I actually want to tell Fevri everything? She was only an acquaintance from work.
But she did stick around and help me. That said a lot about the kind of person she is.
Call it foolishness, call it loneliness—I told the truth, recounting everything I could to her. Right now, she was the only friend I had. She was horrified, of course, but surprisingly it was directed to my circumstances rather than myself.
Fevri sat down beside me, placing a sympathetic paw on my shoulder. “I know it isn’t much, but… I’m really sorry. I thought—we all thought…”
“Thought what?”
“Well, we always had a feeling that you had some form of predator disease. You were amicable, sure, but you were always… distant? Plus, you never talked about your family and always dodged questions about them. We all thought you lost them to a raid and it just made sense to us.”
She nervously flicked her tail. “Guess we weren’t entirely wrong, in a messed up way. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
I sighed, flicking my ears dismissively to show I wasn’t offended. Everything else about me would always be worse by comparison, a pillar of distress as strong as an Arxur’s jaw and equally as biting.
What else can I do now? I have no leads. All I had were blurry faces and names I didn’t know.

Why’d he stop?
It made no sense for my ‘friend’ to suddenly stop medicating me for weeks. The fact that he had consistent access to medication to give me made me suspect that he was an exterminator-specialist, which would also make him a doctor specializing in treating predator-diseased individuals like me.
In fact, none of what he did made any sense at all. Why go through the effort of giving me a false name—to give me instructions on how to live by myself and dodge questions?
He had been trying to protect me. Was it a fucked up way of doing it? Absolutely, but it didn’t change the fact that he actually helped. For all I knew, he was the one thing stopping me from finding a new home in a correctional facility.
My tail twitched with irritation. Fevri looked expectantly at me. “What now?”
“I don’t know. I guess looking for the exterminator to get some answers would be my safest bet, but I’m not walking to the nearest guild office or the damn headquarters to ask for him.”
“Maybe I can? After the lockdown, anyway.”
“I don’t know. Honestly, this sounds like a stupid idea,” I shook my head, another sigh escaping from my lips. “Hell, I’m lucky you still want to help me for some damn reason I can’t think of.”
To my surprise, she let out an amused snort. “It’s the right thing to do?”
“I’m predator-diseased. Probably dangerous in some way.”
“Well, you won’t hurt me, will you? Besides, you look like you really need the help.”
She didn’t get my point, but fine. I guess that answer was enough for now.
Fevri must’ve noticed my reluctance, making her continue. “Look, you don’t seem to be a bad man. Just… someone caught up in something really horrible. Everyone back in the office—myself included—liked you and felt sorry for you, you know? That hasn’t changed with me, at least.”
“Alright, alright,” I stood up from the couch, giving in to the receptionist’s offer. There was something else that made her want to stick around; I wasn’t an idiot.
For now? I couldn’t doubt her. She’s my only real friend; anything is better than being alone.
“I’m gonna clean up.”
She gave a nod of acknowledgment as I entered the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I stared at the unfamiliar visage in the mirror, examining every little line and nick that marked my face. The graying Venlil in front of me was someone else entirely.
I was old. I was exhausted. I was likely insane—but I was awake.
My true trial is just beyond the walls of my apartment building once the lockdown ends. The past twenty years of being lost and asleep had only served as a prologue to a nightmare.
The worst was yet to come.
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2023.05.29 17:20 Fine_Chart1123 How Can I Explain?

How can I explain to you the depths of emotion that hide behind the words written here, when there are no words yet to describe it?
How can I explain that every moment with you is like a seed upon a timeline I dreamed up once in happier, more hopeful time?
How can I explain that I only keep my sanity at times by pouring my heart out to you, knowing you can read those words at any moment if you could only just find the notes; they are my only secret that I am truly not keeping from you, my grey truth if you will...that spoken yet unspoken, truth through omission.
How can I explain that with all my overthinking and intrusive thoughts, my obsessive need always to see all sides of any choice and have each outcome fully fleshed out as well, and my instilled fears of commitment and abandonment... that simple act of glancing your way or a smile from you and there are no fears, no doubts, nothing... because there is no need to overthink anything. I am home when I am with you. I cannot dream of anywhere else I would rather be.
How can I explain to you, without sounding like a cheesy romcom line or greeting card, this feeling I have when I am with you? I seem to fall short and typically sound more like Jane Austen fanfiction when I write to you here, most likely due to the veracity of the emotion that would be conveyed in her words more so than mine. And how would one curb that not to sound utterly ridiculous when professing raw, unfiltered emotions and thoughts and hopes and dreams of a lifetime of happiness with you by my side and then further explain that even a glimpse of heaven could not compare to how I feel in your arms or even still yet, if I had to walk thru the hell of my life once again to bring me back to the exact moment in time we are coexisting in now, I would do it all again without hesitation, a million times over, just to know the feeling once more, of when your lips first covered mine.
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2023.05.29 17:19 tbradz Score dropped ~50 points

I’m posting this for my girlfriend. She is 24 and recently graduated college. Her credit score was 803 but this was based off her father building it up for her such as putting things in her name and her utilizing a credit card in her name that he would pay off.
However, since graduating and landing a job she no longer uses the credit card and she hasn’t used a credit card for approximately 3 months. Since then her score has dropped about 50 points and I was wanting to ask if that seems normal or if there could be something else going on?
I can try to provide any other details if requested, thanks for the help!
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2023.05.29 17:19 BuildtheHerd The Brainwashing of Harry...Who, When and How

Many of us now believe that H was always an a$$...that his behavior since his marriage to Megs shows the "real" H, whose cheeky chappy image in the past was created and maintained by palace staff through brilliantly crafted PR. Although H's envy of his brother and his anger at being progressively bumped lower in the royal hierarchy with the arrival of each of William's children have festered over years, the extent of his discontent was not evident to the public nor to his family.
In Spare, Harry discloses his family's belief that he has been brainwashed when he tells the story about the vicious row that he and William engaged in through text messages over the span of 72 hours; in these texts, William expressed his concern for H's wellbeing and his belief that H had been brainwashed by his therapist. I believe that this vicious row took place immediately after the documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey aired in the UK in October 2019. The documentary showed the couple's discontent with royal life and contained the interview in which Megs thanked Tom Bradby for asking if she was OK because nobody else had asked (poor Meghan!); it also included Harry's statement that he and his brother were 'on different paths.' To put the timing of this in context, the documentary aired immediately after William and Catherine returned from a very successful royal tour of Pakistan, thus pushing the Cambridges out of the spotlight and blindsiding William, who was unaware of the extent of H's discontent.
I believe that early in their relationship Meg started filling H's brain with psychobabble, encouraging him to engage in unorthodox therapies, and convincing him that airing his grievances is an important part of healing from his "trauma." She is the one who has brainwashed H as part of her plan to capitalize on their fame and monetize their titles and association with the royal family. H's abandonment of the royals' "never complain, never explain" mantra occurred AFTER Megs entered his life. RED FLAG: In the Oprah interview H said that despite being "trapped," he "didn't see a way out" or realize he was trapped until he met Meghan.
I suspect that KC3 retains a soft spot for H because he believes that H has been brainwashed and is hopeful that some day H will wake up and extricate himself from the cult of Meghan. In the meantime, “a source close to the royal family said the King, Camilla [his wife] and [Prince] William believe the situation will remain unchanged while the Duke of Sussex remains effectively ‘kidnapped by a cult of psychotherapy and Meghan.’” (Source: Independent, 10 Jan 2023
The tactics of the brainwasher sound very familiar…they match Meg's MO:"A cult leade[brainwasher] presents a warm and friendly disposition to gain a person’s trust, then slowly breaks down the person by calling him or her names, forcing him or her to work, and engaging in other forms of abuse. This abuse might be interspersed with periodic kindness in conjunction with isolation from loved ones, rendering the person completely dependent on the cult leader. Brainwashing sometimes involves the use of powerful mind-altering drugs to induce feelings of euphoria and hallucinations. A related concept, Stockholm Syndrome, occurs when a captive begins to empathize with his or her captor and may even collude with the captor." Source:
Gaslighting plays a role in all this, but that topic deserves its own post!
I'm curious to hear the community's thoughts on this...please share your opinions!
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2023.05.29 17:18 MightBeneficial3302 One Analyst's Earnings Estimates For Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSE:E) Are Surging Higher

One Analyst's Earnings Estimates For Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSE:E) Are Surging Higher
Celebrations may be in order for Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSE:E) shareholders, with the covering analyst delivering a significant upgrade to their statutory estimates for the company. The analyst greatly increased their revenue estimates, suggesting a stark improvement in business fundamentals.
After the upgrade, the single analyst covering Enterprise Group is now predicting revenues of CA$32m in 2023. If met, this would reflect a decent 8.4% improvement in sales compared to the last 12 months. Statutory earnings per share are presumed to swell 17% to CA$0.08. Before this latest update, the analyst had been forecasting revenues of CA$29m and earnings per share (EPS) of CA$0.05 in 2023. So we can see there's been a pretty clear increase in analyst sentiment in recent times, with both revenues and earnings per share receiving a decent lift in the latest estimates.
It will come as no surprise to learn that the analyst has increased their price target for Enterprise Group 9.8% to CA$1.12 on the back of these upgrades.
Looking at the bigger picture now, one of the ways we can make sense of these forecasts is to see how they measure up against both past performance and industry growth estimates. The analyst is definitely expecting Enterprise Group's growth to accelerate, with the forecast 8.4% annualised growth to the end of 2023 ranking favourably alongside historical growth of 1.6% per annum over the past five years. Compare this with other companies in the same industry, which are forecast to grow their revenue 0.5% annually. Factoring in the forecast acceleration in revenue, it's pretty clear that Enterprise Group is expected to grow much faster than its industry.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing to take away from this upgrade is that the analyst upgraded their earnings per share estimates for this year, expecting improving business conditions. They also upgraded their revenue estimates for this year, and sales are expected to grow faster than the wider market. With a serious upgrade to expectations and a rising price target, it might be time to take another look at Enterprise Group.
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2023.05.29 17:18 MightBeneficial3302 One Analyst's Earnings Estimates For Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSE:E) Are Surging Higher

One Analyst's Earnings Estimates For Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSE:E) Are Surging Higher
Celebrations may be in order for Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSE:E) shareholders, with the covering analyst delivering a significant upgrade to their statutory estimates for the company. The analyst greatly increased their revenue estimates, suggesting a stark improvement in business fundamentals.
After the upgrade, the single analyst covering Enterprise Group is now predicting revenues of CA$32m in 2023. If met, this would reflect a decent 8.4% improvement in sales compared to the last 12 months. Statutory earnings per share are presumed to swell 17% to CA$0.08. Before this latest update, the analyst had been forecasting revenues of CA$29m and earnings per share (EPS) of CA$0.05 in 2023. So we can see there's been a pretty clear increase in analyst sentiment in recent times, with both revenues and earnings per share receiving a decent lift in the latest estimates.
It will come as no surprise to learn that the analyst has increased their price target for Enterprise Group 9.8% to CA$1.12 on the back of these upgrades.
Looking at the bigger picture now, one of the ways we can make sense of these forecasts is to see how they measure up against both past performance and industry growth estimates. The analyst is definitely expecting Enterprise Group's growth to accelerate, with the forecast 8.4% annualised growth to the end of 2023 ranking favourably alongside historical growth of 1.6% per annum over the past five years. Compare this with other companies in the same industry, which are forecast to grow their revenue 0.5% annually. Factoring in the forecast acceleration in revenue, it's pretty clear that Enterprise Group is expected to grow much faster than its industry.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing to take away from this upgrade is that the analyst upgraded their earnings per share estimates for this year, expecting improving business conditions. They also upgraded their revenue estimates for this year, and sales are expected to grow faster than the wider market. With a serious upgrade to expectations and a rising price target, it might be time to take another look at Enterprise Group.
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2023.05.29 17:18 3rachazone An appreciation post for the man whose type your mom expects you to bring home.

No, this is not a shitpost. I mean it. Genuinely.
Anyways, welcome back to yet another simp post by user 3rachazone! I'm your resident Joshua Hong and Han Jisung simp (I just repeated this word again but it's fine, please ignore <3) and today, I'd like to introduce you to yet another man for whom I fell badly. So badly I ended up scraping my knee in the process.
He is known as the angel of his group, and he is exactly like Joshua in every way possible (I'm starting to wonder if I have a type LMAO). He used to go to church, plays the guitar, never gets angry (his fellow member has seen him mad but never angry), is the epitome of a gentleman and treasures his mother to death (he literally said that if smthg were to happen to him, the last words he’d want her to hear are, “I love you”💔). Oh, and did I mention that he's addicted to cereal?
He is Jacob Bae, the one and only bae (pun intended... I guess?)
Jacob is the lead vocalist of The Boyz and was born in Toronto. Or precisely Mississauga (cuz he’s a big babie who gets triggered if you say the former ashgfcbhj). He had a lot of interest in various activities, particularly sports. Back in school, he'd participate in volleyball, basketball, rep basketball and the like but his interest could never really be sustained in just one. Eventually, he began taking vocal classes in order to become a musician and also tried to learn how to play the guitar but gave up on that too.
He’d planned on taking a year off after graduating high school but before that, auditioned for Loen Entertainment. However, since he wasn't good at dancing, he was rejected. But the company said they'd like to see him again so that was how he found himself learning how to dance in Korea. He disliked that too and called his mom who rebuked him for wanting to give up so easily when it hadn’t even been that long (spoke fax, no print👏 and I thank her for that cuz then her son wouldn’t be who he is today and I wouldn’t have discovered him and consequently wouldn’t have fallen in love with him (/j). To him, however, that’s an entirely different story🤚)
On a srs note, what rlly struck me with this knowledge was the fact that it wasn't the drastic culture change from Canada to Korea that affected Jacob or made him cry (he was actually pretty good at adjusting which again is awe-inspiring). It was the fact that he felt like he wasn't good enough at dancing. But this man worked so hard to hone his skills that he performed Billie Eilish's Bad Guy along with Juyeon, Changmin and Sunwoo on 1Million's YouTube channel which I think is an impressive feat for a non dancer. Not to mention that Changmin himself praised him and said he was proud of him for improving.
Another video I'd like to share with y'all is his cover of Sunroof by Nicky Youre and dazy. As someone who receives their daily dose of serotonin from this song, I think he did full justice to it, though I will admit I wish it was longer xD
Oh, and if this wasn't enough, here's his fancam from Post Malone's I Like You performance. It's such a feel good one, where he's all smiles and vibing to the song but also just slaying hard with those moves, if ya get what I mean? Like he srsly wasn't kidding when he said he was aiming for a spot in TBZ's dance line.
Apart from possessing some real good dancing skills, Jacob also happens to have a really sweet voice. Like everytime I listen to him talk, I find myself immersing in whatever he says. Basically he could talk abt the most mundane thing in the entire universe and he’d still have my full attention. And when he sings, I find myself levitating and asking myself if that's what you hear outside the gates of heaven?
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Mr. Sweet Voice's cover of 'I.F.L.Y' by Bazzi! (disclaimer: Please exercise caution while watching this video cuz he looks ethereal in this and his visuals might blind you❗️)
Now, now... I could've decided to share the studio version too but there's smthg incredibly serene and delicate abt a man wearing all white and sitting on a bench, playing the guitar among a field of flowers, smiling prettily and singing abt how there's no other girl for him and that the one he likes is the only one for him and that what he's actually trying to say is that he rlly loves her (he’s so cute he replaced the word ‘fucking’ with rlly🫠 and um… more on that later)
Funny story: I made a (former) friend of mine watch this video and after it was over, I couldn't stop giggling like an idiot and was like, "OMG HE'S SOOO GOOD DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH I WAS HYPERVENTILATING???!!"
And she squealed back with equal fervour, "AAHHHHH NO CUZ I WAS TOO BUSY FOCUSING ON HIM!!!" which is, well, understandable lol.
Other song covers of his which I'd highly recommend are: Heartbreak Anniversary (with Sangyeon) by Giveon, Wherever You Are by One Ok Rock, and Becoming an Adult by Kim Na-young (listening to this one made me realise how much I'd kill for him to cover Loser by Cheeze😭😭)
He was also nice enough to treat us to his soothing vocals by releasing his mixtape 'Kindle' on his birthday! All the songs are so chill, warm and worth listening to if you had a rough day and just needed to unwind.
On Dive Studios, Jacob admitted that he was pretty unsure of himself in the sense that he had a low self esteem (wanted to shake him badly when he said that while yelling, “SAY THAT AGAIN??? YOUR VOICE GIVES ME COMFORT AND THE WAY YOU DANCE LITERALLY BLOWS ME AWAY YOU DUMBASS WDYM??!!) He claimed that someone would compliment him on his dancing or singing and while he'd thank them, he'd still feel like it wasn't enough. I hope that while he continues to be the best version of himself, he can also pat himself on the back for constantly having shown major improvement.
Another thing which I rlly admire abt him is how he acknowledges that while he’s the type to bottle up his emotions, he also wishes he was allowed to be angry because he doesn’t want to be known as just a ‘kind person’ which I definitely agree with. It can get tiring sometimes, having to constantly live up to a certain image in your group and wanting to break free of it.
On a lighthearted note, he might be one of the few idols that doesn't swear at all! He also has the patience of a saint, considering it's very hard for him to get angry. Even Eric claimed that while he'd seen him mad, he'd never seen him angry. He also shared an anecdote on The Daebak Show where he said that while they were trainees, they took acting lessons. Jacob’s script had a swear word so he told the teacher he couldn’t say it😭
In fact, he himself revealed that the last time he got really pissed off was as a kid because his brother or his cousin had thrown a deck of playing cards at his back due to which he yelled at them and even cursed them out🥴
He never got angry again. And never swore.
And even if he did swear, he'd send a silent prayer, asking for forgiveness until eventually, he stopped doing it entirely. But now he just does it in his head or uses a word that’s similar to the curse word when he wants to be verbal💀
His friendship with Kevin also makes me so envious like fight me idc but there will never be a more iconic duo than ✨Moonbae✨
Srsly, a friend like Jacob is what everyone needs. He’s so supportive of Kevin, always hyping him up whenever he doubts himself. There was a live where he was playing a game on his computer and Kevin was reading the comments and obviously, there were a few hateful ones telling him to go. Jacob made him stay with that pouty face of his and assured him he wasn’t being a bother :(
Or that one time when a comment asked him, “What does Kevin mean to you?” And he replied with the biggest smile on his face, “He is everything to me!”
Or when Kevin made Eric Nam ask him, “Would you shave off your eyebrows if it could earn Kevin a chance to meet Beyoncé?” and he replied, “It’s one of his biggest dreams and if me looking funny for a few months makes that happen, then… I mean it’s not permanent”.
Which friend does that???😭😭
Anyways, I could come up with more moments of him being the sweetest and softest bean ever but I’ll leave it at that!
Happy birthday, Jacob! Ever since I got into The Boyz, you’ve made me smile with your smile and you’ve healed me with your voice. I hope you’re always healthy and happy and I hope IST can let you release a solo album someday so you can work on (cheesy romantic) songs (because you + them = a deadly combo my heart won’t be able to handle) with the sound you think matches you (I’m talking honeyed airy vocals with an acoustic guitar but you do you, my guy) I’ll be on the sidelines, always cheering you on! I love you loads!💕
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2023.05.29 17:17 thewindows95nerd How common are these types of scams?

Hey ethiopia,
I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask but I just am rather curious about these scams and even the whole logic behind it.
But basically it started with me walking in Bole, Addis one night during my day layover with a local that came to help me find a nearby Tomoca Coffee Place and then invited me to get some coffee. I obliged (yes I know I was a complete idiot here) where he brought me to a well lit place that was near other shops but not something I would call a typical cafe but there was a waiter and his two ladyfriends who apparently were studying "culture" at the university. The guy kept insisting me to get some alcohol even though I just wanted coffee and that I buy a bottle for him and his ladyfriends and not to worry as it will be something I could easily pay with the Birr cash I had. I was already feeling wary but at the same time I also did not want to get into an altercation so I was ready to just try to follow along and then make my way outta there. We had normal/typical conversations about things such as my life and the life of locals here. His ladyfriends kept insisting for me to spend more time at the place for a "massage" which was when my red flags started going way up in the air and I gave them a firm "nah, I'm good". I pretty much finished up my coffee/drinks and then asked for the bill since I was trying to find a way outta here. Waiter brings the "bill" and tells me what I have in cash isn't going to cover it but that I could pay by card and would get a cheaper rate (apparently around $80 USD). I already was aware that this was going to be a scam so I chose my credit card which had the best fraud protection for this type of stuff when it comes to paying time. He and his ladyfriends asked to spend more time at the place and that we should get more to drink but I managed to make a way outta there by saying that I had to get back to my hotel and also get some food. The man then went out with me and begged for some Birr from me for his apparently ailing family member. I of course said "no" (and seriously? you'd think you would get cash from me when you just scammed me?).
I immediately went back to my hotel room and of course noticed the fraudalent charge on my credit card for around $750 USD and spent the whole night dealing with it as I had to find a way to call my credit card company to inform of the fraud where they cancelled my card and reversed the charge, and then (in my panicked state) decided to go extra and ask my hotel front desk to see if I could go to the police station to file a police report. They were kind enough to get a taxi driver to the station (who also helped translate for me to the police at the station!) and the police requested that I try to bring them a copy of my bank statement with the charge and also guide them to the place it happened with the receipt. They even sent a group of federal police officers (one of them was even armed with an AK) like an hour later to my hotel to basically see the copy of my bank statement ($750 charge immediately raised eyebrows for them) and asked me to see if I could postpone my flight that same day so that I could come with them to the place that the scam it happened since this can result in some serious trouble for the place. I didn't give any guarantees but said that I will try only for it not to work out which meant that I ended up giving my hotel the copy of my statement (with my contact info written on it incase I needed to be reached out) before rushing to the airport that morning.
But it had me thinking later today. I just don't understand this scam when this is most likely going to result in a chargeback from my credit card especially with the proof I have about it being a fraudalent transaction therefore they aren't even going to see a single bit of the $750. If anything, the scammers would have more to lose from the scam. But I never also heard this type of scam happening before since I'm so used to hearing about pickpockets in other countries or the usual begging or taxis overcharging you. So I was just curious on how common these scams are since I never encountered such a thing (though this is probably me being naive).
Also want to say that this experience never gave Ethiopia in a bad light to me even though I spent only a day in Bole because of the amount of kind and nice people that were willing to help the idiotic gullible tourist that is me after the scam such as the hotel workers and the taxi driver (I honestly feel bad for both them as they had to deal with panicked me that whole night as I didn't sleep at all). If anything, this experience sort of encourages me to come to Ethiopia again to enjoy the culture at a better light though probs with asking smaller food portions since the dish sizes at the places I ate are massive!
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2023.05.29 17:16 kerber213 The 5 Love Languages (since I mentioned this in a comment)

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2023.05.29 17:16 Professional_Disk131 Element79 Gold Announces Execution of Agreement with Centra Mining Ltd. for Sale of Properties from Battle Mountain Portfolio in Nevada (CSE: ELEM, OTC: ELMGF)

Element79 Gold Announces Execution of Agreement with Centra Mining Ltd. for Sale of Properties from Battle Mountain Portfolio in Nevada (CSE: ELEM, OTC: ELMGF)
VANCOUVER, BC / THENEWSWIRE / May 25, 2023 – Element 79 Gold Corp. (CSE:ELEM) (OTC:ELMGF) (FSE: 7YS) ("Element 79 Gold", the "Company") announces that, further to its November 17, 2022 release, the Company has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement (the "Agreement") for the sale of two properties from its Battle Mountain Portfolio located in the gold mining district of northeastern Nevada, US to a subsidiary of Centra Mining Ltd. ("Centra").
Under the terms of the Agreement, Centra has agreed to purchase all of Element79 Gold's interests and obligations in relation to the Long Peak Project ("Long Peak") and the Stargo Project ("Stargo") in exchange for a total consideration of CAD 1,000,000 payable by the issuance of an aggregate of 2,500,000 common shares of Centra at a deemed price of CAD 0.40 per share (the “Payment Shares”). The transaction is expected to close on or before June 30, 2023, and is subject to regulatory approval.
"The sale of Long Peak and Stargo to Centra marks another milestone in Element79's journey for the strategic development of its high-grade gold assets," commented James Tworek, CEO of Element79. "Centra realizes that these projects have great exploration potential along with the rest of their portfolio and it will be exciting to see what their near-term development plans are. We are excited to maintain our exposure to the very promising development potential of these properties through our equity participation in Centra."
Tworek added, “We have been working at the sale of the non-core assets in the Battle Mountain for over a year now, and it feels great to confirm that we have one package of properties now signed up and pending their closing date. This achievement further helps to highlight the currently-unrealized value of the individual properties in the Battle Mountain portfolio, helping to re-envision a benchmark for corporate valuation and enabling us to unlock additional value from our extensive portfolio of prospective properties while increasing Element79 Gold’s focus, energy and capital flows on developing its flagship Maverick Springs and both defining a resource at and bringing production online at Lucero in 2024.”
Element79 Gold’s Battle Mountain Portfolio
The Battle Mountain Portfolio was originally comprised of 15 separate projects totaling over 44,478 acres across 2,203 unpatented claims in five counties: Elko County, Eureka County, Humboldt County, Lander County, and Nye County. Most of the Battle Mountain Portfolio is located within the Battle Mountain Trend, with several projects close to globally reputable gold deposits including Nevada Gold's Cortez Mine.
The Battle Mountain Portfolio is comprised primarily of early-stage projects. While drilling has been completed at some projects, such as Elder Creek (155 holes) and Clover (104 holes), many have only surface sampling and geophysical surveys completed. Of particular note are the Long Peak, Elephant, Elder Creek, North Mill Creek, Clipper, Pipeline South, West Cortez, and Walti Projects, which are interpreted to lie along the northwest trending fault that hosts the high-grade Pipeline deposit, which is included in Nevada Gold's Cortez Mine.
The Long Peak Project
Long Peak is comprised of 34 unpatented claims located near Copper Basin and the Copper Canyon Mine in Lander County, Nevada. Long Peak hosts significant historic prospects, warranting further exploration at Long Peak.
The Stargo Project
Stargo is comprised of 337 unpatented claims located south of the Battle Mountain Trend in Nye County, Nevada. The large claim block contains attractive host rocks, tertiary age intrusives, and appropriate aged structural preparation to represent an attractive area for exploration target development.
About Element79 Gold
Element79 Gold is a mining company focused on gold, silver and associated metals and committed to maximizing shareholder value through responsible mining practices and sustainable development of its projects. Element79 Gold's main focus is on two core properties: developing its previously-producing, high-grade gold and silver mine, the Lucero project located in Arequipa, Peru, with the intent to bring it back into production in the near term; and its flagship Maverick Springs Project located in the famous gold mining district of northeastern Nevada, USA, between the Elko and White Pine Counties. Maverick Springs hosts a 43-101-compliant, pit-constrained mineral resource estimate reflecting an inferred resource of 3.71 million ounces of gold equivalent "AuEq" at a grade of 0.92 g/t AuEq (0.34 g/t Au and 43.4 g/t Ag) with an effective date of October 19, 2022. The acquisition of the Maverick Springs Project also included a portfolio of 15 properties along the Battle Mountain trend in Nevada, which are non-core to its primary business focus. In British Columbia, Element79 Gold has executed a Letter of Intent and funded a drilling program to acquire a private company that holds the option to 100% interest of the Snowbird High-Grade Gold Project, which consists of 10 mineral claims located in Central British Columbia, approximately 20km west of Fort St. James. The Company also has an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Dale Property, 90 unpatented mining claims located approximately 100 km southwest of Timmins, Ontario, Canada in the Timmins Mining Division, Dale Township. The Company is analyzing the non-core Nevada projects, The Dale Property and Snowbird Property for further merit of exploration, sale or spin-out.
For more information about the Company, please visit
Contact Information
For corporate matters, please contact:
James C. Tworek, Chief Executive Officer E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
For investor relations inquiries, please contact:
Investor Relations Department
Phone: +1 (613) 879-9387
E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.29 17:16 zviyeri Is there another game like Dark Souls 2?

Today I booted up SOFTS to finish up a character I used to coop with a friend previously. We left off with Eleum Loyce so naturally I went to free the knights for the Burnt Ivory King fight.
On my way to free the one that's hidden after Covetous Demon 2 + a lot of icy rabbits, I noticed that one snowball you can roll down a hill. I'd seen it before but never interacted with it, so I sent it down only to see it grow bigger and topple the enemies on the bridge across. And I got the biggest grin on my face. Stuff like that is why I love this game so much.
(Then I went sliding after it because I thought it would be funny, forgot fall damage still counts on that hill, and died, but that's besides the point.)
Other souls games, much as I love them, don't really have the amount of character-environment interaction DS2 does. The kind of stuff where you can tell devs thought "oh they're gonna be stoked when they find this" and were right. Environmental hazards in Iron Keep interacting with the enemies, fire warding away certain enemies (which to its credit Bloodborne also did), the wires you can use to slide across areas, the bell in No Man's Wharf being activated by an arrow halfway across and the pharros stone activated lantern in the same area, the pig puzzle in Tseldora for the pickaxe, being able to obliterate the Pursuer with giant crossbows, and so much more.
Basically, silly stuff you can do that has absolutely nothing to do with your actual quest. It gives the world a little more levity and really makes me feel a little more immersed. I'm doing these things not because I have to, not for souls or items or a goal, but just because they're fun to do. It makes the game feel personal. They're an absolute joy every time I come across them.
So in regards to the title, admittedly I haven't been into gaming for too long, so I'm both inviting discussion on this and taking recommendations. I'd really love to see more games like this, and I'm a little sad such a feeling wasn't really replicated by the later fs games.
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2023.05.29 17:15 LillyWalker23 [H] Adobe CC all apps YouTube Premium Spotify Premium Netflix UHD LinkedIn Learning MasterClass Bundle Mango Languages Windows 10/11 Genuine Activator Office 365 Canva Pro [W] Credit Card, PayPal, crypto

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2023.05.29 17:15 LillyWalker23 [H] Adobe CC all apps YouTube Premium Spotify Premium Netflix UHD LinkedIn Learning MasterClass Bundle Mango Languages Windows 10/11 Genuine Activator Office 365 Canva Pro [W] Credit Card, PayPal, crypto

3000+ Orders, 1 year warranty


Item My Price
Adobe CC all apps $19.99 (Lifetime)
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Canva Pro $6.99 (1 year)

All products come with 1 year warranty unless stated otherwise.
Check shop for more information on each product.

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