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2023.03.30 06:32 wired_wedding Wedding photographer mishap?

I don't usually make posts on reddit, in fact this is my first time ever making an account. However, I feel like this is something that doesn't happen very often and just want to get it off my chest. TLDR: I tried hiring a photographer but she was not timely in responses and tried to tack on a hidden travel fee.
Background summary:
I reached out a month ago, had issues with her not responding in a timely manner and had to send two emails to get her attention twice. Nowhere in that time did she say she was adding on an extra amount.
She finally sends the booking link and I click on it expecting just a contract. First, her site makes you go through a bunch of questions and answer them BEFORE you see the contract. THEN it makes you read through and SIGN the contract BEFORE you see the invoice (though I think this may have been a technical issue, it becomes important.) I, stupidly, assumed that since we had only discussed the pricing for the shoot that i would be charged the flat fee for her 30 minute shoot, which was 150. I get to the invoice and realize that I would not, in fact, just be charged the flat fee for the shoot. She had, undisclosed to me, added on an additional 100$ for a travel fee. To be completely clear, we never once discussed a travel fee and I had even said in one of my answers to the first set of questions that we would drive to her (though I did not know where she was.)
I email her addressing this concern, that we had not been notified of the travel fee and that it caused some confusion. I will copy and paste my email here:
"Hi (photographer), After some lengthy discussion with my Fiance and parents, I just thought I might shoot you another email to address a concern we have. We are a little confused as to why we had not heard of the $100 added to the bill for a travel fee until after signing the contract. I understand that things happen and we are all human here, but I feel like we have been having some communication issues during this whole process and this feels like something that definitely should have been disclosed. I try to be very graceful when it comes to these things because life happens and we understand that you also have a life outside of work, so I'm sure you understand why this would be a bit confusing and concerning from a client perspective.

She then responds with this:
"As stated on my website, non-local travel is an additional charge. I charge a travel fee for anything over 45 minutes of travel time. The address you provided me was a (my town) address which is 3 hours away from me. In order for you to not have to travel as far or pay an even higher travel fee I suggested (photography location) because it is not only beautiful, but in between you and I. However, (photography location) is over 45 minutes away from me so that is why there is a $100 travel fee. If you would like to choose a different location closer to me so you will not have to pay travel, I understand.
I’m sorry that this upset you, that was not my intention. I disclose this information on my website for the purposes of being upfront with my clients, as well as providing a detailed invoice in the booking link. Let me know how you would like to proceed.
Thank you"
I was a bit confused at first since I had not seen this explanation on her website, so I double checked and all her website says is "I may add a travel fee for non local locations. *Price Varies*" WHICH is MORE THAN FAIR! I DO NOT have any issue with photographers charging a travel fee! At all! My issue was that it was tacked on without us being told that it would be. SO I respond with this:
"Thank you for your quick response. I do understand adding a travel fee for traveling distance, and I did see that your website says that you may add one. However, I was under the impression that we would not be charged one because it was never discussed. That really is my biggest concern because it feels like an area that we would have covered before the contract was sent out. If this was something missed or overlooked because of the length of our booking process, I completely understand! However, we feel as though there has been an ongoing issue with communication and are not comfortable with booking our wedding with you, so we would like to cancel the shoot. We really do think you have some fantastic work and wish you nothing but the best as you further your career."
Thinking she would just cancel the shoot no problemo and we could be done with this back and forth. But then I get this:
"I’m sorry to hear that you feel there has been an ongoing communication problem, I wasn’t aware of this and am unsure of what you mean. In my contract listed under “1. Scope of work" it clearly states to refer to the invoice.
(1. Scope of Work: PHOTOGRAPHER and CLIENT are to arrive for the PHOTOSHOOT at the agreed time and location which will be confirmed 7 days prior to the photoshoot. Refer to the invoice for details regarding products, inclusions, and fees. )
The purpose of including information about fees in my website, contract, and invoice is to be upfront and honest. This is why in my contract it says to refer to the invoice. I’m sorry you feel that there was a lack of communication between our multiple emails back and forth, that was never my intention. I wish you the best of luck in finding a creative that suits you and your needs! Congrats on your engagement and best wishes for your future! Kind regards,"
This is why I believe that the issue with me not being able to get to the invoice until after the contract was signed was a technical issue, and I will not hold that over her. Also, she is correct about this being the first time of me bringing up the communication problem (though I think it was pretty obvious) so I will give her that. HOWEVER, my issue was never with the travel fee, only that she never told us or tried to discuss options so that we could work around it.
I was willing to leave it as is and just let it be a case of her being disappointed that we decided to back out, however, when I was trying to show my Dad her account (because he's paying for our photography) I could NOT pull up her facebook profile. Thinking my phone was bugging, I did it on his phone. Well, as it turns out, she blocked me on her business profile. I have never had this happen before. My dad mentioned she may be trying to avoid a negative review (which I would not have left because I do understand that people have off days and weeks). What get's me is that we had never communicated over facebook, and I had not given her my facebook profile information. Which means, this photographer decided to look me up, just to block me.
Definitely a learning lesson for me, that just because someone has good work displayed and for good prices doesn't mean they are a good person. I really am disappointed that it didn't work out, but ultimately we think we dodged a bullet. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this, even if you believe I am in the wrong (I definitely think I could have handled the situation better).
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2023.03.30 06:32 Kauske Position: Prep Cook Candidate: Can I work remote? Plus more H&S violations!

Spring is honestly the most dogshit season for caterers, sparse bookings, and you gotta start staffing up for the warmer months. And some of the absolute 'geniuses' who apply really test your patience. If it's not hideously bad hygiene practices, it's immense levels of stupidity... Sometimes both.
I had some genius ask if they can do a work for a prep cook position remotely... Just how in the **** do they think that's gonna work? You can't just prepare food in your home kitchen, health and safety would have my ass if I even considered signing off on that. Some of these candidates just have no clue how a kitchen job works.
I swear it's only worse that the company I work at pays the best for kitchen staff in town, it seems to attract a lot of people who have no business being in a kitchen to apply. Aside from mr remote-cook, I've had candidates who refuse to wear hats/hair nets, won't remove rings, have long nails etc.
I had one hit the bathroom and take a shit, tried to go right to the kitchen and start work without a hand-wash. The number of people who basically fail right out by not even attempting to wash their hands is the worst part. Because I know some fast food join will hire these bozos.
Had another who was super eager for a working interview... Until they found out it wasn't 15 minutes... WTF even? How am I going to evaluate your kitchen skills in 15 minutes? Who would want to commute to our location for just 15 minutes pay rather than a decent number of hours anyhow? Only way it's gonna be 15 minutes is if they last 15 minutes before hitting a major health violation and fail the interview. Not something to aim for, TBH.
Though to be honest, some of the most bizarre candidates are the ones who call in directly, ask for an application, act super excited because of what they've heard about our quality overall, and that we're one of the best and most highly rated in the area, then fall off the face of the planet. Like, I have had 3 do so, submit resumes out of normal hiring periods, say they'd come on at lesser pay, just to be somewhere not making overpriced trash food.
Then it's like they cease to exist, two of them even seemed to have their phone numbers disconnected, as trying to each them back later I got a 'the number you have dialed is no longer in service' message. Gotta wonder what's up with that, TBH. Maybe they're just yahoos who get a kick out of pising off a kitchen manager. Anyway, I can't wait until the wheat is sorted from the chaff, and everything settles again into the busy season.
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2023.03.30 06:31 loves2color Anyone else trying to puzzle out the lyrics to the new leaked P5X songs?

I’m cautious and a little confused about P5X in general but more Lyn is always good. I currently want to shoot these songs up directly into my veins, but now I’m quickly encountering the problem that I can’t sing along because I have no idea what most of the words are. (I am used to having to look up the lyrics for Persona songs, but this time some of it may also be due to unfinished audio mixing.)
There’s a few lines that are very clear, and a few others where I think I have some idea what they might be getting at, but some I just can’t tell. And it seems like this is all so new that nobody else on the Internet has any idea either, so I figured I’d see if anyone else has some ideas, or at least wants to join me in obsessively listening to the videos trying to figure out what that one line is.
We already have some official lyrics for Last Strike (which is the only one I’m NOT listening to on repeat, rip—it’s just not as punchy), but nothing for the other two. Here are the really scattered parts I’ve been able to make out and I’m sorry in advance if some of this is really confusing to read:
Wake Up Your Hero
Shadow Loop
That‘s all I got for now. Suggestions are welcome if you heard something I didn’t.
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2023.03.30 06:30 anonymous_muffin_ How to be less insecure? In everything, but especially relationships.

During my relationship with my ex I was constantly very protective of her while being upset when she wouldn't communicate with me. It's not exactly the most healthy.
I had a friend joke about dating her (after we'd broken up) and I got serious pretty quick. When he said, "Oh right. I forgot you're insecure about this stuff" it reminded me of the problem.
I don't feel secure in myself either. I think I'm far less valuable than most people and feel like it would be a net positive for the world if I wasn't here. Reading and exercising regularly helped a tiny bit with some of the insecurity, but it wasn't much.
I have an incredible urge to pour love onto someone, but, I don't think it's healthy until I figure out how to get my life together and feel secure in myself. Once I've succeeded in that, I can move on to trying to feel secure in a relationship. If anyone has any recommendations on how to get there I would love to know.
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2023.03.30 06:28 TheDollarstoreDoctor My period has lasted nearly a month. I have a drs appt on April 4th, so should I be more concerned or just wait till then?

Current concern: I'm 5'2, 107 lb, 24 yr old woman. My period started March 2nd. I patiently waited for it to end. It has not. I did a virtual visit last week (I have Anthem so their Sydney app has on demand virtual visits) and asked how concerned I should be. They said the main concern was anemia and I should follow up with my primary for testing (soonest appt I could get is april 4th). Which I expected, I have a history of anemia, but it's not like anyone ever died from it, so I figured it could wait until my gyno appt in May (soonest available) as it seemed like it would be ending in the next day or two. That is until this week, it would quickly fluctuate between light and heavy. So I would wake up thinking yay! Seems like itll end today! Only a few drops of dried dark/old blood! Then, like today, I would change my pad before lunch and have to again before clocking in because so much new blood would come out at once. Then it would be light old blood again. And when I just changed it, a lot of new blood again, when I wipe the tissue would be full of very wet bright red blood. I havent been having terrible cramps, but I've been feeling so sore, especially my legs. I've also been a lot more lightheaded and shaking/tremors a lot, some episodes of feeling feverish, and bruising easier (I have a huge one on my leg from an unknown cause). Even my coworkers have been expressing a lot of concern over how exhausted I look (very small dept of all woman - so yes, period talk happens lol) and insisting that I need to go to the doctor as soon as possible, even if I have to beg and plead. But I'm just genuinely at a loss of what I should do, or even feel about this situation. Like, I'm starting to get concerned but I feel like theres not much I can do about it anyway. I mean, is it really an emergency? I cant expect my drs to cancel other peoples appts just to make availability for me. They cant just force my period to stop anyway. I was on steroids at the beginning of this month (2 week round of 10 mg), so maybe that can be a cause, but at the same time my period has been like this once before (they can be a bit long, but usually not this heavy).
Prior history: . I have had irregular periods since they started when I was 14. They would be super heavy, but that's about it. I'd get cramps but not terrible (but may be my pain tolerance - how high it is will be relevant in a bit). So I was put on birth control, and that seemed to lighten them but not regulate them.
My periods would either skip for months, or last a very long time, or the occasional normal period. Theres really no consistency. But I would say the average length could be 2 weeks, a few days of heavy bleeding followed by on/off light bleeding. 4 years ago, after many "unremarkable" pap smears ultrasounds & lab work (complete work up including thyroid and whatever else they could possibly think of - my gyno was really trying to figure this shit out cuz it had him stumped and ig he was the kind of person who didnt like to feel defeat since every other dr I've seen waves the flag of defeat immediately), my gyno finally decided "ok I need to see what the hell could possibly be causing this with my own two eyes" and I had an endoscopic laparoscopy done. Nothing was found. Except for my appendix, which was so infected the pus was practically crusted over it causing it to fuse to my colon. I was told it mustve been like that for atleast a year. And they were correct, I remember the day because I was on vacation. I had such intense internal pain that I had to hunch over while walking. I remember thinking "oh my god it feels like something in me burst. Should I go to the ER? No they'll just shrug it off as period pain. Even though I'm not on my period. And then I'll get a huge bill over going there for nothing" and so I just kinda powered through it. Anyway, removal of the appendix didnt change any of my period symptoms. So even those findings were "unremarkable", atleast in the reproductive department. So my gyno had no clue where to go from there. He tried everything, and the results are my body just loves to bleed for longer than it should for no reason at all. I should also note I no longer see this gyno as I now live thousands of miles away.
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2023.03.30 06:28 imseanlewin [Wanted] Rare Pop Vinyl - incl. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez, etc.

Hi! I'm hunting for a bunch of pop vinyl for my collection to fill in some gaps, and I wanted to check here before I looked on resale sites. Please PM me if you have anything and are willing to sell! Here is the list as of now (in alphabetical order):
Allie X
Aly & AJ
Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
Camila Cabello
Charli XCX
Conan Gray
Doja Cat
Dua Lipa
Gracie Abrams
Janelle Monáe
Jess Glynne
Kacey Musgraves
Katy Perry
Kelsea Ballerini
Kim Petras
Lady Gaga
Lana Del Rey
Melanie Martinez
Miley Cyrus
Rina Sawayama
Sabrina Carpenter
Tate McRae
Taylor Swift
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2023.03.30 06:27 Mjolkin Exo X 2013 - Warning light but no Codes

Hey I've started to get the below warning light.
I'd thought it was a scheduled service warning however I disabled the scheduled service warnings now and it continues to show up.
I've scanned the car for codes and there are none present. If I clear the codes the warning will go away for a few days then show back up.
From what I've seen it would appear to normally happen when the timing chain is stretched, this 2013 model should have the reinforced timing chain however.
Has anyone had a similar issue? Wanting to get as much info before I pull off the rocker cover.
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2023.03.30 06:27 aoncehopelessdude My low self esteem feels justified

I was never told there was something formally wrong with me growing up. I just survived elementary and high school with no achievements or any good academic standing above 60's. I have a learning disability but with strong ADHD symptoms that I'm trying to get re assessed for.
I've never seen myself in a positive light, I've never held a job without being fired for never staying on top of things, lack of attention and word comprehension. Every sport I play, no matter how hard I try, I'm never above mediocre. I've been playing a goaltending position in hockey and I still suck after 13 years, as well as failing college and work performances. I'll explain why
My nightmare came true when I got access to documentation from my youth on psychological assessments, the results are grim
95% of all characteristic's that make someone a functioning member of society I fall below average or very low. Here's where I fall very low on:
Executive functioning
Organization (very low)
Oral Comprehension
Following Directions
Processing speed (very fucking low)
Hand eye co-ordination
Task initiation
Information retrieval
Short term memory
I have weird behaviours and people make fun of me for them and relatives get angry when I do it uncontrollably (fidgeting, such as moving my hands, or moving my leg).
The only thing I did somewhat fine in spelling. But what good does that do me amongst so many things I'm unable to do. Sure I found out my shortcomings over everything I can't do are disability related but I feel like there is nothing I can do... I'm not medicated and where I am wait times are very long. How am I supposed to feel good about myself when I'm literally inferior in brain functioning? My self esteem becomes worse when I got shunned by teachers and publicly humiliated by them for my organizing skills and my lack of complete assignments as if I have nothing wrong with me. My only accommodation I was given was a different test room in exams, and some other peers who had IEP's like myself are doing so much better then me, they have traveled, can problem solve, can work competently, sail through college, live independently, and make money. No matter how much effort I put into doing the most basic work, I somehow manage to fuck up to the point where bosses have enough of my embarrassing behavior and fire me. I get it every time "Hey X, you're a grea guy and all but..." You know what... I'm glad I flunked a 2 year college obtaining a less 1.00 GAA because the thought of me doing tech work and staying on top of things long term and living independently, and getting out of crippling credit card debt sounds alien, and unfathomably impossible. I can't work because I can't stay on top of things, I'm a horrible driver because I can't process things around me, I can't play sports because I have co-ordination issues, I cant go to school because I can't pay attention, I can't obtain personal achievements in life because I can't stick to things long term
I'm gonna de either jobless living with my parents, or on the streets, I know it's frowned upon to 'give up' but it's not due to lack of trying.
Dear teachers from HS
You like to belittle me and rob my childhood by treating me like a fuckup, and I'm just what you call "rigidly and incorrigibly lazy". Well fucking teacher, how am I lazy when I try just as hard as my peers but they do things like it's second nature, yeah I know I forgot to do the assignments buddy but I also forgot to brush my teeth, trim my nails, eat dinner yesterday, and tie my shoe laces. Yeah guy, I know I'm not as competent as my peers, I'm sorry for that, no, it's not that I "don't care", or I'm lazy, I have a fucking disability (multiple most likely) that make me do everything bad, and you're not doing anything about it. If I'm expected to do this un-accommodated then I'll self loathe justifiably because my future is already mapped out for me. I try probably more harder getting through school than you do teach.
Tell me I can't self loathe, maybe it's easier to see myself differently if I wasn't so damn depressed, waking every day at 12pm unemployed for 2 years after flunking out of college and nobody thought of getting me assessed for ADHD or ASD despite the ton of red flags on my transcripts...
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2023.03.30 06:26 JelloRevolutionary34 I heard my Unborn daughters voice years before she was born…

Hi first post I’m going to explain a bit about my home first, in 2019 I after a breakup moved back into my home, I grew up in the house I own now and purchased it from my parents when I was 21, growing up here the house was always haunted and had a lot of activity example: windows going up and down on there own, the storm door on the back of the house would unlocked and open, this one is rare but disembodied voices or men yelling,
So it was January 2019 had broken up with my ex my hood paying job had gone bankrupt and life was hard I moved back into the house to live alone, around this time life had been hard I was dealing with some health problems, the paranormal activity had always been kind of constant little things like doors opening, foot steps and a very uneasy feeling of being watched at night led me to leave the light on, tv running at moderate volume and I’d block my bedroom door when I went to sleep just to feel safe/help ignore the activity. I had been moved back in for about 3 months and one night at while I was alseep a voice woke me up I heard a little girl say hi pause hi hi my eyes still shut I assumed it was the tv then again Hi this time it sounded as if the voice was inches from my ear then Hiiiii in a happy kind of way I open my eyes the tv Is off. I check the room no one is in the room I check my entire house at 3am no one in it no one outside and a ghost little girl voice was not ever something any of us heard here. I never forgot that voice fast forward to may 2021 my daughter is born she’s very intelligent for her age stared saying mama dada around 5 months old I don’t remember when she started saying hi but the voice that woke me in 2019 was my daughter I feel like she knew how sad and lonely I was at this time in my life and knew i had went to bed that night very upset and just feeling like I should give up. Things changed after that I got a decent job then a year later opened a business met my now fiancée and found out we had a baby on the way just 11 weeks into dating and our little girl was born before our one year anniversary my business has grown substantially and my fiancée and I have an amazing happy relationship like we were literally made for each other and our daughter is just amazing. I feel like she knew her dada needed her that night lol
has anyone else had something like this happen??
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2023.03.30 06:23 Initiative-Internal White Noise

Hello guys, a bit on me if you'd like: I'm a person who's always been fond for writing, but never really had my hand in it though, in fact, I wrote this incomplete should-have-been series a year ago, but never really completed it. I've only dabbled in it for a bit, writing scraps and throwing them away, but this is the only thing I found that was noteworthy and decided to share it, it's a copy-paste directly from the writing program, but I cleaned it up a bit of course, anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy!

You don't know who I am, or where I come from, you don't know anything, but if you're reading this that's good, it means you're alive, and maybe the world is better, maybe it's enjoyable, and there are parks again, and kids laughing and cheering. But that's all a maybe, an outcome with an unfair possibility of not happening, but I guess it makes sense, someone decided to destroy the world, and with the technology we had, it probably wasn’t that hard. What happened? well, I don't really know, all I know is that the world is falling apart, it's cracking, small cracks are apparent in almost every surface I come across that's been untouched or unmoved for a while, and they aren't normal cracks, they have a dim white glow, when I say dim I mean almost non-existent but the glow was still there nonetheless, and it feels like the world isn’t as bright, the world just lost all its life, all the grays got greyer and every other color looks dull and monotonous, but that’s just what came about.

After the first day, all available power disappeared, it was an exposition, a cardinal signal foreshadowing the apocalyptic future yet to come, of course, people started to panic. after one week the water shut off, at this point people had started to get irritable, and heated arguments were becoming a much too common thing to see in a lonely town like mine, then the third week hit, it's when the cracks became noticeable, it's also when people were being discovered, dead people, not many in the first few days, only two or three found a day. Soon enough people had run out of supplies, it's not like people were restocking the stores so no one could get any food or drink.

The streets were littered with bodies, most died from asphyxiation or gunshots, which was unlike the first killings, the first body found had his throat ripped out and his guts spilled, yet there was no blood anywhere on the body and no signs of a struggle, although I noticed this, I paid little attention to it. Nothing happened after that, aside from me staying in the basement which held enough food and water to sustain me for about a month and then some if I rationed carefully. It sucked in there, I had to have the little lamp in there off most of the time because of the lack of power, and the battery was already three-quarters full when I got down there, but I managed for thirty-two painfully slow and lightless days, then I emerged into my home.

I saw what I had expected, shattered glass everywhere, tables turned on their sides, and everything else characteristic of a ransacking, but I was not expecting to find a body stuck in a wall, his waist and below stuck in the wall, the wall wasn't broken, it was like something had made the wall a liquid, stuck him in, and made the wall solid again. I didn’t see any fractures in the wall's surface aside from the small squiggly white cracks that remained on almost every surface. At that point I realized I hadn't shed a single tear or even once felt the need to vomit, I felt ashamed of myself, I felt emotionless and lifeless, I could have gone ahead and made my morning coffee and watched the news without giving a care in the world about the body that lay in my home… too bad there was no coffee, or tv.
10/16/2027 Stock:

Note-1: After digging through my dad's closet and finding a false floorboard that always creaked, I gained access to two guns, a Remington Model 700 and a Colt 1911, and their corresponding ammunition.
Note-2: due to me living here for long enough I had the insight into areas of suspicion, an example is the floorboard, it’s unlikely I’ll get the luck to find hidden spaces like that again, but maybe when I’m skillful enough at looting, finding hidden spaces would become more common.
I gathered all of my supplies and put them in a backpack, aside from the M1911 and the 700, I put the M1911 in a holster on my hip and slung the 700 on my back, after I was ready, I left, the first thing I noticed was the lack of wildlife, I don’t live in a big city, it’s just a somewhat sparsely housed town, there’d always be an acre or two between homes at the very least, and birds were usually everywhere, but now I only see a few, only hear a few chirps here and there, I haven’t seen any terrestrial animals yet aside from insects, it seems there are fewer insects though as well. After I left my home I stood on the doorstep, I looked around at the dull scenery, I used to step outside to just look at the trees and the sky, but now everything is unappealing, I took the steps through the grass to my beat up car, all the glass was broken, I opened the door, sat inside and turned the ignition, nothing happened, as I expected cars don’t work anymore either, which put me on edge, what if guns don’t work anymore? But I silenced that thought, I still have a knife if guns won’t work.

I stepped out of the car and went to the trunk to see if anything was left of value. I opened it and found nothing, with no new supplies I decided the first place I’ll go to is the gas station, there was bound to be something there, even if it was only a little something. I started my two-mile trek to the gas station, I hiked a lot before all of this happened, two miles was nothing at all. There was a trail not too far from my house that I and my dog used to walk at, my dog died a few months back luckily enough, I wouldn’t have been able to support him now, not with the looming fear of starvation following me around. I had walked about one mile when all of a sudden everything went quiet, birds stopped chirping, the wind stopped blowing.

I got off the road and hid in a bush, I heard things moving, rustling the brush, stopping every now and then, almost as if they were looking for something, I’d hear what sounded like someone taking a knife to glass, it pained my ears and I felt they would start bleeding if the sounds lasted a second longer. I never saw them, I don’t know if it was because they were behind me or on the other side of the road in a ditch or something, but after 10 minutes it went away, nature’s sounds returned after 5 minutes, I had to wait another 10 minutes, my body, shocked and stiff, wouldn’t allow me to move. I stood and dusted myself off, since I didn’t know where the sounds came from I just started searching on the opposite bank of the road, no signs of anything being there, no tracks, no broken twigs, no blood.

I thought I had gone insane while wallowing in my lonesome, but then I remembered the birds reacted to whatever it was, or whatever they were, I don’t know how many there were, it constantly alternated between the sound of one of them and the sound of an uncountable amount. Happy to get out of the area, I continued to my destination. When I got to the gas station there was only one broken window, and a body with characteristics of the first killings laying on the floor near the register, a broken knife next to him. I looted his body without remorse or disgust. I found a pack of cigs and pocketed them there was also a scrunched paper.

I read it once, then twice, and even a third time, my stomach churned and felt like it was about to implode, it looked to be a message from the man’s daughter saying how much she loved him and she wants him to be safe because of all the “bad people”, a smiley face sat at the top of the paper, I flipped the paper over to find distinctly different handwriting, presumingly the man’s, it detailed how he was sorry, as well as how he’d been at the station for 3 days, said he couldn’t leave because if he did they would get him, his last words, being written hastily were hardly legible, but I could read enough to understand that the cracks in the world that appeared in the station were much more distinct than in other places, and those things could come in, but they were just staring at him tauntingly. I could barely hold myself back from puking, it wasn’t hard to look at someone’s corpse, it had no effect on me, but the second I realized that man had a family, and had ambitions and potential… I continued looking around the store. I realized there would be more loot on dead bodies because people don’t want to touch them. After looking through all the shelves and in all of the back rooms I found a lighter under the lip of a bottom shelf, lucky me.
I had hoped there would be more, more of everything, but there’s nothing, I’ll put another list of my supplies soon but at this rate, I won't make it to see next week, every single store has been ransacked completely, all the bodies always have empty already eaten foods, I don’t know what to do. I’ve not seen a single soul, everything is dead, not even the insects anymore, the birds are gone too, maybe it has something to do with the cracks, they’ve progressed enough to where they are visible from up to a foot away, I’ve had to hide from those screeching things a couple of times, still haven’t seen them yet, I realized when the wind abruptly stops they’ve appeared, it’s a good thing the birds were still singing those few days ago or I wouldn’t have realized the pattern, I’d probably be dead, just like everyone else.
Nothing much has happened, I’ve seen a bird or two, and it’s nice to know that at least for a little bit longer animals will still be alive, I’ve theorized that whenever I hear the noise it’s only one entity doing it, I think this because I’ve heard an exceptionally large commotion a way off, I assume there was two there. Fortunately, the screeching has only happened near me only once, I’ve heard them in the distance though, in the night while I sleep I hear them far off, searching, waiting for their sinister roulette to hit, hoping, anticipating the kill. I decided to head to the(SO AND SO) I’ll update this then or if something happens along the way.
I’ve come across a hunting stand in the woods, it’s a jackpot. There’s too much stuff to carry, there was a map too so I’ll mark the general location once I find a landmark to orient myself with, I’ll put a list after this log but there’s more to talk about. The fragmentation, It’s what I’ve come to call the cracks, is still spreading of course. I’m starting to see a noticeable separation between the two edges of some individual fragments, still not big enough to stick anything in but instead of being small white lines spread wildly around, They’ve become a prominent feature of every object, I’ve been to some areas where the fragmentation is severe, white snakes slithering across any surface they can find, trying to fracture this world, they do end up doing it I suppose, that’s how the screechers exist, but the breaks only hold for so long until they close. That’s what I think happens at least, it’s not like I’ve seen them yet, and as long as I continue to find zones with little to no fragmentation as I have been, I think I’ll be fine, I just hope my luck doesn’t run out.
I think I’m near (VarA), I should be out of the woods soon, but for now, I’ve got my bedroll down and am cooking some beans over the fire I’ve made, I’ll be fed for a while.
This may sound stupid but the fire keeps going out, the flames just disappear, no more heat. The charcoals lose their ember, everything becomes the regular temperature of the air around me. It still works though, there is no reliable frequency I can predict so sometimes it’ll die out as soon as I light it, and other times it takes an hour or two.
()()(())()()(()()()…I was walking when the wind stopped, the biggest problem for me at first was the fact there was nowhere to run, no depressions to dip in, I heard what sounded like a sharp camera shutter that immediately followed the deadening silence, the second I heard it I ran, a branch caught the strap of my bag, pulling it away from me. I couldn’t care though, all I could do was run, the trees vied for me, closing in. I was tripping and falling over and over, nearly impaling myself on the branches of trees I could hardly see.

I felt a push and fell over, I knew that running couldn’t have saved me, I knew it was there, right behind me, I couldn’t hear it though, I could only hear my breath but it wasn’t like that, I couldn’t hear it because it wasn’t making any noise, I thought for sure it would be screeching out for as long as it’s astral body would allow it to, but it didn’t, in fact, it lay on the ground, the white body, which looked as if it consisted of bolts of white grey lightning and string, pulsated, morphing into a consuming goop of unlight, and then back into it’s shimmering somewhat humanoid form, that process took a minute. I too lay there, my foot just a stone toss away from its hungry hand, the tips of its fingers eager to detach from its parent body, but was disallowed. I lay on the ground staring at it, and for some reason, it didn’t move, I took that opportunity to regenerate as much of my energy as possible, but from fear of losing my safety, I stood up slowly, emphasizing my steadiness, even though it probably detects me through a different means, I shouldn’t let it hear me, some caution is better than no caution at all.

I rose and took a gradual step back, but my back was met by a thick, gnarled arm of wood, as if that wasn’t enough, I had also stepped on a branch, probably from the same tree. The screecher stirred, its spectral head raised, maybe it used its sight for precision. It tried to raise the rest of its body, but its foot was stuck in a root, not like it was trapped under it, its foot was fused with the root. I guess it noticed it too because immediately the tone of its body got dimmer, I knew it was going to morph into the darkness, to free itself, to kill me. I took the chance I had, the 10s of seconds I had left were diminishing, and every second I wasted increased my chance of death. I turned, and immediately crouched and ducked under my guard that was the trees arm, I didn’t expect to have the keenness I had during that run, I’ve never been a particularly agile person, but in that moment I could see, without any blur caused by my abrupt motions, ducking and weaving through what seemed like the thickest forest I had ever seen.

I collapsed after only minutes of running, which was unsurprising though, the previous running and endless walking cost me an obscene amount of energy, taxing my body till the end, draining it of its power. I could hear them now, screaming, coming for me, it shouldn’t take as long as it’s taking them, but I guess they’re fighting each other, that’s why there is noise. I turned around and waited, I saw the two of them approaching me, they kept pushing and shoving each other, they were walking so slowly, as if they were sapped for energy, and the density of their body was low, it seems most of the strings of white grey abandoned the parent body for some reason, and with every step they took a few more disappeared, falling off into the ground. One of the entities fell to the ground, and the second took the opportunity and fell on top of it, tearing it to shreds, and repairing its own body with its meal, it seems it was only able to regain a menial percentage of its power back though, it’s speed only bolstered for a minute or so, still not fast enough to keep up with a hasty back step.

It fell to the ground after a while, and everything below its torso disappeared shortly after, it desperately sunk its claws into the soil, pulling with its full ability, trying to get me. It disappeared, shortly after, leaving quite a thick strand of vibrant white light. I pondered whether picking it up or not would be a good idea, in the end, I decided a little glowing string couldn’t hurt me that much. I plucked it from its place on the ground and immediately felt a strong, radiant sensation, a pulsating heat and cold piercing my body as if it was filling me with energy, I dropped it, even holding it for a few seconds easily removed most of the exhaustion from my body, I wanted to grab it again for another hit of pure energy, but I felt if I did I would explode, my body was not meant for this type of power, although it seemed capable enough to absorb what I presume was a little bit of it, I think it’s capacity is quite high, and powering what was but a little bit of myself was probably the least intensive thing this string could do.
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2023.03.30 06:23 MidnightWriter3602 I’m terrified right now!

It’s 12:15 and I can’t sleep so I’m reading Salem’s Lot ok. I’m at chapter 12.2 and my window is open. I hear something hit the window. I’m scared shitless and the curtain is tied up so I can let the cool air in cuz it’s hot as hell. Finally I get the balls to go over and shut the thing. I head over there and just as I’m about to reach for the seal, a little bat sitting on the screen starts screeching. A BAT!!! I didn’t see it at first and when it screeched it scared me so bad I ran for it. I waited for it to leave and finally shut the window. What’s the coincidence of this happening with that book. A grown ass man spooked by a little bat. My hat’s of to you King.
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2023.03.30 06:22 FrigidussDeux Cursed brorgy

Cursed brorgy submitted by FrigidussDeux to cursedcomments [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:22 TheAngels323 Classic Case: The Phoenix Lights

One of my favorite cases is ‘The Phoenix Lights’, an event which occurred on March 13, 1997, and witnessed by thousands.
Based on witness testimony and investigators, I gathered this event showcased 4 observables.
Anti-gravity: Many witnesses said this “V” shaped craft appeared to be about a mile wide, across both “points” of the “V”, and appeared to be going very slowly; some said no faster than 35 mph. Obviously that speed is not nearly enough to generate lift, especially for a craft that size.
Sudden and instantaneous acceleration: Some witnesses reported after slowly passing over a city, it would take off at incredible speed.
Hypersonic velocities: When the craft was traveling in northern Arizona prior to reaching Phoenix, people in one town noted it was over them, and given time differences of people noticing it was over the next town, it is estimated that it moved and thousands of miles per hour from one town to the next.
Low-observability: People had difficulty discerning if it was one solid craft, or separate lightings flying in formation. Witnesses who saw it up close said it was unmistakably a solid craft though. Many people said it also appeared distorted, with “waves” around it similar to the effects one would see on a hot road on a hot day.
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2023.03.30 06:18 Disastrous_Day_2166 With the Kings snapping their playoff drought, the largest playoff drought now in American sports is the New York Jets who haven’t made the playoffs since 2010

Great day for Kings fans.
Bad day for Jets fans.
Not much else to be said here, other than LIGHT THE DAMN BEAM UP!!!!!!!
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2023.03.30 06:17 sjcha Korean-American (US Citizen) forcefully drafted into Korean military?

I am traveling to Seoul in May. I am a U.S. citizen (born in the States). I visited twice: in 2019 and also in 2022 for 2 weeks each with no issues whatsoever.
My mom recently brought up the fact that non-Korean citizens may be held back at the airport and enlisted to serve in the military for the 24-month term. She was saying that since she was a U.S. citizen, but my biological father held a green card at the time of my birth (in the States), I would fall under this "law". She's almost certain that my birth in 1993 was NOT reported to the Korean government. The unfortunate part is that we have no way of contacting my bio father.
She also said that a politician recently brought this law back into the light a couple of months ago, so there have been more instances of this happening.
My mom has been in contact with many different Korean consulates in different US cities. Basically, she was told that if I'm questioned, I can say that both of my parents are US citizens. If they were to dig further into this, then I'm at the mercy of the person doing the interrogating, whereas they also may just let me go.
My question is: if I were to be caught at the airport, what are your options at that point?
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2023.03.30 06:17 Replacemeniu Elevator Fear

People are afraid of the unknown, born with a fear of the unknown, so midnight, under a darkness, the human fear, is the peak.
Du Jun walked into the neighborhood where his home is located, the security guard at the entrance of the neighborhood is sitting in the security room dozing, look at that look even into the thieves he does not know.
After walking into the neighborhood, through the garden, and then walk through the old man's fitness place, is to his home is located in the building downstairs.
Du Jun took out the door card and swiped it and walked in, the lights of the corridor on this floor belonged to the kind of incandescent light, which was quite bright, but in the case of few people, it looked a bit like the lights of the morgue.
Du Jun walked to the elevator, pressed the door button, the late-night elevator are stopped on the first floor, there is nothing to wait for.
No, Du Jun looked up, the elevator did not stop on the first floor, on the fourth floor.
The fourth floor is generally no one take the elevator, Du Jun thought about it, this midnight, there are strange things or avoid it.
So he turned into another elevator, the moment before entering the elevator, the fourth floor down the elevator opened, Du Jun seemed to hear a faint moaning sound, the sound is not what heavenly music, and this is the middle of the night.
Du Jun hurriedly closed the elevator door and pressed the eighteenth floor.
The elevator moved up quickly, but when it reached the fourth floor, the elevator suddenly stopped, and the door did not open.
Du Jun heart a tight, this will not, think of this Du Jun retreated to the corner, back against the elevator.
A few moments later, the elevator began to run normally again.
To the eighteenth floor, Du Jun out of the elevator, quickly rushed to the door of their own home to open the door and walked in, and then the door locked.
The nerves of living alone are a little nervous, and often work late at night home, did not expect to encounter this kind of thing tonight, Du Jun took a deep breath, changed his shoes, walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine, sat on the sofa watching TV and drank.
The next morning, Du Jun woke up from the haze, last night he did not close the window, this early in the morning heard the noise below, the sound is a little loud, because it is living on the eighteenth floor, he did not know what is said below.
But he has to go to work at noon, Du Jun got up from the sofa, dressed and washed up, is ready to go out to eat breakfast.
However, as soon as he walked out the door he saw a woman from the next door neighbor was squatting on the ground crying, and there were several people holding her by her side.
What is this situation? Did someone die.
Du Jun thought about it, anyway, and this person is not familiar with, one more thing is better than one less thing, is into the elevator, pressed the first floor button.
In the elevator, Du Jun felt something wrong, some hair on the back, feeling as if there was a cold wind blowing on them.
But this is daytime, Du Jun did not behave like last night.
However, the elevator did not go directly to the first floor, but stopped after reaching the fourth floor.
Du Jun is also considered a bit curious, after all, what happened last night also scared him, so he stepped out of the elevator to look, the fourth floor was empty, and the eighteenth floor of the elevator corridor is not much different, there is nothing.
Du Jun sighed, it seems that he was overthinking.
So he went back to the elevator.
The elevator door just closed mountain, suddenly, a violent shaking came then Du Jun felt a sense of impact, pain, and vertigo.
He fainted, and when he woke up again, he found himself in a hospital bed, his feet, it seems, were tightly wrapped in something, he wanted to move, but came a sharp pain.
There was no doubt that it appeared that the leg was broken.
There was a man sitting by his bed, looking at the dress, should be a police officer, see Du Jun woke up, he handed over a glass of water, and then said "elevator cable broke, you fell from the fourth floor and the elevator together with the second floor of the basement, so high, you just broke two legs, good luck ah.
Although this is a bit hard to hear, but it is the truth, so high did not fall to death, is indeed good luck.
Du Jun nodded and turned his face to look at the police and said, "What do you want me to do? Hearing this the police nodded, and then took out the phone in front of Qiyuan.
"This is last night's surveillance video, you take a look.
Du Jun looked at the phone's screen inside the video screen, which was edited, from the time he entered the cell, then walked into the unit, pressed the elevator button, at this point, Qiyuan's eyes instantly widened, like seeing something horrible, pointing to the phone and said "there is a person!
The police nodded, Du Jun said there is a person, that is, last night that stopped at the fourth floor of the elevator.
The screen just now shows that in the moment Du Jun turned around, has been a bloody hand from the elevator out.
Du Jun remembered, last night did hear some sound, is that person issued? Du Jun looked at the police and asked, "Where is that person now? The police officer shook his head and said, "That person is dead, is your neighbor.
"Then find the killer? Du Jun subconsciously asked the words, after all, he was there last night, if there really is a murderer, will think he heard something, or see something, which will certainly kill him to silence.
The police officer shook his head and said "If I find the killer I will not be here, last night the elevator in the surveillance video is broken, can only see the deceased from the eighteenth floor into the elevator, and then stopped on the fourth floor, half an hour later you appear, is the next scene, and then this morning found his body.
After saying that the police is to leave, Du Jun sat on the bed as if thinking, the monitor happened to be broken, and then the man went in and then not dead, half an hour later came out with blood, since the elevator can open, why he did not open, and did not call for help?
The more you think about it, the more wrong, Du Jun wanted to stand up and go home, but his foot was broken, he simply could not stand up, and it was dark outside, so Du Jun gave up that idea.
After a while the nurse came to finish the medicine, fed Du Jun to eat the medicine and left, the ward is a double ward, but there is no patient next door, so look at the ward is a little empty.
Du Jun took the remote control to turn on the TV, time slowly passed, the sky is getting darker and darker.
Unknowingly, it was late at night, the surrounding area was very quiet, you can only hear the sound of the TV, Du Jun felt sleepy, ready to turn off the TV to sleep.
However, at this time, there were suddenly some sounds from outside that caught Du Jun's attention, like someone walking in the corridor outside.
Du Jun listened carefully, as if he was dragging something else.
Closer and closer, closer and closer.
The door of Du Jun's ward was kicked open, the ward had lights, and the corridor outside also had lights, but Du Jun looked out the door but there was nothing.
"Are you looking for me? A drop of some fishy liquid dripped onto Du Jun's face, and he slowly lifted his head.
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2023.03.30 06:16 Nihta86 My last marriage...

I'm a 36 f. I had been with my last husband for 8 years. He's 32. We have to beautiful daughters. I would say I'm an easy going person. A social butterfly really. I stayed home to watch the kids. (I have children from my previous marriage.) He goes to work. He had a female friend that he was really close with. I didn't have an issue with it at first. Until he started to go to her house after work and not wanting to come home. This female friend had a gf. He had wanted a 3some. Which I was open too. I just have very firm rules. Needless to say. He told me he almost lost his wedding ring while over there. That both of the females would run around in underwear and shirts. He says nothing happened. Months after I had been wanting him to come home to spend time with me. We had a fight and he left me. He walked out the door. I couldn't believe he did. He came back and we worked on things. I told no one what happened. He slowly stopped talking to that female. Fast forward few years later he got discord. And wanted to to rps. Which was fine. I have done it at points in my life and actually really enjoy it. What he ended up doing was erps. Which was not what we had talked about. I didn't find out for almost 2 years. Within that time I feel we drifted really bad. He wouldn't really touch me. He had said things to me and brought me down. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want anyone to know. I thought I could do it myself. Thought things would be OK. I broke my leg about 2 and half years ago now. So I could do to much. My dog was having puppies. I also broke my phone. So I needed his to make the claim. He had to unlock it. Which I was not allowed to know his pin bit he knew mine. I found 3 known numbers. They were very sexual. My heart dropped. I made the claim but also took note of the numbers. I later on confronted him about the numbers because I had seen something he wrote on discord to someone he was writing. He said he loved them. He had told me then the only way he could have sex with me is if he could erps first because I didn't do it for him anymore. He didn't really want to touch me. I felt a little numb. I took it in. He wanted me to get on discord and talk to a few people. He wanted to bring in one of the people he had been talking too. At the time I thought I wanted it to work. I tried. The guy he wanted to bring into our relationship was nice and seemed friendly. As we got to know each other the more I found out that he bad mouthed me to everyone on the server. He also bad mouthed my children. Like come on they are kids... he told the guys he was messing with that I knew. I didn't know what he was doing. He also told them not to tell me. I got to the breaking point when I realized that he doesn't care about me. He doesn't know anything about me. Nothing over the 8 years we were together he can't tell me anything I like. I can go somewhere and find him something easy. I am easy to shop for. You could get me a gumball ring and I would like it. I would know you tried. He never got me anything during our relationship ever. He doesn't know my children's birthdays or mine. One of our children has had a few surgeries. He had to watch the other kids for that. My 14 yo at the time had to cook because he couldn't and didn't want to learn. He relied on me like I was his mother. I told him when to shower. Got his clothing. Made sure his plate was made ect. I finally had enough and left him. I came to realize how much damage he actually caused me. I do have panic attacks. Somethings I can't really even go into. I did find someone I can talk to on that. I am seeing a therapist too. He now hasn't been around for over a year. He has only called twice. Once for each of our daughter's birthdays, promising to see them not holding up on his end of the bargain. I never once told him he couldn't see the kidd but I also don't reach out to him. I believe it's his job not mine. I also have been busy since I am now single and taking on a lot more.
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2023.03.30 06:14 Tall-Ad1442 is my gf pregnant

my gf took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and found out that the result is negative. then yesterday she saw the pt that she used had a wide blurred line. and then now she feels like throwing up and feels dizzy. btw she's taking birth control pills regularly for almost 5 days now and she did have a period last week which is very light.
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2023.03.30 06:13 No-Rent-1117 [TOMT][ARG/Unfiction] Paranormal Activity captured live in a small condo/apartment complex where two men live, either 2 brothers or 2 friends. Definitely on YouTube.

I'm looking for an ARG or an Unfiction story that I saw on YouTube a few years back. It's definitely on YouTube and I even later watched a guy cover it in depth after I finished watching the series, but I can't find it now. And I'm not even sure if it had a name.
The premise is two men living in this apartment/condo together where a lot of weird paranormal stuff is happening, and eventually it starts to become more aggressive and demonic as the series goes on, even possessing one of the men. Either one or both of them record these events happening live, lights shutting up visibly on camera in the hallway, etc. I think the videos were recorded both vertically and horizontally at different points to show to friends/family (within the story line) and to make it look authentic.
The story definitely starts out plausible but ends up going a super crazy route for the end of the story. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can help, that'd be awesome.
In the mean time, I'm goanna keep digging.
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2023.03.30 06:12 MyNameIsKir Stuck panel on StepmaniaX, help?

Hey all, I've been having issues with my stepmaniaX, think it's an original one (bought it off Craigslist). It's making it unplayable.
Initially I had an issue with the right arrow panel suddenly stuck lit up, with the computer recording it as either pressed down or not pressed at all. The stepmaniaX debug tool would say no signal from it, with seemingly no pattern as to what triggered it, and the only way to resolve it was to turn the machine off and back on again. Eventually I found a strange solution: leave the debug tool up as I played with "Panel test mode" checked while playing. Somehow, that prevented that particular issue.
But that caused another issue: now the left arrow panel is having similar issues. And the left panel only has issues when playing the stepmania application weirdly enough. The debug tool says something different for this panel though; the last Tare value for this panel will be zero, which is confirmed by the pad by the panel only having a green light to the right. Recalibrating in the tool sometimes fixes the issue temporarily, but then it'll act up again after about 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Turning it off and back on always temporarily fixes the issue, but it will act up again about 1 to 3 minutes later.
Things I've tried:
Any ideas? I'm at the end of my wits here. Thank you in advance for any help.
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2023.03.30 06:12 Hummingbird4130 Anxiety about the future and college

After finishing an important life changing exam, I'm now applying to colleges and see what courses they offer. I knew I always wanted to be somebody that could impact another's life in a positive light. I wanted to become a clinical psychologist, but found out I didn't complete the requirement as my mathematics trial exam didn't look too great. I could wait for the actual results, though I'm not too confident I'll do good in mathematics.
Well, after attending a few interviews and made countless phone calls, I was accepted into a field that would include a tiny bit of psychology. The thing is, my parents aren't sure I'll survive in this field. For context, I applied for Health Science. This course has a lot of subjects to be studied in the first year. Subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Medical Writing and more. I think it's a medical field.
You see, I used to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics back then but had to drop due to mental health issue. My mental health was rapidly declining and I even had 2 suicide attempts in a year and was admitted into hospital for emergency care. Due to this reason, my parents didn't think that I'd be strong enough to study in any medical field. They also thought me switching my courses will make it harder since I dropped out of those subjects that taught me the basics of each subjects. My mom suggested I "take an easy course that'll guarantee a job in the future" like being an English teacher and my dad kept asking if I would like to reconsider my choices. Plus, my parents wouldn't want me to travel out of state as I am an only daughter and they'd be upset if I were far away from them.
My heart lies in helping others, and I really want to do my best. I'd like to think I've become better as a person with better coping skills, with access to medical care to treat my condition as well as therapy sessions that'll help me. But reality is harder than your imagination, right?
I'm beginning to think my parents are right, that I can't do it and should pick an "easier" field to study in. I don't think I could do it. But in the other hand, I'm filled with optimism and willing to work as hard as I can. I'm even trying to work as many jobs to gather up money to support myself through college.
Could I get some advice from people here? Can you pursue Health Science with limited knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics? How hard was it? Do you think it'll worth it? Can I get more insight from people in college as well? I think I'd really like some comments on my decisions and some encouragement. 🥲
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2023.03.30 06:12 uncomfortablypink Dogs keep emerging from the forest and sleeping on my back porch.

I live in a modest house right on the edge of a large forest in Arkansas. I live with my wife and a German shepherd named Kaiser who is a retired police dog. I'm an active police officer and he was formerly my partner in the field. Since retiring and coming home to my family, he's always been quite the paranoid dog. Often, he would wake up in the middle of the night and walk to the back door, and growl at something. We live in a pretty rural area, so I would always check to make sure there wasn't a problem.
On some nights, he would remain on guard at the back door all night. He would never walk out, though. Even if I gestured for him to come outside with me to check if there was anybody outside, he would refuse and appear concerned. Once morning came, he was back to normal as if nothing was bothering him. But over time, his behavior began to change. He less frequently wanted to sleep in the bed with my wife and me and he stopped getting the zoomies altogether. We took him to the vet and she said he was likely experiencing depression.
The vet recommended a few things that we started doing to help Kaiser. I'm a member of the bomb squad and Kaiser was a bomb-sniffing dog. So, every once in a while, I'd hide a decoy in the house and order him to find it. I would also exercise him more. My wife and I are active runners and we started taking him with us. Both of these things seemed to make him much happier, but it still didn't solve the issue of him laying at the back door every night.
I decided to install another security camera that would look directly at the back porch and I started leaving the back porch light on each night to see if I could catch anything. The first few weeks saw no activity. Kaiser would still do his routine, but there was never anything outside. That was until one cold and snowy night in January. It was eleven at night and I hadn't gone to sleep yet. I had my laptop open on the counter with the live feed of the back porch camera on. Weirdly, I noticed a dog appear behind my house and lay down below the steps up to the porch. The camera feed was fuzzy, so I couldn't make out the breed, but I could tell it wasn't a small dog.
I called my wife down the come look at it. "What the hell is some random dog coming to sleep under our porch for?" she said.
"I'm not sure, but this has to be why Kaiser's been acting so weird."
"Are you gonna go out there?"
"Probably not, I'm not sure if he's friendly. I'll give it a few days and see if he comes back." I looked back at Kaiser and he was standing at attention with his ears perked up. I reassured him everything was okay and tried to get him to come upstairs with my wife and me, but he still would leave the back door.
Unsurprisingly, as the next night came, the dog returned. Then the next night, he returned. Finally, when he returned the fourth time in a row, I decided I'd go out to check on him. Not knowing if he was friendly, I got the handgun and flashlight from my nightstand and kissed my wife.
"Get ready to call animal control if he turns out not to be friendly," I said.
"You're taking the gun with you, is that even gonna be necessary?"
"This is my last resort, the last thing I wanna do is shoot a dog."
Once again, Kaiser refused to come outside with me. I could hear the rustling from under the porch when the dog heard me step onto the porch. I left the door cracked just in case Kaiser wanted to walk out with me. I called the dog a few times but he didn't come out. I could hear him moving, but I couldn't hear any clanging from key chains on a collar.
After a few minutes of trying to call the dog out, I walked down to the grass and try to look under the porch. I shined the flashlight under the porch and saw him laying down as far back as he could. He appeared to be an English mastiff, but he was quite dirty. I tried calling him out but he stayed still staring at me. I went inside and got some of Kaiser's food. Surprisingly, he came out when I offered it to him. Once I stepped back away from the bowl, he began to eat.
As I looked closer at him, I noticed quite a few scars and bruises on him. This dog was trying to get away from an abuser. But where could he be coming from? I know all of my neighbors and their dogs and none of them are English mastiffs. I decided to would just try to take care of this dog for now. Once he was finished eating the food I offered him, he went back to laying down under the porch and I took the bowl back inside.
I kept watching the camera feed for about an hour before I went to bed and he never walked out from under the porch. I went under the porch on the morning after and the dog wasn't there. My wife and I decided to name him Buck for the time being until we figured out his real name and who owned him.
This continued for a few nights. I'd bring him some food, he'd come out from the porch just to eat, I'd go back inside, and he'd be gone by the morning. My wife recommended calling animal control to get him out, but I decided not to since he wasn't causing any problems.
After about a week, Buck let me sit next to him while he was eating. He was a bit skittish when I tried to pet him, but he allowed it. But then something even more strange happened the night after that. Buck brought a friend. A blond lab that my wife and I named Charlie. Charlie also had scars and bruises. Weirdly, Kaiser decided to come out with me this time and greet Buck and Charlie. I tried to get Buck and Charlie to come inside so they didn't have to sleep in the cold, but they refused.
My concern was growing high at this point. I knew these dogs were getting abused and that infuriated me. But they refuse to come into my house and would always go back to wherever they were coming from. So, I decided instead of trying to keep them at my house, I'd follow them to whatever they considered home. The next night, I put on my police gear, grabbed my shotgun and flashlight, and waited for the dogs to walk away. When they finally left, around two in the morning, I quickly followed, as did Kaiser.
I kept my phone on me with GPS location turned on so I wouldn't get lost. I searched through the forest for about an hour with no sign of anything. Kaiser was constantly on alert. I knew he was stressed, but he'd been through a lot in his life already, so I knew he was confident. After an hour and about a mile away from the house, I noticed a faint light through the trees.
I kept Kaiser close while we made our way closer to the light. It seemed to get dimmer the closer we got. When we finally reached the location, the light was already out. What we came across looked like a sinkhole with some sort of cave-like opening and an artificial path so you could walk in and out of the hole.
Despite my better judgment, I walk down the path into the sinkhole, Kaiser following skittishly behind me. I shined my flashlight all around the bottom and noticed there was something buried under a pile of leaves. Kaiser started smelling around and he went digging through the leaves. To my horror, he found Charlie nearly dead. He appeared to still be breathing, but he had a huge gash cutting across his torso. I wanted to do something, but it looked far too bad to be helped. Kaiser was whining and looked back at me, his ears plopping down. Rest in peace, Charlie.
I couldn't let whoever was doing this continue. Kaiser didn't want to leave Charlie, but I had to keep him near me so it didn't happen to him, too. We began walking into the cave. My flashlight was still the only light. The smell in this cave was beyond bad. I know what a dead body smells like, and this was far worse.
I began to hear sounds coming from the cave. Kaiser was starting to get more tense, as was I. As we got further down, I could start to make out the noises more clearly. Dogs were whining and barking. The cave started to take shape and look more like a dungeon. I reached the end. There were tons of cages with multiple dogs in each cage. As I walked through, all the dogs turned to me. I couldn't imagine what kind of sick freak would be doing this.
A loud, blood-curdling scream came from the end of a hallway. All the dogs stopped barking, just quietly whimpering. I shined the flashlight in the direction of the scream. It didn't sound human. I walked down, ready to shoot a freak. I turned the corner, and what I saw sent me into a living nightmare. It screamed again, almost deafening me. I shot.
My ears were ringing. I could faintly hear the dog begin barking again. I look behind me and Kaiser is standing, ready to receive an order. I give him the word to attack. I gather my bearings before calling Kaiser back. It was dead. It looked like some demented feline monster. Its ears were cut up, its face was mangled, and its teeth were gnarly.
It was about the size of a large dog, like a dingo or Great Dane, and hairless. But why and how could a creature like this organize a doggy dungeon like this? That was a question I didn't really want to know the answer to. All I knew was I had a bunch of dogs to rescue and get home.
I never found Buck, but I decided to bury Charlie in my backyard. If anybody would like to adopt a rescue and you live in Arkansas, I have plenty that are in desperate need of a home.
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