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2012.01.29 05:54 stick and pokes!

The do-it-yourself, machine-free tattoo community dedicated to educating and participating in the art of stick’n’poke tattoos. They may not be good looking, but they are also not well done. And that’s fine.

2020.04.05 17:33 Rsloth handpoke tattoos

The oldest form of tattooing, Handpoke or "stick and poke" tattoos are poked by hand.

2015.10.26 23:41 Traditional and Neo-Traditional Japanese Tattoo

A subreddit for sharing and discussing the craft of traditional and neotraditional Japanese tattooing.

2023.06.04 15:39 stevnfox Cant find the recommended soap for first tattoo

Am currently deployed in spain and just got my first tattoo and I can’t seem to find any non scented antibacterial soap at the shops on and around base, this may be a stupid question but would the gold dial hand soap work the same as the bar or should I just keep searching? Any help is super appreciated
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2023.06.04 14:49 tir3dagnostic advice

hi!! ive done s&ps all over my legs and on other people’s legs in different places incl. ankle + knee and have never had any healing issues or anything - just wondering if tattooing my own hands s&p is something that would be stupid?? and if anyones done it what size needle to use or any advice - i usually use 3,5 or 9rl. thanks so much <3
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2023.06.04 14:28 Competitive_Loss1528 Tattoo Removal places

Don’t judge, but I, A silly silly girl in love had a couple tattoo with my ex. I didn’t touch my tattoo for a long time since i was unsure if I want to cover it up or just remove it!
After 2 yrs ( yea, long time! I get it ) now, I’m looking to remove my tattoo ( i have laser hair appointments, can someone comfirm if tattoo removal can happen with normal LHR.
Also, anonymity me kaisi sharam? Guess who cut her hand to be dramatic? This girl!! ( promise I’m not at nibbi nibba age ) so I’m looking for color correction tattoo places as well. Does that HK permanent something have skin colour match tattoos?
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2023.06.04 14:25 skiskiski27 Sun Poisoning and Covid

Hello! I (27F no known medical conditions and no medications taken regularly) just got back from traveling to PR for vacation. I used 30-70spf (mostly 30-50 on my body and 70 on my face and tattoos) the entire vacation, being careful to reapply. Yesterday, as I was leaving after being there 6 days I noticed a bumpy, itchy rash all over my arms, legs, and hands. I also have chills, body aches, and an on again off again fever. I have been taking dayquil and advil. When I got home, I tested positive for Covid.
I do not have health insurance as I just finished graduate school and my new job benefits don’t kick in for 30 days. How should I manage the sun poisoning (?) at home and are there any additional risks of not seeking medical treatment with having both of these things together?
Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.04 12:41 Capital-Ad9835 🖤 ABOUT ME 🖤

I actually deleted the original "about me" post 😅

Let's start with the basics, I'm 22!

I'm a shooter too! Sharp look!😈🖤

I absolutely LOVE candy. Candy and sweets are one of my favorite things besides books and tattoos! I started to cover my hands, haha!

I am obsessed and collect soft toys. Now I have over 3 full trash bags and the collection is getting bigger every day. This is a problem, please help. 💀

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and sometimes I squat to keep in good shape. Therefore, I have a good figure.

Another thing is that I love music. Metal, power metal (mostly), sad rap, Cal Scrubby and the like, and I promise I can listen to music all day long. And sometimes, I do!

I communicate well with my mother. That's all I can say about my family for now.

I don't have many friends, as many people leave our lives, they become interested in something or someone else. But that's okay, that's how life is sometimes?

However, I have a cat. She is so sweet, funny, you want to wake up with her in the morning. She is my motivation to create content, to work, to do everything that I do.

About "controversial things".

I believe that women deserve the right to have an abortion and the right to their own body. I think trans women are women and trans men are men because that's what they are, that's the whole point. I believe that all people are equal, regardless of race, height, gender, religion, etc.

I do not belong to any subculture, you can classify me with any, but I just like to be beautiful and well-groomed, my favorite color is yellow, but I have a lot of black things, because they suit me.

Let me live and respect me and I will respect you in return, that's my point of view.

I don't know what else to write! I hope this has given you some idea of me and who I am and not just a naked girl on the internet! I look forward to learning more about you guys and myself on this exciting journey I'm about to embark on! Thank you guys for supporting me from the very beginning when no one knew who I was.

I love you all!
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2023.06.04 11:27 AdSenior489 Rey and his crotch pics

Ok I decided to give you a break from Grave for the moment and move back to Rey. The story is hilarious honestly and needs telling.
So one day Rey sent me a few pictures of him dressed up and looking nice. Even smiling. And of course I swooned. I mean the rolled up sleeves, the deeply undone shirt, the rings, the too tight pants, the crotch…wait crotch? Sure enough he’d sent me a picture of just his crotch.
Obviously being the reasonable person I am I instantly went to my group chat and start screaming about how good he looks and how he sent me a picture of just crotch. When I say just crotch I mean he literally cropped himself out and left behind crotch. I was dazzled. My mouth was watering. My group chat is also up in arms over crotch.
Then you will not believe what happened next. He asked what I thought. “What did you say Ad?” Well I asked if he wanted me to be disrespectful or respectful. I told me to wait he wanted my opinion on something else. He sent two more pictures of just his crotch. I promptly shriek and message back you know me so well. Because it was fucking hilarious. I //run// back to my group chat. And tell them we got caught looking at his crotch and that he’d sent more.
So after I stop laughing at getting caught making direct eye contact with his crotch he asks for my thoughts again. So I tell him “Cocky motherfucker look at his pants. My eyes went down and it looked at me. Fucking nice hands having ass….” He asks what the respectful comment is and I’m vague as fuck because I don’t want to look or sound like a simp. But he’s like wow not a lot of respect here. So I break down the respectful thoughts I had. “I’m not sure that color that shirt is but it looks very very nice against your skin. That undone buttons are just this side of too much which I personally appreciate. You have such a nice smile. Hands…respectfully. I appreciate that the jewelry isn’t stark against the rest of what you’re wearing. And I want to lick the ink out of your tattoo respectfully…and disrespectfully.” To which I got hahaha thank you. Yea I would like a simp. Fuck.
So a few hours later he messages me again talking about his outfit and how he dressed like a slut, his words I swear…I just agreed with them. He says that “Dressing in tight pants, a nice shirt that shows some skin and jewellery makes you slutty.” It took less than ten seconds to double text back an agreement. I told him I appreciate his commitment to dressing like somebody that knows how to fuck or maybe it’s just my appreciation for pants that are just a smidge too tight. When this man said because I know how to fuck I almost passed out. And that’s the story. I thought it was funny.
Fuck me running I want this man so badly.
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2023.06.04 10:23 East-Difficulty-8753 Missing person - Phil Harris

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2023.06.04 08:56 AliceeOrWhatever My tattoo artist sexually assaulted me

(THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY) I’m a 15 year old girl and have decided to get some tattoos this year. I found this tattoos and piercings studio through a friend of mine, I remembered he used to pierce my septum a few months ago at the old studio and so I thought we could be easy to get closer and cooperate with each other The tattoo artist did my lower back tattoo (tramp stamp), and my lower belly tattoo. As usual, I often come to the studio to put on some healing balm on my tattoos. I also got a piercing appointment on that day. I thought that he would just rub the balm on my tattoos like usual but suddenly I felt a hand groping on my butt. I felt clearly uncomfortable- “Was this part of the process?”. He was applying the balm on my tattoo, while also groping me. but I decided to stay silent. He told me to turn around for him to apply the balm on my lower belly tattoo, and so I did. A few seconds in, he was applying the balm on my tattoo but it seems like my belt was getting in the way. He told me to take the belt off, which I did and I felt it was necessary to do so. He started applying the balm on my tattoo again but things didn’t last long, he suddenly tried to unbuckle my pants. I was in complete shock. I immediately pulled away from him and said “WTF were you trying to do to me”. He smiled and responded “Well I thought you liked that”. I even threatened him that I will tell his girlfriend about this but he just laughed it off- “Don’t worry, it’s just the two of us in here”. I got shivers down my spine, I returned to my seat and hurriedly text my friend to come here ASAP. At that moment, I was horrified, I kept trying to look down to my phone. A few minutes later he looked at me he said that I should tie my hair up, which I declined. But he continued to say “Well come here and I can tie your hair up for you”, I felt creepy and obviously declined heavily. There was this point where he grabbed my arm and made me sit on the side of his lap, he grabbed my hand and started to rub it softly, he asked why my hands were so dried, I answered that maybe my body lacked hydration so that’s why my palm’s skin were dry and peeling off. Then our hands intertwined. My friend came in time and I told him to go down to get my friend. He said I can go open the door and when I did, I found out that the door was locked, I knew that he had intentions but I didn’t do anything. Keep in mind that the tattoo artist have already had a girlfriend so that’s why I felt comfortable being around him until this happened. I want to tell my parents but I’m scared that they’ll find out I have tattoos and I don’t want the police to do anything with this at all. I’m thinking that at least I could help his girlfriend get rid of him because of cheating and doing disgusting behavior on a minor that he was very aware of. I think I’m the first person to experience this in his studio. Besides my plan to expose him with a voice recording and showing it to his girlfriend, what should I do next?
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2023.06.04 08:32 badgermush Sammygirl. An analysis.

I don’t care how well known her surname is, I don’t feel it’s necessary to use in this post for identification purposes. We all know who I’m talking about.
Sammy piqued my interest the moment one of her lives were recorded and reposted, appearing on my FYP. This was in November of last year. Since then, I have watched from afar and analysed her behaviours.
It’s only really now that I can share these, given I’ve never had the audience before.
Sammy, at her core, is a volatile, lost, rejected little girl. The anger, aggressiveness and alcoholism are all fronts so that people do not truly see who she is as a person.
I don’t believe she wants to ‘push’ people away, as she often says. Quite the opposite. She clings to her social media relationships with intensity and ferocity; Which a lot of people can’t handle. When she senses the first sign of rejection or abandonment (such as someone not battling her, calling her, or following her ‘rules’), her volatile and aggressive behaviours come out - Her volatility from her core, and the aggressiveness as a front to hide her volatile nature as to not totally burn the bridge.
These volatile and aggressive behaviours are only strengthened and made more unpredictable by her abuse of alcohol.
We have seen this happen with Wez on multiple occasions, Jess (and those associated with her - Cassie, Mandy, Molly, Ang, Rachelle, etc), Karlee Indeed, Ash Louise, Mel Psychic, Rachael (her mod), Starting Over, Fake Krystle. Now Molly. The list goes on, and on..
Sadly, these people are manipulated back into Sammy’s grip. Whether this be from something inside of them that Sam can exploit, or, for some of them, seeing Sam as a means to gain traction on TikTok. Drama sells.
Sammy is not one to keep her promises, which have included: 1. Cutting Jess off (I think we are up to season 9 of this story) 2. Two promises now to seek a Mental Health Care Plan. 3. A promise to seek counselling for her alcoholism. 4. A promise to work for Karlee (the responsibility of this one does not fall squarely on Sammy) 5. Never coming on live again (This was after one of her sammygirlDrayke accts were banned). 6. Starting the gym (she went once). 7. Looking for work (claims to have handed out 15 resumes). 8. Getting her tattoo covered up. 9. Getting ‘J’ tattooed. 10. Quitting alcohol. 11. Getting an AVO on Jess.
And, less importantly:
  1. Wearing the dress after her dare battle with Ash.
  2. Wearing the helmet after he dare battle with Wez.
Many people call Sam a narcissist. I don’t believe that she is.
Many people say that ‘Sam isn’t that bad’, and that the jealous and aggressive reactions we have seen are ‘reactive abuse’ from Jessica. I don’t believe this either.
I believe that Sammy has an incredibly volatile and unstable personality. Potentially a personality disorder. I believe she has an intense fear of abandonment and rejection, incredibly diysregulated and unpredictable emotions and moods, an unstable self image, unpredictable and self injurious behaviour, social isolation, and on occasion, quite a grandiose view of herself (this particularly correlates with demeaning words and behaviours towards others - Calling Molly the ‘R’ word, saying negative things about J’s body, etc).
Sammy is continuing to self destruct, and no-one around her truly cares. They see her as a platform to gain viewers and gifts, or, think that she truly is the victim in life. Sometimes, the best friend is the one who will call you out on your bullshit.
Sam, I don’t believe you are an inherently bad person. However, you need psychological and psychiatric assistance. You need to find somewhere to access support for your alcoholism, you need to find regular psychological support, you need to find a job, and gather some stability in your real life.
Your online ‘friends’ are not your friends; They are users. They only stay in contact with you when it meets their needs. Or when they need some TikTok attention.
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2023.06.04 08:14 SpaceRoosterVII 29 [M4F] #Seattle - Established & Respectful Gentleman ISO Discreet Spark & Exciting Connection.

Hey there! Trying out my luck on here and see if I find what I'm looking for, and possibly what you're looking for?
I'm a direct and intentional person, so I think posting here on reddit will filter out those who are not looking for the same thing as I am.
Currently in a dead bedroom situation, pretty much for over a year now. So looking for someone who also is looking to have their physical needs fulfilled, and is probably looking for that spark/excitement again? Good connection= good sex, am I right?
with that in mind, here's a little something about me:
-29M, 5'8", Athletic/Average Build 160 lbs, clean and DDF. Easy on the eyes, great hygiene, I have tattoos (tasteful). Dark hair and deep dark brown eyes, mixed. I have a bachelor's degree and a full time job (if that matters at all). Respectful of your space and time, not the creepy/stalker type.
-I'm into anything creative & artsy, mainly movies and graphic design. In terms of music, I like alternative/punk rock, indie, and folk.
-Pretty laid back and chill, also naturally am a goof ball, so I like to joke around, tease, and also somewhat do have a dark humor! I'm an explorer, so I like to hike and do some cool activities, but also can be just laid back, watch movies and have a drink. In short, I'm a very spontaneous type of guy.
*Missionary- mainly because I like making out, neck kissing, chest nibbling/kissing, and most esp. seeing you reactions with some mild choking.
*Doggy Style- mainly because I would pull on your hair, and grab on to your neck. It's such a turn on to see your body arch a bit more towards me while I'm thusting to get in you harder.
*Cow Girl- It turns me on even more when a woman tries to be a dom sometimes, in a way that they try to resist me dominating them so they can be dominant (if that makes sense?) Such a turn on whenever I were to see your body motioning to get the feel of me in you that would feel good for you. Also so I can grab on your hips, pull you, slap and squeeze your cheeks, and nibble on your chest.
NOTE: I also am quite vocal, so I would definitely moan and cuss at times. If I'm feeling it, talk dirty depending on the mood. Hope you're okay with that.
*FEMALE / WOMAN who is respectful, friendly, chill, and fun to talk to. It would be better if you have your life together so we can talk about how adulting life is LOL. I don't mind if you're a student, as long as you're pursuing something good in life to be stable 👍
*AGE: 25-33 Years Old, HWP
*Clean, Good Hygiene, DDF
*Must be willing to exchange photos at first. I'm not gonna lie, attraction is vital in order to build chemistry sexually right? I am in no way super attractive, I would say I'm about average, although my lady friends and women that I've connected with say I'm charming/charismatic, so I guess that kinda adds up LOL (I'm compensating so hard huh, LOL). --- So I'm being realistic here as well. So it's a must that we're both attracted to each other first.
So if this post is good enough for you or if you would like to get to know each other better, shoot me a DM! Would love to hear from you :)
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2023.06.04 07:05 sennethtsz Forearm front/back?

I have got a vertical line tattoo in my inner forearm and wanted to turn it into a sleeve. But if I take the inner (and it's opposite) forearm as front/back, with relaxed hand position, the outward facing would technically be the "side". If I take the outward facing as the "front", my line tattoo would not be "straight". Any advice on this dilemma?
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2023.06.04 06:16 Brilliant_Kitchen_88 I broke no contact after a 2.5 months.

We were together for four years, we spent almost 20 hours a day together during that time. We were traveling during covid, and lived in a cabin when not traveling.
We had small problems, which I thought could be easily fixed. The problem is I didn't begin work to fix them until after she left. We were on and off no contact for the first month. After I realised she was serious, I went no contact. Flew overseas to get drunk on a beach for a week. After a few days, I came home intent to become the person she deserved.
I spent the month working on myself. I got fit, I got extremely fit, the first time I've had a sixpack in my life. I reflected on what went wrong with out relationship, I wrote a list of items I needed to apologise for, as well as items to say thank you for.
After 73 days since breakup, 50 days no contact, I was traveling to her town for an event, so in the evening I messaged to ask if she would like to meet up, she did not, however she seemed happy to talk on the phone. She was more than happy to hear my appologies, as a way to let her know that a lot of problems I previously ignored, I had now accepted, addressed and apologised for. We talked for about an hour, I went point by point, through my poor behaviour. I was glad to get it off my chest, I think she was glad to hear it.
I told her I would be going for a run along the beach for sunrise the next morning if she wanted to join me. To my surprise, she invited me to come surfing with her.
So at 5am the next morning, I went running along the beach until she arrived, when we crossed paths on the beach, we didn't even say hello. We just went straight into the surf, swiming, talking and surfing. While in the surf, she asked me for a hug, commenting that I am 'shredded' and have a new tattoo.
After surfing, we sat on the beach, for a bit before she suggested we go for coffee. We had breakfast together and talked for a few hours, she commented it was as if we were traveling again. We were both obviously loving being back together. She agreed to my invite to meet me at the beach in the evening, for fire twirling.
During our time together that morning, we even held hands briefly, she put hers on the table and was talking about intemacy, so I held it, she didn't remove it, or flinch, I held it and corressed her for a minute.
When we left, she held onto the hug, I was the one to break it. I said 'see you tonight'
Within a few hours, she'd messaged. Today was hard on her, so we wouldn't meet tonight, and my number would be blocked. We tried, we failed and she wouldn't go backwards.
A few hours after this, she tried to call twice, however I was in a meeting so couldn't answer. She sent a text, saying we shouldn't have met, as her heart is broken all over.
In the evening, I didn't bother going to the beach, or even ask if she still wanted to go. I went back to my city.
I sent her a message, saying we need more time apart, a month. I told her that it was obvious we were both deeply in love with each other, to the point I can invisage our future family. I let her know I had already left, so wouldn't go to the beach. I told her I loved her, and now I'm back in no contact.
I suspect our meeting coincided with the dumpers timeline of nostalgia. Along with her seeing me looking so happy, healthy and fit. I think she expected to come and confirm her decision. However the reality was that we were still heavily attracted to each other.
In the evening, after the long drive home, I had the realisation, that the script feels it has flipped. Almost as if I broke up with her today, she is now at home upset, I am not to bothered as I had a greate weekend, and enjoyed seeing her.
We arn't back together, I still don't know if we ever will. However the levels of respect between us changed.
We broke up because she lost respect for me. I think the respect is back, the love is there. However she is the most stubborn human I've ever met, when it comes to her following through with a decision.
Take from this what you will.
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2023.06.04 05:23 dandinonillion bald Brynolf (HELP)

I’ve got a few hair and beard mods installed and went into creation kit to edit him to my liking, but after I save my changes and load the game he still looks like this. Any advice? The changes loaded once, and then I went back into CK to remove a moustache from Brand-Shei, and Bryn is back rocking the look of my ex-boyfriend’s dad.
# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
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+Northern Roads Patch Collection
+Northern Roads
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+Minotaurs - Mihail Monsters and Animals (SE-AE version) (''oblivion'')
+Better Pelts and Hides
+Ryn's Dragon Mounds Collection
+KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) - Khajiit Patch
+KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics)
+ADXP I MCO ER Twinblades (SCAR Precision)
+Lore Weapon Expansion SE
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+SIC SE - Add-Ons and Patches
+CACO - Beyond Skyrim Bruma Patch
+Spell Research - Experience Book
+Spell Research
+kryptopyr's Patch Hub
+Bloodchill Manor (CC) __ CACO
+Cutting Room Floor __ CACO
+Opulent Thieves Guild - FPS Fix
+Opulent Thieves Guild - Sneak Tools compatibility patch
+Quaint Raven Rock - Ghosts of the Tribunal Patch
+More Growable Plants SE
+Cathedral - 3D Solstheim Grass
+SmoothCam - Octavian's Preset
+Pets of Skyrim - JK's Skyrim Compatibility Patch
+SmoothCam - Soft Preset
+WACCF Sneak Tools Patch
+Sneak Tools Embers XD Patch
+Sneak Tools SE Edition
+Wayfarer's Coat CBBE
+Wayfarer's Coat
+Sleeping Expanded - Animations and NPC reactions
+Archmage Apparel
+Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement
+Hunting in Skyrim - A Hunting Guild SE
+Diverse Werewolves Collection SE Player
+Diverse Werewolves Collection SE
+Werebeast GrowlVanilla Spruce-up
+Unleashed Sacrosanct and Growl Racial Abilities SE - (Werewolf and Vampire racial abilities for custom races)
+Growl and Sacrosanct Hybrid
+Gender-specific Werewolf Transformation Sounds (Vampire Lords optional)
+Elden Counter
+Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
+Set of Skills
+ADXP I MCO ER rapiers (SCAR)
+Realistic Halberd Poleaxe Animation(MCO SCAR)
+Goetia Animations - Enchanted Staves
+Favorite Misc Items
+Simple Outfit Manager
+Hunting Grounds Outfit
+SIRENROOT - Patch 1.04
+SIRENROOT - Deluge of Deceit
+ADXP I MCO ER Spear Basic Animation (SCAR)
+Skyrim Spear Mechanic SE
+Cathedral - 3D Rocky Shores
+FurArmorSetSE(FrostFall Aware) ordinator
+High Poly Gleamblossoms
+Goetia Animations - Conditional Shouts
+HD Baskets Textures
+SCAR AE Support
+Trade and Barter - Patches
+Circlet USSEP Fixes
+Wintersun - Creatures
+Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition
+Sunhelm Survival Patch for Hearthfire Extended
+Forsworn Dreadlocks for Beast Races
+Guild Leader Perks
+Hearthfire Carriage Destinations
+Hearthfire Improvements - A Lightweight Extension
+Better Dynamic Ash SE
+Hearthfire Shrines Expanded
+College Prestige Mage Outfit SE
+DX Necromancer Robes - SSE CBBE BodySlide
+DX Necromancer Robes - UNP
+Better Treasury House
+Illuminated Blue Palace Dome
+ENB Particle Lights - Dwemer Lanterns
+Unique Solstheim Grass
+Better beast race scars
+Reach Tree Replacer SSE
+Better fur - Fine clothes
+Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Upscaled Textures (BSBUT) Armour
+Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Upscaled Textures (BSBUT)
+Thundering Shouts
+Nibenean Armors and Outfit SE - UNP - UNPB - CBBE
+Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul - Unique Alchemy Plants for Skyrim SE
+Forsworn Fashions- More Variety for forsworn (Armor Pack- BHUNP CBBE 3BA and HIMBO)
+Wilderness Witch Outfit CBBE
+Wilderness Witch Outfit
+Unique Flowers and Plants SSE
+Imperial Fine Clothes
+Conditional Expressions - Subtle Face Animations
+Immersive Interactions - Animated Actions
+FurArmorSetSE - CBBE Bodyslide Conversion
+FurArmorSetSE - Muted Color Retexture
+FurArmorSetSE(FrostFall Aware)
+Cathedral - 3D Snow Berries
+3D Plants Patch - Snowberries
+Saints and Seducers Flora ENB Light
+(DISCONTINUED) CBBE Armour and Clothing Conversions for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
+Rare Curios - BS Bruma Synergy Patch
+Cathedral - Armory - Gemling Queen Jewelry Patch
+2K Ring of Namira Retextured
+White Phial Replacer SE
+Stalhrim Source
+Bandit Lines Expansion
+2k Retextured Ring Of hircine
+Solstheim Lighthouse
+Wyrmstooth Upscaled Textures
+Missives - The Witcher Board HD
+Sovngarde HD
+Missives - Notes Retexture
+HD Sleeping Tree Sap Replacer
+HQ Tree Bark
+Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture Special Edition
+VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE
+Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers for Hearthfire
+Lux Via - Cathedral Mountain Flowers
+Hitting the Books - A Necromantic Grimoire Update
+Simple Bath for Bloodchill Manor
+Conditional Dog Barking (DAR)
+Werewolf Animation and Sneak Extension (DAR)
+Kaidan Lux
+Kaidan Inigo
+Kaidan 3dnpc
+Axarien's Animations - Lucien (DAR)
+Axarien's Animations - The Companions - Vilkas Farkas Aela (DAR)
+Axarien's Animations - Inigo (DAR)
+Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel - SWIFT SE
+SUEMR SSE with Bijin AIO 2019 Support
+Black_Sacrament_Armor_V4-1_High Def_PortedSSE
+Immersive Sounds Compendium - PATCHES
+Enhanced Blood Textures
+Hunterborn SE MCM
+I'm Glad You're Here - a follower and spouse appreciation mod - SSE - Bard patch
+Skyrim's Got Talent - Improve As a Bard
+Immersive Vampire Clutter - Base Object Swapper (BOS)
+Moss Shaders Restored - Cut Content Restoration
+Realistic Skooma
+Daedric Shrines - All in One
+8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies - Cathedral Concept
+Breezehome by Lupus - Lux - Embers XD - Patch
+Breezehome by Lupus
+Simple Breezehome Garden
+I'm Glad You're Here - a follower and spouse appreciation mod - SSE
+Quest Outfit Replacers - Party and Radiant Raiment Fine Clothes
+Ordinator - Slower Leveling Speed and Increased Training Costs
+Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim
+BA Bard Songs
+Colovian Leather Armor and Outfit SE - UNP - CBBE - Update
+Colovian Leather Armor and Outfit SE - UNP - CBBE
+Auto Input Switch
+Vampire Sun Damage Clothes Covering
+All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently
+Arena - An Encounter Zone Overhaul
+Immersive Load Screens for ArteFakes
+ArteFakes - Unique Artifacts Replacer animation
+ArteFakes - Unique Artifacts Replacer plugin
+ArteFakes - Unique Artifacts Replacer
+JK's Interiors Patch Collection
+Better Third Person Selection - BTPS
+Queen of the Damned - Deadlier Serana_SE
+Serana Dialogue Edit - Skyrim Special Edition
+Anima Nera - SerketHetyt's Serana Overhaul
+Respectable Inventory -- Well-Stocked Alchemists
+Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Birthsigns - Classes - Skills - Specializations - Attributes - update
+Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Birthsigns - Classes - Skills - Specializations - Attributes
+Smart NPC Potions - Enemies Use Potions and Poisons
+RUSTIC AMULETS - Special Edition
+Wintersun - More Patches
+Crimson Nirnroot Markers
+Bandolier - Bags and Pouches for NPC
+Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Classic
+Book Covers Skyrim
+Trade and Barter
+Tribunal Robes and Masks for SSE
+Volkihar Knight - Vampire Armor
+Sovngarde - A Nordic Font
+Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes
+The Midden - Expanded
+Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
+Take a Seat - New DAR Sitting Animations
+Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE
+The Beauty of Skyrim - Caves and Mines
+Quaint Raven Rock Patch Collection
+Quaint Raven Rock - SE
+Ordinator - No Timed Block
+Valhalla Combat
+Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim
+Run For Your Lives
+Prince and the Pauper SE
+Gemling Queen Jewelry SE
+Khajiit Will Follow - Fix
+Khajiit Will Follow
+Coats for Skyrim - UPDATED - SSE
+Bruma Signs SMIM patch - SE
+Wait Your Turn - Enemy Circling Behaviour
+Wealthy Marks - A Pickpocket Mod (SPID)
+Thieves Guild Dialogue Fix - USSEP Compatible
+Wear Multiple Rings
+Point The Way
+High Level Enemies
+Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visual Effects
+Follower Trap Safety
+Immersive Khajiit Armor and Weapons - Rebalance and Integration
+Lunar Guard Armor
+VickusDickus' Khajiiti Apex Armory - skeleton
+VickusDickus' Khajiiti Apex Armory
+Payload Interpreter
+Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim - Ordinator
+Apocalypse Spells For NPCS
+Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
+Vanargand Animations - One Handed Power Attacks
+Goetia Animations - Sneak Magic
+Goetia Animations - Magic Spell Casting
+EVG Conditional Idles
+Gesture Animation Remix (DAR)
+Animated Armoury - DAR Version - New Weapons with animations
+Vanargand Animations - One Handed Mid Stance
+Vanargand Animations - One Handed Normal Attacks
+Vanargand Animations - Sneak Archery
+Lively Children Animations (DAR)
+NPC Animation Remix (DAR)
+Animation Motion Revolution
+MCO Universal Support
+Attack MCO-DXP
+The Companions - Earn your stripes
+Pickpocketing 5Ever
+Awesome Potions Simplified -ENB Lights
+Awesome Potions Simplified by Revoith
+Dawnguard as a vampire
+Improved Companions - Questline Tweaks
+Medieval Spirits
+Gildergreen Regrown
+Hearthfire Extended - Cutting Room Floor Patch
+Hearthfire Extended
+Coin Purse - An Overhaul For Skyrim
+Summermyst - WACCF Patch
+Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim
+Saints and Seducers - Growable Plants
+Opulent Thieves Guild Patch Collection
+Skyrims Unique Treasures
+True Directional Movement - Modernized Third Person Gameplay
+XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended
+Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim
+Dragon Claws Auto-Unlock
+Project New Reign - Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine
+Lind's Black Robes Revamp - Texture Replacer
+Moon Monk's Robes
+Skyforge Weapons - Reforged
+Inigo - Bloodchill Manor patch
+Cult of the World Eater - Dragon Priests Buff Alduin
+Deadly Dragons
+SCAR - Skyrim Combos AI Revolution
+RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition
+Face Discoloration Fix
+Miscellaneous Embers XD Patches
+Vanilla hair remake SMP compatibility
+Vanilla hair remake SMP
+ShowRaceMenu Alternative - Lux patch
+ShowRaceMenu Alternative
+Tempered Skins for Females CBBE
+Vanilla hair remake SMP NPCs (real hair)
+Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures
+VHR - Vanilla Hair Replacer
+Barbarian Bodypaints - Racemenu Body and Head Overlays for UUNP CBBE and Males
+Beards of Power - Sons of Skyrim - Vanilla Hair Remake SMP
+Beards of Power - Sons of Skyrim
+Normal Vampire Face For High Poly Head
+Whiter Teeth for ALL (SE)- Orc Khajiit Argonian Werewolf
+BeastHHBB - Khajiit and Argonian content - player character and NPC replacer addon
+BeastHHBB - Khajiit and Argonian content - player character and NPC replacer
+Khajiit Aesthetics Compilation - Hair Eyes Fangs
+Better Beast vampire fangs - fixes and adjustments - Argonian and Khajiit
+Kala's Eyes- Beast Race Edition Khajiit Argonian
+The Witcher 3 Eyes SE
+Vanilla Warpaints Absolution
+Apachii Sky Hair SSE
+CoverKhajiits - Face Textures 4K SE
+Pretty Khajiit SE
+The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
+Total Character Makeover
+Weathered Nordic Bodypaints -Special Edition- RaceMenu Overlays and Warpaints
+Beast Race Bodypaints SE -Khajiit and Argonian Themed Bodypaints Facepaints RaceMenu Overlays-
+Community Overlays 2 (31-50) Bodypaints Warpaints Tattoos and more made for the Community (Special Edition)
+High Poly Head SE
+BodySlide and Outfit Studio
+Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
+Xelzaz' Telvanni Spellsword Armor Enhanced
+Xelzaz - Custom Fully Voiced Argonian Telvanni Follower - Wyrmstooth
+Xelzaz - Custom Fully Voiced Argonian Telvanni Follower
+Lux Via Wyrmstooth
+Remiel-Custom Voiced Dwemer Specialist and Companion
+Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower - Bruma
+Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower - Curios
+Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower - S+Zombies
+Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower - Saints
+Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower
+Daughter of Valenwood - An Auri Replacer
+Song of the Green (Auri Follower) - Inidog
+Song of the Green 3dnpc
+Song of the Green Auri
+Kaidan 2 Weapons Revamped - Katana Bow and Quiver with Arrows
+BWB Kaidan
+Kaidan 2
+Interesting NPCs SE (3DNPC) - Rumarin Solstheim
+Interesting NPCs SE (3DNPC) - Cutting Room Floor
+Interesting NPCs SE (3DNPC) - AI Overhaul
+Interesting NPCs SE (3DNPC)
+Opulent Thieves Guild
+Ordinator for Spell Perk Item Distributor
+JK's Skyrim - Thunderchild patch
+Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
+JKs Skyrim - AI Overhaul SSE Patch
+JK's Skyrim
+Lanterns Of Skyrim II
+Real 3D Walls
+Solstheim landscape and furniture
+Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE
+-Skyrim 202X 9.0 - Architecture
+-Skyrim 202X 9.0.1 - Other
+Skyrim 202X 9.0 - Landscape
+Skyrim 202X by Pfuscher - Formerly 2020
+Books of Skyrim SE
+Colovian Noble Clothes
+RUGNAROK - Special Edition
+PELTAPALOOZA - Special Edition
+Dark Brotherhood Robes Replaced
+Dark Brotherhood Enchantments Improved
+4thUnknown - Ancient Shrouded Armor Replacer
+Dark Brotherhood Armor SE
+Cathedral - Armory update
+Cathedral - Armory
+aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE
+Fashions Of The Banditry- A bandit-focused Armor Pack (BHUNP-CBBE-3BA-HIMBO) CBBE
+Fashions Of The Banditry- A bandit-focused Armor Pack (BHUNP-CBBE-3BA-HIMBO)
+Artesian Cloaks of Skyrim
+Cloaks of Skyrim HD SSE
+Winter Is Coming SSE - Cloaks Patch
+Cloaks of Skyrim SSE
+Vampire Royal Armor Replacer HDT-SMP Cape
+HDT-SMP for Cloaks and Capes
+Winter Is Coming SSE - Cloaks
+Faster HDT-SMP
+Nightingale Hall Restored - Karliah As A Follower
+Black Mage Armor SE
+Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - Schools of Magic SSE (Revised ESP Only) - WACCF
+Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - Schools of Magic SSE (Revised ESP Only)
+Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - Schools of Magic
+Hunterborn Ordinator Bone Arrow patch
+Campfire Patch for Water-Borne Diseases for SunHelm
+SunHelm Survival - Compatibility Patches
+Skills of the Wild - New Campfire Survival Skill Trees
+SunHelm - Creation Club Farming Patch
+Water-Borne Diseases for SunHelm
+SunHelm Survival
+Warm Drinks SSE - Simple Tea And Coffee Recipes - for Campfire
+Campfire - Complete Camping System (Supports Skyrim VR)
+Ordinator - Rat king - Other Creatures
+Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Patch
+Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
+Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - CACO Patch
+Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
+At Your Own Pace - Main Quest
+At Your Own Pace - Thane Overhaul
+Defeat the Dragon Cult
+Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - CBBE Patch
+Player Blink Fix
+Teldryn Serious - A Teldryn Sero Backstory Quest SSE
+Immersive College NPCs - No Saarthal (Compatibility for Ryn's Saarthal)
+Immersive College NPCs
+Ryn's Ustengrav
+Ryn's Saarthal
+The Brotherhood of Old - Dark Brotherhood Continued
+Ryn's Bleak Falls Barrow
+Magical Blackreach
+JK's Silver-Blood Inn
+JK's The Bannered Mare
+JK's The Winking Skeever
+JK's Warmaiden's
+JK's The Drunken Huntsman
+JK's Sleeping Giant Inn
+JK's Radiant Raiment
+JK's Arcadia's Cauldron
+JK's Belethor's General Goods
+JK's Dragonsreach
+JK's Angeline's Aromatics
+JK's Bits and Pieces
+JK's Blue Palace
+JK's Candlehearth Hall
+JK's Elgrim's Elixirs
+JK's White Phial
+JK's Mistveil Keep
+JK's New Gnisis Cornerclub
+JK's Sadri's Used Wares
+JK's Palace of the Kings
+JK's The Temple of Mara
+JK's The Pawned Prawn
+JK's The Bee and Barb
+JK's Arnleif and Sons Trading Company
+JK's The Hag's Cure
+JK's Understone Keep
+JK's Jorrvaskr
+JK's Riverwood Trader
+JK's Temple of the Divines
+JK's Temple of Talos
+JK's Temple of Kynareth
+JK's Temple of Dibella
+JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse
+JK's High Hrothgar
+JK's Castle Dour
+JK's Septimus Signus's Outpost
+JK's The Bards College
+DLC Content
+Realistic Conversations
+Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE
+AI Overhaul SSE
+Cutting Room Floor - SSE
+Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice
+Unlimited Bookshelves
+Practical Patches-Replacers for Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - Nightshade
+3D Plants Patch - Tundra Cotton
+3D Plants Patch - Lavender
+3D Plants Patch - Nirnroot by Mari and Rudy's Light
+Practical Patches-Replacers for Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - Mountain Flowers
+3D Plants Patch - Deathbell with Rudy's Purple Light
+Cathedral - 3D Clover Plant
+Cathedral - 3D Thicket and Dead Shrub
+Cathedral - 3D Grass Library
+Cathedral - 3D Thistle
+Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers
+Cathedral - 3D Tundra Cotton
+Cathedral - 3D Deathbell ENB
+Cathedral - 3D Deathbell
+Cathedral - Mushrooms
+Origins Of Forest - 3D Forest Grass
+Immersive Sounds - Compendium
+Lux Via
+Embers XD
+Wet and Cold SE - Cathedral Weathers Patch
+Wet and Cold SE
+Rudy ENB Cathedral Weathers ADDONS and REQUiRED Files
+Cathedral Weathers and Seasons
+Whiterun Objects SMIMed (and fixes too)
+Armor and Clothing Extension
+Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes
+RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition
+Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE
+Obsidian Mountain Fogs
+Water for ENB
+ENB Light Inventory Fix (ELIF)
+Bright Snow Fix for ENB
+Bright Waterfall Fix for ENB
+ENB Helper SE
+ENB Light
+Less Distracting Blowing Snow Effects for ENB Particle Patch
+Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows (EVLaS)
+Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods
+No Grass In Objects
+Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon
+Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants
+Cathedral - Plants
+Landscapes - Cathedral Concept
+Static Mesh Improvement Mod
+Mfg Fix
+NORDIC UI - Miscellaneous Patches
+Nordic UI Active Effects for SkyUI SE
+SkyUI Weapons Pack SE
+Expanded Dawnguard Map Markers
+NORDIC UI - Interface Overhaul
+iHUD and True HUD Patch
+TrueHUD - HUD Additions
+Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition
+Beyond Skyrim - Bruma DLC
+Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
+Beyond Skyrim - Assets
+A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds
+Lore-Based Loading Screens
+Survival Control Panel
+Scrambled Bugs
+JContainers SE
+DynDOLOD Resources SE
+Particle Patch for ENB
+Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
+Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
+Unofficial High Definition Audio Project
+Spell Perk Item Distributor
+Sound Record Distributor
+MCM Helper
+powerofthree's Papyrus Extender
+powerofthree's Tweaks
+.NET Script Framework
+Unique Map Weather
+SSE Display Tweaks
+SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)
+Scaleform Translation Plus Plus NG
+PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions
+Papyrus Tweaks NG
+Crash Logger SSE AE VR - PDB support
+Address Library for SKSE Plugins
+xEdit Output
*Creation Club: ccBGSSSE037-Curios
*Creation Club: ccBGSSSE001-Fish
*Creation Club: ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS
*Creation Club: ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode
*DLC: Dawnguard
*DLC: Dragonborn
*DLC: HearthFires
*Creation Club: ccbgssse003-zombies
*Creation Club: ccbgssse011-hrsarmrelvn
*Creation Club: ccbgssse012-hrsarmrstl
*Creation Club: ccbgssse057-ba_stalhrim
*Creation Club: ccbgssse058-ba_steel
*Creation Club: ccbgssse060-ba_dragonscale
*Creation Club: ccedhsse001-norjewel
*Creation Club: ccedhsse002-splkntset
*Creation Club: ccedhsse003-redguard
*Creation Club: cceejsse005-cave
*Creation Club: ccvsvsse003-necroarts
*Creation Club: ccvsvsse004-beafarmer
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2023.06.04 04:01 whisperkins 2003 tattoo idea help?

I want a 2003 reference tattoo. All of my tattoos are song references. 2003 was when I entered the scene, a huge year in my life, and I want to have a tattoo for it. But idk what I want exactly. Anyone wanna throw inspiration at me? I've got tattoos for The Wonder Years, Yellowcard, Rise Against, and Hands Like Houses to give a sort of glimpse. Thanks all
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2023.06.04 03:32 sgtjoy Along for the ride continued

Jesus ran like a scalded dog to Barsun’s apartment. This was a matter of urgency because the most precious commodity in the universe had been pilfered. Someone had stolen a SOUL from the Guf (in other words they had a real shitshow on their hands.) This was no mere Brink’s hold up. It was beyond imagining. It was unprecedented and it was a complete and utter surprise. The fact that he passed Shiva, Ghandhi (just an advisor) and Buddha (same) demonstrated to him that the wheels have fallen off the cart. Thor called him down and told him that he had not one soul to have escaped Valhalla. Jesus couldn’t outrun the news it seemed, and he was divinely hauling ass. I guess news travelled faster than his divine feet in a set of Crocs could carry him. When asked he would later admit that they were not in fact good running shoes.
There was a soul missing from the Guf. The warehouse of all souls. This same missing soul was now occupying one electronic being. They had no plans for this. In fact, Jesus was totally against artificial sentients with souls. Every God he knew felt the same way and, since he knew them all he also was aware they had not released a soul. This is not supposed to happen and had never happened. Everyone was terrified of one thing that he would not speak aloud and would not contemplate. That fact was badgering him every step. Someone had fucked up big time or someone is tampering with the whole shebang.
There was potentially someone more powerful than them. They weren’t almighty. Fuck. He needed a stiff drink and a blunt. Desperately. Barsun may have had 8 legs and 8 eyes and the basic appearance of a Trilobite, but he had the easiest of ways about him. When Barsun walked into a room everyone calmed down. The Ytrillians assumed it was Barsun entering the room. Later on modern Ytrillians had attributed this common occurrence to pheromones. Thing is this: it was indeed Barsun entering the room. Pheromones had dick to do with it. He was Jesus’ best friend and the first he turned to outside the Father. Jesus had even discussed things with Quetzalcoatl, and he could not figure exactly how this could of happened either. None of his souls were missing. Jesus already knew this, but the formality had to be observed.
Jesus walked to the door and kept trucking as Barsun opened it at just the right moment. Something was different in the flat and he knew instantly. He was jealous enough that it broke his train of thought. “Where did you get all of the blacklight posters and beads? There was a poster of the 23rd psalm. He walked up to it and read Yea thou I walk through the shadow of death…..pretty much standard except at the end ….For I am the meanest motherfucker in the valley. He began to laugh raucously. “I must have one of those. Now.” Barsun moved to take it down and roll it up for Jesus to take with him. That is how close they were. “I can’t take it but I will get one with no problem. Where did you get it?”
Barsun replied “eBay.”
Jesus was stunned truly and looked at the God and said “You are cheating on Goodwill. You are committing retail adultery. I cannot believe you did that.” Barsun replied “Well you use Amazon.”
He had him there. It just seemed inconsistent with everything else in the flat having come from Goodwill. It just wasn’t right.
Barsun indicated a Bean bag chair for Jesus. He reclined in the same. Given his body type it was amazing how some furniture made for humans was so useful to him. There was going to be a brisk trade springing up in the next two years. Things were about to get interesting for a few sentient races and He was excited for them.
Barsun inhaled through his eight spiracles and stated. “I know about the Guf. And no, it is not an accounting error. I know. This simply cannot be. No one else had access and Gods were diligent and cautious with the souls under their care. However impossible it is clear: It is a fact.
They weren’t at the top of the food chain. Or were they? There were….implications here……
Jesus asked out loud the question. “If we aren’t the ones in overall control then who are we?” Barsun knew the question was coming and he had thought it through. “We are the exact same beings we have always been. Able to do tremendous amounts of good for the most part. We have not changed. I do think it curious that none of us saw this coming as well.” He paused before he continued; thinking how disturbing and exciting this news was. For once they had a surprise and the thought thrilled him that something just upset his view. And for the first time ever he had felt fear. It was exhilarating. It was the best thing to happen ever. He continued “ Someone tweaked the system. However, I am not afraid because of one thing. I sense no wrongness around the event. Nothing unusual has gone down and no one has died, the universe is whole. If it hasn’t caused any problems, then what are we concerned about? Only thing I can come up with is Ego.”
Jesus knew he was right. He did not want to think about it, but he had the exact same experience. He looked at Barsun and knew he too had felt the same emotions. They were both thrilled.
Onboard the HRMS Saratov in Luna Orbit.
Yuri was sitting at his station in the number one chair. People had been calling him number one behind his back. It was a very very very old joke that apparently had more staying power than a tattoo. It just never went away on it’s on. He was running the optimal plot outbound from Sol. They were moving Sub Light at 0.2C enroute to designated warp space. The scientist did not like it when warp drives threw off their Cesium clocks. There is a reason they were protected. They were everywhere and were critical to accurate computing. Not being a programmer himself, he had no real grasp of why. He just followed regs and the Terran Space Treaty of 2225. There were places to depart and places to return. Both had to be strictly adhered to as vessels coming out of warp would have massive radiation bow waves that had to be dissipated in a safe direction. It only took one event where 23,000 Luna colonists died as a result of poor judgement for the players to get a treaty together. Meanwhile the killer of so many had paid the price for his arrogance. His first officer had warned him that it was going to happen. Out of just pure Ego thousands of lives were lost. They could have prevented it. They were required to study such disasters in training but one story stuck in his head and he never forgot it. He could remember the major players involved and he had written a paper on it in His academy days. He remembered the details of the Tenerife disaster very well . Over 500 people killed by hubris and not a little incompetence.
He had started down this line of thought after he had looked at the final roster of nations in the flotilla. This was not unusual as Earth’s forces were fully integrated with common technology and ships. All drive hardware and power systems were identical to their counterparts. They worked as a whole to such a degree that there was really only one fleet. The Terran fleet. They all liked the sound of it. Political boundaries on Earth hadn’t moved for slightly more than two centuries. Not one inch. Turns out that nearly free energy was a great equalizer and the key to a post scarcity civilization. Who would think it?
It all came down to teamwork. There were Corvettes from Cuba The CSS Havana and the CSS Holguin. The pride of the human fleet the IRNS Vikrant was going as well. The admiral felt honored. The George Washington from the New England Confederacy and the SSS Atlanta from the Southern Democratic Republic were also on hand. One thing Yuri did not understand; why would The Northeastern Confederacy and The Southern Democratic Republic not unify. Their fleets were fully integrated and there was an open Border along Virginia that was un defended. Passports worked in both countries and there were no restrictions on residence. It worked for them. They weren’t fighting. The Middle Asiatic Republic sent the Karachi and the Kabul. Both were light carriers carrying a mix of MiG-29Z and F-15 Mk 82 Eagle fighter aircraft. They had little to do with their namesakes except for the identical aerodynamics. Primarily trans atmospheric fighters they were capable of brief spaceflight. The other significant difference besides the addition of reaction thrusters was the material they were made of. They consisted of a Ceramic Graphene matrix that could withstand the temperatures of reentry. The whole concept of stealth had gone away with the advent of gravimetry. So; Why reinvent the wheel? Pick something optimized for aerodynamics without regard to stealth features. Today fights were won by the best missileer and gunfighter. You could not hide. So best be the most optimal aircraft. Besides: Stealth was slow. Top speeds of aircraft dropped during the brief stealth era. Averages were back over Mach 2 now since speed was life for a fighter pilot.
Why pick the MiG29 and the F-15? They were the pinnacle of aerodynamic performance. There has been little to no new knowledge about aerodynamics to come out since those times. They were manufactured via vapor deposition 3D printing. A molecular composite they were strong and had reduced radar cross sections. Armed with a mix of missile and cannon they delivered quite a bit of firepower and were more than a match for any invading spaceborne forces. These fighters would destroy drop ships by the hundreds. Some even wanted to bring back the MiG-21. It would make a lot of sense.
Humans have the Ruslan (his personal favorite) trans atmospheric transport or the C-301 Starlifter. Both aircraft had mixed mode propulsion with highly refined cero-ferrous gas turbines. They were capable of both open or closed cycle operation. Smaller countries often used refurbished secondhand equipment from other countries for a small fee. This made certain there were adequate forces to bear and that all participated. It was in everyone’s best interest. No one wanted some weakling holding their flank.
Both the Ruslan and Starlifter transports were good at different things as the Ruslan carried large payloads but was inefficient in transport atmospherically whereas the Starlifter was great at theater transport but had a smaller payload. This is why it was a mix of these two aircraft. They were complementary. Many think there is a great rivalry going on between the two countries, but both had each other’s technology as well. It was convoluted but both countries ultimately had the same master. They work together. It may be anticompetitive, but it also was efficient. Yuri continued to think along this veia until he heard the Ship’s AI speakeing to the Admiral. “Something terrible has happened.” What do you mean Jezz?” Jezz replied to him “I do not know but I can feel tragedy. I am sick with it what has happened. The Admiral told her to “Get on the web and see what is going on?” “I am Sir and I can find nothing.” The Admiral looked to Yuri and gave him the Conn. Something was about to go to shit and Yuri knew it. He could sense it to. Fortunately the Bridge was deserted and no one else heard the exchange. The crew were running battle simulations from the CIC. Thank God for small favors.
45 minutes later a graviton packet arrived with news that was indeed terrible. He was the only one to know it too. The Galileo had been lost with all hands. They had just recovered the emergency buoy that had warped in. They had been attacked and the Admiral knew who had done it. Or at least thought he did. An AI had killed 50 innocent unarmed souls (that were spying I know) that could not fight back. They had raked them with Maser Fire. He pinched the shit out of himself. In fact, he left a bruise but all it did was confirm what he already knew: shit was about to get real up in here.
First thing was to compose himself as he had to determine who if any crew had family on the ship. This included some 8,000 people of all ratings from anywhere in the squadron. He had one very difficult personal notification he would have to make. Captain Pearls brother Nico was on the Galileo.
This was all so tragic but there was one thing that kept forcing its way to the forefront of his mind and he could not ignore it. How did she know? How did Jezz feel this precognitively? This actually did scare him and if he thought too much about it he would start to feel very queasy. This was outside his skill set. He did not know if this was technological, spiritual or philosophical but he could say this: none of those disciplines actually fit the situation.
It was all a bit much. He had to go to the Atlanta. He spoke to the bridge. “Full stop fleet and await further instructions.” “Aye Aye Sir.” Up in here.
Aboard the SSS Atlanta. A tall dignified black man wearing his dress blues and a gold ring on his left hand that you could hardly read. He had worn it a century. His was the same uniform he had 20 years ago. He could still wear it and he was proud of that fact. His only regret was the fact he had yet to have a family until 10 years ago when he had adopted his son Chris. They were inseparable but Chris was 5 thousand light years away give or take and that made him anxious. And now he had to let someone he held dear that her family was changed forever. He smelled of Hoyt’s cologne and peppermint. He went to her quarters. The lighting was somber and it was dead silent in there. Couch was empty but there she was in a sway back chair it had lots of gold leak and was nicely carved. He had found her crying. She already knew and he was going to shitcan someone when this was over. Then he realized what had happened. How had she known? She had sensed him and she had known it was bad.
He still had to tell her.
By the time he was back on the Capatob he was spent. It was all he could do to restrain her. She was enraged and was out for blood. He had never sensed such fury. Someone had fucked around and now they were going to find out. He had talked with her an hour and she seem to be calmer, but he was going to have to watch her. He knew how she was. There were stories that were all no doubt true. She was a legend and would go down as one of the greatest hermaphrodite to ever live. They were going places and the shit was on. And now there was an unfortunate motivation. That was a dangerous combination right there. Make it personal and logic can go out the window. Make it personal and there will be no civility in victory. She was just the kind of human that was the perfect storm squared. The puddle of gasoline and someone flipped a match. It was a very volatile mix.
He was a bit of a cynic and a practical man. If she wanted to go there he would let her. She would either be a hero or a Martyr. He was perfectly OK with that. Being a practical man it also served his other purpose. She would eclipse him in the history books. At least he hoped so. He did not want his hands on this. The first contact situation with the twist of a western and an incalculable amount of science fiction had indelibly marked the mind of every member of the Greater Terran Fleet. They had read all of the possible scenarios from every Sci Fi author. If you pressed them they would finally admit it. The fleet really liked Heinlein. They had been trying to get at least a Heinlein corvette on the roster for years. They had thus far been unsuccessful. They needed a champion for the cause and they were trying to get One Fleet Admiral to order it to be. The Admiral took some joy in tormenting them. He was going to help them out but he was milking it for a favor. That was going to come in handy. “You can have your Heinlein but I am going to need this in return”. He was just being practical. All good commanders were excellent manipulators after all.
It is plain as day and the idea of a Heinlein proves my point but there was an even bigger more academic question that eclipsed all others. Who was right? Who came closest? No one would talk about it but they were all thinking the same thing.
The Admiral broke a taboo and called it out. He felt it was time. They needed a little friendly wager and a reason to get through the battle. They were going to have a pool where everyone had to pick the author. They buy in was just 5 UCreds. If you don’t live through the battle you cannot win. So: don’t die. Who came closest to the real thing? Which author or story came close to what was about to happen.Once a story was picked it was dead to all others. There was potentially some reward in alacrity. He knew it was a bit of a sucker’s bet since someone had to judge wo was closest and this would be highly subjective and entirely his decision. (Author’s note: I am a veteran of the US Army with several deployments around this dirt ball. I can say the military is the most Fascist organization around today. It has to be. Paradoxically it is the most “fair” in that everyone gets treated the same: like shit.) At least it would be a distraction and would give them something else to focus on. He had a very bad feeling about this. They were going to go in and kick the doors in on an alien civilization. They were going to war. No one would admit it, but everyone knew it. This was not to be discussed. That was an order. This is an exploratory rescue mission answering a distress call.
Vegan Fleet Academy Alpha Centauri B. 6, June 62425 Gregorian.
Planetary Admiral Kenneth Alexander looked out on a sight he never thought he would see. Lots of young people sitting politely in their chairs listening to what he had to say. He wrote the fucking book. There it was on the lectern right in front of him. He had written a book on astral navigation to make a little extra cash and because there was an over reliance still on electronic means to navigate. Sailors needed to be able to navigate in any situation with a sextant, a star map database and gravimaetric readings without the need of an AI or targeting computer (Insert Star wars joke here). The book could have been half as thick in his opinion but the publisher insisted he needed a little more explanation. The Admiral gave students too much credit. He truly felt it should be taught in grade school. He was called a fanatic when he suggested that kids on track for Ensigns should have had basic instruction. His argument being that Ensigns started service in the year in which they turned sixteen. That meant there were some 15 year-olds in the mix. Start teaching them early. They should show up to basic already familiar with side arms and rifles. He was a fanatic.
As far as that damned accursed book goes the fact he had 500 copies actually printed and bound meant there were few of them around, but sitting right about center in of the second row sat a copy of his book. He felt like the guy who saw the first unicorn. He never saw one in the wild before and this book was well worn. It was 50 years old after all but printed on plastic synthetic paper and woven fiberglass for silicone bindings held together with silicone adhesives meant that the damn things were waterproof and actually quite practical. The book required no batteries and even had a quick and dirty position fix protocol in a special section. This particular specimen wasn’t falling apart, this one was just worn out.
The way he carried the book was clear. He was oblivious of the significance. He had found it in a used bookshop for free. They were using it as a doorstop, and they just gave it to him. He had become engrossed by it and at 13 years of age he was finishing his PhD. The admiral sensed this in a psychic flash and pulled back he had poor control still. He was never going to get used to the change “OK everyone come on let’s get back to it the party is over. We have to finish this section and then we will get out of here. There is no class tomorrow so we will have the Parade of the Caisson tomorrow with Captain James Cook on interspecies governmental relations…. Someone was tapping on his shoulder getting his attention. She could have all of it. She whispered way too close for someone who did not prefer women but about perfect for him. He was in the latter camp. “We need you to speak tomorrow sir Captain Cook had a equipment malfunction over Hawaii and is delayed Sir. Pleeeease Sir?” With just enough breathiness that it made him jittery. He was an old perv. He was just that way. The lady in question was 100 years old however but, maybe it was still cradle robbing? He just had a thing for Afro’s in the natural state. It was distracting.
“Godddamnitalltohellwhatinthefuckdoyouwant?” This was a perfectly reasonable thing to say. He had just been asked to do the one thing he vowed to never do again. They wanted him to speak and air his opinions? This is the most dangerous thing you can do in society. He had no politics per se’ beyond one or two things. He was a professional and he would do his job as long as the checks kept coming. He was not a politician and he did not like politicians, of any stripe. What he had learned was ironclad. Never be honest or always be truthful. Pick one or the other was his personal philosophy. He always chose honesty when he needed to hide a truth. No one believed the truth. No one believed the truth because they were put off by it. He always thought back to when he was 12 or so when he got ribbed and harassed about masturbation. His uncle Gerry was kind of a cruel fuck and liked to torment him. He Gerry asked him if he was J.O’ing a dozen times a day or something. He had replied “That is about right.” This had brought down the room and gotten great laughs and Gerry quit running his mouth at him. Fuck you Gerry. You little bitch. In his opinion the media obfuscated everything not by making up lies but by omitting certain facts to fit their agenda. No one took major media seriously. The only objective newspaper he was aware of was the National Enquirer. Yeah I know it sounds stupid but it is true. Reality was anything but and people had come to be comfortable being lied to and even preferring it. All of this is roiling in his head and he has been put on the spot to boot. Add to that the fact that at least some of the outburst was audible. No one seems to have heard it, however. This settles the age-old question. It was only said if it was heard. No one heard the statement therefore…….. The mental gymnastics weren’t that bad. He could deny it. It happens. But he still had to give an answer .“What is in it for me?” Jannel the beautiful woman replied “absolutely nothing sir. This will not benefit you in any way and may once again be picked apart. As such I would advise against doing it. Still I am asking you. My ass is in a vise and the DEAN is having a temper tantrum so I feel like I am being spitroasted by the devil and a lamp post in a not so good way, but I would consider it a great personal favor if you will do this despite your misgivings and likelihood of misadventure.” So fast and so well enunciated.
“Sure. I will do it. Goddammit.” Honesty must be rewarded.
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2023.06.04 03:30 Valuable-Rutabaga-41 Has anyone considered tattooing a reminder on their hand to focus on their healing?

My issue is that I’m constantly so distracted and have such shifting energy levels and obsessions and I am endangering myself by neglecting the fact that I have a mental health disorder.
I can’t trust my manic self and unfortunately I don’t have a support base rn. I think literally my only option is to tattoo a reminder on my hand to stay focused on my healing. Has anyone ever tried this?
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2023.06.04 03:29 Valuable-Rutabaga-41 Has anyone considered tattooing a reminder on their hand to focus on their healing?

My issue is that I’m constantly so distracted and have such shifting energy levels and obsessions and I am endangering myself by neglecting the fact that I have a mental health disorder.
I can’t trust my manic self and unfortunately I don’t have a support base rn. I think literally my only option is to tattoo a reminder on my hand to stay focused on my healing. Has anyone ever tried this?
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2023.06.04 03:21 TheBookhuntress Book Club Discussion - I'll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson

Book Club Discussion - I'll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson
I don't know where to start. Maybe by just telling you that I love, LOVE this book. I brought deep dive synopsis if you want to get the general idea of what this is about but you don't have time to read the book.

May's book pick
BOOK: I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson
PITCH: https://www.reddit.com/GMMTV/comments/13b5l2h/book_club_may_book_pick/
TW: Sexual assault, character death, mentions of drug abuse, under-age drinking.
Noah Sweetwine: introvert, is close to his mother, his passion is painting. Twin brother to Jude.
Jude Sweetwine: extrovert, is close to his father, clashes with her mother, is more inclined to sculpting than any other art form. Twin sister to Noah.
Brian Connelly: one year older than Noah, has a scholarship playing baseball, likes to collect meteorites, only comes to the Cove during school breaks.
Oscar: British, photographer and model, has scars on his face, tattoos and heterochromia. Three or four years older than the twins.
Dianna Sweetwine: Jude and Noah’s mom, she writes for an art magazine. Free spirited.
Benjamin Sweetwine: Jude and Noah’s dad, he’s a doctor.
Grandma Sweetwine: Benjamin’s mother. She’s dead.
Guillermo García: sculptor, was once interviewed by Dianna for her magazine. He’s considered a Rockstar among his peers.
Zephyr: bullies Noah in highschool, likes Jude.
Fry: friend of Zephyr’s, also bullies Noah.
Heather: friend of Noah, has a crush on him
Sandy: Jude’s teacher at CSA (California School of the Arts)
The Cove: where Noah and Jude live.
CSA: California School of the Arts, prestigious art school. Noah dreams to attend here.

Plot summary from Super summary:
The story opens as Noah is being chased by two older neighborhood boys who regularly bully him. He manages to escape and make his way home. At dinner, Dianna, his mother, announces that she has a message from his dead grandmother, Grandma Sweetwine. She thinks that Noah and his twin sister Jude should apply to California School of the Arts. Noah is thrilled, though Jude and Benjamin, their father, are not. Dianna and Benjamin argue as the twins discuss Grandma’s message in the adjoining room. Noah tries to cheer her up, suggesting that Grandma thought of CSA because of the beautiful sand sculptures of flying women that Jude has been making down at the beach. In preparation for the CSA application, Dianna begins to take the twins to art museums. She announces a drawing contest between the two, but is so awed by Noah’s work, she calls off the contest even before looking at Jude’s art. Jealous of Noah’s talent and the attention it draws from their mother, Jude’s relationship with Noah begins to sour. She stops going to museums and begins to hang out at the beach instead. Noah believes that if Dianna ever saw Jude’s sand sculptures, everything would change; although he has taken pictures of Jude’s sculptures, he does not show them to anyone.
Over the summer, Noah begins to visit the CSA campus to watch a live drawing class conducted there. During one of the sessions, the model, Oscar, catches Noah practicing sketches outside the window of the class. Oscar is dismissed later that session for being under the influence and he stops modeling at CSA. When Jude sees Noah’s drawing of Oscar, she is so taken by it, that she trades Noah the sun, stars, trees, and the ocean in exchange for it, as part of a game they have played since childhood in which they divvy up the universe.
Noah also meets and befriends Brian, a new boy who has moved in next door. Brian is the star pitcher on his boarding school team and is also deeply interested in science and astronomy. Noah is immediately attracted to him, and the boys begin taking rock collecting walks together. Brian becomes popular with the neighborhood girls, and for the first time in Noah’s life, he is cool by association. Noah blows off Jude when she attempts to reconcile with him and starts spending all his time with Brian and others. Jude is furious at Noah for stealing her friends, and at a party, she manipulates a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven so that she and Brian go into the closet together. A distraught Noah leaves the party and tears up every single sketch he has made of Brian, as well as the one of Oscar which he gave to Jude, before deleting every picture he has taken of Jude’s sand sculptures.
One afternoon, Noah makes his way over to Guillermo Garcia’s studio, a famous sculptor whom Oscar once told Noah about. He watches Guillermo and his work from afar, and on his way back, runs into Dianna parked surprisingly close to the studio. Over the next couple of months, Dianna begins to act strangely, always absent-minded and lost in thought. She even forgets Benjamin’s birthday. Dianna and Benjamin eventually tell the twins that Benjamin is moving out for a while. The twins watch Benjamin leave and confide their fears and worries in each other; Jude also assures Noah that nothing happened between her and Brian, and they reconcile.
Brian comes back to visit over Christmas break, and Noah goes for a walk with him where they finally kiss. Brian wants to keep their relationship a secret, as he worries it will end his baseball career. He has been harassed for his sexual orientation in the past. However, Dianna walks in on the boys masturbating together one day, and a terrified Brian immediately ends things with Noah. Not wanting Dianna to tell anyone else, Noah follows her out of the house believing that she is going to meet Benjamin. Instead, he sees Dianna meeting and kissing Guillermo. Distraught and heartbroken, when Noah runs into Brian with one of the girls on the way home, he reveals Brian’s secret to her. Back home, Dianna tells Noah that she is going to marry Guillermo; as she leaves, Noah yells at her that he hates her. Dianna’s car veers off a cliff, and she dies in the resulting crash, and a guilt-ridden Noah lies to Benjamin and Jude that Dianna was on her way to reconcile with Benjamin. Noah also visits Guillermo and repeats the same lie, blaming Guillermo for Dianna’s death. Two weeks after Dianna’s death, Noah jumps off Devil’s Drop, a high cliff overlooking the beach and almost drowns. Jude pulls him out and revives him. Upset and furious with her brother for almost abandoning her, Jude does not mail Noah’s CSA application along with hers.
Two years later, Jude is a student at CSA; when Noah didn’t get an acceptance, he destroyed all his work and stopped making art completely. Jude was pressured into losing her virginity to an older boy the night Dianna died and believes that this invited bad luck and led to Dianna’s death. Following this, Jude cuts off all her hair and exclusively dresses in drab clothing, in a self-inflicted “boy boycott.” She also obsessively follows the dictates of Grandma Sweetwine’s “Bible,” a handwritten collections of beliefs and superstitions about luck. Jude is regularly visited by Grandma Sweetwine’s ghost; while Dianna does not appear to her, Jude believes that Dianna is responsible for the fact that all of Jude’s clay work at CSA ends up mysteriously shattered.
Jude’s mentor, Sandy, tells her that she was accepted at CSA because of the pictures of the sand sculptures that came in with her application. Jude is confused, as she had not sent in any pictures and didn’t even know any existed. Now, however, she is in danger of losing her spot at CSA, because of all the breakage in the kiln. Jude decides to work in stone so that Dianna cannot shatter her art; she plans on creating a sculpture that will impress Dianna and force her to forgive Jude. Sandy directs her to Guillermo but warns her that Guillermo has not mentored or taught in over two years after something tragic happened to him. On her way to meet and convince Guillermo, Jude stops by a church where she runs into Oscar. He seems strangely familiar, but she can’t quite place him. Oscar flirts with Jude and takes pictures of her before leaving. At Guillermo’s studio, Jude encounters a haggard and drunk Guillermo who asks her to go away; upon repeated knocking, Jude is surprised to see Oscar open the door, but he, too, turns her away. On her way home Jude receives a message from one of Noah’s friends that he plans to cliff-dive off Devil’s Drop. Jude hides and waits for him, planning to save him if necessary, but as has been happening recently, when Noah jumps, he miraculously slows down before hitting the water.
Noah and Benjamin find Jude looking up Guillermo and his work on the internet, and both seem shaken. Jude later finds that all her bookmarks about Guillermo have been deleted from her laptop. Jude goes to Guillermo’s studio again, watching him work through a window. Guillermo catches her watching him and apprehends her while she tries to run away. He invites Jude in, and seeing her desperation to work in stone, agrees to mentor her. Jude begins to work with Guillermo; before the sculpture of Dianna, however, she realizes that she wants to make one of her and Noah instead. During her time with Guillermo, Jude also grows closer to Oscar. She learns that Guillermo saved Oscar’s life, taking him in and helping him get clean some years ago. Oscar confesses his attraction to Jude; however, the intensity of his own feelings scares him, and he begins to retreat from Jude, going on to kiss another girl.
Jude decides to try and make things right with Noah. She Googles Brian and finds that he is now mildly famous for being a high-performing, openly-gay baseball player. Jude emails Brian a link to a message Noah consistently posts on a website called Lost Connections, asking Brian to forgive him and meet him again. Jude also emails her mentor at CSA asking for a meeting with her and Noah; she decides to give up her spot for Noah. Before she can confess the truth to Noah, however, she finds out that he is on the verge of jumping off the highest, most dangerous cliff on the beach. Jude arrives in time and manages to save Noah along with Oscar’s help. A drunk Noah explains whenever he jumps, Dianna always saves him at the end, slowing his fall. Oscar helps Jude get Noah home; he visits her in her room later that night, apologizing for his earlier behavior before kissing her. Jude finally recognizes him as the face in Noah’s painting. However, Oscar catches a glimpse of a family picture on Jude’s dresser, and leaves abruptly when he realizes that Jude is Dianna’s daughter.
When Jude shows Guillermo the sketches of Dianna she has made for the sculpture, he comes to the same realization and tells her he cannot mentor her anymore. Noah and Oscar arrive at the studio as well, and the truth about Dianna is revealed. An overwhelmed Jude leaves along with Noah. Noah apologizes to Jude for having lied to her and Benjamin, and the two grieve Dianna together. Jude also confesses to what she did about Noah’s CSA application, and Noah is elated that he was not actually rejected. Noah shows Jude a wall he has been secretly painting at an abandoned construction site; he does not care about art school anymore, having recently rediscovered the magic in art for its own sake. Noah and Jude tell Benjamin the truths about Dianna and CSA, and he forgives them both graciously. They also discover that Guillermo is the one who sent the pictures of Jude’s sand sculptures to CSA. Jude believes that they are all destined to be in each other’s lives and wants to continue working with Guillermo. Noah reaches out to Brian directly, and the two reconcile. The book ends with Benjamin realizing and accepting Noah’s sexuality when he sees the boys holding hands together.
You can also check LitCharts: https://www.litcharts.com/lit/i-ll-give-you-the-sun/summary

About the invisible museum (the invisible museum is how Noah envisions the paintings he wants to bring to life, some do and some don’t, but it describes his thought process which I find super cool):
- One of his arms is choked around my neck, the other braced across my torso like a seat belt. He’s bare-chested, straight off the beach, and the heat of him is seeping through my T-shirt. His coconut suntan lotion’s filling my nose, my whole head—the strong smell of the ocean too, like he’s carrying it on his back . . . Zephyr dragging the tide along like a blanket behind him . . . That would be good, that would be it (PORTRAIT: The Boy Who Walked Off with the Sea)—but not now, Noah, so not the time to mind-paint this cretin. I snap back, taste the salt on my lips, remind myself I’m about to die—
- Because I can see people’s souls sometimes when I draw them, I know the following: Mom has a massive sunflower for a soul so big there’s hardly any room in her for organs. Jude and me have one soul between us that we have to share: a tree with its leaves on fire. And Dad has a plate of maggots for his.
- His soul might be a sun. I’ve never met anyone who had the sun for a soul.
- “I paint in my head,” I tell him. “I was the whole time.” I’ve never told anyone I do this, not even Jude, and I have no idea why I’m telling him. I’ve never let anyone into the invisible museum before. “What were you painting?”“You.”
- In my mind, I can draw Brian with lightning.
- I watch him as he razors through the crowd, nodding his head to guys, returning the smiles of girls, like he belongs. How is it he belongs everywhere? (PORTRAIT: The Boy with All the Keys in the World with All the Locks)
- I close my eyes and drown in color, open them and drown in light because billions and billions of buckets of light are being emptied on our heads from above. This is it. This is freaking everything. This is the painting painting itself.

About Jude and Noah:
- I don’t know how this can be but it can : A painting is both exactly the same and entirely different every single time you look at it. That’s the way it is between Jude and me now.
- I remember how Jude gave up the sun and stars and oceans for my drawing of him. I’m going to steal it back from her. I’m going to take everything from her. If she were drowning, I’d hold her head under.
- And most important, I don’t worry when I come home one day and find a note on the kitchen table written by Jude asking Mom to come down to the beach to see a sculpture she’s building out of sand. I don’t worry that I take the note and bury it at the bottom of the garbage can. I don’t worry, not really, even though it makes my stomach hurt to do it, no not my stomach, it makes my soul hurt that I could do it, that I actually did it. I should’ve been worrying. I should’ve been worrying a lot.
- [...]and when he revived, the second I knew he was okay, I slapped him as hard as I could across the face. Because how could he have done this? How could he have chosen to leave me here all alone?
- Noah had stopped breathing. So there were these moments when I was in life without him. For the first time. Not even in the womb were we apart. Terror doesn’t come close to describing it. Fury doesn’t come close. Heartbreak, no. There is no way to describe it. He wasn’t there. He wasn’t with me anymore.
- I took from my brother the thing he wanted most in the world. What kind of person does that?

About Brian:
- That’s when it occurs to me that maybe the rocks are weighing him down so he doesn’t rise into the air . . .
- I try to prick the balloon that’s lifting me into the air by telling myself I shouldn’t be this excited to see a guy I only met a day ago. Even if that guy carries the galaxy around in a bag!
- I’m thinking the reason I’ve been so quiet all these years is only because Brian wasn’t around yet for me to tell everything to.
- I don’t worry that when Brian and I are alone in the woods or up on his roof or in his living room watching baseball (whatever), he puts up an electrical fence between us, and never once do I risk death by brushing against it, but when we’re in public, like at The Spot, the fence vanishes, and we become clumsy magnets, bumping and knocking into each other, grazing hands, arms, legs, shoulders, tapping the other on the back, even occasionally the leg, for no good reason except that it’s like swallowing lightning.
- I don’t worry that when I get back to my seat, it all starts again, but this time our legs find each other immediately and he grabs my hand beneath the armrest and squeezes it and we electrocute and die.
- “I love you,” I say to him, only it comes out, “Hey.”“So damn much,” he says back, only it comes out, “Dude.”

Grandma Sweetwine’s bible:
- “You have to see the miracles for there to be miracles, Jude.” She used to say this a lot. It’s the very first passage she wrote in the bible. I’m not a miracle-seer. The very last passage she wrote in the bible was: A broken heart is an open heart.
- “I will bathe in vinegar, down some raw eggs, and start looking for a wasp nest ASAP to put on my head.”“I do not understand this,”he says. “To reverse the leanings of the heart. Ancient family wisdom.”He laughs. “Ah. Very good. In my family, we just suffer.”
- I went to Grandma’s bible, desperate, but it didn’t matter how many rosehips I put in my tea, how much lapis lazuli I hid under my pillow, I couldn’t get rid of the rage.

About Oscar:
- Hot guys should be forced into footie pajamas.
- No woman can resist a man who has tidal waves and earthquakes beneath the skin.
- “When I want to ask you to abandoned buildings or kiss those lips of yours or stare into your otherworldly eyes or imagine what you look like under all those baggy drab clothes you’re always hiding in or ravish you on some grimy floor like I’m desperate to this very minute, I’ll just bugger off on my Hippity Hop. Deal?” He holds out his hand. “Friends. Just friends.” Talk about mixed signals; he’s like a roller coaster that talks.
- I’m filled with something I can only describe as recognition. Not because he looks familiar on the outside this time, but because he feels familiar on the inside.
- I blew it. I did. I should’ve kissed him. One kiss, then I could die. Well, wait, no freaking way, if I’m going to die, I want to do more than kiss. Way way more.

Art wisdom:
- Because that’s what all this is about. Nothing else. We wish with our hands, that’s what we do as artists.
- Is there something you need in the world that only your two hands can create?
- “It’s okay to be addicted to beauty,” Mom says, all dreamy . “Emerson said ‘Beauty is God’s handwriting.’”
- What slumbers in the heart, slumbers in the stone.
- “If only the heart listen to reason, right?” He puts an arm around me. “C’mon, what is bad for the heart is good for art. The terrible irony of our lives as artists.” Our lives as artists.
- “I don’t think you are okay,”he says. “Sometimes you work the stone, sometimes the stone works you. I think today the rock win.”

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2023.06.04 02:52 SkullbombRaging Deathworld Game The Second Coming, Chapter 16: Going Nowhere, Getting Somewhere

Hey there, sorry for the wait, things got rather hectic with my life IRL.
Thank you for your patience, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

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Discord Patreon Non-HFY Stories

“We’ve been going in circles!” I yelled at the bearded jackass.
“We’re not going in circles–” He defended, but I didn’t give him any time to make excuses.
“Oh yeah, smart guy? I’ve seen that weird moss-cactus-thing three times now! Why am I even following you around?! You’re clearly lost!” I interrupted.
He walked over to look at it and then over to a nearby tunnel entrance. “If we’re going in circles, then why are my tunnel marks missing?”
“Excuse me?”
He ran his finger along an empty spot on the wall. “If we were going in circles, there should be a long scrape mark right here. Besides, there are other differences…” He pointed across the cave. “That outcropping pattern looks a lot like one from two chambers ago, whereas the formation next to it looks like one we passed by five or so ago.”
“So what are you saying exactly?”
“I’m saying that we’re not going in circles, it’s similar but not the same.”
I grinned wickedly. “So you mean The Great Beardo doesn’t have all the answers?!”

He stopped in his tracks, closed his eyes, and then after about ten seconds opened them again.
“My name is Grigory, is it really so difficult for you to remember?”
My grin widened. “I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that, could you say again?”
“So it’ll be like–”
I cupped my hands around my ears. “Huh?! What was that?!”
He fixed me with a glare and then walked into the next tunnel.
But he wasn’t going to get off that easy.

I slid up next to him, my hands still cupped. “Hey! What’s wrong?! I just asked you what you said!” He didn’t even acknowledge me, so leaned over so I was cleanly in view as he walked. “Come on, don’t be such a–”
Suddenly he stopped, and the air around the two of us shifted.
He turned, causing me to take a step back.
“I have only so much patience to spare for your immature antics, stop acting like a child.”
I pushed a clump of hair from my bangs out of my face again. “What are you, my dad?”
He took a deep breath and then continued walking. “If I were your father I’d try for a third reincarnation.”
I opened my mouth to respond, but I was at a loss for words, so I silently jogged to catch up instead.

Several hours passed walking, with no way out in sight.
“How much more of this are we going to have to put up with?!” I complained.
“I was planning on going until I was tired, but I suppose now’s as good a time as any.” Beardo replied, clearing a spot to set up ‘camp’.
My fist clenched. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
He looked up at me with a cocked eyebrow. “Pardon?”
“You just said that you weren’t tired, do you want to keep going…? Or better yet, how about you let me blow off some steam by caving your head in?!”
“Mental exhaustion is a perfectly valid type of exhaustion.”
My jaw clenched. “But you’re not suffering right?! So is it because I’m a woman, or because Asians are ‘too dainty’?!”
He stopped what he was doing and looked at me completely baffled. “You didn’t touch any weird plants on your way through the tunnels did you?”
It felt like my eyeballs would bulge out of my head. “Of course not you dumbass! And don’t change the subject!”
He shook his head. “You know that you’re a superhuman being right? That question you asked me doesn’t even make any sense. You kicked apart solid stone if you remember.”
“Okay mister pinnacle-of-virtuous-thought, why is it that you supposedly don’t feel as tired as I do then?”
“I’ve spent many years training myself to endure all sorts of pain and fatigue, I just doubted you had as well.”
I stared at him, completely stunned… that was definitely not what I was expecting him to say.
After a moment, I had my fury back. “Well, how do you figu–”
He didn’t raise his volume, but somehow still stopped me cold mid-sentence. “I didn’t mean anything by it, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that people have different values on concepts than I do. I’ve long since made peace with the idea that I may never become as durable as my first life, so I just take things as they come, and for that reason I don’t remember that saying people can’t continue will sometimes hurt their pride. I’m sorry if that, or any other insult felt implied in my words.”

Once again I was speechless, but this time, the fury didn’t come back.
I just stood there, trying and failing to put my thoughts to words.
I had a whirlwind of examples of his previous behavior I wanted to point out and say ‘but what about this?!’, yet he was so sincere I found it difficult to choose one that felt good enough to actually mention.
He narrowed his eyebrows in concern. “Are you feeling okay?” He put the back of his hand on my forehead. “Your head is a little warm.”
I pushed his hand off of me. “I’m fine you jackass! I’m just thinking!”
He exhaled deeply. “I’ll leave you to your thoughts then.”
And with that, he continued clearing the area from where he left off.
And I was left… just standing there.

It was the most delicious stale bread I had ever tasted.
I wasn’t expecting much when Klas the master-at-arms had told me I could have a ration as a token of goodwill, especially when he said stuff like sugar was super dangerous to harvest, but still I found myself sobbing tears of joy.
I could finally get the taste of coconuts out of my mouth!

“Woah are you okay?” Galth asked.
“I’ve never been better Galth.” I replied.
He looked at me with some skepticism, but said nothing further.

I folded my arms behind my head and leaned back.
Now that I finally had a quiet moment, my mind wandered to a strange occurrence from the very beginning of my journey… the overlapping text that appeared right after the blinding light.

I decided that my first task was to lay out what I knew so far.
The most obvious thing was that I didn’t recognize any of it, even in passing… which is to say, it matched no script that I’ve ever seen in my life.
After all, I’d remember.

Sure some of them looked familiar, but there’s no guarantee that those biases are correct, so I must assume I know nothing about this language.
I gently clacked my teeth together before sitting back up. “Galth, do you guys have any spare paper?”
Galth looked at me funny. “No…? Did you find some somewhere?”
I shook my head. “No such luck. That said, how have you been marking things down?”
He made some vague gestures with his hands. “We found a white rock that makes an erasable mark which we use on thin sheets of rock or wood.”
I nodded. “Slates huh? Fair enough.” An oldy, but a goody. “Can I use some of this white rock?”
He rolled his head back and forth in a very human looking gesture of indecision. “We’d have to ask Klas, I don’t have the authority to answer.”

So, ask Klas we did.
Basically it came down to ‘I’ll give you one stick, if you want more you’ll have to get your own.’
I was a bit annoyed, but didn’t argue. They probably used this stuff for all their ‘paperwork’ after all.

I took my stick of ‘chalk’ and peeled some bark off of a nearby palm tree, before writing down some of the symbols I’d seen during that incredibly painful opening experience.
I’ll call the event itself ‘The Vision’ for ease.
In The Vision, I saw a few particular sets of symbols over and over, and my cryptologist instincts told me immediately that it was important somehow, so those patterns are the ones I decided to copy down.
The first most common one looked like a cross between an ampersand and an at-symbol, followed by two sets of the same squiggly lines. What came immediately after this pattern varied greatly, but the pattern itself was usually the first part of a line if it appeared at all.
The second most common was a symbol which looked like the outline of a yin-yang with the two halves facing away from each other instead of forming a circle, followed by a chevron which pointed to the right, and then another of the first symbol again. Interestingly enough, this pattern never came first on a line, it also seemed like what did come first on the line was never the same.

Other than those specific patterns was probably the strangest part of it, which was that the length of each line was different, sometimes ending after a short phrase, sometimes ending after a long collection of characters.
But then again, that might just be the preferences of whoever wrote it.
Who knows?

At this point, I had my theories about what this meant, but I had already decided to remove my biases from the equation as much as possible, so I put it in the back of my mind for the time being.
Instead, I decided to write down a few more phrases which I found particularly interesting to see what they looked like at different angles.
That’s when something unexpected happened.

I wrote down a whole line which caught my eye because it included the second most common phrase, and as soon as I finished it, the piece of bark was suddenly soaking wet.
I stared at it in astonishment for a good minute or two, before I ripped off another chunk to see if I could do it again.
Sure enough, as soon as I finished the phrase, it caused the bark to become soaking wet once again.
Without any further hesitation, I charged into Klas’ tent. “Klas! I don’t know how, but these strips of bark became wet!”
He was busy wiping his mouth on the inside of his shirt while a rancid smell permeated the room as I entered. The declaration only served to cause his eyebrows to narrow. “Did you throw them into the lake?”
I facepalmed. “Right, that’s on me, hold on a second.”
I grabbed one more chunk of bark before showing him the phrase that suddenly made yet another piece of wood skin become dripping wet.

That did it.

The conversation immediately became a negotiation on what it would take to research The Vision further, and to teach the Kalkithu what I learned.
I asked for a slate about the span of my arms and an unlimited number of chalk sticks… after all, what sort of a teacher would I be without a chalkboard?
I wanted to thank everyone for the various types and amounts of support you give, particularly how patient you all have been waiting for me to write. I especially want to thank my Discord moderators, my proofreaders u/OccultBlasphemer and u/WhyMustISuffer123, as well as my Patrons Jagged and u/losstinhere.

See you in the next chapter!
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Discord Patreon Non-HFY Stories
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2023.06.04 02:50 NotSlippingAway Experiences with a colleague.

So, I've been here on this sub for a good amount of years. Long ago I posted a video called "I am the Invisible man", which quite a few people seemed to resonate with.
Many things have happened and changed since then.
For nearly three years I've worked for a company, Most of the days that I would walk in, there would be this old guy, (lets call him mike). Mike was a much loved guy. You would often find him sitting there, talking to people, bantering with them back and forth having a laugh, You'd usually hear him cracking jokes about sleeping with someone's mother.
For me on the other hand it was different. I'd walk into the canteen, to find him sitting there on his own and I'd always say hello to him and ask how he was doing. His response?
No words said, eyes following me as I went about my business.
Any time I would ask a question? :

Everyone at work always had mad respect for him. He was considered to be a legendary figure. He died earlier this week and many of my co-workers are getting matching tattoos to comemorate him.
That's not to say that I never spoke to the guy and never got a response, he once came to ask me if bitcoin was worth investing in, we had a conversation when the war with russia and ukraine started.
Just makes me wonder why he gravitated to so many other people and all I got was:
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2023.06.04 02:40 KayakingHedgehog 36 [M4F] NC - Is that just rain, or are you happy to see me?

It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air along with all the plant jizz, and I am looking for the someone who is willing to venture out into this yellow, dusty mess with me, and then come home and just take a nap before our sinuses close up in anger and we cough ourselves to sleep. I am looking for someone to vent my mundane troubles too, someone that I know would be there to help with whatever may come up, and someone that I can laugh with, someone to cry with, someone that would just run with a crazy idea without hesitation.
Enough about me! Let’s talk about what you may be looking for! Are you looking for that special someone? You know, the one that laugh with on a daily basis. The one that you can have an entire conversation with using nothing but funny pictures? Are you looking for the creepy and the kooky? What about the mysterious and spooky? Would that someone be a person with a mohawk that is forever changing colors? How about a neatly trimmed beard that smells of sandalwood? What about the smell of Old Spice? Would that person also happen to have a few piercings and tattoos? Do you like the twang of a Southern accent? What if that accent was happen to be from a guy who is open minded? Do you enjoy a quick wit? How about being fluent in smartassary? How about a guy that is taking care of way too many fish? How about a guy who is starting to find grey hairs in his beard and is embracing the chance to become a silver fox?
Would you like for that person to be able to build a computer and change your oil all in the same day? How about having your tires rotated, breaks changed? I can even do headlights and air filters! Does the thought of helping turtles cross a busy road and helping tiny tadpoles stay safe with a pool of water during the summer tickle your fancy? Would you like to come home and have a pot roast and chocolate cake waiting for you? How about coming home to that random piece of IKEA furniture fully assembled? What about someone who would help while you built the IKEA? Does the idea of a guy who has reached the level of old that he enjoys puzzles intrigue you? How about if he has a love for cats that like to sit on said unfinished puzzles? Are you looking for a guy who can change your oil, replace your brakes, and cook you dinner in the same day? How about a guy who is good with his hands and knows it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the nerdy home maker package is for you! Who doesn’t want help around the house, basic maintaince taken care of, and some good dick?
Do you have an endless supply of DIY ideas? Well look no further because I do too! Ever wanted a stylish bat house or raised garden bed? I have made both! Would you want a greenhouse? I have plenty of ideas for that! Do you like watching a guy get dirty restoring canoes or building trailers? Do you have a Mad Max fantasy you want to live out? Do you want a house straight from the shire? I have the skills and the 3d printers to make you swoon with possibilities! If you answered yes to any of these questions, the glistening geek package is for you! What’s not to love about watching someone you like getting sweaty while watching your ideas come to life?
For a limited time, if you pick both packages, I will add in the nerdy outdoorsman package for no extra charge! Want to stay in one weekend and marathon Doctor Who, Star Trek, or Futurama? Do you want to play Don’t Starve Together, DnD, or Civ 6? How about Nerf gun fight, or a game of Mario for bragging rights? Feel like staying up late bundled under a load of blankets watching B movies or playing all manor of video, board, or card games? Feel like getting outdoors instead? I can offer spontaneous adventures that may include wondering aimlessly, hiking, and floating blissfully down a river which singing the PACMAN theme song! Random acts of hilarity that could include striking poses and quoting pop culture references! Are you more of a night owl? I can offer you a view of the stars with my telescope!
How about it? Wanna get itchy eyes and a runny nose with me?
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2023.06.04 02:39 KayakingHedgehog 36 [M4F] NC - Is that just rain, or are you happy to see me?

It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air along with all the plant jizz, and I am looking for the someone who is willing to venture out into this yellow, dusty mess with me, and then come home and just take a nap before our sinuses close up in anger and we cough ourselves to sleep. I am looking for someone to vent my mundane troubles too, someone that I know would be there to help with whatever may come up, and someone that I can laugh with, someone to cry with, someone that would just run with a crazy idea without hesitation.
Enough about me! Let’s talk about what you may be looking for! Are you looking for that special someone? You know, the one that laugh with on a daily basis. The one that you can have an entire conversation with using nothing but funny pictures? Are you looking for the creepy and the kooky? What about the mysterious and spooky? Would that someone be a person with a mohawk that is forever changing colors? How about a neatly trimmed beard that smells of sandalwood? What about the smell of Old Spice? Would that person also happen to have a few piercings and tattoos? Do you like the twang of a Southern accent? What if that accent was happen to be from a guy who is open minded? Do you enjoy a quick wit? How about being fluent in smartassary? How about a guy that is taking care of way too many fish? How about a guy who is starting to find grey hairs in his beard and is embracing the chance to become a silver fox?
Would you like for that person to be able to build a computer and change your oil all in the same day? How about having your tires rotated, breaks changed? I can even do headlights and air filters! Does the thought of helping turtles cross a busy road and helping tiny tadpoles stay safe with a pool of water during the summer tickle your fancy? Would you like to come home and have a pot roast and chocolate cake waiting for you? How about coming home to that random piece of IKEA furniture fully assembled? What about someone who would help while you built the IKEA? Does the idea of a guy who has reached the level of old that he enjoys puzzles intrigue you? How about if he has a love for cats that like to sit on said unfinished puzzles? Are you looking for a guy who can change your oil, replace your brakes, and cook you dinner in the same day? How about a guy who is good with his hands and knows it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the nerdy home maker package is for you! Who doesn’t want help around the house, basic maintaince taken care of, and some good dick?
Do you have an endless supply of DIY ideas? Well look no further because I do too! Ever wanted a stylish bat house or raised garden bed? I have made both! Would you want a greenhouse? I have plenty of ideas for that! Do you like watching a guy get dirty restoring canoes or building trailers? Do you have a Mad Max fantasy you want to live out? Do you want a house straight from the shire? I have the skills and the 3d printers to make you swoon with possibilities! If you answered yes to any of these questions, the glistening geek package is for you! What’s not to love about watching someone you like getting sweaty while watching your ideas come to life?
For a limited time, if you pick both packages, I will add in the nerdy outdoorsman package for no extra charge! Want to stay in one weekend and marathon Doctor Who, Star Trek, or Futurama? Do you want to play Don’t Starve Together, DnD, or Civ 6? How about Nerf gun fight, or a game of Mario for bragging rights? Feel like staying up late bundled under a load of blankets watching B movies or playing all manor of video, board, or card games? Feel like getting outdoors instead? I can offer spontaneous adventures that may include wondering aimlessly, hiking, and floating blissfully down a river which singing the PACMAN theme song! Random acts of hilarity that could include striking poses and quoting pop culture references! Are you more of a night owl? I can offer you a view of the stars with my telescope!
How about it? Wanna get itchy eyes and a runny nose with me?
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