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Atiesh [NA-PvE-PST] WoW TBC/Classic Realm

2019.08.09 22:41 serrol_ Atiesh [NA-PvE-PST] WoW TBC/Classic Realm

Realm subreddit for Atiesh-US, for World of Warcraft Classic/TBC Classic, being released August 26th, 2019.

2020.09.18 14:14 minuzii ENHYPEN

The subreddit for I-LAND's debut group, ENHYPEN (엔하이픈/エンハイプン)! News, updates, images, videos, discussions, and anything else that is related to the group can be found here.

2012.06.05 18:03 roll20LFG: find a group to play RPGs with online

Many redditors who want to play RPGs can't, simply because they can't scrounge together enough people who want to play with them. However, using the new roll20 online RPG tool, redditors can now get online and play sessions with other redditors, right from the comfort of their own home. This subreddit will be for scheduling times to play, finding people to play with, and anything else that relates to the roll20 experience.

2023.03.12 23:33 WasteMacaron4933 Best clash team of all time looking for submissive adc player

Hello. It is an honor to meet you but it is ever more of an honor to meet us. We are the winningest clash team of all time. You have the opportunity of a lifetime to play for us if you're worthy. Our team "we have crabs" (STD) is looking for an adc with a big dick and an even bigger commitment to winning. Tier 4, NA servers (tier 1 EU). comment below when you're interested
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2023.03.12 23:02 WorldNewsinPictures Lady B And ActualBenMiller Had a Wonderful Time Talking to sophmorgTV - Tune in to Channel4 #Crufts at Approx 3.50pm Today, to See The Whole interview.

Lady B and ActualBenMiller had a wonderful time talking to sophmorgTV - tune in to Channel4 #Crufts at approx 3.50pm today, to see the whole interview. What a cutie. Love that spanna.... MORE ->
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2023.03.12 22:39 clint_cr That time I went to Halloween dressed as a present 🎁 (and managed to get “unwrapped” in a threesome later that night)

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2023.03.12 22:30 BestNameEverTaken Hi this is the first time I‘ve tried lineweight and I‘d like to know what you think of this :) It‘s more of a perspective study but also an illustration of my OC

Hi this is the first time I‘ve tried lineweight and I‘d like to know what you think of this :) It‘s more of a perspective study but also an illustration of my OC submitted by BestNameEverTaken to DigitalArt [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 22:25 Bitter_Chard SKR E3 board moving axis double expected distance

Hi all,
I'm just getting round to my 2018 projects and finally got round to swapping out my standard ender 3 MB for a SKR E3 v1.1 DIP, I know there are newebetter, but I already bought and shelf aged it.
But after crashing Y+ a few times during the nozzle prime I tested the steppers in the move axis option and it results in double expected amount of travel, so I'm guessing the same issue is present when printing.
I have changed nothing in Cura, or the printer (Ender 3) itself except for a quick change head, but that has no effect on the motor cables and the firmware is as it came with the board.
How have I managed to bugger up installing a "Drop In" replacement board?
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2023.03.12 22:25 HungryAnswer1776 It just doesn’t feel fair for me (24M) with this specific potential relationship and I could use some advice

I’m (24M) currently on my spring break in grad school before two more months of school and graduating in mid May.
Last month around Valentine’s Day, I met a girl (23-24F) at a bar and learned I just happened to share a class with her.
At the bar I used a pickup line I had been saving and approached her with it. She asked if that was the best one I had, I told her a better one and she laughed a bit more. We talked a bit more and found out that we were both in not only the same program but also in one of the same classes which was just the biggest coincidence I found myself in. I tagged along with her and her friends for the rest of the night until she went home. We had a great conversation while we were walking too. We kept talking until we left each other on good terms.
Over the next couple weeks we soon got to talking more often with each other through text mostly because we exchanged numbers. We also talked with each other during our shared class, but the class started at 8am and she was often too tired to talk. The only times I ever spoke with her outside of this class were when we first met at the bar and at a library where I set up a study meet up (kinda date?) a few weeks ago.
During this meet up we talked about a lot of things from movies/shows we liked to stuff about our pasts to our current classes and future plans.
Now, a midterm exam for our class happened last week and I wanted to organize another study meetup the weekend before to discuss it. I proposed it to her over text, but she said she had a friend’s birthday party she planned on going to. I told her I understood that and shared her a quizlet study set I created anyway.
Now, over time, I found out that we most often talked about classwork through text. Most attempts by me to talk about something else through text wind up with me getting ghosted. For example, I asked how the birthday party was going and she ghosted me. (Side note: would calling her or using insta messaging be better than just texting?)
This dynamic makes me concerned that she might only see me as a class resource or unofficial academic partner for her and any other attempts to talk more about different non-school subjects through text have been met with ghosting. If that’s truly the case, I think it might tear me apart inside. However, because of this resource status, I’m hoping I can use this relationship to my advantage as an excuse to talk to her more. Hopefully more in person. Maybe she’ll get to see me in a more trusting and fun light and focus on me for more than just my help with our classes.
The resource/partner thing is only one problem though. The other major problem lies in her future and us going our separate ways once we both graduate in a couple months. I’ll move down south several states away while she wants to move to New York. From what I’ve learned from others, long distance never works out.
I think this relationship may ultimately be doomed to fail, but I’m still willing to see where it goes, and progresses into, for the sake of my love and social lives.
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2023.03.12 21:57 Lucaslemu2244 [FOR HIRE] Offering Help in Entire Online Courses// Mathematics//Economics// Accounting//Finance//Financial Economics// Econometrics// Higher Level Advanced Econometrics// Mathematics for Economics//Statistics//Micro/Macroeconomics//Business Courses

Hi, I am a verified all-time tutor with a passion in academics and helping students with coursework. I have been doing this for quite some time now, hence the experience and expertise in the field. Feel free to contact me, and let’s get you excellent grades.
I specialize in;
●Economics ●Financial Economics ●Fiscal policy ●IS-LM curve ●Marginal Costs (MC) ●AC ●Profit (And profit functions ●Graphical economics ●Consumer and producer choices ●Langragian ● Mathematics For Economics
●Macro/Microeconomics Total cost, Total revenue. Marginal revenue and Cost Profit functions Price, Income and electricity of demand, Fiscal and Monetary policy, Oligopoly, Consumer choice, Utility and Expenditure functions
●Markets Production function, Substitution and Income Effect,NVP and IRR, IS-LM framework, Equilibrium Income, Consumption, Investment and Savings International, Trade and competitive Advantage, Investment in Project analysis
●Statistics Mean/Median and Mode/ Expectations and Variance/ Point and Interval Estimations/ Moment generating function and applications/ probability/ moments/ Skewness and Kurtosis
●Properties and Estimators Consistency// Sufficiency// Efficiency
●Methods of estimation Method of moments// maximum likelihood function// Least squares// Minimum variance// The distribution// Test of independence// Hypothesis testing// Time series analysis// Statistical Significance// Graph analysis// Difference and Differential equations// Business Statistics
●Business Courses ●High Level Advanced Economics ●Entire Online Classes.
Discounts available for first time clients and those having several classes will get an offer as well. Let’s get you a GPA that is commendable during this period
Refunds available in the rare case clients are not satisfied with our services.
Hit me up for best offers!
Discord: BigFive#0282
Email: [email protected]
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2023.03.12 21:41 Edgar_ER0 Slax 11.6 HDMI issue

i thought connect my old hp notebook in my tv with the HDMI port, to use the browser and stuff
This is my first time using slax so i read a few things and i did the ex4 installation in a 8gb usb to better persistence because the notebook doesnt have hard drive. Once slax started i realize that the sound through the HDMI port doesnt work and i can't find the way to solve this. Also that the tv was put as an extended screen and i would like to put the tv like the main but thats not a big deal.
I hope to someone can help, thanks!
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2023.03.12 21:35 HorusApl ExeosCraft SMP McMMO Friendly Economy Semi-Vanilla 1.19.3

What are we? Exeos is a rather small community of players just looking to have fun, meet new people and be treated with respect. We are a LGBTQ+ friendly community who have firm rules against any and all hate speech, in short: This is a safe space for anyone. Our only goal is to have a good time and create the best Minecraft experience possible. To support our goal, we don’t allow any P2W functions and operate consistently with NO lag. With our economy system, anything is buyable and obtainable simply by playing the game. To keep true to this, ALL donations that do not directly fund the server are given away. We do monthly PayPal giveaways and charity donations due to the incredible kindness of our existing playerbase. Neither the owner or any staff takes a single cent from any of it! We do this for the love of the game. Why join?
If you aren’t a fan of the typical “hype-beast” that tries to bleed your wallet dry, annoy you with their strange rules or unfriendliness, this is the place for you. If you can grind it, you can have it. We offer a variety of plugins to keep things fun. We support both Java and Bedrock Edition. Our most notable plugins are: McMMO, SilkSpawners, GriefDefender (Land claims) and ShopGUIPlus. With these, you can protect whatever you decide to make and make the most efficient farms imaginable.
Consider giving it a look, you’ll be glad you did.
Java IP: Bedrock IP: Discord:
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2023.03.12 21:26 Rimuru_Ayaan long time no see got some great news

So i made a challenge with my friends that we wont mastrubate the first one out owes everyone drinks we continued it for more than a month we were all very close to relapse so we decided we would only one time free pass and another month went by and i relapsed well atleast i wasnt the first. But these last couple days i cant stop too much strees of exams dont know what to do and yes im writting tjis after doing another month of no masturbation but i just relapsed again. Someone help idk wht to do
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2023.03.12 21:00 Electronic_Paint_535 help please

Sleep Timer recommendation
Hey guys,
Im looking for a sleep Timer app for my OnePlus 9R. Every night i'm watching Twitch in bed , but i need an App which can Close it automatical after a period of time. Usually i'm falling asleep after 10minutes and Twitch is running all night long.
Any recommendation?
I've tried several apps.. but none is really reliable. I'm new to Android so i don't know so much apps.
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2023.03.12 20:58 DanDanNoodles95 CelestiaMC - Network with Zombie Survival, Tower Defense, Elytra Racing and Parkour

CelestiaMC is a server with a variety of gamemodes that will keep you entertained for quite a while. You can join on Bedrock or Java, any version!
CityOutbreak: Zombie Apocalypse Survival where you must escape from a zombie infested city to head out and build up your base and faction to defend against the hordes and possibly other factions wanting to go to war. Oh and did i mention is has guns?
Elytra Racing: In this fun minigame, you race against other players, or against your own time to get to the top of the leaderboard.
Tower Defense: You must place towers to kill zombies to survive, theres power-ups, experience and upgrades; as well as multiple maps. Similar to BloonsTD.
Parkour: Infinite parkour, with different themes and difficulties.
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2023.03.12 20:46 Zamballon (PAYMENT PROOF) The BEST WAY to EARN FREE Cryptos. 70 different coins. Claim FREE LTC two times per hour and withdraw INSTANTLY to your Wallet. Perform easy task and get points wich you can exchange for Cryptos automatically 💲🎁

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2023.03.12 20:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Rams trade Jalen Ramsey to Dolphins for tight end Hunter Long, third-round pick LA Times

[Sports] - Rams trade Jalen Ramsey to Dolphins for tight end Hunter Long, third-round pick LA Times submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 20:33 _KevzZ Help with curls/waves

So when i was younger i used to have like 2c/3a hair but they kinda disappeared because trust me i didn’t take care of my hair properly.But last time i washed my hair i tried drying it with a t shirt instead of a towel and i saw a difference especially in the back like it curled up in the neck area(i have kinda short hair).I also have like 2c waves closest to my hairline on my forehead at some areas that i had for a while.So to the point,does anyone have like a routine and not to expensive products that i can use to get back my natural curls?
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2023.03.12 20:22 Beneficial-Visual965 Can't reinstall smasung notes

Accidently uninstalled Samsung notes the other day and can't seem to reinstall it. Every time I open it on the play store it says "my device isn't compatible with this version". Despite me having a relatively new s21+ with all the latest updates? Any suggestions to reinstall would be great as I used Samsung notes alot
Sorry if I'm being stupid aswell.
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2023.03.12 19:27 Liam162 Struggling with frustration

Any body else struggle with frustration when their adhd interfears with their day to day. Normally im ok. I was diagnosed about a year ago and before i knew i had adhd, i still struggled but found ways to cope/ do things in a way that made things easier for me. After my diagnosis i was able to get more understanding and 99% of the time im ok. But for example today im doing stuff at work that is not the usual day to day stuff and requires a plan. Ive found in situations like this that if someone breaks down what they expect me to do in steps and shows me the area im working on whilst explaining it i can crack on no problem. Although i told my manager this, she is not making it clear what i need to do. She is giving me a list of tasks and its all going in one ear and out the other. Nobody else is struggling. Its just me, my manager and 2 other people and its pissing me off. I know i can do the job and i like to keep busy and crack on. But the more i dont understand, the more i get frustrated and flustered. I dont know what to do. Ive had meeting with her in the past and she knows i have adhd and i have told her she needs to break down tasks but she seems to have foggotten. Im trying my best but the frustration of knowing im capable and wanting to crack on, but also knowing because of my adhd i cant is up setting me. Especailly because everyone else seems to be doing it fine. I dont know what to do, i dont wanna ask for help because i should be able to do it and dont want to get laughed at for in my eyes being "slow".
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2023.03.12 19:25 Certain7222222 1:1 Top quality bags from eason, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality before delivery we will deliver the goods after you satisfied, and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through Fedex, UPS, DHL, Air Line, Whatsapp:+8618858253431

1:1 Top quality bags from eason, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality before delivery we will deliver the goods after you satisfied, and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through Fedex, UPS, DHL, Air Line, Whatsapp:+8618858253431 submitted by Certain7222222 to Replica [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 19:18 masoelcaveman Noob needs help making a simple script to reactivate security cameras when they randomly stop.

I've set up a surveillance system throughout my property that connects to the cell towers. However, these cameras only record when they sense motion. Yet they have the option to view live feed at any time, and that's what I do. I have them all running live on my pc.
However, the issue is they will randomly receive an "unexpected error" then I have to click the red explanation mark web element that appeared over the errored camera, click ok, and then click on the play button that has now appeared over the camera.
Is it possible to create a script/program that will continuously check for the red exclamation mark error, and then auto click on it, auto click ok, and then auto click play?
About to download Automatio to see if that will work, but that is $25 a month from what I understand, and my monthly fees are already higher than I'd like for this system
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2023.03.12 19:15 razorpain metrobyt-mobile uses a.i. in order processing

every time i've submitted the order thru i get the "find a store" error no matter which browser, credit card, device , clearing cookies , etc i did livechat where they created a dummy order number (since orders never succeed i never get an order number) and had me email support. email support said i need to call so i phoned and rep said i must go in store as the phone is in stock and they can't explain why the orders fail/can't place the order for me. what is happening to cause the failure like this as it's apparently happening to many of us? both of my nearby stores have been completely closed the past several weeks (at least) with a handwritten sign saying "temporarily closed."
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2023.03.12 18:55 SinisterAkira M 26 - I got only 1 brain cell left so let me share the last with you ? 😁

You ever just put all your energy into a convo only for your time to be wasted ? Or it fizzles out quicker than juicy fruit gum ? Well I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced that here. Hopefully you can change that !
I got nothing else better to do so let’s chat or random things like maybe a recent show you watched or something you’re proud of doing or send music that would make me “transcend” my soul or send me some of your best memes (:
I can offer a funny, flirtatious, chill conversation 😁 I’m down for whatever tonight like I said so just try not to make it to where it feels like carrying the convo for both of us. Anyway simple as that right ? Well I’d hope so lol but, fr if you wanna hit me up by all means go for it and if not then have a good day ❤️
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2023.03.12 18:54 Local_Breakfast_4761 26 New in Montreal looking for friends

Moved here not to long ago and I've been looking for some friends to play games on switch or just have good conversations with. Been feeling really homesick but I'm not able to get back for a couple years. The little griends i used to have dont even talk to me that much if at all, so I've been feeling even sadder. But i really want to find that small place where i cam fit in and spend time with people who would want to be my friend and give it my all for them too. I'm a really caring person and i try to answer as soon as i can so i can promise ill always try to keep the conversation going. Been trying some board games too, though i only have one which is the binding of isaac: four souls. I hope that if anything sounded interesting someone would want to be my friend. Either way I'm happy to talk with anyone ^ Thank you so much for reading or not <3
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