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2023.05.28 22:04 nodegen Prize/award money disbursement

So I found out that I won an award from my department that includes a cash prize (yay!). I just accepted it on my eFAN but I’m wondering if anyone knows it will go to my bruinbill account? It says it’s for the spring 2023 quarter on my eFAN so should I expect it to disburse soon or will I have to wait for fall disbursement?
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2023.05.11 02:16 Traditional-Match235 Summer Aid

I got my BruinBill for my summer sessions but it doesn't say how much financial aid I'm expected to receive although I do qualify. Does anyone know if this is right or if maybe I did something wrong? I submitted my Summer aid to UCLA already.
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2023.04.25 07:01 thekthuynh deadline to pay for regular term bill?

i’m looking at my bruinbill and i have a regular term bill i need to pay but does anyone know the deadline for this bill? i cant find it anywhere
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2023.04.17 19:36 Only_Scholar_7309 balance forward on bruin bill??

I checked my bruinbill just now out of curiosity and for some reason I have a $20.00 "Balance Forward" charge from this quarter, there isn't a date attached to it so idk when it was issued or when it is due, where did this come from and do I have to pay it? I paid my spring tuition on time and paid the right amount, so it can't be from that.
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2023.04.16 10:55 thekthuynh initial payment for housing next year

i just accepted my housing offer for next year and my roommate she had to pay an initial payment and i can’t find that anywhere. i completed the application and accepted everything but i didn’t find the page or anything about the initial payment. is it on bruinbill or what does this mean?
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2023.03.25 17:33 thekthuynh how do i know if i got reimbursed on bruinbill?

i was wondering how would i know if i got reimbursed on my bruinbill from financial aid? where would i be able to find this?
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2023.03.24 15:46 wotyousayinbruv Anticipate Financial aid cal grant

I had a hold on my account I couldn’t resolve until recently so I hadn’t yet enrolled in classes. I think as a result not all of my financial aid is on my bruinbill as anticipated. I’ve enrolled now so will it update automatically, or will I have to contact someone ?
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2023.03.22 07:09 CauliflowerPretty789 financial aid disbursement for spring 2023??

is anyone able to see their financial aid disbursement on bruinbill? I don't even see that my scholarships are being applied to my outstanding total
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2023.03.20 23:51 summermayze question about bruinbill

if we don't pay by 5pm today do our classes get dropped? or do we have until march 30?
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2023.03.19 20:41 rampantiguana UC ship refund?

I waived my UC ship last September but I guess it never went through and I’ve been getting charged 1k per quarter by Ashe despite having private health insurance.
This is somewhat my fault, but I had no idea I was getting charged for this (never received info outside of bruinbill) and basically had double insurance coverage for no reason the past six months. (I also hate Ashe with a burning passion and think UC ship is a total scam).
I’m wondering if anyone here has ever been refunded for UCship and how they went about this. 2k is a crapload of money for me.
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2023.03.07 05:24 nnguy1_gifs How do I pay for an outstanding payment for a specific payment?

I bought something using my bruincard and it charged to my bruinbill. My account is on hold now. How do I pay for this? I was set up on autopay so ive never had to worry about it. When I go to make a deposit on bruinbill, it just shows that I can only pay for my spring quarter. Is there a way to pay just for the specific outstanding charge? Not the entire quarter?
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2023.03.06 23:08 pruq Academic Hold/Registration Fees?

Hi so when I log into my account I see a piece of text above my study list for spring that says: “Your enrolled classes will be dropped after 11:59pm on 03/30/2023 unless you pay your registration fees for Spring 2023 by 5:00pm on 03/30/2023.”
Should I have be worried? My bruinbill balance is 0 besides summer session tuition. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to pay since my balance says $0.
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2023.03.05 00:05 nnguy1 How do i make a dorect deposit for a miscellaneous charge on my bruinbill?

I bought headphones at ackerman and used my bruincard. Now theres a hold on my account for putstanding charges. When i go to make a deposit, it only shows to pay for spring quarter. Is there a way for me to just pay the charge for the headphones, without paying for the spring quarter?
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2023.03.04 02:36 Long_Weakness2375 Academic/Financial Hold

Had zero clue that I had a hold on my account. It was issued February 28th by “Student Accounts. 310.825.9194 #7, 1121 Murphy”. The description just says that im not eligible for enrollment, grades, diploma, and all campus services. It doesn’t give me a reason why I got this hold. The thing is, I never got an email, text, or anything of the sort notifying me of this hold. Only reason why I figured out was because my roommate’s Bruincard was denied entry into Wooden. Some lady at the front desk told him that it’s either because he didn’t do a training (like title ix), which can’t be the case because we did it together. The other reason was that it could be a financial reason, such as not paying fees on bruinbill. However, I checked my Bruinbill activity details and it says all of my payments are due on March 20th. Additionally, the lady said that if we don’t pay by tonight, then we’ll be dropped from our classes even though there is no indication of that anywhere.
I can’t call the phone number listed above because it is past their business hours. I also called various friends that haven’t paid for their fees and none of them have holds either. Assuming I do pay these fees, will the hold be automatically lifted or am I just fucked? I think I read somewhere that the people that issued it have to manually do it themselves.
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2023.02.21 07:22 Pinkandpurple11 Financial aid

Does anyone else’s financial aid statement for spring not shown up yet on bruinbill? Is that normal since it’s too early?
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2023.01.23 23:03 Kyakuu Enrollment Help!! SOS

Hey UCLA buds—
My autopay on BruinBill just totally screwed itself over, and my payment for winter quarter didn’t process. Because of this, I got dropped from all of my classes. I’m kind of confused as to what to do, because I contacted the registrar’s office and they told me fill out some CAC form, or get in contact with L&S (I’m bizecon) but I’m not sure where to find this.
My econ professor manually enrolled me back into econ on BruinLearn, but it isn’t on my study list and I’m unable to access other classes on my study list because of this implication (by this time, I have paid the fee on 1/21/23). Can anyone help me? I’m super desperate here and am (and have been for two weeks) on medical leave, so I can’t even go in to fix this. Any and all help is extremely appreciated!! Thank you 😭😭
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2023.01.06 01:01 tstovv Classes will be dropped tomorrow, but can't figure out how to pay registration fee

I am receiving emails that my classes are going to be dropped because I haven't payed the registration fee, but when I go to my BruinBill I can't see any option to pay it. The only option I have is to pay the full winter quarter tuition all at once, which I don't want to do because I use the payment plan to split it up throughout the quarter. Is anyone having a similar issue?
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2023.01.04 16:05 Hydra9701 No disbursement yet??

Has anyone else not had their private loan disbursed to bruinbill yet? Super freaked out rn 😀
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2023.01.04 10:09 _angiiiieeeee Bruinbill?

Is there any way to do auto payments for this quarter only? Like split the total cost into 4 monthly payments because there are 4 months in a quarter. I tried doing the auto payment thing but it gave me an option to do it with 24 or 12 payments, no 4. And if I did it manually, say I calculated and paid X amount of dollars every month manually, does that count as paying my registration fees even though I didn’t pay it in full? I hope that makes sense
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2022.12.28 19:51 Unlucky_Fox4261 Anyone else having trouble accessing bruinbill

Hi! I keep trying to access my bruinbill and I can’t. I signed whatever agreement they told me to but I still can’t access my account. I tried contacting them but the office is closed until the 3rd (which is so stupid, don’t even get me started as to why they have an office closures until the 3rd)
Has anyone else had trouble with this? And how did they get it fixed? I’m trying to see if I’m in good standing for the quarter financially, and I just do not have access to my BruinBill. I don’t want to be dropped from my classes if I can’t pay.
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2022.12.27 02:56 psysiological-dog Does anyone know what the winter student services fee is on bruinbill??

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2022.12.23 05:59 26Bruin "Unpaid balance" email received yet BruinBill says I have 0 dues?

I paid off everything that wasn't covered with my grants back in late November for this coming winter quarter but I just got this email today?
I logged on to double check and yep, I have no charges on my account and can't may any payments (because there's nothing to pay lol).
Is this because grants don't kick in until the disbursement date in late December?
I don't see any holds on my account either so... I'm lowkey a bit stressed I may be missing something I'm not seeing.
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