Lisa lane country singer

Rye Lane is streaming in the Philippines and Thailand, but not in Indonesia and Malaysia. Previously its trailer was made available for those unavailable countries.

2023.04.01 12:29 RubyPrune9771 Rye Lane is streaming in the Philippines and Thailand, but not in Indonesia and Malaysia. Previously its trailer was made available for those unavailable countries.

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2023.04.01 11:35 LucioIsMineBitches Marinette is not a normal girl with a normal life...

Marinette room is big for a Parisian appartement. If you want to have some informations on prices in Paris, here's this article : https://realadvisor.fen/property-prices/city-paris

Her wiki page says the 21th but there is only 20 arrondissements. If it's was in real life, Marinette would live in the 5th arrondissement of Paris which is an expensive one.

The average salary in the 5th arrondissement is around 36 083 euros per year which is 39224,03 dollars. The national average salary is about 20 590 euros per year which is about 22382,36 dollars.

So to begin with, Marinette's family is very comfortable, they earn way more than an average french people.

Plus you also have to look at the hobbies. Marinette is a designer, she likes to sew. Sewing is probably one of the most expensive hobby.

I know it, because I'm sewing too (I'm not living in Paris) and I can tell you that it's everything but not cheap.

Fabric is expensive. Meters and meters of good and nice quality fabric are expensive outside of the Capital, so in Paris, it's can only be more expensive.

A good starting sewing machine is almost 100-200 euros (107-218 dollars). Then you also need needles, thread, pins, ruler, markers...

Oh and I forgot, Marinette has a dummy in her room. It's around 130-150 euros for a very basic one.

Not to mention, you have to have space for sewing. To cut fabric, you need place. Square meters are very expensive in Paris, if she have the entire sewing materials and sew with no problems, she is probably not "average" girl.

Think about it, the girl has a freaking dummy in her bedroom. I'm living in countryside and even in my room who is nice, I can't fit one.

She has a place to do makeup in her own bedroom, a sort of sofa (this kind of things are very expensive), multiples carpets... And with all of this, not even a closet for clothes. She doesn't have a closet in her bedroom when she is supposed to be a stylist...

There isn't a single delinquent in her school. Everyone is nice and kind except for Chloé and Lila who are the mean girls but otherwise, everything is perfect... The school is always proper and clean... There's isn't a single teenager smoking or trying to sell drugs...

Her best friend have a very popular blog around Paris who is watched by thousands of people, so she is an influencer who doesn't even need to show her boobs to have views which is very very rare. (Because let's be honest, most famous females influencer tend to show some cleavage or attributes to gain some followers.)

Nino is a DJ at a very young age who already have a DJ set... But at least a DJ set is still less expensive than Marinette's sewing hobby. I would even argue that Nino is the most normal dude of the entire class, which is probably why he isn't appreciated.

Chloe is the daughter of the mayor, she's rich and spoiled...
Sabrina is the daughter of the police "chief" because Roger is the main police officer in the episode, so he isn't a simple policeman. And she hangs out with a rich chick (although we can argue that she is being abused by Chloe).
Adrien is the son of one of the most famous fashion designer of Paris. Also rich and privileged.
Juleka is the daughter of a famous rockstar...
Alix's dad owns the Louvre Museum, just that...
Max created a smart IA robot who can move and thinks on it owns to the point of being able to become akumatized like a real senti-being. If he isn't the son of a couple of robotics engineers, I no longer understand anything.
Kim is friend with a nerd like Max... Usually, jocks doesn't give a fck about nerds and if this school is an elitist one, that's mean Kim parents are rich enough to enroll him in this institution, because Kim is a monkey brain and it's probably not his grades who helped him to get inside the school.
Rose had a date with a Prince from another country. Oh and she is also the rock singer of their band, very normal for sure...
Zoe lived in New york and speaks french perfectly... Half daughter of a rich model celebrity (Audrey)... Very normal...
Nathaniel is a mangaka at already such a young age... But okay, at least it's not too unbelievable.
Lila is a liar for sure, but for some reason, she has 3 moms, have been in different schools under different identities and she has a basements with wigs and costumes... Very normal indeed...

I would say that Nino, Mylene, Ivan and Nathaniel are the most "normal" persons in their class, which may be the reason of why they are underrated. They are "too normal" compared to the rest.

Not to mention that they can somehow privatize an entire football field to play there as in the Penalteam episode... Like how is that supposed to be "average" and "normal"?

It's like Emily in Paris, I'm amazed at how these kind of shows are portraying an "average" representation of the french society.

People in these shows, never have money problems, live in perfectly clean areas, never have daily life problems such as late common transports or bad weather...

Everyone is handsome, every place is amazing... There are almost no strikes.

I thought that my country was known for it's strikes and protests but in this show, the only protests we have is Mega leech for some trees and a park.

In both show, the Paris who is described is the rich Paris, the one for the rich people and the elitist. Marinette is definitely not a normal girl, she is a rich parisian girl who is lucky to live in the best places of Paris which is not the case for lot of parisians.
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2023.04.01 11:18 InOperation All is fair in Love, war and cover bands

Hi folks,
as a new user, my Reddit posts get deleted by robots or by admins. I hope this is not going to be the case yet again. Sorry if it's too long- I've tried to shorten it:

This is a revenge story told from the other side- I was the target of the revenge. So here we go:
I’m an Israeli programmer working in Germany and also a semi-pro musician.
In one of my bands, I’ve met a divorced German woman.
At the time she had an affair with a married man, who was planning to get divorced, once he hides most of his property from his wife.
They've rented an apartment together and she waited there for half a year, for him to give his wife notice. She was frustrated and impatient.
At that exact time, I succeeded to seduce her, and we were having sex at the apartment of her and her lover, where he could enter at any moment (i.e. he told her he was at home with his wife).
I also got to know her kids and treated them lovingly as if they were mine.
Eventually we drifted apart, mostly because I was separated for several years, with wife and kids in another country altogether, so she had doubts that she would eventually have me for herself on a permanent basis.
Then a couple of years later, her boyfriend, who was already divorced and living with her, found out about our affair.
He started to be menacing toward me, like for example he would attend all rehearsals, even though he's a non-musician, choosing to sit just behind my back.
On concerts, he would stand on the stage, eavesdrop to each band huddle before a concert.
In the band where I've met her, they were complimenting him for always being around, because he's a guy who likes to help.
He was also the only person taking band photos, and would you believe it- I didn't appear in ANY band photos during those years. I wonder why.
Eventually I told my former lover: "either he stops the dirty tricks, or I'm telling the band why is he behaving like that"
No improvement occurred.
So one day, I've told the band mates- I had an affair with her years ago- her boyfriend isn't always here to be help with carrying and photos- he's here to make sure me and her stand far away from each other.
The following gig, she and rest of the band made a point of posing for photos together, with me out of the frame.
One gig later, the band shot a professional video. They’ve published the edited video and I was edited out of it. They also didn’t pay me for the gig.
The next day she called me to shout at me. She told me that she and the band members are going to start a fake rumor that I am insane, and this is why I invented this affair.
I told her she must be crazy to deny the affair when I've still got the chat logs, our photo together as a couple and her nude photos.
Shortly after that I've left both bands, as I've felt this has anyhow ended, so better have the upper hand and leave first.
So, was this the end?
Not really.
Two years later, the epidemic hit, and I've tried to build some kind of a music project.
A female singer from that band agreed to rehearse with me. We rehearsed for around one year.
Then she dropped the bomb:
She invited me for a songwriting session with some half-celebrity from a TV talent show. A notorious man who rarely sang with our band, but almost everyone hated him, as he had this vibe of an insane/violent/drug addict dude.
I presumed this is some kind of a trap, but to be honest I was very curious, what kind of a conspiracy is concocted here against me.
After many of hours with the female singer, her mother, the male singer-
-they've staged a well-rehearsed kerfuffle.
They've pretended I was mentally insane. The man said he is mentally ill, he was hospitalized in an institution for a long time! So OBVIOUSLY he's an expert, and as an expert he determined I'm mentally ill.
Didn't you know? If a person is crazy and hospitalized in an institution for a long time, obviously the benefit is- he earns a psychiater's diploma! Hilarious.
The two women started to scream in panic that I was going to attack them physically (nothing happened in the room to justify the screaming).
I had to leave the place.
They've stole the song we've written together, whose melody, chords and drum beat came from me.
The female singer tried to force me to leave, abandoning my expensive music gear behind. I retrieved it anyway.
Later on, I saw in social media, all the signs that these people were celebrating that the revenge operation was carried out successfully.
Apparently, it was a big shame for a German woman to be outed for having sex with Jew, so this revenge was in order.
The crazy singer guy who planned it all, also synchronized this with the radio release of his song about revenge, wink wink.
On social media, I saw how my former lover thanks the dude for the perfectly executed revenge.
Not that it was explicitly admitted- they were just celebrating something that wasn't explained anywhere but everybody seemed to know exactly what the occasion was.
Several years later, I am still unable to play with any band in the whole area, as people are afraid cause I'm "crazy". No way to prove this, but nevertheless true.
Naturally there are professionals working with me to bring these people to justice.
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2023.04.01 11:14 Background-Tart907 The authority arrested illegal Thai immigrants at Thai singer's concert
It seems like the police targeted the concert in the first place.
I feel bad about the singer who may feel sorry about people coming into her concert. It might be her first Korea experience and I don't know how she would talk about Korea after going back to her country. I also feel sorry about people who wanted to see a singer from their motherland and felt devastated about the authority's cruelty.
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2023.04.01 10:47 HankenatorH2 A question for instructors or assessors…

My son is on his L’s. When I got my license in a small country town 30 something years ago, the police man pointed to the end of town, told me to ride to the stop sign, do a U’ey and ride back. I’ve done a LOT of training, track days, and many years of commuting since. At the advice of you good people, I have sent my son off for lessons with an instructor, but the instructor has him keeping to the left 1/3 of his lane (out/cerb side) on regular two lane roads. This is the opposite of what I have been taught, and seems dangerous to me. Is this the norm for new riders that n Aus?
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2023.04.01 10:37 slaycouleee Country song with male singer, “High” in the chorus

There’s a country song that was upbeat with a male singer and the only lyrics i remember was that in the chorus it had a phrase with the word “High” in it.
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2023.04.01 10:20 0n10n_t0wn pop/country ? male singer playing on a guitar

ok the only lyric i remember is "you'll be monday i'll be tuesday" and the verses had lyrics that were similar to that as in they were like "you'll be __, i'll be __” or something like that. the singer was a guy and in the music video i think he was playing a guitar and was wearing a suit or something and he looked pretty young. anyone know what song i'm talking about
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2023.04.01 08:15 Pranil1231 Reasons to invest in a luxury property near the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon

Investing in luxury residential projects in Gurgaon has become a popular trend among home buyers looking for premium living spaces. Gurgaon has emerged as one of the top destinations for luxury flats in India, attracting a lot of attention from real estate developers and investors alike. One of the prime locations for luxury flats in Gurgaon is the Dwarka Expressway, which is fast becoming the most sought-after address in the city.
The Dwarka Expressway is a 29-km long, eight-lane expressway that connects Dwarka in Delhi to Gurgaon. It is an important infrastructure project that has led to the development of several premium residential and commercial properties along its route. The area offers excellent connectivity to the airport, the Delhi Metro, and major business hubs, making it an ideal location for investment.
Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a luxury property near the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon:
  1. Excellent Location:
The Dwarka Expressway is located in the heart of Gurgaon, offering easy access to major commercial and residential areas. The area is well-connected to the airport, the Delhi Metro, and major business hubs, making it an ideal location for professionals and businessmen. Investing in a luxury property near the Dwarka Expressway ensures that you have easy access to everything you need.
  1. High Appreciation Potential:
Luxury properties in Gurgaon are known for their high appreciation potential. The area has witnessed significant growth over the past few years, and the trend is expected to continue in the future. Investing in a luxury property near the Dwarka Expressway can offer you high returns in the long run, making it a wise investment decision.
  1. Premium Living Spaces:
Luxury residential projects in Gurgaon offer premium living spaces that are equipped with world-class amenities and features. The properties near the Dwarka Expressway are no exception. You can expect to find spacious apartments, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, and more in these projects. Investing in a luxury property ensures that you enjoy a high standard of living.
  1. Excellent Rental Yield:
Luxury flats in Gurgaon are in high demand among renters, especially among experts and high-net-worth individuals. The area offers excellent rental yield, making it a lucrative investment option for those looking to earn a passive income. Investing in luxury homes in Gurgaon near the Dwarka Expressway can help you earn a good rental income.
  1. Reputed Developers:
Gurgaon is home to some of the top real estate developers in the country. Elan Developers is one such developer that has made a name for itself in the luxury real estate segment. The developer has several premium residential and commercial projects in Gurgaon, including properties near the Dwarka Expressway. Investing in a luxury property developed by a reputed developer ensures that you get a high-quality product that meets your expectations.
In conclusion, investing in a luxury property near the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon offers several benefits, including excellent location, high appreciation potential, premium living spaces, excellent rental yield, and reputed developers like Elan Developers. The area has witnessed significant growth over the past few years, and the trend is expected to continue in the future. If you are looking for the best apartments in Gurgaon, then the properties near the Dwarka Expressway should be on your list. These properties offer a high standard of living, excellent connectivity, and good investment potential, making them an ideal choice for those looking for luxury living.
This article was also published on
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2023.04.01 05:58 NoorJehan2 Afghans resettled in US fear being sent back as pathway to legal status stalls in Congress

More than 78,000 Afghan refugees relocated to the US as part of Operation Allies Welcome, but few have gained permanent status
On the day he turned 24 earlier this month, Asmatullah checked the status of his asylum request online, hoping that an approval would be his birthday gift.
When he realized that his case was still pending, he took a deep breath and looked up at the California sky, more than 7,000 miles away from the city he grew up in but that he fears returning to.
It’s been more than 18 months since Asmatullah and some members of his family rushed to Kabul’s besieged international airport after Taliban fighters stormed into the capital and retook control of Afghanistan.
“It was crowded and I saw a little boy that lost his parents,” he told the Guardian, speaking in a park in Sacramento during a break between rainstorms last week. “I grabbed him and started yelling ‘whose son is this?’ whose son is this?’”
Asmatullah called out for help at one of the airport’s busiest gates, where Afghan citizens and US military were all trying to deal with the chaos, but to no avail.
In the crush and mortal danger from so many directions, he knew he needed to get himself out. Asmatullah managed to board an evacuation flight after showing an American soldier a certificate his father had received for his work as a civil engineer in several US military construction projects in the country, which would put him and his family in peril as Afghanistan came back under Taliban control.
Asmatullah asked for his last name to be withheld out of concerns for the safety of his father, who remains in Afghanistan.
The plane took off and he, his mother, sister and two brothers escaped, flown first to Qatar for vetting then the US via the government’s humanitarian parole system, a special immigration authority that the Biden administration used to resettle tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees, dubbed Operation Allies Welcome.
Within six days of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Asmatullah arrived in Pennsylvania. He was later taken to Camp Atterbury, Indiana, where he was offered temporary housing and medical care for four months until he was able to travel to Sacramento, home to several relatives who had emigrated to California following the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, after Al-Qaida’s terrorist attacks on the US on September 11.
Asmatullah was given permission to live and work in the country legally for two years.
That period runs out this September and he’s increasingly concerned that if his asylum request is not approved he – along with tens of thousands of other Afghan evacuees in the US – is at risk of losing his work permit and protection from deportation and he dreads the prospect of having to return to a Taliban-controlled nation gripped by humanitarian crises.
But nearly two years since the fall of Kabul, only a small percentage of evacuated Afghans have managed to secure permanent legal status in the US’s clogged immigration system.
“We are strongly pushing for an extension of parole status. This is very much within the power of the [Biden] administration,” said Tara Rangarajan, executive director of the the International Rescue Committee in Northern California, a resettlement organization that assisted 11,612 of the more than 78,000 Afghan refugees relocated to the US as part of Operation Allies Welcome.
“There’s an unbelievable mental instability of not knowing what the future holds. It’s our responsibility as a country to help ensure their stability,” she added.
In the Sacramento area alone, IRC has helped resettle 1,164 Afghans.
Asmatullah watched his little brother ride a bike near a tennis court in busy Swanston Park, in a part of Sacramento with a growing Afghan population, in the county with the highest concentration of Afghan immigrants nationwide.
“Sacramento feels like home and I love it,” he said. “Here, we are not concerned about getting killed, I just want to worry about getting an education.”
Nearby is bustling Fulton Avenue, notable for its Afghan stores and restaurants, where Asmatullah and his family enjoy spending free time, he said.
Asmatullah’s ambition in the US is to become a computer scientist and he recently enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at American River College, a Sacramento public community college.
His 14-year-old sister is one of more than 2,000 Afghan refugee children in the local public school district and he said she’s eager to pursue higher education, an opportunity now out of reach for women in Afghanistan.
He also hopes that his asylum request is approved so that he can apply for a green card and ultimately find a legal path for his father to come to the US and be reunited with the family.
His voice cracked as he began talking about concerns for his father’s safety back in Afghanistan and he quickly asked to switch topics.
Meanwhile, legislation that would help Asmatullah and thousands of other Afghans out of their nerve-racking wait with a clear pathway to permanent residency, the bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act, stalled in Congress last year.
The law would provide the evacuees a sure pathway to permanent US residency. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar called it “the right and necessary thing to do”, while Republican Lisa Murkowski called on the US to “keep our promises” adding she was proud of legislation designed “to give innocent Afghans hope for a safer, brighter future”.
But Chuck Grassley, the Senate judiciary committee’s top Republican, blocked the bill, seeking tougher vetting.
Almost 4,500 Afghans have received permanent residency through the Special Immigrant Visa program for those who directly assisted the US war effort, according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
And as of 12 March this year, USCIS has received approximately 15,000 asylum applications from Afghans who arrived under Operation Allies Welcome, but has so far approved only 1,400, according to agency data provided to the Guardian.
Asmatullah said he always knew that starting again in America from scratch would be a challenge.
But he said: “I just want to show my siblings that a better life is possible.”
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2023.04.01 05:43 kiwangwa Why do drivers in Singapore refuse to make way for emergency vehicles?

Yesterday I saw a fire engine with lights and siren on trying to rush to their destination. They were trying to filter left at a traffic junction but cars going straight just continue moving. It was only after some honking and lots of hand signalling when the cars slow to a stop and gave way to the fire engine.
That's not the only incident though. It's quite common on the expressway to see cars driving right in front of ambulances instead of moving left to give them a clear path.
When I look at videos of emergency vehicles in other countries, the etiquette there is much better. Drivers will actually pull over and stop at the side and if there's a jam, cars will shift to the side as much as possible to allow emergency vehicles to split lane.
Do you think our drivers are terrible at giving way to emergency vehicles? How can we improve on that?
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2023.04.01 04:25 Practical-Animator87 [for sale] various odds and ends (dr. John, David Bowie, funkadelic, love, colter wall, Greensky bluegrass, Devil makes three, Tyler Childers, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Nina Simone,……..others)

Blues/Folk/country Leonard Cohen - Songs of Love and Hate (rsd) Vg+/Vg $20
Incredible string band - the big huge Vg/Vg $5
Buddy Guy - a man and the blues (1969) Vg/Vg $30
Robert Johnson - king of the delta blues singers g+/Vg $10
Colter Wall - western swings and waltzes Vg+/Vg+ $25
Tyler Childers - country Squire Vg+/Vg+ $35
Devil Makes Three - Chains Are Broken Vg+/Vg+ $20
Greensky Bluegrass - If Sorrows Swim Vg+Vg+ $30 (would also trade for other Greensky albums)
Staples Singers - Pray On Vg/Vg $15
Indie Adjacent
The Gerbils - battle for electricity - Vg+/Vg+ $30
Joanna Newsom -ys Vg+/Vg+ $25
Phosphorescent-pride Vg+/Vg+ $20
Animal Collective w/Vashti Bunyan -Prospect Hummer Vg+Vg+ $20
The Low Anthem - Oh My God Charlie Darwin $20
Ghost of a Sabertooth Tiger -Acoustic Sessions Vg+Vg+ $25
Dalek- From Filthy Tongues of Gods and Griots Vg+Vg+ $45
The Books - Lost and Safe Vg+Vg+ $25
Classic Rock Adjacent David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (1980 reissue) Vg/Vg $25
David Bowie - man who sold the world (70s bootleg) Vg/Vg $25
Kaleidoscope - Incredible Kaleidoscope (1969) Vg/Vg $15
Love - Forever Changes g+/vg
Dr. John - In the Right Place Vg+Vg+ $45
Dr.John - ZuZu Man Vg+Vg+ (wacky counterfeit album with uncredited Dr. John impersonator. Very cool oddball piece) $25
Funkadelic- one nation under a groove Vg/vg $45
Aretha Franklin - Aretha’s Gold Vg/Vg $15
Rick James - Throwin Down Vg+Vg+ $15
Uriah heap - the magicians birthday Vg/Vg $5
Ten years after-space in time Vg/Vg $5
Warren Zevon- Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School Vg/Vg $10
Hot tuna - burgers Vg/Vg $5
Crazy world of Arthur brown- self titled Vg+Vg+ $15
Tom Waits- closing time Vg/Vg $30
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band - Strictly Personal Vg/Vg $25
Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros Vg/Vg $10
80s Waterboys - unleashing the tethered ones (live bootleg) Vg+/Vg+ $30
Waterboys - stars are alive (live bootleg) Vg+/Vg+ $30
The Alarm- Strength Vg+Vg+ $15
Laurie Anderson- United States Live Vg+-Vg $30
Devo - THE New traditionalists (stamped Promo w/poster and 45 single) Vg+/Vg+ $30
They Might Be Giants -Lincoln Vg+/Vg (sealed) $35
Living Color - Vivid (stamped promo) Vg+/Vg+ $50
Iggy Pop - Zombie Birdhouse Vg/Vg $15
Metal Ayreon - Transitus VG+/Vg+ $20
Lord Dying - Mysterium Tremendum Vg+/Vg+$20
Psych/Kraut/Garage Vibracathedral Orchestra - Momentary Aviary Vg+/Vg+ $15
Stone Roses -Fools Gold 9.53 Vg+/Vg+ $30
Les Claypool Flying Frog Brigade - purple onion Vg+/Vg $200
Blacklight Chameleons - Blacklight Chameleons Vg+/Vg+ $15
Marshmallow Overcoat - The Inner Groove Vg+/Vg+ $15
Effervescent Elephants- something to say Vg+/Vg+ $15
Kraftwerk -autobahn (1985 Warner Bros, stamped Promo) Vg+/Vg+ $30
Nektar - through the Ears Vg/Vg $10
Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri (earmark) Vg+Vg+ $20
Jade warrior - floating World Vg+/Vg+ $10
Jazz Albert Ayler Trio - Spiritual Unity (repress, Italy) Vg/Vg+ $20
Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus (1972) Vg+Vg+ $30
John Coltrane - meditations (1966 mono) Vg+Vg+ $65
Nina Simone - Folksy Nina (white label promo) G+/Vg+ $60
Grading is disc/sleeve. $5 shipping. Happy to provide details/photos. Always open to reasonable trades/offers. If a price doesn’tfeel right to you, reach out and let’s work something out. Hit me up!
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2023.04.01 03:05 ourlastwords Ranking Each Album!

Hey all—finally finished my top-to-bottom listen of all of Lana's albums and thought I'd share my thoughts! Note that this changes every five minutes, and I love most of her work, so a track might look like it's towards the bottom but it's just on a strong album. All interludes have been omitted.
BORN TO DIE (2011) I. Video Games II. National Anthem III. Off To The Races IV. This Is What Makes Us Girls V. Radio VI. Carmen VII. Blue Jeans VIII. Born To Die IX. Summertime Sadness X. Diet Mountain Dew XI. Dark Paradise XII. Lolita XIII. Million Dollar Man XIV. Without You XV. Lucky Ones
PARADISE (2012) I. Ride II. Cola III. Gods & Monsters IV. Body Electric V. American VI. Blue Velvet VII. Yayo VIII. Bel Air
ULTRAVIOLENCE (2014) I. Ultraviolence II. West Coast III. Old Money IV. The Other Woman V. Brooklyn Baby VI. Money, Power, Glory VII. Fucked My Way Up To The Top VIII. Black Beauty IX. Sad Girl X. Pretty When You Cry XI. Cruel World XII. Shades Of Cool XIII. Florida Kilos XIV. Guns And Roses
HONEYMOON (2015) I. The Blackest Day II. Religion III. Swan Song IV. Art Deco V. High By The Beach VI. God Knows I Tried VII. 24 VIII. Freak IX. Salvatore X. Terrence Loves You XI. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood XII. Music To Watch Boys To XIII. Honeymoon
LUST FOR LIFE (2017) I. Cherry II. Lust For Life (ft. The Weeknd) III. White Mustang IV. Change V. In My Feelings VI. God Bless America... VII. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (ft. Stevie Nicks) VIII. Coachella IX. Love X. Groupie Love (ft. A$AP Rocky) XI. Get Free XII. When The World Was At War... XIII. 13 Beaches XIV. Heroin XV. Tomorrow Never Came (ft. Sean Ono Lennon) XVI. Summer Bummer (ft. A$AP Rocky & Playboy Carti)
NORMAN FUCKING ROCKWELL! (2019) I. Venice Bitch II. Love Song III. Happiness Is A Butterfly IV. The Greatest V. Norman Fucking Rockwell VI. Cinnamon Girl VII. Mariner's Apartment Complex VIII. Hope Is A Dangerous Thing... IX. How To Disappear X. California XI. Doin' Time XII. Bartender XIII. Fuck It I Love You XIV. The Next Best American Record
CHEMTRAILS OVER THE COUNTRY CLUB (2021) I. Dark But Just A Game II. Chemtrails Over The Country Club III. Wild At Heart IV. Yosemite V. Let Me Love You Like A Woman VI. White Dress VII. Not All Who Wander Are Lost VIII. For Free (ft. Zella Day, Wayes Blood) IX. Tulsa Jesus Freak X. Breaking Up Slowly (ft. Nikki Lane) XI. Dance 'Till We Die
BLUE BANISTERS (2021) I. Violets For Roses II. If You Lie Down With Me III. Dealer IV. Black Bathing Suit V. Thunder VI. Blue Banisters VII. Wildflower Wildfire VIII. Arcadia IX. Sweet Carolina X. Beautiful XI. Cherry Blossom XII. Nectar Of The Gods XIII. Living Legend XIV. Text Book
DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE'S A TUNNEL UNDER OCEAN BLVD (2023) I. ...Ocean Blvd II. Let The Light In (ft. Father John Misty) III. Margaret (ft. Bleachers) IV. Fishtail V. Fingertips VI. Candy Necklace (ft. Jon Batiste) VII. A&W VIII. Grandfather Please Stand... (ft. RIOPY) IX. Taco Truck x VB X. The Grants XI. Paris, Texas (ft. SYML) XII. Sweet XIII. Kintsugi XIV. Peppers (ft. Tommy Genesis)
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2023.04.01 02:43 Historical_Chain_687 Need Some Feedback - Singer Songwriter / Folk Country

Hey Guys,
I'm new to mixing / mastering / recording etc. This is the first song I've made, was hoping to get some feedback from people more experienced than I am. I'm slowly learning as much as I can, and trying to improve as I go.. But sometimes the amount of information is overwhelming.
The song is relatively naked in composition, and making it sound good is certainly a difficult process. Any thoughts and suggestions are very appreciated.
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2023.04.01 02:24 OalBlunkont TCM April Schedule, Looks Totally Awesome.

I had to do a lot of weird editing to convert it from copypasted PDF to something reddit wouldn't munge too much. I've seen a lot of these and there are a bunch I've been wanting to see for a while. God I hate PDFs. When I'm king it will be a capital offense to use them for anything other than formatting for printers. Reddit really needs to improve their formatting capabilities as well, single line spacing without making everthing look like code and columnar arranging too. These features have been available since the days of typewriters.
The Idjits don't mention the timezone to which they are referring.
 SATURDAY, APRIL 1 THE EARLY YEARS 6:00 AM Beau Brummel (1924) 8:30 AM Disraeli (1929) 10:00 AM Noah’s Ark (1929) 12:00 PM The Dawn Patrol (1930) (AKA FLIGHT COMMANDER) 2:00 PM Night Nurse (1931) 
Seen it, Loved it, Joan Blondell and Barbara Stanwyck, Duh
 3:30 PM Jewel Robbery (1932) 
Seen it, Loved it, William Powell and Kay Francis, Duh
 What a Character Ned Sparks (interstitial) 4:45 PM Blessed Event (1932) Marlo Thomas on Loretta Young (interstitial) 6:15 PM Employee’s Entrance (1933) 
Waned to see it for a long time
HOW IT STARTED AND THE DAWN OF SOUND Hollywood Steps Out (1941) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Brothers Warner (2007) Silents, Please! (interstitial) 9:45 PM The Clash of the Wolves (1925) 11:15 PM Cinema Finds Its Voice (2023) (DOCUMENTARY ABOUT SOUND IN FILM) 12:30 AM Vitaphone shorts Gus Arnheim and His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra (1927) Baby Rose Marie The Child Wonder (1929) 
I've seen her on the Dick Van Dyke show and Hollywood Squares and briefly in International House when I had to look her up to see that it was the same person
 Lambchops (1929) (8m) Blackface and Hollywood (interstitial) 1:15 AM The Jazz Singer (1927) Will H. Hays Introduces Vitaphone (1926) (Vitaphone short) 3:00 AM Don Juan (1926) 5:00 AM Lights of New York (1928) SUNDAY, APRIL 2 WARNER JOINS A GANG 6:30 AM Little Caesar (1931) 
Seen it, It was OK
 King for a Day (1934) 8:30 AM G-Men (1935) 
Seen it, It was OK
 Mills Blue Rhythm Band (1933) 10:15 AM Bullets or Ballots (1936) 
Seen it, Loved it, Joan Blondell, Duh
 Swing Cat’s Jamboree (1938) 12:00 PM Each Dawn I Die (1939) Claude Hopkins and His Band in Barber Shop Blues 2:00 PM High Sierra (1941) Cab Calloway and His Orchestra (1937) Angelica Huston on John & Walter Huston (interstitial) 4:00 PM Key Largo (1948) Racketeer Rabbit (1946) (cartoon) 6:00 PM Larceny, Inc. (1942) PRE-CODE CLASSICS AND AN EMPHASIS ON REALISM Bugsy and Mugsy (1957) (cartoon) Melanie Griffith on Jean Harlow (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Public Enemy (1933) The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950) (cartoon) 9:45 PM Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993) Laura Dern on Barbara Stanwyck (interstitial) 11:45 PM Baby Face (1933) 1:15 AM One Way Passage (1932) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 2:45 AM Two Seconds (1932) 4:15 AM Life Begins (1932) MONDAY, APRIL 3 CHOREOGRAPHY BY BUSBY BERKELEY 
Seen em all, all good. I didn't know they were allowed to get as close to naked as they did in Fashions back then
 5:30 AM Fashions of 1934 (1934) 7:00 AM Dames (1934) 8:45 AM Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) MUSIC BY MAX STEINER 10:30 AM Max Steiner: Maestro of Movie Music (2021) 12:45 PM The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) Rhapsody Rabbit (1947) (cartoon) 3:15 PM Rhapsody in Blue (1945) 5:45 PM Helen of Troy (1956) (TFF remaster) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS WILLIAM A. WELLMAN Big House Bunny (1950) (Cartoon) Special introduction by Alexander Payne 8:00 PM Safe in Hell (1931) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Hollywood by Storm William Wellman (interstitial) 9:30 PM Heroes for Sale (1933) 
Seen it, It's what made me really apprecioate Aline MacMahon. I still think they had the conceits of three of four movies.
MERVYN LEROY Page Miss Glory (1936) (cartoon) 11:00 PM Page Miss Glory (1935) The Making of a Great Motion Picture (1936) 12:45 AM Anthony Adverse (1936) LLOYD BACON 3:15 AM Marked Woman (1937) 5:00 AM Cain and Mabel (1936) TUESDAY, APRIL 4 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS MYRNA LOY 6:30 AM The Great Divide (1929) Julianne Moore on Myrna Loy (interstitial) 7:45 AM The Truth About Youth (1930) 
I haven't seen any of these
BEBE DANIELS 9:00 AM My Past (1931) 10:15 AM The Maltese Falcon (1931) 
I wrote in an earlier post that the women in this one are better than the women in the remake. I stand by that.
DOLORES DEL RIO 11:45 AM Madame du Barry (1934) 1:15 PM In Caliente (1935) ANN DVORAK 2:45 PM Love is a Racket (1932) 4:00 PM Murder in the Clouds (1934) GLENDA FARRELL 5:15 PM Smart Blonde (1937) 6:30 PM Little Big Shot (1935) GINGER ROGERS Stage Door Cartoon (1944) (cartoon) Nigel Lythgoe on Ginger Rogers (interstitial) 8:00 PM 42nd Street (1933) 
Seen it, story is basic but I love her
 An All-Colored Vaudeville Show (1935) 10:00 PM Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) JOAN BLONDELL 11:45 PM Footlight Parade (1933) 1:45 AM Three on a Match (1932) 
Both of these are totally awesome
KAY FRANCIS 3:00 AM Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933) 4:30 AM I Found Stella Parish (1935) 
I've not seen either. Why to they have to be at the butt crack of dawn?
Can't stand him
 6:00 AM When a Man Loves (1927) 8:00 AM Svengali (1931) JOE E. BROWN 9:30 AM You Said a Mouthful (1932) Porky’s Baseball Broadcast (1940) (cartoon) 11:00 AM Elmer, the Great (1933) PAT O’BRIEN 12:30 PM Oil for the Lamps of China (1935) 2:30 PM The Great O’Malley (1937) DICK POWELL 4:00 PM Flirtation Walk (1934) 6:00 PM Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935) 
Can't go wrong with Busby Berkeley. I don't understand why the poster image for 42nd street has the dancers in costumes from this one though
EDWARD G. ROBINSON Buccaneer Bunny (1948) (cartoon) Chaz Palminteri on Edward G. Robinson (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Sea Wolf (1941) 9:45 PM Brother Orchid (1940) 
Two of his I haven't seen
PAUL MUNI 11:30 PM The Life of Emile Zola (1937) 1:45 AM The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) 
I love his biopics. The rest is hit or miss
GEORGE BRENT 3:30 AM So Big! (1932) 
I don't know who George Brent is but its a Barbara Stanwyck movie so see it.
 5:00 AM From Headquarters (1933) THURSDAY, APRIL 6 WARNER GOES TO SCHOOL 6:30 AM The Corn is Green (1945) 8:30 AM Our Miss Brooks (1957) 10:00 AM Up the Down Staircase (1967) WARNER JOINS THE TEAM 12:15 PM Jim Thorpe – All-American (1951) Baseball Bugs (1946) (cartoon) 2:15 PM The Winning Team (1952) Mary Anne Owen on Donna Reed (interstitial) 4:00 PM Trouble Along the Way (1953) 6:00 PM One on One (1977) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS MICHAEL CURTIZ Rabbit Hood (1949) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) 
I've wanted to see this for a while even though Errol Flynn didn't impress me in Captain Blood.
 Sons of Liberty (1939) (directed by Michael Curtiz) 10:00 PM Life with Father (1947) 
Seen it, Loved it. I've not seen a bad William Powell movie.
WILLIAM WYLER William Wyler Father and Filmmaker (interstitial) 12:15 AM Jezebel (1938) 2:15 AM The Letter (1940) ARCHIE MAYO 4:00 AM Bordertown (1935) 5:45 AM The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933) FRIDAY, APRIL 7 WARNER LEARNS TO READ 7:15 AM Moby Dick (1930) 8:45 AM The Old Man and the Sea (1958) Molly Haskell on King Vidor (interstitial) 10:15 AM The Fountainhead (1949) 
Classic example of why should watch the movie before reading the book to avoid disappointment.
WARNER STUDIES HISTORY 12:15 PM When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1971) 2:00 PM The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) The Declaration of Independence (1938) (short) 4:15 PM Alexander Hamilton (1931) 5:30 PM The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) A STUDIO THAT TAKESASTAND What’s Opera, Doc? (1957) (cartoon) 8:00 PM They Won’t Forget (1937) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 10:00 PM Storm Warning (1951) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 12:00 AM Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) 2:00 AM I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) 
Not Muni's best
 4:00 AM The Mayor of Hell (1933) SATURDAY, APRIL 8 WARNER COMES OF AGE 6:00 AM Wild Boys of the Road (1933) 
Mostly good, some implausibilities
 7:30 AM Kings Row (1942) A Mutt in a Rut (1959) (cartoon) 10:00 AM Good-Bye, My Lady (1956) 11:45 AM Splendor in the Grass (1961) 2:00 PM The Learning Tree (1969) 4:00 PM Summer of ’42 (1971) 6:00 PM A Little Romance (1979) WARNER AT WAR Carrotblanca (1995) (cartoon) Patricia Clarkson on Ingrid Bergman (interstitial) 8:00 PM Casablanca (1942) 
No praise I could heap upon it that hasn't been done before.
 Tony Curtis on Cary Grant (interstitial) 10:00 PM Destination Tokyo (1943) 12:30 AM Objective, Burma (1945) 3:00 AM This is the Army (1943) 5:15 AM Across the Pacific (1942) SUNDAY, APRIL 9 WARNER FINDS RELIGION 7:00 AM The Green Pastures (1936) 
Seen it, It certainly has more than it's fair share of black stereotypes, even for it's day. I wonder if this is an accurate representation of rural vs urban blacks. I'd love to know what the black press of the day thought about it.
 9:00 AM Sergeant York (1941) Easter Yeggs (1947) (cartoon) What a Character Beulah Bondi (interstitial) 11:30 AM One Foot in Heaven (1941) 1:30 PM The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (1952) Vanessa Redgrave on Fred Zinnemann (interstitial) 3:15 PM The Nun’s Story (1959) 6:00 PM Oh, God! (1977) 
Saw it in theaters, it was cute
THE POSTWAR YEARS AND THE TELEVISION ERA A Star is Bored (1956) (cartoon) Above Limitations: George Cukor (interstitial) 8:00 PM A Star is Born (1954) Special introduction by Robyn Sklaren and Daphne Dentz 11:15 PM A Lion is in the Streets (1953) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 1:00 AM A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) 3:15 AM The FBI Story (1959) MONDAY, APRIL 10 SHOT AT TEDDINGTON, WARNER’S BRITISH STUDIOS 6:00 AM Crime Unlimited (1935) 7:15 AM Something Always Happens (1934) 8:30 AM Crown vs. Stevens (1936) 9:45 AM Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk ( AKA FATHERTAKE SAWALK ) (1936) 11:15 AM Jack L. Warner The Last Mogul (1993) PRODUCED BY HAMMER, DISTRIBUTED BY WARNER 1:15 PM The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) 2:45 PM Frankenstein Must be Destroyed (1970) Hair-Raising Hare (1946) (cartoon) 4:30 PM Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1969) 6:15 PM Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS JOHN HUSTON 14 Carrot Rabbit (1952) (cartoon) Men in Crisis The Films of John Huston (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) 10:45 PM In This Our Life (1943) RAOUL WALSH 12:30 AM The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh (2014) ( DOC UMENTARY ) 2:30 AM The Roaring Twenties (1939) WILLIAM DIETERLE 4:30 AM Juarez (1939) 6:45 AM Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet (1940) TUESDAY, APRIL 11 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS PRISCILLA LANE 8:30 AM Yes, My Darling Daughter (1939) 10:15 AM Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) 
This is what you get when you send Capra out with out Riskin and Swerling, not very good. They couldn't even get Boris Karloff to play the guy who looks like Boris Karloff.
IDA LUPINO Lee Grant on Ida Lupino (interstitial) 12:30 PM Out of the Fog (1941) 2:30 PM The Hard Way (1943) MARY ASTOR 4:30 PM Scandal The Trial of Mary Astor (2018) 6:00 PM The Great Lie (1941) BETTE DAVIS Tweety’s S.O.S. (1951) (cartoon) Meryl Streep on Bette Davis (interstitial) 8:00 PM Now, Voyager (1942) 10:15 PM Dark Victory (1939) OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND Special introduction by Wes Anderson 12:15 AM The Strawberry Blonde (1941) 2:30 AM Princess O’Rourke (1943) ANN SHERIDAN 4:15 AM City for Conquest (1940) 6:15 AM Nora Prentiss (1947) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR. 8:15 AM Union Depot (1932) 
He should have done more of this instead of trying to step into his dad's shoes
 9:30 AM Parachute Jumper (1933) JOHN GARFIELD 11:15 AM They Made Me a Criminal (1939) 1:00 PM Air Force (1943) CLAUDE RAINS Sir John Gielgud on Claude Rains (interstitial) 3:15 PM Passage to Marseille (1944) 5:15 PM Mr. Skeffington (1944) JAMES CAGNEY Bugs and Thugs (1954) (cartoon) George C. Scott on James Cagney (interstitial) 8:00 PM White Heat (1949) Blackface and Hollywood (interstitial) Yankee Doodle Daffy (1943) (cartoon) 10:30 PM Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) ERROL FLYNN 12:45 AM Gentleman Jim (1942) 2:45 AM The Sea Hawk (1940) GEORGE RAFT 5:00 AM Manpower (1941) 6:45 AM Background to Danger (1943) THURSDAY, APRIL 13 WARNER LEARNS TO DRIVE 8:15 AM The Crowd Roars (1932) 9:45 AM They Drive by Night (1940) There Auto Be a Law (1953) (cartoon) 11:30 AM Greased Lightning (1977) WARNER LEARNS TO FLY 1:30 PM The Dawn Patrol (1938) Jet Jockeys in Love The Making of Chain Lightning (TCM original) 3:15 PM Chain Lightning (1950) Go Fly a Kit (1957) (cartoon) 5:30 PM The Spirit of St. Louis (1957) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS JOHN FORD Drip-Along Daffy (1951) (cartoon) Meet John Ford (interstitial) 8:00 PM The Searchers (1956) 10:15 PM Sergeant Rutledge (1960) ELIA KAZAN The Immigrant Experience (interstitial) 12:15 AM America, America (1963) 3:15 AM The Arrangement (1969) FRIDAY, APRIL 14 WARNER JOINS THE BAND Michael Douglas on Kirk Douglas (interstitial) 6:00 AM Young Man with a Horn (1950) 8:00 AM Blues in the Night (1941) 9:30 AM Sparkle (1976) WARNER RUNS FOR OFFICE 11:30 AM Kisses for My President (1964) 1:30 PM Flamingo Road (1949) 3:30 PM The Candidate (1972) Ballot Box Bunny (1951) (cartoon) 5:30 PM A Face in the Crowd (1957) EARLY CINEMASCOPE Sahara Hare (1955) (cartoon) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 8:00 PM The Land of the Pharaohs (1955) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Peter and Jane Fonda on Henry Fonda (interstitial) 10:00 PM Mister Roberts (1955) 
At least it has a happy ending where they sent him to live on a farm where he lives to this day.
SHOT FOR 3D Prince Albert on Grace Kelly (interstitial) 12:15 AM Dial M for Murder (1954) 2:15 AM House of Wax (1953) 
Saw it in a re-released theatrical 3D showing. It was as unimpressive then as it is now.
 4:00 AM The Bounty Hunter (1954) SATURDAY, APRIL 15 WARNER GETS SCARED 5:30 AM Doctor X (1932) What a Character: Frank McHugh (interstitial) 7:00 AM The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) Good Morning, Eve (1934) (short) Ant-Pasted (1953) (cartoon) 9:00 AM Them! (1954) 
I thought this was American International or some such
 The Haunted Mouse (1941) (cartoon) 11:00 AM The Bad Seed (1956) 1:30 PM Dead Ringer (1964) 3:30 PM What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) 6:00 PM Wait Until Dark (1967) WARNER LOOKS TO BROADWAY FOR INSPIRATION 
That was a bad idea.
 Lumber Jerks (1955) (cartoon) 8:00 PM My Fair Lady (1964) 11:00 PM The Music Man (1962) 1:45 AM Gypsy (1962) 4:15 AM Camelot (1967) SUNDAY, APRIL 16 WARNER TURNS TO CRIME 8:00 AM The Petrified Forest (1936) 
Saw it. It was OK. I was never a Leslie Howard fan and Bette Davis while more natural here than in most movies was not convincing as a girl still in or barely out of her teens.
 9:30 AM Dark Passage (1947) 11:30 AM Crime Wave (1954) Bullitt: Anatomy of a Car Chase (TCM original) 1:00 PM Bullitt (1968) 3:30 PM The Yakuza (1974) 5:30 PM Dog Day Afternoon (1975) 
Saw it in the theater, barely remember it
WARNER BROTHERS LEADSAREVOLUTION IN FILMMAKING Rabbit Fire (1951) (cartoon) Paul Newman on Elizabeth Taylor (interstitial) 8:00 PM Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) 10:30 PM Cool Hand Luke (1967) 12:45 AM The Wild Bunch (1969) 3:15 AM Petulia (1968) 5:15 AM The Fox (1968) MONDAY, APRIL 17 BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD – WARNER BROTHERS ANIMATED FEATURES 7:15 AM Gay Purr-ee (1962) 8:45 AM Treasure Island (1973) 10:30 AM The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964) 
Saw it a long time ago on TV. IIRC it's a strange story about a guy who neglects his girlfriend for his fish, falls off a pier and turns into a fish and makes noises to mis-direct torpedoes from German U-boats.
THE RAT PACK AT WARNER BROTHERS Swooner Crooner (1944) (cartoon) 12:30 PM Oceans 11 (1960) 3:00 PM 4 for Texas (1963) Nancy Sinatra on Frank Sinatra (interstitial) 5:15 PM Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS HOWARD HAWKS Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948) (cartoon) Special introduction by Martin Scorsese 8:00 PM Rio Bravo (1959) TELEVISION PREMIERE OFNEW RESTORATION IN PARTNER SHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION Peter Bogdanovich on Howard Hawks (interstitial) 10:30 PM The Big Sleep (1946) ALFRED HITCHCOCK Zipping Along (1953) (cartoon) 1:00 AM Strangers on a Train (1951) 3:00 AM I Confess (1953) VINCENT SHERMAN 5:00 AM All Through the Night (1942) 7:00 AM Old Acquaintance (1943) TUESDAY, APRIL 18 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS JOAN LESLIE 9:00 AM The Male Animal (1942) 10:45 AM Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946) VIRGINIA MAYO 12:15 PM Colorado Territory (1949) 2:00 PM The West Point Story (1950) JANE WYMAN 4:00 PM Johnny Belinda (1948) The Last Hungry Cat (1961) (cartoon) 6:00 PM Stage Fright (1950) JOAN CRAWFORD Duck Amuck (1953) (cartoon) Ann Blyth on Joan Crawford (interstitial) 8:00 PM Mildred Pierce (1945) 10:15 PM Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star (2002) LAUREN BACALL Gregory Peck on Lauren Bacall (interstitial) 12:00 AM To Have and Have Not (1944) 2:00 AM Harper (1966) GERALDINE FITZGERALD 4:15 AM Watch on the Rhine (1943) 6:15 AM Nobody Lives Forever (1946) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS SYDNEY GREENSTREET 8:00 AM The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) 10:00 AM Three Strangers (1946) RONALD REAGAN 12:00 PM Knute Rockne – All-American (1940) 2:00 PM The Hasty Heart (1949) 
Seen it, Liked it, but I think it was a play first. It's got that one set feel.
PAUL HENREID Monica Henreid on Paul Henreid (interstitial) 3:45 PM Between Two Worlds (1944) 5:45 PM Deception (1946) HUMPHREY BOGART Slick Hare (1947) (cartoon) How Bogart Became a Star (interstitial) 8:00 PM Black Legion (1937) 10:00 PM The Maltese Falcon (1941) 
Watch the original for the women, this one for the men.
TAB HUNTER 12:00 AM Tab Hunter Confidential (2015) 1:45 AM Battle Cry (1955) PETER LORRE 4:30 AM The Beast with Five Fingers (1946) 6:00 AM The Verdict (1946) THURSDAY, APRIL 20 WARNER GOES TO COURT 7:30 AM Dust be My Destiny (1939) 9:00 AM The Wrong Man (1956) 11:00 AM The Young Philadelphians (1959) WARNER GOES TO PRISON Burt Reynolds on Spencer Tracy (interstitial) 1:30 PM 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932) 
I remember seeing it but nothing else
 3:00 PM San Quentin (1937) 4:30 PM Blackwell’s Island (1939) 6:00 PM Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS MARTIN SCORSESE Rabbit Seasoning (1952) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) 10:15 PM Mean Streets (1973) STANLEY KUBRICK 12:15 AM Full Metal Jacket (1987) 2:30 AM A Clockwork Orange (1971) 
Kubrick should have learned from Billy Wilder that the best director is the one that you don't see.
FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA 5:00 AM The Rain People (1969) 6:45 AM Finian’s Rainbow (1968) FRIDAY, APRIL 21 WARNER HEADS SOUTH 9:15 AM The Cabin in the Cotton (1932) 10:45 AM The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1968) Hillbilly Hare (1950) (cartoon) 1:00 PM Ode to Billy Joe (1976) WARNER GOES WEST 3:00 PM The Oklahoma Kid (1939) 4:30 PM Dodge City (1939) 6:15 PM Along the Great Divide (1951) SEVEN ARTS COMES IN AS JACK PREPARES TO LEAVE Baby Buggy Bunny (1954) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Bonnie and Clyde (1967) Special introduction by Ethan Hawke 10:00 PM Rachel, Rachel (1968) NEWLY REMASTERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE FILM FOUNDATION 12:00 AM Firecreek (1968) 2:00 AM Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967) 4:00 AM Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) SATURDAY, APRIL 22 WARNER SEEKS ADVENTURE 5:45 AM Captain Blood (1935) 
 8:00 AM Adventures of Don Juan (1948) Captain Hareblower (1954) (cartoon) 10:00 AM Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951) 12:00 PM The Master of Ballantrae (1953) 1:30 PM The Valley of Gwangi (1969) 3:15 PM The Great Race (1965) 6:00 PM Time After Time (1979) 
I haven't thought if this one in ages. I have to see it again.
WARNER EMBRACESANEW HOLLYWOOD What’s Up, Doc? (1950) (cartoon) 8:00 PM All the President’s Men (1976) 10:30 PM The Exorcist (1973) Jerry Schatzberg: Reality in Focus (interstitial) 12:45 AM Scarecrow (1973) 3:00 AM Badlands (1973): Robert Duvall on Gene Hackman (interstitial) 4:45 AM Night Moves (1975) SUNDAY, APRIL 23 WARNER FALLS IN LOVE 6:30 AM A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935) 9:00 AM All This and Heaven Too (1940) 11:30 AM A Warm December (1973) Scent-imental Romeo (1951) (cartoon) 1:30 PM Fanny (1961) 4:00 PM The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) 6:00 PM The Goodbye Girl (1977) THE SUPERHERO ERA BEGINS... Duck Dodgers in the 24 1⁄2th Century (1953) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Superman (1978) 10:30 PM Batman (1989) 
Both great
...AND WOMEN FINALLY HAVEASAY 12:45 AM Girlfriends (1978) 2:30 AM Cookie (1989) 4:15 AM The Brothers Warner (2007) MONDAY, APRIL 24 CULT CLASSICS 6:00 AM Untamed Youth (1957) 8:00 AM The Swarm (1978) (theatrical version) 10:00 AM Big Wednesday (1978) 12:15 PM Over the Edge (1979) 2:00 PM The Last of Sheila (1973) 4:15 PM It’s Alive (1974) 6:00 PM The Omega Man (1971) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS STEVEN SPIELBERG One Froggy Evening (1955) (cartoon) 8:00 PM The Color Purple (1985) 11:00 PM Empire of the Sun (1987) ROBERT ALTMAN 2:00 AM McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) 4:15 AM Countdown (1967) TUESDAY, APRIL 25 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS ALEXIS SMITH 6:00 AM Night and Day (1946) 8:30 AM San Antonio (1945) ELEANOR PARKER 10:45 AM Pride of the Marines (1945) 1:00 PM Caged (1950) CAROL BAKER 3:00 PM Baby Doll (1956) 5:00 PM Cheyenne Autumn (1964) DORIS DAY Don’t Look Now (1936) (cartoon) Is it Love or Is it Conscription (Soundie) 8:00 PM Romance on the High Seas (1948) Doris Day on Doris Day (interstitial) 10:00 PM Calamity Jane (1953) NATALIE WOOD Robert Redford on Natalie Wood (interstitial) 12:00 AM Inside Daisy Clover (1965) 2:15 AM Sex and the Single Girl (1964) PATRICIA NEAL 4:15 AM Bright Leaf (1950) 6:15 AM The Breaking Point (1950) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 STUDIO CONTRACT PLAYERS JACK CARSON 8:00 AM Roughly Speaking (1945) 10:00 AM John Loves Mary (1949) JAMES GARNER 11:45 AM Up Periscope (1959) 1:45 PM Cash McCall (1960) TROY DONAHUE 3:30 PM A Summer Place (1959) 5:45 PM Rome Adventure (1962) JAMES DEAN Walky Talky Hawky (1946) (cartoon) Special introductions by Joanna Hogg and Wes Anderson 8:00 PM East of Eden (1955) 10:15 PM Rebel Without a Cause (1955) 12:15 AM Giant (1956) 3:45 AM Return to Giant (1996) 4:45 AM George Stevens: A Filmmaker’s Journey (1984) THURSDAY, APRIL 27 WARNER GETS MARRIED What a Character: William Frawley (interstitial) 6:45 AM The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941) What a Character: Hattie McDaniel (interstitial) 8:30 AM Janie Gets Married (1946) 10:15 AM June Bride (1948) WARNER RAISESAFAMILY 12:00 PM Room for One More (1952) 1:45 PM Four Daughters (1938) Feed the Kitty (1952) (cartoon) 3:30 PM Spencer’s Mountain (1963) 5:30 PM The Sundowners (1960) GREAT DIRECTORS AT WARNER BROTHERS CLINT EASTWOOD The Three Little Bops (1957) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Bird (1988) 11:00 PM Unforgiven (1992) ALAN J. PAKULA 1:30 AM Klute (1971) 3:30 AM Rollover (1981) SIDNEY LUMET 5:30 AM Bye Bye Braverman (1968) 7:15 AM Deathtrap (1982) FRIDAY, APRIL 28 WARNER GOESALITTLE BIT COUNTRY 9:15 AM Every Which Way But Loose (1978) 11:15 AM Honeysuckle Rose (1980) WARNER GOESALITTLE BIT ROCK ‘N ROLL Kurt Russell on Elvis Presley (interstitial) 1:30 PM This is Elvis (1981) 3:30 PM The Song Remains the Same (1976) 6:00 PM Jimi Hendrix (1973) WARNER BROTHERS REINVENTS THE CONCERT FILM... Long-Haired Hare (1949) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Woodstock The Director’s Cut (1970) ...AND VENTURES INTO BLAXPLOITATION The Best of Blaxploitation (interstitial) 12:00 AM Super Fly (1972) 2:00 AM Black Belt Jones (1974) 3:30 AM Cleopatra Jones (1973) 5:00 AM Black Samson (1974) SATURDAY, APRIL 29 WARNER HAS SOME FUN What a Character: Edward Brophy (interstitial) 6:30 AM A Slight Case of Murder (1938) What a Character: Guy Kibbee (interstitial) 8:00 AM The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945) What a Character: Mary Wickes (interstitial) 9:30 AM The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) 11:30 AM No Time for Sergeants (1958) 1:45 PM Auntie Mame (1958) 4:15 PM What’s Up, Doc? (1972) 6:00 PM The In-Laws (1979) INTIMATE STORIES BREAK THROUGH My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Local Hero (1983) 10:00 PM Crossing Delancey (1988) 12:00 AM Torch Song Trilogy (1988) 2:30 AM Running on Empty (1988) 4:30 AM The Great Santini (1979) SUNDAY, APRIL 30 WARNER SEEKS THE TRUTH 6:30 AM Sunrise at Campobello (1960) 9:00 AM A Cry in the Dark (1988) Tortoise Beats Hare (1941) (cartoon) 11:30 AM Chariots of Fire (1981) 2:00 PM The Right Stuff (1983) 5:30 PM The Killing Fields (1984) AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES, WHERE EVERY STORY MATTERS Rabbit of Seville (1950) (cartoon) 8:00 PM Malcolm X (1992) 11:30 PM Million Dollar Baby (2004) 2:00 AM Argo (2012) OVERNIGHT FEATURE 4:15 AM Going in Style (1979) 
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2023.04.01 02:09 Cosmicspider87 Ties to Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein according to Epsteins Black Book

Bill Clinton ( D ) Bill will be getting his own segment. This is the list of people connected to Bill and Epstein.
I am sure there is more to add. This is just from the Black Book

  1. Joe Cashon Joe is a Vice President and helps to manage Northwater’s investments in portfolio companies . Joe comes to Northwater with a diverse background in both private and public sectors, including extensive international business and public affairs experience. Prior to joining Northwater, Joe founded an investment research firm focusing on risk analysisand market development, with a focus on energy, renewables, and financial services. For eight years, Joe worked as a senior aide to President Clinton and in leadership roles at the Clinton Foundation. He is a Graduate of Great Distinction from McGill University.
  2. Mills, Cheryl: Lawyer who defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. She served as deputy White House Counsel for Clinton, Senior Adviser and Counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and Counselor and Chief of Staff during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State. Mills had a key role in Hillary’s email scandal and in Haiti, where the Clintons are heavily involved (
  3. Doug Bands was a longtime adviser to Bill Clinton. He had a substantial part in the creation and inner workings of The Clinton Foundation. Purchased David Rockefeller’s old house in New York City for $20 million. Has been called “the key architect in Clinton’s post-presidency”
  4. Lisa Belzberg: Ex-wife of Seagram heir Matthew Bronfman and former sister-in-law of Clare and Sara Bronfman, who were both involved in NXIVM, a cult that focused on sexual slavery. Belzberg reportedly had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton in 2002 while still with Matthew Bronfman.
  5. Ron Burkle: Billionaire founder of Yucaipa, an investment firm that specialized in buying and selling supermarket chains. Had close ties with Bill Clinton. According to Los Angeles Times, “Bill Clinton’s bromance with Burkle invited scandal.” The LA Times describes how “unverified reports of the two men jetting around in a Burkle 757 filled with attractive young women leached from the tabloids to the mainstream media.” This could be the reason for Burkle’s falling out with Hillary, as he had nothing to do with her campaign. He has hosted the Clintons and President Biden at the Beverly Hills estate and has brought together eclectic groups of celebrities and scholars to his dinner parties, from Warren Beatty to former heads of the CIA. He bought Neverland Ranch
  6. Vikram Chatwal: Actomodel/movie producer and hotel owner in New York City and Miami. Bill Clinton, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, Naomi Campbell, and P. Diddy attended his wedding.
  7. Dubin, Louis & Tiffany: Louis Dubin is a real estate developer specializing in upper-middle class condominiums. Has sold luxury condominiums to the likes of Charles Bronfman, who has ties to the Clintons, Wexner, and whose family were in the NXIUM cult. Tiffany Dubin is the stepdaughter of the now deceased billionaire, A. Alfred Taubman, the owner of Sotheby’s, a famous auction house in NYC that often hosts parties for the rich and famous.
  8. Fairweather, Ambassador & Lady: Sir Patrick Fairweather is a retired British diplomat. He worked as Ambassador to Angola (1985-1987), Italy (1992-1996), and Albania (1992-1996). Lady Maria Fairweather was a linguist and professional interpreter who once helped out Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin when the official interpreter disappeared at a crucial moment just before the commencement of the G7 Summit.
  9. Ganero, Mario Jr.: Where do we even begin? Mario Garnero is a Brazilian banker and entrepreneur who has been deemed the “father of the ethanol car” and is the chairman of the board and primary shareholder of Brasilinvest Group, a banking firm worth $700 million. Garnero’s connections run extremely deep. He is/has been personal friends with Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Helmut Schmidt, and many others. The following website makes some startling connections between Garnero, Epstein, and others (source: Quick summary: Record producer Damon Dash (former co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z) allegedly raped a supermodel who worked for Naomi Campbell at a party thrown by Garnero source: has been referred to as a “Rothschild pawn” who tried to help Aecio Neves rise to power. Garnero also appointed “George Soros frontman, Arminio Fraga, who worked in Soros’ Quantum Fund, as Minister of the Economy.”
  10. Ginsberg, Gary: Former Executive VP of Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, the fourth-largest media group in the world prior to splitting in 2013. Ginsberg was a close confidant of Rupert Murdoch and Peter Chernin while at News Corp. Ginsberg also served in the Clinton Administration at the White House Counsel’s Office and Department of Justice. Ginsberg has brokered meetings between Rupert Murdoch and the Clintons, as well as Obama. Ginsberg is currently on the Board of Directors of New Visions for Public Schools, which designs course curricula for students in NYC. New Visions supports many schools, impacting 230,000 students(source: Their Networks for School Improvement Initiative is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. New Visions also has ties to the Carnegie Foundation, which donates millions of dollars in grants (source:!/grants/grants-database/grant/312395808.0/). Ginsberg is also a friend of and speechwriter for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
  11. Gittis, Howard: Gittis (1934-2007) was an attorney and adviser to billionaire businessman Ron Perelman. He worked at MacAndrews & Forbes, an investment firm owned by Perelman. In 1995, Perelman hosted a dinner with Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton college friend Arnold Paul Prosperi, Don Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Don Fowler, who was the co-chairman of the DNC. More on Perelman later.
  12. Harvey Victoria: Ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, Hervey is an English model and socialite. Although her relationship with Andrew didn’t work out, she remained in his inner circle. In 2000, she attended a dinner with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein(source: is also a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who introduced her to Epstein and “set her up in one of Epstein’s apartments in New York.” Hervey is the daughter of Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol, businessman and member of the House of Lords.
  13. Hatkoff, Craig & Jane: Hatkoff is a real estate investor, who, along with his ex-wife, Jane Rosenthal, and Robert De Niro, founded the Tribeca Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Institute. Hatkoff has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.
  14. Johnson, Richard & Nadine: Nadine is a millionaire public relations guru. Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s. Some clients of Nadine Johnson include spirit cooking extraordinaire Marina Abramovic and hotelier Andre Balazs, good friend of Ghislaine. Richard is one of the most well-known gossip columnists and was the editor of Page Six for twenty-five years. There is a great thread detailing the Johnsons’ ties to the Clintons, Balazs, and others here (source: Basically, Richard Johnson is friendly with the Clintons and, as Page Six Editor, purposely did not report or downplayed stories on the Clintons and Nadine’s clients. He also took bribes. Considering Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine, it would not be a stretch to assume that Richard could have buried stories on Maxwell and Epstein.
  15. Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (, Naomi Campbell (, and Bill Clinton ( Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo
  16. Kissinger, Dr. Henry A: Former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Nixon. Kissinger has long been accused of committing war crimes (ex: carpet bombing Cambodia, installing fascist governments in Chile and Argentina, genocide, extending our stay in Vietnam, etc) yet somehow managed to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. Kissinger once said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Kissinger served with Epstein on the Trilateral Commission. Kissinger has also been a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute, and Bohemian Grove. Long thought to be an advocate for a globalist New World Order, Kissinger is a scumbag of the highest order. His connections with Gates, the Clintons, Bush Sr. and Jr., the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds are well-documented. If anyone here has ever done any research regarding the NWO, you have undoubtedly seen Kissinger’s name several times.
  17. Levine, Phillip: Ex-Miami Beach mayor and close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He claims that he doesn’t know how Epstein got his contact information… all 13 phone numbers, including those of his driver and housekeepers (
  18. Magaziner, Ira C: Was the senior advisor of policy development for President Bill Clinton. He now serves in a leadership role for the Clinton Foundation. He is a CEO and Vice Chairman of the Clinton Health Access Initiative which helps people gain access to medicine and health services in low and middle income countries, most notably in Africa. Remember, the Clintons helped bail out their colleague, Laura Silsby, who was caught trying to traffick 33 Haitian children ( Most importantly, Magaziner traveled on the Lolita Express on several occasions (, including the infamous flight that included Epstein, Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, and Chris Tucker. Magaziner also flew with Ghislaine Maxwell, also (
  19. Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra: Jose Luis is an Argentine businessman and former politician. He is a partner in Grupo America, the second largest multimedia group in the country. He has given money to the Clinton Foundation and The Climate Reality Project ran by Al Gore.
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2023.04.01 00:56 Cosmicspider87 Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein 1- 98

Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein
I have taken the lists Conspiracy has done, verified and grouped into the different categories.
Some people will appear twice and some have multiple businesses they are involved with.

  1. Phillipe Amon (Sicpa)Owner and manager of SICPA, a Swiss company and universal leader that specializes in the printing of bank notes, passports, lottery tickets, and identity documents. SICPA prints money and passports.
  2. Maurice & Roberta Amon related to Phillipe
  3. Lisa Anastos General Counsel for Payfone, a digital identity authentication network. Anastos previously worked in the law department of Goldman Sachs and General Counsel’s office of American Express.
  4. Robert Alex Appleby (New Ventures)ADM Capital
  5. Maite Arango: Vice-President, Board of Directors for Grupo Vips. Grupo Vips manages Starbucks, TGIFridays, and other chain companies. Arango is also Chairman of the Board for Ashoka, a company that ironically focuses on the betterment of today’s youth. Ashoka even has its own schools.
  6. Victor Arellano: Victor Arellano Jr. is Vice Chairman of the Board of Bacardi. He’s a 5th generation descendant of the founder of Bacardi.
  7. Arthur & Cathy Armstrong (Mckinsky)Debevoise and Plimpton LLP
  8. Vittorio & Charlotte Assaf: Vittorio is co-founder of Serafina Restaurant Group.
  9. William Astor Silvergate Media.
  10. Peter Bahrke Co-founder of Aecor Partners
  11. Andrew Balazs Real estate mogul and entrepreneur. Owns several hotels throughout NYC and London, as well as residential real estate. He was engaged to actress Uma Thurman for three years and dated Chelsea Handler for two years later on. Allegedly groped Amanda Anka (Jason Bateman’s wife) at a party he hosted for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.
  12. Alice Bamford & George Bamford Brother and sister. Offspring of Sir Anthony & Lady Carole Bamford George is a successful luxury watch manufacturer.
  13. Clive Bannister (Pheonix Group, HSBC Investment)
  14. Javier Banonis a Founding Partner at Trilantic Capital Management LLC. Was a principal (higher up) at Lehman Brothers and previously worked at Deutsche Bank as a Managing Director. Trilantic was founded by five partners who had all worked together at Lehman Brothers.
  15. Nicholas & Gretel Barham: Gretel Barham (Gretel Packer) is the daughter of Kerry Packer, a deceased Australian media mogul worth billions. Both Gretel and younger brother James are billionaires. Nick Barham is Gretel’s ex-husband and a British financier.
  16. Peter Barnes Entrepreneur and environmentalist
  17. Hilary Bastone No info
  18. Tim and Natasha Both directors of H.B. Leisure Holdings Ltd., which focuses on skill games, arcades, amusement parks, etc.
  19. Lorenz Baumer (Jeweler)
  20. Nicolas Bergraven Billionaire investor and founder and president of the Berggruen Institute, a think tank that hopes to “shape political, economic and social institutions for the 21st century.” Vague. Berggruen, according to, “puts more trust in elites than voters” and suggested that “the Senate should be appointed rather than elected.”
  21. Bill Berkman the wealthy investor whose secretary once sued him about being forced to look at pornographic pictures of women in emails (the suit was dismissed with prejudice in 2015)
  22. Robin Birley (Private Members Club)
  23. Debbie & Bola Von Bismark Leopold (“Bolle”) von Bismarck is the great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of Germany. Debbie is a former model and Leopold’s wife. Model Kate Moss is currently engaged to their son, Nikolai.
  24. Vaness Von Bismark Cofounder of BPCM, a public relations firm that specialized in fashion, beauty, and wine & spirits. Great-great-granddaughter of Otto von Bismarck.
  25. Johnnie & Sophie Boden: Johnnie Boden is a clothing entrepreneur.
  26. Daniele Bodini Serves as Chairman Emeritus of American Continental Properties Group (ACP), which focuses on asset and wealth management. Bodini also serves as a Member of Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School and is the ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the United Nations.
  27. Edouard de Boisgelin: Holding company CEO out of Paris.
  28. Andrea & Gioia Bonomi: Andrea Bonomi is the founder of Investindustrial Limited, an asset management private equity firm. He also served on the management board and as Chairman of Banca Popolare di Milano.
  29. Nicholas Bookis: President of Topside Shipping Inc
  30. Christiana Booth MD CEO At Mirval Limited
  31. Mark & Lauren Booth: Mark Booth was CEO of BSkyB (owner of Sky TV). His wife, Lauren, is an artist.
  32. Michael Borrico Founder and CEO of Certified Construction
  33. Ferdinando Brachetti (Peretti) Nobility. Son of Count Aldo Maria Brachetti-Peretti. Co-owner of Italian oil company, API.
  34. Ugo Brachetti (Peretti)lso co-owner of Italian oil company, API. Ferdinando’s brother.
  35. Tony Brand Assistant General Manager of Gucci. Has also worked with Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Prada, and other companies.
  36. Tiberto Brandolini d'Adda (DISNEY INSTITUTEMr. Brandolini d’Adda currently serves as an independent member of the Board of Directors of YAFA S.p.A. In addition, from 2015 to December 2019, he has been an independent Board member of LumX Asset Management (Suisse) S.A. (formerly Gottex Fund Management Holdings Limited).
  37. Peter Brandt American industrialist who focuses mainly on print media.
  38. Richard Branson (VIRGIN)Billionaire who founded Virgin group (Virgin Airlines, Virgin megastores). In 2017, a backup singer for Joss Stone claimed that Branson sexually assaulted her on his private island. Richard Branson must face lawsuit in U.S. over Virgin Galactic space travel problems, defrauded investors.
  39. Flavio Briatore: Italian businessman who used to manage two Formula One racing teams.
  40. Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Rothchild/Vatican) Seagram’s heir. Half-brother of Clare and Sara Bronfman (NXIVM sex cult). In addition to being a billionaire business tycoon, his father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., was the leader of the World Jewish Congress, This group has links to the Rothschilds and the Vatican.
  41. Chris and Alison Brown
  42. James & Lucinda Bruce: James is a businessman who comes from nobility. His father was a baron. His 2nd wife, Lucinda, is a producer.
  43. Jules Burney: Chairman of Stockcube ltd, a financial research company.
  44. Jason Calacanis Internet entrepreneur. Dot-com millionaire. name was found in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book on page 9.[47] On 5 August 2020, he addressed this discovery by stating that he met Epstein at a Ted Talk, when Epstein wanted to invest in Calacanis' magazine. Calacanis also added that he has "played ping pong with Ghislaine Maxwell once"
  45. Roddy Campbell Campbell is a jack-of-all-trades businessman. He has worked in marketing, networking, and consulting.
  46. Brooke & Emilio del Campo: Likely meant to be Emilio Ocampo, an economist and financial expert who has worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, Salomon Brothers, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.
  47. Andrew de Candole: British entrepreneur and real estate mogul. Numerous leaked offshore accounts
  48. Nicolas Candy British luxury property developer. Accused of tax evasion in 2016
  49. Massimo & Sara Carello: Massimo is an Italian businessman who has served as CEO of Fiat UK, Diners Club UK, and Independent Director of Canadian Overseas Petroleum.
  50. Camilla Carlborn: Chairwoman of Carlbom Shipping ltd. Carlbom Shipping looks after the interests of vessels and cargo owners.
  51. Sophie Caruth: Former literary agent at William Morris. Formerly held a senior manager position at Mason Rose, a sales and marketing company.
  52. Guido Casagrande Company director of IU Holdings ltd, a financial services holding company.
  53. Sophie Caruth: Former literary agent at William Morris. Formerly held a senior manager position at Mason Rose, a sales and marketing company.
  54. Aurelia Cecil Stephenson: Founder of Aurelia Public Relations. Her client list included Salvatore Ferragamo, Krug Champagne, TAG Heuer watches, and Gianni Versace.
  55. Dr. Mark Cecil: Founding Partner at Jabre Capital Partners, a hedge fund company. Close friend of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
  56. Vikram Chatwal: Actomodel/movie producer and hotel owner in New York City and Miami. Bill Clinton, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, Naomi Campbell, and P. Diddy attended his wedding.
  57. Gianluca Cicogna: CEO, CFO, and President of Beauty Brands Inc. Brother of Gianfranco Cicogna.
  58. Giuseppa Cipriani: The main business manager of Cipriani S.A., whose holdings include 55 Wall Street (the whole building) and Cipriani restaurants worldwide (most notably in NYC).
  59. Gustavo & Patty Cisneros: Gustavo is a billionaire Venezuelan businessman and Chairman of Grupo Cisneros, one of the largest privately held media entertainment organizations in the world.
  60. Isabel Clavarino: Also known as Isabelle Harvie-Watt, Clavarino is the former managing partner at Spring Studios, a production and branding agency and was Giorgio Armani’s key point person for the press, media and celebrities. Last year, Clavarino was named Valentino’s Chief Marketing Officer.
  61. Graham & Emma Clempson: Vice Chairman, Executive Board at MidOcean Partners, a private equity and investment firm. Emma is an English radio and television presenter.
  62. Drax, Jeremy: Founder of Parham Holdings, a London property operation
  63. Dolbey, Alex & Suzie: Suzie Dolbey (nee Murray-Philipson) is the daughter of the recently deceased Robin Murray-Philipson, who was the descendant of the Viscounts Elibank. Alex Dolbey has been the director of several management and investment companies.
  64. Dorrit: Dorrit Moussaieff is an Israeli jewellery designer, editor, and businesswoman who married into royalty. Dorrit was the First Lady of Iceland from 2003-2016 after marrying President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson in 2000. Although Moussaieff claims that Epstein only had her phone number because they “lived on the same street in London sometime between 1978 and 1983,” the Daily Mail published a picture of her and her husband, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, with Ghislaine Maxwell.
  65. Dreesmann, Bernard: Executive Chairman of Morleys department stores in London
  66. Dubbens, Peter: Peter Dubens is a British Internet entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Oakley Capital.
  67. Dubin, Glen: Glenn Dubin is a billionaire hedge fund manager. There is a great article detailing Dubin and his wife’s relationship with Epstein here: of the article: Dubin was the first one accused by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre. Rinaldo Rizzo, Dubin’s chef, testified that sexual activities occurred between Dubin and a 15-year-old girl, which led to him and his wife quitting as personal chefs of the Dubins. Dubin’s wife, Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, dated Epstein for a long time before she married Dubin. The couple was so close with Epstein that even after Epstein was convicted in 2008 and officially a registered sex offender, they invited him to Thanksgiving dinner and wrote a letter to his probation officer that they trusted him around their children, who were all minors at the time. Multiple sources say Epstein was actually their children’s Godfather, but a spokesman for the couple denies it. Glen Dubin and Epstein helped each other with their business ties, as well. Dubin also had other ties with Epstein (personal friends with Les Wexner and others). Dubin and his wife are definitely major players in the Epstein saga.
  68. Larry Coben Former Senior Principal of Sunrise Capital Partners. Currently Chairman of the Board at NRG Energy, a large energy company that serves 3 million people in the U.S. NRG also has its name on several sports stadiums in Texas.
  69. Nicholas Coleridge: Chairman of Condé Nast Britain. Condé Nast is a media giant and the parent company of Allure, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Backchannel, Bon Appétit, Brides, Condé Nast Traveler, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, GQ, Pitchfork, Self, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W and Wired.
  70. Susannah & Sten Ber Constantine: Susannah is a fashion journalist, author, and television presenter. Her husband, Sten Bertelsen was one of the creators of Death Cigarettes, a fairly popular British brand in the 1990s.
  71. Clive Cooke: Securities executive who is now the head of sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for a leading technology company.
  72. Rupert Cordle: Founder of Cordles, a residential building contractor in London. Brother of Rachel and Marina Cordle.
  73. Harry Cotterall: Chairman of Fisher German, a property consulting firm in England.
  74. Boykin R. Curry: Boykin Curry is a partner at Eagle Capital, an investment firm based in New York. Mr. Curry is a co-founder of Public Prep, a group of charter schools in New York City. He is also a board member of Alliance for School Choice and a co-founder of Democrats for Education Reform
  75. Carmen D’Alessio, the international nightlife guru who helped spawn Studio 54 and other famous clubs. She is a party legend with countless celebrity ties.
  76. Dabbagh, Amr A.: A wealthy businessman/investor from Saudi Arabia. Dabbagh recently faced corruption charges but settled with the Saudi Arabian government. Has ties all around the world, as he is a member of and/or serves/served on the boards of the World Economic Forum, London Business School, Cleveland Clinic, Jeddah Economic Forum, Harvard Institute for Social and Economic Policy in the Middle East, etc.
  77. Darrin, Drake Darrin runs an investment group out of Greenwich, Connecticut. Lived about a mile away from Epstein in NYC.
  78. Davies, Jeff: Most likely refers to the current CFO for Legal & General Group. Davies was once a senior partner at Ernst & Young.
  79. Davies, David & Linda: Sir David Davies is a wealthy banker and businessman with deep connections. A family friend introduced him to David Rockefeller back in the ‘60s, which helped him get his start. Linda, daughter of a Chinese-Malaysian tycoon, is his second wife. They were married for over 20 years but are now divorced.
  80. Nick & Heather Day P&D Development Company in Kenya
  81. de Baecque, Patrick: de Baecque has his hands in online news media ( in France. de Baecque was named Director of Sales and Operations at Dolead in 2017. Dolead is a company that is involved with online marketing.
  82. Del Bono, Luca: Co-founder of Quintessentially Group, a hospitality group that specializes in leisure, travel, and tourism.
  83. Dell, Adam: Brother of Michael Dell (Founder of Dell Technologies and 27th ranked richest person in the world in Forbes’s BS rankings that discount the elite families). Adam is a venture capitalist who has a baby with Padma Lakshmi.
  84. Deluca Dina & Fouard Chartuuni: Fouad Chartouni is the president of Kensico Properties, a real-estate holding company in New York. Chartouni and his brother own the Lowell Hotel in New York. The Lowell is a high-end 5 star hotel that caters largely to film executives, fashion design CEOs, publishing CEOs, and financial CEOs. Madonna lived there for nearly a year after breaking up with Sean Penn. Dina Deluca is Chartouni’s wife. She used to work as an assistant in film and television, but now focuses on her DDC28 brand of bath and beauty products.
  85. Derby, Ros & Jonathan. Johnathan is the Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at The Colony Group. He provides financial, investment, and tax planning services to high-net-worth individuals, trusts, and pensions
  86. Dietrich Marc Antoine and Cath: Baron Marc-Antoine de Dietrich is a businessman. He resigned as director of Vossloh Cogifer in 2011.
  87. Dietrich, Paul & Laura: Paul is Chief Investment Officer of Fairfax Global Markets LLC. They manage investments for private investors, retirement funds, and private institutions.
  88. Dolbey, Alex & Suzie: Suzie Dolbey (nee Murray-Philipson) is the daughter of the recently deceased Robin Murray-Philipson, who was the descendant of the Viscounts Elibank. Alex Dolbey has been the director of several management and investment companies.
  89. Ducrey-Giordano, Francisco: the owner of General Vegetables out of Italy
  90. Durso Luigi: Luigi d’Urso was a noble and Italian railroad executive who died in 2006. His grandfather was the 9th Duke di Cassano. His mother was the great-granddaughter of George Clymer, one of the founding fathers of the U.S. and signee of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. d’Urso was also married to French designer and model Ines de la Fressange.
  91. Ecclestone, Bernie: A billionaire British business magnate and former chief executive of Formula One Group. Ecclestone has faced some minimal controversies for tax evasion, bribery, and saying that Hitler was a man who was “able to get things done.” Disgustingly enough, Ecclestone, at the age of 89, became a father to his first son, Ace, on July 1, 2020.
  92. Eckon, Paul: Paul Ekon is an international investor and venture capitalist who allegedly fled South Africa in the mid-90s because he was being investigated for links to a gold-smuggling syndicate. Has strong ties to South Africa, including being a personal friend of former president, Thabo Mbeki.
  93. Eliasch, Johan & Amanda: Johan is a Swedish billionaire businessman whose company, Gethal, was fined for alleged deforestation of the Amazon in 2008. The charges were dropped. Amanda is his ex-wife.
  94. Ellenbogen, Eric: An entertainment exec of Classic Media (a subsidiary of Dreamworks) and former CEO of Marvel Enterprises.
  95. Ellison, Mandy & Ralph: Ralph Ellison is a pharmaceutical executive and investor. He was CEO of DOR BioPharma Inc., now known as Soligenix Inc. a company focused on treating rare diseases. Soligenix came under scrutiny two years ago when they were accused of ripping off stockholders.
  96. Erba Noona: Noona Smith-Petersen is a public relations executive who has worked for Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Tod’s. She now owns her own PR firm. Noona is married to Enrico Erba, who is a client manager for Giorgio Armani.
  97. Faber, Sally & Brook Johnson: Charles “Brook” Johnson is a millionaire UK businessman and polo player. His wife, Sally Faber was a weather girl in the 1980s and former wife of former David Faber They live next door to Prince Charles in Highgrove.
  98. Fakhre, Armado & Jasmine: Amado Fakhre is the British-Argentinian Founder and former CEO of Coral Capital, a Havana-based investment group best known for its joint venture partner in Havana’s upscale Saratoga Hotel. Fakhre was arrested for corruption and Coral Capital was forced to shut its doors in Havana. Fakhre was interrogated for 20 months in a Cuban safe house and eventually got sentenced to 5-7 years for bribery, but did not have to serve any time. No explanation has been given. Jasmine is his wife.
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2023.04.01 00:55 TheRealPegasus77 Some Recent TV Recommendations

Hi there, I just wanted to drop by and leave a couple recommendations for shows I recently watched (hope I'm in the right place!). I (M 28) have studied Spanish since I was 18, and I've always tried to consume content from different countries with different accents, expressions, etc. Now I'm married to a native Spanish speaker (Colombian), and I get exposed to a lot of content from his home country. We recently watched two of my favorite series I've watched in Spanish in a long time, and I thought I'd leave a recommendation here for anyone who is looking for more exposure to Colombian content, or who simply enjoys a good show.
  1. A Grito Herido, a show that came out last year, about a group of 5 women who used to be in a music group together. Each of the characters is named after a famous singer in the genre my husband calls 'música para planchar', music that has been popular throughout the Hispanic world since the 70s/80s/90s. The characters are named after Rocío Dúrcal, Paloma San Basilio, Ana Gabriel, Daniela Romo, and Karla). The show centers on them getting the group back together again, and they cover songs from these artists as well as others and do a fantastic job in my opinion. (Available on Prime Video; IMDB:
  2. La Primera Vez, a show that came out just this year, about a group of friends at an all-boys school back in the 70s in Bogotá, Colombia. I say all-boys, but one of the friends is actually the first girl to attend the school. The show does a fantastic job exploring lots of important social issues at the time, some of which are still relevant today. Each episode also has a focus on a different authophilosopher, and they do a good job incorporating authors and their ideas from both inside and outside the Hispanic world. (Available on Netflix; IMDB: And while I haven't seen it, my husband also recommends the show Merlí from Spain, as it also has a focus on a different philosopher every episode (this show was originally made in Catalan, but a lot of the actors dub their own voices in the Spanish dub).
Hope these recommendations are helpful to my fellow language learners. Happy watching!
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2023.04.01 00:45 AbdurRahmanSaeed Need help becoming a Singer

I took like 5 lessons with each instrument, also took voice lessons, but my skill wouldn't max, and no one would even like call me back.
I played in Monaco, is it because of the country or is there a proper way to become a Singer??
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2023.04.01 00:28 bkern2 Could Sam and Dean have been way more efficient?

So I'm doing a rewatch, currently 1/3 of the way j to season 7 and I don't think I've ever watched further than like season 9. The Ben and Lisa storyline really had me questioning if Dean could have found a way to maintain a family relationship and be a more efficient hunter. We saw in the episode with the Whore of Babylon that a whole town of hunters used fire trucks full of holy water and a megaphone to perform exorcism. Why didn't S&D try a variation of this? Like one of those backpack sprayer things you use for killing weeks but full of holy water, of as they're driving across the country stop and turn any body of water they find into holy water (I think it was like season 1 where Dean basically turned a well or something into holy water and used the house sprinklers against a dragon? I can't remember) . And I think eventually they figured out to use a recording of an exorcism as backup incase they were getting choked out or whatever.
But as far as with Lisa and Ben I feel like Dean definitely could have made it work better than he did. Like do the devils traps always have to be red? Or on the surface? Or could he have painted them on the sub floor and then laid other flooring over the top? And could Lisa and Ben also have gotten anti possession tattoos or had some sort of internal thing like cass did with sam and deans ribs? Dean could have also installed some sort of pvc pipe salt ring around the house and then left Lisa with an exorcism recording in case of an emergency. And then he could have cut down on his hunting territory, like Bobby seems to stay fairly local to Sioux falls (obviously because his main job is to be the dispatchefake fbi director but still) so dean could have maybe only done jobs within like say 4 hours of his home. When Sam stopped hunting there was an episode where he called in a job to Bobby and Bobby said he would find out who else was in the area which I feel like means there's enough of a network that Sam and Dean shouldn't always have to be all over the country.
Obviously the whole my brother is all I have, tragic lonely life is a main center point of the show which is why the Lisa and Ben thing couldn't happen but idk I like to think it could have worked had some thought been put into it.
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2023.03.31 23:29 Tc1002 I would appreciate feedback on this beginning to a children’s fantasy story, called The Scarlet Serpent.

A grand feast was to be held at Caerleon Castle that day, and anticipation and excitement was running high among all the inhabitants in and around the capital city of Caerleon. His majesty the king Alboryn had invited some two hundred guests, lords and ladies from across the length and breadth of the country. It was the twentieth of October, and the last day of harvest according to the Horestyr calendar—though in fact harvest often went on several days or even weeks after. This year had been among the most abundant that could be remembered. The wheat and barley crops had been as fulsome as most anyone could recall. The Kind’s orchards, apple, pear, and plum trees, had overbrimmed this year like scarcely ever before. And all this was cause for great celebration. In fact, his majesty the king Alboryn was well known for making merry for any and every occasion—and this was as good an occasion as could be imagined.
The preparations to be made were endless; that is, for the people with the unenviable task of doing them. The King had brought in the best minstrels and singers in the country to perform that evening, as well as dancers and jesters. All that morning from dawn till noon the castle’s great kitchens were bursting with activity, as the kitcheners scurried this way and that, dripping sweat, often dabbing cloths to their foreheads. There was a constant banging of pots and pans, and the babble of not infrequently irritable voices. Everywhere people were chopping, pouring, kneading, sprinkling, grinding.
Near one end of one kitchen a boy of about thirteen years of age stood before a roaring fire-pit, slowly and laboriously turning on a long iron spit the carcass of a pig. Heat waves smote up at him as he kept at this tiring labor. The pig was a large boar, shot yesterday morning by the king’s hunters, and its’ entirety, head, shoulders, torso, and legs, were all still intact. Around and around, slowly, the carcass sizzled and crackled over the fire.
The boy’s name was, and for him most every day here at Caerleon Castle was spent in this occupation. Not only pigs, of course; often there would be a cow, deer, or a pair of goats, or else a few foul, such as turkeys, ducks, or geese. But whatever the animal, it was all the same to him; and all as boring as could be. And he thought to himself glumly that this was merely his lot in life.
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2023.03.31 23:19 ExoticaTikiRoom Ohio Native Luke Grimes Aids in Train Derailment Relief Efforts: 'I Knew I Had to Do Something'

Ohio Native Luke Grimes Aids in Train Derailment Relief Efforts: 'I Knew I Had to Do Something'
Ohio native Luke Grimes, best known for his role as Kayce Dutton on Yellowstone, is rolling up his sleeves for a visit to his home state on March 31. Grimes has visited the town of East Palestine, Ohio, which is still suffering the effects of a Feb. 3 toxic train derailment, to aid in relief efforts.
“I knew I had to do something to help the residents get back on their feet," the actor said in a statement.
Grimes has partnered with the Jeff Ruby Family foundation, who operate steakhouses across Ohio, to bring aid to the residents of East Palestine, according to a press release. The actor and country singer reportedly appeared at The Original Roadhouse on West Main Street in East Palestine the morning of March 31 to distribute 250 water filtration systems to locals, as well as present Mayor Trent R. Conaway with more than $100,000 worth of aid, including proceeds from Grimes' newly released single "Oh Ohio."
"Once I saw the news of the train derailment in East Palestine, I knew I had to do something to help the residents get back on their feet," said Grimes, who grew up in Dayton, Ohio.
“With this visit and the dedicated fundraising, we hope we are able to continue to shine a light on this devastating incident and inspire others to step up and help too."
Mayor Conaway expressed his thanks for the donations, saying in a statement:
"We are extremely grateful for this generous donation from Luke Grimes and the Jeff Ruby family. Their support will help us move forward toward our vision of a thriving and resilient community."
According to a statement made on behalf of the Jeff Ruby family, the relief partnership was Grimes' idea.
"Luke Grimes and his team reached out to discuss how we could jointly assist the people of East Palestine in providing resources," said Britney Ruby Miller, CEO of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment. "Our foundation core values are helping people during disasters with immediate relief so we knew we had to help those in East Palestine. Luke, an Ohio native was eager to partner for immediate impact. We are honored he chose us for the mission."
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