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2023.03.22 06:55 DragJonFruit 24M Looking to meet new people [Chat]

Anyone welcome!
Hey im Jonathan! I would love to meet new people from wherever to game, make jokes? Text, anything! Let me tell you more about me!
About me: I’m from Texas
I am LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 Friendly
Lover of memes
I love to watch sci fi/ fantasy movies the most. Favorite would be LOTR : The Two Towers. sci fi would be tron legacy.
I enjoy gaming a lot and would love to play with people. I play a lot of multiplayer games. I love stardew and halo the most, but i play zelda, mario, doom and a whole lot of other games so just ask me what else i play.
On my free time i like to write about fantasy short stories and Or about my days.
I like to go on walks of hikes depending on the weather.
I like to explore more of nature by heading into a nearby forest.
Music: i like daft punk and metallica.
Reading: i like to read young adult fantasy and non fiction books. Percy Jackson and The Mortal Instruments especially. And ACOTAR Too
I enjoy Studio Ghibli, Anime, and Marvel and Dc Movies
I have a couple of dogs if you want to see them, just ask me :)
Currently plan to work on my masters this fall!
Thats mostly everything from me but if you’re interested to learn more just ask!
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2023.03.22 06:54 scaiiiii My story about “being trans”

Hi all! I want to share my story. I am now 17 years old, and from the age of 13 I began to feel gender dysphoria. I was very insecure about my chest, the curves that were just beginning to take shape. I constantly hunched over so that the bulges on my chest were not visible, which led me to back problems. I always wore oversized black clothes, even in the summer. When I felt that something was wrong, I immediately went to the Internet, and the first thing that gave me was transgender. I began to read the description, and inspired myself that it was about me. I started reading stories of happy people who made the transition, joined Discord servers and forums with trans people. Everywhere I was told that if I feel uncomfortable and would like to be a boy, then I am trans and I need to make the transition. By the age of 14, I was completely convinced that I was trans, and even planned what I would do first when I moved out from my parents (my plans included testosterone, a mastectomy, and I was thinking about a bottom surgery). Time passed, and I thought, do I really need this? I began to communicate more with people in real life, made friends, volunteered, and in general gained much more confidence in myself. I tried to dress more openly, and in other colors than black, and I really liked it. I started to take better care of my skin, cured my acne, went to the gym. I realized that it was not exactly gender dysphoria, but my insecurity in myself and my body. Now I love my body completely and I love the fact that I am a girl. And in this regard, I'm really glad that I was born in a post-soviet, and not a developed country, otherwise I would definitely have already started the transition, and no one knows how it would have ended.
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2023.03.22 06:54 reallivespambot Nerve-wracking ”message from the other side” pull

I just finished up a reading for the full moon and everything seemed fine, but right at the end I figured I’d ask if any ancestors/passed-on loved ones had a message for me. I discovered one card already face-up in the spread: the nine of wands inverted. I felt suddenly anxious. I pulled one more card for their message (amounting to persistence, stick to it), but stopped right after. That nervous feeling stuck around, so I did a quick smoke cleansing.
I’ve been reading for several years and never had an experience like this, but am concerned I did something wrong. Did I turn my back on a loved one who had struggled in life? There was one family member in particular I think it could have been, and who I’ve wanted to connect with, but that dark feeling just shook me a little. Any insight or advice is appreciated!
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2023.03.22 06:54 Jolly_Cobbler_1960 chs- can anyone help?

hi everyone! I know how cutthroat reddit can be, so PLEASE forgive me as i’m new to this lol- but let’s get to the post itself (obligatory i’m on my phone so sorry for weird formatting)
So Last February I was diagnosed with Cannabanoid hypermesis syndrome (chs) and I was sober for about 7 months before deciding to smoke again in august of the same year , and I was smoking until I had an episode of repetitive vomiting again so I stopped. and the withdrawal was absolutely awful- but after all the withdrawal went away i was fine. but then I went to visit my boyfriend whom i’m in a long distance relationship with, and where he lives, weed is legal, so I smoked legal weed for the first time and was back to my habits until 5 days ago when i started to have another episode. (i went to visit him in november)
I’m having a hard time coping with all of this- as I hate going through withdrawal and weed is the only drug i’ve ever wanted to do because i have no interest in anything else. especially since i already struggle with withdrawal from weed- i can only imagine how anything else would be and refuse to put myself through that. does anyone have any advice?? i don’t want to stop smoking- but i don’t know if taking a month long tolerance break is a good idea when i get sick.
It would also probably be smart to add that my weed me smoking method of choice is vaping carts. and dispos. does anyone know if flower is better? i’ve always heard different things. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read :)
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2023.03.22 06:54 I5268 Hi,

I am dyslexic and noticed recently that it is way harder for me to read with this specific font (green color background with red text) my teacher gave us a paper that he’s a small section that is like that and I am unable to read it, mainly I was wondering if it was just me or just something with dyslexia
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2023.03.22 06:54 kaidenaku 20FTM looking for long term genuine friendahips [chat] [friendship]

I'm looking to build a long-term, genuine friendship with someone where we both show equal amounts of effort towards it. I'm not looking for anything other than a friendship as I'm in a relationship already so don't even try.
A bit about me: I'm a 20 year old transguy from Europe. Hobbies wise I like gaming, watching anime, reading books, and music.
My favorite games of all time are Scarlet Nexus and Mirror's Edge, currently I've been playing, Overwatch 2, Risk of Rain 2, and Final Fantasy XIV. (If you've read this far then please include the word "fox" in your first message ;D) My fave anime are Bungo Stray Dogs and Banana Fish.
If that all sounds good to you then send me a DM with an introduction of yourself :D P.S I prefer to use Discord for chatting. I won't use any other apps.
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2023.03.22 06:54 ajdubz Anyone here have a secondary diagnosis of bipolar with Autism?

I’ve got bp2, currently hypomanic and can’t turn my brain off at the moment. I’m hoping getting this question out of my head will stop it from spinning around so much.
I was wondering what other people’s experiences are with (hypo)mania and autism? Any good/bad stories? What’s your oveunder stimulation like when manic? I’m under stimulated normally, and it just gets worse the more hypomanic I get. Like, I’m lying here in bed on my stomach, knees bent 90 degrees, slamming my ankles together. Part bored, part trying to feel something I think. That resonate with anyone?
I also struggle with imposter syndrome a touch, both with bp2 and autism. Seems like every other week is a new reason to think the opposite of last week. When I’m hypo though, there’s no denying it. But when I’m one, (depression or mania), it’s like I can’t even fathom what the other side of it feels like. Like I’ve never been depressed/manic before. Except of course when I get bored, start ruminating, and flip a switch from happy to real sad real quick. I can def control it more when manic, but it’s not like I flip to manic when depressed; I’m just always depressed. But I feel “lighter”, and my masking is almost effortless right now.
Anyway, turned into a bit of a data dump, but again, bored, sleepless and all that. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.22 06:53 Scrism17 Screw college Apps

I'm so tired of all this college BS. As if not going to a top 25 college is the end of the world, I'm constantly reminded of how much of a failure I am and how I'll never go to college.
Forgot to do something small? "See your not responsible this is exactly why you won't go to UC Berkeley". Or constantly reminding me of the time I got a D in English (due to their abuse I almost ended my life and school just wasn't on my list of things to do). Or always comparing me to all my freinds.
My mom has gone as far as too guilt trip me for my failure by constantly complaining about her very nice Tesla saying it's garbage and that since I won't go to a good college we should use the college funds and just get a new car.
I'm so so so tired of all this college talk, I've tried my best and honestly my parents havent helped at all. They never supported my passions (biking and playing tennis) and said they were wastes of time I had to pursue them behind their backs until I showed results in which they took credit for everything. They did the bare minimum of driving me around, feeding me, and housing me. They always forced me into expensive math camps and things I had no passion for, and then got mad saying we wasted money and guilt tripping me for it all.
I just don't know what to do anymore, I tried my best, and I guess my best isn't enough. I'm still a junior too I barely have an idea of where I want to go :(
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2023.03.22 06:53 Aden_tit I need help!

I was finishing up my trading hall in my HUGE world (started it about 4 years ago). I have been experiencing horrible lag (the world d is massive so thought nothing of it. 260mg) and all a sudden a wither arrived at my home base. (I spawned a wither in the end a few days back and it went through the end portal, from what I read it completely despawns if that happens) well it destroyed everything and ended up killing me. I immediately just shut off my Xbox but what can I really do? There are so many destroyed blocks that I can hardly move and either way all my gear is in the middle of it, the last back up I have is less than a quarter smaller than the full world is.(60mg). Is there anything I can do? I looked and looked for that either that went through the portal but i could not find it. My base is directly next to the world spawn so why would it all of a sudden appear after spending hours apon hours on my world at my base? I can help but be sad now everything is probably gone
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2023.03.22 06:53 Astice_Pensante Microsoft Says 10 Years Is Plenty Of Time For Sony To Make Its Own Call Of Duty (03/22/2023)

As regulators approach their deadline to approve or reject Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, those for and against the mega merger are filing every last argument they can think of to try and sway the outcome. My favorite one yet involves Microsoft telling Sony to quit whining already and just…Read more... Link to article
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2023.03.22 06:53 urLocalTransgurl Im really sad right now tbh

Im crying out my eyes i feel like i lost my teenhood because i wasn’t able to come out when i was like 10 years younger i knew my parents would be everything but supportive due to their religious beliefs, so i bit my tooth until i was old enough to get therapy started and i did everything alone i had literally NO support when i started to get the psychological medical reports i needed in my country to start hrt and i really feel like im missing something i would have loved to have a supportive best female friend but life didn’t proceeded me with that opportunity Im on hrt since February 14 this year and i feel so much better than before but that kind of feeling that i lost something that i will never be able to get back, i don’t think it will ever go away and that kills me inside
Sorry just crying out my soul here Thanks for reading tho Much love
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2023.03.22 06:53 DragJonFruit 24M Looking for friends

Anyone welcome!
Hey im Jonathan! I would love to meet new people from wherever to game, make jokes? Text, anything! Let me tell you more about me!
About me: I’m from Texas
I am LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 Friendly
Lover of memes
I love to watch sci fi/ fantasy movies the most. Favorite would be LOTR : The Two Towers. sci fi would be tron legacy.
I enjoy gaming a lot and would love to play with people. I play a lot of multiplayer games. I love stardew and halo the most, but i play zelda, mario, doom and a whole lot of other games so just ask me what else i play.
On my free time i like to write about fantasy short stories and Or about my days.
I like to go on walks of hikes depending on the weather.
I like to explore more of nature by heading into a nearby forest.
Music: i like daft punk and metallica.
Reading: i like to read young adult fantasy and non fiction books. Percy Jackson and The Mortal Instruments especially. And ACOTAR Too
I enjoy Studio Ghibli, Anime, and Marvel and Dc Movies
I have a couple of dogs if you want to see them, just ask me :)
Currently plan to work on my masters this fall!
Thats mostly everything from me but if you’re interested to learn more just ask!
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2023.03.22 06:53 savannah543 Bladder endo? IC? Or just a chronic uti? Need answers

Disclaimer this is going to be a long post sorry in advance
To preface: 22 yr old female. Started period late at age 14 and terrible excruciating debilitating cramps on my period. My period lasted about 10 days (heavy bleeding). Family history of endo. My gyno said that I was not cycling for enough years to determine if I had endo. I started BC at 18 and have had light cramping and 3 day long periods since being on the pill.
Fast forward to Dec 2021 (2 years being on bc) I had my first experience of blood in my urine. Saw a urologist and at first I thought it was a kidney stone but that would later be ruled out. Negative for UTI. After this experience I had the full work up done, labs, ct with contrast, ultrasound, cystoscope, and multiple urinalysis… all came back perfect. My urologist had thrown around the term IC but never gave that definitively. Basically just said we will keep an eye on it.
Went basically a full year with no problems. Saw my urologist every three months for a check in and everything was seeming fine. The only complaint I had was the occasional urinary pain after intercourse (this matters for later). But would always come back with negative uti results.
Beginning of Dec 2022 had my second experience with blood in my urine and this time it was bright bright red blood. Was put on Cipro while we ruled out uti. The result came back and I was told that I did in fact have a very bad uti this time and was then switched to a different antibiotic since Cirpo wouldn’t treat e.coli and was told all symptoms would clear up. Everything seemed fine and gone until the very last day of the month with the symptoms came right back. This was drying new years so all doctors were closed. I called my primary’s pager number in hopes to just get an antibiotic started while I waited for an appointment at the urology office. She wrote me a script for cipro……. Took that for a week since I was now on a vacation and never got called with my urine results. Turned out the e.coli never went away but I found this out after that course of cipro antibiotic. Min January(2023) I was started on a completely different antibiotic, which I would take 10 days and then back to the office to get retested and make sure the infection is gone. This time it was, urine came back negative and all clear of any infection.
February 2023 I started feeling all the symptoms of another uti. Luckily was scheduled for a routine check in with my gyno and she went ahead and tested my urine. Negative for uti but she did find trace signs of blood in my urine. At this point I was thinking could I have a yeast infection from all the antibiotics? She did a full work up; negative for all STI, BV, and a yeast infection. After a week the symptoms just subsided on their own.
March 2023 the uti symptoms are back. Been in agony for a week now feeling like I have a uti and have just waited to see if it will go away on its own. I’ve avoid the doctors bc I’m just tired of hearing that it’s nothing.
I went back into the record I’ve been keeping of each time I’ve had these uti symptoms and it’s is always between 8-10 days before or 5-10 days after my period. Is this a coincidence? I feel like my bladder isn’t empty and have the constant urge to pee. I have excruciating pain when I do go pee but no blood luckily. I feel more relief from the uti sensations when I’m on my period I think. My periods are now light and not painful but I’m on BC. I do experience pain during intercourse. I’m thinking maybe endo?
I’m at a total loss at this point and I feel like I have no answers. Should I push for an exploratory laparoscopy to look for lesions? Has anyone had a similar experience? I’d appreciate any feedback, and thank you if you read this far.
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2023.03.22 06:53 mendozag89 give me input

I’m new to the game and am crushing on a girl on my basketball team. i’m a sophomore (16f) and she’s a freshman (14f). during basketball season i realized i liked her and later people told me it looked like she liked me too. during basketball she favored me and would go out of her way to do things for me. when track started we hung out more because we were 2 of 4 throwers. i would give her rides and after games/ meets we would hangout together. i want to make a move on her but i don’t know how to make a move and im nervous about making her uncomfortable or reading everything wrong. i have also felt like we are drifting a smidge. how do i go on?
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2023.03.22 06:53 celestialem Hypomanic or just happy?

Hello! Posting here before my doctors appointments because I'm just feeling a bit worried about it and would love to hear other people's experiences and perspectives.
I started 150 wellbutrin XL towards the end of August 2022. I was going through an extremely traumatic and stressful time in my life, and it helped tremendously for a few weeks. Then one day, I forgot to take it, and after that it became a habit to not take it at the right time or at all. I began to feel restless, and started drinking so much that I was afraid I was becoming an alcoholic. I ended up becoming a regular at some local bar in a shitty town and got involved with people I usually wouldn't, while engaging in toxic behaviors and constantly fighting with an ex of mine. It got so bad one day that my best friend had to take me to the hospital because I was experiencing the worst depression of my life. I was inpatient for around a week, and they prescribed me 10mg of lexapro along with my wellbutrin.
A little while after I got out, my psychiatrist increased my dosage to 300. I've been taking that since the end of December. Since the increase, I have felt so happy. So hopeful. So good. I stopped drinking, I stopped associating with toxic people I felt addicted to, etc. I haven't missed a dose or felt depressed or restless at all and have been more motivated and hopeful overall.
I've always been a spiritual person, and believed in things such as the law of attraction/manifestation, astrology etc. Recently, I've been trying to use manifestation as a tool to help me achieve my goals and writing down the things I'm grateful for every day. I listen to music that has affirmations in them, and have integrated them into my art as well. I genuinely feel like things are going to well for me in my personal, spiritual, creative, and business life.
Although I've been feeling so wonderful, I am starting to become afraid that I am slipping into or have been in a hypomanic episode. I've only experienced depression before, whether subtle or prominent, so I'm not really used to feeling this way for so long. Recently I haven't been able to sleep at night or stay asleep. I've been sleeping maybe 4-6 hours a night, while waking up in between. I feel a little tired throughout the day, but still have some energy (not enough to clean my entire house or anything usually). I have been feeling very confident lately, as I've started to dress the way I always wanted to, and I've been creating art that is well loved and doing in person markets while making new connections. I feel magnetic. I feel beautiful. I feel like I can tell when someone finds me attractive. I feel like I have amazing energy that causes people to gravitate towards me.
While I'm concerned about the lack of sleep and confidence, I am mostly concerned about the fact that I shoplifted an entire cart of groceries/clothes/home decor today. I had been reading up on it a lot recently, and I decided that I just wanted to do it. I didn't do it because I needed to or to sell the items, I think I just did it because I wanted some new things or for the thrill or because I'm tired of large corporations being so greedy. I just put everything in my cart, and walked out the door confidently. No one (that I noticed) looked at me any way or followed me or seemed suspicious. I assume because the entire time I acted like I wasn't doing anything wrong.
I don't necessarily feel morally guilty about it (although I'm prepared for the comments about why I probably should), it was nice to finally be able to get some new things for myself after working so hard, going through so much trauma, and having to put all of my money towards bills/back into my business. I'm not really afraid of getting caught because I know the laws, I know how their security works, I know the process of convicting someone for theft from that specific store (I used to work there years ago). I know the whole deal with the building a case until you hit a felony amount of money etc. So it's not like I did this impulsively without any prior knowledge or anything.
Anyways, sorry for such a long post, I just wanted to include everything so that you guys can get a better perspective. I'm just wanting to know if the lack of sleep could just be caused by the increased energy from the wellbutrin, if my confidence really is just the result of using positive affirmations and utilizing the law of attraction, and if me shoplifting really was just a one time thing and result of me wanting to 'treat' myself after working so hard and essentially being fed up with capitalism.
...or if all of these things really do indicate hypomania, and if I should be worried. I really want things to continue going well for me, I want to continue feeling good and better about myself and creating meaningful art and being in tune with myself spiritually. I'm trying to be as self aware as possible so I can hopefully prevent myself from slipping into any destructive behaviours again.
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2023.03.22 06:52 ManagerSensitive Sexually Questioning for a long time now.

This has been a secret of mine for a long time now, I just want to air it out a bit.
I've suspected that I (25F) could be asexual (maybe demi/gray) for probably 10 years now. I've gone back and forth on it, thinking certain experiences mean I was wrong, but I keep coming back here.
It all started in high school. I've always desired a relationship with a male identifying person. I had plenty of crushes and was very interested in dating. But I felt I was different from my friends. They would show each other pictures of shirtless muscley men, or go watch the boys basketball team and scream and swoon over how hot they are, but I never understood. Seeing a shirtless man never made me feel anything. My friends thought I was weird, and I thought they were weird. I preferred the romantic side to relationships. But I also did have a "type" and enjoyed men for how they looked. But it was never sexual, just aesthetic ally pleasing.
I got my first boyfriend at 18. I loved him, but I never had any sexual feelings or desires to sleep with him. We dated for a year and I never did anything sexual with him because I felt uncomfortable.
For many years I struggled with what I called a "penis phobia". They really freaked me out, and thinking about seeing or touching one made my heart race (not in the good way). Though eventually I did get over it.
I lost my virginity at 21. This is where I started to believe I wasn't asexual. I had sex and even enjoyed it. I felt some attraction. But since then it's disappeared. I've been with the same man (different one) for the last 5 years. The relationship was sexual in the first year (when everything was new and exciting) but now I don't really feel any sexual desire or attraction at all. It's kinda like once I experienced it and learned what it was all about I lost my excitement. I had a few relationships in my early 20s where I did feel an attraction, sexual desire, and I did engage in activities that I enjoyed. But now it's all gone away again.
For a short while sex didn't bother me, but now I'm back to sex making me uncomfortable. Im uncomfortable with nudity, my own and others. I don't like being touched in sexual areas but I force myself to relax so my partner can get some enjoyment. I hate kissing on the lips. I think it's slobbery and gross. Being eaten out is so uncomfortable, I get no pleasure from it at all. I feel uncomfortable and anxious just talking about it. I've tried hard to get over it, but I've also come to the conclusion that why should I change so other people will like me.
However, the one place I do experience sexual desire for is my vibrator. I can think about my vibrator and get turned on just by thinking about it. That's never happened to me for any relationship or human male.
I've also experienced sexual attraction and arousal to men and women online, like social media influencers. Sometimes I'll masturbate to them. Which I find particularly odd because I have never felt that way about a real life male or female. Because of this I've also wondered if I'm bisexual. I think women certain women are beautiful and attractive. However, I don't desire a relationship with a woman, or to have sex with a woman. I also have never felt that way about a woman I've met in real life.
I find it interesting that I've experienced sexual attraction to things that aren't real people (sex toys and online figures). As far as I know, I don't have any sexual trauma.
I know my discomfort and disinterest in sexual activities are hallmarks of asexuality, which is why I keep coming back to it. But yet that I've experienced it briefly in my past makes me question it.
I've only had two sexual partners and I've been with the same man the last 5 years. I often wonder if I just haven't met the right person, but I am very happy in my relationship and I have no reason to feel unsafe or insecure.
Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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2023.03.22 06:52 Left_Sock_4550 Amex Gold Welcome Offer Eligibility

I applied for and accepted an Amex Gold card today. I used a friend’s referral to get the 90,000 points welcome bonus. I am curious if anyone knows if I am still eligible for this offer given my Amex history. I did not receive any messages throughout my application process about not being eligible for a welcome bonus.
Back in July 2022, I got the Delta Gold card. I have been doing extensive research recently and realized that card wasn’t the best fit for me as I wanted more flexibility.
I did a lot of reading and learned that it is bad to close a credit card within a year of opening. So, my current plan is to keep both cards until at least the anniversary of my first card, and then downgrade to the Delta Blue.
I have tried my absolute best to act responsibly and in good faith to pursue a card that is a better fit for me. Have I done anything wrong that will hurt my standing with Amex to lose my welcome bonus?
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2023.03.22 06:51 impetus-labs-23 Anniversary Wishes Bhaiya Bhabhi in Hindi

Anniversary Wishes Bhaiya Bhabhi in Hindi
Anniversary Wishes Bhaiya Bhabhi in Hindi
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Here are some anniversary wishes and messages that you can share with your bhaiya and bhabhi to make their anniversary extra special:
  • मस्त मगन रहे आपका जीवन, कभी ना खोये खुशियों की चाबी, वेडिंग एनिवर्सरी की बहुत-बहुत बधाई, देता हूं मैं आपको भाई और भाभी।। May your life be happy, never lose the key to happiness, Many congratulations for the wedding anniversary, I congratulate you brother and sister-in-law.
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  • खुशियों के संग रहना सदा, बड़ी सुहानी है जोड़ी तुम्हारी, लाखों में एक है भैया तो करोड़ों में एक है भाभी प्यारी। Happy Wedding Anniversary My Bhabhi 🎂💐🎂💐🎂 Always be with happiness, your pair is very pleasant, Brother is one in millions and sister-in-law is one in crores. Happy Wedding Anniversary My Bhabhi 🎂💐🎂💐🎂
  • अच्छे हैं सारे रिश्ते पर भाभी से मायका है, इनके हाथों से बनी खीर में अलग ही स्वाद का जायका है।। हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी भाभी!!! All relations are good but there is mother in law with sister in law. The kheer made by their hands has a different taste. Happy anniversary bhabhi!!!
  • फूल बनकर मुस्कुराना है जिंदगी, मुस्कुरा के गम भुलाना है जिंदगी, जीत के कोई खुश हुआ तो क्या हुआ, हार कर भी खुशियाँ मनाना है ज़िन्दगी. शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो ! Life is to smile like a flower, life is to forget the sorrows by smiling, What if someone is happy after winning, life has to celebrate happiness even after losing. Happy wedding anniversary !
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  • ख्वायिश ऐ ज़िन्दगी बस इतनी सी है कि, साथ तुम्हारा हो और ज़िन्दगी कभी खत्म ना हो. शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो. I wish life is just like that, Be with you and life should never end. Happy wedding anniversary.
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2023.03.22 06:51 AgentA924 Does she just want to be friends?

There is a girl I asked out earlier this year who told me she wasn’t interested. Later on I found out that it was most likely because she liked someone else (they began dating not long after). They recently ended their relationship (on good terms, so there is no issue here with the “bro code”). Yesterday, she seemed very interested and excited to study together, walk to our advisories together, and overall spend time with me. Does she like me? I’m terrible with differentiating between flirting a general friendliness. Recently I’ve been careful not to be too desperate for a relationship by keeping my optimism down and just being happy to be friends with people. HOWEVER (I know, I hate using “however” in this context, but it is what it is), I would like to know if she is interested in me, because I am honestly interested in her. Is there a way to tell? For example there a “subtly flirty” text message/image I can send to her (something that can be seen as flirtatious OR just a friendly compliment or meme)? Thanks for reading this far! Sorry this is such a long post.
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2023.03.22 06:50 Hot-Expressions My narcissistic mother is sick and I don't feel a thing

Hi everyone, english is not my first language but I'll try and do my best. First, some context:
If I'd have to describe my life, I'd would be like Cinderella, except that instead of an abusive stepmother, mine would be an abusive mother. I've suffered every kind of abuse (except for SA). I don't remember most of my childhood and probably it's because it wasn't a good one.
I wasn't aware of the damage I had suffered until a few years ago when I became a mother and have to face my own demons. I became aware of my pain, and I know I don't want my children to suffer the same pain that I still have.
Over the years, our relationship has turned into some kind of a "friendship", more in her benefit than in mine. She always tells my husband what "a great emotional support I am and how peaceful she feels by having me around", but she never tells me anything like that. We still live close by. Sometimes, I feel like if I get the chance to run away, I will never look back. Also, I always feel guilty for even thinking of leaving and go no contact with her.
There's a lot of resentment in me, and it's a constant struggle to not let it affect me and in our relationship, and in the way that I treat her. She has close to zero empathy for any one, and specially towards me. So, over the years I had to handle everything on my own cause she didn't think my pain was serious. The last time she came with me to the ER was when I was 9 for a tummy ache and when we got home, she accused me of trying to fake everything to get some attention, 2 days later she realized that I wasn't lying.
She is a little more careful now about her words and actions towards. But still, from time to time, she pushed the triggers and I ended up with nothing but sadness and loneliness. Some months ago I cry and cry and cry again, cause I became aware that I had lost my mother many years ago and that day, I lost the motherfigureI had. So, as right now, I see her as a "close" friend. And emphasis on the "close" cause I don't really feel like I can rallied on her the same way that she does on me.
So, a few moments ago, my mother called me and asked me if my husband could take her to the ER cause she's feeling really bad. In my country, even though the pandemic has ceased, you are not allowed to have a family member with you at all times. So, my husband drives her to the ER, and I stay home with my kids, feeling a little numb and guilty for not feeling bad about her.
And don't get me wrong, I know she needs medical attention and that she is in pain, I would never denial her any kind of help. But as right now, I feel like, "Oh, too bad, let's move on." It's like my neighbor told me she has to go to the ER and I'm like, "Get well soon, back to my own business."
I feel like a bad person for no feeling bad or worried about her, I don't know how normal it's that, if I am getting bitter about her or if I'm just going crazy I willneverwishheror anybody harm, butIjust think "it's going to happen what's going to happen."
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2023.03.22 06:50 moederdelkatten Rough nights

I just blew up your phone with messages about how much I love you and why I miss you. I know how much you like it when I do that; giving you an actual nice notification to wake up to in the morning.
I told you about how excited I am for you to hold me again, how excited I am to just experience you as you are.
I get to leave for my vacation in just over two weeks. I’m stoked for it. Boston and Iceland will be a really nice disconnect from the world.
In twenty days I get to see you. Those twenty days couldn’t come soon enough. I miss you immensely and it’s really hitting me tonight.
Most of the time I’m able to push it to the side, but something about you spending time with my friends makes me fall in love with you even deeper to the point where I just can’t sleep. I try, and I just picture me in your bed, and I get depressed about how we aren’t together in person right now.
I know you don’t want me to feel that way, hence the unsent letter. I know it makes you so upset when I am a bit sad… especially when it comes to missing you. Missing my lovely and kind boyfriend.
I can kind of tell that your slight lack of affirmations is making you upset. I told you awhile back I want a voice memo of you reading a book for me to fall asleep to (reminds me of when you were here, which makes me miss you…) and I want you to blow up my phone overnight, and just more compliments in general.
When I told you that today, I watched your face fall in a way I’ve never seen it before. I know you felt genuinely guilty about not doing those things. But baby, it’s okay. I know you aren’t trying to avoid them, and you show me love in smaller ways, too. Changing your nickname on discord, saving my snap in chat today - and camera roll - just small things you do. Looking at me so lovingly when I was doing jack shit in farming simulator.
I miss you, love. I really do. I’m excited to see you, but these twenty days are going to be SO LONG.
I can’t wait for Paris, too. The city of love. I’m excited for our future.
Ik hou van jou ❤️ Rachel
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2023.03.22 06:49 donarz I'm switching to a different career, in the process of getting a masters degree in sport science. When I apply for the diwan civil service commission, will they only look at my bachelor degree?

When I apply for the diwan civil service commission, will they only look at my bachelor degree (english literature) or look at my masters degree (Sports science)? do they look at both? I don't want to be an english teacher or work in the english literature field. I'm only interested in sports / PE
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