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2023.06.04 12:05 Happytobehere2345678 Need advice on bedbug infested rental!

We just checked out of an apartment that had a bedbug infestation. Having our belongings fumigated is going to be very expensive. We reported it immediately to Airbnb and to the host, and while the host didn't respond, Airbnb originally told me to submit the receipt and we would be reimbursed. I submitted photos of a bedbug exoskeleton, many bloodstains on the mattress, and the clusters of bites on my children. Within 30 minutes, Airbnb responded that they decided it is not bed bugs, but a different "pest," probably mosquitoes. The bites are in the exact pattern of bedbug bites and there is a literal photo of a bed bug. They only offered us a 30% refund for our stay. I'm assuming Airbnb is attempting to avoid paying for our luggage fumigation. I am guessing that previous guests have tried to report this and have been denied by Airbnb. The next guests will have to deal with the same nightmare. This is extremely irresponsible. What can I do?
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2023.06.04 12:05 little_miss_bonkers Tenancy ending, new contract means 6 months have to stay here, but we might need to move before then?

My partner and I live in the South of England. Our tennancy ends, end of June. We have been provided a new contract to sign however, instead of our rolling 2 month contract it has now changes to 6 months fixed, then 2 month rolling. We can give notice of two months, but we have to pay for the full 6 months rent, besides not being here for 4 of those months.
The issue is, my partner might be getting a new job this month. Meaning we will have to re-locate as its quite far away.
With our old lease we have to give two months notice with our contract, its rolling so it was fine. As it ends this month, we cannot give two months notice. It's either move out or sign the contract.
He has the final interview next week when he is hoping they will offer the job at the end, but I dont want to sign anything or say we are moving out until he has a signed contract and start date formulized.
We can't sign the new contract until we know hes not got the job, then I am happy to sign the new contract and keep staying here for 6 months.
This would have been fine if we kept with our rolling two month contract, we have lived here three years now, I do not know why this has changed, besides me getting a service dog. But this has now changes causing me stress, I hate leaving things last minute and sometimes getting a new job confirmed can take more than a few weeks.
We are also on holiday for 7 days from the 22nd of June. Hopefully he will know before we go on holiday. But then we will have to come back from a relaxing chill holiday, to packing and emmergency moving out ASAP prob into my partners parents home temporary until we find a place in the new location.
Which is fine, I WFH but his dad suffers from cancer, going in for Major surgery tomorrow and he will be at his lowest, I am more than happy to help his ma out round the house and cook/clean and pay for food and bills to make things less stressful but surely when you are at your lowest, need help pain management having your son move back in for a month is not a helpful situation.
Can we just not sign and move out when we are back? Can we talk to the agency and ask to stay two months rent paid or is that not a thing that happens?
We asked why our two month rolling contract was changed, the agency said they offered a 6 month fixed contract to the landlord and he liked it, so they are going with that. Thats it, no room for debate there.
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2023.06.04 12:05 jraf96 Using equity to purchase new property?

Own a property purchased for 710k. Valued at 800k.
Only put up 35k for 5% deposit at the time. No LVR (Medical).
I've since paid off another 35k. I'm on 170k/annum currently.
I have 150k of funds in an offset. I'm wanting to know when the right time to purchase next property would be? And how the process would work? Should I wait till I pay more off - Any thoughts on what I might be approved for?
I'd like to ideally move into the new purchase and live there for a year (CGT implications), and rent out my current place.
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2023.06.04 12:05 unimportantdude123 Please help

I think I do have a problem of getting easily attached to people who behave nice with me or talk with me. It's not like I don't recieve love at home, I do. I have always been a "topper" in school so naturally people were jealous of me and used to make fun of me, casual jokes on how I just study 24/7 and do nothing else. Talking about geninue friends, I have only 2 of them and they're both toppers as well so we can relate to each other pretty well.
The issue starts here, apart from these 2 friends anyone whose approached me is only to ask doubts and so whenever someone asks me a doubt I always have this teeny tiny hope withing myself that maybe they can become my friend too, but that never happens. It's either during exams will they talk with me or if they don't understand something. Apart from that nothing. It's not like I haven't made any attempts too, I genuinely have. I have tried to initiate convos with people who have asked me doubts but they always seem not interested. Recently a classmate of mine asked me a doubt and we got around pretty well. Gradually we became good friends, started sharing stuff with each other, talked daily but then after 2 months or so it seems we're drifting apart like things weren't as it used to be. I tried initiating conversations and everything but nothing seems to work. She's again just contacting me for doubts. I can't talk about it directly to her cause I think she'll think it's something lame to talk about and plus it'll become awkward in school when we meet each other.
Can I ever get friends who see me for more than just a doubt solver? I am tired of it guys, for my whole 12 years of schooling I have only been seen as a "topper" who everyone approaches to solve doubts. I am happy with my 2 friends but just miserable that another person who I thought would be my friend just turned out to be another person viewing me as a doubt solver :(
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2023.06.04 12:04 Ok_Roll2770 Can I accept a job abroad while spouse is on 5 yr route?

I've just been offered a job abroad. My spouse is on the 5 yr route and due to apply for ILR in June 2024. I would start the job in Oct 2023. The salary is abroad and I would not be paying UK tax. She has a good job in the UK. We live together and would maintain the same residence while I'm abroad. For the 9 months until renewal I would be able to return for 40 days in March/April and 14 days in June to work from London. She can join me starting from Jan 2024 but not for longer than 2 or 3 weeks at a time if she intends to keep her job. I intend to keep the job for a few years and then eventually return to settle in the UK again. Out plan is that, once she has the ILR she would join me abroad and we'd eventually return to the UK
Can I accept the position and not jeopardise her ILR application somehow? Income-wise we can rely on her income from her job which is sufficient without my income (both are individually higher than the minimum requirement). My worry is about the "living together" clause. We intend to maintain our residence (renting) together with both of our names on everything while I'm away.
Any tips? :)
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2023.06.04 12:04 idunnosorrylol i’m think i’m miserable

extremely new to reddit. sorry. just really need a place to talk. this will probably be long.
10 years ago i lost my dad to stomach cancer. they found it very late so he died very quickly after being diagnosed. he chose hospice so i was there every part of the way to watch him die. i was 13 and it really messed me up. i still have unresolved trauma from it.
since then, i have suffered from very persistent and extreme depression and anxiety, and some ptsd. it obviously impacted my formative teenage years intensely negatively. i struggled with serious suicidal thoughts all through high school. since graduating in 2017, it slowly got less severe, but depending on life events could easily come back full force.
for the better part of this past decade i attempted to receive help through therapy, psychiatry, and many, many prescription medications. i have throughly exhausted these tools that i was lucky enough to receive thanks to my caring mother. however, it was never enough. i do not feel that with this help there was ever any noteworthy improvement. i have not been to therapy for over a year and i have not taken any medication for two. i do not intend to seek further help in either form.
the reason i have come here to talk now though is not because of any of this. about two months ago now, my mother died of cancer too. it wasn’t like my father’s. it was a much more torturous and cruel experience for my family and i in how slow and debilitating it was. she was first diagnosed with liposarcoma a few years ago. it’s a very rare form of cancer in which there is very little to do in way of treatment. she underwent a successful surgery to remove a huge tumor. the nurses and doctor admitted it was a miracle she survived. she was cancer free for a couple years, but another tumor formed. she needed surgery again, but she suffered a lot more from the ordeal this time. they removed a kidney and some muscle. she was much weaker afterwards. but still she fought to be healthier, so it wouldn’t come back. less than a year later, it came back anyway. too big a tumor for surgery in her current physical state. she was forced to choose between chemotherapy to attempt to shrink the tumor, or live like normal as long as she could until it killed her. she chose to take a chance with chemo. it ruined her. she couldn’t complete the full treatment plan. it wasn’t even working in the first place. she couldn’t undergo surgery. all that was left was for her to die. and just like my father i watched her rot. i watched as her body and mind failed her. an impossibly cruel fate for someone so beautiful and kind and loving. she deserved a much better life than what she got. and that is putting it egregiously lightly.
because of my mental state i made my mother suffer through my youth. i’m the youngest of four children so she already worried about me the most. i amplified her anxiety tenfold. at times i was cruel to her due to my struggles with anger management. i am not satisfied with my relationship with my mother. i always wanted to be much, much better for her. but the reality is that i’m not. i tried to step up past my limits for her during her final months, but i’m kidding myself if i thought even for a moment it could make up for the years of pain and disrespect i inflicted upon her. i always have and always will hate myself for it.
i was not ready to lose my mother, and i mean that in multiple ways. due to my extensive depression i spent almost all my days up until maybe 2021 doing absolutely nothing but finding distractions from reality. my life was consumed by pastimes like video games and anime. because of this, i have few life skills. my mother had immeasurable knowledge and talent. yet i never took the time to learn anything from her. i relied on her for much, much more than i ever realized. i moved out almost a year ago to rent a place with a couple of my very good friends. i work a minimum wage job because i dropped out of community college after 2 years. i can barely take care of myself. i make only enough money for rent and utilities. i can’t afford food. thus far my mom was helping me pay for extra things and if i’m lucky my roommates will buy me food but now that she’s dead i’m totally on my own with supporting myself and it’s just starting to hit me when i paid my credit card bill and have next to nothing left.
i have a very wonderful boyfriend. we’ve been dating for 2 years. he is genuinely perfect and has changed my life. up to this point we have shared the kind of love you think is fake or only exists in books and movies. i thought i would be able to survive my mother’s passing with his support. for a time i did. we are long distance but he came to visit right after she died. he stayed with me for more than a month and even though my loss was painful i still thought things would be okay because i want to share a future with him. however, since he left and since i’ve returned to work, i have felt my mental state rapidly decline. it is to the point i fear i’m straining our relationship. he is desperately trying to help, but his words don’t seem to comfort me anymore.
i cry every night now. even on nights where i’m too hopeless or numb to cry, i cry in my dreams. i have never, ever been at this low a point in my life. not even losing my father left me like this. my friends have all been laughably removed from my suffering. my two roommates who i considered my closest friends are so far removed from this that neither of them even spared a typical “sorry for your loss” when she died. it disgusts me. everyone in my friend group either has never lost a loved one, or has such a terrible relationship with their parent(s) that they couldn’t even imagine what it feels like to love a parent, let alone lose one. which means the lack of empathy is utterly horrendous and intolerable. even sympathy can be too much to ask from these people on this topic.
all of that is to say i am isolated in my own purgatory. i feel nothing anymore but anger and disgust. hobbies and pastimes i used to enjoy that would have helped me in the past mean nothing to me anymore. my suffering is amplified by the fact that i have been mildly lashing out at my boyfriend, the one person in my life right now who has been actively listening to me and caring for me through the entire unfiltered experience of watching my mother die. i reward his patience and positivity with contempt or blatant disregard in favor of misery. at times i am angry with him simply because i see him as an obstacle preventing me from killing myself. because if he wasn’t in my life, i 100% would be dead right now. and every day that i survive amplifies my desire for suicide just a bit more. i don’t know how long this will go on. it’s starting to affect my memory, because i feel like i can’t even remember the things about my boyfriend that make me happy. when i try to remember anything specific about us i can’t focus on it. nothing is there. i can’t remove myself from this numbness and it infuriates me. i don’t want to self sabotage this relationship but i’m afraid i can’t stop it from happening.
i guess a tldr would be hey i have watched both of my parents die from cancer and it has given me insurmountable trauma, i truly lack emotion now but i struggle with killing myself cuz there is a small sense of self that still worries about my godsend boyfriend. i just don’t know what i want from life anymore
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2023.06.04 12:04 Funnylas20 My mum keeps demanding money from me and it's ruining my mental health

My mum keeps demanding money from me and it's ruining my mental health
Idk if this is the right sub but here goes. I'm a university student currently living at home with my single mum and a young sibling (who doesn't work). I have a decent part time job and I'm very frugal with my money. My mum, whose job is barely above minimum wage, made various irresponsible financial decisions and then often at the end of the months doesn't have enough money to pay her bills. (She drops 500+ dollar on a fancy perfume this month) And then she told me to pay her bills. And it would be big sums too. Like 500+ dollars everytime and it's a very big amount for a university student like me. I'm very stressed out because it seems like she wants me to graduate so she can quit her job and made me the sole provider instead. It's causing me to be angry and resentful of her, because it seems like all my efforts to be frugal is out of the window cuz I have to keep covering electricity, gas, wifi bills, etc
I tried talking to her and suggested we come up with better financial habits but she have a full on mental breakdown. And become very toxic. (In our culture you can't talk with your parents like that) And after that I just don't wanna deal with her breakdown anymore, so I stay silent and pay everything she asked. It's ruining my mental health and Idk what to do. I can't work more hours because my degree (STEM degree) is very difficult, with a lot of maths, and required significant efforts in studying, so if I work more my grades will drop. I don't think I can move out either because I'm only a university student, and with the current rental crisis I doubt moving out will do much for my happiness (because being broke isn't fun when rent is 70% your weekly earnings). I feel like I'm going crazy and I'm resentful of my friends for having nicer parents. It's like fucking eating me up inside that I have to be born into this household.
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2023.06.04 12:04 jraf96 Using Equity to purchase new property?

Own a property purchased for 710k. Valued at 800k.
Only put up 35k for 5% deposit at the time. No LVR (Medical).
I've since paid off another 35k. I'm on 170k/annum currently.
I have 150k of funds in an offset. I'm wanting to know when the right time to purchase next property would be? And how the process would work? Should I wait till I pay more off - Any thoughts on what I might be approved for?
I'd like to ideally move into the new purchase and live there for a year (CGT implications), and rent out my current place.
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2023.06.04 12:04 monnet-the-explorer Partner Dependent Visa question

My partner has received a Student Visa. I have an option to apply as a Dependent. Our relationship is not registered officially but we’ve been living together in Germany for 5 years, we have a rent contract for our names, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get it for me.
She is going to move to the UK before me, since I still have a few things to handle in Germany. My question is for how long can I stay and not apply for the dependent visa? Will it be harder to prove our relationship after a few months?
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2023.06.04 12:03 SaddestWaifu Management compliance specialists are retaliating against me

I live in NYC and the compliance specialists and myself do not have a good history. In unprofessional ways, they’ve made it very clear they don’t appreciate my calling out of their mistakes. So, in the Fall of 2020 I received a late lump sum of PUA. It was never reported to management because I wasn’t aware that it was necessary to report. The following year 2021, our compliance specialist informed me that by law, she’d have to correct the 2020 lease because the rent would’ve been higher had they known I received PUA.
I found out in 2022 that the compliance specialist never removed the PUA from the lease, even though I gave her the start to end date (it was only one lump sum in 2020). With the PUA being kept on my lease, it appeared that I “underpaid” rent for 2021. I was told that I owe a total of $6k in arrears. I knew the total amount was incorrect, because the compliance specialist kept old information on my lease.
I tried to sort this out before it was time to sign my lease again, and was obstructed in so many ways. I couldn’t go in person (office has been closed since COVID), I was ignored by mostly everyone else at the office, and when I reached someone I was put into a continuous loophole of being sent back to the person who messed my lease to begin with. The compliance specialist was out of office for months with no one to work in her stead. I ended up receiving a termination letter because I wasn’t able to speak on the discrepancies and I refused to sign the lease without doing so.
I tried to contact her supervisor, who “left” the office for three days - trying to clean up the mistakes of the compliance specialist. Her supervisor went under my nose - so we could “get on with our lives”, as she put it, and revised my 2021 lease, removing the PUA.
I went to the compliance director herself, and she broke down the ledger properly. She was able to see that I owed a lot less than what was claimed, even after the corrections. I should mention that prior to realizing the misdoings of the compliance specialist, I’d already signed a payment agreement. I felt threatened and forced into signing one, especially because of the amount I was told I owed.
Ultimately, I was STILL sent a 14-day notice despite being able to prove that I only owed $2k in rent. I received a total of three 14-day notices with varying amounts (because of the many corrections made). They messed up my lease and I signed a payment agreement based off of misinformation and nobody will acknowledge this mistake - and now I’m being pushed out of the place I’ve lived for 18 years with an eviction notice. All of this because two women are upset that I noticed their mistakes. I know this is retaliation because of how they treated me as this all progressed. I’ve been asking to come to the office to no avail - now that the eviction letter was sent, the compliance specialist was happy to send an email asking to speak with me in person.
I’m 23 and I don’t know what to do, where to go. I feel like I’m being bullied by my horrible management company. I heard there’s a class action lawsuit against them but I’m unable to confirm. I can’t afford a lawyer and I’m aware of legal aid, but I’m unsure whether someone will actually help me. ANY advice will be appreciated, thank you!!!
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2023.06.04 12:02 wobbly_sausage2 [rant] haven't been paid in May, feel like crap

Hey guys,
This is just a post to vent about the situation I'm currently involved in. First year teaching for me, it's been an hell of a ride. With ups and downs and everything inherent to the profession.
For more context, I'm a french history and geography teacher, I've been teaching mostly in HS this year and it's been great with the kids and colleagues. I love my job.
However, this May, I haven't been paid. The human resources department isn't of much help, they told me it was a perfectly normal phenomenon and I should expect my salary to be paid around the last days of June.
This situation puts me at financial risk, I can't pay my rent, can't put gas in my motorcycle to get to school and can't put food on the table. I already reached to an union and I'm waiting for their advice.
To be honest I feel like crap, I don't know if I can do this anymore. My sanity has never been so low, I've still got mountains of papers to grade because the school year ends next week, but I don't have any motivation to do so. The only thing I still care about are the kids, I'll do my job for them but I'm on the verge of breaking down.
Thanks for reading me, i hope your schoolyear ended smoothly or that your summer break is going great
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2023.06.04 12:01 Girlsickoftheworld My never help and my parents just enable it while expecting me to pick up their slack

TW: For toxic families I guess, idk I might be overreacting to it all.
I (18f) just feel so done with my family at this point. I've always been seen as the "responsible one" out of me and my siblings and it's insanely frustrating. I do a bulk of the household chores out of the siblings and my parents often ask me (almost never the others) to do extra stuff for them. Most of which I agree to because otherwise they just complain that no one ever helps them with anything and I'm sick of it after having to listen to it for years.
My brother was a total piece of shit as a kid. From around the ages of like 12 - 16 he would constantly yell and curse at others, run away for hours on end, hit others, get into fist fights with our dad and me and touch me inappropriately without my consent. Now that he is almost an adult he isn't much better but at least he has stopped with the physical stuff. My parents knew about it all yet they did nothing except mom trying to talk him out of it and trying to talk through his feelings. She never talked to my and my sister about our feelings unless I brought it up even tho it affected us all.
My sister on the other hand is a sweet person but struggles a lot with motivation but my parents don't do much to help her except my dad yelling at her to do stuff which just makes her angry and upset. After all she is 15, you can't exactly expect yelling at a 15 year old to go over well. We've both struggled with mental health over the years but that was ignored in favor of babying our brother.
I know you might just say move out, I wish I could but finding an apartment and job in this area is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Even tho I technically can afford it with my savings it's almost impossible to find something reliable long term because labor laws here fuck over young struggling people like there is no tomorrow. I also don't wanna leave my sister considering she is still a minor.
In short I resent my parents for raising us so differently despite the fact that we're all able bodied and around the same age. I know they have their reasons like "OP, you're the only one who listens to us" but it sounds like bullshit to me since it's been going on for years and they could have raised my siblings so they would listen and help out too but they just choose not to.
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2023.06.04 12:00 Nearby-Edge-8568 Not even a room, a BED in a shared room for rent in the CBD. $300/wk

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2023.06.04 12:00 AutoModerator Daily r/LawnCare No Stupid Questions Thread

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How to Get the Most out of Your Post:
Include a photo of the problem. You can upload to for free and it's easy to do. One photo should contain enough information for people to understand the immediate area around the problem (dense shade, extremely sloped, etc.). Other photos should include close-ups of the grass or weed in question: such as this, this, or this. The more photos or context to the situation will help us identify the problem and propose some solutions.
Useful Links:
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Lawn Pest Control: Weeds & What To Use Common Weeds What's Wrong Here? How To Spray Weeds MSU Weed ID Tool Is This a Weed? Herbicide Types ID Turf Diseases Fungi & Control Options Insects & Control Options
Fertilizing: Fertilizing Lawns How To Spread Granular Fertilizer Natural Lawn Care Fertilizer Calculator
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2023.06.04 11:59 FLASH88BANG Parramatta Apartments

Hey everyone that’s familiar with the Parramatta area including surrounding suburbs.
I’m looking into purchasing my first property and I’ve been looking at 2b/2b apartments and was wanting to gauge other people’s opinions on the growth aspect in the region.
It’s fully saturated with apartments which would mean slow growth in a 5-10 year time period. However because Parramatta is expending into Sydney’s second main CBD would we see substantial growth that will outweigh the overly saturated apartments in the area?
Any thoughts on buying in the area for a first time buyer would be awesome.
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2023.06.04 11:57 Monkey_Junkie_No1 British citizenship benefits?

Hi all,
I am in the process of preparing for visa with my partner (not married) and she is a nurse.
We are doing the Uk-NZ-AUS route. We will be applying for 189 PR visa once we go through ANMAC which we are going to start later in June. I will be listed as her de facto dependent and not do skills assessment as i wont qualify with my profession.
We are both not British (i am EU) she is from Asia.
We have the option to apply for British citizenship this June. We tried researching if there are any real benefits apart from skipping the English language test on the visa application. We cannot find any other than that.
Can someone shed some light on that if you know?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 11:56 isseri189 Short-term (55 days) rental options near Victory Park?

Hello everyone!
I am currently gearing up for an internship in the Dallas area (specifically 1717 McKinney Avenue) for the summer. I've been looking at Airbnb but monthly prices are around $3000 USD for 1BRs within walking distance (15 minutes).
Any tips on where I can find more affordable housing within walking distance? Or should I live further and rent a car? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 11:56 Kooky-3514 Heating in Santa Cruz homes/apartments

Our UCSC dorms have central heating which mostly works great. If you are renting a house/apartment in Santa Cruz, what kind of heating does your place have? Does it work well? Or do you have to put on many layers to stay warm in winter? Thanks for any information!
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2023.06.04 11:56 RururuYah How do I legitimately save current state of a webpage?

Hello, I recently booked an apartment through a platform. However, after the booking was confirmed, the person renting the room increased the deposit amount, which goes against the platform's policies. As a result, I want to cancel the booking, but I need to provide legitimate evidence that the deposit was indeed changed. On the booking page, there is a link that, when clicked, opens a pop-up window displaying the payment overview at the time of the booking. I'm concerned that taking a screenshot might not be considered solid proof, as screenshots can be edited or manipulated by inspecting the page and altering the displayed information. Do you have any suggestions for obtaining a more reliable form of evidence?
If this doesn't fit this sub could you please tell me where would this post suit better?
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2023.06.04 11:56 Present_Energy3608 How to are apartment complexes able to legally fuck us like this?

Lived in my townhouse for 2 1/2 years. New property manager comes in this past fall, raises rent, we can no longer use money orders or checks to pay rent. We now have to use their online portal, which uses a 3rd party pay system that charges us $9.99 JUST TO PAY RENT, a "liabilty to landlord insurance" fee of $9.95 and an " admin" fee of $3.00. I'm looking through the portal just now and I see this bullshit. Now they're just nickel and diming us. This shit should be illegal. They haven't put into into the neighborhood and cut down all of our beautiful trees. It's looks like the damn hood out here, and I know bc I'm from one lol. I wanted to move but a lot of the complexes in my area have done the same. Shit fuckin socks when you're just trying to get by
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2023.06.04 11:56 Abbylicious1 pressure from friends and family

I don't even know where to start. My mind has been all over the place recently and I just need to get this out so please apologise if this is going g to be a bit confusing. First a bit about me and my current situation: I'm a female 23 year old. I live on my own and work in service. I studied Office Management in college and the service job is just to spare time until I move across country early next year. My parents are divorced but still on really good terms. They had 50/50 custody of me and my younger brother so I spent equally as much time with both of them until I moved out.
I am still so young. My adult life as just started when the pandemic hit so I still feel like a stupid teenager. I guess many people around my age can relate to the feeling if being robbed of several important years.
I am single by choice and I have no urge to get into a serious relationship with anyone. I'm alone but not lonely. I have friends who I love dearly and a great social circle of close family members, friends and coworkers who became friends over the past months.
My mom was already married to my dad when she was my age and is always asking if I finally found a boyfriend. She's always disappointed when the answer is no. My best friend, who I've been friends with for over 10 years, is finally in a healthy relationship with a great guy. (Her ex was a toxic piece of shit) She's all over him and madly in love and I am incredibly happy for her. She wants me to be happy as well so she's always like "Once you find your dream guy" - GIRL NO. She's a relationship person. She falls head over heels and loves being in love I am not. I'm the polar opposite. I never felt butterflies. I don't like being dependent on someone. I don't enjoy cuddling or going ob cute dates. I get annoyed easily and it takes a while for me to warm up to people.
Don't get me wrong I do appreciate attention from guys sometimes. I do have some guy friends who I'm "intimate" with. But it's just sex for the fun of it. No feelings, responsibility or jealousy involved - on both parts.
Another friend of mine just announced her pregnancy. She's with her partner since forever and they are head over heels. I am happy for them amd can't wait to meet the little one but being a mom myself? No thank you! She says once I get pregnant I will understand how she feels. I don't see myself as a mother ever. This might change one day but it's not looking likely.
Another girlfriend from college just got married to her longterm boyfriend. The wedding was lovely and they are such a cute couple. I attended the wedding on my own. Whenever I was asked where my boyfriend is I got pittyful looks when I told them I don't have one.
I'm super close with both my parents but I avoid talking to my mom about topics like guys, my friends romantic accomplishments, children or career.
I want to focus on my career first and build a somewhat easy life (good salary, job I like, apartment, a hobby) before I even think about getting in a relationship. I'm so young and still have so much to do, see and accomplish before involving a partner in my life.
My Dad is the only one not pressuring me into the wifey life. He raised me as an independent woman always focused on what's right for me. He always told I don't need no man and to not take any BS from anyone. He supports my career focused decision to move further away for better chances.
I'm so done with people telling me I can only find happiness in being a wife and a mother. That might be the right path for some people but not for me.
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2023.06.04 11:56 Fuzzy-General2099 Existing is pain. There's something wrong with me.

I don't wish a painful death, I just want peace. I've traveled across space and time. Spaces are places and time was an illusion. I tore apart my soul and bled my heart nearly dry. I have exactly what I wanted, what I feared. I've settled my debts, I accomplished my goals. Existing is pain, it's like I'm not supposed to be here. I wasn't supposed to live this long. I bear no child,claim no glory,wear no crown. I've saved more lives than lives who care to save me. Always feeling like a burden yet I smile. I'm torn, I can't go on like this. I wish for peace, I wish for silence in my mind. I wish the weight in my heart to go away. I don't sleep well, or eat. I'm never relaxed. There's is but one thing left I must do. Find the right soul to carry my lessons, hear my pain. Idk anymore. I don't want to be anywhere at all. I don't want advice, I can't find someone I can world build to explain every lesson
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