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Google Pixel 6 can't answer/make phone calls

2023.03.21 16:06 bothbartos Google Pixel 6 can't answer/make phone calls

I had this problem a few times since I purchased this phone in 2021, but now, I can't even answer or call anyone without my singal dropping or disconnecting from the network. I've tried to enable VoLTE with the github fix, but the IMS stays unregistered, even after multiple restarts, and reconnecting to the Shizuku app, so for some reason I can't use that.
I was hoping for the 2023 March update to fix these problems, but it didn't. Can anyone help me? I'm really close to throwing this phone to the trash lol
Edit: forgot to mention, Vodafone Hungary, and the Pixel is from Germany, unlocked
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2023.03.20 13:10 rtuite81 Frustrated with Wi-Fi calling vulnerability remediation

Am I the only one irritated that the only solution to this is to turn off Wi-Fi calling? For the last decade, carriers have been pushing more and more services off of mobile network calling and into Wi-Fi/VoLTE calling. It is to the point where if you have a unlocked device without a carrier ROM on it, your odds of having a functional device outside of a major urban population center is practically zero.
I live in a rural area with relatively decent 5G coverage pretty much everywhere. The minute I turn off data-based voice I have a device that will only access the internet. No phone.
The only information I've really seen from multiple articles is that all a threat actor needs in order to compromise and affected device is their phone number and the only way to defend against it is to effectively disable the phone functionality of your device. Between all of the data breaches of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, I doubt there's anybody who hasn't had their phone number leaked. Putting pretty much anybody reading this at risk.
I guess this is more of a rant than a plea for help. But if anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.
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2023.03.18 04:58 Practical_Praline_39 Why i still do no damage?

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2023.03.17 17:59 CatOfTheDecade No VoLTE option on Pixel 7

With the news of the recent vulnerability, I went to turn off VoLTE on our unlocked (currently used on AT&T) Pixel 7, and ... it's not there. Has the issue already been patched for the Pixel 7?
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2023.03.17 16:47 blanktaken is ATT pulling the plug on older device databases?

I've been trying to unlock a iPhone 3GS for easy SIM card activation,and I seem to have always meet the same "We can't unlock this device for you because AT&T did not sell or activate it." message,same thing also shows up for a iPhone 4S,so did they finally pull the plug for older 2G &3G/non VoLTE compliant device unlock databases?
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2023.03.17 15:55 ThetaGatherer Question on VoltSwap

Normally I use SimpleSwap for swapping TFuel to Theta.
Today I tried VoltSwap as an experiment. I created the swap at Voltswap (TFuel to WTHETA), I sent the TFuel (not much) to VoltSwap successfully, however I do not see WTHETA anywhere in MetaMask (I am new to using MetaMask and don't completely understand it yet), and also I did this**, using an empty Theta Wallet that I created long ago, to try to view the contents of my MetaMask, and I'm able to see the remaining amount of TFuel that is in my MetaMask, but no WTHETA, that I attempted to swap for.
\*(this is what I did to view the contents of my MetaMask)*
If you have private keys to your MM wallet, try this;
You need a Theta Wallet & the private keys to the address where the Theta tokens are located.
1 - Go to Theta Wallet -
2 - Disconnect from internet
3 - Click PRIVATE KEY at top of window below UNLOCK YOUR WALLET
4 - Enter the private key to the address where the Theta tokens are located
5 - Enter the PASSWORD for YOUR Theta Wallet
7 - Reconnect to internet
6 - Theta Wallet will open & give you access to the Theta tokens
7 - Send the Theta tokens back to your Theta Wallet address
So, this is no big loss, however, can anyone tell me what might have happened? Anyone know what I might have done wrong? Thanks!
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2023.03.16 08:49 Mbp_____ Making every regular character easier

Okay, quick context before I get crushed: I am currently getting my second dead god. I'm almost 500 Achievements in, but it's nowhere near vanilla. This File is based on 2 different mods. First, we got the "No more Baby Unlocks" Mod, which replaces all those multiplayer baby unlocks for mega satan, it lives and character completion with actual items that are normally unlocked from the start. Right away, only 5 q4 items are unlocked, those being: Magic Mushroom, Crown of Light, Binge Eater, Pyromaniac and D6. If you're like me, you won't find them for a long time and have to beat Satan with Black Powder. Sounds easy? Well, let's talk about the second Mod then: Better Vanilla Enemies, a mod reworking a bunch of enemies and bosses, making most of them harder and more unique. This mod manages to make the double Mr. Fred Wave in Greedier Mode an absolute nightmare, I highly recommend you trying out this mod for yourself. Though it makes the game much tougher than the vanilla game, which is how this post came to life: I am exhausted. I don't wanna have nightmares of rag mega anymore. So, for the last file, I'm planning to make myself a chill file. One where every character is stronger and more fun than in vanilla without being op. So for this, I created four rules. 1. You are only allowed to apply three things to this character, be it in Items, trinkets and pickups 2. Only one Q4 item per character at max. and only 4 in total for all regular characters 3. No double items, except birthright for characters where it changes the way they play 4. The regular starting build of the character must stay, so replacing any item is not allowed
So with this I present my (probably not final) buff for every character:
Isaac: Birthright, Schoolbag, Spindown Dice
Okay, ngl, I don't like this one. This seems super op and I wanna change it. First, Birthright is obvious. Makes you reroll twice, technically. Spindown because it's just a fitting item for a reroll character, and lastly schoolbag so he can have spindown without loosing the D6. Like I said, wanna change that one, but I'm not smart enough to rebuild Isaac to be more fun and not OP.
Maggy: Sharp Plug, Infestation, 9-Volt
I thought about car battery instead of 9-Volt, but that would make maggy invincible and I don't like that. Instead, I made it so Yum Heart works like a box of spiders. With sharp plug and 9 Volt, it's essentially a one room charge that heals you for the heart you give away and spawns some flies. You can still use it regularly and have a three room charge, I think this makes the character a bit more interesting. You might see how unbalanced this will get.
Cain: Deep Pockets, Keepers Sack, Moms Key
So this one is all about getting money and spending it. Deep Pockets so you get to store a bunch of it, Keepers Sack so you get extra benefits from buying out any shop you can, and of course Moms Key, so chests will give even more goods.
Judas: Blood of The Martyr, Stigmata, Wafer
Okay, I kinda like this one. Blood of the martyr just boosts the book of belial damage, obvious I think. Stigmata just fits the jesus theme and also let's judas start with more health, making him less stressful early game. And then I honestly just threw wafer in there to make him more bulky, might wanna change that tho.
Blue Baby: Hive Mind, Gulped Fish Tail, Mulligan
Since Blue Baby got a lil larva effect recently, I wanted to build him more fly-heavy. So I gave him Hive Mind, making his flies stronger, Mulligan, the budget guppy, and the fish tail trinket to double the spawned flies. I thought about giving him hallowed ground, might swap that for mulligan.
Eve: Adrenaline, Bird Cage, Blood Oath
Okay, this might look weird. So Eve gets three q1 items, let me explain. Adrenaline and Blood Oath make it so you don't need razor from the start to get your boost from whore of babylon and you also get extra damage from both of them. And then Bird Cage is in there so the dead bird has a friend.
Samson: Bloody Gust, Lusty Blood, Placenta
Yeah, this was kinda obvious. So my man Samson will get tears and speed alongside the damage boost, also he'll grow stronger for killing enemies and will heal red health sometimes for even more oportunities due to having placenta. I think I don't need to explain anymore.
Azazel: Lachryphagy, Brimstone, Sulfur
You might ask: "Why Brimstone? He already starts with Brimstone!" And I have to tell you: No. He doesn't. At least the game disagrees with you. Cause most tear modifiers will overwrite Azazels Brim and won't synergize with it. So he has actual Brimstone, Lachry to still keep his regular range and then Sulfur for the good ol Double Brim every three rooms. Checks out. You can tell me he is op, and I'll agree. But I unlocked the forgotten and Ace of Diamonds in one run while playing Azazel, so I think he is overpowered anyway.
Lazarus: Polydactyl, Blank Card, Suicide King
Since Laz has an extra life each floor, why not abuse it? This will make him have a suicide king each floor. You don't have to use it, but it's right there. And it'll also give you a permanent damage up each time. Polydactyl is there only because Laz holds a pill and this way he can hold the suicide king too.
Eden: Gulped Dice Bag, Gulped Modelling Clay, Gulped Cracked Crown
So, Eden is weird. He starts with a random passive and active item and then gets either a random trinket or a random pickup. Also has random stats. So, how about he gulps three trinkets? First, we have Dice Bag. So if you get unlucky with your stats, you might get a pocket d8 to make them better. Also modelling clay so you can have an extra item every other room, I think this is very fitting. And lastly cracked crown to boost your stat ups by 20% because I am not creative enough to give him an interesting and fitting third trinket.
The Lost: Lost Soul, Birthright, Tough Love
Again, should be obvious. Birthright just makes his item pool way more enjoyable, Tough Love gives you a 3x Dmg Multiplier at 9 luck, so perfection is always good, and Lost Soul is fun because you'll always carry a buddy along with you.
Lilith: BFF, gulped Child Leash, Dull Razor (Box of Friends in Pocket Slot)
Okay, fine, I broke my own ruleset. But let me explain alright? There is that really nice mod called Lilith Rework, which gives her child leash, moves Box of friends to the pocket slot and familiars gain all her tear effects. So, I kept the first two, added bff because of course I wanna give her the 2x dmg multiplier, and added Dull Razor so you can make use of cambion conception without taking actual damage.
Keeper: Piggy Bank, Gulped swallowed Penny, $$$ = Power
Yeah, do I even need to explain this one? Gives him a 75% chance to ignore hits and also makes his net worth more useful.
Apollyon: Parasitoid, 7 Seals, Expansion Pack
Since every other unlock of this little fucker has to do with locusts and flies, he gets two fly based items with Parasitoid and 7 Seals, I think you get why. Also the Expansion Pack trinket because I think it's funny.
The Forgotten: Host Head, Birthright, Prayer Card
Oh hey look, it's another birthright character. Yeah, I just think this makes the Forgotten more fun to play. Also gave him Host head because, well, why wouldn't I? He's a Host himself! Also he has Prayer Card now because I hate managing his HP in Greedier Mode. It also makes it easier to ball and go full melee.
Bethany: Act of Contrition, Blue Candle, Redemption
Alright, Beth. First she has Act of Contrition, making it so she doesn't loose her entire deal chance on hit. Next, she get's Redemption, so if she gets a devil deal and doesn't take anything, she gets a damage up for it. Lastly Blue Candle, giving her wisps that last for the current room and I think blue fires shooting blue fire is satisfying.
Jacob and Esau: Twisted Pair, Gemini, gulped The Twins
This one is very gimmicky, almost feels like a challenge. Both get twisted Pair, because they are Brothers and Twisted Pair... are also siblings I think. They get the twins trinket that may double one of their familiars for the current room, and lastly, they both get Gemini because it's an extra sibling, yay. Very gimmicky, like I said, but they are too unique for anything else.
Aight, this is what I came up with. Like I said, balancing is horrible, so if you got any suggestions, I wanna hear them. And if this entire post sounds like a massive skill issue to you, then you are correct. Anyway, thanks for reading this far.
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2023.03.16 05:35 VernaVeraFerta DLC The Door Opens Missing

Space Route Chapter 4, I got Sakura, Voltes and OGs. But the IBO, Ultraman and the others are not even showing, nor the "The Door Opens" mission that supposed to unlock them are not there and I've done a lot of sub story missions. I know I've got the dlc running since my last unfinished save file have them all.
Not even the SRW DD ones are showing on my new save file. Like Ein. I should have gotten them now, right?
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